July 18, 2005

On the wharf, Sam faces off with the guy who just purchased Jessica. Sam tells him if he lays one filthy hand on his daughter then hell kill him. The guy cant believe this is his daughter. The man tells daddy that he paid for his little girl so she has work to do, and he wont leave till he gets what he paid for. Sam decks the guy, and Jessica screams. Ethan and Noah tell Sam that the guy isnt worth it. They tell the guy to get out of here, but he says not until he gets his money back. They throw his money at him. He tells Jessica if she loses her dad and brothers then theyll make a date to play. Jessica tries to run off, but Sam grabs her and says shes going no where. Ethan tells Sam not to yell at Jessica, but Sam says she is hooking and he has a right to yell! Sam calms down, and he tries to talk to her. He begs her to come home with him as she doesnt belong here. Jessica cries and says okay. They all hug as a family, and Sam says everything will be okay. Sam says they should get her home, and hell run her a warm bath and make her some tea. Sam wants to keep her away from Spike. He says Spike is going down and he wants to make sure Spike never does this to her again. When Ethan and Noah talk about Spike being trash, Jessica becomes upset and says they should all shut up. She says she loves Spike and he loves her more than any of them do. Sam says he is a low life who put her out on the street. Spike shows up, and Jessica runs to his arms. She says shes not going anywhere with them, shes staying with Spike. Sam warns Spike to get away from his daughter, but Spike says he cant do anything to him anymore because he got fired. Spike tells Sam he wont be pushing him around anymore, and now Harmony is an open town. Spike tells Jessica that he wont let them hurt her, that hell take care of her from now on. He says they should go somewhere where these guys cant scare away her customers. Sam and the boys attack Spike as Jessica scream. Jessica jumps on her fathers back to stop him, but they boys keep attacking Spike. Soon some officers shows up to break up the fight, and Spike accuses the Bennetts of attacking him and Jessica. Sam says Spike is lying. Spike says he tried to kill him, and look what they did to his girlfriend. Jessica was knocked over during the fight and bruised. Sam tells one of the officers that he didnt touch his daughter. Spike says Sam went crazy and attacked his daughter and then him for defending her. Sam begs Jessica to tell them the truth, tell them what happened. Jessica lies and says they attacked her just like Spike said, they hit her. The officers have no choice but to arrest Sam, Ethan and Noah. Sam tells one of the officers he is a piece of work. Later, Spike tells Jessica she did real good. Jessica thinks she didnt, she lied to the police, she should set things straight. Spike says no, her family has been hurting her all along, and they have hurt him to. He says he will protect her, and he is the one who really loves her, not them. He tells Jessica that they have to stick together. He says they deserted her, but hell always be here for her. She says she doesnt know. Spike says she is just confused and tense, and he plies her with more drugs.

At the station, Sam argues with one of the cops that he knows is dirty and has been taking money from Alistair. Sam thinks the cop is enjoying this. The dirty cop says Sam cant prove it, and he is still a cop and wants to take down lowlifes like Spike just like Sam does. Sam says Spike is lying, hed never hurt his daughter. The cops reminds Sam that he knows how these things can get as they have broken up so many domestic violence incidents together. Sam says Spike is the one who is lying here, Spike corrupted his daughter. The officer says well if Jessica is lying then shell eventually tell the truth as she is a good girl. Spike and Jessica show up, and the cop asks Jessica to tell him exactly what happened tonight. He says her dad says he was just trying to protect her. He asks her if she really wants to press charges against her own family. Jessica wont drop the charges, and the officer asks if she is sure. He says it sounds like they were trying to help her, not hurt her. Jessica says she has no father and no brothers, all she has is Spike. Jessica leaves with Spike, but not before saying she wont ever drop the charges. 

At the cottage, Sheridan is still on the phone with Beth. Beth tells Sheridan that shell never see Marty again, and she wanted to call to say goobye and give Sheridan something to remember. Sheridan begs Beth to give her her child back. Luis takes the phone and asks where Marty is. Beth tells Luis that shell see him soon, she loves him, and she kisses the phone. She then hangs up. Sheridan breaks down in tears, and Luis holds her. Sheridan wants to try calling Beth back, and then Luis phone rings. It is the police and they were unable to trace Beths call. Luis tells Sheridan they couldnt trace the call, but they will find Marty together and bring him home. She says no, there is no us. She tells Luis to get out of her house. She says their son is God knows where because of him. She says she cant take it anymore and to get out of her house. Luis once again swears to get Marty back, and for Sheridan to give him a chance. She says no, he has had too many chances and he let her down every time. She says she has been right all along, even Theresa told him to listen to her if for no other reason than he loves her. Sheridan says when push came to shove he failed her, he couldnt shoot Beth even though he knew what she had done. Sheridan accuses Luis of letting Beth go because he still loves her, he loves Beth more than he loves her. Luis says he doesnt love Beth, but Sheridan believes he does as it is the only reason he always picked Beth over her. Luis asks how she can think that? Sheridan recalls Beth taunting her about the fact that Luis loved her and that is why he always sided with her. Sheridan thinks Luis was unable to listen to his heart and believe her because his heart was always with Beth. Sheridan says she has been so stupid. She tells Luis to leave and go someplace far far away. Sheridan then goes into her room and slams the door. Luis cant believe this, he says hes never seen Sheridan like this. He says its over, Sheridan wants him to leave so he will. Pilar begs Luis not to go as Sheridan doesnt mean it.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Katherine beg Sheridan not to let Beth and Alistair take Luis from her as well as Marty. Katherine begs Sheridan not to let them use this kidnapping to break them up. Sheridan says this isnt Beth or Fathers doing, this is Luis fault. Gwen suggests she take a break for a few days, but dont let Luis leave. Katherine warns her that if Luis leaves then it will be forever. She says Alistair will drop fake clues and keep Luis searching forever, he will never come back to Harmony. 

Later, Katherine tells Martin that Sheridan is devastated, and she is so sorry this is happening. Katherine goes to comfort him, and Pilar tells Katherine to get her hands off her husband. Meanwhile, Gwen urges Luis not to leave town as Sheridan needs him. She says she called Ethan all the names in the book after Sarah died, but she couldnt have survived without him. Luis says he knows what he has to do. Meanwhile, in her room Sheridan looks at a photo of Marty and hears him calling her mommy. Luis goes in to see Sheridan. He says he knows she is mad, and she wants him to leave. He says before he leaves there is something she should know. He says he will search the world for Beth and Marty, and he will find them. He says hell bring her son back and they will be together as a family. Sheridan says there is no us. She says even if he brings Marty home, they can never be together again. Sheridan says his allowing Beth to escape ended what they had forever.

At Tabithas, Edna shows up and wants Tabitha to give her some more makeovers. Tabitha says she has gotten rid of the hair on her back, she has dyed the hair on her head a lovely shade of red, and she no longer has to wear diapers. Tabitha says the makeover shop is closed. Enda threatens to call her angels down here if Tabitha and Endora wont help her. Tabitha and Endora agree to do their best to make Mrs. Wallace look like Miss Universe. They begin zapping Enda with lightening bolts. Enda gets her hearing back and she no longer needs her hearing aid. Ednas phone rings, and her ring tone is Hot Stuff. It is Beth calling, and Edna thinks this is her calling from lock up. Beth says no, she is on a private jet out of the country with Marty. Enda cant believe she got away. Tabitha says that girl could give them all a lesson in evil. Beth says she got away with Sheridans baby, and one day shell have Luis too. Beth tells her mom that she was wrong, she said her plan wouldnt work, but it has. Beth says she is on top of the world. Beth assures her mother that Luis loves her, and one day he will realize this. Edna tells Beth no need to yell anymore as she can hear her just fine. She thinks Beth needs to go buy herself a very rich and famous shrink while shes off jetting around the world. When Tabitha learns Beth is leaving town, she yells at Beth to come back and get her mother. Edna refuses to leave, she says is staying here with Tabitha and Edna who can give her her hearts desires. Edna says shes going no where so get used to it. Edna tells Beth to give Marty a kiss for her, and not to worry as shes going to be just fine. Edna tells Beth toodles and she hangs up. Edna then asks Tabitha and Endora to continue the makeover as she has big plans for her new body. Tabitha casts a spell and morphs her into a beautiful and elegant woman. Edna looks at herself and says she is a babe. Tabitha says yeah, as in the pig in the movie. Edna says the clothes are a little sedate for her, how about something in orange? Tabitha says okay, and zaps her again. Edna doesnt like this outfit either, and Tabitha keeps trying. When she gets to a leopard skin outfit, Edna says this is more like it. Edna tells Tabby not to be stingy with the bling-bling, so Tabitha zaps her and decks her out in jewels. Tabitha begs Edna no more, they dont have a drop of magic left. Tabitha says it will take weeks to recuperate. Edna says she just needs one or two more things. Edna wants some evening entertainment. Tabitha says she and Endora love parlor games, but Edna was thinking of two young hunks with rippling muscles and abs of steel. She asks Tabitha to whip her up some house boys with thunder buns. Tabitha conjures up two hunks for Edna. Edna says Harmonys beefcake festival has arrived and says Edna is back, let the games begin! 


July 19, 2005

At Tabithas place, Kay comes home and sees Edna leaving with her hunky dates. She asks what that was about. Tabitha informs Kay that Edna knows she is a witch and has been blackmailing her. Tabtha says if she had a soul then Edna would own her. Kay asks if Edna knows she has some powers? Tabitha tells Kay she is always thinking about herself isnt she. Kay wonders what if Edna tells people? Tabitha says she wont, not as long as shes enjoying herself. Kay says by the judge of those two guys she thinks Edna will keep quiet. Kay then begins ranting and raving about how her family is falling apart, and she blames herself. Kay says she could have blown Ivys cover and kept her family together, but she was too angry at her mom and too self centered. Kay says because of her immaturity her entire family has gone down the tubes. Tabitha says she thought she hated her mom and wanted her gone? Kay says that is before she grew up, before she had Maria. Kay says Maria really changed her. Kay says she misses her mom, she misses what they had. Kay says if she had not let Ivy get away with her lie then her family would be whole right now. She wonders how she could have made such a huge mistake, how can she live with herself for what shes done. Tabitha tries to reason with Kay and says she was born with a special gift from the darkside. Kay says she doesnt want the gift, and she doesnt want to be like Tabitha. She says she wants to do good things. Kay asks Tabitha to watch Maria while she goes for a walk and clears her head.

Ivy gets a call from Ethan, who is at the station. Ethan tells Ivy that he, Noah and Sam have been arrested. He explains the short version of what happened, and Ethan says they need bail. Ivy says Gwen isnt here, and she doesnt have enough money of her own. She then sees Fancy and says shell think of something. Ivy tells Fancy that Ethan, Sam and Noah have been arrested. Fancy doesnt understand how the cops could arrest them? Ivy says the cops are on Alistairs payroll now and the do what he likes. Fancy says grandfather is not as evil as her mother thinks. Ivy says Fancy only sees one side of Alistair, the rest of the town knows the truth though. Ivy tells Fancy she doesnt seem to know the power of her last name, and she opened up a can of worms when she whined to Alistair about Noah. Fancy says she didnt mean to get anyone in trouble, but Ivy says she did. Ivy thinks Fancy should help her bail them out, she thinks Alistair must have given her some money when she returned. Fancy says that is for her to spend, and puts up a fight. Ivy decides that Fancy should come with her to the station to see the havoc she has caused first hand.

Down at the station, Sam, Noah and Ethan are all booked. Fancy and Ivy show up, and Ivy tells Fancy not to pout as it causes wrinkles. Ivy continues to order Fancy around, she not only wants Fancy to bail them out but to make Alistair drop all these charges against them. The boys are brought out, and Noah thanks Fancy for nothing. She says she used her own money to bail them out. He says what a sacrifice, shell have to wait till next week to buy her Prada shoes. She calls him a jerk and says he should be on his knees thanking her. Noah says in her dreams! He agues with her and says he saved her life more than once, in Vegas and here, and she had him thrown in jail as thanks. He says it is the Crane way to blame the sins of the father on the son, so hell turn that around and say she is just as guilty as her grandfather. Fancy yells back and tells him how dare you! She blurts out something about the guys in Vegas who were after them and says shed never have been in danger if it wasnt for him. Ethan ends up grabbing Fancy to stop her from attacking Noah.

In Vegas the mobsters are still trying to find out who the couple who stole his money are. Later they get a lead and they learn that the guy Noah was just arrested in a town called Harmony.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa is talking to Whitney abut how she may have made a huge mistake in agreeing to go out with Alistair. A man shows up and delivers some flowers and a card to Theresa. She reads the card, and it is from Alistair who is looking forward to this evening. Whitney throws the flowers in the trash and orders Theresa to call and cancel the date. Theresa says okay, but she needs a few minutes to figure out how to do it. Whitney says okay. Whitney has to leave, but she asks Theresa to promise her that shell call and cancel. Theresa says she will. Whitney leaves, and Theresa 

At the recording studio, Chad talks to Miles and asks what is really upsetting him, is it just the colic or something else? Fox drops by to check on Miles. Chad says its a bad time, Miles is fussy and its been a long night. Fox says Miles is his son, but Chad says legally he isnt and he makes the rules, so Fox cant see him now. Chad says hes taking Miles to the doctor in the morning, and Fox wants to be there. They argue, and Chad eventually agrees to let Fox come along. Fox leaves, and Miles begins to cry. Chad wonders what is wrong now. He puts on some Miles Davis to try and calm the baby down, but it doesnt work. Down on the street, Whitney walks by and hears the baby crying. She looks up and sees Chad holding the baby though the window. She goes up to see Chad and the baby, and Chad thinks that Whitney was drawn here because she knew something was wrong. Whitney offers to try and calm him down, and when she touches him he settles down. Chad says all he needed was his mom. She thinks he might be hungry, so Chad goes off to get some of his formula.

Kay heads to the wharf and begins feeling sorry for herself. She wonders when she became such a nasty and selfish bitch. She is skipping stones, and ends up throwing them behind her as she cant even skip stones properly. The rocks hit Fox, who is also sulking at the wharf. He tells her to watch it, and what is wrong with her. She asks if he wants to know given hes a Crane. He asks what his family has done to her perfect family now. She says thanks to his family her family is in shambles and he should be ashamed of himself. She then decks him and tries to walk off. He follows her, and he asks if she has anything else to say to him? She says she wished none of the Cranes had been born. Kay and Fox both end up tripping, and they fall on top of one another.

At the cottage, Luis tells Sheridan that they cant be over, they are soul mates. She says no they arent. He says she cant say that, and for her to think about their past lives. Sheridan says those lives were different, in them he didnt cost her her son. She tells Luis that he lost Marty so he also lost her. Sheridan tells Luis that when she looks at him she doesnt see a man who loves her, she sees a man who let Beth get away, possibly intentionally. Luis says he feels guilty about what happened, but they cant let anything get between their love. He says he cant believe her past lives meant nothing to her. Sheridan sys he keeps bringing them up, but he fails to see that in every one of those live one of them died and kept them from getting married. Luis says that isnt happening now, but she says she wish it would. She says right now he is killing their love, he is driving a stake through her heart. She tells Luis they are over, and she hands him her engagement ring. He says he doesnt want it. She says she cant wear it anymore, it makes her too sad. He suggests she keep it safe then as one day it may not make her sad. She puts it on the table, and she says the sooner he packs the sooner he can leave, assuming he is still going to go find Marty. Luis says of course that is what hes going to do. 

Meanwhile, in the other room Pilar tells Katherine that she doesnt have to wait here, she and Martin will be okay. Katherine says she has a right to be here, she is Sheridans mother. Pilar says if Sheridan needs a mothers advice then she can give it to her, afterall she was the one who was mother to Sheridan all those years that Katherine was in Mexico with her husband. Katherine says she knows, and she will never be able to thank her enough. Pilar says no she wont. Katherine says but she is here now, and she has a right to be here if Sheridan wants her here. Pilar just hopes Sheridan will be able to forgive Luis, but Gwen isnt sure given what has happened. Sheridan comes out of her room, and she says Luis is packing to leave Harmony and find Marty. They ask if she and Luis worked things out. She says now is not the time to discuss that. Luis comes out and says hell be leaving to find Marty. Pilar can tell they have not resolved anything. Luis says that is Sheridans choice, she cant stand the site of him. The girls plead with Sheridan to forgive Luis, but Luis tells them not to badger her. He says this is his fault, he should have believed her. Katherine realizes Sheridan is not wearing her ring. Sheridan says she needs time alone and asks them all to leave. Gwen leads Katherine off, and Pilar hugs Luis goodbye as she doesnt know when shell see him again. He says hell be back when he finds Marty. He asks her to tell Theresa and Paolma goodbye. Pilar tells Luis to call her, and he says he will. Martin tells Luis that he knows he hasnt forgiven him, but he loves him and will think of him. He says hell hope and pray that Luis comes back with Marty. Luis thanks him. Everyone leaves the cottage, and only Luis and Sheridan are left. He asks if he can have a hug before he leaves? She refuses and tells him not to make this harder than it is. He says she thinks he betrayed him, but he didnt. He says he made a mistake, and a big one, but hell make it up to her. He says he will bring Marty back to her. He says if then she still doesnt want to be with him then that is her choice. He says but as God as his witness he will find her son. Luis then leaves the cottage. Sheridan watches Luis go, and even calls out at him. He, however, doesnt hear her.

At the mansion, Katherine returns to find Alistair preparing for his date with Theresa. She calls Alistair a bastard for what hes done to Luis and Sheridan.

Pilar and Martn return home, and Theresa learns Beth got away with Marty and that Sheridan has broken up with Luis. Theresa asks why, they love each other and need each other. Pilar says they know, but Sheridan feels betrayed. She asks where Luis is, she wants to talk to him. Martin says he is with Sheridan right now. Theresa thinks that is good, they might be able to work things out as they are soul mates. Pilar says Theresa of all people should know that what Alistair wants broken up will remain broken up. Pilar says Alistair helped Beth escape, and he will hurt anyone who isnt on his side. They see the expression on her face, and Pilar begs Theresa to tell her that shes not going to accept Alistiars help. Theresa says she thinks Alistair is vile, but look at what she just said, it might be better to be on Alistairs side. She says look what Alistair has done to their family, to his own family. She says it would be nice to use his power for their own good. Pilar realizes Theresa is going to accept his help. Alistair calls up and Pilar answers. He asks to speak with Theresa. Pilar refuses allow Alistair to talk to Theresa. Alistair informs her that he needs to discuss plans for their dinner tonight. Pilar says she will never let Theresa go on a date with him. 


July 20, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Pilar is on the phone with Alistair calling him a sick, perverted old man. She says her little girl is not going anywhere with a monster like him. Alistair says he didnt ask Theresa out, Theresa asked him out. Pilar asks Theresa if she asked Alistair out. Theresa says she did. Pilar says all his dates end in his bed. She says she wont, but she would pay any other price to get Jane and Ethan back. Martin and Pilar both plead with Theresa not to do this, and Pilar suggests she pray to God for a solution and guidance. Theresa says she prays every day and night to get her family back, but it is clear that God hasnt answered her. Pilar says God answers all their prayers, and perhaps his silence is her answer. Theresa says perhaps God only helps those who help themselves, so that is what she is going to do. Martin says he is her father and forbids this. Theresa says he has no say in this, he abandoned them. Theresa says she is a grown woman and can do as she pleases. As Pilar yells at Theresa, Alistair is still on the phone enjoying listening to this. Theresa says her eyes are opened to Alistair and he wont hurt her. Pilar thinks Theresa is being stupid. She also points out that taking another womans husband (referring to Ethan) is shameful. Alistair asks Pilar if he can talk to his date? Pilar hands the phone to Theresa, and Alistair asks if she got his flowers. She says she did and they are gorgeous. He is glad. He says hell pick her up shortly, but another gift should be arriving soon. She says shell look forward to it. Pilar continues to beg Theresa not to do this as it is madness. Martin tells Theresa that Alistair doesnt date women, he takes them, often by force. Pilar asks if she is so adamant about dating Alistair then why did she throw away the flowers? Theresa says she didnt, Whitney did. Pilar thinks she should listen to her friend as shes a smart girl, but Theresa refuses. Pilar feels Theresas forehead to see if she has a fever. Theresa says she is fine and thinking straight for the first time in a long time. She says people who fight Alistair get nothing, so maybe she can get everything by working with him. Martin says the man drove his own wife away. Theresa says yes and into Martins arms. Pilar says that is enough, but Theresa says it is the truth. Pilar says she may not like Katherine, but all their lives have been ruined because of that man. She also tells Theresa to look at Luis and Sheridan and what has happened to them. Theresa says that kills her, but they also fought Alistair at every turn and lost. She says if she works with Alistair maybe she can get Ethan, Jane and even Marty back. Pilar tells Theresa that she is dreaming, no one beats Alistair at his own game. Pilar threatens to lock her in the garage, but Theresa says she isnt a child anymore and cant do that to her. Martin says he can though. Theresa tells him he has no right to act like her father now, but Martin says he is her father. He says protecting her from Alistair is the best protection he can give her, that man will bring her pain. She says if she fights him then yes, but she will be smarter than that. Martin thinks she is being insane. The doorbell rings, and it is the package for Theresa. Pilar wants to throw it away, but Theresa takes the gift and opens it up. Inside is a dress, a slinky red dress. Pilar says it is something a prostitute would wear. Theresa wonders how he knew her size. Pilar says because he knows how to size up a woman, he has made a career of it. Martin says she is taking that dress back. Theresa says that would be rude, he wants her to wear this so she will.

At the police station, Fancy and Noah fight with one another and bring up the Vegas thugs. Sam tells them to stop it right now. As Sam breaks up the fight, Gwen calls Ethan and asks where he is? He says hes at the police station, and he explains what happened with Spike and Jessica, and how they were all arrested thanks to Jessica. He says Ivy and Fancy came down to bail them out. Ethan asks about Sheridan, and Gwen says it is bad. She fills Ethan in on what has happened with Beth and Marty, and how Sheridan has kicked Luis out. Gwen thinks they need to be with Sheridan as she needs her friends. Meanwhile, Sam questions Fancy and Noah about Vegas, he wants to know what happened. Noah says they just overstayed their welcome at a hotel and it is nothing for him to worry about. Sam realizes they wont talk and says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Ivy says dont worry, in time Fancy will tell her. She says it was just karmic justice that Fancy was the one who bailed them out. Noah takes Fancy aside and thanks her for bailing them out as well as keeping quiet about Vegas, and he says they are even. She asks how he figures? He says he did save her life multiple times in Vegas and here in Harmony. She says yeah after he burned the club down, and she should tell his dad everything she knows about him. He says no, she already got his dad fired. He says his dad is a good guy and doesnt deserve any of this. Ivy thinks she and Fancy should go, and they take off. Sam and the boys prepare to go, but before they do they are given a restraining order to stay 100 feet away from her. Sam realizes this puts a crimp in Noahs plans, he cant leave town. Noah says hes not going anywhere, Kay and Jessica both need him. Sam says Harmony is a quiet little town, he cant promise him the excitement hes seen elsewhere. Noah says hes tired of running around and wants some happiness. He says hell take a hint from the Wizard of Oz and look for happiness in his own backyard.

On the wharf, Kay falls on top of Fox, and he says she can thank him for cushioning her fall. She refuses. She gets up to walk off, but she trips. Fox catches her before she falls into the ocean. He picks her up, and she tells him to let her go, so he says okay and drops her! Kay is furious with him. She ends up slipping on a bunch of slimy fish bait left on the wharf, and Fox laughs. She cant stand up on her own and asks if hes going to help her, and he eventually does. Kay says ew shes covered in slime. He says she is, and it is disgusting. She thanks him for all his help. Fox says she hasnt changed since they were kids. She says she didnt know him. He says he knew her though. He talks about a forth of July party in town he attended before his mom shipped him off, and how there was this big mighty morphin power rangers piata. He says he hit the piata and cracked it open, it was a good day until she started hitting him with the stick. She says that was you? She says she only did that because he was trying to take all the candy and wouldnt share. She says he was Crane even then, always out for himself. Fox says fine, she doesnt like Cranes then hell leave her. He takes off, and she slips again. Fox returns to help her, only Kay ends up falling into the river! She screams for help, and he asks if she cant swim? She says of course, so he says what is with the drama? Fox goes down to help her by extending a hand, but when she calls him a creep he drops her back into the ocean and leaves her in the water.

Tabitha and Endora spy on Fox and Kay and Tabitha says Kay is about to get herself into a whole new world of trouble. They also spy on Sam and Noah, and Tabitha cant believe Noah is staying in town to get Jessica back on track. She wonders what is wrong with those goody-goody Bennetts, she thought when Grace left town theyd lose the good streak. Tabitha returns to watching Kay and Fox together and comments about how Kay is so dim in the romance department.

Luis heads to the church, lights a candle, and prays for help bringing Marty back to Sheridan. He doesnt understand how God lets bad things happen to good people, and he says Sheridan is practically a saint on earth. He says Alistair, who is practically the devil, gets away with everything. Luis says Alistair should be punished, and he asks for a sign that he has his blessing to kill Alistair. Father Lonigan tells Luis not to talk to God like that, he will take care of Alistair in his own way and it isnt Luis job. Father Lonigan says violence is never the answer, and it is not Luis job to judge. Luis says he is a cop, sometimes violence is the only answer and Alistair deserves to die. Luis asks Father Lonigan if he can give him absolution before he commits a sin? Father Lonigan says he knows the answer, and if the sin is murder then he is putting his soul in danger. Luis says he has no soul without Sheridan anyways. Luis then leaves. 

At the cottage, Sheridan cries over a photo of Marty and wonders where Beth has taken him. She says she has lost her little boy as Luis failed her and didnt stop Beth. Sheridan says she knows her father wont let Luis find Marty, and he will search and search forever. Sheridan says she has lost Luis and her son, her life is over. Sheridan heads into her room and finds a bottle of sleeping pills. She says she forgot she had these. She lies down on the bed and says she is so tired. Later, Gwen and Ethan show up, and Gwen finds Sheridan is in her bedroom with the door locked. Gwen is worried that Sheridan might do something, what if she tries to hurt herself? Ethan asks for a screwdriver to take the door of the hinges. Gwen thinks she should go peak in the bedroom window. Sheridan shows up and apologizes for not answering them. She says she is fine, she just needed time to think. Gwen doesnt think she should be alone, and she offers to spend the night. She says no, and actually shes going out to get some air. She tells them not to worry, but they say they love her. Sheridan says she is fine, but she does have things to settle with her father. Sheridan takes off, and Ethan and Gwen discuss how vulnerable Sheridan is and how they have to be there for her.

At the mansion, Katherine tells Alistair that what he is doing to Theresa is sickening. Alistair thinks Theresa will benefit from the experience, and he says its been a long time since he had a threesome. Katherine slaps him and says shed rather bed dead, as would Theresa. Alistair tells her that she always resorts to violence, and that is what she gets from consorting with the lower classes. Katherine says he is going to corrupt that innocent young girl. Alistair says Theresa is hardly innocent, she has two bastard children. Alistair says Theresa has slept with Julian and Ethan. He says Theresa just saved the best for last, him. Katherine says he is an evil spider who preys on young and innocent victims. When Katherine brings up Rachel as an example, he becomes angry. He says he loved Rachel. Katherine says but Rachel never loved him, and he kept her prisoner. He says until Sheridan killed her. Katherine asks if that is why he hates Sheridan so? He says what he does and feels is none of her concern. She says he is evil and to burn in hell. Later, Alistair enjoys a drink and thinks about giving Theresa her baby back in return for a little sex. In his fantasy Theresa screams out how magnificent he is. As Alistair is smoking and enjoying his fantasy, Luis shows up, cuts the lights, and holds a knife to his throat. Then Sheridan walks in and finds Luis with a knife to Alistairs throat.


July 21, 2005
On the wharf, Kay is in the water and yelling at Fox calling him a typical Crane. He says he tried to help her but she kept calling him names. He says hell help her if she says the magic word. Kay says shell say please over his dead body. Tabitha and Endora continue to spy on Kay and Fox, and she thinks maybe they should help Kay out. They decide to send her a helping fin. Back on the wharf, Kay and Fox continue to argue. Kay ends up saying she cant climb up the ladder with all the slime on her hands, so she needs help. He says she still hasnt said the magic word. Kay says when she gets up there he will pay. Suddenly Fox sees a shark and rushes to help Kay. Tabitha and Endora watch and Tabitha thinks it is so much fun. She says mortals can find super-human strength when faced with danger. Fox ends up jumping in the water and saves Kay from the shark. They manage to get up to the docks before the shark gets them. Fox smacks it with an oar, and the shark bites it. Fox says that was close. Kay thanks him. Fox walks her home, and she invites him in for some tea and to warm up. He says that sounds great. Tabitha covers her magic bowl and welcomes them in. She asks if they went swimming? Kay says no she fell off the dock on the wharf, and Fox says she pulled him in. She says not on purpose. Fox goes to make a fire, and Kay makes some tea. Tabitha whispers to Endora that man is her half-brother. When Tabitha sees Kay and Fox touching one another as they put more logs in the fire place, she says she sees sparks and not from the fire place. Tabitha says something is going on between them, and shes not sure she likes the idea. 

Fancy and Ivy return to the mansion. Fancy wants to get to bed, but Ivy says they arent through. Ivy still wants Fancy to fix the damage she caused. She doesnt want Sams life ruined because of Fancys problems with Noah. Fancy says shell talk to grandfather, but she cant guarantee hell listen. Ivy tells her to make Alistair listen as says Sam doesnt deserve this. Fancy says Sam threw her out of his house, he doesnt care about her so why does she care about him? Ivy says she still cares for Sam, and he is going through a horrible time with Jessica. Fancy says Jessica is one very messed up teen. Ivy says she is, and that is why she wants to help Sam get through this. She tells Fancy she must convince Alistair to leave Sam alone. Fancy says she will try for Sam, but she doesnt owe her mother any favors. She says her, Fox and her sister were raised at boarding school, and Alistair was the only one who paid her attention. Ivy says she knows, and she was just so miserable with Julian and all she wanted was to be with Sam. Fancy says if she had stayed with Sam then they all would have been better off. Fancy says instead of a perfect little girl, she got a self-centered kid who is just like her mother. They soon start talking about Julian and Eve, and Ivy says Eve was the only woman Julian has ever really loved. Fancy tells her mom that she made her own bed, she married for money, position and power and she got what she wanted. Ivy says she wanted Sam. Fancy asks so why did he throw her out? Ivy explains that she lied about Jessica to Sam, and Sam threw her out. Fancy asks how she moved in with Sam in the first place. She says she heard something about Graces old husband coming back. Ivy says Grace had amnesia and had a husband she didnt remember. Fancy says that is weird, and she asks if her mother knew about Graces past? Ivy has a flash of Kay confronting her about the truth, that Ivy brought David to Harmony and made him lie to Sam and Grace about being Graces first husband. Fancy asks her mom what is wrong, she looks ill. She asks if her mom is keeping a deep dark secret? Fancy realizes Ivy is keeping a secret, but Ivy says shes not. Fancy says she doesnt care what her secret is, but she doesnt want her pointing fingers at her. She tells her mom not to get upset when she acts just like her, after all she has her mothers genes.

Sam and Noah drive home, and Sam is glad Noah is staying. Samn says its been a long time since they talked. Noah says he misses his moms tomato soup cake. Sam says as much as he loved his mother, that cake was awful. Noah says he loved it, but Sam says he also ate worms as a kid. They have a talk about Grace and David, and how hard it was for Sam to accept the truth. Noah asks about Ivy and her moving in and out. Sam explains how they do have a history, and he recaps Noah on his history with Ivy before he met and married Grace. He also explains how Ivy was pregnant with his son, Ethan, but kept it a secret. Noah says he knows Ivy was living at the house with them for awhile. Sam says she was, but Ivy lied to him about what Jessica was up to. He says Ivy thought she was protecting him, but it was more secrets and lies. He says he couldnt deal with anymore. Sam ends up driving them in circles so they can talk. Sam thanks Noah for staying in Harmony for awhile to help him deal with Jessica. He also hopes Noah will give up gambling and meet someone nice to settle down with. Sam says he knows the way he and Fancy were looking at each other, but Noah says no way. He says they are like oil and water, and besides she is a Crane.

Back at the mansion, Ethan and Gwen are arguing because Ethan compared their situation with Theresa to Sheridans situation. Ethan made a comment about how they both have had their children stolen. Gwen is not happy with him. Ethan says it was a poor choice of words. Gwen thinks he actually feels bad that they have custody of his daughter. He says he feels bad for Theresa because they know what it is like to lose a child. Gwen says that is because of Theresa. Gwen says there is no comparison between Sheridan and Theresa, Sheridan is a saint and Theresa is the devil. Ethan apologizes and says he didnt mean to lump Theresa and Sheridan together. He also says they cant go on like this, constantly fighting with Theresa. He says they have to make peace with her. Gwen says they have tried and Theresa is the one trying to take him and Jane from her. Ethan says and she wont be able to, her bag of tricks is empty. Gwen says it will never be empty and Theresa will never stop trying to take him and Jane and make her life a living hell. Ethan and Gwen get ready for bed, and they keep arguing about Theresa. Ethan says there is nothing more Theresa can do to them and he has told Theresa that he wont leave his wife. Gwen thinks Theresa wont accept it, but Ethan says she is defeated and beaten and she knows it. He says there is no reason for Gwen to worry. Gwen says theyll see. Ethan doesnt know what else to do or say, he has made it clear that he wont be with Theresa. Gwen says Theresa is like the phoenix, but Ethan says there is nothing else Theresa can do to them.

At the mansion, Luis sneaks up on Alistair in the study, cuts the lights, and holds a knife to his throat. Sheridan walks in and finds Luis threatening her father. Luis tells Alistair that he could kill him right now. Sheridan gasps as she sees what is going on. Luis demands to know where Beth and Marty are. He says even if he did know, he wouldnt tell him while hes acting like this. Luis knows what he is up to, he is still trying to keep him and Sheridan apart. He demands to know where Beth and Marty are. Alistair asks why he is here, why isnt he off looking for them now. Luis says he will find them and then he and Sheridan will be together forever. Alistair laughs and says Sheridan is finished with him, he has lost her. Sheridan continues to watch everything unfold from the doorway. Alistair breaks away from Luis, and Alistair says he should have Luis killed for this, but that would spoil his fun of watching him search for Marty the rest of his life. Luis says he will find Marty and Alistair will pay. Alistair tells Luis to get off it, he could have shot Beth several times but didnt, why not? Sheridan walks in and says shed like to know the answer to that question too. Sheridan asks Luis why he didnt shoot Beth? He says he couldnt get a clear shot, and she was unarmed. Alistair says Luis didnt have a guts and he blew it. Luis says Alistair helped her get away. Alistair just taunts Luis over the fact that he couldnt shoot a criminal. He asks Luis if he shouldnt be off looking for his son? Luis says he is going. Sheridan then says she wanted to let her father know that now she is a true Crane. She says she can be just as vindictive as him, and she will never forgive him. He says hes glad she developed a backbone. She says he wont be glad when shes finished with him. He says my my, Im looking forward to the challenge. Alistair excuses himself as he has an important date. When Luis tries to speak, she tells him to just save it. Luis is afraid to leave her alone here with Alistair, but Sheridan says shell be fine and he should go and find Marty. Luis says he will, and that he loves her. He says no matter how long he is gone and how far he goes, shell always be in his heart. Sheridan says if he finds Marty then they can talk about the two of them. He says goodbye and walks out of the mansion. Later we see Luis get in his car and drive away.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa puts on the sleazy red dress that Alistair sent her. Martin and Pilar refuse to let Theresa leave the house dressed like a hooker. Theresa says Alistair sent her this dress so she will wear it. They ask her how she can consider this, whatever he is promising her it isnt worth it. Pilar tells Theresa to think of her children. Theresa says that is all she thinks about, all she thinks about is being a family with her children and Ethan. She says she is doing this to get Ethan and Jane back. Pilar says at least cover herself up, and to behave like a lady in front of that pig. Theresa says she wont sleep him, it is only dinner. Pilar says Alistair doesnt just do dinner. Theresa says their family has always been at the mercy of the Cranes, and she wont be like the rest of them. She says she is going to take control of her life and Alistair is the one to give her that control. Theresa puts on some make-up, and Pilar tells her to stop as she is painting her face like a street walker. Martin begs Theresa not to do this, but Theresa says he has no say in this. Theresa says because he left them, Pilar had to wait on the Cranes hand and foot. Theresa says well she will use Alistair to get what she wants. Pilar says no one uses Alistair, he will use her and then throw her away when hes done. Martin says he knows she is bitter that he had to leave, but Theresa says he didnt have to leave, he wanted to leave to be with Katherine. Pilar says that is beside the point, they are trying to repair this family now and they both agree that her going out with Alistair is a huge mistake. Theresa says she knows Alistair can help her get Jane and Ethan back. She thinks if Gwen and Rebecca realize she is on Alistairs side that theyll end up showing their hand, that they sent the email to the tabloid about Ethans paternity. Pilar says those two women are clever and will have covered their tracks. Theresa says that is why she needs Alistairs help, he can shake them up. Pilar tells Theresa that she is so naive, no one uses Alistair Crane. Pilar says not to trust Alistair. Theresa says she wont trust him, but she does have to get close enough to find out how to use him. Theresa says somehow she will convince Alistair to get Jane and Ethan back for her. The doorbell rings, Theresa answers it and it is Alistair. Theresa thanks him for the flowers and the dress. He says she looks gorgeous, and suggests they head off. Martin goes berserk and charges Alistair.



July 22 , 2005

In Vegas, the mobster orders his goons to go to Harmony and find the guy and girl and kill them both. They are given a photo which shows Noahs face clearly, but only the back of Fancys head. Two of the mobsters board a plane to Harmony to look for Noah and his girl. 

At the mansion, Fancy tells her mom not to judge her and what she does. Fancy says her mother has probably done a whole lot worse than her. Fancy storms off, and Ivy says if Fancy only knew. Later, Fancy plans on going out to have fun. Ivy says it is late, but Fancy says her mom cant tell her what to do, she has never been there for her so dont start now. Ivy says she does love her, and she sees the way she lives her life with the parties and the men. Ivy says one day shell have to settle down. Fancy says today isnt that day, for now shes keeping her dance card full. She tells her mom not to wait up as she needs her beauty sleep. 

Gwen checks on Jane and then returns to the bedroom. Ethan is now overlooking Sams contract to try and get him his job back. Gwen asks him to be careful and not let Alistair know what hes up to. Ethan says Alistair knows, and that he told Alistair and then told him off. Gwen cant believe to hear what happened and asks if he has lost his mind? She says Alistair will come after them now. Gwen fears Alistair is going to fire him now, but Ethan says he has a contract, and Alistair knows he needs him at Crane Industries. Gwen says still he has crossed Alistair and no one gets away with that. She thinks his being arrested tonight has something to do with this, but Ethan says no. Ethan says that was all about Jessica and had nothing to do with Alistair. Gwen says he still crossed the line, so they need to leave Harmony. Ethan refuses. He says it will take more then big old bad Alistair for him to leave. Ethan says he is also not going to give up on getting his fathers job back. Gwen says she understands, but he has to see that Alistair will come after them. Ethan says even if they left town Alistair could still find them. He also says if they left then it wouldnt be fare to Theresa as theyd be taking Jane from her, and it would affect the custody decision made by the courts. Ethan says if they leave Harmony then theyll have to leave Jane behind. Gwen asks if hes worried about leaving Jane or Theresa? He says Jane of course, he has made it clear to Theresa that hes out of her life except as Janes father. Gwen says fine, but shes still afraid of what Alistair might do. Gwen says now she has to worry about Alistair and Theresa. Ethan says they will be fine. Gwen then has a horrible thought, what if Alistair and Theresa join forces? Ethan says get real, Theresa knows better than to get involved with Alistair. Gwen isnt so sure, but he says he is. Ethan says Theresa hates Alistair for what hes done to her and her family. Ethan says Theresa would never betray herself and her family to join forces with Alistair.

Spike and Jessica are back on the street. Jessica asks if they can put this off till tomorrow as it is hard to act sexy when she thinks about what happened with her father and brothers earlier this evening. Spike reminds her why she is doing this, and he plies her with more drugs to get her over her jitters. 

Meanwhile, Noah and Sam are still driving around. Noah insists he wants to meet a nice quiet girl and have a nice life, and Fancy is not the girl for him. He says she lives in the spot light. Sam plans to drop Noah off at home and wants him to just relax and enjoy himself, but he has to do something. Noah realizes Sam is going after Jessica, and he wants to go. Sam says no, he is doing this on his own. He tells Noah not to worry though, he wont get arrested twice in one night.

Sam watches Jessica on the streets walking around in some fishnet stalking dress. He wonders how it came to this, and he thinks about the sweet little girl he raised. Spike shows up and wonders why Jessica still hasnt got any customers. He also sees her dad aways away in his car. Jessica asks him not to do anything, and Spike says he wont as long as Sam doesnt violate the restraining order. Spike says he is glad her dad is watching her and sees what he turned her into. He laughs, and she asks what is so funny? He says nothing, its just he used to be such a big shot. Later, Jessica also thinks about when she was little and the time she spent with her father. Later, the door to Sams car open, he looks, and says you came back. Its not Jessica, it is Ivy. She has come to offer help in any way she can. She says there may be a restraining order against Sam, but not against her. Ivy offers to try and talk to Jessica. He says okay. She says she has made mistakes, but she does care. Sam says he believes her. Ivy approaches Jessica to talk to her. She says both she and her dad are worried about her. Jessica tells Ivy to spare her. She says Ivy is just being nice to get on her dads good side again. Jessica tells Ivy to leave and take her father with her as shes trying to work. Ivy says Jessica cant sell herself to men for money. Jessica says why not, she sold herself to Julian for money. Ivy says that is not true and her father forced her to marry Julian. Jessica says so she sold herself to one man, she is still a whore. Jessica tells Ivy she doesnt need her or her fathers help so go. Ivy returns to Sam, and Sam says well she tried. Sam even wonders if Jessica knows he loves her. He says he thinks it is just a word to Jessica, and talk is cheap. He says he wishes there was a way he could prove he cares about her. Meanwhile, Jessica thinks her dad doesnt love her, he wants to control her. She says Spike is her family now. 

Elsewhere, the Vegas mobsters show up and talk with Spike, they apparently know him. They show him a photo of Noah. Spike IDs him and tells them where they can find Noah. Fancys face isnt in the shot, so Spike cant ID her. Spike asks what they want with them, and the mobsters tell him that Noah and his girl have trouble their way for stealing money from the boss. Spike says sweet, more pain for the Bennetts, Viva Las Vegas.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin grabs Alistair as hes about to leave with Theresa. He says hes not taking his daughter anywhere, and if he touches his daughter he will kill him. Alistair warns Martin not to do anything rash that will cost him his future with his family and wife. Pilar says Alistair is right and to let it go. Martin lets Alistair go, and Alistair wipes some blood off his face. Theresa asks if her father cut his face? Alistair says no, Luis did that earlier tonight. He says Luis blamed him for Beth stealing Marty, when it was his own fault she escaped. Alistair laughs and says all the members of this family seem to blame someone else for their failures. He says for example, Martin has no one to blame for his leaving his family but himself. Martin becomes upset and says that isnt tru, but Theresa stops them from fighting. She says she and Alistair are going out and she suggests to Alistair that they go. Pilar says no, she wont let Theresa go to dinner with this man. Alistair says all this fighting is giving him an appetite. Pilar tells him to go eat alone and choke on his food. Theresa asks for a moment with her mother, so Alistair waits outside. Martin follows and refuses to let Alistair out of his site until he leaves. Alistair says hes not leaving without Theresa. Alistair says Martin defending heart and home is hilarious, especially since Theresa is no virgin. He says shes slept with almost every Crane man out there. Martin tells him to shut up. Alistair says no, and Martin shouldnt be playing daddy when he was never one to her to begin with. Martin tells Alistair he is no model father either, he destroys everyone around her. Martin says he wont let his daughter be Alistairs next victim. Meanwhile, Pilar says this is the craziest thing Theresa has done. Theresa says it is just dinner, but Pilar says Theresa will be dessert. Pilar says Alistair hates this family and he is out to destroy them all. Theresa says Alistair will help her get Jane back. Pilar says Alistair doesnt hurt people, he destroys them. She says this dinner is only the beginning and Alistair will take her very soul. Theresa says shes going out and that is it. Theresa heads outside and tells her father to stop attacking Alistair. Theresa then leaves on her date with Alistair. Later, Martin and Pilar discuss how their daughter is no match for Alistair. Pilar is so worried about what Alistair could do to her.

Alistair and Theresa take off in his limo, and Theresa says this is no ordinary limo. Alistair breaks out the champagne and toasts to a lovely evening. He also says she looks so lovely in that dress. She thanks him and says the dress is beautiful. He says as beautiful as it is on her, shed be much more alluring with it off. Theresa asks what he is saying? Alistair tries to kiss her, and she asks what hes doing. He says fulfilling a promise to make this an unforgettable night, and then he forces himself on her.

Edna is at the Blue Note dirty dancing with her hunks to the tune of Its Raining Men. The men say she is wearing them out, but she says there is much more to come tonight. Liz watches her and says some women have no shame. The bartender says not many women that age dance like that. Liz says nor with men like that. Liz then thinks the woman looks very familiar. Noah shows up to order a gin and tonic, but the bartender says the lady over there cleaned them out of gin. Noah changes it to a vodka tonic. The bartender recognizes him as a guy playing in a card game awhile back, and Noah says good memory but hes sworn off cards and troublesome women. Meanwhile, Fancy shows up and Liz seats her at a table. Noah continues to rant to the bartender about how hes sworn off women for awhile. Elsewhere, Liz checks on Edna and says she so reminds her of someone. Edna says perhaps Demi Moore? Edna orders some champagne, and then tells the boys they will drink more, dance more and then go to bed. The boys say she is wearing them out. Edna says fine, take five and rest up because she has plans for them. She says its the Edna 2 for 1 special. Edna decides to join Fancy because she looks like a girl who knows how to party. She wonders why Fancy is alone. Fancy says it is her choice. Edna offers to find her a hunky guy, but Fancy says shes not interested in meeting anyone tonight. Edna says shes not talking about anyone, shes talking about her soul mate. She thinks she can find Fancys soul mate, and when she was younger she was known as Harmonys best match maker. She says her only mistake was the man who sired her daughter. She says shell be back in a flash with the man she is meant to be with. Later, Edna fixes Fancy up with the man she is destined to be with. Fancy and Noah both see one another and says You! They tell Edna she made a huge mistake, but Edna stands by her match and says they are meant for one another. 

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