December 19, 2005 
At the asylum, a guard catches and asks Norma and Edna where they think they are going? They say nowhere, so he says turn around and watch the rest of the show. Enda cant believe Norma had to sing that stupid song to her dad, that ruined everything. Normas father demands an apology, so Edna gives him one. However, Edna thinks theyll never get out of here. Norma says they will, she deserves a present that money cant buy this season. The guard sees them to their seats, he knows Norma escapes every year and he has to watch her per his orders. Norma claims they wouldnt dream of leaving during the show, and Enda just wanted to go get on her costume for the show. The guard asks what her act is, and Edna says she doesnt want to spoil the surprise as it is a show stopper. He tells her she can get into her costume, but not to try and leave this room. Edna thinks their opportunity to escape has been lost, but Norma says she has a plan. She tells Edna to do an act so she can steal the guard's keys. Edna doesnt know what to do. Norma tells her to do something, something to distract everyone. Norma tells her not to make her axe her again. Later, Edna comes out dressed in a Christmas tree skirt and with a feather boa. She calls herself cinnamon bun and does a strip tease for everyone. Norma says she said distract the guy, not disgust him. Normas father says she does have a certain something about her. Norma realizes it is now or never, and she tries to get the keys from the guard. The crowd begins to revolt and boo as Edna takes off her clothes. She swings her walker around, gets caught up in the curtains, and the show comes to an abrupt end. Shes got everyone upset as she wrecked the stage and the show, and Edna yells to Norma to help her. The crowd is coming for Edna. Norma throws daddy to Enda, who holds him up and says get back! Norma gets the keys from the guard and  opens the doors. Norma and all the other inmates flee! Norma and Edna make it outside the asylum and Edna thanks the angels. Normas dad then tells Norma not to let that smelly old woman touch him again. He then tells Norma she knows what she has to do. Norma pulls out a knife and says Kill Tabitha! Edna asks if they can just head to Vegas instead? Norma points the knife at her, and Enda says she didnt think so. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha realizes she is in big trouble for casting the love spell on Fox and Kay. The boys in the basement are spitting fire out the air ducts. She damns Kay for talking her into this, and if this spell overturns her first spell then the boys below will rain down havoc on them. Tabitha tries to cast a reversal spell, but it fizzles. Endora is giggling, and Tabitha says she doesnt need this added stress right now. She says Christmas is around the corner and she knows what that means. Endora says Santa! Tabitha says no it means Norma, and this year shes teamed up with loony tunes Edna. Tabitha says she must stop this spell, and she tries to tell Endora how they must stop this spell or shell be in deep trouble. Later, all the hearts that were flying out of the cauldron get sucked back in. Tabitha thinks maybe her spell worked afterall. Endora is disappointed, but Tabitha says this is best for now. She says she guesses they wont know if it worked or not until Kay and Fox come face to face. Tabitha says she knows Endora is upset, and Kay will be too. However, she says she will tell her she did the best she can. Endora zaps the cauldron, and the hearts fly out of it again. Tabitha tells her that she must not keep doing that, and she searches for a counter spell. Tabitha ends up falling on purpose ala the Three Stooges, and that makes Endora giggle and stop worrying about the spell. Endora wants her mom to do it again, but Tabitha says no the fun is over. Endora then makes her mom rewind and fall over and over. Tabitha yells at her to stop, but Endora is having too much fun.

At the Bennetts, Ivy tries to convince Fox that perhaps things with Kay are over. Fox wont accept that and says there has to be a way he can fix it. To herself, Ivy says not if she can help it, she wont lose another son to a maniacal woman. Fox continues to wonder why Kay would want to dump him. Ivy says maybe the phone call was an excuse to dump him. Fox asks what shes saying, that shes making excuses to break up with him? Ivy says Kay is very vulnerable, and she hasnt had much success in the love department. Ivy says Miguel ran off with Charity after getting Kay pregnant, and even Kay's mom left her family for someone who was practically a stranger. Ivy says shes no shrink, but when people you love betray you the way they have Kay, that leaves scars. Ivy says maybe Kay just cant commit to him. Fox refuses to believe that, they have discussed the future and he says Kay makes him happy. Ivy says she knows, and that is why she wanted it to work out. However, she says Kays emotional issues could take years to resolve. Fox says then fine, hell go through them with her. Ivy says he thinks he wants to, but he has so much on his plate right now. She says it wont get easier if he really wants to run Crane Industries. She asks if he has the time and energy to devote to Crane, to Kay and to Kays emotional problems? Fox says he doesnt see why not, and he thinks shes blowing Kays problems out of proportion. He says Kay is strong and level headed, and what she is going through is temporary. Ivy says she hopes hes right. Fox asks his mom if shes trying to get him to break up with Kay. Ivy says all she wants is for him to be happy. She says if Kay is the girl he chooses then shell be happy. Fox says well shes the girl he chooses. Ivy says it wasnt long ago he chose Whitney. Fox says things change. He says he had strong feelings for Whitney, but it is different for Kay. Ivy asks how he doesnt know it could be different with someone else, perhaps better? She thinks he should use this time to find out. Ivy suggests he come to the country club dance for Christmas and meet some new sophisticated and educated girls. Ivy asks what he says? He says no, he loves Kay and wont give up on her.

Meanwhile, Kay cries to her dad about her problems with Fox. Kay says she loves Fox so much and she cant lose him. Sam asks what happened, so she explains the whole story to him about taking the phone off the hook so Valerie couldnt get a hold of Fox. She says then a business crisis came up, and Valerie came to the house to get him, and he left with her. Sam asks if she thinks hes falling for Valerie? Kay says no, but she thought they were kissing and she made a huge fool of herself. Sam asks why she thought they were kissing. Kay says it was more like she imagined it, and shes blown it with Fox. Sam asks what Fox said. She said he was mad at first, but hes not now. Sam says so there is hope. She says no,  she cant keep screwing up his life like this. She says she loves him so much, but all she does is cause him problems. She says that is why she has to break up with him. Sam tells her to listen, Fox doesnt care about Valerie, he cares about her. He says Fox is in the kitchen pouring his heart out to his mother, so he thinks she should go in there and work things out. Sam urges her to go tell him how she feels, she thinks Fox will forgive her. Sam thinks Fox will forgive her, and if they both want the same thing then what is to stop them? To herself, Kay thinks magic, unless Tabitha can come up with a counter spell.

Kay walks into the kitchen to see Fox. They look at one another and smile. Kay thinks Fox does love her, therefore Tabithas new spell must be working. Kay says hes so sorry, and Fox says so is he. They agree to talk things over. Suddenly the office calls and Fox takes it. Kay thinks Tabitha must not have gotten rid of the old spell, his career still comes first. She says it is over. Kay storms off, and Fox gets done with his call and asks where Kay is? Ivy says she left. Fox thought she wanted to talk things over, but he guesses he was wrong. Fox leaves to get a drink. Ivy tells Sam its too bad, but Sam wont give up on them. He wants to get them back together for Christmas. He asks Ivy to help, and she says of course shell help. Sam is positive theyll find a way to get them back together. To herself, Ivy says over her dead body.

Up at the cabin, outside the police are still arguing over what to do about finding two cars with slashed tires and a tracks from a heavy vehicle. One cops doesnt care out of fear of angering the Cranes, the other wants to investigate. The one cop calls the Crane mansion to let them know what is going on up here. The cop is told none of the Cranes are home, but Gwen is there. They recall she is the wife of the guy who was kidnapped. They speak with Gwen and ask her if she knows what is going on at the Crane Cabin?

Inside the cabin, Noah tells Fancy not to hit Theresa, but she thinks someone should beat the hell out of Theresa. Theresa thought Fancy was helping them, but Fancy says shes only giving Ethan a chance to live. Noah says that is all he and Theresa want too. Fancy says but it is still all Theresas fault. She tells Fancy that shell never forgive Theresa for what she did to Ethan. She calls her a stupid bitch and smacks her again! Noah says that is enough, but Fancy says maybe is someone smacked the hell out of Theresa before then she wouldn't be the way she is. Theresa says she feels horrible what happened to Ethan, but it was an accident. Fancy says yeah, she was trying to kill her grandfather. Theresa says she was out of her mind when she did that, and Fancy agrees. Fancy thinks Theresa is a walking nightmare, and she accuses her of playing God with peoples lives. Fancy says she decided to kill one man and now shes trying to save another. Fancy asks Theresa just who in the hell she thinks she is? Noah then notices the cops are still out there, so Theresa goes to spend time with Ethan in case they return. Fancy and Noah continue to argue about Theresa. Noah tells Fancy that she claims she doesnt believe in Theresas talk about destiny and fate, but she just helped keep Ethan and Theresa together as Theresa claims they are destined to be. Fancy says there is no fate or destiny and the only thing in Theresas future is a mug shot. Noah say for whatever reason she did what she did, he is glad. Fancy says Ethan is her brother, she loves him too much to give up on him. Noah says he feels that way about her, he thinks their relationship deserves a chance. Fancy refuses to forgive him for lying and kidnapping Ethan as it was a crazy thing to do. Noah says he did it because Ethan deserves another chance, so doesnt he? Fancy says just because she thinks Ethan deserves a second chance, that doesnt mean she does. Fancy says he lied to her, he didnt trust her enough to tell her what he was doing. Noah says he does trust her, and he tried to call her. However, he says Theresa thought she would have reacted how she did and called the police. Fancy says if he loved and trusted her then he should have told her and known she wouldnt have called the police. She says he lied to her, she cant be in a relationship without trust. She says they are through. 

Meanwhile, Theresa sits with Ethan and tells him how Fancy just saved them. She doesnt know why Fancy did this, but she doesnt care. She says she loves him and will always love him. She says God wont take him from her, she knows he wont. She continues to beg Ethan to fight. 


December 20, 2005

At the cabin, the one cop calls up Gwen to talk about what is going on at the cabin. He says that Fancy is here and is with Noah Bennett. He says that Fancy asked them to leave, but he thinks something is going on as there are tire tracks . . . . Gwen says she doesn't have time for this. She says her husband has been kidnapped and if Fancy asked them to go then go. She hangs up, and the cops think that settles that. 

At the mansion, Gwen is with Rebecca. Rebecca is enjoying the new cook a little too much. Gwen tells her mother that they need to focus on finding Ethan. Two cops show up and they have the ambulance salesman with them. They think he can help, perhaps give them a lead. The man says the woman, Theresa, had a man friend helping her. He says he had a biblical like name. Rebecca begins naming off names off hunks she knows, Moses, Solomon . . . . Gwen asks Noah? The man says that is it. Gwen then realizes that Noah is at the cabin, and those cops just called about something fishy going on up there. Gwen says Theresa has Ethan at the cabin!

Back at the cabin, Noah realizes the cops have finally left. Suddenly the power goes out, and Theresa panics. She rushes into Ethan's room and begins breathing for him. Fancy can't believe Theresa. She says she really loves Ethan that much, and it is insane what she'll do for him. Noah says that is the power of true love, and he thinks that is why they deserve a chance too. Noah and Fancy rush out and get the generator started and Theresa hooks Ethan back up to his respirator. She sits with him and continues to wish him to come back. She once again prays to God and offers to give Ethan up if God will bring him back. Meanwhile, Noah continues to plead with Fancy for another chance. She however can't give him one as she can't trust him. Suddenly they hear sirens and realize they are busted. Gwen is in a cop car speeding towards the cabin!

Outside of Harmony, Edna and Norma are marching through the snow when they come upon a sleigh. They decide to steal it. In the slay are some elf costumes, and Norma makes Edna put one on. Suddenly Santa shows up and yells at them that they can't steal his sleigh. Norma realizes this Santa is an imposter. He tells her that she's nuts, there is no such thing as Santa. This sends Norma off. She says there is a Santa! She attacks the guy and steals his clothes, leaving her Betty Davis costume on him. He says he's calling the cops. Edna says they can't let him do that, so Edna attacks him and knocks him out. As they are about to leave, Santa's elves show up and say they won't get away with attacking Santa. They charge after Edna and Norma.

At Tabitha's, Kay gets a call from her dad about coming over to trim the tree. She tells Tabitha where she's going. This upsets the boys in the basement. Kay suddenly realizes they can't stand Christmas cheer, and perhaps that can break the spell! After she leaves, Tabitha turns on the TV and sees a news report that Norma has escaped. Tabitha can't believe this and tells Endora that they have to leave town. She thinks they should go to Paris, so Endora magically packs a bag for them.

At the Bennett's, Sam gets an idea to help the kids back together, decorating for Christmas. He calls Kay up and asks her to come over and help. He then asks Ivy to talk to her, he's taking Fox tree shopping and will talk to him. They leave, and Kay shows up. She asks Ivy what is going on. Ivy says her dad and Fox went tree shopping, and they need to talk. Kay tells Ivy if she's going to talk to her about giving up on Fox then forget it. Ivy says no, she wants to see her dead! Ivy then strangles Kay with the Christmas Tree lights. Of course it's all a fantasy. Ivy talks to Kay about how she wants what is best for Fox. She says Kay was in love with Miguel for a long time, what if he came back and decided he wanted to be with her? Can Kay honestly say that she wouldn't be tempted? Kay says that is a non issue, and she has moved on and loves Fox.

At the tree lot, Fox and Sam are shopping. Sam finds a good tree, but Fox says it has a big bare spot. Sam says this isn't for the Crane mansion, and that side will face the wall. Sam also has a talk with Fox about what is going on with Kay. HE tells Fox that perhaps Kay is freaking out because he works so much. Fox says he knows, and he doesn't know where this drive to work came from. HE says he didn't think he had it in him, all he ever cared about was partying. Sam knows, he broke up some of those parties. Sam says Kay has a right to worry about ending up with a workaholic. Fox says he guesses.

Back at the Bennett's, Fox and Sam return with the tree. Kay and Fox see one another and decide to talk. Sam tells Ivy that he did all he could, and hopefully they have helped them get back together.


December 21, 2005

Norma and Edna steal Santa's sleigh and begin making their way to Harmony as they sing carols about killing Tabitha.

Sheridan, Chris and James are out for a walk. They are headed to the tree lighting, and Sheridan wants to invite Tabitha, the kids, Ivy and Sam and well, everyone. 

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora continue to pack to get out of town and away from Norma. Tabitha realizes she can't take Endora with her, it will be too risky. Tabitha says Endora will have to stay with Kay. Endora refuses, but Tabitha says this is what they must do. There is a knock at the door, Tabitha is positive that it is Norma. The door opens, and Tabitha yells out to spare Endora and take her instead. In walks Sheridan, Chris and James. They ask what is going on? Tabitha claims that she is just an old lady all alone, she gets carried away sometimes. They had come to ask Tabitha if she and Endora would like to go to the town tree lighting. The boys in the basement spit out fire. Tabitha says she can't, she's babysitting Maria. Sheridan wants MAria, Kay and all the Bennetts to go with them. She says she wants her friends around her this season as she's missing Luis and Marty. Tabitha says she'd have to get Endora all ready. Endora magically gets herself ready, so Tabitha agrees to go.

At the Bennett's, Fox and Kay are decorating the tree together. Sam tells Ivy that having them decorate the tree was a stroke of genius, they are really getting along. Ivy unfortunately agrees. Sam leaves to get some eggnog, and Ivy swoops in between Fox and Kay. She begins instructing them on where to hang things. Kay knows how to do this, her mom taught her well. Ivy says well her mom isn't here, and Kay says they know why. Sam brings out the eggnog, which they say has a kick. Kay never had it with alcohol, her mom made it without booze for the kids. Kay is missing her mom and she wishes she was here as Maria really needs a grandmother. Later, Tabitha, the kids, Sheridan and Chris show up. Sheridan invites them all to go to the tree lighting, and Sam thinks it is a wonderful idea. Kay asks Tabitha that this normally isn't her thing. Tabitha pulls Kay aside and tells her that Norma is on the loose again and she has to protect Endora. Tabitha says she's leaving town and asks Kay to look after Endora while she's gone. Kay accepts, and she tells Endora how they will stay here and wait for Santa to come, and Endora can even put the angel on the tree. Endora likes that. Later, Tabitha says a touching goodbye to Endora. Endora tells her mommy not to go. Tabitha watches as Kay takes Endora to the tree lighting with the rest of the family. She yells at Kay not to forget to read her Harry Potter before bed, she loves Lord Voldermort. 

On the streets, Simone, Paloma and Roberto come up with a plan to save Jessica, who is hooking again. Spike has her on drugs and is pimping her out. Roberto plans to buy her. Roberto approaches Spike and says he needs girl who will do anything at a bachelor party. Spike has the girl for him and offers to call her, but Roberto says he need a girl now as the party is about to start. Jessica doesn't want to, but Spike thinks they can work something out. As Roberto tries to make a deal, Jessica thinks she recognizes him. Spike wonders what is going on, maybe he is one of Sam's cop friends. He pulls a knife on Roberto, which upsets a spying Paloma and Simone. Fortunately Jessica claims she made a mistake, she doesn't know him, he just looks like the guy on those car commercials. She tells Spike she wants to party with this guy so she can buy him a nice present for Christmas. Spike makes the deal and Jessica goes with Roberto. 

At the Cabin, Gwen and the cops arrive with Gwen. Fancy says they have to do something, and Noah says oh now she's in on the plan? Fancy says they've come this far. Noah says it's over, they knew when they kidnapped Ethan that it would end badly. Theresa refuses to give up and rushes into the room with Ethan. Noah and Fancy are arrested, and Theresa has locked herself up in the room with Ethan. The cops threaten to shoot the lock, but Theresa screams they could hit Ethan or his respirator. Gwen tells Theresa to open up, but Theresa refuses to allow Gwen to kill Ethan. Theresa tells Gwen if she tries to take Ethan it will be the last thing she ever does. Meanwhile, Noah begs the cops not to arrest Fancy for her part, she showed up and wasn't part of the kidnapping. Fancy says it's okay, she'll take her punishment. Gwen can't believe the two of them, especially Fancy. They say they just wanted Ethan to have a chance. Gwen says this isn't what she wants, but it is what Ethan wants. Theresa is eventually apprehended, and as she's being arrested she and Gwen yell at one another. Gwen tells her how selfish she is and how she's not thinking about what Ethan wants. Theresa says she's trying to save Ethan from being killed. She yells at Ethan to please wake up as Gwen is going to kill him. Gwen tells the cops to get her out of here.


December 22, 2005
Tabitha is on her way out of town. She realizes she cant run away and leave Endora here alone even if Norma and Edna are after her. Tabitha drops her luggage and turns around to return and get Endora.

An officer pulls Norma and Edna over for driving a sleigh down the highway. He wonders if they are drinking? Norma says never on the job. He asks what job? Edna and Norma claim they are going to Harmony to bring joy to all the little kids. He hadnt heard of this and is radioing this in to check on it. As he radios it in, Norma takes off. The cop chases them, but they manage to ditch the cop.

Norma and Edna arrive in Harmony and break into Tabithas house. Of course shes not home and its all dark. They search the house and decide to help themselves to some of Tabithas booze.

Sam, Ivy, Fox, Kay, Maria, Endora, Sheridan, Chris and James all gather around the town tree. They are all waiting for the tree to light up and talk about how wonderful it will be. Kay tells the kids it is so bright that it is like it is on fire. Sam tells Ivy how he really thinks Kay and Fox will be back together before Christmas. To herself Ivy says not if she has something to say about it. Fox realizes Tabitha isnt here. Kay says she had to run a last minute errand. Meanwhile, Sam tells Ivy how happy she makes him, and Ivy says shell never let him down like Grace did. He says she knows. Sam goes to get them some hot chocolate, and Ivy swoops in to try and cause trouble for Fox and Kay. She asks Fox to go get her some hot chocolate, but Kay says she can go. Ivy insists Fox go, so he does. Kay asks if shes is going to keep doing this all night? Kay says she isnt pushing Fox away if he wants to be with her, and he does. Ivy tries to blackmail Kay with what would happen if Fox found out she knew her mom wasnt married to David after all. Kay says hed breakup with her, but hed never speak to her again either. Ivy says they are at a crossroads it seems. Meanwhile, Martin and Pilar show up. Martin hasn't been to a tree lighting in so long. Pilar just wishes their children could be here for this. Sheridan thanks Martin and Pilar for coming and she asks them to join them. Endora and James talk about the tree lights. The grownups claim theyll look like fire, but they exaggerate. Endora thinks she can make a fire, and she sets the presents under the tree on fire. Tabitha returns and sees what Endora has done. Meanwhile the men put the fire out. They think the power cord did it, and Sam goes to get another cord so they can still light the tree. Later Sam gets a call from Gwen, he finds out about Ethan and that Noah and Fancy helped  Theresa kidnap Ethan. He learns that they are all in jail. Ivy heads to the hospital, Sam heads to jail, and Pilar and Martin head out as well. Later the tree is lit, and Endora and James are bored. Endora decides to brighten things up. She spins the tree, and everyone oohhs and aahhs. They say this is new, the tree has never done that before. Tabitha warns Endora shes getting careless, she cant let people find out they are witches or theyll be burned at the stake. She tells Endora no more magic. Endora wont stop with the magic, she makes the tree spin faster and faster. Everyone wonders what is going on. James eggs Endora to keep it going. Endora then sends the tree shooting into the air! Tabitha says this is a very bad omen! 

Whitney goes to see the Mother Superior. Mother Superior wants to talk to Whitney about her life outside the convent. Mother Superior says Whitney is scheduled to take her final vows after the New Year, but she thinks her reasons for being here are a lie. She thinks Whitney couldnt bare to love her child and that is why she is here. Whitney says no it is because she loves her half brother and cant control her feelings around him. Mother Superior asks if she has prayed for these desires to go away, and Whitney says she has and it hasnt helped. Mother Superior feels Whitney must go back to Harmony and  face her feelings and make sure this is what she wants. She says Whitneys desire to be here must be stronger than her desire to be with her brother. Whitney has to leave and head home for Harmony.

At the studio, Chad is with Miles. Miles is crying and Chad doesnt know what is wrong. He realizes that Miles misses his mom. Chad says so does he. Chad thinks they should go to the tree lighting, his mom always loved it. He says they can go together and start a new tradition. They head out, and Chad says this is a time for miracles, so if they pray then maybe Whitney will come home to them. 

Theresa, Fancy and Noah are sitting in jail. Theresa says she has to get out and get to Ethan. Fancy says that is why she is here in the first place. Theresa says if she hadnt done what she did then Ethan would be dead. They begin to argue over turning off Ethans life support again. Fancy says Gwen is Ethans wife and loves him just as much as she does. Theresa says but Ethan only married Gwen because she was pregnant, she knows that and is killing him so nobody else can have him. Alistair shows up to gloat. Hes not angry with Theresa at all, he thinks it took guts to do what she did. He says what she did was sexy, it excites him and cant wait to get her home. He wants to see that Latino spirit she loves to lavish on Ethan. Theresa says he disgusts her. He says what else is new, and she better get on her knees and thanks him for forgiving her and bailing her out. Shed rather spend her life in jail. He says he could arrange for that, he could divorce her. She says be her guest. Alistair doesnt believe that, she would do anything to avoid the penniless situation of her parents, she wants to give her children what she never had. HE also know she wants to get out of here so bad she can taste it. Theresa says yes, to be with her children and Ethan. He asks what she will do this time to stop Gwen from pulling the plug? He says Ethan has drawn his last breath. Alistair turns to leave, but she tells him to wait. She thinks he didnt come to bail her out, he came to get Fancy and gloat. He says wrong again. Alistair bails Theresa out and she leaves, but Fancy is stopped by a guard. Fancy asks Alistair if he is serious, he cant want to be with Theresa after she tried to kill him. Alistair says he married Theresa because she excites him, and he hopes Little Ethan will be the messiah of this family. Theresa says leave her son out of this, but Alistair says he is the future of their family. Fancy asks if she is free, and Alistair says she is. Fancy asks what about Noah? Will he let him out? Alistair says no. 

Fancy and Alistair return home to the mansion. Fancy is begging Alistair to bail Noah out, but he wont. Fancy then talks about another thing she needs from him, she was shopping downtown and the salesmen told her that her credit card was over her limit and was declined. She says the salesmen was so rude to her. Fancy asks him to call and yell at that salesmen. He says he never could say no, and he makes the call. Hes unaware that Fancy is taping this. He calls up the store and says this is Alistair Crane, give my granddaughter what she wants or they are fired. Fancy thanks her Grampy as she holds the tape recorder behind her back. 

Sam shows up at jail and yells at Noah for what he did. Noah says he agreed with Theresa, he felt Ethan deserved another shot at life. HE thinks he dad has to understand that. Sam says all he wants for all his family to be happy, especially for Christmas.

Ethan is back in the hospital and Gwen is with him. She ask Eve how hes doing? Eve says without seeing the test results, shed say he is the same as he always was. Eve says it is amazing that Theresa was able to keep him alive. Eve asks Gwen about turning off Ethans life support and if that is what she wants to do. Gwen says she doesnt want to do it, but she will because it is what he wanted. Eve decides to go see if the latest lab results are in. Gwen sits with Ethan and says that Theresa probably told him that she loves him more than anyone in the world. Gwen says that is not true, she loves him more than anything. She says she is so sorry she couldnt protect him from Theresa, but she is in jail where she belongs. Gwen says it is just the two of them till the end now. Gwen says shes going to call Sam and Ivy to let them know he is here and that it is time. Gwen says his passing will be with dignity and full of love. She says she loves him and his parents love him, and shes so sorry Theresa did this to him. Gwen leaves and gives Sam a call and lets him know that Ethan has been found and is back at the hospital, Eve is running new tests now. Gwen also tells Sam that it was Noah and Fancy who helped kidnap Ethan, and they are in jail now. As Gwen is out of the room, Theresa slips in. She tells him that she cant let him go. Of course Gwen finds Theresa with Ethan and is furious that shes not in jail. She tells Theresa to leave. Theresa says shes not leaving, shes staying to make sure Gwen doesnt kill Ethan. Gwen says shes not killing Ethan, shes killing Theresa. Gwen attacks Theresa and begins to choke her. Eve shows up with Pilar, Ivy and Martin. They break the fight up, and Gwen demands Theresa be taken out of here now. Eve asks Martin to take her out of here before she calls security. Theresa parents drag her out. Eve returns, the test results are exactly the same. Gwen cant believe she has to do this, and doesnt know if she can. Ivy comforts her. Meanwhile, Theresa is yelling at her parents that she needs to be in there with Ethan. They tell her she has done everything she could and they wont allow her to go back in there and add to the grief everyone is going through right now. They forbid her to bring more pain to Ethans family, and Gwen is Ethans wife. They says she is lucky that shes not in jail, and if she wants to help Ethan then go to church and pray. Pilar demands this and they drag Theresa off. 


December 23, 2005

At the jail house, Sam lectures Noah about how what he did was wrong, it went against Ethan's wishes. Sam also can't get Noah out, the bail is too high. Sam has to go. Later Fancy shows up with a surprise for Noah. She has arranged a huge Christmas dinner. Noah and Fancy tell one another how much they love the other and they kiss. 

At Tabtha's, Norma and Edna wait around for Tabitha to come home. Norma turns on the news to see if their escape made the news. They see the miracle going on at the town Christmas tree and realize it is Tabitha's doing. They rush down to the tree.

Simone and Paloma try and help get Jessica ready for mass. Paloma thanks Roberto for helping them rescue Jessica.

At the Hospital, Eve says the test results are the same as the others, there is no hope for Ethan. Gwen decides to do this now before she loses the nerve. Suddenly some girls singing carols walk by the room. Gwen is affected by them, she decides not to turn Ethan's life support until after the holidays. She doesn't want to be reminded every year that this is when Ethan died.

At the Tree lighting, everyone is in awe as Endora causes the tree to fly into the air and spin around. She then showers the crowd with candy canes.  Sheridan asks how this can be? Chris says it is the time for miracles.  Whitney arrives, sees Chad with Miles and has a fantasy about kissing Chad. She becomes upset and runs off, but not before Chad sees her. Later after everyone disperses, Tabitha is left alone and confronted by Norma and Edna, who chase her around the tree.

At the Church, Theresa, Martin and Pilar arrive. Theresa decides to say a prayer for Ethan and lights the candles. Pilar talks about the heartbreak of losing the one you love, she went through that with him when he left. He never meant to hurt her, and he understands the heartbreak too. Julian walks in with Katherine, and Pilar immediately wonders if he meant Katherine? Katherine swoops in to tell Pilar that Martin was obviously speaking of her, and Martin says he was. Later, Julian talks to his mom about the love she has for Martin. She tells him it is a deep and strong love, but he belongs with Pilar.

Theresa says a prayer for Ethan, swearing to give up her love and dream of a life with him if God makes him better. Gwen walks in and tells Theresa she has some nerve making a promise she knows she won't have to keep. Theresa asks if Gwen . . . Gwen says no, not till after the holidays. Gwen tells Theresa that she knows very well that Ethan won't get any better. Theresa says she has faith that he will. 

Theresa sits with her parents, Gwen sits with Jane, Whitney comes in and sits with her mom, Simone also comes in and sits with her mom. Then Jessica shows up and is reunited with a very happy Sam.

Outside the church, Kay and Fox are bringing the girls in when Endora runs off. She conjures up a flying candy cane to take her to her mother. Fox becomes worried, but Kay thinks she knows where Endora has gone.

Back at the Tree, Endora saves her mother by shrinking Edna and Norma and placing them in an ornament on the tree. Fox and Kay show up, Maria is with Pilar. They are glad to see Endora is okay. Fox hears Edna and Norma crying for help. He thinks one of the ornaments is talking, he hears we munchkin voices. The girls convince him it's nothing, and Kay tells Fox they should get back. Endora conjures up some mistletoe for them to kiss under. Tabitha scolds her, but she agrees to let Fox and Kay be happy only till after the holidays. 

Back at the Church, the service continues when a surprise guest arrives. Father Lonigan asks who it is. Ethan says "It's me, Ethan." Everyone turns and gasps. They all say it is a miracle.

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