August 15, 2005

At the department store, Noah asks Fancy what is going on. She says leave her alone. He says they were having a good time, now all of the sudden she is back to hating his guts. He asks what is up? Fancy remembers reading Noahs old love letter. Fancy tells Noah to get away from her, she doesnt want to talk to him now or ever. He asks what happened? She says she just got bored. He says he thought something was happening between them. She says that is absurd, she wouldnt waste her time on a guy who couldnt buy her a nice dinner. He says fine, but they still are stuck together until they are rescued. She says shes not staying with him, she is getting out of these clothes and then getting out of here. He asks where she is going? Fancy just storms off. Noah chases after her, they have now changed clothes into more day to day attire. Noah says if she wants to leave so badly then let him help her. She says she doesnt need his help, but he says she does. He tells her to follow him, which she reluctantly does. They look outside a big glass store window and see there is water everywhere. He says she cant get out. She says just watch her. Noah says fine, stand back. He breaks the window out and says a piece of wood out there will make a good raft. She says she doesnt recall inviting him to come with her. He says he wont let her go without him. He decides to swim out to piece of floating wood. Unfortunately there are downed power lines and they are sparking all over the place. Noah ends up grabbing a falling power line, and he warns Fancy not to come closer. Fancy isnt listening and says shes leaving no matter what he says. Noah yells at her to stay back, dont come near the water. The power line ends up falling and shocking Noah, who then sinks under the water. 

At the hospital, Eve is attending to Julian. She has removed the ice pick from his back. Julian still cant believe Lizs allegations against him. Whitney shows up, and Eve is glad to see she is safe. Whitney says she came to tell her something. Whitney says she has made a decision that will change her life and will affect everyone, Chad, Miles and Fox. Eve thinks shes going to tell Fox the truth about the baby. Whitney says no shes not. Whitney once again yells at her mother about how this is her fault, all of it. Julian stands up for Eve, claiming this is Alistairs doing and they didnt know their son was live, but Whitney says she doesnt want to talk about it anymore. Whitney says shes joined a cloistered convent and is leaving Harmony forever. Eve asks why she is doing this? She says running from the truth wont help her. Whitney confesses to her mother that she and Chad made love again last night knowing that they are half brother and sister, and you know what, she liked it. They ask how she could do this? She says because they love one another, and she knows it is wrong. Eve says she is so sorry and she must be devastated. Whitney says no shes mad, shes mad she has to give up her life because of what the two of them did long ago. She says she has to join the convent and shell see neither of them ever again. Whitney storms off. Julian says she doesnt mean it, but Eve says she does. Eve says shes lost Whitney forever.

In the Bennett backyard, Fox talks to his mom about why Kay suddenly flipped out on him. Ivy remembers talking to Kay and lying to her about Foxs intentions. Ivy tells Fox that Kay is just the wrong girl for him and not to get involved with her. Later, Sam shows up, he has no news about Fancy or Noah, but Jessica is still with Spike. Sam vents about Jessica, and Fox decides to head off. Kay thinks hes going to find Whitney instead of helping her dad out. Fox says actually he was going to find Jessica, and she can come with him or stay here and act all superior.

Spike brings Jessica to some dumpy place. She asks if they are living here? He says until they find someplace else. She says it is a mess. He says they just had a tsunami and quake, what does she expect. Jessica asks how they will find someplace better with no money. He says theyll have money as soon as she gets back to work. Jessica says she just cant sleep with strangers, shes sorry but she cant do it. He says he loves her, and it hurts him to make her do this, but they need money. She asks where hell find someone after the earthquake and tsunami. He says hell find someone, and he gives her some drugs to make her feel nice and pretty. He tells her to take them, which she does. He says hell be back with her first customer, and he laves. Jessica begins to think about all her friends and family telling her how Spike doesnt love her. She thinks they are right and it is time to go. As she is leaving, Spike shows up with a john. The guy likes Jessica and says she is ripe. Jessica tells Spike that she cant do it, she wont do it. As they argue, the guy says he doesnt have all day. Spike tells Jessica that if she loves him then she has to do this for them. He says he needs to know he can count on her, and if she loses him then she has nothing. She begs him not to leave her and shell do it. He says hell be outside, but first take some more drugs to put her in the mood. Spike leaves them, and the guy comes on to Jessica. She says no kissing. He says fine, where is the bed. There is no bed, so he says theyll have to do it on the floor. She once again says she cant do this, but he wont take no for an answer. Someone taps him on the shoulder, and Jessica thinks it is Spike. The guy says hes not done yet, but Fox says he is and decks him. Fox and Kay have shown up to take Jessica home, but Spike returns with a gun and says they arent going anywhere, they are all going to die. Spike says they arent taking Jessica anywhere as he loves her. Kay says he doesnt love her, hes turning her into a whore. Spike yells shut your mouth bitch! Fox attacks Spike and knocks him out. Fox and Kay want to take Jessica, but she says they cant just leave Spike here. Fox talks with Jessica and says this guy doesnt love her or care about her, look around her. Fox asks if this is the best he can do for the woman he loves? Jessica says he cant help it because Fox, her dad and her brothers destroyed his nightclubs and now hes broke. Fox says there is a lot of way to make money. Jessica says Spike loves her, she knows he does. Fox says her sister loves her, her dad loves her, and theyd never expect her to do anything like this. Jessica says if they love her then why cant she feel it. He says maybe because shes angry her mom left with David? He says that hurt her dad and sister a lot too, and perhaps they were so hurt they didnt see she was also hurting. Fox tells her not to throw her life away to get back at her family, at the people who love her. Fox says she is a smart girl, and she has tried leaving Spike before. Jessica says yes. Kay says she needs to make a choice, she can come home with people who love her or she can stay here with Spike and sleep with strange men. Kay says shell end up in jail or worse, is that what shes always wanted out of life? 

Kay, Fox and Jessica return to the Bennetts. Jessica is reunited with her dad. Fox talks with Kay about her snubbing him earlier. She says shes sorry and she received some bad information. Ivy tells Fox she is so proud of him for bringing Jessica home, but Fox says Kay did it. She says no it was all Fox. Sam hugs his daughter as they all watch.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Alistair and Theresa talk in Theresas bedroom. Alistair wants to discuss their arrangement. Theresa says no, she doesnt want to discuss this. Alistair says they had a deal, he helps her get Jane and Ethan and she becomes his special friend. He touches her face, and she asks him not to. He says she better get used to it, he is going to be a very big part of her life. Theresa says no, shes changed her mind and the deal is off. Theresa says it was a mistake to make a deal with him. He says she pursued him and she will benefit the most out of their arrangement. Theresa says she knows. Alistair says so she no longer wants Jane and Ethan back? Theresa says she does want them back, but the disasters were signs. He asks what kind of signs? She says it was fates way of telling her that she was making a mistake. Alistair says she thinks nature sent those disasters simply to warn her about him? He laughs and says he thought he was full of himself. She says she cant make a deal with him. He says if she doesnt then she will spend her life without Ethan and her daughter. Theresa says he is wrong, she will get them back. She says shell find the proof that Rebecca and Gwen sent the information to the tabloid. He asks how he will prove it? She says the evidence is in the mansion somewhere, shell find it. He says yes, it is in his home. Alistair says it is a good plan, but it will be difficult since he can make sure she never sets foot in the mansion again. She says no, but he says he can do anything he wants, he took Sheridans baby away from her after all. He tells her to be smart, all she has to do is be his friend to get Jane and Ethan back. She says she cant do that, so he says then she is choosing to be his enemy. She says she doesnt want to be his enemy, she just wants to do what she has to do. Alistair says if she was his friend then she wouldnt have to waste time rummaging through his mansion for evidence. Theresa says no, she is not going to be his friend. Alistair says what if he told her that he could get her Ethan and Jane back today.

Meanwhile, the CPS worker takes Mark from Sheridan. She begs the woman not to take him, she cant lose another child. Gwen says she knows this is awful but there is nothing they can do, she has to let Mark go. Katherine, Pilar and Martin discuss how this is not human of Alistair, nothing is human about him. Sheridan begs the CPS worker not to take Mark. Martin asks if the worker cant leave the child with Sheridan until they prove Maureen intended for Sheridan to raise him, but the woman says she has her orders. They try and convince her to act in the best interest of the child. Mark ends up yelling No! He pushes his way out of the CPS workers arms and runs to Sheridan. Sheridan hugs him and says she is here. Ethan tells Sheridan that she has to let the CPS worker take Mark, and hell try and help her to get Mark back. Sheridan tells Mark to go with the nice lady and that shell see him again soon. The CPS worker takes Mark and leaves. Sheridan says shes lost Marty, she cant lose Mark too. She asks Ethan to help her. Ethan says hell get on it right now. Katherine hugs her daughter, and Gwen says it will be okay. Later, Ethan looks on the net via a laptop and finds bad news. Sheridan asks what he found, is she going to be able to get Mark back? It turns out there are already couples in line to adopt and Mark will be given to one of them. She says its not right, its not fair. Sheridan leaves to have time alone. Ethan wonders what he said to her. Gwen says she just said the truth. Gwen just hopes and prays they dont lose their baby either because Theresa is working with Alistair.  


August 16, 2005

In the Bennett backyard, Fox doesnt understand how Kay has gone from liking him, to hating him, to liking him again. She says it was a misunderstanding and to tell her what she can do to make it up to him. He says he can think of a way, and he kisses her. Fox calls her name as they are kissing, and she asks how he is able to kiss her and call her name at the same time. It turns out the kiss was just a fantasy of Kays. Fox got a call about Miles, but he says Miles is fine and he doesnt have to rush over right away if she wants him to stay and help out. Kay asks if Whitney is with Chad and Miles, and Fox says he doesnt know but he hopes she made it through the disaster okay. Kay says they do share a baby, he has to have some feelings for her. He says the same way she must care about Miguel with him being Marias father. Kay says yeah, and that Miguel left Harmony to find her cousin Charity. Fox asks what if he came back without Charity? Kay says she doesnt know, she tries not to think about it. He asks why not, and she says she just doesnt. Fox says it seems like theyre situations are similar. Though Fox says if Chad wasnt in the picture he doubts Whitney would take him back. Fox decides to go check on Miles, but he says hell see Kay around. Fox leaves, and Kay heads inside Tabithas. Kay gets a call from Miguel, and hes calling after hearing about the disaster. He calls to check on her and Maria, and Kay says they are fine. Kay says she got his last check and it really helped out. She asks how he is, is he coming home soon? Whatever he says disappoints Kay, she says she understands and it is why he left in the first place. She says shell give Maria a big hug for him and tell her that her daddy loves her. Kay hangs up, and she realizes Miguel will never come to his senses and realizes he loves her. Kay says he will never love her and there will never be hope for them as long as Charity is around.

Whitney shows up at the recording studio, and Chad immediately tries to hand Miles to her. Whitney tells Chad she doesnt want to hold the baby. Chad asks how can she say that, she has seen how he settles down in her arms. She says Miles is sick because of her, because she slept with her half-brother. Whitney says what theyve done is wrong, and she wont let it happen again. Chad thinks it wasnt wrong, but Whitney says it was wrong and a sin. Chad doesnt think God will judge them as harshly as people will. Whitney asks Chad to promise not to tell anyone that he is Miles father. He says he wont, and he thinks it is only fair to everyone that they tell the truth. She says he cant and Chad will be all Miles will have once she is gone. He asks what she means? She dodges the question and says he just cant tell anyone the truth. She says if it gets out it will ruin Miles life. She says it has killed her to keep this secret this long, but she did it for their boy. She says it will ruin everything if people know if he is Miles father. Fox walks in at this point and says What? Did you just say Miles wasnt my son? Fox cant believe she has lied to him all this time. He says she used him, she used him and made him believe he had a future with her and this little boy. He says now it all makes sense, all her mixed feelings about him and Miles. Fox asks how she could do this, and did she plan it this way? He says he loved her, and he still loves that little boy. Whitney says he doesnt understand, but Fox says he does. He says she had a baby with her half-brother, but that doesnt give her the right to do what she did. She says she knows, and she didnt mean to hurt him. She says she was trying to protect Miles. Fox thinks she is more interested in protecting herself. Fox calls Whitney the most heartless and selfish bitch hes ever met. Chad defends Whitney and says she was only doing what she thought was best. Fox says what Whitney did was not okay. He asks Whitney what she is made of, how could she make him think she gave await their child. Miles cries, and Chad says quiet as Miles will overhear. Fox says hes going to hear a lot more when he grows up. Fox picks up the baby and rocks him. Whitney cries how sorry she is. Fox hands the baby to Chad and says hes the one who is sorry, and he can see the both of them are still in love with one another. Fox says he can see it in their eyes so dont deny it. He tells them good luck and goes to walk out. She tells him to wait, but he says no. Fox says hes lost enough today and there is nothing else she can say. Fox leaves, and Chad tells Whitney that this is for the best. Whitney says now that Fox knows everyone will know and Miles life might as well be over. Whitney says she has to get out of here, she has to leave. He says he cant, not after they have reconnected as a family. Whitney says she has to go for all of them. She says shes joining a cloistered convent to make up for her sins and they will never see one another again.

Back at the Bennett backyard, Kay wonders if shell ever find someone who will love her and her only. Fox shows up, and she is surprised to see him back. Fox says Miles is fine, and he tells Kay the truth about Miles. Kay is stunned by the truth. Kay tells him how sorry she is, and how she cant believe Whitney did this to him. Fox says he could have been a good dad. Kay doesnt know what to say. He says it isnt her fault, she doesnt have to say anything. He asks how she is? She says okay compared to what hes going through. She says Miguel called to check on Maria, but hes not coming home. She says she knows now she was an idiot to think she ever had a chance with Miguel. 

At the hospital, Eve is telling Julian how she has lost Whitney forever. Eves lawyer shows up to see her, and Eve realizes this cant be good. He has some bad news, and he tells Eve to sit down. He says the DA wants to meet with her tomorrow, and the DA wants to go forward with the trial as soon as possible. Julian says they just has a tsunami. The lawyer says the law doesnt wait, and the DA is up for re-election. He says the DA has made them an offer, if Eve pleads guilty then she gets ten years and her medical license revoked. Eve says absolutely not, she wont spend ten years in jail for something she didnt do. He says it is all they have, and he suggests she take it. He says if she doesnt then shell lose a lot more. Eve says she didnt try and kill anyone, but the lawyer says Liz, her own sister, is the prosecutions star witness. He says given Eves checkered past, things dont look good for Eve. Eve says but she has changed, but the lawyer says unfortunately people often believe once a sinner always a sinner. Eve asks for him to give it to her straight, if she goes to trial and loses, what will she get. He says she will spend the rest of her life in jail. The lawyer says it is his opinion that Eve will serve three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. 

Gwen and Ethan return to the mansion, and Gwen is positive that Theresa is up to something with Alistair. Ethan says shes not, and she wont go through with a deal with Alistair. Gwen says the Theresa she knows will do anything, including making a deal with Alistair. Ethan says it wont happen, and the worst case scenario that will happen is that they will have shared custody of Jane with Theresa. Gwen says no, it wont happen, and Theresa wants more than just Jane. Gwen says Theresa wants him too.

At the Lopzez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar, Katherine and Martin burst in on Theresa and Alistair. They beg her not to make a deal with Alistair as he will betray her and shell lose her very soul. Alistair promises he can get Theresa Jane and Ethan tonight. Pilar says he is lying, Ethan will never leave Gwen. Alistair says he can accomplish anything he puts is mind to it and she knows it. He says the way hell help her is to have her live under the same roof with Ethan and Jane. Katherine begs Theresa not to fall for this, think carefully. She says once she is in his web it is impossible to get out. Alistair tells Theresa all she has to do is move into the mansion with him today, and she can live there for the rest of her life if she wants. Katherine warns Theresa that Alistair will exact payment from her in cruel an unimaginable ways, he will make her his slave. Alistair asks why he would do that when he already has a slave in Katherine? Alistair continues to tell Theresa that she can have everything she wants, shell be able to spend time with Jane and Ethan. He says Ethan works from the mansion, and Gwen is always off doing things and at appointments. He tells her not to pass this once in a life time chance up. She says no, and he says this is a one time only offer. She says she understands. Martin tells Alistair that he heard her daughter, so leave. Alistair leaves, and Theresa watches him go. Pilar tells Theresa that she is proud of her, she made the right decision. Theresa says she knows she did. Later, Pilar finds Theresa is gone as are all her clothes. They realize she has gone off with Alistair.

Alistair arrives home at the mansion, and Ethan tells him that he wants Alistair to leave Theresa alone. Ethan says Gwen is afraid that Alistair will help Theresa get Jane back. Alistair says he thinks Gwens biggest fear is that Ethan will leave her. Gwen shows up and tells them not to do this, all she cares about is Jane. Alistair thinks he has something that can help Jane. He opens the door, Theresa walks in, and Alistair says her mommy. Gwen asks what is going on here? Ethan asks what Theresa is doing here? A man brings in some suitcases, and Alistair tells him to take them upstairs. Ethan demands to know what is going on here. Alistair tells Ethan not to be so dense as to not understand, Theresa will be living here as his guest.

Outside of the department store, Fancy rushes into the water to get Noah, who is sinking. She gets him, and hes okay. However as they are swimming for safety they are both zapped by the power lines and thrown up into the air and back into the department store. Fortunately Noah and Fancy are okay, and they share a kiss upon waking up. Noah says so he guesses she isnt mad at him anymore. Fancy recalls reading Noahs old love letter. She tells him who says, get away from me you lout! Noah says hes been called a lot of names, and that is a new one. He says he has a name fore her, but hes too much of a gentlemen to use it. He says it isnt nice to lead him on, but she says he took advantage of her. He says he only makes out with girls who want to make out with him. He tells her the next time her life is on the line hell let it go. She says good, she can do without his heroics. A man calls out to Fancy, and she says yes that is her. She says someone is here to save them, someone who knows what he is doing. The man, who is in a Crane boat, has been sent by Alistair to look for Fancy. Fancy jumps in the boat and she is excited to be going home. Fancy tells Noah to get in the boat, theyll drop him off at his place. Noah says how kind of her. However the man says he cant take Noah, he has his orders, he is to take Fancy straight home after finding her. Fancy tells him to take Noah first and then come and get her, but the man says he cant do it. Noah tells her to forget it, hell find his own way home and doesnt need to owe her any favors. She says fine, if he is going to act like that then stay here and walk home. Fancy and the boat leave, and Noah looks at his love letter. He is glad this didnt get ruined in the flood. Meanwhile the man tells Fancy hes sorry they couldnt bring her boyfriend, but she says he is NOT her boyfriend.


August 17, 2005

At the hospital, Eve tells her lawyer that there must be something he can do for her. The lawyer says the only choice is to take the DAs deal otherwise shell be in the state pen until shes an old woman. Julian says he has a reputation for never loosing a case. The lawyer says Eve had motive, means and opportunity in all three crimes, and Rebecca and Lizs testimony is a slam dunk. Julian is furious and he fires the lawyer and says hell find better advice elsewhere. Eve thanks Julian for believing in her, but she thinks perhaps firing her lawyer wasnt wise. Julian knows she is innocent, but she asks who will represent her? Julian tells her to come with him. She asks where? He says just trust him and believe in his love for her.

At the Russells, TC looks at a photo of Liz but thinks about being with Eve in the car during the flood and begging her to give him another chance. Liz shows up and asks TC where he is, he seems a million miles away. He says he was just thinking. She says well shes been busy making plans for their wedding. TC tells Liz they need to talk, and she says that is what they are doing. He asks her to listen to him. Liz says he sounds so serious. TC says this is serious. TC says they should slow down with the wedding. TC says this is very difficult for him. Liz says two people in love can say anything to one another. TC says so much has happened recently that they havent had time to talk about their future. Liz says that is what she is working on now, she is planning their future. Liz asks TC what hes trying to say? TC says hes not sure they have a future together. Liz says of course they do, they are engaged to be married. TC says proposing to her so soon after splitting up with Eve was a mistake. TC says he was devastated over Eves lies. TC says he rushed into this without giving himself time to get over Eve. Liz says so this is all about Eve. TC says yes. Liz thinks something more is going on and asks what has happened. He says the truth is he never stopped loving Eve.

At the Lennox house, Tabitha and Endora are eating bananas, and Tabitha is thinking about the trouble they have caused for Harmony. She also thinks about Kay and what she and Fox are doing outside, as if she didnt know. Tabitha wants to know what is going on, so she uses her bowl to spy on them. 

Fox and Kay are in the backyard talking about how their past relationships have pretty much been failures. Kay and Fox admit they like the other, and Fox says well that is progress. Fox asks so what do they do now? Kay says well it looks like rain so they shouldnt stay out here. He says shes not answering his question, what do they do about them liking one another? Fox says well they are both still hurting over losing the ones they loved, and Kay says Dr. Phil would suggest they take time to heal. Kay imitates Dr. Phil and says Two people on the rebound is a recipe for disaster. Fox says Dr. Phil is right, they should go their separate ways and chalk what happened up to the disaster. Fox and Kay wish each other luck, go to hug one another and end up kissing. Fox says they could regret this for the rest of their lives. Kay says they should stop. They dont, they keep on kissing. They realize they have to go somewhere to be alone, but they dont know where they can go. Kay suddenly comes up with an idea. 

Meanwhile, Tabitha is afraid Fox and Kay will find they are spying on them. Tabitha dumps a lot of bananas in her bowl and begins mashing them up. Fox and Kay come in, and Fox asks what she is making? Tabitha says mashed banana soup, it will be ready soon. They leave, and Tabitha thinks they deserve banana soup as they are up to monkey business.

Sheridan heads to the park and says Luis is gone, Marty is gone, and unless there is a miracle Mark is gone. She says she has nothing to live for. Sheridan pulls herself together, she says she needs to be self sufficient in order to take care of Mark if need be, and Marty if Luis returns with him. She says its time to take the first step to a new life. 

Noah returns home and says the Tsunami trashed the whole street but Tabithas house looks fine, how weird. Noah and Sam hug, and Sam fills him in on how everyone is okay, even Jessica who is upstairs. Ivy asks about Fancy, and Noah says she is fine and is on her way home. He says Alistair sent a boat to bring Ivy home, but he left him behind. Ivy thinks Fancy is as selfish as Alistair for not insisting they bring him home. Sam excuses himself to check on Jessica. Ivy still cant believe Fancy wouldnt insist they take him. Noah says dont worry about it, hes okay. Ivy says shes just glad hes okay. She goes to touch his arm, and he winces. She sees the burn and asks how it happened? He says just an accident. She thinks Fancy had something to do with it, though he says it was his fault. Ivy says shell get the first aid kit. She also says if he was with Fancy during the Tsunami then he was in twice as much danger. He says that isnt a nice thing to say about her daughter. Ivy says she loves Fancy, but she knows her faults. Ivy says for his own good to stay away from Fancy. Ivy says Fancy is just like Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, everyone around her gets hurt. Ivy says Fancy is trouble, she will run right over him. Noah says dont worry, Fancy is too high maintenance for him. He says he needs someone more steadfast and trustworthy, he and Fancy will never be a couple. Ivy says she is relieved. She says she hasnt known him that long, but he seems like a nice young man. Ivy says he reminds her a lot of his father actually. She says she is sorry, but he says its okay. Noah says he knows about her history with his dad, and he can see she cares about him. Ivy says she does and Sam has been through a lot. She is glad Noah is here to help. Noah says hed love to stay and help, but Alistair has declared open season on the Bennetts. Noah says he cant work, and he doesnt want to mooch of his father who is already worried about money. Noah says he wont be able to get a job here and he feels like a burden. Ivy says this is all Alistairs fault, but she knows someone who can convince Alistair to call off the dogs. Later Sam asks Noah if hes hungry as he has a freezer full of defrosted food. Noah says no, he and Fancy were stuck in that fancy liquor store and gorged themselves on food. Sam asks what else they did, and he says this and that. The doorbell rings, and Sam goes to answer it. It is Sheridan. Sam is glad she made it through this, and Sheridan meets Noah. Noah says his condolences at being Alistairs daughter. Sam says Noah! Sheridan says its okay, she knows the man is evil. Noah says shes beautiful and smart. Sheridan has come to ask Sam for a favor. She says she cant go back to the cottage because of the memories, and she wont stay at her fathers house. Sam offers her a place here, but she says she needs a job too. Sam says he is in no position to hire anyone, he cant get a job himself. Sheridan says she had a thought. She asks if she can work and stay at the B&B. She says she could help clean up, she could even rent the room and he wouldnt have to pay her. Sam says they can work something out and shell be paid. He asks when she wants to start. She says how about now. He says okay, and they head off. Ivy tells Noah he just heard his dad, he needs him to stay. Noah says it isnt just the job, something happened in Vegas and trouble followed him home. Noah gives her the quick version of the story without blaming Fancy. Noah thinks it isnt over and it is too dangerous for him here. Ivy knows that this is all Fancys doing, and Fancy took the money and not Noah. Ivy tells Noah not to leave yet, she has an idea on how to fix this. 

Meanwhile, Sam takes Sheridan out to the B&B to get her situated. He says hell have the kids come over tomorrow and help her clean up. Sam says hell see her in the morning, and heads off. As Sheridan cleans up, a mysterious stranger turns up and startles her.

Fancy returns to the mansion and she hopes Noah made it home okay. She walks around outside and sees some daisies. She thinks about all the good times she had with Noah, but then she thinks about those letters. Fancy wonders why she goes for the guys who are taken. She plays He loves me, he loves me not with a flower, and ends up on he loves me not. Fancy says figures, and she needs to stop worrying about Noah as he loves another woman.

Meanwhile, inside Ethan tells Theresa this is not a good idea for her to be getting involved with Alistair and she cant stay here. Alistair reminds them this is his house, and Theresa is his guest. Theresa thanks him, and she asks where shell be sleeping? He says hell make some arrangements, so Theresa decides to go see her daughter. Gwen says shes going no where near that child. Theresa says it is her child and she is the only one Jane will call mommy and there is nothing Gwen can do about it. Gwen says Jane is not her daughter! Ethan stops them from fighting and asks why Theresa is causing trouble? Theresa says of course it is always her that he blames, and she asks Alistair if he will let them speak to her like this? Alistair says no, and to treat his guest with respect. Gwen says this is just great. Gwen tells Ethan that he swore Theresa wouldnt get involved with Alistair, but she has. Gwen says next she is going to destroy them. Theresa tells herself From Gwens lips to Gods ears. Ethan tells Gwen that if Theresa insists on staying here then theyll move out with Jane. Theresa says no! Ethan says he they have custody of Jane and can take her anywhere they want. Theresa asks Alistair to do something. Alistair tells Ethan if he leaves this house then hell fire him. Ethan says he has a contract. Alistair says so sue him, but he could make sure Ethan never gets a job again anywhere in this country. Gwen says she has her trust funds. Alistair says all in Crane owned banks, he can make it difficult to withdrawal them. Gwen cant believe this. Theresa still doesnt trust them, but Alistair tells Theresa not to worry, Ethan wont leave this house. Theresa tells Alistair that she owes him. Alistair says yes and theyll find a way for her to repay him. Theresa heads upstairs to see Jane. Fancy then comes in, and Alistair is glad to see she is okay. He asks her to come to the library with him, but she thinks she should go get cleaned up. Alistair says he insists. They leave, and Ethan tells Gwen no matter what happens, if Theresa stays here then they will leave with Jane. Gwen says what about money? Ethan says theyll think of something. Later, Julian and Eve show up and Julian asks Ethan for help. Ethan asks how they can help? Julian says Eves case is about to go to trial. Gwen and Ethan think shell be okay with her great trial lawyer. Julian says it didnt work out, so he fired Mr. Beragose. Ethan agrees with Julians decision, and Julian says that is why he wants Ethan to represent her. Ethan says hes a corporate lawyer not a criminal attorney. Julian says the law is the law. Ethan says he and Gwen have a lot of their plate, he and Gwen may be leaving town. Julian begs Ethan to help them with this. 

Theresa heads upstairs and spends time with Julian and Little Ethan, who is also at the mansion. Theresa promises him that they will never be apart again and theyll be one happy family.

Meanwhile, Fancy and Alistair head to his study and Alistair questions her about what was going on, where she was and who was she with. She admits she was with Noah Bennett. He tells her that she has no business associating with them, the Bennetts are scum and Noah is beneath her. Fancy says well he was useful. Fancy tells him all about the Vegas goons, about being kidnapped and how Noah rescued her. Fancy says she is frightened, the Vegas thugs will probably send more men after her. Alistair says hell check into it and find out what he can. She thanks him. He says hell do anything to help her, but he wont help Noah. Fancy says fine with her. 


August 18, 2005
Whitney is out walking in a storm. She says she has to pay for her sins and she knows how. Meanwhile at the Russell house, Liz is stunned that TC has told her that he still loves Eve. She says he cant still love her, not after everything she did to him. Liz says Eve lied to him the entire time they were together, she had a baby with Julian, and she tried to murder her and two other people. TC says he doesnt believe Eve is capable of murder. Liz says that isnt what he said before, he thought Eve was guilty. TC says he cant help what he feels, this is the first woman he loved and the mother of his children. He says whatever she did in the past, Eve is a good woman. Liz says Eve is not a good woman, she is evil and he and Julian are out of their minds. TC says he still loves Eve and he wants her back. Liz cant believe what she is hearing. TC says he is sorry but he wants his wife back. Liz says this is killing her, he is throwing her away for the woman who hurt her. TC tells Liz to calm down, but she says she cant. She throws his ring at him and says both he and Eve will pay for this. Liz storms out, and Whitney shows up to see her father. She is in tears and hugs her father. In the kitchen, Liz destroys the kitchen and says Eve will go down for taking her childhood and now her man. Out in the living room, Whitney asks what is going on in the kitchen? TC says it is Liz. He asks Whitney why she is here? Whitney says shes done something very bad. She tells her father what happened between her and Chad last night. TC thinks Chad seduced her, but she says no, she wanted to make love to him. TC is stunned and says this is her brother. She says this is why she has to stay away from Chad, which means she has to leave town. She also tells her dad the truth about Miles and how Chad is really his father. TC is stunned. TC asks her to stay in town and find a way out of this mess. She says there is no way out, and it may be cowardly but she cant face the world knowing what she did. She says she is going to spend the rest of her life paying for her sins. Back in the kitchen, Liz calls the Harmony PD about her attempted murder case. She wants to make sure her statement still stands, Eve Russell is the one who tried to kill her that night.

At the mansion, Eve and Julian both beg Ethan to take her case. Julian says hell do anything to keep Ethan in town to help Eve, hell even hire a body guard for Theresa to guard her from Alistair. Ethan says the problem is Julian doesnt have the power to stop Alistair. Julian says hes not without resources. He asks Ethan if he will help them prove Eve is innocent. Ethan agrees to help. Julian thanks him and says he knows he doesnt deserve Ethans help given how he treated him in the past when the truth about him being Sams son came out. Ethan says he isnt saying hell take the case, but he knows people in the DAs office and will see what he can find out. They once again thank him and head off. Gwen tells Ethan she knows he wants to help Eve, but if that means staying in this house with Theresa then she doesnt think she can do that. Ethan makes some calls and realizes he is the one who has to take Eves case as he knows it and the people involved the best. Gwen says she wont fight him, but is this decision because he wants to help Eve or Theresa. Ethan tells Gwen it is partially because of Theresa. He says its not because he loves her, its because of Alistair. Ethan says he doesnt want to see Alistair destroy her. Meanwhile, Julian spends time with Eve. Julian is sure Ethan will take her case. He says Ethan will prove her innocence and then theyll be together. 

Theresa sits with Jane in the nursery. Little Ethan is with them, and she says they are a family and will stay this way forever. Later Theresa begins to unpack her clothes. She looks at some photos of her kids and Ethan, and then she looks at a negligee shes brought. She begins having a fantasy about making love to Ethan. Theresa says she cant wait for her fantasy to become a reality. Theresa says it will happen, they will be a family. She says now that shes in this house it will happen sooner than anyone would have imagined.

In the study, Alistair offers to help Fancy but not Noah. Fancy says she understands. Alistair hopes she doesnt have any sense of gratitude toward him. She says no, so Alistair says it wont bother her if Vegas sends more goons after Noah? She says nope, Noah means nothing to her. He is glad to hear this. He says hell call his people in Vegas and she needs to stay away from the entire family. HE says the Bennetts are beneath her, and Noah is a troublemaker like his father. He says she is a beautiful and intelligent woman and some day shell meet the right man of the right breed. Ivy is outside spying on them and cant believe what she is hearing. Fancy leaves and Ivy grabs her. Ivy says they need to talk about how shes going to save Noahs life. Ivy knows what happened in Las Vegas, and now Noah is going to leave town because hes afraid of causing trouble for his family. Fancy asks why her mom is telling her this, she doesnt care where Noah is going. Ivy says she wants Fancy to stop him from leaving, she wants her to ask Alistair to help Noah. Fancy says Alistair wont, but Ivy says she can convince him to help Noah. Ivy says she wont let Noah take the fall for the trouble Fancy created. Fancy asks if Noah blamed her? Ivy says no and she had to force it out of Noah to find out what really happened. She tells her to get in there and help Noah. Ivy says Alistair is calling Vegas now, so get in there and dazzle the old coot. Fancy says all she can do is try. Fancy goes in and finds Alistair just getting off the phone. He says he was just about to send for her. He says the little bit of money she ran off with was in the millions, and those people want their money back. She says she cant give it back, so she gave it to charity. Fancy says Noah said she couldnt keep it, and he did save her life. She begs Alistair to help Noah too, but Alistair says no. She says Noah saved her life, isnt that worth something to him. Alistair says okay hell make sure neither one of them are harmed. She thanks him, but he says there is a condition. He says she is not to see Noah anymore. Fancy agrees and says shell stay far away from Noah. Fancy has her finger crossed behind her back as she promises.

At the Bennet house, Noah asks his dad if he got Sheridan settled in. He says yes, and Sheridan is already getting to work cleaning up the reception area. Noah asks if Sheridan will be okay emotionally? Sam says shes in a lot of pain right now and he knows how she feels. Noah says he misses mom a lot still, and Sam says he does. Sam says he feels better with Jessica and him back, he feels like a real family. Sam asks Noah where he was when the earthquake hit. Noah thinks about his times with Fancy, but doesnt say much about it to his dad. He says he was with a girl, but it was nothing big and is over. Noah changes the subject and asks if mom will come back. Sam says he doubts it, she is with her legal husband and will never leave him. He says that is why hes glad Noah is going to stick around as hell need the help around here. Sam says they can set up the garage apartment for him. Noah says his old room is fine, but Sam says it is a kids room and he needs his own space. He wants Noah to be able to have friends over, and he should be looking for that special woman. Noah says there is no one in his life right now. Sam heads off to take some measurements. Noah feels bad that his dad is going to this trouble when hes not going to stay. HE says he should get out of here before it gets too late and more goons show up putting his family in danger.

At the B&B, Sheridan asks the man who has walked in if she can help him? Sheridan is on the floor picking up stuff, and he says he can help her. He extends his hand to help her up, and Sheridan receives a shock when she takes it. She notices he has an accent and asks if he is English? He says hes from South Africa actually. The man needs a room, and she asks how long hell be staying in town. He says it depends on what he finds. Sheridan tells him that shell need his license and credit card. His name is Christopher Boothe. He says to call him Chris. She introduces herself. Sheridan says his credit card looks almost brand new, but it is three years old. She wonders how he keeps it so new looking. He says he uses cash mostly, and hes in Harmony covering the story of the tsunami. He says hes a reporter. Chris signs for his room, and Sheridan offers to give him a hand. She grabs his briefcase and sees the letters MJR on it. Shes puzzled as those arent his initials. Chris says it is his friends, it isnt stolen. She says she wasnt implying. He says he knows, but he cant blame her for being suspicious. He says she can ask him anything she wants. She just asks him about South Africa, and then welcomes him to Harmony. The lightening crashes, and Sheridan hopes the power doesnt go out again. Chris says being stuck in the dark with a stranger could be frightening. She lets him know where his room is and he asks for a wake up call. Christopher heads upstairs, and Sheridan thinks something is not right about Chris. She says he came here for a story, but she thinks he is the real story.

At Tabithas house, Endora is playing with a toy monkey. Tabitha says she has to concentrate here, they cant have Kay blow their cover with Fox. She asks Endora to clean up her bowl. Endora zaps the bananas away, and Tabitha watches Kay and she leads Fox through the house. She wonders where Kay is taking him. They head to Tabithas attic. Kay says it was the only place she could think of that they could be alone. Fox says it looks like a museum. He finds some shackles and asks what this is? Kay says Tabitha is a little eccentric, dont pay attention to the stuff she has up here. Fox looks at some jars of pickled frogs. Fox says one of these says biohazard, are they safe here? Kay says yes, just dont open it. Suddenly some bats fly by. Fox opens a window and the bats head outside. Fox asks Kay if she is sure about being up here? Kay says there is no where else to go, both their houses are full and Maria is in her bedroom here. Fox says they could go back to his car, but she says no. They pick up where they left off and begin some kissing. Kay asks if he is sure, is it not too soon? He says after last night, no. She says she means after them getting their hearts broken. Fox says yeah it is too soon, but they kiss anyways. They fall onto a little bed Tabitha has up in her attic. Something pops up from the bed (a skeleton I think) and Fox says this place is like a haunted house. Kay says Tabitha is just an old lady who collects weird things. She says they should ignore it unless they consider it a spiritual message. Suddenly a lions head pops out at Fox. Fox says they need to get out of here. Unfortunately the door is locked or stuck, they are trapped. It turns out that Endora is magically keeping them trapped in there. Tabitha says whod have thought shed give birth to such a romantic witchling. Back in the attic Fox covers the lions head, and he says Kay is trembling. She says shes usually not this jumpy. He tells her not to worry, he is here. Endora then turns on the radio and sends up some romantic music for the two of them. Fox and Kay soon get down to business on the bed.


August 19, 2005

At the Bennett house, Jessica is wearing proper clothes and has breakfast ready for her father in the kitchen. Hes surprised, and says this is great. He is just glad to have her home and away from Spike. They share a hug. Sam asks if Noah is up? She says she doesnt know. Ivy shows up and says Noah isnt home. She gives him a card and says she found this at the B&B. Jessica asks what Ivy is doing back here? Sam tells Jessica to relax and says Ivy is helping him out. The note says Noah is leaving town and hes not coming back. They wonder why he is leaving. Ivy tells herself she knows exactly why Noah is leaving, to spare them any danger he might put them in thanks to Fancy. Suddenly Fancy and her dog Prestin show up to see Noah. They ask what is wrong, are they allergic to dogs. Jessica says no, they just arent used to having celebrities in their house. She says Prestin is the real celebrity. Sam remembers pulling Fancy over when she was younger and was speeding without a license. Fancy says its hard to get a license when your under age, and she forgot that the US has speed limits unlike a lot of places in Europe. Fancy says so about Noah, can you tell him Im here to see him. Sam says no, Noah left town, would she know why? He asks if Noah is in trouble and if she is holding out on him? Fancy says he cant talk to her like that as he has no authority. Ivy scolds Fancy for being rude to Sam after she got him fired. Fancy says she is sorry about that and she tried to get him his job back, but Alistair said no. Sam decides to try and make some calls about Noah, and Ivy asks Fancy why she is here when Alistair warned her to stay away from him. Fancy cant believe her mom eavesdropped on her conversation. Ivy wonders if Fancy cares about anyone but herself, does she not realize she is putting Noah in danger. Fancy says first Noah isnt here, and second he doesnt need her to be in danger. Fancy wonders why her mother is never on her side. Fancy says she came here to tell Noah that grandfather was making the problem go away. Ivy says well she is too late as usual, Noah is gone for no reason at all. Ivy tells Fancy look at what she has done now. Ivy says this is why shes never on Fancys side, no matter how good her intentions are she always causes heartache. Fancy sees how upset Jessica and Sam are, and Sam just hopes Noah will come back soon. Sam and Jessica plan to try and call Noah, and they say if they hear from Noah theyll let Fancy know. They leave, and Fancy says it is her fault that Noah is gone. Ivy says you bet it is, and if she has any decency shell find a way to get him back and get Alistair to protect him. Fancy tells her dog that they have to find Noah and bring him back home. 

Gwen meets Sheridan at CPS with paper work Ethan has prepared to help Sheridan get temporary custody of Mark. Gwen also says Ethan filed copies of it with CPS. Sheridan is positive Maureen has no relatives and she wanted her to raise Mark. Sheridan says soon shell have Mark and Gwen has Jane. Gwen doesnt know if shell keep Jane though. She tells Sheridan about Theresa making a deal with Alistair and moving into the mansion. Gwen says Theresa wont stop until she gets Jane and Ethan back. Sheridan says she knows Ethan and he wont break his vows to her no matter what Theresa pulls. Gwen says enough about her, has she heard from Luis? Sheridan says Luis hasnt found Marty yet and until she does she doesnt care to hear from him till he does. Gwen thinks Sheridan really doesnt mean that. Gwen then says she knows Sheridan wants to raise Mark, but does she think this will fill a void Marty left in her heart? Will she be able to love another womans child as her own? Sheridan tells Gwen to tell her, can she really love Jane or is she just trying to score points with Ethan? We dont hear her answer (unless I missed the scene), the next we see they are in meeting with a caseworker. The caseworker has not had a good day, hes gotten a ticket and something happened to his car. Sheridan introduces herself and says shes here to see about getting custody of Mark. Sheridan is told she it too late to get Mark, hes been picked up by someone else. Sheridan wants to know what happened, and shes furious. She asks if a relative was found? Why wasnt she told. Gwen calms her down and then asks the man to explain why Sheridan Crane wasnt approved to have custody of the boy. Turns out it is another famous soap opera false alarm. He says he thought she said Sheridan Vane, he confused her with another case. He looks at her application and says it was approved. Sheridan is thrilled. Later, Gwen tells Sheridan, who is now holding Mark, how happy she is for her. Sheridan tells Gwen not to worry about Theresa as shes sure there is nothing Theresa can do. Sheridan leaves, and Gwen hopes Sheridan is right. Meanwhile, a mysterious man spies on Sheridan as she makes a call to someone and says she got Mark and shes bringing him home to the B&B.

At the mansion, Julian is talking with Ethan and thanking him for taking Eves case. He says he knows Eve is innocent. Ethan just hopes he can prove it. Rebecca shows up and doubts it because Eve is guilty as sin. Rebecca says instead of singing at bars, Eve will soon be behind them. She tells Julian that his mistress is a three time attempted murderess. Ethan begins questioning Rebecca about what happened the night Liz was poisoned. We see flashbacks of Liz poisoning the glass, and she of course lies to Ethan about what happened. Julian remembers that Eve had once said Rebecca was in the basement of the church when she and Liz were arguing. Ethan asks if anyone else was in the basement, but Rebecca says no. Ethan asks if she saw Eve poison the punch, but Rebecca says no. However she says no one else was there, and only Liz cup was poisoned and not the punch bowl. She says it had to be Eve. Ethan wonders what Rebecca is hiding from them. Julian says yes, do tell. Julian thinks Rebecca knows something that can clear Eve, and that she needs to fess up. Rebecca reminds him that he still needs her signature on divorce papers. Julian says if she has hopes of ever marrying someone again to cooperate otherwise hell make sure everyone will know about her donkey fetish. Julian says shell be lucky to get a man after that comes out Ethan says okay they should stop this and that their futures have nothing to do with Eves case. They finish up, and Rebecca says she had no idea this would take so long as shes late for her spa treatment. She leaves, and Ethan thinks Rebecca is hiding something. Julian agrees and says the problem is they need to prove Rebecca is lying. Rebecca listens in on them and thinks nobody will prove Eve is innocent, and shes going to have to take the fall for her little accident. Rebecca says nobody will ever find out it was her that poisoned Liz that night.

Whitney goes to see Theresa (I think they are at the book caf) and says her life is falling apart and she needs her help. Theresa thinks Whitney wants her to help her kill herself. Whitney says no of course not. Whitney says shes joined a convent and wants Theresa to take her. Theresa asks what has brought this on? Whitney goes into the whole story about going to check on Chad and Miles during the earthquake and tsunami and making love to Chad. Whitney says she doesnt trust herself to ever be around Chad again. Chad and Miles show up, and Chad figured shed come to see Theresa. He doesnt want her to leave him and their son, he begs her not to. Theresa cant believe Chad knows the truth about Miles. Whitney tells him to keep it down, she doesnt want everyone to know. Whitney says it is bad enough Fox now knows as well. Theresa is stunned that all these people now know. Chad thinks they need to plan for their future and Miles future. Whitney tells him to stop. She says everyone would claim shed feel better when she told the truth about Miles but she doesnt feel better. She says she feels worse given what they did. She says shes leaving Harmony and joining a convent tonight. Chad says if she thinks living in a convent will stop her from loving him then she is fooling herself. He tells her not to do this. Whitney says she is doing this and no one will stop her. She tells Theresa they should go and heads off. Chad begs Theresa not to let Whitney do this, but Theresa says it seems like Whitney has made up her mind. Theresa leaves, and Chad tells Miles not to worry, his mom wont leave them. 

Theresa drives Whitney to the convent and tries to talk her out of her decision. She suggests she never be alone with Chad, and when she has to see him she have a chaperone. Whitney says she cant stay away from Chad, that is the problem. She says it is like telling Theresa to stay away from Ethan. Theresa says its not the same, but Whitney says it is. Whitney says she cant stay away from Chad, so she needs to be cut off. She says the most important thing she can do is stay away from Chad given what happens when they are together. Later they arrive at the convent, and Theresa asks her if she is sure about doing this, about cutting herself off. Whitney says she is sure. Whitney walks up to the door and knocks on it. A nun opens up, and Whitney says she is here to join the order.

At the Russells, Eve meets up with TC, she got a message from him to come over. They discuss Whitney joining a convent, and TC learns Eve knew all along about Miles being Chads son. He says she knew and didnt tell him? Liz walks in and says of course she knew, what would she expect from a lying whore? Liz asks TC how he can still love Eve when she lied yet again. Eve cant believe TC told Liz he still loved her. TC says he did. Liz says TC trusts her enough to tell her the truth. Eve says Whitney is a grown woman and she was asked to keep Whitneys secret. Eve says she yes lied, Whitney was desperate to protect her baby. Eve says she asked Whitney to tell the truth, but she refused. Eve says as her doctor she had to keep Whitneys confidence. Liz says it is horrible that she kept this a secret all this time. Eve says what about Liz keeping her alleged seduction by Julian a secret? Liz says this isnt about her, it is about Eve. Eve says she was just keeping her daughters confidence and secret. Liz thinks someone else knew, and she asks who knew? Eve says since Whitney has confessed then she can tell them. Eve says Whitney told Theresa and she (Eve) told Julian. TC says you told Julian your lover? Liz says see Eve is still the same lying whore she always was. Eve says she didnt know what to do or how to help Whitney, and she let the truth slip out to Julian. TC says she should have come to him, but she says she didnt want TC to take his anger out on Whitney and Chad. Liz says she is lying yet again, but Eve keeps throwing Lizs lie about Julian in her face. TC says that is enough, and he tells Eve he is so sorry he wasnt there for her. Liz cant believe this and says Eve poisoned her, her own sister. TC says let it go. He says the only reason he and Eve are apart is because he was a fool. He says if he had honored their vows they would still be together right. Chad and Miles show up, and Chad apologizes to Eve and TC for what happened. TC asks how could they do this? He says they are in love and they lost their heads, but Whitney cant get passed it. Chad says now Whitney has left for some cloistered convent and shes not coming back.

Noah is at some biker bar. A guy pulls a knife on Noah and grabs him, holding the knife to his throat. He says who ever thought Noah would have the guts to set foot in here again. The man tells Noah he isnt leaving here until he repays every cent Noah owes him. Noah says no need to bloody that nice clean knife. Noah says he has a plan, so the man tells him to talk fast. Noah tells the man, Payne, that he has a plan but he needs help getting started. He asks if Tiny is still here, and Payne says yes. Noah sees a big guy playing pool and says well it looks like he lost weight. Payne says prison food didnt agree with him. Noah asks what he did time for? Payne says assault with a deadly weapon. Later Noah sees his dad is calling, but he doesnt answer and says he cant go home. Noah explains his plan to Payne, who cant believe Noah is going to try and con Tiny. Noah says Tiny doesnt need to know. Payne says Tiny beat him at pool every night he came in here, this is why Noah owes him money. Noah says hes gotten better and he can beat Tiny. However he needs a sucker to lose a few games to in order to pull Tiny in. Payne says he is a fool, but he has guts. Payne says hell bankroll Noahs plan, and if Noah loses then hell carve him up. Payne also says if Noah wins and Tiny learns he was set up then Noah is on his own. Across the bar Tiny is attacking some guy for not giving him his money. Noah begins playing his little con game and acting all drunk. He challenges anyone else in the bar, and Tiny takes the bait. Noah ends up buying everyone in bar a round of drinks so they will be his cheering section, and they cheer him on. The game begins, and Noah hopes he can pull it off.

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