January 3, 2005
At the church, everyone is stunned when Katherine says she is Sheridans mother. Paloma says it cant be true! She begs her father to tell them this isnt true. Luis says it isnt true. Pilar says it all fits together, they were all told she died around the time Martin disappeared. Sheridan says this cant be, she is dead and father blamed her for her death. Beth and Mrs. Wallace spy on them from the sacristy, and Beth thinks shes done it and there wont be a wedding. Sheridan hugs Katherine and cries Mother! Luis pulls Sheridan off of Katherine. He says your Sheridans mother, the same woman who destroyed his mothers life? Katherine says she can explain, but Luis says no because it is all a lie. A spying Beth says Dont ruin this Luis! Mrs. Wallace says Luis is a cop, he thinks like one and wont believe everything he hears. Luis tells Sheridan that this isnt her mother, she is just playing on her vulnerabilities. He says its bad enough she messed with his family, but now she is messing with his head. Luis says Katherine Crane is dead. Sheridan says Luis is right, her mother is dead, so why would she tell her that she is Katherine? A spying Beth cant believe this is happening. Sheridan is in tears, and he says hes sorry but he doesnt know why this freak would do this to her. He tells Sheridan not to listen to her, this woman is as bad as Alistair. Katherine says no shes not! Sheridan asks her why shed tell her that she was her mother? Luis tells Sheridan not to bother, she wont give her a straight answer. Sheridan asks Katherine why she would do this when she knows how much she misses her mom? Martin says this got out of hand, and his wife just got confused and misspoke. Martin says she meant no harm. Luis says no harm, look at the harm she has caused. Paloma tells them to stop this, if this is anyones fault it is mamas! Paloma says mama pushed her so hard and wouldnt take no for an answer, so Tia Ellie had to lie and say she was Sheridans mother. Martin says this is no ones fault, and Mrs. Wheeler has her own daughter and was thinking about her own daughter when she spoke. Martin says they will leave now and they can continue with the wedding. Martin suggests they just forget any of this happened. Martin and Katherine head out, and Paloma goes with them. Meanwhile, Sheridan is in tears. Luis says he told her that woman was a monster. The spying Beth tells her mom that she was so close, how could it all fall apart? MRs. Wallace tells Beth to face it, she will never get Luis away from Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis continues to badmouth Mrs. Wheeler and says he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Pilar apologizes to Sheridan and says if it wasnt for her, Mrs. Wheeler wouldnt have told her that she was her mother. Pilar says for a minute she thought that she was Katherine Crane, but now she realizes how crazy that was. Elsewhere, Beth is seething as her mother gloats about how even if Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane, shes not about to destroy her own daughters happiness! Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan wait for Father Lonigan to get back so they can continue with the ceremony. Sheridan admits that for one moment, the idea of having her mom back was like a dream come true. Luis says Mrs. Wheeler is more of a nightmare than a dream. Luis tells her that he will never let anyone steal one more minute of their happiness, so is she ready to get this wedding over with? She says yes, she loves him and doesnt know what shed do without him. Luis goes to find Father Lonigan so they can continue with the wedding. MRs. Wallace tells Beth to face it, she has lost and they are about to be pronounced man and wife. Pilar brings Sheridan some water, and Sheridan says she just wants to marry Luis and put this all behind her. Pilar goes to see if Luis has found Father Lonigan. Sheridan begins thinking about Katherine giving her the bible from her mother. She also remembers how she always felt so close to Katherine, and Katherine calling her her sweet little baby girl. Sheridan also remembers talking with Katherine about how she reminds her of her mother so much. Sheridan then remembers her mother singing to her as a little girl. Sheridan compares the silhouette of the memory of her mother to Katherine. Sheridan says that is my mother, and she runs out of the church. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace continues to tell Beth that no one believes Mrs. Wheeler is Sheridans mother. Beth says the truth will come out, she just hopes it comes out before Sheridan and Luis say I do. Luis sees Sheridan running out, and he follows her.

Outside, Katherine asks Martin how she could have admitted it to Sheridan. Martin says it wasnt her fault. Still, Katherine worries about what she has done. She also wonders if Alistair sent the flowers and card to Sheridan exposing her true identity. Martin says there is no other explanation. Martin says everything will be okay, Luis convinced her it wasnt true. Katherine says it is better Sheridan be upset over a lie then have her whole life ruined by the truth. Katherine confesses that it felt wonderful to be able to tell Sheridan the truth. Katherine says she was so close to telling her the whole truth. Martin says not to think about that, and that Luis suspicions of her saved them. Katherine says still, for that one moment it felt so good. Sheridan catches up with the Wheelers, and Luis follows her. Sheridan says she knows what Mrs. Wheeler said, but there is a bond between them. Sheridan says you are my mother arent you? Sheridan asks her not to lie to her, are you my mother?

Elsewhere, Rebecca tells Sam and Julian that shes dead, shes dead! Sam asks who is dead? Rebecca says she is in the basement and she is dead. TC says Liz is down there, and Julian says so is Eve. They all run down to the basement, and there are gasps. Sam tells them all to stand back and stay calm. Liz lays unconscious on the floor, and Eve is over her holding a knife. TC thinks Eve killed Liz and slit her own sisters throat! He calls Eve a murderer! Sam tells Rebecca to call an ambulance. TC is furious with Eve for killing Liz. Eve says she didnt kill Liz, she isnt dead. Eve says shes trying to save her! Eve says she passed out and was suffocating unless she performed a tracheotomy. TC thinks Eve is trying to kill her. Eve says if she didnt perform it then she would have died. Sam asks if Liz can hang on till the paramedics arrive. Eve says she doesnt know, shes breathing but its shallow. The paramedics show up, and Eve explains to them what happened. TC wants Eve to stay away from Liz, and Julian takes her away. Eve cant believe TC would think she would kill Liz. Julian says he just didnt understand what he saw. Eve says she doesnt know what was going on with Liz, and this doesnt make any sense. Rebecca listens and worries as she knows what happened, Liz drank the poison she meant for Eve. We see flashbacks of Rebecca pumping Sam for information on the drug, sneaking a look at the police report, and breaking into the hospital pharmacy to get the drug she needed. Meanwhile, TC asks the paramedics if she will be all right? The paramedics ask him to back off so they can stabilize her. TC wonders what caused this. The paramedics talk to one another about what has happened, and one of them pulls Sam aside. Sam asks them if they are sure? The paramedic says no doubt in his mind. Sam tells everyone that this is now a crime scene. Liz tells Eve she did it, she killed her own sister!

At the hospital we see a replay of Gwen stabbing Theresa in the back. Theresa collapses into Ethans arms and begs Ethan to help her. Gwen says no one can help you now! Theresa says shes not breathing, and Ivy says you killed Theresa! Ethan says this cannot be happening. Theresa moans, and Ethan says shes alive. Ethan says get a doctor, so Ivy runs off. Gwen pulls the scalpel out of Theresa and stabs her again! She goes for a third stab, but Ethan stops her and asks what in the hell she is doing? Ethan says shes not breathing again. Ivy gets a nurse, who is stunned when she sees Theresa laying on the ground and Gwen holding the scalpel. The nurse calls for an ER team, and she then checks on Theresa. The nurse says shes still alive but is losing a lot of blood. Dr. Adams arrives and says they need to get the police here. HE says there is more than one entrance wound, and one of them hit a main artery. Ethan begs the doctors not to let her die. Ivy cant believe this is happening. Gwen continues to stare into space. The nurse calls the Harmony PD and asks them to come to the hospital immediately as a woman has been stabbed. Ethan asks Gwen to give him the scalpel. She does, and he puts in on the desk. He asks her what she has done? Gwen says she didnt do anything, this is Theresas fault! Gwen says Theresa made her do it, she pushes her until she cant take it. Gwen says Theresa is always trying to take him from her, and this time she tried to take her baby. Gwen says she couldnt let her do it. Ethan asks Ivy to stay with Gwen while he checks with the nurse as to what she saw. The nurse knows what she saw, and she needs to call hospital security about his wife. Ethan asks her not to. He says he is an officer of the court and will take responsibility for his wife. He asks her not to call security. The nurse chooses to trust Ethan, but tells him not to let Gwen out of her site. Ethan tries to call Pilar to let her know about Theresa, but Pilar isnt answering her phone. Ivy says shell keep trying to get a hold of Pilar, but she hates to ruin the one joyous day in Pilars life in so long with this news. Ethan tries to figure out how to help Gwen. Ivy suggests they lie and tell the police that Theresa attacked Gwen and she acted in self defense. Ethan refuse to lie, and he says Theresa was stabbed in the back so self-defense wont cut it. Ethan blames himself for all of this. Ivy tells him not to blame himself, Theresa tricked him into sleeping with him. Ivy says if anyone is to blame for all of this it is Theresa, she doesnt blame Gwen for losing it. Ethan says there is enough blame to go around. Ivy says no, Theresa is to blame. Ivy says one could even call this divine justice. Ivy tries to call Pilar again but has no luck. Ethan asks Gwen how she is doing. She says she is fine. The cops show up, and Ethan asks them not to make a big deal about this. He tells them that everything is under control and hell come down with them and answer questions. Gwen walks up to the police and says she did it, she stabbed her with the scalpel, which she hands to the cops. Gwen says Theresa made her do it, she is a monster and she had to protect herself and her baby. She says there was no other way to stop her. Ethan suggests Gwen not say anything else. Gwen says it is okay, and she just wants to help the officers do their jobs. The cops say they are going to have to place her under arrest. They charge her with attempted murder, and she could be charged with murder one if the victim doesnt pull through.

Theresa is rushed into surgery, and the doctor says her chances arent looking good at all. Theresas BP begins to drop, and they work to get her stabilized. Theresa flatlines, and the doctor says they are losing her!


January 4, 2005

Fox and Whitney are walking along the pier. Fox thinks she is cold so he gives her his jacket. He leaves to get some coffee, and Whitney begins to think about what shes doing lying to Fox. She wonders if she should tell the truth. Suddenly, Chad and Valerie show up, and Chad has his arm around her. Chad says hi, and says he was keeping Valerie warm because its so cold here. Valerie says she forgot it would be colder down by the water and left her jacket in the car. He asks Whitney if she is okay. Whitney says yes, and Fox went to get them some coffee. Valerie leaves to get her coat from the car, and Chad and Whitney talk. Chad tells Whitney that he knows things arent easy for her right now. Fox returns, and says he thought Chad would be at work not here. Chad says he and Valerie were working late, but they took a walk to get a second wind. Fox thinks that sounds lame. They almost get into a fight, but Whitney tells them not to do this. Fox says he didnt mean anything by his comment. He asks Chad if it worked and he got his second wind yet to burn the midnight oil with Valerie? This gets Chad upset again. Whitney suggest they go, but Valerie runs up to them. She says she just heard on the car radio that their aunt Liz was rushed to the hospital. Whitney says she has to get over there. 

At the church, TC is stunned and accuses Eve of trying to kill Liz. Eve says she was trying to save her life. TC doesnt believe her, and he tells Liz to hold on. Eve says she didnt do anything and she tried to save Liz. TC says they all heard her threaten :iz. Eve says they were just arguing. TC tells Sam that Eve blamed Liz for everything that happened to her, and Eve was furious when he proposed to Liz. Eve wants to ride in the ambulance, but TC says no way. Eve says he cant honestly think she tried to kill Liz, he knows her better than that. TC says that is the point, he doesnt know her at all. Sam says hell ride with Liz. 

Outside the church, Sheridan confronts Katherine and says she thinks she is her mother. Sheridan says they have a connection, and she gave her her mothers bible. Katherine says she was just her mothers friend, but Sheridan doesnt believe her. Sheridan says if she isnt her daughter, and they mean nothing to one another, then tell her that she doesnt care about her and can walk away and never look back. Katherine tries to do it, but cant. She cries she cant live this lie anymore, and she tells Sheridan that she is her mother. Luis says this is crap, this is a lie. Katherine says she wanted to tell her from the first day they met in Mexico. Sheridan asks why she didnt tell her? Katherine says there were reasons, she had to protect her. Luis says this woman is lying, she is a monster who ran off with a married man. Luis says this is not her mother, she is a home wrecking whore! Sheridan tells him not to say those things about her mother! Beth tells her mother that things are looking up! Luis tries to reason with Sheridan and make her see this woman isnt her mother. Sheridan says she feels that this woman is her mother. Luis says she doesnt even look like Katherine Crane. Pilar says she could have had plastic surgery, Rebecca suspected her of having it. Luis says lots of women have face lifts. Katherine says she is her mother. Luis says she isnt, he ran her fingerprints through the database.  Martin says Alistair could have deleted her from the database, or the database could have been constructed after they left town. Luis  also remembers seeing Katherines funeral on TV and it was covered in the newspapers. Mrs. Wallace says she remembers it too, and even the president sent flowers. Luis says this woman could be anyone, but she isnt her mother. Beth wonders what Luis needs to convince himself that this is Katherine Crane? Beth says no one saw who was in the casket, and why would Mrs. Wheeler say she was Katherine if she wasnt? Luis says maybe she wants to extort money from the Cranes. Katherine says she never cared about the money, and the money made Alistair a monster. She says she ran away from it all. Sheridan criess even though it meant leaving her behind? Beth asks about Katherines death being so close to Martin's disappearance. Pilar says she was right earlier, she is Katherine Crane and she stole her husband, she stole her childrens father. Pilar says she used to  feel so sorry for her, yet the whole time she was sleeping with her husband behind her back. Pilar says all those nights Martin left after dinner she thought he went back to work, but he was with her. Pilar says Martin never answered his phone and always said he was in a business meeting. Paloma says her papa would not do these things, and she asks her dad to tell her this isn't true. Martin says it is, she is Katherine Crane. Beth tells her mom touchdown and even does the little touchdown signal. Luis says none of this makes sense. He says if it was true, then why didnt they run off into the middle of the night. He asks why they faked their deaths? Martin says they didnt, Alistair did all that. Katherine says they were going to settle somewhere and let things blow over and  then contact them. Martin says when they learned Alistair had Katherine declared dead they knew it would be too dangerous for them to try and return. Luis says so they ran off for an affair? Katherine says they were never involved until after they left town. Katherine says they ran away because Alistair was beating her and was going to kill her. Martin says he took Katherine away to keep her safe. Luis says so he left his family? Luis tells them to admit they were lovers. Martin says they were only friends and became closer later. Sheridan is angry and says she missed her and cried for her every night, and this whole time she was alive and well? Sheridan asks why she didnt come back for her? Katherine says she was afraid for her safety and thought she would have made it more dangerous for her. Katherine says she has wanted to tell her so many times how sorry she was for everything, and she is so sorry. Katherine touches Sheridans face and says she would have given anything to see her grow up. She says she cant ask for her forgiveness, but just try and understand. Sheridan ends up fainting. Luis catches her, and Precious fans her. Katherine thinks she can help, but Luis tells them to get away. Father Lonigan finally returns, and he learns Sheridan has fainted. He asks if they plan to resume the ceremony? Beth says given the circumstances she doesnt think that will happen.

At the hospital, as Gwen is being arrested, Theresa flat lines! Ethan hears the monitors in the room, and he wonders what it is. Ivy says forget Theresa, Gwen needs him! Gwen is cuffed, and the officers take Gwen with them. Ethan tells them that he wont let them arrest her for attempted murder. Ethan says hell take Gwen down to the station later. The cops say he isnt much of a lawyer! Ivy says Ethan is an excellent lawyer. They say well he doesn't know how it works with murder cases then. Ethan says she's not dead yet, so the cops say fine attempted murder. Ivy  tells Ethan to just let them do their job as he may only make things worse for Gwen. Ivy tries to tell the cops that Theresa drove Gwen to this and she is the criminal. Meanwhile, the doctors manage to save Theresa. They wheel Theresa by, and the doctors say they wont know the extent of the damage for awhile. He says right now it is wait and see. Gwen is shocked that Theresa is alive, and she says she thought she killed her. Gwen says she wants Theresa dead! Gwen says the only way for things to work out if for Theresa to die. Gwen jumps onto Theresa and begins chocking her! The cops grab Gwen and say they are taking her now! Ethan goes with Gwen and asks Ivy to get a hold of Rebecca. 

Elsewhere, Liz is being examined and TC and Eve are still arguing. Sam tells everyone to cool it, and until they know the facts none of them should be talking to one another. Eve tells Julian that she didnt do anything to hurt Liz. Julian says he knows, and when people are thinking more clearly theyll realize it to. She doesnt think TC will, and she cant believe he thinks shed kill her own sister. Sam begins questioning them all for statements. Eve says she was the last person to see Liz standing. Eve says they were arguing, and Liz suddenly looked like she couldn't breath and then she collapsed. Sam asks if anyone else was with Eve to collaborate her story? Eve says she doesnt think so. Rebecca says she went downstairs when she heard the fight, and she saw Liz collapse. Julian asks if she saw Eve harm Liz? Rebecca says no, but Eve was very angry. Julian says Eve did nothing to hurt Liz and hed stake his life on it. TC tells Julian he used to be blinded by Eve's love, but not anymore. He tells Julian now it's his turn to play the fool. Later, Sam says that the test results are back and Liz was poisoned. TC says that proves Eve tried to kill Liz, who else would have access to the poison. Whitney and Fox show up and learn what happened to Liz. Julian insists Eve is innocent, but TC says no one else hated Liz. Eve says she would never hurt Liz. TC says just like she wouldnt hurt him or her daughters? Sam decides to have the punch bowl analyzed. TC says a lot of people drank from that bowl, but only Liz got poisoned. Julian says he is glad Eve didnt get poisoned. Rebecca insists no one else was in the basement at the time. The doctor comes out and gives Sam more information .Sam says the poison Liz drank was the same one used to kill Alistair Crane. Sam says they may have an attempted serial killer on their hands. Rebecca realizes her plan might work after all. She says if they think Eve did it then she could go to jail, or worse, she could fry. Julian asks what the motive is, everyone wanted Alistair dead but why Liz? Rebecca says Liz only had one enemy! TC says it all makes sense, Eve hated Alistair for keeping her son from him, and she hated Liz because he was going to marry her. TC says he no longer trusts Eve and he doesnt think anyone else should either. Meanwhile, Ivy calls Rebecca and lets her know that Gwen has been arrested. Ivy tells Rebecca the whole story. Rebecca cant believe this, and she tells the others she has to go be with Gwen. Rebecca tells them that the baby is Theresas, and Gwen stabbed Theresa! Rebecca says Gwen is in jail, and she walks off. Whitney says she has to go to Theresa, and she runs off. Eve asks Julian if she thinks she did it. He says he doesnt. She wishes her family believed her, and she says Rebecca is just helping her go to jail. Julian says he wont let anyone railroad her. He suggest they go home, but Sam says until they know more nobody goes anywhere. Sam says he needs more answers from Eve.

Theresa shows up to see Theresa and learns she is in a coma. Fox comes with Whitney, and Whitney asks to sit with Theresa. The doctor says okay, and suggests she talk to Theresa. Whitney sits by Theresa and tells her not to die on her. Whitney says her children need her and she needs her too. Fox asks the doctor what the prognosis is. He says its too early, only the next 24 hours will tell. Whitney begs Theresa to wake up.

Meanwhile, back on the pier Chad tells Valerie that he should go to the hospital. He says Liz is his aunt too. Valerie knows he is hurting and wants to be the one helping Whitney. She says she saw the way he looked at her, and it is okay because you can't turn off those feelings overnight. Chad says Whitney is his sister, and he cares for her as a friend, and that is it. He says they should just go. 

At the station, Ethan is with Gwen as she is questioned by the officers. Ethan speaks for Gwen. Gwen says she has nothing more to say. Gwen says she already confessed to stabbing Theresa, and if she had done it years ago she may still have her first born. Ethan tells her to stop, but Gwen says she did nothing wrong. Gwen says Theresa committed all the crimes. Ethan insists this is off the record and not an official statement. Ethan begs Gwen to be quiet because hes trying to protect him. Gwen is arrested and booked! She is later put into her cell. Rebecca shows up and she tells Gwen that Theresa deserved to die and they are punishing the wrong person. Gwen says it is okay, but Rebecca says it isnt. Gwen says she is fine and she knows she did the right thing. Rebecca thinks Theresa has won and she will get everything.Wednesday



January 5, 2005
At the church, Sheridan faints, and Father Lonigan asks what is wrong? Sheridan, unconscious, asks for her mother. Father Lonigan says your mother is dead Sheridan. Pilar says no she's not. Luis takes Sheridan back to the sacristy, and Precious, Mrs. Wallace and Beth go with him. BEth thinks Sheridan is going to forgive her mother and then Luis will dump her. However, Sheridan mumbles "Mother why did you leave me, I hate you." BEth worries, and Mrs. Wallace tells her to face it she has lost. Luis leaves, and Precious fans Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth to bow out graciously, look even Precious is being nice to Sheridan and has accepted it.

Back outside, Father Lonigan asks how this can be, he presided over Katherine's funeral. Pilar says perhaps the coffin was empty, but this woman has admitted she is Katherine Crane. Katherine tells Father Lonigan it is true, she is Katherine and she has sinned. Father Lonigan says he recognizes her voice and cannot believe this. He says Katherine was almost a saint, he can't believe she'd be party to this deception. Pilar says Katherine stole her husband and her father's children. Katherine and Martin say it wasn't like that at all. They explain that they had to leave town because Alistair threatened them. Katherine says Martin was only trying to protect her, Alistair unleashed his wrath on her and Martin stood up to him. She says Alistair vowed to make Martin pay, so they ran and had plastic surgery. Luis is back by this point. He says even if that was true, why did Martin have to go? He says Katherine was wealthy and could have made her way to safety. Pilar says yes, Katherine had her own money even before marrying Alistair. Pilar and Luis want an answer from Martin as to why he had to leave. Paloma is in tears the whole time and tells her mother to stop attacking Katherine as she is a good woman. Pilar says she is not a good woman, she stole her husband. Pilar says they lived off Katherine's money in Mexico and never once bothered to send her money to take care of her family. Pilar says Katherine knew what taking Martin with her would do to them. Pilar says Martin could have at least told her he was alive and with another woman, yet he didn't and she waited all those years and never moved on. Luis ends up having to leave to check on Sheridan, and Pilar gets a phone call about Theresa. Pilar tells them Theresa has been stabbed and she has to go. Martin wants to come, but Pilar tells him now. She says Theresa wouldn't want him to come anyways. Pilar runs off, and Katherine once again wonders who revealed her identity. She says Alistair obviously has someone working with him.

Back in the sacristy, Luis talks to Sheridan, who is semi-conscious. He tells her he doesn't care about their parents, they don't need them. He says Father Lonigan is back and they can get married as plan. Sheridan grips his hand and smiles. Beth realizes her plan hasn't worked after  all, and her mother tells her that is true love.

At the jail, Rebecca asks Gwen why she stabbed Theresa is public? Rebecca wishes Gwen would have come to her for help as there are better ways to kill someone. Ethan asks what that means? She says nothing, she was just talking allowed. Rebecca tells Gwen she was right to do what she did, Theresa is the guilty one. Ethan tells Rebecca enough. Rebecca asks Ethan why he is defending her? She asks Ethan if he is going back to Theresa now that she has given him a child? Gwen says that is why she did it, she knew Theresa would take him from her. Ethan says no, he loves her and wants to be with her. He says they'll still have a family, they'll adopt. She says no, it is all over, she has nothing. Ethan worries about Gwen, and he tells Rebecca if Theresa dies Gwen will go to jail forever or worse! Ethan says he needs to go check on Theresa and if she is okay try and convince her not to press charges. Ethan asks the guard to put his wife on suicide watch as he's worried about her.  Ethan leaves, and Rebecca prays for Gwen. Gwen sits in her cell and hums the ABC song. Rebecca is eventually told she has to go as visiting hours are over.

At the hospital, TC continues to blame Eve for poisoning Liz and tells Sam to arrest Eve. Eve insists she is innocent, and Julian defends her. TC tells Julian he's as blind as Father Lonigan. Meanwhile, Liz continues to get worse, and her organs begin to fail. A cop returns and has a report on the crime scene, two sets of finger prints were found on Liz's glass, Liz's and Eve's. TC says that means she is guilty, but Eve says all it means is she may have accidentally touched Liz' glass. Sam asks the officer to put a trace on the poison used. Chad arrives and learns what is going on. He tells Eve for what it's worth he doesn't think she did it. He then goes to see Whitney and Theresa. Later the cop returns and says the poison is from the hospital pharmacy, a bottle is missing and only nurses and doctors have access to it. TC says this proves Eve is the killer!

In Theresa's room, Whitney tells Theresa to fight. She says if Theresa dies then Rebecca will raise Little Ethan and her new daughter as Gwen will go to jail. This causes Theresa's heartbeat to rise. The nurse says theresa obviously heard her. Fox leaves to get some more coffee, and Whitney confesses everything to Theresa. She says Theresa's secret has destroyed her life, as her mother's secret destroyed hers. Whitney admits Chad is the father of her child. She says she lied because she thought she was protecting her baby, but now she doesn't know if she is doing the right thing. Chad shows up and asks what she is talking about? Whitney thinks he heard her, but he didn't. She says she was just telling Theresa to fight. They begin talking about secrets and their mother's secret. She asks Chad what is the worst thing that has happened to him, and he admits it is finding out she was his sister. Fox returns and doesn't like that Chad always seems to be hanging around. He tells Chad he is here for Whitney so Chad can go! Pilar soon shows up and asks who did this to Theresa? Ethan walks in and explains it was Gwen. Pilar says if her Theresa dies she will make sure Gwen suffers!


January 6, 2005
Updated summary by MeaganAt the hospital Pilar pleads with Theresa to wake. She tells her that Gwen is in jail and cant hurt her anymore. Pilar swears to Ethan that she will make Gwen pay if anything happens to Theresa, and will make sure that she rots in jail. Ethan tells her that Gwen was out of her mind with grief when she found out that the baby was Theresas. Ivy comes into Theresas room and asks him what he is doing there and that tells him that his wife needs him, not the little tramp Theresa. Ethan tells her that Gwen almost killed Theresa and that he needs to be there when she wakes up to try and convince her not to press charges against Gwen. Ivy says OK, she just thought that he had chosen Theresa over Gwen. Ethan assures her that he hasnt, Gwen is the most important thing to him and that if Theresa charges her, she will be going to jail for a long time. Pilar pipes in that if Theresa dies, she will be dead forever and that Little Ethan and Ethans baby girl will grow up without their mother. She says that he better believe that Theresa will press charges against Gwen, and that if Theresa cant, she will. Ivy tells Pilar that when Gwen attached Theresa she was out of her mind with grief and that poor Gwen is in jail now. Pilar says that she doesnt care, Gwen is not the one lying in a coma and that Gwen must pay. Ethan says that Gwen was destroyed when she found out that the baby wasnt hers, and that when their son died that was her last chance at having a baby of her own. Pilar tells Ethan that he better not stand there and try to excuse what Gwen did, she stabbed Theresa in the back TWICE with a scalpel! Ethan says that if Gwen were in her right mind she would never hurt anybody. Pilar questions this and tells him that Gwen tried to kill Theresa once before with a baseball bat. Ivy pipes in that Theresa stabbed Gwen in the back at the Crane cabin. Ethan pipes in and agrees with his mother and asks Pilar if she remembers the stress Theresa was under when she stabbed Gwen. Pilar disregards what they are saying and vows that Gwen will pay for what she has done. Ethan apologizes but says that he will do everything he can to convince Theresa not to press charges when she wakes up. A doctor comes in to evaluate Theresa and tells Pilar, Ethan, and Ivy that it doesnt look good, the fact that she hasnt regained consciousness is not good, and that if she doesn't wake up within the next hour she could die. Ethan says that she is stabilized, doesnt that mean that she is getting better? The doctor tells him no, that he body will start to shut down if she doesnt wake up soon. Pilar frantically begs Theresa to wake up. The doctor says that he has done all he can, he has prescribed a safe drug that is supposed to work but it is not, that everyone should keep talking to her to get her to wake up. Pilar sees Martin outside the room and goes storming out. She confronts him and tells him to get out of the hospital, she doesnt want to see him and neither does Theresa. Then she slaps him. She tells him he is a pathetic excuse of a man for deserting his wife and children, and that he doesnt even know Theresathat he cant play the concerned father now. Martin says that he cares about all his children, and Pilar tells him to go back to his mistress. She tells him that if Theresa knew he were there it would make her worse. Pilar tells him that they dont need him, they have never needed him, and he leaves. The doctor brings the baby to see Theresa, thinking that the bond between mother and daughter will help them both survive. While Theresa holds her baby, Pilar pleads with her to wake up. When she doesnt respond the doctor takes the baby back to NICU. Pilar prays for Theresa to wake up. Theresa hears her baby crying and wakes up. Ethan is in tears and says it is a miracle. Ivy says the fact that Theresa woke up is good for Gwen, and that now Ethan needs to leave so that he cant be sucked back in by Theresa. Ethan tells her not to worry. Pilar tells Ethan to look at Theresa and the baby and tells him that they are his family. She asks him if he can just walk away from them. Theresa smiles at him and says how beautiful their baby is. Ethan sits next to the bed and touches the baby. She tells the baby that her daddy will never leave her. Ivy just shakes her head. Pilar says the three of them are a family just the way it should be. Ivy thinks to herselfthats the way it should be in hell. Theresa says that they are a family now. Ethan asks her to not press charges against Gwen.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Lizs heart rate continues to drop. Outside the room Eve defends herself against T.C.s accusations. Julian also defends Eve. Rebecca comes in and asks if Liz is dead, and asks Sam why he hasn't arrested Dr. Kavorkian. (Ha!) Whitney comes in and asks how Liz is doing and if Eve is still a suspect. T.C. tells her that it doesnt look good, the poison used to poison Liz came from the hospital, that Eves fingerprints were all over the glass that Liz drank the poison from, and that Eve was the only one with her when she collapsed. Sam says that there is a simple way to find out where the poison came from, the medical closet where the poison was kept could only be opened by a medical swipe card. He says he ordered a printout of everyone who entered the closet within the last 24 hours, and as soon as he gets the printout he will know who the suspects are. Eve says thank god because she hasnt been in the medical closet for days. Rebecca thinks to herself that she poisoned the wrong sister, but this might just work out after all. We see a flashback of Rebecca at the police station finding out which poison was used on Allistar, and her getting into the medical closet with Eves card. Eve tells Sam that once he sees the printout he will see that she hasnt been near the medical closet for days. Sam tells her not to lie to him because it doesnt look good, the same poison was used on both Allistar and Liz and that she hated them both. She tells Sam to stop it and tells him that he knows she couldnt do anything like that. Whitney asks her mother if she really did this. She says that Eve already ruined all their lives and now she is resorting to murder? She tells her mother that she doesnt know her at all. Eve once again says that she couldnt kill Liz. In the background we hear Lizs monitors going off and the doctors saying that they cant loose her. Rebecca feels a little bit of guilt about hurting Liz. She asks God if that is why he punishing Gwen? T.C. of course flies off the handle and says, Damn you Eve for doing this! Eve defends herself but T.C. doesnt believe her and keeps yelling. The doctor interrupts and tells everyone that he stabilized Liz but she is not out of the woods yet and that the whole group needs to clear out of the ER. Eve asks to see her sister and Sam says that is not a good idea until they get the printout. Sam gets the printout. While Eve is saying how that will clear her, Sam reads the printout and sees Eves name. Shockingly the last person who went into the medical closet was Eve!

At the church Beth is ranting and raving b/c Luis and Sheridan are still planning on getting married. Mrs. Wallace tells her that she is loony tunes and that none of her evil plans have been able to tear Luis and Sheridan apart. Luis tells Sheridan that he can forget about his father and she can forget about her mother and they can get married. She tells him that all she needs is him. Beth tells Sheridan that she doesnt look well and maybe she should just go home. Sheridan says no, she is fine, and that she and Luis are getting married, but then collapses again. Luis says, maybe Beth is right, she is sick, maybe they should postpone the wedding. He asks Sheridan if they should postpone the wedding and she nods in agreement. Beth smiles at Mrs. Wallace and tells her that it is time to up the stakes. She says that she must postpone the wedding permanently and the only way that can happen is if Sheridan and her mother bondif that happens Luis will never forgive Sheridan for getting close to the woman who seduced his father and abandoned his family. She tells Luis and Sheridan that she is sorry they had to cancel their wedding, but it was the right thing to do. Beth goes on to say what an awful day it has been with Sheridan finding out that he mother is alive after all these years and that she deserted her as a child and ruined Luis family. Beth says there are so many unanswered questions. Luis says that there are no unanswered questions, they are dead to him and Sheridan. Luis leaves to get Sheridan some water and tell Father Lonigan that the wedding is being postponed. He assures Sheridan that they are going to get married soon. Beth tells her mother to watch and learn, she got rid of Luis to work on Sheridanlike Julius Caesar. Mrs Wallace tells her that they murdered Julius Caesar. Beth accidentally steps on and rips Sheridan's wedding dress. Mrs. Wallace tells God to strike Beth downnice and crispy. Beth asks her mother to go to the brides room and get Sheridan something to wear now that her dress is useless. Sheridan breaks down into tears. Outside the church Martin says goodbye to Katherine and heads to the hospital. Katherine talks to herself and says that after all the years they dreamed of being reunited with their children, Martins children hate him, and she destroyed her daughters weddingthat it wasnt supposed to be like this. Back inside the church Beth and Sheridan are talking. Beth says what a shock it must be for her (and her mother) to find out her mother is alive. Sheridan says she doesnt care because she hates her. Beth says that no matter what happened, she bets that her mother really missed her and wanted to reunite with her sometime. Sheridan says that she cant imagine what she was feeling. Beth sees Katherine out the window and says she looks really sad. Beth says that Sheridan and her mother have so much to talk about and her mother has so many answers, she should go talk to her mother while everything is fresh in her mind. Sheridan sees her mother through the window and goes out to talk to her. Mrs. Wallace makes her put on a coat before leaving which makes Beth angry, as she was hoping Sheridan would catch pneumonia and die. Sheridan catches up with her mother and asks her point blank why she left her. Katherine apologizes, but gives no answer. Sheridan tells her that her life was hell and asks why she didnt come back for her. She asks if she was such an awful child that she couldnt stand to be around her. Katherine says that leaving her and Julian was the hardest thing she was ever forced to do. They hug. Beth is ecstatic and is jumping on the couch near the window. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that everything she has done will catch up to her. Beth tries to prevent Luis from seeing Sheridan talking with her mother. She tells him that if there is anything he needs that she is there for him. He tells her that he just wants her to be nice to Sheridan b/c she is going through a hard time and the truth about her mother is going to kill her when the truth sinks in. Outside Sheridan and her mother embrace until Sheridan gets mad about her mother abandoning her. Katherine says she thought it would be better for Sheridan after she was gone. Sheridan asks her how that is possible especially since Allistar was alsways reminding her that it was her fault Katherine died. Sheridan tells her that immediately after her father told her that her mother had died she was shipped off to Europe for years and then she was raised by Pilar. Sheridan goes on to tell her about the nightmares she had for years and the doctors she had to see to try and stop them. She cries that everyone said it was her fault that her mother was dead, Luis hears her from inside. He sees her outside the window talking to her mother and runs to protect Sheridan. He tells Katherine to stay away from Sheridan, that she has done enough already. Katherine apologizes to Luis for upsetting Sheridan. He tells her to shut up and go back to being his fathers whore. Martin enters and tells his son never to speak to her like that again. He says he will not allow Luis or anyone in Harmony to ever speak badly about Katherine again and that it is time that everyone know the truth about why they left Harmony.


January 7, 2005

At the hospital, Theresa holds the baby. Pilar asks if the baby will be okay? The doctor says he is cautious but optimistic, he thinks the baby will be fine given the amount of love it is receiving. Theresa says her childs love saved her, just as her love saved her child. Theresa talks about being in a dark and far away place, but being brought back by her baby. Meanwhile, Ethan asks Theresa about Gwen and the charges against her, will she not press charges. Pilar asks how he can ask such a thing, Gwen tried to kill Theresa! Ethan says he knows he has no right, but he is still asking Theresa not to press charges. He begs Theresa to find it in her heart to forgive Gwen. Ethan talks about how Gwen has lost everything, and Gwen  just lost control and didnt mean to hurt her. Ethan says Gwen has suffered so much and will never be able to have a child of her own. Ethan asks Theresa not to make things worse for Gwen. Pilar asks what about what has happened to Theresa and how Gwen has made things worse for her? Pilar says if Theresa died would he be asking her not to press charges? Ethan says he is just relieved Theresa didn't die. Ethan says Gwen resents what she did. Pilar asks if that is how he would present this to a jury? Pilar says of course Theresa will press charges, and she tells Theresa to tell him. The doctor says all this talk and tension isnt good for the baby, so he takes her back to the NICU. Ethan then asks Theresa once again not to press charges against Gwen. She says he is asking a lot of her. Ethan says he knows. Theresa says if things were reversed, Gwen would not drop the charges. Ethan says hes not asking Gwen, he's asking her. Pilar asks Theresa how she can consider this? Theresa asks Ethan if he expects her to just forgive Gwen? Theresa says attempted murder is a serious thing. She says it would take an extraordinary act of forgiveness for anyone to turn the other cheek. Ethan says he knows. Theresa says that is what he is asking her to do. Pilar says this is ridiculous. Ethan says Gwen didnt know what she was doing and she didnt mean it. Ethan tells Theresa she of all people should know what Gwen feels like. Theresa says the bottom line is that he doesnt want her to press charges against Gwen just because he is asking her. Ethan says that is right. Pilar thinks Ethan has some hell of nerve, she thought she knew him. Theresa tells Ethan okay, they have a deal. Theresa says she would do anything for him, and they have always had a connection and now due to their little girl they always will. Pilar tells Theresa that she cannot do this, she has to press charges against Gwen! Pilar says Gwen could try and attack her again! Pilar says if Theresa is doing this to win Ethan back then it wont work. She tells Ethan to tell her. Ethan says he already did, Gwen is his wife and that wont change. Still, Theresa says her fantasy has come true, she has her baby girl and she will be well. Theresa says she is also doing this because she understands how Gwen felt, she understands why Gwen picked up the scalpel. Theresa says this feud between their families is growing, and it has to stop. Theresa says she is ending it here and now. Ethan thanks Theresa and says she is doing the right thing. Theresa hopes once Gwen hears she is not pressing charges that Gwen will do the right thing and return Little Ethan to her. Pilar cant believe this, and she says Gwen and Rebecca wont get away with this. Theresa says that is the thinking that got them to this point, and it has to stop. Theresa says she just wants to be happy with her children. Theresa talks about her dreams for a happy life with her children, going to the park with them and roller blading with them. Pilar tells Theresa that Gwen deserves to be in prison. Theresa says once upon a time she tried to kill Gwen and she didn't go to prison, but Pilar says she had a medical condition. Theresa says so does Gwen, she has a broken heart. Theresa says Gwen will suffer for the rest of her life, whereas she is going to recuperate. Theresa says she wants to go see her baby now, and when she tries to get up but finds her legs are strapped down. Pilar says perhaps they wanted to keep her safe when she was in the coma. She asks them to unstrap them. Ethan says okay, but then sees she is not tied down. Theresa asks why they wont her legs move then? Why cant she move her legs? 

Elsewhere at the hospital, Simone soon arrives as she hears the news. Simone asks how it happened, and TC explains she was poisoned. Simone asks who did it? TC says she needs to be strong, as it seems it is her mother who did this. Simone is stunned, and TC once again asks Sam to arrest Eve. Whitney and Simone turn on their mother, and  TC joins in. TC tells Sam to arrest Eve, but Sam says there are procedures that need to be followed. Sam asks Eve how she can explain that the records show she was the only one in the pharmacy closet. Eve says she cant, she wasnt in there. Sam says things dont look good for her. Eve says she has said some stupid things lately, but what she said were just words. Eve says people make threats to kill others all the time but they don't mean it. Eve says she never actually intended to kill Liz! Rebecca flashes back to stealing the poison and planning to kill Eve. Rebecca says she did try and kill Eve, but things are working out so much better this way. Eve swears she didnt take the poison, and she says maybe there is a malfunction in the computer and she needs to get her card checked out. She looks in her purse for her security card, but she cant find it. She says she must have lost it. Rebecca still has Eves card, and vows to make sure Eve loses Julian and everything else. Julian suggests Eve keep quiet because she is doing more harm than good. Eve asks if he believes she is guilty? Julian believes she is innocent and says someone else had to have poisoned the punch, but everyone here thinks she did it. Eve says that is what happened, someone else took her card and framed her for poisoning Liz and Alistair. Eve says if they find the person with the card then they will find the murderer. Meanwhile, Rebecca realizes she has to get rid of the card. TC thinks Eve is trying to throw them off with a lie. He says her fingerprints were still on the glass. Eve says she may have accidentally picked up Lizs punch, they both had glasses of punch. Eve says that doesnt mean she tried to poison Liz. Sam says when Liz wakes up maybe she can tell them the truth. Eve says if she wanted Liz dead why did she save her life with the emergency tracheotomy? TC says to throw them off the track of course. Julian continues to defend Eve and says she made mistakes but she has paid for them. He also tells TC if he loved Eve as much as he pretended to then he would have stayed by her and made their marriage work. Julian says instead he betrayed Eve with her own sister. TC yells at Julian and says he turned Eve into a tramp, and TC attacks Julian. While everyone is distracted with TC and Julians fight, Rebecca slips Eves card back into her purse. Rebecca then knocks over her purse and points out Eves card to everyone. Eve swears the card wasnt in there before. TC says Eve was lying to them, and Eve is guilty. Eve says the card wasnt in her purse. Whitney cant believe her mom, and both she and Simone ask her mom how she could do this? They think Eve has been caught in yet another lie. Chad turns on Eve too and thinks his mother is an attempted murder. Sam says the only way theyll get an answer is to get one from Liz. Suddenly Liz wakes up and they hear her calling for TC. TC goes in to see Liz, who is awake. Sam and the others go to see her. TC says now they can find out what really happened. 

At the church, Martin says it is time Luis and Sheridan learn the whole truth as to why they left Harmony. Martin says once he tells them everything they will understand why they left. Beth and her mother continue to spy on them, and Mrs. Wallace is confident the truth will lead to forgiveness. Beth says if that happens then all her hard work will be for nothing! Katherine says Sheridan doesnt need to hear anymore, she has been hurt enough. Sheridan says she has heard enough, she knows her mother chose to leave and stayed away when she could have come back for her. Luis is stunned that is what Katherine told her. Luis says the story he was told was that they left because Alistair abused Katherine. Sheridan has not heard this version of the story, and she is shocked. Martin says they have to know the truth, they have to know why they were forced to leave Harmony. Luis tells his father to save it, nothing can justify what they did. Sheridan, however, wants to hear the explanation. Luis doesnt want to listen to them and tries to walk off with Sheridan. Martin tells Luis that he has to listen to him. Martin asks his son to hear him out. Luis says he lost the right to ask him to do anything when he left town with that slut. Martin tells Luis not to call Katherine that. Luis says he and Sheridan dont have to listen to anything Martin and Katherine have to say. Katherine continues to beg Martin not to tell them anything, but Martin says it would be worse for Sheridan to go through life thinking she abandoned her. Katherine finally blurts out that Alistair raped her. Luis and Sheirdan are stunned. Martin explains that Alistair raped Katherine violently, and he would have killed her if she stayed in town. He says Alistair never loved Katherine, he only loved her sister Rachel. Martin says he made Katherine suffer for his losing Rachel, and he beat Katherine badly. Martin says it was always on her arms and legs, places where the bruises could never be seen. However, Martin says the beatings got more violent, and Alistair had a doctor come to the house to treat Katherine in private. He says after the beatings were not affecting Katherine anymore, he began raping her to punish her. Martin says he found out and tried to stop Alistair, so Alistair stabbed him and tried to kill him. Martin continues the story of how Katherine saved him from Alistair. Martin says they had no choice, if they didnt leave town then Alistair would have killed Katherine and him. Martin says Alistair threatened to kill his family as well. He says they had to leave to protect their families. Luis finds this hard to believe. Martin says Alistair was going to kill them all if they stayed, and he couldnt take the chance. Martin says they had no choice but to leave. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that Sheridan is going to forgive her mother. Beth says maybe or maybe not, besides Luis is not an easy mark. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth to wake up and smell the coffee, everyone knows the truth now. Mrs. Wallace says Luis and Sheridan will forgive them, and they will be married. Mrs. Wallace says everyone will be happy except for Beth. She says Beth will be a miserable old maid with lots of cats. Meanwhile, Martin continues to explain and swears they were not romantically involved until they left. Martin says they didnt mean for it to happen, they were in hiding and had no one else to turn to but one another. Katherine hopes they can understand and forgive them. Katherine begs them to forgive them. 

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