February 14, 2005
Rebecca arrives at the cabin and tells Gwen that she is here to take her away, she and the baby cant stay here. Gwen tells her mother that she cant be here! Gwen says this is her and Ashleys special place. Rebecca says she is here to help her, is the baby okay? Gwen says of course, and how did she find her? Rebecca says she has loved this place since she was thirteen, why she doesnt know as its so rustic. Rebecca says if she figured out where she was then the police will too. Gwen asks why the police are looking for her, she is not in trouble. Gwen says she is here for some rest and relaxation with Ashley. Rebecca asks Gwen to stop this as shes only making things worse for herself. There is a knock at the door, and Gwen thinks it is Ethan. In reality it is a cop with a flyer of Gwen and the baby! Gwen thinks it is Ethan. The cop says he can hear them in there, and he is here to find the baby that was kidnapped and on the news. Gwen says it is Ethan, but Rebecca says it is a cop to throw her back in the pokie. Gwen says shell be right there! Rebecca says that is not Ethan it is a cop. She tells her if she goes back to jail she wont get better and Theresa will win, so she needs to hide. Gwen agrees to hide with the baby, and Rebecca opens the door and deals with the cop. The cop asks who is in here, and she says just her. He says he heard voices. Rebecca tells the cop that she was watching soaps. He sees baby stuff and demands to search the cabin for Gwen and the baby. Rebecca says she is Mrs. Julian Crane, so he doesnt have to search here. He says she is the suspects mother. Rebecca says she was here to look for Gwen too, she is worried sick about her. He asks why she was watching soaps then? She says it is an addiction. He asks what about the baby stuff? She says a couple that stayed here left it all. As she tries to convince the cop to leave, the baby sneezes. He hears it and asks who just sneezed if she is alone? Rebecca says that was her, and she fakes a sneeze. The officer says he was told to search every cabin, so hes going to search it. Gwen ends up grabbing a knife and walks towards the door! The officer is beeped and told to get a move on it. He says he has 12 more places to check tonight. Rebecca tells him to go, she is here alone and if her daughter was here shed be calling him for help. Rebecca then tells him to come up here in the summer for a swim. He says his wife would love it. The cop leaves, and Rebecca asks Gwen to put the knife down as hes gone. Rebecca takes the knife, and Gwen walks off. Gwen goes to her baby and says Grandma got rid of the salesman. She says no one will stop them from being a family with Ethan. 

Julian and Eve are on the pier talking about telling Chad and Fox the truth about the baby, it is the right thing to do. Eve says Fox will be heartbroken. Julian hopes their love for each other survives. Eve says Whitney has to tell the truth no matter what the consequences. Julian thinks he should take her out for Valentines Days, because who knows what next year will be like. Eve knows he means because she could be in prison. 
She dams Liz for lying about poisoning her. Julian says forget about all that for tonight. They then head off.

At the Seascape, Valerie is annoyed with Chads constantly thinking of Whitney. He says hes sorry, and making love to her tonight was amazing. He says but when he found Whitneys scarf he realized something must have been wrong for her to come see him. Valerie says hes done everything he can for Whitney. She says they were an item, but they are over, they are brother and sister now. Valerie says whatever Whitney wanted if its important shell come back. Chad says shes right, and he hopes she can handle it.

T.C. and Liz toast to themselves and the first of many Valentines Days together. Liz wishes if Eve could only see her now. She says her revenge is almost complete, and she hopes Eve is feeling nothing but pain. T.C. tells Liz some jokes, and she says he is hilarious. A song comes on that she loves, so T.C. asks her to dance. 

Martin and Katherine have a romantic dinner at the Seascape. They tell one another that they love the other. Katherine tells him not to forget how much she loves him. He says he wont, theyll wake up next to one another every morning and that will remind him. Martin says he knows they were going to leave Harmony, but he would like to stay. He says he wants to try and build connections with his kids. He says it might never happen, but he has to try. Katherine tells him he deserves it and so much more. Martin asks what she says, wouldnt it be marvelous to live in Harmony forever? Katherine says yes, marvelous. Katherine tells herself that leaving is the right thing to do for Martin and her children.

At Crane industries, Fox asks Whitney what she has to tell him? Whitney says it is time, she has to tell him everything. He worries and asks what is wrong, is it a money problem? He says whatever it is to tell him. He says he knows she wouldnt lie to him, and he could handle anything else. Before Whitney says anything, Fox says he has to tell her something. He talks about the talk he had with his dad about his doubts, and he knows he was stupid. He says he knows she wouldnt lie to him, and he wanted to apologize to her. He says she doesnt deserve that, she taught him about trust and honesty and would never lie to him. He asks her what she wanted to say? Whitney says she has been upset about the baby, as well as Theresas baby. Fox thinks shes worried about their baby being taken because it is a Crane. Fox tells Whitney not to worry, he wont let anyone take their baby from them. She tells him that he is a special man. Fox then surprises her with flowers, chocolates and reservations at the Seascape. She says she doesnt deserve this, but he says she does. He says nothing is too good for the mother of his child.

Julian and Eve show up at the Seascape. Julian doesnt have a reservation, but they say they can accommodate him. Eve thinks someone might lose their table and they should go to the Lobster Shack. Julian says nonsense, theyll squeeze them in. She says where they are doesnt matter, and she says she is still worried about Fox and Whitney. Chad hears this and asks what is wrong with Fox and Whitney? Julian says no, they were just waiting for them to join them. Chad introducing Valerie to Eve, and he and Valerie head off. Eve is concerned about Valerie and hopes she isnt seeing Chad because he is a Crane now. Later they run into T.C. and Liz, and Liz says if it isnt the woman who tried to kill her! T.C. says and her pimp! Julian tells Eve to ignore them. Fox and Whitney soon show up, and Whitney asks to speak to her mom alone. She says she was unable to tell Fox, and Eve says she must tell him the truth. Fox hears this and asks what truth? Chad asks what is going on? Whitney says she has to take shots in addition to vitamins, and she needs someone to give them to her. She also says her mom is just concerned she isnt gaining weight. Fox says hell give her the shots, and hell make sure she is fattened up. Chad thinks there is something else going on here. He says she is not afraid of shots, and she is a trained athlete and knows about nutrition. Whitney says they can ask her mom if they dont believe her. Eve says it is true. Eve says Whitney was worried about the shots and worried about her weight. Fox believes Whitney and suggests Chad go ask Valerie to dance. Chad continues to worry about Whitney. Julian talks to Fox about business, but Fox says not now, its Valentines Day. He says Whitney is about to give him a grandchild. Julian tells himself yes, but will anyone know Chad is the father. Meanwhile Eve talks to Whitney, who has decided to keep the truth a secret. Eve says secrets always come out. Whitney says for her sake she has to hope that day never comes.

At Beths, Sheridan tells Luis that Marty is their son, he is their baby. Luis tells Sheridan that Marty is not their son, but Sheridan says he is. Sheridan says he is their son. He asks why she thinks this? Sheridan says he looks just like her. Beth says its just the blond hair, and lots of kids have it when they are younger and they grow out of it. Sheridan says no it is his eyes and mouth. Luis thinks Marty looks like him, and Sheridan is just projecting. He says Marty is his child with Beth, she is just wishing he is hers. Sheridan says no! She says Beth did this, she kidnapped her and stole her child. Sheridan says she can prove it. He asks what she means? Beth says poor Sheridan is under a lot of stress. Sheridan tells Beth not to poor Sheridan her, and she calls Beth a criminal. Beth tells Luis perhaps she is having another breakdown. Luis asks Sheridan if she honestly believes what she is saying and that she can prove Beth is behind their babys kidnapping? She says Marty is the spitting image of her. Luis says she needs more proof then that. Sheridan says this is their son, Beth took him. She says Beth must have known about the clowns and that awful Charlie woman. Luis tells Sheridan she cant make wild accusations against Beth. He says there baby died and they cant bring their baby back. She says she can prove it, do a DNA test on Marty. Mrs. Wallace says just like law and order! Beth tells her mom this is no time to kid. Luis tells Sheridan this wont bring their baby back, and she has to stop blaming Beth. He says it is Valentines Day and they still have part of the day left. He tells her to let it go, they should go back to the cottage. Sheridan says she believes him, but then says no Marty is their boy. Luis says Marty isnt theirs. Sheridan says okay, she believes him but only because it is him. She asks Luis to take her home and they leave. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth one of these days nothing will stop Sheridan from knowing Marty is her son. Later Edna eats some Valentines Day chocolates, and Beth puts Marty to sleep. Edna says she doesnt know how Beth got out of this, but she hasnt won the war. Edna says Sheridan still has Luis, and they are together right now while Beth is stuck here with her mommy. Edna offers her a nut caramel for a nut job. Beth knocks the cadies out and says she has a plan to get Luis and Sheridan wont stop her.

Luis takes Sheridan back to the cabin, and he promises her that theyll have their own baby but Little Marty isnt theirs. Sheridan says she believes him. She says if Marty was their son shed kill to get him back, but she believes him. Luis leaves to get her a surprise. Sheridan looks at a photo of Marty and Luis and knows he is her son.


February 15, 2005 
At Tabithas place, Tabitha talks to Endora about how spring is in bloom and soon all the little animals will be coming out. She says she prefers autumn when everything is dead or dying. They look in Tabithas bowl to see what is going on. They watch Alistair in bed and Tabitha laughs that Alistair thinks hes the only one who thinks he can see whats going on out town. Tabitha then covers Endoras eyes to hide what they are doing. Later Tabitha talks about how she cant let Alistair ever find out she is his granddaughter as he would take her away. She says she cant suffer another loss like that. She says she still misses her Timmy. Heaven opens up, and Timmy shines down on Tabitha. Tabitha tells him that she loves him. Tabitha then tells Endora if Alistair ever tried to take her away, shed take him out first! Tabitha then admits she feels bad for Katherine as she could never give up her Endora. Tabitha says she loves her way too much. Endora says "I know! 

At Alistairs place, Alistair turns on his TVs and watches Katherine spending a night in Martins bed. Alistair isnt pleased. Hes furious and calls her a slut. He cant believe that peasant could satisfy his wife the way he does. Tina says he thought he hated her. He says he does, but Katherine is still his property and no one steals from Alistair Crane  especially that common thief Martin Fitzgerald. Alistair gets dressed and tells Tina that she will have to wait, business before pleasure.

Katherine and Martin are marking love together at the B&B. Afterwards Martin tells her that was incredible. She says it was magical, and she wanted to show him how much she loves him. She tells him never to forget it or doubt it. He wonders why she is talking this way, but then thinks he has figured it out. He thinks she is trying to take his mind of Theresa and the baby. He also tells Katherine nothing will separate them if they dont let it. He holds her, and she tells herself nothing except her. Katherine says she has to leave Martin and their children. Martin decides he should go check on Theresa and see if there is any word on the baby. Martin gets out of bed, and Katherine knows this is the last time shell see or make love to Martin. Katherine says when he returns, shell be gone for good. Martin asks Katherine what is wrong? She says she loves him so much and to never forget it. He says he promises, ad he loves her too. She tells him to go to Theresa and offer to be there for her, even if she is still angry with him.

Katherine goes back to see Alistair. Alistair then lets Katherine know he was watching her on his television monitors. She sees the TV, calls him a scum, and slaps him. Alistair warns her to be careful if she wants his help. HE asks if she wants to leave town or not? Katherine says she has to. Alistair says the Crane Jet is waiting Katherine says she needs to pack, but Alistair says shell be able to buy what she needs. She says these are personal things, photos. He says if she wants to disappear then go now. He says if she waits then shell become weak and never leave Harmony. Katherine says it pains her to admit it, but hes right. She says she never thought shed say this, but thank you. He tells her to leave before she changes his mind. Katherine then walks off.

Sheridan is in her bed reading a story to Little Marty. She says she loves him and wont let anyone take him from her again. It is just a dream, and Luis wakes her up. She asks where Marty is, where is her son? Luis says Marty isnt here, and she isnt her son. She says she knows that is what he said, but everything tells her he is. She says she needs to have a baby. She fears she may be loosing her mind just like Gwen. She talks about how it was not being able to have a child that drove Gwen over the edge. She wonders if she is crazy for thinking Marty is her son? Luis says she isnt losing her mind, but Sheridan says she did before. She says she cant shake the feeling that their baby is alive and calling to her. She says he needs her, or maybe it is her who needs him. Sheridan tells Luis as much as she loves him, she needs to have a baby to love to. Luis tells Sheridan that he bets a lot of this goes back to her mother abandoning her, and having Katherine come back have stirred up the feelings. Sheridan says that doesnt explain her connection to Marty. Pilar calls Luis to find if there is any news, but he says nothing yet. Pilar says Theresa is beside herself and she and Ethan cant calm her down. Pilar asks Luis to come talk to Theresa. Luis says he cant leave Sheridan right now. Sheridan tells Luis that shell be fine. She promises him shell be fine, so Luis says hell be there as soon as he can. 

Sheridan takes a walk on the Crane grounds. She says she knows Luis says their baby died, but they never found the bodies. She feels her baby is still alive and Beth has him. She tells herself that is impossible because Luis said so, but she still feels it. Katherine shows up, and Sheridan runs to her and begs her not to go as she needs her so much.

At the cabin, Gwen wants to call Ethan and let him know where they are. Rebecca says they cant call Ethan, they cant trust him right now. She says Ethan wants to give the baby back to Theresa. Gwen asks why Ethan would want to give their daughter to that woman? She says Ethan loves her and wouldnt turn her in for spending time with their daughter. Rebecca says dont bet on that. Rebecca says Theresa has convinced Ethan that the baby is hers, and that she has connived Ethan into working with the police to find her. She says that is why they cant tell Ethan where they are. Gwen says she cant go to jail, she has to be free so she can take care of her little girl. Rebecca says of course, that is why they both have to go far far away. Gwen doesnt understand why Ethan would listen to Theresa. Gwen says she knows people are whispering about her and calling her crazy. She says nobody if calling Theresa crazy thought for what she did. Rebecca tells Gwen that she has to stay focused, and the point is they cant tell Ethan. Gwen says she loves Ethan, and she knows he loves her and Ashley. She says she just doesnt know why Theresa had to come into their lives. She says she hates Theresa for causing her nothing but grief and heartache. Gwen says this is all her fault and she should have killed Theresa long ago. Gwen says if she ever sees Theresa again shell finish what she started. Gwen also finds it hard to believe Ethan has betrayed her. Rebecca says they just cant take a chance, too many people are looking for her and will put her in jail. Gwen says no one will put her in jail. She says Theresa was trying to take her baby, she stabbed her in self defense so no one will put her in jail for kidnapping her own child. Rebecca says not if nobody finds her. She says Morocco is lovely this time of year, so they should get in the car and go.

At Theresas, Theresa doesnt understand how Gwen cant be found anywhere. Ethan tries to calm her down, but Theresa wont be calmed down. Theresa gets fired up when Ethan begins talking about Gwen and why she did this. She says shell see Gwen dead for what shes done to her. Theresa says she doesn't care what made Gwen do it, she did it and she wants Gwen to pay with her life. Ethan says Gwen wont hurt the baby, hed stake his life on it. Theresa rants and raves and thinks Gwen paralyzing her was part of her master plan to steal her baby. Theresa says this way she can't follow Gwen. Theresa says Gwen is just like Rebecca, she thinks because she is rich she can have her baby. Pilar tells Theresa she will wake Little Ethan up if she doesn't calm down, does she want him to find her having a fit? Theresa says she just wants her baby back. Ethan says he wants her back too. There is a knock at the door, and Theresa hopes it is about the baby. It is Luis, and he has come to try and calm Theresa down. HE has no news for them. He assures Luis they will find the baby and they are doing everything to find her. Luis then goes to see mama, who is in the kitchen making them tea and coffee. 

In the kitchen Luis talks to Pilar. Luis finds his mother making coffee the way papa likes it, and he asks if he is here? Pilar says no, but Luis wants to know if she is expecting him. She says he might come by to check on Theresa. She thinks he still loves them and cares about them, which angers Luis. Luis thinks shes ready to allow him to come back and pop into his easy chair. Pilar says it wont be that easy, but she feels Martin wants to reconnect to them. Luis reminds her that he gave her divorce papers. Pilar says because he told him to. Luis says he cant make him divorce her if he didnt want to. Pilar hasnt signed the papers and says she doesnt think she can. She says even if she signs them, shell still be married to him in the eyes of God. She says to remarry would be sacrilege, something she can't do. Luis says fine then get an annulment. Pilar says she doesnt know, and she says so much has happened. She says the way hes been so concerned about them all. Luis tells her to stop. He says is she saying shed let him back after everything he did to them? She says she still is angry, but shes frustrated as they dont know the whole story. He says right, that deep dark secret about why he left town. She says as a Catholic it is her duty to practice forgiveness, so if she cant forgive him then what kind of Christian is she. Martin shows up, and he says speak of the devil. Luis tells him that his coffee is getting cold. Martin says he came here to check on Theresa and see if there was any news. Meanwhile, Theresa asks Ethan to call Rebecca and see if she has heard anything. Ethan agrees to call.  Back at the cabin, Gwen sees Ethan is calling on her mom's phone and she is happy. She says she told her mom that Ethan loved her and Ashley. Rebecca tells Gwen not to answer the phone.


February 16,  2005
At the hospital, Eve, Whitney and Fox listen to the babys heartbeat. Fox is wowed by hearing "his" babys heartbeat. Whitney smiles at him. Fox talks about how incredible this is, and Whitney gets a bit excited as Fox talks, but then gets a  guilty look on her face as he talks about how this is a miracle their love has made. Fox asks if everything is okay with the baby? Eve says she still has more tests, but so far nothing to worry about. Fox asks what about Whitney not gaining weight? Eve has some prenatal vitamins for Whitney to take which she thinks will fix that. A nurse shows up and gives Eve the information she wanted, and the baby could have serious birth defects. Fox hears this and asks if this is about their baby? The nurse says she is sorry as she thought Eve was alone. Fox asks what is going on? Eve says the nurse was talking about another patient, so Fox should calm down. Fox says hes sorry. Eve asks Fox to wait outside while she finishes the exam, so he leaves. Whitney thanks her mom for covering for her. Eve says she doesnt like lying, but it is her body and choice. Whitney sees the papers and realizes her mom lied to Fox, these papers are about her baby and what could be wrong with it. Whitney asks what she does now? How does she prevent this? Eve says first she needs to take the vitamins, and then she needs to make sure she eats at least three good meals a day. Whitney cant believe this is happening. She says other women get to be excited about their baby being born, she just cant wait so this mess is over. Fox knocks and asks if they are done, and they say yes. Eve then leaves them and gives them time alone. Fox tells Whitney how much he loves her, and how much their baby will love her. Fox says he never thought hed turn into one of those sappy fathers-to-be, but bring on the Lamaze classes. Whitney says this doesnt sound like the Fox she knows, but he loves being a part of the baby even before it is born. Fox goes to get their stuff, and Whitney throws the vitamins away as she thinks they will do her no good.

Beth takes Marty to the hospital for a checkup. Mrs. Wallace is with them, and she says she better hope Marty never gets really sick, for example if he needs a blood or bone marrow transplant, otherwise shell be busted. She says the doctors will realize he isnt her son and theyll figure out who his real mother is. Beth tells her mom to keep her mouth shut or shell shut it for her. Mrs. Wallace says Marty will figure out the truth too, he is bright like his real mommy. Beth says if Sheridan is so damn bright then how did Luis convince her that shes delusional. Mrs. Wallace says Sheridan knows the truth, she knows Beth kidnapped her son. Beth threatens her mother by saying shell send her off to Sweet Serenity. Mrs. Wallace says it wont change the fact that Sheridan knows Marty is her son and one of these days shell claim him. Later, Eve meets with Beth and Marty for Martys checkup. Mrs. Wallace can't believe her nut job daughter took Marty to the psycho serial killer doctor. She says she'll wait in the waiting room and pray for them both.

At the cabin, Gwen has her moms cell phone. She sees Ethan is calling and is all excited. She says she cant wait to tell him where she is so he can come be with her and the baby. Rebecca says if she answers that phone she is signing her own death warrant. Gwen tells her mom to stop being so melodramatic. She says she want Ethan to know they are okay. Rebecca says that wont happen, and they argue. Rebecca swears Theresa has her claws into Ethan and he is trying to help her find the baby. Rebecca grabs the phone and they struggle over it. Gwen calls out, but then hears Theresas voice. She is angry to learn Theresa is with Ethan, and she says shell kill her. Gwen asks her mom to give her the phone as she needs to know what hes doing with Theresa. Rebecca says no, shell end up back in jail if she talks to Ethan. Rebecca then deals with Ethan on the phone. Gwen still wants to know why he is with Theresa. Rebecca says she is paralyzed now. Gwen says it serves her right. Rebecca says maybe nobody was there to look after her so he was helping. Gwen wonders how Theresa gets him to do things for her when she (Gwen) is the mother of her baby. Rebecca tells Gwen not to get worked up, they have to think about their next step and what to do with Jane. Gwen says her name is Ashley! Gwen then tells the baby that shell take such good care of her. Rebecca thinks they need to get out of here, but Gwen worries then Ethan wont know where to find them if they leave.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, Ethan is calling Rebecca and hears Gwens voice. Theresa screams Wheres my baby! She asks Ethan to give her the phone as she knows Gwen is there. Ethan tells Theresa to stop yelling as shell hurt their chances of finding out where they are. Ethan tells her to calm down, and he then asks if Gwen is there. Rebecca talks to Ethan and says this is Rebecca and Gwen isnt here. Ethan says he swears he heard Gwen, but she says he must be hearing things. She says she was taking a nap, and dropped the phone when he called. Ethan asks if she hears anything about Gwen to call him. She says she will. He asks where she is, and Rebecca says in bed of course. Theresa asks Ethan if Gwen was there, but Ethan says he doesnt know. Ethan doesnt trust Rebecca, so he calls the mansion to see if Rebecca has had any messages or visitors. It turns out Rebecca isnt home. Theresa asks where she could be? Ethan has some ideas, and he decides to go look for her, but says hell be in touch. Theresa tells him to find their little girl and bring her home. 

In the kitchen, Pilar asks Luis to give his father a chance, he has come by because he loves them. Martin tells Luis he thought they had started to bond last night. Luis says he was out of his mind with worry, so if his father got the impression things were okay between them well they arent. Pilar tells Luis that Martin is still Theresas father and he is hurting over this as well as his guilt. Luis cant believe his mother believes what she is saying. Martin says he does feel terrible about hurting them. Pilar says she believes him. She says she hasnt forgiven him, but she believes he had a good reason for leaving. Luis says yeah there was a reason, something to do with the gazebo. He tells his father for once in his life tell them the truth. Pilar tells Luis he wont gain anything by badgering his father. Martin tells her not to defend him as he has given her no reason to. Luis says they agree on that. Pilar says one thing she has never doubted is her own judgment, and she knows her husband was and is a good man. She thinks Martin left because he felt he had to in order to protect them. Luis doesnt think so, he thinks something happened that prompted him and Alistair to build the gazebo. He asks if they killed someone and buried them under there? Luis asks what the secret is, why did he have to leave them. Martin says he cant say. Luis thinks Martin made the gazebo story to cover the real reason he left, another woman. Pilar tells Luis that is enough, and she asks Luis to leave her with Martin. Luis warns his father not to bring one tear to her eyes. Luis then leaves them to talk. Pilar tells Martin she is angry with him, but she knows what kind of man he was. She says she fell in love with a man with a clear conscious, and knew right from wrong. She says she believes he had another reason for leaving. Martin says her faith means a lot to him. Pilar says if she learns that it was because of Katherine he left, then shell have no use. Pilar says if there was another reason he left then to tell her. Pilar says he owes her an explanation after what he put her through. She asks if their marriage was nothing but a lie, or did he love her like the way she loved him? She asks if he would have left her and their children if it wasnt for this secret. Martin says he wouldnt have left, and he loved her and their children. He says he was caught up in something beyond his will. He says he left to help Katherine yes, but mainly to protect her and the kids. Pilar asks what about his involvement with Katherine, is it true he didnt love her until later? He says yes, he loved her (Pilar) with all his heart. Pilar says so if it werent for his relationship with Katherine then hed still be with her and their family? He says without a doubt. Pilar says she knew he still loved her. Martin says Katherine is still here and shes not going anywhere. Martin says hell never leave Katherine. 

Luis talks to Theresa and learns about Rebecca possibly being with Gwen. Luis thinks Ethan should have told someone where he was going. Theresa talks about how whacked out Gwen is. Luis says theyll get through this as a family. Theresa asks Luis how Sheridan is? He says shes not taking it well. Luis says Sheridan is obsessing over Marty again, and now she thinks Beth had something to do with the kidnapping. Theresa says she understands what Sheridan is feeling now, and she doesnt know what shell do if her baby dies. Luis says her baby wont die. Theresa asks where mama is? Luis says shes in the kitchen with him. Theresa becomes upset to learn papa is here. Luis says Martin is trying to convince her to let him back in her life. Theresa says no! She asks what if mama forgive him? Luis says he wont let that happen, and he wont let Martin or Katherine wreak more havoc on their lives. Luis then leaves to check on Sheridan. 

Back at the cabin, as Rebecca, Gwen and the baby are about to leave, Ethan shows up! Gwen runs off to hide with the baby, but she drops the baby blanket. Rebecca asks Ethan why hes here? He says he was about to ask her the same thing. Ethan tells Rebecca that she lied and said she was home in bed. Rebecca says no, she only said she was in bed. Ethan says she didnt say where she was, and he wants to know why she is here. Rebecca says she was searching for Gwen. Rebecca claims Gwen isnt here though. Ethan says he doesnt believe her. Ethan looks around, and he says he thinks Gwen is here and Rebecca is protecting her. Rebecca says she knows he doesnt like her, and she has her doubts about him, but Gwen is not here. Meanwhile, a hiding Gwen sees she left the baby blanket on the ground.


On the Crane Estate, Sheridan hugs her mother, and Katherine asks what is wrong? Sheridan says she doesnt know what to think anymore. She talks about how everything is a mess and she feels like she is losing her mind. Katherine tells her that she is strong, competent and is thoroughly sane. She says she isnt alone, she has Luis by her side. Sheridan says Luis doesnt support her about the baby. Sheridan says she knows her baby is alive. She asks her mom if she still thinks she is sane? Sheridan tells her mother that she knows she had a son. Katherine thought she didnt know the sex. Sheridan says at the time she didnt, the kidnapper took her baby before she could find out. They discuss what happened with the car and the bridge, and how the body was never found. Sheridan thinks her baby was never in the car, and she knows that her baby is healthy and strong. Katherine says she wants to believe that, but Sheridan says no her baby is with Beth right now. Sheridan says she has tried to figure it out, but Beth has to have been involved with her kidnapping and captivity. She says the only thing that is confusing her is that Beth was pregnant when she was. Sheridan says maybe Beths baby died, but she knows Marty is her son because Marty has the same eyes her baby did. Katherine says if what she is saying is true then Luis would have to somehow be involved as he thinks Marty is his son with Beth. Sheridan says Luis isnt involved, and she knows Marty is her son. She says she just hasnt pushed the DNA test because she doesnt want to argue with Luis anymore. Sheridan fears she could be losing her mind. Katherine says she isnt crazy, she is just upset at the events of the last few weeks, that is all. She also doesnt think there is anything wrong at holding onto hope. Katherine decides to tell Sheridan a little story. She tells Katherine after she left Harmony, she would dream of her and Julian every night. Katherine says it was so real that she could feel them with her. Katherine says in her dreams she remembered holding her and telling her how much she loved her. Katherine tells Sheridan that she has always loved her. Sheridan says she has waited so long to hear her say that. They hug, and Katherine tells her that she loves her. Sheridan tells her mom how she has needed her so much over the years, and how horrible father made her feel these years. Katherine tells Sheridan that she never hurt her, she was and is the joy of her life. Sheridan says she has waited her whole life to hear her say this and to feel her arms around her. Katherine continues to hold Sheridan and tell her that shes here. Katherine says she cant believe this moment has come, and she has missed her so much. Sheridan says she feels so safe in her arms as if she can make everything all right. Luis then shows up, and he pulls Sheridan away from Katherine. He tells Katherine to stay away from Sheridan! 


February 17, 2005
Fox and Whitney go back to the Bennetts, and Fox tells his mom that the baby is fine and soon theyll bring a perfect little baby into the world. Fox begins to make Whitney some food to eat, and he talks to his mom and Whitney about how soon there will be three generations in this house. Ivy says she and Sam will help out anyway they can, and she says she actually will love having a baby around the house again. She says all the toys and little clothes. Whitney says they are nice, but babys are a lot of work. Fox says theyll all help out. Fox prepares his taco special, and Ivy says she didnt know he could cook. Fox says Pilar taught him a few things when he came back. Ivy realizes how much she missed out with him. Fox says they are making up for it now. Ivy talks about how she punished him and his sisters for Julians misdeeds. She says every time she looked at them she would see Julian's face. She thinks Whitney wont have a problem as every time they look at the baby theyll see Foxs handsome face. Fox says the food is almost on. Whitney says she really isnt hungry. Ivy says she needs to eat, and being pregnant is the perfect excuse for pigging out on anything. Ivy then sees Whitney looking upset, and she asks if she is okay? Whitney says she thinks shes going to be sick, and she runs out of the room. She heads to the bathroom to be sick, and Fox knocks on the door to see if she is okay. Whitney says shell be okay, but the last thing she needs right now is food. She talks to the baby and wonders how much more of this she can take. Later Whitney goes back to the kitchen, and Fox says he didnt mean to push her about eating. He says maybe she should just take one of the vitamins. Whitney remembers throwing them away. Whitney says she took a vitamin at the hospital, so she doesnt need to take one till tomorrow. Ivy says she was just sick, so it might not be in her system anymore. Whitney says the pills are fast acting so she is fine. Ivy says Eve knows best. 

At the hospital, Julian shows up to talk to Eve about some research he has done on the birth defects their grandchild could have. He asks Eve what they will do? Eve says there is nothing they can do, absolutely nothing. Julian thinks they have to get them some help, perhaps counseling. She says they cant, all they can do is stand by and watch this nightmare play out. Julian says they are talking about their childrens futures. Eve says that is what makes it so hard, Whitney is not under their control. Eve says Whitney is an adult and has a right to privacy. Julian says if the child has birth defects, Chad and Fox will want to know why and the truth will come out. Eve says she is afraid that is going to happen. Julian says Fox will know Whitney lied to him, and he thinks all their children will hate one another and cause this child to suffer even more. Eve says she knows , but there is nothing they can do. She says Whitney has to come to term with this situation in her own time. Later a nurse shows up and says she found these pills in the trash with her daughters name on them. Eve claims she must have accidentally thrown them away, but she knows her daughter did it. She is unhappy and says Whitney isnt even taking care of herself. Julian suggests maybe shes trying to lose the baby on purpose.

At the cabin, Ethan tells Rebecca he thinks Gwen is here and she is trying to protect her. Rebecca says Gwen isnt here, and she asks why Gwen would bring a baby up to the middle of no where, there isnt places to ship for the baby. Ethan doubts shopping was high on her priority list, and he says he wants to look around. Rebecca says he is wasting his time as Gwen and the baby arent here. Rebecca then sees the blanket on the floor and realized she has to hide the blanket.. She maneuvers around and tries to kick the blanket under the couch. He asks what she is doing? She says her foot was asleep and she was trying to wake it up. He doesnt believe her, and he finds Janes baby blanket. Ethan says Gwen and the baby are here! Rebecca says they arent here, and she claims the baby blanket is her new spring wrap. He asks if she is kidding him. Rebecca says she doesnt joke about couture, this is the trendy new thing. .Ethan says Gwen and the baby are here, so cut it out. Rebecca says no, and she was embarrassed but this is her baby blanket and she uses it for security. Ethan tells Gwen to come out from hiding otherwise hell find her. Ethan begins to look for Gwen, and Rebecca panics. Rebecca tries to stop Ethan from finding Gwen, but Ethan says he must find Gwen and stop her from doing something else. Ethan doesnt find her in the cabin, so he heads outside to look for her. Rebecca then asks Gwen to come out wherever she is. Ethan returns and he asks Rebecca to tell him where they are now. He says he found his car behind the boathouse, so where are they. Rebecca says they arent here. Ethan asks why is his car here then? Rebecca says Gwen must have heard her come and took off on foot. Ethan decides to have his dad come up with a K9 unit, and he tries to call the cops. His cell phone doesnt work, and Rebecca unplugs the cabin phone so he thinks it is out. Ethan says hell go back to Harmony and tell his father in person. Ethan leaves, and later Gwen and the baby sneak back in. Rebecca asks where shes been? Gwen says she hid outside in the woods. Rebecca tells Gwen now she knows Ethan cant be trusted. Gwen says Ethan doesnt trust her (Rebecca), but he loves her and Ashley. Rebecca says of course Ethan loves her, but Theresa has worked her chili pepper magic on him. Gwen says she and the baby will leave, and Ethan will come with them so Theresa cant get her hands on the baby,

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin says he doesnt want to hurt Pilar. He says if it werent for Katherine hed be a family with her, but Katherine is here and he is staying with her. Pilar asks Martin to leave, and he says hes sorry he disappointed her. He also says he cant tell her why he really left. Pilar says she needs to take Theresa her tea and shell tell him if there is any word on the baby. Martin asks to take the tea to Theresa, but Pilar says Theresa made it clear last night that she doesnt want to see him. HE says hell take his chances. Martin takes the tea out to Theresa, and she tells him the door is that way, use it and leave. Martin says he wanted to check on her and see if he could help. She says they dont need her help, Ethan has gone to look for her daughter. She says she thanks God Jane's father is a good a decent man and is nothing like him. She tells him to get out and stop pretending he care. He says he does care, so she says then go find my baby. He says fine, hell go see Luis and see what he can do to help. Martin says hes sorry for how everything turned out, and he leaves. Theresa cant believe him and says hes a lying jerk and pretends like he gives a damn. Pilar says he does care about them, and she defends Martin to Theresa. Theresa doesnt know how her mama can defend him. Pilar says she thought she of all would understand that. She tells Theresa to look at the life she has led, she has never given up on Ethan. Pilar says no matter how many times Ethan told her that he was with Gwen, she still thought she has a future with him. Theresa says that is different. Pilar asks how? Theresa says because Ethan told her that he still loves her, whereas papa doesnt love her. She says even is he did once love her, he loves another woman now. Pilar says her father said he loved her. Theresa asks if he is going to leave Katherine, but Pilar says no. Pilar says still, she knows the truth and may be able to forgive him now. Theresa says shell never forgive him and neither will Luis. Pilar leaves to make her more tea, and Theresa says papa and Mrs. Wheeler should be ashamed of themselves. Later Ethan returns and tells Theresa what hes found out. He thinks it is possible Gwen took off on foot before Rebecca got there. He says hes calling his dad to send a search party up there. Ethan then gives Sam a call.

On the Crane grounds, Luis tells Katherine to stay away from Sheridan! Katherine says Sheridan was upset and crying, so she was just comforting her. He says Sheridan doesnt need her help, she has him. Sheridan asks Luis and her mother not to fight. Luis lashes out at Katherine and says they dont need her or want her, so leave and not to bother them again. Katherine is hurt, but decides to go. Sheridan runs to her mom and begs her not to leave her again. Luis asks Sheridan why she is doing this, she is just setting herself up for more grief and heartache. Sheridan says she cant ask her mother to leave and not come back. Luis says this woman stole his father from his mother, she is responsible for destroying both of their families. Luis says if she doesnt stay away for her, shell only be disappointed. Luis says Katherine is nothing but a selfish slut for taking his father away. Sheridan says her mom didnt force Martin to leave town, he left on his own. Luis says right because of that alleged secret, a secret even Katherine doesn't know about. Luis and Sheridan begin to fight about their parents leaving. Sheridan says Martin was trying to help and protect her mother from Alistair, who was raping and beating her mother. Luis says they both had choices, and Katherine had options most women dont have. Luis says instead of using those options, she used his father. Sheridan says she is not excusing her mother for what she did, and she hasnt forgiven her for leaving, but she knows she didnt set out to hurt them. Sheridan says neither one of their parents forced the other to leave town with them. As they argue, Alistair watches from the bushes and enjoys every minute of it. Luis and Sheridan continue to fight about what happened, with Sheridan defending her mother. Katherine tells Sheridan not to defend her to Luis anymore, and she tells Sheridan that Luis is a very small minded man who cannot understand human emotions. She tells Sheridan she understands her attraction to Luis, he has an animal magnetism about him, but she is only with Luis because he is a sexy man. Katherine says they cant bring low level people like Luis into their homes like pets. She says Luis' place is with other common people. Sheridan says she loves Luis, and she doesn't understand this as she thought her mother adored him? Katherine says Sheridan loves making love to Luis just like she loves making love to Martin. Katherine tells Sheridan that they need to find her a good man, not a man with a high school diploma and a illegitimate kid. Sheridan asks why she is acting this way? Luis thinks this is the real her, and Alistair wonders what Katherine is doing. Sheridan eventually tells her mother to shut the hell up! Alistair comes out and says she has finally seen her mother for who she is. Luis says this is the first time he agrees with Alistair, they both hate his two timing slut of a wife. Katherine continues to call Luis names, tell him he is a gigolo and is using Sheridan for her money. Sheridan says that is not true, Luis has never wanted to accept money from her. Katherine says he is living in her house for free, eating her food, and the servants probably keep the fridge stocked with some cheap beer he drinks. Luis tells Sheridan they dont need her mother, and he drags Sheridan off. Alistair looks at Katherine and calls her a poor pathetic fool. Katherine says she had to say those things to stop save Sheridan and Luis. She says no she can disappear and shell never see Martin or Sheridan again. Martin shows up and asks Katherine how could she?

Luis takes Sheridan back to the cottage and tells her to get some rest. She gets in bed, and he says hell make her something warm to eat. After Luis leaves the room, Sheridan talks to her bear Abigail and wonders how her mother could say those things.


February 18, 2005
On the Crane grounds, Martin catches Katherine with Alistair and cant believe what he just heard. Katherine thinks Martin has heard her say she was going to disappear. Martin asks Katherine why? Why is she with this man who abused her and raped her. Martin tells Katherine to leave with him. Alistair says hed like to stick around and watch them fight, but he has a plane to catch. Martin says Alistairs planes wait for him, something is going on here. He orders Alistair to stay away from Katherine. Alistair calls him and imbecile and says if he truly wants to know why Katherine came to see him then hell tell him why. Katherine says Alistair Please! Alistair says hes sick of them both, leave Harmony and stay gone. He walks off, and Martin asks Katherine why she came to see him? She claims she came to see him to leave Sheridan and Luis alone, and not to follow them when they leave. Martin thought they were staying, and he says asking Alistair not to hurt others is a waste of time. Katherine says there is no way they can stay as it will just make things worse for those they love. Martin says she might be right, and his family doesnt want his help. She encourages him to try again one last time before they leave. Martin thinks she is so selfless. Martin says hell go check on Pilar and Theresa and then hell come straight back to her. Martin takes off, and Alistair comes out of the bushes and tells her that if she wants to leave Harmony then they have to go now. He says the car is waiting, and she says shell be there in a minute. Katherine watches Martin walk off and says goodbye my love.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Ethan calls his dad and says he thinks Gwen is up at the cabin and Rebecca is probably trying to help Gwen escape. Ethan then tells Theresa and Pilar that his dad is sending search teams up to the cabin. Theresa says they have to find their baby. Later, Ethan thinks he may know a way to find out where Gwen is going, and he begins using his laptop. Ethan thinks if Gwen or Rebecca are using Crane Industries to travel, theyll have to make travel plans through them. Ethan hacks into the company computers to find the travel records. Ethan finds something and says this is not good. Ethan finds a Crane jet is fueled and ready for takeoff, and he fears Gwen is on it. Pilar has a neighbor come over to watch Little Ethan so they can go to the airport and stop Gwen.

Rebecca is driving Gwen and the baby to the airport, and she calls the pilot of the Crane Jet and makes arrangements to fly two people out of the country. Gwen asks her mom if she is going somewhere? Rebecca says no, she and the baby are going out of the country. Gwen thinks that sounds wonderful Rebecca thinks that goody goody Ethan has called the cops, and she says Gwen cant go back to jail. Gwen tells the baby that her grandma is nuts, shes never been to jail. Rebecca suddenly hears sirens, and she fears they are onto them. However, the cop cars pass them. Rebecca is relieved, and she says she has to get Gwen to the airport before she is arrested. Gwen says why would anyone want to arrest her? 

Rebecca arrives at the plane with Gwen and the baby, and she learns from the new pilot that the only one who can order the plane into the air is Alistair! Rebecca says she is Mrs. Julian Crane, and asks why she cant leave on it? He says when the last jet blew up, Alistair changed the flight rules. Rebecca tries to bribe the captain with sex. Her plan works, and they head into the cockpit for some fun. Meanwhile, Gwen tells the baby that soon they will be together forever and theyll never see Theresa again.

Sheridan has a nightmare about Beth taking Marty from her, and she wakes up. She tells Luis she must go see Marty right now! Luis says Marty is probably asleep, and besides last time she went over there she got all upset. Sheridan says she had a nightmare about Marty, and he was hurt. She says she wants to make sure he is fine. Luis says they can just call them, but Sheridan insists she go. Luis says he thought she understood Marty wasnt their son. Sheridan says she does understand, but she cant stop thinking about him. Sheridan wont take no for an answer and says shes going to see Marty right now. She says she wants to give Marty a gift, her teddy bear Abigail. She thinks it will bring him comfort. Luis doesnt want Sheridan to go see Marty as it will just upset her. Sheridan swears she knows Marty is his son and she wont upset herself or Beth, she just wants to see Marty. Luis says hell go with her, as long as she doesnt get upset. Sheridan says she wont, she knows exactly who Marty is. Luis says okay, hell get his coat. Sheridan says she knows Marty is Luis son, and hers!

At Beths house, Mrs. Wallace and Precious are playing a game of poker. It turns out Precious is and has been cheating through the game. Beth works at the computer, and her mom asks what she is doing. Beth says shes doing research on how to commit the perfect murder. She says she has to find the best way to kill Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace is stunned and says she makes Sadam Hussein look like Santa Claus. Beth says it is her moms fault she has to kill Sheridan, she keeps harping about how Sheridan will figure out Marty is hers. Beth says the only way she can get Sheridan out of the picture is to kill her. Beth tries to find the perfect way to kill Sheridan. Gwen says there has to be a way to kill her without it leading back to her. Beth has a Law and Order fantasy about Sheridan killing herself by throwing herself off the 30th floor of a building. In her fantasy Precious IDs Beth as the killer, and she points out that Sheridan was holding a glover that matches Beths. Beth admitted to killing Sheridan to get her hands on Sheridans penthouse. Luis ended up arresting her in her fantasy. Next Beth has a Quincy Adams fantasy in which her mother is doing an autopsy on Sheridan to find out how she died. This time it is her mom who ends up fingering her in the fantasy. In real time Beth calls both Precious and her mom traitors for turning her in in fantasy land. Beth continues to work on finding the perfect way to kill Sheridan, and she comes up with suicide. She decides to make it look like a suicide as everyone knows Sheridan has a few loose screws. Beth says with morning her child and finding out the truth about her mother, nobody would be surprised that she killed herself. She says she has to find a way to get her over here. There is a knock at the door, and it is Sheridan and Luis. Beth asks why they are here? Sheridan says they are here for marty. Beth says she thought they were past this. Sheridan says she just wanted to give her teddy bear to Marty. Mrs. Wallace says that is sweet, so she should take Marty into the kitchen and give him a cookie too. Sheridan does just that. She sits with Marty and talks to him about how some day shell prove he is her son. Meanwhile, Luis asks Beth what shes doing on her PC? She turns her laptop from him and says it is a surprise for him. Beth talks to Luis and starts planting the seeds in his head that she has been reading about women in Sheridans situation and how sometimes they kill themselves. She asks Luis if he thinks Sheridan would ever kill herself? Luis is stunned and cant believe she would say that, but he says he has read the same thing. However he says not Sheridan, she is way to strong and would never kill herself. In her head Beth says never say never!

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