August 1, 2005

Out on the street, Eve and TC are trying to make their way to the studio to help Whitney. TC begs Eve not to marry Julian, to come back to him. Suddenly the aftershocks begin. Eve cant believe what TC just said, but he says now is not the time to discuss it. Above them a lamp post begins to shake loose. TC sees it falling towards Eve, so he pushes her out of the way. The lamp post comes down on TC and pins him. Eve runs over to TC crying No! She tells TC that she cant lose him, and he says shell never lose him. Eve summons super strength to lift the post off of TC. She wants to examine him, but he says he is okay. He says their first priority must be Whitney. Later, the wave heads for Harmony and they hear the sound. It crashes down on them, carrying them away.

At the Blue Note, Julian asks Liz if shes trying to seduce him. She says so my sister is good enough for you but Im not? He says no, she is despicable. The aftershock then hits. She keeps yelling at Julian about not being good enough for him even though her whore of a sister is. As Julian is trying to help the people run to safety, Liz wants Julian to take her into her office and make love to her. Julian says he loves Eve, but Liz says he never let him stop that before. Julian says he is a different person now, he will stay faithful to Eve until he dies. Liz says not if she has anything to say about it, and she pulls him into a kiss. He pushes her away and says stop it. The aftershocks end, and Julian asks why she wants to sleep with him when she has TC? He says she fought for months to get him from Eve. Liz says she has her reasons. Julian says well hed never sleep with her. Liz realizes Julian doesnt remember the night shell never forget. He asks what she is babbling about? Liz says the night he made love to her. He says he never slept with her, but she says he did and then he threw her away like a piece of trash. They then hear a noise, and Julian asks what it is. She says it wont rock his world like she will. Water begins leaking in, and Julian thinks there is a water tank on the roof. Suddenly the water rushes in through the windows.

At the recording studio, Chad and Whitney comfort Miles as the aftershocks begin. They soon end, and Chad tells Whitney to give it up and admit she loves the baby and made a mistake giving him up. He also wants Whitney to admit that she wants the baby back. Whitney tells Chad to stop this as she doesnt want to talk about it now. He says okay, and he wont push. They put the baby to sleep. Later they hear the wave about to come down on them. Chad wonders if it is feedback from the speakers, but Whitney says that is something coming from outside, and it is coming towards them.

Noah and Fancy run for cover during the aftershocks. The quakes end, and they end up out on the beach somewhere. Fancy wonders how the thugs tracked them, but Noah doesnt know. He does know why they were after them, because she stole their money. Noah says he needs to rest. She says they are miles from town on a secluded beach, nothing will happen here. They relax on the beach until they hear a huge rumbling. Noah thinks it is a strange noise, and he says the tide is going out. Fancy says shes never seen it go out that fast. Suddenly the tide is sucked out and reveals all the sea shells. Noah says they need to get out of here. Fancy thinks its pretty and maybe there is buried treasure out there. She runs towards the ocean when suddenly the wave comes crashing down on them.

Sam and Ivy are out on the streets, Sam is looking for Jessica. He is worried about where she might be and hopes she is okay.

Outside of Tabithas, Fox grabs Kay during the aftershocks. Inside, Tabitha and Endora watch what is going on around Harmony on their magic TV screen. Back outside, an electric telephone poll is about to fall on Kay, but Fox saves her life. She then sees her dads house and runs toward it, but Fox says no as it is a wreck and dangerous. Kay looks at her house, which is a mess. She says it will take weeks to repair. She says when she moved out of this house she was so angry, but it was still home to her. Fox becomes concerned that looters may show up to try and steal stuff, and he hears some noises from the other side of the house. He grabs a brick and asks what is going on, who is there? It is only Sam and Ivy, and they hug their kids. Sam looks at the house and says the place is a wreck. Sam still hasnt found Jessica or Noah yet, and he thinks they should pray. Later they hear the sound of the wave about to crash down on them. Back in Tabithas, Edna wakes up and asks Tabitha what shes watching, the Poseidon Adventure? She then realizes what is playing on Tabithas magic TV.

On the wharf, Theresa is knocked out by the after shocks. Ethan sees a sign dangling above her that is about to fall on her. He runs and saves her from the falling sign, and she repays him with a kiss. She thinks he came out here to check on her and Little Ethan, that they are the ones in his heart and not Gwen. Ethan says he came out here to help people, but Theresa says that is not what his heart is telling him. She says his heart is telling him that she is the one person he cant live without. She says times of crisis bring these things out. Ethan says hell take her home to Little Ethan now, but she says no she wants to see Jane. He says Gwen and Rebecca wont like this, but he agrees to take her to the mansion. Theresa tells herself that Ethan is lying about his feeling for her, and once day soon hell realize hed rather die then be without her.

Jessica and Spike are in Spikes car when the aftershock hits. She thinks this is God punishing her for killing that man. We see a flashback of Spike killing the man and letting Jessica think she did it. The aftershocks ends, and Jessica says Were alive! Spike says the guy in the trunk isnt, so they have to get to work. They get out of the car, and Jessica asks what they will do with him? Spike says it is time for his scuba diving lesson. She asks why they cant bury him in the rubble? He says because they need to hide the stab wound. He says the cops are searching through the rubble now, and they needs to somehow cover the stab wounds that killed him. He says they need the body to get real messed up, and the water and fishes will do that. He says maybe a shark will eat the guy. Jessica says that is terrible and she never wanted this to happen, she never wanted him to die. Spike tells himself that he did want him to die because now she thinks she owes him and hes her slave forever. Suddenly Ethan and Theresa show up, and Theresa sees Jessica and asks what shes doing with that rug? Ethan asks why shes with this jerk, but she says dont pull the big brother routine on her. She says Spike loves her and she loves him. Theresa tells her that she looks like a hooker in that outfit. Jessica tells Ethan to stay away from her, she can have a restraining order put out on him like she did dad. Theresa is confused, and Ethan says hell fill her in later. Theresa wonders what is in the rug, and Spike says it is dead dogs they are taking to get rid of. Ethan doesnt think so as Spike is no good samaritan. Ethan wants to see what is in the rugs. Theresa says no, she doesnt want to see dead dogs, she wants to see Jane. Ethan asks Jessica to come with them, but Jessica says no. Theresa warns Ethan not to do this, he will only push Jessica away further. Ethan says this isnt over, and Spike says hes shaking with fear. Theresa tells Jessica to get rid of Spike before she does something she regrets. Jessica says like having Julians bastard son? Theresa says go home to her father. Theresa and Ethan leave, and Spike tells Jessica that she did real good with those losers. They then dump the body into the ocean. Jessica asks if it wont wash up on shore, but he says its going out with the tide. She says it is being taken out so fast, and that is weird. Spike says it must be because of the earthquake, the body is already out to sea. Jessica and Spike then hear the wave rumbling towards them. They look out to sea and realize the body is coming back to them. Jessica thinks it is his ghost and hes flying, but Spike says its on a wave, the biggest wave hes ever seen. The wave then hits them.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa are still walking, and Theresa sees all the birds fleeing like the Hitchcock movie. Ethan says he didnt think birds flew at night, aside from owls. They then hear the rumbling sound of the wave, and then it hits them.

At Maureens place, Sheridan asks Luis if he was able to find Marty, is that why hes back so soon? Luis says they have a lot to talk about, they will work through their problems. Sheridan asks once again if he found Marty? She looks over and sees Marty and realizes he is here. Marty runs to her calling out mommy! Sheridan holds Marty, and she says shell never leave him again. Luis says now they can be happy, and that is all hes ever wanted. Marty wont stop crying, and Sheridan wonders why she cant get him to stop crying. Luis walks away, and she asks where hes going? He says always remember he loves her. Luis leaves, and Sheridan wakes up . . . she was dreaming. Maureen is up now and holding Mark. She says Sheridan fell asleep and was smiling, it must have been some dream. Sheridan says it was only a dream. Maureen puts Mark to bed, and Sheridan tells Maureen how luck she is to have him. Maureen asks Sheridan if she is okay as she must have bumped her head hard. Sheridan says shes had worse. Maureen asks what she dreamed about? She says her hearts desire, but its something shell never have. Maureen thinks it was about a man, and she says never put her trust in a man as hell break her heart every time. Suddenly they hear a rumbling noise and wonder what it is.

At the warning center, one of the technicians thinks they have warned the public and saved thousands of lives. He goes home, but the other technician stays. He knows they have saved no one and says God help him and these people. The man drinks as he watches the wave reach Harmony. He wonders what hes done.

At the mansion, Katherine is screaming during the aftershocks, and Alistair tells her to stop that bawling woman! Alistair then instructs his man at the weather center not to release the warning to the public. He tells him to post a message on the website and hell delete it. Alistair says people will assume it was a server error. Katherine looks at Alistairs computer and sees the Tsunami warning. She says they have to warn people. He says no way, everyone in this town hates him so let them all die. Katherine says if he wont warn them then she will. He pulls a gun on her and says no way. He ties her up and says after these after shocks theyll create their own. She begs him to warn the town as thousands of people will be killed. He asks if she is really worried about thousands of being killed or just Martin? Alistair deletes the warning on the website and says the people in Harmony have no idea what will hit them next. Alistair opens up his secret book case to watch the devastation going on around town. Katherine tells him that he has to warn the town, but he says the weak will perish and the strong will survive, it is natural selection. Katherine asks how he can leave all those people to die? He says it is too late now as Armageddon has come to Harmony. She asks if he has ice water in his veins? Alistair says all people die, its a sad fact. They watch as the town is flooded, and Katherine asks how could he do this?


August 2, 2005

Noah and Fancy are on the beach when the wave crashes down on them. Fancy gets caught in some seaweed underwater, and Noah is unable to find her. Noah looks under water and sees Fancys gold sequin top sparkling and swims towards her. He works to get her loose from the weeds. He ends up kissing her and passing air to her so she can breath as he tries to free her somehow. Things get worse for them when a shark shows up! Something happens and Noah floats to the surface. Fancy breaks free and swims to Noah. She grabs Noah and thinks he is dead and blames herself. She says this is all her fault, he died trying to save her. She tells him to hang on and tries to pull them to safety. Fancy gets him to the beach and sees he is still alive. Noah wakes up and says Oh no! Fancy says the tide is going out and they are safe, but Noah says no another wave is coming! They look up and see a huge wave coming down on them.

Spike and Jessica are on the docks when the wave crashes down on them. Jessica screams to Spike for help and says shes drowning and cant hold on much longer. She holds onto a beam below the docks. She begs him to help her, but he refuses. He says good luck baby and abandons her! She screams You said you loved me! Jessica tries to hang on, but she loses grip on a beam and falls off. Jessica ends up washed up somewhere and is alive. She gets up on her feet and says she has to get home to dad, Noah and Kay, but then the second wave hits her.

In front of the Bennetts, Ivy, Fox, Sam and Kay are all hit by the wave. The waters begin to sweep the girls away, and Sam and Fox swim to their rescue. They get the girls and find a ladder to grab onto; its attached to a building of some sorts. Sam and Fox help the girls get up the ladder to the building roof. The tide goes down, Fox wants to go check out the devastation. Just then they hear a rumbling and Sam realizes another wave is coming and they have to secure themselves.

At the Blue Note, the water begins gushing in through the windows. The water rises in the Blue Note, and Liz says shes so scared. She asks what is going on? Julian says it is a tsunami from the earthquake. She asks how can this be happening? She becomes hysterical and Julian tells her if she wants him to save her then shut her mouth. Liz says he doesnt care about her, he only cares about Eve. Julian somehow finds a boat or something to use as a boat, and they get on it and start paddling. The water begins to recede, and Julian wants to go find Eve. Liz cant believe hed leave her bleeding to go in search of her tramp sister. Julian says he loves Eve and she is making a fool of herself. She asks what about that night, but he says it never happened and shes being emotional. Liz refuses to let Julian go anywhere. She says hes staying and making love to her just like he did that night. She then pulls him into a kiss. He pushes her away and tells her to stop it. She says he didnt say that years ago, but he thinks she is insane and that he never made love to her. Liz rants about Eve the slut, and he wonders how she could be so horrible to her own sister. Liz says her half-sister, thank God. Julian says she has taken Eves husband, her daughters and maybe even her freedom, what else does she want. Liz says Eve is still happy because she has him, so she wont be happy until she has taken him away from Eve as well. Liz says she wants to see Eve miserable and broken. As they argue about whether they did or didnt make love, the other wave heads for them.

Out on the street, Eve and TC are swept away by the wave. Eve tells TC to save himself and not worry about her, but he wont leave her. Eve is clinging to a telephone poll, and TC cant reach her because the current is too strong. TC ends up getting swept away as Eve watches. When the tide recedes some she searches for him. TC calls out to her, and Eve swims to him. Shes thrilled he is alive and she says she thought she lost him. She then plants a kiss on him. The two then swim for shelter as the other wave is headed for them.

Theresa and Ethan are on the docks when they too are hit by the wave. Theresa is swept away, and Ethan is unable to find her. He finds her as she is being washed away. He swims after her and tells her to keep her head up so he can see her. They end up in the woods, and Ethan grabs her, but they are headed straight for a tree. Theresa screams out that they are going to crash! The next we see of them they are caught up in a tree. Ethan comes to and finds Theresa next to him, but she is unconscious and wont wake up. Theresa later comes too, and she sees how high they are. He tells her not to move until he figures out what to do. Suddenly Theresa falls out of the tree to the water below.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Pilar and Martin decide to take Little Ethan to the highest point in the house. Pilar just hopes Theresa will be okay. Martin says that they have to try and get to higher ground as it is the safest place to be. 

Maureens apartment is flooded by the wave, and Sheridan searches for Mark and Maureen. Sheridan manages to find Mark and hes alive and still breathing. She then searches for Maureen. Sheridan finds Maureen and shes not breathing. Sheridan says she cant die, her little boy needs her. Sheridan performs CPR on Maureen and brings her too. She then brings Mark over to Maureen. Maureen thanks Sheridan for saving her and her little boy. Suddenly they hear the second wave coming. Sheridan says they need to get to the roof, but the wave hits before the can escape! 

At Tabithas, Tabitha and Endora watch the wave on Magic TV, and Edna wakes up and cant believe what shes seeing on the TV. She faints again, but later wakes up and thinks the Poseidon Adventure is still on TV. Tabitha says it isnt a movie it is real. Edna says oh right, a tidal wave hit Harmony. She then worries about her house and all her gin. Tabitha doubts her house is still standing, the entire town is submerged. Edna asks why arent they under water? Tabitha says because she is a witch and Edna should be happy she is here with her and the babies. They look out the window and see a shark swim by. When the water reseeds, Edna decides to go check on her house. She says shes sick and tired of evil, and she leaves. Tabitha says shell be sorry she didnt listen. Endora thinks Tabitha needs to warn her, so she does. Tabitha tries to warn her that it isnt safe, but Edna says she doesnt care what she has to say as shes had enough of this evil house. Edna says shell take her chances out here. Suddenly the wave hits Edna and she swims by the window. Tabitha waves bye bye to her as she floats by.

At the mansion, Katherine is still tied up, and she is afraid for all the people who are going to die. Alistair says she is only worried about Martin. She asks how he can live with himself, if only he had acted like a human instead of a monster, a murderer. She asks how it feels to be a murderer? To watch all those people die? He says he is in awe by the power of mother nature, it is even greater than his power. Katherine tells him that he is sick. He says hes not finished yet. He says in regards to the death and destruction, it makes him horny, it makes him want to have her right now. She spits in his face and says he is a pig. She cries out for help, but he says everyone is busy trying to save themselves right now. Later after Alistair apparently has raped her, he asks if it was as good for her as it was for him. She says never again, but he says they had a deal. She says rape wasnt a part of their deal. He says it is only rape if you resist. He asks what she thought moving in here and doing his bidding meant? He says she needs to learn that he will do what he wants with her whenever he wants. He says if she doesnt abide by their deal then he will tell Sheridan everything. Katherine says she is sorry, and she knew what their deal entailed. However she didnt like being taken like a caged animal, and she was hoping for some show of respect. He says so she wont fight him in the future? Katherine says no. She begs Alistair to treat her like a human being and untie her. He asks why should he? She says because she is asking him to be the man she knows he can be. He unties her, and says they should go up to his bedroom and so he can do exactly what he wants her to. She says he has her word that she will go with him. The minute she is free Katherine grabs a glass ashtray and then knocks Alistair out. As he lies on the floor she considers killing him, but she has to find Sheridan and Martin first. 

Katherine searches the streets for Sheridan and Martin when the next wave comes along and overtakes her. She ends up swept away, and a coffin floats by her. She ends up grabbing the coffin for safety. She climbs onto of it floats away on it, screaming the whole time.



August 3, 2005

At Tabitha's, Tabitha thinks Edna is going to be sorry she didn't listen to her and stay indoors. Outside, Edna is being swept away by the floods, and she asks God for a sign. A sign floats up that says "Goodbye! You're Now Leaving Harmony." She doesn't find this funny. She ends up getting onto of the sign and surfs out of Harmony saying "North shore here I come!"

At the community center, Fox, Kay, Ivy and Sam are on the roof. Sam hopes everyone is able to take shelter or get to the nearest red cross disaster center. The workers in the center say one of the boys is missing, a boy named Dougie. Dougie is in the water screaming for help. Fox and Sam dive in to rescue him. Unfortunately a propane tank is heading right for him and is in danger of taking the kid out. Sam swims for the kid as Fox goes to stop the tank. The tank hits Fox in the head and knocks him out. He goes underwater. Sam gets the kid, but there is no sign of Fox. Later Fox comes up, and Sam grabs him. They all swim back to the community center. Ivy hugs Sam and tells him that was very brave. Kay tells Fox that he was incredible and pulls him into a kiss.

At the Blue Note, Liz is still going on and on about how she wants Julian to make love to her. He says she is insane, he's going to go find Eve. She says he's going to make love to her like he did years ago. He says he never made love to her, but she says she can prove he did. He asks what proof she has? She says all in good time. She says first make love to her. He asks her why on God's earth does she want him to make love to her? She says so she can hold it over Eve's head of course. Liz says Julian is the last good thing Eve has left and she won't rest until she has destroyed them, even if it kills her trying. The water soon recedes and Julian says he's leaving. She says if he doesn't make love to her then she'll kill him. Julian pushes her down and says she really is mad. Liz grabs a knife and stabs Julian in the back. She tells him that he should have listened to her.

In the parking garage, Eve and TC seek shelter from the water in a car. They think they are done for, but the water soon recedes. TC then once again begins asking Eve not to marry Julian. He says he loves her still, he never stopped even though he tried to convince himself that he had. She says what difference does it make if she does or doesn't marry Julian, she's going to jail. She says he has to know that she didn't try and kill Liz or anyone. She says not that it matters, she has made a mess of all of their lies with her lies. He says he is not without guilt, he should have forgiven her but he was so consumed with his anger. He once again tells Eve that he loves her and he can see she still loves him.

Ethan and Theresa have ended up in Ethan's old tree house in the park. Ethan says nobody knew about it, it was a secret. He says Alistair built it and he used to come up here with him and Fox and spy on the people below. Theresa says spying lessons, sounds like Alistair. Theresa ends up becoming weak and Ethan sees she is bleeding from her leg. He realizes if he doesn't stop the blood then she'll die. He makes a tourniquet, but it doesn't seem to be working. She says she's so cold and tired. He tells her to hang in there and fight. She talks about how wonderful their life could have been, and how she loves him and he should have been with her. Ethan cries, kisses her forehead, and tells Theresa not to leave him.

At Maureen's, Sheridan finds Mark after the second wave hits, but Maureen is in bad shape. Maureen tells Sheridan that she is dying, death is coming for her. Sheridan says don't be silly, but Maureen knows the end is near. She makes Sheridan promise to take Mark and raise him to be a man. She makes Sheridan promise, and Sheridan eventually does. Once Sheridan promises, Maureen dies. Sheridan holds Mark and says his mommy has gone to heaven.

Noah and Fancy are washed into a building after the next wave, and it turns out they've been washed into Nancy's Bottle Shop. Nancy sells wine and gift baskets. They end up enjoying some wine and food, and Fancy feels guilty because here they are having fun when everyone else is fighting for their lives. Noah says he's sure the Cranes and Ethan their brother are safe at the mansion. Fancy asks Noah if they are somehow related? He says no, and she says that is good because she's heard the horror stories about Whitney and her other half-brother Chad. Noah asks if she is saying she'd like to be romantically involved with him? Fancy says of course not! They soon begin talking about their families. Fancy envies Noah for having a close family. He says it's not all it's cracked up to be. He talks about how he was the perfect son and was an honor student. He says when his mom left their family he just didn't come home as he was afraid of the change. He says he let his parents think he went to grad school, and he started playing poker to make the money he needed. She asks why he needed money, but he drops the conversation and asks about her family. She says the Cranes aren't her family really, aside from her grandfather she really doesn't know any of them and she doesn't think they care much about her. He says he never thought he'd feel sorry for a Crane, but Fancy tells him not to. She says she's living the American Dream after all.

On a rooftop, Simone grabs Jessica, who is in the water below. Jessica can't believe Simone is back. Simone struggles to save Jessica, and Jessica tells Simone to let her go as she'll just pull her in. Simone refuses to give up and eventually saves Jessica's life and pulls her up onto the roof. Jessica hugs Simone and thanks her for saving her life.

At the recording studio, Whitney and Chad talk about the devastation going on below them. Chad thinks he should help, but Whitney says he is keeping her and Miles safe. Chad knows Whitney loves that baby and tells her to stop kidding herself. Whitney says she's not kidding and she's doing what she has to do in order to protect them. Chad ends up professing his love to Whitney, but she says stop. HE won't, and he's tired of apologizing for loving her. He says they could be the last two people left on earth, this could be their last night alive for all they know. Chad and Whitney end up giving into their passion and kiss (eeeew!)

At Pilar's, Pilar wonders if Martin is worrying about Katherine. He claims he is only worried about his family, but secretly he is thinking about Katherine. Katherine is out in the streets riding on a coffin and screaming. She nears Martin and Pilar's house, and from the attic they see a woman outside. Martin decides he has to go try and save her, and he's stunned that it is Katherine. He hops on the coffin as well, and they end up riding the coffin right into Pilar's living room! Pilar is stunned to find out the woman is Katherine. 


August 4, 2005
At the community center, a woman gives Fox a blanket and tells him that hes a true hero and that Kay must be proud of her husband. Fox looks at Kay and says husband? Kay is as shocked as him, and says that woman must be crazy to think she is his husband. He says it must be because of the way she kissed him. She says no he kissed her, but he says no she kissed him. They argue about who kissed who. Fox says it is nothing to be ashamed of, they just got caught up in the moment. Kay says maybe she did get caught up in the excitement it all. Fox says apology accepted, but she says she didnt apologize. He says she did, and they argue about that. Fox thinks she liked the kiss, and she says he is the one who liked it. They then argue about how the other was more into the kiss. They keep arguing about anything and everything until they kiss one another again. Kay wonders what they are doing? He asks if she wants to stop? She says no. Off come the clothes and they make love (arent there kids nearby?) Later some rescue workers show up looking for Sams daughter. They call out to Kay. She and Fox show up, fully dressed, and they both apparently stayed behind after her dad and the others left. The rescue workers want to get them to safety in case another quake or wave hits. 

At the Blue Note, Liz cant believe she stabbed Julian. He collapses, and she tells him that he should have listened to her. She says he ruined her life so she is taking his. She says this is justice, true justice. She says she has waited years for justice and she wont miss a single moment. She says shes going to sit right here and watch him die.

In the car, TC tells Eve that he is serious. She says she can see he is. He says he knows they are divorced, but he thinks they have a future together. She asks where this is coming from? He says maybe from her engagement, maybe from this earthquake and tsunami. He says he has just realized how he really feels about her. He says he has never stopped loving her and she has always been in his heart. He begs her to tell him that there is a chance for them. He asks if she still has feelings for him? She says hes the father of his children, of course she has feelings for him. He says no, are you still in love with me? She doesnt understand, he was so angry and he wanted the divorce. He says he knows, but he needs to know if they can be together again. Eves cell phone rings but he doesnt want her to answer. She says she has to as she is a doctor, someone could need help. She also says it could be about Whitney. She answers, but nobody is on the other end. Eve says they need to go, but he says where to?

Eve and TC arrive at the Blue Note, and Eve hears someone moaning. She ends up finding Julian on the ground, Liz is no where to be found. She quickly runs to him, hes alive but his pulse is weak. She sees the ice pick in his back and asks how this happened? She says someone did this to him. She asks TC for towels, she needs to get the ice pick out of him and stop the bleeding. Julian moans to Eve, and she says hell be okay. He says he tried to call her. She says she knows, she got his call. Eve asks who did this to him? TC returns and sees Eve tending to Julian and promising to take care of him. Later, they heard some banging from the closet. TC goes to investigate and finds Liz in the closet. Liz is putting on some catatonic act and saying nothing. Eve asks Liz if she stabbed Julian? Liz says she did it. Liz says she had to do it and that Julian attacked her. Eve doesnt believe her, and Liz says he did it. Liz says Julian wanted to have sex with her, he kept saying he wanted her and he knew she wanted him. Eve says she is a liar, and Julian says it is a lie. Liz says she had to stab him. Eve tells TC that Liz is hysterical, but TC asks why would she lie? TC says he should rip Julians head off. Eve says it is a lie, but TC doesnt think Liz would stab Julian for no reason. Liz says Eve doesnt want to believe her because she wants her dead, after all she did poison her. Eve says she didnt do that, but Liz says theyll see how her trial comes out. Liz says she wants Julian to go to jail with Eve. TC says he will. Eve tells TC to think about this, if she had to stab Julian to defend herself then shed have to stabbed him in the front, not the back. Eve thinks Liz snuck up on Julian and stabbed him for some reason. 

At the recording studio, Whitney and Chad get down to making love. Afterwards they profess their love to one another and how they never want to lose one another again. Whitney tells him that shes missed him so much, more than hell ever know. Later Chad pours the wine and toasts to them. Whitney begins to realize what she has done. Chad tells her that they were meant to be together, they are soul mates. Chad says he never wants to lose her again. Whitney tells Chad What have we done? She says this is wrong, really wrong. He says it isnt, but she says what they did was evil and they will go to hell for this. 

At the tree house in the park, Ethan begs Theresa to stay with him. He says she has to stay strong for Little Ethan and for Jane. He says she is a fighter, she is strong. He says stay with him and stay strong. He says he loves her because she is a fighter. Ethan says he knows she can hear him, and they all need her so much. He says they were supposed to watch their little girl grow up, she needs her mother for things like college and dances and getting married. Ethan says he needs her too and not to leave him, not to leave them. A boat horn blows and the rescue team shows up. Ethan yells to them for help and says a woman is with him and she is injured. They say they will come and get them. Ethan explains she has lost a lot of blood, and the rescue man says Ethan saved her life with the tourniquet. He says theyll get her to the hospital. Ethan says he needs to get back to his wife and daughter, but he wants to be updated on how shes doing. Theresa comes to and begs Ethan to go to the hospital with her. Ethan is torn, so he asks the rescuers how the Crane mansion is. They say they dont know about earthquake damage, but the waves didnt hit it. Ethan agrees to go with Theresa to the hospital, and she thanks him.

At Maureens, Sheridan puts a blanket around Mark and says they will get out of here and find a nice warm place. Sheridan realizes she has to find a way to save his life and hers. She doesnt know what to do, and she says she cant leave Maureen here. She wonders what shell do. Suddenly the building begins to collapse. They survive, but Sheridan realizes they have to get out of here somehow. She looks down to the street which is flowing like a river. She says its no safer down there, and she wonders what they will do. Sheridan tells Maureens body that shes sorry to leave her here, but she will take care of Mark. She says shes so sorry and to rest in peace. She covers Maureen up and then heads out with Mark. Suddenly they are hit by another wave. Sheridan loses Mark, but fortunately a man finds him and gives him back to Sheridan. She asks if the whole town is like this, and he says this side of town is bad but the eastern part is okay. He thinks she should stay and wait for help, but she says they dont know if help is coming and she has to get this boy to safety.

At Pilars house, Pilar thinks Katherine will stop at nothing to get to her husband. Katherine says she didnt know she was at their house, and this was not deliberate. Martin says of course not, Katherine wouldnt risk her life to get here just to see him. Katherine swears she didnt intend to come here, she was trying to find Sheridan when the wave came down on her. She says she ended up grabbing the first thing she could, which was the coffin, and it floated here. Pilar wonders where it came from, but Katherine doesnt know. Pilar wonders what poor soul is inside of it. Martin says theyll find out later. Katherine says she needs to go find Sheridan. Martin says it isnt safe out there, but she says shell be okay. Katherine is about to leave when Pilar tells her no, she cant go out there. She tells Katherine to stay here, it is too dangerous. Katherine asks if she is sure, and Pilar says they must put their personal feelings aside and do what God would want them to do. Katherine thanks her, and Martin says she is a good woman. Pilar just hopes shes not a fool as well. Pilar leaves to get them both some dry clothes. Martin goes off to change, and Pilar helps Katherine. Katherine has bruises and she claims they are from the Tsunami. Pilar says no this looks like someone beat her. Katherine says it isnt like that. Pilar says she remembers how Alistair treated her, and she knows Alistair did this. Katherine says she is okay, but Pilar says she isnt. Pilar realizes Alistair raped her, and Katherine cries he did. Pilar comforts Katherine. Pilar asks why she is staying with him? Katherine says Pilar knows the truth about Rachel, and she is doing this to keep the truth from Sheridan. Katherine says Alistair is threatening to reveal everything to Sheridan. Katherine says no matter what Alistair does to her physically, he cant have her soul. She says this gives her strength as she must keep surviving for Sheridans sake. She also says if it was Pilars daughter he was threatening then shed do the same thing. Pilar says she wanted Katherine to be punished, but she never wanted this to happen. Pilar wants to tell Martin, but Katherine says no as hell want to kill Alistair. She says Martins place is here with her. Pilar says she is right for Martins sake that it is best he doesnt know. Martin returns and asks what is it that they dont want him to know? Pilar says they were talking about Sheridan and he misunderstood, they were talking about how Sheridan cant know the truth about Rachel. Martin says he agrees. Suddenly Sheridan walks in with Mark. They ask who the boy is, and Sheridan says he is Mark and she promised his dying mother shed take care of him. They are just glad she managed to get here and that she will be safe now. Pilar goes to get them some dry clothes, and she takes Mark to change him into something of Little Ethans. Sheridan asks her mom why she is here? Katherine says she was out looking for her when the wave hit, and she ended up here on the coffin. Sheridan asks where it came from? They dont know, but Katherine says it saved her life. Sheridan wonders who is inside. The camera pans to the casket, there is a plaque on the side that says Rachel Barrett, Betrothed of Alistair Crane 


August 5, 2005
At the studio , Whitney thinks they are going to burn in hell for what they have done. Chad says God wont punish them for loving one another. Whitney says hes wrong, they live with their punishment every day. She says God is punishing them through Miles. He asks what she means? She says well he is always sick, but Chad says that happens and it isnt God punishing them. Whitney thinks it is and begs Chad to stop Miles from crying. Chad says he has colic, there is nothing he can do. She says he has colic because of what they did. Chad says that has nothing to do with it, lots of babies get colic. Whitney wonders why she did this again, she has to learn from her mistakes. She thinks she is pathetic, they made love again without protection. Chad says that was irresponsible, but Whitney says they did it again. She says she cant have another sick baby. Chad asks what is with all this again stuff, what is she talking about? Whitney says she cant go through it again, but he asks what she means? She says forget it, but he wont drop it. He says she is upset. She says she is scared they made the same mistake again. Whitney asks Chad to promise not to tell anyone what shes about to tell him. He swears on Miles life. Whitney tells Chad that Miles is not Foxs child, he is his son! 

At the Blue Note, Eve wants Liz to explain how she stabbed Julian in the back defending herself. She makes up some lame story about how he cam at her, she dodged him and he fell forward. She says she stabbed him in the back before he could turn around. Julian says she is lying. Liz tells TC that she has never lied to him and he believes her doesnt he? Eve and Liz argue over who is lying here, Eve defending Julian. Eve thinks Julian would never force himself on Liz as he knows she is a liar and probably couldnt stand to be in the same room with her. Eve thinks Liz through herself at Julian like the whore she is, but Julian could see right through her unlike TC. Liz begs TC not to believe her, but TC says Eve has a point, if she was defending herself then why was she hiding in the closet? Liz says she was hiding from Julian, she couldnt go out into the street with all the water and she had to get away from him. She says Julian was crazed with lust. Julian says it is a lie, Liz threw herself at him. Eve says there, see TC, Liz is the one lying. TC unfortunately believes Liz and thinks Julian is a jerk like his father. He says rape is about power and anger, not love and lust. TC remembers when Julian came onto Whitney in the elevator, but Julian says that is a lie as he never came onto Whitney or Liz. Eve doesnt know why Julian would even bother with someone as disgusting as Liz. Liz says it is simple, Eve isnt the only one with a past with Julian. Julian says shes making this up, dont listen to her. Liz says she met Julian years ago when she came to Boston to find her sister Eve. Liz says she was looking to try and convince Eve to come back, and that is when she met Julian. Liz says Julian took advantage of her and seduced her! 

On a rooftop, Jessica thanks Simone for saving her. Simone says Kay never would have forgiven her, and aside from Kay the two of them have been close. Jessica thanks her for being here for her. She then asks why she isnt in California? Simone says everyone thinks that she is there, but the truth is she never left Harmony. Jessica asks why lie? She asks Simone what shes hiding? She says nothing, and theyll talk about it later. Jessica pushes, but Simone says it is personal. Jessica asks if this is about a guy. She says yes and no, its complicated and shell tell her about it someday. Jessica says it? Simone says her situation. Jessica says she wont push and understands, she wasnt ready to talk to her dad about her new guy Spike either. Simone says Spike? Simone then looks at Jessica and asks why shes dressed like that? Jessica says her clothes got ripped. Simone says she knows what she means, she was out with Spike wasnt she? Jessica says yes, she was out helping Spike. Simone says Spike doesnt need help, but Jessica says he does now. She tells Simone that Noah is back and he torched Spikes club all in the name of protecting her. She says Spike was going to have to move to Alaska to get money to rebuild it, and she didnt want him to leave. Jessica says she is helping Spike earn money by hooking. Simone cant believe this, says she hates men, and asks how could Spike do this to her? Jessica says she offered to do this for him, but when it came time to do it she couldnt go through with it. Simone says shes not as worldly as Kay, Whitney or Theresa, but she knows that Jessica doesnt need to lower herself to Spikes level, and Spike letting her do this is beyond low. Jessica talks about how she loves Spike and Spike loves her, and Spike trusts her enough to let her have sex with other men. Simone says Spike loves controlling her and this isnt love, it is sick and twisted. Jessica says he does love her, and she talks about how Spike tried to save her during the flood but he got carried away. Simone asks if Spike drowned? Jessica doesnt know, he could be dead or still alive. Simone says she hopes hes dead. Jessica tells Simone not to say that. Jessica asks what Spike ever did to her? Simone says Spike hurt her, he turned her into a hooker. Jessica says she offered to do this and she is fine. Simone says what if a John goes crazy and tries to kill her, it is possible. Jessica thinks about the guy attacking her and her stabbing him and thinking he died because of her. Simone says Jessica has an odd look on her face, has something happened? Jessica says no, so Simone asks why shes on edge. Jessica says maybe because they had two disasters in one night? Simone says that could do it. Jessica wants to go look for Spike. She thinks Spike must be worried about her, if hes still alive, and that she loves him so much. Simone asks what about her family? Jessica says Spike is her family now, and maybe she can save him if it is too late. Spike then shows up and tells Jessica that hes been looking everywhere for her! He grabs her and pulls her away from Simone.

At the mansion, Rebecca and Gwen look at the floods below them and the helicopters outside. Rebecca is glad it is almost all over as all the noise is making her a nervous wreck. Gwen says Harmony was almost destroyed tonight. Rebecca says natural disasters are the way God cleans the great unwashed. She then asks if Ethan is back, but Gwen says no and shes worried about him with all this destruction going on. Rebecca is positive that Ethan is out there with Theresa right now. Rebecca says Theresa will use this disaster to her advantage. Gwen asks how? Rebecca doesnt know, but says some way, some how she has. Gwen tries to call Ethan, but the cell phones are out. Rebecca continues to insist Ethan is with Theresa. Gwen says he isnt, and shell prove it. She says shell go find him. Rebecca says she cant do that as she is safe here. Gwen says shell be fine. Rebecca says she cant leave now, gangs of sex starved men are out there looking for female companionship as they speak. Rebecca says she doesnt want to miss out of that and says shes coming with her as soon as she fixes her makeup. They end up in a boat and Gwen is rowing while Rebecca, wearing a ships captain hat, yells Stroke Stroke Stroke! Gwen asks her mom for some help. She says she is too heartbroken over Julian leaving her to help row. Gwen says her mom can at least look out for Ethan. She says there is no use looking until they get to Pilars as that is where he is. Gwen doubts he is there. Rebecca says if he isnt then shell row them all over town looking for him. Gwen says deal. As the row, Rebecca looks at all the poor dirty people, and she yells at one of them not to touch her dingy.

Ethan and Theresa are in a boat on the way to the hospital. She thanks him for coming with her, and he says hell be with her as long as she needs him to. They sale along and Ethan cant believe the destruction. The guardsmen say as bad as it is there havent been any deaths yet. Theresa is in pain, and Ethan says theyll be at the hospital soon. She says shell be okay as long as he is with her,. 

Ethan and Theresa arrive at the hospital, and a nurse checks on Theresa. She says Theresa is doing well, and Ethan saved her life. The nurse says assuming there is no nerve or muscle damage shell be just fine. They are given a number and will be treated, shes patient 64. Ethan feels Gwen has to be worried about him by now, but Theresa asks him not to leave her here alone. She asks him to please stay with her. She doesnt want to be alone, what if the staff forgets her. Ethan says he has to get home, Gwen could freak out and might come looking for him. Theresa says he has to stay because he loves her. She grabs his hand and wont let go. She says she needs him more than Gwen and top stay with her. He says he will, but he has cant stay all night as he needs to get back to Gwen.

Tabitha and Endora are watching magic TV to see whats going on in Harmony. Tabitha is glad that Theresa is alive so shell continue to bring heartache to the people in Harmony. The friends in the basement cheer when they hear this. Tabitha cant believe she and Endora did this and thinks they need to be more careful in the future or they could destroy the whole planet. She knows they enjoy making mortals suffer, but tonight may have been too much. Tabitha says she cant keep track of everything going on, and in the future they should limit themselves to one disaster at a time. Tabitha then watches Sheridan with Mark and thinks they dont need Dr. Phil to explain what is going on here. She also knows someone will come crawling out of the woodworks to complicate things for Sheridan. She says Sheridans life has always been a disaster since she was a little girl. Tabitha then sees the coffin in the house. Tabitha wonders who is inside, and she zooms in to see it is Rachels coffin. Tabitha says if they learn who is in the coffin then the fallout will have far reaching consequences. Tabitha says soon more secrets will be revealed and Harmony will be rocked to its core.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin, Katherine and Sheridan wonder who the coffin belongs to. They dont see the plaque indicating it is Rachels coffin. Martin suggests they not dwell on this other familys misfortune. Katherine says it is strange but she feels a connection with who is in the coffin, perhaps because the coffin saved her life. Pilar shows up, and she thinks Mark looks so much like Marty. Sheridan says she knows, and she thought he was Marty at first. Sheridan plans to keep Mark and raise her as she promised Maureen. Katherine and Pilar says she cant just keep the boy, she has to go through proper channels. Sheridan says she knows and after this whole disaster is over shell call childrens services. Katherine says what she is doing is honorable, but what if there are other family members out there who want Mark? Sheridan says Maureen said she was all alone, and she wanted her to take care of Mark. Katherine says she doesnt want her to get attached to Mark, and Pilar agrees. Sheridan says Maureen was alone, no information in her purse said anything to the contrary, so shes keeping Mark. Sheridan says it is that simple. They say they arent trying to take Mark from her, she just needs to do this the right way. Sheridan says she will. Pilar says no need to get upset, and she offers to put Mark down in Little Ethans room. Sheridan agrees, so Pilar takes the boy. Later. Martin suggests they move the coffin before Little Ethan sees it. Katherine says he cant move it himself, but he says hell try. Katherine suggests they cover it, but Martin is afraid Little Ethan will get curios and peek. As Martin tries to move it, the top jars open. Sheridan goes to look, but Katherine says no as it could start her nightmares again. Suddenly the corpse sits straight up, and Sheridan screams.

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