April 11, 2005
At the compound, Katherine tells Gwen that she has a very difficult decision to make, will she take Ashley and live a life on the run or go back to Harmony. Gwen says she knows, and she has a lot of thinking to do. Katherine says she has come a long way from that night on the plane when she wasnt thinking clearly. Gwen says she is being kind, she was crazy. Gwen says Theresa just pushed her over the edge, but she is thinking clearly again. Gwen says she loves that baby, but she wont lose her to Theresa. Katherine says she has to know that baby is Theresas. Gwen says Theresa may be the biological mother, but she is that babys mother and it belongs to her. Katherine says she cant spend her life on the run with the child. Gwen says she has a lot of time to think, but it doesnt matter what she decides as they may be trapped here for the rest of their lives. Gwen says it is so beautiful here, but even the most beautiful place can be hell on earth. Katherine says yes, and life on the run can be heaven if your with the ones you love. Gwen says she has made a decision; she cant condemn Ashley a life in prison, on the run or without her father. Katherine says she knew she would do the right thing. Gwen says she will go back to Harmony, but she wont hand Ashley over to Theresa. Gwen says she will fight Theresa for her baby and husband; she will fight to keep what is hers. Katherine tells Gwen if she doesnt drop this hatred for Theresa then she will never find peace. Gwen says she is full of hatred for Theresa, and maybe being here will give her time to think it over and a get fresh perspective on things. She knows she has to go back to Harmony, but she is not ready yet. Gwen says if she as much as saw Theresa with her child then shed kill her, and she wouldnt stop till she finished the job. Gwen swears if she saw Theresa right now that shed probably kill her.

Ethan and Theresa are outside of the compound in the jungle, and Ethan says there are guards everywhere. He says this place is a fortress. He points out the laser triggered alarms to Theresa high up on the walls. Ethan says there has to be a way to get inside, and he thinks he knows how. Ethan uses a laser pen to try and deactivate the laser, if he can aim it just right and trip the signal. However Ethan cant get the angle right, so he lifts Theresa up on his shoulders so she can try and hit the laser at the right angle to deactivate them. Theresa deactivates all three laser alarms and they hug one another and Ethan strokes her face and says hes proud of her. They then head into the compound, and Ethan grabs Theresa and kisses her to keep her quite as a guard was coming. Ethan then tells Theresa that hes studied a map of this place and every door has a guard behind it, so they should go in through the basement. He also suggests they split up once inside to cover more ground. Theresa says she is scared, but Ethan says dont be. He says this is their little girl and they have to take any risk to save her. Theresa says she knows, kisses Ethan and says she loves him. Ethan says he loves her too. They then break open the basement window and head inside. 

Theresa ends up sneaking around and hearing a baby cry. She manages to sneak into the nursery where shes reunited with Jane. Theresa holds Jane and says everything will be okay. Theresa says she loves her and will take her home right now. Later, Gwen walks in and says Theresa, what in the hell are you doing here!

Fox is being held in a cell and Monique is watching him. Fox says when he asked her to tie him up this is not what he had in mind. She tells him to shut up. Fox asks where his grandfather is, and she says he left the island. He says what about him? Monique says this is his permanent home, he will never leave this room or this island again. Fox thinks that is harsh, and Monique says his grandfather doesnt trust him. Fox once again tries to woo Monique, but a male guard soon shows up to relieve Monique. Monique excuses herself with the male guard to go over the security schedule, but soon the male guard returns. Fox wonders how in the hell he will get out of here. Fox begins coughing and asks the guard if it doesnt tick him off that he doesnt have a chair to sit in? The guard says Mr. Crane doesnt care about his comfort. Alistair says Alistair doesnt care much about comfort, especially his own familys. The guard thinks Fox hasnt had a very hard life. The guard tells Fox that his cough is annoying him. Fox says its annoying him and to get him a glass of water. The guard says this is a very old trick. Fox says he cant do anything as hes tied up, and would he like to explain to his grandfather that he died on his watch? The guard leaves to get water, and Fox gets up, hes broken his bonds. When the guard returns Fox grabs his gun and knocks the guard put with some fancy jujitsu moves. 

Fox sneaks around the basement of the compound and ends up smashing a vase over Ethans head (Ethan just walked around the corner), knocking him out. Ethan comes to and Fox apologizes. He asks what hes doing here? Ethan says Alistair let him know in his roundabout way that Fox was here and wasnt coming home, so he and Theresa came to look for them. Ethan says its a long story, but Theresa learned he was coming here and she insisted on coming. Suddenly two guards show up and pull guns on Ethan and Fox. They tell them to freeze as they are going no where. They ask Fox where he is going and they ask Ethan go he got in the building? Ethan and Fox then begin to fight with the guards and knock them out. Fox says its time to get out of here. They run down the hall, and another guard springs out from nowhere, grabs Ethan pulls and a gun on Ethan. He says its over, there is no escape. 

At the cottage, Luis agrees to do a DNA test on Marty, but he asks what if the test proves that Marty is Beths son? Sheridan says shes not worried, shes more sure about this than anything in her life. She says there is no doubt in her mind that Marty is her son. Sheridan wants to do the test tonight, and Luis says they need to slow down and think about this. He says if Marty is their son then this means Beth has been lying the whole time and was involved in her kidnapping. He says it would mean that she knowingly stole their son. Sheridan says she understand what it means. Luis says he cant imagine Beth being so evil, shes been such a good friend to them. Sheridan tells Luis to believe in her and stop defending Beth. Sheridan says if he still thinks that Marty is Beths son then he must think she is crazy. Luis says he doesnt think she is crazy, hes just worried what the results will do to her. Sheridan says shes not worried about the results, she knows that Marty is her son. 

At the Wallace house, Beth finishes burning the clown outfit and thinks it is done. Mrs. Wallace says she can get rid of the evidence but Sheridan still remembers seeing her as one of the clown. Beth says they think she is hallucinating, and she says Sheridan can tell the whole world about clowns and kidnappers. She says nobody will take the word of a crazed Sheridan. Edna says they dont have to believe her, all they have to do is a DNA test. Beth says Sheridan couldnt get Luis to do one before, so she wont get him to do one now. Beth says she is home free. Edna continues to harp about a DNA test, but Beth says it wont happen. Edna says she better hope and pray it doesnt as she has dodged that bullet two times. Beth says she knows. She says first the cops were going door to door looking for the baby after it was kidnapped. She says they were doing DNA tests on all newborns, but fortunately Luis told them not to waste time with her. Beth says then when Sheridan wanted a DNA test on Marty later, Luis stopped that one too as he was worried the results would send her off the deep end. Edna says yes but now Sheridan is convinced Marty is her son, but Beth says Luis wont agree to it because if the test comes back and shows Sheridan isnt the mother then Luis will be afraid that Sheridan will wind up in the looney bin again. Beth says she has nothing at all to worry about. Edna says she misses Precious as at least she talked she made sense and knew when trouble was coming. Edna talks about how wonderful Precious was. Beth tells her mom that if she doesnt have friends its what she deserves. Edna says shed take a friend like Precious over a devious daughter like her anyway. Beth says so she doesnt like her, she gets it, big whoop. Edna says she will get it soon when justice comes for her. Beth says ever since she came up with her brilliant plan her mother has been predicting disaster, but nobody is on to her and nothing will happen. Edna tells her that her plan about as brilliant as the Titanic. Edna says Sheridan is on to her, but Beth says they think she is a nut and cant prove a thing. There is a knock at the door, and Beth answers. Its Luis and Sheridan. Luis says hes sorry to bother her so late but it is important. She lets them in, and Luis says they need to see Marty. He says he has a favor to ask her. Beth asks what is going on? Sheridan says they want to do a DNA test on Marty to find out who his real mother is. Beth cant believe this, and she says this is ridiculous and wont put Marty through this. Luis talks to Beth in private and says this is the one thing that will make Sheridan realize Marty isnt her son and then they can all put this behind them. Beth says this test is not necessary and she has been so patient, but enough is enough. She says she will not allow it. Sheridan asks Beth what shes so afraid of? Beth says nothing, so Sheridan says if Marty is Beths child then she has nothing to fear. Sheridan says if Marty is Beths child then shell have to accept it, and she would think Beth would want the test so she stops going on and on about Marty being her child. Sheridan says unless Beth is hiding something? Beth says she has nothing to hide, so Sheridan and Luis say then lets just do the test. Beth says its the middle of the night so shes not dragging him to the hospital. Sheridan says that is why they brought the lab technician with them. Luis invites one Mr. Batemen from the DNA lab in. Sheridan says Marty doesnt have to go anywhere, in fact they dont have to wake him up. Edna says Bethy is so busted.


April 12, 2005

At Tabithas house, TC accuses Eve of being behind Whitney giving up their grandchild, and he says he wont let Eve get away with this. Tabitha spies on them and loves the pain shes caused. Whitney tells her father that mom didnt make her do this. TC believes Whitney gave her child up because Eve destroyed Whitneys belief in family by her own example. TC asks Eve what plan b was, to get drunk and run over the baby? Julian says hes heard enough! TC tells Julian that he is also to blame for this, and TC says hes going to rip him apart. TC lunges for Julian. Eve stops them from fighting and says this is just making things worse. TC asks how things could get worse? Eve says she tried to convince Whitney not to give her baby up, and Whitney says that is true. TC asks then why she gave her baby up? Whitney says she had her reasons. Eve asks TC not to push, but TC says if it werent for Tabitha then he wouldnt have known his first grandson was ever born. TC says even Eve didnt call her. Eve says TC told her to never call him again. He tells her that she is being petty. Liz claims this is all part of Eves plan, if TC knew about the baby then he would have kept Whitney from giving up her child. Eve says she never wanted Whitney to give up the baby, and Whitney says it is true. Liz says Eve has lied so much that they cant trust a word out of her mouth. Liz says if it werent for Eve then Whitney would have married Fox, but because of Eve, Whitney couldnt trust in Foxs love. Liz tells Eve that this is her fault and she is 100% to blame. Eve says shell accept blame for a lot of things, but this was Whitneys decision. As they argue, Julian takes Tabitha aside and says he wants to be a part of Endoras life now more than ever, he wants to be a real father to her. Tabitha says she is not impressed by his parenting skills so far, and talks about the mess all his other childrens lives are in. She calls Fox and Chad the Brothers Grimm and says Little Ethan doesnt know who he is. Tabitha says she wont let him make any more mistakes with Endora. Julian says he wont argue with her now about this, but he will be a part of her life and legally has a right. Tabitha says if it comes to that then hell be long gone. Suddenly the house begins to rock, and Liz asks what is happening? Tabitha comments someone is mad as hell. Tabitha tells them all that its just her pipes acting up again. Liz tells TC that they should just leave as its no use talking to Eve with all her lies. TC says Liz is right. He tells Whitney that he wishes she would have come to him with this, and he says he blames Eve for all of this. TC says he thought he couldnt hate Eve even more, he despises her. TC and Liz leave, and Eve thinks maybe TC could have talked Whitney out of doing this. Whitney says no, she did what she did for her baby. 

TC and Liz walk home, and Liz suggests to TC that they adopt Whitneys baby. He says that is a great idea. Meanwhile Eve and Julian are walking home, and Julian comes up with the same idea Liz had, to adopt the baby. Meanwhile, Whitney heads off and Tabitha looks into her magic bowl and finds out the two couples want to adopt Whitneys baby. She wonders which couple will get to adopt the baby. She says while Julian could use the Crane money and influence, Dr. Eves upcoming murder trial could be a problem for them. Tabitha says she hates not knowing, so she asks the bowl who gets the baby. The bowl tells her and Tabitha says Leaping Lizards, how wonderfully awful the outcome will be! Tabitha says this is another win for the dark side. 

At Beths house, Sheridan and Luis bring in the DNA technician from the hospital to take DNA swabs. Beth says they cant do this! Sheridan asks why not, what is she hiding? Beth says nothing and this test is just ridiculous. Sheridan says she would think Beth would have no issue with the test unless this is not her child. Luis says Sheridan asked Beth a question. Beth says she is speechless that Luis would let Sheridan treat her this way, and she says Marty is her son and she has no need to prove it. Beth says Sheridan has no right to make her do this test. Luis says Marty is his son to so he wants to do the test. Beth says no he wants to humor Sheridan instead of facing the fact that Sheridan is paranoid and hallucinating. Beth tells Sheridan that her son is dead, she needs to accept that and leave her and her son alone. Luis asks why she is so hostile towards Sheridan? Beth says she is not hostile, and she is just tired of this. Beth says she has tried to be understanding and helpful given Sheridans mental problems, but shes only becoming more unstable and now believes more than ever that Marty is hers. Beth tells Sheridan that she has to accept that Marty is not her child. Sheridan says she doesnt have to accept it. Beth says she knows the Cranes are used to getting what they want, but Marty is not something she can buy. Sheridan says Luis has rights and he can have this test done if he wants. Luis says Sheridan is right, so why doesnt Beth want this test done, what is going on here? Luis says this is the second time shes refused a DNA test on Marty, so what is going on. Luis says he would think she would want to put this issue to rest. Luis tells her that shes making it look like Sheridan is right and she is guilty. Beth says shes not, so Luis says then have the DNA test. Beth says Marty is her son and she doesnt have to prove it to some desperate woman who lost her baby. Sheridan says she shouldnt mind proving it either. Beth begins to cry about how painful it is to have someone trying to take her child all the time. Luis says the DNA test will clear this all up and Sheridan will have no choice but to accept the truth. Luis says this debate has to stop, so they need to do this DNA test now.

At the compound, Ethan ad Fox battle armed guards and overpower them, but then another guard grabs Ethan and holds a gun to his face. He tells Fox that if he moves then Ethan dies. The guard says its over, there is no escape. Fox begs the guard not to kill Ethan and he says he wins. When the guard lets his guard down, thanks to all of Foxs jabbering, Fox jumps him. They wrestle on the ground and the gun goes off as Ethan watches. It turns out the bullet hit the wall, and the guard ends up knocked out when Fox tackled him. Fox and Ethan then race off to avoid the swarm of guards that will probably be coming thanks to the gun shot. Ethan asks about Jane, and Fox says shes with Gwen and Gwen is much better. Fox says Gwen knows the baby is Theresas, but she keeps calling her Ashley. Fox says the minute they find them then Ethan will have to choose, so who will he choose? Fox thinks he brought Theresa along so they must be getting pretty close. Ethan says he didnt want to bring Theresa along, and we see flashbacks of Theresa insisting of coming along. Fox says so who will it be, Gwen or Theresa? Ethan says he doesnt know, but this is a decision he has to make on his own. Fox tells Ethan that hes in a no win situation, and Ethan says he knows.

Elsewhere, Gwen thanks Katherine for the talk, and says it is a good thing that Theresa is so far away as if she saw Theresa now then she might tear her apart. Gwen walks into the nursery and sees Theresa holding Jane. Gwen asks Theresa what in the hell she is doing here? Katherine walks in and sees Theresa is here with Jane. Gwen demands Theresa give her Ashley. Theresa says her name is Jane and she is her daughter. Gwen says that is not true, and to give her her daughter. Gwen says if Theresa doesnt hand the baby over then she wont be responsible for what happens. Theresa tells her to save the insanity defense for her trial. Gwen asks how she got here, and she says she came with Ethan. Gwen thinks Theresa is still after her husband. Gwen says Ethan came to rescue her and her daughter and he probably didnt even know she was on the plane. Theresa says Jane is her daughter with Ethan and they came to get her. Gwen tells her to stop saying that. Theresa says or what? She tells Gwen to face it, Jane is her child and Gwen stole her. Theresa says Gwen hid out with Rebeccas help and then she flew away on the Crane jet. Theresa says Ethan found them and they came to take her back. Gwen tells Theresa not to say that again. Theresa asks Gwen if shes going to stab her again, is she going to kill her? Gwen eyes a pair of scissors, and Theresa continues to goad Gwen. Gwen then asks Theresa how she is even walking? Theresa says the swelling went down, but Gwen says the paralysis was probably an act to get sympathy. Theresa says it wasnt an act. Theresa says she is taking Jane and she will find Ethan. Gwen says she is not going anywhere, this time Theresa gets what she deserves. Gwen grabs Theresa and a pair of scissors and says this time she will kill Theresa. Katherine rushes in and grabs the scissors from Gwen. Katherine suggests they talk about this rationally, but Gwen says there is nothing rational about Theresa. Theresa says she isnt the one who stabs people and kidnaps children. Theresa says how could Ethan want to choose a raving psycho like her? Gwen lists everything Theresa has done and says no one is more of a maniacal lunatic than Theresa. Katherine tells them that the baby can feel this tension, and she takes the baby out of the room. Gwen once again lunges at Theresa with the scissors, but Katherine once again returns and grabs Gwens hand. She tells Gwen to think about Ashley and do what is best for her. Gwen drops the scissors and says she cant do it. Gwen says as much as she hates Theresa, she cant do it. Katherine tells Gwen that she is so proud of her. Theresa tells Gwen that she is in so much trouble when she gets back to Harmony. Gwen says if shes already in so much trouble then it wouldnt matter if she killed her. Gwen says she may lose everything but shell be rid of her. The cat fight begins and Gwen begins chocking Theresa saying shell kill her!


April 13,  2005

Sam and Ivy share a romantic night home alone. Sam thinks Jessica is out at a movie with Kay per Ivys lie. He says he worries about Jessica, but at least she didnt sneak out like last time. Sam talks about how he has to find a way to nail Spike before other girls are violated like Jessica. Later as they make out on the couch, Deputy Johnson shows up at Sams door with a folder for Sam. It has Spikes mug shot in it, and Sam orders Spike to be watched 24 hours a day. Sam wants this garbage put away. Ivy asks Sam what is wrong? Sam shows Ivy Spikes photo and says this scum owns the club where Jessica was violated. He says he has clubs all over the northeast, he has paid and intimidated witnesses, he has always beaten the wrap. He says Spikes been accused of everything from assault to date rape. Sam says this guy is a piece of work. Ivy hasnt seen Sam this upset by a criminal before. Sam says hes just like Alistair, he has no respect for women and the law. Sam says hes going to let Spike know hes being watched, he wants Spike to feel the heat. Sam says when Spike slips up he will come down on him like a ton of bricks. Ivy says he is scaring her, he sounds like hell break the law to get this guy. Sam says this punk will get what is coming to him. Sam says no one hurts his little girl and gets away with it. 

Jessica is still at Spikes goth club and is a bit woozy from drinks and drugs. Spike watches her and says it would kill Sam to know that his little girl and him are close to hooking up. Spike asks Jessica if shes ready to get to know him better. She says she was getting ready to head home. He thought they were getting closer now that shes one of his girls. She says yeah about her tattoo . . . He says it is an honor to be on her, and hes not talking about the tattoo. Jessica says she really has to go home, so he asks for her number so they can get together. Jessica says she likes him, but shes not sure he is her type. She tells Spike that he is a little old for her and they should just be friends. Spike gives her his phone number and hopes shell call and change her mind. He says she is hot and they can make some serious sweat together. He then kisses her hard. Jessica says she really has to go now and leaves. Spike laughs and says he has plans for Sam too. 

Jessica returns home. Shes sporting a long coat to hide her slut-attire. Sam offers to make Jessica a sandwich or something, but she says no thanks. Ivy suggests to Sam that they break out the champagne, and he says that sounds nice. Later Sam gets a call from the station and gets more news about Spike. Sam tells him that hes on his way and to keep an eye on the scum. Sam says he has to leave and takes off. Sam says he will take down this scum if its the last thing he does. Ivy tells Sam to be careful, and he leaves. Ivy is upset her romantic night was ruined. She then finds Jessica pouring herself a glass of champagne. Ivy says she cant have that, she is under age. Jessica says but she has Ivy over a barrel, so yes she can have this. Ivy is not pleased with Jessica, but Jessica tells Ivy that shell be lying for her a lot unless she wants her dad to bring her mom back home. Jessica then looks through Ivys jewelry and tries on a bracelet. Ivy tells her to put that down. Jessica says they are family now so share and share alike. Ivy tells her fine but to put it back when shes done. Jessica says she will, or shell sell it like the others. Ivy says what! Jessica says she sold her pearl earrings. Ivy says those were a present from her father on her sixteenth birthday, she wore them t o her fathers inauguration. Ivy refuses to allow Jessica to sell her jewelry, so Jessica tells Ivy to tell her father shes selling her bling-bling, hell want to know why. Ivy cant believe Jessica is blackmailing her, and Ivy tells Jessica to at least make sure shes getting top dollar for it. Jessica then sees the photo and folder about Spike, and Ivy explains who he is and how he is Sams number one enemy. This makes Jessica smile.

Sam goes to Spikes new club and warns Spike that hes watching him. Sam tells Spike that hes been able to elude to law so far, but not anymore. Sam says hell shut him down the first time he slips up. Spike says nobody has ever made any charges stick and no one will. He says hes way smarter than him and knows the law, so stop wasting his time and his own time. Spike sees a photo of Sams daughter (in his wallet) and asks who that is. He says that is his daughter. Spike says shell make someone very happy some day. Sam tells him to stay the hell away from his daughter. Spike tells himself that it is way too late for that. Sam tells Spike the second he messes up then he will close him down for good. Spike then gets a phone call from Jessica, and Spike says she must be psychic as he was just thinking about her. She asks if he still wants to go out? He says now more than ever. Jessica tells Spike shes changes her mind about him and cant wait to go out with him. He says he feels the same way.

Back at the Bennett house, Jessica looks at a photo and says mom and dad hurt her so much, now it is her turn to hurt them.

At the Wallace house, Beth cries how painful it is having someone trying to take your child from you all the time. She says she cant take it any longer. Luis says he understands and this DNA test will end it all. He says theyll do the test and find out who Martys mother is once and for all. Beth finally says okay, do the test. Sheridan goes to take the DNA guy up to Martys room, and he thinks this house smells like bananas and gin. They say theyll explain on the way upstairs. Meanwhile, Edna tells Beth that she told her so. Edna talks about Beth being on death row and having to worry about what her cell mate will do to her every night. Beth tells her mother that if the truth comes out then Edna will do time for being an accessory. Edna says no because shes been working on her routine. Edna says They have a basement? Screams? She thought that was the garbage disposal. Edna says Angels be praised, the day of reckoning is here and Bethy is done for! Beth says there has to be a way out of this. Edna says one coincide and tonic coming up. Beth says she has to think, but Edna says the only thing to think about is her last meal. Edna says very soon the truth will be revealed and an unspeakable wrong will be righted. Edna says Beth will be Matt and Katies lead story on Today. Beth says there has to be a way out of this. Edna says either she kills herself or runs for the border. Beth says no because she loses Luis those ways. Edna says she never had Luis! Edna says once Luis and Sheridan realize they are Martys parents then they will figure out the rest of what she has done. Edna tells her that she will either get life in the big house or lethal injection. Beth tells her she should be ashamed of treating her daughter like this. Edna says she has no shame left after having an orangutan change her diaper. Luis, Sheridan and the technician come downstairs and says he needs a sample from Beth. Beth refuses. Luis asks why she is being difficult, and Sheridan says she can think of a reason. Beth says she has bad breath. The DNA tech says hes smelled worse. Luis tells her to just let him swab her mouth and get this over with. Beth eventually allows her mouth to be swabbed, and Sheridan says that wasnt so difficult was it. Sheridan asks how long it will be before they get the results, and he says tomorrow or the day after. Sheridan says shes waited this long, one more day wont kill her. Beth tells herself Dont count on it. Luis thanks Beth for doing this and says this is best for everyone. Luis and Sheridan leave, and Sheridan wishes Beth sweet dreams. Beth says she cant believe this is happening. Edna says oh it is happening, and once the results are in then everyone will know what Sheridan has known all along. Edna says that will be the end of Beth. Edna begins surfing the net and Beth thinks shes searching for men. Edna says shes looking for a website that sells new identities and fake passports. Beth says that is so sweet of her to help her. Edna says she is only trying to save herself. Beth tells her thanks for being so loyal. Edna says this from the wicked fruit of her loins, who has threatened her and threatened to put her in a nursing home? Edna says she told her this would happen but all Beth would say was that her plan would work. Edna tells Beth that she failed and she has to accept her doom. Beth says damn Sheridan for not letting this go. Edna says yeah, shame on Sheridan for wanting her own baby back. Edna tells Beth that her plan was stupid and crazy, and now the jig is up and she will lose Marty, Luis and then shell go to prison for kidnapping, attempted murder, medical fraud, reckless driving and elder abuse! 

At the park, Sheridan is so happy and begins planning vacations with Marty to Universal Studios. Luis says they dont know the outcome of the DNA test yet, but Sheridan knows that Marty is their son and this test will prove it.

Ethan and Fox are still sneaking around the basement of the compound, and Fox continues to tell Ethan that hes going to have to make a choice. Ethan says he knows and the more he thinks about it the harder it gets. Fox thinks he has to be leaning towards one of them. Ethan says he loves them both, which makes this decision even harder. Ethan says he loves them both in different ways, and its hard to put into words. He says loving Gwen has always been about romance, sunsets, quiet nights at home. He says all the little moments that make life beautiful and great. Fox asks what about Theresa? Ethan says with Theresa its like a roller coaster, up-and-down, twists and turns, yelling, screaming, a lot of drama, but passions. He says loving her is exhausting and exhilarating. Fox says hes been watching this mnage go on between them for awhile, so here is what he thinks. Fox says Ivy and Rebecca paired him and Gwen up since they were toddlers. Fox says Gwen was perfect for the guy who was to run Crane Industries, and she would have been the perfect woman to be by his side when he ran for the Presidency. Ethan says but that didnt happen as mothers secrets came out. Fox says that dream shattered, hell never run Crane and hell never be President. Ethan says he can still be with Gwen. Fox says that is his point, Gwen is the only part of the dream he still can have. Fox thinks Ethan is holding onto Gwen because if he lets her go then he will realized everything he was raised to be and to know doesnt exist. Ethan asks Fox if he thinks hes that shallow? Fox says no, but he thinks these things go on in his subconscious. Fox says maybe Theresa is the new dream, maybe Ethan Winthrop loves Theresa whereas Ethan Crane loved Gwen.

In the nursery, Gwen chokes Theresa as Katherine, holding the baby, begs Gwen to stop. Gwen yells that she will kill Theresa, she is so dead. Theresa pushes Gwen off of her, but Gwen throws a case and hits Theresa square in the head. Theresa staggers, and Gwen chokes Theresa again. Theresa then punches Gwen, and Gwen falls to the floor. Katherine rushes to Gwens side and says You killed her! Theresa picks up her baby (the baby was in a carrier), and Katherine asks Theresa if she knows what shes done? Theresa says she was just protecting herself and her baby. Theresa tells Jane that the crazy mean old witch is dead and they will live happily ever after with her daddy. Fox and Ethan show up, and Ethan asks what happened? Katherine says Gwen is dead! Gwen isnt dead though, she comes too. Theresa tells Ethan that he found their baby girl. Ethan finds himself torn between Ethan and Gwen, and Gwen tells Ethan to just go to her as she knows he wants to. Gwen tells Ethan that he has to make a choice right here and right now. She asks Ethan who he wants to be with, make this choice.


April 14, 2005
From the club, Sam calls home to Ivy and says hes going to shut Spikes place down before he hurts another young girl. Ivy says Spike isnt the one who raped Jessica, but Sam says it was his club and he is equally to blame for letting Jessica in without checking IDs. Sam asks how Jessica is? Ivy says shes fine, shes here talking to a friend on the phone. Sam is worried about her because shes acting like nothing happened. Ivy says they all handle trouble in their own way. Sam says thats why hes not going to stop until he shuts this guy and club down. Later, after Spike gets off the phone with Jessica, he and Sam continue to argue. Sam tells Spike that he thinks he is smart but theyll see how far it gets him. Sam says if he learns about drugs being used here or underage girls in back rooms then he will bring Spike down. Spike says is that right? Sam throws him up against the wall to make a point, and then Sam leaves. Spike says Sam doesnt like what hes up to now, well his daughter is on his way over here now so just wait.

At the Bennetts, Jessica calls up Spike and says she wants to go out with him. He asks how soon she can be here. Jessica says she can be there in a little while. Spike looks at Sam and tells her to be here soon as hes a busy guy. Jessica says shell be there as soon as she can. After Jessica hangs up, Ivy asks who that was. Jessica says she owes her no explanations, she is the one calling the shots now. Ivy says she demands to know who Jessica was flirting with. Jessica says shes not telling her anything, unless Ivy wants to tell daddy that shes out of control. Jessica says if Ivy does that then her real mom would come home. Jessica wonders how long it would be before here parents got back together. Jessica tells Ivy that she doesnt think Grace would be okay with Ivy moving back into the garage apartment. Jessica says shes going out, goodnight. 

Sam returns home and is raving over Spike. He says Spike knows how to play by the rules. He says if he had been more watchful over Jessica then shed still be the same innocent girl Ivy says there is no way he could have foreseen or prevented this. Sam says maybe not, but he can keep it from happening to someone elses little girl and to Jessica again. Sam wants to check on Jessica, but Ivy says no Sam. Ivy says she is asleep and she needs her rest. Sam says it is late so hell check on her tomorrow. He thanks Ivy for helping Jessica through this, and hes sorry he accused her of only thinking of herself. Sam says he knows its not easy being step-mother to either of his girls. Sam says he doesnt know what hed do without her. Ivy says hell never have to find out. 

Back at the club, Jessica shows up and meets up with Spike. Jessica tells him that she thought they could go out for their first date, dinner and a movie? He says that hes not thirteen and they have paradise right here. He begins kissing her, and she pulls away. She wants to know what he has in mind for them. Spike says he has a surprise and to come with him. He leads her to a back room where a bed awaits. Spike begins kissing her and closes the door to the room. Spike asks if shes shown anyone the tattoo? She says no, her father would kill her. He says it looks good on her, does she like it. She says sure, she always wondered what it was like to have one. He says stick with her and shell have all sorts of things. They kiss, and Spike senses hesitation. He says you want to be my girl dont you? Jessica says of course, so he kisses her some more.

At the park, Sheridan remains convinced the DNA results will confirm that Marty is her son. She realizes Luis doesnt believe her still. Luis says there is nothing he would like to believe more that Marty is their son, but that would mean that Beth is a monster. He says hes known Beth since high school, so how could that be. Sheridan says she knows he and Beth share a long emotional history, but all she knows is the truth that is in her heart. Luis says if Sheridan is right then Beth kidnapped her, tried to kill her and made it look like her baby died. Luis asks what about Beths pregnancy? Sheridan says maybe she faked it. Luis says Gwen was suspicious of that but found out that Beth really was pregnant. Sheridan says so why has Beth fought them on having a DNA test. Luis says once Beth explained herself it was clear that she was just being overprotective. Sheridan thinks Beth knows when they get the results then the truth will come out. Luis says Beth doesnt have a devious bone in her body, but Sheridan says desperate times bring out desperate measures in people. Sheridan says if they had only done DNA test in the first place they wouldnt be here. Luis says and you blame me for that dont you. Sheridan says she is just glad they are doing the test now. Luis says he just doesnt want to see her disappointed. Sheridan says she wont be. Sheridan says she knows in her heart that Marty is their child. She says she can feel it when she holds him, and its like Marty knows it too. Luis says Marty is a child, he just started talking. Sheridan says this is instinctual, they have a connection. Luis once again goes into the breast feeding connection. Sheridan says so why was she able to breast feed when Beth wasnt? Luis says it happens. Luis says he just doesnt want to see her hurt again, and hes afraid if the DNA results prove Marty isnt hers . . . . Sheridan says that shell end up in the looney bin? She tells him that he should worry because if the results come back and say Marty isnt her child then she doesnt know what shell do. Sheridan says every day she wonders if she has lost her mind again. Luis tells her not to say that, but she says how can she not when nobody believes her. She knows her theory is far fetched, but she also knows she is right and the DNA tests will prove it. Sheridan says when the tests are in then shell forgive him for having his doubts as they will finally have their son back. She says once she has him back, she wont let anyone take him again.

At the Wallace house, Edna tells Beth not to expect her to come visiting her in jail with tasty snacks as shes going to be long gone. Edna says she thinks shes going to visit Precious in the jungle and celebrate that justice has been served. Beth says she wont lose Marty, she loves him. Edna says that may be, but hes not her son. Edna says her goose was cooked the minute the DNA tech took those samples, the curtain is coming down on her mother of the year act. Beth says she wont let that happen. Beth says she is the only mother Marty has ever known, she is the one who stays up with him, reads to him, she is the one he calls mommy. Beth says doesnt what shes done count for something. Edna says shell have to ask the judge and jury, but she doesnt think what shes done will count for much when they learn she tried to kill Sheridan and stole Marty just to get Luis. Beth says there must be something she can do, maybe she can find some fake passports and leave town. Edna says that was her idea. Beth says by time the DNA tests come back, she and Marty have to be far far away. Edna is just glad Beth isnt planning a murder again. Beth says wrong again, Sheridan has to die and she will see her dead. Edna tells her that every time she has tried to kill Sheridan she has failed, just take Marty and run. Beth says as long as she is on the run for kidnapping Marty then she might as well get her hearts desire. Beth says if she cant have Luis then neither can Sheridan. Beth says shes actually saving Sheridan from a lifetime of pain and sorrow at losing her child, and if Luis chooses to come to his senses one day then shell forgive him. She says once Luis realizes she did what she did because she loves him, then maybe they could be together. Edna cant believe Beth actually believes Luis would forgive her. Beth says they will marry and be a family. Edna says she wont hold her breath waiting for that invitation. Edna says if Beth kills the woman Luis loves then he will spend every hour of every day tracking her down like the rabid dog she is. Luis says he wont rest until shes rotting in jail and hell never forgive her. Beth says she doesnt have a crystal ball. Edna says she doesnt need one, just take Marty and run. Beth says maybe her mom is right, she has to get those fake IDs tonight. 

At the Crane compound, Gwen tells Ethan to just say it, dont keep her hanging. Theresa asks Ethan who hes going to choose? Theresa says she is his babys mother, and Gwen says because you killed my baby! Theresa tells Ethan not to let Gwen bully him into choosing her. Gwen says how dare you call me a bully after what youve done to steal Ethan from me (she then starts listing). Fox says he knows this is important but they need to get out of here. Ethan asks Fox to make sure the plane is refueled and ready to go. Theresa and Gwen argue about Ethan, and Theresa says Ethan is only with her because hes a good man and couldnt walk away from her while she was pregnant. Theresa says even if Ethan chooses Gwen then he will always be drawn to her (Theresa). Theresa says she will always be the mother to Ethans only child, so how could he choose Gwen and turn his back on his daughter. Gwen asks Ethan if Theresa is right, is he going to leave her? Theresa tells Ethan to think about what their lives would have been like if he didnt marry Gwen. She says this is their chance to be a family, to have what they already dreamed of. Theresa says Gwen can never give him children, and Gwen says because of her! Gwen says Theresa caused her to lose Sarah and she caused her to lose her baby boy. Fox once again says they really need to go. Ethan says hes made his choice. Ethan says he cares about them both, and if he had been stronger earlier then they wouldnt be here. Ethan says he will be decisive from now on, he will mean what he says and say what he means. Ethan says he made his choice, the only choice he could make. He says he has chosen to respect his wedding vows, he has chosen Gwen. Gwen smiles, and Theresa is heartbroken. Theresa says this cant be, he cant be choosing Gwen when he loves her. As Theresa cries that he loves her, Gwen says You really mean it? He says he does. He asks Katherine to stay with Gwen while he talks with Theresa. Fox takes the baby, and Theresa and Ethan leave to talk. Ethan knows she is upset. He says she means more to him then shell ever know. Theresa says she knows he loves her, how can he stay married to Gwen when shes the mother of his child. Ethan says Gwen is his wife and he cannot leave her because life threw him some unexpected turns. Ethan says this is what marriage is about. Ethan says his mind is made up. Meanwhile, Katherine hopes Theresa will accept Ethans decision, but Fox says Theresa doesnt give up that easily. Ethan and Theresa return, and Theresa is pleading with Ethan not to do this to her. She says he is Janes father and has a responsibility towards her. Ethan says he wont ignore his responsibility towards her. Theresa says he wont be there around the clock for her, he will miss so much of her life. Theresa says hes not only turning his back on her, hes turning his back on his daughter. He says he wont do that, but she says he is if he chooses Gwen. Theresa says she is everything he said he wanted, choose her, choose his family. Ethan says he has made his choice, no more pleading and begging. Ethan says hell be the best dad he can be to Jane, but he must stay with his wife. Fox goes to Theresa and says she is strong and can take this. Theresa cries that she cant. Gwen tells Ethan that he loves him and kisses him.


April 15, 2005

At the Bennett house, Sam looks at Spikes file and talks about how Spike is just as bad or worse than the guy who violated his daughter. He says Spike is a pig, handing out drugs like candy and allowing guys to violate young girls in back rooms. Sam says he has to shut down his new club, he has to make sure no more innocent women are violated like Jessica was. Sam paces around ranting and raving about Spike and what he does. Sam decides to go check in with headquarters. He leaves, and Ivy wonders what will happen if Jessica ends up at someplace like Spikes in a backroom. Sam returns and Ivy asks if he found out anything new? Sam says not yet, and they are looking under aliases right now. Sam asks Ivy to do him a favor and go up and check on Jessica. He says knowing she is in bed safe would make him feel better. She says she will, and Sam heads off again. Ivy worries about where Jessica may be. Ivy decides to find out and she calls her cell phone. 

At the club, Spike and Jessica are in bed. He loves her tattoo, and she says she is glad to have it and that everyone will know she belongs to him. He says she is his body and soul, which means he can do whatever he wants to her. He pulls out a condom and says better safe then sorry. Jessica looks a bit disgusted. They do the deed, and she says he was the best she ever had. He says he knows. He has to get back to work and tells Jessica to take five minutes to pull herself together and then get out as he has a room full of guys who want to use this room. After Spike leaves, Jessica grabs Spikes light and begins burning herself. Ivy calls Jessica and asks if she is okay? Jessica says she is fine so leave her alone. Ivy tells Jessica to come home as her father is here and she doesnt know how long she can stall him. Jessica says shell be home when she feels like it. Jessica says she is having fun, and unless Ivy wants her mother to come home and chaperone her (Ivy) then stop trying to chaperone her (Jessica). Spike returns and says he loves it when shes spunky, and she is his favorite. He tells her to go home and rest up for tomorrow. She asks if she can stay a little while longer? He grabs her and says she has to go home. Jessica says hes hurting her, and he says sorry. He says go home and sends her on her way. Spikes next girl for the night shows up, and he tells her that she is his favorite. 

Back at the Bennett house, Jessica sneaks back in to her room, where Ivy lectures her. Ivy talks about Sam being on the warpath about Spike and his new club. She asks Jessica if she was there? Jessica tells Ivy to go to bed as her dad will want it before he goes to sleep. Ivy says she knows Jessica hates the world, she just hopes Jessica doesnt hate herself enough to go back to a club where she was used. Jessica tells Ivy to just go to bed and leave her alone. Jessica tries to throw Ivy out, and in doing so exposes her Spike tattoo. Ivy is stunned. Ivy asks Jessica to please tell her that shes not involved with that man. Jessica says Spike wants them to be a couple and the tattoo is a symbol of their relationship. Ivy says Spike is hurting her. Jessica says she knows when shes being hurt. Jessica says when mom left to be with David, that hurt. When dad forgot about her and Kay to focus all his time on her (Ivy), that hurt. Jessica says Spike wants to be with her because he loves her. Ivy says Spike is using her. Jessica slaps Ivy and tells her to mind her business. Jessica says shell do what she wants when she wants and Ivy will keep her father in the dark about it. Jessica then threatens Ivy and throws her out of her room.

Ivy goes downstairs where Sam is. Sam asks if Jessica is upstairs, and Ivy says yes. Sam says new info on Spike just came in so he has to go to the station and check it out. Sam says he just has to shut Spike down. Sam leaves, and Ivy says Spike has already corrupted Jessica. Back upstairs, Jessica watches her dad leave and takes Spikes lighter out of her purse and begins burning herself again. 

Whitney is in bed thinking about her parents fighting over her giving up her child. She says giving her parents a grandchild is supposed to be a happy day, but instead it just turned into a blame game. Whitney asks why she had to get pregnant by Chad. Simone walks in and asks Whitney why she gave her nephew up for adoption? Whitney says she has her reasons, but Simone says you mean excuses. Simone says Liz told her that line of bull she gave them about not wanting to be a single mother and Fox possibly abandoning her. Simone tells Whitney she gave her baby away like he was a bunch of old clothes. Simone says Whitney is just as bad as their mother. Whitney says she is not like mom, and Mom didnt turn her back on Chad. Simone says Whitney is right, she is worse than mom, she is turning her back on her flesh and blood. Whitney says this is what is best for her baby. Simone says it isnt, the same thing that almost happened to her and Chad could happen between that baby and the children they might have some day. Simone tells Whitney that the possibility is true and if she werent so selfish then shed admit it. Whitney tells Simone to leave her alone. Simone says she always thought Whitney would make a great mother, but she was so wrong about her. Simone tells Whitney that she is a horrible and selfish person who doesnt care about her baby. Whitney says she cares about her baby so much that she gave him up to protect him from a secret. Simone asks what secret? Whitney says she is protecting him from growing up with the shame of their family secrets. Whitney says their family is the laughing stock of harmony, she wants her son to have a fresh start. Simone says she still doesnt think thats a reason to give her son away. Simone asks Whitney if shell really be able to live wondering if every boy she passes is her son? Whitney says whats done is done. Simone tells Whitney she doesnt care about her baby at all. Simone leaves, and Whitney says she does care, thats why shes giving him up. In the hall, Simone realizes there is only one thing she can do and shes going to do it.

At the Crane mansion, Eve and Julian are filling out the adoption papers, and Eve worries that Liz and TC may have the same idea. Julian says Liz is far too selfish to be saddled with a child. Eve says that is true, and Liz is not that good of an actress to play the loving and caring mother. Julian says even if TC forced Liz to agree to adopt the baby, hell move heaven and earth to make sure they are the ones who adopt that baby. Julian has to answer the phone, and Eve worries that TC and Liz will try and stop her from getting her grandchild, and with the trial coming up the adoption agency may choose another couple. Eve worries about her trial affecting their chances, but Julian says they have the Crane money and power, and Sam may find the real murderer before they even go to trial. Eve just wishes Whitney would change her mind and not give up her baby. Eve thanks Julian for helping her do this. Julian says he wants this too, it is their second chance to raise a baby together. He says it will be like it should have been if they were married and had their own family.

TC and Liz arrive at the adoption agency looking to adopt Whitneys baby. The adoption agency confuses Liz and TC with another couple, and the woman agent says she just sent the adoption papers out to them. TC says there must be another couple interested, so who wants to adopt his grandson? The adoption agents say that information is confidential, and the woman says she misspoke and the papers she sent out were for another baby. TC and Liz decide to go home and fill the papers out. They leave, and the agents say that was close as they almost revealed the identity of the other couple. 

Later TC and Liz fill out the papers and have them taken to the adoption agency. TC is positive that they will get the baby and they will be his parents. Liz says theyll teach him faith and morals and make sure he is spared the agony of Eves lies.

Back at the adoption agency, a third mysterious application arrives for Whitneys baby. The agents says baby Russell dont know how lucky he is that so many people want him. The woman asks who the third application is from?

At the Crane compound, Theresa tells Ethan that he belongs with her and Jane. Ethan says he has made his choice. Theresa says Gwen can never give him the family that she has, but Gwen says she can. Gwen says legally Theresa was just a surrogate so she has to give the baby to them. Theresa says what? Gwen says Ethan and I will raise Ashley as our daughter. Gwen says not only has she lost Ethan, but shes going to lose her little girl to her as well. Theresa says shed die before she let Gwen take jane again. Gwen says promise? Gwen tells Theresa that they will get that baby from her, no court in the world will let her keep her baby after what she did to Ethan. Theresa says those papers only said she would give them their baby, Jane is not their baby. Theresa says Gwen is the one who forced her to have the procedure which ended the other childs life. Katherine asks them to stop fighting as it is not good for the baby, and Ethan says Katherine is right. Katherine takes Theresa aside and ask her not to use the baby to hold onto Ethan. Theresa says she wont listen to a lecture from her. Theresa says shes trying to forgive her dad, but Katherine is making things very difficult for her to do so. Fox returns, he says he was able to disarm the security system and he saw no guards. He says it could be a trap, but they stand nothing to lose running for it. Gwen tells Ethan that she knows that baby is his with Theresa, but she has broken so many laws that no court will let her keep that baby. Ethan says she is making sense but they cant do a darn thing until they get back to Harmony. Gwen says she just wants to make sure they are on the same page, they need to get their baby from Theresa and be a family. Gwen says he is the father and has as much right to her and probably more given what Theresa did to them. Gwen says she will love that baby with every fiber of her being, they can have the family they want. Ethan tells Gwen that he hears what she is saying. Fox goes to comfort Theresa. Theresa says Gwen has no legal rights to her child. Fox says Ethan is the father, so he may try and get custody to give her back to Gwen. Theresa says no, never. Theresa tells Ethan that he will never take Jane away from her. Ethan tells Theresa that they wont take Jane from her, a custody battle over Jane will only prolong the feud. He says Sam agrees, so he dropped the charges against Gwen. Theresa says he had no right to do that! Ethan says Gwen was not in her right mind when she took the baby, but Theresa did know what she was doing when she assaulted their surrogate. Ethan says they didnt push it, so dropping the charges against Gwen wipes the slate clean. Ethan says the trade off of leaving Jane with her means the fights have to stop. Theresa nods and indicates that she understands. Fox says they should get out of here. 

Ethan and Gwen boards the plane back to Harmony, and Ethan talks to Gwen about how she is upset leaving the baby with Theresa. Ethan asks Gwen if she wants to raise Theresas baby, seeing Theresa in her eyes every time she looks at her? Ethan says they will find a way to have a baby of their own, or they can adopt. Ethan says they will have a family of their own. Gwen wishes she could believe him. Gwen is worried about Theresa and she says Theresa will find a way to stop her from being happy.

Fox, Katherine and Theresa (with the baby) are still in the compound. Katherine leaves Fox to talk to Theresa. Fox says she has to move on, but then sees Theresa is scheming. Theresa says she can still live her dream, she will make Ethan hers again. Fox says Ethan just chose Gwen, but Theresa says its not the end of the story. Theresa talks about Gwen going to prison for thirty five years for trying to kill her multiple times and kidnapping her child. Theresa says Gwen is a fugitive, she will have Gwen arrested, tried and sent to prison. Theresa says then Ethan will be hers. She says Ethan will be all alone and he will turn to her. Theresa says even if he wants to stay married to Gwen, he cant have the life he wants while shes in prison. Fox reminds Theresa that the only way Ethan is letting her keep Jane is if she doesnt fight with Gwen. Theresa says Ethan can still stay married to Gwen, but shell have him with her. Theresa says she'd take thirty five years with Ethan even if she couldn't be married to him. She says she will get Ethan back, she will have everything she wants. Theresa says shell make sure Gwen never gets out on parole. Fox asks if it is cold in here or is it just her? Theresa says this is about love and family, shell get Ethan back and Gwen will go to prison.

Katherine boards the plane to say goodbye to Ethan and Gwen, she isnt going back to Harmony. Ethan says now is the time to escape, and Gwen says she doesnt have to stay in Harmony, she can go wherever she wants. Katherine talks to Gwen in private and she says she just cant risk interfering in Martin and Pilars relationship or Luis and Sheridans. Katherine tells Gwen that Ethan loves her and she is sure they will work out their problems. Gwen wishes she had her baby, but Katherine says she has Ethan and that is what is important. She says they can build a family together with Ethan at her side. Later Ethan begs Katherine to come with them, he can have the jet take her wherever she wants to go. Katherine says maybe he is right, maybe she should go with them. Katherine tells Gwen that she is so lucky to have a man who loves her so much and will look after her. Gwen says she knows.

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