February 21, 2005

Julian and Eve head to the Bennetts to check on Whitney. Eve is upset that Whitney isnt taking care of herself. Julian says she has to talk to her and get her to change her attitude towards the baby. Julian says it seems to him that Whitney is trying to lose this baby. 

At the Bennets, Ivy and Fox tend to a sick Whitney. They tell her to rest, and Ivy gives her some water. Fox and Ivy are worried about Whitney not gaining weight or keeping food down. Fox wants to give her a vitamin and asks where they are. Before she can lie to him, Eve and Julian walk in, and Fox says he was just going to call her. He says Whitney is really sick, and shes still not gaining weight. Ivy says she just read about a fad in New York where pregnant women dont gain weight, and she hopes Whitney is not doing that as it cant be healthy. Eve says it isnt healthy. Eve asks Whitney to come with her and theyll find something she can keep down. Whitney says she cant eat because shes nauseous, but Eve says her not eating could be causing it. Eve tells Whitney to come into the kitchen with her and theyll find something she can keep down. They leave, and Fox worries about Whitney. Ivy says Eve can help her, she would never let anything happen to her grandchild. Julian hopes shes just not to late. Later, Fox hears Eve and Whitney arguing in the kitchen, and he doesnt get it. He says being pregnant is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a womans life. He then thinks he knows who he can call to help Whitney with her problems. After he makes a call, Ivy asks Fox what that call was about? He says he has found away to take care of Whitneys pains and problems.

Eve takes Whitney into the kitchen and gives her oatmeal, but Whitney says she doesnt want it. Eve confronts her with the vitamins she threw away, but Whitney thinks none of this matters. Eve says she has a little life inside of her, and if she doesnt take care of it then she will lose that baby. She asks if that is what she wants? Whitney tells her mom she doesnt need her advice, but Eve wants an answer. She says it isnt the babys fault Chad is the father, but Whitney says what about all the problems the baby could have? Eve says she will make them worse by not taking care of herself. She tells Whitney if she doesnt have the sense to take care of herself then she will make her. She says shell cram this vitamin down her throat if she has to, and then shes going to force her to eat every bite of her food! Eve then struggles to put the vitamin in Whitneys mouth! Whitney fights her mom and tells her to stop, but Eve sys no. She tells Whitney that this baby is starving to death, and starvation is a painful and hideous death. She tells Whitney that if this baby dies because of her neglect then she will be a murderer!

At Beths, Sheridan is in the kitchen with Marty, and Edna spies on them. Sheridan holds Marty and knows he is her son. She say she will find a way to prove Beth stole him from her. She talks about how she will find a way to get him back if it is the last thing she does. Meanwhile, Luis talks to Beth in the living room. Luis says there is no way Sheridan will kill herself as she is very strong. Beth says she didnt mean to upset him. He says she has been a great friend to Sheridan, and she has been patient with her. Luis thinks Sheridan is over thinking Marty is her son, and soon theyll be starting a family of her own. Beth tells herself not if she can help it. Beth returns to her computer and the how to plan a perfect murder website. Later, Sheridan brings Marty out to Luis, and Luis says Marty seems to love the little bear. Sheridan thought he would as it brought her so much comfort. Beth says Marty doesnt need the comfort she did, Marty has his mother. Sheridan says she knows, and she just wanted to give him a gift. Luis asks if she is ready to go, but Sheridan says not yet. Meanwhile, Edna tells Beth that her time is running out as Sheridan still believes Marty is her son will find out the truth about Marty sooner or later. Edna says when that happens; Sheridan will take him from her! Edna tells Beth to look at them, they are the perfect family. Beth says theyll see about that, and she grabs her moms sleeping pills. Edna asks what she is doing? Beth says she is going to spike Sheridans tea with this, and then it will look like she committed suicide. She says she just has to get Luis to leave Sheridan here, and when he does, Sheridan is dead! As luck would have it, Ethan calls Luis for help on getting to the airport. Luis says he has to go, and Sheridan says shell be fine here. He says hell call them and let them know what happens. Luis leaves, and Beth says Sheridan is as good as dead! Beth heads to the kitchen to make the tea, and Beth says as soon as she passes out shell drop her off at her cottage. Beth says by time Luis returns home, it will be all over. Edna says she will get caught somehow, theyll know her suicide note isnt her handwriting. Beth says shell write the note on Sheridans computer. Beth takes the tea out to Sheridan, and Sheridan asks what blend it is? Beth says it is a combination of things, but its a real killer. Before Sheridan drinks her tea, Mrs. Wallace pretends to stumble and knock her tea out of her hand. Beth warns her mom she knows her tricks by now, she has another cup prepared and she better not try and knock it out of her hand. Beth then gives Sheridan another cup of tea, and Sheridan drinks this one. She says it is an interesting blend. Beth says they carry it at the Book Caf. Sheridan says it is different. She finishes the tea and then tends to Marty. Suddenly Sheridan says she feels so dizzy, she doesnt know whats wrong with her. Beth thinks this is it, Sheridan is as good as dead! 

Ethan, Pilar and Theresa are preparing to head to the airport after getting a neighbor to babysit Little Ethan. As they prepare to get into the car, Ethan says they cant go. Theresa says he cant let Gwen get away with stealing their daughter! Ethan says he was thinking about her, theyll be driving fast and he doesnt want her to re-injure her spine. She says that wont happen and they have to get going. Pilar says they wont change her mind so they should go. Ethan then realizes he has two flat tires and only one spare! Pilar calls for a cab, but she says they can be very slow. Theresa fears they arent going to be on time. Ethan decides to call Luis for help. He fills Luis in on Gwens plans, and he asks Luis if he can come pick them up and take them to the airport.

Alistair and Katherine head to the airport in Alistairs limo. Alistair tries to get it on with Katherine, but she tells him not to touch him as he disgusts her! He says but he is the only man who can help her with what she wants. Katherine says this doesnt make up for the years of abuse! She says the only reason she is leaving is so Sheridan and Luis can be happy, as can everyone else. She says she is giving up her happiness with Martin so Sheridan can find hers. Alistair cant believe Katherine is acting all moral, and he remind Katherine that she is the one who abandoned her husband and lived in sin for so many years. Katherine says they both know why she left. She tells Alistair not to speak to her anymore as she has nothing else to say to him. Alistair then begins remembering triggering the plane with Antonio in it to explode. In his hand he has another trigger, and he tells himself soon Katherine wont have to talk to anyone again.

On the Crane jet, Rebecca and the pilot fool around in the cockpit. Rebecca uses sex to get the pilot to take her daughter and the baby out of the country. After a little sex, Rebecca goes to Gwen and says soon theyll be on their way. Gwen talks to Ashley and says soon theyll be on their way and that crazy Theresa wont get her hands on her. The pilot recognizes Gwen from the news as the kidnapper, but Gwen says she didnt kidnap anyone! Rebecca tells the pilot to get this thing in the air, but he says he cant. Rebecca asks what he means? He says all he meant is that he has to do a pre-flight check. He says hell make it as quick as he can. Later, Rebecca tells Gwen that shes not going to be going with Gwen, she has to stay here and talk Theresa out of pressing charges against her. Rebecca says shell miss her, but shell be all right as she has her beautiful Ashley. Rebecca says shell see her soon, and shes sorry things worked out this way. Gwen says it is okay, and everything turned out fine. As Rebecca goes to leave, she sees Alistairs limo arrive. She panics and thinks Alistair will kill her if he finds out what shes doing. The pilot says Alistair will kill him if he learns he was going to fly her daughter out of the country. She says she cant let Alistair keep her from letting Gwen get away. Alistair and Katherine then make their way to the plane. As Rebecca tries to figure out what to do, Alistair boards the plane, followed by Katherine. Alistair asks what is going on? He asks Rebecca if she is planning on going somewhere? Gwen has now hidden with the baby in the bathroom, and Alistair tells the pilot that he knows he is not allowed to go anywhere without his permission. Rebecca says the pilot wasnt going to take her anywhere, she came here to see if Gwen and the baby might be here. Rebecca asks why Katherine is here? Alistair tells her to leave now, and keep her mouth closed about seeing Katherine here. Rebecca asks to use the ladies room before leavening, and Alistair tells her to make it quick. Rebecca tells Gwen she has to stay here until the plane takes off and drops Katherine wherever she is being dropped off. Rebecca says she has to go, and she leaves Gwen and the baby in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Alistair tells the captain to start the engines and prepare for takeoff. Rebecca then leaves the plane, but Alistair tells her to wait for him outside. Katherine thanks Alistair for helping her, and he says just as she wanted no one will find her again. He says goodbye to her, and forces her into a kiss. He says bon voyage and then leaves. Katherine hopes Martin and Sheridan will be able to forgive her.

Outside, Rebecca asks Alistair where Katherine is going? He says he told her to forget that. He then says Katherine and everyone else on the plane are going to hell! He looks at the trigger in his hand. Meanwhile, Luis, Pilar, Ethan and Theresa arrive and see the jet engines are running. Their car speeds onto the tarmac and begins chasing the jet with sirens blaring! The plane begins to slow down, and Luis thinks its not going anywhere. Back on the jet Katherine realizes the plan has stopped.


February 22, 2005
Today's Summary by Elizabeth 

At Chad's, Valerie discovers Whitney's scarf, and asks Chad if he realizes he can't be with Whitney anymore - Chad says he doesn't know that at all. Valerie tells Chad he doesn't mean it. Chad apologies and questions why he can't be with Whitney, saying he doesn't have to stop caring for Whitney even though he's her brother. Valerie tells him that his feelings for Whitney are gross, and Chad protests. He tells Valerie that he likes her, but Whitney's on his mind, even when they make love. He says he still loves her. Chad tells Valerie that you can't turn love off and on, that he doesn't care what other people think. Valerie tells her that she's not the only one who thinks this relationship is wrong, and what about the children they would have? Chad says they don't need children, that they could even get married in some states. Chad apologizes to Valerie, but says she deserved to know the truth, and Valerie is disgusted by Chad's fantasies about his own sister. He tells her he'll call her later as he gets his things. Valerie asks where he's going, Chad tells her not to ask.

On the Crane jet, Katherine stares at Martin's picture, wondering if she'll ever see him again, or Julian and Sheridan. She wonders why the plane isn't taking off, and gets up to find out. She looks out the window and calls Alistair on her cell phone. Alistair tells her that he doesn't know what the problem is, but he will certainly find out. Katherine muses that it can't have anything to do with her because Alistair is the only one who knows where she is.. Meanwhile, in the jet's bathroom, Gwen prays that Theresa won't figure out where she is with Ashley.

Jumping out of the Jeep and running down the tarmac at the airport, Luis and Ethan try to stop the plane, whose engines are roaring up. Alistair watches with Rebecca in horror as someone runs toward the plane, then remembers about the remote detonatation switch that he has in his pocket, and how tried to kill Sheridan and Antonio with it. He then rushes with Rebecca toward the plane. Theresa screams at Ethan to stop the plane, not to let Gwen take off with the baby, but the plane keeps moving slowly down the tarmac.

At the Wallace's, Sheridan starts to feel ill, while Beth whispers to Edna that she's delirious with joy, and that it's about time she got rid of Sheridan for keeps. Sheridan lies on the couch weakly, while Precious tries to communicate with Edna. Beth balks at this, but Edna tells Beth that Precious told her Beth's plan has failed, once again. When Beth starts to protest, she suddenly passes out. Edna congratulates Precious, who grins.

Martin returns to his room without Katherine, curious where she is. He hopes Alistair has nothing to do with her not being home yet. Martin paces, wondering where Katherine is and then notices the note Katherine has left behind for him. He opens the note, and reads it. 

My darling Martin:

This is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. But I feel it's the best, the only way to make a clean break. I'm leaving Harmony and you, Martin, forever. You've sacrificed so much for me, the love of your family. I hope and pray my leaving opens the door for reconciliation with your children, Martin, and you and your wife. Stay in Harmony, Martin. Become the husband and father you would have continued to be had I not interrupted your life. I confess this isn't the only reason I'm going. My presence has caused deep friction between Sheridan and Luis. Once I'm gone, they'll have a much better chance for the future they deserve. I can't tell you how sorry I am to hurt you and Sheridan. I just pray you understand that I only want good things to come from my leaving. I love you my darling, I always will.


After reading Katherine's letter, Martin wonders where Katherine is gone, and calls her cell phone. On the plane, Katherine rejects the call, apologizing to Martin.

Back at the airport, Pilar helps Theresa out of the Jeep, with Theresa insisting that she holds Jane the moment that she gets off the plane. Katherine looks out the window, seeing people running to the plane, while Gwen hopes that no one stops her from getting away with her baby. Luis and Ethan continue to run after the plane. Alistair demands that they do not stop the plane, but the engines stop as Theresa and Pilar rush to the plane. Theresa hugs Ethan in anticipation of getting the baby back, while Alistair curses and rushes closer to the plane.

At Beth's, Beth wakes up, as does Sheridan, both woozy. Sheridan wakes up faster, and rushes to Beth, helping her over to the couch. Sheridan fusses over Beth, offering her some toast and rushes off to the kitchen to prepare it. Beth doesn't know what's wrong with her, as Edna explains that Precious switched Beth's teacup with Sheridan's. Beth reaches out to try to hurt Precious, then falls onto the floor, trying to get to the bathroom to "get them out of my system." Sheridan returns with toast confused as to why Beth is hobbling, Edna says Beth must've eaten or drank something bad.

Outside the plane, a man shows up, yelling at Luis, Ethan, telling them they can't stop the plane. Luis protests that his sister's baby is on the plane. The man tells them that they're mistaken, this is emergency materials plane, no people aboard, and that the Crane Jet is similar, but that it's kept across town at the corporate airport. 

At the corporate airport, Alistair asks a man why his plane cannot take off. The man tells him that the pilot needed paperwork for customs, and Alistair grills this man, telling him that customs do not apply, and that he is Alistair Crane after all, and Alistair Crane does not deal with customs. He tells the man that he wants the plane off the ground now, and dismisses the man.

On the jet, Gwen tells "Ashley" that they're finally going, that Theresa will never find them.

At the Bennett's, Fox announces that he has the solution to making Whitney happy. When Fox tries to convince Julian to let him into the kitchen, where Eve is yelling at her to eat and take care of the baby, Julian tells him to go work on his plan for Whitney's happiness. Ivy and Fox run upstairs to work on Fox's plan to cheer Whitney up.

Whitney tells Eve that the biggest mistake she's ever made was sleeping with Chad, and Eve tries to insist to the contrary. Whitney says the her baby will be a freak, and while Eve acknowledges that the child will have genetic challenges, Eve tells her that without the nourishment necessary to thrive, those problems will just be worse.

In the Bennett's kitchen, Eve tells Whitney that she is just as negligent as a parent of a starving child if she continues to starve her child and forgo the prenatal vitamins. Julian bursts in to chime with Eve, and Whitney is extremely hurt that Eve told Julian about Chad being the father of her baby. She's horrified that Eve confided in Julian, of all people, being Fox and Chad's father. She slaps Eve and tells her she hates her.

Whitney questions how Eve could betray her trust, then wonders why she was stupid enough to trust her mother. When Julian tries to defend Eve, Whitney says that he's just as bad. Julian tells Whitney to keep her mouth shut and listen, explaining that Eve didn't intend to betray her. He tells Whitney that she has no room to talk, based on her dealings with his sons. Whitney objects that Julian isn't her father, but Julian says that for the first time, TC would agree with what Julian's saying. Whitney insists she's fine, she doesn't need their help. Julian says that Fox and Chad deserve to know the truth about the baby, and Whitney confesses again that she's still in love with Chad, since Julian's out for the truth. She says she's tried to get him out of her system, but that it doesn't work, and the feelings aren't going away. She still wants to be with him, despite all she knows. She tells Julian, "There's your truth," and Fox pipes up, "What truth?" standing in the doorway with Ivy. 

At the Bennett's, Fox is curious what truth he needs to know. Whitney says it's about her lack of appetite, and how she's having trouble keeping food down. Fox says he thought Eve had the magic elixir to fix Whitney - Eve says she tried, but it didn't work. Fox tells her that he's worried about her and the baby, and Whitney tells him she's going to try harder to eat better, and that everything will be okay. Fox says he know it'll be okay, and asks Whitney to come with him. Fox leads her out to the backyard, as Ivy grins and tells Eve and Julian to come watch. Fox surprises Whitney with flowers and Christmas lights decorating the backyard, which makes Whitney smile. After asking if she likes the surprise, Fox says that there's something else, and he gets down on one knee, proposing to her. Whitney starts to cry.

Back at the Bennett's, Julian observes that Fox loves Whitney the way he loves Eve. Julian and Eve discuss the fact that Whitney doesn't love Fox, while Fox asks Whitney again if she'll marry him. Whitney smiles, but still doesn't respond. Fox asks Whitney if the ring's too big or if the diamond's too small, and Ivy says to Even and Julian that Whitney's certainly taking her time giving him her answer. Whitney tells Fox that she can't believe he's done all of this. Fox asks her not to leave him hanging, to say yes to his proposal. And of course, Chad shows up, insisting on talking to her.

As Beth hobbles back from the bathroom, Sheridan offers to call a doctor, as Bethe tells her she's fine. Sheridan's phone rings, and it's Martin. Martin asks if she's seen Katherine, that he can't find her. He tells her that Katherine left him a goodbye note and that she's leaving Harmony. Sheridan protests that she doesn't want her mother to leave, and Martin explains that Katherine thinks that if she leaves, perhaps things would be easier for Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan offers to call Luis and have him put out an APB for Katherine, and Martin says he's heading to the airport. Sheridan rushes off to her car. Beth hopes that Sheridan catches Katherine, and then rushes off to be sick again, while Precious and Edna laugh.

Theresa insists that they hurry to the corporate airport. Ethan gets off a phone call and tells everyone that Gwen and Rebecca were seen getting on a plane, and that Alistair and a strange tall, redheaded woman was seen getting on the plane, and then Rebecca and Alistair got off the plane. Luis gets a call from Sheridan, who tells him that she got a call from Martin about her mother. Sheridan tells him that she doesn't want her to leave, and when Luis tells her that Katherine isn't worth it, Sheridan says that Katherine is worth this, that Katherine is leaving for them. Luis tells her about the redhead sighting, and Sheridan promises to relay Luis's message about Katherine possibly being on the Crane Jet, and that the Crane Jet is at the corporate airport, not the regular airport.

Katherine wonders why the plane isn't going anywhere, and Captain Laddish appears, telling her they'll take off shortly, and returns to the cockpit. Katherine wonders to herself why she always runs away from her problems. Gwen feels relieved when she feels the plane start up again and start moving. Alistair and Rebecca watch the plane taxi down the runway slowly. Alistair's interest is peaked when Rebecca says goodbye to the plane, and Rebecca tells him that he can stop pretending that he doesn't know Gwen and the baby are on the plane. Rebecca muses that she doesn't know when and if she'll ever see them again, while Alistair fondles the remote detonator for the plane, vowing that Rebecca will never see her daughter and "granddaughter" again.

Still driving to the corporate airport, Luis tries to call the station to find more policemen to go to the airport as well, but is unsuccessful, as most of the police are up near the Crane cabin, searching for the baby. Ethan says that was all his fault, for telling his father that Rebecca had been suspicious at the cabin. Pilar says that they know Gwen was there at one point and that Rebecca helped Gwen get away.

Also on the road, Sheridan calls Martin, and tells him that people may have seen Katherine getting on the Crane jet, and to meet her at the corporate airport off highway 110. After hanging up, Martin wonders why Katherine is doing this, why she's leaving him.

Katherine says it's ironic that the man she left is the man who's helping her leave Martin. Back at the corporate airport, the plane is taxiing down the runway, and Rebecca is hoping they hurry up and take off, while Alistair holds his detonator. Rebecca hopes Gwen stays hidden until the plane is in the air, as she feels sure Katherine would stop the plane and turn her in, being loyal to Martin's little Teresita!

Back on the plane, Captain Laddish announces they have been cleared for take-off. Gwen opens the bathroom door and steps out, as Katherine hears a baby start to cry, and Gwen furiously tries to calm her, moving back into the bathroom. Katherine discovers Gwen, demanding to know what she's doing here. 

At the corporate airport, Ethan observes a gate blocking the tarmac, and Luis drives through the gate to the tarmac, and Rebecca and Alistair are stunned to see him driving up, as well as Sheridan right behind them. 

On the jet, Katherine asks why Gwen is on the plane. She tells Gwen that she has to get off the plane, and that she's going to tell the pilot to stop the pilot. Gwen tells her that she's not going anywhere, nor are she and "Ashley."

At the airport, Luis stops at another gate that he can't crash through, and Ethan and Luis watch helplessly as the plane continues to taxi. Ethan says it's going to take off, and Theresa says that they must stop the plane. Sheridan jogs up and says there must be another way to get to the runway, but Luis says it doesn't appear so. Theresa says she can't let Gwen get away with her baby.

Rebecca is relieved as Luis and Ethan and company can't get to the tarmac and the plane continues to taxi. Rebecca sighs that everyone will be safe, while Alistair mutters that he wouldn't go that far. 

At the Wallace's Beth says she must stay awake and stop Sheridan, then passes out of the couch. Edna observes that Beth is pretty when she sleeps, but that's the only time she's not scheming. 

Sheridan moves toward the tarmac, shocked that she'll never see her mother again.

Gwen insists that she and "Ashley" are not getting off the plane, that she won't let Theresa take her baby away.

Theresa screams that they must get the plane back here, that Ethan must stop Gwen, and then she sees Rebecca. Ethan, Sheridan, Luis, Theresa, and Pilar rush Rebecca. Ethan asks Rebecca how she did this, while Theresa threatens jail. Sheridan looks back at the plane and sees Alistair, and remembers what happened to Antonio's plane, as Alistair's remote detonator starts flashing. Sheridan says he's going to blow up the plane, and screams "No" as Alistair hits the button on the detonator. 


February 23,  2005
Summary by Clifton
Fox continues proposing to Whitney asking her if the ring is too big or if the diamond is too small. Whitney simply replies with a tone of disbelief and Fox continues to wait for an answer. Chad arrives demanding to talk to Whitney, right now! Chad apologizes for interrupting, while Julian and Eve say to themselves they need to stay out of this. After the two brothers continue to argue, Chad realizes Whitney is being proposed to! And he adamantly says no, on Whitneys behalf.

Theresa is demanding that Ethan get that plane back on the ground, while everybody discovers Rebecca on the other side of the runway. Sheridan realizes that her father, after a flashback, has aided Gwen and Katherine escape. 

Katherine pleads with Gwen to get off the plane, and return Jane/Ashley to Theresa. Katherine tries to use the Ethan card to convince Gwen to return to Harmony. Gwen lashes out at Katherine while the plane is accelerating for takeoff. Sheridan screams no!, while looking at her father, who everybody has assumed just triggered for the plane to blow up. Sheridan, Ethan, Luis, Pilar, Theresa, and Martin all run after the plane as it quickly accelerating for takeoff. Alistair says Run, run as fat you can, theres nothing you can do to stop that plane from taking off.

Everyone is screaming for the plane to stop, as it continues down the runway and eventually taking off. Everyone looks in disbelief, all hoping and praying that Alistair does not blow up the plane.

Alistair returns to the Airport, only to be confronted by Martin. Alistair is attacked verbally by everyone. Luis asks what the hell the remote control is for. Alistair, playing his usual mind games, says the remote control is his new lighter to light his new Cuban cigars.

Gwen is elated that the plane has taken off, while Katherine pleads with her that kidnapping is a crime. Gwen goes off into another delusion, verbally imagining a life outside of Harmony. Katherine is threatening to tell captain to land the plane. Gwen grabs Katherine and holds a knife to her throat, saying Oh no you wont land this plane!

Fox is heated that Chad has interrupted him and Whitneys special moment. Chad demands that Whitney leave with him, so they can talk now! The brothers get in a heated argument, with Fox reminding Chad that Whitney is his sister. Whitney refuses Chad invitation to talk. Chad refuses to hear that and approaches Whitney only to be knocked out cold by Fox!

Whitney and Eve tend to Chad and Julian confronts Fox. Fox tells Chad that he has no right to interfere in his and Whitneys relationship. Julian and Fox continue to talk, while Chad still demands to talk to Whitney. Julian asks Chad to leave. And Chad refuses to leave w/out talking to Whitney.

Gwen lets Katherine go and Katherine tries to plead with Gwen. Katherine says lets call Sheridan and Gwen asks Do you think I m an idiot and Gwen says no one is taking her baby from her, no one!

Alistair continues to play mind games with everyone, in the airport. Everyone demands to know where the plane is going, and Alistair claims he has no idea where the pilot is taking the plane. Martin demands to know where Katherine has been taken, and Alistair tells Martin to say farewell, goodbye to Katherine. Everyone asks Rebecca where the plane is going and she denies she knows where it is going. Theresa screams you liar and pins Rebecca in the corner with her wheelchair and begins attacking her, with Rebecca screaming help!

Theresa continues attacking Rebecca, while calling her a bitch! No one stops Theresa for a while, and then Luis breaks it up. After more questioning, Rebecca claims she has no idea where the plane is going, and Luis demands that someone has to know where the plane is going. Alistair says someone does, and that someone is Katherine. Alistair says there is no hope, unless Katherine contacts Sheridan or Martin.

Gwen asks Katherine why is that everyone believes Theresa over her. Katherine says she doesnt know why, but she tries to bargain to with Gwen. Gwen refuses, saying Luis will just arrest her because Theresa is his sister. The baby begins crying and Gwen goes to tend to her.

Fox asks Chad to talk to Whitney at a later day. Chad says no, and asks Whitney to talk again! Whitney, in an attempt to calm things down, agrees to talk to Chad. Fox wants to know what is so important, Ivy replies she doesnt know, but hopes it all blows over. Julian speculates to Eve that Chad has figured out that baby Whitney is carrying is his.

Eve tells Julian that cant be right, Chad couldnt have possibly figured it out. Julian thinks if Chad has figured it out, Fox will be crushed. Ivy says none of this si surprising, but Fox objects

Inside the Bennetts home, Chad apologizes and tells Whitney they never had closure. Chad pours his heart out to Whitney, bringing it to her attention that they were going to get married at one point. Whitney says she could never forget and goes down memory lane, with all and her Foxs greatest moments on the mind. Whitney begins crying after the stroll down memory lane, and Chad tells Whitney they can have all those moments again!

Sheridan claims she knew that her mother was going to leave, especially after her verbal lashing at Luis last week. Sheridan claims she hates her father. Luis and Ethan discover that every pilot has to file a flight plan; ever body leaves for the air traffic control room.

Katherine grabs the knife and tells Gwen to sit down so they can talk. The pilot sneaks up behind Katherine and takes the knife. Katherine asks him to turn the plane around, but the pilot refuses. He says he only takes orders from Alistair. Katherine wants to know where the plane is going, the pilot retorts saying how the hell should I know, youre supposed to be telling me! Katherine was under the impression that Alistair had taken care of all that. The pilot says he was given these envelopes and Katherine is to choose. Katherine refuses to pick any envelope and tells the pilot to land the plane. Gwen picks an envelope and asks where they are going.

Luis wants to know from the Air Traffic Controllers where the Crane Jet is heading. The Air Traffic Controller, Johnny, says he cant give landing time, because the pilot didnt complete his paperwork. The plane has disappeared from the radar, because the pilot turned off all communication to ground control.

Eve wonders if the truth about Whitneys baby comes out, how Whitney and Chad will handle it. Back inside the house, Chad is actually proposing the idea that he and Whitney share a life again. Chad tells Whitney he was thinking of her when he was making love to Valarie. Whitney tells him to stop, for gods sake they share the same mother. Chad says he cant because he still loves her.

Gwen asks where they are going, and the pilot says he wont tell till they land. Gwen thinks it is brilliant that Alistair told the pilot to keep it a secret. Gwen is elated about the trip, and Katherine has a look of worry on her face.

The Air Traffic Control room is trying their best to contact the plane. Theresa and Ethan share a moment, with Rebecca looking on in disgust. Pilar and Rebecca trade words over whose daughter has done the others more wrong. Ethan tells Theresa dont worry, while Rebecca says Gwen will be a wonderful mother to the baby. Pilar asks Martin what he is going to do now that Katherine is gone. Sheridan lashes out at Luis, calling him a liar after he offers his sympathy! Alistair looks on with a look satisfaction on his face.

Fox says to Ivy, time is up and barges in the house. In the house, Whitney tells Chad to stop saying those words, because it is disgusting. With everyone looking at them, Chad says no he wants to be with her, he wants to share a life with her!


February 24, 2005
Sumary by KeAnte
Chad once again tells Whitney that he loves her and still wants to be with her. When everyone( Eve, Julian, Fox, and Ivy) hears this they are disgusted and appalled that Chad would even say that. Fox comes in and calls chad a bastard charging at him throwing him up to the wall. everyone demands fox to stop doing this to Chad. Fox tells Chad that Whitney is his sister and he can't keep looking at Whitney that way. Fox reminds chad that he disturbed one of their most special moments. Chad says how Whitney and him had special moments too and that he just can't turn those feelings off. Chad tells Whitney that he still wants to be with her but not intimately but just live together and help take care of her baby. Eve and Julian try to talk some sense into chad but he really doesn't want to hear it at all. Fox tells chad that the baby already has a father. Chad ask Whitney what does she think about his idea. Eve walks over to Whitney and whispers to Whitney that she can't even think about doing that. Whitney lashes out at eve telling her that she did this to chad and her and she runs out of the house as Eve follows her.

As all the commotion is going on downstairs Jessica is looking in the mirror talking to herself while wearing this skimpy little outfit. Her cell phone rings and it is a guy named Randy (the guy from the bar before). She tells him to not beep when he gets there because she doesn't want her family to know. She hangs up and pulls out a latex condom saying she is going to have some fun tonight. We later see her in the car kissing Randy as he tells her how much fun their going to have. She pulls out her lip gloss as we see the condom again. They end up at the club where Paloma got attacked. a waiter comes over and ask what can he get them  and Randy says two beers. the waiter ask to see Jessica's id and she comes up with a lie saying that it is in her other purse. the waiter then replies saying he can't get her that then and then Randy says the beers are for him and she wants a ginger ale. The waiter brings the two beers and a ginger ale. Randy gives Jessica a beer anyway and then they stand up to dance.

Sheridan once again lashes out at Luis telling that it is all his fault that her mother left. Luis tries to tell Sheridan that he didn't push Katherine out of the country but the more he says the more angry she gets. She tells Luis that he never liked his mother because he blamed her for Martin leaving. He says that is not true and she strikes back by calling him a liar. She throws out there that he made her choose between him and her mother and how that was not fair. He once again says if it wasn't for Katherine then his dad would have never left. She says Katherine did not put a gun to Martin's head and force him to leave and that he did that all an his own. Alistair looks on and happiness to see " the super couple " fight. She says Katherine had no choice but to leave. she starts on by saying that only Katherine knew how it felt to loose a child and that she was the only person she could talk to. Luis says that she can talk to him and that he understands because he lost a child too. Sheridan says that no he doesn't understand because he still has a child with Beth. Luis says Katherine would not want to come between them and Sheridan replies well she has. She walks off in anger 

Pillar ask martin again what is he going to do now that Katherine has left. He says he can't ever leave her because he loves her. Martin says Katherine could never leave him like that. Pilar says how martin did the same thing that Katherine is doing to him. she says she would have never thought Martin would have just pick up leave so why can't Katherine do that now. he says it is just not like Katherine and Pilar says that what Martin did wasn't like him either. Alistair looks on saying Katherine thought she would bring happiness if she left but all she is bringing is heartache to Harmony.

Theresa is feeling sad about Jane telling Ethan he has to do everything he can. he goes off to call Sam to tell him to come to the cooperate airport and to cancel the search for Gwen. Rebecca goes on how Theresa will never see her baby again and this is only a little bit of what Theresa deserves. Theresa tells Ethan she is so scared as she grabs Ethan's hand. Rebecca sees this and tells Ethan to come here. She ask Ethan how could he do that to Gwen. She starts saying how Ethan only wanted to Gwen to be his trophy wife but the first time he saw Theresa he went crazy. She says he was never faithful to Gwen in no type of way. She mentions how even when Gwen was psycho she kept saying how she wanted to call Ethan and spend time with her husband. She talks about Sarah and the boy Theresa lost. She tells Ethan how his lust for Theresa caused the death of two innocent children. She screams out that she hates Ethan. As Theresa comes up, Rebecca says that Theresa took Gwen's marriage, chance of being a mother, and finally her mind. She says that Gwen deserves a baby and who is better then Theresa's baby. Theresa says NO. 


February 25, 2005

At the airport, everyone is standing around waiting for news on the plane, which the air traffic controller is trying to track. Sheridan continues to lash out at Luis for driving her mother away. Luis says they'll find her, he'll go search for her himself. She says no as she wouldn't believe him when he returned claiming he couldn't find her. Martin confronts Alistair for causing Luis and Sheridan's problems, and Alistair tells Martin that this is only the beginning and more pain and heartache is going to be unleashed on everyone. He says Sheridan will soon realize that he has been right all along. Martin says he has twisted Sheridan's mind since she was a little girl. Alistair says that is not news, but she will realize he was right, that she can't trust Luis or anyone! Meanwhile, Theresa is in tears and Rebecca tells her to stop crying as she's never going to see the baby or Gwen again. Theresa can't believe Rebecca helped Gwen do this. Rebecca says after everything she and Ethan did to Gwen, Gwen deserves a baby of her own and she hopes they will be very happy. Ethan assures Theresa that they will find Gwen and the baby. Sheridan adds "and my mother." Later, Sam returns with the news that the plane appears to have vanished from the radar, they have no way of tracking them. Alistair says to himself they are fools and this was all too easy.


At the Bennett's, Kay and Simone have decided to take a grounded JEssica some ice cream, only to find she is not in her room and has snuck out. Kay can't believe her sister would do this.


Meanwhile, Eve talks with Whitney in the backyard and tells her that she cannot possibly consider Chad's offer. Whitney asks why not? She tells her mom that she and Chad were in love long before they found out they were siblings, they had their life planned out and it was her dirty little secret that tore them apart. Meanwhile, Julian talks to Chad about how he cannot do this, he and Whitney are siblings. He says it's immoral, it's incest! Chad says he loves Whitney and he will be with her! Fox confronts Chad and says wrong! Fox has brought Father Lonigan over to try and talk some sense into them. Chad says all he wants to do is live with and spend his life with Whitney, they can still be friends. Father Lonigan says it is admirable that they want to remain friends, but they are kidding themselves about living together. He says they will be tempted by being together, tempted to give into their feelings. Chad says they'll be strong, Jesus avoided temptation. Father Lonigan asks if he thinks he is as strong as Jesus, and Chad says no. Father Lonigan tells Chad that they cannot do this.


At the club, Jessica is dancing and making out with Randy. Paloma soon shows up, and she remembers being attacked by Vic. Two guys see her and can't believe she came back to the scene of the crime. She says she won't let that stop her from having a goodtime. She sees Jessica, and she calls out to her to come over and have some fun. They hit the bar and order  some drinks. Meanwhile Randy tells the two guys how he plans to have a good time with Jessica. They say she is a tease and won't put out. Randy shows them some smiley face stickers and says after these she will! The two guys say he is bad! Later, Randy takes Paloma and Jessica to a "new" club. Later, Kay and Simone arrive looking for JEssica. Kay shows the two guys her picture, but they say she's too uptight to come here, sorry. Kay worries about where Jessica could be.


At the underground club, Jessica and Paloma are drunk and looking around at the club. They say this must be what it is like in New York, and they are going to have fun here. Some guy asks Randy if he has brought new victims for his dungeon? Randy says oh yeah. Randy then gives the girls their stickers. He says it's a club thing, lick them and put them on. They look around and see strung out girls licking stickers on their hands, and they finally decide to follow their lead (Jessica must not have paid much attention in DARE). As they lick the stickers they begin to giggle.

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