August 22, 2005

At tabithas, Tabitha walks into her kitchen and finds Fox and Kay making out. She thinks they should find a room, but then remembers the found one last night in her attic. Tabitha coughs, and they say good morning. Fox says shes looking lovely this morning (Tabitha is in the bathrobe). Tabitha says shed look a lot better if she got some sleep last night. Kay asks if Endora kept her up? Tabitha says no, there was a lot of creaking and groaning coming from the attic last night. As Fox plays with the babies, Kay tells Tabitha isnt he fantastic. Tabitha says she wouldnt know, and she is shocked at Kays behavior. Kay says please, she and Endora created a disaster that almost destroyed their town. Tabitha says she is just surprised at the intensity of the relationship that came out of nowhere, and she is just worried about her. She asks Kay if she thinks Fox is her knight in shining armor? Kay says she doesnt know, but Fox cares about her and is great with kids. They watch him with Maria and Endora, and Kay says Fox and Endora make a cute couple. Tabitha tells herself that even Kay can see how sappy Endora acts around her half-brother. Tabitha pulls Endora away from Fox and thinks shes spent enough time with Fox. Kay tells Fox how good he is with the kids. Fox says he did a lot of research when he thought hed be a father to Whitneys baby. Kay says she cant get over that Miles is Chads son. Tabitha hears this and says but they are half-brother and sister? Fox says that is why Whitney lied and tried to con him, so nobody would know the truth about the baby. Fox says that mess is behind him now. As Fox and Kay are about to kiss, Endora knocks the glass of OJ over with her magic. They giggle about it, and Tabitha says Fox and Kay are just getting closer and closer. Tabitha tells Endora that she knows Fox is her half-brother, but the dark side code states they are to make mortals as miserable as possible Tabitha tells Endora that shes going to have to cast a spell on Fox. Tabitha tries to cast a spell and cause him some heartache.

At the mansion, Rebecca is in her room worrying about the story she just fed to Ethan and Julian. She doesnt think they believed it. Rebecca goes to take a drink, but then tells herself that she needs to focus and keep her story straight or shell go to jail for a long time. Gwen walks in on her mother drinking, and Gwen says shes shaking like a leaf. She asks her mom if she is in trouble? Rebecca says nothing is wrong, the coffee was just extra strong so the booze is helping even things out. Gwen hopes nothing is wrong as shell be late for her spa appointment. Rebecca says shes not going. Gwen says she never misses an appointment at the spa. Gwen says the spa is her favorite place in the world. Gwen asks what is going on? Gwen fears Theresa has the proof, but Rebecca says no nothing like that. Rebecca says that secret is safe. Gwen asks if there are more secrets? Rebecca says she doesnt want to burden her with her problems. Gwen wants to help her mother and asks what is going on. Rebecca downs some more booze and tells Gwen the truth about Lizs poisoning. Gwen cant believe that she tried to kill Liz. Rebecca says no, she meant to kill Eve so she could have Julian all to herself. Gwen thinks her mother is insane, but Rebecca says Eve was trying to take her husband away. Gwen says but murder? Rebecca admits things didnt go as planned, but Eve will still go to jail and she still wins. Gwen says unless Ethan figures out she is lying then shell be the one going to prison. Rebecca says nobody will find out what she did, but Gwen says Ethan is a brilliant lawyer and knows when a witness is lying. Rebecca says they are the only ones who know and Ethan and Julian will never find out. Gwen feels like they are living in a house of cards of secrets and lies. Rebecca says nobody will ever find out that they set up Theresa or that she tried to poison Eve. The ladies turn around and find Julian and Ethan standing in the doorway. 

In the living room, Julian tells Ethan that Rebecca knows more about Lizs poisoning then she is telling them. Ethan says he has never seen Julian as concerned about anything as he is about wining this case. Julian says because if they dont win then Eve will go to prison for the rest of her life. He says hes lost her once, he wont lose her again. Unfortunately Ethan is having a hard time finding any proof to help their case. Julian says he knows Eve didnt try and kill him, Liz or his father. Ethan says hell be ripped to shreds on the stand though. Ethan says either he has to perjure himself or admit that Eve hated him at the time he was shot. He also says the DA will make it look like Eve is only with him to try and help her case. Julian says that is preposterous, and nothing and no one will keep them apart. Julian asks Ethan how he plans to defend Eve? He says hell poke holes in the case, two of the attempted murders are based on circumstantial evidence. Julian says his shooting and his fathers poisoning. Ethan says yes, and in both cases plenty of people made threats against them both. He says but the same poison used on Alistair was used on Liz. They discuss how Eves pharmacy card was used to take the poison out of the hospital storage room, and that they think Rebecca knows more about what happened. However, Ethan says the problem is Liz is saying Eve poisoned her. Ethan says so if Eve didnt do it then Rebecca did or Liz poisoned herself. Julian thinks Liz would risk her own life to ruin Eve. Ethan says maybe, but what motivation would Rebecca have? Julian says anything is possible with that woman. Ethan says he has to hope he can find a lie in Rebeccas deposition. Ethan says if all else fails they can discredit Rebecca based on her escapades. Julian says he means their sexcapades. We then see all the flashbacks of their sex games. Julian says if a jury knows what Rebecca is capable of then they may be less likely to believe her over Eve. Julian tells Ethan that Rebeccas evil extends far beyond her sex life. He says for example it was Rebecca who put him up to taking Little Ethan from Theresa and evicting Pilar from her house. He says she blackmailed him with all the things he did over the years. Ethan says so he cant risk testifying against Rebecca without risking arrest himself. Julian says it doesnt bother him, he loves Eve and will do anything for her. Ethan decides to question Rebecca some more and hopefully poke some holes in her story. Ethan and Julian show up in Rebeccas doorway just as Rebecca is confessing all to Gwen! 

At the Russell house, Chad informs Eve and TC that Theresa has driven Whitney to the convent. TC thinks they need to convince Whitney to come home before it is too late. Simone walks in and tells her parents to leave Whitney alone, she was right to join a convent. Eve asks why she would say such a thing? Simone says because it is true, they are better off never seeing Whitney again. Eve gives Simone a hug and welcomes her home. Simone asks her parents what is up with them, why are they together? Eve just asks how she got in, are the airports open? Simone says yeah they are. Chad says no they arent. Eve asks Simone if that is a bump on her head. She says it is nothing. They ask how she hurt herself? Was she skating on the beach without her helmet? She says yeah. TC says she is lying, she didnt go to California. Simone asks how he knew? TC says she heard her come in last night, and he went up to check on her and she was asleep. He says he called the professor in charge of the trip and learned she backed out. Eve asks where she has been all this time? She tells them to stop pretending like they care where shes been because they dont. Simone says shes been gone for weeks and neither of them called her once. Both Eve and TC thought the other was keeping tabs on her. Simone says she had her friend in California let her know when they called so she could pretend to be there. She says what a waste of her times setting that up was, but then again she is a waste of their time. They say that is not true, but she thinks it is. She says neither of them have time for her anymore. She says her dad is so busy with Liz and her mom with Julian and her trial that it is a wonder they have the time to show Whitney the attention they do. Eve says Whitney has had her fair share of problems recently. Simone says and before that it was her singing career and then her tennis career. Simone also wonders why they are together when they are engaged to other people. Liz tells Simone that her father broke off their engagement because he still loves Eve. TC says they can talk about this later as Simone needs their attention now. Simone says please, all they care about is Whitney all the fricken damn time. Simone tells them not to deny it, they love Whitney the most. She says Whitney is the beautiful one, the talented one, the gifted one. Simone says even now that Whitney has messed up her life royally she still gets all their attention, love and time. Simone tells her parents that she thought by disappearing she was doing them a favor. She says this way they dont have to be bothered by their second rate, second class daughter. TC admits he did focus a lot of time training Whitney, and Eve admits she was busy at the hospital when Simone was growing up. They both thought they made time for her. Simone says shes not a chore on their to-do list. Simone says she stopped caring a long time ago, so go after Whitney and find a way to convince her to come back to Harmony. Chad tries to talk to Simone, and he tells her the truth about Miles and how Fox knows. Simone says so Chad is Miles father and his uncle, this family is freakier than she thought. Eve asks Simone not to make light of Whitneys situation, she has no idea what Whitneys been through. Simone says she knows what shes been through because of Whitney, she grew up ignored. She says she competed with Whitney for their time and attention, and for Chad. Chad says theyve been through this, he was never her boyfriend. He says she has to let it go. Simone says oh she has, more than he could ever imagine. TC asks what that means? She says never mind, she is going out to meet her friends. They ask what friends, but she says it is none of their business. They say they are her parents. Liz says Simone is of legal age so leave her alone. Eve tells Liz to stay out of this. Chad tells them all to stop it as they are going to upset Miles. 

Whitney and Theresa are at the convent. Whitney tells the nun who answers the door that she wants to join the convent and live here in seclusion for the rest of her life. The nun asks Whitney to wait until she gets the Mother Superior. The doors open, and Whitney goes inside to meet with the Mother Superior. Theresa ends up going with Whitney to meet with the mother superior. As they wait for her, Theresa begs Whitney not to do this as running away wont solve anything. Whitney says shes not running, shes cutting herself off and yes this will solve her problem. The Mother Superior shows up and meets with Whitney. Whitney says she wants to join her order. Mother Superior says she seems troubled, what is wrong? Whitney says she has committed crimes against God and nature. Mother Superior says surely you exaggerate. Whitney says she slept with her half-brother. The Mother Superior responds You what? Whitney says she slept with her brother, they didnt know they were related at first, but they knew last night when they slept together again. Whitney says it was wrong and will never happen again, and that is why she wants to be a nun. Whitney also admits they have a child together. Whitney again says at first they didnt know they were related, but now that they do she still cant turn off her feelings for him. Whitney tells her the whole story, and how she fears she would be with her brother again if she had the chance .Whitney says that is why she wants to live here and become a nun. The Mother Superior says she is sorry but she cant come here to escape lifes problems. Whitney asks where she will go then, back to her brothers bed? Mother Superior says heavens no. Whitney says then please let her stay here. Mother Superior says she is welcomed to stay as their guest, but joining their order is a talk for another time after reflection and prayer. Mother Superior says as their guest she is free to come and go as she pleases. Whitney says she doesnt want to leave. Mother Superior says she will have a room made up for her, but first she must go back and say goodbye to her loved ones. Whitney says she already said her goodbyes. Mother Superior wont take no for an answer. Theresa tells Whitney Mother Superior is right, she should make peace with the past if this is the future she wants. Whitney says shell do as she asks, shell go say goodbye. However, Whitney says she will come back here and live out the rest of her days.

Theresa drives Whitney back home, and she tries to talk her out of this. Whitney doesnt want to talk about this. She asks about how shes doing. Theresa tells her about almost dying during the tsunami, and how Ethan rescued her. Theresa then tells Whitney shes made a deal with Alistair and is moving back into the mansion. Whitney thinks Theresa should come join the convent with her. Theresa says no, shell get Jane and Ethan back and then make Gwen and Rebecca pay for what theyve done to her. Theresa says Alistair is her last chance at happiness, just like staying away from Chad is hers. Whitney says she s not happy about what shes doing, but at least shes choosing right over wrong. Whitney tells Theresa what she is doing is as bad as it gets. Theresa says it will be as good as it can get when Ethan and Jane are with her. Whitney and Theresa arrive at the Russell home. Theresa and Whitney have a tearful goodbye, and Theresa agrees to write Whitney. Theresa says she better get home to Jane and Little Ethan. They share a hug before saying goodbye. Whitney then heads in to see her family. Eve and TC give her big hugs and thinks shes changed her mind about the convent. Liz says her place is in Harmony, and Chad says Miles needs her just as much as he does (Ew, in front of her/their parents?).

Fancy is calling around to try and find Noah. She calls Crane security in hopes they can help her find Noah. She says she has to stop him from leaving town for good. Crane security locates Noah at a roadhouse outside of Harmony. She then tells her doggy that they have to go find Noah and not to draw attention to herself, they have to blend in.

At the bar, Noah is playing Tiny in a game of pool. The crowd is cheering him on. Noah is leading Tiny on by missing a few shots. Unfortunately Tiny is not missing any shots. Noah assures Payne that this is all a part of his plan. Tiny eventually messes up, and Noah realizes all he has to do is sink the last few shots. Noah says he wont lose, he has too much riding on this to let anyone get in his way. Suddenly, Fancy and her dog walk into the bar. She doesnt spot Noah, so heads to the bar. The bartender asks what shed like? She says shes in the mood for sex on the beach. The bartender says hes flattered but he doesnt get off until 4. She says she meant the drink. The bartender only has beer and whisky. She says shell have an imported light beer. He gives her a domestic dark beer, and asks if the rat needs water. She says Pristine is a dog. The bartender says she is a snack to the rats around here. Meanwhile, Noah is going to make his last shot when Fancy sees him. She goes up to him, and Tiny trips her and causes her to fall onto Noah. Noah of course misses the shot. Fancy says who cares about the shot. Payne grabs Noah and says he does, which means Noah loses his life. Noah tells her that she had to ask.


August 23, 2005
At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca find Ethan and Julian in the doorway of their room, and they fear they were overheard. Of course they werent. Theresa shows up and asks what is going on? Rebecca says she and Gwen were having a private mother-daughter conversation that is none of their business. She asks how dare they all just barge into her boudoir. Ethan says he is here to question Rebecca some more, but Rebecca says she told him everything that she knows about that night. Theresa refuses to leave until Rebecca admits she and Gwen sent the info to the tabloid that exposed Ethans paternity. Ethan says not that again. Rebecca tells Theresa to get out of her bedroom. Theresa informs Ethan one day hell know the truth about who sent that information to the tabloids, hell know the kind of person he is really married to. Gwen tells Theresa that she is delusional, and just because Alistair moved her in as this months bimbo dont think it means anything will come of it. Theresa says she has known the truth for a long time and soon Ethan will know the truth as well. Ethan puts an end to the fight, and he suggests they stop now. Theresa leaves, and Gwen tells Ethan that girl is mental. Ethan decides to continue working with Julian on Eves case, and Julian tells Rebecca if she is hiding anything then he will find out. Ethan and Julian leave, and Gwen tells her mom they both stand to lose everything they have at the moment. Gwen says as long as Theresa is in this house she is in danger of losing Ethan.

Downstairs, Julian thanks Ethan for defending Eve, but he tells not to put his own life in jeopardy doing it. Ethan says he and Gwen will be okay. Julian says actually he was speaking of Theresa. He wants her to try and see things from Theresas viewpoint if he can. Julian decides to head out and find Eve.

In the nursery, Theresa spends more time with Little Ethan and Jane, and she thinks about Whitney leaving town. She says they used to talk about their perfect lives when they grew up, and she wonders how their lives got so messed up. Ethan comes into the nursery and asks what is wrong. She hugs him and says nothing when shes in his arms. He hugs her back. She tells Ethan that he makes her feel better. She feels like shes falling apart, and without him she might not be able to put the pieces together again. Ethan continues to hug her.

At Tabithas, Tabitha is trying to think of a spell to cast on Fox to stop his romance with Kay. She tries to cast a few spells, but none of them seem to work. She soon realizes Endora is blocking her spells. Tabitha tells Endora that it is their job to bring pain and suffering to those who might be joyful not matter how they might feel about them. Later, Kay tells Tabitha that Fox wants to take her, Maria and Endora out for a little outing. Tabitha says she and Endora have plans, but Endora reaches for Fox. Fox says it looks like Endora wants to come with them. Tabitha asks what they have in mind? Fox doesnt know yet, but it has to be something reasonable as hes broke. Endora casts a spell and puts a hundred dollars in Foxs wallet. Fox says he must have forgot about this, but hey the skies the limit for his girls. Kay is happy about her relationship with Fox, and she tells this much to Tabitha. Tabitha warns Kay not to be too happy as doom and gloom is on its way. On cue Ivy walks in and asks what is going on? Kay and Fox say they were just taking the babies out, and they decide to head to the park. Ivy is not pleased, and Tabitha is glad. She says with or without her spell Fox is in for it! Meanwhile, Fox discusses how if they only had some bikes with kids seats they could go for a ride. Endora casts a spell and conjures up some bikes in the closet. Fox checks the closet when he hears a sound, and he finds the bikes. Kay says shes never seen them before. Fox says if they only had some helmets. Endora then conjures them up as well. Fox wonders if these were surprise Christmas gifts. Tabitha says they were, and Fox says he is sorry he ruined the surprise. She says it is okay and they can use the bikes. As Fox goes to get Maria ready, Tabitha warns Endora to mind her Ps and Qs and not to let Fox find out they are related. She also says if they thought the Tsunami was a disaster then they have to watch out as hurricane Ivy is gathering force. Ivy stands around and just gives them looks, she doesnt like this at all.

At the Russells, everyone tries to convince Whitney not to leave for the convent. Chad hands her Miles and says he cant leave her little boy. Whitney admits she does love Miles, and she realized just how much when she thought she could lose him in the Tsunami. However she says this is something she has to do for him. TC says this is not the answer, and Chad asks if Whitney can really say goodbye to her son forever? Whitney says she has realized two things, she loves her son and she still loves Chad. She says they already made love again knowing the truth. Simone says that is disgusting. Chad tells Simone she doesnt know what shes talking about. Whitney says no Simone is right, and that is the response many people will have. She says if she stays and spends time with Miles then shell be spending time with him, and they know what will happen. She says that is why she has to leave forever. TC tells Whitney he and her mom are here for her, they are going to make this thing work. He says they are trying to get back together. Eve says they shouldnt get ahead of themselves. Simone and Whitney asks what is going on? An angry Liz says Eve has TC wrapped around her finger as usual and she isnt sure she wants to leave Julian yet. Chad begs Whitney not to leave him and Miles. Simone says this is gross, has anyone heard of the word incest? Chad tells Whitney to just think about Miles then. Whitney says if she is thinking about Miles then she should leave today. She tells Chad if he cares about her and Miles then let her go. Whitney says she has to go, and Simone agrees as she cant control her impulses around Chad. Whitney tells Simone that she doesnt want to leave with them on bad terms, as she doesnt know if shell ever see her again. Simone realizes Whitney is serious. Whitney gives Simone a brooch and wants her to have it. It is a family heirloom, and Whitney was given it because she is the oldest. Whitney says it is hers now. Simone promises to take care of it. Whitney says hopefully one day shell give it to her daughters. They hug and tears flow. Whitney says goodbye to Liz. She says she knows Liz is going through a lot now, but she has meant a lot to her. Whitney says Liz has always supported her, especially with her singing. Liz tells Whitney that she is a very talented woman and the music industry will miss a real star. Whitney hugs her parents goodbye and tells Chad to let her do this. She says this is the only good thing she can give to her son. She then leaves. Simone decides to go as well. TC asks where, and she says to see someone who gives a damn about her. Simone leaves, and Liz taunts Eve about how neither of her daughters want anything to do with her, and soon shell be headed to jail. Liz then blasts TC for dumping her for Eve. She says Eve is disloyal and will never come running back to him. She calls him a fool and says they deserve one another. Liz storms out of the room, and Eve wonders what has happened to their lives. Eve blames herself for all of this. She says this is all because of her lies. She says the girls despise her and now she is going to jail. Eve says she feels so lost, but he says she is not lost. He says she is here, she is where he wants her to be. He pulls her into his arms and as they kiss, Julian walks in and sees them in one anothers arms. 

Whitney heads back to the convent and says shes doing this for Miles. She knocks on the door and tells the nun she has thought it over and wants to join the convent and live out the rest of her life here.

At the bar, Payne holds a knife on Noah. Fancy tells her dog not to look as this man is a big bully. Payne tells Fancy to shut up or hell make a pin cushion out of her dog. Tiny takes his winnings and heads off. Noah promises Payne he can pay him back, and he says if he lets him go hell bring him his money. Payne says last time he said that he was gone for 6 years. Fancy offers to pay Noahs debt, but she doesnt have any cash and Payne thinks her credit cards are hot if she is a friend of Noahs. He says she is no friend of his. Payne gets an idea how Noah can pay him back. Payne decides Noah and Fancy should was dishes in the kitchen. Fancy says this place is a pig sty. Even Noah says it is disgusting. Payne tells them to get started. Fancy says Noah is on his own with this one. Payne puts the knife back to Noahs throat and says if she cares about Noah then shell help, otherwise someone else will be cleaning up a lot of blood in here. Payne leaves them to do their work. Fancy sees a bug and jumps into Noahs arms. She asks what it is? He says its a cockroach, but he likes to think of it as another reason for her to be in his arms. They get to work, but Fancy has never done a dish in her life and breaks them. He tells her shes a real pro. Fancy becomes upset and says shell show him that she can do this! They eventually finish the dishes, and Payne is glad to see they are done. He then has another job, and he points to a mop. She asks what that is for? He says it is a nasty job but he is sure that they are the ones to get it done.

Outside the B&B, Christopher is on the phone with someone and says hes in Harmony and has settled in just as he wanted. Inside, Sheridan puts Mark down for a nap. Ivy shows up and says shes been looking for her. She says Luis has been calling for her. Sheridan refuses to talk to Luis, and Ivy passes on the message to Luis. Ivy tells Sheridan to give it up, Luis loves her and she still loves him. Sheridan says Ivy knows better than anyone that love isnt a fairy tale. Ivy says her head knows but her heart doesnt. Ivy asks Sheridan what she will do it Luis does find Marty and comes home? Sheridan says she doesnt know and she cant think that far ahead. She says right now she has to concentrate on Mark. Ivy tells Sheridan that Mark is lucky to have her, but that boy isnt Sheridans entire life. She says what about Luis, he is the love of her life. Ivy says its not like another man will walk through the door and replace him. Chris then walks in on cue, and Sheridan asks if she can help him? He says the bulb in his bedside lamp is broken. Sheridan introduces Ivy to Chris. Ivy introduces herself as Ivy Crane (what happened to Winthrop?). Chris introduces himself as a reporter, and Ivy guesses hes here about the Tsunami. Sheridan brings Chris a bulb, and he thanks her. Ivy leaves, and Chris asks if she is okay. He says she seems a little down. Sheridan says shes missing someone very much. He asks if she is missing Marty? Sheridan asks how he knows she has a son by that name? He says he is a reporter, and she is a Crane so there is no shortage of stories about her. She says she forgot and shes sorry for her tone and if she sounded like she was accusing him. Chris has some stuffed toy with him that he found outside, and Sheridan says Marty had the same toy. She breaks down in tears and just grabs Chris and pulls him into a hug. Sheridan apologizes and says he must think she is a nut. He says not at all, he has a boy and he hasnt seen him in a long time. Sheridan says shes sorry and asks why she hasnt seen him? He says he travels a lot and it is hard. Mark coughs, and Sheridan says she has to go check on him. She tells Chris how she is only the boys foster parent at the moment, but she hopes to adopt him soon. Sheridan leaves, and Chris pulls out a piece of cloth and wonders if his mother still makes his shirts out of these every year.


August 24, 2005

At the B&B, Christopher asks Sheridan if he thinks Luis will find Beth and Marty? She asks how he knows about that? Again Chris says hes a reporter. Sheridan says right. They begin talking about Mark, and Sheridan says she only has temporary custody of him right now. Chris talks about his own son and how he hasnt seen him in years. He talks about how his mother used to make him the cutest little shirts. Sheridan gets a call from CPS, and they want her to bring Mark down right away to sign more paperwork. Sheridan thought at first she was going to have to take him back, and shes relieved that they arent. Christopher has an appointment to go to as well, and he tells Sheridan he hopes everything goes okay for her. Chris takes off, and Mark comes out to see Sheridan. Sheridan tells him that he got up all on his own. Sheridan heads down to CPS to sign the paper work, but a worker says things have changed. The man says there has been a lead on Marks father. Sheridan cries Oh no. Sheridan says this is a mistake, it has to be. The man says Marks father checks out, and he asked him to come down here as well. A man walks in, and Sheridan is introduced to him. Sheridan says Youre Marks father? Of course the man is Christopher, and he takes Mark from her. He says he never thought hed hold his son again.

At the bar, Payne says after this next job he and Noah will be even. Payne wants them to scrub the bathrooms! Noah tells Fancy that hell clean up the bathrooms. She says its all his and goes to leave, but Payne says not so fast. He says she is to blame for costing Noah the game by falling into Noah. She says Tiny tripped her, but Payne says it doesnt matter. Fancy once again offers to pay off Noahs debt, she is Fancy Crane and her money is good. Payne says you cant put a price on a nice clean bathroom. Noah tells Fancy hell clean it, but she says no shell go in with him. They head in, and Payne laughs as Fancy screams about a rat. As they clean, Fancy now realizes why grandfather calls common people the great unwashed. Noah then asks why she came here, was she looking for him? She says she was. She says grandfather took care of the Vegas people, so now he doesnt have to leave town. He says isnt that great. Noah says no, she has just made a bad situation worse. She asks why he is angry? Noah says he doesnt want to be indebted to Alistair. Fancy says and people think she is ungrateful. She says she just handed him a life free from being on the run and he has turned his nose at it. Noah says he just doesnt understand why Alistair would help him. Fancy says because she asked him to. Noah asks what she said to him? She says she doesnt remember her exact words exactly. He asks if she told him how much she cares about him. Suddenly Presinte barks and growls at Noah. Noah tells the dog to muzzle it. Fancy tells Noah she didnt plead or beg her grandfather to protect him, and she didnt tell him about any feelings. She says she did it all for press, she has a new jewelry line coming out and she doesnt want to be linked to him in the tabloids. She also tells Noah he isnt in debt to her grandfather, hes in debt to her. He doesnt want to be in her debt either, and asks how he can pay her back? She wants him to do her a favor.

Simone meets up with Kay and Maria on the docks. Simone talks to Kay about what is going on with her family, including Whitney running off to a convent and her dad wanting her mom back. Fox shows up with Endora, and he and Kay kiss. Kay says they didnt mean to be rude, and she says it is okay. Fox has ice cream for all, and Kay says he knows how to put a smile on a girls face. Simone says everyone but Whitney. Simone says she is sorry for what her sister did to him. He says yeah well hes getting over it. Simone asks Kay if they can talk in private, talk about why she stayed in Harmony. Kay says yeah sure. Kay realizes leaving two babies with Fox might be too much. She says there used to be a mechanical pony ride over there that could have occupied the babies, but the tsunami must have washed it away. Endora conjures one up, and Kay and Fox are puzzled. Fox takes Endora over, and Maria becomes fussy so Kay has to take Maria over. Simone heads off, and Kay doesnt notice until she asks Simone to take a photo of them. Kay hopes she can catch up with Simone and talk to her about things. Kay and Fox continue to spend time together and kiss some more. Meanwhile Simone goes off walking. She says shes happy for Kay, it seems like her and Fox are falling in love.

At the Bennett house, Sam wants to talk to Jessica about what she wants to do with her life. He thinks they need to discuss school and the future. Jessica says should she decide before or after she cleans up breakfast, makes her bed and does his laundry? Sam wonders why she is acting like this. Ivy walks in and Jessica asks why is Ivy always here? Sam tells her that Ivy is a guest and he doesnt want her talking to Ivy that way. He wants her to apologize to Ivy. Jessica says fine, and she tells Ivy that she is sorry she is still here. Sam doesnt like the apology, and Sam argues with Jessica. Ivy thinks she should go, but Sam says no. Sam expects Jessica to be nice to his guest. Jessica just wants to be left alone. Sam says everyone in this house has responsibilities. Jessica says she is not the new maid. He says they have never had a maid here. She says they did, her name was mom. She tells her dad this macho man of the house thing may have worked with mom, but not her. Jessica says she is an adult and he cant tell her what to do. Sam says that he is her father and this is his house, so she follows his rules. He tells Jessica she is grounded. He tells her to zip her mouth, do her part around here and everything will be fine. She says fine for who? She says give her a break. Sam says he has given her plenty, he has given her a cell phone, clothes, and a safe haven from Spike. He says hes sick of her acting like an ungrateful brat who thinks she can do what she wants and damn everyone else. Jessica says that is it, she is out of here. Jessica leaves, and Ivy thinks Sam should go look for her. Sam says no, the therapist says he needs to let her cool off and come around on her own when she acts like this. Ivy thinks this is her fault, but Sam says no. He says it is Jessicas choice to live her life the way she wants to. Sam says all he can do is be here for her, and he just prays she comes back. Sam remembers how when he was a cop he used to break up domestic disputes all the time, now he is in the middle of one with his daughter. He wonders how things got so bad for his family. Sam becomes tired of waiting and heads out to find Jessica. Sam leaves, and Ivy knows this is all her fault for bringing David to Harmony. She says she wanted to bring her and Sam together, but all shes done is called Jessica and Sam a world of pain. Sam soon returns, he couldnt find Jessica anywhere. Ivy says she is sorry, but he says it isnt her fault. He says if Jessica wasnt angry about her being around then shed be angry about something else. He says he has done everything he can, and he has to accept he cant stop Jessica from losing herself in a lifestyle of drugs and squalor. He just has to hope wherever she is that someone watches over her.

Jessica goes off and looks for Spike. She runs into a hooker and asks if she has seen Spike. She hasnt and all she wants is drugs. She asks some more people if they have seen Spike. Spike soon turns up, and he asks why she is looking for him. He asks what she wants. Spike says he thought her sister and Fox took her back home. She says she did go back home, and he was right about everything. She says her dad tried to keep her prisoner, and she cant live like that. She says she wants to live with him, she wants them to be a couple again. He tells her that she broke his heart. She says she didnt mean to. She ends up asking Spike if he has anything to help her calm down and take the edge off. He gives her some drugs, and she thanks him. Jessica cant believe hes being so nice to her after the way she left him. She says she is so sorry about the way she treated him. He asks if shes sorry enough to work the streets again? As they are kissing, Simone shows up and tells Spike to leave Jessie alone. She calls Spike a sleaze and to get his hands off her. Spike tells her unless she wants another bump on her head then back off. Simone begs Jessica not to give Spike a second chance, he tried to turn her into a hooker. Spike says Jessica is of age and can do what she want. Jessica says this is her life and she is interfering again. Spike and Jessica head off, and one of Spikes men ends up following Simone with a tire wrench. 

Jessica and Spike return to Spikes place, and he wonders if this is a mistake. She says she is back to stay, she promises. He asks her if she promises not to doubt his love and do what he asks. She asks if he wants her to work the streets again. He says its the only way to raise money for his club and pay for the drugs. He says if she doesnt do this then she should go home to daddy right now. 

At the Russells, Liz shows up with a glass of wine. Eve says she is drunk, but Liz says no giddy. Julian has walked in and caught Eve and TC kissing. Liz says Julian has finally seen what a two timing whore she is. Eve turns around and sees Julian looking rather grim. Eve says she is sorry, and she explains they just got carried away. Eve says they were talking about the girls and one thing led to another. Liz says she wishes she had a camera, Julian should see the look on his face as it is priceless. She tells Julian that he is naive for thinking Eve wouldnt cheat on him. Liz says once a whore always a whore. Eve tells Liz to shut up. Liz says her anger is misplaced, she didnt force her to kiss TC or for TC to ask Eve to come back to him. Julian says what? TC reveals that he still loves Eve and wants her back. Julian is shocked, and Liz tells Julian to ask Eve how long shes know that TC wanted her back. Eve tells Julian shes known since they were trapped together during the tsunami. Julian is hurt that she didnt tell him until now. Eve says she didnt know how to tell him. Liz says that is the same excuse she used on TC as to why she kept from him about her past. Liz says even without her to blame, Eve is still the same lying slut she always was. It turns out that Julian and TC arent blaming Eve at all, which infuriates Liz. Liz says she is a lying whore, how can they not blame her. Julian says he has always said hed support Eve, and if Eve wanted to be back with her family then hed support her decision. TC thanks Julian for saying that. Eve also thanks them both, and Liz is fuming. Liz cant believe they both still want to be with Eve, but they do. Julian suggests Liz have another drink as she could use one. Liz storms off. Julian and TC both make their cases to Eve by saying they love her so much. Julian will respect her choice, and TC says if he loses her to Julian then it is his fault. Eve doesnt know what to do or say. TC tells Eve to think of all their wonderful memories. He knows this is all his fault, but if she takes him back then hell spend his life making it up to her. He tells her to think about their wonderful memories here in their house. He talks about how they would sit by the fire place drinking wine and eating cheese. She says she remembers, and we see a flashback of them together. TC begs Eve not to turn her back on their history and their love. He says it was great then and still can be again. Liz, who is boozing it up, tells them both that Eve wont pick one of them soon. Liz says shell drag this out as long as possible cause she loves the attention they give her. Eve tells Liz to shut up, she will decide who she wants to be with right now. Eve and Julian ask her who it will be? Who will she spend her life with? Liz says her skank sister is not a prize, but Julian and TC think she is. TC and Julian once again ask Eve who she has chosen. Suddenly Simone stumbles in the house bleeding and bruised. She collapses into TCs arms.


August 25, 2005
At the bar, Payne asks Noah and Fancy where they think are going? Noah says they finished so they are leaving. Payne says no, they arent finished yet. Noah says they did what he asked, but Payne says what he means is he owes them dinner. Fancy thinks hes going to treat her to a nice dinner someplace in town, but Payne says his food is good enough. A waitress brings the food out, and she says get the food while its hot. She says the chef fried up these wieners just for them. Prestine begins barking at the food. Noah eats up, but Fancy wont touch the food. He says fine, that just means more for him. Noah then wants to talk about what he owes her in return for helping him out with the mobsters. She says he has to give her something, something she wants, something she hasnt had in days. He says this isnt illegal isnt. She says please, like he doesnt bend the rules. He says well hes not knocking over a jewelry store for her. She says nothing like that. Two girls show up and want Noah to dance with them. Fancy says they are talking, but they say she said before he wasnt her boyfriend so hes fair game. Noah asks Fancy what she says? He says if he is her boyfriend then he will stay with her. She says go dance. He says it is her loss. Noah then ends up line dancing with everyone. Fancy tries one of the fries but spits it out. Once Noah is done he returns to Fancy. Noah says that was a blast and she should have tried it. She says line dancing is so 80s, just ask her mother. Noah asks what happened to his food? She says Prestine ate it, she doesnt know what got into her. Noah asks what it is she wants? She says never mind, she is going to call a cab while he dances with Laverne and Shirley. She thinks maybe they can give him a ride home in their pickup truck. He says no really, what does she want from him. She says she wants one night with him, a night theyll never forget. Noah says you want sex? All the girls begin to giggle because at this point the music cuts off and everyone has heard. Everyone in the bar begins to chant I want sex! An upset Fancy runs out of the bar. She cries to her dog about how she made a fool out of herself yet again. Noah comes out after her to check on her. He asks her what this favor is. She says it isnt sex, all she wanted was a nice night out on the town. She says the minute she got here it has been hell. She says its been nothing but gangsters, earthquakes and floods. She says shes leaving for Paris soon, but before she goes she just wants one nice formal evening. She says a nice restaurant, candles and dancing. She says it will be her farewell. He asks why share this with him? She says she thought it would be nice if they werent fighting for a change. He asks if this is all she wants him to do. She says yes, and he owes her. She asks if hes ready to start paying off his debt? He says its a date. Two girls then drag Noah back into the bar. Fancy thinks they should have their fun with him now as tonight hes all hers.

At the Russells, Eve is treating Simones cuts as TC asks what happened? She says she doesnt know, she saw Spike and Jessica down on the wharf and then she got jumped. TC thinks Spike did this and is furious. Eve says there was no real harm done as the cuts are all superficial. Simone says she doesnt know if Spike is responsible. TC says anyone who hurts his daughter gets hurt. Liz reminds TC about his anger management classes and to listen to Simone. TC says fine, hell go talk to Sam about this Spike character. TC leaves, and Eve wants Simone to answer some questions. They head into the kitchen, and Simone tells her mom not to treat her like a two year old. Eve says she wouldnt if she didnt act like one. They begin to argue, and Simone says she is an adult and can handle her life. Eve says yeah like getting beat up on the street. Simone says it is better then being tried for three murders. Eve thanks her for reminding her of that, she had almost forgotten about it for all of five minutes. Eve wonders where Simone has been, and she just says with friends. She asks Simone what happened to the money for the trip? Simone says she spent it. Eve says she spent a thousand dollars? Eve sees something on the fridge about TC paying for Simones trip. She realizes TC gave her an extra thousand dollars. Eve says so shes not only lying to her parents then she is stealing from them as well. Simone says she needed the money for things. Eve wants a better explanation as this is not like her. Simone cries that she doesnt really know her, none of them do. Eve says she is sorry Simone feels that way, and maybe she hasnt paid her enough attention. Simone says maybe? Eve says she is sorry, but she is here now and will be here from now on. She says she loves her, and she can tell her anything. Simone asks her mom if she means it. Eve says she does. Simone suggests her mom sit down as she might not like what shes about to hear. Of course WE dont hear the secret, when the show returns Simone has finished telling Eve the whole story. Simone thinks Eve is mad, but Eve isnt. She says she is glad Simone told her, and she just wants her to be happy. Eve says she is here for her always. Simone thanks her mom for being so understanding, and they hug. 

In the living room, drunk Liz suggests Julian join her for a drink. She says the way things are going they are both going to be out in the cold. He says she is drunk. Liz says shed rather be drunk then stupid. Liz says he is a fool and Eve wont pick him. She says once TC gets back and Simone is squared away, Eve will have to make her decision. Julian says he wants her to pick the man that makes her happy. Liz says that wont be him, shell pick TC. Liz says she wont do it because she loves him either, shell do it to make her angry. Liz says this is all about hate, Eve cant love anyone, she just hates people. Liz says Eve is a self centered whore, a whore a whore a whore. Julian says he disgusts her and tries to walk away. Liz slaps him and tells him to never turn his back on her. Julian in turns slaps Liz! Liz is furious with Julian, and she says she hates him. He says she hates everyone, but she especially hates herself. He says all she can do is hate and if there is any good in her it is buried deep below her hate. He tells her she is nothing like Eve, Eve is good and was put on this earth to love. He says that is why he and TC want to be with her. He tells Liz that she is pathetic. Liz says shell get the last laugh as it doesnt matter who Eve picks, shes going to jail for the rest of her life.

Sam wonders where Jessica is and is afraid she has gone back to Spike, who will pump her full of drugs and turn her into a hooker. At Spikes, Jessica tells Spike that she cant turn tricks for him. He thinks she doesnt love him enough. She says she does, so he wants her to prove it. He says she has a lot to make up for walking out on him the way she did. Jessicas phone rings, and Spike takes it from her. He looks at the number and sees it is her dad calling. Spike answers the phone. He tells Sam good morning! Sam asks where Jessica is and what hes done with her. He says hes done nothing to her, and they are just chatting about her future. Spike tells Jessica to choose, where does she want to live, with him or her dads prison. Sam yells through the phone to Jessica that he loves her and he wants her to come back home (Jessica hears this). Jessica says she doesnt want to talk to her father. Sam says he only wants what is best for her, and he wants her to come home. Jessica refuses and says she is staying with Spike. Spike says score one for the Spike man and hangs up.

Back at Sams, TC shows up and they are both angry with Spike. TC and Sam both want his hide. TC wants to go take care of Spike right now. Sam says he would like to, but Jessica still has the restraining order against him. He says Jessica has gone back to Spike, she is angry and sounds just like she did before. TC says they have to stop him. Sam says to hell with the restraining order, after they are through with him hell wish he was never born. Sam says lets go.

Back at Spikes, Spike still wants Jessica to turn tricks. She doesnt know. He reminds her that he helped her get rid of that guy she killed. He eventually says he doesnt need her, get out and go back to her dad. Jessica says no she loves him, shell do whatever he wants. Spike smiles. Spike says she can stay as long as she doesnt hurt him again. He says he cant take that heartache. She thanks him and says shell get to work as soon as the sun goes down. Suddenly TC and Sam kick the door down. TC tells Spike hell pay for what he did to his little girl. Sam sees Jessica is high, and Spike realizes TC must be Simones dad. Spike suggests to TC if he kept his daughter off the streets then bad things wouldnt happen to her. TC goes into a rage, but then two cops show up and grab TC and Sam. Spike applauds them and says good job, now Sam and his buddy will go to jail. Spike says he expected this and that is why he called for backup. The cops tell Sam they are sorry, but they have to take him in. Sam says sure, and he knows Alistair runs this town now. Jessica asks Spike not to do this, let them go. She says some day she hopes they will mend fences and like each other. Spike thinks Jessica wants Sam to walk her down the isle at the wedding. Jessica says she does. Spike says whatever she wants. Jessica asks the cops to let them go, so they do. Spike tells TC and Sam to get out of here. TC tries to attack Spike, but Sam stops him. Sam begs Jessica to come home with him, but Jessica refuses. Sam tells Spike that this isnt over. Spike tells Sam next time he will go to prison. They leave, and Spike says she did good. Jessica says you do love me dont you? He says he loves her more than anything. To himself he says except money, and shell make lots of that for him on her back.

TC returns home, and Eve tells TC that Simone is fine. She asks what happened with Sam? He doesnt want to go into that now. Everyone just stands around, and Liz tells Eve that they want to hear her choice. Eve says she has made up her mind as to who she wants to be with.

At the mansion Theresa thinks her plan is working perfectly. She says every time Ethan sees her, he is reminded of what they had. She thinks it is only a matter of time before Ethan comes back to her and she has everything she wants. Alistair walks in and says now it is time for him to get what he wants, her. He says hes helping her get Ethan, so she needs to give him what he wants. Theresa says now isnt a good time. Alistair says it is a good time whenever he says it is. He says she owes him and it is time to pay up. He says the earthquake ruined their first date, so they are going out again. He says it will be a night that they will never forget. She says she doesnt feel well right now so she cant go out. He says he can call a doctor, but she says shes not that sick. He says he didnt think so, so get dressed. Theresa says she has nothing to wear. Alistair says the closet contains tons of designer dresses. He tells her to take the one she likes, its not like shell have it on for long. He then kisses her, and she tries to push him away. Alistair tells Theresa he demands his payment tonight! He throws her on the bed and tells her to get dressed. Alistair leaves, and Theresa wonders what she has done.

At the CPS agency, Sheridan asks Chris why he didnt tell her that Mark was his son. He says he didnt know Mark was the boy in her care, and his name is actually James. He says Maureen must have changed his name when she ran off with him. Chris says they had their troubles, and he has been searching for them for years for them. She says something isnt right here, she thinks something is fishy. She wants proof that he is Marks father. The CPS worker says everything is on the up-n-up. Chris tells the worker to show Sheridan the file. Chris says if Sheridan finds anything she thinks is forged then she can have James back. Sheridan apologizes for doubting him. He says he doesnt blame her. He says he did come to town to do the story on the Tsunami, and he was shocked to learn James was here. He says CPS called him about James. He thinks maybe God brought him here because James needed him. Chris has to sign some papers, and Chris says theyll still stay at the B&B for awhile. Sheridan asks if she can still spend time with him? He says of course. Chris gets a call from his editor, so he says. and he answers. He tells the person that he has the boy, and she doesnt suspect a thing. 

Sheridan, Chris and James return home, and Chris says hes so happy to have his son back. Sheridan says shes happy for him too. He says soon shell have Marty back too. Chris gets another call, and it turns out he has to go to work. He asks Sheridan if shed like to watch James while he works. She says shed love to. She says Mark, she means James, is her best pal. Christopher thanks her. Sheridan plans to take him for ice cream and goes to clean him up. Chris makes another call and says it worked fine and there is nothing to worry about.


August 26, 2005

At the Russells, Simone is holding ice on her head. She is surprised her mom took her secret so well, but she knows her father wont. She then hears fighting from the living room. 

In the living room, Liz tells Eve to make up her mind and choose. Eve says she has made up her mind. She doesnt want them fighting over her any longer. She tells TC and Julian that she loves them both so much. She says the bottom line is that she misses her children, and she has hurt them so much. She says she wants a chance to make it up to her children, and maybe in time they can come to love her again and they can be a family again. Eve tells Julian she is so sorry. Julian says he understands. Liz asks how can he understand having his heart ripped out and stomped on by that bitch. Liz thinks they should both kill her and she wonders what is wrong with the two of them. TC tells Liz she doesnt belong here. Liz says she did until this whore wanted her bed back. She asks TC why he would want a drunk, a slut and a killer when he could have her. Eve says she never meant to hurt anyone and she didnt try to kill anyone. Liz says she did. Liz says Alistair probably deserved it, but she tried to kill her own sister and Julian as well. Julian says there is no proof, but Liz says she saw Eve poison her drink. Julian tells Eve he will still work to help her prove her innocence. She thanks him and says shell miss him so much. Eve tells Julian she is sorry, and she give him her ring back. Julian wont take it. so Liz takes the ring and sticks it in Julians pocket. She tells him to consider that he got off cheaply. She cant believe the both of them will stand by Eve. She refuses to stand here and watch this one minute more. Eve tells her to leave as she doesnt belong here. TC agrees, and Liz says if he wants her gone then throw her out. TC tells Liz to get out of his house, he wont have her speak to Eve this way. Liz says fine, but if they think this is over well it isnt. TC says this nasty behavior isnt helping. Liz says he didnt mind her nasty behavior in bed. She thinks she was good enough for his bed but not to be his wife. Liz says once again Eve has stolen away her happiness yet again. Julian tells Liz she is drunk, and they are both going. Eve tells Julian to wait. Julian says he always told her hed do anything to make her happy. She says if TC makes her happy then Godspeed to her. However he says he cant stay and watch as he loves her too much. Julian grabs Liz and drags her out with him. Later, TC tells Eve how much he loves her and how sorry he is it took him so long to realize it. He feels bad for what he did to her, but she says Eve was probably pouring poison into his ear the whole time. TC says she has that right. Eve says it will take work to make this marriage work, but she can promise one thing, no more lies. She says that is why he has to accept she still has feelings for Julian. TC says he knows and they will work their way through this. Later TC thinks he should go talk with Simone, but Eve thinks she should be alone right now.

In the kitchen, Simone wonders what more can happen to their family. She thinks she is the least of their problems now and couldnt give a damn about her. Simone once again feels alone and neglected. She thinks about her friend and telling them that shes afraid, shes never done anything like this. She says You wont hurt me will you? Simone makes a call to her friend. She asks if she can come over, and then says shell be right there. Simone takes off.

Outside, Liz tells Julian he is a fool for letting Eve walk all over him. He doesnt want to hear her voice anymore. She says well he will hear it in his nightmares and in court. Liz says she will make sure Eve goes to jail for the rest of her life! Julian leaves, and Liz stays and spies on Eve and TC. She says this time Eve will pay. 

Shannon Sturges takes over the role of Sheridan temporarily beginning today. At the B&B Sheridan is having some ice cream with James, and he has it all over his face. Pilar shows up with some outfits for Mark that Little Ethan out grew. Sheridan fills Pilar in on Marks true identity, and how she gets to take care of James for the now. Pilar asks how long Chris and James will be in Harmony? Sheridan says she doesnt know, she didnt ask. Sheridan tells James it is almost bed time, so if he goes and brushes his teeth shell read him a story. Pilar watches Sheridan with the boy and fears Sheridan is going to get her heart broken again. Later they talk and Pilar asks what she knows about James and his father. Sheridan doesnt know much, she didnt really ask. She says Chris and Maureen were having problems and Maureen ran off with Mark. Pilar thinks Sheridan needs to confront Chris about the truth, but Sheridan doesnt want to scare him off and risk losing James. Pilar knows she is afraid of losing another child, and she cant substitute James for Marty. Sheridan assures Pilar that is not what she is doing. As Pilar watches Sheridan with James she tells herself that she hopes Sheridan does. 

Sam is home and worried about Jessica going back to that sleaze Spike. Noah returns home and asks his dad if he is okay. Sam asks what Noah is doing here, he though Noah left. Noah says hes not going anywhere. Noah asks his dad what has happened, and Sam retells the story about Jessica going back to Spike. Noah wants to go get Jessica, but Sam says no. He says she wont listen. Sam again asks Noah why he is back. Noah says he changed his mind about leaving, and he has his reasons. Sam says no more secrets, does this have to do with Fancy Crane? Sam says she was here looking for him earlier. He asks what is it with them and why do they end up together. Noah didnt want his dad to worry, and he tells him about the trouble he and Fancy got into in Vegas. Sam tells Noah he is out of his mind, and he needs to give back the money he took from the mob. Noah says well he cant, they gave it all to some nuns. He explains how the thugs chased them down to Harmony, and that is why he wanted to leave town. He says he didnt want to put them in danger. Sam says it figures this happens after he is fired. Sam thinks he can have some favors pulled at the FBI, but Noah says he doesnt have to. He says Fancy had Alistair take care of it all. Sam says him being in debt to Alistair may be more dangerous than the mob. He tells him to be careful of both Alistair and of Fancy. Sam says Fancy is the one person Alistair cares for. Sam wonders why Fancy came through for him though. Noah says they helped one another out, and he didnt know she was a Crane till they got back in town. He swears there is nothing going on between them, and she is going to Paris soon. He does say hes taking her out for one last night out on the town as payback, and asks if he can borrow a tux. Sam doesnt want to know anymore. He tells him where the tux is and hopes he knows what he is doing. Later Noah comes down in a tux, and Sam says he looks very handsome. Noah thanks his dad. Noah asks his dad if he should stay around and help. Sam says no and there is nothing he or anyone can do. Sam lights a candle in the window just like Pilar did for Antonio and Martin. He hopes this will help Jessica to come home. 

Fancy is home looking for a dress to drive Noah wild. She finds a turquoise dress and thinks this will do the trick. Fancy looks at herself in the mirror and says Noah will give her his unconditional surrender tonight.

In her room Theresa is looking through the dresses for something ugly to wear that will dissuade Alistairs advances. She ends up finding a black dress that completely covers every inch of her body. Theresa looks at a photo of her, Ethan, Jane and Little Ethan. She says she is doing this for him. She wishes she could be with Ethan, instead she is spending time with Alistair. She puts the dress on, and Alistair shows up to pick her up. He looks at her outfit and asks who died. Theresa says this is what she is wearing on their date. He goes to the closet and picks out a more appropriate outfit. She says she wouldnt feel comfortable in this. He says hes not concerned about her comfort, hes concerned about his pleasure. He tells her if she wants her children back to put the dress on now. Theresa puts on the skimpy dress, and Alistair says it is much better. He says if she plays by his rules then shell get exactly what she wants. She says she wants Jane and Ethan, and he says and shell get them. Alistair says this is much better than that rag she picked out earlier. He brought her a gift to go with the dress. She says he doesnt have to give her anything, but he says he wants to. He gives her a bracelet of diamonds and rubies. Theresa says this is too much, she cant accept this. He says consider it an advance, and he puts it on her wrist. He goes to kiss her, but she tells him not to smudge her makeup. He says hell do much more than that to her later tonight. He tells Theresa to meet him downstairs and not to keep him waiting. Alistair leaves, and Theresa wonders what she has gotten herself into.

Later Alistair finds Fancy all dressed up for a date. He asks who the lucky man is? She says just someone she met. He asks who she is, he is protective of her and needs to make sure this man is worthy. Fancy says she doesnt want her grandfather to scare him away before they get to know one another. She says they have spent plenty of time together at the country club so dont worry. Alistair says hell back off for now, and hell have to give her his little gift another day. Fancy wants her present now, and he gives her a bracelet like he gave Theresa, but this one has sapphires and not rubies. She thanks him and says she cant wait to show it off. She wonders why hes so good to her. He says because he loves her and doesnt disappoint him like the rest of his family. He says hed never expect it of her, and hed never forgive her for it either. Alistair leaves, and Fancy hates lying to her grandfather but says nothing will ruin this evening. She then heads out. 

Ethan, Gwen, Jane and Little Ethan are at the Crane pool hanging out and having fun. Gwen is happy and tells Ethan that she hopes this lasts forever. He says it will. To herself Gwen says not if Theresa has anything to say. Gwen prays that Theresa wont ruin this. Ethan hears her and says he wont let her ruin this, no matter what tricks she tries with Alistair. Later, Theresa shows up and sees them all having fun in the pool. Theresa checks on Jane, and Little Ethan tells his mom she looks pretty and he asks where is she going. She says out to dinner for business. He wishes she could stay and play instead. Theresa says maybe tomorrow, and for them to take care of Jane. Ethan sees the bracelet on Theresa and knows who it is from. He says this costs more than her mothers house, and he hopes it is worth it. 

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