July 11, 2005

At the Crane mansion, Alistair tells Theresa that he can give her what she wants, he can give her Jane. She says for a price. He says all he asks is that he has the pleasure of her company on a more intimate level. Theresa says you want me to have sex with you. Alistair says and you want Jane, but do you want her badly enough to be with me? Alistair says shes been with his son, his grandson and his half-brother. Alistair suggests she make it four out of four, be with him and shell get Jane back. Theresa says no way. She tells Alistair she cant trust him. Alistair says this is not about trust, its about the power he can give her to get Jane back. He warns her without his help that Gwen and Rebecca will slowly cut her out of her daughters life. He says without his power she will never get Jane. Theresa says maybe shell get Jane back all by herself. Alistair says she could fail, but if she takes his deal then she will get Jane back for sure. Theresa finally admits she needs his power for her childs sake. However, she once again refuses to make a deal with Alistair, and she says shell get her daughter back on her own. Alistair tells Theresa she has no juice against Gwen and Rebecca, but Theresa says she does. She says they have a secret and shes going to find out what it is and use it. Alistair laughs at her. Theresa says it has something to do with the revelation of Ethans paternity. Still, Alistair says she has nothing, and Ethan has denied her access to the mansion thanks to Rebeccas trip down the steps. Alistair wonders why Ethan did that given this is his mansion and not Ethans. Theresa says first she didnt push Rebecca, and second she will find out what they are hiding. Alistair says he admires her confidence, but she has no power, no leverage, no hope of reaching her goal without his help. Theresa says she will, some how, some way. Alistair says she has no proof they did anything at all. Theresa realizes Alistair has the proof she needs to get Jane and Ethan back. Alistair says he knows a few things, and hed be willing to share them with her for the pleasure of her company. Theresa asks where the evidence is to get Ethan and Jane back. Alistair ask Theresa if she would be his friend? Theresa is stunned and asks what is he asking? Alistair says it is a simple question. He says he takes pleasure in seeing his friends happy. He says he knows if he gives his friends something that makes them happy, then they are grateful and will give him what he wants. He says if she was his friend, then he would give her the proof she needs to get her daughter and Ethan back. Theresa says it would be prostituting herself. He says nonsense; shed be doing him a favor just like hed be doing her one. Theresa says he is married to Katherine. He says and Ethan is married to Gwen, but that didnt stop her from committing adultery to get pregnant with Jane. Theresa says that was different. He says no it isnt, its like their arrangement. He says she did something to get what she wanted, and now he wants to be her friend, her lover friend. Alistair tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away and says she is disgusted. She says she could never be his friend. He says nobody refuses him,, but Theresa thinks someone has to have over the years. He says Katherine once, but she regretted it. Theresa says shes not like Katherine. Alistair says no she isnt, she is young and probably great in the sack. Theresa tells Alistair off and says she doesnt need or want his help. She then leaves the mansion. Alistair says Theresa will soon realize she does need him, and she will come back to him and they will become intimate friends.

In Fancys room, Ivy asks Fancy what she and her grandfather were talking about. Fancy says just some annoying guy she met. Ivy thinks that thanks to Fancy this guys life is probably ruined. Fancy tells her mom to stop with this bit about her ruining peoples lives. Ivy says she doesnt know what her grandfather is capable of, and she needs to learn what she says to her grandfather can have huge repercussions. Fancy says she is making it sound like she ruined this guys life just because she almost got killed hanging out with him. Ivy says please dont tell me you said that to Alistair! Fancy says she just told Alistair what happened that caused her to be covered with fish guts, its no big deal. Ivy says thanks to her this poor boys life is probably going to be ruined, as well as the lives of his family. Ivy says she was just venting, and the guy is just someone she met. Ivy asks exactly what she said to her grandfather. Fancy begins talking about meeting Noah in Vegas, but she doesnt mention his name. She says the guy was a snot and pushed her into the hotel pool. Ivy says she would have liked to have seen that. She says shes sorry, go on. Fancy talks about the guy some more, who was a grifter and was staying at the hotel for free by ripping off the hotel. When she learns about the champagne and strawberries, Ivy thinks Fancy really likes this boy as Fancy doesn't do that with just any man. Fancy says she doesnt like him. She admits she likes the way he kissed, and the way he looked in his underwear. However, Fancy says soft lips and hard bod do not a boyfriend make, besides she couldnt like someone who got her into so much trouble. Ivy asks what trouble? Fancy remembers the cash and the dead body. Ivy asks what happened in Vegas? Fancy lies to her mom and just says they wound up in someone elses hotel room and they were caught there. Ivy says if that is all then she guesses no harm will come of it. Fancy says not quite, the guy is from Harmony and showed up at a club she was at last night to burn the place down. Ivy remembers Sam talking about the fire at Spikes club and how Noah was in the vicinity of the club with a girl. Fancy says the owner of the club chased them to the wharf, and she fell into a boat and ended up at the cannery. Ivy asks who the boy is, and Fancy says Noah Bennett. Ivy says not only will Alistair ruin Noahs life, hell ruin Sam as well. Ivy says her big mouth has ruined that entire family. Fancy tells her mother not to be ridiculous, Alistair would never do anything to Noah or Sam because of what she said. Ivy tells Fancy that she is so naive sometimes. She says Alistair has hated Sams family since Sams grandfather was the Chief of Police. Ivy says Alistair finding out that Ethan was Sams son only made things worse. Ivy tells Fancy now she has handed him the perfect excuse to unleash his fury on the Bennetts. Fancy thinks her mother is over reacting, but Ivy says she isnt. She says the feud between Sam and Alistair has been simmering for years and it has a very short fuse, one which Fancy just lit. She says this will leave Sam and his family in shambles. Ivy says she has to get to Sams. Fancy says she shouldnt get people upset when she doesnt know whether or not Grandfather has done anything. Ivy says she does know. Ivy says when Fancy was five she was playing in the park and got bullied by a five year old boy. Alistair saw it as an attack on her and he retaliated. Alistair got the boys parents fired and blackballed so they couldnt find work. She says then the bank foreclosed on their house and eventually they had to move. Fancy says she had no idea. Ivy says now she does, and she hopes she thinks about that family the next time she wants to complain to her grandfather. Ivy then storms out.

At the Bennetts, Sam reveals he was fired and it has something to do with him violating a clause in his contract. Sam thinks it is Alistairs doing, but Ethan says why would Alistair do this now. Noah thinks about kissing Fancy, and her slapping him. Meanwhile, Sam wonders what set Alistair off, and Ethan thinks it has to be what happened at the mansion when they were looking for Beth. Ethan says Alistair warned them to leave, but Sam wouldnt stop. Sam says what he did was in his authority, but Ethan says the kidnapper was Alistairs daughter and the child was one that Alistair wants gone more than anything. Still, Sam thinks it has to have been something else that sent him over the edge. Later, Noah tells Ethan he knows why their dad was fired, it was because of him and Fancy. They talk about Fancy, and Ethan says Fancy has always been Alistairs favorite, even when he thought he was Alistairs grandson. Sam overhears Noah says this is his fault. Sam asks Noah why he thinks it is his fault? Noah tells his father that he met Fancy Crane in Vegas, but he didnt know who she was until they got back to Harmony. Kay asks how could he not know, shes always in the magazines. Noah says to make a long story short, he and Fancy didnt get along and he thinks she whined to Alistair. Sam says for Noah not to blame himself, Alistair has hated him for so long and hes amazed Alistair hadnt fired him long before now. Sam says he needs to make a call, he may not be Chief of Police anymore, but he can still see if Luis and Sheridan found Marty. Kay hopes they do get Marty back as she doesnt know what shed do if someone took Marty from her. Ethan thinks shed risk everything to get her back, even her life. Meanwhile, Sam calls a detective for information on what is going on with Luis, but he refuses to give Sam info and hangs up on him. Alistair fears if one of Alistairs lackeys is made Chief of Police then the whole town will be owned by Alistair, and without any honest cops then Alistair will make it impossible for Luis and Sheridan to get Marty back. He even fears Alistair will fire Luis. They all worry about Luis and Sheridan, and Sam says he feels useless right now. His kids tell him not to say that and they all need and love him. Ivy shows up to check on Sam and find out if he is okay. Sam asks how she knew something happened? Ivy says she had a talk with Fancy. Noah says he knew it. Sam says he was fired, and Ivy cant believe Alistair did this. Ivy says this is retaliation for what Noah did to Fancy. Noah thinks this is all his fault.

Back at the mansion, Fancy is listening to the radio and thinks her mother is way off base and she is not about to ruin anyones life. The radio program is interrupted for news on Sams firing, and rumors have it the mayor fired him under pressure form Alistair. Fancy is stunned and wonders what her grandfather has done.

Out on the lake we see a replay of the boat chase between Luis, Sheridan and Beth that ends with Sheridan crashing into the rocks and her boat exploding. Luis stops at the crash site as Beth continues to speed off. Beth thinks Sheridan is dead and she is home free with Marty. Luis calls out to Sheridan hoping she is alive somewhere. Sheridan is alive, and shes floating in the water unconscious. Luis swims out to rescue her and pull her to safety. Luis realizes she is dying and says he cant lose her. Luis begs her not to die, and she wakes up. Luis says he thought he lost her, and that her boat exploded. Sheridan asks where Marty is, where Beth is. Luis says he doesnt know, he had to stop to check on her. He thinks the lake patrol got Beth. She says they cant take any chances, they have to go on. They get back to the boat, and Luis wants to take her to the hospital. She says after they get to shore and get Beth. Luis assures her that as soon as she makes contact with the shore that the local sheriff will arrest her.

Elsewhere, Beth and Marty make it across the lake and are on the docks. A sheriff and a man in black show up and tell her to hold it as she wont be stealing anymore cars today. It turns out the men work for Alistair and they have a car waiting for her. The sheriff decides stall Luis and Sheridan while Beth escapes. Beth yells out to Sheridan, who hasnt yet gotten to shore, that she has won and Marty is hers forever. 

Luis and Sheridan meet with the local sheriff and ask where Beth is. The sheriff basically plays dumb to stall them. He says the woman must have gotten away by time he got here. Luis wants roadblocks set up, but the sheriff says he doesnt have the man power or the funds. He also says he hasnt contacted the State Police because he was waiting for a better description of the woman and the boy. Luis says he gave the shore patrol a description. The sheriff says he wouldnt know about that, and the shore patrol must be out patrolling. Luis eventually realizes the guy let Beth go because Alistair paid him off. Luis shoves the sheriff into the lake after taking his gun. 

The other crooked guy sets Beth up with a car and Beth thanks him and asks him to thank his father for her. She wishes things had turned out differently with Luis, but at least he wont end up with Sheridan. She says they are through, Sheridan will never forgive Luis for losing Marty. The man says Luis and Sheridan are headed this way so she better go. Beth gets in the car and takes off. Luis and Sheridan see a car taking off, and Luis rushes to stop the car. Of course it turns out to be the wrong car, and its the guy who helped Beth leave. He thinks they are car jackers, but they explain they are looking for Beth. Luis suspects Beth could be in the back, but she isnt. He wants to look in the trunk, so the man opens it. It is empty. Luis lets the man go, and Luis thinks Beth and Marty already left. As the man is leaving, he stops and tells Sheridan that Beth and Marty were gone long before they came ashore and shell never see Marty again. He laughs and speeds off. Sheridan thinks they should go after him, but Luis says they dont have a car. Sheridan begins losing it and screams at Luis. He says her yelling isnt helping him, he has to think. She screams that that this could be her last chance to get her son back. Sheridan collapses and screams out Martys name.

Beth and Marty are speeding away and Beth says they are home free and Luis and Sheridan are finished!


July 12, 2005

Spike brings Jessica home to his place. She says it is cool, and she cant believe they are going to be living together. He asks if she is having second thoughts? She says no, but its just leaving the way she did . . . He says they have been over that, if she had told her family then her play by the rules dad would have locked her in her room forever. Jessica says he is right and that it is her choice is to be with him. Spike tells her to put her stuff in the corner and hell clear her a drawer later. She heads off, and Spike says her brother and father will be so sorry they messed with him. Later Spike tells Jessica if she is hungry he has some leftover take-out in the fridge that she can heat up. Spike's associate shows up. Spike introduces his man Kurt to Jessica. She goes to greet him, but he brushes her off. Kurt talks to Spike about how he thought Spike was going to follow through on his slice and dice threat for the girl. Spike says that was all talk, his plan is to have her move in here to ruffle her dads feathers. Kurt tells him to watch it as he could get busted for kidnapping. Kurt says what if she is a minor? Spike says he checked her out and she is old enough to do what she wants, and what she wants is to live with him. Kurt says she is so naive. Spike jokes that her picture is next to the word in the dictionary. Kurt asks if this is the extent of his revenge? Spike says no, this is only step one, and wait till he gets a load of step two. Kurt asks what hes going to do? Spike says hell see, and he tells Kurt to get lost as he has to spend some time with her. Kurt leaves, and Jessica tells Spike shes been doing some thinking. She says after dinner she wants to go home. Jessica then says she has changed her mind, she wants to go home now. He says he wont try and change her mind, get her stuff and go. Spike starts saying he thought they were going to live the rest of their lives together. Jessica says she doesnt want to break up, she just thinks that things are happening too fast. She says they can still see each other. He says without her and his club, hes going to leave town as he has nothing to stick around for. He guilt trips her, calling her the girl of his dreams. He also tells her that her dad, her family wont understand her like he does. She says she is sorry and she doesnt want to go. She says she just freaked out, and she wants to be here with him. Spike is glad, and she says they will be so happy. Spike tells her not to scare him like that again. He says he knows this place is funky, and he wishes he could afford something better for her. She says hell get back on his feet, and shell get a job and help him out. She says shed do anything for him. He says that is music to his ears. Spike has an idea, and she says she is game. He says she is a beautiful girl, everyone thinks she is so pretty. He thinks she should take advantage of her assets, which are her face and her body. Jessica asks what he wants her to do? She thinks hes talking about modeling, but he says no. He wants her to prostitute herself! She says she wants him to sleep with men for money? Spike says she claimed to love him, so prove it.

At the Bennetts, Noah continues to blame himself for Sam being fired. Sam says he honestly wouldnt care about his job if Sheridan and Luis baby wasnt at stake. He says he cant help them get Marty back when hes lost his authority. Ivy wishes she could do something to help, and she could ring Fancys neck for this. Sam says this has nothing to do with Fancy or Noah, Alistair has wanted to get rid of him for years so he can control the whole town. Noah says this makes him sick, and he runs out to get some fresh air. Sam hates that Noah is blaming himself, but Ivy continues to blame Fancy. Ethan says Sam signed a contract, and he might be able to have the firing overturned. Sam says it probably wont happen, but Ethan insists he try. Ethan then takes off. Sam tells Ivy how wonderful Ethan is, and how she did a good job with him. Ivy says she cant take credit for him, she is a lousy mother and Fancy is proof of that. Sam decides to go check on Jessica, the least he can do is protect her. He says it's what he should have been doing all along.

At the mansion, Alistair is toasting to Theresa and how she is the object of his desire. He says hopefully he won't repulse her for much longer. Fancy shows up to see Alistair. Fancy says she thinks she did something terrible, something she wishes she could take back. Alistair says that doesnt sound like her, one must always defend their actions no matter what the consequences. Fancy says but she got someone into more trouble then she meant to. She asks Alistair if she is the reason Sam was fired? He asks why she has brought up that name, it is ruining a great day. She says she wants an answer, did fired Sam because of what she said? He says no wonder she is his favorite, shes one of the few people in this family that stands up to him. She wants the truth, and she says that her mom said things that shook her up. Alistair says her mother isnt a Crane, so dont listen to her. Fancy says she is still her mother, and she made Alistair sound like a high class Tony Soprano. Alistair says Noah is an idiot who almost cost her her life twice, why is she fretting over this. She says that is no reason to fire his father and shed feel guilty if an innocent man lost his job because of the friction between her and his son. She begs Alistair to tell her that he didnt fire Chief Bennett because of her. Fancy says she shoots her mouth off sometimes and doesnt think about what she says. She tells Alistair that punishing the father for the son being a jerk is harsh. Alistair says he looks at it as dishing out justice, and Chief Bennett has deserved his comeuppance for a long time. Alistair tells Fancy that Sam being fired has nothing to do with her. She is relieved. She heads off when she sees Noah storm in. He's in such a mood that he doesn't see her. Noah walks in to tell Alistair off. He tells Alistair if he wants to wield his power then fire the new pope or something. Alistair tells him to get out, but he refuses. Fancy smiles. Noah calls him a monster and thinks Alistair must eat kittens for breakfast. Noah talks about how his father gave his heart and soul to this town, he has made people's lives better. Alistair says blah blah blah, what makes Noah think what he says is worth a damn to him? Alistair says he taught his father a lesson, and there is nothing Noah can do about it. Noah suggests Alistair punish him and not his father, but Alistair says the sins of the father are visited upon the son. Alistair calls him boy, which upsets Noah. Noah says he isnt his father, he doesnt play by the book .Alistair says he knows, he likes arson. Noah says he also has no problem with murder, especially his. Noah then begins beating on Alistair. Security runs in and grabs Noah. Alistair tells Noah that he has a blue collar mentality, is violence the only way his people can solve imagined slights? He asks Noah if beating on an old man makes him feel better? Noah says it might have if his goons didnt show up. Alistair says these goons make four times what his father did. Alistair says he is just like his old man, they are both losers and will die losers. Alistair says his familys misery has just started. Noah wonders what he has in store for his family now. Alistair says it wont take much to tear his family apart, and it must be tough to be broke. Alistair tells Noah if he has anymore questions about his family then he can ask Fancy directly. Noah says he doesnt know where she is. Alistair tells Fancy to come out. She does, and Alistair says she has a gentlemen caller. 

Theresa is on the docks thinking about Alistairs offer to her. She looks at a photo of Ethan and Jane and wonders what if she cant get them back without Alistairs help. Later Ethan finds Theresa crying. He says hes sorry he asked her to leave the mansion, but under the circumstances . . . . . She says shes crying because of Alistair, he touched her. Ethan says he will kill Alistair! He says that man is a pervert, has she called the cops and reported him? She says it wasnt like that, he just forced her to kiss him twice. She also says Alistair offered to help her get Jane back if she slept with him. Ethan calls him a pig and hopes she told him where to stick it. She says not really. Ethan says she cant be that desperate. Theresa says no shes not going to take Alistair up on his offer, and he should know her better than that. He says he knows how she gets when shes backed into a corner. Theresa says her mom said the same thing. He says she makes some crazy decisions. Theresa says she wont get into bed with Alistair, and she is a big girl and can take care of herself. Ethan hopes so, and he doesnt want Alistair taking advantage of her. Theresa says not to worry, Alistair wont touch her again. She also says she doesnt need Alistairs help, she will get Jane back on her own. She says she knows Rebecca and Gwen were the ones who sent the email to the tabloid about him being Sams son. Ethan tells her to come on. She says he told him herself that is the number one reason he cant trust her, if they hadnt done that then they would be together right now. Ethan says she needs to let go of this, they will not be together. She says hell see, once she gets Jane back. He says he doesnt believe Gwen will ever deceive him, but she has. He says he wont leave Gwen for her, ever. 

Martin and Katherine secretly meet on the grounds of the mansion. She wanted to make sure that the guards didnt hurt him. He says Alistair wont hurt him as long as he keeps his end of their bargain. He tells Katherine how much hes going to miss her, but he has made a commitment to Pilar and hes going to try and start their life over again. Katherine says she knows, and shes going to stay here with Alistair to keep him from revealing the truth about Rachel. Katherine and Martin both cant imagine their lives without the other, and they kiss one another goodbye. Pilar then walks into the scene and cant believe it. She flies off the handle and tells Katherine to get her hands off of her husband! Pilar says they have both lied to her, and she asks Martin why? Martin says they were just saying goodbye. Katherine says this is her fault, she was being selfish and she initiated the kiss. Pilar says she believes that, and she says Katherine is just like the rest of the Cranes. Pilar tells her that she doesnt care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants. Martin says this is his fault. Pilar asks how he can let her kiss him? Katherine says she is sorry, but Pilar says sorry isnt enough sometimes. She tells Katherine if she catches her near her husband again then she will tear her apart. 

At the lake, Sheridan is furious as she has lost Marty again. Luis thinks they can make a guess as to where Beth is going, shes either heading for Canada or more likely the airport. Luis says Alistair probably has the jet waiting for them. Sheridan says they cant stop them as they dont even have a car. Luis tries to call someone, but his phone is dead from jumping in the water and rescuing Sheridan. Sheridan thinks Luis is blaming her now, but he says he isnt. She says she would have been fine and he shouldnt have let Beth get away. She asks what kind of cop he is, what kind of father he is? Luis says hes going to let that slide because she doesnt know what shes talking about. She says she does, Marty is gone because of him. Luis says he told her that theyd get Marty back. Sheridan asks how when they dont even have a damn car! The crooked sheriff returns and demands his gun back. Luis points the gun at him and suggests he get him a car. The sheriff offers Luis his car, and Luis and Sheridan take off. In the car, Luis once again promises to get Marty back. She says shes heard that before, and he should stop making promises he cant keep and just get her son back.

Beth and Marty speed to the airport, and Beth tells Marty that they will live happily ever after. Beth thinks theyve won and says no more Luis and Sheridan, period. Beth and Marty arrive at the airport and meet with the man who gave her the car. He tells her soon this will all be over for her. He says her plane is waiting for her, so follow him. They board the jet, and Beth tells Marty this is the style theyll become accustomed to. Later the plane prepares to take off, which it does. Beth can't believe she's gotten away. Beth says bye bye Sheridan! Marty imitates her.

Luis and Sheridan arrive at the airport and find the man who helped Beth get away. He gloats that they are too late, they cant get to Beth and Marty now unless they have wings. Luis tells the guy to get out of his face, which he does. Luis grabs a man who works here to try and get help tracking the plane. The man wont talk, and he says he doesnt know anything about that plane and where it is going. Luis realizes everyone here is on Alistairs payroll. Sheridan realizes that Beth is going to get away with this. Sheridan says Beth has taken her son and shell never see him again.


July 13, 2005

At the airport, Sheridan is devastated that shes lost Marty forever. She asks Luis what they do next, but he says nothing. He says all they can do is wait for Beth to pop up again and then nail her. Sheridan tells Luis that he promised her that she would get Marty back and he is nothing but a miserable failure. Sheridan says he not only failed her, but their son. She says Marty is now with Beth, a maniacal freak who not only stole her child but proved him to be the worlds biggest fool. He says he knows, and hes sorry he didnt believe her about Beth. She doesnt want to hear it and says Marty is gone and it is his fault. She tells him to just take her back to the cottage.

Pilar tells Katherine that she is such a slut, she keeps saying she wants Martin to be with her (Pilar), so leave him alone! She then asks Martin how many goodbye kisses he has to give this slutty woman? Pilar tells Katherine to leave now and stay away from her husband. Katherine says goodbye to MArtin. Martin says goodbye to Katherine. Pilar says good riddens! She tells Katherine to rest in peace you slut, and stay away from her husband. Katherine leaves, and Martin asks if the vulgar names were necessary? She says she is tired of their goodbyes, Katherine is a sex starved bitch whose martyr act puts Joan of Ark to shame. She tells Martin if he doesnt honor his commitment to her then shell chop off what he cant control. He says he is shocked to hear her talk this way. She says shes not the desperate housewife he once abandoned. She says she wont have him in her bed while his heart is elsewhere. She says get over Katherine now, and if Katherine tries to see him again then she will kill Katherine. Martin says he is devoted to her, their marriage and their future. She says then stay the hell away from Katherine. As they are talking, they hear Sheridan and Luis return and fighting with one another.

At the cottage, Luis assures Sheridan that Beth will make a mistake and hell track her down when she does. Sheridan asks why she should believe him? She says he also promised to bring Marty home. Sheridan says she doesnt see him here. She says maybe hes in the bedroom, nope, maybe the kitchen, n uh-uh. She says maybe hes playing hide and seek. She asks Luis if she sees him here? Sheridan says she knows where he is, he is God knows where with that crazy whacked out Beth. She says this is his fault, this is all his fault! Sheridan damns Luis for this situation. Pilar and Martin show up and ask what has happened. Luis says Beth and Marty got away. Sheridan tells him to tell them how they got away. Katherine soon shows up, and she asks what happened, where is Marty. Sheridan says Luis let Beth get away with Marty. Luis says Alistair helped, but Sheridan doesnt want to hear this. Sheridan says Beth got away because Luis wouldnt shoot her. He says she was unarmed, but Sheridan says she had a knife. Sheridan says even when Beth was running away he couldnt shoot her because Beth was his high school sweetheart, never mind the fact that Beth tried to kill her countless times. Sheridan says but who is she to deny Beth HER child! Luis says he told her that he will get Marty back. Sheridan asks why she should believe him? She says they have no future and the sight of him makes her sick. Luis says he will make it up to her, he will find Marty. She tells him to just get out and stay out. She warns Luis if he wants a future with her, the future he is always talking about, then bring Marty home otherwise she never wants to see him again. 

At the Bennetts, Sam thinks Jessica is asleep, but he still wants to check in on her and make sure she is safe. He opens the door and sees she is gone, and he knows she is with Spike. Ivy says her clothes are gone and that she really did leave home to be with Spike. Sam tries to call the station for an APB, but they wont listen to him and hang up on him. Ivy once again feels sorry for Sam and blames herself for all of this.

At Spikes, Jessica is stunned that Spike could ask her to prostitute herself. She says she loves him, she left home for him, so how could he ask her to do this? Spike says they need money to get back on their feet, he thought she understood. He kisses her and says theyd be doing this for them. Jessica says shed be the one selling herself. Spike says to let her do this is a major sacrifice on his part. He says he loves her. She asks how he can say he loves her but want her to be a hooker. Spike says he loves her, and he knows that she loves him, so this would be only sex. He says she should be honored that he trusts her enough to be with other men. She says but prostitution? Spike says its the only way he can rebuild the club after what her brother did to him. He says there is no other choice. Jessica says she loves him, but she cant do what he is asking. He says he wont ask her to do something she doesnt want to. He says he can go work in Alaska with his brother to get the money they need. She says shed love to come with him, but he says she cant. He says his brother works on the pipeline and girlfriends and wives arent allowed. He also says it is a dangerous job as men get killed and maimed all the time. However he says nothing will happen to him as his brother will look after him. He says he will miss her. She says he wont be gone that long will he. He says a year, a year and a half. Jessica asks what shes supposed to do that whole time? She says couples breakup when they are separated that long. He says its a chance theyll have to take, unless she has a better idea. She asks where will she go? He says back to her dads house he guesses. As Spike looks for a phone number for his brother, Jessica begins to consider the idea of being a whore. She says she could have rules, shed only be with gentlemen and shed also always use protection. She thinks Spike would protect her as he loves her. Jessica asks Spike how long she would have to work to make money his way?

Later, Spike is on the streets and some other working girls try and pick him up. He says hes not interested. He meets up with another associate, and the guy says he hears Spike has a new girl. Spike says shes coming along shortly. Jessica shows up in a shiny pink dress, stiletto heels and black gloves. Jessica says she never thought shed be doing this. 

On the pier, Theresa tells Ethan that he loves her. He says he knows that, everyone knows, people who dont even know them know that, but he is not leaving Gwen. Theresa says when he thought Alistair hurt her he was ready to kill him. She asks if he cares that much then how can he say they wont be together. Ethan tells Theresa to listen to him, this once listen to him. He says his anger towards Alistair does not mean he will leave his wife for her. He asks if she tunes out what she doesnt want to hear? Theresa doesnt understand how he can tune out what is in his heart. Ethan says he may love her, but he loves his wife too much to leave her. Ethan says he is upset with Alistair because he hates him, Alistair just had his father fired just because he could. Theresa says she is sorry and she knows how that feels, Rebecca had her whole family fired. Ethan says Sam is now in a hard place as he cant help Sheridan and Luis look for Marty. Ethan says he was on his way to the mansion to give Alistair hell and challenge Sams firing, but then he ran into her. Theresa tells him he stopped because he saw she was upset and because he loves her. Ethan tells her to stop. Theresa says he needs to stop ignoring what his heart is telling him. She says if he doesnt leave Gwen to be a family with her then he will lose his soul. Ethan says he cant do this with her anymore, he cant keep going round and round with her. He says he wishes her the best but she has to move on. She says she doesnt want to move on, she wants him. Ethan tells Theresa they are over, his future is with Gwen. Ethan tells her that he and Gwen are going to have a family, they are going to adopt and look into surrogacy again. He tells Theresa to leave him alone, and any of her plots to get him and Jane back wont work. Ethan walks off, and Theresa says she loves him. Ethan, to himself, hates what he did to Theresa. He says they cant have a future, no matter how much they both want it. Meanwhile, Theresa realizes what she must do and makes a call to Alistair about his offer. 

At the mansion, Noah damns Fancy to hell for what shes done. Fancy says she never meant for this to happen. Alistair gets a call which he has to take, so he excuses himself. Alistair learns that Beth has escaped with Marty on one of the ten jets that took off from the airport, nobody will be able to track them and the flight plans have been destroyed. Alistairs man tells him that Sheridan is ready to send Luis packing. Alistair returns to Fancy and Noah, and Noah is letting Fancy have it for having Alistair fire his dad just because she was mad at him. Alistair lets Noah believe that Fancy is responsible, and he tells Noah that he not only almost killed Fancy twice here in Harmony, he says he also knows about what happened in Las Vegas with the dead body. Noah cant believe Fancy told Alistair about that dead body. Fancy says she didnt. Noah says he really is a dead man now, those thugs could come after him. Noah still doesnt understand why Alistair fired his father. Alistair tells Noah that he did not treat his granddaughter with respect, and if Sam didnt teach him to respect women then how can he enforce the law? Noah says this is a crock and Alistair is making this up as he goes along. Fancy tells Noah that she never meant for this to happen. He thinks she did, and he says she disgusts him. Noah leaves, and Alistair hopes Fancy has no feelings for Noah. She says no of course not. He says what he did to Sam was justified as he and his family are dirt. He suggests they play some gin rummy, but she says shes tired and wants to just go rest. Fancy leaves, and she feels guilty about what has happened with Noah. Alistair hopes to himself that Fancy now realizes the power she has, and that she gave him the gift to destroy the Bennetts. He says that is the gift that keeps on giving.


July 14, 2005

On the pier, Ethan runs into Whitney, and they have a talk about Theresa. Whitney tells Ethan no matter what he may think about Theresa or what she's done, she doesn't deserve this and he has to know that. Whitney says Theresa loves Jane more than life itself. He says he knows, and for now this is only temporary. He says he is worried about her and what she might do to try and get Jane back. Whitney says he should be worried as she won't stop until she gets her daughter back.

Meanwhile, Theresa makes a call to Alistair and says she's ready to deal. He is pleased, but she says she will only meet him for dinner. He says she wouldn't even agree to that before, but she changed her mind, so maybe she'll change her mind about other things. Theresa says no, only dinner. He says fine, and he'll have his secretary make the arrangements. Theresa worries she has made a deal with the devil, while Alistair plots to do a lot more than have dinner with Theresa. He says they won't be spending the whole evening at the dinner table.

At the mansion, Alistair is on the phone with Theresa when Fancy shows up. Fancy wants to play a game of gin with Alistair after all. He tells her to set up while he takes care of some things. She learns he has a date with a woman, and he begins talking about her without naming her. He sees a moth dancing around a flame, and he tells Fancy the moth is drawn to the flame and eventually succumbs and is burned. He says he is the flame, and Fancy says and this woman is the moth? He says yes, and she will succumb to him. Suddenly Ethan storms in and is furious with Alistair. He says he knows he had Sam fired for no reason. Alistair says actually he had a good reason to have Sam fired. Ethan begins yelling at AListair for firing Sam and ruining Sheridan's life. Alistair thinks Ethan has a lot of nerve talking to him this way in his own home. Alistair says he has generously let Ethan and his wife stay here, and he has let Ethan keep his job at Crane Industries even though he is Sam's bastard child. Ethan says generosity has nothing to do with it, he needs him at Crane as he's the only one who can run the place. He tells AListair to face it, he is getting old and will die one day and he has no heirs who are capable of running his empire. Ethan says everything Alistair has schemed so hard to built will be destroyed. Alistair ends up becoming upset and collapses. Fancy yells "Oh my God Ethan, look what you've done!"

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald House, Whitney meets up with Theresa outside. They talk about Miles. Whitney says she was with Miles, but he won't stop crying so she had to leave. She says she is so worried the truth will come out about Miles. She hopes whatever is wrong with him that her mother can fix, as if she has to tell the pediatrician the truth about Miles then it will destroy his life. She says she has done everything to try and protect that secret, so it can't be revealed. They head inside and Theresa checks her messages. She thinks maybe there is news on SHeridan and Luis' baby. AListair has left a message for Theresa about dinner, and Whitney asks what that is about? Theresa tells her that she agreed to have dinner with Alistair to discuss Jane and Ethan. Theresa says Alistair offered to get them back for her. Whitney asks how, what is he going to do, brainwash Ethan? Theresa doesn't know. She explains how Alistair made her the offer earlier and even kissed her, but she refused. Then she ran into Ethan and he told her that he wasn't going to leave Gwen. Whitney says he's been saying that for years. Theresa says but Ethan loves her. Theresa says she was desperate so she agreed to have dinner with Alistair. Whitney says Alistair is going to want something from Theresa in return, something she won't want to give him. She also says Ethan will find out about this. Theresa says he won't, but Whitney says Ethan is already suspicious of her and what she might do next.

At Sheridan's Cottage, Sheridan goes into her room after yelling at Luis. Gwen shows up to talk to her. Gwen begs Sheridan not to push Luis away. Sheridan says Luis cost her Marty, he didn't believe her. Gwen says she was suspicious of Beth too, so maybe if she was able to get proof on Beth long ago none of this would have happened. Gwen says she can't hold Luis accountable as he feels terrible, and he can help her. She tells Sheridan that when she lost Ethan she hated him and she blamed him and Theresa  for losing Sarah. She says she never wanted to see him again, but fortunately she changed her mind. Gwen says she can't imagine life without Ethan, and she can't imagine having to grieve for Sarah alone. She tells Sheridan to let Luis be there for her. Sheridan says she can't as Luis cost her Marty because he was unable to believe her and to shoot Marty.  MEanwhile Luis is talking with his parents and Katherine. He vows to find Marty and calls Sam for help. He is stunned to learn Sam has been fired and can't help him. Sheridan comes out and asks Luis if he called the FAA? He says no, Sam was fired so now he has no way of getting in touch with the FAA to help them. Sheridan can't believe this. Luis says he will find Marty and they can search for him together. She says no way. Sheridan says she can't stand to hear his voice or see his face as he cost her Marty. She once again blames him for not believing her and for not being able to shoot Beth. Sheridan says after everything that woman did to her, he couldn't shoot her and that is why they lost Marty. Katherine and Pilar beg Sheridan not to say anything she might regret, but Sheridan says she won't regret this. She tells Luis she never wants to see him again and to get out. Luis says fine he will leave, he will leave Harmony, but he will come back with Sheridan. Luis heads outside, and his parents go with him. They talk to him and basically tell him that he can't leave. Luis says he must, he must leave and never come back. He tells his mom and dad that Sheridan is right, this is his fault because he couldn't shoot Beth. He says they went to high school, he loved her, he was going to marry her. Luis says he has to leave town and try to find Marty if he's every going to fix things. Suddenly, Sheridan's cottage door opens and Sheridan walks out and looks at Luis.



July 15 , 2005
At the mansion we see a replay of Ethans tirade against Alistair, and Alistair collapsing. Fancy becomes concerned and tells Ethan that hes killing Alistair. She tells Ethan to do something, he could be dying. Ethan says they arent that lucky. She tells him to call 911, but he says Alistair will be fine. Fancy says fine, shell call 911. Alistair tells Fancy no doctors. Ethan says hes probably faking it, but if hes not then hes too ornery to die tonight. Ethan says if he died then Crane Industries would die with him. Ethan says he cant live forever, death comes to everything, even rattlesnakes. Ethan says when that day comes people will celebrate with a parade, and the house of Crane will fall into the dirt. Alistair says that will never happen. Ethan says it will, and he asks how it feels to be weak and have no control? Ethan tells Alistair death will come for him sooner or later. Alistair tells Ethan that he doesnt frighten him. Ethan says Alistair may have succeeded in taking his dads job, he may have succeeded in ruining Sheridans life by taking Marty from her, but he will pay as death will come for him. He says when it does then it will be the day that Alistair loses. Alistair tells Ethan to get out. Ethan says he will go, but he will fall one day. He says it will be great to see his company fall. Ethan says without him around then all his complicated deals will fall apart. Ethan says perhaps he will be able to watch it from his own private hell, hell watch everything he worked for fall apart. Alistair tells Ethan he will pay, but Ethan says no he is the one who is finished. Ethan says he crossed a line when he had his father fired, he will pay for it. Ethan leaves, and Alistair vows to make Ethan and all the Bennetts pay. Later, Alistair makes a call to Spike (see below), and then he smokes a cigar. Fancy catches him smoking and says he cant smoke when he just had a heart attack. He says that isnt what it was. She gives him aspirin to take, but he says he is okay and sips a brandy. Fancy tells him that this is Noah and Ethans fault, they had no right to speak to him the way they did. Alistair tells Fancy that she has to stay away from them, especially Noah. Fancy thinks about kissing Noah. Alistair asks if she is sure shes not interested in Noah. Fancy says of course not, Noah drives her crazy. He tells her that she needs to start acting like a Crane woman, which means no slumming. He says thats a male quality. She asks if he hasnt heard of the equality of the sexes? He says that is for the lower classes. He tells her not to act like her mother, stepmother and grandmother. He says his grandmother taught her daughters that they could fall in love with a rich man just as easily as a poor one. He tells her that she cant throw her life away on trash like Noah Bennett. Alistair says that whole family has been a thorn in his side for decades, and Sams father was the greatest annoyance. He says now Ethan has thrown his lot in with them, well good riddens. Alistair does say Ethan did score a point against him, he doesnt have a legitimate and competent heir to take over the empire. He says not Julian who struck him and is cavorting around with Eve the harlot. He says and Fox cant control his emotions. Alistair says and Chad is a bastard and black to boot. Alistair says Little Ethan is too young to even get on the chess board. Alistair says there is not one person who would run his company the way he would. Fancy asks what about her, she could do it. Alistair chuckles and says she always knows how to make him laugh, She says shes not kidding. He thanks her for the offer but says why would she want to worry about business? He says she is his princess and he wants her to live like one. He says she was put on this earth to enjoy herself and have fun. He realizes he hasnt been able to spoil her since she came back. He pulls out a wad of money for Fancy. She says he knows the way to a girls heart. Alistair tells her not to let Rebecca find out as shed mug her and leave her in an ally. He tells Fancy to go out and buy something marvelous. She thanks him and says hes the only one in this family she can count on. He tells her not to forget that. Fancy asks who he will get to take over Crane Industries though? He says he has an idea, but he wont reveal it just yet. He chuckles as the person he has in mind will be shocking.

At the Bennett house, Sam is on the phone asking a friend for a favor. He tells the guy that he owes him. Sam sees Noah drinking out of the milk carton and asks if he has ever heard of a glass? Sam asks Noah where hes been. He says at the mansion telling Alistair off. Sam says that is great. Noah says someone had to tell that bastard off for firing him. Sam asks if Alistair said he was sorry? Noah says this is his fault, he wont let that old guy get away with it. Sam says forget about it, they have bigger problems. Sam says his sister snuck out again and he thinks she is with Spike. He says his friends on the force are afraid to help him out because hes on Alistairs bad side. Sam says hes worried about Jessica and her state of mind. Sam worries about what shell do next. Noah asks what else they can do to get Jessica back. Sam doesnt know, he tried to call in favors but has had no luck. Sam says without his job he cant even help the people he cares about, much less everyone else in Harmony. Noah says it will be okay, but Sam isnt sure. He says for years he tried to keep the Harmony PD on the straight and narrow. HE says he knew some of the cops were on Alistairs payroll, but he ran a pretty clean shop. Sam says now Harmony PD will be run by Alistair, and then every rat in the New England area will know Harmony is an open town. Sam decides to go search for Spike and Jessica on his own, and Noah goes with him.

Jessica is working the streets, and another hooker tells Jessica this is her corner so move her ass or shell cut her. Jessica moves, and Spike watches her with another friend of his. The friend thinks Jessica looks a little green, but Spike says she has the whole virgin thing going and he can charge extra for that. The guy says that wont last long, a week out here and shell be a pro like the rest of his girls. Spike offers the guy a shot at her, but the guy has no cash. Jessica comes over to Spike and tells him she doesnt think she can do this, this is wrong. Spike says sure she can, and would he lead her astray? He says he loves her and he is the only one who does. He says her dad, sister and brothers arent here, they let her down. He says he is her family now and hell take good care of her. Jessica gets back to work, and Spike tells her that she looks so fine. Jessica says she is so scared. Spike gives her some drugs to help her relax. She tells her to go find a nice guy to be her first. He says the first is always the hardest. She asks how he would know. Spike says hes talked to some of the other girls out here. Jessica still doesnt know, but Spike says this is the only way they can get enough cash to reopen his club and for them to have enough money to live. Spike says if hes willing to let her do this for them, she should be able to sacrifice for them too. He asks if she love him, and she says yes. He says prove it to him then, do this for him. She says shell do it for him. Spike thanks her and walks off. Spike says he has her wrapped around his finger.

Sam and Noah are searching for Jessica on the streets when Ethan runs into them. Ethan says he got his dads message to meet them. Ethan learns Jessica snuck out again and may be with Spike. Sam asks Ethan to help him look for Spike and Jessica. Ethan says sure, and hes also working on getting his job back. Sam says he wont hold his breath. Ethan says hell have to find something really good though, something that cant be argued with. Ethan says he has finally made Alistairs hate list. Sam asks what happened, and Ethan says he told him off. Noah says he did the same. Ethan says it was great and he told Alistair that that there was no way hed beat them. Sam says dont underestimate him, but the boys say they arent worried. Sam says they should be. Noah suggests they forget about Alistair and look for Jessica.

Jessica is still working the streets, but she gives the guys checking her out the cold shoulder. Spike asks her what is wrong with her, let the men know she wants to have a good time. He tells her to smile at them, let them know what she has to offer. Jessica says shes sorry and shes never done this before. He says he told her it would get easier, and he gives her some more drugs. She takes them, and he leaves her to take care of business. The guy who has been circling Jessica approaches her, and Jessica asks if he wants to party. He asks how much, but shes not sure. She asks what he wants to do. He says how much, he doesnt have all night. He asks if she has a room as he doesnt want to do it in the alley. He realizes she is a kid and is new at this. He says if she gives him a break on the price then hell break her in. She asks what he means? He whispers in her ear.

Alistair calls Spike and says he wants Spike to take care of some business for him, he wants Spike to go after the Bennetts full out. Spike says they should start by letting the cops know that Noah burned down his club. Alistair says it is his club, and nobody can know that. Alistair doesnt want the cops too interested in the fire as it would lead back to him, and that would be bad for Spikes health. Spike says well hell like this, he turned Jessica into a prostitute. Alistair says good, use her, break her and then get rid of her. He says he wants the Bennetts broken, every last one of them. He says hell ruin them just like he ruined Luis. 

Ethan and Noah show up and are greeted by some other hookers, who say they have what the boys need. One girl offers to have a three way. Ethan says hes married, and another girl says they make the best customers. Sam shows up and one of the hookers tells them to scram. Sam tells them to hold on, hes not here to run anyone in. He says hes looking for a guy name Spike. He flashes Spikes photo to the girls, but they say nothing. He claims he will run them in if they dont talk. Another hooker says its an empty threat, Sam got fired today. Ethan asks them for their help, but they still wont talk. One of the girls offers to party with Sam since hes not a cop anymore, she says consider it severance pay. They all laugh and take off. As the boys go to leave they spot Jessica with a guy. Sam grabs Jessica and says shes coming with him. The guy says he just paid for her, wait his turn. Sam says this is his daughter, and if he ever touches his daughter again then he will kill him. 

Outside of Sheridans cottage, Martin and Pilar leave Luis and Sheridan to talk. They head inside her cottage while Luis talks to Sheridan outside. Sheridan says she was looking at a photo of Marty, and when it was taken and how she thought they would be a real family at last. Luis says they will be that family again, he will find Marty and bring him back to her. Luis says all he wants is to find their son so they can spend the rest of their lives together. Sheridan says nothing, and Luis says he knows she is angry and that she blames him for losing Marty. He says he blames himself. He says he is sorry, and this has been hard for him. He says hes known Beth for so long and couldnt believe she was capable of such evil. Luis says hell spend the rest of his life paying for that mistake. He says he loves Sheridan and wants to be with her. He asks Sheridan to say something. She doesnt say a word. He says he promises her that hell get Marty back and they will spend the rest of their lives together. He says once he gets Marty back they can go someplace beautiful and peaceful, and then they can give him some brothers and sisters. He asks Sheridan to talk to him. Her phone rings and she goes to get it as it could be about Marty.

In the cottage, everyone discusses how angry Sheridan is with Luis. Gwen says she tried to tell Sheridan not to push Luis away, not to lose him as well as Marty. She says even though she blamed Ethan when she lost Sarah, she couldnt have made it through that ordeal without him. Pilar says he was her husband, and that is when a husband and wife truly come together, in times of trouble. Pilar hopes Sheridan realizes by working with Luis they can find their boy. The phone rings, and Sheridan runs in to get it. Marty is on the phone calling out Mommy! We see Marty on the plane holding a cell phone. Sheridan tells Marty that she loves him so much. Beth gets on the phone and tells Sheridan that she sickens her. Sheridan demands to talk to Marty. Luis calls the cops and asks them to trace the call to Sheridan. Beth tells Sheridan she hopes she enjoyed the call and committed Martys voice to memory as shell never hear or talk to Marty again. Beth says they are gone now and no one will ever find them. Sheridan says she needs her son back, she needs him in her life. Beth says she could have had Marty if only Luis had shot her. Beth says Luis couldnt do it though because he loves her too much. Beth says Luis chose her once again, he let Sheridan lose her son because he loves her more. Sheridan glares at Luis with hate. Sheridan demands Beth bring her child back. Beth asks if shes getting to sher-sher. Beth tells her to think of her at night when shes going to bed and tosses and turns unable to sleep. Beth says think of her tucking Marty in and reading him bedtime stories. Sheridan says Oh God! Pilar tells her to be strong as Luis is tracing the call. Beth says she heard that and tell Luis good luck with that. She says no one will find them, and Sheridan will be alone. Beth says Marty will call her mommy. Beth says shell be there for all the milestones in Martys life, and Marty will have forgotten all about Sheridan in a weeks time. Sheridan says no, but Beth says yes. Beth says she is a walking wounded heart, she is a mess and needy. Beth says every time Luis ran to dry her tears it sickened her. She tells Sheridan that she doesnt deserve a child. Beth tells Sheridan that she could have had Marty if Luis wanted her to, but Luis couldnt shoot her. Sheridan says she wish he had. Beth says but he didnt. Beth says you have to wonder if Luis let her get away on purpose. Beth says maybe Luis doesnt want Marty to be with a nut-job like her, maybe he doesnt trust Sheridan and thinks Marty is better off with her. Sheridan cries No! Sheridan says she is going to hunt her down. Beth asks then what shell do, cry at her? Beth says a word of advice, leave Luis at home because if he has to choose between the two of them, Luis will choose her and Sheridan knows that is true. Sheridan says no. Beth tells her that she is so slow. Beth says think about what she said, and consider this a parting gift. Beth says Luis could have rescued Marty, but he didnt because he couldnt hurt her. Sheridan asks to speak to Marty again, but Beth says no. Beth says Sheridan will never hear or see Marty again. Beth says Marty is fine and he looks really cute too. Beth says the real reason she called is to say goodbye and give her something to remember her by. Luis grabs the phone and tells Beth to tell him where she is. Beth says shell see him soon, kisses the phone and then hangs up. Sheridan ends up in tears.

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