December 5, 2005 
At the hospital, Chris tells Sheridan he loves her and pulls her into a kiss. He wonders if this is too much too soon. She says with losing Luis and Ethan, she just needs time. He says he is patient and will wait. Meanwhile, Noah and Theresa scramble to get Ethan out of the room just as the family is approaching. Eve asks if perhaps they should call Julian and the others? Father Lonigan says the sacrament will take awhile, so they will show up before Gwen is ready to terminate the life support. They walk into Ethan's room and are stunned he is gone. Gwen panics and thinks he's been taken, but Eve says calm down. She doubts anyone could just take off with Ethan, and there must be an explanation. She looks at his chart and sees his respirator was due to be serviced, but it should have been canceled given the circumstances. Still, they may not have known. Rebecca finds it hard to believe you can misplace a hunk on a respirator. Everyone waits around  for Eve to find out what is going on. Ivy admits she too thought maybe Theresa took Ethan, but Sam say that is impossible and she'd need help. Meanwhile, Fancy wonders where Noah is, why isn't he here. She says she needs him. She gives him a call, but he's not answering his phone. Elsewhere, Gwen has a talk with Sheridan, she tells her to learn from these lessons, don't waste time and take what is given to you. Chris has to take James home, so Sheridan goes with him. Eve returns, nobody knows where Ethan is. She says she has worse news, a patient was taken from the hospital by ambulance. She says the patient sounds like Ethan, and the woman sounds like Theresa. She also says a man was helping Theresa. Rebecca wonders who is stupid enough to help Theresa. Gwen can't believe this, and Sam decides to use his contacts to try and help. Later the cops tell Gwen they found the ambulance. Gwen wants Theresa arrested.

Noah and Theresa escape with Ethan, but are stopped by a guard. He asks what is going on. They claim they are transferring a patient to another hospital. He hadn't heard about this, but they talk their way out of it. They get Ethan into the ambulance, and Noah gets a call from Fancy. He ignores it when Theresa pleads with him to. However he begins to feel this is wrong and says he can't help her. Theresa tells him they are saving Ethan, they are giving him a chance. She implores with him to help her, and he agrees. They take off, and Noah calls Fancy to confess. Theresa asks him not to, but he calls her anyways. She tells him about Theresa kidnapping Ethan. Noah warns Theresa that they already know. Suddenly the cops show up and are ready to pull the ambulance over. Fancy asks what the siren is. Theresa asks what they do?

In Eve's office, Liz threatens to kill Julian and then cut Eve down in the hallway if he doesn't make love to her. He says he thought she couldn't after he raped her. She says she couldn't for awhile, but then she gave it a try. She says every relationship she has tried has failed. Julian refuses to make love to her and threatens to call the cops. She says go ahead, she'll be out in no time and he'll be the one who has to suffer the embarrassment of the situation. She also warns him it won't save him or Eve, he'll always have to wonder when she might jump out and take them down. He tells her that she is a monster. She pulls a letter opener on Julian and cuts his shirt off. She makes him take all his clothes off and get on the ground. She then straddles him and says now the fun begins. She orders him to kiss her, but he refuses. She tells him to do it or she'll kill him and cut down Eve. Suddenly, Eve walks in on them and is stunned.

At the B&B, Sheridan and Chris return home with James. and Sheridan looks at a photo of Ethan and thinks about him. She then thinks about Gwen's advice, and she looks at James and Chris. She also looks at a photo of Luis and Marty. She joins James and Chris and plays with them. 

At Jessica's session, Jessica finishes up and her doctor says that was a good session, but next time to bring her dad as he's an important part of this. Spike shows up to check on Jess, but she doesn't want to talk to him. He says he is the only man who really cares about her. She tells him not to disrespect her dad, he has a lot going on right now. Spike says when is her dad going to put her first? He says he cares about her and just wants to talk. They head to the park, and Spike offers to get her some hot chocolate. She says well that would be okay. He spikes it with drugs of course, and when Jessica drinks it she turns into instant slut. She tells him he's a bad boy, but she can be a bad girl. She wants some action, so he says he'll go get a customer. However he says nobody will want her looking like she does now, she looks like a nun. He cuts most of her dress off, unbuttons her jacket and pushes her boobs out. He says better. He leaves to get a customer, and then Sam shows up. He asks what happened to her clothes? She tells him what happened to him? Where was he today?


December 6, 2005

In the park, Jessica lashes out at her father for missing their session and for not caring about her. He thinks she is high again and wonders what is wrong with her, what happened to her clothes? She says she isn't high, but he knows better. He says he didnt make it to the session because Ethan was being taken off life support. She says who cares, he is dead dead dead! She says he cares more about his dead son than he does her. He hugs her and says that is not true, she is his Jess. She says it is, she always comes second. Sam says that is not true. Spike shows up and says its true, he doesnt care about Jessica and to get away from her. Sam says he should have known this was Spikes doing, but Spike says Sam is the one who broke her heart. Jessica goes to Spike and says her dad abandoned her when she needed him. He says hes sorry but is it worth throwing away all her progress for one meeting? She says she ran away from home looking for love, something he never gave her. Sam says of course he loves her. Spike says all he does is talk, but he is never there for her. She says Spike loves her and keeps his promises to her. She says he told her that he didnt love her and wouldnt show up for the meeting, Spike is right and her dad is the liar. He says he had to be there for her brother today, but Jessica says he isnt her brother, she barely knows him. Spike says he just keeps on yakking, and he refuses to let Sam break Jessicas heart again. Spike tells Jessica to cut this guy out of her life. Sam says Gwen was going to take Ethan off of life support, he had to be there. Spike says and what about all the other times he wasnt there for Jessica. Spike says he cares more about Ethan than her because of Ivy, because he is Ivy's son. He says that is why her mom hit the road, because he doesnt care about his own kids. Sam tells Spike to keep his mouth shut. Spike says oh hes so scared, he doesnt care about anyone. He says Sam only pretends to care about Ethan as long as mommy dearest is putting out. Sam tells Spike to keep his mouth shut. Spike keeps bad mouthing Sam, calling Ivy his personal prostitute and how he gets all bent out of shape when Jessica engages in a little "legal" prostitution. Sam finally attacks Spike. 

At the hospital, Eve walks in on Liz on top of Julian. Julian says it isnt what it looks like. Liz says it is exactly what it looks like, she says Julian wanted her and threw her down. Julian says no, Liz threatened him and said she would kill her if he didnt sleep with her. Liz says the lies men come up with when they are caught with their pants down. She says she is holding no knife (she got rid of it), and Julian just wanted her. Julian tells Eve not to believe what she saw, he had her trapped. Julian says Liz threatened her life, and if he put her in jail then shed get out and kill them anyways. Julian says he was only biding time for the right moment to get away from Liz. Liz says like Julian would have tried to get away. Julian tells Liz to get away, she is insane. Julian begs Eve to say something, she knows how crazy Liz is. Liz tells Eve that he was always a smooth talker, and this isnt the first time they slept together. Julian says they didn't sleep together today! Eve says she remembered her saying nonsense about this during the Tsunami. Liz says yes, but this time Julian remembered being unfaithful to her. Liz tells Julian to tell Eve the truth. Julian says it is true, he remembers being with Liz back in Boston. Liz says it was rough and brutal, he forced himself on her! Eve says what? Julian says she knows what he was like back then, but he has changed. Liz says back then he cheated on Eve with her, and today he cheated on Eve again, some change. Julian tells Eve he is not the same man, and today was another of Lizs traps. He begs Eve to tell him that she still loves him. Liz says tell him she never wants to see him again. Eve is paged. She says she cant deal with this now, and runs off. Liz thinks she has done it, she has destroyed Eves life. 

In the ambulance, Theresa tells Noah to step on it as the cops are on their tales. Noah says he has to pull over. Noah has Fancy on the phone, and she wonders what is going on, what are the sirens about. Noah tells Theresa that they have lost. Theresa promises Ethan that she wont let him be taken off life support. Fancy asks Noah what he is doing, is he driving a limo again? He says no, hes just near the scene of an accident and that is all. Fancy tells him about someone helping Theresa kidnap Ethan from the hospital, and how sick does that person have to be? Noah tells Theresa it is over, hes pulling over. He hopes she has a good lawyer to keep her out of jail with her record. Fancy continues to ask Noah what is going on. Noah goes to tell Fancy the truth when they are cut off. Noah thinks it is for the best, at least she doesnt have to hear him getting arrested. The cops skip past them, they werent after them after all. Noah then tells Theresa that he removed the navigation system from this ambulance and put it in another one, so they must be after that ambulance. Theresa says hes a genius. Noah still says he has to tell Fancy the truth. She says no, but he says he has to. He agrees to drop her off at the Crane Cabin but that is it, that is all he can do for her. Fancy calls back, and Noah decides to confess the truth. However Fancy can barely hear him. She wonders if he is keeping something from her. Theresa begs Noah not to tell Fancy what is going on. Noah confesses the truth to Fancy, that he helped Theresa kidnap Ethan. Of course Fancy didnt hear him, the phone cut out. Fancy rants about who the monster who is helping Theresa and how she hopes they know something about medicine and can take care of Ethan. She says that is silly since Gwen will just turn off the respirator anyways. She says damn Theresa and her helper, she hopes they both end up in a chain gang. Noah says he has to go, and he hangs up. Noah cant believe after everything he said to Fancy to save their relationship that hes lying to her.  Ethan, Noah and Theresa arrive at the Crane Cabin. They unpack the supplies they brought, and Noah says he has to go back to Harmony. Theresa thinks hes going to turn her in. He says no, but the ambulance sticks out like a sore thumb, and he has to move his car from the parking garage. He says Fancy will know he helped her if she sees his car in the hospital garage. 

At the hospital, the police tell Gwen they will find the woman who kidnapped her husband. Rebecca wants them to shoot first, but the cops say that isnt how they do things. Rebecca tells herself Theresa will pay when they get her hands on them. Later the cops tell Gwen that they got him, they pulled the ambulance over. Gwen says soon this will be over and she will have to let Ethan go. Gwen vents to her mother and Ivy that she cant believe how selfish Theresa is, she doesnt want to let Ethan go but she has to put Ethans wishes first. She says Theresa is only putting Theresa first.The cop returns with bad news, they got the wrong ambulance. He says the woman who bought the ambulance switched the tracking device. Ivy says Theresa doesnt know how to do that, so who is helping her? Fancy says whoever it is she will rip them limb from limb. Fancy decides to call Kay and find out where Fox is. Ivy thinks Kay will bring Fox with her. She says the sooner she splits them up the better. Fancy calls Kay and learns Fox is still working. Fancy thinks he is crazy, and he has to stop. She fills Kay in on Theresa kidnapping Ethan, and that some bastard is helping her. Fancy says Fox needs to get down here. Kay thinks Fox should be out looking for Ethan. Meanwhile, Gwen is upset because Ethan could die because Theresa doesnt know how to take care of him, and she won't be there with him to say goodbye. Later, Fancy tells Gwen that shes worried about Noah, shes afraid hes lying to her about something. Gwen says just be thankful he doesnt have a psycho like Theresa in his life. Fancy wonders what is up with Noah, does he have another woman? Later, Fancy finds Noahs car in the parking lot. She begins to wonder what is going on, and she wonders, the sirens and that voice she heard in the background as Noah was talking to her. She says oh no!

At Crane, Kay tells Fox they have to go now. Fox cant pull himself away from work and says give him a minute. She says Ethan may not have another minute. Fox says they will go just not now. He yells at Kay, and Valerie smiles. Kay says she is going to the hospital by herself. Fox says no, and hes sorry he snapped at her. She says he yelled at her. He says he just has to handle this project, its his baby. She says it used to be their baby, but now all he wants to do is work with Valerie. They begin to talk about the whole virus thing, and Kay cuts him off and  says enough, they have to go. Fox says they will, he just has a few things more to finish up. Valerie says he needs to make a few more decisions about the project. Fox says he'll finish this then theyll go.  Kay soon gets Fancys call about Ethan, and she tells Fox he has to stop working now and go search for his brother. He says what does he looks like a cop? He says he has work to do here, and it's obvious that Ethan isn't having his life support turned off anytime soon. Kay says all he does is work, and if he doesnt want to go search them maybe he should sit with his mom. He says he will. She asks when, when will his family be more important than his job? He says as soon as he finishes up a few things. Fox eventually finishes up and leaves Valerie in charge of the project. He then calls his mom to find out what is going on. He asks if shes sure Theresa kidnapped Ethan. She says of course she did. Fox asks if he should go look for Ethan, but she says no as the authorities are handling it. Ivy wants him to be here, but she understands he has to get ahead at Crane Industries. She asks if hes working with Kay. He says no, Valerie. She tells Fox not to worry about this mess and just get back to work. Fox then decides to go talk to Kay. Meanwhile, Ivy calls Valerie to tell her to keep up the good work keeping Kay away from Fox. She tells Valerie to keep spending every minute with Fox. Valerie tells herself shell try, but she doesnt know how long it will continue to work. Elsewhere, Kay is trying to get a hold of Fancy, but she wont pick up her phone. She decides to stop waiting for Fox and go look for Ethan herself. Fox shows up with flowers and asks her to forgive him. She says she has to go look for their brother. He says that he needs her to understand he has responsibility here. He says hes created hundreds of jobs here and over in the Far East, if he ruins this then he ruins the lives of many people and families. Fox says he feels bad about what is going on with Ethan, but he has to prioritize. HE says he cant pick up and run anymore. He says if she cant understand that then at least forgive him for biting her head off. Kay forgives him, and they decide to go home as there isn't much they can do for Ethan. Valerie interrupts and says she has new statistics for him to look at, but he says only Godzilla attacking Singapore can stop him from going home and spending time with the woman he loves. Valerie says Ivy won't like this. 


December 7, 2005

Sam and Spike attack one another in the park. Sam does most of the attacking, and Jessica screams that hes going to kill Spike. Spike thinks hes hit a nerve with Sam, but everything hes said has been true. He says Sam only cares about getting laid by Ivy. Sam continues to beat him up as Jessica screams. Jessica tells her dad to stop this. Sam asks why she cares about him, he is scum. Spike says hes just using him as a punching bag because his wife left him, he lost his job and his son is a vegetable. Jessica tells Sam to leave Spike alone. She says she wont leave him. Sam says he doesnt care about her, but Jessica says he does. She says her dad only cares about getting Ivy in his bed. Spike is out cold, and of course Jessica tells her dad that hes killed Spike. Sam says Spike lies to her. Sam says he loves her and she is his daughter. Spike stirs, and Sam begs Jessica to come home with him. She says no, shes staying with Spike. Spike says he knew he could count on her just like she can count on him. Sam tells Jessica that this loser isnt worth it. Jessica says not to call him names, and at least he was there when she needed someone. She tells her dad that she doesnt need her dad anymore, she has Spike. She tells Sam that she hates him. Sam says hes sorry he missed the appointment, but she doesnt know what is going on. She says whatever it is, its obviously more important than her. Sam begs him not to go with her. Spike then sees the paper on the newsstand, Ethans been kidnapped. Spike says he gets it, Sam didnt come looking for her, he was out looking for Ethan! Spike points out the paper to Jessica, and she realizes Spike is right. She says he wasnt looking for her at all. Sam says he loves her, but she calls him a liar. She says he wasnt looking for her, he wasnt even thinking about her. Jessica says she hates him. 

Ivy calls Valerie up at Crane. As they talk, the woman in white spies on Valerie. Ivy wants an update on Fox, is he still there with her? Valerie says unfortunately Fox and Kay made up and they left together. Ivy says no! Ivy tells Valerie to work harder to break them up, but Valerie says she cant work too hard or Fox and Kay will figure out what shes up to. Ivy says shes already lost one son tonight to a demented woman, she wont lose another. She tells Valerie to think of something, create a crisis. Valerie wonders what she does, she cant lie to Fox. Suddenly someone calls, there is a crisis! Valerie thinks fate is on her side. She says apparently the Singapore project is about to fall to pieces. Valerie calls him at home and is sure someone picked up, but nobody said anything. She calls his cell phone and gets his voicemail. She wonders where Fox is. 

At the hospital, Gwen is ranting about why they havent heard anything and how could Theresa even do this? Rebecca says wait till she gets her hands on Theresa. Gwen says stand in line, when she gets her hands on Theresa then shell kill her. Ivy soon joins the women in their venting about Theresa. They wonder where Theresa could have taken him. Rebecca says she could have taken him out of the country with the Crane resources at her disposal. Ivy says no, he cant fly on a ventilator, and hed have to be someplace close. Gwen thinks this is insane, if Theresa doesnt kill Ethan then she has to. They tell her she is just honoring his wishes, she is not killing him. Gwen says whoever is helping Ethan, well she wants that person sent to jail for a long time. They continue to rant and rave about Theresa and how she is robbing Ethan of his dignity. Ivy says this is the most insane thing Theresa has done, and Rebecca says what good will Ethan even do her now. 

At the Crane cabin, Noah watches as Theresa hooks Ethan up to all the machines. He says she has done her homework. She says she has to keep Ethan alive, and as long as she keeps him from Gwen then he has a chance. Noah just hopes Fancy understands why he did this. He says he has to go ditch the ambulance and then get his car out of the hospital parking lot before Fancy or anyone else sees it. He has to get going. Theresa thanks him and says one day Ethan will thank him too. She also tells him not to worry about Fancy, shell never know the truth. Noah says if Fancy knows what hes done shell be furious, she agrees with Gwen in regards to Ethan. Noah thinks maybe he can convince Fancy that Ethan would have wanted this. Noah tells Theresa to hang in there and hell be back later. Theresa begins working Ethans legs, keeping the circulation going in them. Theresa talks to him and says she doesnt care what his living will says, she wont let him die. She says she wont give up on him until he comes back to her. Theresa later apologizes to Ethan for doing this to him and she explains how this wasnt supposed to happen. She says she loves him very much and she wont give up on him. She says she looks forward to the day the life comes back into his eyes. 

Noah drives back into town, and he thinks about buying some more supplies for Theresa and then telling Fancy what hes done. Suddenly the ambulance blows a tire. As hes changing the tire, a cop shows up. He asks if Noah is alone, no partner or patient. Noah says he dropped his last patient off and his partner is sick. The cop says there is an APB out on ambulences, does Noah have ID and the paperwork on the vehicle? Noah looks through some papers and talks about how it must be a bore for him to have to do this when he has better things to do like giving tickets. The cop says yeah, and hell get yelled at for missing his ticket quota. Noah cant find the paperwork, but the cop says its okay. He says the ambulance he is looking for has a woman and comatose man, and this isnt it. The cop then lets him go, and Noah thinks that was too close. 

At the hospital parking lot, Fancy finds Noahs car and thinks hes been lying to her. Of course Fancy hasnt figured anything out, she thinks Noah has another girlfriend. 

At Tabithas Fox is reading Curious George to the girls. Kay puts dinner in the oven, and she hopes Fox likes it. She says it is one of her moms old recipes. Tabitha is drinking up her Martimmys and thinks this evening will be the ruin of Kay and Foxs relationship. She laughs, and Kay asks her what is going on. Tabitha just cant believe Kay got Fox away from work. They begin arguing over whether or not Tabithas spell is working. Kay decides to go get some tables and chairs to bring into the living room for dinner, and she asks Fox to help her. The minute they are gone Endora conjures up a fancy table all set. Tabitha asks Endora why she encourages Kay? Later Fox suggests after dinner they watch a movie. Tabitha says there is a new slasher movie on tonight with buckets of blood. Fox doubts that is appropriate for the kids, he picked up the Wizard of Oz on the way home. Fox loves when the witch dies and the house falls on her. Tabitha thinks that scene is revolting. He says what about when the other witch gets melted. Tabitha says listen here young man! Kay suggests they just pick something else. Endora conjures up the TV and starts a movie. Its a love movie of some type, and Tabitha warns Endora to stop this and remember which side she works for. Later Fox decides to take Maria up to bed. Kay says shell be up as soon as she cleans up the dishes. Kay then thanks Endora for setting such a beautiful table. Endora zaps everything away. Kay thanks her again. Tabitha cant believe Endora is carrying on like cupid. Kay says she appreciates it. Kay heads up to bed, and Tabitha wonders why her spell isnt working. Tabitha just hopes poison Ivy and viscous Valerie can stop this. Meanwhile, Kay and Fox put Maria to sleep and then begin to get down to business. Fox heads to the bathroom to freshen up, and Valerie calls and leaves a message about work. Kay hears it and quickly turns the phone off. She also turns his cell phone off because she knows Valerie wont give up. Fox returns and asks who called. She says she doesnt know, they hung up. They then get down to business. 

James, Chris and Sheridan are having dinner. James wants to play videogames, and Sheridan says maybe after dinner. They talk about how good he is, and Sheridan says he should be allowed to stay up all night. Chris tells James that Sheridan lets him get away with anything. Sheridan says as long as shes around James can do whatever he wants to. Chris can see hes out numbered. Chris is sorry that they didnt get to go out tonight. Sheridan isnt. She says she spent her whole life going to fancy dinners, this is more meaningful to her, them having dinner as a family. Chris asks if she thinks of them as her family. Sheridan says she thinks they are both wonderful and she loves being with them. She says something Gwen said struck her tonight, she has to live in the moment. She says that is why shes going to try and enjoy every moment of happiness she has with the two of them. James is still talking about videogames, so Chris takes him out there. Sheridan says shell bring them a surprise dessert. Suddenly Fancy shows up in tears. She cries that Noah is cheating on her. Sheridan makes them some tea and asks what happened. Fancy says it takes a lot for her to trust a man, and it took a lot for her to trust Noah. Sheridan asks what Noah did. She says she called him earlier and said he was out driving for his job, but she just saw Noahs car at the hospital lot. Sheridan says maybe he was there earlier trying to get news on Ethan. Fancy says but Noah never went into the hospital, and she has no idea what is going on with him. She says she knows hes hiding something from her though and she hates that, She thinks hes hiding another woman. Sheridan doesnt think hed cheat on her, he is Sams son. Noah says but he was with another woman when she called him, and he avoided saying anything. Chris comes in not realizing Fancy was here, and hes sorry to interrupt. Sheridan says shell be in with dessert in a moment. Chris leaves, and Fancy feels a bit jealous about her and Chris. Sheridan says Noah and her have something wonderful too. Fancy says Chris wants to be with her every minute of every day, why doesnt Noah want to be with her like that. Sheridan thinks there is an explanation, and she should go leave a note on Noahs car to call her. Sheridan tells Fancy to give Noah a chance to explain. Fancy says she will do that. Sheridan thinks Fancy is just over reacting. Fancy says that would be a first. Sheridan says everyone is on edge tonight because of Ethan. Fancy thinks Sheridan is right and thanks her for listening. Sheridan says everything will be okay between them. Fancy then leaves. Later Sheridan cuts them some chocolate cake, she wanted to try and impress them. James takes a bite and seems to like it. Chris takes a bite and says it is great. She says really? She takes a bite and it is. Chris says she baked a fabulous cake. He suggests they get some ice cream to go along with it.

Fancy returns to the garage where Noahs car is to leave him the note. Later, Noah shows up and hopes Fancy will understand. He gets in his car and drives off. Fancy then sees him taking off. She wonders where he is going now, and she decides to follow him. 


December 8, 2005
At the hospital, Eve returns to her office where Liz and Julian remain. Liz says Julian was saying so many hot things to her while she was gone. Julian says yes he told her to burn in hell. Liz reminds Eve what she saw, and this is the last straw. Eve says it is. She slaps Liz and lashes out at her for laying waste to her life. She says she is sorry for what happened to her in the past and she has tried to make it up to her. However, she says Liz isnt interested in healing, she just wants revenge. Eve says she wont feel sorry or guilty about this anymore! Liz says this is her fault, hers and Julians. Eve says no, she could have gone for help but she didnt, she chose to do nothing and then blame her and Julian. Eve says enough is enough, she wont take her abuse anymore. Julian suggests Liz go back to Saint Lisas or go to hell, but Liz says shes not going anywhere. She tries to attack Julian, but he stops her. Liz tells them that she hates them both. Julian says they know. Eve says they are sorry what happened to her, but they cant go back and rewrite the past. Julian tells Liz they have tried to help her but she refuses their help. He says she doesnt want to heal because she likes playing a spoiler. Eve says Julian is right, the abused has become the abuser. Julian says they wont take it anymore, she cant break them up. Eve tells her to move on and find someone. Liz says it is too late, Antonio is dead. Eve says it is never too late for love. Liz says she will be happy when she is able to keep Julian and Eve from having a moments peace. Liz and Eve are tired of this, and Julian throws her out of Eves office. When he opens the door, the woman with red nails scoots off. Liz listens in as Julian promises Eve that Liz can't hurt them anymore. Liz thinks Julian and Eve are so naive, she can still hurt them in the worst possible way.

At Crane, Valerie cant get a hold of Fox and they are having an emergency. She says if she cant reach him in time then shell look bad to Fox, and she doesnt want to think about Ivy. She tries to solve the problem herself, but she cant get into the project without Foxs password. She thinks Fox and Kay must still be at Tabithas. Valerie is panicking, she has to go to Tabithas and get Fox before it is too late. She says she only has a half an hour left.

At the asylum, Enda and Norma decide to call Tabitha and scare the heck out of her again. At Tabithas place, Tabitha is playing with Endora and recapping what is going on with Fox, Kay, Valerie and Ivy. Tabitha then gets a call from Edna and Norma, they are both upset with her. Norma says shell be sleighing her soon. Edna says Norma isnt the only one with an axe to grind, her black magic makeover wore off. They say theyll be seeing her soon, and hang up on her. Edna thinks Tabitha probably wishes she was wearing a diaper now. Back at Tabithas place, Tabitha is worried that Edna and Norma are teaming up to take her out, and she doesnt mean to dinner. Tabitha wonders what she is to do. She begins recapping the whole back story about Norma and Edna. Endora suggests they just go away, and Tabitha says that is a plan. She thinks Endora is a genius. She begins talking about all the places they could go, all the dead things they could see like mummies, plagues, underground sewers. Tabitha thinks they should pack right now. The doorbell rings, and Tabitha wonders who it is. She is worried it is Norma and Edna, but its only Valerie. Valerie asks to be let in to see Fox, but Tabitha says she wont fall for the disguised voice routine. 

Upstairs, Fox and Kay are in bed together and make love. Afterwards they cuddle and talk. Fox talks about how he cant help Ethan, but his Singapore project will affect people all over the world. As they go for round two, Foxs cell phone continues to buzz but he doesnt hear it. Later they hear Valerie banging on the door, and Fox decides to go see what she wants. Kay thinks Valerie is definitely after Fox. Valerie is let inside, and she fills Fox in on what happened. He asks why she didnt call? Valerie says she did but the line was busy. She shows him that his phone is off the hook. He thinks they must have knocked it off the hook when they were, well, um. He wonders how he could have been so stupid. He asks why she didnt call the cell phone. She says she did, but it went to the voicemail. Fox says impossible, his phone is always on. He sees it is on silent and wonders how he did that. Valerie says it is too late, the time limit has past. Fox is furious and says he just botched the whole deal. Kay tells him not to blame himself, but he says he ruined everything. Kay says no she did.

Back at the asylum, Edna and Norma try to come up with a plan to take out Tabitha. Norma says first they need to get out. Norma then grabs a guy and tells him to show Edna what hes got. Edna says Christmas comes early! Norma rips his shirt off, shes tattooed the escape rout on the mans chest. Edna decides to seduce one of the guards to get them out. Normas father says Close your eyes buttercup, this wont be pretty. Edna says hey, she has the stuff to drive men wild. 

At the Crane Cabin, Theresa is giving Ethan a sponge bath and telling him how they are going to live happily ever after. Theresa tells Ethan it looks like it is going to snow tonight, wouldnt that be romantic. She says they could go outside, go sleigh riding, make love by the fire. She says wouldnt that be wonderful? She continues to talk to him and encourages him to come out of this coma. She says the sooner he does the sooner they can be together. Ethan grabs her and says and make love under the stars. They kiss, and Ethan says she saved his life. He says he heard everything while he was in a coma, and Gwen would have let him die if it weren't for her and Noah. He also tells her that he knows why she did what she did, and he understands. He says the crazy thing is the coma was a good thing, it made him realize that Gwen is the selfish one and that she doesnt love him the way Theresa does. He says he wants to be with her and the kids, but right now he wants to make love to her. Of course this is just a dream, and Theresa snaps too when the lights flicker. She hopes the power doesnt go out. Of course she spoke to soon, the power does go out. Theresa says if it doesnt come back on soon then Ethan will die. Fortunately the machines have a back-up generator and turn on. Suddenly Ethan begins to beep and code.

Noah is driving to buy supplies for Theresa. He thinks about her crazy scheme and how he hopes Fancy will be able to forgive her for keeping this from her. He doesnt know that Fancy is tailing him. She thinks Noah is lying to her about his new job and she thinks he has another woman. She tries to remember what Sheridan said and not to over react. She tries to call him, but her phone is dead. Meanwhile, Noah listens to the radio, they know Theresa has kidnapped Ethan and an APB is out for her and her male accomplice. Noah hopes Fancy doesnt figure out what he did before he can tell her. He is afraid that shell be upset that he broke his promise to always be upfront and honest with her. Meanwhile, Fancy is thinking about that letter she found of Noahs, the love letter some woman had written to him. Fancy says she has to find out what Noah is hiding. Noah heads into a store to buy some stuff, and Fancy follows him. She sees Noah buying food and wonders who it is for, and why so much. Fancy hides behind a tabloid that has a photo of the woman in white hiding behind a tabloid with the caption NBC Soaps: Who is She? Noah goes to checkout, and the clerk asks how he eats so much and looks so good? Noah says this isnt for him, its for a woman. Fancy realizes Noah does have another woman. She cant believe Noah has done this to her. She thinks he has some slut up here in a love nest. She goes to give him a piece of his mind, but she then sees hes gone. She goes to follow him, but is stopped and has to pay for her soap magazine. She does so and then misses Noah, hes already gone. She heads off looking for Noah, and ends up in the mountains. She thinks Noahs woman must be some slutty ski bunny. She then hears the update on the radio about Theresa kidnapping Ethan. Fancy says whoever helped Theresa kidnap Ethan should go to prison forever. 


December 9, 2005

At the Bennetts, Ivy is still ranting about what Theresa has done. She says Sam just has to find Ethan and bring him home so he can at least . . . .she then looks over and wonders what is going on at Tabithas. She looks over and sees Valerie is with Fox, and shes pleased.

Over at Tabithas, Tabitha tells Endora it seems her spell is indeed working to break up Kay and Fox. Upstairs, Kay admits to Fox that she took the phones off the hook so nothing got in the way of their time together. Fox says she knows that this project is his whole life right now, tell him the woman hes working his butt of for didnt sabotage him. Kay says she didnt think this would happen, and she thought Valerie would just come up with another excuse to keep them apart. Fox cant believe this, and he tells Valerie that they have to fix this. They then run off together. They end up getting to work in Tabithas living room because they cant waste time getting to the office. Kay tells him that shes so sorry, but he says not now. She tries to explain, but he says he doesnt have time for this conversation right now. She just doesn't want him to think she's a screw up, first the virus and now this. Fox says the virus was an accident, but she deliberately did this tonight and she knows how much is riding on this. Tabitha tells Endora that things are going from bad to worse for Kay. Fox soon learns the whole deal has collapsed and hes done. They try and find a way to save this deal, but Valerie says its over, shes sorry. Fox says she has nothing to be sorry for, he messed it up and it is his fault. Kay says no it is her fault and he knows it. She says shell talk to Alistair for him and straighten this out, but Fox says there is nothing she can do and to let him handle this. He says she'll just make things worse. Fox says there are papers at the office that he needs, so they get ready to head off. Kay wants Fox to understand what she did, but he doesnt have time for her. Kay and Fox get some time alone as Valerie leaves and Tabitha also leaves them. Kay thinks Fox hates her right now. Fox says he doesnt hate her, but to be honest he doesnt know how he feels about her. Kay says she is truly sorry and shed never hurt him intentionally. He says he knows that. Kay tells Fox that its just that he is always working and then there is Valerie. Fox says Valerie didnt do anything wrong, and hes been doing all of this work for her and Maria, for his future family. Kay says and now? He has no idea, hell probably get fired. Kay says what if Valerie is just making things look bad to cause problems? Fox says he cant believe she is saying that, she sounds paranoid and irrational. He says even if Valerie was the bitch she thinks she is, well she couldnt orchestrate something like this. Fox says this is as much as his fault as hers, he was spending time with her instead of working. As they argue, Tabitha and Endora spy on them. Tabitha feels bad for Kay, but she did do this to herself by having that spell cast on Fox. Plus she says she has to battle Ivy and Valerie as well. Meanwhile, Fox tells Kay that this is a problem that no one can fix. He leaves, and Kay cries as he didnt even kiss her goodbye. 

Outside, Ivy finds Valerie and congratulates her on whatever shes done splitting Fox and Kay up. Valerie tells Ivy there is a big problem with Foxs project, and she explains everything that happened and how Fox is in big trouble now thanks to Kay. Valerie thinks their is a small chance they can fix things. Valerie also reminds Ivy of their little deal. Ivy says she hasnt forgotten it, and she can trust her completely.

Ivy returns home, and Sam has returned. Sam tells Ivy about his run in with Jessica and how shes gone back to spike. He says not only will he lose Ethan, but Jessica too. He begins to fill Ivy in on his fight with Jessica and Spike, and everything Spike said to Jessica about him.

At the B&B, Sheridan and Chris finish up their Betty Crocker moment. Sheridan decides to plan what shell make tomorrow. She soon begins thinking about Ethan. She says even if they find him alive then what difference does it make, they still have to turn off his respirator. He tells Sheridan that she is a strong and brave woman, she can get through this. Sheridan thinks she should call Gwen, but he says Gwen said shed call her. He tells her to just try and relax. He also says he meant what he said, he wont push her until shes ready for a relationship. She thanks him. She begins talking about her childhood and how lonely it was. Chris says his was the opposite of hers, he was one of seven kids, and he would have given anything to be alone sometimes. He says his parents didnt have much though, and it was always a race to the table to get food.  He says looking back he realizes it was a lot of good times, but then it wasnt much fun waiting for his turn in the bathroom. Later, Chris tells James Christmas is coming soon, and he suggests they get a tree to decorate. Sheridan says that is something else she missed growing up, Father always had professional decorators come in and do that. Chris says then shes in for a treat this year. James becomes tired and soon begins to  fall asleep. He wants to watch some special, but Chris says hes seen it every day this week. He says besides the DVD player is in Sheridans room. Sheridan doesnt mind. Chris and James watch the movie in Sheridans room, and James falls asleep. Sheridan looks in on them both asleep in her bed. She ends up covering them with a blanket. 

At the Cabin, Ethan is beeping and coding. Theresa says she needs Noah, and she begs Ethan not to die on her. Theresa says Noah will come back. Noah pulls up to the cabin and heads inside. Fancy is following him, she thinks Noah lied to her and is cheating on her. She says shes going to kill them both. She cant believe hes not only cheating on her, but hes doing it in her familys cabin. Noah heads inside and Theresa tells him what is going on. Noah gets to work performing CPR with Theresas help. Fancy heads in the cabin and doesnt see anyone. She thinks they must be in the bedroom, and Noah sure didnt waste anytime. She is furious and cant wait to find out who this woman is. Meanwhile, Theresa fears it is too late for Ethan. Suddenly his heart beat comes back, hes alive! Theresa thanks Noah, but he says dont thank him yet. He says Ethan made it through this crisis, but she might not make it through the next one. She says there wont be a next one, Ethan will get better. As they hug, Fancy walks in on them. Noah sees her and pushes her out. He asks what shes doing here? She asks what hes doing here? She says shes been following him, and who is this piece of trash he is hiding here? He says she has it wrong, and this woman is his fishing instructor. He says hes learning to ice fish, but she says my ass! She wants to know who this little tramp is, she wants a name. In the other room, Theresa remains with Ethan. Meanwhile, Fancy tells Noah he is the big jerk face she was worried he was. He tells her that she has no idea what shes talking about. Fancy does know what shes talking about, and she wants to know everything about this woman. She says instead of being out looking for Ethan he is here with this whore. She demands to know who is in there or she is going in there. He tells her not to go in there. She thinks hes defending this sluts honor. He says he just needs her to know that hes not cheating on her. He says he can explain everything to her. She says go to hell and take his tramp with him. As she goes to walk out, she hears Ethans machines beeping again. Noah runs into the room, and she helps Theresa with Ethan. Fancy realizes what Noah has done and she says shes calling the hospital.

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