April 18, 2005

On the plane, Gwen and Katherine are waiting for Fox and the others to get back on the plane. Katherine cant believe shes going back, but Gwen says she made the right decision. Katherine says she is grateful for the chance to escape. Gwen says Alistair is a horrible man who was going to force her and Ashley to stay here forever. Katherine asks Gwen how she feels about giving Ashley up to Theresa? Gwen says she loves that little girl and it killed her to have to give her back, but that was the deal Ethan chose to have the charges dropped. Katherine says he also chose her. Gwen says she knows, and she hopes Theresa will finally get the point and leave her husband alone. Gwen and Katherine wonder what is keeping the others. Gwen says she doesnt know, but she is happy she has decided to come back. Katherine says she isnt sure she is going to stay. Katherine says Martin is back with Pilar and that is what she wanted.

Theresa talks to Fox about having the charges against Gwen refilled. She says Ethan cant be with Gwen if she goes to prison. Fox tells Theresa that she just got her baby back, let that be enough. Theresa says no. She says Gwen tried to kill her, she adopted her first born son and stole her second child. Theresa says Gwen needs to be in prison. Ethan returns and says they need to get going. Fox offers to take Jane, he says it will be practice for when he meets his son. Ethan says they need to go. Fox asks Theresa about his boy. Theresa says hes a beautiful baby. Ethan says all his questions will be answered once they get on the plane. Fox says he just cant wait to get back to Whitney and his son. Fox leaves with Jane, and Ethan wonders how they will tell Fox that Whitney gave his son up. Theresa tells herself that Fox doesnt ever know hes not the father.

Back on the plane, the others finally board. Ethan tells the captain to take off as soon as possible. Fox says Jane needs to be changed, but he wants to do it as more practice for being a dad. Theresa and Ethan discuss Fox and how hell be destroyed by what Whitneys done. Theresa asks how they tell him? Ethan says they have to tell him. Gwen and Katherine show up and Gwen asks Theresa if shes trying to get her hooks into her husband again? Ethan says it isnt what shes thinking .Theresa asks Katherine why she is here, is she going to go steal her father away from her mother again? The plane takes off, and Gwen asks to talk to Ethan in private. Ethan asks Gwen what is going on, what were he and Theresa whispering about. Ethan says it was nothing, they have a child together. Ethan says there will be times that they have to have conversations. Gwen says she just hates it when Theresa is around him. Ethan says shell have to try and trust him, and he loves her. 

Theresa is left alone with Katherine, and she asks if she is going to break her mothers heart again? Katherine says no. She says shes not going to stay in Harmony and she wont see Martin. Theresa asks how she can believe her? Katherine says she left Harmony so that Sheridan and Luis as well as Martin and Pilar could find peace. Katherine says the only reason she is on this plane is to escape Alistair Crane. Theresa says Sheridan is really happy with Luis now. Katherine says the last thing she wants is to disturb her daughters happiness. Theresa informs Katherine about the pain she has caused her mother and her brothers all these years. Theresa asks Katherine how she sleeps at night. Katherine says she doesnt sleep well, she has nightmares, she knows the pain she has caused. Katherine says she has prayed for death, and it would have been better if Alistair had killed her. Katherine says she was happy with Martin, but the price was too high. Theresa says she has done some things she is not proud of, she has hurt people and she never meant to. Katherine says she never meant to hurt anyone either. Theresa says she just doesnt want her mother hurt again. Katherine knows if she stays then she will hurt others, and she cant allow that. Ethan returns as says Gwen is sleeping. Theresa tells Ethan that they really need to tell Fox. Katherine asks if there is a problem? Ethan says there will be, Whitney is giving the baby up for adoption. Katherine asks why? Ethan says he doesnt know for sure. Ethan discuses Whitneys so called reasons. Katherine says Fox will be heartbroken, and how can Whitney do this without his permission. Ethan says Fox gave her his power of attorney before he left. Katherine says this is terrible. Theresa says they cant let him go back to Harmony without knowing. Fox returns with Jane, and he says he is ready for fatherhood. Fox talks about how excited he is to meet his son. The captain announces that they are in US airspace. Theresa says they dont have a lot of time, and Ethan says there is something they need to tell Fox about his baby.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin shows Pilar some photos of Paloma growing up in Mexico. She looks through a box of photos and comes upon one of Katherine. She wonders how long this horrible woman will haunt her. Martin says hes sorry and he thought he took all the photos of Katherine out. She says she over reacted, and hell have his memories with or without pictures. Martin says he was hoping tonight would be the beginning of healing the wounds. He says he wants to put the past behind them, to be a father to his children and to build a life with her. He tells Pilar to put on something pretty, they are going out to make their own new memories. 

Martin and Pilar go to the Seascape for dinner, and a photographer takes a photo of them. He says tonight theyll make their own new photo album. Later they share a dance together. Pilar says she always dreamed about this. Martin says it isnt a dream, he is here. Pilar thinks to herself that with Katherine gone they can start a new life, and she prays that Katherine never comes back.

At the hospital, Eve and Julian visit the baby in the nursery. He is out of the NICU. Eve doesnt understand how Whitney can give her baby away. She says they cant let strangers adopt the baby, and she hopes TC doesnt have the same idea they had to adopt the baby. They turn around and find TC and Liz standing there. Eve asks when they got here, and TC says just now. TC says he came to see his grandson. Liz says yes, before it was too late and Whitney gave him away. Liz once again starts in on Eve being to blame, and TC agrees with her. Julian defends Eve, and a nurse finally tells them that they are upsetting the babies and Dr. Russell should know better. The nurse says keep it down or theyll all be thrown out. TC and Liz go to see the baby, and they talk about how beautiful he is. They hope that Eve and Julian dont get the same idea to adopt the boy. Meanwhile Eve wonders if TC would be so happy if he knew the truth about the babys father. Julian thinks he would. He says TC has bad judgment on occasion, he was a fool to let her go. Eve says she is just glad he was there to catch her. Eve says TC is right though, she is the most responsible for Whitneys decision to give up the baby. Eve says Whitney blames her for this predicament. Julian says it isnt her fault and she tried to convince her to change her mind. Eve comes up with an idea that might convince Whitney to keep her child. They head off, and TC and Liz remain behind and visit the baby. Liz thinks Eve is probably feeling too guilty to stay here any longer and cant live with herself. TC remembers when Whitney and Simone were born and how he thought they were perfect. He says this baby is perfect too, he is the son hes always wanted. They decide to go home and check to see if the agency has called. TC says he just wishes Whitney hadnt given him up, what he needs most is his mother.

Whitney talks to herself about how if Simone knew the truth about the baby then shed understand. Whitney says she is doing the right thing, shes doing what is best for the baby. Whitney opens the mail and comes across a letter from the hospital and a photo of the baby. Whitney looks at the photo of her baby and cries. She says she didnt want to see him. Whitney turns the photo over and says shes trying to help him, she doesnt want everyone in the world to know about his father. She also says Alistair would ruin his life if he knew the truth. Whitney says she is doing this for him. She then tears the picture up. She says she wants him to have a normal life, and that cant happen if he is with her. Later she wonders what if Simone is right, will she be able to live with herself knowing her son is out there somewhere. Eve and Julian show up to see Whitney. Whitney asks what they want, and dont try and talk her out of giving her baby up. Eve says she just wanted to make peace and she brought her something. Eve says she came across this (a scarf of some sorts) and thought Whitney might like it as shes always wanting to find the right perfume. Whitney cant believe this. Eve asks Whitney to humor her. Eve says it has a wonderful scent. Whitney takes the cloth from her mother and smells it. Whitney says it is an amazing scent, its like love, what is it? Eve reveals that it is her babys blanket disguised; it is the scent of her baby. Whitney asks her mother what shes trying to do to her. Eve says she wants to show her how much she loves her baby and how she cant give him up. Whitney tells her mom that she tricked her, and she has done what is best for her baby. Whitney says it is over.

Sheridan and Luis talk about the test results, and Sheridan knows the results will prove that Marty is her son. They end up at the Book Caf. Luis just wants to go home and sleep, but Sheridan cant sleep. Luis still has a hard time believing Beth could have kidnapped her and their son. Sheridan says if she gets her son back then she can forgive anyone. Luis says its not that simple, Beth will have to be arrested. Sheridan talks about how she has slowly remembered things over the past few months. Luis says hes sorry for what shes been through. Sheridan says all that matters is that they will get the truth tomorrow. Sheridan says once she gets her child back then no one will take him from her again. Luis says he wants her to be prepared for bad news, but Sheridan says it wont be. Sheridan wishes there was a way to speed things up, and then she remembers her old friend Dottie who is a DNA specialist in Boston. Sheridan calls Dottie up to have her do the test tonight. 

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace is packing and Beth has made arrangements for new passports. Beth says they have to get out of here before Sheridan finds out the truth. Beth thinks by the time Sheridan figures it out that they will be long gone. Mrs. Wallace thinks they should leave Marty here, but Beth says no way. Beth insists on taking Marty, and she says the plan is to head to Canada. She says once they are across the border then theyll charter a plane to Russia. Edna says Live with Ruskies, no way, its too cold. Beth says there is lots of vodka there, but Edna says she likes gin. A man shows up with a package for Kelly Anderson, and Beth says that is her. The passports arrive, and Beth says this is it. As they are prepared to leave, Luis and Sheridan show up. Luis asks Beth where she is going? Sheridan says it looks like they were on their way out. Luis asks what Marty is doing up at this hour. Beth says he had a nightmare and wanted his mommy. Sheridan says well she is here now. Beth says she and her mom are in the middle of some spring cleaning. Sheridan says at this hour? Beth says she works, this is the only time she has to do it. Sheridan tells Beth that she is having an old friend come in from Boston to do the DNA tests tonight. Luis tells Beth to come with them to the hospital with them. Beth says let her just check with her mom to see if that is okay. Edna asks what they will do, if they are still here when the results come in then they are dead meat! Beth tells Luis and Sheridan to head on to the hospital and they will meet them there. Luis says no, he thinks they should come with them. Beth says okay, but they have to do one thing out back first. Beth tells Edna if they can get to the car they can get out of here. Luis thinks it can wait. Sheridan gets a call from someone, answers the phone and says Oh my God!


April 19, 2005

At the Seascape, Pilar becomes upset when one of the songs she and Martin are dancing too reminds Martin of Katherine. He says they danced to it at the Founders Day Dance. Pilar says she doesnt want to hear this. Martin says he knows she doesnt want to hear this, but she was a big part of his life. Pilar says she knows, they were together longer than the two of them were married. Pilar wonders if he can put his relationship with Katherine behind him and concentrate on a life with her. The photographer comes back and presents Pilar with a bunch of photos. He said Martin asked for their entire evening to be photographed. Pilar says they are beautiful. Martin tells her to think of tonight as the start of their new life together. Pilar says the past is the past, and she is speaking about herself as well. She says shell try and put her resentments aside and she hopes he will be able to forget about Katherine forever. 

On the plane, Gwen asks Katherine if she is going to be able to forget about doing the right thing and go back to Martin? Katherine doesnt know what shes going to do. Gwen tells Katherine not to torture herself. Gwen says theyll be on the ground soon and shes going to have to make a decision. Katherine says she cant cause anymore pain, she refuses to do that. Katherine says she has nightmares about the pain shes brought to so many people already. The pilot then announces that there is a call for Gwen on the in-flight phone. Gwen answers and it is Rebecca. Gwen asks her mom how she knew to find her here? Rebecca says Ethan emailed her. Rebecca asks if she is still coco-loco? Gwen says no, she has come to her senses. Rebecca asks if she still has Ashley and where Tartita is? Rebecca asks if she threw her out of the plane? Gwen says Ethan chose her, he is staying with her.

Ethan and Theresa try to tell Fox about Whitney and the baby. Fox says they look like someone died, is it Whitney and the baby? They say no. Ethan is about to tell him when the pilot calls Ethan to the cockpit to sign some homeland security documents. Ethan leaves, and Theresa wont tell Fox without Ethan. Fox thinks it is another grow up and be responsible speech of Ethans. Fox tells Theresa to just tell Ethan to save his breath. Later the plane lands and Fox takes off before Theresa and Ethan can tell him what has happened. As they prepare to head off, Gwen shows up and looks at the baby. Theresa tells Gwen to take her hands away from her child. Gwen asks Theresa to take good care of her. Theresa says she doesnt need mothering lessons from a kidnapper. Gwen walks off, and Ethan goes after her. He says they will have a family of their own. Gwen prays that he is right. Gwen returns to tell Theresa that she loves to play horsy, to bounce on the knee. Gwen says Goodbye sweetheart! Ethan tells Theresa that hell come by tomorrow to see her. Ethan and Gwen leave, and Theresa says Ethan will have plenty of time to spend with them when Gwen goes back to jail.

Eve and Julian continue to try and convince Whitney to not give her child up. Whitney tells them that they are only thinking about themselves, she is the only one thinking about her baby here. She says to leave it alone, and she tells them to leave. Eve refuses to leave until she has gotten through to her. Eve just hopes Fox gets home in time. Later Whitney finds Eve and Julian havent left, and she lashes out at them. Julian tells her to stop acting like a child and start acting like an adult. Eve says these lies have to stop, and if she hadnt lied to Fox about her true intentions towards the baby . . . .Fox then walks in and Eve and Julian are glad to see him. He gives Whitney a hug, congratulates the grandparents, and then asks what about these true intentions for the baby? Fox then says oh he forgot, he did it, Little Jane is back with Theresa. Fox says he kept his word, hed do anything for her. Fox says enough about him, he wants to meet his son. Whitney says hes not here. Fox asks if his mom gave her a room for a spare nursery? He then asks where all the baby stuff is, is it in the nursery? Fox says he is sorry that he wasnt here for the birth. Fox says he couldnt tell her how he felt when he found out the news, he cant believe he is a father. He talks about how they are a family now, and their son deserves a house and parents who are married. Whitney turns away, and Fox asks what is wrong? Eve tells Whitney to tell him. Julian says it is time to come clean. Whitney says she cant. Fox asks what in the hell is going on here. Eve tells Whitney to tell him the truth. Julian says if she doesnt then they will. Fox says he wants to see his son. Eve says he wont be able to ever see him, and for Whitney to tell him the truth. Whitney tells Fox that she gave the baby up for adoption. Fox asks if this is some kind of joke? Whitney says its not a joke. Fox asks Eve and Julian what shes talking about. Julian says Whitney will have to tell him. Fox asks why shed do something like that? He says he left town for two minutes and she has lost her marbles. Whitney once again uses the excuse that he might run off at any moment. Fox asks why she would think hed abandon his son? Whitney says he is a Crane, hell get bored and gallivant off like Alistair and his father. Fox says Julian doesnt gallivant off anymore, he is with the woman he loves. Fox says he loves her, he would never get sick of being her husband and a father. Whitney says she wants their son to have a normal life and not be stuck with their families. Fox asks how she did this, she needs his permission. Fox then realizes that is what the power of attorney was for. He realizes that is why she sent him away. Fox tells Whitney that she is a manipulative bitch. He says he never knew she was so two faced. Eve and Julian tell Fox that its not too late, there is a grace period to contest the adoption. Fox decides to call the adoption agency, but Whitney says no. He says hes not going to stand here while she throws away his baby. She blurts out that it isnt his baby.

Gwen and Ethan return to the mansion, and Rebecca tells Gwen that she looks different somehow. Rebecca says its because she isnt carrying around that child. Gwen says she is back with Theresa, and she misses her. Rebecca says of course she does, but she has Ethan. Rebecca says Theresa will pay for this, they cant let her get away with this. Ethan soon shows up, and Rebecca tells him that he made the right choice choosing Gwen, but he also should have made Theresa give up the baby. Rebecca tells Ethan that Theresa will pay, and she has the perfect plan. Ethan says no way, this little war between them has to end. Ethan says no more schemes, no more plots.

Theresa and Jane return home and are welcomed by Pilar. Theresa asks where papa is. Pilar says he went out for coffee. Pilar tells Theresa about their evening and she shows her the photos. Theresa tells her mother that Katherine was on the plane, she is back in Harmony. Pilar says she has been such a fool to think she could get him away from that witch. Theresa says she doesnt think she wants to get back with papa, but Pilar doesnt trust her. Pilar says Martin has been gone too long, she is going to find him and bring him home. Pilar stops and says she has been so consumed with her own problems she forgot to ask about Theresa. Pilar asks what happened with Ethan? Theresa says he chose Gwen. Pilar says she is so sorry. Pilar says Gwen and Ethan are married, and that is a bond that shouldnt be broken by anyone. Pilar then heads off, and Theresa refuses to live her life without Ethan. Theresa says by tomorrow Gwen will be back in jail, hopefully until shes old and grey. Theresa makes a call to the police department and asks to speak to Sam. She talks to Sam and tells him that Gwen tried to kill her and kidnapped Jane. She says she doesnt care what Ethan wants, she wants Gwen arrested and prosecuted. 

Martin is walking home through the park when he happens to come across Katherine. Martin says he thought he had lost her forever, and he hugs her.

At the Wallace house, Sheridan is on the phone with someone and asks what the police said? After she gets off the phone everyone asks what is going on? It turns out her friend Dottie had a car accident and almost rolled her SUV on the highway. Edna says she hates SUVs, they are such gas guzzlers. Beth says so they cant do the test tonight, what a pity. Sheridan says actually no, Dottie is late but is almost at the lab. Sheridan says theyll get the results tonight. Sheridan tells them that they should go.

The gang arrives at the hospital. Luis feels guilty for forcing Beth to come here against her will, but Sheridan is positive Beth will soon be exposed for who she really is. Luis leaves to find Dottie, and Beth and Edna try to sneak off. Sheridan asks what is wrong, why is she leaving, is she afraid of getting the test results? Beth says she and her mom were just talking about going home after the results come in. Beth says she is just tired. Sheridan and Beth end up arguing over whose son Marty is. Sheridan is paged and she says that is Dottie and she has the results. Beth says she has to go, she has to go check on Marty. Luis says they just dropped him off? Beth insists on checking on him, and Edna says an he loves his Granny too. Sheridan asks if they cant wait for Dottie. Beth and Edna are about to run off when Dottie shows up. 


April 20,  2005

Shorter than normal.
At the B&B, Fox decides to go to the adoption agency to get his son back. Whitney says he can't do that, it's not his son. He asks what she means? She fumbles, and he demands to know what is going on here, what in the hell is she talking about. Whitney eventually saves it and claims she meant that he's not Fox's son anymore, they gave him away. Fox says no she gave him away. He asks what kind of monster is she to just give away his child. Fox talks about how he's always been so cynical when it comes to love and trust, but she changed that. He says he loves her and he loves their son, so how could she do this to him. She continues with the excuse that she doesn't want to be a single mother and he'll get bored and leave her. He says he bought her all these things for the baby, but she says those are just things. He says the one good thing about being a Crane is that money is no object. Fox goes on to talk about how he just risked his life to save Jane to prove how much he loves her, so he's not going anywhere. He also talks about how he knows how hard single mothers have it, there are plenty of them working at Crane Industries. He says Whitney is not in their position, she has help from her parents and his parents. He demands to know the real reason. She cries that she just had to do it and he doesn't understand. Fox thinks he does, and he should have seen it before. He thinks Whitney is depressed. He says the signs have been there for months and he never saw it. He says her appetite issues, the way she talked about the baby, and then he went and left when she gave birth. She says he doesn't get it, and Julian tells Fox he's jumping to the wrong conclusion. Fox tells Whitney everything will be okay, he will get their baby back and they will be a family. She says he can't, but he says he can. Fox then takes off to go to the adoption agency.

In the park, Martin runs into Katherine. He hugs her and says it is so good to see her, and that God has answered his prayers. Pilar shows up and yells what does God have to do with any of this. She tells Katherine to get away from Martin. She calls KAtherine a bitch and slaps her. Martin is stunned and asks Katherine if she is okay. Pilar tells him how dare he! She tells Katherine that she supposedly left so that Luis and sheridan could be happy, and so she and Martin would have a chance. Katherine says that is true, and she never meant to come back. Katherine says Ethan, Theresa and Fox showed up and rescued her, Gwen and Jane. She says they risked their lives for them, and she realized she couldn't stay there. Pilar says she should have gotten on a bus and gone to Boston, or to hell. Pilar shows Katherine the photos of her and MArtin tonight and how Martin is back with her. She wants Martin to tell this to Katherine, but Martin says now is not the time. Pilar is furious, and she can see in Martin's eyes who he wants. She tells Martin that she's leaving. He tells her not to go, but she says she has some pride. Pilar tells Martin to stay here with the great love of his life, but don't expect her to stick around and watch. Pilar leaves, and Martin talks to Katherine. Katherine says Pilar is right, she shouldn't be here. Katherine tries to leave, but Martin grabs her by the arm. She cries out in pain, and Martin sees the bruises on her arm. He asks if Alistair did this, but she says nothing. He damns Alistair and says he'll . . . Alistair shows up and says what will he do? KAtherine gets between them before a fight can erupt, and she wants Alistair to promise not to hurt Martin. Alistair says he doesn't owe her anything, she is nothing but a lying tramp as far as he is concerned. He says she was supposed to be waiting for him back at the compound, yet here she is. He asks why she is here. She says she couldn't stay there. Alistair knows she is here because Theresa organized a rescue party for her daughter. Martin says Theresa did what any mother would. Alistair says yes, present company excluded though. He tells them both that they abandoned their children. He wonders how Pilar felt to learn Katherine was back in town, and whether Martin will go back to her and take care of her. He tells MArtin to leave his wife alone and worry about Pilar. Alistair walks off, and Katherine thinks she needs to go now more than ever as she has angered AListair. Martin, however, won't let her leave again. Katherine says Alistair is angry, so angry he may kill.

At the church, Pilar prays for God to help Martin find his way back to them, and she lights some candles. Father Lonigan hears her and comes out to talk to her. They talk about Katherine Crane being back. Father Lonigan believes Katherine won't come between them as she is a good soul. Pilar says she used to believe that, but now she sees Katherine for who she really is, a Crane. Father Lonigan prays with Pilar for MArtin to find his way back to her and their family. She thanks him and says she feels better. After Pilar leaves, the candles she lit mysteriously go out.

On the pier, Pilar is walking home when she hears footsteps. She asks who is there, but nobody answers. She keeps on walking when Alistair grabs her from behind.

At the hospital, Sheridan asks Dottie to tell them the results. Dottie has an envelope and says she has interpreted results like these for the courts many times, and she wants them to know one of them will find out that this boy is not their son, and that will hurt. Sheridan says well Beth already knows that he's not her son, and if she's hurting tonight then it is what she deserves. Beth cries to Luis about how horrible Sheridan is being. Luis takes Sheridan aside to talk to her and tell her that she should prepare herself. As they talk, Mrs. Wallace tries to back away and run. They ask where she's going, and she says to the bathroom. Beth insists on going to help her mother. Sheridan says it can wait, but Edna says it can't. Beth says she is going to help her elderly mother and these results can wait. In the bathroom Beth and her mother fight. Edna says this was her escape idea and for Beth to get her own. Beth asks how her mother can leave her here. Edna says she asks that after all the times she's threatened to send her to Shady Pines? Edna opens up the window and prepares to climb out. Back out in the hall an alarm goes off and two security officers run towards the bathroom saying something is up. Sheridan thinks it is Edna and Beth, so they follow. They all find Edna hanging out the window and Beth telling her mother that she's not leaving her. Everyone asks what is going on here, and Edna begins pretending like she's in London and there is a bomb raid going on. Luis tells the guards to get her back in here, and they go to grab her. Beth says just pull hard, and if they need to break a hip then don't worry. One guard gets right up to her behind and BEth tells him that he's in the danger zone! Edna lets loose, a fog horn sounds, and Beth says "They're being gassed!" They get Edna out of the window and she begins to hit on Luis claiming he is a sailor. When they all return to the hallway, Edna pretends like Dottie is FDR's wife. Sheridan says FDR is dead and the war is over! Sheridan wants to get on with it, so Dottie begins reading the results.



April 21, 2005
At the B&B, Fox has taken off to get the baby he thinks is his back. Whitney says she cant let this happen. Eve tells Whitney not to go after him, let things happen as they will. She says she cant, she has to stop Fox. Whitney races off after him.

Fox arrives at the adoption agency and is told by the secretary that they are closed and to come back tomorrow. He says he cant wait till tomorrow. The secretary asks what he wants. He starts saying he is here to get his baby back, the babys mother gave it up without telling him. He says the mother isnt well and he needs to get his son back. Mrs. Wesley, the head of the agency, comes out to meet Fox, and he explains what happened and why he is here. She says she is familiar with the case, and she says the mother had his power of attorney. He says that was for an emergency, not to give his son away. Whitney shows up, Julian and Eve following her. Whitney tells Fox not to do this. He says she should be on tranqs or something. He tells Whitney that this is their son and he wants him back. Mrs. Wesley says the grace period . . . Fox says he doesnt care about that, he wants his son back. Mrs. Wesley and the secretary go into the back to check on things. Fox argues with Whitney and says one day Whitney will regret this. Whitney says she wont, she knows what she is doing and Fox cant have her child. Fox says this child is his too, and he has rights. He then lashes out at Julian and Eve for not stopping this adoption. He tells Whitney that hell see she gets the help she needs, but until then hell take their son and raise him. Liz and TC show up, and TC says there is no way in hell that he will raise his grandson. TC says his grandson will not be raised by Cranes. Fox says his son is a Crane and TC has nothing to say about that. TC says Fox only wants the baby to get closer to Whitney, and he wont let the Cranes hurt his family anymore then they already have. TC and Liz say they will raise him, but Whitney says no. Eve and Julian say they will adopt this child. Fox cant believe this, they have all already worked out a way to take his son from him. A huge fight erupts between them as Whitney stands and watches. Fox tells them all to be quiet as none of them have a say in how his son is raised. TC and Liz, as well as Eve and Julian keep arguing amongst themselves. Fox tells them all to go home and take their plots and plans with them. He says no one will adopt this baby, this is his son and he wants him back. Whitney tells Fox not to do this. TC says even Whitney doesnt want him to have the child. Whitney says she doesnt want any of them to have her child. Mrs. Welsey returns and Fox asks her to tell them that they cant adopt his son. Mrs. Wesley says unfortunately she cant tell them that. She tells Fox that got here too late.

At the Crane mansion, Ethan and Gwen are kissing on the couch and saying how much they love each other and missed each other. Gwen apologizes for what she did, she says there are no excuses for what she did. She asks Ethan to forgive her. Ethan says Theresa was no saint either, and Gwen snapped under the stress of what Theresa did to her. He says Sam understand this and that is why he dropped the charges. Ethan says they will be happy and have a family of their own. Rebecca walks in and says dont bet on that just yet. She says if Theresa isnt punished then shell be up to her old tricks in no time. Ethan says no way, this battle is over, no more revenge and no more plots. He tells Rebecca that hes serious, he wont let Rebecca start up this cycle of hatred again. He tells Rebecca are they clear on this, and Rebecca says MmmmHmmm. Rebecca says but what about the baby Theresa stole from Gwen? Ethan says that was Theresas baby! Rebecca says but Theresa took two from Gwen, so she owes her one. Ethan says will you listen to this? Ethan tells Rebecca no more attacks on Tacocita He says they will have their own children and they will have peace. Rebecca says peace with Theresa is like having peace in the Middle East. Ethan says even Theresa agreed to this. Rebecca says he is so naive, and she is willing to bet her next cabaa boy that Theresa is hatching her next plan against Gwen as they speak. Rebecca insists Theresa is plotting, so if they dont strike first then they will lose their advantage. Ethan says this war is over, but Rebecca says tell it to Theresa. Ethan says he has, but he will go over and see Theresa to make sure this war officially stops. He tells Gwen hell be right back and that he loves her. Ethan leaves, and Rebecca says so theyve been back barely an hour and her husband is on his way to Theresas. Rebecca worries about what Theresa is up to, and says shell probably strip that stud muffin and get him into bed. Gwen asks what is wrong with her? Rebecca says it what she would do. Rebecca says they are at war and sex is a powerful weapon. Gwen tells her mother to get it through her head that Ethan chose her. She says if the price she has to pay to keep Ethan is dropping this war then so be it. Rebecca tells Gwen to forget about what Ethan thinks, she is at war and there can only be one survivor. She says that survivor will be Gwen.

Sam comes over to Theresas place after her call. Sam is glad she and the baby are back and fine. Theresa says things arent fine with Gwen out free. Theresa says Gwen attacked her again on that island. Sam says she is fine though and Jane is here. He says she has a chance to stop this insane hatred between them if she just drops it. Theresa says she is pressing charges and wants Gwen punished to the max. Theresa wants Gwen arrested tonight, booked, fingerprinted and thrown in solitary if they have it. Sam says he has known her for a long time, he knows the values her mother taught her, and he knows she has a big heart. He asks her to think about what she is doing. He says she has her baby back and she is walking again. Theresa says Gwen is a criminal and needs to be punished. She says even if they get the stolen goods back then he still goes after the robber. Sam says yes, but think about Gwen and how much she has lost. He says she has lost two children, so Gwen rightly snapped after she learned Jane was Theresas child and Theresa tricked Ethan into sleeping with her. Theresa says life is tough, but it doesnt make crime right. Sam says Gwen could say the same thing about her. Sam says Gwen never pressed charges against her when she stabbed Gwen. Theresa says she wasnt in her right mind. Sam says neither was Gwen. He says if she starts this up then Rebecca will retaliate, and this game will go round and round until it destroys them all. Sam begs Theresa to stop this and not press charges. Theresa says it is her right and her decision, so she wants Gwen arrested. Sam says she is not the same girl he knew growing up, that girl was filled with love not bent on revenge. Theresa says life changed her the same way it changed him. She says when she was little she wanted to grow up and get married just like him and Grace. She says they seemed so happy and perfect, but look at them now. She says they all have silly ideas about how their futures should be. Theresa says they are just dreams, and the real world changes you. Theresa says your heart gets harder and more cynical, and you realize fairytales dont come true. He says she is right, and the real world is not a fairytale. However, he tells her not to give up on love. Theresa says she hasnt and love is the reason that Gwen has to go to prison. Later Sam leaves, and Theresa tells Jane that she has just made sure that her daddy will be back with them very soon. Ethan then shows up to speak to Theresa. Theresa is glad to see him and thinks to herself this is where Ethan belongs and very soon he will be here with her. Ethan tells Theresa that hes here to make sure this war between her and Gwen is over. He says he chose Gwen and he didnt mean to hurt her. He says they have to stop this relation and act like adults. He begs her to just let it go.

Back at the mansion, Gwen tells her mother shes not going to listen to this anymore. She says she is tired, and she agrees with Ethan about wanting peace. Rebecca says Theresa will not sit back and let her be happy with Ethan. Gwen tells her mother that sometimes she just needs to trust people. She says she is convinced Theresa will do the right thing. Sam and the cops show up, and Rebecca and Gwen say Ethan isnt here. Sam says he is here for Gwen, he has no choice but to arrest her for the attempted murder of Theresa and kidnapping of her baby. Rebecca says Theresa has fired the first shot.

At the hospital, Sheridan asks Dottie to tell them what she already knows, that she is Martys mother. Dottie tells them that they all better sit down. Dottie begins giving a DNA lesson to everyone, and how she knows conclusively who the mother is. A nurse brings Marty out and says Marty is cranky and wants to see his mommy. She puts him down and tells him to go to mommy. He goes to Beth. Sheridan thinks she should be holding Marty. Beth thinks Marty needs her right now so she excuses herself for a few minutes to be with him. Sheridan refuses to let this go on one more moment. She says she is Martys mother and Beth is a fraud! Luis takes Sheridan aside and begs her not to pin her hopes on this as she might get hurt. Sheridan says she wont get hurt, and she tells Luis she is neither fragile nor crazy. She says this nightmare is going to be over and they will be a family. Luis says if she is right then what. Sheridan says then Beth goes to jail and they get their son back. She says fortunately Marty wont remember this and she never wants him to know what Beth did to them. Meanwhile, Edna tells Beth that shell fake a heart attack and Beth should take Marty and run for it. Beth cant believe now her mom is willing to help her. Edna says she can do it, she can make them think she is having a heart attack. Before their plan can be put into play, a nurse comes back to take Marty back to the nursery. Beth kisses him and says she loves him very much, never forget that. The nurse says Beth acts like shes going away forever. Edna cant believe Beth didnt take the chance to run when she had it. Beth says it doesnt matter, it is over. Edna is touched by Beths tears. She says she thought Beth didnt have a heart, but she was wrong as she just heard it break. Dottie continues with the results, and Sheridan tells her to skip the technical stuff and tell them. Dottie says fine, shell skip the science and get to the results. Dottie says the biological mother is . . . she says wait a minutes. She says the DNA tests prove that the biological mother is Beth Wallace. Sheridan says this cant be. Beth says Just take me Luis! and puts her hands out to be cuffed. Then she realizes what was said, and Beth and Edna are stunned. Dottie tells Sheridan that she is sorry, but Martys DNA is a match to Beths. Dottie says there is no doubt. Luis tells Sheridan that he is sorry and told her that she was setting herself up for heartache. Sheridan breaks down in tears. She cries that she has to be his mother. Luis tells her that she has to accept the truth. Edna asks Beth how this happened if she didnt fix it. Beth doesnt know. She says it doesnt make sense. Edna thinks that poor girl should be with her baby now, how did this happen. Beth doesnt know, but she says she has Marty and soon shell have Luis.


April 22, 2005
At the mansion, Gwen says she is tired and is going to bed. Rebecca says Theresa will not sit back and let her be happy, they have to strike before Theresa strikes first. Gwen says no more, she cannot do this anymore. She says this feud has wrecked her life for years and she is convinced that Theresa will do the right thing. Suddenly Sam shows up to arrest Gwen! He says he has no choice but to arrest her for the attempted murder of Theresa and kidnapping of her child. Sam says Theresa insisted he do this. Rebecca tells Gwen that she told her this would happen. Gwen says this isnt about her mother being right, shes being arrested here. Rebecca says she forbid this, but Sam says he has to do this. He then arrests Gwen. Rebecca insists Theresa be arrested for murdering Sarah, stealing embryos, stalking surrogates and breathing the same air she does. Gwen tells her mother that she is not helping and to call Ethan. Rebecca refuses to allow Gwen to leave the house, but Sam says there is nothing she can do about it. Rebecca says there is. Rebecca jumps on Sam and tells Gwen to run! Gwen says she wont go anywhere, and Sam yells Get your tongue out of my ear! Rebecca finally lets go, and Sam says Rebecca is lucky that he doesnt arrest her too. He tells Rebecca to call Ethan and tell him to meet them at the station. Sam and Gwen leave, and Rebecca says now she knows why Ivy wanted Sam, Hunka Hunka!

At Theresas place, Ethan thanks Theresa for not filing charges against Gwen. Theresa says Gwens not going to send her a thank you card. Ethan says they have both done awful things to one another, and he thought she agreed to this truce. He asks Theresa to tell him that she agrees that this feud between them is over. He wants Theresa to tell him that they are still on the same page, that she wants the feud to be over. Theresa wont respond, and she says what about Rebecca? Theresa says Rebecca wont forgive and forget. Theresa says Rebecca will retaliate. Ethan says that wont happen, and Rebeccas only concern is Theresa's actions. Ethan says Rebecca wont come after her as long as Theresa doesnt incite her and press charges against Gwen. Ethan asks her once again to tell him that they are on the same page. Theresa says she didnt agree to a truce, he assumed she did. She says even if they agreed to peace, Rebecca wont honor it. Ethan says Rebecca will if she doesnt press charges against Gwen. Theresa says about Gwen . . . Ethan says what? Theresa says she needs to tell him something. Before she can tell him anything, Rebecca calls to inform Ethan what Theresa has done. Ethan says what? Rebecca asks if she has to speak Spanish for him to understand her? She says Theresa had the charges reinstated and Sam came and arrested Gwen. Rebecca says that little Evita never had any plan to forgive or forget. Ethan asks Theresa what in the hell she has done. Ethan tells Rebecca that hell meet her at the station. Rebecca tells Ethan to tell Theresa that she will make her pay. Ethan cant believe Theresa did this, and he says hes going to see his wife. Theresa says if she didnt strike first then Rebecca would. She tries to make Ethan see her side of the story, but Ethan says that is a crock and she is just hateful. Ethan says she had the power to bring peace, and she is the one who will keep this war going and going. Ethan calls her a spiteful little monster, a hateful little monster. Ethan tells Theresa that he never really knew her at all. Ethan then storms out of the house. Theresa follows and tries to explain to him, but he wont listen to her. He says she is a monster as far as he is concerned. He says she is uncaring and unfeeling, and if he had known how much hate she had in her heart then he would not have allowed her to take his daughter. He says he says she repulses him and he never wants to see her again.

At the station Sam says he hates to put Gwen through the booking process again, and he has no choice as he cant show favoritism. Rebecca soon shows up and tells Gwen this is like deja vous all over again .Gwen asks if Rebecca got a hold of Ethan, and she says she did. Rebecca then tells Sam for security reasons she thinks he should give her a full strip search as one of them is packing. Gwen says now is not the time for this! Rebecca tells Gwen she is right, they will fight these charges and then beat Theresa to a bloody pulp. Gwen is photographed and booked, and Rebecca says the lighting in here is horrible and Gwen hasnt even had a manicure. Sam tells Rebecca that she could have been arrested for obstruction of justice. She says obstruction her foot, but if she hurt him then shed be happy to give him a rubdown. Rebecca tells Gwen that they will destroy Theresas life, she is talking total devastation. Rebecca says this is a fight to the finish, the end of Theresa.

At the adoption agency Mrs. Wellsey tells Fox that he is too late to stop the adoption. Fox says that cant be, that is his boy. She says not anymore, not legally. She says the papers have gone into affect after the 72 hour grace period. Mrs. Wellsey says rules are rules. Whitney tells herself that she did what she had to do, and now no one will know the truth. TC, Liz, Julian and Eve continue to argue over who will adopt the boy, but Fox says no one is taking his son. Eve asks Whitney if she feels any remorse for what she has done to Fox? Whitney says she loves Fox, but Fox will have to get over this. Eve says she doesnt think so, Fox wont give up. Fox demands his child back, but the woman says they followed the letter of the law. She says any misunderstandings over the power of attorney are between Whitney and him. Fox says he is a Crane and demands his son back. TC calls Fox an arrogant bastard. Fox says he will bury this agency if that is what it takes. Eve tells Whitney that she told her so, Fox is a Crane and wont stop trying to get back the baby he thinks is his. The woman tells him not to threaten her, and Fox apologizes and says he wasnt trying to threaten her. He says he loves his child and he never would have given Whitney his power of attorney if he knew she was going to give his son away. The woman says she and her colleague did find Whitneys reason vague and they had their doubts about what she was doing. Fox asks if she can then have his son back, can she bend the rules this once? Fox asks how Mrs. Wellsey would feel if they took one of her sons. She says they didnt take his son, Whitney gave him up. She also says they cant bend the rules for him as other couples wont adopt any children in fear that the birth parents will try to reclaim them. Fox asks Julian to help him, so Julian tells Fox to file an injunction stopping the adoption process and argue that Whitneys actions were unsound. Whitney says he cant do that! Fox says then hell take this to the supreme court if he has to, but Mrs. Wellsey says this issue has been brought before the courts before and they have always prevailed. Fox says then hell adopt his son, but she says he cant do that. Eve, Julian, TC and Liz once again begin arguing over who will adopt the child. TC says they arent fit to raise chickens, and Liz says Eve will be in jail. Fox says no one is raising his son but him, but Whitney says none of them are. She says MRs. Wellseys job is to put the baby in the best possible home and she has seen what they are really like, so they are all ruled out. Mrs. Wellsey eventually tells them all that none of them will raise the child. They ask why not? Mrs. Wellsey says because hes already been adopted by someone else. Everyone is stunned as they all think they should have adopted the baby. Fox asks who adopted his son? 

At the hospital, Sheridan is devastated by the test results showing Beth is Martys mother. Meanwhile Edna and Beth are confused as to how this happened. Edna accused Beth of rigging the DNA tests, but Beth swears she didnt. Edna doesnt believe her and asked how she did it, did she switch the samples or sell her soul to the devil? Meanwhile, Sheridan has flashbacks of being in the pit and holding her baby. Sheridan remembers saying goodbye to her baby when she thought se was going to be killed. Sheridan tells Luis that she is Martys mother and those DNA tests are wrong. Luis tells her perhaps she needs to accept she is wrong, that their baby died and that she has to move on. Luis says tests don't lie. Sheridan says tests don't lie, but people do. Sheridan says something is wrong, and she accuses Dottie of lying. She demands Dottie tell them the truth, that Marty is her son. Dottie says she performed the test herself and they are accurate. Dottie says if there was a way she could have told her that Marty was her son then she would have, but the tests show that Beth is his mother. Sheridan apologizes to Dottie for accusing her, and she just says its hard to find out something she has believed all along isnt true. Edna cant believe this is happening. Beth asks her mom if she cant be happy for her? Edna says no, Beth should be locked up for what she has done. Beth says then shell be happy for herself. Beth says now that she has Marty she has to work on getting Luis back. Edna cant believe Beth is doing this to that poor innocent girl. Beth says Sheridan isnt innocent, she stole Luis from her. Beth says Luis is the only man she has ever loved. Edna says the only man? Beth tells her mother that she knows not to ever bring that up, she knows better! Beth says she will have Luis and Marty. Meanwhile, Luis and Dottie try and help Sheridan accept reality. Sheridan apologizes to Dottie once again, and Luis thanks her for her help. Luis tells Sheridan that they should go home. Sheridan still believes Marty is her son, and she says maybe she is going crazy. Luis thinks shell feel better after some rest, but Sheridan doesnt think so. Sheridan cries that Beth has her son. Sheridan decides that she has something to say to Beth before she leaves, and it is something both Luis and Beth need to hear. Luis thinks this is a bad idea, but Sheridan says she is not leaving until she talks to Beth. She goes to see Beth, and Edna warns Beth that Sheridan wont let her keep her son. Sheridan tells Beth that there is something she needs to say to Beth about Marty being her son.

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