November 28, 2005 

At Crane Industries, Kay brings Fox some coffee. He thanks her and says shes an angel. She says well she is his assistant. He says yeah they need to talk about that. He says he was wrong to demote her, hes promoting her back as he needs her help with the Singapore Project. She is shocked as that is the project she supposedly messed up. He says he was wrong to accuse her of failing him, if she says she ran a virus scan then he believes her. He then decides to make love to her right there on the desk. As they make love and kiss, Kay says she knew that spell wouldnt break them up. He says what spell, and she says never mind. We soon find out Kay was just dreaming. Tabitha stands over her bed and tells her shes deluded, and that must have been some dream Kay was having. Kay wakes up and asks where Fox is. Tabitha says he left hours ago for work. She says why didnt he wake her up. Tabitha says perhaps he thought hed get more down without her. She reminds Kay of her spell. Kay says Fox loves her just as much as he always did so don't start with the spell. Tabitha says the spell doesnt work over night, and she thinks it is working now. Later, Kay gets ready to go to work, and she tells Maria how shell have a fun day with Aunty Tabby and Maria. Tabitha thinks she should be with her little girl. Kay says she wants to be here with her, but she needs to work. She wonders why Fox left so early. Tabitha says he has that competition with Chad, and Fox is driven to succeed as she knows. Kay tells her not to start. Fox calls Tabithas, and Kay says she will be there soon. Fox says take her time, hes fine at work. Kay asks if he is sure, and he says he is. She says that is great as she'd like to spend time with Maria today. As they talk, Valerie is working with Fox at Crane. Back at Tabithas, Kay tries to assure Tabitha that she and Fox will be fine no matter Tabithas spell does. Tabitha thinks Kay is being naive and if her spell doesnt stop Kay and Fox then Ivy will.

At Crane, Valerie calls Ivy to ask if their deal is still in place. Ivy says this isnt a good time to talk, Gwen is here and they are discussing Ethan. She tells Valerie to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal and get rid of Kay. After Ivy hands up, Ivy says she won't let Valerie have Fox, she is as awful as Kay is. Ivy says Theresa destroyed Ethan and she wont let anyone hurt Fox. Later, Valerie talks to Fox about how much she envies Kay, and having a child and working is a lot to juggle. Fox talks about Maria and how he loves her like she was his own. Fox tells Valerie she does good work, and hes glad shes working on his team instead of against him. She thinks to herself that before long Fox will be asking himself Kay who?

Fancy dreams about making love to Noah. She tells Noah that she loves him. He laughs playfully and kisses her. Fancy wakes up and finds Noah is gone. He soon shows up with breakfast for her. She says it looks great, but shell take the waiter instead. Later they eat fruit, and Noah says once they go downstairs hell cook them up a real breakfast. She asks like what, and he says maybe an omelet or some banana pancakes. Fancy says she has to confess something, she doesnt know how to make an omelets or pancakes if her life depended on it. He says it is a good thing it doesn't. She wonders how they stand a chance if she cant even cook eggs. She says they are just so different, how can they think this is going to work if they dont have any common experiences. She says they are doomed, this will never work. He tells her to slow down! He thinks about what they do have in common, like their fiery temperaments. She says that is another problem, they blow up over little things and it makes her wonder how they will survive anything. He says he doesnt have the answers, but since they know where the problems lie they just need to work at things and remember how what is important is them staying together. Fancy asks if he thinks they can do it. He says yes if they want to, and he knows he does. He says he wants to stay wit her forever, and she says that is what she wants too. Still she worried about the next pitfall they might face. He says they have love, but she says this isnt a TV sitcom, is love really enough? He thinks it is if they vow not to let anything or anyone come between them. She agrees. 

Jessica is putting on make-up as Sam tells her how proud of her he is. He says it takes courage to admit she needs help and to talk to someone about her problems. She says shes brave because hes going with her. Sam talks to her about therapy, and how he doesnt want her to feel alone. He says hell be there fore her no matter what. She thanks him and says thats all shes ever wanted. Sam tells Jessica that he went to see a professional too after her mom left. He says he felt so bad about what happened and how he couldn't keep them together. She says what happened wasnt his fault, but he says it was. He says he should have paid attention to the danger signs she was sending out. Jessica says she is the one who messed up her life. He says no she didnt. Jessica doesnt know why she started hurting herself. She says its like she handed her life over to Spike because she was too scared to live it on her own. She says it was like she left her body and watched someone else doing horrible things. He says that is why they are going to counseling, to make sure this never happens again. HE says she should finish getting ready and hell go downstairs and wait for her. Jessica then has a memory of washing blood off her hand. She tells herself that she didnt kill those men, she couldnt have.

Meanwhile, Gwen shows up and tells Ivy she needs to talk to her and Sam. Ivy thinks Gwen did it and Ethan is dead. Gwen says no Ethan is alive and still hooked up to the respirator, but she needs to talk about what they do next. Ivy asks who says she has to do anything. Gwen says Ethan did in his living will. Sam shows up, and he asks if something has happened. Gwen says not yet, but she needed to tell them that she signed authorization to carry out Ethans living will. Sam realizes Ethan is going to die soon. Jessica shows up and asks if something is wrong, is it Ethan? He says it is, and to give them a few minutes. He shoes Jessica out of the room, and Jessica wonders why shes being left out, not like it is anything new. Gwen, Ivy and Sam discuss Ethans wishes. Gwen says she never thought anything like this would happen, and even now she feels like shes trapped in a nightmare. Ivy says a nightmare caused by Theresa. Sam asks Gwen what she needs from them. She says she cant do this alone, and she needs their understanding and support. Meanwhile, Jessica begins to think her father has forgotten she is even here. Jessica walks in on them and sees them together all together.

At the mansion, Theresa asks Alistair what hes doing here. He says he lives here, why is she here. She says for coffee. He thought shed be at the hospital seeing her beloved Ethan. Theresa wont discuss Ethan with him. He thinks maybe shes accepted that Gwen is going to pull the plug. Theresa says she is going to stop that. He thinks shes a little late, Gwen already signed the paper to execute Ethans living will. He says Ethan could already be dead. Theresa drops her cup. Alistair suggests she call the hospital to find out, which she does. However shes hung up on by the nurse as she's not a relative. Alistair laughs and says he just wanted to see her reaction. He says her lover boy is still alive. She damns him, but he suggests she save her rage for Gwen. She suggests he hurry up and go say goodbye. She says no she knows how to keep Ethan alive, and she is going to fight the way Alistair would. Theresa leaves, and some men come in hauling Spike with them. Alistair tells the men to wait outside until he asks them to remove Spike. Spike is not pleased about being dragged here. Alistair tells him to shut up. He says says he gave him one little job, to wreak havoc with the Bennetts. He says how is it going, hell tell him how it's going. Alistair says Fancy is in bed with Noah, and Jessica is on her way to counseling with her daddy. He demands Spike do some damage to that family and do it now. He tells him to make the Bennetts regret the day they were born, or hell make him regret the day he was born. He then has Spike dragged away.

Spike walks along the pier. He cant believe Alistair is treating him like a lackey, then again Alistair is subsidizing him and he cant afford to start over in a new town. He wonders how to get close to Jessica again, and decides to text message her.

Theresa storms into Judge Reillys office as he and his assistant are playing videogames. Judge Reilly claims he cant see her today as hes a busy man. She says this is a matter of life and death, they need to stop Gwen from terminating Ethans life support. He says she has barged in on him during a busy workday. She says he was playing videogames. His assistant says he was playing games, the judge was working. She needs help saving Ethan, but Judge Reilly says he cant help her and calls her Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald. She reminds him that she is now Mr. Alistair Crane. She says she knows the favors he has done for her husband, she knows hell do anything for the right price. She tells him help her keep Ethan alive or shell go to the press with what she knows. He caves and says he didnt say he wouldnt help her. She thanks him and says hes saving Ethans life. He says he has to make a phone call first. She tells him to hurry. The judges assistant doesnt understands how she loves Ethan so much and yet she just married Alistair. She says it is a long story. The judge says her husband needs to talk to her, and hands her the phone. Alistair says well she has learned from him hasn't she. Theresa says she knows he always goes to Judge Reilly when he needs something done. Alistair says she could go to the Pope for all he cares, no one can help her keep Ethan alive. He wont have her wasting the judges valuable time, and the sooner Ethan kicks the bucket the better. Theresa cries and asks Judge Reilly if there is anything that can be done. He says no, nothing can be done as she is not a relative of Ethans. Theresa says her daughter is, but he says she is too young and everyone knows she tricked Ethan into fathering that girl. He says there isn't an honest judge in town that will help her. He says now hes due in court and leaves. She wonders what she does now. The assistant suggests she gets the parents on her side like the case in Florida. He says its worth a shot. Theresa says Ethans mother hates her. He says perhaps she loves her son more than she hates her. Theresa thanks him and gives him a kiss. She then runs out.

Back at the Bennetts, Jessica asks her dad when they will go. He says in a few minutes, he just needs to deal with this. Jessica gets a text message she thinks is from Paloma and she wants to meet her down on the wharf. Meanwhile, Gwen talks to Sam and Ethan about how Ethan made this decision after the Terry Schiavo incident. Ivy begins to cry. She says she cant give Gwen her blessing, how can she tell her this is okay. Gwen says she wouldnt ask for this if it wasnt what Ethan wanted. Sam says Gwen loves Ethan as much as they do. Gwen asks Sam if this means he understands? Suddenly, Theresa bursts in and says they can stop Gwen. She says if the two of them back her up then they can save Ethans life. Gwen says she cant believe her! Sam asks Theresa how it would work? What would they have to do?

Jessica heads to the wharf to meet Paloma, and she runs into Spike. She tells him to get lost, but he says it is good to see her. She says if he doesnt leave, then she will. He says he wont hurt her, unlike her family and friends, he is always there for her.


November 29, 2005

At Tabithas, Kay continues spending time with Maria, and Tabitha continues to tell Kay that her spell will destroy her and Foxs love. Kay says not a chance, if her spell works then it would have split them up by now. Tabitha says her spell works, Kay is here and Fox is at work. She says Kay may think things are hunky-dory now, but they wont stay that way. She says the dark side is very powerful and always gets its way. Later Simone drops by to see Kay. She cant believe Kay isnt at work. Kay says her sexy boss told her to take the time off to spend time with her daughter. Tabitha says she thinks Kay should enjoy it, when Fox hits the big time at work shell never see Fox again. Tabitha says so many relationships fall apart when one partner becomes more successful than the other, she reads about it all the time in the women's magazines at the supermarket. Kay begins explaining to Simone about all the problems shes had at work lately with the virus and being sabotaged. She says at first she thought it was Ivy trying to ruin her, but she doesnt know anything about computers. She says she has no idea who did it. Endoras talkie bubble says Valerie! Later Simone thinks she should go, but Kay says she came here to talk about something so talk. Simone talks about how her life has no direction, and her sister is in a convent and her family has split up. She says now her dad isnt speaking to her. Kay asks why not? Simone realizes Kay hasnt heard, and she just thought Jessica would have told her. Kay says no, but whatever happened that her dad will calm down and come around because he loves her. She tells Simone that once she meets a man and gets married and has a child then shell understand how a parent feels. Simone says shes not going to meet a man and get married, well maybe one day shell get married. Kay says but they go hand in hand. Tabitha says here is comes, Simone is going to drop the lesbo-bomb again. Simone says shell never get married because shes gay, shes a lesbian. Kay says this is unbelievable. Simone thinks Kay hates her just like her father and Jessica, but Kay says she cant drop that bomb and expect her not to react. She says it is a shock but she doesnt hate her. Kay says it was probably just a shock to her dad, and Jessica will come around as shes not the poster child for mental health. Kay says shes just pissed Simone didnt tell her before. Kay says shell always be there for her, she is her best friend and she loves her, just not like that. Tabitha finds this all revolting. When Tabitha hears them discuss Simone being gay, Tabitha says she thought with Whitneys background she would be the lesbian. She says its very fashionable of her to come out though, everyone today on TV is so gay gay gay. Tabitha says though the boys have all the good parts on the sitcoms, so she has a lot of catching up to do. Simone tells Tabitha not to support stereotypes. Tabitha says but they are very fashionable. She asks so has TC not jumped on the go-lesbian bandwagon? Simone says no. Kay doesnt know how anyone could hate their child. Tabitha says people hate what they dont understand, she has gotten so many stares for having a child at her age. Kay thinks that has more to do with biology. Tabitha tells Simone to wash her hands of her father and never speak to him again. Simone says but she loves him. Kay says dont listen to Tabitha, her dad will come around. Kay says he just needs time, he is her dad and loves her, hes just old school. Tabitha tells herself the day TC accepts that his daughter is gay is the day that Fluffy becomes a vegetarian. Later Simone leaves, and Kay tells Tabitha what she said was mean. She says shes evil, shes not supposed to say nice things! She asks Kay what she doesnt want to hear, the truth about Simones father or the truth about her spell on Fox? Kay says both, and she walks off. Kay realizes the day is getting on, so she has to get to work. She thinks she has the perfect daughter, job and boyfriend; her life is perfect. Tabitha doesnt think perfect is in the cards for Kay today, and all shell find at the office today is trouble.

At Crane, Fox is impressed by Valeries skills. She says she is well trained and knows how things in an office should be run. He says she has executive potential, and he doesnt think Kay would even know how to do much of this work. Valerie then tells Fox not to be hard on Kay, she tries very hard and he should be proud of her. He says he is, he just feels she might still be upset with him for reducing her workload. Valerie says Kay loves him and understands, and she knows Fox is lucky he wasnt fired for her mistake. She says Kay knows he has to protect his career, and he had no choice but to downgrade Kays responsibility. She says he did the right thing for both him and Kay. Fox says shes right and Kay will understand. Valerie tells herself that what Kay doesnt understand is that shes moving out of this office and Foxs life. Valerie says to herself that soon Kay will be out on her fanny. Later, Fox decides to give Kay a chance working on part of the Singapore job, he needs some computer graphics made. Valerie doesnt like this at all, if Kay does good work then it will ruin her plan. Valerie quickly sabotages the project by starting the virus again to distract Fox. Fox cant stop it, but Valerie of course can. She knows there is no virus, it was just a trick of hers. He is so glad she was here, nobody can save the day like she can. Valerie says if hes speaking about Kay, dont give up on her, just give her time. She says in a few years Kay could be invaluable to him. Later, Valerie tries to tell Fox how he thinks the assignment he has in mind for Kay is a little tough for her, and she suggests Kay stuff envelopes as the machine that does it is down. He thinks that is a little basic. She says being a mom is stressful enough, and she might find it relaxing. Fox doesnt think the computer program and graphics arent too difficult, are they? Valerie says oh just give her a shot, she has a lot of self confidence because the smallest mistake could ruin the deal, it takes a brave person to face such a task. Fox says he needed this yesterday, and he asks Valerie to do it for him. He says hell have Kay stuff the envelopes. Valerie thinks poor Kay, this is as low as she can get until Fox throws her out of his life.

At the wharf, Spike tells Jessica that Paloma isnt coming, not only has she let her down, but her father has again. Jessica says not to start in on her dad, he has problems, her half-brother is in a coma and is going to be removed from life support. Spike says that is a real bummer. He says it just seems like . . . oh forget it. She says what. He says it isnt his business, but she wants to know. He says no matter what is going on in her life, something is more important with her pops. He says her dad spends more time with Ivy than he does with her. Jessica says she is Ethans mother. Spike gets that, but when will her dad be there for her? Spike says he always puts her first, so why wont Sam. Spike says no matter what hes done, hes always put her first. She says she has to go, she needs to call Paloma as to why she didn't show. She responds to Paloma's message, and Spikes phone rings. She wonders why his phone is ringing. He makes an excuse, and then continues to tell Jessica how he has always been here for her. He says if hes treated her wrong then hes sorry, but hes been there for her when others havent, like her father, sister and brother haven't. (Part of the sound was cut off during this part due to flood warnings in the area) 

At the Bennetts, Fancy and Noah are still in bed. Fancy says it is getting late and she has to get to work or grandpy will kill her. Meanwhile, downstairs Theresa tries to make her case to Sam, side with her and stop Gwen from taking away his chance to spend a lifetime with his son. Gwen decides to throw Theresa out since no one else will, but Sam says no, he wants Theresa to speak. Sam then notices Jessica is gone, and he looks for her. Gwen tells Theresa to go home, but she wont leave. Sam looks everywhere, Jessica is gone. Ivy says maybe she went to her session, but Sam says he was supposed to take her. He calls her cell, but she doesnt answer. Ivy says she's probably with the doctor and just turned it off. Sam says him going with her means a lot to Jessica, and Ivy says she is okay. Theresa says shes okay because nobody is trying to kill her. Gwen tells Theresa that she did this to Ethan, hes in a coma because of her. Gwen says she hates that she has to do this, but it is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. Theresa tells Sam he has a legal standing in this, he can stop this. Ivy says they would love Ethan to walk out of the hospital but it wont happen. Sam says a little more time wont hurt anything though. Gwen thinks Theresa has got to Sam, and she calls Theresa a selfish pig for not carrying about what anyone wants but herself. She says Ethan is in an irreversible coma and would rather die than just lie there. Theresa says there is always hope, you have to believe in miracles. As they all argue, Fancy and Noah here the argument. They walk in on the argument. Fancy slaps Theresa hard and tells her to get out, Gwen is Ethans husband and Theresa has no place in their lives. Theresa says shes trying to save Ethan. Fancy says she has basically killed him! Gwen tells Fancy that Theresa was trying to kill Alistair with the guacamole that Ethan ate. Fancy says its not the first time, she caught Theresa trying to smother her grandfather once. Fancy says Theresa is nothing but a cold blooded killer. Theresa says Alistair deserves to die, he is a monster. She says Alistair forces himself on her, it's the only way he likes it. Gwen says that is her problem for marrying Alistair, and everything she has suffered she brought upon herself. Gwen says now Ethan is suffering because of her. Theresa says she would give anything to have eaten the poison instead of him. Ivy says they all wish that. Ivy says Theresa should be in prison, but Sam says thanks to Alistair she isnt. Sam asks Theresa why she is here, has something changed with Ethan. Theresa says no, what she knows comes from the heart. She says they cant let Gwen kill Ethan. Gwen tells her to stop saying that, Theresa killed Ethan! Gwen says she is Ethans wife and she has to honor his living will. She says she is done talking about this, the discussion is over. Theresa says his living will only said he didnt want to be kept alive if he had brain damage, which he doesn't She says they can file an injunction to stop this. Noah says shes not family, but Theresa says Sam is. Theresa begs Sam to help her. Gwen makes a call and learns Theresa cant stop this, and shes using Ethans parents to do her work. Ivy tells Theresa to get out, it breaks her heart that Gwen has to do this, but she has to. Ivy asks Sam not to listen to Theresa, not to give her any kind of hope. Sam says this is complicated, and Theresa is right, what if there is a cure found. Ivy says Ethan left Gwen specific instructions. Sam says but Ethan is his son, and he doesnt know if he can let him go. Sam says he needs time to think. He thinks about the times he has spent with Ethan, and the things they missed out. He remembers talking to Ethan on his wedding day to Gwen. Sam tells Theresa that he understands she wants to keep Ethan alive, because its what he wants too. Theresa hugs Sam and thanks God for him. Sam says she misunderstands, he is just saying he understands where she is coming from. However he says Ethan left instructions of what he wanted done. He tells Gwen that he supports her, carry out Ethans wishes. Sam gives Gwen a hug. 


November 30, 2005

Simone shows up at the old age home to wish her Aunt Irma a happy birthday. Irma asks how Simone knew it was her birthday? Simone says her mom keeps a calendar with everyones birthday on it. Irma says she didnt think anyone would remember let alone bring her a present. Simone says no one should be alone on their birthday. She gives her a hug, and Aunt Irma smiles. Simone gives her a book on African-American history. As they look through it, Aunt Irma begins talking about the days before the civil rights movement and her memories from her childhood. Irma talks about one memory when she was little thought she made a friend in a little white girl, until that girl's familys maid, who was black, came along and told her that they werent supposed to be playing together. Irma also talks about how it was hard being thirsty or having to find a bathroom for coloreds when you needed one and there were only white only bathrooms and fountains around. She says maybe that is why she is such a bitter old hag. Simone says shes not mean or bitter. Aunt Irma says this is the best birthday shes had and shes so glad she came. They continue looking through the book, and Simone wishes she could see a photo of Irma when she was her age. Irma says she wasnt as pretty as her, and she must have many boys after her. Simone asks if she really thinks she is pretty. Irma says yes, doesnt her parents tell her that. Simone says Whitney is usually the focus of her parents. Irma says well she thinks she is pretty. Simone says she likes hearing about her past. Irma says she thinks she should be lucky as she doesnt have to live in a time where she doesnt fit in ,where she is discriminated against. Simone says she does feel that way, she is different and discriminated against. Irma asks what she is talking about, this is the 20th century! Simone says she's not talking about being black. Simone tells Irma that shes gay, she's a lesbian. She says she likes women rather than men. Irma says she knows what a damn lesbian is, she just cant believe she is one of them! Irma says what she is doing is unnatural, it is a sin. She asks how she can be one of them. Simone says she didnt chose this, this is who she is. Irma says she doesnt want her to be here, she is just like her evil mother and crazy mean aunt. She says her sister had her brothers baby and shes a lesbian, the whole damn family sick. She tells Simone to leave and not to come back. She calls her family a crazy bunch of sickos. Simone leaves in tears thinking nobody wants her.

At the Bennett house, Sam supports Gwens decision to do what Ethan wanted. Gwen says she knows how horrible this is for him to have to do. Theresa says she is killing Ethan. Sam tells Theresa that she is making things harder than they already are. Ivy tells Theresa that she shouldnt be here, her son is no concern of hers. Noah and Fancy talk, Noah says if it were him he wouldnt want to be kept alive like this. Theresa still begs Sam not to do this. Ivy says Theresa doesnt belong here. Theresa says she is the only one who loves Ethan enough to keep him alive. She says shes not the one killing him. Fancy says no Theresa is the one killing Ethan, she put the poison in his food. Fancy says the only reason Ethan is dying is because of her! Theresa says Fancy hasnt been around for years, she doesnt know what is going on. Fancy says she knows Ethans wife, mother and father have to do something that is the hardest thing they'll ever have to do. Fancy also tells Theresa she is a cold blooded killer and shouldnt have the right to talk to any of them. Noah tells Fancy not to get worked up, but she says Theresa is a killer. They all tell Theresa to go, but she says they are killing the man she loves. Ivy says she is sick of her sick obsessive proclamations of love, she has ruined Ethans life so get out. They all ask her to go, and Noah basically drags her out. Outside Noah tells her that he knows how hard this is for her. Paloma shows up, Noah called her. Noah asks Paloma to take her sister somewhere, anywhere but here. Theresa cries on Palomas shoulder. Later, Sam, Ivy and Gwen head to the hospital. Fancy refuses to go as she doesnt want to see Ethan like this. Fancy vents to Noah about how horrible Theresa is, but Noah says he knows Theresa and her family, they are good people. She says maybe Pilar and Luis are good people, but not Theresa. Fancy tells Noah to tell her that he hates Theresa as much as she does. Noah says nothing, and Fancy asks why she wont answer him. Noah says he doesnt hate Theresa. He says she did a horrible thing and she is suffering as much as anyone else. Noah says he thinks she was driven to do to it. Fancy says what, driven by her insanity? Noah says shes married to Alistair, he can see how he'd push her to this. Fancy says her grandfather has always been kind and loving to her. Noah says always? Fancy admits not always, he gave her a hard time about him, but she cant believe he drove Theresa to murder. Noah says hes been on the bad side of Alistair too, and look at her own grandmother. HE says she had to leave town because he was so horrible to her. Fancy hates to think about what went on between her grandparents, but at least she didnt try to murder him. She says because of Theresa, Ethan is dying. She doesnt know how Noah cant hate her. Fancy cant believe Noah is making excuses for that trash. Fancy wonders why Theresa hasnt been arrested for murder. Noah says he's sure Gwen will press charges, but Alistair won't let Theresa go to jail, hell keep her out of jail for no other reason than to keep torturing her. She doesnt believe that about her grandfather, and she has to get to work. Noah thinks they shouldnt leave like this. He says he doesnt want to fight with her, he wants to love her. She says she doesnt want to fight either, they made a pact not to let anything come between them. Fancy doesnt want to see Theresa destroy what they have. Noah says she cant do that, but Fancy doesnt know. She is afraid theyll be torn apart. He says it wont happen, so she makes him promise that Theresa wont come between them.

Theresa and Paloma take a walk down by the pier. Theresa says Ethan is going to die and it is her fault. Paloma says no it was an accident. Theresa says yes it was an accident, but it wont make Gwen keep Ethan alive. She says Ethan will be just as dead as if she had killed him deliberately. Theresa says she cant go on, but Paloma tells her not to talk that way. She says she has children and a family who love and need her, and God loves her. Theresa wonders if God does love her after everything shes done. Paloma tells her not to talk that way, she is scaring her. Paloma has a job at the Book Caf she has to go to, and she asks Theresa to come with her. Theresa says no and shed rather be alone. Paloma says okay, and she leaves. Paloma heads to work, where Simone turns up in tears. Simone feels alone and rejected. Paloma tells Simone that she doesn't care that she is gay, she is her friend and she loves her.

Back on the pier, Theresa cries about how she has failed Ethan. The woman with red nails arrives and asks if she is okay, is there anything she can do? Theresa says no, and she hopes she didnt disturb her. The woman says no, but she can see Theresa is in pain. Theresa says shes going through a difficult time. The woman sees the pain in her eyes, pain she can identify with. Theresa says shes sorry for anyone who has felt what she feels now. The woman says unexpected things happen in life, things with unintended consequences, and she can see this has happened to her. Theresa says she is responsible for the death of the man she loves. The woman thinks she didnt do it deliberately. Theresa says it was a stupid mistake, she was desperate and didnt know what to do. The woman says says she felt backed into a corner. Theresa asks how she knows. The woman with red nails says she has been there, she has felt so desperate that you have no choice but to commit a desperate act. Theresa says shes trapped in a horrible marriage, she is his prisoner and couldnt think of anyway out. The woman understands, shes married to Alistair Crane. Theresa asks if she knows Alistair. The womans hands are now bleeding as she had held them in a fist so tight that her nails cut them. The woman says she saw her wedding photos in the papers. Theresa says he is a monster, and the woman says she can imagine. Theresa doubts any knows what she's going through, and she did what she did to be free of him. The woman says she can see Theresa felt it was her only choice. Theresa says she did, and she tried to kill him, that makes her a monster as much as him. The woman says sometimes the monster destroys, but sometimes the monster creates another monster. Theresa says that is what happened, and she is the monster who put the man she loved in a coma. The lady says a woman who did what she did is a strong woman, a woman strong enough to stop anything from happening. She tells Theresa she is capable of removing obstacles. The woman then vanishes as Theresa was about to ask what she means. Theresa wonders if it is possible. She says if God hasnt given up on her to send her a sign. In walks Noah. Noah asks if she is feeling any better. She says nope. Theresa says everyone blames her and she blames herself, she deserves to be hated by everyone. Noah says he doesnt hate her, and everyone is just in pain and are lashing out. He says they cant see she is in pain too. Theresa says she never meant to hurt him, she loves Ethan and was trying to get rid of Alistair. She said she was stupid to marry Alistair, and he wouldn't let her go. She says she had to do something, and she guesses that makes her evil. He says he doesnt agree with what she did, but shes not evil. He says she understands what she did and how she feels. Theresa hugs Noah and thanks him for understanding. Noah says anyone who knows Alistair knows why she did what she did. Theresa says it was still wrong and Gwen has a right to blame her. Noah says Gwen is going through a hard time too, and she has to do what Ethan wanted. Theresa says no, Ethan is still alive and she will stop this. Theresa comes up with a scheme to help Ethan, but she needs Noahs help. She has decided to kidnap Ethan and take him away from Gwen. She asks Noah if he will help her kidnap Ethan.

Fancy heads to work and gets a voicemail from her mother. Fancy doesnt want to check it. She just begins crying about Ethan. She wishes they had been closer. She says she admired him so much, she looked up to him and wanted to be as strong and smart as him. She wishes she could have made mother love her as much as she loved him. She wishes they had spent more time together. Fancy gets a Kleenex from the drawer and finds a photo of Noah. She hopes he doesnt let anything come between them, she doesnt want to lose him.

In Ethans room, the woman with red nails is with Ethan. Meanwhile, Sheridan meets with Eve and learns what is happening with Ethan. Sheridan says poor Gwen, poor Ethan. Chris shows up to check on Sheridan. She leaves with him and they go to see Ethan. Sheridan cant stand to see Ethan like this, this isnt the Ethan she knows and loves. She talks about Ethan and how he loves Gwen so much. She doesnt know how Gwen will get through this. Sheridan remembers how she and Gwen used to talk about the men theyd marry and the children theyd have. She says Gwen will lose Ethan like she lost Luis, and Ethan was the only other person she could turn to and talk to aside from Luis. Sheridan wonders why love has to be so hard, why is it taken away and you never get it back. Chris tells himself that sometime you do find love again. Later, Sheridan thanks Chris for being here for her. Chris says he just doesnt want her to give up. He says they have both lost loves, but through these loses they found one another. Chris says he wants to move on with his life with her. Chris tells Sheridan that he has fallen in love with her. She thinks it is just too soon, hes still grieving Maureen and she is just a substitute for that. He says she isnt, and he knows how he feels about her. He begs her to let him in her life to help her. 

Sam, Gwen and Ivy show up to meet and talk to Eve. Sam asks Eve if she is absolutely sure that the tests were conclusive, that Ethan cant come back. Gwen says they need to be sure there is no hope of Ethan coming back. Eve says they have done every test possible and more than once, and there is no sign of things changing. Eve says all the experts say it is impossible for Ethan to come out of this. Eve discusses the living will. Gwen wishes Ethan hadnt made the will, that he had never told her how he felt. She says if she didnt know then theyd keep him alive and hope for the best. Gwen says when they spoke about this he told her not to get upset, that it would never happen and this was just a precaution. She says she never thought shed have to make this decision. Eve asks if they would like to wait, but Sam says no. He says it wont get any easier by waiting. Ivy says Sam is right, they should do what Ethan wants. Eve and the others find Sheridan, who is with Chris, and tell her that it is time. They are going to let Ethan go now.


December 2, 2005
At Crane, Fancy is on the phone with someone talking about Ethan and remembering him how he was. She also talks about how much she hates Theresa for what shes done to Ethan.

Elsewhere at Crane, Valerie sits on Foxs desk as he praises her good work. Kay shows up feeling bad about how late she is. She walks in and sees Valerie on Foxs desk, and from the angle it looks like they are kissing. They arent, and Fox says Valerie was just helping with the Singapore project. Kay says she had a thought on the drive over, what if Crane put the human resource information on the server so employees could access it. Fox likes the idea and decides to have tech support get on it. Valerie can't have this, so she quickly shoots it down. She says they tried it once and it didnt work it was a disaster because of hackers. She said Alistair had the guy fired. Kay says security is better now, but Valerie reminds them of the virus issue they just had. Fox says oh thanks for the heads up. Valerie says perhaps Kay's next idea will fly, and to keep thinking. Valerie and Fox continue to work, and Kay asks if she can do anything. Fox says yes, he wants her to stuff envelopes for the Christmas party! Kay thinks there is something more important she could do, but Fox says more important than Christmas? Valerie says she is jealous, being in charge of the Christmas party is a fun job. Kay says fine shell get on it. Kay cant believe she has to plan the holiday Christmas party and says Bah Humbug.

Kay meets up with Fancy, and Kay says she's been put in charge of planning the company Christmas Party. Fancy says that sounds like fun. Kay says shes not really into it though. Fancy thinks shes upset about Ethan, and Kay says of course. Kay just hopes he gets better. Fancy realizes Kay doesnt know, and she tells her about the test results and his living will. She says Ethan is going to be disconnected from his life support to honor his living will. Kay cant believe this, Ethan is in the hospital on his death bed. Fancy says and Theresa, who is to blame, is walking around Scott free. Kay says theyve all done something they regret for love. Fancy says shes sounding like her brother now, he defended Theresa and her family. Kay says Noah worshipped Luis. Fancy says too bad Theresa isnt dead and Luis was the one still alive. Kay says Fancy! She says sorry, and she almost got into a fight with Noah over this but they worked things out. Kay says so they are back on? Fancy says yes, and they have made a pact not to fight over things like this. Kay wishes she and Fox could do that, right now Valerie seems to be all hes concerned with. Fancy says she heard through the grapevine that shes doing a great job as Kays assistant. She says she was, but then this virus happened. She says she didnt do it, but Fox blamed her and while he claims he doesnt now, it is obvious he doesn't trust her. Kay says and now Valerie, who works for Chad, is helping Fox. Fancy says that is odd, she switches sides quickly. Kay says Valerie is now in and shes out. Fancy says shell just see about that. Fancy offers to have a talk with Fox, but Kay asks her not to do that for her. Kay says Valerie is a bigger help than she ever could be. Fancy says even so, Valerie is just an employee, she could never take her place in Fox's heart. She says its not like Valerie is a witch who cast a spell on Fox. Kay says to herself that was Tabitha, and she thinks the spell is finally working and she's losing Fox to Valerie and work. 

Back in Foxs office, Fox decides to check on Kay, so Valerie stops him by saying he just got an email response on the Singapore project. Valerie then recalls all her scheming meetings with Ivy over their deal to get Kay out and her in. Later when Fox goes again to check on Kay, she stops him by saying that Kay may be insulted that he wants to keep checking on her. He says maybe shes right, and he does need to get back to work and finish this project if he wants to make money to give Kay and Maria the life they deserve. Valerie says Kay will understand. To herself she says if Kay doesnt and pitches a fit, all the better.

Sam, Ivy Gwen, Sheridan, Chris and Eve are in with Ethan. Gwen doesn't think she can do it, but tells Ethan shes being weak and selfish, and shes just afraid to do this. Eve says she can turn it off if shed like, but Gwen says shell do it because Ethan trusted her to do it. Sheridan asks if she wants time alone with Ethan first, but Gwen says no as they are all his family. Gwen tells Ethan that she loves him, shes going to be strong for him and let him go. She kisses him on the forehead . Sam tells Ethan how he wishes they had more time together, they had so much to make-up for. Sam says it will have to wait until they meet again. Sam kisses Ethan on the forehead and says goodbye. Ivy tells Ethan shell love him every day for the rest of her life, and she kisses him goodbye. Sheridan goes last. She calls him her special nephew. She says they arent bound by blood, but that never made their relationship special, love did. Sheridan says she loves him as does Julian, and they will all look after Gwen and Jane. Eve tells Gwen whenever she is ready. Gwen walks over to the machine and shuts it off. Gwen cant believe she did it, and Ivy panics and turns the life support back on. They ask what shes doing? Ivy says she knows what they agreed on, but what if there is one chance that he could get better. Eve says she wishes that were the case, but his condition hasnt changed since he was brought in. Eve says shell do more tests to be sure if they'd like. Ivy begs Gwen to let Eve do it, so Gwen says okay if it will help them all be at peace with this. They all wait for the latest results. Chris wants to take care of Sheridan like she takes care of James. She says he is taking care of her just by being here. Chris hopes he didnt freak her out by opening up to her earlier. She says no, and she has things to tell him too, just not here and now. Later, Gwen asks Sheridan how she was able to let Luis go. Sheridan says she didnt want to at first, but then she had a vision of Luis telling her to let him go and move on. She says that is what shes trying to do, and if Eve comes back with bad news then Gwen needs to let Ethan go too. Sheridan says it is the only way that Ethan can move on. Gwen asks God for help in doing this. Eve returns with the tests, there is no change. Gwen says now they know, so she will do what Ethan wanted. Gwen prepares to turn off the life support. 

On the pier, Noah is stunned that Theresa wants him to help her kidnap Ethan. Noah says Ethan made his decision about being kept alive by machines, he didn't want it. Theresa says no he said only if he had brain damage, which he doesnt. Noah tells Theresa that she is acting like Gwen is trying to kill Ethan when she is the one who is responsible for Ethan eating the guacamole. Theresa says if he wont help her then shell do it herself. He says no she wont, if she tries to go near Ethan then hell call the cops and have her arrested. Theresa says Ethan loves her, and he only stayed with Gwen out of guilt. Noah says none of that matters now, and that what matters is there is no hope for Ethan. Theresa says there is always hope, medical advances save lives every day. She says tomorrow a drug could be found that reverses irreversible comas. She says Ethan needs a chance, that is why she cant give up on Ethan. She begs Noah to help her save Ethan, she knows he loves him too. Noah agrees with her to a point, but he wont help her. He says Gwen isnt killing Ethan, shes honoring his wishes. He says everyone, even the courts are honoring his wishes. THeresa says no that is Alistair's doing. Noah says he knows she went to Judge Reilly for help. Noah says hes not a lawyer, but he thinks even if she got a restraining order a higher court would reverse it. Theresa says she doesnt care, she wont let Gwen kill Ethan. Noah says shes obsessed with Ethan, but this is absurd even for her. Theresa says it wasnt her idea, well the kidnapping part was, but some woman is the one who told her she could stop this if she wanted to. Noah feels sorry for her, Ethan and everyone in this situation, but kidnapping the guy is nuts. She says if he helps her then it will work. Noah says well he wont help. Theresa offers to pay him she heard she had money troubles. She says shell give him however much money he needs. Noah says he doesnt want Alistairs money. Theresa says forget his pride and take the money, save his home or give the money to charity. She knows he can help her, he used to be a paramedic. He says its been a long time. She thinks he can still move Ethan, hes only connected to an IV and a respirator. She begins making a list of what they need, and Noah tells her not to forget a sanity check. He says if she gets Ethan out of the hospital then where will she take him? She says good question, and she decides on the Crane cabin. Noah says the second Ethan is found missing they will know she took him, and theyll look there. She says shell leave a fake trail. Noah says shell be found eventually, shell go to prison and Ethan will have his plug pulled. She says maybe, but if it gives her a chance to save Ethan then shell do it. She says shes doing it with or without his help. Noah tells Theresa that she is obsessed with Ethan. Theresa says she loves Ethan and he loves her, if the situations where reversed hed stop at nothing to save her. She says hes like Luis that way. Noah says he really looked up to Luis, he did so much for him and never got to pay him back. She says help her, do it for Luis. He says she is shameless using her brother like this. Theresa says shell do whatever she has to. He says Luis believed in the law, he wouldnt condone this. Theresa says if he wont help her then shell hire someone else. He says no, she has to give this up and let Ethan go. Theresa says never! He grabs her and refuses to let her go. She says this is for her own good. Theresa says fine, say the woman he loved with all his heart and soul was in Ethans position, wouldnt he try and save her. Noah thinks about Fancy. Theresa says say Fancy was the great love of his life and Alistair was going to pull the plug on her, wouldnt he do what it took to save her life. Noah says he would. Theresa says that is how she feels, and Noah says he gets it. Noah says hell help her. 


December 2, 2005

On the wharf, Noah tells Theresa that he'll help her kidnap Ethan, and he just hopes Fancy will understand this is about saving Ethan and not choosing Theresa over her. She says now they have to go and get an ambulance! They arrive at a medical/ambulance supply company. Theresa insisted they stop off at the bank to get some money first. They meet with the salesman about buying an ambulance. He thinks they don't seem like the regular hospital types. Theresa says they are from California. He begins talking about how one model has lip suction options. Theresa says actually they don't need it for medical procedures. He thinks they are here fronting for a big star, and he wonders who it is. Theresa says actually they are making a movie in town and need the ambulance for it. He thinks they are punking him. He telsl Noah he looks like he does skin flicks, he's hellbent on pulling one over on him. Theresa assures him this is serious. He thinks this is a joke, and he isn't take a check from them when it will bounce. She says how about cash. She shows him a satchel full of cash. He inspects it to make sure it is real and eventually tells her sold!

At Crane, Valerie continues to work with Fox. Fox decides he needs to go check on Kay, and he heads off. Valerie decides she needs to play hardball with Fox, and she adjusts her boobs. Meanwhile, Kay continues to talk with Fancy about her problems with Fox. Fancy thinks she should talk to Fox and tell him how much it means to her to work with him. Kay says no, she needs to prove herself. She says if she does a good job with this party then she'll push him. Fox soon shows up to check on Kay. Fancy says she needs to have a word with Fox in his office, and she says KAy can stay here and use her office for her party planning. Fancy drags Fox back to his office by his ear and then tells Valerie to hit the road. Valerie asks what is going on here? Fancy says she gave her an order now scram, unless she wants her to complain to her Grampy about Valerie, which will result in her being fired. Valerie says she'll just go check on KAy and help her with the Christmas party. Valerie leaves, and Fox asks what is wrong with Fancy! Fancy kicks him in the shin and says no what is wrong with him. She says she thought he had learned, but he hasn't. She reminds him how when they were kids all their parents did was make and spend money, and how they vowed when they grew up never to treat their kids and loved ones like that. He says yeah so. She says so all he cares about is work and making money, he has hurt Kay and doesn't realize it. Fox says he's doing this for Kay, he's making money to give her and MAria a good life. Fancy says bull, he's doing this for himself. She says he ditched Kay because he thinks Valerie can help him win this stupid competition. Fancy gets a call from Julian about Ethan, and she tells Fox that they need to go say goodbye to their brother. He tells her he can't, he has a deadline. She can't believe him. He tells Fancy to go and he'll meet her at the hospital. Fancy storms out. 

Meanwhile, Valerie checks on Kay to see if she can be of any help. Kay begins to get into it with Valerie, saying she's helping enough as is. Valerie says she's only trying to be of help, and she's not after her job or Fox. Kay says speaking of jobs, shouldn't she be helping Chad rather than Fox? Kay makes it clear that she thinks Valerie is using Fox because he thinks Fox will win the competition. Valerie says they have to take opportunities when they can get them. Kay says not to play the race card, this is about getting to the top anyway she can. KAy asks Valerie if she knows anything about computer viruses. Valerie doesn't like where this is going, all she has done is help Fox. Kay says she sure was able to help stop that virus when no one else could. Kay tells Valerie that she could learn a lot from her, she'll be keeping her eye on her from now on. Valerie realizes Kay isn't as naive as she thought she was and that she'll have to be more careful. Kay heads back to Fox's office and runs into Fancy, who is leaving. Kay just got the call from her dad about Ethan, she wanted to go over to the hospital with her and Fox. Fancy says Fox has chosen to work to meet his deadline. Kay thinks maybe she should wait for him. Fancy says it's her choice, but she doesn't recommend waiting too long for him.

At the hospital, everyone is in with Ethan. Sheridan tells Gwen she called Father Lonigan to have him come over and administer the last rites. Gwen thanks her and says that slipped her mind. Sheridan says she also called a few other people who might want to say goodbye. Julian comes in and sits with Ethan. HE tells Ethan how he never stopped loving him or thinking of him as his son, and that he was never angry with Ethan but rather the situation. Pilar shows up to say goodbye as well. She says she hopes he knows Theresa never meant this to happen. Rebecca then shows up to cause a scene. She accuses Pilar of harvesting an organ of Ethan's for Theresa. Gwen says not now, but Rebecca asks when? She wants to know when Theresa will pay for doing this to Ethan. Ivy agrees, she blames Theresa and wants her to pay. Sam says not now, and Sheridan suggests they focus on Ethan. Father Lonigan arrives and he says before the last rites he'd like to hold a service in the chapel.

Everyone heads to the chapel where they take turns speaking about Ethan.  Sam says this is hard because parents are supposed to go before children and meet them on the other side. He says his parents and Ivy's parents will be there to meet Ethan, as will Sarah and Ethan's unborn son. Julian talks about how even though Ethan was a Crane, he was the finest man he ever met and he can't take credit for that. Sheridan then goes and talks about how she and Ethan had a very special relationship, and Ethan touched all their lives. As Sheridan is talking, Julian's phone buzzes so he leaves. While this was going on, Liz was spying on the whole thing.

Julian heads to Eve's office to make calls to his kids about Ethan being let go today. Suddenly Liz walks in. He says not today, the man he thought was his son is about to die. Liz says she can make it all better. She drops her coat and is naked. She tells Julian to make love to her. He says she is mad, he wouldn't make love to her if she was the last woman on earth. She says he will otherwise she will kill Eve!

Noah and Theresa arrive in their ambulance. They are disguised as paramedics and take a gerny up to Ethan's room. They wonder why they don't see any family around. Theresa wonders if maybe Gwen changed her mind about turning off the life support. They then hear two nurses discuss how the family is in the chapel and as soon as they return they will turn off the life support. Theresa says she should have known better, and they get to work. As they have Ethan on the gerny and all hooked up, Father Lonigan and the others return and stand outside Ethan's room.

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