July 4, 2005

Noah is on a little boat chasing after the trawler. He screams at them to stop, but they dont hear him. He says if he doesnt get to the cannery in time then it will bring a whole new meaning to the term Fancy Brand Tuna Noah calls the cannery and leaves a message for them to turn off the machines. In the trawler, Fancy scream for help as shes being crushed by fish and cant breath. Fancy ends up in the cannery and is shot from the boat into a vat of fish (the same one Julian was supposedly ground in). Noah soon shows up and sees her unconscious and floating in the vat. He pulls her out and begins performing CPR on her. She coughs and sees him over her. Noah then thanks God and gives her a kiss. She calls him Ned, but he says Noah. She says the police chiefs son, and he says and she is Fancy Crane, though she doesnt look too fancy right now. He jokes that she looks like a drowned rat. She then comes to her senses and says better that then to be kissed by him. Fancy then slaps Noah. 

At the studio, Whitney holds Miles and tells him how he is doing much better now. Chad says they are the most beautiful site hes ever seen. She tells Chad not to get used to this, she only did this to help Miles. She tells Chad to take the baby as she needs to get going. She also says he now has plenty of formula, so dont go calling him every time the boy gets fussy. Chad says she saved their sons life. Whitney doesnt like hearing Chad refer to him as their son, but Chad says he is their son since he adopted the boy and she is his mother. Whitney goes to give the baby to Chad, and they come close to sharing a kiss. They dont, and Whitney says she has to go. As Whitney leaves, Miles begins to scream. Whitney asks what is wrong with him, why is he crying like that. Whitney thinks God is punishing her, and she begs Chad to make the baby stop crying. Chad says he would if he could, but he doesnt know how. He asks her to help, but she says no as he needs to figure this out on his own. Chad is scared and says something is wrong and he doesnt know what.

Eve shows up at some bar with Julian. Julian brought her here because its the only place open that they wouldnt run into half of Harmony. Eve and Julian discuss little Miles and Whitney. Julian says Whitney finally came through and did the right thing. Eve would love for today to be a turning point for Whitney and the baby. Julian doesnt want her to get her hopes up too soon. Eve and Julian share a dance to a jukebox, and he jokes how this place isnt very high class. Eve says shes spent time in worse places, and she loves it. She thanks him for finding it as shes just not ready to go back to the mansion. They talk about how they wish they could roll back time and do things over. Eve says if they could there would be no incest baby. Julian then realizes if they could do things over, there would be no Whitney and Simone either, and he knows shed never give up her daughters. Julian doesnt think hed take a do-over, hell just accept the miracle at another chance of them being happy together. He doesnt know what he did to deserve it. Eve tells him she does, he stood by her when no one else would. They discuss Whitney and Chads relationship, as well as Luis and Sheridans. Eve just hopes Luis and Sheridan will get a miracle like they did, as God knows they can need it. Later Eve gets a call from Whitney. Whitney says the baby wont stop crying and they cant stop him. Whitney says its like hes in pain and they cant help him. Eve says she and Julian will be right back over.

Back at the studio, Eve and Julian return, and Eve takes the baby to examine him. Whitney thinks her coming her was a mistake, something is terribly wrong with Miles and she doesnt think anyone can help him. Chad asks Eve what is wrong with him. She says she thinks it is just colic, and it will go away after three months. Whitney says three months of this? Chad holds the boy and says hell be a-okay. The boy wont stop crying, and he doesnt know what hes doing wrong. Whitney says she has to leave, but Eve stops her. Eve says she knows this is very stressful for her. Whitney says it is because she knows what is wrong. Whitney thinks what is really wrong with Miles is that hes a baby of incest. Whitney then walks out. 

Inside the mansion we see a replay of Sheridan slapping Luis and calling him a liar. She tells Luis that he cost her her son. Luis says he loves her and Marty. Sheridan says more lies. She says if he had listened to her then Beth wouldnt even have Marty. Luis says he has told her how sorry he is, and the first DNA test threw him. She says she tried to tell him it was wrong, but he wouldnt believe her. She says he listened to Beth, and so this is all her fault. Luis says this isnt fair. Sheridan says fair would be having her son back in her arms. Luis says Marty is his son too and he loves him. Sheridan says some father he is, he couldnt even protect his own son. Sheridan tells Luis that Beth is right about him, and on some level he still loves Beth and that is why he always believed her. Gwen tells Sheridan that she cant possibly believe that. Alistair walks in and says maybe she does, and maybe shes right. Luis sees Alistair and attacks him. Sam and Ethan pull Luis off of him. Alistair threatens to bring charges against Luis for attempted murder, and he says he has all of them as witnesses. He even says perhaps hell make sure Katherine is the first to testify against Luis. Katherine and Alistair bicker, and Rebecca says she doesnt understand what is going on between the two of them. Alistair suggests to Rebecca that she just focus on what she does understand, like showing ample amounts of cleavage. Sam asks Alistair why hes here, is he here to gloat? Alistair says this is his house, and if they have a trespasser here then it is Martin. He asks if Martin doesnt have his own wife he should be at home with. Martin becomes angry, as does Katherine. Alistair says it seems Martins feisty Irish temper has rubbed off on Katherine. He says that is just another reason he refuses to allow Sheridan to marry Luis. Sheridan asks her father how dare he show his face here after he helped Beth kidnap her child. She tells him not to deny it, they all know he had them chase his assistant all over the estate. Alistair says my my, do they have the noose ready to hang him with? Sam says he wishes. Alistair says since when is it a crime to help a daughter in trouble? Sheridan says he never helped her. He says he was speaking of his daughter Beth. Rebecca cant believe he and Edna . . . Alistair says hed rather not remember that night. Luis says he never tried to help or protect Sheridan, but Alistair says he has protected Sheridan more than theyll ever know. Sheridan asks where Beth is, but Alistair says he doesnt know and does it look like he has a crystal ball. Luis says he gave Beth his car, but Alistair says he doesnt have the slightest idea where Beth is. Sheridan yells no! Sheridan doesnt believe him, and Sam demands Alistair tell them where Beth is. Alistair says even if he did know, they cant prove he had anything to do with this and nothing will stand up in court. Sheridan says her father is right, Alistair can do anything he wants and get away with it. Alistair says yes Sheridan is right, he can and will do anything he wants. 

Later, Martin and Katherine confront Alistair and demand he tell them where Beth has taken Marty. Alistair reminds them that they arent supposed to be here together, they are breaking their agreement. Martin says Marty is his grandson too so he has a right to search for him. Alistair says and the poor kid was doomed from the start given he has Martins first and last names. Katherine threatens to reveal what Alistair did to Rachel if he doesnt tell them where Beth is. Alistair says if she does that then hell tell everyone that Sheridan was the one who killed her. Alistair says shell get the death penalty for that for sure. Sheridan shows up and asks if he has told them anything, but Alistair says they were discussing a different matter all together. Luis shows up and says they will find Beth and Marty, and Alistair will pay. Alistair says Beth was only protecting her little boy, but Sheridan says that is her boy. Alistair says how was he supposed to know that given she has a mental history, whereas Beth is an upstanding business woman without a black spot on her record. He says he was just trying to help his daughter. Sheridan tells Alistair that she knows her father helped Beth kidnap her as Beth told her as much. Alistair suggests Sheridan get counseling for her paranoia. Sheridan tells her father Damn you to hell and she begins beating on him. Martin tells Alistair that they all know he is responsible for this. Alistair says whatever Beth told Sheridan was said in desperation and cant be taken literally. Sheridan says Beth is in his car so he must know where she is. Alistair says he doesnt, but had he known she was his daughter years ago then he would have groomed her to be the female version of him, the next head of Crane Industries. He says shes not a bleeding heart liberal like them; Julian and Sheridan are like their mother where Beth is like him. He thinks he doesnt have to help Sheridan find her child as he also lost a child today. He says he never had a chance to be a real father to his daughter, and he just hopes Beth is able to be a good mother to Marty. Alistair then walks off. Sheridan worries about what Beth might do in her desperation. Sheridan starts talking about how she could leave the car and run on foot and put Marty in even more danger. Sam makes some calls and there is no sign of Beth or the car. Gwen asks how they can just disappear? Ivy and Rebecca say with Alistair on her side it is like she has a fairy godfather. Gwen says her mother is right, with Alistair helping them that they could disappear and they could never be found. Katherine whispers to Martin it is true, Alistair did keep her sister a prisoner for years. The two of them walk off somewhere. Sheridan says last time she lost Marty she thought he was dead, and now she came so close to getting him back only to lose him again. Luis says he gave her his word that hed get Marty back, but Sheridan says this wouldnt happen if he had trusted her. Sheridan has a fantasy of living happily ever after, but she thinks it will never happen. She asks Luis how he could do this to her? Luis says he gave her his word, but she says she doesnt believe him anymore than he believed her. She tells Luis to never touch her again. Luis says hes tried to apologize and he cant do anything about the past, only the present and the future. She tells him to stop making excuses. She tells Luis to go out there and bring her son back to her or dont bother coming back at all.

Outside of the mansion, Theresa vows to destroy Gwen and Rebecca. Pilar tries to convince Theresa that these actions will only cost her more. Theresa asks what more she has to lose? Theresa says this is the new and improved her, and if Rebecca and Gwen want to play dirty then bring it on. She says when she gets through with Gwen and Rebecca they wont know what hit them. Theresa says she is onto both of them and when she gets through with them, they will wish they never took her child. Pilar says she doesnt know what to say, she doesnt know where she went wrong with Theresa and shell pray to God for her. Theresa says God might listen to her mother, but he hasnt been in her corner these days. Theresa says its time for her to create her own fate. She says how dare Ethan and Gwen act like Jane is their child, how dare they tell her that she cant see Jane without their spies around. Theresa says shell get her daughter back if it is the last thing she does. Pilar says she will lose more than she already has if she does this, and they will make her look like the guilty party. Pilar says they already have. Theresa says she will take their dirty tricks and turn it around. She says shell show to Ethan that Gwen is just as evil, manipulative and hateful as Rebecca is. Pilar begs Theresa to just go home and theyll talk about this in the morning. Theresa says the morning is almost here, and a good nights sleep wont fix this. Pilar reminds her that Little Ethan needs his mother, but Theresa says he needs his sister too. Pilar doesnt know where she went wrong with Theresa. Pilar heads back into the mansion, and Theresa cant believe she is going back in to be with her father. Pilar says what she does is none of Theresas business. Later, Alistair shows up to talk to Theresa. He says she needs someone who understands, and obviously her mother doesnt. She says so hes been eavesdropping on them, is that how he gets his kicks? Alistair says no, he gets his kicks the old fashioned way. She slaps him and says he is disgusting. Alistair only praises her and the fire within her. He says she has a spark inside her that cant be dampened no matter how many people turn on her. She says she doesnt need his compliments. He says she should take them where she can get them, and Ethan is a ninny for choosing Gwen. He says he would have picked her over Gwen, she is strong and determined. He says Gwen is just led around by her mother. Theresa says Gwen is just like her mother. Alistair says the two of them (he and Theresa) arent that different, but Theresa doesnt think so. Alistair says the truth is that she needs someone in her corner, someone like him. He says he knows how she can get her daughter back. Theresa asks his price, and he says nothing she cant afford. He then pulls her into a kiss. She tries to slap him, but he stops her. She says she would never lower herself to be with him, even to get her daughter back. Theresa says shed rather die than sleep with him. He says things change and his offer will stand. Pilar comes out and calls Alistair filth and to stay away from her family. Alistair says life would be so boring if he didnt have their family to play with. Alistair leaves, and Pilar begs Theresa to tell her that she didnt accept Alistairs help. Theresa says she is no fool, she wouldnt get involved with him in a million years. Pilar says normally shed believe her, but she knows what Theresa is capable of in this desperate state.


July 5, 2005

At the Cannery, Fancy slaps Noah, and he cant believe her. He thinks she should be on her knees thanking him for saving her. She says she should thank him for stalking her? He says he lives here too, and thanks to the IRS his family probably pays more taxes then hers does. They argue, and Noah tells her that he never wants to see her bratty face again. She says good, get out of her life and stay out. He says he wishes he could say its been fun, but that would be a lie. Fancy says she cant get him out of her life soon enough. Noah agrees, and says but before he goes . . . Noah then pulls Fancy into a kiss. He leaves Fancy speechless, and he smiles at her. He thinks hes getting to her, but she says hes a pervert and disgusts her. She slaps him again and says she never wants to see him again. She then storms off. 

Fancy begins walking home and breaks her heel. She needs a taxi, but then decides to call her mom and have a limo sent. She opens her purse and pulls out a fish. She then fishes for her cell phone, which isnt working. Fancy then hears someone in the bushes and fears a creep is following her. She calls out to whoever it is not to hurt her, and she doesnt have any money. She screams out for someone to help her, and then she sees who it is. Fancy is shocked.

Spike talks to his friend and says the Bennett boys will be sorry they messed with him and his clubs. His friend asks how he will retaliate against the number one cop in town and his son? Spike holds a photo of Jessica and says hell just take what is most important to the chief. The other guy tells Spike hes already screwed with that poor kids head, she thinks he loves her, what more can he do to her. Spike says listen and learn. Spike calls up Jessica and tells her to get her brother off his back or they are history. Spike tells Jessica that her big brother set fire to his club, and now he has nothing. He says this is all her fault, and he wants nothing to do with her anymore. She cries no. He says he knows it is tough, but after everything her family has done to him its just not worth it. Spike tells her that it is over baby. She begs him to reconsider, but he says they are through. Jessica says he is the only one who understands her, and she begs for one more chance. He says theyll have to see. She says shell tell her family to leave him alone. He says she better do something. He hangs up on Jessica, and he thinks he has Jessica where he wants her. His friend doesnt understand. Spike pulls out a knife and says hell understand in the morning when he reads the paper, as any Bennett tragedy makes front page news. The guy asks Spike if he is going to cut up Jessica? Spike says no, he has something much worse planned for her.

At the mansion, Rebecca and Gwen look in on Jane, and Rebecca warns Gwen that as long as Theresa is alive she is a threat to her marriage. Rebecca says they must get Theresa out of their lives for good. Rebecca says this is like a Hollywood movie, right now all is calm but Theresa is a psycho waiting to strike, she is dangerous. Gwen says she is just so tired of all of this. Rebecca says well she cant just rest yet, not until they finish her off for good. Later, Gwen and Rebecca leave the nursery to get something, but continue to brainstorm about Theresa and how to handle her.

Outside the mansion, Theresa assures her mother that she wont get into bed with Alistair. Pilar says Theresa says that now, but down the line she might change her mind. Pilar tells Theresa that she knows how she gets when she is desperate. She tells Theresa if she makes a bad decision regarding Alistair then shell live to regret it for the rest of her life. Pilar tells Theresa she sees how desperate Theresa is, she thinks she can handle Alistair, but everyone who has thought that way has lost their very soul. Theresa says she has a plan and it doesnt involve Alistair. She says she is going to find the proof that Gwen and Rebecca sold Ethan out to the tabloids. She says the proof is in the mansion and she will find it. Pilar tells her that she cannot go back in there, Gwen and Rebecca will throw out and shell never see Jane again. Pilar begs Theresa not to go back in as she will be thrown in jail and never see her daughter again. Theresa says she wont be caught, and she has to find the proof to expose Gwens duplicity. Pilar says so she will sneak into the mansion but wont peak in on Jane? Theresa says only for a second. Pilar says once again she is sowing the seeds of her own destruction. Theresa says she will do this on her own, without her mothers help and without Alistairs help.

Theresa sneaks in, and Pilar for some reason follows her. They are seen by Alistair, but they dont know it. Alistair thinks Theresa makes things so difficult for herself, and eventually Theresa will cave in ands sleep with him in order to get his help.

In his study, Alistair watches his PC and sees that Beth is almost to the hiding place, and Sheridan will never see Marty again. Martin and Katherine show up and tell Alistair that they wont let him get away with this. He asks how dare they burst in here, and why are they together yet again. He says they arent honoring their agreement.They demand to know where they are hiding Beth and Sheridans boy? Alistair says before or after he tells Sheridan he killed Rachel? Alistair says Sheridan is right out in the living room so he could go fetch her and theyll have a nice long time. Martin is furious, and Alistair tells them if they want their secret kept then they have to start honoring their agreement. Katherine says she loves her daughter and will do anything to help her get her son back. He doesnt know how Katherine could love someone who stabbed her own sister to death. Alistair storms off, and Katherine tells Martin if Sheridan learns the truth it will drive her insane. She says what happened to Rachel wasnt Sheridans fault, it was Alistairs fault for hiding Rachel for so many years. Martin says he just figured out where Alistair is hiding Beth and Marty. He thinks hes hiding Beth at the same place he hid Rachel, nobody knows about it and Alistair likes it that way. Martin thinks hell hide Beth there until he can move her elsewhere. Katherine says they have to tell Luis and Sheridan right away.

Elsewhere, Sheridan tells Luis to find Marty or else. He asks or else what, if he doesnt find Marty then they are over? Sheridan says just keep his promise and find their son. Sheridan walks out, and Ivy goes after her. Luis talks to Sam and Ethan how he has no idea where Beth is. Sam says they have roadblocks everywhere, but Luis says its not enough.

Later, Ivy talks with Sam, and she asks how Jessica is. He says not good. He says she tells him shes not seeing Spike anymore, but he doesnt believe her. He says Spike has her wrapped around his finger so tight. He also says his son Noah is home now. Ivy says what a coincidence, her daughter Fancy is home too. She says she didnt know Noah was out of grad school. Sam says he has been out for years, he dropped out to bum around and play cards. He says another example of what a great father he is. She says he is the best and not to doubt it. Later, Sam admits to himself that he misses Ivy, but he has to think about his daughter now. 

Ivy talks with Sheridan and tries to urge Sheridan to get over this anger and work things out with Luis. Sheridan doesnt know how she does that. She says she wants to trust Luis, but she doesnt think she can. Meanwhile, Sam gets a call, but its not about Beth. Luis makes some calls to the roadblocks and then calls in the FBI. Meanwhile, Ethan asks Sam why he seems so upset. He says Spikes club was burned down last night, and Noah was seen near the scene of the crime. Sam is worried, and he asks Ethan to go check the house and see if Jessica is okay and if Noah is back. Sam says he needs to go to the club and check to see if it was arson. When Sheridan learns Sam is leaving to attend to other business she is furious. She asks what is wrong with them? She tells Luis to go out there and find Marty now. Luis says he has people working on it and how will find their son. Later, Martin and Katherine show up and tell them about the second Crane cabin. Sheridan says shes never heard of this, and Ivy says neither has she. Luis wonders how Martin and Katherine know about it. Sheridan says they dont have time, and she convinces Luis for the two of them to go as sending troopers could blow their cover. 

Ethan shows up outside the Bennett house and meets Noah. He says Noah smells like fish and smoke. He asks Noah what brings him back to town? Noah says he hasnt heard the details? Ethan says he heard something about a fire. Noah says he thought he was a lawyer not a cop. Ethan says if Noah did have something to do with that fire then he should be thanking him for looking out for their little sister. Noah cant believe Ethan doesnt have a problem with him burning down that club. Ethan says not that club, as long as it happened after hours and nobody was hurt. Ethan admits he shut down Spikes first club. Noah laughs and says he thought Ethan was always a by the book kind of guy. Ethan says it is good to have Noah home.

Meanwhile, Jessica tells Kay off for trying to wreck her life and take Spike away from her. She says she loves Spike and he loves her, and none of them will change that. Kay thinks Spike has really screwed up Jessica, and she says Spike is using her and has a string of girls. Jessica says Spike told her that she was his number one. Kay says and hes not telling that line to others. Jessica says no because Spike loves her and she can trust him. Kay says that guy is a loser and she cant talk to her about this. Jessica asks where Noah is as she has a few things to say to him, like she can take care of herself. Kay says she cant take care of herself. Jessica says she, Noah and dad are the ones hurting her. She says she was an afterthought in this house after mom left, until Spike showed up that is. 

Beth is driving with Marty to the hiding place and says soon they will be out of harms way. She says its a shame that they have to start their new lives without his daddy. Later, Beth arrives at the hiding place and says no one will ever find them again. They arrive at a Crane Lake cabin, which looks a lot like a redecorated Bennett house. Sheridan says who knew the Cranes had a lake hideaway, and Beth says if she had known she was a Crane then her life would have been so much different. She says oh well, she has the one thing Sheridan wants more than anything, she has him. She says that makes up for what she lost out on. Beth says shes going to start enjoying all the privilege of being a Crane now, starting with raising her half-sisters son.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis are on their way to the cabin, and Sheridan finally has some hope that she may get Marty back.


July 6, 2005

We see a replay of Fancy heading home. She hears rustling in the bushes and panics. Fancy begins to scream when she realizes someone is following her, but it turns out it is only a dog. She thinks the dog must have smelled her, and she says her dog likes seafood too. She looks at the dogs tags and sees he is far from home. She says as soon as she can get to a phone shell call his owner to come pick him up. There is more rustling in the bushes, and she worries again. This time it turns out to be a cat. Fancy ends up pulling a fish out of her bra and gives it to the cat. Fancy heads home, unaware a man in black is following her.

Spike cuts up a photo of Jessica and says she is toast. Spike says Chief Bennett and Noah are getting of easy as far as he is concerned. He says they ruined two of his clubs, whereas hes only ruining one of the Bennett girls. 

Outside of the Bennett house, Ethan and Noah discuss their attempts to try to give Spike the message to get out of town. They agree no matter what, they will be there to help Jessica. Inside, Jessica tells Kay that Noah burned down her boyfriends club. Kay calls Jessica an idiot and says that guy doesnt care about her, and Noah was trying to protect her. Kay says they all care about her. Jessica says they can all go to hell, the only person who cares about her is Spike as he loves her. Jessica tells Kay that shes sick and tired of them all trying to run her life. Noah and Ethan show up, and Jessica begins yelling at Noah. She ends up slapping him for what hes done to her. Noah asks what that was for? She says for burning down her boyfriends club. As they argue about Spike, Spike shows up and eavesdrops. Jessica tells them all that she doesnt need them to protect her, Spike will. Spike says she is so wrong, and he pulls out his knife and tells Jessica to come upstairs as he will be waiting for her. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Noah that he cant boss her around as he hasnt been around for years, and Ethan doesnt know her from a hole in the ground. Noah says hes only trying to help. Jessica says arson isnt helping, its a crime. She says this is her life and she can handle it. Jessica runs into her room and yells at them that they will regret the way they are treating her. In her closet, Spike hides and promises they will regret it. The others yell to Jessica, from downstairs, to come down and talk to them. Jessica yells down that shes not coming down. Jessica tells them to go to Boston and trash some clubs there. Spike listens and tells himself that Noah will regret what he did after hes through with Jessica. Spike grabs Jessica and holds a knife on her. 

At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca discuss what Theresas next move will be. Gwen finds a blanket she was looking for and says she wants to get it to Jane. Meanwhile, Theresa and Pilar sneak into the nursery to look in on Jane. Pilar tells Theresa that they shouldnt be here as they could get caught. She doesnt know what is worse, Gwen and Rebecca throwing Theresa in jail or Alistair throwing her into his bed. Pilar soon hears footsteps and fears it is Gwen and Rebecca. Theresa and Pilar hide in a closet when Gwen and Rebecca return with the baby blanket. They listen is as Rebecca and Gwen discuss Theresa and how nothing Theresa does seems to turn Ethan from her. Theresa tells herself that is because he loves her, and she calls Gwen a skank. Gwen and Rebecca soon begin to discuss their secret. They dont name the secret out right, they tip to around what they did. Gwen asks her mother to be up front, she did destroy it didnt she? Rebecca assures Gwen that there is nothing to hide. Gwen says good, then Theresa will never find out what they did and use it to take Ethan and the baby away. Theresa asks her mom if she heard that, and Pilar says she did. Theresa says she knew it, she will find the secret and get Ethan and Jane back. Rebecca tells Gwen that they wont find out their secret, and has she ever lied to her? Gwen says yes. Rebecca says well has she lied about something important? Gwen says YES! Theresa wishes Rebecca and Gwen would just spit it out, but Pilar says whatever it is it is gone, and if it wasnt well she doesnt even know what shes looking for. Theresa says she has to try and they wont get caught. Suddenly they step on a baby toy, and Rebecca and Gwen hear them. 

Downstairs in the living room, Katherine and Martin talk with Ivy. They discuss how they cant let Alistair know where Luis and Sheridan are headed as he will warn Beth. Alistair walks in and asks what is going on here? Ivy says nothing, and she says evil plots are his doing. Alistair leaves, and Ivy asks Katherine and Martin how they discovered this second Crane cabin? Katherine says they were looking at a list of Crane properties and saw it, they thought it would be a natural hiding place. Ivy just hopes they are all right. Katherine talks with Martin about how they have to get Sheridans baby back, and that Alistair cant tell Sheridan the truth about Rachel. Martin wonders if Alistair has ever loved anyone aside from Rachel and himself. Later Alistair returns and asks why Martin is still here with his wife. He also asks Martin if hes not afraid God will punish him for his adultering ways, given hes a Catholic. Martin tells Alistair not to mention God, its amazing he hasnt been struck down by lightening where he stands. Fancy then returns home, and Alistair is glad to see her but wonders why she smells so much. She says she had an accident at the cannery. He asks why she was there? She says she has always liked it ever since he took her there as a kid. Alistair says hed hug her but he just had this suit sent over from Milan. Fancy says hi to Grammy, and Katherine suggests they find another nickname for her. Alistair says Fancy can call her anything she wants. Alistair and Fancy leave, and Katherine says she hasnt seen that much love on Alistairs face since Rachel. Ivy says she never met Rachel, but she always heard Alistair loved her. Ivy says its hard to believe Alistair loves anyone, but he has always adored Fancy. Meanwhile, one of Alistairs henchmen tells Alistair that something has come up that requires his attention. Alistair asks Fancy to go shower and when hes done with business then they will talk. She heads off, and Alistair warns Martin and Katherine that they will pay if they have helped Luis and Sheridan. Later, Ivy smells not only fish on Fancy, but smoke. She wonders if she was near that nightclub that burned down. Fancy tells her mom to get lost, and she rushes off. Ivy ends up chasing after her. Ivy questions Fancy as to whether she was in that trashy nightclub. Fancy just tells her mom to leave her be. Ivy says she is like a tornado, and she turns everyones lives upside down. Ivy asks whos life shes about to ruin now. Meanwhile, Martin tells Katherine that he fears Alistair knows they sent Luis and Sheridan to the cabin after Beth. Martin just worries about the next innocent person in Alistairs web. Martin holds and comforts Katherine, who wants to know that everything will be okay. Martin says it will, but she says when Alistair is involved no one is happy. 

Luis and Sheridan are speeding towards the cabin. Luis turns the sirens off so they dont alert Beth, and he turns on the radio. The tango is playing, and it brings up all the memories of the times they danced the tango together. Luis tells Sheridan they will get Marty back and they will have the future they have always dreamed about. Sheridan says if they dont get Marty back then she doesnt know what will happen to them. Luis stays positive and discusses their future, but Sheridan is annoyed. She just wishes Luis had listened to her all along as they could be living his dream. Luis suggests they not talk about the past. Sheridan says fine, lets talk about the here-and-now. She says if he doesnt get her Marty then they wont have a past, present or future to talk about.

Beth is at the Crane cabin with Marty. She puts Marty down and then makes a drink to celebrate. She thinks thanks to Alistair shell have her baby and Sheridan and Luis will be finished. Beth later wonders what her mother is doing, and if only her mom could see her now. Beth says she has Marty, she has beaten Sheridan and one of these days she will have Luis. Beth then gets a call from Alistair who warns her that Luis and Sheridan know where she is and are almost at the cabin. Beth says she has to get out of here, but Alistair says they are right outside by now. Beth looks out and sees them there. Beth asks how she gets out, but Alistair says there is no way out. Alistair says Luis and Sheridans car is blocking the only road to the cabin. Beth then hears Luis shoot the tires out on her car. Beth wonders what shell do now. Alistair says she is on her own now, and shell have to give up. Beth says never. Luis calls at Beth to come out slowly and give them Marty. Sheridan fears Beth will hurt Marty, but Luis says she wont as Beth loves Marty. When Alistair wont help Beth, she comes up with her own idea. She yells out to Luis and Sheridan that theyll never get Marty, never. Luis asks her to come out, but Beth threatens to kill herself rather than hand over Marty. She says shell kill Marty first, so they better let her escape! Sheridan screams no!


July 7, 2005
Fancy comes out of her shower and finds Ivy waiting in her room. Ivy still wants answers from Fancy, whose life is she about to ruin. Fancy tells her mom to leave her alone. Ivy thinks Fancy is up to something. Fancy asks why she thinks that? Ivy says because she always is up to something, she always ruins someone elses life while she walks away scott free. Fancy asks why her mother needs to know so bad, is she going to warn her next victim? Ivy says if she can she will. Fancy says she has been up all night and is not up for this inquisition. Ivy says theyve all been up all night thanks to Beth kidnapping Sheridans baby. Ivy says she wont leave until she gets an answer. Fancy asks why she cares? Ivy says she is her daughter and she worries about the trouble shes headed for. Ivy says she knows her and Fancy has given her a lifetime of worry. Fancy says get real, she gave birth to her and handed her off to nannies and boarding schools. She tells her mom she knows nothing about her life. Ivy says she knows she hasnt been the perfect mother. Fancy says shes been no mother to her, her sister or to Fox. She tells her mother that she was the perfect mother to Ethan though because he was Sams son. She says that is why Ethan was the prince and they were treated like garbage. Ivy says she knows she wasnt the mother she should have been and shed like to change that. Fancy says it is too late. Ivy says Fox said the same thing, and they got passed it and have grown closer. She asks Fancy to give her a chance.

At the Bennett house, Kay, Ethan and Noah continue talking about Jessica and her actions. They cant believe Jessica thinks Spike is her boyfriend. Sam shows up and has some various serious questions for Noah. He wants to know if Noah had anything to do with the fire at the club. Noah says from what hes learned hes just joined the club. Ethan tells Sam that he told Noah what they did to Spikes first club. Noah says none of them want to see Spike hurt Jessica. Sam says so he started the fire? Noah admits he did start the fire, and he jokes about how their family can start a vigilante newsletter. Sam is not in a joking frame of mind as arson is a serious crime. Ethan says Noah was just trying to protect Jessica. Kay worries to herself that nobody may be able to protect Jessica at this point. Ethan and Kay defend what Noah did, but Sam says even though the guy is a lowlife it doesnt mean Noah should have taken the law into his own hands. Sam ends up arresting Noah for arson. Ethan and Kay tell him that he cant arrest Noah. Sam says Noah has to learn from his actions. Kay says they have to concentrate on Jessica now, she is in big trouble. Sam lets Noah go for now, and he asks what is going on. They fill him in on Jessicas rampage tonight and how she thinks Spike is her boyfriend. 

Upstairs, Spike grabs Jessica and holds a knife to her throat. He tells Jessica that hes sorry he has to do this but he has no choice as her family keeps ruining his clubs. He has his hand on her mouth and says hell take it off as long as she doesnt scream screaming. He takes his hand off her mouth, and she doesnt scream. He says they have to have a talk. Jessica asks if he is going to kill her? He says no of course not, and he would never hurt her. He says he had the knife in case because her brother and old man found him. He says they are out to get him and he has to protect himself. She says she knows, and they dont understand him like she does. She says they think they have to protect her, but she can take care of herself. Spike says he can help her if he listens to her and does what he says. He says she has to trust him and that he knows what is best for them. She says she does trust him. He says first she has to move out and leave her home and family forever. 

At the mansion, Gwen and Rebecca hear noises ( a toy) coming from the closet that Theresa and Pilar are hiding in. Gwen decides to call security, and Rebecca suspects it is Theresa in there. Rebecca tells Theresa that she has slurped her last margarita as they dont serve tequila in jail. Rebecca tries to open the door, but Theresa holds it shut. The toy makes a noise again, and Gwen realizes the sound is a battery operated toy that is going off and its happened before. Gwen goes to turn the toy off, but she cant get the door open. Rebecca suggests they get the cute handyman to come fix the door so she can get a look in his toolbox. Gwen tells her mother that they have more pressing matters at hand right now. They discuss Theresa and Ethan some more, and talk about how Theresa refused to drop the charges against Gwen and started up the feud again. Rebecca says Theresa wont give up gracefully. Gwen is just glad the courts sided with them as Theresa is too crazy to be a parent. They also discuss how Ethan will never leave Gwen for Theresa, but Gwen says Theresa wont give up. Gwen continues ranting and raving about Theresa and her nerve. Later Gwen decides to try and relax, and she even thinks about taking a tranquilizer as just thinking about Theresa makes her want to kill her. Gwen opens the closet door and says Oh My God! They dont see the girls because they are hiding under a mess of toys and clothes. Gwen cant believe the mess. Rebecca says she hates to admit it, but this wouldnt have happened if Pilar was head of housekeeping still. Later they discuss their secret and how nobody can find out what they did, including Alistair. Rebecca says anyone who crosses Alistair Crane ends up in trouble. Theresa realizes that Alistair is the key. Eventually Gwen and Rebecca leave the room allowing Theresa and Pilar to come out of the closet. Theresa tells Jane that she loves her and will do anything she has to get her back. Theresa thinks about Alistairs offer to her. Pilar says she knows that look and it usually means trouble, what is going on in that head of hers?

Meanwhile, Katherine tells Martin he should go before Alistair finds him. Alistair finds them and says it is now too late. Alistair plans on making sure Martin disappears forever this time. Martin says the only one who will disappear is him, and he attacks Alistair. Katherine begs Martin not to do this. Alistair once again threatens to reveal the truth about Rachel. Martin lets him go, and Katherine warns Alistair that he was also involved with Rachels death so he would get in trouble as well. Katherine threatens to lead the police to Rachels body and tell them everything. She says Sheridan was just a little girl when it happened, but how will he explain his part in it all? Alistair says she cant report this to anyone as the body has been moved and reburied, and if the two of them dont hold up their end of the bargain then hell tell Sheridan everything. He also says hell make sure Sheridan is there when the body is exhumed. He says Sheridan might not go to jail, but she will end up in the psych ward. Martin doesnt think they can trust Alistair at all as he helped Beth steal Sheridan and Luis baby. Alistair says thanks to them, Sheridan and Luis have found Beth. Katherine says thank God. Katherine and Martin both think Beth will be caught and go to prison. Alistair says maybe or maybe not. He says Beth could still escape with Marty, thereby destroying Luis and Sheridan forever. Martin is furious with Alistair and thinks Alistair thinks everyone here is just a game to him and all he cares about money. Martin tells him that he acts like this is his own experiment in anthropology. Alistair says that is a big word for a small man. Katherine asks Alistair just who his next target will be? Alistair thinks about Theresa and their meeting. Katherine once again asks who he is going to pull into his cyclone of evil next?

At the cabin, Beth is locked inside while Sheridan and Luis are outside. Beth once again threatens to kill herself and Marty. Sheridan says Beth cant do this. Beth says she can Sher-Sher, she would rather die and see Marty dead before he ends up with her. Sheridan offers to let Beth escape if she leaves Marty, but Beth says Marty comes with her or they both die. Sheridan freaks, but Luis says Beth wont hurt Marty as she loves him. She says he didnt think Beth would kidnap her and their child but she did. She tells Luis to get in there and do something. Luis says hell think of something. Beth yells out to them that she doesnt hear them leaving! Sheridan tells Luis he took hostage training so do something. He says he did and the first thing he learned was not to panic. Sheridan asks how they will get Marty back? Luis tells Sheridan to keep Beth talking while he goes around back to try and get Beth. Sheridan talks to Beth and asks to see Marty to know hes okay. Luis heads around back and sees Marty isnt there and Beth is bluffing. He raises his gun and says he hates to do this but he has to get his son back. Meanwhile, Beth gets an idea on how to escape. Sheridan wonders what is taking Luis so long. Luis yells at Beth to freeze and put her hands on her head. Beth sees that Luis has a gun aimed right at her. Luis breaks open the window and heads inside. Luis opens the door and lets Sheridan in. She asks where her baby is, and Beth says she hid him and they wont find him. Sheridan knows he is here and she says shell search the house for him. She tells Luis to feel free to shoot Beth. Beth says Luis could never shoot her because he still cares about her. Beth says she is still the innocent girl he took to the prom and was going to marry. Luis says she isnt that woman anymore. Beth says she is, and she is a good mother to their son. Luis says Marty isnt their son. Sheridan tells Luis to stop it, she stole Marty from her. Sheridan slaps Beth and calls her a lunatic. Sheridan hears Marty crying and goes to find him. Unfortunately Beth grabs Sheridan and holds her at knife point. Beth tells Luis to drop the gun, but Sheridan tells him to shoot her. Luis says he cant get a clear shot. Sheridan says he can and to shoot her now.



July 8 , 2005

At the Bennett house, Sam continues to talk with Kay, Ethan and Noah about Jessica and Spike. They fill Sam in on everything Jessica said to them about Spike being her boyfriend. Sam feels like a total failure as a father. Ethan says hes not, but Sam says the evidence is against him. He says he never knew Ethan was his son, and Noah quit school to become a gambler. He also says Kay also got pregnant even before Grace left home, so he cant even blame it all on Grace leaving. Now he worries about Jessica and the mistake shell make. Sam then gets a call from someone and talks to them. Meanwhile, Ethan checks his messages and has none, which means no drama. Ethan fills Noah in on the back story between him, Gwen and Theresa. Ethan is afraid what Theresa might do to get custody of Jane back, and he is afraid she will find herself in bed with the wrong person. Later, Sam learns from the Mayor that hes been fired as Chief of Police. Noah thinks Alistair is behind this. Kay wonders if this day could get any worse? 

Upstairs, Spike tells Jessica that she needs to listen to him and trust him. He tells her first she needs to move out of her familys house and leave them behind. He says it is the only way shell be happy, the only way theyll be happy. She smiles and hugs him. She agrees to go with him and gets excited about the idea. Spike tells her that theyll get their own place, theyll have candlelit dinners, it will be wonderful. Jessica agrees to come with him and says she just needs to pack a few things. As she is packing she stops to look at a photo of her family. Spike asks if something is wrong. He tells her that she has to show her family she is in charge of her own life. She agrees with him, and they sneak out the window. 

At the Crane mansion, Katherine asks Alistair who his next victim will be? Alistair thinks about Theresa. Katherine keeps pushing him to admit whose life hes going to ruin. Alistair tells Katherine to stop worrying about others and worry about herself. He reminds her once again of their deal. He says she is not supposed to see Martin anymore. Martin says he came here to find Beth and Marty. Alistair says they are gone, and now he will be too. Alistair calls the guards in to drag Martin off. Katherine begs Alistair not to hurt Martin. As Martin is dragged off, he screams hell kill Alistair if he hurts Katherine. Katherine runs after the guards and tells them not to hurt Martin. She then shares a goodbye kiss with Martin and tells him how much shell miss him. The guards tell Martin to leave now or theyll release the dogs on him. They throw him off the grounds.

In Fancys room, Ivy and Fancy continue to argue. Ivy tells Fancy she doesnt realize the influence she has on other peoples lives and not in a good way. She also says what Fancy thinks of as idle chit chat ends up devastating other peoples lives. Ivy blames herself for the person Fancy is today. She says she never taught Fancy to be kind to others and that her actions have consequences. She says if Fancy lets her in then she can help her be a better person. Fancy says instead of the nasty selfish person she is now? Ivy says shes not nasty, and Fancy says oh just selfish? Ivy says since she and Fox have gotten closer it has made them both better people. She says Fox is a kind and loving person with both feet on the ground. Ivy says she wants that for Fancy, she wants that kind of relationship with Fancy. Fancy says Ivy had nothing to do with the change in Fox, it happened because he had a baby. As they talk, Alistair ends up interrupting them and comes in to get a hug from Fancy. Ivy says Fancy always was Alistairs favorite. Ivy leaves them to talk. He says that is because they were always so much alike. Ivy tells herself God help us all. Alistair asks about this accident at the cannery, and she says it was Noahs fault. He didnt know she knew him, and they arent an item are they. Fancy says God know! She says she doesnt know him, and she bumped into him at a club last night that he decided to burn down. Fancy tells Alistair the whole story about how Noah almost killed her, then Spike almost killed her, then she fell into a fishing trawler and almost got ground up in the cannery. She says Noah said the worst things about him, but she defended her Grampy. She says she cant stand Noah and wishes someone would take him and his family down a notch. Alistair gets an evil look. Fancy continues talking about how everyone blames their problems on them because they are rich, but Noah takes the cake. She says Noah gambles for a living. She also says Noah said he was mean to his grandfather when he was the police chief. Fancy says she put Noah in his place though. Alistair thanks Fancy for confiding in him, and he hopes she sticks around so they can spend time together. Fancy says shed love to as she already made plans, but she agrees to stay in Harmony if it means so much to him. He says she is so good to her grand-pere. Alistair hugs her, and then he leaves her room. He then makes a call to someone to invoke the dooms day clause in Chief Bennetts contract. Later, Ivy returns and wonders what Fancy talked Alistair into doing for her now, whose life is about to be destroyed?

Up in Janes nursery, Theresa tells loves Jane so much and will get her back no matter what she has to do. She thinks about Alistairs offer to her. Pilar says she knows that look and it usually means trouble, what is going on inside her head. Theresa says nothing is going on, but Pilar says she had the same look on her face when she went to Bermuda to change Julians mind about Ethan, and she winded up pregnancy. Pilar asks what is going on in her head? Theresa says nothing and they need to get out of here before they are discovered. Theresa whispers to Jane that she wants her back so bad that she can see herself making a deal with the devil. Theresa and Pilar sneak out, and Pilar heads off first as Theresa makes an excuse. Theresa decides she needs to find Alistair and have a talk with him. Alistair shows up and asks if she is looking for him? Alistair says he can give her what she wants, if she gives him what he wants. 

Elsewhere, Gwen and Rebecca once again talk about Theresa and her crazy stunts. Gwen thinks she has Ethan, she has Jane, and with the evidence destroyed there is nothing Theresa can do to get Ethan or Jane back. Rebecca says right, the Taco Queen is out of options. Rebecca eventually leaves Gwen to rest, and Gwen just hopes they arent overlooking something that Theresa might pull to get a one-up on them.

At the Crane cabin, Beth holds Sheridan at knifepoint. Beth tells Luis to drop the gun, but Sheridan wants Luis to shoot her. Luis says he cant get a clear shot. Sheridan says he is an expert marksmen, now shoot. Beth tells Sheridan to shut up, and Beth tells Luis he knows he cant shoot her. She says she is his one true love, not like Sheridan who he only lusted after. Beth says Alistair forced her to do everything shes done, she doesnt even like babies. Sheridan calls her a liar, but Beth says she is an innocent victim. Luis says if she is an innocent victim then she could have come to him for help. Sheridan says figure this out later and shoot the bitch. Beth says Sheridan just doesnt understand true love. Sheridan knocks Beth in the ribs and runs off. She yells shoot! Beth runs off, and Sheridan asks why he didnt shoot? He says he cant shoot an unarmed woman. Sheridan says she had a knife! Beth grabs Marty and heads off. Sheridan realizes Beth is heading for the lake. 

Outside, Beth puts Marty in a boat and speeds off. Sheridan and Luis jump in two separate speed boats and chase after Beth. Luis tries to convince Sheridan to stay behind and let him deal with Beth, but she gets in her own boat to chase after Beth. Luis calls in police boats, and they soon head towards Beth. Beth pulls off some fancy moves and outruns Luis and the police boat. Sheridan thinks there is nothing to stop Beth from getting to the other shore. Sheridan speeds up after Beth. Sheridan gets right up next to Beth, and Beth realizes she is headed for rocks and cant get her boat to turn. Beth veers off at the last moment, and Sheridans boat ends up hitting the rocks and explodes!

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