January 17, 2005
Today's Summary by Jim

Simone, Kate and Paloma are at Tabithas house reading the paper and learn about Eves arrest.  Simone laments that it was not enough that Eve was a drugged out slut, now she is also an attempted murderer.  In Eves defense, Paloma points out that people are innocent until proven guilty.  Simone says her Mom is guilty that even her Dad says she is.  Paloma says at least Eve loves Simone and that is better than Pilar.  Tabitha and Endora are eavesdropping on the conversation.  Tabitha tells Endora she does not want Endora to be like them when she grows up.  She complains that today's kids are used to instant gratification, are insensitive and they dress badly.  Tabitha is thrilled that today's parents are responsible for all the decadence and decay of todays kids.  Endora then transforms herself into mini punk rocker complete with the outfit and raised spiked hair and is jamming to some Pat Benetar music.  Tabitha, shocked, makes Endora change back.  Endora complies with the exception that she left a little tattoo on her leg.  The girls continue to talk and complain about their mothers and about how bad the women are.  They continue the discussion and then all agree that MEN are the cause of all the problems and that the women have suffered because of them.  The girls make a circle, place their hand on top of each others and make a females first bond that they will use men before men can use them.


At the Harmony Police Station, Julian is shown the newspaper by a Police Officer.  He reads the paper and about Eve and the officer tells him to read lower.  He is shocked when the paper says that Sheridans and Luis' marriage was broken up by his mother, Katherine, showing up.  As he is reminiscing, Ethan and Luis show up and tell Julian the truth about his mother.  Julian wants to know how she is alive and Luis tells him that Mrs. Wheeler is his Mom and she left him to run off with Martin.  Julian is overwhelmed and thinks back to when he first saw Mrs. Wheeler, how he felt she reminded him of his mother but that he just could not justify or believe it.  Julian tells Luis there had to be a good reason them to leave and Luis says he isnt buying any of them and that he should go ask her.  Luis then tells Julian to tell Katherine to stay the hell away from him and Sheridan.


Julian goes to the Bed & Breakfast to see his Mom.  "Mother" he says, "Yes Julian" she replies and then they hug.  He is overjoyed and she feels that he still loves her and she is so happy.  Is it really you? he asks and she says, Its really me He says that he missed her so much and can't believe she is here after all these years.  He explains how familiar she looked when the met at the mansion.  She explained the plastic surgery and says she wanted him to know about her but thought he would hate her.  Julian says to feel her touch is the happiest and most confusing moment of his life.  Katherine then explains how Sheridan is mad at her and Martin and Julian says he also hated her for leaving then.  Katherine cannot understand how Julian does not hate her now and he explains he was angry because with her because she wasnt around.  She then explains the abuse from Alistair and that how Alistair finally raped her.  Julian is so sad.  She explained how Martin stopped the rape and that sealed their fate.  If they did not leave right then they all would have died.  She said that it may sound as bad now but then that was their only choice.  Julian explains that she taught him to be kind and that Alistair made him renounce all of that and then spoke of how Timmy made him understand again how to be loving and committed.  He explains how Timmy is gone now but his spirit remains to those who know them.  Katherine says God Bless Julian and Timmy.  She is so happy that at least one of her children is happy to see her.  Julian says how Alistair drove him to drink and the drugs and Katherine responds by explaining how she and Martin had to leave.  She explains that Luis blames her for seducing Martin.  Julian says hell make Luis understand.  Katherine explains they are leaving. Julian says he will not have that.  She explains that Alistair will try to kill them and he tried to rape her again, wanting her to perform wifely duties and that Martin showed up at the Bed and Breakfast and saved her.  Julian says he will not let Alistair hurt her again.  Katherine explains that Sheridan hates her also.  Julian says hell make that better too.  He lost her once and does not want to lose her again.  Julian feels he can make Sheridan understand and Katherine doesnt want him to.  She wants Sheridan to hate her with every bone.


Martin and Katherine are discussing his divorce from Pilar.  The papers are on the table and he takes them and goes to see her.  Martin reminisces and says that he never dreamed of divorce.  Pilar is at church talking to a shrine that was dedicated to Martins memory.  She speaks of how it used to give her peace.  Pilar talks of how she honored all vows and what a fool she was now to have honored those vows.  Martin shows up behind her and tells her she was a devoted wife.  He then hands Pilar the divorce papers.  He says she can sign them then get on with her life,  Pilar then  says she wants to give him something, removes the plaque from the shrine, throws it at Martin, hitting him in the head and knocking him out.  Martin is knocked out and bleeding from the forehead.  Pilar holds him and calls out for help as she crys and explains to him that she was just so angry for what he did and that she loves him and cannot lose him again.  Pilar begs to God for Martin to live and he comes to wanting to know what happened.  Pilar explains and apologizes.  Martin says she had every right to do that and thanks her for taking care of him.  They stare in each others eyes; she tells him he is not a monster.  She then dreams of their wedding and vows, comes back to the moment, looks into his eyes and they kiss passionately.  Martin then apologizes for kiss says he was just caught up in moment and she agrees.  He says he needs to leave and explains that he and Katherine are leaving Harmony for good.  He wishes them all the best and apologizes for all the heartaches he has caused.  Pilar, angering, says being sorry is not enough and she needs to know why he left.  She says that maybe Katherine had no choice but to leave but why him?  Pilar wants to know was she such a bad wife and lover.  He tells her no.  She asks was a big family too much for him and once again he says no.  Pilar says, Then how could he leave me? Please.  Pilar cannot believe how wrong she was about him.  Martin is not proud of his actions and sorry that he hurt her by coming back.  Pilar explains how her heart is broken.  Martin wants her to forget about him and take care of the kids.  He explains Paloma will find her way back.  As Martin tries to leave, Pilar blocks door and will not let him leave until he tells her what happened.


Gwen is choking Sheridan through the bars of her cell thinking that Sheridan is trying to steal her children.  Sheridan falls unconscious as Gwen continues to rant that she will allow her not steal her kids.  Gwen, seeing what she had done, slips into back into her dementia, speaks of missing the kids and then tries to wake Sheridan to help her find her kids.  Ethan and Luis show up at the cell finding Sheridan unconscious on the floor.  Ethan demands to know where guard is because Gwen is on a suicide watch.  The guard finally shows up and Ethan demands to be let in the cell.  The guard explains that Sheridan told him it was okay to leave.  Ethan is holding Gwen, Gwen is insisting that Teresa and Sheridan are trying to steal her babies.   Gwen than matter of factly states she tried to kill Sheridan for stealing her babies saying that she took her bare hands and choked Sheridan.  Luis tells the guard that the prisoner choked his fianc and demands a paramedic.  Ethan begs Luis to forgive Gwen.  Gwen says Sheridan tried to steal her baby so she had to kill her.  Sheridan then comes to and is OK.  Ethan continues to try and calm Gwen down as she starts to rant again that Sheridan is going to steal her baby.  Gwen then runs out of cell toward Sheridan , grabs her and tries to choke her again.  Ethan apologizes as Gwen is put in straight jacket by the guards and she twists and yells out saying they cannot do this to her because she is a Mom.


January 18, 2005
Today's summary is by Jennie. 

Fox sets up tea for Whitney at the caf where he suggests they start looking for a name for the baby. Fox then suggests if it is a boy they name him after his father, as Chad walks in. Whitney gets upset and Fox tells her he didnt mean they should name the baby Fox, he meant his first name, Nicholas. Fox kneels down next to Whitney and asks the baby how it feels about being named after its dad. Whitney freaks out, saying she doesnt want to do this, saying they dont even know the sex yet and she isnt ready to think about names yet Fox says he just thought it would be fun. Whitney says she has a lot on her mind, which is why Fox said he thought it would be a good idea, to get her mind off the bad stuff and to focus on the baby. Whitney says all she does is think about the baby, and she gets up and Chad walks over and asks her if she is OK Fox tells him everything is fine but he asks Whitney again, but she just apologizes to Fox for snapping at him, telling him he has been so good to her and the one with the problem. Chad asks her if she wants to talk but Fox says if she wants to talk she can talk to him. Then Whitney tells them if they could not argue that would be great. Fox tells Whitney she doesnt have to apologize to him with everything she is going through, and asks if there is something else she wants to tell him. Whitney says there is nothing, isnt enough that her mother has been arrested for trying to murder her aunt. Chad tells her he doesnt think their mother could do that, Whitney says a few months earlier she wouldnt have thought so either, but now she realizes what she is capable of; she excuses herself and walks off. Fox says he is worried about her and he doesnt buy that it is about Teresa and her mother. Whitney stands in the hall talking to herself saying how long can she keep the secret that Fox isnt the father of her baby, Chad is.


Gwen, has been put in a straight jacket, and Ethan and two officers are trying to calm her down but she keeps screaming for them to let her go, because he she needs to take care of her daughter. Ethan tries again to tell her that the baby is Theresas and that she doesnt have a daughter but Gwen cant accept it. She screams every little girl needs her mommy. As Sheridan , who is sitting outside the cell says mother. Ethan tries to calm Gwen but she slips into a catatonic state. The doctor tells Ethan it is normal reaction under the circumstances that her mind and body are in complete overload.. Ethan asks how they can snap her out of it but the doctor says they cant. The best thing to do is leave her alone; anymore stimuli could make her condition worse and that he needs to go they, will watch her. One of the officers watching Gwen says she has bought a ride on the buggy to the funny farm and the other says it wasnt a round trip ticket; it doesnt look like she is coming back.


Sheridan and Luis decide to go to the caf and tell Ethan he shouldnt be alone and invite him to join them. At the caf Luis goes to get coffee for Sheridan and Ethan while they talk. They talk about the grief of losing a child. Sheridan says how she still hopes for a miracle that somehow se will be able to hold her baby in her arms. Beth overhears and says that is why she cant spend any time with Marty, because the more she is around him the better chance she will find out he is her lost son, as Marty walks toward Sheridan carrying a book. Beth scoops him up before he can get to her and takes him to see Luis. She puts him down to go find another book, and starts talking to Luis. Beth asks Luis about the disappointment about the postponement of the wedding but he says that is the least of their problems and tells her about Gwen trying to strangle Sheridan . Marty comes back with the book but Beth tells him she doesnt have time to read t it right now. Luis suggest having Sheridan do it, saying it would help take her mind off everything with Gwen but Beth says, the marks around her neck might scare him but suggests he do it, he agrees because Sheridan and Ethan are talking anyway Beth asks Luis how Sheridan is dealing with her mother being alive. Beth says she must be so excited to have her mother back, Luis says it isnt that simple, not after everything they did to their families. Beth than says Sheridan must despise her mother for everything she did to all of you, she must hate her mother as much as you do because she loves you more than life itself. Beth says she doesnt know how she could think Sheridan would take her mothers side over him.


Ethan sees Luis reading to Marty and asks Sheridan if she is OK. She says she loves seeing Luis with his son but it does hurt, saying their child would be about the same age. Ethan says he know she has always felt close to Marty and she says maybe a little too close, sometimes she fantasizes that he is her son, she knows that idea is crazy. Ethan says you know he is Beths son and Sheridan says rationally I do but my heart is a different story. Ethan and Sheridan then start talking about how Sheridan is dealing with her mother being alive. Sheridan tells him she doesnt know what to do with all these feelings she has missed her so much and she blamed herself for her death. Growing up she was so upset by it that she was having nightmares and sleepwalking. Now to find out after years of blaming herself for her death, she had been alive and living in Mexico with Luiss father. She says she doesnt know how to deal with all the emotions. Luis has told her there is no excuse to justify what they did and he hates her and she should feel the same way. She said she couldnt stand it if he thought she was taking her mothers side over his. Sheridan says she can never speak to her mother again, but Ethan tells her that with everything with Gwen he knows the bond between mother and child is important and no matter what Katherine has done, she is her mother and nothing will change that. Sheridan says she knows but she cant forgive her. Ethan asks her if it is because of Luis, she says no but Ethan says he thinks she is afraid of her mother coming between her and Luis.


Katherine tells Julian not to talk to Sheridan , she says she wants her to hate her; she needs her to hate her. Julian questions why she would want her daughter to hate her. She says it is for her own good for her own happiness, that her leaving caused them so much pain. She tells Julian he shouldnt blame himself for her mistakes. She says she doesnt want to stand in the way of Sheridan and Luiss happiness. Her very existence could break them up. Julian says that doesnt make sense but she says it does when you know how much Luis hates her. Julian tells her it wasnt her fault , Martin left, but she says that isnt how Luis sees it. Julian says Luis loves Sheridan he wouldnt stand in the way of her having a relationship with her mother, but Katherine says he wouldnt have to say a word she would feel the pressure of loyalty to her future husband or to her mother. That is why they need to leave Harmony. Julian asks her not to go she says she is happy for the time that she got to spend time with her children and the fact that Sheridan doesnt like her makes leaving easier. Julian again wants to talk to Sheridan but again Katherine tells him, no, it is for the best. Later Julian and Katherine go for a walk as he tells her he never should have married Rebecca it is Eve that he loves, she tells him how is not like his father, but he says it wasnt that long ago that he was like his father, but Timmy and Eve made him realize he was going down the wrong road. He says he only wishes he could save Eve. They run into Fox , Chad and Whitney so Julian introduces Katherine to her grandsons. She tells Whitney she is sorry this isnt a happier time for her with everything that is going on with her mother, but Whitney says she doesnt give a damn about her mother she can rot in jail for all she cares.


Pilar tells Martin that he is not leaving this time without an explanation. He tells her to let it be and just sign the divorce papers so she can regain the life he stole from her. Pilar tells him that it isnt that easy, that she wants answers. He tells her she didnt do anything that it is. She says that isnt an explanation. He married her in a house of God where he promised to love and cherish her for the rest of their lives and he fathered 5 children with her, the least he could do is explain why he left. He says it doesnt matter but she says it matters to her and he isnt leaving the church until he gives her some answers. She says before she even considers giving him a divorce she wants answers. He only says Katherines life was in danger, Pilar says they both knew how badly Alistair treated Katherine back then but why did he have to be the one to save her. He says there was no one else to help her. Pilar asks if she is supposed to believe that was all there was between them, victim and rescuer, she isnt that naive anymore she knows they were having an affair, Martin swears they werent having an affair he just couldnt sit there and watch her be tortured to death a day at a time. Pilar said so a married man with 5 children decides to ride in on his white horse. He says he didnt know what else to do, he was afraid if he came back it would endanger all of them because Alistair knew he helped her escape and he would stop at nothing to get revenge. Pilar says that is not enough, he said he love her back then,  how could he leave her penniless with 5 children just to be  a knight in shining armor to Katherine Crane, it doesnt add up. She says she wants to know the whole reason and she wants to know it now. Pilar asks Martin again why he walked out on her and the children. She says how she has looked back to right before he left trying to find some reason that would help her understand and accept why he left. She said she remembers he was under a lot of pressure at Crane Industries, and that she remembers one night when he came home really late and his shoes were covered with mud as he has a flashback of himself shoveling and saying may god forgive me for this.  Pilar said he told her he was tired and that Alistair was in a terrible mood and made him work late. She said she believed him because she had never known him to lie. Pilar still thinks he was having an affair, She asks him what he was keeping from her then and what is he keeping from her now, he has another flashback of digging and says he needs to get out of there, he needs some air, Pilar runs after him saying he is not running out on her again. Outside the church Martin says he was just dizzy, so Pilar apologizes for hitting him. Martin tells her not to ever apologize to him, he deserves that and more. She is a good woman, she always has been, she tells him he used to be a good man, at least he was when she married him. She asks him if he loved her when they got married, and he tells her with all his heart, she said she couldnt accept it if their marriage had been a lie from the beginning, but he assures her it wasnt and tells her he loved her then and he loves her now.  She says if that is true then he needs to tell the real reason he left. She tells him she had stayed true to him and that she thought he would have done the same; never would it occur to her that he would be in another womans bed instead of hers. There is no greater betrayal to a woman. Martin says you dont understand so Pilar tells him to make her understand, he owes he an explanation of why he left Harmony with her heart in his hands.



January 19  2005
Summary by Lanelle 

At the pier with Julian, Whitney, Chad, Fox and Katherine, Whitney walks away from the others as she is upset. Fox is concerned, but the others tell him to leave her alone because she prefers to be alone when she is upset. Katherine says that she didnt know that mentioning Eve would make her upset. Fox replies that she has gone through a lot. They think about what happened to Eve and Chad states that Eve is innocent because he views Whitney is angry with Eve and is glad that Eve is in jail. Julian has to leave to tell Eve whats going on with her bail and tells Katherine that he loves her. And that Fox and Chad keep an eye on Katherine. Katherine says to Fox that she knows hes worried about Whitney. Fox says that Whitney isnt happy about the baby and shuts him out. Katherine says that maybe Whitney cant let him in because maybe shes angry that Julian is involved with Eve. Chad agrees. Fox says that its true that it might be hard for Whitney because of Eves being charged for attempting to murder three people and Theresa being paralyzed. Katherine says that it is awful what happened to Theresa. Fox says that all those are bad, but something else is definitely going on. Whitney says that she cant keep the truth about her babys paternity. Whitney says that her mother wanted her to tell Chad that he was the father of the baby, but Whitney couldnt do. Whitney is sad that if something is wrong with the baby, that Eve wont be around to help her. Katherine tells her grandsons that she wants to give Whitney advice and allow her to open up to her. Chad and Fox agree Fox says that he would do anything for her. Chad thinks to himself that the more Fox focuses on Whitney, the easier it would for Chad to boot him out of Crane Industries. Katherine goes to Whitney and apologizes. Whitney says shes sorry that she snapped at her and says shes sensitive about Eve. Katherine understands Eve because she wanted to protect her children because of what she has done. Katherine says that no mother would do anything intentional to hurt her children, and Whitney wont to her child. Katherine and Whitney sit at the pier and talk as Whitney says that she hates Eve because they all were lied to. Whitney tells Katherine about her relationship with Chad. Katherine says that Whitney will forgive her mother once she becomes a mother. Whitney begins to cry when Katherine says that one day she will have to tell a lie to protect to cry. Fox and Chad wonder if Katherine got Whitney to open up. And they agree is not just hormones that got Whitney in pain. Whitney says that she may go crazy as Katherine tells her to talk to someone. Whitney seems to be ready to confide in Katherine.

Eve is at the jail upset that she is upset about her predicament as she waits for her bail results. Liz visits her and Eve asks her leave. Eve says that she didnt try to kill Liz and to do that she needed a mallet. Liz then takes a picture of Eve and says that she will send it to the tabloids. And Liz also threatens to send a copy to Aunt Irma and will use the frame of Eve and Tics wedding photo. Eve says to Liz that as evil as Liz is that she knows that on some level, Liz knew that Eve did not try to kill Liz. When Liz plays dumb, Eve says that she knows that Liz is lying because Liz told the police that Eve gave her the punch when in reality, Liz got the punch herself. Liz says that what she knows is that Eve threatened to kill her repeatedly in front of witnesses. Liz says that she doesnt care if Eve did it or not, but she just loves seeing Eve behind bars. After Liz is her usual demented self of saying that Eve deserved being in jail awaiting prison, Eve tell her to get out! Liz said that since finding Eve when she first arrived in Harmony, Liz made it her mission to destroy Eve (Where is TC when he should be around?) and is happy she achieved destroying Eves marriage and family and taking her husband, and her reputation. But having Eve awaiting trial for three murders was more than Liz could have hoped for. And that Eve cant blame Liz for this and Eve grabs Liz. That ***** Liz calls in a fake scream for the guard accusing Eve of trying to kill her again as she holds Eves hands around her (Liz) neck. (I hate her sooooo much! And isnt Eve a little stronger than that?) When the guard arrives, Liz plays the victim as Eve holds her hands in the air. Eve explains what happened, as the guard doesnt believe her. (Does the guard have mush for brains? Why else would Liz be visiting her attacker!?!) The guard says that if Eve keeps behaving badly that she would be sent to the solitary confinement. Liz is delighted. Eve tells Liz that shes repulsive. Liz says that she has everything. Eve says that shes got Julian. Liz tells Eve that she will do everything to make sure Eve stays in jail for the rest of her life. Julian tells Eve that Ellie Wheeler is really his mother Katherine and Eve is shocked. Eve says that it explains Julian reacted. Julian recounts that Alistair lied about Katherines death. Eve says Sheridan must be ecstatic. Julian says that Katherines being alive would rip apart Sheridan and Luis. Julian says that Katherine and Martin are planning on leaving Harmony to save Sheridan and Luis relationship. Eve says that Sheridans psychological damage from Alistair telling Sheridan she was responsible for Katherines faux death. Eve and Julian recount Sheridans dream coming out in hypnosis. Eve says that Sheridan and Katherine must meet to answer Sheridans mysterious dreams. Eve worries that Sheridans sleepwalking may start up again and may end up hurting herself.

Pilar asks Martin at the church if he will tell her why he abandoned the family. She tells him that if he still loves her, then tell her why he left the family for Katherine. Marin answers that they left because Alistair would have killed Katherine and Martin. Pilar still demands the truth about his abandonment. Martin pleads with Pilar to allow herself to move on. Martin states that he has things that he regrets and he continues to plead with Pilar to sign the divorce papers so she can move on. Pilar still wants to know why she lost Martin, and tells him to tell her everything and reminds him that they were close and shared everything back then even dont have to speak in order to know what each other was thinking. She also loved making love to him and reminds him he did too and the five children are proof. Pilar still knows Martin even though her left. She begs him to tell her. Pilar says that if Martin still loves her, which he admits, then he needs to tell her why he left. Martin remembers digging a hole where the gazebo is. Finally Martin agrees to tell Pilar the truth about why he left.

At the cottage, Luis says to Sheridan that they should stay away from their respective parents. Luis leaves to get her tea, as Sheridan reminisces about her mother Katherine giving her the doll Abigail. She states that every daughter needs her mother, even herself. Luis returns and says that she isnt resting. Sheridan says that she was thinking how the people they know are in such turmoil. She thinks that to help everyone that they should get married. Luis left a message to reschedule the wedding. Luis and Sheridan worry about Theresa and Gwen and the respective paralysis and mental break. But Sheridan is happy that the rest of the family is there. But Sheridan wants to get married because she is afraid that they wont get married at all if they dont right away. Luis reassures Sheridan that they will marry and nothing will stop them. No they plan to marry as soon as Father Lonigan schedules the wedding. Luis puts Sheridan to sleep. Sheridan gets up to get Abigail and goes back to sleep and remembers her younger self and Katherine when she gets the doll. Sheridan is dreaming about her childhood and seeing the bloody sheet as Alistair telling her she was a wicked girl. Luis comes in and sees Sheridan sleeping as he says he is going to see Father Longman about the wedding. Sheridan continues to dream of the blood sheet and Alistair. She gets up as she is sleepwalking and leaves the cottage through the bedroom doors.


January 20, 2005
No show today, inauguration.


January 21, 2005
Today's summary by Chris

Rebecca is in the cell with Gwen and the doctor. Gwen is struggling to get out of the straight jacket saying Will somebody please take this thing off of me? How am I supposed to hold my baby with this thing on? Rebecca asks the doctor if the straight jacket is really necessary. He points out that she tried to strangle Sheridan Crane, her best friend, through the bars of the cell so the straight jacket is absolutely necessary.  Rebecca replies, Yeah, we all have our bad days.  The doctor says shes violent, violent people need to be restrained. Rebecca asks Gwen, Honey, if you had to choke someone, why couldnt you just pick Teresa?


At the hospital the nurse brings Baby Jane in to see because they are going home. The nurse talks about how Jane has improved. Ethan comes into the room and tells Teresa that he is her to take her and the baby to her mothers house.  Teresa says she knew she could count on him but he says the only reason he was able to get away is because Rebecca is at the jail with Gwen until he returns. Teresa says Hmm, thats a good place for both of them  Ethan once again pleads with Teresa to drop the charges against Gwen.


Fox , Chad and Whitney are at the pier. Whitney is talking with Katherine. She is considering confiding in Katherine about the baby being Chad s instead of Foxs. She has flashbacks of taking the pregnancy test and says she needs to talk to somebody. 


Elsewhere, Martin is getting ready to tell Pilar the truth about why he left Harmony, but Luis comes up and tells him to stop lying to his mother. Alistar (now being played by John Reilly) and his assistant are spying on Sheridan sleepwalking. They talk about how Sheridan only sleepwalks when she is stressed and Dr. Russell is concerned about her and how its a miracle that she has injured herself sleepwalking yet. His assistant says that with all the stress Sheridan is under with her mothers return, she could easily hurt herself. Alistar says theres another possibility, she could injure herself.


Back at the jail, Gwen is still pacing and struggling to get out of the straight jacket. Rebecca begs the doctor to take it off insisting that her Gwennie couldnt possibly hurt anyone, but the doctor points out that she already did exactly that.  Rebecca says of course, Alistar and Julian tried to kill Sheridan several times but you dont see them wearing one of those things. The doctor then reminds Rebecca that Gwen will only get worse if she remains confined and asks if Ethan has made any progress with the victim and says if the victim (Teresa) refuses to cooperate with the authorities then theyll be no charges against Gwen. Gwen says Please help me, Mom.  Rebecca says to herself, Ethan convince Teresa to drop the charges.  Gwen goes into a catonic state. The doctor and Rebecca try to wake her up but she just sits and stares off into space. The doctor goes to leave and says hell come back to check on her later. When the doctor leaves, Rebecca loosens the straps on the straight jacket. While Rebeccas back is turned Gwen gets out of the straight jacket and comes after Rebecca.


Ethan and Teresa are still at the hospital discussing the charges against Gwen.  Ethan says that in all of their ups and downs the one thing that he has always counted on is her compassion so why cant she find it in her heart and show a little mercy. About that time, the nurse shows up with a wheelchair asking Teresa if she is ready to go. Teresa says Mercy, you want to talk about mercy. She points to the wheelchair and says My chariot awaits, thats my mercy. I cant move my legs because your sicko wife stabbed me in the back. I hope she rots in jail


At the pier, Whitney and Katherine continue to talk. Katherine tells Whitney shes very good at keeping secrets. Whitney says okay, but the father of my baby can never know. Chad and Fox are talking and wondering what has Whitney so upset, Fox says he thinks it has to do with the baby because she has been moody ever since she found out she was pregnant. He says she should be excited about it. Chad says he knows exactly why Whitney is so upset.  He says its because she is still in love with him. Fox says that is just insane because Chad is her brother. Chad says he still loves her and still dreams about her and Fox says he is sick.  Whitney talks to Katherine about falling in love with Chad and then finding out that they were brother and sister and then the baby.. Then she says how can I tell you this, how can I tell you my secret.  Whitney says its just too hard to say it. Katherine says she understands and cant believe Whitney has been living with this secret. Whitney thinks Katherine knows her secret and mentions Chad . Katherine asks what does Chad have to do with your baby with Fox?  Katherine thinks her secret is that she considered abortion.  Katherine leaves and Fox walks up and says he cant believe the secret Whitney has been hiding. Then Chad walks up and says What secret?


Pilar, Martin and Luis continue to argue, Luis tells Pilar not to listen to a word Martin says because he is a liar. Pilar asks Luis to please hear Martin out.  Luis says hes not listening to anymore lies and not allowing Martin to hurt anyone he loves.  Martin says if Luis would just shut and and listen for a minute.  Pilar tells Martin to go ahead and tell them the truth.


Alistar and his assistant are still watching Sheridan and decide to get closer so they can hear what she is saying.   Sheridan is having flashbacks of Martin and Alistar and says Over there and then says No one will ever know. Alistar says NO! She cant remember that  Alistar says that Sheridan has remember far too much. He had no idea. Sheridan continues to have flashbacks of hiding in the bushes and hearing Martin say No one will never know Alistar says he has to stop her before she remembers the secrets hes kept hidden for so long. He then pulls out a gun and says Farewell, my love.  Alistars assistant says she cant believe he would shoot his own daughter. He says he does what he needs to do to protect his interests.


Ethan tells Teresa that she disappoints him because she has a chance to show mercy and she ignores it. He asks what would Father Lonigan think of that. Teresa tells him not to throw religion up in her face. Ethan again pleads with her recapping everything that has happened between Teresa, Gwen and Rebecca. Teresa asks what about Little Ethan, does she get him back. Ethan says that Gwen cant agree to that because she is in a jail cell going mad, no court would ever allow her to make a decision in the state she is in. If Teresa doesnt drop the charges, she may never see Little Ethan again, its that simple.  Teresa points out that Ethan would get Power of Attorney if Gwen is found insane and he can give Little Ethan back. She repeats that she will not drop the charges. The doctor comes in and fusses at Ethan for upsetting Teresa, Ethan goes to leave but Teresa stops him and says she still wants him to take her home. He says he will.  The doctor talks to Teresa again about taking the steroids but Teresa still says she wont do anything to harm the baby. Ethan assures Teresa that he will help her with the baby.


Katherine goes to Sheridan s cabin looking for her and finds the doll she gave Sheridan as a girl. She then hears someone scream NO! and runs to the window saying Sheridan ? We then see Sheridan lying facedown in the snow, Alistars assistant saying Oh my God, I cant believe what I just saw 

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