December 12, 2005 
At Sams place, Sam is lighting candles for all the children to help them out of the tough spots they are in right now. Ivy tells Sam how sweet and loving he is. Sam lights the candles and says doing anything is better than nothing. Ivy says shes cold and asks Sam to get her sweater. He does, and Ivy blows Kays candle out! She says there is no way she will let Kay ruin Foxs life the way Theresa did Ethans. Later, Sam and Ivy talk about their family problems. Sam doesnt think hell be hearing from Jessica tonight. Ivy is worried that Ethan may already be dead and they saw their son for the last time. They continue talking about their families and tell one another how lucky they are to have each other. Ivy says if she wasnt in his life then hed be fine, but if she didnt have him then she doesn't know what hed do. He says he is here and isnt going anywhere. He reminds her she is his wife to be. She says she almost thought that proposal was a dream. He says he will be here forever. She says she wants him in her life for the rest of her life. They kiss, and Ivy tells him to make love to her. They make love by the fire, and she tells him to make all the bad things go away.

Kay is pacing around Tabitha's living room. Tabitha says she is going to wear holes in her new carpet. Kay says it has to be at least 100 years old. Kay is worried about what she did tonight in regards to Fox's project. Tabitha tells her that she knew the cost of the spell she cast, and she has to accept that she and Fox are over and out. Kay says that damn spell. Tabitha tells her not to curse her spell, Kay had her chances to get out of the spell. Kay says she should have just trusted that Fox would have made it to the top without her casting a spell. Tabitha says too late now! Kay asks what she does if she loses him. Tabitha says she has to move on. Kay says wait a minute, Fox gave up on work to be with her tonight, not the other way around. Kay doesn't think Tabitha's spell is working as well as she claims it is. Tabitha thinks Kay has a point, but tries to convince her that the spell is working fine. Kay thinks she is right, Tabithas spell isnt working that well and there is still hope for her and Fox. Tabitha tries to convince her otherwise, but Kay wont listen. She says she and Fox will stay together and live happily ever after, and she can tell the boys in the basement to take a hike! The boys spit fire out of the air ducts, and Tabitha says they heard every nasty word she said. Kay says she doesnt care, shes not afraid or worried. Suddenly, Kay realizes she knows how the dark forces are going to ruin her relationship with Fox, they are going to use Valerie! She is sure Valerie is setting her up, and she wants to spy on Fox using Tabithas bowl. Tabitha warns her that some time the boys in the basement show her fake scenes to trick her. Kay says shell take her chances. Tabitah tells Endora that Kays going to ruin her chances with Fox all on her own. Kay looks into the bowl and is shocked by what she sees. She sees Fox and Valerie kissing! Tabitha says she knew this was a bad idea. Kay decides to go right to the office. Tabitha thinks she should make a plan first before doing something rash. Kay says she would like to ring Valeries neck, but she doesnt know what shes going to do. Kay storms off, and Tabitha realizes the vision was a trick, they werent kissing after all. Tabitha says Kay is going to make a big fool of herself, and it looks like her spell if finally taking affect. She says Kay doesnt stand a chance.

At Crane, Valerie and Fox work to get the project back on track. Fox decides to email his contact in Singapore to try and keep the deal alive. However, Mr. Lee, the contact, calls them before Fox can contact him, he is furious and the deal is dead. Fox ends telling Mr. Lee that they can still salvage this deal. He says hell forgo his commission on the deal to salvage the project. Mr. Lee sounds interested and says hell get back to Fox. Valerie looks at Fox and says hes given away the store, that is millions of dollars out of his own pocket he stood to make. Fox says who cares what it costs him as long as the people who are counting on him are taken care of. Fox manages to save the project, and Valerie says hes amazing. Fox says they still have a lot of work to do, and they get to work. Later, they decide to celebrate. Valerie says shell get some champagne, and Fox decides to call Kay and let her know that she didnt ruin his life afterall. Valerie begins to put doubts in his head about Kay, she says she could be asleep, she is a little too dependent on him and he did just break up with her. Fox says Kay is not dependant on him and they only had a little thing, not a break up. Valerie says well he is a very big man, not many are as compassionate and forgiving as him. Valerie manages to convince Fox to just wait till morning to tell Kay as it is late. She thinks by morning, Kay and Fox will be history. Later Fox tells Valerie how she is going somewhere in the business world. She is glad to hear that. He tells her there is more to life than a career though, like a family. She says maybe one day shell think about marriage and kids, it is just difficult to do both at once. She says she so sorry for putting her foot in her mouth, and maybe it is different for guys. Fox says maybe not. She asks if he is worried about having a future with Kay and Maria while trying to get ahead here? He says well normally he would make a plan and stick to it like she has, but that was before he met Kay. She asks if he thinks she is a horrible person for doing so? He says no, she sticks to her plans and is a very admirable person. However he says she may be a little too rigid about how she expects her life to work out. He says what happens if she meets a great guy before her career is where it she wants it to be. He says will she give up that once in a life time chance for happiness? She says that wont happen to her, besides she would rather be cautions before jumping the gun. She says she's not going to get all upset over her biological clock ticking. She says many women have kids without having husbands these days. She says sorry, she doesnt want him to think shes talking about Kay. She says she just wants to be able to care for her kids when she has them. She says her parents split up because they had kids before they were ready, and money issues tore them apart. She says not having money is hard, and before this job she had issues paying rent. She says she used to shop at the Salvation Army. She says she wont do that for her kids, she will make sure her kids have everything they want and need. Fox says good for her 

At the cabin, the woman with red nails spies on what is going on through the window. Ethan is coding, and Fancy says shes killed Ethan, this is all Theresas fault! Noah manages to save Ethan, so Fancy decides to let Gwen and the others know what is going on. Noah begs Fancy not to tell anyone, but she says what he has done is worse than her finding him with another woman. She asks Noah what is wrong with him? He says hell explain it later. Theresa asks how she found them, and she says she followed Noah. They soon begin arguing about what Theresa did and the terms of  Ethan's living will. Theresa says they are trying to keep Ethan alive, to give him a chance. Fancy says she is keeping his wife and parents from saying goodbye. Theresa says she is trying to keep everyone from saying goodbye to him. Fancy says and what, lie around like a vegetable. Fancy says the only person Theresa loves and cares about is herself. Fancy says her selfish escapade is over, shes calling Gwen and telling her everything. Theresa says if she makes that call then she is cutting off his life support. Fancy says Theresa is doing something far worse, denying him the right to die with dignity. Theresa says she saw how upset Fancy was when she thought Ethan had died, she doesn't want to let him go anymore than they do. As Fancy lashes out at Theresa, Noah tells her that is enough! Fancy cant believe hes defending Theresa while lying to her. She says he swore they would put each other first and do whatever they had to in order to stay together. She says the first test of that and he failed. She says shes calling Gwen. As She goes to call, Ethan beeps again. Noah and Theresa run to him, and the woman grabs her knife and refuses to let Fancy make that call. Meanwhile, Noah and Theresa save Ethan. Noah thinks that Fancy is going to end all of this, and if he wasnt involved with Fancy they would have gotten away with it. She tells him not to blame himself, this is all her fault. Noah says he could have said no, he is a big boy. Theresa says no, she didn't give him a choice or a chance. He says it is a shame that things with him and Fancy are over though. She tells him not to give up on Fancy, not to let anything separate him from the person he loves. Meanwhile, the woman ends up saying she cant let Fancy make that call. Fancy looks out the window and lets out a blood curdling scream. Noah and Theresa run out, and it turns out that she just screamed because she is angry. She says the phone is dead, and that is why she screamed. It turns out the woman cut the phone lines, and Noah and Theresa dont have working cell phones. Fancy says that figures. She then wonders how Noah got him onto Theresas side. Did she drug or hypnotize him? Theresa says she made him realize Ethan deserved another chance, she had to do anything she could to save Ethans life. Fancy says according to all the doctors Ethan isnt going to get better. She tells Theresa to stop pretending this is a selfless act, it is all about her. Fancy says if she has to then shell drive to the nearest payphone to call someone. Theresa begs her not to do this. The woman says no one is leaving here tonight. Fancy runs out to her car and Theresa and Noah chase after her. She finds her tires have been slashed. She thinks they did it, but they deny it. Fancy demands to take Noahs car, but his tires are flat too. Fancy cant believe them. They swear this isn't their doing. She calls them both liars and she says shell walk to the nearest payphone if she has to. He says that is a bad idea, she could be trapped in the storm. She finally agrees not to walk off into the snow, but she says shes going to charge her cell and call Gwen. Theresa thinks whoever did this to the tires bought them time. Noah says it doesnt matter, Fancy will charge her phone and call Gwen. Theresa decides to go be with Ethan for every second she can then. Noah goes to talk to Fancy, and she is in tears. She says she thought she had met an honest man, but she was wrong. She tells Noah not to say anything, there is nothing he can say to undo his actions tonight. Fancy cries that Noah promised her they would stop hurting each other, that theyd always be honest with one another. He goes to touch her, but she says never touch her again. Meanwhile, Theresa prays for Ethan and says shell do anything to keep from losing Ethan. 


December 13, 2005

At the B&B, Sheridan is in bed on one side and James and Chris are on the other. Sheridan looks at a photo of Luis and Marty. She misses them terribly and wonders if shell ever get on with her life, if shell ever be able to be happy with James and Chris. Sheridan heads out into the living room, and Chris soon joins her. He apologizes for nodding off in her room. He asks if shes okay. She says she couldnt sleep. He thinks shes still feeling guilty about Luis and Marty. She blames herself, but he says it isnt her fault and she needs to stop torturing herself. He says he knows how she feels, he has the same feelings about Maureen. He says Maureen would want him to move on, and he was hoping that he and James could make her happy. He says that isnt happening, and he asks if it would be better if they left? She tells him no, she doesnt want him to leave. She says he and James mean so much to her. Sheridan knows someday she has to move on, but right now she doesnt think she can. Chris says he doesnt want to push her, but his feelings for her are as strong as hers are for Luis. He knows one day shell be able to feel and love again, and he and James will be here for her. She says he is so kind to her. Chris says he likes spending time with her, and watching her progress in the kitchen has been fun. He says since shes taken cooking lessons shes become a wonderful cook. Sheridan laughs and says she does love cooking. He loves her smile, it could light up a tree. Sheridan says Christmas is almost here, they should get James some toys and take him to see Santa. Chris says he hasnt had a Christmas with James since he was a baby. She asks what he wants for Christmas. He says he has his gift right here. He puts on Christmas music and asks Sheridan to dance with him. She says here and now? He says yes, so she does. As they dance, Sheridan thinks about Luis. She wants to be with him, but she knows that cant ever happen. She says Chris is here, and she wishes she could let go and enjoy this moment. Meanwhile, Chris says this is nice, and Sheridan says it is. 

At Crane, Fox and Valerie have saved the Singapore Project. Fox tells Valerie that hell find a way to thank her for her help. Meanwhile, Kay shows up saying she wont make a fool of herself, shell do this in a mature and rational way. She remembers the vision in the bowl of Fox and Valerie kissing. Kay says forget being mature, shes going to kill her. She says shell do whatever it takes to get rid of her! Fox decides to run to the Book Caf to get some fresh donuts and coffee. She thanks him for doing that. Fox leaves, and Valerie says she and Fox make some team, they have a connection and chemistry. 

Fox heads to the book caf, buys the donuts and coffee and also grabs a stuffed bear for Kay. The lady behind the counter thinks his girl must be special to get donuts and a bear. He says the donuts are for a different lady. She says he must be a player. Fox says he isn't and explains everything. He recaps the fight, the project, etc . . . The woman says maybe Fox isnt a bad guy after all. The woman asks if this fight could threaten his relationship with his girlfriend, but he doesnt think so. The woman says then dont let his donuts get cold. 

Back at Crane. Kay shows up, and shes fuming. Kay tells Valerie to keep her hands off of Fox or shell tear her apart! Kay tells Valerie that she is supposed to be working for Chad, yet she seems to be moving on on her position and Fox. Valerie says Fox needed help. They once again get into the whole virus thing. Kay thinks Valerie sabotaged her, but Valerie says shed never risk her job like that. Kay thinks Valerie is scheming to get Fox to replace her. Valerie says think what she likes, but Kay screwed up all on her own tonight. Kay says she wouldnt deliberately do anything to screw up Foxs career. Valerie says she doesnt have to deliberately do anything, she has no education, no business experience and is incompetent. Valerie suggests Kay just go home and take care of her bastard child and leave the work to her and Fox. Kay says how dare you say that to me! Valerie says it is the truth, she is messing up Foxs life! She suggests Kay just make herself available when Fox needs a little play time, otherwise get lost. Kay says she wont sit home and let her move in on Foxs career and into his bed. Valerie says shes just telling her like it is, Fox doesnt need Kay but he needs her. Kay says Fox doesnt need her, and shes made sure Fox will be a huge success. Valerie asks how? Kay says all she is saying is that she and Fox love one another and they work well together. Valerie thinks what Kay did tonight isnt love, and she accuses Kay of latching onto Fox because hes a Crane and she's trying to dig her way out of the poor house. Kay tells Valerie to shut up. Valerie sees Fox come back and begins playing all innocent. Kay lashes out at Valerie for calling her and her little girl names, and she tells Valerie to shut up. She thinks Valerie came up with this crisis to get Fox to come back to the office tonight. She says Valerie is nothing but a conniving bitch! She pushes Valerie, who falls over. Valerie tells out Please dont hit me Kay! Fox walks in and asks what is going on here? Fox thinks Kay is crazy, but Kay says Valerie created a crisis with the Singapore project to split them up. Fox says that didnt happen. She also says Valerie called her horrible names, which Valerie denies. Valerie says Kay came in here ranting for no reason. Kay says she had a good reason, she saw them kissing. Valerie asks Kay if they were spying on her? Fox and Valerie insists they didnt kiss, and Fox asks why she would think he was kissing Valerie. He asks what is going on here? Kay remembers the vision in the bowl, and she remembers Tabitha told her the bowl sometimes lies. Kay realizes shes been tricked. Fox asks what she is talking about, she is starting to scare him. Valerie looks in the bag and finds the teddy bear. Kay jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks he bought it for Valerie. Before he can explain Kay says she is such an idiot, she depends on the worst kind of people. She says Miguel left her and now he is leaving. She says it is over between them. She says it is over, she should have known she couldnt fight the magic, she cant fight the spell. He asks what she is talking about? Kay ends up running out. Valerie tells Fox to let her go, she needs to cool down. Fox wonders what she is talking about. Meanwhile, Kay cries that this is her fault for setting this all into motion.

At the cabin, Fancy continues to scold Noah for helping Theresa and lying to her. Noah says he was going to tell her as soon as he knew Ethan was safe. Fancy says hes in a coma and wont get better, he needs to be in a hospital. Noah says where Gwen will turn off his life support? He says at least here he has a chance. Fancy cant believe Theresa has convinced him that Ethan will get better. She cant believe she is trapped here with them, and as soon as she can get out of here she will turn him and Theresa in. Noah says he knows she is angry and she has a right to be. However he says at least let him explain. He says Theresa made sense, if they can keep Ethan alive long enough then a cure could come along. Fancy asks if Theresa doesnt read the papers, doesnt she know about Terry Schiavo? Noah says that was a tragic case, but . . . Fancy says no, the only thing tragic is that Terry didnt have a living will, but Ethan does. She says Theresa is keeping Ethans family from saying goodbye to him and shes kept Ethan from having a dignified death. She asks how he can defend her? HE says he cant, he agrees with what she is saying. Fancy asks then why did he help her, why did he ruin their relationship? Noah says listen to him, Theresa has convinced him of a lot, including holding onto love when you find it. Fancy says she has heard Theresa's theories about love, she doesnt believe in fate and destiny, she is a realist. Noah says no she is a romantic like, him, and if she admits that then shell realize shes not that different from him and Theresa. Fancy says never compare her to Theresa, and she cant believe he helped Theresa. Noah says he was helping Ethan and he thought shed understand because of who she is. Fancy thinks Noah is calling her a selfish bitch like Theresa. She slaps Noah and says she hates him! Noah knows she doesnt feel that way. He knows she has a soft side, she believes in fairytales and happy endings. He knows she believes people who come from two different worlds like them can be together. She says those beliefs get you no where, their parents marriages were disasters. Noah says but his father and her mother are getting back together now. Fancy asks what this has to do with Theresa, Ethan and Gwen? She tells Noah that Theresa is a criminal and hes becoming a criminal to help her. She says he has sacrificed his future to help a crazy woman. She says he has broken her heart for good. Fancy asks Noah if he ever realized how he could go to jail, how this could destroy them. He says he knew that. She says so he risked everything to help Theresa? She says even Theresa is a higher priority than she is. Noah says that isnt true, he loves her. She doesnt believe her, she thinks he thinks of her as nothing. Noah says he did what he did because he thought it was the right thing, Theresa made him think they were helping Ethan. She says exactly, he didnt even think about her, she was an afterthought. She says she never wants to see him again.

Theresa remains with Ethan. She shows him photos of Jane and tells Ethan that she needs him very much, as does she. Theresa knows Ethan can hear her and can come out of this coma, he just has to try really hard. Theresa says Fancy is here and wants to take him back to Gwen, which means hell lose his chance to live. She begs Ethan to fight to stay alive. Theresa talks about their first date when they went to the ballet. She says shell never forget it. She continues to beg Ethan to get better. She doesnt understand how Gwen can love him when shes willing to let him die. She doesnt care what papers Ethan has signed, she wont give up on him until he comes back to her. Theresa asks God to end this nightmare. She then realizes what she has to do to bring Ethan out of this coma, she just doesnt know if she has the strength to do it. Theresa says she will give up on their love, she will leave him alone. She says then God will bring him out of this coma. She says all his problems are because of her, so she will give him up and then God will bring him back. Theresa prays to God and asks him for this. She swears if God heals Ethan then shell give up on him. Suddenly, Ethan begins to move his fingers. She sees this and begs Ethan to come back to her. Ethans hand then falls to the bedside, and she realizes Ethan didnt move at all, his hand just slipped. She begs Ethan to fight, to come back. She swears she will give him up if he comes back to her.


December 14, 2005

Sheridan talks to Gwen on the phone. She tries to encourage Gwen that everything will be okay and theyll find her. Later, a Christmas Elf calls for James. Sheridan forgot she made an appointment for James to have his photo taken at the Christmas fair with Santa. Chris says he can take James if she wants to wait for Gwen to call, but Sheridan wants to go and says Gwen can call her on the cell phone with news.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha is telling Endora how lovely she is, the loveliest witch ever. She says it is getting very cold, and they should go get her new winter coat. Endora asks if she has money? Tabitha says they arent going to buy her coat, they will create her wardrobe after they see what the children are wearing these days. The cauldron bubbles, and she says this is supposed to be her day off. Tabitha looks into the bowel and says Endora cant see this, she cant witness such things! A Christmas fair is going on in town.

Tabitha and Endora head out to the park, and Endora loves the decoration. She sees the town tree and says Mine! Tabitha says dont tell her that she wants a Christmas tree! She thinks today cant get any worse. The camera pans over to a sign that is advertising Santa Clause. Tabitha tries to discourage Endora from liking Christmas. Sheridan, Chris and James show up, and they ask if they are doing Christmas shopping. Tabitha says actually they are shopping for a new coat. Sheridan asks Endora if she's been a good little girl this year? Tabitha says yes Endora has been a good girl, and Sheridan says of course she has as she doesnt want coal in her stockings. Endora says they get stockings? James says for Santa, and he's here to see Santa. Endora asks where Santa is, so he points Santa out to her. Endora then flies through the air, over all the other children and lands in Santas lap! Tabitha is stunned and rushes to get Endora from Santa. Endora then casts a spell and gives James a Christmas hat. Sheridan and Crhis wonder where he got it from. Tabitha tells them to keep it. Later Tabitha scolds Endora for her magical gymnastics and says they could be found out and burned alive.

Later the town is holding a drawing for some ice skates. A family is overheard talking by Endora and Tabitha about how they wish they could have skates for Christmas, but their dad was laid off by Alistair so there will be no Christmas for them this year. Endora uses her magic to make sure the kids from the family all win skates. The guy doing the raffle wonders how this happened as they were only to give one pair of skates away, not three. Tabitha thinks she knows how this happened.

James goes to see Santa, and Santa asks what he wants for Christmas. He looks at Sheridan and says mommy. Sheridan says this is the nicest present she could have gotten. They end up having their family photo taken with Santa. Tabitha watches Sheridan with Chris and James, and she decides to show how real witches celebrate this holiday, they blow it up!

Down on the pier, Spike has Jessica working again. She says she is freezing, she cant be out here. He says they cant afford for her not to work. She says but she doesnt feel well and it is almost Christmas. She once again says she never should have left home. He tells her there is nothing there for her and not to worry about it. She says but it is Christmas time. Spike says exactly, she needs to earn money for a Christmas present. Suddenly Simone shows up. Spike says great, its a P-town reunion with the Lesbo Avenger. Simone tells Jessica that she looks terrible. Spike tells Simone to just get lost. Simone begs Jessica to come with her, they can get hot chocolate and talk. Jessica asks if her dad put her up to this. Simone says no, and she wont force her to go home. Jessica agrees to go with Simone, but Spike refuses to let her leave. He grabs Jessica, and Jessica says he is hurting her. Simone pepper sprays Spike, and she and Jessica run off together. Spike is on the ground in pain screaming that he will kill them! 

Jessica and Simone go to the park. They get hot chocolate and talk. Simone says shes sorry she didnt tell her that she was a lesbian, but she has to know shes not after her that way. She says she loves her, everyone in her life loves her and they are worried about her. Simone says shes not giving up on Jessica, she wants to help her get her life back on track. She says she might not be the best person to make her come to her senses, but someone has to. She begs Jessica to go home. Jessica says shes going to be fine on her own. Simone says well she tried, and shell go if she wants. Jessica says no, stay and talk with her. Jessica says she doesnt hate her for being gay, she was just shocked. She says she wants them to be friends, and they hug. Jessica says her dad was really angry that one day, are things any better between them? Simone says no and they may never be. Simone asks how things with Jessica are going. Jessica says if she means if anymore johns have ended up dead, well no. She doesnt know how that even happened. Simone says it may have something to do with the drugs. Some girls who knew Jessica and Simone show up. One girl asks Jessica how she's been, but the others tell her not to talk to JEssica as she's a whore! They call Jessica a hooker and Simone a lesbian. Simone tells them to scat before they catch her lesbo cooties. They all run off. Jessica cries that everyone knows about her. Simone says it was in the paper when she was arrested. She tells her not to worry about anyone's opinion of her but her own. Jessica says the only problem is she wants to run away from herself just like they did. Later the girls continue to taunt them. They cant believe they were friends with Jessica and Simone, and they say who can fault them for turning out the way they did given their parents. The girls begin talking trash about both Simone and Jessica's families, and they say they are just like their trashy mothers. Simone tells one of the girls that everyone knows her mom is a slut, but did she know her mom is doing the tennis pro and the cart driver at the club. Jessica then says another girls mom threw herself at some bartender at the club and everyone knows that, her boyfriend caught her doing it and was furious. They are about to trash talk a third girl's mother when the girls end up running off. Jessica and Simone laugh. 

Spike shows up at the Christmas fair, and the girls who taunted Jessica and Simone tell him they dont need him anymore, they have an honest dealer now. He says hes not selling, hes buying. He bribes the girls to do him a favor. The girls take off, and Spike looks at Jessica and Simone and says Santa has a nice present coming to them. 

At the cabin, it is a new day. Theresa is still encouraging Ethan to get better. It snowed over night, and Theresa says it is so beautiful. She begins reminiscing about the time they were here during the snowstorm and they shared a kiss.  Meanwhile, Fancy and Noah are making love by the fire. Noah says he loves her and hes sorry hes been an idiot. She tells him not to spoil it, just make love to her. An ember from the fire shoots out and catches the blanket on fire! Suddenly the fire rages, but it turns out to be a dream of Fancys. Noah wakes her up, and she hugs him and says thank God he is okay! He says hes fine. She explains her dream, but then realizes she was dreaming. She then tells Noah, who is holding her, to get off of her. She continues to lash out at Noah for what he did, which she says was cruel and sick. Noah says he was trying to save Ethan, but Fancy says his own living will said he wanted to be let go. She cant believe he did this to Gwen and Ethan, and she cant believe he broke his word to her. She says he has lied and lied to her, he kept her on the phone while he was driving that ambulance around forever, and then he slashed her tires so she couldn't leave. Noah says it wasnt him, so Fancy says it must have been Theresa as slashing and stabbing are right up her alley. She decides to call the cops. She says the phone is still out, and her cell phone charger was unplugged. She lashes out at him for that, but Noah says it wasnt him, but she doesnt believe him. Theresa says she unplugged t. Fancy says well it is daylight now, she can change her tire and leave and get her morning latt. She also cant believe they didnt think to even bring coffee with them, what kind of kidnappers are they? Fancy says she is leaving and nothing will stop her. Fancy gets ready to go, and she stops at the door to look at Noah. Theresa tells Noah to stop her, but Fancy says just try it. Fancy leaves, and Theresa says they have to stop her. Noah says its not like she knows how to change a tire, but if she is determined then shell get off this mountain somehow. Theresa decides to stop her, and she runs out after Fancy. Noah follows her, and Fancy fumes. Her spare tire is gone too, and she thinks one of them did it. They return to the cabin, and Noah begins to think this is creepy and what if someone else is out there. Fancy says oh yeah, there are aliens out there waiting to get them. She says maybe the aliens ate people coming to rescue them too. She says shes not sticking around to find out, shes leaving for help. She says shes going to go say goodbye to Ethan and then shes leaving. Suddenly the police show up. Theresa panics, and Noah says it is time to face the music, and his dad will be angry that hes been arrested three times in one year. Theresa says shell be the one who is arrested. Noah comes up with a plan, he tells Theresa to hide in the closet, so she does. He answers the door, the cops want ID as this is the Crane Cabin. Noah says he is a friend of the family, and he asks if someone reported him for being here? They say no, they are looking for a suspect, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and the man she kidnapped. They say she was driving an ambulance. Noah says he heard about that and if he had scene an ambulance around here then he would know, but he hasnt. The cops say very well and they go to leave when Theresa knocks over something in the closet. The cops ask what that noise was? Noah says a rat or a squirrel maybe. The cops say well okay, and they go to leave. They then see that there are two cars here. The cops ask whose care the others is, they thought he said he was alone. Noah says it was here when he got here. They pull guns on Noah and tell him to freeze. Back inside, Fancy sits with Ethan and cries. She says she is sorry they havent been closer these past few years. She remembers how close they used to be, and how he was always the best of the Cranes. She thinks he deserves better than this, he should be with his wife and family. She says she will make sure he dies with dignity. She kisses him and says shell miss him so much.


December 15, 2005
In the park, Simone and Jessica are laughing and enjoying themselves. Jessica thanks Simone for coming along and getting her away from Spike, she could have ended up with another dead john in a hotel room. Simone says what are friends with pepper spray for. Meanwhile, Spike sends some gang girls on a mission to make Simones life hell. They approach Jessica and ask if they have a light, but Jessica and Simone say they dont smoke. Jessica says it's bad for your health (ha coming from Jessica). They say too bad. The girls go to leave, and one drops her bag. Simone goes to give it back to her, and the girl claims Simone felt her up. Simone says she didnt, but the girl says she knows when shes been felt up. TC shows up and asks what happened. The girl says this sick lesbo felt her up. Simone swears she didnt, but TC doesnt believe her and asks what is wrong with her? Spike watches and finds this hilarious. TC tells Simone it is revolting enough that shes a lesbian, but to molest a strange girl? Simone says she didnt grope her, and straight or gay shes not into trash. As they call one another trash and sleaze, Eve and Julian show up and ask what is going on here. Eve learns what is going on, and Eve believes Simone is innocent. TC says he isnt surprised that his ex whore of a wife would believe his deviant daughter. Meanwhile, Spike thinks Simone is so concerned with her problems that she wont be able to watch Jessica. He decides this is his chance to get his money maker back. The fight between the Russells continues. Eve wonders why TC would take some strange girls world over Simones? TC says because Simone is sick and depraved. Liz shows up and says with Eve as a mother shes not surprised. Julian asks Liz what she's doing here. She says she was just passing by. TC goes on a tangent about how he thought he had the best family in the world, but his wife turned out to be a slut, one daughter had a baby by her brother and is now in a convent, and his other daughter has become a sexual deviant praying on other women. Julian tells TC that being gay isnt just about sex, its about finding love like everyone wants to do. Eve says Julian is right. TC says Julian is a Crane, and he doesnt want to here him defending Simones lesbian ways. Meanwhile, Simone continues to argue with the girls. She says she wouldnt try and hit on them as shes not into trash. Eve tells Simone not to stoop to their level. The girls say what level bitch? Simone tells them not to talk to her mom like that. One girl pulls a knife out, and TC tells them not to touch her daughter. The girl says shes going to kill them all! The one girl tries to cut TC and hits Julian. He's just nicked in the arm. Jessica screams she's calling the cops, so the gang girls end up running off. Spike grabs Jessica, and she begs him to help Simone. He says not his problem, Simone will live to be a lesbian another day. She says those girls committed a hate crime, they have to turn them in, but Spike doesnt care. He wants them to go, but Jessica says no. Spike wants her to come with him and go back to work, but she says no way! He tells her that she keeps doing the same thing over and over, going between her family and him. She says she loves him but she doesnt want to turn tricks anymore. He says forget about that then and he hates seeing her upset. He hands her drugs and tells her that it will help her feel better. She wont and says she wants to help Simone, Simone is her friend. Spike says Simone is bad news, and Jessica could have gotten cut. He says he followed her to make sure she wasnt hurt. He says he wants to protect her, so take the drugs and go home with him. Stupid Jessica pops the pill and goes with Spike. 

Meanwhile, Simone thanks her father for protecting her, but he says not to talk to him. He says they all make him sick, his whole family does. He says Simone is a lesbian and her mother is a slut. Simone tells him not to call mom names. He says she is a slut and Simone is gay. Julian says that is enough, hes a grown man acting like a schoolyard bully. Eve says he should be ashamed of himself, as ashamed as they are of him. TC says Simone is an abomination, and this lifestyle is wrong. Eve tells TC that being gay isnt a disease, and his hatred for homosexuality is no different than the hatred blacks went through, segregation and inequality. She says it is wrong for him to judge her like he has been judged in the past. Julian wonders how TC became an educator when he preaches hate. TC doesnt want a lecture from Julian. Julian says Simone is a wonderful young woman and anyone would be proud to have her as a daughter. TC says well Julian has the morals of a junkyard dog, and Eve the morals of an alley cat. He says that is why they are perfect together. TC says both Simone and Eve make him sick! He storms off. Liz then tells Julian that the site of him getting cut by a gang member while protecting Simones lesbian virtue was the best Christmas present she could ask for. She says Merry Christmas and walks off. 

Sheridan, Chris and James decide to go ice skating at the park. Tabitha tells Endora to wait to see what she has planned, it will be a slam dunk. Endora says that is what she thinks. Suddenly Kay shows up in tears. She says her life is over and it is Tabithas fault. Kay says the spell she cast has worked, she and Fox are over. Tabitha tells Kay she told her to cast the spell. Kay says since when does she listen to her? Tabitha says she threaten to out her as a witch. Kay says she was bluffing, and what kind of witch lets mortals call the shots. Tabitha says shes about to cast a spell on her right now. Kay says shes sorry, and shes lost Fox to Valerie. She explain how the vision was fake and she made a fool of herself. Tabitha says she told her so. Kay thinks Fox will never forgive her for this and she doesnt blame him. Tabitha tells Kay she knew the cost of this spell, and unless she has some cheese to go with her whine, put a cork in it. Kay asks if there is anyway to undo the spell, but Tabitha says no. Tabitha tells Kay to move on with her life, but Kay says she loves him and so does Maria. Kay then asks where Maria is? Tabitha says with her conjured up sitter. She says Maria is in the hands of a child expert, the late Dr. Spock. Tabitha then tells Kay to leave her, she has to work her magic on Sheridan. Kay asks what she is up to? Tabitha says Sheridan has been wary of to getting involved with Chris, and that will change once Sheridan takes a plunge. Kay asks what she's going to do?

Meanwhile, Chris helps Sheridan with her skates. She thanks him and she never could get them tight enough, and he did it just like Luis did. She says shes sorry, but he says its okay. As they skate, Tabitha zaps the ice. The ice breaks and Sheridan falls in! She screams for help, and Chris rushes to rescue her as James says Mommy! Tabitha tells James that his mommy is already dead. Kay tells her Tabitha! Chris makes his way out to the ice, and Tabitha zaps it so it stops cracking. James manages to pull Sheridan to safety. She says he saved her life! Tabitha thinks that should do it, she just set a love spell in motion. Kay is a bit shocked that Tabitha cast a love spell. She says she thought the dark side couldnt conjure love. Tabitha says they cant, she just gave them a boost. Kay says but she hates love, why would she want Sheridan and Chris together. Tabitha says elementary, and Endora says shes confused. Sheridan thanks Chris for saving her life. Tabitha goes over and says she gave them all a scare, and Sheridan is lucky to have Chris in her life to save her. Sheridan says she is. They leave, and Kay continues to ask Tabitha how this is making her happy? Tabitha asks Kay if shes in love with Fox? She says yes. Tabitha asks if shes happy. Kay says not at the moment. Tabitha says because love leads to pain, and the same fate will happen to Sheridan and Chris. She says they will regret falling in love. 

At the cabin, Fancy sits with Ethan. She knows he didnt want to end up like this, trapped in his body with death waiting. She says it is just too sad for words, and shell get help for him even if she has to hike to the nearest town. She says shell get Gwen to send an ambulance for him and police to arrest Noah. She begins reminiscing about childhood memories with him. She remembers one Christmas when they got a trampoline, and he tried to teach her how to jump. She says she didnt listen and jumped way to high. She says he was there to catch her and save her when she jumped off of it. She says he saved her life and she wishes she could save his now, but she cant. She says all she can do is help him die in peace and with dignity the way he wanted, not here with that damn Theresa.  Meanwhile, the cops see a second car outside the cabin. Noah says it was here, and they pull a gun out and tell him to put his hands in the air. They dont believe Noah is here alone. Back inside, Theresa falls in the closet again, and they wonder what that noise was. The cops walk in with Noah demand to know what is in the bedrooms and the closets. He says nothing, just bedrooms. He also says there is probably a rat or squirrel in the closet. They decide to check them out. Theresa hears this and panics. Suddenly Fancy shows up. She tells the cops that Noah lied to them about being here alone, and shes here to set the record straight. Theresa and Noah both think they are done for. Fancy says she is Fancy Crane and this is her family's cabin. The cops ask Noah why he lied and said he was alone. Noah tells Fancy it is okay and to tell them the truth. Fancy tells the cops she would like to offer them some coffee or hot chocolate. The cops wonder why she shut the bedroom door, is something going on in there. Fancy says nothing, it is a mess and she and her boyfriend were messing it up if they get her drift. Fancy covers for NOah and Theresa. They demand to see some ID to prove she is a Crane. She thinks they must be cut off from the world, everyone knows who she is. They don't, and she says at least say PLEASE. They think she sure sounds like a Crane. She gives them ID, and they believe her. They ask her what the whooshing noise in the room was? She says her white noise machine. Fancy says not that she gets much noise with Noah here. She asks why they are doubting her, they dont want her to call her grandfather do they? They are hoping on getting pensions one day arent they? They say they believe her and there is no need to call her grandfather. One of the cops is suspicious, they get a call about people being here. He asks why they werent told she was coming? Fancy says she didn't tell anyone she was coming. Fancy says she doesnt want her grandfather to know they are here as he doesnt approve of her seeing Noah. The cops say they understand, and they dont have to tell her Grandfather that Noah is here. However they have to tell him that she is. Fancy tries to bribe them with a donation to their department. They don't take kindly to that. Noah asks them to cut them some slack, they just want to be alone. One of the cops doesnt think they are alone. Fancy assures them that they are alone, and if they search this place then she will call her grandfather and have them arrested. They wonder why they object to them searching. Fancy says if there is a disgusting creature in the closet then perhaps it will stay there and suffocate, and her bedroom is private. Noah says and messy. Noah then asks Fancy what is she doing, why is she protecting Ethan and Theresa? Fancy realizes Theresa is in the closet, and she says they arent making this easy for her. She says she has to think. Noah says think quick, if those cops find Theresa or Ethan then they are done for. The cops talk, one wants to go but the other isnt buying the story. He thinks they are hiding something. Meanwhile, Theresa and Noah continue to wonder why Fancy is helping them.


December 16, 2005

Chris brings Sheridan and James back to the B&B. He tells Sheridan to get out of her wet clothes and hell run her a hot bath. Sheridan is so cold she cant undress herself, so Chris has to help. He says he can close his eyes, but she doesnt care. He takes off her blouse as she shivers. Chris then begins rubbing her down to warm her up, and he wraps a blanket around her. They look into one anothers eyes and are about to kiss when James asks if she is okay? Sheridan says she is starting to be. Chris says her bath is ready so go soak in it. He says hell get James something to eat downstairs. He says he'll check on her later. She says shell be waiting. After he leaves, Sheridan thinks shes waited long enough. After her bath, Sheridan and Chris snuggle in bed under an electric blanket. Chris tries to help her get warm. She tells him that is much better. Sheridan says tonight has been unbelievable, it has actually turned out to be pretty wonderful. She says for the first time in a long time, she feels alive again. She says she finally feels optimistic, and shes hoping to share her life with someone special and close to her. Sheridan and Chris kiss.

At the mental hospital, the patients have gathered for the holiday pageant. Norma shows up dressed up as something out of Baby Jane. Enda asks if she is going to kill Tabitha like that? Norma says no, blood splatters so shell wear work clothes. Edna says they have to skip out of here while the pageant is going on. Norma says she wants to sing her song for daddy though. Edna asks if shed rather see Tabitha more? Norma has many flashbacks of terrorizing Tabitha. Norma says yes she wants to see Tabitha, she wants to see her die! As they are about to leave, the announcer calls Norma to the stage to perform her show stopping number Ive written a letter to daddy based on the movie Whatever happened to Baby Jane. Norma says she has to perform this as her dad loves the number. Edna asks if her dad is here as she's been known to date older men. Norma says hes been here all along. She pulls out her fathers skull.  Edna screams, and Norma wonders why she is screaming. An orderly asks why shes screaming, and then he sees she met Normas father. Enda cant believe they know about this, but he says everyone knows about her father. Norma takes the stage and begins singing her song. Norma finishes her song and then Edna says they need to get to Tabithas, it is getting late. Normas daddy tells her to kill her, give her the axe. Norma agrees and says they should go. As they are sneaking out, a man catches them and asks where they are going. 

Tabitha and Kay return home, Maria is asleep and Dr. Spock left a house call bill. Kay still doesnt know why Tabitha cant help her and Fox fall in love. Tabitha says the dark side cant conjure love, that is why all her spells on Miguel failed. Kay asks what if she and Endora join forced to cast a spell. Tabitha says and risk another earthquake or Tsunami? Tabitha tells Kay that she needs to accept that she and Fox are over and move on. Kay refuses and demands Tabitha help her get him back. She begs Tabitha to help her make things right. Tabitha thinks her request is more for her Fairy Godmother. Kay says she doesnt have one, and Tabitha says that is her fault too she bets. Endora says she thought it was, and Tabitha remembers it was. Kay says she had a Fairy Godmother? Tabitha says Kays Fairy Godmother was trying to get Timmy and so she made sure that the bug zapper got her. Kay cant believe Tabitha killed her Fairy Godmother, and she says Tabitha owes her. She says help her or the town will get into the season by burning her as a Yule Log. Tabitha says there is nothing she can do, the spell has been cast and can't be reversed. Kay asks then turn back time. Tabitha says if she could do that, shed invest in Microsoft. Kay says she likes Tabitha, shes been good to her and Maria. Tabitha says she has. Kay says if she doesnt get back with Fox though then she and Maria will live here forever, and Maria will marry and her husband and kids will live here. Tabitha says maybe she can soften the success spell to give her a chance. Kay says good, shes going over to check on Fox and when she returns, the spell better be cast. Tabitha tells Endora that Kay needs to accept that she and Fox are over. Tabitha reads a book of good spells and tries to cast a good spell to help Kay. Tabitha cant believe she is being threatened by Kay, Edna and Norma all at once. Tabitha casts her spell, and hearts fly out of her cauldron. She thinks the spell could work, but if the boys find out theyll blow her away. They do find out and spit fire at her. 

At the Bennetts, Ivy and Sam are kissing and talking about how good it was. Ivy tells Sam she loves him and cant wait to be his wife. Sam wishes they could marry now, but their children are having difficult times. Ivy wishes all their children could be happy. He says Fancy and Noah are doing well, and Fox and Kay seem to be happy. Fox walks in and says they arent, Kay never wants to see him again. Sam cant believe this and asks what happened? He is going to tell him, but Ivy stops him and suggests he go get hot chocolate or something. Sam suggests to Ivy that she talks to Fox and try and help him and Kay out. Sam leaves them to talk. Ivy wonders why Kay dumped Fox and not the other way around. She says she has to make sure she doesnt seem too interested in them breaking up. Fox explains the whole thing to Ivy, who says how lucky he is to have Valerie working with him. He continues his story and how Kay thought he was kissing Valerie, how she blew up and called everything off. Ivy says she knows hes upset about Kay, but shes proud of him and Valerie for saving the project, they work well together. Fox says yeah, but without Kay he has nothing. Ivy realizes she has her work cut out for him. Fox talks about how having money and power wont mean anything without Kay and Maria. Ivy says his life isnt over without them, but Fox says it is. Fox asks his mom to talk to Kay and try and explain to her how important she is to him. Ivy says her getting involved wont help matters. Fox says of course it will, she will be Kays step mom. Fox thinks both Sam and Ivy talk to her. Ivy says it will seem like they are ganging up on her, and for whatever reason Kay doesnt want to see him. Fox says it doesnt make sense. Ivy says maybe something else is bothering her, and maybe he should forget Kay and move on. Meanwhile, Sam looks at a photo of him and the girls. Kay then storms into the house, she is upset. Sam asks her what is wrong. She says everything is wrong. He hugs her as she cries. 

At the cabin, Fancy tells Noah not to act so jumpy as the cops will think they are hiding something. The cops are arguing about what to do. One wants to check it out, the other wants to leave and not upset Fancy Crane. Fancy threatens one of the cops, who is about to look in the closet. The other cop orders his partner to shut the door and that is an order, he wants to keep his job and his pension. The cops then leave. Theresa comes out of the closet. She asks how Ethan is, and Fancy says still the same. Noah asks Fancy why she didnt tell the cops that Ethan was here? Noah asks if she has decided he and Theresa were right? Fancy says it was wrong what they did, but when she was with Ethan she remembered old memories she had forgotten about. She remembered a horrible Christmas memory, she was ten and her parents forgot to send from her. She says she called her grandfather's number for emergencies and had a limo pick her up and bring her home. She says she got to the mansion thinking she would surprise everyone, but nobody was there. We see a young Fancy running through the mansion to find where everyone was. She learned the family had left, she had come home only to be alone. She says there wasnt even a present under the tree for her. She says to have been forgotten was the worst. She says Ethan showed up and he made it the best Christmas she ever had. She says Ethan came with a big bag of Christmas presents for her, and she knew then that she wasnt worthless and unloved. She says Ethan loved her, and it was the best Christmas present ever. She says Ethan saved her life that day, so she will help save his now. She says she has to help Ethan, and she is at peace with her decision not to call the police. Theresa asks if she understands why they rescued Ethan? She says if they hadnt done what they did then hed be dead right now. Theresa says now he has a chance to recover, and she thanks Fancy for protecting them. Fancy slaps Theresa and says she is still the reason Ethan is in a coma and she wont forget that!

Meanwhile, outside the two cops are still talking. The one cop thinks something fishy is going on, and they finds that the cars have slashed tires. The second cop believes something is going on, and the first wants to find out what they are hiding. The second cops says yes something is going on, but they have to go now. He doesn't want to risk angering Fancy and orders the first cop to forget it.

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