April 4, 2005
At the Crane Compound, Gwen asks Alistair what he thinks he is doing? He says he is welcoming them to his island and hoping they enjoy the Crane Compound. Gwen asks how long he intends to keep them here? He says the rest of their lives. Gwen tells him that he cant be serious. Alistair says he is very serious. Gwen says what about her little girl? Alistair says theyll both have to enjoy his hospitality whether they like it or not. Katherine asks why he has to keep them all here when he already has her? Alistair says nobody can find this place. Katherine says if Fox found it then others will too. Alistair says perhaps he allowed Fox to find this place. Gwen gasps, and Alistair asks why she is so shocked? Alistair says they will all stay here until the day they die. He tells them that this place is much better than any five star resort. He says they have great food, lots of room, a pool, horses and a fully staffed spa. He says most people would be delighted to live in such luxury. Gwen says he is talking away her future and her daughters future. Alistair says he is securing her daughters future. He says for one thing she doesnt have to worry about being caught in a drive by shooting or eating fast food and getting fat. Alistair says her daughter will thank him when she grows up. He then asks Fox if he isnt concerned about Whitney. Fox says not really. Fox says hes more concerned about how hes getting along in the lap of luxury. Alistair says so it doesnt matter to him that Whitney gave birth to a boy? Gwen and Katherine ask how the baby is? Alistair says he doesnt know and doesnt care. Alistair asks Fox if this news doesnt affect him at all. Gwen and Katherine ask if he is not excited at all? Fox says yeah the news is great, and then asks Alistair if he is allowed to have female visitors like some of the talent he keeps in his little black book. Alistair tells Fox that theyll import a lot of talent for him. Gwen asks Fox what is wrong with him, all he cares about is whores? She asks if he doesnt care about Whitney or his son? Gwen doesnt get Fox, he came here to rescue them and now he has given up. Fox says he knows they think hes like some knight on a horse like Ethan, but hes a Crane and the only one he cares about is himself. Fox says he did come here with noble intentions, but then when he got here and looked around he decided to enjoyed it. Katherine says he is a prisoner, but Fox says he was more a prisoner in Harmony. He says he was going to be strapped down with a screaming brat and a woman who wouldnt marry him. He says who needs the aggravation. Gwen doesnt know how she was so wrong about Fox. Fox keeps pouring drinks, and she asks how he can drink so much? Fox says its not like hes going anywhere. Alistair suggests they all enjoy themselves, and he tells Gwen he could find her some hunky island boy. She tells him that hes a cruel and evil man. Alistair says if he was so cruel and evil then he would have dropped her and her kid in the middle of the Sahara. Katherine tells Alistair to leave Gwen alone. Alistair then remembers he has news for Katherine, Martin went back to his wife Pilar. He says the love of her life turned out to be no love at all. He asks Katherine if it hurts her? Katherine says she left Harmony so Martin could reunite with his family. Alistair says she got her wish. Katherine asks how Sheridan is? Alistair laughs that someone is on their way to see Sheridan and he cant wait to find out what happens next. Katherine says he said he wouldnt hurt her. Alistair says he wont, he just knows someone is going to knock on Sheridans door and it will destroy her life.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Luis says Martin will move back in over his dead body. He tells his father to get out of their house and their lives forever. Pilar tells Luis to stop it. Paloma says papa wants to make amends, he is sorry. Luis says yeah, hes the sorriest excuse for a man hes ever seen. Theresa tells Luis that she knows how he feels, but if Mama can give him another chance then so should they. Pilar says his grandchildren all deserve him in their lives. Luis asks why, so he can abandon them? Martin says he knows hes made mistakes, but he wants a chance to make it up. Paloma begs Luis to give this a try; she says they can be the family she never had. Luis says he understands Paloma taking papas side, but he doesnt understand how mama could take him back. Pilar says Martin will live here to try and help heal the suffering. Luis says he cant believe this. Theresa tells Luis she understands how he feels, but it is time to give Papa another chance. Luis says he doesnt deserve it. Theresa says she was reminded that people make mistakes and do things they regret and need to be forgiven. Theresa asks Luis if he can forgive Papa and give him another chance? Luis says he doesnt know if he can forgive him for all the pain. Pilar says she has to go to the church as she said she would help them out with some flowers. Pilar hopes Luis will talk with his father and give him another chance. Luis says no, he wont give his father another chance. He asks what is wrong with all of them? Why should they give him a second chance? Theresa says because he is their father and they should be forgiving. Luis says well he cant forgive him. Luis says hes had plenty of chances, all the time he was gone he could have called them or wrote them. Martin says it would have put them in danger. Luis tells him to cut the crap and get the hell out. Luis tries to throw his father out, but Pilar stops him. Pilar tells Luis he has no right to keep this family apart. Pilar says Martin wants to be a part of this family again. Luis says that is because Katherine left him, if she hadnt then hed still be with her. Pilar asks Martin if that is true? Luis says it is true, they were going to sneak off again together. Martin says that was the plan, but things change. He says he didnt think his mother would ever forgive him or give him another chance. Martin says he wants to make up for the time he missed and to be a father to them all. Theresa says they all want that. Luis thinks they have all fallen for his lies, and if Katherine wants him back then hell leave them again. Martin says no, hes committed to them. Luis asks why should they believe him? He says everything Alistair has ever done to them is because of him. Martin says he was trying to protect them. Luis says here they go again with this story that he was forced to leave but cant tell them why. Luis tells them all to forgive him but he wont. Luis then storms out of the house. The girls go out to talk to Luis, and he says they are all going to get hurt again. Theresa knows he is trying to protect them, and Paloma says he is stubborn like she is. She says she didnt want to believe that mama loved her. Luis says well she does. Paloma says then he should be willing to believe that papa is a good person too. Luis asks why? He says if it wasnt for him then they wouldnt be facing threats today. Theresa asks what hes talking about? Luis informs them about what Alistair did to Marty. Luis says he wont be intimidated by Alistair, hell see Alistair dead before he takes Marty again. Paloma asks Pilar if she can go to church with her, they can use the chance to talk. Pilar says that would be great and gives her a hug. Theresa says shes going to go back to the hospital and check on Whitney. Pilar asks Luis to think about forgiving his father. They all leave, and Luis goes back inside and he sees a paper on the table with Alistair on the cover. Luis says if Alistair tries to take his son again hell kill him. Martin hears this and says Alistair wont get away with this. 

At the hospital, Eve asks Whitney not to give her baby away, but Whitney says it is already done. Eve asks why? Whitney says she knows why, she cant let the world find out the truth about the baby. Whitney says no one will care that she and Chad didnt know they were related when they slept together, all they will care about is that their son is different. Whitney says if he is adopted then they can make sure he grows up normal and healthy. She says she also doesnt want to live the rest of her life fearing the secret will come out, that is why shes putting her son up for adoption. Chad shows up and says he cant believe this! Chad asks what this secret is, and is she really giving her baby up for adoption? Whitney says she is. Chad says he doesnt get it, what kind of secret is so horrible that shed give her baby up for adoption. Whitney says she doesnt want to be a single mother, and she doesnt want to get married so shes putting the baby up for adoption. Whitney tells her mom to go tend to her patients, so Eve leaves. Chad asks Whitney how she could consider this? Whitney says shes not considering it, its done. Chad asks what about Fox, did she tell him? Whitney says she already signed the papers and if Fox doesnt get back within 72 hours to contest the adoption then it is final. Chad asks if she can live with herself knowing shell never see her baby again. Whitney says yeah. Chad says Fox is crazy about her, so she wont be raising her son alone. Whitney says she wont marry Fox. Chad says he will be here to help her then. Whitney says no, they cant be together. Chad says then what about Fox, why doesnt she just marry him and keep the baby? Whitney says Fox is a Crane, and after two weeks of changing diapers hell take a hike. Chad says so what, hell still be here. Whitney says once again that he cant be with her, and she says he has to move on. She says this is why she is giving the baby up, she doesnt want to be thinking about the two of them all the time. Chad asks how giving up the baby will stop her from thinking about the two of them? She says she just meant that they always dreamed of having a family, but that can never be. Chad says Ethan told him the same thing earlier to explain why he feels connected to the baby. Whitney is shocked to learn Chad feels a connection to her son and tells Chad that he has to go now. Chad asks why she is being this way, why is she acting like his mother and giving him away without a thought? Whitney says their mother thought he was dead, and this has nothing to do with their mother. Whitney says it isnt the same thing. Chad says it is, Eve saw him as a problem and Whitney sees her baby as a problem. He says she is throwing her baby in the trash. Whitney says he doesnt understand. Chad says he doesnt, and he never knew she could be so cold. Whitney says she isnt cold. Chad says it is a good thing they found out the truth before they got married, not only because it would have been terrible for them to have a baby, but because it would have broken his heart to find out who she really is. He says he never knew her at all, she has no heart, no feelings. 

At the cottage Sheridan is recalling Marty going missing and her fathers threats. There is a knock at the door, and Sheridan worries it is her father. It is Julian, and she cries to Julian about what their father has done now. Sheridan explains to Julian about how Alistair took Marty earlier. She also tells Julian about fathers threats over Luis vendetta against him. Sheridan says she cant let Alistair hurt Marty. Sheridan says when she told Luis, Luis was furious and more determined then ever to bring Alistair down. Julian says he hopes Luis wont take a chance with Martys life. Sheridan says she cant take a chance on that, and she has to convince Luis to drop his vendetta. She says all she cares about is Martys safety and she hopes and prays she can convince Luis to stop going after their father. Julian is amazed and says he cant believe Alistair would stoop so low to harm an innocent child. Sheridan says she isnt amazed at all, hes tried to kill her several times and she is his daughter. Eve soon shows up looking for Julian. Eve sees Sheridan is upset, and Eve learns about Alistairs threats. Eve says that man is just insane. Sheridan doesnt know how he could threaten his own grandson. Eve asks Sheridan if she still thinks Marty is her son? She tells them that shes not crazy and she knows that Marty is her child. Eve says she is sure she does. Sheridan tells Eve not to patronize her, she of all people should understand. She says Eve held out hope her son was alive even after she was told that he was dead. Eve says yes, but they saw the kidnappers car go over the cliff. Sheridan says yes but she is positive her child wasnt in the car. Sheridan goes to check on Marty, and Eve worries about Sheridan and her fantasies. Julian says what if they arent fantasies, what if Sheridan is right about Marty? Eve asks how could that be true? Julian says stranger things have happened. Eve says he is right, and Sheridan is right that she always thought her own son was alive. Julian asks Eve why she is so upset? Eve tells Julian that Whitney put the baby up for adoption. Julian asks how without Foxs consent? Eve says Whitney got Foxs power of attorney. Eve says they tried to reason with Whitney, but she couldnt tell anyone the truth and is trying to save the baby from living with the stigma of incest. Eve says the only one who can stop this is Chad, and Whitney isnt about to tell him the truth. Julian hugs Eve and comforts her. Sheridan comes back out and asks Eve what is wrong? Eve says nothing, just a long night at the hospital. Sheridan sees the bushes moving, and she thinks someone is out there. Julian says there are some guards out there, and Sheridan remembers Luis posted guards out there and thinks that is what she saw. Outside a gloved hand holds a note from Alistair that says The time to finish Sheridan is now. Meanwhile, Julian and Eve leave, and then there is a knock at the door. Sheridan thinks Julian must have forgotten something. She opens the door and says Oh My God


April 5, 2005

At the hospital, Chad argues with Whitney about what shes doing. Chad tells her that she is horrible and evil for throwing her baby away like trash. Ethan walks in, with Theresa, and asks why Chad is talking to Whitney like that? Chad says Whitney is giving her child up for adoption. Ethan asks Whitney if this is true? She says yes. He asks why? She asks why she has to explain everything to everyone? Ethan says he not everyone else, he is her friend. Ethan turns to Theresa and asks if she knew? Theresa says she did and tried to stop her. Whitney says she put the baby up so its done. Ethan asks if Fox knows about this, and Whitney says no. He asks her why? She says she put this baby up for adoption because it is what is best for the baby. Chad cant believe she has done this to Fox. Whitney says that is funny as normally all he does is badmouth and fight with Fox. She says Fox only thinks he wants the baby, but he doesnt know what he wants. She says Fox is a Crane and will eventually run off with another woman and leave her stuck at home with his baby. Chad asks why she says stuck, this is her baby too. She says she doesnt want to be a single mother. Chad says he has offered to be there for her. Whitney says he is her brother so get that stupid idea out of his head, they cannot be together. Whitney also says if she chose to marry Fox and then go pursue her career then her child will be raised by nannys and in boarding school. She says she doesnt want that for her son, she wants him to have a close family. She says she is giving her son up as it is what is for best for him. Chad says she is shallow, selfish and cold. Chad says hes glad he learned they were brother and sister and hed never want to be with a woman like her. He says that baby deserves better than her. He says she should not say nasty things about the Cranes when she is as bad as they are. Chad says he is a Crane and doesnt think that way about the baby, and maybe Fox doesnt either. Chad asks what she will do when Fox gets back. Ethan tells himself that Alistair says Fox isnt coming back. Chad asks Ethan if Whitney can do this, and Ethan says she can. Ethan says she has Foxs power of attorney and can do this. He says if Fox doesnt come back to contest it then the adoption will be final. Chad tells Whitney he has nothing more to say to her. She says who cares, this isnt his business so get out. Chad leaves, and Ethan asks Whitney who she will throw out of her life next. Ethan leaves, and Theresa begs Whitney to tell Chad the truth. Whitney says she cant do that. She asks what is she supposed to do, say by the way brother, youre the father and I gave the baby up so he doesnt grow up with a stigma. Chad returns and asks what stigma, why would her baby grow up with a stigma. She says the stigma of being a black Crane. Chad says Alistair is a racist, but hes old and wont be around forever. Chad says Ethan convinced him to come back in and talk to her, but he doesnt know why he bothered. He says she is a disappointment. Whitney says she doesnt care what he thinks. Chad leaves, and Whitney damns him. Whitney then cries to Theresa that she gave up her baby, what will she do now. Theresa says she can still change her mind, but Whitney says no. She says this is the only way to make sure her baby is safe. Theresa goes out to talk to Chad about helping Whitney, but he says no. He says this is Whitneys baby so why should he care what she does with it. Theresa tells herself if Chad only knew the truth. Ethan and Theresa go back in to Whitney who is in bed crying. Ethan apologizes for being short with her. He says he doesnt understand what shes done, but Chad had no right to say those things. Whitney says she just wants what is best for her baby and she knows what she is doing is right. Meanwhile, Chad says hes going to do the best thing he can do, and he makes a call to someone. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin is furious to learn that Alistair kidnapped Marty and says hell make him pay. Luis says if Martin wants to help him bring Alistair down then tell him the truth about his secret. Luis explains to Martin about Alistairs threat to hurt Marty if he doesnt stop his crusade against him. Luis says with the right ammunition he can protect Marty by bringing Alistair down, so he begs his father to reveal his secret. Martin thinks it is long past time he tells the truth, but cant bring himself to do it. Martin says its for the best, his secret would only bring more pain. Luis tells Martin that if he doesnt tell him then he might as well be on Alistairs payroll as Alistair will continue to hurt the people he says he loves. Martin says he cant tell him, he just doesnt understand. Luis says he understands plenty. Martin remembers Katherine telling him that his secret would destroy Sheridan. Luis tells his father that he is nothing but a liar and a coward. Luis says he wouldnt have to fight Alistair if his father had stood up to Alistair years ago. Luis says if his father wants to reconcile with them so open his mouth and help them. He says what kind of man offers to help his family but doesnt. Luis says he cant believe what kind of a man he is. He says mama wants them all to forgive him, but only he has figured out the truth about him. Luis remembers when he was younger and other kids asked where his dad was, he would say he was off fighting dragons and making the world safe. Luis says he wanted to be proud of his father, and he worked hard to make his father proud of him. Martin says he is proud of him. Luis says now that hes back and sees what kind of man Martin is, he doesnt care, he doesnt want a man like him as a father.

At the cottage, Sheridan asks why they are here, why are they looking at her like that? The person walks into the cottage and Sheridan asks what she is doing here, she is making him nervous. The person is Beth and she says she wants her son back! Beth says you let him run off on his own. Beth says she wants her son and will never let Sheridan have him again. Sheridan asks how she knew he was gone? We see flashbacks of Alistair calling Beth and telling her about kidnapping Marty, and how Luis and Sheridan called in half of the police in the state. He said Marty was back with his mommy, and it was time Beth paid her a visit. Beth says she knew because half of the police force was looking for Marty. Sheridan says she doesnt know the whole story, her father kidnapped him. Beth tells her to stop blaming her father for everything that goes wrong in her life. Beth then learns that Sheridan left the boy outside for a second, and she says do you know what could happen to him? Sheridan says hes on an estate with armed guards, Marty is safe. Beth says obviously not that safe, she is taking her son home right now. They argue about what Sheridans neglect of Marty. Beth says the estate has pools, fountains and cliffs. She also says there are cars all over the place. She says if she turns her head for a second then Marty is mush! Beth says she is taking Marty now. Sheridan grabs her and Beth tells her to let go and calls her a stupid blond. Sheridan has a flashback to the clown saying the same thing to her as she was stuck in the pit. Beth asks Sheridan why shes looking at her that way? Sheridan says The clown! When Sheridan looks at Beth she only sees the clown talking back to her (saying Beths words). Beth asks Sheridan if shes gone nuts again, what is she talking about a clown for? Sheridan says she has to sit down to figure something out. Beth begins to fear Sheridan may be remembering, and she says she cant figure out that she was the clown, Sheridan never saw her face. Sheridan says shes having flashbacks to her kidnapping, and the clown also called her a stupid blond just like Beth did. Beth says that when she was kidnapped and her child was killed is when she went off her rocker, just one more reason she shouldnt care for Marty. Beth says Marty isnt her son so she doesnt have the natural instincts to care for him. Sheridan says that is not true. Sheridan says she has more instincts than Beth does. Sheridan tells Beth that Marty is her son and she loves him just as much if not more than Beth. Beth tells Sheridan that she is just nuts and she wont let a Loony-Tune take care of her son. Sheridan refuses to let Beth take him. Beth punches Sheridan out and says shed rather see Marty die then see her take away from him.

At the compound, Alistair says the person at Sheridans door will destroy her life. Katherine asks what he has done now, but Alistair says this doesnt have to do with him. Gwen says oh please. Alistair tells Gwen to stop insulting her host. Gwen says more like jailer! Gwen tells Alistair that he owes Katherine the truth after the horrible things he has done to her. Alistair joins Fox in a drink and ignores Gwen and Katherine. Gwen is furious with both Fox and Alistair. She cant believe that Fox is acting like Alistair. Fox says being a Crane is a blast so why not enjoy it. Katherine begs Alistair to help Sheridan, but Alistair says his hands are tied and Sheridan brought this on herself. Alistair then taunts Katherine about Martin going back to Pilar, and how her choice in men is putrid. Alistair says Martin made his choice and is with Pilar. He says she also made a choice , and now she is with him. Alistair then begins to become rough and violent with Katherine. Gwen asks Fox to stop Alistair, but Fox says he cant stop him. Gwen tells Fox that if he wont help Katherine then she will. She rushes to help Katherine, but Alistair smacks her back and down onto the floor. Katherine rushes to Gwens side, and she tells Alistair that he could have hurt her. Alistair says that isnt his fault, that Gwen got in the way. He also says he told Katherine to go to her room and open her gift. She says she got his negligee earlier. Alistair says that gift was for a fine lady, which she is not. He says this gift is for a scheming tart, so go put it on. Gwen begs her not to go, but she says she must. Katherine leaves, and Alistair grabs Gwen and tells her to stop worrying about Katherines problem and worry about her own. He tells her that it is too bad she hasnt been in Harmony to see how close Ethan and Theresa have gotten. He says its now spring, the time when a young mans fancy turn to love. He tells Gwen that hes doing her a favor by keeping her here as she gets to keep Theresas baby. Gwen says the baby is hers, but Alistair says they both know that baby is Theresas. He says if she goes back to Harmony then she gets to love nobody. Alistair says he has to go to Katherine and walks off. Gwen cries Dont keep me here! Gwen then turns to Fox and begs him to help her escape. She says this playboy thing has to be an act so help her. Fox says he needs more Brady. Gwen begs Fox to help her because she knows hes not like this and he knows in her heart he wants to see Whitney and the baby. Fox tells her that Alistair is right, if she goes back to Harmony then shell lose Ashley so just stay here and enjoy it. Gwen says what about his grandmother, is she supposed to just enjoy it while Alistairs touch makes her want to vomit. Fox says he wont cross his grandfather, and Katherine made her bed so she has to lie in it. Gwen says he is such a pig, and she cant believe she didnt see this before. Gwen says come hell or high water she will get out of here and home to Ethan. She says she will remember tonight and that he didnt help her. She says she thought he was a man but he is a snake. Meanwhile, Katherine finds a red and black cheap hooker outfit in her room, and she hopes her sacrifice for Martin and Sheridan was worth it. Katherine puts on the sleazy outfit and is glad Martin cant see her like this, but she says she knows she did the right thing by leaving Harmony for Sheridan and for Luis, as well as for Martin. Alistair shows up and tells her to forget them because for the rest of her life her only function is to please him. He says he is going to love breaking her like a young colt. He says hell make her forget Martin once and for all, and he forces her to kiss him.


April 6,  2005

Not yet proofed due to the late hour!
At the compound, Gwen reams Fox out for not caring that Alistair is raping his grandmother. She says all he cares about is his brandy. He says that isnt true, hes switching to champagne. Gwen asks what is wrong with him? He tells her to relax and let her hair down. Gwen walks off, so Fox asks a female guard to join him. She says she cant drink on duty, so he begins to romance her. He says her being French, Champagne is really just soda that gives you the giggles. Gwen watches him from afar. Gwen asks what a French security guard does for fun so far away from home. Her name is Monique, and Fox keeps plastering her with champagne. Gwen cant believe Fox, she thought he loved Whitney and the baby. She says he doesnt care about them, all he cares about is making googoo eyes at the guard. Fox says hey if you cant be the one you love, be with the one your with. Fox asks Monique if she has any male friends for Gwen? Gwen says he makes her sick and walks off. Fox talks about how hot it is here and he takes his shirt off. He suggests Monique join him and take her uniform off. He talks about how hot shed look half naked with some ammo belts across her chest. Monique says he will get her fired for fraternizing with the prisoners. He says she wont be fired, and Alistair is his grandfather. He promises her that she wont get in trouble. She says it is terribly hot in here. He then helps her to take her shirt off. Monique and Fox end up swimming in the pool. Monique wont get into the pool though, she just sits by the side. Fox sees her keys on the side of the pool with her clothes, and Fox does everything he can to get her to come in. HE playfully pretends to be drowning and says he needs some mouth to mouth resuscitation. They make out, and then get out of the pool. Fox helps her dry off, and she says she must go and not be caught out of her uniform. Fox says okay and maybe they can meet later. He gives her one last kiss goodbye and swipes her keys in the process. Monique says she must go, but they will meet later. Monique leaves, and Fox swings the keys and says hes out of here as long as hes stolen the right keys. Unfortunately, as hes unlocking a door both Monique and the other guard catch him.

Meanwhile, Alistair tells Katherine that he has her right where he wants her, in bed. He asks what is wrong, did Martin put rose petals on the bed when they made love? She tells him to get this over with. He asks what the rush is? Alistair says he will make her sorry for all those years she was away. Alistair rips her clothes off and begins to have his way with her. Gwen shows up and bangs on the door, but a guard tells her to move on and has a gun to her back. Gwen bangs on the door, and Alistair comes out and says Oh its you. He tells the guard to do his job. Gwen wants to know if Katherine is okay. Alistair says that is none of her damn business. Katherine calls out and says she is okay so just go away. Alistair says unless shed like to join them. Gwen tells Alistair not to hurt her. He says shes in no position to make threats. Alistair tells Gwen to go or hell have to hurt her again. Alistair then returns to his room. Later after the deed has been done, Alistair send Katherine off to get him a drink. Katherine leaves the room to get Alistair a drink.

Alistair goes out to the grounds and catches Fox trying to escape. He says he thought Fox had changed, but he paid his generosity back by stealing Moniques key. Fox says he was taking after him. Fox says he cant believe Monique turned him in. Alistair says her loyalty is to the Crane that matters. Alistair tells Fox that he cant trust him now, and orders the guards to take him away. Alistair tells them to take him away, lock him up and throw away the key.

Meanwhile Gwen is with Ashley again and talks about how his uncle turned out to be a jerk and no one can help poor Katherine. Katherine walks in and says she knows how to handle Alistair. Gwen says she doesnt know how she could let Alistair make love to her. Katherine says it was sex, and she just thought about all the good that might come from this. Katherine says Alistair can have her body but not her soul. Gwen doesnt think she could do it, but Katherine says she could if she truly loved that baby. Gwen says she does love her baby, but she seems to have brought her straight to hell and away from her daddy. Katherine says this is true, and can she live with herself knowing that shes keeping Ashley from her father?

At the hospital Whitney prepares to go home. She refuses to see her son as hes not her baby anymore. She says she just wants to go home. Ethan says hell drive him. A nurse shows up to give Whitney a new-mother baby basket. The nurse says shell have fun these first few days, treasure them. Whitney walks off, and the nurse asks why shes so sad as today is a happy day. Theresa thanks the nurse and says Whitney is just overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Chad is on the phone and is on hold. He refuses to hang up until he finds out what he knows. He asks the person to get him the information as hes paying big bucks for it. Chad then sees the gang walking by with balloons and the baby bag. Chad tells Whitney that she forgot something, whoops she is leaving her baby here. Theresa tells Chad not to be cruel. Chad says hes not the one being cruel.

When Whitney returns home she finds that Fox has spent an outrageous amount of money on baby things for Whitney. Theresa says there is a card from Fox, and Whitney reads the card. The card says he loves her and hes sorry he had to leave when he did, but she knows how important what hes doing is. Fox says because he knows babies doesn't always wait to be born, he decided to have their room babyfied whenever she checked into the hospital. He says if she is reading this then he is still gone. Fox says he hopes her and Fox or Whitney Jr likes it. Fox says he cant wait to kiss her and meet their gift from the stork. He signs the card her Sly Fox. Whitney breaks down and wonders what shes going to do. Theresa says Fox will be devastated. Whitney says she knows he will be. Whitney says she knows she did the right thing, another family will love and appreciate her baby. Theresa and Ethan try to convince her that Fox will not leave her or the baby. Ethan tells Whitney its not to late to stop all of this. Whitney tells Ethan that he doesnt understand, and she asks them both to stop badgering her. Whitney walks off, and Theresa asks Ethan maybe to take some of this stuff away. He says hell drop some of it off at the childrens shelter. She thanks him for everything. Ethan says he doesnt understand what shes doing. Theresa says she doesnt either. Theresa then thinks about Jane, and Ethan says shell be back soon. Theresa says shes going to stay here and help Whitney because it helps her. Ethan says he knows. Ethan leaves, and Whitney tells Theresa that shes just going to sleep and try and forget that she gave away her baby. As Whitney sleeps Theresa works to remove more of the baby stuff. Theresa doesnt know how Whitney could have done it. Whitney sleeps and dreams about Fox coming home. Fox says hes back and hes ready to meet his son. Fox looks around for the baby, but there is no baby. Whitney tells Fox that she gave the baby up. Fox is of course furious to learn his son has been adopted. Fox too tells her that she is a monster for throwing their baby away like trash. Whitney wakes up form her nightmare, and she begins to cry that shes so sorry. Whitney tells Theresa about her dream. Whitney says she doesnt know what shes going to do. Theresa says shell help Whitney tell Fox when he gets back. Whitney says Fox will be furious, but if Chad found out the truth hed go insane.

Chad returns to the office and makes another call. He gets the information he was after and then goes to work on his computer. He says he has to stop this deal from closing. Later Ethan shows up and wonders what Chad is doing. Chad hides what hes working on, and Ethan says if this has to do with Crane Industries then it is his concern as chief council. Chad says this is personal so back off. Ethan asks if he can help him , but Chad says it is private. Chad says everyone will know everything soon enough. Ethan then gets a call and says hes on his way. Chad asks what that was about, and Ethan says that it is private. Chad thinks Ethan found Fox, and he says good luck. Chad says Whitney is right about one thing, Fox doesnt care about the baby either as hes still a baby himself. Ethan says Fox still deserves to know. Ethan says he has to go, and he leaves. Chad then gets back to work on what hes working on. He says he needs to locate his target before Ethan finds Fox. 

At the cottage, Beth knocks Sheridan out cold and decided to kill her before she wakes up. She realizes a poker or an axe would create too much blood, so she decides to strangle her. Beth tells her that she deserves this. She gets on top of Sheridan to strangle her when Luis walks in. He asks what happened? Luis rushes to Sheridan and asks Beth what the hell happened? He asks if she hurt her? Beth says no, and she came here to pick up Marty. He asks why, they have him for a few more days. Beth says that was until she learned Sheridan lost him in her own front yard. Beth says Sheridan went ballistic and said she wouldnt let her take her son. Beth says she was afraid for her life and she defended herself. Beth says she begged Sheridan to stop hitting her, and Sheridan tripped and hit her head. Beth says she was trying to revive her when he came in. Luis tells Beth to go get him a wet cloth, and Luis begs Sheridan to wake up. Beth returns with a cold cloth, and Luis thinks they should call 911 as the skull has week spots and one blow could be fatal. Luis says she shouldnt have pushed Sheridan, and she shouldnt have come over here and upset Sheridan. Beth says what about her, Marty is her son. Beth says Sheridan attacked her and kept saying Marty was her son. Luis says she should have been more understanding. Beth says she cant believe Luis is blaming her for this. Beth says she let them take Marty and what thanks does she get, Sheridan attacks her and then he attacks her. Luis says hes sorry and he didnt mean to get angry with her. Beth says all she wanted to do was protect their son. Beth says he knows and she is a good mother. He says Sheridan is just in such a fragile state right now. Beth says she knows, and she let them take Marty to try and save Sheridans life. However Beth says Sheridan is irrational and delusional, she once again thinks Marty is her baby. Beth says Sheridan has lost it again, and she has to think about what is best for Marty. Beth says she cant let Marty stay here anymore. Sheridan then begins to wake up. As Sheridan comes to she remembers being trapped in the pit and terrorized by the clowns. Beth fears she is done for. Sheridan looks at Beth and says she knows now! 


April 7, 2005
Ethan arrives at the airport and waits on the plane to take off and get to the compound. Ethan sits on the plan and worries about the woman hes going to choose. Ethan dreams about finding Jane and being reunited with Theresa.

At the Bennets, Whitney and Theresa talk about what Whitney has done. Whitney talks about how Fox is going to hate her, and how Chad has never looked at her before with such disgust. She says she feels like shes going insane. Theresa says maybe things will be clearer in the morning. Whitney refuses to sleep here with these baby things. Whitney says she has to get out of here and decides to leave. They then get a call from Tabitha inviting them over for some tea. Whitney says she cant as she has company. Tabitha says Theresa can come to, they are both most welcome. Whitney asks how she knew she was with Theresa? Tabitha says lucky guess. Tabitha says Kay and the babies would love to see them. Theresa tells Whitney they should go over as she wanted to leave anyways.

Meanwhile, Jessica is about to sneak out and party, but Ivy catches her and tells her not one more step. Jessica says she doesnt take orders from her. Ivy says she does when shes the only adult in the house. Ivy says she is not going out of the house dressed like that. Ivy grabs her arm, and Jessica screams ouch! Ivy says she didnt grab her that hard. We see flashbacks to Jessica cutting herself. Jessica says she doesnt appreciate being manhandled by her. Ivy says too bad, shes not going out like that or out at all. Jessica accuses Ivy of only pretending to care about her to impress her father. Ivy says she does care about her. Ivy tells Jessica that she thought she wouldnt want to go out after what happened the last time. Ivy cant believe shed go out dressed like . . . Jessica says like what a whore? Ivy says she said it. Jessica says it takes one to know one. Ivy goes to slap Jessica, but Jessica grabs Ivys arm and bends it back. Ivy tells Jessica that shes hurting her. Ivy threatens to tell Sam, but Jessica says if she does that then her father will call her mother home. Jessica says if her mom comes home then it wont be long before he realizes she is the one he loves, and Jessica says Ivy wont want to risk that. Ivy tells Jessica that she cant go out, she was raped and that kind of violence changes people. Jessica says she wasnt raped, she knew what she was doing. Ivy thinks Jessica is lying to her. Jessica says shes going out to party. Ivy says fine, but not to stay out late and to take her cell phone in case she needs to call her. Ivy says her father would kill her if he knew what she was letting Jessica do. Jessica says he wont find out and asks for some money. Ivy says no way, so Jessica takes some of Ivys money. She says be nice mom or Ill call my real one. Jessica then heads out to party. Later Sam comes home and finds Ivy drinking. He asks since when she drinks alone? Ivy says she doesnt, she heard him pull up and thought they could have a drink. He decides to go invite Jessica to watch wrestling with them tonight, but Ivy says no dont. He says why not? Ivy then pulls him into a kiss. Sam thinks something is wrong with Jessica and shes trying to keep him from finding out. He says he will go check on her no matter what. Ivy says Jessica isnt in her room, she let Jessica go out. Sam says Jessica is grounded indefinitely. She says she knows but Jessica looked so sad and lonely and Kay asked her to go to a movie. She says she thought Jessica would be just fine, Jessica WILL be just fine.

Jessica arrives at a goth club to party. Jessica is asked for ID by a bouncer, and Jessica gives the man her fake ID. He doesnt believe her and calls Spike over for an executive decision. Spike says this isnt even a good fake ID. Jessica says he didnt care about ID at the last club. Spike says that was before Deputy Doo-Right closed them down and he tells her to scram. Jessica begs to be allowed to stay, but Spike says no. Spike tells her to go home and make an ice cream Sunday. Spike then sees Jessicas name on her fake ID and thinks she is here spying on him for her dad. She says shes not and she wants to be here and party. Spike asks how much she wants to party. Jessica says a lot. He says okay, if she wants to be here that much then how can he say no. Spike offers her some drugs, but Jessica says no thanks. Spike says he cant trust her unless she joins the fun. Jessica says she doesnt want to do too much. Spike secretly knows these stickers are five times stronger than the ones at the last club. Spike then kisses Jessica and suggests they hang out. Jessica says shed rather go dance. Spike suspects she is undercover and wants her to prove it to him that shes not wearing a wire. After some deliberating she says okay and goes with another guy to be pat down. Spike tells himself that hes going to use Jessica to get back at Sam. Spike goes to the backroom where Jessica is. We then see a drugged Jessica being given a tattoo, which Spike says is a little initiation.

Tabitha is cleaning and asks Endora for a little help. Endora casts a spell and starts the vacuum going. Tabitha tells her to leave a few cobwebs so it feels like home. Kay walks in with Maria and tells her daughter not to look as she doesnt need to see this. Tabitha says she is just doing spring cleaning not hanging muggles. Kay says Maria is too young to know she and Endora are witches. Tabitha says watch who you call names! Tabitha tells Endora that Kay isnt ready to admit that she has powers of her own and maybe Maria does too. Kay says perish the thought! Endora stops the cleaning, and Tabitha tells Kay to do the dusting herself. Kay begins cleaning and Tabitha tells her that she missed a spot. Tabitha then looks out and sees Theresa and Whitney and decides to invite them both over for a nice cup of tea. She calls them and invites them over. Kay asks what Tabitha is up to? Tabitha says she is bored and wants to have a bit of fun. Whitney and Theresa come over and Tabitha lets Whitney hold Endora. She then says Whitney is so thin she doesnt look like shes going to have a baby at all. Tabitha starts talking about the joys of motherhood. Theresa asks Tabitha to stop. Tabitha asks what is wrong, why is Whitney crying? Theresa says Whitney has already had her baby. Theresa then takes Endora from Whitney and holds her. Tabitha asks where the baby is. Theresa says he is sick. Kay says she is sorry and she knows what that is like. Tabitha says the poor tyke, but she bets he is a handsome fellow. Tabitha thinks they should have a party to celebrate. Theresa says no. Tabitha says Theresa is very testy today! Tabitha asks when they can see the baby. Whitney says they cant, she put the baby up for adoption. Kay asks why she would do that? Whitney says she cant possibly give her baby everything he needs not being married Kay says neither is she, and she is even worse off than Whitney. Kay says she didnt give up Maria, so why would Whitney? Tabitha thinks this has to do with Chad, and Kay asks what Chad has to do with this? Tabitha says he still has strong feelings for Whitney and wanted her to live with him. Kay says but they cant, they are brother and sister. Theresa says this is really Whitneys problem. Kay says if she didnt want to marry Fox then what about her parents, they would have helped her out with the baby. Whitney says its done. Kay says she and Tabitha both know how hard being a single mother is, but she cant imagine her life without Maria. Ethan then calls up Kay to let her know what hes up to just in case. Ethan doesnt want to bother Sam considering what is happening with Jessica, but he thinks someone in the family needs to know of his plan. Ethan says hes on a plane and heading to the Crane Compound to find Gwen and Jane. Kay cant believe what hes trying to do. Theresa over hears Kay talking to Ethan, and she realizes what is going on. Theresa talks with Whitney and she says she has to go so will she be okay by herself? Whitney says she will. Theresa then takes off. Kay continues to press Whitney about why she gave up the baby, but Whitney says she doesnt want to talk about it. Tabitha says Whitney might not want to talk, but she does.

At the airport, Theresa gets onto the plane just as the plane is about to take off. Ethan tells her to get off the plane, but Theresa says if hes going to rescue their daughter then shes going too. Theresa refuses to go anywhere and when Ethan allows her to come, she kisses him. A small kiss turns into a passionate one.

At the Wallace house, Edna drinks a toast to her good friend Precious and says life is meaningless without her. Edna begins cleaning up after her slob of a daughter. She wonders what happened to Beth, she is such a grouch all the time. As she is putting things away she comes across the old clown costume. Edna says Beth will be locked up one of these days when her luck runs out. 

At the cottage, Sheridan tells Luis that the clown took her baby, the clown kidnapped her and took her baby. Luis asks what she is talking about. Sheridan says she remembers and she accuses Beth of being the clown. When Sheridan looks at Beth she still sees her as a clown. Sheridan says look there is the clown now. Luis says he doesnt see anything. Beth tells Luis that Sheridan is hallucinating now. Luis says maybe she had a nightmare when she passed out, but Sheridan says no Beth is the clown. Beth cant believe these accusations and says she wont stand here and listen to another word out of Sheridans mouth. Beth says she is taking Marty home. Sheridan says no way, she wont let her. Beth says she went against her better instincts and let Sheridan take Marty for a few days and he was almost kidnapped. She says she and Marty are out of here. Luis asks her to wait and just let him talk to Sheridan. Luis thinks Sheridan may have a concussion and that perhaps shell feel differently about all of this tomorrow. He touches her face and she says that hurt. Sheridan then remembers Beth punched her and knocked her out. Luis asks Beth if this is true? Beth says of course not and asks Luis if hes going to believe her or a woman who thinks she is a clown. Sheridan says Beth is the one who is lying here. Sheridan says she remembers exactly what happened, Beth kidnapped her and stole her baby along with another clown. Beth says she is leaving and to give her Marty right now. Sheridan says no way, shes not leaving with her son! Beth says she has had it with this treatment, she is taking Marty home now. Sheridan says no, Marty is their son. Sheridan tells Luis that she doesnt know all the details yet but she knows Beth took her son shortly after she gave birth. Beth says give her the baby or . . . Luis says or what shell call the police, he is the police. Beth tells Luis that if he cant be objective then shell call Sam. Luis asks Beth to calm down and just wait. He asks her to do this for him, and she say okay but only for him. He says he will watch over Marty, Marty will be fine. Luis asks Beth not to take Marty when Sheridan is in such a fragile state as it could be harmful. He asks her to be patient for him. Mrs. Wallace soon shows up, and she learns about Sheridans accusations against Beth. Luis asks Sheridan to calm down and he says he thinks she was just dreaming when she was unconscious. Mrs. Wallace says unconscious? Sheridan says Beth attacked her, but Beth says Sheridan is the one who attacked her. Sheridan tells Beth to tell them that she is one of the clowns who kidnapped her and took Marty, and Sheridan says the other clown could be around here somewhere. Luis talks to Sheridan in private, and Edna tells Beth that her goose is cooked.


April 8, 2005
On the plane, Ethan and Theresa share a kiss. Theresa then morphs into Gwen, who says How could you! Ethan pulls away from Theresa and says he cant do this. He says they need to focus on one thing, finding Jane. Ethan says when this plane lands they will be in danger. Theresa says Gwen is also going to be there, and hes going to have to make a choice between her and Gwen. Ethan says he knows, and he says none of this would have happened if she hadnt tricked him into sleeping with him. Theresa says she only did that because Gwen stole her son. Ethan says he knows, and they both recap everything that has happened. Ethan says it just keeps going round and round. Ethan says it wont stop until he stops it, but he doesnt know how to do that. He says whatever way he chooses to stop the cycle, it will be the wrong way for one of them. Theresa continues to once again talk about how fate will bring them together and wont stop interfering in their lives until they are together. Ethan says he doesnt know if he believes in fate, but he does believe that God gave them free will to make their own choices. Theresa says then choose her and their family. Theresa says even though he is not Little Ethan's father, Little Ethan loves him as a father. Ethan says he loves both Jane and Little Ethan, but he doesnt want to break Gwens heart. Ethan says he has loved her for a long time and she doesnt deserves to be hurt. Theresa says neither do Jane and Little Ethan. Theresa says she wants a life with him and if Gwen is a good soul then shell have to accept it. Later the pilot says they are approaching the island, and Ethan worries about choosing between Gwen and Theresa. Later they land on the island and prepare to storm the compound. 

At the compound, Gwen and Katherine talk. Gwen tells Katherine that she has given up everything so that Sheridan can be happy. Katherine says she didnt know about Alistairs sick plan when she accepted his offer, but even if she had then she would have done the same thing. She says there is nothing she wouldnt do for Sheridan. Katherine says putting your loved ones happiness before your own is what makes one happy. Gwen knows Katherine is talking about her. Katherine tells Gwen that she knows Gwen loves Ashley, but she let her need for a child has cloud her thinking. Katherine asks Gwen if she can honestly say what she has done is best for Ashley, that she put Ashleys needs above her own. Gwen says everything she has done was for her daughter. Katherine says she took her daughter from her real mother. Gwen says having a baby is not what makes a woman a mother, it is a deep emotional bond. Katherine says and Theresa doesnt love and have that bond with her daughter? Theresa doesn't love her daughter? Gwen says Theresa only loves herself, and Theresa owes her a daughter for the death of Sarah. She also says Theresa stole her husband and slept with him, Theresa has stolen so much from her already and she deserves this. Katherine urges her to do what is best for Ashley. Gwen knows a life on the run isnt good for Ashley. Katherine says as someone who has done it, it isnt worth it. Katherine says shell be living in constant fear of being caught. Katherine says she'll be moving from place to place and always changing her name. Gwen says she knows Katherine has experienced this, but she and Martin loved each other. Katherine says yes, but they also lived under constant threat of discovery. Katherine says Gwen and Ashley are on the Interpol watch list, and one day they will be caught. Katherine says the older Ashley is when it happens the worse it will be because Gwen will be the only mother she knew. Katherine says Ashley will be emotionally wounded for life, and then she will learn about her other mother and may never forgive Gwen for taking her. Gwen says if she goes back to Harmony then shell lose Ashley and rot in jail while Theresa gets everything. Katherine says she knows it isnt easy. Katherine uses her own circumstances as an example, but she says she is doing this because she knows it is for the best. Katherine says she sacrificed her life for her children and the ones she loves. Katherine asks Gwen to think about what is best for her child. 

At the cottage, Sheridan says the clowns were here tonight and one of them still is, Beth. Sheridan says Beth was one of the clowns who kidnapped her. Edna tells Beth that Sheridan is on to her and calls her bozo. Beth says she has had it and shes going to get her son and leave. Sheridan says no way. Luis offers to go outside and look for the clowns, but Sheridan tells him not to leave her here with Beth. Luis tells Beth that he has called Eve and shell be here soon, and he asks BEth not to go anywhere just yet. Edna pulls Beth aside and says her goose is cooked so she better tell the truth and get it over with. Luis says the truth about what? Beth says she was just talking to her mom about how guilty she feels about pushing Sheridan and causing her to have these hallucinations. Beth says she was blaming herself and saying this was her fault. Luis says it isnt her fault. Eve soon shows up to check on Sheridan, Julian is with her. Eve asks what happened, and Luis explains what happened along with Ednas help. Eve thinks it is odd for Sheridan to suddenly have flashbacks about the kidnapping. Eve asks if something happened tonight to trigger the memories? Luis says not that he knows of. Edna jokes to Beth that she hears the food on death row is pretty good. Eve says something must have happened to trigger her memory. Luis says the only two people here were Beth and Sheridan. Eve decides to examine Sheridan, and Sheridan talks to both Julian and Eve about what she remembers. Sheridan says she remembers the clown costume, and the clown had some voice distorter to hide its identity, but the inflection and tone of the voice were somewhat familiar. Sheridan says if they could find the clown mask or any other evidence then they could nail the kidnappers. Meanwhile Luis brings Marty out and gives him to Beth to take home. Sheridan becomes upset as Beth prepares to leave with Marty. Sheridan watches them go, and outside Edna tells Beth that she can run but she cant hide! Beth tells her mother to shut up. Edna wonders what clowns wear in prison. She says she knows, orange jumpsuits and big floppy shoes. Julian and Eve leave, and Sheridan begs Luis to believe her and help her get their son back. Sheridan once again begs Luis to have a DNA test. She says this is the only way shell believe Marty isnt her son, so Luis says theyll have a DNA test done.

At the Wallace house, Beth goes to work burning the clown suit and mask. Beth thinks she should check the basement too, but Mrs. Wallace says they redecorated down there already. Edna tries to convince Beth that shes done for, but Beth says everyone will believe Sheridan is nuts. Edna says they dont need to believe Sheridan is sane, all they need to do is a DNA test. Beth continues to tell Edna that she is crazy and nobody believes Sheridan, there will be no DNA test. Edna says it doesnt matter as Sheridan always seems to end up asking for a DNA test, and when it is conducted then Beths crime spree will be over. Beth says they haven't managed to do a DNA test yet, and they never will. 

At Tabithas place, Tabitha continues to push Whitney to talk, but she wont. Tabitha tells herself that soon Whitney wont have a choice. TC and Liz soon show up, Tabitha invited them over to talk about Whitney and her baby. Tabitha just hopes Whitneys news sets off TCs legendary temper. TC and Liz come in, and Tabitha tells Whitney that she thought it was best she tell her dad what is going on. Liz and TC ask what has happened? They ask if something is wrong with the baby? Whitney says the baby is fine, and she had a baby boy. TC learns that Eve helped deliver the baby and hes furious that nobody called him. Liz says this was Eves doing, and TC agrees. TC says what is done is done, and he is here now. HE says he wants to see his little buddy, where is his grandson. Tabitha tells herself "head to the bomb shelter as there is going to be an explosion." She quickly moves her good china out of the way. TC asks where his grandson is. Whitney says hes gone. He asks what she means? Whitney says she put him up for adoption. TC cant believe what Whitney has done, and he screams Are you out of your mind! Whitney says he doesnt understand. TC says Russells dont throw away their children like they are nothing! He asks what would posses her to do such a selfish and heartless thing to do. He says it isnt like she is some poor girl on the street with no one. TC says he never liked Fox but the boy did offer to marry her. He says he did not raise her to be this way, he taught her the most important thing is family. Liz says maybe this wasnt Whitneys idea. TC says this is something a Crane would do, something Alistair would do. He asks if this was Foxs idea. Whitney says Fox had nothing to do with it. Liz suggests it was Eves idea, but Whitney says no not her mother. TC blames Eve for all of this, for destroying her hopes in marriage and family. Tabitha wonders why she didnt think of that. Tabitha decides to make a quick phone call. As TC blasts Whitney, Julian and Eve soon show up after Tabitha called. TC lashes out at Eve and blames her for Whitney giving up their grandchild. Tabitha tells herself that there is nothing like a baby to bring a family together.

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