February 7, 2005
At the hospital, Theresa tells her mother about her baby being kidnapped by crazy Gwen. Luis says theyll do everything they can to get her baby back. Luis asks what happened, and Theresa explains the whole story. Sheridan wonders what has happened to poor Gwen. Theresa continues the story about Gwen almost killing her here at the hospital, and then how she stole her child and ran away with her. Theresa says her baby is sick with a fever and that is why she brought her here in the first place, so they have to find her. Sheridan wonders what Gwen has done. Luis tells Theresa they will find the baby. Sheridan tells herself that is what they told her, but she didnt get her baby back. Sheridan excuses herself and she runs off. Katherine goes after Sheridan. Meanwhile, Paloma comes out of her bed and asks what happened? Theresa cant believe how Paloma looks, and she asks her mother what has happened to their family. Theresa talks to Paloma and learns she wasnt raped, but was almost killed. Theresa tells Paloma that she is glad she is all right. Eve says she needs to be in bed. Paloma wants to know what is wrong. Theresa says says her baby was kidnapped by crazy Gwen. Paloma says that is impossible, but when she looks around at the others faces she realizes it is true. She says she is sorry but Luis will find her and bring her back. Theresa asks Paloma to say a prayer, and she says she will. Paloma then returns to bed. Martin watches as Pilar comforts Theresa. Martin tries to reach out to Theresa, but she tells him to get away from her. Martin says he is in pain, she is his daughter. Theresa says hes a little late, she doesnt want him near her daughter or her son. She says it shouldnt be hard, hes had a lot of practice. Pilar tells Martin to just leave Theresa alone. 

Luis chases Katherine down and tells her to stay away from Sheridan! He then goes to Sheridan to see how she is doing. Katherine realizes Luis is right and she should go away, she has hurt Sheridan enough. Luis knows the talk of kidnapping has brought up painful memories for Sheridan. She says shes reliving their baby being taken all over again. She says her heart is breaking in two all over again. Luis says it is horrible for him too, and they have to be strong for everyone. Sheridan tells Luis that he has to find Theresas baby, dont let her suffer this pain she lives with. Sheridan says she needs some time, and she heads off. Sheridan heads off to the nursery to look at the babies, and Luis finds her there. He says he brought her some tea. She thanks him but says not right now. He says it is here if she wants it. Sheridan says the babies are so beautiful, and she hopes their parents realize how lucky they are. She thinks about the babies growing up and going through all their major moments. Sheridan says no one is supposed to take your baby from you, no one should be that evil. Luis says Gwen isnt evil, she is sick. Sheridan says she was thinking of their baby. She talks about being separated from their baby. Luis says there baby is dead, but Sheridan says sometimes she thinks she can hear their baby in the room next to them. Sheridan says to lose a baby is the worst, so why did her mother leave her? She wonders if she was a terrible mother too, maybe that is why the baby was taken. Luis says she will be a good mother, and he says Little Marty loves her. She says Marty is not her son. She cries, and Luis comforts her. Sheridan sees the nurse has her hands full with the nursery, and she offers to help. The nurse says she needs to have clearance and fill out forms, but she allows Sheridan to help. Sheridan ends up holding a little boy to stop him from crying. The nurse says she is a natural and must be a mother. Sheridan says she is. Luis tells Sheridan this may not be the best idea. She tells Luis that she feels this pain of loss every day, all the time. She wonders why it happened and why God cant give them back their baby. She prays God gives Theresa back her baby, and she says she feels it is a sign that a miracle can happen and they will get their baby back. She says she knows it sounds crazy but she has to believe in miracles, without them she couldnt get through the day.

Sam talks with Rebecca and Ethan. He says he sympathizes with Gwen, but kidnapping is a felony, and God help Gwen if something happens to the baby. Sam gets a call and has to excuse himself. Rebecca says this is all Theresas doing. Ethan says Theresa and the baby are the victims here. Rebecca says Theresa has won and Gwen will never recover. Rebecca is worried about her daughter, is horrified by what shes done, but part of her hopes they never find Gwen and she gets away with the baby. Rebecca knows they have to find Gwen, but she fears what will happen to Gwen when they do. Ethan says he knows, but the bottom line is they have to find her and the baby. Chad shows up after learning Paloma got attacked. He asks Ethan what happened. Ethan says he doesnt know, he has his own problem. Ethan says Gwen is gone. They explain the story to Chad. 

Sam, Ethan and Rebecca go to where Theresa and her family are. Theresa asks them to tell her they have found her daughter. Sam says there is no word, so Theresa tells them to go find her before Gwen does something awful to her. Rebecca says Gwen would never hurt a baby. Theresa says she stole one! Sam says the whole town is blocked off, every officer is out there looking. Chad soon shows up and asks Whitney how she is holding up? He thinks she should sit down as this stress cant be good for the baby. Fox tells Chad that they are fine thank you. Chad leaves, but comes back with herbal tea for Whitney. They talk about Ethan and how this is hurting him. Whitney is glad Ethan has him here. Chad tells Whitney that he is here for Ethan, but he is here for her too. Eve finds Whitney and Chad together talking, and its an awkward moment. Later Eve talks to Whitney about how she knows what Theresa is feeling, to lose a baby. Whitney asks if she has any other missing children out there? Whitney ends up saying she wishes it was her baby that was kidnapped, she hates this baby! As she says this, Chad and Fox arrive and hear her.

Ethan talks to Rebecca about how helpless he is feeling. They wonder where Gwen could have taken Jane. Rebecca says who knows, she even called her father about Gwen. Ethan wonders where she would take that little girl. Meanwhile, Theresa continues ranting about Gwen. Rebecca tells her that Gwen would never hurt the baby, she loves her. Ethan asks them to stop fighting. He says they are all worried, and he tells Theresa that Gwen does love the baby and wont hurt her. Ethan says he knows this. Theresa hopes he is right because she is scared. Ethan says he is scared too, but they will find her. Theresa cries that she is their baby. Later a cop checks in and says no one can find her, shes vanished. Sam fears she got away before the roadblocks were set up, and she could be anywhere. Theresa says they have to find their baby!

Katherine goes to see Paloma and check on her. Paloma tells her that she is sore, but she is getting better. Paloma says she is very worried about Theresas poor baby. She says Theresa will lose her mind if this goes on much longer. Katherine says Pilar is here for Theresa, and she is here for her. Paloma says it is too late. Katherine tells her that it is never too late, and she has no idea how much her mother lover her. Katherine says when bad things happen, families pull together. Katherine says Pilar loves her, and she hopes she realizes her mother has always told her the truth. Katherine says her mother would have kept her if she could have, but she sent her away to have a better life. Paloma says she has heard this too many times before, and its not true. Katherine tells Paloma that she is an adult, she needs to put aside this resentment and try to understand. She asks her to understand her mothers sacrifice from the perspective of a woman and not a child. Paloma asks why? She says she is the only mother she has ever known. Katherine knows, and that is why she is asking her to give her mother a chance. Paloma says no, she has her and only needs her. Katherine asks her to try, so Paloma promises to try. Katherine thanks her. She then tells Paloma to get some sleep. Paloma says she will, but asks Katherine to come back and talk to her in a little while. Later Martin comes in to check on her. He says it kills him to see her like this, he is a failure as a father. She says hes been listening to mama and Luis, and they are wrong. She says she loves him, and he says he loves her too. He tells her that she should be a sleep. She says she knows. Martin tells her to rest, and he leaves her. Martin goes back out and sees Pilar with Theresa. He realizes he has lost his family and they want nothing to do with him.

Katherine goes off on her own and contemplates leaving Harmony. She ends up in the chapel and says it is best for everyone, and she asks God to touch all their hearts and help them forgive her when shes gone. Father Longian finds Katherine and suggests they finish their talk. He realizes she is leaving after all. Katherine says she is, and it is best. She says coming back was shear madness, it was just a pipe dream. She says all she has done is bring heartache and misery. She tells him that being blind is an advantage because you dont have to see the pain on the faces youve hurt. He asks if it isnt best she stay and help them work through the pain, but she says no. Father Lonigan says he doesnt approve of Martin breaking his vows for her, but he senses how much she loves him. Katherine says she does love him, and that is why she must leave. She says Martin didnt love her when they first left, and him helping her cost him everything. She says if one good thing came from coming back to Harmony, he realized how much his family needs him. She says Martin needs them too, and she hopes once she is gone they can work things out. Father Lonigan says that is a noble sacrifice, but is leaving Martin the best thing? She says yes, if it werent for her then he would have had a happy life with his family. Katherine says Luis and Pilar are right, she has robbed them of a husband and father. Katherine says she isnt a bad person and never meant to hurt anyone, but she has. She says she has to make up for the hurt by leaving Harmony and never look back. She thinks maybe theyll all move on, including Martin. Father Lonigan says Martin wont let her go, but she says by time he realizes she is gone it will be too late. 

At the Crane cabin, Gwen is running out of baby formula. She decides to head to the store to get the baby supplies. She says then they will come right back here to the cabin where they are safe. Gwen and Ashley drive to the store, and she says they must be careful not to be found by bad people. A cop car with sirens blazing shows up behind her, and Gwen tells herself to stay calm. It turns out it is just an ambulance, not a cop car. Gwen says she is sure Theresa is telling horrible lies about her. She says there are so many people looking for them, but no one will find them here. Gwen ends up at a little store, and she asks the clerk for formula and diapers. He points her in the right direction. She begins shopping, and she shops like the store was on fire and she has to get out with the last bit of formula left in the world! Later she goes to check out, but realizes she forgot the baby wipes. Meanwhile the clerk hears an amber alert on the radio! He listens to Amber alert and then looks at Gwen.


February 8, 2005

At the hospital, Eve has drug Whitney into her office. Chad and Fox are stunned to hear Whitney once again say that she hates this baby, it has ruined her life. Fox asks Whitney what is wrong, why does she keep saying she hates her baby? Whitney says she hates this baby, and if Fox wants it then for him to carry it. Julian has joined them and asks what is going on? Whitney tells Julian that he and his sick father are the reason she hates her baby! Fox tells Whitney that this is their baby, and their child has nothing to do with his family. Eve pulls Whitney aside and tells Whitney to pull herself together as shes about to expose her secret. Whitney says she no longer cares and she wants to tell them. Whitney says they are probably wondering why she keeps saying she hates her baby, and shell tell them why, shell tell them everything. Chad tells her that she cant really hate her baby. Fox and Chad soon begin arguing, which upsets Whitney. Whitney tells them none of them understand, and she runs off, but not before telling them not to follow her. Chad and Fox follow Whitney anyways, and they ask her what is wrong, why does she hate her baby? Fox asks if she is worried about the baby having Crane blood? Whitney says that does drive her crazy. Fox says they will be great parents and that is all that matters. He asks her not to run away, they are a couple and need to talk about this. Chad says hell be here for her too. Fox tells Chad to shut up! Whitney tells them to stop arguing, and she runs off. Fox tells him good job. Chad tells Fox that he needs to handle his business. He thinks they need to have a talk about how Fox is neglecting Whitney. Meanwhile, Julian talks to Eve about what Alistair told him, that he has no idea who tried to kill him and was just bluffing about knowing. Eve says she cant go back to jail, Whitney needs her and he doesnt understand. Julian asks what Whitney is so upset about? What is torturing her so?

In the nursery, Sheridan puts the baby down to rest. Luis asks if she is feeling better? She says yeah sure . . . no. She says she is still being flooded with memories of losing their child. She says she knows she saw their baby die, but her heart tells her that their child is out there somewhere and will come back to them. Luis says they have been over this. Sheridan knows this sounds like madness. She says she saw their baby die, but her heart tells her that their baby is out there and needs her. Luis says hes worried about her. Sheridan says that same heart put her faith in him, so how could it be wrong. She tells Luis not to take this from her, this hope makes her life baraeble. She says she might live in a dream world, but dreams do com true. She says look at her mother, she came back. Luis says and look how that turned out. Sheridan says still, she has to have hope. She says she is hoping things turn out for Theresa and Gwen. Luis says right now he doesnt have much sympathy for Gwen.

In the chapel, Father Lonigan tells Katherine that Martin loves her and will track her down. Katherine says she knows a way to leave town so that Martin can never find her. Father Lonigan says she has spent a lifetime hiding the truth, cant she see this is wrong. Katherine says coming back to Harmony was wrong. She says she has to go, and hopefully her absence will help Martin and Sheridan heal. She asks Father Lonigan to watch over Sheridan, she had no idea until tonight how troubled she was. She says Sheridan needs people to support her, people she can trust. Father Lonigan says she doesnt have to ask him to do that.. Katherine says goodbye, and he says may she find peace.

Martin sits with Paloma, and she feels horrible for Theresa. Martin says he must try and help Theresa. He goes out to see them, and Paloma feels she should help someway to and help her family realize they should hate papa. Out in the hall Sam talks to the family and says if Gwen slipped through before the roadblocks were set up then there is no telling where she is. Paloma comes out, she's now dressed, and she asks them what she can do to help. Pilar and Martin tell her that she needs to rest. Theresa thanks Paloma but says there isnt much she can do. Paloma says there is. She says she knows they hate papa, but they need to forget that and work together as a family to find Jane. Theresa tells her mama that if papa can help them find Jane then let him help. Luis and Sheridan return, and Sheridan gives Theresa her sympathy as she knows how she feels. Sam fills Luis in, and Luis suggests they search the mansion as she may be there or on the grounds. Rebecca says the security guards and staff have already checked. Luis doesnt trust them as Alistair pays them, so he says he wants to look himself. Rebecca says she is coming too. Luis and Sam tell her not to think about helping Gwen otherwise shell end up in jail. Rebecca says she just wants to find Gwen. Paloma says theyll all go. Sam says theyll need all the help they can get as the estate is huge. Sam asks Pilar to take Theresa and Little Ethan home. Theresa feels she cant even help find her daughter as shes stuck in this chair. Ethan tells Theresa that they will find her. Pilar goes to get the car, and Sheridan offers to come with them. 

Katherine goes to Sheridan to talk to her. She says she wants to talk about her future. She says she is sorry about the pain she has caused her, and she wants her to have a happy life. Sheridan says it sounds like she is saying goodbye, are she and Martin leaving? Katherine says no, she just wants her to know how sorry she is that she wasn't here for her when her child was kidnapped. She says she wants Sheridan to have more children with Luis, she wants her to experience the bond between mother and child. Katherine knows she left Sheridan and she hates her, but they do have that special bond. Sheridan says she knows that bond, even though she only held her baby for a few moments, the bond is there. Katherine tells Sheridan that she does love her. Sheridan says she has a strange way of showing it. Katherine says believe it or not, everything she did was because she thought it was best for her. She asks Sheridan to try and be happy. Sheridan says thank you for her kind words. She says she has to go now, she just realized something during all this talk of babies. Sheridan says she has to go, and she runs off. 

Pilar takes Theresa home, and Theresa waits for them to call. Theresa wonders when they will call. She says they have to find her baby. Theresa looks at a photo of Jane and cries.

At the mansion, Alistair and Tina are in bed together, and Alistair watches on the TV as Theresa cries for her baby at the hospital. He laughs and decides to have the cook bring him some baby-back ribs and coleslaw given all the talk of babies. Meanwhile, the gang arrives at the mansion. They have searched the entire estate grounds and found nothing. Rebecca says who knew the estate was that big, and she ruined her shoes looking. Ethan says he doubts Gwen would hide with the baby outside, she must be in the mansion. Paloma tells Luis how hard papa looked, and Luis says good for him. He asks how she is, and if she starts feeling worse she needs to go back to the hospital. Paloma says shell decide for herself if she goes back. They begin searching the house, and Rebecca says Where are you Gwen, and whatever happened to Baby Jane? Back in his room Alistair watches them on his TVs and says they can search the whole mansion as Gwen isnt here. He then changes the channel and watches Katherine saying a sappy goodbye to Sheridan. He says who needs a wife anyways when your Alistair Crane. Meanwhile, the others regroup and say the mansion is clean, but Ethan says there is still one more door they have to check. Rebecca says Alistair's bedroom, it is his secret lair. Ethan says it is a secret door no one is supposed to know about, and he found it as a kid. Rebecca talks about being in the room and Alistairs pet name for her. Luis says he doesnt want to know, and he asks where the door is. Ethan reveals it to them, and Luis breaks it down. They find Alistair in bed with Tina, and Luis asks Alistair where Gwen took his niece? On one of the TVs behind them is Gwen holding the baby at the cabin! Alistair tells them to get out, but Ethan says no one will go anywhere until they tell them. Tina sees the TVs and is stunned. Everyone turns around to where the TVs are, and Ethan says he doesnt believe it.

At the country store, the clerk hears the amber alert on the radio, and then looks at Gwen and the baby. Gwen asks why hes looking at them like that? The clerk says he just heard an amber alert about a woman who kidnapped a baby and is on the run. Gwen says that has nothing to do with her, and she has to go. The clerk tells her that she cant go anywhere. He says there is a crazy woman on the run out there, and she needs to be careful as she is a woman alone with a small child. She thanks him for his concern. He says hell finish ringing her up and help her to her car. After the clerk leaves the store with Gwen to help Gwen to her car, the radio alert describes the car, Gwen, and the baby! Gwen returns to the cottage and finds a photo of Ethan and Theresa in a drawer. She looses it and begins smashing the photo! She remembers when they got the news about the baby, and Theresa saying she had given Ethan a daughter. Gwen says Ashley is hers and nod one will take her. She goes to a crying Ashley and holds her. She says youre my baby! Gwen tells the baby its okay, mommy is here and Theresa will never hurt them again.

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace is listening to the radio and hears the amber alert. She tells Beth they havent tracked down Harmonys number two wacko, Beth being the number one. She jokes that Gwen and Beth can start a kidnappers club on death row. Beth says she is the only mom Marty knows. Mrs. Wallace says Sheridan will realize that kid is hers, and one day shell show up knocking on the door demanding her baby back. Beth says that wont happen. MRs. Wallace fakes a knocking sound, and says gotcha! She tells Beth she knows Beth is scared Sheridan will show up and claim the baby, admit it! Later, the radio station plays a request from Cowgirl Edna Wallace. Beth turns the radio off, and Mrs. Wallace and Beth continue to argue about Sheridan and Marty. Mrs. Wallace says she has heard it only takes 3 minutes for a baby and mother to bond. She asks how long Sheridan and that baby were together down there? How many times did Sheridan breast feed that baby? Mrs. Wallace says it wont be long before Sheridan comes to get her son, and maybe that day will be very soon! Later Mrs. Wallace looks at baby photos of Marty, and she says he looks so much like Sheridan that it is scary. She wonders what Sheridan looked like as a baby, they probably looked like twins. Mrs. Wallace says one day Luis will put two and two together, no one can deny Marty looks like Sheridan and that she is his mother. She says even Luis wont be able to deny it! Later there is a knock at the door, and Mrs. Wallace says maybe its the FBI, and she shouts "Come on in fellas!" Beth answers it and it is Sheridan. Beth asks why she is here? Sheridan says she is here because of her baby!


February 9,  2005

At Beths place, Sheridan tells Beth she is here because of her baby and she wants her child back. Mrs. Wallace says Beth is busted! Sheridan walks in, and Beth is stunned. Sheridan asks them if they heard about Gwen talking Theresas baby? Mrs. Wallace says yes and it is a terrible thing. She says it got her thinking about her baby and how she misses him, so she decided to come by and spend time with Marty. Turns out Sheridan was just making a statement when she showed up, not a demand. Beth says Marty is asleep and she doesnt want to wake him. Sheridan doesnt want to wake him either, so she asks if she can go up and watch him? Mrs. Wallace says of course, but Beth says no as Marty needs his rest. Sheridan asks Beth why she is acting this way, why doesnt she want her to see Marty. Sheridan says she has never been okay with her seeing Marty or spending time with him. Mrs. Wallace says now that Sheridan mentions it, Beth never has wanted her near Marty. Beth says she has no idea what they are talking about. Sheridan says she isnt stupid, why wont Beth let her get close to Marty? Sheridan says its almost like shes afraid to let her see Marty. Sheridan asks what harm can come from her seeing Luis son? Beth says she was just afraid it would make her miss her baby that died, and as far as tonight goes she just wants him to sleep. Sheridan says shes so sorry, and shes just so upset with what happened with Theresa and her baby. Mrs. Wallace says it must have reminded her of when that sicko kidnapper took her baby from her. Sheridan begins talking about her babys kidnapping, and how shes never experienced such pain in her life. She says she feels so bad for Theresa, but at the same time she understands the pain Gwen is going through. Sheridan says losing a child does crazy things to a person, just like the time she thought Marty was her son. Sheridan talks about the woman who stole her baby, and Mrs. Wallace suggests maybe this woman had help because it sounds like a big job for one woman. Sheridan says if she finds out Charlie had help, shell kill the person who helped take her baby from her. Marty soon begins to cry, and Mrs. Wallace says sounds like hes up. Sheridan asks if she can see him now? Mrs. Wallace says of course she can, so shell go get him! Beth says you cant manage the baby with the walker, but Mrs. Wallace says if she puts him in the stroller she can! Beth says shell go with her mom to help her. They leave the room, and Mrs. Wallace tells Beth it is only a matter of time before Sheridan figures out the truth. Beth says this time is no different than any other time, Sheridan will never figure it out. Beth goes to get the baby, who now looks younger and smaller then the last time we saw him! Downstairs, Sheridan looks at a photo of Marty and realizes that Marty is her baby, he is her son! Beth and Mrs. Wallace return with Marty, and Mrs. Wallace realizes Sheridan knows. Sheridan looks at Marty and says my son!

At the hospital, Chad and Fox get into an argument about Whitney. Chad doesnt think Fox is taking care of Whitney, he thinks Fox is neglecting her. Valerie shows up and asks what is going on? Fox says Chad is on his case about Whitney. Chad says hes going to have a talk with Fox about treating Whitney right. Fox tells Chad that he isnt neglecting Whitney, and Chad needs to stop acting like he is her other half when hes her half-brother. Valerie tells Chad that Fox is right, Whitney isnt his responsibility anymore. Chad says before she came Whitney was talking about how she hates this baby, and he has to find out what is wrong with his sister.

In her office, Julian asks Eve what is wrong, what is bothering her? Why is Whitney so upset about her baby? Eve says it is complicated. Julian says explain it to him, let him help her. He asks her to help him understand. Eve says if she goes to prison then she wont be here for Whitney when she needs her the most. Julian says hell do everything not to let that happen, but Whitney will never be alone. She says shell have Fox, TC and Chad. Eve says he doesnt understand, so he asks what she isnt telling him? She says Fox isnt the father of Whitneys baby. He says then who . . . . it cant be! Eve says yes, Chad is the father of the baby. Eve says she lied to everyone and knew it was wrong. She tells Julian that she cant go to prison because Whitney and the baby will need her. She says that baby could have a lot of emotional or physical problems. Eve tells Julian that she cant tell anyone because shes bound by doctor patient confidentiality, so she cant go against what Whitney wants. Julian says they have to hope Whitney tells Chad the truth on her own. Eve hopes so, but doesnt know if it will happen.

Whitney heads to Theresas place to see her. She thinks helping Theresa will keep her from thinking about her own guilt about lying to Chad and Fox. At the Lopez-Fitzgerald place, Pilar continues to comfort Theresa. Whitney goes in and tries to comfort her. Theresa wonders why this is happening to her, how can something so wonderful like having a baby be so hurtful. Whitney says sometime it just is. Theresa says she cant even look for Jane because shes in this wheel chair. She says Gwen cant nurse Jane either, and then there is her ear infection. Whitney says Gwen wont let the baby starve, and she took the bag with her medicine in it. Theresa says if anything happens to Jane, God help Gwen. Later Fox shows up to see Whitney and check on her. Whitney tells Fox that she knows he means well, and she loves him for it. She says there are things she has to work out that have nothing to do with him. Fox says if it has to do with her and the baby then it does have to do with him. She says it doesnt, and Fox says it sounds like shes saying hes not the father. Whitney says shes not saying that, and right now she just needs some space. Whitney tells Theresa that shes going to go, but Fox will stay here with her in case she needs anything. Whitney then leaves. She looks at a photo of Fox and Chad and hates that shes lying to them. She says she thought it was doing the right thing, but she wasnt. She wonders what she will do, and then decides to tell Chad the truth. She remembers him asking her to let him be a father to her baby. She thinks he could help her raise her baby. 

Chad and Valerie head back to the studio. Chad says he knows he cant be with his sister anymore, but he cant stop caring about her. Valerie says she understands his feelings for Whitney still, and she knows he is angry with Fox. Valerie tells Chad that he cant get Whitney back, and he cant get revenge on Fox for taking Whitney, but he can get back at Fox by taking the company from him. Chad says his brother will go down, hes in over his head and sinking. Valerie decides to help release some of the pressure thats built up inside Chad. She kisses him and begins to unbutton his shirt. She says not to worry as she doesnt want a commitment. She says they can help each other forget their problems, even if its for a little while. As they are making love, Whitney opens the studio door and sees them going at it! 

At the mansion, everyone sees the monitors in Alistairs room and is stunned. However Alistair quickly turned off the monitors right as they turned around. Katherine walks in and asks what are they all doing here? Martin asks what she is doing here, and she says she wanted to find out about the search for Gwen and the baby. Martin say they are here to see if Alistair knows where Gwen took his niece. Alistair says he doesnt know, but Ethan says his secret is out. He says they see he has monitors set up to spy on everyone in town, so he must know where his wife and baby are. Alistair says he and Tina werent watching TV when they walked in, and he has no desire to watch people in Harmony put their pants on in the morning. Ethan says so if they turn on the TVs they wont see what is going on in Harmony? Alistair says no. Ethan grabs the remote and decides to find out. He turns the TV on, and its just news from around the world. Luis thinks that the monitors defaulted to regular programming so his spying wont be found out. Alistair tells him that hes reading too many spy novels. Ethan asks what was on the monitors before they came in? Alistair says he doesnt know as he was occupied. Martin calls him a liar and asks where they are. Alistair says how he should know? Luis says because he is Alistair Crane. Alistair says flattery will get them no where, and now he must insist they leave. Luis says if he doesnt tell them where his niece is then hell be leaving in a body bag. Sam says even if Alistair knows, he wont tell them. Paloma tells him that hes not a nice man. Sam says they are wasting their time here. Luis tells Alistair that if he finds out he knew anything, hell make him pay. Rebecca asks Alistair not to let anything happening to Gwen. Everyone but Katherine and Martin leave, and Martin wants to know where Gwen and the baby are. Alistair says he doesnt know as its not like he has dressed up as a woman to kidnap a baby. Martin blames Alistair for all of this, but Alistair tells Martin that this is all Theresas fault as she cant control her lust for Ethan. Hw says carnal lust runs in his family all the way down to Paloma trolling night clubs to find it wherever she can. Martin goes to attack him, but Katherine stops him. Martin tells him to keep his filthy mouth shut about Paloma! Katherine convinces Martin to leave and go help look for the baby. He says okay, but tells Alistair this isnt over. They head out into the hallway and Katherine tells Martin that he can still catch up with the others and help with the search. She tells him he is such a fine and noble man, and she feels so blessed that she got to spend her life with him. He asks where this is coming from. She says from her heart. Martin says if he didnt know any better he would think she was saying goodbye. She says she just wants him to feel good the way he makes her feel good. Martin says once they find the baby theyll discuss their future. Martin says hell call her later. Martin leaves, and Katherine says goodbye my love. Alistair then comes out ans applauds her performance. He says it is too bad Norman Rockwell isnt here to capture this moment. Katherine tells Alistair that Martin is more than twice the man he is. Alistair asks then why she keeps coming back to him. He asks why she is here. She says she needs a favor. He ask what kind of favor can he do for her? She says she wants him to help her vanish without a trace, she doesnt want Sheridan or Martin to find her.

Martin goes downstairs and joins Paloma in searching. Rebecca hopes Ethan is working on Gwens insanity defense. Ethan says he hasnt thought that far yet, but yes she is not in her right mind. Rebecca says duh, what sane woman would want Theresas kid. Ethan says that it his his daughter too. He suggests they just focus on finding Gwen. Later the gang heads back to see Theresa, and she knows they didnt find her. Theresa asks Ethan where her baby is?

At the Crane cabin, Gwen feeds Ashley. She then begins to wonder why her daddy isnt here yet, but he should be here soon. She then finds the photo of Ethan and Theresa, the one whose glass and frame she smashed the day before. She rips Theresa out of the photo and then shows it to Ashley and says her daddy is here. She tapes Ethans picture onto a chair and serves him dinner!  


February 10, 2005
At the hospital, Eve tells Julian that it is her fault Whitney is pregnant by Chad. She says if she had told her family long ago then everyone would have been on guard. Julian says it is a horrible stroke of fate. Eve says Whitney is so terrified about giving birth of this baby, and she is afraid of telling Fox and Chad the truth. Eve says she doesnt know how much longer Whitney can hold onto this secret. Julian says if Whitney wont tell them, then they have to tell them. Eve tells Julian that he cant tell Fox and Chad, this is Whitneys decision. She says this isnt their secret, it is hers. Eve says she knows Whitney hates her, but she hopes one day shell forgive her. She says if they break her confidence then Whitney will never forgive her. Eve says Whitney needs her not as a mother but as a doctor as Whitney wont go see a doctor. Eve says she cant take the chance of hurting Whitney by exposing her secret. Julian says he wont tell anyone on his own, but if Fox or Chad asks him then he cant lie. She thanks him for understanding. He says her troubles are his, that is what it means when you love someone. Eve says Whitney is the innocent, all she did was make love to someone she cared for. Eve says because of her lies it turned into something dirty and frightening. Eve says Whitneys future is so precarious right now. Julian thinks maybe at some point shell be willing to ask for their help. He says this babys paternity cant be kept a secret forever. He says just as she wants to help Whitney, they both have to do what they can to help their sons.

Fox goes to the church to pray. He talks to God and says he knows its been awhile. He says he needs to talk about Whitney. As he talks, Father Lonigan shows up and hears Fox. Fox says he was trying to talk to God, but he doesnt think hes having much luck. Father Lonigan says God listens to all of their prayers, and he asks if he can help him. Fox says something is going on with Whitney, and he thinks it has to do with the baby. He says she gets very angry and shuts down when he brings up the baby. Fox says hes starting to wonder if hes the babys father. Fox asks if Whitney has talked to him, does he know something? Father Lonigan says he is just concerned for him and Whitney, that is all. He says Whitney has a lot to handle right now, and their relationship is still young. Fox says he loves her and would do anything for her. Fox says to show her that, through action more than words. A woman tells Father Lonigan that he has an urgent phone call. Father Lonigan tells Fox that he will pray for him. Fox wonders if he is the father, and says there is only one way to find out. Fox heads out of the church.

Whitney finds Chad and Valerie naked on the sofa in the studio. Valerie asks Chad to make love to her. Whitney thinks she cant tell Chad the truth now. She spies on them. Chad thinks they dont need to rush this, but Valerie keeps coming on. Whitney watches and imagines herself with Chad. She thinks she is disgusting, and she runs off, dropping her scarf behind. After she leaves, Chad and Valerie make love. She says they are good together, but she isnt going to ask him to rush into something hes not ready for. He thanks her. Chad then begins thinking about being with Whitney, and he tries to push her out of his head. He wonders what is the matter with him. Later he finds Whitneys scarf and realizes it is Whitneys. Valerie asks whose that is, and he says it is Whitneys.

Whitney heads to the pier and wonders what is wrong with her. She says she cant think of Chad that way, what kind of monster is she. She apologizes to her baby for saying she hates him or her, she says she just hates the situation. She says she is having Chads baby and she is still in love with him. She wonders what she is going to do. Eve shows up and sees Whitney standing there. Eve goes to Whitney, and Whitney gives her mom a huge hug. 

Fox goes to the mansion and talks to his dad about Whitney. He talks to his dad about the way Whitney is acting towards the baby. He says most women are excited when they get pregnant. Julian says he wouldnt know, he was never there for his mother. Fox says he knows. Fox says tonight she said she hated the baby, and when he asked her what she meant, she wouldnt say. Fox says hes been having crazy thoughts that maybe he isnt the father of the baby. Fox thinks the baby must be his because he and Whitney didnt use protection the first time. He says he doesnt know why he came to him as they have never been close, but if he can give him anything to help him figure this out then hed appreciate it.

Martin sulks outside the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and wonders what hes done to his family. Sam comes out to talk to him. Sam says he just realized they are Janes grandfathers. Martin says it is wonderful, and he just hopes the baby is okay. Martin wishes he could help. Sam says Pilar is trying to get her to rest. Sam realizes how hurt Martin is over this. Martin says no matter what his family thinks of him, he still loves them. He says even after coming back he still cant help his family.

Luis and Ethan are in the Lopez-Fitzgerald house looking at maps trying to figure out Gwen may be. He remembers this is what he and Sheridan went through when they lost their baby. He is glad Sheridan is home resting as she couldnt bare this. Ethan and Luis have a talk about the baby, and Luis says not finding their childs body has left a sliver of hope for Sheridan to hang onto that the baby could still be alive. Ethan says if they dont get this baby back it will kill Theresa. Ethan knows Gwen would never hurt the baby though. Sam returns, and he says there is still no news. Ethan says he doesnt know how much longer Theresa can hang on. Luis excuses himself to get some air, and then sees his father outside. Sam suggest Luis talk to Martin as hes pretty broken up. Sam says Martin really loves Theresa and the baby, and he really loves him. Luis doubts that, but heads outside anyways. Ethan wonders if Luis will ever forgive his father. Sam says he doesnt know, but if there is ever a time he needed his father it is now. 

Outside, Luis says he didnt come out to talk, he just needs air. Martin talks to Luis and says hes proud of him for taking care of his sister, and this cant be easy for him after he and Sheridan lost their son. Luis tells his dad if hes trying to bond to stop. Martin says he does know what its like, he lost them. He says he has no idea what its like, he ran out on them on purpose. He tells Martin never to compare himself to what happened to them. Martin says this is not the time for arguing, the point is he knows what is like to miss your children and be powerless to help them. Martin says Luis may not believe him but he loves them all, and it tears him apart that he cant help them. Luis says sometimes he hears Sheridan crying into her pillow at night over their baby. Luis says he wants to help her, but he doesnt know how. He says he wants to take away the grief, but he cant. Martin says he can, he just has to never stop loving her. Ethan comes outside, and Martin heads off. Ethan talks to Luis about how he is scared about Gwen and what could be going through her head right now.

Martin heads inside and talks to Sam. Sam still has no news on the search, but they are narrowing it down. Sam and Martin watch Ethan and Luis talking, and Sam says he thinks it is a damn shame he cant be there for Luis. Sam says he lost out on a lot of years with Ethan. Martin remembers reading about it. Sam says it took time, but they got through it. Martin says none of it was his fault though. Sam says feelings between fathers and sons have nothing to do with logic. Martin says he wouldnt have believed Luis would ever be able to accept him before tonight, but tonight they had a moment. Sam says it is a start, and for him not to cut and run this time. Martin says he wont.

At Beths house, Sheridan takes Marty and says My son, my little boy! Mrs. Wallace thinks she should wake Precious up because she loves emotional endings. Mrs. Wallace says on second thought shell tell her in the morning as she doesnt want to miss a moment of this. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she thought she could get away with it, but there is a bond between them that she cant sever. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she is going down! Beth takes Marty back from Sheridan and tells Grandma to take him into the kitchen and give him a cookie. Beth tells Sheridan that they need to talk, alone. MRs. Wallace and Marty leave, and Sheridan tells Beth that she knows Marty is her son. Beth says she has obviously snapped again. Sheridan says she feels that Marty is her son. She says she remembers holding her child for a few minutes before that horrible woman took her baby, and they were Martys eyes. Sheridan says Marty is her child! Beth says Theresas childs kidnapping is bringing up painful memories and she isnt thinking straight. Sheridan says she knows her own son and Marty is her son. Beth reminds Sheridan she was locked up for saying these things. Sheridan says it turns out she was right, Marty is her son and she will prove it. Sheridan says all this time she thought her baby was dead, but he isnt. She says she is taking him home with her. Mrs. Wallace brings the baby back out, and Beth tells Sheridan not to scare the baby with all of this nonsense. Sheridan goes to Marty and reads him a story. Beth tells her mom that she has to get rid of Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace says Sheridan isnt about to leave now, but Beth says she is talking about permanent removing her. She says its back to the basement for Sheridan, and this time she wont ever come out!


February 11, 2005
At the mansion, Fox tells his dad that he knows theyve never been close, but he doesnt know who else to turn to for advice. Fox says hes starting to wonder if the baby isnt his. He says he even confronted Whitney about it, and she got mad and ran off. He asks Julian if Eve said anything to him about what could be bothering Whitney? Julian remembers Eve telling him that he couldnt tell Fox anything about Whitneys baby. Fox asks his dad if he knows something, is the baby his? Julian says he doesnt know anything. He says when he first found out Whitney was pregnant; mom wasnt convinced it was his. Fox says if the baby isnt his then that means it is Chads. He says that would explain why shes upset and hates the baby. Julian says Whitney is just under a lot of pressure. Fox says yeah, and the baby has to be his because Eve said so, she ran tests. Fox thinks he should go talk to Whitney and get over these thoughts. Julian realizes how much Fox loves Whitney, and he says he was wrong to tell him to stay away from Whitney. He tells Fox that hes a good man. Fox says to be honest if she was any other woman hed probably just have tried to put the moves on her. He says shes not any other woman, shes perfect. Fox says if he found out she has been lying to him it would kill him. He says if she has lied to him then it will prove she was never the woman he thought she was. Fox thanks Julian for listening to him. Julian says he would do anything for him. Fox says hell get back to work as he doesnt want to get fired again. Julian laughs, and Fox leaves. Julian fears if Fox ever learns the truth he wont recover.

In Alistairs study, Katherine asks him if hell help her or not. Alistair says he will help her disappear. Alistair gloats that she ran off with Martin, yet when she really needs something she comes to him. He says he is her go to guy and not her precious Martin. Katherine says he is the only one who can help her disappear, and then shell be out of all of their lives. Alistair says hell help her disappear tonight. She says she needs one more night with Martin. Alistair says if she wants his help then she leaves tonight or not at all. She says no way, and if Alistair wont help her then shell tell the press everything, the whole story. Alistair locks the door and traps her in his office. He tells her that she wins, hell help her disappear, and she can have her last night. Katherine thinks he is up to something, but he says he isnt. He says hell be happy to see her leave and not have to be reminded of the humiliations she has put him though. He says hell contact her when all the arrangements have been made. He then lets her leave.

On the pier, Whitney tells Eve that she cant keep lying to Fox and Chad. Eve tells her that mommy is here, and she comforts Whitney. They sit down on a bench, and Whitney tells her mom how it is been hell for her these past few months. She says she didnt mean it when she said she hated her baby, she couldnt hate him or her as they are an innocent. Eve says she knows that and she knows she will be a wonderful mother. Eve says she hates what her lies have done to her, and she asks Whitney if shell ever be able to forgive her? Whitney says she just cant forget what shes done. Whitney says she knows her mom didnt deliberately hurt her, but its hard to forget and let go of the anger she has for her. Eve says she knows, and shell do anything to make it up to her. She asks to let her help, let her try and be the mother she loved and trusted. Whitney cries, and Eve hugs her. Eve says theyll get through this together. Whitney says first thing she needs to do is stop stressing out, its not good for her or the baby. Eve says she also needs good prenatal care, but Whitney says she wont see a doctor, she cant let anyone know. Eve asks if she can help her, let her be her doctor. Whitney asks if shed do that for her? Eve says of course. Whitney doesnt know what to say. Eve says shell do research and find out what genetic screenings they need to do. Whitney thanks her mom. Eve says she is a wonderful woman, but Whitney says no. She says if she was a wonderful woman then she wouldnt be in love with her brother still. Eve asks what she said? Whitney says she is still in love with Chad. She says she knows shes a monster, but she cant help it. Eve says its okay, she fell in love with Chad before she knew he was her brother. She says it isnt possible for such feelings to disappear over night, but they will go away. Whitney says so you dont think Im horrible? Eve says no, she loves her. Eve says shell be here for her now and when the baby comes. She says shes not alone and theyll handle it all together. Eve thinks the one thing that will help Whitney feel better is to tell Chad and Fox the truth. Whitney says she cant do that. Eve says its the only thing that will make her feel better, and Whitney says she is right. Eve says everything will feel so much better when the truth is out. Later Julian finds Eve, and Eve informs him that Whitney is going to tell Fox the truth. Julian says it will destroy him, but he needs to know the truth.

Whitney shows up at Foxs office to talk to him. She tells Fox that she needs to tell him something, the truth.

Outside of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Luis is on the radio and asks to be informed the second they hear something. Martin asks if there is any word? Luis says no. Martin says he wishes he could do something to help. Luis asks him to stay out here and monitor the radio. He says he doesnt want him in the house upsetting Theresa. Martin says hell do it, and Luis tells him to call his cell if he hears anything.

Luis goes inside and talks to his mom about what Theresa is going through. He says its like what he and Sheridan went through. Pilar says Theresas baby will come home safe. Luis says he hopes so because Sheridan will never get over losing her child. Theresa asks Luis if they have found anything out, but he says no. She says if anything happens to her baby then she doesnt know what shell do. Pilar excuses herself, and she sees Martin outside. Luis tells Theresa they are doing everything they can find the baby, and they will find her. Theresa remembers he told Sheridan the same thing when his baby with Sheridan was missing, but his baby died. She says her baby cant die too. Luis decides to get back out and join the search. He says hell say goodnight to mama first. 

Pilar goes outside to see Martin. She says she isnt here to chase him off, she brought him coffee. He explains why hes out here. Pilar tells Martin that shes been thinking, and she realizes his leaving wasnt all his fault. She says Katherine took advantage of his good nature. He says no, but she tells him not to defend Katherine. Pilar begins yelling at him, which brings Theresa out. Theresa asks Martin what he is doing here, and she tells him to get out now! She thinks he only came to fight with mama, and she says hes done enough. Luis comes out and tells him to go. Theresa ends up falling off the ramp as she goes back to the house, and Luis tells his dad all he does is cause this family pain. They take Theresa back inside, and Martin leaves. 

Martin runs into Katherine as he is leaving, and he explains how he upset Theresa and was told to leave. Katherine says she is so sorry. He thanks God he has her as he can always count on her. They hug. He says if anything else goes wrong, at least he knows he has her. Alistair spies on them and says Katherine wont be there for him much longer, and he calls Martin a loser.

At Beths, Sheridan tells Beth that she doesnt know how she got away with it, but Martin is her son, and some how Beth took him. Beth freaks and says she wont let Sheridan take Martin away. Beth tells her mom that Sheridan has to die. She says shell lure her to the basement, kill her, and then bury her. Beth tells Sheridan that she has a box of Martys favorite books in the basement, does she want to help her carry them up? Sheridan asks why they are down there? Beth says she put them down there when she repainted his room. She says if they bring them up Sheridan can read them to Marty. Sheridan agrees to help Beth get the books. They head downstairs, and Sheridan has flashbacks of being held by the clowns in the basement. She says this place . . . Sheridan looks around, and Beth points out the box to her. As Sheridan looks at the box, Beth grabs a shovel and plans to kill Sheridan! Before Beth smashes her over the head, Mrs. Wallace shows up and says hold it! Mrs. Wallace says she came to help, but Sheridan says they are okay. Sheridan says the box is actually very small and Beth didn't need help with it. BEth claimed she forgot how small it actually was. When Sheridan realizes Marty is alone she runs upstairs.. Beth is furious with her mom and says she will finish the job! Beth and her mom fight over the shovel, and Luis shows up. Luis knocks on the door and asks if Sheridan is there, is Marty okay? Beth puts the shovel away and goes to the door to let Luis in. Luis says he was worried about her. Sheridan asks how he knows she was here. Luis thought she would come to see Little Marty after the whole kidnapping brought back those bad memories. Sheridan tells Luis that Marty is their son. He asks what she is talking about? Sheridan says Marty is their son and shell never let anyone take him from her again. Luis looks at Beth, who looks horrified. 

Up at the Cabin, Gwen turns on the radio and hears a nationwide search has been launched for her for taking baby Jane. Gwen tells Jane that she is not Jane, she is her sweet Ashley. Gwen says soon Ethan will come and take them far away and theyll be a family. She sings Jane a lullaby to the tune of "Mocking Bird" and sings if Theresa tries to take her away shell cut her heart out! Later Gwen talks about how wonderful their life will be. She says they can go to New Zealand and live on a sheep farm. Meanwhile, someone arrives at the cabin and Gwen says its you!

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