August 8, 2005

On the rooftop, Spike has found Jessica with Simone. Hes angry that she didnt come looking for him. She says she was worried about him, but the water was so high before. She says she was just getting ready to go look for him. Spike rambles and moans about how he was stuck in the water while she was safe and dry here Simone says it sounds like he is blaming Jessica for him almost drowning. Jessica says Simone didnt mean any disrespect. Simone says she doesnt need Jessica to defend her to this scum, and for Spike to take his filthy hand off her friend (hes grabbing Jessica at this point). Spike asks what shes going to do, call him names and make him cry? She says she could go off on his sorry butt. Spike says a mouse is scarier than her. Spike tells Jessica that they have business to attend to, many men will be needing stress relief after tonight. Simone wont let Jessica go, and ends up grabbing a pipe and clobbering Spike over the head. He passes out, and Simone tries to drag Jessica off. Jessica refuses to leave Spike though. Simone tells her to forget about that jerk, he used her in the worst way a man can use a woman, he turned her into a hooker. Spike comes too and begins attacking Simone. He says it is time for her to die and calls her a meddling bitch. Jessica screams at Spike to stop this as he strangles Simone. He eventually stops strangling Simone and drags Jessica off with him. Jessica yells out that shes so sorry to Simone as shes being drug off.

At the Blue Note, Liz continues to claim Julian seduced her long ago in Boston. Eve doesnt believe her, but TC does. Eve asks Julian to tell them this isnt true. Julian says he honestly doesnt remember if it is true or not. Eve says that is because shes lying, but Liz swears on her love for TC that Julian had his way with her. TC believes Liz, and she thanks him. Liz says she went to Boston to find Eve and get her to come home and help her stand up to her abusive father. Liz says Eve was just too high and in love with Julian to be bothered with her, she was going to be a star. She says she went to the Blue Note to see her, but she found Julian instead. She says Julian promised to take her to Eve, but instead he took her to an apartment, got her drunk and had his way with her. Eve doesnt believe her, but TC does and wants to make Julian pay. Liz is glad TC believes her and says Julian attacked her tonight like he needed her virtue to save his own life. Eve cant believe Liz could say that with a straight face. Eve believes Julian, and Julian just wishes he could remember if what Liz said was true about that night. Eve says Liz has lied since she got to Harmony, so this is just another one of her lies. Julian thanks her for believing in him. Eve then remembers TC professing his love to her earlier, and she seems to be torn between TC and Julian. TC says hell go see if the water has died down, and Eve says yes as Julian needs to get to the hospital after being stabbed in the back. TC tells Liz not to involve the police in this, but she says Julian attacked her. He says she stabbed him in the back, and if the police dont believe her then shell be up being tried for attempted murder like Eve. Liz says she is innocent, and Eve says so is she. Julian says it all is a lie, and he wont rest until he is certain they have a past or not. 

Tabitha and Endora continue to watch Magic TV, and she watches Chad and Whitney talking about the baby. Tabitha hopes Chad doesnt kill her as it is better if she lives to suffer the misfortune of the incest. They flick channels, and Tabitha thinks this is better then when Hecuba took out Pompeii. She keeps flicking channels and tunes into Pilars house. Later Tabitha talks to the friends in the basement about how pleased they must be with the dark side double hitter that has ravaged harmony. They blow confetti out at them, and Tabitha assures them that theyll keep up the good-bad work. Later they watch more Magic TV where they see Ethan with Theresa at the hospital as Gwen and Rebecca arrive. Tabitha says get ready for another aftershock.

At the studio, Whitney tells Chad that he is Miles father. He asks how long she has known? She says since before they found out the truth about them. Whitney says she only lied to protect Miles, she couldnt have everyone knowing that Miles was a baby of incest. She says that is why she lied, and why she couldnt marry Fox and let him live a lie. She says then she tried to put Miles up for adoption, but Chad adopted him. She says now that theyve made love again she couldnt let history repeat itself. She says she doesnt blame him for hating her and she deserves to die for this. She says she lied to him, she lied to Fox, she cheated Fox out of a marriage and child, she brought a sick baby into this world, and still she made love to Chad again. She grabs a knife and tells Chad to just kill her and get it over with. Chad says she did lie over and over. He grabs the knife and hugs Whitney. She tells him to do it, put her out of her misery. He drops the knife, and she breaks down into tears. Chad tells Whitney that she is his sister and he loves her. Whitney says that is just it, he cant love her because she is his sister. She says she had their baby, a freak sick little baby. Chad says hes not a freak. They begin arguing about Miles, and how Whitney wants him to never know the truth. Chad says now it all makes sense, everything she has done was to protect them. Whitney says she loves them both and didnt want to hurt them. Chad says no wonder she started drinking the way she did. Whitney says she feels better now that he knows the truth, and now they can put this behind them and move on. Chad doesnt want to put it behind them, he loves them both and is happy about it. He wants them to be a family together as they were meant to be, but Whitney says they cant!

Gwen and Rebecca row row row their boat to Pilars house. At Pilars house, we see a replay of Martin dropping the coffin and Rachel popping out of it like a Jack-in-the-Box. Just then Gwen and Rebecca walk in, and Rebecca asks who the stiff is? Katherine says it is Rachel, her sister. Sheridan asks how she knows, and Katherine says she recognizes the jewels and the outfit that she was buried in. Rebecca hears jewels and says it seems such a waste to have such bling buried six feet under. Rebecca asks if she could (as her hand reaches for the necklace) . . . Gwen says mother! Sheridan looks at the coffin and finds the plaque on it with Rachels name. Sheridan becomes memorized by the corpse, and Katherine realizes they have to do something to stop Sheridan from remembering the truth. Sheridan says her features are similar to her mothers, and she could swear she had met her before. Katherine says dont be silly, she was dead long before Sheridan was born. Sheridan reaches out to touch the corpse, but Katherine stops her. She says the corpse could have bacteria growing all over it from decomposing and she might get sick. Rebecca says corpse cooties, ew! Rebecca suggests hey put a sombrero on the corpse and shell fit in. Gwen asks if there is anyway to get her back in the coffin, but Martin doesnt think so without damaging her. Rebecca says shes dead, she wont feel broken bones. Katherine says this is her sister! Martin decides to calls a funeral home for help, but the phones are still out. Rebecca says you cant leave her like this. Pilar throws a blanket over Rachel, and Rebecca says only in Harmony. Sheridan thinks this is all so haunting, and Katherine wonders what the odds are that Rachels coffin saved her life. Rebecca remembers why they are here, to find Ethan and Theresa. Pilar says neither are here, and Theresa went to find Jane at the mansion. Pilar worries that Theresa didnt make it. Rebecca says Ethan went out to help people. Rebecca says this proves Ethan is with Theresa making it somewhere. Rebecca says first theyll go to the hospital and if they arent there to the police station where all the men must be bursting at their seems. Gwen reminds her mother of their bet, and that it is time for her to row. They leave, and Martin decides to try and move the coffin again. Sheridan goes to help him, but when she touches the coffin she is hit with her nightmares. She sees herself as a child stabbing Rachel. Sheridan looks down at her hands and sees blood all over them. She cries my hands! Martin and Katherine ask what is wrong, what about her hands? She soon snaps out of it, and she recalls to everyone what she saw. Katherine realizes Sheridan is remembering the truth. Katherine tells Martin that they have to get rid of this coffin now. The phone rings, and Pilar realizes the phones are working again. Luis calls, and Sheridan asks if he found Marty. Luis hasnt, but says he is closing in on them. Luis says he was calling about the earthquake and tsunami. Pilar says they were all spared, and Paloma is at a friends house. She says Jane is fine, but she doesnt know about Maria yet. Pilar says she is also sure Theresa is okay. Pilar says the whole town has been destroyed, and she wishes they had a warning about the Tsunami. Luis finds it odd that there was no warning. He wishes he was there to help but he has to keep looking for Beth and Marty. Pilar tries to get Sheridan to speak to Luis, but she refuses. Luis tells his mother that he loves her and will be home soon. 

Gwen and Rebecca head out in the boat, and Rebecca is terrible at rowing. Gwen is forced to help her mother row so that can get anywhere. Two rescuers show up, sans shirts, and they offer to give them a lift. The women say they are heading to the hospital. The men are unfortunately headed out to sea and cant take them to the hospital. They say they are near the hospital though, its just around the bend. They head off, and Rebecca dams Theresa for ruining her rendezvous with the hunks.

At the hospital, Ethan promises to stay with Theresa. She thanks him and says she loves him very much. He says he loves her too and kisses her forehead. Theresa soon falls asleep, and Ethan asks the nurse how much longer before a doctor will see his friend? The nurse says shes not sure, there are many people injured. The nurse talks about how shes just glad so many people listened at the red cross emergency meeting Sam held last year as many people were prepared. She says if the tsunami warning had gone out so many people would have been spared, and that man at the weather center must hate himself for not issuing a warning. Ethan just assumed he didnt hear the warning, and it had to have been given as no one could be that hateful. On cue, Alistair walks in. Later, a nurse tells Ethan that a doctor has repaired Theresas artery and she is now on pain medication. She is drowsy, but awake. The nurse says when they find space for her soon they will get her situated. Ethan goes to Theresa and says the good news is she is going to be okay. Theresa says she knows, and she thanks Ethan for staying with her. He said for a time he was unsure if she would make it, but she says she had to for Little Ethan, Jane, and for him. He says lets not go there now. Theresa says she knows he loves her and one day they will be together. Ethan says he wont lie to her, he does love her but he wont leave Gwen. Theresa says she doesnt want to argue now, and shes very tired. He says dont fight it, just go to sleep. Theresa thinks when she wakes up they will be together, but he says no. He says they have to keep their loved in locked in their hearts. She says their love is too strong to be bottled up, it will burst out and overflow. Ethan tells her that maybe in another time and place their love could have been, but here and now she needs to stay away from Alistair. A lurking Alistair hears this and ducks around a corner. Rebecca and Gwen show up and find Ethan standing there. Ethan backs away from Theresa, and he tells Gwen he tried to call but the phones were out. He says he was out helping people like he said. Rebecca says so it is just a coincidence he was helping Theresa? Rebecca points out Theresa to Gwen. Gwen says you have to be kidding me? Ethan says she was gravely injured and he brought her here for help. Rebecca says so you risked your life for that little bitch? Gwen asks if he came to see her, and he says no. He says he found her outside when the Tsunamis hit, she was on her way to the mansion. Rebecca says well she is fine now, and she has a dingy outside so they should go. Ethan says okay and Ethan leaves with them. Theresa watches them leave. Alistair shows up and tells her not to be upset, she doesnt need Ethan now that hes here to take care of her. 


August 9, 2005

Fancy is dreaming about being on a beach with Noah and drying next to a fire. As she dreams about kissing Noah by the fire, she smiles. She calls out Noah dont stop! Noah, who is awake, hears this and says he wont if she doesnt want him to. She wakes up and learns Noah was eavesdropping on her. He says it is hard to eavesdrop on someone whispering sweet nothings in their sleep. Noah says she liked him a lot in her dream. Fancy doesnt know what he thinks he heard her say. He says she said Ohhhh Noah! Ohhhh Noah! She says he is a liar, he is making this up as she finds him unappealing in every way. She knows she wouldnt waste a minutes time thinking about him. He says whatever you say. He stands up and takes off his shirt. She asks what hes doing. He was hes tired of these damp clothes and wants to go look for some dry things. He throws her shirt at her and says he knows shell miss him but hell be back shortly. He spies on her as she smells his shirt. She sees him catch her do this, so she throws the shirt at him and says you! They soon begin to argue, and Noah points out that he saved her life again and found her food and shelter. She also says and wine so he could take advantage of her. She says shes out of here, but he says no shes not. He grabs her and says it is too dangerous for anyone to go out there on their own. She says like he cares if she dies and for him to drop dead. He doesnt know why he gives a damn about her when she uses him as a human punching bag. Fancy says they are like oil and water, they dont mix and havent since they first met. Noah brings up Vegas and how she came onto him so relentlessly that he thought she was a hooker. She says how dare you! Noah says he doesnt want to be around her anymore than she wants to be with him. They soon arguing about which one of them wants the other. Fancy eventually tells him to shut up, so he does. She asks what hes thinking about. He says a girl he used to know, the love of his life. She asks who that was, and he says none of her business. She says she is leaving, but he tells her it is too dangerous. She says he just doesnt want her to go, and he admits that he doesnt. She says she knew she was under his skin. He suggests a truce, and they shake. He then says they should go find some breakfast.

At the Bennett house, Ivy is helping Sam clean up. Sam says she doesnt have to help, but she says she has to keep busy until she hears about Fancy. Fox shows up and says he couldnt sleep and thought he could be more help here, and by the looks of it he was right. Fox asks about Jessica, but Sam doesnt know where she is. He asks about Kay, and Sam says is over at Tabithas with Maria. Later Sam talks to Ivy about how he should be down at the police station helping, or at least trying to find his daughter. Ivy says maybe Alistair will come to his senses and rehire him, but Fox says dont count on that. Fox says maybe they got lucky and he died, but Ivy says dont count on that. Fox wonders how it is that the meanest people always live the longest. Sam says he cant wait for Alistair to die, he needs his job back now. He goes off to do something about it. Meanwhile, Ivy realizes Fox is thinking about Kay. She asks just how close he and Kay got? Fox smiles and says they are just friends. Ivy asks if that is all, and Fox says yeah. He asks what she wants him to say? She says the truth. He says the truth is that she doesnt like her very much. Ivy says not true, she just thought Kay always had a bit of a selfish streak. Fox says dont we all. Fox says she has a good head on her shoulders, she takes care of her baby and is going to school. Ivy says speaking of Maria, if Miguel still supporting Maria? Fox doesnt know. She says anyone who gets involved with Kay gets involved with Maria. Fox says he knows. Ivy points out Kay was very involved with Miguel before he left, and if Miguel came back shed dump Fox in a heartbeat for Miguel. She says it is similar to Whitney and Chad and how Whitney couldnt get over Chad to be with him. She says she doesnt want to see Fox get his heart broken again. Fox says Kay has changed, but Ivy warns him that if he gets involved with Kay he will get his heart broken. Fox says relax, neither one of them are ready for something big like a relationship. Ivy says that is a relief. She heads off to help Sam, and Fox looks out the window at Tabithas. Over there, Kay looks back at him.

At Tabithas place, Kay scolds Tabitha and Endora for causing this disaster. Tabitha says it was an accident, and she and Endora will be more careful not to cross their beams in the future. Tabitha tells Kay to stop complaining as she knows Kay had a good time last night with Fox. She tells Kay not to deny it, she saw the two of them creating their own tsunami. Kay cant believe Tabitha was spying on them. Kay says shes tired of Tabithas bowl and dumps it onto the floor. Tabitha tells her temper temper young lady! Tabitha soon realizes things are getting serious and this is the first young man Kays liked since Miguel. Kay says shes not having this conversation. Tabitha says fine then clean up this water. Kay asks why, they can twitch their noses and clean it up in a second. Endora conjures up and mop and bucket to clean it up. Kay cant believe shes living with them, but Tabitha says she loves it. Tabitha then tells Endora not to help Kay as she can clean up her own mess. Endora then causes the bucket to float up and dump water all over Kay. Tabitha laughs and says if Fox could see her now. Kay dries off and tells Tabitha to keep her baby imp away from her. Tabitha says she is sorry, but she and Fox were the best show last night even if it was X-rated. She does want to know what happened to her love for Miguel? Kay says shell never be over Miguel, but they both know Miguel never loved her back. Tabitha says yes, and that is why he went after Charity. Kay says it isnt a crime to be lonely. Tabitha says she knows that, she may be old but she isnt dead. She also says Fox was very nice to her last night. Kay says he was, and it felt so natural and like they were meant to be together. Tabitha says yes it might seem that way, but two words can spell disaster for her, Ivy Crane. Tabitha says if you get tangled up with Fox then you get tangled up with his mother too. Kay admits she forgot about Ivy, and she says she and Fox are just friends. Tabitha reminds Kay what Ivy has on her. Kay says Ivy is the one who hired David to break up her family. Tabitha says yes but she knew that and did nothing, so remember that next time she feels like getting friendly with Fox. Tabitha warns her is she gets involved with Fox then she gets involved with Ivy. Kay insists they are just friends, but Tabitha knows what she saw. Kay looks out the window and over at Fox.

At the hospital, Theresa wakes up in pain as a nurse is taking her blood pressure. Theresa wants to leave and go see her children. The nurse says she can leave today, but she needs to take it quiet for a few days. She says shell call her mom to come get her, but the nurse says the streets are still flooded. She asks how she will get home? The nurse says someone has come for her. She thinks it is Ethan, but it is Alistair. She says that is nice of him but . . . He says no butts, he has his driver and car waiting. Alistair assures her that Jane and Little Ethan are fine, as is her family. Alistair wonders if she is ready to resume their date, but she says she is not ready for that as she is in serious pain and wants to get to her son. He says no rush, he will take her back to her mothers house to check on everything. She isnt sure, so he says if she wants what she says she wants then accepts his generosity. He asks if she has changed her mind? She says she hasnt changed her mind and shell accept his offer.

At the Lopez Fitzgerald house, Katherine sees Sheridan and Mark sleeping on the couch. She just hopes Sheridan can keep him as she cant stand to see her lose another child. Pilar and Martin show up, and then there is a knock at the door. Ethan and Gwen show up to make sure they all have food and water. They hope they havent woken them as everyone is in their PJs. Pilar says they are all awake except for Sheridan. Sheridan and Mark then wake up. Little Ethan then runs out and wonders if his mom is here. Pilar tells him not yet. Little Ethan sees the coffin, asks what it is, and pulls the cover off of it. Martin grabs him as he screams, and Sheridan covers Marks eyes. Ethan says What the hell? Pilar tells Little Ethan that it is an early Halloween decoration, and she takes him out of the room. Martin wanted to get her out of her, and Katherine says at least they got her to lie flat again. Ethan asks what this is doing here? Katherine explains it is her sister Rachel, and she explains how the coffin saved her life during the floods. Gwen and Ethan go in and meet Mark. Gwen asks Sheridan how the little guy got here, and Sheridan gives them the quick recap. Later Ethan talks with Katherine, Martin and Pilar about how it wont be that easy for Sheridan to keep Mark, they will have to look for blood relatives first before giving him to a total stranger. Later Theresa shows up with Alistair, and they are glad to see her. Theresa says she is alive thanks to Ethan, he saved her life. She also says Alistair was kind enough to bring her here to check on them. Theresa asks about Jane, and Gwen says she is fine. Pilar thanks Alistair for brining her here, but Martin says hes not welcomed here so he should leave. Alistair says he is welcomed, he is Theresas guest. Pilar says Theresa needs to rest, shes not up for company. Theresa says Alistair is welcomed here, she invited him. Ethan ends up asking everyone to excuse him and Theresa, and he asks Theresa if she is crazy to go back to Alistair again? She says it isnt crazy, Alistair is the one person who can help her get Jane back. She says if Ethan doesnt like it then give her Jane back. He says he cant, he has custody. She says temporary custody. Ethan tells her what Alistair expects out of this arrangement, he expects sex. Theresa says she knows what Alistair wants, shes not stupid. He asks if she is going to seriously sleep with Alistair? She says she will do what she needs to do to get Jane back. She says if he doesnt like it then stop her, but he wont because he has chosen Gwen again. She says she was so hurt to wake up and find him gone. Ethan begs her not to turn their daughters custody battle into a media circus. She says like she said, he is as capable of stopping this as she is, if he wanted to.

Meanwhile, Alistair asks Sheridan who the little boy is. She says not her son, thanks to him. They explain who he is, and Sheridan once again blames Alistair for helping Beth steal her child. He refuses to acknowledge this topic any further. He asks Katherine what she is doing here again? He doubts Pilar likes her hanging around unless she has become more liberal in her thoughts about relationships. He chuckles, Pilar scoffs. Martin says Katherine almost died last night until he could save her. He says great, the knight is shining armor goes out and saves her in what, a raft? She says she was saved by something else. Alistair remembers the coffin in the living room and goes out to see who is in the coffin. He says how touching that Katherines sister saved her, and it is ironic considering Sheridans part in her demise (Sheridan is in the other room and doesnt hear this remark). Later, some officers show up as they are making their rounds to check on people. Martin informs them about the coffin, and they say they will have someone sent over to deal with it. Alistair then says there is one more thing, and he points out the boy who lost his mother to the officers. The officers say they have to take him and hand him over to CVS, but Sheridan says no Mark is hers! She wonders how her father could do this to her. He says hes just doing his civic duty. The officers tell Sheridan this is the law and they must follow it. She refuses to give the child to them.

Elsewhere, Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa is going to work with Alistair to get Jane away, but Ethan says it wont happen. He thinks Theresa wont subject herself to Alistair, but Gwen isnt so sure. She says look at her. On the couch, Alistair kisses Theresa all over her neck and she lets him.


August 10, 2005

At Tabithas, Maria is thinking about Fox when Tabitha brings Maria to her. Kay asks how her little angel is? Tabitha tells her to watch her language. The boys in the basement roar at the word angel, and Kay says shes sorry. Tabitha talks to Kay, who keeps looking across the way to Fox, about how it is very obvious she is falling for Fox. Tabitha says she thinks Fox is falling for her too. Kay keeps looking over at Fox, and Fox is looking back at her . Later, the doorbell rings and Tabitha wonders if it his royal dreamyness Prince Fox. Kay says Tabitha is making a fool of herself. Tabitha says so Kay says as she runs to the door all aflutter. Kay answers the door and it is Simone. Simone has a hat on, and Kay asks what is with the hat. Simone has a gash on her head, and she explains what happened between her, Jessica and Spike. Kay cant believe her sister is now hooking. Kay asks if Simone had her wound checked out at the hospital? Simone says a national guardsmen came by and checked her out. Simone says she didnt go to the hospital because she doesnt want her family to know shes here. Kay says that is right, shes supposed to be in LA. Kay asks Simone why she isnt, what is going on? Simone says she was in California but she just got back when all hell broke loose. Kay asks why she didnt go home? Simone says she was on her way when the quake hit. Kay says she is lying, she just said she didnt go to the hospital because she didnt want her family to know she was back. Kay knows she is lying and wants to know where shes been and what shes been up to. Simone says they can talk about that later, what is important now is Jessica. They soon begin talking about Fox. Simone wonders if Fox is still hung up on Whitney. Kay says he isnt, she thinks Fox has finally moved on from Whitney. Kay suggests they go see her dad about Jessica, but Tabitha knows shes going to see Fox. Tabitha thinks they are both smitten with one another.

At the Bennetts, Ivy sees Fox and Kay staring at one another through the windows. She refuses to let her son become involved with Kay Bennett. Ivy talks to Fox about his crush on Kay, but he says he doesnt have a crush on Kay. He says he just likes seeing a mother who loves her child. She says Kay can be devious, and she thinks Fox is vulnerable right now after Whitney. She thinks Kay is the wrong woman for him, and if he gets involved with her then he will wish he hadnt. He asks why? Ivy says Kay appears to be a nice person but she isnt. Ivy suggests Fox give himself time to get over Whitney. She says the right girl is out there for him, but it isnt Kay Bennett. They change the subject to Jessica, but Ivy says there is no word. He asks what about Fancy, and Ivy once again says she has no info. Ivy is just glad he is here and safe. Fox says he will be fine. He heads off, and Ivy says if there is any chance Fox will get involved with Kay then he will worry. Fox heads outside, loses his shirt, and wonders what Kay is up to.

At the recording studio, Chad is a sleep on the floor and Whitney is on the couch. She wakes up and remembers making love to Chad. She realizes it wasnt a dream and last night really happened. Chad wakes up and calls her beautiful. She says dont call her that, but he says she is his beautiful sister. She says that is the point! Whitney says what they did is sickening and they will go to hell for it. She says she has to leave, she cant live with what she has done. They argue over what happened. Chad thinks what they did was beautiful, but Whitney says it was sick and disgusting. Chad says they both knew it was right. Chad says being with her meant the world to him, but finding out Miles was their son means everything to him. He says they have to talk about where they go from here. She says fine, promise her that he wont tell anyone that Miles is really their son. Chad says he cant, there may come a time when Miles needs to know the truth. He says it could be a medical problem, he cant exactly ask Fox for a kidney. Chad says he cant make a promise that he might break. He says he wont say anything now, but he cant promise he never will. Whitney says by revealing the truth he will destroy them all. She begs him to promise, but he says he cant do that. Whitney says this was a mistake, she never should have told him the truth and she never should have come here. Whitney walks out on Chad.

Whitney heads to church to unburden herself to Father Lonigan. She says she went to check on Chad and Miles after the earthquake and tsunami, and they were okay. However she says she was afraid, she thought their lives could end at any second. He says that is common in a disaster situation. Whitney says she let her emotions get the best of her, and she wanted to let Chad know how much she still loved him. He says as a brother I hope? Whitney asks for forgiveness, she made love to Chad again. She says she didnt plan for this to happen. Father Lonigan tells her what she did was wrong. Whitney says she knows, and she is evil and shouldnt live. He says that is for God to decide. Whitney says he better decide soon. Whitney says shes afraid she might do it again, and she needs to kill herself as it would be best for everyone if she was dead. He says her death would not bring a solution to her problem, it would cause more problems for her family. He says suicide is a sin, and only God has the right to take a life. He tells her to pray for strength to resist temptation. She says no she has to do something else, she has to join a convent. She says shes going to do it, shell join a convent and give up everyone and everything. She says its the only thing she can do. 

At the bottle store, Fancy and Noah are stuck until the power company comes and moves the power lines from out in the road. Fancy is hating this place as she wants a hot bath and shes tired of drinking champagne and schnapps. Noah thinks she must have been a cute kid stomping and kicking her feet to get her way. She tries to kick Noah, misses, and falls over on top of him. He says shell do anything to get on top of him, and they might as well make use of their time like this. He ends up kissing Fancy. Suddenly the roof collapses, and Noah rolls on top of Fancy and takes most of the force of the falling roof. They both live, and Fancy examines Noahs back for any problems. She says it looks fine to her. Fancy actually thanks Noah for saving her life. Unfortunately Noah teases her and says he had to do something to keep the dust out of her hair. She says here she thought he was being chivalrous. She asks if they can get out through the ceiling, but Noah says no they are still trapped. She cant believe she is still stuck here with him. He says if he wasnt around then shed be pushing up daisies. She says even his choice of flowers is common. He says excuse him. She says shes not used to being wet and dirty like her and other common folk are. Noah begins tapping on the walls, and it annoys her. She tells him to stop it, but he tells her to be quiet. She says he cant tell her what to do, she can shout sing or do whatever she wants. Noah picks up and axe and says he cant deal with her anymore, he will put an end to her whining right now. She asks what he means? He says hes going to break through the wall, what did she think he was going to do, kill her? She says it crossed her mind. Noah says him too, shes the kind of girl a man either wants to kill or fall in love with. He says hell hold onto this axe in case he needs to use it when shes snoring. She says she doesnt snore, but he says she does and hell record her next time. She says he should be so lucky to be with her while shes sleeping. Noah takes of his shirt to get handy, and Fancy asks if he wants help. He says no she might complain if she gets a boo-boo. She says shell let him kiss it to make it better. He says he doesnt need a reason to kiss her, if he wants to. Noah then plants a kiss on her. Noah chops through the wall, and Fancy wonders what is on the other side. Noah says it is dark, the lights are out. Fancy gets a candle, and Noah says it looks like a locker room. She says great a gym. He says no it is a store of some kind of locker room in a department store. Fancy hopes it isnt a discount chain like Barfmart. She was hoping for Neimans or Sacks. He says the store will have clean clothes and make-up for her. She asks if he is saying she needs make-up? He wonders where that axe is . . . They head into the store locker room, and the showers are working. Noah goes to get them some towels while she showers. She says dont try and sneak in and peak at her. He says hell shower over there and neither one will see one another. She makes him promise not to look. He says hes seen plenty of naked babes in college and in Vegas. She says he is into quantity and not quality, she has a gorgeous body and the paparazzi always tried to get photos of her naked. Noah says it is sad what people will do to make a buck . He heads off, and she says she has seen plenty of naked guys as well, but none have a butt as cute as Noahs probably is. As Fancy showers, Noah finds the towels. He is ranting about how Fancy is so full of herself, even if she does have the best body of someone shes met. Fancy screams, and Noah runs to make sure she isnt in trouble. He fears perhaps they arent alone here.

At the Lopez-Fitzherald house, Gwen feels like Theresa and Alistair have just formed some sort of unholy alliance against them. Gwen says it is only a matter of time before Jane is taken from them. Ethan says it wont happen, but Gwen says Alistair gets whatever he wants, where has he been? She says if Alistair can take Sheridans son from her then he can take Jane from them. 

Meanwhile, Sheridan says the cops will not take Mark, not now and not ever. She says Mark stays with her. The officers say this is procedure and that Child Protective Services will do what is best for him. Sheridan says his mother entrusted him to her, she cant go back on her promise. They say they dont have a choice, and if they have to call CPS then she will never see this boy again. Sheridan wont budge, so the cops say fine they will have to call CPS. Sheridan tells Mark that no one will take him from her. Sheridan asks Ethan if she has no right to Mark, but Ethan says without Maureen leaving it in writing then no. He says a judge will want proof of Maureens request. Katherine asks what about Sheridan adopting Mark? He says there is a chance, but once a child is put in the system there is a search for blood relatives. Sheridan says Maureen said she was all alone. Later a woman from CPS shows up to get the baby. She sees the coffin and asks what on earth? Katherine explains how her sisters coffin floated here during the tsunami. The woman goes to see Sheridan and the child, and she demands to be given the child. Katherine begs Sheridan to give Mark up, and Ethan says she must do this. Everyone urges her to give Mark up, but Sheridan says she cant give him up. Sheridan knows there is a way to stop them from taking Mark. They know what she is thinking, and they tell her not to do this. Sheridan asks Alistair for help. Theresa whispers something to him. Sheridan begs Alistair for help, she cant let Mark be lost in the system. Sheridan says her father has cost her her son and Luis, so help her to help this little boy.


August 11, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Sheridan asks her father to please help her keep Mark. She says he can make a phone call and allow her to raise the boy. She explains the situation with Maureen to him, and he asks if she left anything in writing? Sheridan says no, there was no time. She tells him all he has to do is make a call. He says okay, he'll make the call. Sheridan gives the boy to the CPS worker and then thanks her father. He pushes her away when she tries to hug him and says she misunderstands, he's not going to help her keep the boy. He says he's going to make the call to get that boy away from her forever! He says no child on this earth should ever be subjected to her need to fulfill her maternal instincts. Alistair begins to unleash his cruelty on Sheridan as everyone watches. Ethan stands up to Alistair and tells him not to say these things to his own daughter. Alistair warns Ethan that he is not family so stay out of this or else. Theresa wonders how Alistair can be this cruel, and can she really make a deal with him? Gwen warns Ethan not to confront Alistair as he can take Jane from them. Alistair says he can, and to listen to his wife. Alistair resumes his tirade against Sheridan. He tells her that she is weak and needy, and she drives everyone away from her. He says she drove her mother away. Katherine says that is not true and for Sheridan not to listen to Alistair. He says she drove Luis away. Alistair says Luis is probably with Beth and MArty right now. He says Luis knows no child should be with her, and he is a young strapping lad that wouldn't want to be burdened with a psychotic like her. Pilar says that is not true, Luis loves Sheridan, she is his world. He tells Sheridan if he let her keep Mark then eventually he would grow up and leave her too just like everyone else in her life. He says she is going to grow old in that cottage that he pays for. He says she'll grow old and be alone, and she will be forced to call old friends to reach out for human contact, but they won't want her either. Theresa continues to wonder how Alistair could be so cruel to his own child. Sheridan eventually stands up to her father. She says she is not the weak little girl who would burst into tears at the sight of his frowns. She says she is just fine and he is the sick one. Sheridan says she will never allow her father to hurt her again.  

At Tabitha's, Kay and Simone leave to head over to the Bennett's. Tabitha knows Kay is going over there just to see Fox. Later Tabitha breaks out the bowl and she and Endora watch what is going on. Tabitha thinks that perhaps Kay and Fox getting together is a good idea because it would drive Ivy crazy, and then Ivy would be back to scheming and destroying lives. Tabitha soon becomes interested in Simone's secret. She asks the bowl to show her what Simone is hiding, but it won't. Endora gives it a spark, and the bowl bubbles. Tabitha says this should be good and it is popcorn time. Endora then summons some popcorn. 

At the Bennett's, shirtless Fox is in the backyard working when Kay and Simone show up. Kay claims she came over to see her dad about Jessica. Fox says he's in the house. Kay tells him that he looks hot, and he says thanks. She says she meant he looks hot from working. He says oh yeah he is, and maybe he should go inside with them. Fox heads in, but Simone stops Kay from going in as she wants to talk. Simone demands to know what is going on with her and Fox. As Ivy spies on them, Kay admits during the tsunami she and Fox got close, real close. Simone says no, while the whole town was falling to pieces she and Fox got together? Simone says but Kay hardly knows him. Kay says now she knows him really well. Kay admits to Simone that she likes Fox, she really likes him. Simone asks if this means they are together now? Kay says no, she doesn't know, but she hopes so. Ivy says she has to put a stop to this.

Everyone heads inside, and Simone fills Sam in on running into Jessica. Simone doesn't understand why Jessica stays with this guy, she is a smart girl. Sam says Spike has brainwashed her and made her think that he is the only one who cares about her. Sam says because of the restraining order there isn't much he can do. Fox offers to help and says he'll go look for her. Sam thanks him but says not to do anything illegal. Fox decides to head off, but not before Kay thanks him. Sam then asks Simone how she got back, her parents thought she was in California. Simone says she got back early, but Sam says all the airports are closed. She says she came back before everything happened. Sam heads off to make some more calls, and Kay once again questions Simone about her secret. Simone won't budge but promises to tell Kay everything eventually.

At the Department Store, Noah runs back to the locker room when he hears Fancy screaming. He pulls open the shower curtain, and she quickly covers herself. It turns out that she is just screaming because the water is cold. HE thought she was in trouble, and she says as if! She tells him to go now, go get her some towels. She says she only does Egyptian cotton, and while he is at it get her some clothes. She says she is size 2, and no polyester blends! Noah can't believe this, and he heads off. Later Fancy shows up in a green evening gown and jewels. She looks for Noah, and wonders why he left such a formal dress for her? He shows up in a tux, hands her a rose and he says it is time to live out all their fantasies. He didn't know what size shoe she wore, so he has a bunch of them waiting for her. She loves all of this. He also raided the gourmet food section for a dinner. He then says he has a surprise and to close her eyes. He leaves, and Fancy wonders where he has gone to. She thinks she's been ditched and isn't one of Noah's fantasies. He soon returns on a bike. He says one of his fantasies is riding around with a hot biker chick. She likes the idea but says this place doesn't make for a dangerous ride. He says oh well. Later Noah puts on some music and he and Fancy dance.


August 12, 2005

At the Bennett's, Fox, Kay and Simone are cleaning up the backyard. Kay climbs up a ladder to do something, slips, and Fox catches her. It looks as if they are about to kiss when Ivy interrupts. Ivy says she needs Fox to run over to the B&B and get some bottled water, they are out and can't drink the tap because of the Tsunami. Fox says sure, and he heads off. Ivy uses this chance to talk to Kay. Ivy tells Kay that they know a lot about one another. Kay says you mean like I know how you hired David to pretend to be my mother's husband so you could break my parents up and hop into bed with my father? Ivy says she wouldn't have put it so crudely, but yes. Ivy tells Kay that she was good enough not to tell her father about that, and now that Kay and her father have grown closer she doesn't think Sam would forgive her if he found out the truth. Kay asks Ivy what she wants. Ivy says she wants nothing. Ivy says she feels she owes Kay actually, and she wants to give her a little advice. Ivy says she knows she and Fox have something going on and that they got close during the Tsunami. Ivy tells Kay that to Fox this is just another one of his trysts. She says Kay doesn't mean anything to him, in fact he said she was a nice kid and they had fun. Ivy says she knows her son, and he's a player. Kay says she has never heard a mother speak of her child in this way before. Ivy says she was a Crane for decades, and she got used to being upfront and honest with people, even her own children. She says she loves Fox, but she knows his faults. She says Fox is just using her for fun, she means nothing to him. She warns Kay if she's looking for love then she'll get her heart broken. She says if it makes her feel any better, Fox only selects the prettiest girls, so she's in good company. Ivy tells Kay to have her flings and fun with Fox, just don't expect anything to come of it. Ivy hopes Kay will take her advice as she claims she doesn't want to see her get hurt as they are friends. Kay says they aren't friends. Ivy says well, maybe not yet. Fox returns with the water, and he offers some to Kay. She gives him the cold shoulder and he wonders what he said. He approaches her later and asks if they can talk about last night. Kay says forget it, but he doesn't want to. She says last night was nothing, it was two people coming together during a crisis. Fox says it was much more than that. Kay tells Fox it wasn't, so don't call, don't send flowers, she never wants to see him again. Ivy eavesdrops on them and is pleased.  Later Simone asks Kay what is going on, what was that about. Kay says Fox used her, she was nothing to him. Kay says she thought she had a second chance at love. Simone says she never had a first chance. Kay thanks her for pointing it out. Simone says men, all men just use women and throw them away. She tells Kay it is better she knows this about Fox now rather than later on and really gets hurt

At Tabitha's, Tabitha's bowl is bubbling overtime because of Simone's secret. She realizes she has to let it cool down. She looks outside and sees Ivy with Kay. She wonders what poison Ivy is dripping into Kay's ear. She wishes she could eavesdrop on them. The bowl cools down and Tabitha finally gets a look at Simone's secret. Tabitha says "No, not Simone!" Tabitha says she can't believe this, and if the Russell's thought there heartache was over then they were wrong. Tabitha says they will never get over this, this secret will destroy that family. Endora chirps up, but Tabitha says she cannot see this. Tabitha covers the bowl and says this is viewing for mature audiences only.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, Sheridan finishes up her tirade against her father, letting him know that she'll never be moved to tears because of a monster like him again. He says brava, she finally developed a backbone. He says if she had done so earlier then perhaps he would have liked her more, but it is too late for that now. He says she will always make him sick, and she says likewise. Sheridan storms off, and she sits with Gwen. Gwen can't believe Alistair, if he could take Marty and Mark from  Sheridan then surely he can take Jane from her. Sheridan tells Gwen that Alistair will expect something from Theresa in return for his help. Later the Child Protective Services agent comes to take Mark. Sheridan says goodbye to him and that she will come for him as soon as she's able to. The woman takes Mark, and Gwen comforts Sheridan.

Meanwhile, Alistair sits with Rachel and covers her up with a blanket. Katherine asks how he can be so cruel to his own daughter. He reminds her that he can tell Sheridan the truth about Rachel's death and reduce her to a blubbering blob of jelly if need be. Later the National Guardsmen show up to get the coffin and remove it. Alistair continues to blackmail Katherine with the truth about Rachel. He wants her to come back to the mansion with him as all this disaster has his libido going into overdrive. He says when he's through with her she'll be dizzier than she was in the earthquake. Alistair says if she refuses then Sheridan gets told the truth. Martin doesn't want Katherine to go, but she says she must. He asks if she is going to . . . . She says no, Alistair is more talk than anything, not to worry about her. Martin helps the men remove the coffin, and Alistair excuses himself. Later, Pilar talks with Katherine. She tells her that the two of them will never be friends, she will never forgive Katherine for what she did to her and her family, however she now understands why she did what she did. Pilar tells Katherine that she admires what she is sacrificing for Sheridan. Katherine says Sheridan is her child and she loves her. Katherine thought leaving would help Sheridan, but it didn't. She says this is the price she must pay to keep her child happy now.

Upstairs, Theresa puts Little Ethan down and then talks to Ethan. Ethan wants Theresa  to give up on this idea of an alliance with Alistair. He says she just saw what he was capable of doing to his own daughter, how can she align herself with him? Theresa says because there are two types of people in this world, those that fight Alistair and those who side with him. Ethan says and the good people fight him. Theresa says and what does it get them? She says nothing but heartache. Theresa tells Ethan she's taking her chance with Alistair as he's the only game in town to help her get Jane back. Ethan says he knows how Alistair works. He says he will use her, he will make her do despicable things and not just in the bedroom, which by the way is where she will end up. Theresa says not her, but Ethan says yes her. He says once Alistair has had his fun with her then he'll throw her away and she won't get Jane. Ethan tells her that Jane is just the carrot he's dangling in front of her to have his way with her. Theresa tells Ethan he has the power to stop her by giving back Jane. Ethan says he can't do that. Theresa says she doesn't know why she bothers asking, it's always the same answer, no. She says maybe he really is a Crane given how much he likes saying no. Ethan reminds her that it is her fault she is here, she had the chance to do the right thing. She says she isn't keeping score here, he is, and how about blaming his wife for a change? She tells Ethan when he looks back at tonight to remember that she gave him the chance to do the right thing and he didn't. Ethan leaves, and Theresa goes to check on her son. A hand touches her shoulder, and she thinks it is Ethan. Alistair says no, someone better. He says he is glad she has aligned herself with him, as they now have a deal, one that she can never break.

At the department store, Fancy and Noah finish their dance, and Fancy asks if all his fantasizes have been fulfilled? He says almost, goes to kiss her, but she runs off after seeing something. Turns out she's found a bed. She is bouncing up and down on it and tells him to hop on. He does, and she says this is just another one of her fantasizes, a top of the line bed surrounded by luxury. Noah says a bed is one of his fantasizes too, and she tells him to get his mind out of the gutter! Suddenly things start shaking, and Fancy thinks it is another earthquake. It turns out the bed is a vibrating bed. Noah asks if she's never been to a motel. Fancy says no way, she has class. He tells her to lie down, it's like having a massage. She says it is nice, and she knows massages. She says she likes them all and has had the best in the world. Noah says she hasn't has his massage, but she doubts he can do better than the resorts she's stayed at. He offers to try, and tells her to roll over. She does, and he begins massaging her back. He unzips her dress, which she is startled by but allows. He says she has on no . . . . Fancy says of course not, it ruins the line of the dress. He continues with the massage and as he does he opens up to her. He says there is no one he'd rather be trapped with than her, and that she is the most fun and exciting woman he's ever known. As he pours his heart out to her he realizes she has fallen asleep. He says it figures, the only time she doesn't talk is when she's asleep. He lies down next to her to sleep, and she opens her eyes and smiles. Later Noah sneaks off, and Fancy sees he left his coat and wallet behind. She knows she shouldn't snoop, but then again Noah did go into her purse to steal that casino party invite. She looks through his wallet and finds a photo of a girl. We don't see the photo, and Fancy remembers Noah earlier spoke about the love of his life. She then finds some letters this woman wrote to him. In them the woman talks about how Noah promised to never love another woman like he loves her, and any woman after her would just be to fill his time and desires. She becomes upset. Noah returns with champagne, but she doesn't want any. He says how about a kiss, but she says no. She says the only thing she wants is to get out of here and away from him.

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