January 24, 2005
I'm back! Please excuse any errors, I'm jetlagged and beat!
Ethan brings Theresa home from the hospital. He wheels her up to the house, the baby is in her arms. She sees there is a wheelchair ramp at her house. She asks where it came from? Ethan says he had it done, and he also had other changes made to the house so she can get around. She says this is wonderful. He says he did this to help her take care of the baby and Little Ethan if he came to visit. She thinks this is wonderful, but then realizes Ethan did this to make nice and convince her to drop the charges against Gwen. Theresa says she is in this chair because of Gwen. Ethan says he knows that, but her mind snapped and she cant be held responsible. Theresa says she intends to hold her responsible and will see her put away forever. Ethan asks if she feels any pitty for Gwen? Theresa says she does, and she would have given anything to have given birth to both of the babies. Theresa says she didnt want to have that procedure, and it was he and Gwen who convinced her to have it. She also says she left it up to God and the doctors, and it was her baby that survived. Ethan says he thanks God for her every day, and hes not trying to bribe her into doing anything. He says he did all this to help her take care of the baby. Theresa says she doesnt want any of it so he can get rid of it all. She says she wont change her mind, she wont drop the charges. Ethan tries to convince her he did all of this to help her take care of the baby. Little Ethan then runs out to see his mom and sister. Ethan arranged this visit too, and maybe Little Ethan will spend the night too. Little Ethan says his sister is kinda little. Theresa says he was once this tiny too. Little Ethan heads inside to have some hot chocolate. Mrs. Rogers, the nanny, is taking care of Little Ethan. Theresa thanks Ethan for doing this. To himself, Ethan wonders if Theresa will ever stop hating Gwen.

Theresa, the baby and Ethan head inside. Ethan has a special table for the baby where Theresa can change the baby. Little Ethan asks for a ride in her chair, so she says okay. Ethan holds the baby, and Little Ethan sits on Theresas lap. They ride around the living room together. Theresa feels more hopeful that she can take care of her family. Theresa thanks Ethan for doing this for her as she thinks she will be able to manage. Ethan says he never had any doubts, and he believes this condition is only temporary. He tells her that it is all whether she looks at the glass is half full or half empty. She asks if he thinks shes looking at it as half empty. He says not her, not the eternal optimist. Theresa says she just has to believe fate will make it all turn out okay. Theresa says if she didnt believe in that then shed be lost. Ethan says whatever keeps her going is a good thing. Theresa talks about her future and the chance to be the best mother in the world. Ethan says she is a wonderful mother, and he hopes he can be half a good a father. She says he will be. The baby cries, so they go to her. Theresa holds the baby and she settles down. Little Ethan asks Daddy Ethan to play with him. Theresa tells her daughter this is how it should be, and she thinks Ethan will spend his life with her and Gwen will spend hers in jail.

In jail, Gwen begins chasing Rebecca. Rebecca thinks Theresa has turned her daughter into a maniac. Rebecca asks Gwen to calm down or shell be sent to solitary. She begs Gwen not to kill her because she is her mommy! Gwen stops chasing Rebecca and then begins playing hopscotch. She tells her mom shes teaching her little girl how to play this game, so Rebecca better stay out of her way! Rebecca asks Gwen if she knows who she is? Gwen does, and she tells her mom to stay out of the way because she is in the squares. Gwen says she has to become the best hopscotch player in the world in order to teach her little girl. Gwen ends up falling down, and Rebecca runs to her side. Gwen is bleeding and doesnt recognize her mother. Gwen tells her to get away from her. Rebecca damns Theresa for doing this to her daughter, and vows to get Gwen out of here. Meanwhile, Gwen begins yelling at people to stay away from her. Rebecca damns Theresa and says she wont let her do this to Gwen.

On the pier, Fox asks Whitney how she could keep this a secret? Chad hears Fox say this and asks what secret? Whitney asks Fox what he heard her say? Fox says he heard her say something about abortion. Fox asks Whitney if she was thinking about getting rid of their baby? Whitney tells Fox that he doesnt understand, but Fox thinks he does. Whitney says she doesnt remember what was said, and Katherine was the one talking about carrying Alistairs evil blood in her veins. Whitney says she never thought of it that way, and they were just talking. Chad watches as Fox tells Whitney shes not alone, and this baby will be strong, healthy and loved. Whitney says she knows. He says so she wasnt having second thoughts? Chad tells Fox to stop badgering her. Fox says hes not, he just wanted to make sure things were okay. Chad says if Whitney did consider getting rid of the baby then it is none of his business anyways. Fox says its his baby. Chad says its his body, so its her choice. Fox asks what this has to do with Chad anyways? Whitney says it does have to do with Chad. Fox wonders what Chad has to do with their child. Chad says hed like to hear the answer to that question. Chad and Fox ask what shes trying to tell them? Whitney says they are both men and they have no idea what it is like to be pregnant. Fox says he still doesnt understand what it has to do with Chad. Whitney says Chad will be the babys uncle. Whitney tells Chad that she knows her mom really messed up, and she may never forgive her mother for what she did, but she wont push Chad out of her or her babys life. She wants her baby to have a loving extended family. Fox says that is important to him too. He says he loves her and their baby. He says whatever fears she is having he is her for her and they can handle them together. Still, Chad cant help but think Whitney is keeping something from Fox. He thinks to himself something else is going on.

At the church, Luis asks his father why he cant leave them alone, hes done enough damage to their family already. Pilar wants to hear what Martin has to say, he was about to tell them the truth. Luis says why should they believe him? Martin says if they would listen it would explain everything. Pilar asks him to just listen as this could change things. Martin says he never meant to hurt her and he never would have left without good reason. She says she knew there was more. Martin says he didnt have a choice. Luis says that is bull, and he refuses to listen to this. He tells his father to just shut up as he wont let his father hurt his mom again. Martin says he wont hurt her again, but Luis doesnt want to listen. He says he thought his dad was leaving. They argue about Katherine abandoning Sheridan and leaving her to think she was dead, just as Luis did. Father Lonigan finally comes out to see what the raised voices are. Father Lonigan asks for Luis to calm down. He knows Luis was coming to talk about the wedding, but he thinks he needs to heal his family first. Luis says this man is not a member of his family, when Martin leaves they will discuss the wedding. Luis takes Pilar with him and doesnt care that she wants to hear his excuses. Luis says what he did was inexcusable. Martin talks to Father Lonigan about his problems, and how the truth as to why he left is so horrible. Father Lonigan says it is always the right thing to tell the truth, but Martin says not in this case. Father Lonigan knows Martin and Katherine left out of fear for their lives, so what more is there to tell. Martin says there is a lot more. Father Lonigan tells Martin to tell him, so Martin agrees to tell him what has blackened his heart for more then twenty years. He tells Father Lonigan, but we dont hear the story. He says now that he knows, how can he expect anyone to understand. Father Lonigan tells him to tell Pilar, he must unburden himself. He says it was difficult to hear, but he can deal with it. He says if Martin wants to be free of it then he must tell Pilar and Luis. Father Lonigan says it is horrible, but it will allow them to understand him and his pain. He doesnt know, but Father Lonigan thinks he needs to try. Martin doesnt want to burden them, but Father Lonigan says he already has. Father Lonigan says they think he left for no good reason. Father Lonigan says if he tells them the truth then he will free himself of this evil.

Inside the church, Pilar wants to hear the real reason Martin left. Luis thinks Katherine is the reason, but Pilar thinks there is more to it. Luis thinks his mother is trying to justify what his father did. Pilar says she knew his father better than anyone. She says she never thought hed leave her for another woman. She thinks he would never break his vows to her unless . . . . Pilar says she knows there is more to the story and she wants to hear it. Luis says the best thing that can happen is for him and his slut to leave town. Luis doesnt believe there was any other reason papa left them. She asks how he knows unless he listens? Luis says he knows this hurt her, but papa isnt the man she thought he was. Luis says he is a dog and he wont let her listen to anymore of his lies. Pilar says she understands his anger, but she feels if they know the whole truth it can help them understand. Luis says the past only causes pain, so as far as he is concerned Martin can leave Harmony and never come back. Pilar still wants to hear him out, but Luis says no. They go to leave when Martin returns and demands to speak. He says he has something to tell them and he wont let either one of them leave until they hear it. Martin says hes going to tell them everything.

Katherine arrives at the cottage to see Sheridan. Sheridan is gone, but she sees the bear she bought for Sheridan long ago. Katherine hears a scream, and Katherine runs. Alistair and Tina watch from the bushes, and Tina cant believe this. Katherine checks on Sheridan and thinks her daughter is dead as she cant get a pulse. In the bushes, Tina wonders if she is dead. Katherine finds a pulse and wonders if she is hurt. Sheridan dreams and remember hiding in the bushes and seeing men walking by. Tina wonders what happened, and Alistair says she passed out. Tina says she was already sleep walking. Alistair says the brain is complicated, and whatever was going through Sheridans mind shut down because it couldnt handle it. He says that caused her to collapse, and he understands what caused Sheridan to collapse. He says before him are two of his biggest problems, and he thinks he could take them both out with one shot! Alistair then aims the gun again. Tina cant believe Alistair is going to do this. Alistair decides not to shoot yet and wait instead. He says Sheridan is still sleeping, and her mother doesnt realize that. He thinks if they wait he wont need his gun. Sheridan opens her eyes, and Katherine helps her up. Katherine says she was so afraid for her, and she asks Sheridan what is wrong with her? Sheridan says it was here, it was right here. Tina feels bad for Sheridan, and Alistair tells her to concentrate on his pain and anguish! Katherine asks Sheridan what is wrong? Tina thinks it is dangerous to wake a sleepwalker. Alistair says it is, and right now Katherine is holding Sheridans lives in her hands! Alistair puts his gun away and tells Tina that if Sheridan is remembering what he thinks she is, then Katherine will be eliminated permanently. Katherine realizes Sheridan is still asleep, and she asks Katherine to wake up. Sheridan has a vision of her mother with a stab wound in her back, and herself with blood on her hands. Sheridan says she killed her own mother! Sheridan looks at Katherine and asks what she is doing here, she killed her! Katherine says she didnt kill her, she is right here. Katherine hugs Sheridan, but Sheridan says no. Sheridan says she should be dead, she killed her. Katherine asks Sheridan to calm down, she hasnt killed anyone. Sheridan says no, shes not here, she is dead and she killed her. Katherine tries to reason with Sheridan and convince her that she didnt kill her. Sheridan begins to choke Katherine and says I killed you, you should be dead! Alistair watches and says Kill your mother!


January 25, 2005
At Tabithas place, Kay, Simone and Paloma are planning a girls night out. Tabitha is going to watch over Maria for Kay. She tells them to go have fun as soon they will be to old to party. Kay says she's not ready to apply for medicare just yet. The girls finish getting ready, and they head out for some fun. 

At the Bennett house, Ivy is playing Little Miss Suzy Homemaker in  the kitchen. Sam walks in and says something smells good. She says she has made pasta sauce, and the noodles will be ready soon. He says noodles? She asks if that is wrong, but he says no. She is glad he was able to come home for a nice meal. Sam says he is just busy with the investigation into Alistairs attempted murder. He says the governor is on his back to solve the case. Ivy calls up to Jessica to ask her to come down to dinner. Upstairs, Jessica has glammed herself up. She says she cant take any more of Mrs. Cranes fantastic sauce, shes going out and nothing will stop her! Jessica then sneaks out to go party. Back in the kicthen Sam is busy on his computer doing work, and Ivy wonders why Jessica isn't answering. Sam says perhaps she is in the shower or listening to her music too loud. Ivy suggests Sam keep an eye on Jessica as she senses something is up. Sam asks like what? Ivy says she just senses something, women know these things. He asks what things? She says never mind and continues working on dinner. Ivy says she cant believe Eve has been accused of killing three people. Sam says it is hard for him too, he cant picture Eve trying to kill anyone. They discuss Julian loving Eve, and Ivy says she doesnt begrudge Julian for wanting to be with Eve, and she doesnt think Eve would try and kill Julian. She says she can understand Eve wanting to kill Alistair and her sister, but not Julian. Ivy remembers Eve suggesting she was being framed. Sam says but who? They talk about how Alistair would risk his own skin, but Liz wouldnt. Ivy says there are enough people in the town who want Alistair dead, including her. Sam suggests she watches who she talks to like that. She says oh yeah, she doesnt want the chief suspecting her. Ivy wonders why Jessica still hasnt come down, and she heads up to get her. At the same time Jessica sneaks out and is seen by Tabitha. Tabitha asks where she is going? Jessica to a club where her friends go. Tabitha asks if all her friends dress like hookers? Jessica asks her not to tell anyone and offers to babysit for Endora. She also says she was young once too, so remember how it felt. Tabitha remembers being given a Faberge egg by Rasputin. He said it was made for the Romanoffs, but they wouldnt need it because he was ridding Mother Russia of them. Timmy walks by dressed as Tabithas helper (this was an old flashback, great to see Timmy!) Tabitha convinced Rasputin to leave one of the Romanoffs alive to cause trouble, and he agreed. 


Back at the Bennett's, Ivy tells Sam that Jessica is not in her room, and she found some things which belong to Jessica. She holds the trashy clothes up for Sam to see. Sam cant believe this and he wonders what has gotten into her. Ivy says ever since she stopped selling Mark . . . Sam asks why she did that? Ivy doesnt know as she was good at it and seemed to enjoy it. Sam begins to remember Jessicas old friend Dara, and she thinks Dara was a bad influence on Jessica. He thinks the cigarettes in Jessicas room must be someone elses, probably Dara's. Ivy says this report card she found is Jessicas, and it is filled with Cs and Ds. Sam still wont believe the cigarettes are Jessicas, and neither are the clothes. Sam says Grace didnt raise his girls to wear trashy clothes and smoke cigarettes. Ivy says she didnt raise Kay to get pregnant out of wedlock. Sam tells Ivy not to criticize Grace! He says she was a wonderful mother, where Ivys daughters didnt want to come home from school at Christmas to see her. Ivy says that is true. Sam says Grace was a wonderful mother and he storms off. Ivy says Sam better be prepared as she thinks this is a night he will never forget.

Back outside, Tabitha takes the girls for a walk, and she continues to reminisce about how when there was a time she could walk around in trashy clothes. She says she does like the hooker look. Endora zaps Tabitha and transforms her into a 60s go-go look. Tabitha tells Endora that she is a naughty girl and needs to change her back.

The girls head to the bar, and when Paloma asks for a tequila the bartender says sorry and she could come back when shes 21. He brings them all diet colas. Paloma says the drinking laws here are so strict. Simone and Kay claim they dont like drinking anyways, and they can get a high just from dancing. Paloma turns to finding some boys, but Kay wont look at any other men. She thinks Miguel is going to come back to her one day. Simone says Kay is leaving in a dream world, he will get tired of chasing after Charity and working as a gardener to support her and Maria. They argue over whether Miguel will come back, and Paloma tells them to stop fighting. Simone thinks they should have asked Jessica to come, but Kay says no way. Kay says ever since Jessica stopped selling Mark shes been a total flake lately. Gwen Stefanni begins to play, so Paloma hits the dance floor and starts dancing with a guy. Simone still cant believe Paloma grew up in a strict catholic school. Kay and Simone talk about how they dont fit it, they were expected to be good girls and run with the good crowd and stay virgins till they were married. Kay says at least Simone still stayed one, but Simone says only because her sister stole Chad from her. They look around and talk about how some of the girls here look like hookers. Simone says her mom would have killed her if she left the house dressed like this, which is a joke since she turned out to be worse than a hooker. Kay suggests Simone forget about her mom as she forgot about Grace a long time ago.

Jessica shows up at the bar and begins smoking. An older man likes what he sees and heads over to flirt with her. He offers to buy her a drink, and she says a Cape Cod. He asks if she has ID as he doesnt want to get into trouble. She says of course she does. She gives him a light, but the bartender makes them put it out because they cant smoke in here. Jessica wonders where a person can go around here to have a good time. The guy says how about her place. She says sounds like a plan to her. 

Back on the dance floor, Paloma fends off the guy's advances when he gets too close. She suggest they get to know one another better first. The guy says whatever she says. They continue to dance. Meanwhile, Simone and Kay commiserate about their mothers secrets. Kay thinks the difference between their mothers is that Eve tried to turn her life around. However, Kay says no matter what their parents did, they always told them to act like good little girls. They begin looking around at the girls in the club, and they see Jessica making out with the man. They talk about how trashy the girl is, and then realize she looks familiar. Kay approaches the girl making out with the man, and Simone comes with her. Kay realizes it is Jessica!

At the church, Martin begins to tell Luis and Pilar the real reason he left town. He says this involves life and death, and they wont like what he has to say. Martin begins talking about the gazebo and how he didnt want Luis to help him build it, but he insisted on helping his dad. Luis remembers, and he says his dad couldnt get rid of him. Martin says he wished he never let Luis help. We see flashbacks of a little Luis helping Martin build the gazebo. Luis found a sack of something poking out of the ground, and Martin told him not to touch it. He then threw dirt over it. Luis remembers the sack, and how his dad told him not to touch it. Martin says there was a good reason. Luis asks what was in the sack? Why did he bury it under the dirt? Pilar asks what Martin did? Martin says he didnt do anything, he was following Alistairs orders. Before he goes any further, Luis gets a call from Wendy the Crane Maid saying that she came to deliver a note to Sheridan from Gwen's psychiatrist, but she isnt here. Luis fears she is sleepwalking again.

At the Crane estate, we see a replay of Sheridan telling her mother she should be dead as she killed her. Katherine tells Sheridan that she did not kill her, she is alive and here for her. Sheridan says no she should be dead, and she begins choking her mother. Alistair and Tina watch from the bushes, and Tina cant believe Sheridan is sleeping through all of this. Alistair says if Sheridan woke up now she would snap, so hes going to let Sheridan kill his lying slut of a wife. Katherine tries to plead with Sheridan to stop. She says she loves her! Sheridan screams :No, youre dead and I killed you! Tina wonders why Katherine doesnt fight back? Alistair says because shes a fool and doesnt want to hurt her own daughter. Sheridan passes out, and Katherine begs her to open her eyes. When Katherine tries to run off, Sheridan grabs her ankle, pulls her down, and says You have to die mother! Katherine pleads with Sheridan and says she loves her. Katherine breaks free and runs off, and Sheridan chases after her. Alistair and Tina follow as they end up at the Crane Mausoleum. Alistair gets great pleasure out of this as Katherine will actually die at the spot she was supposedly buried years ago. As Sheridan attacks Katherine, she remembers something from her childhood. She remembers finding Katherine threatening to kill Alistair years ago, running up behind her mother, and stabbing her with a letter opener while saying "I won't let you kill my daddy!" In real time Sheridan relives this and pretends to stab Katherine. Katherine asks what she is doing? Sheridan says she wont let her hurt her daddy, so she has to die. Sheridan continues to pretend to stab her.

Luis, Martin and Pilar arrive at the cottage and find Sheridan is not there. Luis fears she could be out there sleepwalking in the freezing cold without a jacket or shoes. They  then hear a scream and rush off. 



January 26,  2005
At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa and Ethan spend time with Little Ethan and their daughter. Ethan and Little Ethan are playing Battleship. Theresa ends up telling Ethan that they need to name their baby. Theresa wants the baby to have Ethans last name. Ethan asks what about the first name? Theresa wants it something simple and one syllable. She also doesnt want to name her after a relative because she is a miracle baby, so she should have her own name. They discuss names, and Theresa likes the name Jane because of the book Jane Eyre. They begin discussing the book, which has similarities to their own lives. Ethan says naming the baby Jane is fine, but dont to it to make a point at Gwens expense. Theresa says she wasnt making a dig at Gwen, she likes the name. They settle on Jane, and Theresa thinks they should plan the christening. Ethan says he needs to check on Gwen. Theresa asks Ethan to just wait here so she can take a quick shower. He asks if she can manage on her own? She says yes, so he says call if she needs help. Theresa heads into the shower, and Ethan and Little Ethan continue to play Battleship. Little Ethan talks about how mommy talks about him a lot. Ethan says mommy forgets hes married to Gwen. Little Ethan says if he wasnt then hed be married to mommy. Ethan has a fantasy of him and Theresa living out Jane Eyre. Little Ethan snaps him too and says your move. Ethan says hes right, it is his move. Meanwhile, in the shower, a naked Theresa decides to fake like she fell out of the chair and calls for help. Ethan comes running to help her. Ethan gets her out and into her chair, and she asks him to make sure her legs are okay. He looks at them, and asks what happened. She says she slipped off the bench, and she is glad he was here. Theresa says she hates for him to see her like this. He gives her a towel to wrap around her. Ethan is unsure about leaving her alone. Theresa insists she is okay, and Little Ethan knows how to dial 911. Ethan thinks he should wait till someone else comes home, but Theresa says she is fine. Theresa says handicap people manage everyday, so she will too. Ethan heads to the living room and asks Little Ethan to watch over his mommy and sister. Little Ethan says he will. Theresa wheels herself out, and Ethan says hell be back soon. HE also knows Theresa is upset he is going, but she is his wife. Theresa says she lost the use of her legs, and she is glad Gwen is in jail. Theresa tells Ethan to get out, go to her! Ethan leaves, and Theresa says go back to your wacky wife. Later, Theresa thinks she doesnt need she doesnt need Ethan to take care of her daughter. Suddenly, Jane begins to cry. Theresa realizes Jane has a fever. 

In Jail, Gwen discusses baby names with her mother, and she wants to name the baby Ashley. She says Ashley Winthrop, Sarah and Nathans newest sister. Gwen says they should go to the hospital and see Ashley. Rebecca says they should wait here for Ethan, but Gwen says she is stick of being here. She grabs the straight jacket and says shell put on her jacket and go. Rebecca says no, she cant wear white after labor day. Gwen asks where Ethan is, where is her husband and her babies? Rebecca doesnt know, but she says shell check. She tells Gwen to rest, and then she asks a guard to call Ethan and check on his whereabouts. Rebecca fears if Ethan doesnt get Gwen out of here then she will lose her little girl just like Gwen lost hers. Rebecca says this is all Theresas fault, and she recaps everything Theresa did. Rebecca says now Theresa is trying to steal Ethan from her again. Gwen wakes up and asks her mom what she just said? Rebecca says nothing, but Gwen knows what she heard. Ethan shows up, and Gwen asks if Theresa is trying to steal her babies? Where has he been? He says hes been with Theresa trying to convince her not to press charges. Gwen says they have to go to the hospital right now and see Ashley. Rebecca asks Ethan if he convinced her to drop the charges, but Ethan says no. Gwen suddenly hears her baby crying and she says she needs to be let out of here. She says something is wrong with the baby and she needs her! 

At the bar, Kay is stunned to see Jessica with the older man. When Jessicas man finds out Kay is Jessicas sister, he suggests they all go back to his place and make a manwhich. He looks at Simone and says she can be dessert! Kay slaps the guy. He calls her a bitch and says spanking is one thing, but dont mess with his face! Jessica says she can take care of herself, but Kay doesnt think so. Paloma shows up, and Jessica cant believe Kay is lecturing her about being here when she brought Paloma, who is younger than she is. Kay says Paloma isnt dressed up like a hooker! Jessica tells Kay not to question her morals, shes an unmarried mother out to pick up men. Kay says she is out to have a good time, she is still in love with Miguel. Kay tells Jessica to stop changing the subject, this is not about her. The guy tells Jessica they should go back to his place, but Kay says hes not going anywhere with her sister. Kay and Jessica get into a huge argument, and Kay eventually says she is taking Jessica home. The guy says cant they all get along? Kay tells the guy to go back under the bridge where he lives. The guy says and you wonder why the guy who knocked you up didnt marry you. Paloma and Simone ask Kay what is the worst that could happen if they let Jessica stay and have fun? Kay says she could get a disease! Jessica says she understands how sexually transmitted diseases work, and she'll be careful. She tells Kay that not all women are out to seduce men, get pregnant, and force them into a relationship like she did. Paloma says You seduced my brother! Kay says no, but Simone says hell yes she did. Jessica tells Kay to just leave her alone, she is acting like mom. Kay doesnt like being referred to as Grace. Kay says while she loves Maria, she doesnt want Jessica to go through the shame and pain of being an unwed mother. Kay says it is hard scraping by, and if she didn't have Tabitha's help then she wouldn't be able to do it. Jessica never realized Kay cared so much. Kay says she does, but dont tell anyone as it will ruin her rep. The two sisters make up. Paloma wants to keep dancing. The others are ready to leave, so Paloma says shes not staying if everyone else is leaving. Palomas dance partner calls her a tease for getting him all worked up and wants to complete what they started. Jessicas man wants to finish what they started as well. When Jessicas man tries to take her off, Kay smashes a beer bottle over his head. Somehow the guy thinks another man did it, and a huge brawl starts! Paloma doesnt understand how this always happens to her. The bar tender tells them that he knew they were trouble since the moment they walked in, and he chases them out. However, Paloma gets locked inside the club, and the other girls are locked outside! The man Paloma was flirting with ends up grabbing Paloma and tells her that it is time for her to deliver.

On the Crane Estate, Martin, Katherine and Luis run to find Sheridan. They hear her screaming, and run towards the mausoleum. Sheridan is strangling Katherine and telling her to die for trying to kill her father. Martin runs to Katherine and begs her not to die because he cant go on without her. Pilar sees this. Luis holds Sheridan back, who continues to scream that she has to die! Alistair continues to watch the events unfold, he thinks both Martin and Katherine disserve to die. Sheridan continues to say she has to die! Martin asks why Sheridan is saying this? Luis says she is sleepwalking and wont remember this when she wakes up. Martin thinks Sheridan has lost her mind. Pilar says no, Sheridan has been sleepwalking ever since Katherine left. Martin thinks they are blaming Katherine for this, and he asks if Julian sleepwalks? Pilar says Julian was much older, and Luis says Alistair blamed Sheridan for her mothers death. Sheridan keeps yelling that her mother is wicked and she has to die. Katherine ends up surviving, which Martin thanks God for. Alistair says Bloody hell, what will it take to kill that woman! Katherine comes too and says something is wrong with Sheridan. Alistair comes out of the bushes and says he sees they found Sheridan. Luis tells Alistair this is all his fault. Luis explains Sheridan sleepwalks because Alistair convinced her that she was responsible for Katherines death. Katherine tells Alistair that he is a monster! Katherine goes to attack Alistair, but Martin holds her back. Alistair compares Katherine to Eve, they both tried to kill him and are both tarts. Sheridan eventually falls into a deep sleep, and he goes to take her back to the cottage. He tells his dad to come with them and he can continue telling him about this big deep dark secret. Alistair corners Martin about the secret. Martin says he will tell them what is in the burlap sack he buried and Alistair cant stop him. Alistair laughs and says theyll see about that.

At the cottage, Luis puts Sheridan to bed, and he finds everyone standing in the living room. He says Sheridan started sleepwalking thanks to Alistair, and she has started up again thanks to Katherine. Katherine and Martin say they didnt want to cause any pain, and that is why they wanted to leave Harmony. Luis says they arent going anywhere till Martin tells his secret. Luis says no more interruptions, no more excuses, what is this big dark secret?


January 27, 2005

Kay, Simone and Jessica have been thrown out of the club and locked out. Paloma is locked inside and being attacked by the man. Back outside everyone else wonders if she is all right, as they can hear the brawl going on inside. Kay thinks she will be out any second as only an idiot would stay in there with the brawl going on. Inside the man has thrown Paloma into a backroom and intends to rape her. The man tells her that she isnt going anywhere until he gives her what shes been begging for all night. He says she knows she wants it as she has flashed every inch of her to him tonight. He says dont say no now, and no one likes girls who tease. He then forces her into a kiss. Back outside Jessica bangs on the door and says Paloma, in America nice girls dont get into bar fights! Kay says or smoke cigarettes, or dress like tramps, or give lap dances to older men. Jessica says ten minutes ago she was just hugging her. Kay says she doesnt know those men in there. Kay says they have to do something to help Paloma. Simone says there is one thing they could do, but they won't like it. Back inside the man continues attack Paloma and rips her clothes off. Back outside Simone says the only way to get Paloma out is to call the cops. Kay and Jessica say no way, their dad would be furious that they came here. Simone says their dad doesnt have to know, theyll leave before the cops come. Simone says what if Paloma is in danger? Kay says okay, call the cops, but then they leave. Back inside Paloma fights of the mans advances, and she almost escapes, but only angers the man worse. He smacks her and almost knocks her unconscious. HE then jumps onto of her. The cops soon show up, and the guy decides to run. However he wont let Paloma rat him out, and throws her across the room. Paloma lays in a pool of blood on the floor, and the man wonders if he killed her. He runs off leaving her behind.

Kay, Jessica and Simone return home, and they see all the lights are on at the house. They worry about Paloma and if she is okay. Simone tries to call Palomas cell phone, but shes not answering. Kay says Paloma is a big girl and can handle herself, she is sure Paloma is fine.  Back at the club, the cops fail to find Paloma at the club and leave her bleeding on the floor!

At Theresas, Theresa realizes her baby is burning up with a fever. She says she cant be sick, shes still so tiny. Theresa decides to take the baby to get some medicine, but shes unable to maneuver the chair while holding the baby. Theresa realizes she still couldnt reach the medicine cabinet anyways. She then realizes she cant give her a cool bath because she cant bend over. She wishes she hadnt thrown Ethan out, and she damns Gwen for doing this to her. Theresa calls 911 and is put on hold, so she calls the hospital to try and talk to a doctor. They tell her to just bring her to the hospital and hang up! Theresa leaves a message on her moms cell phone to help her, then she calls 911 and it is busy! Theresa wonders how 911 could be busy and she says this is absolutely ridiculous. Theresa tries to think, and she sees the diaper bag. Theresa thinks her medicine is in the bag. Unfortunately Theresa dumps the bag all over the floor and she cant reach the medicine. She ends up calling for a cab, but she needs one with a wheelchair ramp and it will take too long for it to get there. She asks them to just come as soon as they can. Theresa ends up realizing this is an absolute nightmare as she cant do anything on her own. Theresa finally wakes Little Ethan up to help her, and she asks him to look for the cab. Little Ethan watches for the cab and wonders where Daddy Ethan is. Theresa says he had to go. Little Ethan keeps watching for the cab, and Theresa worries about the baby. 

At the jail, Gwen says her baby is crying and something is wrong with her! She says she needs to get to the hospital and be with her baby. Rebecca and Ethan talk about Theresa who wont drop the charges. Rebecca is let out of the cell so she can talk to Ethan. The guard says if it was up to him hed let her wife out and keep his mother-in-law locked up. Rebecca tells Ethan that they have to do something, one minute Gwen is lucid the next minute she is violent. Rebecca also says she keeps talking about her dead babies being alive. Rebecca says this is all Theresas fault, Theresa has finally won and destroyed Gwen. Ethan says Gwen did try and kill Theresa, but Rebecca says only after Theresa drove her crazy! In her cell, Gwen says she wishes she killed Theresa when she had the chance. She says Theresa stole her child and she will make her pay, she will kill Theresa! Gwen demands to know where her children are, and she thinks Theresa has Ashley. Gwen says if Theresa wont give up Ashley then shell have to kill Theresa. Rebecca tells Ethan that they have to do something to shut her up and keep people from hearing her. Gwen keeps screaming that she has to get her Ashley away from Theresa, the queen of infanticide. Gwen says they need to get Ashley back from Theresa and then she will kill her. Rebecca begs Gwen to stop this, and she says she preferred it when she played hopscotch with her imaginary children. Rebecca says Gwen frightens her this way. Gwen says she needs to get out of here, she can hear Ashley crying for her. Rebecca says she thinks Ashley stopped, nanny got her a bottle. Gwen says she has not stopped, and if they wont help her then shell get herself out of here. She says if she had killed Theresa when she had the chance then she would have her baby with her now. Gwen says she wants to see her baby dead, she wants to see her body in a hole in the ground. A guard shows up and asks what is going on? Gwen asks them to open up the gate and let her out. Rebecca tells the guard not to listen to anything she says, shes just undergoing primal reflex therapy. The guard suggests Gwen keep it down, and he tells Ethan he has a message and it seems like an emergency. Ethan says hell be right back and goes to get his message. Rebecca tries to entertain Gwen by looking at her diamonds, as it always worked when she was little. Gwen says she doesnt care about diamonds, she wants to kill Theresa because the bitch deserves it! Ethan returns and says he has to get to the hospital because Theresa is there and the baby is sick. Gwen hears Theresa is at the hospital, and she hopes Theresa has something like a brain aneurism to kill her. 

At the cottage, Sheridan has a dream of a woman threatening to kill Alistair. Sheridan ran in and stabbed the woman with a letter opener. Sheridan wakes up from her dream and thinks it is just a dream.  Out in the living room, Luis demands Martin tell them the whole story as to why he left. Alistair tells Martin not a word! Luis tells his dad not to listen to him. He says all the horrible things that happened in Sheridan's childhood are coming out in her nightmares. Luis says she almost killed Katherine, and its a good thing he put her down as who knows what she would have done. Luis demands Martin tell him the whole story. Pilar begs Martin to tell them. Martin says okay, he will tell them everything. Alistair warns Martin if he tells all then it will be the biggest mistake of his life, he will destroy him. Martin continues to tell the story, and wonders how he is going to tell them. Martin says he knows he deserves their hatred, but when they realize what he has had to live with then they will understand. Katherine tells Martin that she loves him, so whatever it is, just say it. Martin hopes she loves him ten minutes from now. Sheridan stops Martin from telling the truth when she runs out screaming about her nightmare. She looks around and asks what is going on. She sees the marks on Katherines neck and demands to know what happened. Sheridan asks who did this to her? She asks if Alistair did this to her? Alistair tells Sheridan not to use that tone with him, and he didnt touch her mother. Luis says everything is fine, but Sheridan says no it isnt fine. She asks what is going on? Luis thinks that she should go to bed. Sheridan sees she is dirty and she realizes she has been sleepwalking again. Luis says she has, but he is here now and everything is okay. Sheridan says she is not okay, and all she remembers is the horrible nightmare. She remembers Katherine on the ground, and Martin was there talking about building the gazebo, and she had blood all over her hands. She then realizes she is the one who attacked her mother. Alistair tells himself for Gods sake Sheridan, dont remember anything more! Sheridan doesnt understand how she could do this. She remembers her nightmare, she heard two people fighting. She says one was a man and the other was a woman. She says she thinks the man was his father, so he picked up a letter opener and stabbed the woman. Sheridan thinks it was her mother that she killed, and she had blood all over her hands. Alistair tells Martin that Sheridan is remembering, and do you see what it is doing to her? Katherine asks Martin what happened? Alistair asks Martin if he is proud of himself? Katherine asks Martin what is she remembering? Meanwhile, Luis and Paloma comfort Sheridan, and Luis tries to convince her that it wasnt real. Sheridan knows it was real, and she knows where it happened. We see another flashback, and the woman who falls to the floor looks like her mother, but we only see her from behind. Luis says if she stabbed her mother then she would have scars, so will Katherine show her that she has no scars? Sheridan is positive there will be scars. Luis asks Katherine to just show her. Katherine says okay, and Alistair warns her to be careful what she wishes for.



January 28, 2005
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At the Bennetts, Ivy says it is party time and brings a lopsided chocolate cake out. Sam laughs at the cake and takes a break from work to have some. Ivy says she just hasnt been able to bring herself to make Graces tomato soup cake. Ivy says she honestly never got the cake, did he and the girls like it as much as they said they did? He says no, it just turned out to be a family tradition. Sam tries her cake and says it is delicious. She is glad, and she was afraid he was still mad about the fight they had earlier. Sam still is in denial about his good little Jessica. 

Outside, Kay, Jessica and Simone discuss Paloma. Kay is positive that Paloma is fine. They also discuss sneaking Jessica back into her room because Sam will kill her if he sees her in that outfit. Jessica decides to climb up the trellis. Inside Ivy hears something and goes outside to check out the sound, and she catches Jessica climbing up the trellis. Ivy tells her that she looks like a hooker and her father will kill her! Kay and Jessica beg Ivy not to rat them out, and Jessica says shell never do it again. Ivy says because her father will never let her out of the house again. They beg Ivy to have some compassion. Ivy says they are asking her to lie to her father, and she wont do that. She goes to get Sam, and he asks what is going on here? They say nothing, but he sees Jessicas outfit and finds her cigarettes. Sam wants answers about where she got these trashy clothes. She says they are cool, and she bought them. He tells them all to get inside as they are in big trouble. 

At the club, the cops have arrested the last of the brawlers, but no one has still found Paloma. One of the cops finally remembers no one checked one of the back rooms, and Paloma is finally discovered. The cop calls for help, and the other says hell call an ambulance. The first cop check Palomas pulse and says it may be too late.

In jail, Gwen continues to talk about how she will kill Theresa as it is the only way to get her baby back. She pretends to rock her baby and says she is back with her real mommy now and is safe. She tells her baby that she never has to lay eyes on that horrible excuse for a human being again. Rebecca talks to Ethan about what happens when Gwen finally realizes the baby is Theresas with him. Ethan says theyll deal with that later, ad her has to go to the hospital. Rebecca thinks he is once again choosing Theresa. Ethan says not now, this is about his daughter. Ethan leaves, and Rebecca thinks thanks to Theresa her darling will never be okay again. Gwen continues to fantasize about playing Frisbee in the park with her three children. Rebecca wishes she would have poisoned Theresa instead of Eve Russell. Rebecca recaps what she did to Eve and how even though she didnt kill Eve, she will still get to stay married to Julian. She also doesnt see any justice in Gwen going to jail for ridding the world of the most horrible woman. Rebecca walks off, and Gwen once again says Theresa deserves to die. Gwen begins to wonder why Theresa is at the hospital, and she thinks shes going to have to get to the hospital and kill Theresa. Gwen sits down and finds her mom left her purse. She looks in the purse and finds a mirror. She says she knows just what to do. She breaks the mirror and then uses it to slit her wrists! 

Julian comes to the jail to bail Eve out. She thanks him so much and says she couldnt stand to stay here for one more hour. As Eve and Julian are making their way out of the jail, Julian tells Eve that he knows she is innocent. He also thinks they should start up their own investigation into what happened. Rebecca runs into them and asks what Eve is doing out of her cell? Julian says Eve is out on bail. Eve says she heard about Gwen and shes sorry for what happened. Julian and Eve eventually go to leave, but Eve stops and says Rebecca was there, she was in the church basement before she and Liz started arguing. Eve says she wants the real story. Rebecca says she doesnt have time for this, but Julian thinks she does. Julian asks her to take them through that night step by step. Eve says she remembers seeing Rebecca out of the corner of her eye when she was arguing with Liz. We see flashbacks of Eve and Lizs argument that night. Rebecca says shes told the police everything, and she just heard them arguing with one another. Eve asks if she saw who put the poison in the punch. Rebecca says she didnt, she hightailed it out of there when she heard them arguing. Eve then remembers seeing Rebecca at the punch bowl. Rebecca thinks she must have been mistaken. Rebecca says it was all a blur that night, but Julian says she was so certain when she made her statement. Eve thinks Rebecca may have seen something out of the ordinary. Rebecca asks like what, did she see a mysterious stranger dump poison in the punch bowl? She says no, it was just Eve and her sister. Rebecca says the only person who would want to get rid of Liz and that is Eve. As they argue they hear Gwen scream. Rebecca runs to Gwen, who is all covered in blood. Gwen thinks this will get her to Theresa. Rebecca asks for a doctor to be called, and Eve asks to be let in to tend to Gwen. The guard says last he checked she was in solitary. Eve says she is still a doctor, and Rebecca says her daughter needs help. The guard lets Eve in and she tends to Gwens wounds. Eve says Gwen needs to get to the hospital immediately. Gwen tells herself that shes on her way to kill Theresa!

Theresa arrives at the hospital with Little Ethan and her baby. The nurse asks how long the baby has been like this. She says awhile, she couldnt get here quicker. The nurses decide to give Little Ethan a bed upstairs to sleep in. The nurse asks what his name is, and he says they call him Little Ethan, but hes big now. The nurse has to take the baby and Theresa has to wait behind. Ethan soon shows up, and Theresa explains what happened with the baby. Theresa cries to Ethan about being stuck at home and not being able to help their daughter. Ethan says it must have been horrible. He asks where Little Ethan is? She says he is in day care right now. Ethan asks how she got here? She says by a cab. Theresa says this shouldnt have happened, she couldnt help her child. She thinks she is a bad mother because she couldnt protect her own child. Theresa says she could have died in her arms. Ethan says she wont die and she did everything she could. Theresa says none of this should have happened. Ethan says he knows and he is sorry. Theresa asks Ethan why he didnt stay until someone came home. Ethan says that isnt far, she told him to go. She says she wanted him to be concerned about her and their daughter, but all he could think about was Gwen. She says she never needed him more then she did tonight, and he left her. Ethan asks her to calm down, but she wont because he keeps defending Gwen. Theresa says she hates Gwen and she hopes she rots in jail forever! 

At the cottage, we see replays of yesterdays scenes. Katherine wonders what happened back then, and Sheridan is positive she killed someone. Katherine asks Martin what Sheridan is remembering? Sheridan says the nightmare was so real, but Luis says Alistair planted it in her head. Sheridan remembers stabbing a woman she thought was her mother, and she insists it was real. Luis says if she stabbed her then shed have scars. Luis asks Katherine to show Sheridan her back to prove this thing Sheridan is dreaming of didnt happen. Alistair tells himself this nightmare was real, and it did happen. Katherine shows Sheridan her back, and there are no scars. Sheridan wonders if she is having another breakdown. Luis comforts her as she is distraught. Katherine feels bad for Sheridan. Alistair tells Katherine that this is all her fault for returning. Katherine thinks Sheridan disserves to know the whole truth. Alistair warns her that if Martin tells what happened then it will destroy Sheridan and she wont survive. Katherine thinks it is a miracle Sheridan survived this far with him as a father. Alistair says he may not have been father of the year, but she was never a mother to her. He also says this secret will probably kill Sheridan if it comes out. Katherine asks what the secret is. Alistair says she doesnt want to know, and their daughter should never know. He says unless he doesnt care if Sheridan is destroyed. Alistair says he knows she never trusted him before, but she better start trusting him now. He says if Martin comes forward with what he knows it will destroy Sheridan. As Luis tries to calm Sheridan down, Pilar asks Martin if Katherine knows the reason he left. He says she doesnt, and he promises her that he will tell her the reason he left. Alistair continues to torment Katherine that they will condemn Sheridan to take her own life as she wont be able to live with what Martin will say. Katherine asks how bad it can be? Alistair says she doesnt want to know, and she has to stop Martin before it is too late. 

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