January 31, 2005
At the Bennetts, Ivy tells Sam that Kay and Simone were outside helping Jessica sneak up the trellis back into the house. Sam cant believe this, he cant believe Jessica is dressed the way she is or that she had cigarettes. He wants to know why she had them and where they all went? Kay says they went out, it was no big deal. Sam says it is if she went out dressed like that and had to sneak back in. He asks where they went. They say a club. He asks if they were drinking, and they say no. He asks who else was with them? Kay says it was a girls night out, and Paloma was with them. Sam and Ivy ask where Paloma is now? Sam realizes they arent telling him something. Kay remembers the events of the night through flashbacks. Jessica says they arent keeping anything, and Paloma is probably still there. Sam says she is new in Harmony and innocent. Sam cant believe they left her there, and he says they are in trouble. Jessica thanks Ivy. Ivy says she was worried, but Jessica says she isnt her mother. Jessica wishes Ivy would go back to where she came from. Ivy says she has never tried to be Jessicas mother, she just wanted to be her friend. Jessica says she has a lot of friends, and Ivy isnt one of them. Sam wont let Jessica disrespect Ivy. He says Ivy has helped him since her mother left. Jessica says yeah she helped herself into his bed. She calls her dad a hypocrite for telling them to stay virgins while he hooks up with his old girlfriend in front of his kids. Sam gets a call on his phone and excuses himself. Kay tells Jessica to cool it, they are in enough trouble as is. Sam gets bad news, and the girls hear him talking about Paloma. Sam tells the girls that Paloma is in the ER, she was found at a club after a police raid. Sam says Paloma is in bad shape. Sam thinks they left her when the police raid started. They say they looked for her, but he says they should have looked harder. Sam says she may have been raped. Sam has to go, but he says theyll continue this discussion when he gets back. 

At the jail, Eve is let in to tend to Gwen, who has slit her wrists. Eve asks for an ambulance to be called so she can be taken to the hospital. Gwen doesnt want Eve to look at her. Eve says it is bad and she needs to stop the bleeding. Gwen listens as Eve says they need to get Gwen to the hospital. Gwen tells herself Yes! Theresa is there waiting to die. Eve wraps her wrists up and saves Gwen, but she says Gwen still needs stitches, antibiotics, and tetanus shots. Rebecca says this is all Theresas fault, and she says Gwen will come out of this. Eve says the ambulance will be here soon, and Rebecca says shell take Gwen to the hospital. Julian and Eve leave, and Gwen tells herself while the danger is over for her, its only beginning for Theresa. 

Eve and Julian walk home, and Eve enjoys the fresh air and being outside. She says it was like she was in jail for an eternity. Julian says it seemed like that to him to. Julian tells Eve how much he loves her. Eve says the idea of being locked up forever, she might lose her mind like Gwen. Julian says it will be all right. He doesnt want her to talk negatively. Eve admits that she did want Liz dead, and she says I did it, Im guilty! Julian asks why she would say that? She says because she wanted her to be dead, and she doesnt know what shes saying. Eve says everything that happened was a blur. Eve says maybe she tried to kill Liz and she doesnt remember doing it. Julian doesnt think that is possible, and he convinces Eve how unlikely it is she took the drug and doesnt remember it. Eve says if there was just someone who could tell the police she didnt do it. Julian says there is a witness, there is someone who knows who the real murderer is. 

Paloma has been rushed to the hospital and is in the ER. The doctor calls for a xrays and the on-call neurologist. Palomas BP drops, and the doctor says they are losing her. They stabilize her, and the doctor talks to one of the EMT about her injuries. They theorize Paloma was attacked and possibly raped. The doctor asks a nurse to get a sexual assault kit and call a rape counselor. He says if and when she regains consciousness theyll find out what really happened. The nurses take Palomas clothes as evidence and discuss her condition. They believe she was raped. 

Elsewhere, Theresa continues to rant at Ethan for leaving her alone to go be with Gwen. Theresa says she hates Gwen and she hopes she rots in jail until she is dead. Theresa tells Ethan to look at her, she is in a wheelchair because of Gwen. Theresa says he left her to be with Gwen. Ethan says she told him to go. Theresa says because he was worried about Gwen, the person who did this to her. Ethan says she is halfway out of her mind and in jail. Theresa says jail is where she belongs. Theresa asks why he is so worried about Gwen, what about them, what about their baby. Ethan says he hates what happened, but what is important is she got to the hospital and Gwen is getting the help she needs. Theresa says if anything happens to their little girl then she will make sure Gwen pays for the rest of her life. Ethan and Theresa return to talking about their daughter, and Theresa blames herself. She thinks she should have kept her here till she was stronger. Ethan says they wouldnt have released her if she wasnt ready. Theresa says shes been through so much as is. Theresa says if anything happens to her, she doesnt know what shell do. Ethan goes to find out what is happened. He learns many of the nurses are busy working on a major traffic accident, but a doctor is with Jane now. Ethan suggests they pray for Jane. Theresa says she doesnt think she can take anymore tragedy. 

Rebecca and Gwen arrive, and Rebecca has to film out forms for Gwen. Because it was an apparent suicide they have to fill out a report. Gwen is left by herself, and she sees a pair of scissors on the ledge. She says perfect, this is what she needs to get Theresa. Gwen says this time she wont fail, Theresa will die! Gwen takes the scissors and then hides them under her shirt. She says she wont stop until Theresa is dead! The guard leaves to check in with the station, and Rebecca is preoccupied with papers. Gwen uses the chance to sneak off and find Theresa. 

Meanwhile, Ethan leaves to find another nurse, and Theresa heads to the nurses station to find out information. Gwen ends up finding Theresa alone in a hallway and approaches her with the scissors behind her back.

At the cottage, Pilar asks Martin to tell them why he left them. He says he will tell them. He says this secret has caused so much suffering, and he hopes telling it will make things better and help her move on. He says he wants to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Alistair tells Katherine that Sheridan is already an emotional wreck, and if Martin tells his secret then it will send Sheridan over the edge. Katherine asks what it is, and how she knows hes not lying. He says shell have to trust him. He says if Martin reveals his secret then it will destroy their daughter. Alistair tells Katherine that she must stop Martin from revealing the secret. Katherine thinks Alistair just wants her to stop Martin from telling his secret. Alistair says he does, but the truth will still hurt Sheridan. Sheridan talks to Luis about her nightmare, and how she tried to choke her own mother Luis says she didnt stab or kill anyone. Sheridan knows what she saw in her dream. Luis says her father put all that in her head. Katherine eventually goes to Martin and tells him that he cant tell anyone his secret. Martin says she doesnt know what the secret is. Katherine doesnt care. He asks what got into her? Katherine says Alistair claims the secret will destroy Sheridan. Martin says it is true, and thats why he kept it a secret. Katherine says he cant tell anyone. Martin says he promised, and he owes it to his family to tell them the truth. Katherine asks Martin how he can cause her daughter to suffer even more? Pilar overhears Katherine begging Martin not to tell Pilar. Pilar is furious and says how dare you! Luis hears his mother yelling at Katherine, and he learns that Katherine is trying to convince Martin not to tell them the truth. Luis tells his dad that he promised. Katherine begs Martin not to say anything. Pilar tells her to shut up, and then she begs Martin to tell her the truth. Luis tells his father to prove he isnt the coward they think he is. Martin ends up saying he cant do it. Alistair tells himself Good little dog. Pilar cant believe this, but Martin says it is better for everyone this way. Pilar says he promised! Luis says he is a coward and a looser. Luis tells his dad that he is full of it. Pilar says Katherine is the reason, he is doing what she wants. Pilar says this is all for her! Martin says no this isnt for her. Pilar then who? Pilar tells Katherine she is a monster, and Sheridan must have had a good reason for trying to kill her. Pilar says she wishes she had! Sheridan becomes upset when Pilar says this, and Luis comforts her. Pilar apologizes to Sheridan, and she says she feels sorry for Sheridan having Katherine as a mother. Pilar tells Sheridan to forgive her, but she is an evil woman. Pilar tells Luis that she needs to know the truth. Luis tells Katherine that she is a monster, and he wants her to stay away from his mother and from Sheridan.


February 1, 2005

February 1, 2005 
On the pier, Julian tells Eve that he thinks he knows who can tell them who the real killer is. Eve says who could prove she isnt an attempted serial killer? Julian says Alistair can help them. Julian recaps what happened at the mansion, and how Alistair suspected someone would poison him. Julian says Alistair knew they poisoned his drink, but he didn't expect them to poison his cigar too. Eve says and since the police linked the murders because of the poison, then the person who tried to kill Alistair may be the person who killed Liz. Eve asks how that fits with his shooting? Julian says the police only accused her of shooting him because it fit together with the other crimes and motives. Julian says their case against her for shooting him will fall apart if they prove she didnt try and kill Liz or father. Eve remembers Alistair was going to name the killer right before he collapsed at the party. However she says if he knows why hasnt he told anyone? Julian says probably to get his own revenge. Eve says Alistair still hates her and has done everything he can to keep them apart. She says look what he did to Whitney and Chad, no Alistair wont help them. Julian says Alistair will tell them if he has to force him to. Julian leaves, and Eve thinks about Whitney slapping her after lashing out at her. Eve says she cant believe its come to this: Liz and TC engaged, Whitney pregnant with Chads baby, and shes charged with three murders. She says at least she has Julian and her job. She decides to go to the hospital and keep busy until Julian contacts her.

At the cottage, Alistair recaps the events of the past few days in his head, and he says not only would everyone be sickened to learn what Sheridan did, she would be devastated at her bloody role in it all. Alistair leaves to enjoy himself. Outside is Tina, in a white fur coat with lingerie underneath. Alistair asks why she is here and not at the mansion? She says she came to tell him that Paloma is in the ER, she was attacked at a club. Alistair says he has heard. He tells Tina what has happened here, and how he no longer has to worry about the truth about Sheridan and that night coming out. Back in the cottage, Luis phone rings. Luis doesnt think it is as important as what is going on here, so he ignores it. Alistair and Tina go inside, and Alistair says once they all learn about Paloma, it will bring even more misery. Alistair laughs and says to Tina that theyll have a front row seat. Luis continues to attack his father for everything hes done. He accuses his dad of never telling the Paloma the truth about who he was because he wanted Paloma to love him and not them. As Luis and Pilar lash out at Martin, Sheridan tells herself there are so many things she doesnt understand, but with Luis and Pilar so angry at her mother, maybe it is best she just leave. Katherine tells Martin they should go, and Luis says go and dont come back! Pilar stops them when they go to leave. She still wants to hear Martins explanation as to why he left. Luis says this secret is just a reason to get them to forgive him, but Pilar wants to hear it. She asks Martin to make them believe in him again. Katherine begs him not to. Pilar asks Katherine why she wont let him tell the secret, will it prove her to be a worse mother than she already is? She wonders if she is protecting herself, is she afraid of losing Martin? Katherine says no, and she tells Martin to leave with her now. Pilar tells Katherine to stop telling her husband what to do! Pilar says in the eyes of God Martin is still her husband, so if her husband has something to tell her then he can. Pilar tells Martin not let Katherine stop him from telling her what she needs to know. She begs Martin to listen to his heart, tell her what the connection between Sheridans nightmares and his leaving Harmony is. She begs him to tell her, but Luis says whatever Martin says will be a lie. Pilar says then theyll know it is a lie, but she doesnt think he will lie to them. She thinks he is burdened by a secret, a secret that will explain why he left, explain Sheridans nightmares, a secret that is a threat to Alistair. Pilar begs him to tell her. Luis tells Martin to spit it out and then just get out of Harmony. Luis phone once again rings, and Luis wont answer it. Sheridan sees it is the hospital calling, and Sam has called too. Pilar finally answers Luis phone, and Sam gives her the news about Pilar. Pilar relays the news, and Martin says they have to get to the hospital. Pilar tells him no, he is to stay away. Martin says she is his daughter, but Luis tells him to stay away. Pilar and Luis leave, and Martin and Katherine prepare to head off as well. Alistair stop them and warns Martin to keep his mouth shut about the secret. He says he and his mistress can run off safe in the knowledge that he didnt have them killed. Alistair is left at the cottage to drink and enjoy everything that has happened. Tina asks if they are going to celebrate now? Alistair sends Tina back to the cottage to warm up the sheets, and he enjoys another drink. Julian then shows up to talk to his father. Julian tells Alistair he is here to tell him what to do. Julian wants to know who poisoned him.

Sam is at the hospital trying to get in touch with Luis. He keeps leaving him voicemails. Sam goes in to see Paloma, who is unconscious. He asks a nurse how she is doing. The nurse fills him in, and says they have saved  herclothes as evidence. They too cant locate the family, but have been trying. Sam wonders how much more the Lopez-Fitzgeralds can take. He lists everything theyve been through on top of Paloma being attacked. Sam sits with Paloma, and he feels horrible for her. He also says to think his daughters could have been assaulted just as easily. He tells her they will do everything they can for her, but she has to wake up and tell her who did this to her. Palomas machines beep, and Sam yells for a nurse. A nurse comes in and then yells to the doctor that they have big trouble. Sam asks what is wrong? The doctor says her blood pressure is dropping and if they cant get it up, Paloma may die. Later, after the family has been called, Pilar, Luis and Sheridan arrive to see Paloma. Martin and Katherine are behind them. They learn Paloma has been assaulted, but they dont know to what degree. Pilar sees Martin and Katherine have come, and Luis tells Martin this is all his fault! Luis says he's been so busy with his father and his lies that he hasn't been watching over the people who need him. Luis tells his dad to get out of Harmony or he will kill him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, we see a replay of Ethan leaving to find a doctor, and Theresa leaving to find a nurse. Gwen then confronts Theresa in the hallway with a pair of scissors. Gwen first approaches Theresa with the scissors behind her back. Theresa asks her what she is doing here, why is her wrist bandaged? Theresa asks if she tried to hurt herself, is that why she is here? Gwen says she is here to see her. Theresa says if this is about her not pressing charges for the stabbing . . . Gwen says she is here about stabbing her. Gwen says if at first you dont succeed, try again! Gwen then raises the scissors above her head. Theresa screams for help, and then begs Gwen not to hurt her. Gwen says she wont hurt her, shell kill her. Gwen says she took her little girl and now shes trying to take Ethan , and she wont let Theresa do that. Gwen then slashes at Theresa! Fortunately for Theresa she maneuvers out of the way. Theresa tries to wheel away from Gwen, but Gwen keeps coming after her. Theresa claims she hears Ethan calling her, but Gwen knows she is bluffing. Theresa tries to bargain with Gwen and says shell drop the charges against her, but Gwen wont bargain. They end up in a wing of the hospital that is under construction. Somehow then end up in the basement of the hospital. Theresa decides to use her cell phone to call the police, but Gwen says she wont go anywhere until they carry her dead body out of here! Theresa says if Gwen kills her then she will get the death penalty. Gwen says funny she should mention that as shes about to get he death penalty. Theresa tells Gwen that she doesnt want to kill her. Gwen says look at everything she has done to her! Gwen says she stole Sarah, she stole her son, and now she is stealing her daughter. Gwen says Theresa has taken everything from her, now shell take everything from her!

Rebecca is still filling out forms for Gwen and says this makes her want to slit her own wrists. When it comes to cause of injury, Rebecca writes Theresas name in the blank. Ethan finds Rebecca and asks why she isnt here with Gwen? Rebecca says Gwen tried to kill herself. Rebecca says Gwen slashed her wrists and it is Theresas fault. Rebecca tells him the story, and hes devastated. Suddenly the guard shows up and asks Rebecca if a doctor is looking after her daughter? Rebecca says not that she knows of. The guard says then shes disappeared. Ethan says they have to find Gwen before she finds Theresa! Ethan looks for Gwen and asks a nurse if she has seen his wife. She says the pretty dark haired girl in the wheelchair? Rebecca says Uh No! Ethan says his wife is blond and wearing prison clothes. The nurse says she hasnt. The guard tells Ethan not to worry, hes never lost a prisoner before, theyll find her. The guard pulls his gun out, which turns Rebecca on. She starts thinking about how hot it is to see a cop in his uniform with his gun drawn. However, Ethan asks him to put the gun away as they dont want Gwen hurt. Rebecca says yes put it away. Sam shows up and asks what is going on here? They explain what happened, and Sam says they need to find Gwen before she hurts herself. Ethan says or anyone else. Sam tells the guard to put the gun away, Gwen isnt in full control of her faculties. He says they need to find Gwen and have her checked out. Sam also knows what Ethan is afraid of, that Gwen might go after Theresa again. Sam calls another officer in to help them. Rebecca ogles the officer and says boxers or briefs? in her head. The group end up going into the wing under construction to search for them, and Rebecca continues flirting with the officer. 



February 2,  2005
At the hospital, Luis yells at his father and blames him for what happened to Paloma. Martin says he has looked after Paloma for years and loves her. Katherine says me too. Pilar tells Katherine that no one cares how she feels, she is not a part of this family. The doctor shows up and says there are far too many people in this room. Pilar asks how her daughter is, and the doctor says she is holding her own for now, but has suffered many injuries. Martin sees the rape kit and asks if that means what he thinks it does? Luis tells his dad that he has no right to ask any questions. Luis tells Martin and Katherine to both get out, and he pushes them out of the room. He tells them to do something nice for the people they claim to love, get out of Harmony! Luis says they dont need him, and since his dad left he has taken care of this family. Martin says he is back and he can take responsibility now. Luis says no, since Martin came back hes spent all his time dealing with him, and now look what has happened since he has taken his eye off the ball. Luis walks off, and Martin tells Katherine that if only he could tell them why he had to leave Harmony. Katherine says he cant as it would destroy Sheridan. A nurse approaches Pilar and thinks she is here with Theresa. Pilar says no, and she asks why Theresa is here? Pilar learns the baby is back in the ER and is sick. Pilar wonders how much more this family can take. Luis makes some calls to find out what happened to Paloma, but no one seems to know anything. Pilar, who left, has come back from finding out about the baby. She says the baby will be fine, it was just an ear infection. She says she didnt see Theresa anywhere though. Sheridan says she was probably so shaken up that she needed time alone. Luis sees Martin and Katherine are still here, and Sheridan says he is Palomas father and worried about her. Luis says this is all his fault for running off with his mistress. Sheridan asks him to stop this. Father Lonigan soon shows up, he came over as soon as he heard about Paloma. Pilar says Paloma is strong and will hang on for dear life. Father Lonigan offers to lead them in prayer. Luis refuses to pray as he plants to go find the scum who did this and make him wish he was never born. Father Lonigan asks Martin to pray with them, but Luis says Martin is no longer a member of their family. Pilar goes in to see Paloma, and she tells Father Lonigan that shell be back soon. Sheridan ends up begging her mother to let Martin tell his family this truth, it may allow them to heal. Katherine tells Sheridan that she doesnt understand, and even she doesnt know what this truth is. Sheridan says all the more reason to let him speak, isnt she the least bit curious about why he left? Katherine says no, not at the cost of causing more pain. Sheridan doesnt think that is possible to cause more pain then they have, does she? Katherine says she doesnt know. Sheridan asks Katherine if she gives a damn about anyone other than herself? Sheridan storms off, and Katherine leaves to take a moment for herself. Martin talks to Father Lonigan about the bind he is in with Pilar and Katherine. Martin has decided to leave town and not come back. Father Lonigan doesnt think abandoning his family again is the answer, it would be the biggest mistake of his life. Father Lonigan says his family needs him. He says he knows but he cant be there for them. He says Katherine is the reason he has to leave Harmony again. Father Lonigan says he is still married to Pilar. Martin knows that and says hell always have deep feelings for her, but he cant abandon Katherine after everything theyve been through together. Martin says if anyone is to blame it is Alistair, he put him in this position. Martin says Katherine needs him now, and he has learned not to abandon people who depend on you. Katherine returns, and Martin leaves to get them both something to drink. Katherine and Father Lonigan talk, and Father Lonigan talks about how poor Gwen and how she has had a breakdown after losing her dream to become a mother. Father Lonigan excuses himself. Katherine tells herself she wishes she could stay and be a mother to Sheridan, but she cant. 

Another cop talks to Luis about what he knows about what happened at the club. He says the bartender told them Paloma was wearing tight clothes, flirting with lots of guys, and sending lots of signals. Luis hopes the cop isnt saying this is her fault. He says hes not. Luis asks if they have leads on who did this to her, but the cop says no. Meanwhile, Pilar goes in to see Paloma and holds her hand. She feels guilty about sending her away, and she feels if she hadnt this wouldnt have happened. She thinks she would have been raised differently and she wouldnt have gone out tonight. Pilar goes out to see Luis and asks what they know about Palomas attack. Luis says she was dancing at the new nightclub downtown. Pilar says her Paloma at that place that has been raided by the police all those times? Pilar says but she is so innocent and shy! Sheridan, who is with Luis, tells Pilar about their first encounter with Paloma in Mexico at a nightclub. Pilar is stunned, and she yells at Martin and Katherine for raising her daughter to behave like a tramp in nightclubs. She asks what kind of parents were they? Martin asks what happened? Pilar says their daughter was attacked and possibly raped while acting wild in a nightclub, something she learned down in Mexico. Katherine says they had no idea. Pilar says why is she surprised, if Paloma was acting like a tramp she learned it from Katherine. The doctor asks them all to keep it down. Pilar apologizes and asks how her daughter is doing? He says its not good, her internal injuries were worse than they thought. He tells them all they better be prepared. Pilar goes back to Paloma, and Luis tells Martin if Paloma dies then it is on his head. Luis leaves to find the scum that did this to her, and says hell be back for Martin.

In the hall, Katherine talks to Father Lonigan about how she should be dead, everyone would be so much better off if she had died. Father Lonigan says he wishes he could say something to ease her pain. She says thank you. She says she never realized her existence would bring pain to so many people. A nurse walks by and leaves a tray with scalpels next to Katherine. Katherine sees them and says it might not be to late to right some wrongs. Meanwhile, Pilar goes in and sits with Paloma again. She asks god not to take Paloma away from her. Martin listens and also asks God not to take Paloma from them. Meanwhile, Luis plans to head off and find who did this to Paloma. He tells Sheridan he hates to leave her, but she says shell be fine. Luis still blames their parents for this and wants them out of their lives. 

Ethan, Sam and Rebecca come out of the wing under construction. They have looked all over and cant find Theresa or Gwen. Eve shows up, and they ask her if she has seen Gwen. Eve says she hasnt. Eve learns both Gwen and Theresa are here and missing. Eve realizes they are afraid Gwen might try and attack Theresa again. Later, Ethan realizes there is a door to the maintenance room, and they didnt check it. When he opens the door he hears Theresa screaming. Sam, Eve and the guard are elsewhere, and they end up back in the wing and sees the open maintenance door, which Sam says was closed before. They hear Theresa screaming and run.

In the basement, Gwen tells Theresa that she will kill her! Theresa falls out of her chair, and she tells Gwen this isnt her. Gwen says she will kill Theresa and keep her family. Theresa screams as Gwen jumps onto of her and holds the scissors to her throat. Ethan shows up and saves Theresa from Gwen. Ethan tries to reason with Gwen, who claims she is doing this because Theresa is trying to steal him away. He says hes not going anywhere, hes not leaving her. Gwen says she will break the rules this one time like he always does and kill Theresa . Theresa yells she will see Gwen locked up for life! Rebecca, who is there, says the one who deserves to be locked up is Theresa! Rebecca says Theresa pushed her Gwen over the edge by what she has done. Theresa and Rebecca end up arguing about the past, and Ethan tells them to stop it. Soon Eve, Sam and the guard shows up. Sam asks what happened here? Ethan says it isnt what it looks like. Theresa says it is worse. She says her daughter Jane had a high fever, so she brought her here. Gwen blurts out You named my baby Jane? Theresa says she was waiting to find out how she was when Gwen came out of no where and tried to stab her. Gwen yells her babys name is Ashley! Theresa tells Gwen that she doesnt have a baby, she and Ethan named their baby Jane. Ethan says "Theresa!" Ethan asks Theresa to have a heart, she sees what Gwen is going through. Theresa asks what about her? She says if Ethan hadnt found her, she would be dead and Jane wouldnt have a mother. Gwen says she wants to see her Ashley. Theresa yells at Gwen there is no Ashley, she doesnt have a baby. Ethan yells at Theresa, but Theresa says it is the truth. Rebecca says Damn you to hell Theresa! Gwen asks Ethan what Theresa did with her little girl? Theresa says there is no Ashley, only Jane. Gwen screams that her daughters name is Ashley, and she demands Ethan take her to see Ashley. Gwen throws a fit, and Ethan grabs her and holds her to control her. Gwen collapses, and Eve says she could be in shock. Theresa thinks it is a ploy for sympathy so she wont press more charges against her. Sam tells Theresa theyll talk about this later. Sam takes Theresa up to the ER to be with her baby. Ethan asks Eve if Gwen will be okay, and Eve says yes. Ethan decides to go see Theresa and try to get her to drop the charges. A wheel chair is brought, and Sam (who I guess is back) helps Eve lift Gwen into the chair. Gwen is basically catatonic. 

Gwen is wheeled back upstairs by her guard. He guard wants to cuff Gwen, but Eve asks him not to. Eve says Gwen isnt a danger to herself or anyone else. The guard says hell have to go ask Sam. Everyone leaves Gwen all alone once again!  Elsewhere, Theresa and Ethan spend time with their baby. Eve tells Theresa she can take the baby home, and she gives Theresa some antibiotics for the ear infection. Gwen, who is outside the room in her wheelchair, listens in as they talk about the baby. Eve talks to Sam and asks if Theresa knows about Paloma? Sam says no, he didnt have the heart to tell her. Theresa has to go sign some release forms, so they give the baby back to the nurse. Ethan and Theresa go to sign the forms. While they have their back turned, Gwen looks at the baby. She ends up stealing car keys out of Ethans coat pocket, and she says Thats my little girl! Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa finish signing the papers. Theresa decides to go find Sam and talk about pressing more charges against Gwen. Ethan begs her to let it go. Theresa says no. He says at least wait and talk to Sam in the morning. Theresa says okay. She says she needs to call a cab to take her home, but Ethan says hell take her home. Back in the hallway area, a doctor calls the nurse watching the baby to come help with a car accident victim, and she leaves the baby all alone! Gwen is now playing catatonic again. When the nurse leaves, Gwen swoops in, takes the baby and runs! Ethan and Theresa come out of the room they were in and find their baby and nurse gone. The nurse returns and says she was only gone for a moment. Theresa cant believe the nurse left the baby alone, and she asks where she is? We see a shot of Gwen is driving away with Ashley. Gwen says they are going far far away and no one will ever find them.

At the cottage, Alistair tells Julian he doesnt take orders from him! Julian wants Alistair to tell him who poisoned him, who really poisoned him as they know Eve didnt do it. Alistair refuses, so Julian says he wont leave without a way to clear Eve. Alistair says even if he gave him a name hed still have to take his theory to the police and prove it. Julian says the name! Alistair says fine, hell tell him every he knows. Alistair says what if he told him it was his darling Eve? Julian knows it wasnt eve, and he demands his father tell him who tried to kill him. Alistair says okay the truth is he doesnt have the slightest idea who tried to kill him. He tells Julian to take that bit of news back to his mistress! Julian says that night he said he knew who did it. Alistair says he was bluffing, he was trying to draw them out. He says he has no idea who tried to kill him that night, but he does suspect Julian was behind it. Alistair asks Julian if he was the one who poisoned him? Julian says if he had, he would have succeeded. Julian also says he wouldnt let Eve take the fall for it if he did it. Alistair forgot, this is the new and improved Julian. Alistair says he changed after spending time with Timmy the troll. Julian says Timmy had more strength then Alistair ever had. Alistair says you bleeding hearts are too much, and he says after all it was Timmys heart that killed him. Julian tells Alistair to shut up and not speak Timmys name. Alistair says the game is over, both he and Eve have lost. Julian says no, hell find out who the real murderer is. Julian says the only way to save Eve is to drop the good guy role and turn back to his devious ways. He tells Julian to start acting like a true Crane. Julian says he wont go back to his old ways. Alistair says then thanks to his new self, Eve will spend her life in jail and he will have lost his true love forever. 


February 3, 2005

At the hospital, Pilar is with Paloma and asks God not to take her Paloma away. Martin listens and watches. He thinks this is his fault, and he asks God not to take Paloma for his sins. Meanwhile, Luis tells Sheridan he has to go find the guy who did this to Paloma, and he heads off.

Katherine talks with Father Lonigan about how things would be better for everyone if she had died. A nurse leaves a tray of scalpels next to Katherine, and Katherine looks at them. She says everyone would be better off if she was dead. Father Lonigan says only God can take a life. Katherine says he is right, she wont kill herself, but her death would make other peoples lives easier. Martin shows up and asks what they are talking about? Katherine says Father Lonigan was helping her find strength.

Meanwhile, Paloma wakes up and calls out mama. Pilar says she is right here and she loves her so much. Paloma pushes Pilar aside and calls out for her father and tia! They rush in, and Paloma says she was afraid she would never see them again. She tells them how awful it was, worse then being kidnapped in Mexico. She tells them that she loves them so much. Sheridan comforts Pilar and says shes sorry. Pilar says she cant take more of this, knowing Paloma cares more about Katherine is like a knife in her heart. Sheridan hugs Pilar. Martin goes off to get the doctor, and Pilar attacks Katherine for stealing Paloma and Martin. She tells Katherine may she rot in hell for what shes done to her and her family. Martin tells Pilar not to attack Katherine, this is his fault. Pilar says there is enough blame to go around for both of them. Pilar yells at them both for what they have put them through. Pilar says now Paloma hates her and loves them. Pilar curses them both for what theyve done to her and her family.

Elsewhere we see a replay of Gwen grabbing Jane and heading out of the hospital with her. When Theresa and Ethan go to get her, they see she is gone. Theresa is furious with the nurse for leaving her child unattended. The nurse says she has to be around here somewhere. Rebecca shows up and asks what Tacocita is wailing about. Theresa says their daughter is missing, did she take her? Rebecca says she wouldnt want her spawn! Theresa asks how this could happen? Sam comes running and asks what happened? They tell her what happened, and Theresa blames the nurse. The nurse says perhaps another nurse saw the baby and took her to the nursery. They head to the nursery, and Rebecca thinks Theresa is making a big deal out of nothing. She cant believe Theresa hasnt accused Gwen of taking the baby. Rebecca then looks over and sees Gwen is gone! She sees the guard and asks where her daughter is? He says he doesnt know. Rebecca says this is the second time he has lost her! He says Eve said she was comatose. Rebecca says the word is catatonic. Rebecca says my poor baby! She then realizes Gwen may have taken Theresas baby. The officer, Officer Baker, calls headquarters to say Gwen has escaped. He then flirts with Rebecca and says she thought he looked good in his uniform, wait until she sees him out of it. Rebecca says stop trying to seduce her, her daughter is missing and he was supposed to be watching her!

Sam, Theresa and Ethan head to the nursery to look for the baby. However, she is not there. They soon begin searching the whole hospital for the baby. They end up where they started, and they tell Rebecca that they havent found the baby yet. Officer Baker wonders if the kid being gone has to do with the missing prisoner. They realize Gwen is missing again. Rebecca says she is sure it is just a coincidence, and she says Gwen has just been temporarily misplaced. The officer says Gwen was comatose when he went to get a cup of coffee, and she was gone when he came back. Rebecca tells him the word is catatonic! Sam ends up setting up a blockade around the hospital and says no one is allowed to leave. 

Eve is in her office thinking about Whitney and her baby. She is glad Whitney has health insurance as she and the baby will need it. Whitney shows up, and shes surprised to see her mom out of jail. Eve says Julian posted her bail. Whitney says it figures he would have stuck up for her. Eve says she is innocent, and fortunately for her Julian believes in her. Whitney came to find out about Theresas baby, and Eve fills her in. Eve wants Whitney to stay and talk about how things are going. She says her mom is accused of three attempted murders, and she is pregnant with her brothers baby, things are going peachy! Eve is worried about Whitney as she hasnt gained weight. She asks what her OBGYN says? Whitney says she is fine. Eve says she doesnt know how she could be fine, she should be showing a lot more. Whitney says she hasnt seen a doctor and shes not going to. Eve says she should be under a doctors care. Whitney says she is taking care of herself. Eve wants to check Whitney out, but Whitney says she is fine. Eve tells Whitney that she loves her and that baby, she wants to make sure she and the baby are okay. Whitney says shes pregnant with her half-brothers child, she is not okay. Whitney says she hates that she has this freak inside her and nothing she can say can fix it. Eve thinks they need to do tests, but Whitney doesnt know what difference it makes to know what kind of sick freak shes having ahead of time. Eve says she doesnt know that, but Whitney says shes done the research. Whitney says this is supposed to be the happiest time of her life, but instead its the worst. Eve says with the right tests they will be prepared. Whitney says her baby has a double dose of her mom in it, a three time accused murderer! This kid will need all the help it can get. Eve says she is sorry for her past and for trying to cover it up, but Whitney says too late. Whitney says it is her fault shes pregnant with her half-brothers baby. Eve says she cant make up for her mistakes, but together they can solve any problems that come along. Whitney says no. Whitney says shell have to manage on her own because her mom will be in prison for the rest of her life. Eve says she would do anything to be able to help her. She asks Whitney if she is even eating? Whitney says she is. Eve says how much? Whitney says she has had morning sickness, and shes been nervous and has had knots in her stomach. Eve says there is medicine for that. Whitney says she knows that. Eve begins to suspect that Whitney is starving herself and the baby. Eve thinks she is doing this to cause something to happen to the baby, to get rid of it. Eves phone rings, and she has to take the call. She says shell be right there. Eve says theyll talk about this some more, security is not letting anyone leave and she has to go find out why.

Eve and Whitney head out in the hall and run into Ethan, Theresa and Rebecca. They learn Gwen kidnapped the baby. Ethan says they dont know this for sure, and Rebecca says maybe she took the baby for a walk? Theresa says that psycho has her baby, and she tells Ethan to get her back.

Gwen speeds off in a car with Ashley in the backseat. Gwen says she is taking her to a special place where no one will ever find them. Gwen begins talking about how maybe one day Ashley will grow up to study the violin or the piano. She begins telling her baby a story about Soliari locking Mozart in the closet. Later Gwen tells Ashley that she knows Theresa thought she was her baby, but there will be no more Theresa in their lives. She says they will go away and they will be so happy.

At the Bennetts, Ivy is with Simone, Kay and Jessica. She is still lecturing them about leaving Paloma behind in the night club. She tells them all that if they dont wise up, they could end up in the same situation as Paloma. Kay and Simone say they have learned their lesson, they wont put themselves in any situations with men they dont know. Kay says isnt that right Jess? Ivy hopes they have learned their lesson. There is a knock at the door and Ivy heads to answer it. Its Luis, hes here to talk to the girls about the man who attacked Paloma. Another officer is with Luis, and he takes notes. They explain how they all decided to leave, and when they got outside they saw Paloma wasnt with them. They say they couldnt get back inside because the door was stuck or jammed. He asks if they saw with someone with Paloma? They say it was jumpin. Luis says if they are holding out to help Paloma, they arent. Luis says he knows how she was dressed and how she was acting. HE shows them a photo of Paloma to show them what has happened to her. They think about what happened that night, and the girls describe the guy to Luis. Jessica says she has seen him before on the wharf, and Simone says she thinks someone called him Vic or Nic. Luis thanks them and hopes this has been a lesson to them. He says he hates to see this happen to them. Luis leaves, and Kay says she still cant believe their night out turned into such a mess. Jessica says she wasnt even with them. Ivy says no, you snuck out on your own. Jessica says nothing would have happened if Kay didnt make such a stink. Kay says she wouldnt have gotten on her case if she wasnt sucking face with an old man. Jessica says everything was fine until she insisted they leave. Jessica says that is when the guy Paloma was with got mad and took it out on her. Simone asks how any man could do this to a woman. Ivy says it happens every day, its a sad fact. Ivy hopes this was a wake up call for all of them. She says sometimes adults as well as children think they are invincible, and they take chances they shouldnt. Ivy uses herself as an example when she climbed that tower to help Sam, only to end up struck by lightening and paralyzed. Later, Ivy ends up locking and bolting the door, and she heads to the kitchen. The girls sit up in the living room again and talk about Paloma. They hope she is okay, and Kay says shell never do anything like this again.

Luis and the officer head to the wharf to look for Vic. They are given some leads that Vic work on Captain Arnolds trolley. Vic soon shows up, and when he sees the cop he run. Vic ends up tripping, and they arrest him for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. Vic says he didnt do anything. Luis says he did, the girl he attacked tonight was his baby sister. Luis says if the system doesnt do justice, then he will! 

Luis and the officer bring Vic into the hospital to have Paloma ID him. Martin almost attacks Vic, but Luis says no. Luis says they need to do this by the book. Luis goes in to see Paloma. Paloma tells him about the man, and Luis asks if she could identify the man if she saw him again? Palona says yes. Luis has Vic brought in, and he asks if this is the guy. Paloma remembers him attacking her. Paloma begins screaming and crying when she sees him. She says that is the man. Luis says they need to know one more thing, when he attacked her, did he rape her? Everyone stands around waiting for her answer.



February 4, 2005
At the hospital, Paloma IDs Vic as her attacker. Luis promises he wont hurt her again, but he needs to know if Vic raped her. Paloma has flashbacks of him attacking her and ripping her clothes. Paloma cries that he hurt her, he hurt her bad. Palomas family listens as she cries out. Martin tries to attack Vic, but Luis stops his dad. Luis says they need to do this by the book to make sure the guy stays behind bars. Vic says he didnt do anything, and Paloma was teasing him all night and was looking for action. Luis tells Vic to shut up. Martin wants to take care of him, but Luis says no. Luis says they are doing this by the book. Sam shows up, and Vic says he is being set up and didnt do anything. Sam asks if there is something more serious then assault and battery they can charge him with? Luis says he says he didnt rape Paloma, but she hasnt told them anything yet. Sam asks Paloma if this man raped her. Paloma remembers him being on top of her, and her trying to get away when he pinned her down. She says he hurt her, but he didnt rape her. Vic says he told them. Sam tells him to shut up. Paloma says he tried to force her to do it, and he kept hitting her and told her that he would do it. She says then the police came and he ran away. She says if they hadnt come . . . Katherine goes to Paloma to comfort her. Pilar doesnt like this, and Sheridan comforts her. Luis tells Paloma that theyll take care of this dirt bag. Sam says hell be booked on assault and battery and attempted rape. Sam has the guy taken away, and Sheridan tells Luis that Paloma is lucky to have him for a big brother. The doctor ends up sedating Paloma so she can rest. Pilar and Luis head outside her room to talk, and Katherine and Martin stay with Paloma. When they leave, Pilar goes to see Paloma, but Paloma turns away from her! Pilar is crushed. Luis tells Sheridan he cant believe this is happening. Sheridan says the worst is over, but Luis says he doesnt know. He remember how Paloma acted down in the club in Puerto Arena, and how that scum said she was acting tonight. Meanwhile, Pilar tells Katherine and Martin that she hopes they are happy that their little girl is acting like a tramp in nightclubs. She says they raised her, and this is their fault. Pilar says she thought in Mexico shed have a proper upbringing in Mexico, but Katherine turned Paloma into a slut like her! Pilar says Sheridan is lucky Katherine abandoned Sheridan because Sheridan could be a slut like her and not the wonderful person she is. Pilar says no wonder Sheridan hates her, and she does hate her. Pilar tells them that if her child had been with her then none of this would have happened. Luis tells Pilar not to waste her time on them. Pilar walks away, and Luis tells Sheridan that his mom is right, Paloma is acting just like Katherine. He says he is glad Katherine wont be around when they have kids, he doesnt want her near them. Sheridan says he is right, her mother has no place in their lives or the lives of their children. Martin tries to convince Katherine that Sheridan didnt mean what she said.

Elsewhere, Theresa insists that Gwen took her child. Rebecca says they dont know that, and Whitney tells her not to jump to conclusion. Eve asks Ethan if Theresa could be right, and Ethan says hes afraid so. Theresa tells Ethan to find their baby. Rebecca thinks Theresa is acting hysterical, and she asks Ethan if he or anyone saw Gwen take the baby. Ethan says no, but Gwen is missing as is the baby. Theresa begs Ethan to go find her. Rebecca says Theresa is assuming the worst, but Ethan says Theresa is probably right. Theresa says her baby is in the hands of that maniac. Rebecca tells Theresa that shes the one who drove her insane. Ethan and Whitney assure Theresa that Gwen loves the baby and wouldnt hurt her. Theresa says they dont know that, Gwen has lost her mind. Theresa says Gwen tried to kill her twice and tried to kill herself. Fox shows up and asks what is going on here, why are their cops all around the hospital? Theresa says Gwen kidnapped her baby. Rebecca tells her to stop saying that, Gwen didnt kidnap anyone. Theresa thinks Rebecca helped Gwen and knows where she is. She grabs Rebecca by the hair and tells Rebecca to tell her or shell break her neck! Ethan stops Theresa, and Eve says the police arent letting anyone leave so they will find them. Ethan tells Theresa that Rebecca doesnt know where Gwen is, and this isnt helping. Theresa asks why Gwen wasnt being watched by the guard? Rebecca says he thought she was catatonic. Theresa says obviously she was faking. Fox asks what he can do to help. Ethan eventually decides to let Sam know what is going on. He goes to get his phone out of his jacket, and he realizes his car keys are gone. Ethan goes out the parking lot and finds his car is gone. Fox says they have to bring the cops in, so Ethan calls Sam. Theresa worries about the babys ear infection. Eve says Gwen took the diaper bag, and shell see the medicine in it. Eve says Gwen wont let anything happen to the baby. Sam soon shows up, and Theresa tells him that Gwen kidnapped Jane! Sam puts an APB out on Gwen and he describes the car shes in. He says he wants all roads closed, and why he doesnt think she is armed, she should be considered dangerous. Sam tells Theresa that hell do everything he can to see her baby is returned to her. Fox asks Theresa if she wants to call her family to let them know what happened. Sam says they are here. She thinks they must know about the baby already, and she wheels herself off to find them. Sam tells the others why Pilar and Luis really are here. Sam says he wanted to keep this from Pilar, but shell soon know. They all head to see Pilar and be there for her. Ethan and Rebecca stay with Sam and tell him that Gwen wont hurt the baby. Sam says he knows, but Gwen is a kidnapper in the eyes of the law. He says that is a serious crime, added to the ones already against her. He says they just need to find her and hope the baby is okay.

Theresa finds Luis and Pilar, and they tell her that Paloma will be okay. She is confused and asks what happened to Paloma? They tell her, and Theresa then tells them that Gwen kidnapped her baby. 

Gwen is still in the car driving Ashley. She says she wont let that crazy Theresa touch her ever again. Gwen says she should have a sister, but Theresa took her away. Gwen has flashbacks to losing Sarah. Gwen and Ashley arrive at their destination, the Crane Cabin. Gwen thinks because no one comes here anymore, no one will find them. Gwen finds some clothes of Ivys or one of Ethans sisters, and she also found baby clothes in the closet for the baby. Gwen holds Ashley and says mommy is here now.

At the Bennetts, Kay tells Tabitha has shown up to check on the girls. She has put the babies down to sleep in Jessicas room for now. Tabitha learns what happened to Paloma, and she is stunned. Tabitha says stories like this make her want to keep Endora home until she is old and grey. Kay says she feels the same way about Maria, and this could have happened to any of them. Kay tells Jessica that this could have been her. Jessica says Kay is in no position to preach to her. Kay says she has only slept with one man. Tabitha tells them not to fight about this. She says it is a crying shame girls cant go out at night anymore and be safe. She talks about Britney and Nikki Hilton going out to night clubs and waking up married. Kay tells Tabitha that she needs to stop reading the tabloids. Kay says they arent Britney or Nikki, even though some of them think they are. Tabitha says Jessica has learned her lesson, and Jessica says she has, even though she has her fingers crossed. Jessica makes them all some tea, and Jessica asks if Ivy is still up? Tabitha just checked on the babies, and she says Ivys door seemed to be closed. Jessica says good, shes glad she doesnt have to worry about the witch anymore. Tabitha says witch? Kay explains how Ivy caught them sneaking back in and told on them. Jessica says Ivy is not her mother. Kay says no, their mom ran off with another man. They soon start talking about Paloma again and hope she hasnt been raped. Tabitha changes the subject to a wonderful old movie she watched the other night. They ask what it is called, but she says she cant recall. Jessica tells Tabitha that she cracks her up, and she hopes shes never as old as she is. Tabitha thinks she never will be unless she comes onto the Darkside. Sam calls and lets Kay know they caught Palomas attacker, and she is fine and wasnt raped. Sam says she could have been, and it could have happened to any one of the girls. Kay says she knows, and they have been talking about it tonight. Kay says they are really sorry. Sam says this isnt over and theyll have a long chat when he gets home. Jessica ends up claiming she is tired, so she is going to bed. She says goodnight and heads up. Later, Kay finds Jessica is once again gone, shes snuck out. Tabitha suggests they check the bathroom, maybe shes having a shower. Kay says she didnt, and she heads to look. Simone goes with her, and Tabitha ends up hearing something outside. She looks out and sees Jessica run off dressed in her hooker outfit again. Tabitha thinks Jessica is on her way to the Darkside and headed for big trouble.. 

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