January 10, 2005
At the hospital, Theresa asks what is going on, why cant she move her legs. Pilar says maybe they fell asleep. Theresa says she doesnt feel any pins or needles. Ethan says maybe she shouldnt be moving so soon after surgery. They think she should talk to the doctor, but she says no. Theresa wants to get up and walk. She asks Ethan to help her move her legs so she can stand up. He says okay, but when he touches her legs she says she cant feel them! Theresa says something is very wrong! Pilar calls the doctor, and Ethan tries to keep Theresa calm. Theresa says she cant feel or move her legs. Pilar says this is probably a temporary situation, but Theresa asks what if it isnt? The doctor shows up and Theresa says she cant feel or move her legs. She asks what is wrong? She asks if this is temporary? The doctor says they should talk to the surgeon, but he wont be in until tomorrow. Pilar says they need an answer now. The doctor says all he can say is that there was trauma to the spine that caused edema. Theresa asks what is wrong with her legs and when shell be able to use them again? The doctor explains what is going on, and she asks what the worst case scenario is. He says the worst case scenario is she may have permanent damage and will never walk again. The doctor tells her not to jump to any conclusion. She thinks she is crippled for life, but he says no. He says he only gave her the worst case scenario, and there is a good chance she will walk again. Theresa asks for a percentage of her odds. He says he cant give her one, once they run tests on her then they will know more and be able to map out treatment. Theresa says everything she wanted to do with her children she wont be able to, its over before she had the chance to begin. Pilar tells Theresa to stop courting disaster and they should wait for the tests to be done. The doctor says he has seen wounds like hers before and there is every reason to think she will recover. Theresa says every reason isn't good enough. Theresa says what if she doesnt walk again, she cant burden Ethan with a crippled wife. Pilar says Ethan has not talked about leaving Gwen. Theresa says he would have left Gwen and married her to be a family, only now he wont because of Gwen. Theresa says this is Gwens fault and she will make sure Gwen pays for ruining her life! Theresa says Gwen wasnt satisfied with taking her child, she took her home and her families jobs, and now she has taken her legs. Ethan says Gwen didnt mean for this to happen, and Gwen is angry and upset and still blames her for Sarahs death. Theresa says yes she does, and then she had her declared an unfit mother and then stole her son. Pilar sides with Theresa, and Ethan asks them to look at Gwens side of things. Ethan says when they got a surrogate to have a child, Theresa stole their embryo. Theresa says she did that to get her son back! Theresa says now she gave birth to their baby girl, and Gwen couldnt bare that. She says Gwen did this to her out of anger and hatred. Theresa says if she has to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair then shell make sure Gwen spends the rest of her life in jail!

Elsewhere, Liz wakes up and asks where she is? A nurse says the hospital. Sam has some questions to ask Liz before she forgets any details. Sam says if Eve has nothing to hide then she has nothing to worry about. Eve says she doesnt have anything to hide. Meanwhile, Rebecca remembers using Eves card to swipe the poison from the hospital pharmacy in order to poison her drink. We see flashbacks of all of these scenes. Sam asks Liz what happened before she passed out. Eve says on second thought she doesnt think this is a good idea, Liz would say anything that would cause her grief. Julian agrees, but TC says nobody is asking them. Sam says if this goes to trial then the jury will factor in Lizs animosity towards her. Eve says "if this goes to trial?" Sam questions Liz, and asks her full name. TC says he knows what her name is, but Sam says he needs to make sure she is alert and knows what is going on. Liz says Elizabeth Sanbourne, and she states the year is 2005. She asks why she is in the hospital. Sam says she was poisoned. Liz says she remembers. She remembers Eve threatening to kill her at the Russell house and at the church. Liz then remembers drinking punch, and then she started chocking. Sam asks who gave her the punch? Julian thinks that is a leading question. Sam says he knows how to do his job. Sam asks Liz what happened before she passed out. Rebecca continues to listen in and thinks this couldnt have turned out better, Eve will go to prison and shell remain Julians wife. Sam once again asks Liz if someone gave her the punch. Liz says nothing, she just looks at Eve. TC begins stating all the evidence against Eve, but Eve says she wouldnt kill her sister. TC tells Sam to arrest Eve. Simone is stunned, and both Fox and Chad dont believe Eve would try and kill anyone. Sam asks TC to calm down, and he tells Liz to ignore what TC said. He asks Liz what she remembers. Liz remembers to herself that she got some punch and put it down to yell at Eve some more. Liz ends up saying it was Eve, Eve gave her the cup of punch! Whitney thinks her mother tried to kill Liz. Eve says she is lying, but TC thinks she did it. Simone cant believe this, but Chad says he doesnt. Eve says they both had punch and she poured her own glass. Eve says she didnt try to poison Liz. Eve swears she wouldnt let anyone, even Liz, goad her into violence. Julian suggests she not say anything else. Eve realizes they all think she tried to poison Liz. Sam pulls out handcuffs and Liz smiles. Eve says this cant be happening, and she tells Sam that he has known her forever. Whitney cant believe this, and Chad tells Simone this has to be a mistake. Sam ends up placing Eve under arrest and he reads Eve her rights. The whole time Liz looks at her and smiles.

In jail, Gwen remembers stabbing Theresa. Gwen says Theresa made her do it, she deserved it. Gwen asks the guard when she can get out of here as she has to get back to her husband and three beautiful children. He says he doesnt know, shell find out at the arraignment. She wonders who is taking care of her children. She shows him a piece of paper which she thinks is a photo of her and her children: Sarah, Ashley and Nathan. Gwen begins pretending to talk to her daughter Sarah. Two cops watch and talk about her. They think shell get off easily as shes not in her right mind. Gwen imagines she is at the Plaza with Sarah, who is about six or seven. Ethan and the twins soon show up to meet them for dinner. Ethan took them to a Yankee game. Later they play Frisbee in central park, and then enjoy a picnic. Ethan says he loves Central Park and thinks they should move here. However Sarah says shell miss all her friends in Harmony, so Ethan says they wont move. Gwen cant believe how things have turned out and the problems they had with Theresa are nothing but a bad memory. Gwen says they have the perfect life now. Later they end up watching the birds, and then they return to the hotel and have movie night.

At the church, Beth and her mother continue to spy on Sheridan, Luis and the others. Martin and Katherine beg Luis and Sheridan to forgive them. Mrs. Wallace says shed forgive them in a hot minute after what they had been through. Beth says she cant believe after all her hard work she cant tear these two apart. Meanwhile, Martin asks if they understand why they had to leave and if they can forgive them? Luis says they left their families, so no he doesnt understand and no he doesnt forgive them. Sheridan looks upset. Luis doesnt understand how one of the richest women in the world had no choice. He thinks she could have gone to the police or the media. Katherine says Alistair owns them. Luis says only in Harmony, she could have gone nationally. Martin says Alistair threatened to kill them and their children. Luis asks why, because he was sleeping with her? Martin says he wasnt, but Luis doesn't understand why Alistair was so angry with Martin then. Luis asks who named him Katherines personal savior? Martin says he loved his wife and children, but he couldnt stand by and let Alistair do what he was doing to Katherine. He says if he went to the police or media then Alistair would twist it around and make it look like he was a blackmailer and trying to extort money. Katherine thought Alistair would never take out his hatred for her on their children. Luis says he isnt buying it and thinks they took off because they were lovers. Luis tells them to stay away from him and his family. Beth is happy, and hopes Sheridan doesnt forgive her mother. Luis says he has had enough of this garbage and wants to go. Sheridan says no, and Luis asks why not? Sheridan listens as Katherine swears to her that she never meant to hurt her, and she is so sorry. Sheridan says Oh mother! Beth thinks it is happening and Sheridan will forgive her mother. Luis still thinks Martin and Katherine were lovers and that is why he saved her from Alistair. He refuses to think his father would have ruined his familys life for a friend, for his boss wife. Sheridan says hes had it, stay out of their lives. Luis grabs Sheridans hand and says they are leaving! He begins walking away with her. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth she failed, and Beth tells her mother to shut up. She then sees that Sheridan has stopped, and thinks it isnt over yet. Sheridan stops, and Luis tells her that they should go and these people are dead to them. Sheridan looks at her mother, and Martin pleads to Sheridan to forgive her mother. He says if she does then theyll leave and they never have to see them again. Sheridan rushes into her mothers arms and says shes sorry, shes so sorry. Beth says it is over, Luis and Sheridan are finished!


January 11, 2005

At the hospital, Theresa says Gwen will pay for doing this to her. Ethan says she agreed not to press charges. Theresa says that was before she knew she couldnt walk. She says she will not be able to do everything a normal person can do with their children. Theresa says Gwen took that from her, so she will take Gwens freedom from her. The doctor asks Theresa to calm down. Ethan says she may recover, but Theresa says she is paralyzed. The doctor tells Theresa that if she doesnt calm down she can cause herself serious damage. Theresa asks more serious than this? He says if she doesnt calm down he will have to sedate her as her blood pressure is out of control. She tells him to do it because she doesnt care. She holds her arm out and says stick the needle in. Pilar tells her that she has to care, her children need her. Theresa says not like this they dont. Ethan tells Theresa that she is getting worked up for nothing, this could be temporary. Theresa says Gwen turned her into a cripple! Theresa says she will press charges and sue her and Rebecca for everything they . . . Theresa then passes out. Pilar holds her and thinks her baby is dead. The doctor says she is not dead; she just fainted from the stress. The doctor thinks Ethan should leave as he is too much for her to deal with right now. The doctor says she has enough to deal with given the possibility she may be paralyzed. Ethan says it is just a possibility right. The doctor says he doesnt know yet. The doctor is paged and has to leave, but wants Ethan gone before Theresa wakes up. Ethan tells Pilar that Theresa will be okay. Pilar says he doesnt care about her or even their baby, he only came here to talk Theresa out of pressing charges against Gwen. Pilar tells Ethan to just go, so he does. Later Theresa wakes up and she realizes it wasnt a dream and she is paralyzed. She also remembers Ethan asking her not to press charges. Theresa says Gwen will pay for this. Pilar says she will, but right now she must concentrate on getting better. Theresa says right now all she will concentrate on is punishing Gwen! Pilar suggests they pray that she overcomes this, but Theresa says the only thing she will pray for is Gwen to suffer.

Eve is in tears as Sam arrests her. Rebecca is overjoyed, and Liz tells herself that she couldnt plan this better herself. Eve asks Liz to tell them the truth, but she says nothing. TC tells her she is going to a real jail, not camp cupcake with Martha Stewart, and she will be gone for a long time. Eve thinks this is humiliating as other nurses watch her being cuffed. Sam clears the area, and Julian begs Liz to tell the truth. Liz says she did, she and Eve were alone in the basement so who else could have poisoned her? A spying Rebecca tells herself she did, she wanted to kill Eve, but nobody needs to know that. Eve swears she didnt have anything to do with this. Whitney says just like she had nothing to do with Daddys accident? Simone tells Whitney to stop it! Chad says their mother is innocent till proven guilty, that is what the law says. Whitney says who else could have done it! Eve says it is a set-up. Simone wants to believe her mom, so Julian tells her to believe her. TC says Eve did do it; she was a drug addict and a drunk, and now a murderer! Whitney runs off, and Chad tries to go to her. Fox says hell take care of this and runs off. Sam tells Eve he has to take her downtown, and Julian says hell meet her there. TC says she is getting what she deserves. Eve asks how he can say that after the life they shared? TC says that life was a lie and now it is over. Sam takes Eve away, and Julian follows. Simone cries out Mommy! Chad comforts her, and Rebecca delights in everything. Rebecca says Julian cant stay with Eve now that shell be doing 30-40 years. 

At the jail, Gwen is still fantasizing about watching Shrek with her kids. The jail guards watch her and say she is totally out of it, they thought she might be faking at first, but not anymore. Gwen dreams she and the family are on the couch, eating popcorn and watching movies. The guard brings her dinner and says this is real Salisbury steak and gravy, not whatever she was eating in fantasy land. Gwen realizes what she is doing, and she tries to pull herself together and be strong. Later Ethan shows up to visit Gwen. He asks how she is. Gwen says she is fine and asks where he went. He says he went to see Theresa. He says it isnt good, Theresa is paralyzed and it could be permanent. He says she is going to press charges, there could even be a lawsuit. Gwen kisses Ethan and says she doesnt want to talk about that, she wants to talk about going home. She asks where they are anyways, a bus station? Ethan realizes she doesnt know where she is. Gwen says she just wants to go home to her husband and their three beautiful children. Ethan is stunned as Gwen talks about going home to their three children Sarah, Ashley and Nathan.

Later, Sam shows up and asks Officer Murphy to book Eve for Lizs attempted murder. Rebecca shows up to watch, asking if she missed it. Julian says this isnt a party, but she thinks it is. Chad and Simone are there, and Simone believes her mom did this and says she hates her for it. TC and Liz are there too, and Eve wonders what has happened to her life. Eve tells Sam she is being framed for this, maybe by the real killer. She says she wouldnt do this. TC tells her to save her lies. Julian promises to have Eve out as soon as bail is set. Eve is then photographed and booked! Sam tells Eve that they have to go, and shes just making things worse by fighting this. TC tells Liz that shell never hurt her again. Eve says she didnt try and kill Liz! Eve is taken off, and Rebecca tells Julian how sorry she is for him. Julian ignores her and says he has calls to make to get Eves bail. Julian leaves, and Rebecca thinks Eve will spend the rest of her life in jail thanks to her. Liz asks TC to promise her that he wont let Eve hurt her again. TC says he promises, and soon shell be out of their life forever. Meanwhile Sam puts Eve in jail, and the other inmates ask what she did, steal a golf club? Sam puts Eve in her own cell, and she tells Sam that they are friends, please dont do this to her. Sam says he is just doing his job. He says all the evidence points to her. Sam locks her up and says he is truly sorry. The other inmates laugh at Eve for crying. 

Fox finds Whitney down on the docks. He asks if she is all right. Whitney says she cant believe she saw her mom taken away like a common criminal. Fox doesnt know what to say. She says when she was little everyone told her she was just like her mother. Whitney says she was proud of that, and when she grew up she wanted to be just like her. Whitney wonders what if she turns out to be just like her mom, what if those bad genes are passed onto the baby? Fox tells her that wont happen, and to stop concentrating on genes and think about the wonderful baby they are bringing into the world. Whitney flashes back to her making love to Chad and realizing she was pregnant. Fox says even if the behavior genes could be passed onto her, which he doubts, they will raise this baby to be its own person. Whitney worries to herself because she knows her child has her moms genes from its mother and father. Chad and Simone soon show up, and Chad asks Whitney what is wrong? She says she is just worried about mom. Chad says Julian will hire the best legal team for her, and he says this stress cant be good for the baby. Fox says not to worry; hell take care of Whitney and their baby.

In the churchyard, Sheridan hugs her mom and says what father did to her was so horrible. Beth is pleased and tells her mother that Luis is ready to explode, and he wont forgive her for this. Luis watches as Sheridan cries to her mom that she cant believe what she had to live through. He looks furious. Martin tries to reason with Luis about why they left, and he begs Luis to forgive him. Beth hopes Luis doesnt forgive him. She says they have to break up over this, and Luis just cant forgive them. Luis wont forgive them and calls Sheridans mom a whore. Martin says that is Sheridans mother, so not to speak of her that way. Luis says not anymore she isnt, they both lost the right to call themselves their parents when they left. Katherine sees how angry Luis is, and she ends up telling Sheridan that she cant do this. Katherine runs off, and Sheridan tries to go after her. Luis tells Sheridan no! Sheridan says that is her mother. Luis says no, and that shes not going anywhere until they work some things out. Beth thinks Luis is so furious with Sheridan that he will dump her right here and now. Luis says that they are lying to them about everything, they are manipulating them. Sheridan thinks her father is capable of what they said he did. Luis tries to make her see that even if Katherine was abused, they had other options. Sheridan sticks up for them, but Luis doesnt believe that abandoning them would protect them in any way. Sheridan says she doesnt know, all she knows is that her father blamed her for her mothers death. Luis tells her that he knows how confusing this is for her, and he knows she wants to believe her mother loves her. Luis says her mother doesnt love her, and she left her with Alistair and no one to protect her. Sheridan says no one until she met him. Luis says their parents didnt care about them when they ran off. Luis says they werent there for them back then, and they dont need them now. Luis suggests they go back to the car and go back home. He thinks shell feel better after she rests. They head off together. Beth and Mrs. Wallace come out of hiding. Beth is furious, but Mrs. Wallace is happy. Mrs. Wallace says once again Luis and Sheridans love has won out. She wonders what it will take to tear these two apart. 

Beth and Mrs. Wallace return home, and Beth cries about how everything that has happened and she has done and Luis and Sheridan are still together. Mrs. Wallace says awe. She holds up something imaginary and says this is the worlds smallest CD player is playing My Heart Cries For You! She tells Beth to get a clue, Sheridan and Luis are meant to be together. She asks if she has to get Precious to spell things out for her?

At the B&B, Martin asks Katherine why she ran off? Katherine says did he see the look on Luis face? He was furious. She says Alistair was right, he would never forgive Sheridan for accepting her back into her life. Katherine says she cant let her daughter lose her chance at happiness just for her. Katherine says she has to leave Harmony, this time forever. Katherine hates the idea of not being in Sheridans life, but she doesnt want Sheridan to have to choose. Katherine says this time the choice will be made for her. Martin asks what if she has already chosen and she chose her?

Luis and Sheridan return to the cottage. Sheridan says she is exhausted and confused. Luis says shell feel better in the morning. He decides to make her tea and draw her a bath. Sheridan finds an old teddy bear of hers, and she begins remembering when her mom gave it to her. Sheridan names the bear Abigail. She remembers when her mom gave it to her, she told her that this was a friend to always watch over her. Katherine told her that every time she looked at the bear shed know her mother loved her. Sheridan wonders if her mother still loves her. When Luis returns with tea he sees Sheridan is sleeping with her bear. Luis tells her to just sleep, and not to worry. He says they will be married and everything will be perfect. Luis turns off the light and leaves the room. In her sleep Sheridan calls out to her mother.



January12, 2005
At the jail, Gwen asks Ethan if the limo showed up because she called hours ago. Ethan says he hasnt. She asks him to call the house and see if the children are okay because they have to be worried. Ethan says it will be awhile before they can go. Rebecca arrives and asks how she is doing. Ethan says Gwen doesnt even know she is in jail, and she thinks Sarah and the twins are alive. Ethan worries if they dont get help for Gwen soon she may never come back to them. Ethan and Rebecca watch as Gwen is calling someone about her limo. Rebecca says if Gwen is insane she wants her to have the best help. The psychiatrist shows up to meet with Gwen. Gwen thinks he is the limo driver and she is glad he came. The doctor talks to Gwen, and Rebecca feels for her poor Gwen. Rebecca thinks this is all Theresa fault, and she recaps everything Theresa has done. Rebecca even thinks Theresa bribed Eve to make sure Theresas child survived. Ethan doesnt believe that, and what matters right now is Gwen. Ethan begins recapping Gwen snapping and stabbing Theresa. The psychiatrist tells Ethan that Gwen has suffered a severe trauma, and her condition is being made worse by staying here. He says if they dont get Gwen out then she will completely lose touch with reality. The psychiatrist says if she is kept here away from her family she will slip further away and be lost to him. Ethan asks what if they take her to a mental hospital? The psychiatrist says shed still be confined, and shed still be lost to him. Rebecca wishes Theresa had died, but Ethan tells her not to say that. He says if she had died it would be almost impossible to get Gwen out. Ethan says if he can get Theresa to drop the charges then they can still get Gwen the help she needs. Rebecca says Theresa will listen to him. He says he thought he had convinced her until she found out she was paralyzed. Rebecca asks forever? Ethan says he hopes not, but the doctors dont know. Ethan says she is in no mood to forgive Gwen. Rebecca says today is a new day, maybe things are going better for her. Ethan says it is possible. Rebecca says of course, so go talk her into dropping the charges. Rebecca says it is the least Theresa can do after driving Gwen insane. Ethan says hell go see what he can do. Theresa wants to go with him, but he says she has to stay here. Rebecca decides to stay with Gwen while Ethan is gone. Gwen asks Ethan to pick up a doll on the way home as Sarah would like it, and she describes the doll to him. Gwen begins looking for her purse to see pictures of her children. She asks her mom if she has any, but Rebecca says she doesnt. Gwen says as soon as they get home she will give her some. Rebecca worries about what has happened to her little girl. As Gwen sings The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rebecca thinks this is her fault and she is being punished for trying to kill Eve. Rebecca thinks if she tells the truth everything will go back to normal. Rebecca yells for the guard and asks him to find Julian Crane as she must talk to him. The guard says hell see if he can find Julian on his next break. Rebecca says no now, she has to confess that she did it. 

At the hospital, the doctor asks Pilar how Theresa is this morning? Pilar says she is still sleeping and cant move her legs. Pilar asks how long before she can walk? The doctor doesnt know. Pilar says her greatest fear is that this condition is permanent. The doctor says he understands, she is young and otherwise healthy. Pilar says she has a little boy and now a baby, to be crippled would be a fate worse than death for her. The doctor says theyll just have to wait. Theresa smiles in her sleep, and Pilar hopes in her dreams she has forgotten all about this. Theresa dreams about playing chase with Little Ethan. Ethan and the baby show up (the baby is about 2 or 3!) They end up going to the park to play. Pilar ends up getting a phone call from Luis asking how Theresa is. Pilar says she is still sleeping. Pilar asks about Sheridan. Luis says she is still sleeping. Pilar says Sheridan had a terrible day, to find out her mother was alive after all these years. Luis says he just wants to put it behind them and move on. Luis is sure they can. Meanwhile, Theresa wakes up and thinks that is how it will be, they will be a family. She wants to go see her little girl, but then realizes she still cant move her legs. Theresa asks what if she can never walk again? Pilar tells her to think positively. Theresa says she cant believe Gwen did this to her. Pilar says stop thinking about Gwen and think about her baby. She says her baby will sense she is stressed. Theresa says she is right. The doctor returns, and he offers to run some tests on her in regards to her legs. She tells him to do the tests. They perform physical tests on her legs, but she is unresponsive and cant feel anything. She asks what this means? The doctor doesnt know and says it is too soon to worry about this. He says there is still a chance she will get better. She asks how long she has to lay here? He says the longer she goes without improvement the higher the chance she wont walk again. Theresa says this is Gwens fault and she will make her pay! Pilar says they must pray and be strong. Theresa doesnt know how she can be a good mother if she cant walk. Pilar says she can be , and she needs to remain strong for the baby. A nurse then brings the baby in to see Theresa. Theresa holds her and says she is beautiful. Pilar says this is what it is all about. Theresa says just looking at her makes everything else unimportant. The nurse says the baby has improved remarkably since shes been nursing her. Theresa says she wont give up hope, she will get better for her children. She says now that Gwen has been arrested Ethan will come back to her. Pilar isnt so sure, but Theresa says Gwen wont win. Theresa says she can be a good mother whether she cant walk, and Gwen wont win. Later Ethan shows up and sees Theresa with the baby. Pilar is not happy to see Ethan, but Theresa is. Ethan sits with Theresa and asks how his baby girl is. Theresa says the nurse says shes doing much better. Ethan says that is good. Pilar asks Ethan to stay with Theresa while she goes home and showers. He says okay, and Pilar asks Theresa to stay strong and not give up. Pilar leaves, and Ethan asks Theresa if there is any change. She says no. Ethan says he is so sorry. He says he was hoping they could talk. Theresa says she was hoping the same thing, and they have a lot to talk about. 

At the cottage, Sheridan continues dreaming about her mom when she was younger. She remembers when her mom used to watch her as she slept. Luis surprises her with breakfast in bed. He says hes going to treat her as if she was his wife, and even though they didnt get married they will soon. They recap everything that happened at their wedding to stop it. After breakfast Luis plays island music as they were supposed to be on their honeymoon. They think about being there, and Luis says he loves her. He says hes sorry she didnt have the wedding of her dreams, but she will have it. Sheridan says she knows. They kiss and then get down to business. After making love Luis suggests they focus on being happy. Sheridan says it is still all so amazing that her mother is alive. Luis says look on the bright side, she knows she didnt kill her. Sheridan says shes still having a hard time understanding it all emotionally. Luis says there is no reason their parents didnt contact them. Sheridan says they were afraid Alistair would make their lives hell. Luis says he did that anyways, and they should forget about them and focus on being happy. Sheridan doesnt look very happy. 

At the hospital, Tina shows up to see Alistair, who is awake. She says she was so happy when they called her and told her she came out of the coma. Alistair says he is alive and well and raring to go. She unbuttons her blouse and thinks hes ready to get back to business. He says later dear and asks for the papers. She says she brought every one she could find about Luis and Sheridans wedding. Alistair says she means their thwarted wedding. He reads the papers which talk about the wedding that was stopped by Katherines appearance. Alistair asks Tina to call for the car. She says hes not well enough to leave. He says just call for the call, so she says yes sir. Alistair says it is time he handled this situation once and for all. As Alistair is getting dressed, a doctor shows up and tells him that he cant leave. Alistair says he is a busy man. The doctor says leaving the hospital is not in his best interests. Alistair tells the doctor to let him worry about his best interests. The doctor asks what is worth risking his life? Alistair says revenge, and he intends to have his! 

At the B&B, Katherine is packing up her things as she has decided to leave. Martin finds her packing, and he asks what she is doing? She says she is leaving Harmony, she has made up her mind. Martin says she just found Sheridan and they have a chance to be together. Katherine says shell only make things worse by staying here. Martin says the only thing that can make things worse is if Alistair comes out of his coma. Katherine tells him not to say that, she hopes that man stays in a coma for the rest of his life. She says if Alistair does recover its all the reason Luis and Sheridan need to be together, Sheridan will need Luis help in fighting her father. Katherine says if she stays she will create a rift between them as Luis hates her for taking him away from Pilar. Martin says then if she is going then he will go with her. He says the sooner they leave the better it will be for their families. Martin says hell go to the lawyers office and check on the divorce. Katherine says shell pack for him too, and shell be right here. Someone shows up, and Katherine thinks it is Martin. She doesnt look and asks how it went with the lawyer, how soon can they leave? Alistair says when he says so! Alistair asks Katherine what is wrong, she looks like shes seen a ghost. She says this cant be happening, but Alistair asks if she thought a little poison could keep her down? Alistair says he wishes he woke up sooner as he missed all the fun. He shows her the papers, and she says he did this, he destroyed Sheridans happiest day. He says no she did this, she calls herself a mother? Katherine says he loves her children. He says he loves them so much that she ran off with another man! They argue about what happened. Alistair says he created her death so her children didnt know she left them. Katherine says he dad that so people wouldnt know the great Alistair Cranes wife left him! Katherine says she would never hurt her daughter. Alistair says nevertheless she will be who comes between Luis and Sheridan, she will be the one who tears them apart, not him! Katherine slaps him and calls him an evil bastard. He then grabs her and becomes violent. They argue about her leaving, and Katherine says he forced her to leave. Alistair says yes, hes such an eager ogre. Katherine says he is! Alistair asks what she is then, she left and never came back. Katherine says she wanted to come back for them, she wanted to go to Europe to see Sheridan. He asks why she didnt? Katherine says because she knew he had her watched and might hurt her. Alistair says horsepucky, she was just too busy with Martin the loser. Alistair says she is still his wife and will give him what he wants. He then rips off her blouse. He demands she give him what is his. They fight, and he slaps her around. Alistair then pushes her on the bed and gets on top of her.


January 13, 2005

Today's summary by Bobbi.

Theresa is having back pain as she is trying to nurse the baby. She starts to get upset, but calms herself down so she doesn't upset the baby. She tells Ethan that she wants to talk to him about something. Ethan is relieved because he thinks she means talking about dropping the charges against Gwen. Before she can say anything the nurse comes in to take the baby back to the nursery. Theresa starts to talk about the baby, but Ethan interrupts her & says he came here to convince her to drop the charges. Theresa says how can he ask her to drop the charges?! She is paralyzed now maybe permanently! Ethan says Gwen was not in her right mind & reminds Theresa that she stabbed Gwen with scissors when she gave birth to little Ethan! She tells him that she feels horrible about that, but Gwen is fine now!! She can walk! Ethan says Gwen only did what she did because . . . . Theresa says yeah she knows, she knocked out their surrogate and stole their embryo, blah blah blah! Theresa cries that everyone keeps forgetting that Gwen & Rebecca started all of this by taking her son from her. Ethan begs Theresa to drop the charges saying that she won! The baby is her child. Please try to forgive Gwen, she is in another world and needs to get out of jail. He says Gwen is suffering! Theresa lashes out & says GOOD! She is suffering too with her paralysis. Ethan says Gwen is cracking up. Theresa says who cares?! She can walk to her electroshock therapy! She will NEVER forgive Gwen!

Eve is in a room (conference room?) at the jail with Julian. She continues to insist that she is innocent! The lawyer Julian hired comes in ( his name is Mike Baragose). The lawyer goes over the evidence against Eve with her. He says it doesn't look good for her. She had means, motive & opportunity. Then Baragose reveals that she is also being charged with the attempt on Julian's life! Julian & Eve are shocked! Baragose says they only have means & opportunity, but no motive, since she is in love with Julian. Eve explains that at the time of the shooting she not only didn't love Julian, she wanted him dead! She had thought Julian had wronged her terribly. The lawyer tells Eve that she has dealt him a losing hand, that she is in big, big, trouble! Big house kind of trouble! Baragose says Eve is lucky no one died because the death penalty is alive & well in this state! He tells Eve & Julian that he will make some calls & try to arrange some sort of plea bargain. Baragose tells Eve that if she is lucky she could get 25 years to life! Eve says 25 years to life!? NO!

At the bed & breakfast Alistair continues to attack Katherine. He rants at her for leaving to be Martin's whore and call her a slut. Katherine says no! that's not why she left! Alistair throws her on the bed and Martin bursts in. Martin grabs Alistair and throws him against the door & begins to choke him. Alistair taunts Martin to go ahead & kill him! Every time they see each other Martin says he will kill Alistair, so go ahead with his threats! Katherine stops Martin saying Alistair is not worth it. Alistair says Katherine is HIS wife and he can have her when & where he wants! Martin says he is going to call the police and have Alistair arrested for attempted rape! Katherine unplugs the phone before Martin can call. She says Alistair owns most of the judges in the state so what was the point? She says a rape trial is long & messy and Alistair's lawyers will paint her as some sex crazed woman! She wants to save her children from anymore pain, they have suffered enough.  Katherine says they have got leave Harmony now! Alistair says did the plastic surgeons nick your brains? He tells them to run, go wherever they want to. He says the damage is done, everyone knows who they are. Alistair says he plans on using there reappearance to make sure Luis & Sheridan hate each other! Alistair then leaves.

Rebecca insists that the jail guard go & find Julian! She says to herself if she confesses to the poisonings, then God won't punish her Gwennie anymore! Gwen continues to believe she has a perfect life with Ethan & their children. She asks Rebecca if she would like to come over and bake oatmeal raisin cookies with Sarah? Rebecca mutters she has really lost it if she thinks Rebecca is going to make cookies! Rebecca talks to God saying why is he punishing Gwen? Punish her by making her buy off the rack or something!! Meanwhile Gwen wonders where is the limo? Why hasn't it come to the bus station to get her? Rebecca says honey we are Cranes we don't do the bus station! Rebecca leaves to try & find Julian.

Sheridan is still upset about all the revelations from the day before. She says it can't get any worse than this! She begins to cry & Luis tries to comfort her. He promises that they will get married & have the perfect life & future together. Luis continues to believe that Katherine & Martin ran off to be together. Sheridan is not so sure. Luis says he is planning on visiting Theresa at the hospital. Sheridan says she is going to see Gwen and will catch up with him later. At the hospital, Luis tell Pilar Martin& Katherine's story about why they left. Luis says he hates them both & will never forgive them. Pilar says no all of this hate & anger has to stop. She makes Luis promise that all of this anger wont affect his happiness with Sheridan. He says don't worry nothing & nobody can come between him & Sheridan, not even " Mrs. Wheeler"

Meanwhile at the jail Gwen is babbling to Sheridan asking her about her wedding day. Sheridan says it didn't go as planned. She tells Gwen that Mrs. Wheeler is really her supposedly long dead mother. Gwen says she is so happy for Sheridan and that she is a mother now!! Gwen says she is waiting for the limo so she can get her daughter & bring her home! She tells Sheridan that the baby looks just like her, but she has Ethan's smile. Sheridan is very disturbed by Gwen's behavior. Gwen asks where has Katherine been? On a long vacation? Sheridan begs Gwen to come back to them! Gwen says I am here. Gwen thinks Sheridan is unhappy because she lost her child, and she tells Sheridan one day soon she will have children with Luis and be as happy as she is with Ethan.


January 14, 2005

Today's summary by Chris

At the hospital


Recap of Ethan asking Teresa to drop the charges. Teresa is telling Ethan Look at what Gwen did to me  Teresa slaps her legs and takes Ethans hands to make him feel her legs. She says, Feel this, because I cant. My legs are numb, I cant move them. She tells Ethan there is no way she is ever dropping the charges against Gwen.  Ethan still insisting that he knows Teresa is upset, but Gwen is upset too. He says she didnt know what she was doing.  She was out of her mind when she found out the baby wasnt hers. Teresa says she doesnt care, she may be spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair because Gwen is upset!


Luis and Pilar are talking (still at the hospital). Luis is saying Teresa will be back on her feet before his and Sheridan s wedding.


Teresa is screaming at Ethan I hate her, I hate her, I hate her.  She reaches for something on the nightstand and falls out of bed Luis and Pilar (must be just outside her room) hear the commotion and run to Teresas room.


At the Jailhouse


Sheridan is still visiting with Gwen. Gwen is going on and on about getting to the hospital to see her little girl. She tells Sheridan that her mother went to check on what was taking the limo so long. Sheridan asks You think your waiting on a limo? Gwen replies, Of course, why else would I be in a place like this.? (Great scenes here with Gwen living in her own world and Sheridan completely confused because she still doesnt know about Gwens breakdown) Sheridan to herself Dear God, I think Gwen has lost it


Beth and Mrs. Wallace are at home.  Mrs. Wallace is on the couch reading the article in the paper about Eves arrest. She calls to Beth to tell her that that nice doctor could turn out to be the would-be serial killer. Beth comes into the room with Marty and says Oh what a shame Mrs. Wallace goes on about Eve saving her life when she had that stroke. Beth mumbles Hmm, what a shame


Rebecca is still running around the jailhouse looking for Julian talking to herself about needing to tell the police that she accidentally poisoned Liz. She has to do this to save her poor Gwennie.  She stops a guard and asks if he knows where Julian is. He informs her that Julian is in a meeting room with Dr. Russell and her attorney.


In the meeting room, the attorney is recapping the charges against Eve. I think he is trying to convince Eve to plea bargain down and face 25 years to life because it beats 3 consecutive life charges. Julian proclaims Eves innocence pointing out what a good doctor she is and how much she helps people. The attorney points out the evidence against Eve is too incrementing. She had reason and motive for all of the murders and her access card was used to get into the medicine closet.  Rebecca comes running into the room with her arms out in front of her as if shes ready to be handcuffed (hysterical scenes here) She says I have to confess Julian asks her what she is doing here. She says she cant take it anymore, she has to confess. Eves attorney tells her My dear, this is a police station. Before you confess to anything may I suggest you obtain legal council. He then hands her his card. Julian tells the attorney Im paying you to represent the woman I love, not my wife. She give the card back to the attorney and says I dont need legal representation.  A police officer comes in and apologizes to Julian saying he told Rebecca to wait but she snuck in anyway. Rebecca insist on talking to Julian. He leaves the room with Rebecca promising Eve that he wont let her pay for something she didnt do.


Beth and Mrs. Wallace talk some more about Eve trying to poison Liz.  And the headlines in the paper about Gwen and Teresa. Beth still talks about when she marries Luis. She and Mrs Wallace do a recap of everything thats happened with Teresa and Gwen. Mrs. Wallace makes a funny comment about it all sounding like something that happens on one of her soaps. The one that comes on after Days.


Sheridan talks to Gwens guard asking how long Gwen has been out of touch with reality. She goes back to Gwen telling her she needs to allow herself to grieve. Gwen doesnt seem to hear her until Sheridan says something about losing her baby. Gwen looks at her and asks what does she mean by that. She again goes on about her wonderful family and wonderful children and how lucky she is to have such a wonderful life.


Back at the hospital. Ethan rushes to Teresa to help her out of the floor. He puts her back in the bed and goes for a doctor. Teresa is hysterical. Pilar and Luis stand by helpless.  Teresa calms down and says she hopes her problems didnt ruin his wedding to Sheridan . Luis then tells her that they didnt get married. And fills Teresa in on all the details about Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane. He tells her that he and Sheridan will get married and by then Teresa will be walking again and able to dance at his wedding. She starts to cry and Luis and Pilar tell her not to cry. She has so much to be thankful for. The doctor comes in the examine Teresa. He has her roll over to her side and asks Can you feel this? She says, Feel what, Doctor


Gwen goes on and on about how beautiful her baby is and cant wait until Sheridan sees her. She then remembers that they havent named their baby yet. She knows she needs to talk to Ethan first but she asks what Sheridan thinks about the name Ashley?  Gwen tells Sheridan she has enjoyed their visit but she needs to go. She then trys to open the door to go call a cab. She wants to know why the door is locked. Sheridan tells her that she is in jail. Gwen doesnt believe her and still continues on in her make believe world.  She starts pulling on the doors wanting someone to let her out of there. The guard threatens to restrain Gwen.  He takes a break to give Sheridan a chance to calm her down. Sheridan then starts telling Gwen that the baby is not hers, it is Teresas baby and Sarah and Nathan are not at home waiting for her.  Theyre dead. She tells Gwen that she needs to face reality. She and Ethan can adopt. Gwen tells Sheridan that SHE (Sheridan) is the one who needs to face reality. She and Ethan have a brand new baby. They dont need to adopt.  She tells Sheridan that Sheridan is just jealous because her baby died and Luis did not marry her last night. She tells her she is just bitter and angry like Teresa. (Great acting on Gwens part) Gwen tells Sheridan that she cannot kidnap her baby. Sheridan tells Gwen that she does not want to kidnap her baby, she just wants to help her. She turns to leave and Gwen grabs her by the throat through the cell bars.


Julian asks Rebecca, what is all this nonsense about needing to confess.  Rebecca tells Julian the worst thing has happened to Gwen. She tells him that Gwen has lost her mind because of Teresa.  Julian is asking Rebecca if she is wanting him to help Gwen get released. She says sort of, she starts ranting about how she has to help Gwen and how this is all happening as punishment to her for whats shes done. She again says she want to confess and Julian asks confess to what?  Julian tells Rebecca that he needs to get back to Eve because she just found out she could be facing 25 years to life. The look on Rebeccas face is priceless. Looks like shes changing her mind about confessing.  Rebecca has a fantasy scene about being in the big house scrubbing Big Berthas feet. (funny scene) She then tells Julian that she doesnt have anything to confess. He says he doesnt believe her.  Rebecca tells Julian that she wanted to confess that shes a money hungry gold digger. Julian says, thats hardly news to anyone, especially him.


Eve is thinking to herself about how she knows she didnt try to kill Liz but she needs to figure out who. She replays over everything that happened that day in her mind.


Ethan and Luis talk in the hallway at the hospital while the doctor is examining Teresa. They argue over whether or not Teresa should drop the charges. Ethan says hes going to do everything to help Teresa but he has to do right by Gwen. Luis tells Ethan to be honest and admit he loves Teresa. Ethan tells Luis that he is right he does love Teresa but he loves Gwen too. They have a nice heart to heart about being caught between 2 women. The doctor finishes his examination and tells Teresa and Pilar that he had hoped to see improvement by now. Teresa asks will she always be paralyzed and the doctor explains its too early to tell. The doctor then says he wants to start Teresa on a new medication to reduce the swelling but it means she would have to stop nursing the baby because the drug could be passed on to the baby. Teresa says she wont take the drug because her daughter must come first.  Ethan brings Little Ethan to the hospital to see Teresa which really seems to cheer her up. 

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