April 25, 2005
Spike calls Jessica and suggests she come back to the club. She says it is late, and he asks if it is past her bedtime? Jessica says she can come back. Spike tells her not to take too long. Jessica tells herself that at least someone wants her. Jessica decides to head to get dressed to go out, shes in her pajamas. Ivy asks where she is going, and Jessica says out. Jessica asks Ivy what shes going to do about it? Ivy ends up arguing with Jessica, and she grabs Jessicas arm. Jessica cries out, and Ivy says this is the second time shes done that. She looks at Jessicas arms and sees her cuts and burns. Ivy asks who did this to her? Jessica says it was the stove, but Ivy thinks she did this to herself as Jessica wasnt anywhere near the stove. Jessica says of course she didnt do this to herself, why would she want to hurt herself? Ivy says because she is hurting on the inside. Jessica says she is out of here. Ivy tells her not to go, this creep has made her feel so low about herself that shes hurt herself. Jessica says he is her boyfriend and shes out of here. Jessica leaves, and Ivy says God help her if Sam finds out.

At the station, Gwen is released. Ethan tells Gwen that hes sorry and the thought he convinced Theresa not to press charges again. Rebecca asks Ethan what hes going to do? Ethan says hes going to support his wife. Rebecca thinks Ethan needs to make Theresa pay. Sam tells Rebecca if all shes going to do is threaten Theresa then shell have to leave. Rebecca says Theresa will have to pay for this.

At the club, an undercover agent calls Sam to let him know an underage girl is coming over and Spikes booked the backroom. Sam says hell be right over. Later Jessica shows up, is taken to the backroom. She is basically mauled by Spike who wants to waste no time getting down to business. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at the club and meets the undercover agent. He says Sam is just in time, Spike and the girl just went to the backroom. Sam then gets a call from Ivy. Sam says now is not a good time to talk, hes about to bust Spike with an underage girl. Ivy tells Sam that he cant go in there! Ivy says there is something he needs to know. Ivy tries to tell him about Jessica, but he cant hear her. He says this is about Jessica and hell call her later from the station. Spike continues to have his way with Jessica, who cries that she just wants to go home. Meanwhile, Sam argues with Spikes cronies and says they are being raided. It turns out Spikes room is locked and can only be opened from the inside. Sam breaks the door open, bursts in and finds Spike in bed with Jessica. 

Pilar is in the park feeling sorry for herself. She wonders what is wrong with her, she has her pride. Pilar says if Martin wants to be with Katherine then so be it, she shouldnt be begging. Alistair shows up and says they meet again. Pilar says she already told him that she has nothing to say to him. Alistair says he has some things to say to her. Alistair says he can help her get Katherine out of Martins life forever, if shes interested. Pilar asks how when even he cant get rid of Katherine, but Alistair says hes talking about her getting rid of Katherine. Pilar asks how she can get rid of Katherine? Alistair shows her a slip of paper and says it has everything she needs to get Katherine out of her life. Pilar says she wont make a deal with the devil no matter how much she wants to help her family. Alistair says he thought she wanted to repair her family, he thought her children were starting to make headway with their father. Alistair says she is a fine and vibrant woman, and she doesnt deserve a cold and empty bed. He says it is time for her to put and end to Martin and Katherine. Pilar asks to see the paper. Alistair says it is nice doing business with her, Asta La Vista. He hands her the paper, and Alistair walks off. Pilar wonders what she has done. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa wonders if she has lost Ethan forever. Pilar returns later and she asks Theresa what is wrong? Theresa says shes lost Ethan forever. Theresa explains what happened, and she says Ethan hates her. Pilar asks why she insisted on pressing new charges? Theresa says she doesnt trust Gwen and Rebecca and she wanted to beat them to the punch. Pilar thinks it is because with Gwen locked up Theresa thought shed have a better chance with Ethan. Theresa says that too. She says she thought she was doing the right thing, and Gwen deserves to be in jail. She says she thought with Gwen behind bars she could have been a family with Ethan. She tells her mom to save the lecture; she already knows should have given up the fight. Pilar says no. Pilar says she understands why Theresa wants to fight for Ethan, and she wants her to be happy. Theresa says then she needs to be with Ethan. Pilar says when a woman loves a man with all her heart and soul then anything is possible. Pilar says all is fare in love and war. Theresa thanks her mom for understanding, and they hug. Theresa goes to check on Jane, and she thinks Ethan will get over his anger in time and will forgive her. She also says that mean old Gwen will be in prison for the rest of her sorry life. 

Ethan Gwen and Rebecca return to the mansion, and Rebecca asks Ethan if hes going to help her teach Theresa a lesson? Ethan says hes worried about Gwen and her mental state right now. Rebecca says that is what she is talking about. Rebecca says Ethan has to prove his love to Gwen by tearing Theresa limb from limb. Rebecca asks if he is a man or a mouse. Ethan says hes not having this conversation with her now. Ethan asks Gwen if shes ready for bed. Gwen says not yet, she was going to make tea and try and calm down. Ethan says hell get the tea for her. Rebecca continues to hound Ethan about supporting Gwen and put Theresa in her place. She asks Ethan what kind of man lets his life suffer this way? Ethan says he thinks Rebecca is right, it is time Theresa got what she deserved.

At the adoption agency, everyone wants to know who has adopted the baby. Mrs. Wellsey says she cant give them that information. Fox asks Whitney how she could do this? How could she give their son away. Chad shows up and tells Fox to leave her alone and not to talk to Whitney like that again. Fox tells Chad that this has nothing to do with him, but Chad says Whitney is his sister. Fox says so now hes playing the protective brother? At least that is better than wanting to play house. Julian reminds them that they are brothers. Fox continues to lash out at Whitney for giving the baby away. He says what is best for the baby is to be with his biological parents, and she may not want him but he does. Eve begs Whitney to tell Chad the truth, but Whitney refuses. Whitney says that baby is better off with someone else then any of them. Fox begs Mrs. Wellsey to tell him who his baby is going to. She says she cant tell him. Fox asks Whitney how she can stand here and do this? Whitney says she is sick of being judged by them all, and she did what is right for the child. Chad tells them all to back off. Whitney asks why he is defending her as he was angry with her too. Chad says he thought it out and it was her decision. Whitney says shes leaving, and Fox tells her running away wont change what she did. Chad runs out into the hall and asks Whitney if she is okay, and she breaks down in Chads arms. Whitney tells Chad hes the only one . . . she says she cant do this. He says she needs to talk to someone, so let it be her. HE asks why she gave her baby up? Whitney has a vision of her son being taunted on the playground about being a product of incest. Whitney says she has her reasons. Chad tells Whitney that he doesnt believe her reasons about Fox abandoning her and not liking the idea of her baby being a Crane. He thinks she has other reasons. He tells Whitney to go face her family and make them respect her decision. She says she cant, but Chad knows what she is made of. Whitney goes back inside and faces of with her family. She tells them it was her decision to make and theyll have to learn to live with it the same way she is. Fox tells Whitney he will never forgive her for this. Mrs. Wellsey says they all have to leave as she has a client here to pick up a baby. Fox and TC think it is someone coming to get Whitneys baby, and they demand to know who it is. Eve and Julian all say they will find out sooner or later. Chad tells them to be quiet as theyll wake the baby up. Chad is holding the child, and everyone is stunned. Whitney says you?

At the hospital, Sheridan insists that Beth hear her out as she has something to say. Beth tells Sheridan not to hurt her, but Sheridan says she just wants to say shes sorry. Sheridan says shes sorry for everything shes put her though and asks for forgiveness. She then hugs Beth. Beth is stunned by Sheridans apology. Dottie tells Sheridan that she is sorry she couldnt give her the news she wanted, and she heads off. Beth leaves as well, with Edna in tow, and Luis tells Sheridan how amazing that was. He says is proud of her. She asks if they can go home, and he says of course. Luis runs off to get the car, and Sheridan tells herself that she doesnt care what the test results say, she is Martys mother. Sheridan pulls out a photo of Marty and looks at him. 

At the Wallace home, Edna makes a phone to banana call to Precious. Precious is out in the jungle. Edna tells Precious about what happened with the DNA test and how Beth has once again gotten away with her evil deeds. Precious asks what Luis was wearing, and Edna calls her a naughty girl. Edna hopes Precious will come back soon as it isnt the same without her. Precious looks at a photo of Luis and eats a banana. Later Beth is thrilled with what happened. She says not only an hour ago she thought she was dead meat, but now she is free as a bird. Edna still thinks Beth did something to pull this off. Beth says it wasnt her, but she thinks she knows who did it. She says it was God, God was on her side. Edna says it was not the good Lords work, it was the devil or one of his disciples. Edna says it was Alistair. Beth says maybe it was Alistair, her very own guardian angel. Alistair walks in and asks if someone mentioned his name? They ask how he got in, and he says he has his ways. Edna thinks Alistair changed the DNA test results to make it look like Beth was Martys mommy. Alistair says he cant take credit for this one. Edna says he had to have done this, and Beth says it doesnt make sense.

At the cottage, Sheridan sleeps and Luis watches over her. He says he knows she is disappointed, but now they can move on with their lives and have their own child. Luis leaves Sheridan, and Sheridan begins to dream about wandering in the park and hearing Marty crying for help. She finds Alistair with Marty, and she wakes up crying. Luis says it was a dream, but Sheridan says it wasnt. She says shes lost her son forever.


April 26, 2005

At the club, Sam bursts into Spike's back room and finds Jessica and Spike in bed. He is stunned. Jessica giggles and says he looks surprised. Spike says he thinks Sam's daughter is cute. Sam asks what she is doing here, he thought she was home in bed. Spike says hes half right, she is in bed. Sam goes to attack Spike, but the undercover cop holds Sam back so that Spike doesnt scream police brutality. Sam asks Jessica what she is doing? Jessica giggles and says this is her boyfriend. Sam goes to Jessica, who is flying higher than a kite. He asks what she is on, what did he give her. She says just smiley face candies. Sam asks Jessica how much he gave her. Spike says he didnt push anything on her, she wanted it all. Spike also says this is Jessica's second time here tonight, she cant get enough of him. Sam loses it and attacks Spike. The other cop grabs Sam and pulls him back. He tells Sam that he has to calm down, this scum will drag him through the mud because that is the kind of trash he is. Spike tells Sam to get a life, this is just as much Jessicas idea as it was his. He says he didnt want to get involved with her, in fact he told her to get out of his club. Spike says Jessica insisted she stay here and she just had the hots for him. Spike says she wore him down. The officer tells Sam to calm down and do this by the book .Sam says forget the book, he wants him dead. Spike says they all heard it, they are his witnesses, the Chief of Police just threatened him. Spike tells Sam how he is a horrible father who is so busy with his own love life that he ignores his own daughter. He says it is men like him who send most of his business his way. Sam says he has no more business, hes shutting him down. Spike says if he does that then hell have to arrest Jessica as well. He says it will be front page headlines and his daughter will have a police record. Spike tells Sam dont think hell just be able to arrest him, hell make sure he arrests everyone here. The other officer tells Sam that he knows what he'd do if Jessica was his daughter. Sam tells Spike to consider himself lucky. Sam goes to Jessica and says they should get her home. He puts his jacket around her and leads her out. Sam warns Spike if he goes near his daughter again then he is a dead man. Sam leaves and Spike says Sam thinks he is so slick.

At the cottage, Luis comforts Sheridan and says she was just having a bad dream. Sheridan says no she lost Marty, she has lost her son. Sheridan insists to Luis shell be okay and convinces him to leave and let her rest. She then sneaks out the back door for some fresh air. Later Luis realizes Sheridan is gone and begins searching for her.

At the mansion, Ethan tells Gwen that hell convince the court that she was under extreme duress at the time of the attack, and no court will prosecute her when they hear the story. Ethan refers to the baby as Ashley, and Gwen says dont humor her. Gwen says she knows the babys name is Jane and Theresa is her mother. Ethan says he will spend the rest of his life giving her the family she wants. Gwen says she cant have children. Ethan says theyll find a way. Later Sheridan shows up and she is glad to see Gwen is home. Gwen apologizes for attacking her, and Sheridan says she knows she wasnt in her right mind when that happened. Sheridan asks about the baby, and Gwen says she is back with Theresa. Gwen says she knows the baby is Theresas, but at the time she thought the baby was hers. Sheridan understands, and she asks where she went to on the plane? Gwen says she was with her mother and they were held on one of Alistair's European estates. Gwen says her mother loves her very much. Sheridan says she knows, and she asks if she knows where her mother is now? Sheridan wants to contact her. Gwen says Katherine is back in Harmony, she doesnt know where though. Sheridan asks why she came back? Gwen says shell let Katherine fill her in, but the short version is that Alistair was going to keep her as his slave and prisoner. Gwen tells her how Fox, Theresa and Ethan came and rescued them. Gwen then tells Sheridan about Ethan choosing her, and Theresa repressing charges against her. Sheridan cant believe Theresa did that. Sheridan says if their roles were reversed Theresa would be begging for compassion. She says Ethan will keep her out of jail, and Luis and her will do everything they can to help her. Gwen says she just wants to put this behind them. Gwen then asks Sheridan about Marty and what is going on. Sheridan tells Gwen about the DNA test results. Gwen still doesnt trust Beth, but Sheridan says you cant argue with technology. Gwen tells Sheridan to trust her heart. Gwen says at least Sheridan can still have more children with Luis, she cant. Sheridan says perhaps there is a way, but Gwen says the doctors agree on this. Gwen says she is lucky to have Ethan still. Meanwhile Luis shows up and learns from Ethan that Sheridan is here. Luis says Sheridan is still obsessed with Marty being her child, and she even subjected Beth to a DNA test. Luis says there is now no doubt in the world that Marty is Beths son. Meanwhile Ethan informs Luis what Theresa has done, and Luis says he is sorry. Sheridan sees Luis and says shes sorry she upset him, she was just catching up with Gwen. Luis says its good to see Gwen out. Gwen says while it lasts. Gwen tells Luis she doesn't hold what Theresa has done against him. She asks Luis when he and Sheridan will start trying to have another baby. Luis says that is up to Sheridan. Meanwhile Ethan tells himself that hell make things right for Gwen, Theresa wont get away with this.

At the Wallace house, Beth and Edna cant figure out how the DNA tests results turned out the way they did. Alistair swears he is innocent, he was busy dealing with another situation involving his wife. Beth asks how the results showed Marty was her son? Edna thinks one or both of them are lying. She thinks they are in cahoots. Beth and Alistair swear they were not in on this together. Edna goes and begins searching the net for answers while Alistair and Beth discuss Luis. Alistair insults Luis, but Beth defends him. Alistair hates the idea of Luis's blood being mixed with the Crane's. Alistair says as long as Sheridan doesnt learn the child is hers then he doesnt care. Beth and Alistair begin drinking, and Edna learns from the net it is easier to disprove maternity or paternity then prove it. Edna then begins thinking about making whoopee with Alistair long ago. Edna remembered that Alistair was the first man she had been with in months. She remembers he called himself Al, and she wondered what it stood for. She claimed it stood for Alexander the Great. Edna says there is not a doubt in her mind that Alistair is Beths father. Meanwhile, Beth talks to Alistair about how this must have been karma. Alistair says people like them dont believe in karma, they dont need it. Alistair says she obviously doesnt get her strength and character from her mother. Beth says she knows, but she doesnt know who her father is and she doesnt think even her mother knows. Alistair says well to her father, and they drink to him. Meanwhile Edna continues to think about making love to Alistair and says wait till they find out that they are father and daughter. Beth tells Alistair that she likes him a lot better now than when he was Charlie. Alistair says he is becoming fond of her too. Meanwhile, Edna figures out that Sheridan and Beth are half-sister, and that is why the DNA tests were boggled. Edna thinks when Beth's DNA matched Marty then they didnt bother checking Sheridan's DNA. Edna says she has to tell Beth, but then sees they are both gone.

Beth and Alistair arrive at the Blue not to continue their celebration. Alistair continues to swear he didnt change the results, but if he knew about the test he would have. Beth wonders why Alistair is being so nice, when he was Charlie he was so nasty. Alistair says they shouldnt go there. Alistair tells Beth there is a way she could express her gratitude to him. He says he has always had a soft spot in his heart for her, he feels a bond with her. Beth says he knows how she feels about Luis. Alistair wonders why she wastes her youth and beauty on a man not interested in her. He says if Luis was interested in her, what could he offer her? Beth asks what he is suggesting? He says the two of them are kindred spirits. He wishes they could all just be one big family.

At the adoption agency, everyone is stunned to learn Chad is adopting the child. Julian says Chad is single, a baby needs a mother and father. TC says for the first time he agrees with Julian. Fox says this doesnt mean Chad is adopting him, he just walked in with the baby. Fox thanks Chad for bringing him his son. Chad hands the baby over to Fox, and Fox says hello to who he thinks is son. Fox says hes sorry he wasnt here for his big debut. Fox says hell make it all up to him. Whitney watches this and isnt happy at all. She runs into the hall, and Eve follows. Eve tells her that she cant let this go on, Fox is falling in love with a child that isnt his. Eve tells Whitney to do the right thing and take the baby and look at him. Whitney says she cant, if she holds him then she wont want to give him up. Eve says that is the point. Eve says that is her son, and if she gives up this baby then shell regret it for the rest of her life. Whitney says she wont because shes doing the right thing. She says his is the best chance for her son to have a normal life. Whitney goes back into the room and tells Mrs. Wellsey to call the adoptive parents and have them come pick the baby up. Fox says no one is taking his son from him. Whitney says it is too late, she has put the baby up for adoption. Fox says he wont allow this to happen. Eve and Julian discuss what is going on. Julian wants to reveal the truth, but Eve says they cant as she promised Whitney. She also tells Julian he swore he wouldnt say anything unless he was asked point blank about the baby's paternity. Fox holds the baby, and TC says he looks like Whitney and Simone, and this boy is a Russell and should be with him and Liz. TC says he should be raised in a African-American home. Fox says he is half white to, but TC says he is half Crane, which is the wrong kind of white. He says the Cranes are racist. Fox says he isnt, but TC says same name same genes. Mrs. Wellsey says this is highly irregular and goes to get her associate about this. TC demands to be given the boy, but Fox refuses. TC says there is no way hell allow him to be raised by Fox, Julian or Eve. Chad tells them all to stop this as they will wake the baby. Fox asks why he is still here, shouldnt he leave. The other man George shows up and demands to be given the baby. He tells Fox that hell call the authorities if need be, so Fox hands him over. Whitney tells Fox that the adoption is final and nothing will change that. She also tells them all that she did this for the baby. Chad says hell take the baby now. Whitney says let the baby be, let him go to the new parents. Whitney decides to meet the new parents. Mr. Newton then hands the baby to Chad and says here is your baby. Whitney says Chad? Fox says over his dead body! Chad says this is his son now and nobody will take him away from him. 


April 27,  2005
At the Bennetts, Ivy sits and drinks and fears she is done for if Sam finds Jessica in the club. She hopes she is worried about nothing and Jessica hid herself. Sam walks in carrying Jessica, and Ivy asks what happened. Sam says he found Jessica naked and high in Spikes backroom at the club. Ivy says that is awful. Sam cant believe she slipped out and neither of them knew about it, especially since Ivy checked on her. Jessica is out cold, and Ivy asks if she should call EMS. Sam says no as theyd do a drug test on her and find out she was high. Ivy leaves for a moment to get some coffee for Jessica, and Tabitha, Kay and Simone show up. They learn what happened, and Ivy returns with Jessicas coffee and cookies. Tabitha says Ivy must just feel awful. Jessica eventually comes too and tells her dad no more coffee. Sam says she needs it as Spike gave her more of those stickers, it will help her come down. Kay lectures Jessica on how she could be so stupid as to go back to a place like that. Jessica says its not like Kay hasnt done anything stupid, Maria is proof of that. Kay says she shouldnt have had a baby without being married, but she loves Miguel and she loves Maria. Simone tells Kay to ease up on Jessica, its not like she went there on purpose. Tabitha tells Endora that Jessica knew where she was going tonight, as did Ivy. Tabitha says if Sam knew the truth then shed be out on the street and out of Sams life. Tabitha makes trouble and talks about how Kay must be worried that Maria could end up the same way. Kay says she is a much better mother than her mother was so she is not worried. Sam says dont blame Grace, Jessica never snuck out when Grace was here. Kay says they dont know that, Grace was so busy with David to pay attention to them. Kay says a mother and a step-mother should know what their daughter is up to. Ivy says if she knew what was going on then she never would have let Jessica go out. Tabitha says of course not, if Jessica died on drugs tonight and Ivy knew what she was up to, then Ivy would be to blame. Tabitha asks Ivy if she is okay, she looks ill. Ivy says shes just worried about Jessica. Tabitha says she understands, and she wonders how shell manage when she has a teenager of her own. Tabitha says maybe two if Maria and Kay are still living with her. Tabitha just doesnt know how Jessica snuck out with Ivy around. Tabitha asks Ivy if she didnt hear all that banging and noise? Ivy says no she didnt. Tabitha says of course if she knew what Jessica was up to then she would have told Sam. Tabitha says maybe she dosed off after one too many drinks and that is why she didnt know Jessica snuck out. Ivy says she didnt, and she didnt hear Jessica sneaking out. Jessica says she is going to bed, but Sam says not until they talk. Sam grabs her and then sees Jessicas tattoo. He asks if Spike branded her like an animal, but she says he didnt force her to get this. Sam asks how many times she snuck out as tonight obviously wasnt the first? Jessica says it doesnt matter. Sam says it does, the tattoo is infected. Jessica says no its not, but Simone says it is. He thinks they should have it checked out. Jessica says it is fine, and Ivy put anti-biotic on it earlier. Sam is stunned, and Jessica says Ivy knew about everything. Sam confronts Ivy and asks if this is true, did she know what was going on?

At the cottage, Luis tries to get Sheridan to sleep, but she says shes not sleepy. Sheridan is afraid Beth will refuse to let them see Marty again given what she put her through. Luis says Beth might be touchy at first, but Marty is still his son. Sheridan says she doesnt know what shed do if she never got to see Marty again. She begs Luis not to let Beth keep Marty from her. Luis says hes sure Beth will allow Marty to spend time with them, maybe with some conditions now though. Sheridan begs Luis for them to go see Beth right now so she can apologize once again. Luis says on the condition she gives him a kiss for the road, which she does. 

At the Wallace house, Edna says the thought of Beth and Alistair liquored up and together gives her the willies. She says she needs to find Beth and let her know that Alistair is her father. Edna decides to call Beth and tell her the truth. Edna calls her up (see details below), but their call is cut off. Edna says this is the devils doing. She calls back, but still is unable to tell Beth the truth. She tries to call back a third time but now she only gets voicemail. Edna fears Beth and Alistair will get drunk and do the big deed and end up with a two headed baby. Suddenly Luis and Sheridan show up to see Beth and Marty. Edna says Beth went out and she doesnt know where. Sheridan says they came to ask Beth if they could still spend time with Marty. Luis says Sheridan is afraid Beth might restrict their visits given what happened. Edna says theyll have to talk to Beth, so Luis says theyll call her tomorrow. Sheridan says while they are here they might as well look in on Marty. Edna says hes sleeping, but there is no harm in looking. She says she always told the men in the locker room that. Luis asks if she was the woman who walked in the locker room when the police were playing the firemen? Edna says of course not, but she tells herself it was her and Luis made an impression. Luis gets a phone call, so he excuses himself. Sheridan goes to see Marty and tells him that she is his son and not Beths. Luis stands in the doorway, hears this and rolls his eyes. Luis tells Sheridan that this cant go on, she has to accept the truth. Sheridan tells Luis to look at MArty and tell her that Marty doesnt look like her. Luis tells Sheridan that she has to stop this, if Beth walked in saw this then she wouldnt let them take Marty. Sheridan knows that this is her son. Luis says she has to stop this. He suggests they go before Beth comes home. Luis gets another call from the station and tells Sheridan that hell meet her downstairs in a second. Luis talks on the phone about test results, and he says test results dont lie. Meanwhile, Sheridan goes in search of Mrs. Wallace and comes across the basement. She begins remembering her ordeal in the pit and the clowns taunting her. Sheridan says Beths basement! She says that is where she was held, that is where the clowns were. Sheridan keeps having more memories, including being forced to make the video message for Luis about running off to Paris. Sheridan is positive this is the basement where she was held prisoner. Sheridan says there must be proof down there, something Beth over looked. Sheridan opens the door toe the basement. Meanwhile Luis comes down the steps and is on the phone with the station still. Edna has still been trying to get in touch with Beth, but her phone is still off.

At the Blue Note, Alistair and Beth are sharing some champagne. Beth then gets a call from Edna, who says there is something she must know. Alistair tells Beth to tell Edna that shell talk to her in the morning. Edna says she should have told her this before when she first suspected it. Beth tells her to get to the point. Alistair keeps telling Beth to just hang up. Edna eventually blurts out that Alistair is her father. Beth doesnt hear it because Alistair takes the phone and hangs up. Beth says it sounded urgent, like when she is out of diapers and has to go. Alistair asks if Marty is okay, and Beth says yes. He says is the house on fire? She says no. So Alistair says it can wait. Alistair says Edna is a drama queen. Alistair suggests they pick up where she and Charlie let off. Beth says the look on mothers face when she saw her kissing another woman, which turned out to be him. Beth gets another call from her mom, and she wont let her mom get in a word. Beth asks if Marty is okay, and Edna says yes. Beth says is there a gas leak? Edna says not sense the one Beth caused. Beth says she and Alistair are celebrating the results of the DNA tests. Edna says she has her father to thank for that. Beth says little Martys paternity was never in question. Edna says she is not talking about Marty, shes talking about hers. Edna tries to tell her once again that Alistair is her daddy. Beth hangs up and ends up turning off her phone this time. Alistair then suggests they pick up where they left off. Beth keeps drinking the champagne, and they discuss the possibility of Luis and Sheridan marrying. Alistair wont let Luis marry Sheridan and get the access to the Cranes secrets. Beth also says Luis would kill her if he knew she had kidnapped Sheridan and her child. Alistair says theyll keep that their secret, and he begins kissing her. Beth says he doesnt waste time. Alistair says he knows what he likes, he knows what he wants, so hes going for it. He kisses her again, and Beth pushes him away. She says her heart belongs to Luis. Alistair says he doesnt care about her heart. He says he wants her and will have it tonight or hell tell Luis everything. Beth says that is blackmail. He says she is smart and sexy, he likes his women that way.

At the adoption agency, Chad says this is his son and no one is ever taking him away from him. Chad goes to leave, but TC stands in his way and says Chad is not taking his grandson. Chad says this is his son now. Mr. Newton threatens to call the police. TC says do it, Sam is his friend. Fox says hed like to explain to the police how he was duped out of his son. Chad says this is his son now, he adopted him, the boy is his for keeps. Fox says not if Chad is dead. Chad tells them to all calm down. Eve says they are just all shocked and he must understand that. Chad says he doesnt see why, he said he wanted to be part of this babys life, and he meant it. Eve says there are things he doesnt know about this baby, it is unwise for him to adopt him. Chad asks what things? Mr. Newton wants to know as well. Eve says this is his nephew and she thinks Chad is only adopting the baby to be close to Whitney. Chad says so what, and he admits he would like to raise him with Whitney. Fox says they are brother and sister, that is perverse and he wont let that happen. Chad says this is his child now and hes keeping him. Fox says hell call Crane legal and find a way to get him back. Chad says he checked in with legal and there is nothing he can do. Fox says hell find something wrong to stop this. Eve and Julian converse and decide it is better Chad keeps the boy then have Fox find out the truth. Julian tells Fox to calm down and hes not doing any good. TC still demands to raise the child, but Chad says he will raise this baby and give him the life he never had. Whitney begins to think about being with Chad and telling Chad the truth about the child, and that they were a family. TC cant believe this is happening, and Liz tells him that it isnt over, they will fight this. Meanwhile, Whitney wonders if she and Chad could be together. Eve tells Whitney that Chad knows deep down that is his baby, he feels a connection to him. Whitney says Chad doesnt know, dont kid herself. Eve tells Whitney that Chad will take that baby home, bond with it, and soon he will realizes it is his son. Chad goes to leave, but Fox refuses to let Chad leave.



At the Bennett house, Sam asks Ivy if she has known what Jessica was up to all along? The drugs, the clubs, the tattoo, she knew all along? Jessica says Ivy knew everything, she knew when she was sneaking out, she let her go see Spike. Simone tells Kay that Ivy has blown it with her dad big time. Tabitha tells Endora its all over for Poison Ivy and they have front row seats to the show. Ivy says she couldnt tell Sam what she knew. Sam asks why not? He says the first thing she should have done was tell him. Tabitha decides to make things worse, and she tells Jessica how tattoos are a horrible fad, and with one stretch mark that tattoo could read stupid. Tabitha then asks what these nasty marks on her arms are. Sam asks if she has more tattoos. He demands to see what is on her arm. Jessica wont show him, so Sam forces her to. He asks where she got these cuts and burns on her arms? Sam asks who did this to her? Jessica tells her father to leave her alone. Sam asks if Spike did this to her? Jessica says no he didnt do this to her. Sam says whoever did this to her is sick. Jessica says she did this to herself. Kay says she is just like Claudia. Kay explains how a friend from school did this to herself, they are called cutters, and its a psychological disorder. Simone says this is a cry for help. Jessica says she doesnt need help. Sam asks why she would want to hurt herself like this. Jessica asks her father why she should listen to him anyways. Jessica says everything he and mom taught them was a lie. Jessica says she and Kay were raised to be good little girls so they could grow up and be happy like their parents. Jessica says Mom dumped them, Kay moved out and got pregnant, Noah never comes home, and then Ivy the slut moved in. Jessica says it doesnt matter if you are good or bad because life is crap. Jessica says Mom didnt care about them, and Sam replaced her with Ivy, who also doesnt care about them. Jessica says Ivy knew about the cuts and burns and she never tried to help her. Sam is furious with Ivy for lying to him about what Jessica was up to. Ivy says Jessica changed overnight. She says Jessica abused her and stole from her, and she couldnt tell him about Spike because it would hurt him. Sam says so she is blaming Jessica for all of this, shes blaming a child? He asks Ivy what kind of a monster is she? Ivy says she did the best she could, but Sam says that is no excuse for doing nothing. Sam says he could kick himself for not being here more, but she knew and should have told him. Ivy says Jessica hurt and scared her. Tabitha says if Grace was here that she would have known what happened and would have known just what to do. Jessica says Ivy would have done anything to keep Grace away. Sam says that is why she did this, this is why she didnt want him to call Grace home. He says she only cared about herself, and she is despicable. Sam tells Jessica that he loves her and he will get her help. He says nothing is more important to him then his children. Jessica thanks him. Ivy says she did try to help Jessica, and she says she did research and found a place that will help Jessica. Sam says this is a psychiatric hospital. Jessica begs Sam not to send her away! She says only crazy girls go to places like that. Kay says if she has a problem . . . Jessica begs Sam not to send her away. Sam says he wont. He tells Ivy that she is the one he wants to leave. Jessica smiles, and Tabitha whispers throw her out into the gutter where she belongs.

At the adoption agency, Fox tells Chad that hes sick, he only wants his son to get close to his sister. Meanwhile, Eve continues to tell Whitney that Chad will figure out the truth, so she needs to stop this by telling them all the truth. Fox continues to call him a sick bastard. Chad asks what he will do, hit him while hes holding the baby? Eve continues to plead with Whitney to tell the truth as secrets always come out. Chad says hes had enough of this, hes out of here. As Chad goes to leave, Whitney tells him to wait. Chad asks what she wants to say. She says she just doesnt want anymore fighting, it is bad for the baby. She says just let Chad take the baby and go. The baby cries, and Chad says it is Foxs fault. Chad takes the baby and leaves. Fox asks Whitney what kind of mother throws her child away? Fox says he will get his son back, and then Fox leaves. Eve asks Whitney why she didnt tell them the truth? Whitney says shell never tell them the truth.

Theresa talks to Jane and continues to promise her that they will be together as a family. Later Whitney shows up and tells Theresa about Fox losing it for putting the baby up for adoption, and then finding out Chad adopted the baby. Theresa comforts Whitney. Theresa tells her that shell have to tell them all the truth, it is the only thing to do. Whitney says this coming from someone to which deceit comes so naturally? Theresa says that is a horrible thing to say. Whitney says shes sorry. Whitney knows she agreed to drop the charges against Gwen and call a truce, so she should enjoy the peaceful life she has. Theresa says actually she didnt bury the hatchet, she had Gwen re-arrested. She says Gwen will go to jail and Ethan will be hers. Whitney says no! Whitney cant believe Theresa threw away a peaceful life for her crazy dream to be with Ethan. She asks why Theresa had to start up this whole craziness with Gwen again. Theresa says she just wants to be happy. Whitney suggests she be happy with her two children and drop the charges against Gwen before it is too late.

At the mansion, Ethan is working late. Gwen comes to check on him, she cant sleep because shes facing going to prison. Ethan says at least she is out on bail, and he will find a way to get the charges dropped. Gwen says she wants revenge, she wants Theresa to pay. Rebecca walks in and says the way to make Theresa pay is to take her baby from her. Rebecca has the surrogacy contracts and she thinks Ethan has to be able to find something in here to take Jane away. Ethan says these contracts are about their embryo, it has nothing to do with Theresa carrying her own baby. Ethan says he doesnt see how he can use this. Rebecca says he doesnt see or he doesnt want to see. Rebecca says it is time for Ethan to make up his mind and decide whose side he is on, Theresa or his wifes. Later Fox shows up and asks Ethan to help him, Chad has adopted his son! Fox realizes this is what Ethan and Theresa were trying to tell him on the plane. Ethan says they wanted to tell him . . . Fox says theyll discuss that later, right now he needs to get his son back. He says Julian says they should file an injunction. Ethan says Julian is right, because Whitney tricked him then they have grounds to challenge the adoption. Ethan says hell look into this. Fox thanks him and says he wont let Chad raise his son. Fox leaves, and Rebecca says Fox can wait, Gwen comes first. Rebecca wants to get back to discussing taking Jane away from Theresa. Gwen tells Ethan that he is Janes father, and if he thinks he can get Foxs baby back then he can get Jane back for her. Gwen thinks it would be a snap for Ethan to get the baby back. Rebecca asks Ethan if he is going to help them take Jane away from Theresa or not? 

Chad returns to the recording studio with his son. Later, Julian and Eve show up and see how much shopping Chads done for the baby. The whole studio is filled with baby stuff. They realize that Chad has planned this all along. Chad admits that was his plan. He says he felt a connection to the child all along, and Fox was right, by adopting the baby he hoped it would make Whitney become a part of his life. Eve and Julian tell him that he cant do this. He says why because she is his sister? Chad says he loves Whitney and wants her in his life, even if their relationship is only platonic. He says he needs Whitney in his life. Eve cant believe he played God with this childs life to stay connected to his half sister. Fox walks in, says he knew it all along, and that Chad will pay for this. Fox says he wont let Chad use his son as a chess piece so he can get back with his sister. Fox says hes not leaving without his son!

At the Wallace house, Luis finishes his call with the station and then wonders where Sheridan is. Sheridan is reliving her kidnapping by the basement door. She is positive Beths basement is where she was held captive. Sheridan calls for Luis to come here. Luis goes to Luis, who is by the basement door. Edna fears that Sheridan is going to remember everything. Luis asks Sheridan what is wrong. Sheridan says she remembers everything, she was held captive down in Beths basement and Marty is her son. Everyone goes to the basement, and Luis keeps telling Sheridan to let go of these false hopes. Sheridan says she remembers being kidnapped, she remembers being here. She says she remembers climbing up those stairs. Edna tells herself that she has splinters from stapling the carpet onto those stairs during the basement remodeling project. Edna wonders how Sheridan can remember after they redid the basement. Sheridan is positive she was held captive here and she says shes going to prove it. She goes into the room where she was held to see the window she remembers throwing rocks at, but the window is now gone. Luis says she has to stop this, but Sheridan knows she was here. Where the window was is now a boarded up wall. Sheridan begins breaking the wall down and finds the window behind it. Sheridan says she told him! Sheridan points out where the pit was, but right now there is carpet. Edna says the only thing that has lived down here is rats. Sheridan knows she was here, Beth was behind this all along. Luis says she sounds like a crazy Oliver Stone conspiracy theory movie. Sheridan points out where the pit was. Luis pulls the carpet back and Sheridan asks if he believes her? Luis says the floor is concrete. Edna then remembers pouring the floor. Sheridan says the concrete is brand new, but Luis says Beth probably just cleaned it before putting carpet down. Sheridan says the layout is how she remembers, but Luis says Crane Industries built so many of the same houses in Harmony. He says Beth is Martys mother and she has to stop torturing Beth ands Mrs. Wallace. He says they should go se Marty and talk about this some more tomorrow. They leave, and Edna thanks the angels for sparing her from the slammer. 


April 29, 2005
At the Bennett house, Sam tells Ivy that he wants her out of this house, letting her move in was a huge mistake. Tabitha tells Endora that Ivys house of cards just came crashing down. Ivy asks how can he say that? He says he was selfish, and when Grace left he was just looking for someone to replace her. Kay says to herself that mom never would have left if it wasnt for her. Sam says he thought only of himself when he should have thought about his girls. Sam says he will concentrate on Jessica and give her everything he has to offer her, but to do that he has to put his life on hold. Ivy says what about what they have? He says memories of a junior affair? He says no she has to leave. He says she doesnt have good judgment when it comes to his daughters or even her own. He says he will get Jessica the help she needs, which is why Ivy needs to leave. Ivy says shell go pack her things and look for a place to go. Ivy walks out of the room and says all her dream are lost. Jessica looks back at her and smiles. Later, Kay fears Maria could grow up to be like Jessica. She says Jessica did this because she feels neglected, so what is Maria feels neglected when she grows up? Kay says she is a single working parent just like dad.

Meanwhile, Jessica thanks her dad for making Ivy move out as she just didnt fit in here. Sam says give her a break, Ivy tried her best. Sam says she tried to learn to cook, but Jessica says she tried to poison them. Sam says Ivy wasnt her mother, and no one could replace her. Sam talks about how Grace cooked, cleaned, ran the B&B and the Antiques shop. Sam says she was better than . . . Jessica says she may have been better than Martha Stewart, but Martha never ran out on her family. Jessica says with Ivy gone now they will make this house whatever they want it to be. Sam says this house will be a safe place. He says there will be some serious restrictions placed on her. Jessica says she isnt a child, but Sam says she acts like one. Sam says from now on he wants to know where she is every second of the day. Jessica tells her father the hell you will! Jessica says she wont be put on a leash like a puppy dog. Sam says he has failed her in the past, but he will get her life back on track. Jessica says she likes her life the way it is, she is just having fun. Sam says her cuts and burns are fun? Drugs and clubs are fun? Sam says this is not fun it is sick. Tabitha tells Endora that it looks like officer Sam my not be able to control his brat. Sam says Jessica is tired and needs rest. Tabitha says her baby needs rest too, so shell be going now but he knows where she is if he needs help. He says thanks. Tabitha tells Endora that theyll have to keep an eye on the Bennetts as she thinks more pain and suffering is on the way. Sam tells Jessica to go upstairs and rest, and tomorrow theyll discuss structuring her days. Jessica tells her father that she wont put up with him interfering with her life. Jessica storms off, and Kay feels guilty that her dad is feeling guilty. Kay still thinks if her mom hadnt run off then none of this would be happening. Kay tells her father that Jessica is acting like a child so she should be treated as one. She says children need structure and control. Sam thanks her for the advice. Sam yells up at Jessica to come down here as they need to talk some more.

Ivy goes to pack her things. She looks at a photo of Sam and his girls. Ivy says she always thought Kay was the bad seed, but Jessica is the one who cost her to lose everything, she is a snake in the grass. Jessica runs into Ivy in the hall and tells her that she needs to be gone. Ivy says shell be gone soon, she got her wish. Jessica tells Ivy not to let the door hit her on the way out. Ivy tells Jessica that she only wanted the best for her, she doesnt know why she hates her. Ivy says maybe Jessica hates herself and doesnt know the difference.

Sam calls Jessica downstairs and says for her to get plenty of sleep as she will have a lot of chores to do tomorrow. She asks if she is a slave now? Sam says he has to go to work, but he wont be long. She says so much for putting his life on hold to help her. Sam says he needs to work, but tomorrow will be about her. He asks Kay to watch Jessica while hes gone. Jessica says she doesnt need a baby sitter, but Kay says shell watch after her. Sam gives Jessica a kiss and says he loves her. He then leaves for work. The minute Sam leaves, Jessica says Chow ladies, Im out of here. Kay tells Jessica that shes not going anywhere. Jessica tells Kay to move and shoves her. Kay returns the shove with a slap! Jessica asks what that was for? Kay says for what shes done to dad, she is being selfish, mean and evil. Jessica asks Kay where she gets off calling her evil, she had a bastard baby and moved out of the house. Jessica says she is leaving, and the girls end up wrestling on the floor as Simone yells at them to stop.

Ivy goes to the pier, and she ends up hiding and waiting for Sam to show up. Tabitha and Ednora show up to spy on them. Ivy spies on Sam, who feels hes become a horrible father. Ivy wonders if she should try and talk to him and get Sam back. Sam leaves before Ivy talks to him, and she wonders what shell do. She says she has nothing left. Tabitha watches and tells Endora that mortal are so amusing. Suddenly a huge wind blows and Tabitha smells pain and heartache bearing down on Harmony. She says soon everyone here will lose something dear to them.

At the recording studio, Fox refuses to leave without his child. Julian refuses to allow them to fight near the baby, which Eve takes. Chad says he adopted the baby fare and square. Fox says he heard what Chad said, he only adopted that baby to get back with Whitney. Fox says he is sick and twisted for wanting to get freaky with his sister. Chad says he doesnt want to be with Whitney, just close to her. Fox says that is his son, but Chad says the baby looks more like him to be honest. Chad tells Fox to go home so he can spend time with his son. Fox decks Chad, and the two begin to fight. Julian and Eve break up them and Julian asks them if they are proud of themselves. Fox and Chad continue arguing, and Fox tells Chad that he needs a shrink and should call Dr. Ruth to write a book about him. Eve and Julian both say Chad has custody so Fox must accept it. Fox asks what is wrong with them, why are they siding with Chad? Fox says this is his child and if Whitney doesnt want him then he should have him. He says by supporting Chad they are also suggesting Whitney and Chad get back together. He says then what, they get married and have a freak offspring? Eve, who is holding the baby, looks at him. Fox continues to call Chad a whack job, and Julian says that is enough and Fox should go as Chad has custody. Fox thanks his dad and says as always its obvious which son he cares about the most. Julian says he loves them both, but Fox tells his father that he made his choice. Julian says legally there is nothing he can do. Fox says hell get his son back or hell die trying.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whitney begs Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen before it is too late. Whitney says she has two beautiful children, enjoy they and forget this idea about being with Ethan. Theresa says Ethan will come back to her, it is fate. Whitney says all those years she judged Theresa and her actions, she never knew how easy it was to hurt people. Whitney says she knows now, she has hurt Chad, Fox and her child. She tells Theresa to give up on Ethan. Theresa says the way she sees it, it is a two way street. Theresa says Ethan always comes back to her. Whitney says he is married, so what does that make her. Whitney begs her to drop these charges as it is cruel and she is hurting people. Theresa says everything will work out, Gwen will go to jail and Ethan will come back to her. Whitney asks if Ethan wasnt furious with her? Theresa says he was, but hell get over this. Whitney says Ethan will hate her and will never come back to her. Theresa says Whitney is wrong and Ethan will come back to her. Whitney tells her that she is crazy. Theresa reminds Whitney that she wanted to be with Chad even though she knew he was her brother. Whitney says she doesnt think that way anymore. Theresa says really? She asks why she is so mad, is it because deep down she still wants to be with Chad? Theresa says he must think about her life and how things would be if Chad wasnt her brother. Whitney flashes back to her fantasy of being with Chad and their child, but she insists she doesnt think like that anymore. Whitney says she lives in reality, and Theresa is crazy to think Ethan will be with her for putting Jane in prison. Whitney says she cant stay here, she has to go because Theresa is just as bad as everyone else out there. Whitney rushes off, and Theresa yells at her to stop as she will get into trouble given how upset she is in.

At the mansion, Rebecca and Gwen continue to push Ethan to fight for Jane. Gwen asks if he will take Jane away from Theresa for her, yes or no? Ethan says it isnt that simple, these papers have nothing to do with his and Theresas baby. Rebecca tells him to look harder. Ethan says no matter what he could find, it is still difficult to take a child from his or her mother. Rebecca asks what about Little Ethan, they took him away pretty easily. Rebecca suggests they go pick him up as he should be with Gwen, but Ethan says because of these contracts they gave Little Ethan back to Theresa as part of the surrogacy deal. Ethan also says he is glad Little Ethan is with Theresa, she is his mother and she is a good one. Gwen says she is a monster and she thought he realized that. Gwen says Theresa has her children back but that isnt enough, she has to have her revenge. Gwen asks Ethan if he will let Theresa hurt her again? Rebecca says this is war and Theresa fired the first shot. Ethan says this is just cruel, taking a child away from its mother is the ultimate cruelty. Rebecca says what about Sarah and his dead son, they were both taken from Gwen by Theresa. Ethan says Theresa did what she did because they took her child, and he says this is the war hes fighting to stop. Rebecca says Theresa could have stopped it, but she didnt. Rebecca says the only way to stop the war is to end it, so find a loophole in the contract. Ethan doesnt know if he can do this. Gwen says Jane is his child too, and does he really want Theresa to raise Jane to be like her. Gwen says Theresa will warp her mind and teach her to manipulate to serve her own means. Ethan says Theresa is a good mother. Gwen says he always comes up with a way to defend her. Gwen wonders if Ethan will one day change his mind and go back to Theresa. Ethan says no he loves her, she is his wife. Gwen says then why isnt he naturally on her side. Gwen says she is always afraid he will leave her for Theresa. Ethan says he will never leave her. Gwen gives him a look, and Ethan says he hates that look. He says it is the look Ivy had on her face when shed find out about one of Julians affairs. He says he never wanted to put that look on someones face. Rebecca asks what hes going to do about it then? He agrees to look through the contracts and find whatever it he can to take Jane away from Theresa. A maid shows up with muffins and tea, but Rebecca says carbs at this hour? She warns Ethan to be careful what he says here as Pilar has her spies everywhere. Ethan says she is being ridiculous. Ethan gets to work, and Gwen tells Ethan that she and her mom are going to the Blue Note and wonders if he can come. Ethan says he doesnt know. Gwen says maybe later he can come and join them. Gwen and Rebecca head off, and Gwen wonders if Ethan will be able to put his feelings for Theresa side to help her. Rebecca thinks Ethan is so angry with Theresa that he will crush her. Rebecca says Ethan will squash her like a bug. 

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