August 29, 2005 
Tabitha looks in on Kay and Fox, who are bathing the kids. Tabitha says shes going to have to nip this romance in the bud before it is too late. After the bath, Fox, Kay and the babies come to the kitchen, and Tabitha asks if she can get them some tea. They say no thank. Tabitha thanks Fox for his help and thinks the babies must be ready for bed, and Fox must be ready to go home and get some rest himself. Fox says actually he feels fine. Tabitha thinks he must have better things to do, so he should head off while she and Kay get the babies ready for bed. Fox tells Kay he was hoping to stay longer, and Kay says he should. Fox also wanted to take Kay out to dinner, but he spent the money he had earlier. Tabitha says you spent a hundred dollar? Fox says hes not good with money. Kay says if she had money shed take him out. Fox says no, she works too hard. Kay says he works hard too. Tabitha cant believe he has to work at all with his trust fund. Fox says unfortunately it is gone, he spent it all on shoes and suits and stuff. He says 2000 dollar clothes add up fast. Kay says she couldnt spend that kind of money if she had it. Fox says well he needs to start being conservative, he cant blow all his money if he wants to take her to nice places. Kay wishes she had money to go out to dinner because she cant stand another fish dinner. Fox learns Kay brings fish home from the cannery every night for dinner. Tabitha says she too is sick of fish for dinner. Fox feels bad for Kay. Kay says it is free and the money she saves goes to other things. She says money is pretty tight with Maria and school. Fox never knew how rough they had it. Fox thinks maybe next time hes paid they can go out to dinner. Kay says theyll manage with what they have. She says they have vegetables and Tabitha can whip up some of her famous dinner rolls. Fox says that sounds nice. Endora ends up waving her hand, and Foxs phone rings. It is Mr. Kelly from the Seascape calling to tell him that his business card was picked in a drawing and hes won a romantic dinner for two. Fox doesnt remember entering the contest, but accepts. Fox says hell be right there. Meanwhile the manager wonders why he did that, there was no drawing. Fox tells Kay about the dinner hes won, and they ask Tabitha if shell baby-sit for the night. Tabitha realizes Endora did this. She wonders what shes going to do with her. Kay is excited, and Fox heads off to clean up. Kay thanks Tabitha for arranging this with her magic and says she is a romantic no matter how much she tries to deny it. Kay runs off to get dressed, and Tabitha asks Endora if she did this. She wonders where she went wrong with her. Fox and Kay change and head off, and Tabitha lectures Endora. She says witches arent supposed to enjoy happy couples in love, they are supposed to destroy them. She says it is their job to bring about pain and suffering. As she lectures Endora, Tabitha realizes she may have given birth to a good witch. She says it isnt possible, or is it. She says it cant be, and if the boys in the basement hear about this they wont be pleased. She doesnt know what theyd do. 

Fancy meets Noah out in the woods somewhere. Noah says she is late, and he could have picked her up at the mansion. Fancy says she didnt want to risk him running into Alistair. Noah says Alistair probably doesnt want her going out with the great unwashed. She says it isnt that, but Noah says it is. Fancy says so here they are, Harmonys own Romeo and Juliet. She asks where they are going? He says to the most beautiful spot in Harmony for a fresh lobster dinner. Fancy says great as she loves lobster. As they walk she asks about this place. He says it is the best spot in Harmony. She wonders why they cant take a car or something, do they not have valet parking? Fancy says they are in the middle of nowhere, where are they going? Noah says they have arrived. They end up on the beach, and Noah says this is where they will be dining for the evening. Fancy says but they are all dressed up, and she thought they were going to a nice restaurant. He says this is nicer than any restaurant they could go to. She says she did have a picnic on the beach with friends once, a lovely catered affair. He says see theyll have fun. He says hell go get the water. She tells Noah to ask him to bring a table and chairs. Noah leaves and come back with a fake mustache and a French accent. He calls himself Pierre and seats Fancy. He puts a blanket down for her and gives her some champagne. He then pulls out two lobsters which he calls Gus and Cindy. He says they have had a very exciting life at sea, Gus is a wrestler and Cindy is the girl of his dreams. He then makes pretend that the lobsters are attacking him. Fancy giggles and takes off his fake mustache. They then share a kiss. Noah thinks they should cook the lobsters, but Fancy says no. She says she cant eat them now that they have names and life stories. She begs Noah to let them go, and he says who would have thought she was an old softy. Noah runs off to set them free. Noah says now he has no idea what theyll have for dinner. She thinks hell figure something out. They enjoy some champagne and caviar, and Noah asks if she is mad at him for not taking her to a fancy restaurant. She asks if she looks mad? He says no, she looks happy. She says this is different for her, but she likes it. He says next they are going to go dancing. She loves dancing and asks if there is a new club in town. He says no, but they are going to go ball room dancing. They get up and look into one anothers eyes. Noah tells her that she really is beautiful. She says she wasnt sure he noticed. He says he noticed, hes not blind. He says the orchestra awaits, and they head off. Once again Noah leads her to another spot on the beach. This one is lit by candles, and he has a CD player to play music for them to dance too. They begin to dance and share a kiss.

At the mansion, Ethan looks at Theresas bracelet and says it must cost more than her mothers house. He says he knows what it will cost her, and he hopes it is worth it. Ethan returns to the pool where Gwen is, and Theresa says she has no choice as Alistair is the only one who can help her get him and Jane back. Alistair shows up, and Theresa asks what happened to his face? He says Julian hit him, a mistake. He says it is not wise to cross him. Alistair suggests they go, and they head off. Theresa looks back at Gwen and Ethan making out in the pool. Later, Gwen asks Ethan what is bothering him, is it Eve? He says yes he is worried about Eve, but right now hes also worried about Theresa. He says shes in over her head. Gwen cant believe this. She says he should worry about the fact that Theresa is working with Alistair to get Jane and him away from her. She says Theresa is selfish, and she can take care of herself. Ethan says not where Alistair is concerned. Gwen asks why he cares about the girl trying to break their family up. He says Jane is her daughter too, and she knows how Theresa gets when shes desperate. Gwen could frankly care less what happens to Theresa. Gwen tells him not to worry about Theresa as she isnt worried about what shes doing to them. Ethan says he knows, and he knows she is responsible for the pain theyve suffered. Ethan says he just worries about anyone who gets involved with Alistair Crane. Gwen says there is nothing more he can do, he warned her about Alistair and she went ahead and did what she wanted to do. Ethan says she is right. He says he wont spend anymore time worrying about her. He suggests they put the kids to bed and then enjoy some skinny dipping. Ethan and Gwen kiss.

At the Seascape, Theresa and Alistair are having dinner. He keeps touching her leg, and she asks him not to do that. He says he just wants her to relax, to make her feel good and give her some pleasure. She says they are in a restaurant. He says he knows where they are, and he cant believe shes never made love in a table under a restaurant table. She says hasnt. He thinks they should, but she refuses. Theresa says they are in a public place and she feels embarrassed. He wont stop, and she tells him to stop it now. He tells her to listen to him, they had an arrangement. He says she isnt reneging on their deal is she. She says no, she just thought theyd do this somewhere else, like in private. He says she was wrong. Alistair says he does what he wants, when he wants and where he wants. He pours some champagne to try and help Theresa relax. The waiter comes by and Alistair orders more champagne and tells him not to interrupt them again. Theresa suggests they dance, so Alistair says sure. They begin to dance, and Alistair feels up her butt. Theresa ends up slapping Alistair hard. Alistair says she has fire, he likes that, especially in the bedroom. He says wait until she sees the things hes going to do to her tonight. Theresa pushes him away and runs off. Alistair follows her and asks what she is doing. Theresa thinks she can get Ethan back on her own because fate will see to it. He cant believe she believes that fate nonsense and calls it stupid. Theresa tells she Alistair goodnight and walks off. Alsiatir lights up a cigar as she is leaving, and its obvious the night is not over as far as hes concerned. 

Later Theresa returns home and finds Ethan, but not Gwen. She cries that he was right, it was horrible. She says she couldnt take Alistairs wandering hands anymore and walked off. He says nothing like that will ever happen to her again. He says he realized something tonight, he realized how much he loves her. He says Gwen knows, she knows he wants to be with her. Theresa says she loves him, and they kiss. Of course its all a fantasy. When Theresa returns home she finds Ethan and Gwen making love by the pool. Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her, he loves only her.

At the B&B, Sheridan (McKenzie Westmore is back) is having a dream about someone taking James. She says no theyve already taken Marty and she wont let them take this child. Suddenly Sheridans bedroom door opens and someone sneaks in. Sheridan wakes up and wont let anyone take James from her. She then looks and asks who is there. It is only Christopher. She asks what hes doing here. He says he came to get James. Sheridan says hes still asleep so he should just leave him. Chris says he appreciates her concern and he can move him without waking him. Sheridan says no he cant. He says James is his son. She says shes sorry. She said she had such a bad dream and over reacted. She tries to convince Chris to just leave James here as hes sleeping so peacefully, and if he wakes up then Chris will never get him back to sleep tonight. Chris asks why she wont let him take his son, is something else going on here? She says James doesnt know him, he doesnt feel safe with him. Chris says he knows, and James will have to get used to him. He says he is his father and he loves him. Chris says hell take him now. Chris goes and picks up James as Sheridan watches. He thanks Sheridan for taking good care of him, and he carries James to his room. 


August 30, 2005

Fancy and Noah are dancing and kissing on the beach. Fancy says hes so good at it. Noah says kissing? Fancy says dancing too. Noah has another surprise and tells Fancy to follow him. They get dressed up in rain gear, and Noah says hes taking her night fishing. He realizes she thought they were going to do something else. He says they dont have to do this, but she says no shell go. To herself she admits she did have something else in mind after their kiss. They head out on a boat, and Noah tells Fancy shes not half bad at this. She says shes never been fishing in her life. He says no kidding, he knew by the way she reacted to the bait box. Fancy says shell never eat sushi again, and she tells Noah this time when they catch fish dont give them names. He says okay. He asks what shes thinking about. She says that shes never sat this still for so long aside from when shes getting a manicure. He says that is why fishing is so great, it leaves you alone with your thoughts. She asks what hes thinking. He says about where hes going and who with. He talks about settling down one day and starting a family. He asks what she is thinking about? Suddenly Fancy catches a fish. Noah helps Fancy to reel in the fish. The line ends up breaking, and they fall over. They end up kissing one another. Fancy then finds her bracelet is gone, and she thinks she lost it when they fell. They look for it but cant find it. She realizes there is nothing that can be done about it now, and they get back to fishing. Fancy says shes done a lot in her travels around the world, but shes never had this much fun. Noah says that means a lot to him. 

TC and Eve show up at the Seascape. Eve doesnt know if shes up to this, but he wants her to relax for the evening. He says they are back together again. She says it isnt that simple. He knows she has feelings for Julian, and if shes having second thoughts about choosing him to tell him. He promises he wont be angry. He says hell be heartbroken, but not angry. She says no, she wants to put their marriage and family back together again. He says then what is the problem? She says she just has a shaky heart, she loved Julian and maybe she still does. He says maybe? She says she wont act on her feelings, and it will take her awhile to stop thinking about him. TC is glad she is being straight with him and not acting like everything is perfect. TC also tells her not to worry, he wont go taking his frustrations out on Julian. TC says he wont be nice to Julian though, but he will give her all the time she needs to get over Julian. Eve thanks him. 

Meanwhile Julian is drinking at his table and Alistair shows up to taunt him. Alistair asks if hes drowning his sorrows in a sea of booze? Alistair says she isnt worth it. Julian says hes heard enough from him tonight. Alistair says women like Eve are a dime a dozen. Julian says he is warning him. Alistair tells Julian he is a wimp. Julian stands up, and Alistair warns him not to hit him again. Alistair says he made a big mistake by hitting him earlier. Alistair says soon Julian and the ones he loves will understand the meaning of revenge. Julian tells his father to hurt him, he has no idea what its like to lose the one woman he ever loved. Alistair winces, and Julian thinks he hit a nerve. Alistair says as usual he is wrong, but he knows something to cause him more suffering. He tells Julian to turn around. He does and sees TC with Eve. Julian calls Alistair a bastard. Alistair says he didnt arrange this, but they do look cozy together. He says so much for the only woman he could ever love. Alistair wonders what theyll do when they get back home to the privacy of their own bedroom. Alistair says Eve better enjoy it while she can, when she is in jail there will be a lack of male companionship. He says though hes heard if youre really horny, gender doesnt matter. Julian calls him a bastard and goes to hit Alistair. Alistair says dont try that again, ever.

TC and Eve sit down after seeing Julian is at the restaurant. Eve says they can leave, but TC says no. He says he has to get used to seeing Julian, and he wants to do what makes her happy. He says he never wants to lose her again. As they enjoy their dinner, TC gets a phone call about his star basketball player being in a car accident. He says he is okay, but the cops are harassing him. TC says he has to go check on him, and hes sorry. She says dont apologize after all the interruptions her job has caused over the years. TC says hell be back in thirty minutes, and Eve says she doesnt mind waiting. TC leaves, and Eve goes to see Julian at the bar. Eve says TC got called away, but will be back soon. Julian is hitting the booze pretty hard. She tells him not to be sad, but he says hes not. He talks about how he wanted to be the best of everything for her, and he thinks perhaps she didnt notice. Eve says not to say that. Julian says not that long ago he was a very bad man, but then Little Timmy saw something good in him and he changed. Julian says when he was with her he changed even more, and now he has lost them both. She tells him not to lose himself. Julian says it doesnt matter, and it would be easier to go back to not giving a damn about anyone. He says its the only way to keep from feeling what he feels now. She begs him not to go back to the man he was, promise her. He says they shouldnt make promises to one another they cant keep. She says she is sorry, and she loves him. He asks then why? She says her choices have hurt her family and the girls. He says so shes going back because of Whitney and Simone? She says its not that simple. She says shes probably going to prison for a long time, and before she does she owes it to her girls to repair her marriage and family. Julian says he understands, but if she loves him half as much as he does . . . . She says she does, and what they had was magical and healing, but it wasnt realistic to think it could last forever. She says her daughters need her. Julian says Whitney is gone. Eve says she could change her mind, and Simone needs her now more than she ever has. Eve doesnt tell him what is going on, just that it is personal. Eve begs Julian to just support her a little while longer while she gets through this. Julian says all he ever wanted was for her to be happy, even if that means leaving him for TC. She says he is the best man she has ever known, and she knows he could never go back to the way he was. Julian says he loves her and he always will. He also knows she is innocent and will move heaven and earth to prove it. They end up sharing a kiss. As they kiss, TC returns and sees them.

At the mansion, Theresa finds Ethan and Gwen making love by the pool. Gwen sees Theresa staring and asks what in the hell she is doing here? Gwen says this is the last straw, shes calling the police. Theresa runs off, and Gwen is fuming. Ethan says Theresa is upset and Alistair may have done something to her. Gwen says she is upset because she saw him making love to her. Gwen says this is it, she has had it. She says Theresa is a big girl and can take care of herself, and if anyone can handle Alistair it is Therosita. Jane begins crying, so Gwen runs off to check on her. Meanwhile Ethan is upset and thinks Alistair may have hurt Theresa. 

Inside the mansion, Theresa cant believe she was so foolish, she was stupid to think Ethan loved her. Ethan shows up, and Theresa tells him to get away from her. She says the last thing she wanted to see was the two of them that way. He says she is his wife. Theresa says she knows, and she was just upset. Ethan asks because of Alistair? She says yes, he wants her to have sex with him. Ethan says that son of a . . . Theresa realizes he cares about her, and she cries about how bad it was. She says he wouldnt take his hands off her, and he wouldnt stop. Theresa says hes sick and twisted just like everyone said. Ethan says he is a pervert in a fancy suit. Theresa says she cant believe she thought she could handle him. Theresa asks what she will do. He says they will figure something out. Theresa says that is why she came to find him, she knew he would find a way to fix this. She begins talking about her fantasy, but he tells her to stop. He says they will never be together, he wont leave his wife. He says his happily ever after is with his wife, not her. He says he loves his wife, but she says not the way he loves her. Theresa says he knows Ethan is committed to Gwen, and she admires that, but not at the cost of their happiness. Theresa says sometimes they think they are doing the right thing, but what they should be doing is following their hearts. She tells him to follow his heart, and he says she is right. However he says she needs to apply those words to her alliance with Alistair. He tells her to cut ties with that man, she needs to leave tonight. She says she understands and she will leave. She wants him to come with her, but he says no. Ethan tells her to give it up, they will never be together. 

Ethan returns to his room. Gwen says Jane just went back to sleep, and she raves how much she loves Jane. Gwen cant bear the thought of Theresa taking Jane from her. Ethan says that wont happen, he thinks Theresas relationship with Alistair has come to an end. Ethan admits he spoke to Theresa, and Alistair tried to hurt her. Gwen thinks Theresa cried crocodile tears all over his bare chest. He says he talked to her and thinks he got through to her. Gwen just hopes she listens. Ethan thinks he really got through to Theresa tonight. Gwen says Theresa isnt like others, she has some weird threshold for pain. As they get hot and heavy, Gwen thinks they should lock the door just to be sure Theresa decides to come back. Ethan says hopefully Theresa is on her way out of the mansion.

Elsewhere, Katherine sees Theresa crying and asks what is wrong. Theresa says she wouldnt confide in her if she was on fire. She tells Katherine to leave her alone. Katherine understands, but she says if this is about Alistair then she is the person to talk to. Theresa says Alistair tried to . . . and he is disgusting. Katherine knows better than anyone. Theresa asks why doesnt she leave him? Katherine says she cant explain, but Theresa needs to leave the mansion before anything more unspeakable happens to her. Theresa doesnt know why shes listening to Katherine. Katherine says Alistair is a monster, it is the reason she left Harmony years ago. Theresa says she can handle him, but Katherine says she cant. Katherine says this whole house is built out of evil, and she will get caught and not be able to get out. Katherine tells Theresa to think about Jane. Theresa says she needs her daughter, and Alistair promised. Katherine says Alistair wont keep his promise, he just wants to control her. Theresa says but he can have any woman he wants. Katherine says hes pretty sure what Alistair wants from her has nothing to do with sex. Alistair shows up and tells Katherine to get away from Theresa now! Alistair orders Katherine to go to her room. She says shes not his slave. He says wrong, remember their agreement. Theresa asks Katherine what he has on her? Alistair tells Katherine not to tempt him. Katherine leaves, and Alistair grabs Theresa. She says shes changed her mind and is leaving. He says no shes not. He forces her into the bedroom and says shes not going anywhere until she pays him for his generosity. He rips her dress off and throws her on the bed.


August 31, 2005

At the convent, Whitney is now dressed as a nun-in-training. She speaks with Mother Superior, who asks how everything is. Whitney says perfect, but Mother superior wants her to be honest. Whitney says her life isnt perfect, but she will find peace here. Mother superior says peace doesnt come from a place, it comes from within and from God. Whitney says that is what she wants, to atone for her sins and be one with God. Mother Superior says they are a strict convent, once she takes her final vows she will not be allowed to leave, and she will be off from every aspect of her old life. Whitney says that is what she wants, she wants to take her final vows now. Whitney knows this is what she wants. Mother Superior says she just arrived, she has years of schooling and reflection ahead of her. Mother Superior says it is hard work, and their life here is hard work. She asks Whitney if she can give up her life to total obedience and the Lord?. Whitney says she can. Mother Superior says this is a sacrifice, one that must be made willingly and joyfully because one wants to. She should want this more than anyone or anything else in the world. She says this isnt for everyone, and she can serve God in other ways such as marrying a man and raising children to be good people. She tells Whitney that she has a child, and once she takes her vows shell never see him again. Whitney says Chad will take care of her son, he doesnt need her. Mother Superior wonders if she needs her child though. Whitney thinks Chad will find another girl, one who will be wonderful to Miles. She says he is better off without her. Mother Superior says this isnt a hiding hole to avoid her troubles, and she thinks that is just what shes doing. Mother Superior gets a call, someone has come to visit Whitney. It is Chad with Miles. Whitney doesnt want to see him and tells Mother Superior not to let them see her. Mother Superior says this isnt a place of refuge, and she insists she visit with them. She tells Whitney she must resolve her differences with this man before becoming a bride of Christ. Shes going to go get Chad and her son. She brings Chad and Miles in to see Whitney, and asks Whitney to remember what they talked about. She leaves, and Chad tells Whitney that she looks ridiculous in that outfit. She says how dare he say that, show some respect as shes given her life to God. He says no shes running away from her problems. She asks why he had to come here. Chad says it is an emergency, Miles needs her. He says hes not taking formula anymore. She tells him she cant help him, and for him to just go, to get out of here. Chad wont, he says Miles needs her breast milk. He hands Miles to her and begs her to do this. She says she cant, but he says this is about their baby and not them. He says he knows she loves their baby. Chad says Miles needs her, help him. Whitney tells him not to make her to this. Chad says she should want to do this, he could die without her help. She says okay shell do it. He thanks her as she breast feeds him. She thinks this is their fault, they did this to him, they made him sick. Chad says dont go there, they dont know hell always be sick. He says Miles is happy, and he needs her. Chad says they both need her. Whitney says no. Chad says this isnt here, she doesnt belong here. He says she cant run away from her life. He says they need her, come home to them. 

Simone heads over to her friends place. At first we dont see the friend, its one of those weird camera angles where we are looking at Simone like we are the person. She thanks them for letting her come over. She says her family has gone crazy again. Simone tells her friend, who we see is a woman, all about her sister Whitney sleeping with Chad and becoming a nun, and about how her parents getting back together. Simone says it is too much. Her friend asks if she wants to get into this on an empty stomach. The woman says shell make some coffee and then they can talk about it. Simone thanks her, and the woman says she is here for her. Later they continue to talk, and Simone says once again her mom has ignored her and are focusing on Whitney. Simone says now that Whitney is becoming a nun her dad will probably want to train her to be the first Female Pope. She says ever since she was a kid she was always the ignored one, and she was the queen of the latch key kids. Simone apologizes for dumping all this on her. The woman says it is cheaper than a therapist, and it sounds like she needs someone to talk to. The woman says Simone can talk to her anytime, she cares about her. They hug, and Simone says she thinks she is the only one who does. Simone thinks she should go, but the woman says she can stay the night if shed like. Simone says shed like that, and the woman says its settled then. Later Simone is in bed, shes under the covers. The woman brings her some towels, and says there are new toothbrushes in the drawer. She sits on the bed and talks with Simone. The woman thinks Simone is holding something back from her. Simone says she doesnt know if anything is wrong, but she is a little freaked out. Simone says she told her mom. The woman hugs Simone and is happy. She says good for her, this is a big step. The woman asks how her mom took it. Simone says all right, she tried to be supportive but was shocked. Simone says she blamed herself and thinks it is all her fault. Simone knows that isnt it, she knows this is who she is and has always been. The woman takes Simones hand. She asks if Simone feels better after telling her mom. Simone doesnt know, she feels nervous, guilty and afraid. The woman says she knows, and it gets better. Simone says shes worried about her dad though, his temper is legendary. She doesnt think she can ever tell him face to face. The woman says things will work out, or they might not. She says it is their problem and it wont change who she is. Simone says damn right, she wont apologize to anyone for who she is. The woman says that is the spirit. Simone says she is mixed up about a lot, but not this. Simone says this feels right. Simone says she thought she cared for someone once, but she was kidding herself. Simone says this is real, this is what is in her heart. The woman takes off her robe and climbs into bed with Simone. She tells Simone that she is so beautiful, and they kiss. 

At the Seascape, TC walks in on Eve and Julian kissing and professing their love. TC asks what in the hell is going on here? TC once again loses his temper, but Eve says he misunderstands. She says they were saying goodbye. TC says with your tongues down one anothers throats? She says Julian is a good man and only wants what is best for her. TC says yeah, and that means being with him (Julian). Eve says she has been honest with him, she has feelings for Julian and she cant just turn them off. She tells TC hes going to have to be patient and remember that she chose him. TC tells Julian if that was his goodbye then leave, leave him and his wife alone. Julian walks off, stops and says hes not going anywhere. TC says he knew Julian would welch on his deal. Julian says he heard words from TC that he didnt like. He says Eve is not TCs wife, he treated her like dirt and left her to shack up with her sister. He also doesnt want to say goodbye, he loves Eve and cant imagine life without her. He says he wont let her go, hes going to fight for Eve. Julian says Eve rekindled a fire in him that he wont let go out again. TC says beautiful words, but they are only words. He tells Julian to go home. Julian refuses. He tells Eve that she can be a good mother to Whitney and Simone and be with him at the same time. He begs Eve not to turn her back on their love. He begs her to come back to him, a woman in love and truly happy makes the best mother, and Simone and Whitney are adults. TC tells Julian not to use his daughters for his own cause. He says family means everything to Eve. Julian thinks now TC is using his daughters. Julian says family meant nothing to TC when he turned his back on Eve and threw her out. TC tells Julian hes no family man, his children despise him and he left Eve pregnant with his child. HE says he knows, and he wasted many years with him. He wants Eve to be his wife. TC says and what number wife is that? He says he has to divorce his own wife to marry Eve. They keep arguing, and Eve tells them to stop it. She says they have forced her to make this decision and now she knows what she wants to do. She says both of them will have to deal with her decision. TC and Julian ask what she is going to do? Eve says she chooses neither of them. She tells TC she chose him in haste, and she cant deal with this pulling and prodding. She says she doesnt trust herself to make the right decision now, and she wont let either of them force her into a corner. She tells them she cant stand when they pull at her. She says all she knows is shell do what is right for Whitney and Simone. TC says her family needs her, Whitney needs her. Eve says so does Simone. TC asks what is wrong with Simone? Eve remembers her talk with Simone. Eve asked Simone if she was sure (after she got the news obviously). Simone told Eve shes known for a long time, and dad will probably go crazy and disown her. She hoped her mom doesnt hate her too. Eve said no she didnt, she could never hate her and she loves her. Eve told Simone that she would always love and support her no matter what. Eve said besides this was fault, shes to blame for this. Eve went on to say if she had more time for Simone that things would have turned out differently. Simone told her mom it doesnt work that way, and Eve said she knows. Back to the present, TC demands Eve tell her what is wrong with Simone. She says nothing, she is just worried about both her girls. She says she needs to be there for them more than she ever has before. Eve says she needs rest, so shes leaving. They both want her to come home with them, but she says no. She says she wont go home with either them, shes going to the B&B. Julian says that is absurd, she can stay at Sheridans. TC says no she can stay in the guest room at their house. Eve says no, she needs to be on her own and away from both of them. 

At the Crane Mansion, Ethan and Gwen are getting frisky in their room. She asks if he is sure the door is locked to keep Theresa out. He tells her once again that Theresa is leaving the mansion if she isnt already gone, and he asks if she wants to talk about Theresa all night or do something else? He begins kissing her all over. After they are done making love, Gwen says shes thirsty so shes going to go get some water.

In the other room, Alistair throws Theresa on the bed, rips her top off and says shes going no where until she pays him for his overwhelming generosity. As Theresa screams no and to get off of her, Alistair says hes going no where until she pays him what hes owed. He says she knew what he wanted, dont kid herself. She says no, this is wrong, she doesnt want this. She cries and yells at him that hes disgusting. He says hes been called worse, and nobody breaks a deal. He says hell take his profits one way or the other. He rips her dress more. Meanwhile, Gwen walks by their room and hears Theresa begging Alistair to stop it, and Alistair yelling at Theresa. Gwen realizes that Theresa is really in trouble, and she walks off. Later Alistair is getting dressed, and he tells Theresa that was a far cry from what he expected. He hopes next time shell be warmer to his needs. He says this was only the first installment of what she owes him, and next time he wants her to be ready and waiting with a smile. Alistair leaves, and Theresa collapses in tears.

Gwen returns to Ethan, and he asks where the water is. She says oh she drank it all. They hear Theresa cry out, and he asks what that was. She says probably a cat in heat. She cranks up the music so Ethan cant hear and then seduces Ethan. Ethan thinks the music is a little loud. Gwen tells herself its loud enough to drown out Theresa. Later, Ethan assures Gwen that she has nothing to worry about, soon Theresa will be out of the house and wont be hurt by Alistair, and she wont be working with Alistair to take Jane from them. After Gwen falls asleep, Ethan heads into the hall. Theresa is there crying, and Ethan asks what happened? Theresa says Alistair raped her. 


September 1, 2005
Fancy and Noah are going at it hot and heavy on the beach. She asks if they should be doing this here, but Noah says no one is around. Unfortunately a cops shows up and yells at them for being out on the beach at this time of night. He says it is dangerous to be out here at this hour. Fancy asks if they are having another tsunami? He says no, but there are vandals hanging out here, so it isnt safe. He tells them to pack it up and head back into town. Fancy thinks that is that, but Noah has another place in mind. She says take her there and make love to her. Noah takes her back to his house. He says it isnt much, but he has his own room. However when he looks inside the window and sees his dad and her mom in there. Fancy asks if there is another place to go? Noah says yes the B&B. She says perfect.

Shannon Sturges is once again back as the temporary Sheridan. She looks at Chris name in the ledger and wonders who he is really, she doesnt think hes who he says he is. Chris comes down and says he has something to confess. Sheridan thinks hes going to confess hes not James father, and that she knew it. Chris says of course he is, and Sheridan apologizes and says shes so sorry. She says this is just an emotional time for her. She says she thought shed be able to keep mark, she means James. Chris says he understands, she just lost her son and thought James could make up for that loss. He says that is why he wants to let her look after him while hes working. Sheridan thanks him for that. Sheridan says she knows it is crazy abut she did fall in love with him so quickly. He says it isnt crazy. Sheridan says she hates to be down on herself, but shes alone in the world right now. She says even if Luis brings Marty back, she doesnt think they can repair the damage done to their relationship. Chris hopes things work out for her. She thanks him but isnt sure they will. She says enough about her problems, she asks what it was he needed to confess? He says it is more of an admission of stupidity, he doesnt have a night light for James. She says she has one and shell bring it up to him. Chris leaves, and Sheridan remains suspicious of him. Sheridan heads up to Chris room just as he looks at a paper and says Sheridan cant see this. Sheridan asks what she isnt supposed to see? She sees a photo of him in the paper. He says it isnt a good photo of him. She says it is, but why does it have the name Greg Walter below the photo? He says it is a mistake, the newspaper printed a correction the next day. He says there is no mystery to it, and she says she believes him. She says she sees he has another bulb out so shell go get one. Sheridan ends up catching Noah and Fancy going at it in the lobby. They want a room but from Sheridan that the last undamaged room has been rented. Sheridan realizes they wanted a place to be alone, and she suggests they use the cottage as Alistair rarely goes there. Sheridan knows Alistair is trying to keep them apart, so she wants to help them. They thank her and take off. Later Sheridan returns to Chris room and finds him tearing up the paper and flushing it down the toilet. He says he was stupid for leaving this around for Sheridan to see. 

Noah and Fancy sneak onto the Crane grounds and dodge security cameras on the way to the cottage. He cant believe Fancy knows where all the cameras are, and she says she had to in order to sneak out. They finally make it to the cottage where they begin to make love.

At the Seascape, Fox and Kay are dancing. She still cant believe he won a free dinner at the best restaurant in town. She says this has honestly been one of the best days of her life. He says him too. She doubts that given his history with beautiful women. Fox says this is better because hes with her. She says that is the nicest thing he could say to her, but she cant stop forgetting about what the tabloids said about him and Whitney. She says they claimed Whitney domesticated him after dating all those models and actresses. Fox says he wont lie to her, he did love Whitney. However he says she lied to him and he had to move on. She says like her and Miguel, he was her first love but realized she had to move on. She says so they are both moving on. Fox says yes, together, and theyll have one hell of a ride. Later they enjoy dinner, and they discuss how both their moms were very different cooks. Grace was a great one, Ivy wasnt. Fox admits he didnt have a great childhood, he didnt really feel like anyone cared about him until now. Kay stirs, and he asks if he has made her uncomfortable, or if he was wrong about her feelings for him. Kay says she does have feelings for him, but she cant help but wonder if he misses the life he lead and all those glamorous stars and heiresses. Fox says he doesnt, why cant she believe he enjoys being with her. She says she is a single mom, she never graduated from college, and she hasnt even been to Europe. He asks if she is saying they shouldnt be together? Kay just wonders how he cant miss that life, and why would he trade it for her. Fox tells Kay never to think shes not good enough to be with him. He says she is bright, funny and more beautiful than anyone hes dated. She says now that is stretching it. He tells her that she is beautiful, and hed like to change the subject. Kay says no she wants to know about the other girls, did he sleep with them all and what did they talk about. He says this is a bad idea. She wants to know, she wants to know who his favorite. He says he doesnt remember and he doesnt want to talk about them. Kay insists and says she needs to know. He says fine but dont get mad at him. Kay promises she wont get upset. She asks which made the strongest impression, who is the one he remembers the most. Fox says fine, Tatiana. Kay says that sounds like a Russian spy. She asks how she was, and Fox says nice. Kay says just nice? Was she sexy, gorgeous, rich? He says yes. Kay asks what she liked best about her. He says fine, he liked the way she looked, dressed and smelled. He says she was a model. Kay asks if she had her breasts done, you know, enlarged. Fox says he doesnt think so but he didnt ask her for a doctors note. Kay is obviously annoyed. She wants to know more about these women, who else was special to him. He says fine, Natasha, Sofia, Lauren, Briana . . Kay says they all sound European. He says they were, which she thinks means they were glamorous and rich. Fox wants to change the subject, but Kay wont. She asks if they were all models, did they earn their money or were born rich? Fox gets tired of this and suggests they end this topic and discuss what they will do tomorrow. Kay says she doesnt want to go out with him tomorrow, why would she go out with someone who does nothing but talk about his ex girlfriends?

At the convent, Chad urges Whitney not to give up on their son. He says Miles needs her, as does he. She says that isnt possible. Chad says they are a family. Whitney says they cant be a family, but he says they can. She tells him to stop this now, what they have is a sin and they cant be together. She says that is why she is here. He says she cant hide from her feelings and escape to some convent. He begs her to come home to her family. Whitney says she cares about her son and would never deny him anything he needs. Chad asks if that means shell come home to him? She says no, she will give Miles the milk he needs. She says she can express it and send it to him or he can pick it up. She refuses to come home and tells Chad they cant ever be together again. She says if they are together again then theyll spend an eternity in hell. He says stop that, God wont punish them for falling in love when they didnt know the truth. She says no, but now that they know they cant be together. She says she still wants to be with him, she wants to make love to him, and that will destroy their very souls. Chad asks what about Miles, doesnt God want her to be with him? She says she does love Miles, but she cant see Miles without seeing him. She says she is weak, and that is why she cant see either of them. Mother Superior returns and asks what is going on? She says she heard raised voices. Whitney asks her to make Chad take her baby and leave. Chad wont leave, but Whitney tells him to go. She says she is trying to be strong for all of them. Chad says this doesnt make sense, but Whitney says she doesnt want to see him or Miles again. Mother Superior asks Chad to leave as Whitney is in no condition to discuss this. Chad says he loves her, and he goes. After he goes, Whitney says she loves Chad too. Mother Superior sees Chad out, and he asks her to talk to Whitney and convince her she doesnt belong here. She says Whitney must find her own answer, and he must accept that decision. Chad says it is wrong, and he doesnt know how God could do this to them. She says hell have to ask God through prayer. He says all he will pray for is Whitney to come back to them. A spying Whitney says shell never change her mind. Whitney kneels before the altar and asks Mary for help. She tells Mary she gave up her son, and now she has to do the same thing. Meanwhile, Chad refuses to believe this is Gods plan for them.

At the mansion, Gwen has called her mother to come to her room. Rebecca thinks it is an emergency as she called her on the intercom. Gwen tells her mom hearing Alistair raping Theresa. Rebecca says no no no no, Theresa is like all other Catholic School girls, she loved it. Gwen says no she was terrified, she could hear it in her voice. Rebecca asks where Ethan is, did he run off to rescue her? Gwen says she doesnt know, she woke up and he was gone. She worries what if he did go to Theresa, what if this makes Ethan realize he wants to be with Theresa. They then hear Ethan yelling and learn he is with Theresa after all. They head out to see what is going on.

In the hallway, Theresa tells Ethan that Alistair raped her. Alistair shows up and asks what is going on. Ethan calls him a bastard. He says Theresa has accused him of rape. Alistair says that is absurd, he did not rape Theresa. Ethan says he wont get away with this, not this time. Ethan says hell see him go to jail, but not before he beats him to a pulp. He says hes going to call the DA and the national media about this. Gwen and Rebecca show up, and Rebecca doubts Alistair raped Theresa. Rebecca says this is a trick, and Gwen points out Alistair did bring Theresa here. Alistair says they have a relationship. Rebecca says Theresa is faking this to get him to come back to her. Alistair says he didnt rape her, and he wants Theresa to tell them that. Ethan tells Theresa to tell him the truth, if she tells him that Alistair raped her then hell believe her. Alistair says shell be lying, they only had some rough sex. Ethan asks Theresa if he raped her. Alistair says they had consensual sex, but Ethan knows Theresa would never sleep with him. Rebecca says Theresa chose to move in here, she knew sex was part of the deal. Rebecca also says Alistair could have anyone he wants, someone more beautiful than Theresa. Rebecca thinks Theresa should be honored she was chosen. Ethan says Alistair raped her, that is sick. Ethan says Alistair uses his power to hurt innocent young girls. Rebecca says shes not innocent, she has two children. Theresa says but she hasnt been with many men, and she never knew sex could be so cruel. Ethan tells Theresa to tell him the truth, if Alistair raped her then hell never hurt her or anyone else again. Theresa says nothing, and Ethan thinks he has his answer. He says Alistair will go to jail for a long time, unless Martin kills him first. Ethan goes to call the authorities. Gwen asks him not to do this, this is just another one of her tricks. Ethan says he has to protect Theresa just like hed protect anyone in this situation. Rebecca tells Gwen she cant believe Ethan is doing this. Gwen says and Alistair will punish Ethan for this, and it is all Theresas fault. 


September 2, 2005

Passions was interrupted about half way through for news coverage of Katrina destruction and the Presidents visit, and then again near the end of the show. I missed a good chunk of stuff today, including the last 15 minutes or so. I will update this and fill in the blanks as soon as I can. Sorry 

At the Seascape, Fox asks Kay to change the subject, what they are doing tomorrow. She says shes not going out with him tomorrow night, why would she go out with a guy who talks about his ex-girlfriends all night long. Kay gets up to walk away. Fox follows and says she wanted to hear about them, he didnt want to talk about it. He asks how she can get mad at him for doing what she asked. Kay asks how she cant not be mad. Fox tells Kay he loves spending time with her and the girls, this day has been amazing. Kay says she doesnt care anymore. Kay asks if there is any relish around, oh he used it all talking about his ex-girlfriends. Fox says he told her what she wanted to know, and he knew no good would come of this. Kay says maybe, but he needs to admit he wants his ex-girlfriends back. Kay thinks he cant stand that hes dating a single mom who works at his familys fish cannery. Fox says that doesnt bother him, and Miguel was a fool not to make her his wife. He says hes smitten with her and hes glad they are together. Kay says she is crazy about him too, but she doesnt know why hed want to be with her. Fox ends up blurting out that right now hed like to be with Tatiana as she is driving him crazy. He says he didnt mean it, but Kay says he did and she walks off. Kay ends up running into the park and hiding. Fox looks for her. He tells himself he was so stupid for saying he wanted to be with Tatiana. He says he doesnt want her back, shes a piece of work and had the doctors bills to prove it. As he talks about how real Kay is and how beautiful she is, she listens from the bushes. I saw no more because of the news coverage. 

Simone and Rae are in bed together, and Simone tells Rae that she loves her and loves being with her. Rae says she loves Simone too, and shes glad she could be here for her. Simone says things are so messed up with her family right now. They end up sharing another kiss. Simone says shes so glad she has Rae, and it feels great to know she can be with her for the rest of her life. Rae says back up there. Rae says just because they are spending time together doesnt mean they are spending the rest of their lives together. This is all I saw.

Eve is at the B&B when Julian shows up to see Eve. He says since she didnt get to eat at the Seascape he has decides to bring dinner to her. He has a romantic dinner set up for her. They dine together, and Eve admits she does feel guilty about what happened with TC. Eve says she needs time to think about what she should do for her family. Julian says things were good between them werent they. She says yes and she loves him dearly. The news interrupted at this point for hurricane news. When the show returns they are having desert. Eve thanks Julian for being so good to her. Julian says pleasing her pleases him, and hell take care of her for the rest of her life if given the chance. She says hes making it hard to imagine her life without him. She still is torn between Julian and TC, which Julian understands. Julian says he isnt leaving here until she chooses to grow old with him as his wife. Eve says she cant make this decision now, she just needs to make sure her girls are happy. Suddenly Simone bursts into the room in tears. She tells her mom that she needs her so much, and they hug. This is where I was cut off.

Fancy and Noah are at the cabin doing some heavy making out. Their clothes soon come off, and Fancy throws her dress across the room. She ends up knocking over and breaking a photo of Sheridan, Luis and Marty. Fancy feels horrible, and Sheridan used to be so happy. Fancy thinks about all the horrible things her aunt Sheridan has gone through, and her grandfather is probably responsible for most of it if the tabloids are to be believed. Noah says shes had a rough time, but if she has half the moxy that Fancy does then shell get through it. She says he thinks she has moxy? He says yes, and she is sweet, funny, reckless, sexy and gorgeous. Fancy says he is an excellent judge of character and also has amazing lips, a great face, a chiseled body with a big heart and noble character. Fancy eventually says she cant enjoy herself with the pain her aunt is going through. She says she cant be with him, and she grabs her dress and runs out of the cottages. Noah runs after her. They talk outside by the pool, and Fancy thinks Noah thinks she is rich and shallow and cant care about anyone but herself. Noah says that isnt true. He says seeing her care about someone makes him care about her more. He talks about how much their time has meant to him. She admits she loves the way he makes her feel, she doesnt understand it, but she loves it. They end up sharing a kiss by the Crane pool. They end up dancing, and Fancy ends up falling into the pool. Noah laughs and said he wanted to dip her, but not like that. She then in turn pulls him in. They begin kissing and laughing, but once again Fancy says they have to stop. Noah asks what is wrong, doesnt she want to? She says yes, but they dont have protection and they have to be responsible. Noah says she is right. She suggests they get back to the cottage before they are seen together. This is all I saw.

At the mansion Gwen asks Ethan not to call the police. She says this could be another one of Theresas tricks. Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her, she is his best friend and his wife and he wont leave her. However Ethan has to help Theresa Alistair asks Theresa if she just heard that? He says she still doesnt have Ethan, and the only way to get him back if with his help. He says if she sends him to jail then shell spend the rest of her life without Ethan. Theresa looks at Ethan, who is one the phone. Alistair says look at them all together, if she thinks she can go against Gwen and Rebecca without his power then she is kidding herself. Alistair says only his power can help her get the goods on Rebecca and Gwen. Alistair suggests Ethan stop as they arent sure a crime has happened. Ethan says he raped her,that is a crime. Alistair says for him to be arrested then Theresa has to press charges. Ethan says of course shell press charges wont she. When the show returns from the news break, Theresa has told Ethan she wont press charges. Ethan wonders if this was just a game of hers, did she mess herself up and lie in hopes of getting him back? She says it is complicated. Ethan tells Theresa not to let him get away with raping her. Theresa says she cant press charges, it was consensual and she is fine. Ethan says shes not, and he knows Alistair did or said something to Theresa to make her not press charges. Alistair says he did nothing, and Theresa claims Alistair didnt threaten her. Rebecca then scolds Theresa and says countless women are raped every day, so how can she be so indifferent to their suffering. Rebecca thinks this is a ploy of Theresas, a ploy that didnt work. Rebecca says Ethan is still off limits to her. Gwen suggests they should go to bed as hopefully this will be the last time Theresa interrupts them. Gwen, Ethan and Rebecca leave, and Alistair tells Theresa she did the right thing and will be rewarded in time. Theresa storms off, and Alistair laughs. Again, this is where I was cut off.

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