December 26, 2005 

Alistair is sitting at his desk smoking cigars, drinking Brady and humming jingle bells. He thinks it is a very Merry Christmas indeed. Judge Reilly gives him a call to thank him for the bonus and to say Noah will stay in jail until he wants him too. Alistair thanks him and says he doesnt come cheap. Judge Reilly, who is surrounded by cash and gifts, says hes a whore for more. Alistairs secretary returns, he had fired her but has given her a second chance. She thanks him for the job back. He says well he felt she knew his needs better than any of his other assistants. She says he didnt say he placed an ad in the paper, and she hands the paper to him. Alistair looks at the paper, in which a murder is announced at the Crane Mansion on New Years. He says he didnt do this. Outside, the woman says Alistair is despicable for doing what hes done to Fancy and Noah, he deserves to pay. Alistair is furious, he wonders who is playing games with him. He says nobody can take him on, this is ludicrous and a mistake this person will live to regret. His assistant tells him to calm down, hes getting upset over nothing. He says this isnt nothing, this person has taunted him in public. His assistant says he is sexy when hes angry, stop channel his energy on this joke and focus it on her. He says shes so very wise, and they begin to get it on. As they are making out, the mystery woman slips in and grabs a letter opener from Alistairs desk. She says it is time Alistair was stopped by her. She quickly sneaks out before shes seen, but Alistair soon smells perfume. His assistant says shes wearing Anna Nicoles new perfume, but he says its one from years ago. She doesnt smell anything. He says its faint, almost like a whisper, its very ghostly. His assistant then smells a rose, and she sees one has been left on the desk. They wonder where it came from. His assistant wonders if this place is haunted. Alistair says the person who wore the perfume he smelled also liked roses. There is also an envelope on the desk. He opens it, its an invitation to a murder. Its the same invite that appeared in the paper. His assistant tells him to beef up security, this is a threat. Alistair says this is a sick joke that is all, if someone wanted to kill him then they wouldnt announce it. She asks what about the perfume? He says a coincidence, the woman who wore it is dead and buried. Later Alistair gets a call about Reilly releasing Noah. Alistair wonders what hes pulling. He grabs a gun and says Noah has been released, so hell have to take care of him himself. 

Judge Reilly is working on Christmas. He looks at Noahs mug shot and says no freedom for Noah with Alistair paying him to keep him behind bars. The woman shows up and tells him to release Noah or hell answer to her. He says its you! She says yes, a ghost from Christmas past. He says she cant be here as she's dead, but she says she is. She holds a letter opener to his face and says release Noah or face her wrath. He asks how she can be here, she is dead! The woman says maybe she is his conscious come to haunt him for all the evil things he's done for Alistair. She orders him to release Noah, so he signs and order and does so. He then faxes it and calls the jail to have Noah released. The man cant understand how this can be. She says he will soon, a long with everyone else. She leaves, and Reilly says hes glad hes not Alistair Crane!

Fancy and Noah are dining in jail. Fancy has had the rec room at the jail lavishly decorated and dinner catered. He thanks her for doing this. She says he deserved it and so much more. She asks if it is perfect, but he says no. She asks what she forgot? He says its not her, it is him. He says she did all this for him and he has no gift for her. She says as long as she has him, she has everything she wants. She says stop feeling guilty. Later, Noah asks the guard for a favor. The guard returns with a gift Noah bought for Fancy. Noah gives it to Fancy, and he says wants her to remember he doesnt have a lot of money. He says he had to give her something that no one else could give her. Its a key, and he claims it is the key to his heart. He says she and only she will ever have it. Later they share a dance. Fancy says she feels so special and so loved, nobody has ever given her the key to their heart. 

In church, Father Lonigan thanks God for the miracle of Ethans recovery. The choir then begins singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful. In the back of the church, Spike looks at Jessica with her family. He is furious. He has a knife and says hell teach her a lesson, but they have time for that later. Fox and Kay soon show up and are stunned to see Ethan. Ivy tells them it is a Christmas miracle. Theresa tells her mom that God answered her prayers. Pilar says yes, Ethan is with his wife and daughter where he belongs. She reminds Theresa of her promise to God, and now she must allow Ethan live in peace. Later everyone gathers around Ethan, who is in a wheel chair. Father Lonigan asks him to detail the story of his miracle. He doesnt have much to say, he woke up in the hospital, hand no idea how long hed been there, and that it was Christmas day. His family tells him how he has no idea what this means to them, it is the best gift ever. Eve wants to look Ethan over quickly and he will have to go back to the hospital. Eve takes Ethan off to look over him. Ivy then sees Fox with Kay and wonders how they got back together. Ivy asks Fox why he came with Kay, he thought they were having problems. Fox says they are working things out. Ivy is not pleased and says she will stop this. Meanwhile, Gwen thanks Sheridan and Chris for being here for her through all this. Everyone soon begins leaving mass. Whitney checks on Chad and Miles. Chad asks Whitney to come home and open presents, it is Miles first Christmas and she should be there. Whitney says okay. Sam gets a call, the house alarm went off so he wants to go check it out to make sure everything is okay. He tells Ivy and the others to wait for his all-safe call. Ivy talks to Gwen, she says she is so happy and would be more than happy to help Gwen keep Theresa away from Ethan. Ivy says she has a ton of silver bullets she'd love to use. Meanwhile, Theresa wants to tell Ethan how happy she is for him, but Pilar says she needs to remember her promise to God. Theresa says if nothing else she needs to apologize to Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa if she goes near her husband again then shell put her in her grave! Theresa says she just wants to see him for a minute, but Gwen says no. She reminds Theresa of her promise to God and she says to leave her Ethan and Jane alone otherwise shell answer not only to her but to God! Gwen asks Julian to take Jane home, so he takes her. Eve brings Ethan back and tells Gwen that Ethan is fine aside from some weakness in his arm. Gwen is so happy. As Theresa watches Gwen with Ethan, Theresa says she cant do it. Pilar asks her if she is going back on her promise to God? Pilar asks if she is breaking her promise to God? She says no, she meant she cant break her promise to God. She just doesnt know how shell go on without Ethan.

Sam returns home and shuts off the alarm. It turns out the alarm was set off by a policeman, who came by to get a gift Noah had asked he get for Fancy. Sam learns what Fancy did for Noah, and hes happy for them. The cop takes Noahs gift for fancy and heads off. Sam goes to turn down the heat as it is hot. He leaves the front door open to cool things off. Spike shows up and says Sam is alone, and after he kills him then Jessica wont have daddy to run home to anymore. Before he can kill Sam the others show up. Sam tells them what set the alarm off, and how happy he is for Noah and Fancy. Ivy says shes just glad Fancy is thinking of someone but herself. Sam says they have a lot to be thankful for, Jessica is home, Ethan is alive, Noah and Fancy are together and Fox and Kay are working things out. They open up gifts and Fox plays Santa. Jessica smiles and watches as her family opens up their gifts. She soon becomes a bit sad, she has no presents. Sam wishes her a Merry Christmas, they are glad she is home. She is glad to be here too and says its okay they didnt get her gifts, they didnt know she wouldnt be here. Fox gives Jessica her gifts, and she realizes they didnt forget her. Sam says theyll never forget about her. She thanks them all. She wishes she had gifts for them, but he says just having her home is the best gift of all. A spying Spike says Jessica is his, no matter what he has to do to get her back.

Sheridan and Chris return to the B&B and open presents with James. Sheridan gives him a Curious George football and some books. She also gives Chris a really expensive camera. She says even though being a photo journalist was just his cover, he had a knack for photography. She thought he could do something with his talent. He thanks her, and he gives her a gift. Before she opens it, James wants his dad to read him a book. Sheridan thinks this has turned out to be a wonderful Christmas. Later Sheridan is feeling a little sad, Gwen got her miracle but she didnt. She doesnt begrudge Gwen and says she has so much to be grateful for. She says she knows life isnt always fair, and bad things happen to good people. She says being rich doesnt protect one from pain, and the things that make her happiest have nothing to do with money. He asks what those things are? She says just lifes little moments, and people like him and James. She says without them shed be lost and hopeless. Chris tells Sheridan that he loves her, and he gives her the gift he got her. She opens it, it is a locket. Inside are photos of Marty and of James. Sheridan loves it. Chris tells her not to give up hope, they found each other and perhaps they will find Marty. Sheridan thanks him for making this a wonderful Christmas, and they kiss.

Whitney, Chad and Miles open up gifts. Chad got him a sweater, which is HUGE. Whitney says it is nice, a little big though. Chad says he didnt have much time to shop. She says its okay, just exchange it. She knows it is difficult being a single parent. Chad opens up more gifts which are WAY too big for Miles. Whitney says hell just have to exchange them too. Chad says what he needs is for her to help him raise Miles and not be at some stupid convent. He tells her that her place is here with her son, not in some convent. He begs her to listen to her heart. He says she needs Miles and he needs her. He talks about all the times she has run here to be with Miles, when he needed her milk and during the earthquake. Whitney says but they end up making love again. CHad says because it is right. He says its not wrong, ugly or sick, it is the truth. She says it is wrong. He says stop listening to others and listen to her heart, stay here and be with him. Chad then pulls his sister the sister-in-training into a kiss!  


December 27, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa and Pilar come home to find Kay, Fox, Maria and Little Ethan waiting up. Ethan had opened a few of his presents. He asks his mom if they will go see Ethan soon, and she says yes. Pilar asks Theresa what she is thinking, she made a promise to God and cannot break it. Theresa says she knows. Theresa decides she's going to go see Jane and she heads off. Pilar hopes God gives her the strength to keep her promise to him. Meanwhile, Fox and Kay talk about how glad they are they could work through their problems. Fox says when he looks at her and Maria he thinks of them as his own family. Kay has a quick flash to Ivy telling her what would she do if Miguel were to come home, but Kay said she didn't think that would happen. Kay and Fox go to take Maria to bed when the phone rings. Pilar answers, and it's Miguel! She's excited, but Miguel, who has his back turned to the camera, asks his mom not to tell anyone it is him. Pilar makes an excuse and says it is an old cousin of hers. Miguel tells his mom Merry Christmas, and that he has a lot to tell her. He says he's coming home, but again he wants this to be a surprise so not to tell anyone.

At Judge Reilly's office, Reilly is making himself a drink. He's a mess after the woman threatened him, and he feels sorry for Alistair. Alistair shows up and demands to know why Reilly let Noah go. Reilly says she made him, she's back and out for revenge. Alistair says who, but Reilly thinks he knows who. Alistair has flashes to seeing the Woman and also smelling her perfume. He thinks it is a joke, someone is setting them up. Reilly thinks it is no joke, she is back and wants revenge on him. 

At the mansion, Theresa goes into the nursery to see Jane. She tells her that her daddy is all better, but that she made a promise to God to stay away from him and that is how it has to be. She says it's Jane, Little Ethan, her and Alistair from now on. She wonders if her life is going to be spent with that monster. As she is leaving, Alistair grabs her. He wants to know where she's been. He says he's had a very hard day and needs some wifely service. She refuses, but he says no one will ever want her again especially not Ethan. She thinks he's wrong, Ethan will want her and he will understand what happened. She knees Alistair in the groin and runs off. Alistair yells that someone is playing a sick joke on him, and she better not be involved. Alistair heads to his office where his assistant is waiting. The woman spies on Alistair from the window and wants him to open the present she left. She says it will erase any doubt in his mind that she is back. Alistair's assistant says a present was left for him under the tree. She hands him the red box, which is full of perfume scented rose petals. He dumps them out, and also in the box is a knife. His assistant thinks this is a threat, but Alistair thinks it is a joke on him. He decides to invite all his enemies to the mansion for New Years and make it a night they won't forget.

At the B&B, Sheridan and Chris are talking about how wonderful this Christmas has been. Chris tells Sheridan that he wants her, he wants to make love to her. Sheridan ultimately decides she wants to be with Chris as well, and the two make love.

At the studio, Chad and Whitney kiss, and Chad says this is so right. Whitney says no it's wrong, and she can't believe he almost got her to make love to him again. She says this is wrong, it's a sin against God. Chad doesn't think it is wrong, and he thinks she belongs with him and Miles. Whitney says no and that she's returning to the convent. Chad asks what he says when Miles asks questions about her? Whitney says to tell him that she did what was best for him, and that he has a whole family who loves him and is here for him. Whitney then leaves. 

At the hospital, Gwen sits with Ethan. He doesn't understand what happened to him, how did he end up here. Gwen says it was Theresa. She explains Theresa was trying to poison Alistair, but Ethan at the poison. Ethan remembers, he was on the phone and was eating the guacamole. Gwen says Theresa put them through hell with what she did to him, but Ethan understands and feels for Theresa. He thinks Theresa must be in serious pain to want to kill Alistair. Gwen is fuming and says if he's going to defend her and go back to her then she can leave right now. Ethan says no and that she misunderstands. Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her, his life is with her and he'll never leave her for Theresa. As they hug, Ethan has a flash of Theresa (I think it was from her fantasy at the cabin). Later a nurse comes to sedate Ethan for a good nights sleep. Gwen wants to stay with him all night, but Ethan says no. He insists she goes home. Gwen doesn't like the idea, and to herself vows to kill Theresa if she tries to see Ethan. As Gwen leaves, Theresa shows up dressed in scrubs. Theresa sneaks in to see Ethan, who is out cold. She tells him that she made a promise to God to stay away from him if he got better, but she doesn't think she can keep that promise. 


December 28, 2005

At the mansion, Alistair is fuming that the judge has released Noah from jail. He also looks at the gift the woman left for him. Alistair says it is impossible, she is dead! Alistair says he has to get control of himself, someone is just playing a joke on him and trying to frighten him. He says he doesnt frighten, he frightens other people to death. The woman spies on him and says everyone gets frightened and for him it is just beginning. Fancy then runs in and kisses her grandfather. She thinks he let Noah out of jail and thanks him. Alistair takes credit for it and says he couldnt bear to see her so unhappy. She asks what changed his mind, why did he let him out? Alistair says he did it for her, no matter what he does her love for Noah gets stronger. He says he cant fight true love, so if you cant beat them then join them. She says that doesnt sound like him. Alistair says hes not saying hes wrong about Noah, but hes giving him another chance to prove hes worthy of her. The spying woman says the lies drop from his mouth like honey, they always did. She says there is a price for his evil and it will be a pleasure to watch him pay it. Fancy cant wait to celebrate. Alistair says they can celebrate here, and he shows her the announcement in the paper. Hes throwing a party and asks Fancy to invite Noah and his family to the party. Fancy says this party sounds awful, she wont come or make anyone else come. Fancy says there is nothing fun about murder. He tells her that its a fun party, its a murder mystery party. He says it is a theme party and everyone will get a big thrill out of it. She isnt so sure. He says he just bailed Noah out so she owes him. She says shell try and get the Bennetts to come. Fancy then leaves. Alistair sits down and says this will be his chance to get the fool who is trying to destroy him. He says all the secrets of Harmony will come out tonight. The woman says Alistair is a monster and judgment day is upon him. Alistair continues to talk about his party plans, and how people will show up if he has to drag them here. Spike shows up to see Alistair. Alistair cant believe he came here to see him, no one must know Spike works for him. Spike says he asked to see him, but Alistair says he didn't mean for Spike to come to the mansion. Alistair says he  knows that Spike lost Jessica once again. Alistair tells Spike to go get Jessica away from her family tonight. He tells Spike if he wants to keep this business of his going then do what he wants. Spike says hell try, but Alistair says dont try, do it. He wants Jessica ripped away from her family and brought to the mansion. Spike asks why here. Alistair says just do it. The spying woman swears by all that is holy she will root out this evil. Alistair throws Spike out, and then he realizes someone has been in his office. He becomes upset and yells out to who is here. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha is glad Christmas is finally over. She says Christmas is bad enough, but having to deal with Norma every year at this time makes it worse. Outside she hears a noise, she looks out the window and sees Kay and Fox kissing outside. Tabitha says they are like rabbits, they have no self control. Tabitha doesnt understand why her spell isnt working. She doesnt know why evil is letting them stay together this long. Soon Sheridan, James and Chris show up and play with Fox and Kay in the snow. Tabitha cant believe those nasty humans. Endora wants to go outside and play with James, but Tabitha says it is cold out there. She suggests they see their nice warm friends in the basement. The bowl begins to bubble, and Tabitha looks in it. She says big trouble is on its way, and if they had any sense theyd stay in till New Years was over. Tabitha suggests they get out of town before the New Years is over. The bowl shoots out fireworks and Tabitha thinks that means they have to stay here and help set off the fireworks. 

Outside, Kay and Fox make a snowman. Sheridan, Chris and James show up and being a snowball fight. Inside the Bennett's house, Ivy and Sam are sipping tea or coffee. Ivy hears the commotion and thinks whoever is making that noise this early deserves to be shot. She looks outside and sees Kay and Fox playing in the snow. She also is upset to see her best summer hat on the snowman. Noah then walks in and Sam gives him a hug. Sam asks how he got out of jail? Noah says someone intervened on his behalf, who he doesnt know. Jessica shows up and gives Noah a big hug. She cant believe hes out of jail. He cant believe shes off the streets. The Bennetts begin to reminisce about New Years pasts. Sam is happy they are together and Jessica assures her family that she is over Spike and over the drugs for good. Back outside, the snowball fight comes to an end, and the couples kiss. Ivy is spying and decides enough is enough. She calls Valerie to order her to do something to break up Fox and Kay. Valerie says nothing she does works, maybe he does love Kay. Ivy says who cares, get over here and do something or shell make sure shes fired. Later, Fancy shows up and is so happy Noah is home. She tells him that Alistair bailed him out, and she explains that he did it for her. She also says Alistair wants everyone to come to a party at his estate. She shows Noah the paper, but Noah doesnt think it sounds like a very fun party. Noah tells Sam that Alistair apparently bailed him out, but neither Sam nor Ivy believe Alistair did this. Ivy says if he did then he has his reasons. Fancy says he did it to make her happy, he wants to get to know Noah. She says it just goes to show them that Alistair can be a nice guy. She says this is an olive branch, and that is why he wants them to attend the party. Fancy invites them all to the party, its a theme party with a game. Ivy and Sam look at the announcement and Ivy has a bad feeling about this party, they arent going and that is that. Fancy says its not wise to offend Alistair. Ivy isnt scared, besides they are having their own party. Fancy says so cancel, she canceled her thirteenth birthday 6 minutes before it was to start. Ivy says because she and her sister stole the caterer's van and ran off with it. Fancy says Alistair is just trying to make amends and they will insult him if they dont go. Sam refuses to go to the party, and Ivy says they have to clean the house for the party. Jessica says shell help, and she gets to work. Fancy begs Noah to go, but he says no. Fancy says she told her grandfather that hed come, but Noah says it wont happen. Sam thinks it is best for everyone that the Bennetts stay far away from Alistair. Meanwhile, Jessica takes the garbage out and Spike grabs her and says they need to have a talk.

Elsewhere outside, Valerie shows up with work for Fox. Ivy watches and says You go girl, rip them apart. Kay thinks this can wait, but Fox says he has to answer these emails. Fox says hell be back really soon. Kay says it's just email. Valerie says they have to work to rebuild trust with their backers after that last mishap with the phone. Kay tells Fox to go, she understands. However she thinks Valerie is doing this on purpose. Tabitha then comes out and invites them all in for Hot Chocolate to warm up. Kay thinks Tabitha is up to something. Tabitha gets the hot chocolate ready, and she says she loves having them here. Chris asks if she figured out what happened with her crazy piata for Thanksgiving? We see a flashback of the piata coming to life and flying all over the place. Tabitha says it was a radio controlled toy and it never worked right. Sheridan asks if she should get the kids some hot chocolate, but she says no. She says they will have plain milk to fight childhood obesity. Endora wants hot chocolate and so does James. Endora zaps the cups to fly over, but Tabitha smashes them and claims she knocked them over and made a mess. Sheridan hears a bang and runs off. Tabitha tells Endora if she performs anymore magic then she cant watch Hellraiser tonight. The kids scream for chocolate, so Tabitha gives it to them. Sheridan returns, it was just the paper hitting the front door. Sheridan sees Alistair's advertisement and wonders what it means. Meanwhile, Kay worries about where Fox is, and Tabitha this it is her spell working. Kay says hell be here. At the office, Fox finishes the emails and decides he has to go. An IM comes in with messages for Fox, so he cant go anywhere. Fox soon heads off and returns to Tabithas where Kay is. Kay is glad to see him. Tabitha tells Kay not to be so smug, things wont turn out well at all for her.

Theresa sits with Ethan in the hospital. She has apparently been there all night. Of course Gwen walks in and tells Theresa to get out of here right now. Theresa wont leave until she talks to Ethan. Gwen says shell call the cops then. A huge fight starts and Ethan sleeps through it. Eve breaks the fight up and then tells Theresa she doesnt belong here. Theresa says she wants to explain to Ethan that it was an accident. Eve says its not a pretty story no matter how she tells it. Gwen says Theresa is too late, she told Ethan what happened. Theresa asks if she told Ethan that she was going to kill him, and that if it werent for her kidnapping him then Ethan would be dead? Theresa thinks Ethan would love to hear that. Eve tells them both to stop or shell ban them both from the hospital. Gwen apologizes and says she wont fight anymore. Eve checks on Ethan as the two women exchange words. Gwen tells Theresa to go home, when Ethan wakes up then shell let Theresa come tell her all about her outrageous behavior. Theresa says she almost killed him. Gwen says Ethan will understand she was doing what Ethan wanted whereas Theresa was being self centered. Theresa says Gwens actions would have killed him, her actions saved him. Pilar shows up and asks Theresa what she is doing here and whyt is she dressed like a nurse? Gwen informs Pilar what Theresa has done. Pilar thinks Theresa must have no shame and that she has no right to be here. She also reminds Theresa about her word to God, does she dare break a promise to God? Theresa says she wont break her vow, but Ethan didnt take a vow so he can chose who he wants to be with. Gwen says she hopes Theresa burns in hell, and it is time for Theresa to go. Pilar tells Theresa she is going now. Ethan wakes up and calls to Theresa. Gwen asks how he is doing. Ethan asks if he was dreaming or was the room screaming? Eve says he wasnt dreaming. Eve wants no drama, Ethan needs rest. Theresa tells Ethan that he must know that when he was in his coma she is the one who faught to keep him alive, Gwen wanted to pull the plug on him. Gwen says she was abiding by his living will, and she was only trying to obey his wishes. Theresa says that is a lie, Gwen wanted to see Ethan dead rather than with her. Gwen says everything she did was for Ethan. Ethan tells them both to stop. He says he cant take it anymore. Ethan says this arguing over him needs to stop. Gwen asks Ethan to tell Theresa to go, but Theresa says he wont make her leave after what she sacrificed for him. Ethan tells Theresa to please just go. 


December 29, 2005

A storms is brewing in Harmony and the thunder crashes through this whole episode.

Sam and Ivy clean up and prepare for the party as Noah talks with Fancy. Fancy begs Noah to come to the party, she promised her grandfather that they would go. Noah says no way, it wont happen. Fancy asks Sam if he cant let bygones be bygone? Sam says she is naive when it comes to Alistair, and hes never been to one event Alistair has thrown without something horrible happening. Ivy says besides they are having a party and it is too late to cancel. Fancy begs them to come, she tells Noah that Alistair has finally accepted they are couple. He says she actually believes that? He says it wont happen and they arent going, end of story. Fancy thinks Noah is being very petty, Alistair is trying to get to know him now. Noah says the only reason Alistair gets to know someone is to find a weakness that he can exploit. He says his dad is right, every time Alistair throws a party it is to hurt someone. He is staying away and wants her to stay away too. He says something weird is going to happen at the mansion tonight. Fancy thinks its just a murder mystery party, but Noah gets a bad feeling and doesnt want to go and he doesnt want her to go either. He wants them to attend this party. She says okay, but she has to go to the estate to change. She says shell be back soon. 

Outside of the Bennett's, Jessica asks Spike what hes doing here. He says she went off with that guy and never came back, he missed her. He wants her to go with him to talk, but Jessica says shes done with him, she's back with her family. Spike says not this again. He says he loves her, so why does she keep stabbing him in the heart? He says her family doesnt love her or want her. She says they do and shell prove it. She screams for her dad, but Spike covers her mouth and says not to do anything stupid. Jessica breaks free and says keep his hands off her. Spike says she is hurting him, he missed her at Christmas and he had nice things planned for them. Spike says he didnt come to force her to leave, but he asked her to go on a date for New Years with him. He says this is his chance to make things up to her, he loves her. He begs her to be his date. When she learns it is to the murder party, she refuses. Spike begs her to go, and he offers her some drugs. He gets her to take a walk with him with the lure of the drugs. He gets her good and high and then keeps Sam from finding her. Jessica soon passes out, and Spike carries her off to the mansion. 

Back at the Bennetts, Noah and Ivy are all done up for the party. Noah says Fancy went home to get changed, but shes coming back. Sam shows up asking where Jessica is, he cant find her. Ivy says he doesnt think . . . Sam doesnt know what to think, but he has to go find her. Ivy and Sam go out looking for Jessica, and Sam wonders how Jessica could do this again. Ivy thinks it is the drugs. Sam says he has a terrible feeling about this. Suddenly the storm hits and it begins to pour.

At Tabithas, Chris asks Sheridan if her father is having a murder party then why put an ad in the paper? Sheridan says she doesnt know and she doesnt care, they are going to Sam and Ivys as planned. Fox sees the ad they are looking at, neither he and Kay want to know what is going on either. Tabitha wonders what Alistair is up to, did he even put the advert in the paper. Tabitha has to cover her bowl, which is bubbling over. She says even the dark side is in a tizzy over this party. Kay wonders what a murder party is. Sheridan doesnt know, but they all have to stay away. Fox says it sounds like a plan to him, none of them will go. Meanwhile, Tabitha peaks into her bowl and says this cant be, how is this possible? Sheridan on the other hand is glad nobody is going to Alistairs party. Sheridan realizes it is getting late, they have to get back to the B&B and get ready. James and Endora say goodbye to one another, and Tabitha says shell see them later. Tabitha then tells Endora that they will all end up at the murder party and someone will die. Fox leaves to get ready for the party, and Kay decides to get ready as well. Tabitha warns Kay she isnt going to her fathers party, everyone will end up at the murder party tonight. Tabitha doesnt know how or why, but they will all be there. She tells Kay to wear a dark color so the blood stains dont show. Kay says they arent going, and murders parties are so 80s. Tabitha says her bowl never lies. Kay says uh-huh. Tabitha says it doesnt lie to her, and she saw them all at the party. Kay suggests she wash the bowl as nobody is going there. Kay leaves to get ready. Tabitha tells Endora they have to get changed for the party too. Fox returns later to pick up Kay. Fox asks if Tabitha is going out. Tabitha says she is, she got a sitter for the kids. The doorbell rings, it is Sam. Sam tells Kay that Jessica is gone, shes missing. Kay says he doesnt thinks? Sam does, he thinks shes gone back to Spike. Tabitha thinks Jessica is the least of their worries, someone at the mansion will end up dead tonight. Sam soon learns Ethan went to the mansion after Gwen, Theresa and the kids. Sam decides to go and help get them out before anyone can do harm. Ivy and Fox go with him. Tabitha tells Kay that as soon as they are gone they will conjure a sitter and go to the mansion too. Kay says they arent going, but Tabitha points out everyone who said they werent going is on their way to the mansion. Kay asks if she is doing this with magic? Tabithas says this isnt magic, it is fate. Kay says now she sounds like Theresa. Tabitha says everyone is going to the party and someone will be murdered.

At the mansion, Alistair is upset and the spying woman says hes in for a big surprise tonight. Alistair says if someone thinks they can frighten him then they wont get away with it. Alistair says its not her, it is them. He says hell turn the tables on them and scare them instead. Security shows up and Alistair tells him to have extra guards posted around the party as hes having a party here tonight. Alistair wants the guards to make sure everyone gets in but not out. The guard asks if this has to do with what is in the paper, the ad about the murder? alistair says someone may be murdered here tonight, but it wont be him. Alistair says whoever put the announcement in the paper is in for a shock. Meanwhile, the woman goes to attic and finds some old photos. She finds an old photo of Alistair and says he was such a handsome man, but he was always so evil. She says his heart is black and deformed, and she wonders if it gives him pain. She says shell carve it out of his chest. She then finds a knife and calls it her date for the party right where she left it. She says Alistair deserves to die a thousand deaths for what hes done.

At the hospital, Eve tells Theresa to go, but she wont. Theresa thinks Ethan isnt thinking straight because hes still ill. She says she was the one person who fought to keep him alive, hed be dead if it werent for him. Theresa says he cant chose Gwen over her. Gwen says obviously Theresa wants security to drag her out. Theresa pulls a scalpel on Gwen and tells her to stay away! Eve tells Theresa to put that down, but Theresa says it certainly worked for Gwen. Gwen says she can have Theresa thrown in jail, at least for a bit. Theresa says if Gwen lives that long. Ethan says stop this, but Theresa wants Ethan to understand what Gwen was going to do to him. Eve says it isn't that simple, the living will complicated things. Theresa says Gwen didnt abide by Ethans wishes, he wasnt brain damaged he was in a coma. Gwen says he was in an irreversible coma. Theresa says obviously Eve was wrong. Eve says all of medical science says he shouldnt have come out of the coma. Theresa says it was a miracle, she took him to the cabin to take care of him. She says she gave him mouth to mouth when the power went out twice. She says she did what she did to keep him alive, she never gave up hope. She says she prayed on the Christmas Star that God would bring him back to them. Pilar believes it was a miracle, but Gwen says she also promised to leave Ethan alone if he got better. Gwen asks if she isnt going back on that? Pilar says she is breaking her vow and putting her soul in jeopardy. Theresa says she wont break her promise, but Ethan didnt make one and can choose who to be with. Theresa says she doesnt want to act this way, but Gwen is making her. Theresa says she saved Ethans life. She says God knows how much they love one another and she wont let it end this way. Pilar says shes making a fool of herself, and Gwen says shes calling security. Theresa takes the phone. Ethan says shes out of control, shes gone too far. Ethan tells Theresa to go, hes staying with Gwen. Theresa drops the scalpel, which Eve grabs. Theresa asks Ethan how he can do this, she sacrificed everything for him. Ethan says he appreciates everything shes done for him, and so does Gwen. However hes married to Gwen. Theresa says he tried to kill him, and she says the guacamole was an accident. Theresa says she meant to kill Alistair. Ethan suggests she not say that in a room full of witnesses. Ethan knows it was an accident, but once again she chose the wrong way to get out of a desperate situation. He thinks she needs to leave Alistair a nd find someone else to be. She says he knows he cant do that. Gwen tells Theresa she made her bed and she has to lie in it. Theresa knows it is her fault. Pilar says shell take her home, but Theresa says shes going to the mansion, her son and daughter are there. Gwen says the court gave custody of Jane to them, but Theresa says Jane is her little girl. Theresa says shes going, and she leaves. Eve checks over Ethan and says he amazes her, he should be in that coma yet he is okay. Eve leaves to get dressed for Sam and Ivys party, and she wishes them a happy new year. Gwen wants to talk about Theresa, shes sorry she caused so much trouble. Ethan says they all know Theresa acts with her heart and not her head. Gwen says Theresa hurt her, she kept accusing her of killing him. Ethan says enough about Theresa. Gwen says true, and that 2006 has to be better than 2005. The book lady shows up and offers them something to read. The books arent appealing, so Ethan just asks for the paper. Gwen and Ethan then see the murder party announcement in the paper. Ethan says once again Alistair is up to no good. Gwen doesnt want Jane there for the party so shell go get her. Pilar stays with Ethan as Gwen leaves. Pilar learns about the party and she doesnt like the idea either. Ethan decides to go to the mansion and get Gwen, Theresa, Jane and Little Ethan out of there. Pilar begs him not to do this, but he says he has to be with the woman he loves. Pilar asks and which woman that is? Ethan just says hes going to get them all out of there. Ethan leaves and Eve returns. Pilar informs her that Ethan is leaving to get Theresa, Gwen and the kids out of the mansion. Pilar calls Sam to let him know what is going on with Ethan and the party. 

Fancy shows u p later at the mansion and tells her grandfather that the Bennetts arent coming, and everyone is going to Sam and Ivys party, including her. She asks him not to be mad at her, he does want her to be with the man she loves. He says of course he does. She runs off to change, and Alistair realizes he knows how to make all his guests come. Theresa soon shows up, and Alistair forces her into a kiss. He tells her to get dressed as they are having a party. She asks since when. He tells her about the murder announcement and asks if this was her idea? She says when she kills him she wont want witnesses. She wont be a part of this, but he says she will. He tells her to get dressed now, and he hurts her until she agrees.  Later, Theresa finds Gwen taking Jane out of the mansion. She thinks Theresa should take Little Ethan and leave too. She says Alistair is up to no good. Theresa realizes Gwen is right. Suddenly the door closes and they are locked in. Fancy walks by and hears them locked in. She tries to open the door, but it wont. Fancy wonders what is going on. They dont understand why the door is locked as this is the nursery, it doesnt have a lock. Theresa and Gwen think this is Alistairs doing, but Fancy thinks that is ridiculous. Fancy ends up calling Noah for help. She explains what is going on here, so he agrees to come up to the mansion. Meanwhile, Spike arrives with Jessica and is told where to put her. Alistair laughs at the pain he's going to cause tonight.

At the B&B, James and Sheridan get changed for the party. They are leaving James with a guest from the third floor. Later, Sheridan gets a call from someone. She gets a text message telling her for proof that Alistair was behind Luis and Antonios deaths then go to the murder party. Chris wonders if this is a joke. Sheridan doesnt know, but shes going to the party.

The woman sits with her knife and says now is a time for strength and justice, Alistair will pay for hurting the people she loves. She says happy New Year Alistair, its your last. 


December 30, 2005

At Tabithas, Tabitha continues to inform Kay that the bash at Alistairs is none of her doing, and she is terrified of it, but they are all going whether they like it or not. Kay says shes not going and the storm outside is terrible. There is a knock at the door, its a special delivery for Fox. Kay takes it and sees it is an important document from Crane Industries. She opens it, it says Fox has been fired. She says she needs to call Fox right now. He isnt answering, his phone is off. She says she has to find him and tell him this. Tabitha says and off to the mansion they go. Tabitha says she told her. Tabitha conjures up a nice old lady to sit for the kids so they can leave.

Eve and Julian arrive at the Bennetts, but nobody is there. The place is set up for a party, but nobody is there. Eve wonders where they are. Liz and TC soon arrive as well. Eve says hes here with Liz? TC says he only needed an escort. Liz says they are still friends after everything they've been through. TC rolls his eyes. TC sees a laptop on the table, it's still on. They check the PC and see a video of Simone and Rae getting it on! Alistair soon comes on the screen with a message for them. He asks TC if he liked the picture of his daughter and her new lover? TC says hell kill him! Julian says its not live, its a video email. Alistair says he wishes he could be there to see TCs reaction, but dont take all his anger out on Simone. Alistair says its not Simones fault she turned gay, and hell explain everything. He says first the reason they are alone is because everyone else is at his house. He says he threw a party tonight, he was taking advantage of an ad placed in the paper about a murder. TC refuses to go to the mansion, and Eve says neither will she. Alistair tells them if they dont come here then they will never find out how he helped Simone find her true sexual identity, how he is responsible for Simone being gay. We see a video and hear Alistair narorate that he paid Rae to find and seduce Simone. TC throws the laptop against the wall and says hell kill Alistair with his bare hands. They all tell him its a trap, but TC says Alistair is a dead man and he tears out of the house. 

At the mansion, Theresa, Gwen and the kids are locked in the nursery. Gwen thinks they are locked in here by Alistair because of Theresa. Theresa doesnt know what Alistair is planning for them all, but it is big.

In his study, Alistair is drinking a brandy and says nobody spooks him. His assistant shows up and says everything is ready. He says excellent, they have a houseful of people coming that he loathes and despises. He says if these people had brains they wouldnt come to a venue designated as a murder site. Alistair watches his guests arrive on his monitors. He sees Fancy with Noah and wishes she had listened to him about staying away from Sams son. Ethan shows up, and he learns the girls and the kids are trapped in the nursery. They head up to get them out. Then Fox, Ivy and Sam arrive looking for Ethan. Spike is in another room, he has Jessica tied to the bed. Alistair tells him to get ready for his 15 minutes of fame. Alistair then waits for Kay to show up. Soon Sheridan and Chris arrive. Katherine greets the, she got Sheridans message. Katherine doesnt know who would have this proof that Sheridan was told about. Chris is more concerned about the murder notice in the paper. Sheridan says if she finds out that father did kill Luis and Antonio then she will kill him. A spying Alistair says Sheridan will only want to kill herself after tonight. The spying woman says Alistair will only want to kill himself after tonight.

Ethan, Noah and Fancy go to work trying to get Theresa, Gwen and the kids out of the nursery. Theresa and Gwen think Ethan should be at the hospital. Fancy says he insisted on coming here. Noah decides to break down the door, so he tells the girls to stand back. Noah breaks the door down and frees the girls. Noah and Ethan then decide to give Alistair a piece of their minds. Fancy says they dont know Alistair did this, but they say he did. Ethan says Alistair rounded them all up to cause pain and grief. The nanny comes along and Gwen and Theresa tell her to lock them up in Ethans bedroom and not to let anyone in but them. 

Kay shows up and meets up with Fox, who is with Sam and Ivy. Kay gives Fox the message that hes been fired. Ivy asks why? Sam says Alistair knew Kay would bring this to show Fox. Fox says it isnt her fault, and he already knew about this. Fox says Alistair will pay for this. Tabitha is there as well and says Fox losing his job is the least of his worries. Ethan, Theresa and Gwen come down and meet up with the Bennetts. They then are greeted by a video message from Alistair. He knows they are all contemplating leaving, but thats not possible. He then shows them a video of Spike taunting a tied up Jessica. Alistair says she is upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Spike is brandishing a knife, and Alistair says Spike will flip a coin and decide whether to make love to Jessica or kill her. Noah asks Fancy if she now sees what kind of monster Alistair is? Alistair then informs Sam before he runs off to find Jessica, he should know hes the one who put Spike up to get Jessica hooking and on drugs. Alistair says its too bad Grace isnt around to see how her daughter grew up. Sam takes off looking for Jessica. Kay asks Tabitha if her little sister is the one who will die? Tabitha doesnt know but suggests she go with the others. TC and the others all soon show up. TC is fuming and looking for Alistair. Liz tells herself and she though she knew how to wreak havoc with people's lives.

Sheridan, James and Katherine confront Alistair in the study. Sheridan is furious and learns from Alistair that he lured Sheridan here, he sent her the message about promising her proof. Sheridan asks why hed do this? Alistair says hes confessing the truth to her, he is responsible for Antonio and Luis deaths. Sheridan says this doesnt make any sense, why would he tell her the truth now. Alistair says that is for him to know and her to find out. Alistair begins explaining how he has been responsible for making sure never had a successful relationship, even back in boarding school and college. Pilar and Martin arrive, they came to check on Theresa and the children. Alistair says the gang is almost all here. Sheridan tells Pilar that Alistair just admitted to killing Antonio and Luis. Martin says he wont get away with this! Martin goes to attack him when Alistair pulls out a gun and tells them all to back away. Sheridan asks what he will do, shoot them in cold blood? She says nobody is afraid of him, and hes taken everything from her. She says she has nothing left to lose, and she asks why hed do this to her? Alistair suggests she ask them, ask Katherine and Martin. Alistair says hell tell her why he wont ever let her be happy. He says because she doesnt deserve joy because she took the only joy he ever had. He says he took the one person he could be happy with, she killed her Aunt Rachel and he will never forgive her for it. He says she stabbed her to death. Sheridan says that is what the childhood nightmares were about. Alistair says she killed the only chance he had to love another human being and he will always hate her for that. Alistair says that is why he will not allow her to be happy. Sheridan asks her mother if this is true. She can see by the look on Katherines face it is true. Sheridan says she is responsible for Luis and Antonios death because of Alistairs need for revenge. Alistair says she took Rachel from him, so he took everything away from her, including her son. He says now Marty calls Beth mommy! Sheridan lunges at Alistair, who fires his gun. Nobody is hit, and Sheridan asks them why she didnt tell them? She says if she had know she would have killed father long ago! She's already killed one person, so why not kill the person who deserves to die the most. Alistair quickly slips out, and Sheridan says he must die. Chris thinks they need to just get out of here. They then leave, and the women says Alistair will pay for the pain he has inflicted upon Sheridan.

Alistair checks on Spike, who is with Jessica. He warns him that Sam is on his way up here. Alistair wants this new year to start with the destruction of every Bennett. Alistair slips out and Sam and the others show up. They grab Spike, and Kay thinks Jessica is dead. Sam checks on her, she has a pulse and is breathing. Jessica comes to. Sam says hell get her out of here and home. They soon realize Spike got away as well when they all went to check on Jessica. Sam says they can deal with him later. Noah hopes Fancy now understand why everyone hates Alistair. Noah says if he finds Alistair he will kill him. Fancy says at least let him explain first. Noah cant believe her, hes not a human being. Fancy ends up running off in tears. The others go to find Alistair. 

Simone and Rae meet at the mansion, both have been lured there by Alistairs fake messages.  Meanwhile, Alistair has snuck back into his office to begin phase two. He makes an announcement over some speakers. He hopes everyone is enjoying themselves. Alistair says if anyone wants to have a word with him then wait for him in the living room. He says his staff has prepared a nice spread, and oh sorry Theresa but they arent serving guacamole this evening. Everyone gathers in the living room, which Alistair sees on his monitors. Alistair says they should have left when they had the chance. The woman then walks into the office and wishes Alistair a Happy New Year. He says it cant be her. She asks why not, oh yes, he thought she was dead. She says she is very much alive and will torture him like hes tortured everyone she loves. Alistair says it cant be her, but she says it is her, she is here to make him pay. Alistair says she did this to spook him. He says her fakery would work on most people, but he knows she is an imposter, she is dead. The woman says look into her eyes and tell her shes an imposter. He is in tears and cant believe it. The woman reveals her face and says its her, its Rachel back from the dead. Alistair cries out Noooooo! 

Back in the living room, Sam advises everyone to leave, but Tabitha thinks it is too late. Eve agrees with Sam, they should go. Suddenly the doors lock, they are all trapped. Even the windows are locked. Ethan says it's reinforced steel, they won't get out. Eve realizes they are trapped. Kay asks Tabitha if the murder will still take place? Tabitha says yes and at the strike of midnight. Fancy doesnt know what to think anymore, how can her grandfather think this is a game. Ethan says its not a game. Everyone in the room begins threatening to kill Alistair. The storm outside rages, and Tabitha thinks murder has arrived. New Years chimes in, and Ivy says the paper notice said the murder would happen now. At the stroke of midnight the mansion goes dark! Screams are heard, and Tabitha says bloody murder!

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