July 25, 2005

At Tabithas place, Tabitha fans herself and says it is hot as blazes in here and she doesnt know how the boys in the basement live like this 24/7. She asks Fox and Kay if they havent warmed up yet? Kay says they still have a ways to go. Fox suggests to Kay that next time she wants to fall off the wharf she do it in the day light as it will be warmer and they can see any sharks that might attack them. Kay says she was reaching for Marias favorite stuffed animal, she wasnt planning on taking the plunge. Fox says he wasnt planning on saving her. Kay says he made her beg, but he says he asked her nicely to say please. Kay asks why he is still here, and Fox says good question. Tabitha tells Endora that things are heating up in here and she doesnt mean the fire. Later, Edna uses her magic to summon up a fire extinguisher so Tabitha can put out the fire. Tabitha sprays the fire, and Fox and Kay asked what she did that for? Kay says they are still cold. Tabitha says that is a pity because it is too bloody hot in here. Maria begins crying, so Kay runs off to tend to her. Tabitha talks to Endora about how her half-brother is very cute. Fox tells Tabitha that her house is very interesting. Tabitha thanks him and says most young people think her abode is odd, and children run screaming from it. She says she is of a certain age and lives with a large cat so children think she is a witch. Fox says he never came her as a kid, and then his parents shipped him off to boarding school. Tabitha says to each their own, but she couldnt let Endora go anywhere. HE says because she is a good mother like Kay is. Tabitha thanks him and says he is most kind. She offers him something cold to drink. He says a soda would be good. She goes to get him one, but Endora conjures one up for him. Fox wonders where it came from and asks Endora if it is for him. He says Endora must have had it tucked away in her high chair. Fox spends some time with the always cute Endora. He tells her how cute she is, quiet but cute. Fox says she reminds him of his sisters when they were her age. Tabitha asks how he could possibly remember what his sisters looked like at Endoras age as he was a little tike. He says he remembers seeing pictures. Kay shows up with Maria, and Tabitha decides to put Endora to bed. Fortunately Fox isnt looking as Endora shoots out of her chair like a rocket and flies to the other side of the room to see Fox. Fox sees her on the floor below him and asks how she got down here. Tabitha says shes quite the little acrobat. Fox says at this rate shell be flying around the room in no time. Kay laughs and then tells Tabitha to get Endora out of here before Fox realizes she is a witch. Kay distracts Fox while Tabitha tries to catch Endora, who is flying around the room behind them. Tabitha catches Endora and says now she knows she likes Fox, but they cant let on that he is her half-brother. She tells Endora no more supernatural flirting. 

Sam and Ivy sit in Sams car and watch Jessica work the streets. Ivy says as long as they can see Jessica then they know shes safe. Sam says he will stay out here all night if he has to, he wont let Jessica sell herself. Spike yells at Jessica to work it, show some leg. The Vegas thugs are still with Spike, and he informs them where Noah lives. They plan on forcing Noah to tell them who the girl is and then kill them both. Spike thinks Sam is going to lose big time tonight. Meanwhile, Sam feels frustrated that he cant save Jessica. Two men stop and ask Jessica how much for the both of them. She asks together, and the guys say more like each of them taking turns. Spike shows up to try and broker the deal. Sam then shows up and says shes not for sale, get out of here before he calls the cops. Spike tells Sam that he is costing him business so get the hell out of here. Sam begs Jessica to come home with him. Spike says shes not in prison. Jessica goes to Spike and says shes staying with Spike. Jessica tells her dad to go away and leave them alone. Ivy tells Sam to come on as there is nothing else he can do. Spike threatens to call the cops on Sam. Ivy begs Sam to leave as he cant afford to be arrested again. Sam damns Spike and goes with Ivy. Jessica looks upset, and Spike tells her not to worry and shell be turning tricks soon. Later another car shows up and Jessica goes over to talk to the man driving. He tells Jessica to get in and hell give her a ride. Sam and Ivy watch Jessica get in the guys car. Spike then shows up at Sams car to gloats, but Sam says hes going to stop Jessica and then kill Spike. The car with Jessica in it speeds off as Sam yells at Jessica not to go.

At the mansion, Ethan is still trying to convince Gwen that Theresa would never in a million years team up with Alistair. Gwen says she wishes she could be as sure as he is, but every time she thinks Theresa has pulled her last trick she manage to unleash some new hell on them. Gwen says she wouldnt put it past Theresa to team up with Alistair. Ethan says there is only one way to deal with her. Gwen says stuff her in a box and send her on a midnight train to Georgia? Ethan says no, forget about her. He says they should go out and focus a little time on the two of them. Gwen agrees, but she doesnt know how they can go out with Jane here. Ethan says the nanny is here and so is Katherine. He tells her to get dressed, and she says okay. 

In the limo, Theresa fights off Alistairs advances. Theresa tells him to get a hold of himself, but he says hed rather get a hold of her. She says there is plenty of time for that later. She tells herself as in never. Theresa suggests they get to know one another and talk. He says she has known him her whole life. Theresa says no she knows of him, but she doesnt know him the man. He says he was trying to show her that. Theresa says he really does have a one track mind. He says speaking of trains and tunnels . . He remembers they are supposed to be talking. He says he remember when she was a baby and lived on the estate. Theresa says yes, her family lived in the cottage. He remembers when she was born, and how happy Pilar and Martin were to have a daughter. They talk about the past, and how Theresa married and had a baby with Julian. She thanks him for keeping her from being executed when she was convicted of killing Julian. Alistair says he knew she didnt do it. Theresa asks if he knows who did, and he says maybe. Alistair begins to think about all the people who have tried to kill him over the years. Theresa, to herself, says too bad nobody succeeded. Alistair says he can read her mind, and he knows she is thinking it is a shame nobody has killed him yet. Theresa says no she wasnt, but then admits that the thought entered her mind. He says she has spunk and backbone, some women fear him. She says for good reason. He says true, but she is fearless and determined. He says she has chutzpah, and that deserves to be rewarded. She asks how he plans to do that? He says by showing her the time of her life and helping her dreams come true. He tells her to just sit back , relax and enjoy the ride. 

The thugs break into Sams house and search, but nobody is home. They were hoping to take a hostage to force Noah to meet them. They find a matchbook from the Blue Note and thinks maybe Noah is there with his lady friend. 

At the Blue Note, Edna tells Noah and Fancy to kiss, make up and get a room, they are soul mates. She tells them to trust her, she is a good matchmaker. Fancy says shed rather die first, and Noah says be his guest. She goes to walk off, trips, and Noah catches her. Edna says as she told them, perfect for each other. 

Julian and Eve show up at the Blue Note, and they see that Whitney is performing tonight. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else? Eve says no, he wanted to come here. She says she might not like Whitney singing, but she does like her voice. Julian suggests they get a table otherwise Liz will seat them in a dumpster in the alley. They walk in and Julian sees Fancy. He walks over and gives her a hug, and Eve gives Noah a hug. Edna asks what about her? Eve and Julian are stunned to see the made over Edna. Edna tells Eve she doesnt need to wear diapers anymore, and Julian says that is too much information. Fancy is stunned by Julians appearance and says he looks happier then she has seen him in ages. He says he is because of Eve. Fancy shakes Eves hand and says she heard they were an item now. Edna says Noah and Fancy are an item too, they just dont know it yet. Julian says theyll leave them all to it. Julian says hell catch up with Fancy later. Eve and Julian leave, and Edna continues to try and play matchmaker with Noah and Fancy. She asks them to give it a shot, what is the worse thing that could happen? Edna tells them to dance, but neither wants to dance with the other. The two hunks show up after having found some cheese in the kitchen. Noah cant believe they are with her, and she says they are her dates. Edna takes them off to dance. Noah and Fancy stare at one another, and Noah excuses him to talk to someone he sees that he knows. He goes over to a woman, and Fancy scoffs. 

Later, Whitney takes to the stage to sing. Julian says it is incredible how much Whitney sounds like Eve. Eve just hopes Whitney wont follow in her path. Julian says shes not drinking tonight, and no matter what happens Eve shouldnt blame herself. Julian says Whitney has chosen to live a lie in spite of seeing what happened to her mother. Julian says the truth is that Eves problems started with him, but she tells him not to blame himself. Julian says he should have asked her to marry him a lifetime ago. He says he loves her so much, and he suggests they dance. Later, Julian begins talking about how when he created this Blue Note he hoped theyd be sitting her together once again. He says she made him happy back then, and she makes him happy now. He says he should have asked her this years ago back in the old Blue Note, but fate and his father were against it. He says so hes asking her now. He produces a ring and asks Eve to marry him. 

Theresa and Alistair show up at the Blue Note, and Alistair is shocked to see Edna looking good and smelling good. Edna and the boys head off, and Liz greets Alistair and Theresa. She thinks they cant possibly be here together, but he says they are on a date, and theyd like a private table. She says of course and leads them off. Liz asks what she can bring them, and Alistair orders her best French champagne and caviar. Theresa cant believe Edna is shaking her groove thing with those two hunts. Alistair says one would think her dirty dancing days were behind her. Theresa wonders how she turned back the clock. 

Edna dances with the hunks, and the hunks tell Edna they dont have much longer as come midnight they will turn into rats! She says rats, Tabitha never mentioned this. Edna says that witch, Tabitha knows she has to keep her quiet and to do so means keeping her happy. Edna says Tabitha will have to make up for this or else. Edna and her men conga out of the Blue Note, and they turn into rats. Edna says this just proves what shes always said, men are rats. 

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the Blue Note, they say high to Noah and then go to talk to Fancy. Fancy is not having a good time and says she has had enough of this dump and will see them back at the mansion. She leaves, and Gwen wonders what her problem is. Ethan says there is no telling. As Fancy is leaving, the thugs show up and think she is the girl in the photo. They chase after her, and Noah sees this. He rushes after all of them. They men end up kidnapping Fancy, and they throw her into a car and drive off as Noah yells.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen are dancing, and Gwen says it is heaven not having to think about Theresa. Ethan says like he said, there is no way Theresa will get involved with Alistair. They walk to their table and see Alistair kissing on Theresa. 

Sheridan is at the cottage and continues to think about Marty. She hopes one day she, Marty and Luis will all be together her again. She says right now she has a score to settle. Sheridan then heads out. Sheridan heads out to the park to clear her head and think about her next move. She cant stop thinking about Marty though, and she fantasizes about playing in the sand box with Marty. Katherine shows up to comfort Sheridan. Katherine asks why shes out here so late. Sheridan says the cottage is so empty without Marty. Katherine says and Luis, and Sheridan says she supposes. Katherine suggests Sheridan come stay with her at the mansion, but Sheridan says she cant be under the same roof as father. Sheridan doesnt know how her mom can either. Katherine knows why she is doing it, but she claims she moved back to be close to the family. Katherine begs Sheridan to come back to the mansion with her, but Sheridan says she cant take the chance of running into father. She damns her father for what hes done to them all. She says Alistair has helped Beth from the start, and she has been too helpless and weak when it comes to father. She says she is Alistair Cranes daughter and it is time she start acting like it. She says shell ruin fathers life just like he ruined hers, and she will enjoy it. Katherine asks her not to do this, she is not capable of taking on Alistair alone. Sheridan says that is what Alistair believes, and when he least expects it she will strike and make his life as miserable as he has her life. Katherine begs Sheridan not to lower herself to Alistairs level, he is too vile and cruel for her to take on alone. Sheridan says she has been alone her entire life because of father. She says she wont be a victim anymore, she will crush father and get her revenge. Sheridan says she needs time to be alone, to think and plan. She tells her mom to go home. Katherine says she will go back, but she will call her later. Suddenly a little boy runs out of the woods and yells Mommy! Sheridan thinks he is Marty, and she hugs him.  


July 26, 2005

Mrs. Wallace and her two rats head to Tabithas. Edna is angry that her dates turned back into rats and she wants Tabitha to pay for this.

At Tabithas, Kay and Fox are still playing with Endora, and Fox begins thinking about Miles and how Chad wont let him see his own son. Meanwhile, Tabitha wishes Endora would stop making googely eyes at Fox because he is her half-brother. Later they play patty cake with Endora, and Tabitha decides that it is Endoras bed time. She says it is a shame that Fox cant play with his own little tike this way, and it is so tragic that he and Sheridan will miss out with so many times with their children. Kay says they dont know that Sheridan wont get Marty back. Tabitha realizes they havent heard the news. Tabitha tells them that Alistair helped Beth escape with Marty. Kay calls him a freak, and Fox cant believe his grandfather would do that to his own daughter. Tabitha says it turns out that Beth is also Alistairs daughter. Kay asks how that is possible? Edna walks in and says she was a looker in her day. Kay sees Edna and tells her that she looks . . . .Edna says the word is hot. Edna has a bone to pick with Tabitha for costing her two hunks this evening, and then she starts flirting with Fox and thinks he can make up for her other dates. Kay giggles and leaves to check on Maria. Fox thinks he should go too. Fox and Kay end up leaving together, and Edna scolds Tabitha for setting her up with two rats. Tabitha says she was hoping Edna would have finished with them before midnight. Edna says she wants the man Tabitha promised her. Tabitha tells Edna that she is so crass. Edna threatens to reveal Tabithas dark secret unless Tabitha gets her a man, something really tasty. They conjure her up a drink, and Edna says this will do until the man shows up. Tabitha says she and Endora are tired and going to bed, but Enda wants some entertainment. Tabitha says tough. Edna tells her that shes about as much fun as a wet noodle. Endora ends up conjuring a bowl of wet noodles and dumps them all over Edna. Edna is not pleased and demands Tabitha conjure up Brad Pitt for her pleasure. Tabitha says she might be able to conjure up a look-alike, but Edna wants the real deal. Edna says she wants to be wined and dined and goes to movie premiers on Brads arm. Tabitha says she cant do that. Edna says then shes going to call the police and Harmony Harold and tell them all about her and Endora. Tabitha becomes angry and wants her daughter left out of this. Endora and Tabitha zap the phone out of Ednas hand, but their beams cross and hit a globe. Tabitha says this is going to be very bad, they shouldnt have allowed their beams to cross. The globe glows and flies through the air. Edna is knocked out, and suddenly an earthquake hits. 

Meanwhile, Kay and Fox are outside end up arguing over what happened to Sheridan. Kay wants Fox to do something. Fox says the last time he ran off to find a baby his grandfather helped kidnapped he was almost killed. Kay thinks Fox is chicken. He says Luis is already looking for Marty, and if his grandfather doesnt want them found then they wont be. He says besides he has to focus on his sick son here in Harmony. She calls him a typical selfish Crane, only thinking about his and his own. Fox says Oh and of course your not selfish at all. Fox says he thought she was different but he was wrong. He says hes out of here, and she says good riddens. 

Sam and Ivy watch Jessica speed off in a car with a man. Spike gloats to Sam that at least his daughter is going to make some money off of it. He laughs at Sams pain. Sam speeds off after the guy with Jessica. Ivy reminds him about the restraining order, but Sam doesnt care. Ivy asks if she could be high, and Sam says no doubt in his mind. Sam decides to try and call in a favor with the station. Sam gets the last clean cop there to run some plates for him so they can find out where this scum lives. Later, Ivy says they dont know where they are going and driving around in circles is pointless. She says she is going to drive them because hes too upset, and they are going to the Blue Note to wait for his friend to call. Sam says no, but Ivy says no argument. She says there is no use is them searching for nothing. 

Jessica is in the car with the guy and because she has no place to go they head to the guys place. They head back to the guys place, and he asks how old she is because he doesnt mess with jail bait. She says shes not jail bait, shes legal. He asks how long shes been doing this, and he thinks it is her first time. She says no shes been around for awhile. He says too bad, he loves them when they are new. He says theyll have a good time anyway, and he begins to maul her. Jessica is uncomfortable, so the guy gets her a drink. He gives her a bear and says ready or not, here he comes. Jessica sees some scissors on the table. The guy pushes Jessica onto his bed and begins to have his way with her. Jessica eventually says this was a mistake and she cant do it. He says he paid Spike already. She says shell get his money back, but he says he wants her. As he forces her up against the wall, she grabs the scissors as the he attacks her. Suddenly then the earthquake hits. The guy crudely jokes they are making the earth move.

At the park, Sheridan hugs a little boy who she thinks is Marty. She thinks Luis has brought him back to her, and she asks where his daddy is. A woman shows up calling for her son Mark, and she demands Sheridan give her son Mark back. Sheridan says this is her son, he was kidnapped and taken from her. Sheridan refuses to hand him over. The woman takes the boy and says look at him, this is her son. Sheridan looks at the boy and says shes so very sorry. She says he came towards her calling mommy, and she just jumped to conclusions. The woman says it is okay, but Sheridan says no it isnt as she scared her half to death. Sheridan says she knows what its like to have a child kidnapped and she doesnt want anyone else to go through that. Sheridan introduces herself, and the woman says she is Maureen. Maureen asks Sheridan if she has a home as it is so late for her to be out here. Maureen says if she has no place to go she can come stay with them. Sheridan says she cant impose. The crickets stop chirping, and Maureen says that means a storm is coming. She insists Sheridan come home with them, at least for a drink to cool off. Sheridan smiles and accepts. 

Sheridan heads back to Maureen and Marks place, and Sheridan thanks her for inviting her in. Sheridan asks if shes lived here long. Maureen says not really, but it is a nice town. Sheridan asks where they lived before? Maureen says here and there. Sheridan asks if she works, and Maureen says on and off, but she likes being home for Mark. Sheridan says he is beautiful. Maureen says she cant imagine having her son taken from her. Sheridan asks if his daddy is around, and she becomes upset. She says she didnt invite her here for twenty questions. Sheridan says she didnt mean to pry. Sheridan says she should go, but Maureen says dont. She says she didnt mean to snap at Sheridan. Sheridan says shell just go and asks if she can give Mark a kiss goodnight. Maureen says sure. Sheridan tells him to be good to his mommy. Sheridan gives Maureen her number in case she needs to talk. Suddenly the building shakes, and Sheridan says its an earthquake. They grab Mark and stand in the doorway.

At the Blue Note, Julian proposes to Eve, and she accepts. Rebecca walks up and says in case Julian forgets he already has a wife. Rebecca sees Eves ring is bigger than hers, and she tells Julian he still has a wife and they havent even discussed divorce. Julian says theyll discuss it tomorrow. Julian says this is a public place and he doesnt want her making a scene. Rebecca says if he is going to embarrass her then shell embarrass him. Liz comes over and demands Rebecca leave her club if shes going to make a scene. TC shows up and asks what is going on. Rebecca says shell tell TC what is going on, his ex-wife has just agreed to marry her current husband. TC is shocked, and Liz says they should leave them alone. TC says he doesnt know why hes surprised, and he wonders what Julians daddy will say. Julian says he doesnt know and doesnt care. TC says he should have married Eve years ago, but she was only good enough to be his whore then. Julian says he and Eve have both changed. Whitney shows up and asks what is going on. Rebecca says it seems Whitney is out of the loop too. TC informs her that Julian just proposed to her mother. Whitney says first daddy and Liz, now mom and Julian. She asks what has happened to her family? Rebecca tells Julian he may want to marry Dr. Eve Medicine Woman, but it will cost him big. Julian says this is not the time or place to have divorce negotiations. Rebecca says fine, but this isnt the end of this matter. Rebecca leaves, and Whitney becomes upset and runs off. Eve goes to talk to her, but Liz stops her. Liz tells Eve that she is the last person Whitney needs, so shell go check on Whitney. TC tells Julian good luck as hell need it, and he walks off.

Whitney takes to the stage again to sing. As she sings, Julian and Eve dance right in front of her. Meanwhile TC cant believe Eve is going to marry that slime. Liz tells him to forget about her, they have their life ahead of them and he still wants to marry her doesnt he. He says yes of course.

Gwen and Ethan find Theresa with Alistair, Alistair is basically licking Theresas face off. Ethan asks Theresa what she is doing, why is she letting Alistair kiss her? Ethan says Theresa told him that she wouldnt get involved with Alistair. Ethan demands answers. Alistair says not that it is Ethans business, but they are on a date. Gwen says this is just what she was afraid of, Theresa has made a deal with the devil in order to get Jane back. Ethan tells Theresa that she cant obviously want to be here with Alistair. Alistair asks Theresa to tell Ethan whose idea this date was. Theresa says it was hers. Ethan tells Theresa this is insane, anyone who gets involved with Alistair ends up destroyed. Theresa says not her, and Alistair says that is right because he will help her. Theresa says so why shouldnt she acceptt Alistairs help, hes going to help her get Jane back after they stole her away. Gwen says they didnt steal her, Theresa lost Jane because she was unstable, and this date proves it. Theresa suggests to Alistair that they go. Ethan begs Theresa not to do this, not to lower herself to his level. Ethan refuses to let Theresa leave with him, but Alistair says this is not Ethans business and hes upsetting his wife Gwen. Gwen suggests to Ethan that they go home and look for a way to fight Theresa, but Ethan refuses to let Theresa throw her life away on this creep. Alistair says hes had it with Ethan and pulls a gun on Ethan. Ethan says hes not scared, but Alistair tells Ethan he should be and not to underestimate him.

Ivy and Sam arrive at the Blue Note right as the earthquake hits. Alistairs gun goes off, and Theresa hits the ground.

The two Vegas thugs throw Fancy in a car and speed off. She asks what they are going to do with her? They shove a gun in her face and tell her to shut up or else. Noah gets in a car and chases after her. Meanwhile, Fancy tells the Vegas thugs that her family is rich and they can pay them if this is a kidnapping. The Vegas thugs say they dont want her money, they want the money she took from their boss at the casino. Fancy recalls taking the dead mans money. They ask her where the money is? Fancy ends up yelling at the men to slow down or they will crash. The men are trying to shake Noah, who is chasing them. Suddenly their car crashes, and Noah says Oh no, Fancy! Noah pulls over and then pulls Fancy out of the car. The thugs are out cold. Fancy is furious with Noah for almost getting her killed by chasing after her. Noah says he just saved her life again. She says he watches too many movies. Noah doesnt understand her, he thought they were going to kill her. She says they were because of his little stunt in Vegas. Noah says she took the money, and then realizes that is what they are after. Noah realizes those thugs traced them all the way to Harmony. Suddenly the earthquake hits.



July 27, 2005

At Tabitha's, we see a replay of Tabitha and Endora shooting beams at Edna to stop her from calling the cops and the papers to report them as witches. The two witches beams cross, and this causes the earthquake. Edna throws a fit and says she's going to tell everyone what they've done, after they give her another makeover and get rid of the wet noodles they dumped on her. Endora causes a vase to fly across the room and hit Enda, knocking her out. Tabitha thanks Endora, and then the two witches clean up their home after the quake stops. Tabitha realizes she should check on Maria, who is thankfully safe. She brings Maria downstairs, and Edna wakes up again. This time she's worried about her house and her stash of gin. Endora once again knocks her out with a vase. Tabitha then begins to wonder about all the pain that their little quake has caused.

At the Bennett's, Kay is running around inside when the quake hits. She decides she needs to get some family photos which are irreplaceable before the house comes down. Suddenly the fireplace topples over on top of her. Outside, Fox is trying to get into the Bennett house to save Kay as he is on the phone with Chad. He is calling to check on Miles, and Chad says Miles and him are okay. He says the Crane Studio is solidly built. Fox says he'll be over as soon as he makes sure Kay is okay. Chad says Kay? Fox tells him that he'll explain later. Fox breaks down the Bennett door just as the chimney and fireplace fall in on Kay. He rushes to clear the rubble, but Kay has no pulse. He performs CPR and mouth to mouth. When Kay comes to she slaps him. He says he just saved her life, twice now, and this is the thanks he gets. She says she woke up to a lip lock. He says he was giving her mouth to mouth. Kay says ew and wipes her mouth on her sleeve. He says fine, he's saved her so he's outa here. He wants to see Kay safely to Tabitha's and then he'll go check on Miles. Kay insists on getting a stuffed animal of Maria's, but Fox says this house could be weakened and fall in at any moment. Kay says it's only a few years old, she's sure it's safe. Kay walks off and falls through a hole in the floor. 

At the Blue Note, we see a replay of the quake and Alistair's gun going off. Theresa hits the ground and starts bleeding everywhere. Ethan cries out that Alistair has killed Theresa. Rebecca yells out "Oh my hero!" Alistair says he wasn't trying to kill Theresa, he was trying to kill Ethan. Alistair says and for the record his gun accidentally went off. Ethan is furious and goes to attack Alistair. Gwen tells him to stop it and that he should be thanking Alistair for shooting Theresa, not attacking him. Ethan yells over for Dr. Russell. Both Eve and Julian come over, and Eve tends to Theresa. TC says they need to get out of here before the whole place comes down, but Eve refuses to leave Theresa and she says they can't move Theresa either. Rebecca says oh leave her, she's probably faking it anyways. Ethan says you can't fake blood. Rebecca says how do they know it is blood, maybe it is salsa. The quake stops, and Eve checks on Theresa. She says Theresa is okay, the bullet only grazed her. As Ethan dotes over Theresa, Gwen can't believe him. Alistair tells Ethan he is upsetting his wife as he once again can't control his feelings and love for Theresa, it's obvious which woman he loves. Rebecca says that Ethan might as well be Julian's son as he's acting just like Julian. She says Ethan is still married to Gwen and Julian is still married to her. Rebecca tells Julian that he hasn't even checked on her. Julian says he loves Eve, accept it. Ethan assures Gwen that he loves her and he's only concerned about Theresa as a friend of hers and her familys, as Ethan's godfather, and because she is Jane's mother. He says that is all. Theresa gets up and says she is okay. Gwen tells Ethan that she wants to go home and check on their daughter. Theresa says Jane is her daughter, but Gwen says the courts gave her temporary custody. Rebecca chimes in that it will soon become permanent custody. Gwen insists Ethan take her home, but Theresa insists that Ethan take her to see Jane. Gwen suggests Theresa go check on her child Little Ethan. Alistair tells Ethan what a mess he has gotten himself into. Alistair offers to take Theresa home to check on her family and then take her to the mansion. Ethan refuses to let Theresa go anywhere with Alistair. Alistair says he's had it, he's going home and they can all stay here and die for all he cares.  Alistair walks out, and Gwen once again orders Ethan to take her home to Jane. Theresa says no take her to Jane. Ethan tells them both to stop it, they aren't going anywhere until they see how much damage has been done by the quake. Gwen tells Ethan once they find out if it is safe to travel he is taking her to see Jane. Theresa says no, Ethan will take her to see Jane. Gwen warns Ethan that if he doesn't take her to see Jane immediately then he is all but admitting he loves Theresa. Ethan once again reminds them that they are going no where at this point. 

Meanwhile, Eve is tending to the victims and TC comes over with some alcohol to help her. She says he read his mind, and he says he's had a lot of experience. TC tells Eve that he is happy for her and Julian, and he wants her to be happy. Eve thanks him, and TC says the quake really put a lot of things into perspective for him. Liz comes over to butt in. She asks if she can help. Eve says she needs more alcohol. Liz says she has some cheap stuff in the cellar. TC says he'll go and get it. Once TC is gone Eve tells Liz that she has got everything she wanted, she has TC and she has both of her girls hating her. Eve thinks Liz won't be happy until Whitney is a drunk and drug addict. Liz says that is a horrible thing to say and she doesn't want Whitney to suffer, only Eve. Liz says it seems Eve has finally snagged Julian, but her happiness won't last as she will soon go on trial for three counts of attempted murder. Later, Julian is hugging Eve, and Eve says it is a wonder that more people weren't hurt. Julian says when he had this place rebuilt he had it reinforced. Eve says so something good came of her torching the old place afterall. Julian tells Eve that he can't wait to marry her. Liz and TC hear this, and Liz tells TC that she can't wait to marry him either. Eve gives them both a look.

Outside the Blue note, Alistair meets with his driver and is loving all the destruction. He says Crane construction will make a huge profit rebuilding the town. He wants to go home, and the driver asks what about Theresa. Alistair says she has chosen to stay here, and as far as he is concerned they can all die in there.

Earlier, Whitney fled the Blue Note and decided if this was the end of the world that she had to be with Chad and Miles. At the recording studio Chad and Miles are okay, the recording studio like all of Crane properties is solidly built. There is even a generator in the building so Chad has power. He listens to a report on the radio about the quake, which happened off the coast. He thinks they should go look for Whitney, but then realizes he can't take Miles out into the dangerous situation going on outside. Meanwhile, Whitney is trying to get to the recording studio, but she trips and hits her head. She passes out amongst a bunch of rubble.

At Maureen's apartment, Sheridan, Maureen and Mark are buried when the walls come down around them. Sheridan and Mark are okay, but Maureen is bleeding from her head. Sheridan holds Mark and tries to tell him it will be okay and that his mommy is just resting. She tries to call for an ambulance, but all the phone lines are dead. Later Maureen comes too, and Sheridan explains what happened. Sheridan tells Maureen that they have to get her to a hospital. Maureen says no way in hell is she going to a hospital.

At the apartment, Jessica fights off the scum who bought her. She says she doesn't want to have sex, but he won't take no for an answer. She has a pair of scissors in her hands, and she accidentally stabs the guy while fighting him off. He yells "You stabbed me you bitch!" She says it was an accident and she didn't mean to. He slaps her and begins to choke her. Spike comes in at this point, but part of the roof falls on him. Spike is knocked out, and the man begins attacking Jessica. Fortunately for Jessica Spike comes to and fights with the guy. He knocks him out and leaves him on the bed. Spike tells Jessica that they have to get out of here before the place falls down. She says that she stabbed the guy, it was an accident, but then need to help him. Spike says forget about him, but Jessica won't. Spike says he'll check on the guy and tells Jessica to stand back. Spike goes over to the guy and realizes how he can use this to his advantage. He covers the guys mouth to keep him from talking. Jessica asks if the guy is dead. SPike says they have a problem, she must have hit an artery as there is a lot of blood. He pulls out a knife, and the guy looks terrified. Spike stabs the guy and tells Jessica that he's afraid she killed him! He tells Jessica there is nothing they can do and they have to leave. Jessica is crying "but it was an accident." Spike says the cops won't believe that.

Outside of Town, Fancy is arguing with Noah when the quake hits. He tries to get her to come with him, but she won't. The ground opens up and Fancy falls into a fissure. Noah grabs hold of her and works to pull her to safety. Eventually he does. Fancy screams "Noah you saved me!" and she kisses him. She says sorry that she was . . . he says it's okay as he was . . . too. Noah says they should go, but as they are leaving one of the thugs shows up with a gun. The thug says he was sent here to kill them both and he's not leaving until he does his job.


July 28, 2005

At the john's place, SPike tells Jessica that she must have hit some vital organs when she stabbed that guy as he's dead. She says she didn't mean to do it, and they have to do something. She says they should call the police. Spike says no, the cops won't believe her, they will think she's a hooker out to rob the guy. She asks what they do? He says she knows she can trust him, and he's the only one looking out for her. He says he'll help her. To himself, Spike says he now owns Jessica mind, body and soul. He says first they wipe the place clean and get rid of all of her prints. They do this, and then Spike says they have to dump the body. They roll the guy up in a carpet and end up dumping him into Spike's car's trunk. 

Somewhere downtown, Sam and Ivy come upon a retirement home that has collapsed with people inside. Sam is helping to get people out and Ivy is treating them with a first aid kit. The firemen and police arrive, and Sam begins ordering them around. They of course listen to him. Alistair's limo pulls up and Alistair and the mayor step out. Sam tells the mayor they need more crews down here, but the mayor reminds Sam he's not chief of police anymore. The mayor asks the men why they are taking orders from Sam when he was fired? They says Sam is good at his job and knows what he's doing, they'll always follow him. Alistair is ticked and tells them they are needed at the Crane Towers, get over their or they will all be fired. Sam asks what is so important about Crane Towers? Alistair says his bank is there, the building is flooding, and he has valuable works of art that need saving. Sam is appalled at Alistair and can't even believe Alistair is out here on the streets and not hiding up in his mansion like a coward. Alistair tells Sam to watch it, he might have to declare marshal law and lock Sam up. He says maybe he can lock his whore daughter up to keep him company. Alistair says which one is the whore? He says oh yeah, they both are. Sam is furious, but Ivy tells him not to give Alistair a reason to lock him up. Alistair and the mayor leave, and Sam and Ivy hear a woman calling for help. They work to rescue the woman from the rubble.

At the Lopez Fitzgerald's, Pilar and Martin are cleaning up when Katherine suddenly bursts in screaming for Martin. He runs to her, and they hug. Katherine says she was so worried about him and made one of the drivers at the mansion bring her right here. Pilar is of course furious and once again lets Katherine have it for trying to ruin their lives. Martin tells Pilar not to get upset, but Pilar says she has every right to be. Pilar chastises Katherine, who admits it was wrong for her to come here. She leaves, and Alistair catches her outside. Alistair says he thought she would come here, and she broke her promise to him that she would never see Martin again. He says well he's going to break his promise, he's going to tell Sheridan that she killed her aunt Rachel. Katherine begs him not to, and she says she'll do anything he wants. He demands she have sex with him right here, right now and in the dirt. He says she obviously likes it in the dirt as that is where she and MArtin did it all those years. He attacks Katherine, and she calls him insane. Inside Martin looks out the window and can't believe what he sees. 

At Maureen's place, Maureen refuses to go to the hospital to be checked out, and she won't explain why to Sheridan. Maureen insists she is fine, but when she gets up to try and get some food for Mark, she passes back out. Sheridan checks on her and says her pulse is strong, which is good, but she obviously has severe trauma. She wonders why Maureen didn't want to go to the hospital. She decides to go through her purse for any clues that could help her help Maureen, but she finds nothing, no ID and no insurance cards. She wonders who Maureen is, and if that is even her name. 

At the Bennett's, Kat insists on going back for some things and falls through a hole in the floor. Fox grabs her, and she hangs there. SHe tells him not to let go or she'll die. Fox says she won't die, it's not that far of a drop. Kay says look down. Below Kay a bunch of sharp work tools have been scattered. Fox says he'll help her, but she needs to stop swinging. She cries she's slipping, but he tells her she's not and to calm down or she will fall. Kay doesn't listen, struggles and falls. Fox runs to the basement to check on her. She is okay, she just hit her head. She comes too and slaps Fox. She accuses him of dropping her, but he says he didn't. She says he is just like his grandfather, he only cares about himself. She thinks he dropped her because he was afraid she'd pull him down with her. He can't believe her. SHe goes to leave, becomes dizzy, and Fox grabs her. They come close to a kiss, but Kay breaks away. She thinks Fox was going to kiss her, but he insists he wasn't and says he can't get away from her fast enough. Fox walks her back to Tabitha's, and Kay says he can go now. Fox says he will. Later, Fox realizes his cell phone still isn't working, and he wonders if Tabitha's land line might be. He says he needs to call Chad and see if he and Miles are okay.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora are watching all the pain and suffering going on in Harmony. Edna wakes up again and once again threatens to tell everyone that Tabitha and her witchling caused all this destruction. Endora casts more spells and causes jars to fly around the room towards Edna. Edna tries to dodge them, but in the end knocks herself back out. Later, Kay shows up and finds Tabitha and Endora watching a magic television set. Kay tells her that she needs to be careful, someone could see her using her powers. Suddenly Fox knocks on the door, walks in, and says "Oh my God!"

Outside of town, Fancy and Noah face off with the thug, who says he has to kill them for taking his bosses money. Fancy says they can pay him back, but the thug says that isn't the way this works, the boss wants them dead. Noah tells the guy who Fancy is, and Fancy offers to make him a very very rich man if he lets them go. The man doesn't know and asks how they know Alistair didn't die in the quake. Fancy doesn't, and says she hopes he is okay, but still the safe with the money is at the mansion. She says she can pay him. He says no, he'll kill them and then go take the money. Fancy says there are armed guards at the mansion, he'll be killed if he tries. Noah tells him not to be a fool and take the safe way out. The thug says all the money in the world won't help him escape his boss if he doesn't kill them. He says they are dead, and he shoots at Noah. Noah goes down, and Fancy thinks the guy killed him. He tells Fancy that she's next. As he's about to kill her, Noah springs up and fights with the guy. Fancy stands around and screams, and the thug ends up pushing Ned into the open fissure that Fancy was recently hanging in. He then turns his gun to Fancy.

At some warning center, two scientists are working and realize a gigantic Tsunami is headed right for Harmony.  


July 29 , 2005

At the warning center, one of the scientists says they have to warn Harmony and have them evacuate or everyone will die. The other scientist wants to make sure this is correct and doesnt want to issue widespread panic if they dont have to. He ends up making a private call to Alistair, he says he cant do anything without talking to Alistair first.

At Maureens place, Sheridan is still looking after Mark and wonders who Maureen is, what is she hiding and what it has to do with Marks father. Later Maureen comes to again, and she says her head hurts. Sheridan once again suggests a hospital, but she says no way. Sheridan wants Maureen to at least lie down. Sheridan says shell take care of the baby. She says shell get him something to eat and offers to make a PB&J sandwich for him as it is her best recipe. As she makes a sandwich for Mark she begins to think about Marty. Sheridan tells Mark that hes lucky to have his mommy as she might not see her Marty again. Sheridan ends up tripping on something and knocks herself unconscious. Sheridan comes to and decides to put Mark to bed as it is late and he ate his sandwich while she was out. She puts him in his bed and reads him a book, Curious George. Sheridan falls asleep while reading to Mark, and she dreams about being with Marty and Luis. Sheridan wakes up from her dream and sees Luis standing in front of her. Sheridan asks how he found her? He says she is the love of his life and hell always find her. She asks if he has found Marty? Suddenly there is another quake, and Sheridan is knocked into his arms.

Fox walks into Tabithas place and says Good Lord! Kay fears Fox saw Tabithas magic mirror and knows she is a witch. Tabitha says shell be burned at the stake again, and so will Endora. Fox hasnt seen anything, hes just stunned that Tabithas place looks untouched by the quake. He sees Edna on the ground and asks if she is okay? Tabitha says shes taking a cat nap. He asks if she can use her phone, but Tabitha says its not working. He says he should go check on Chad and Miles, and he asks Kay if she is sure she is okay. Kay says she is. Fox leaves, and Kay checks the phone and says it is fine. She says Tabitha kept him from checking on his son. Tabitha asks why Kay cares, is Miguel out and Fox in? Kay says no, she just hates keeping anyone from their child. Kay says shed know how she felt if she didnt know where Maria was. Edna comes to and moans Earthquake . . .Tabitha. Kay says dont tell her that Tabitha is to blame for the destruction of Harmony. Tabitha sighs. She says she didnt mean to cause it, she and Endora were just trying to stop Edna from blabbing about her and Endora. Kay says she wrecked her familys house. Tabitha says she knows, and she is sorry as it means more noisy construction next-door. Kay sees that Fox left his phone and she should take it to him. Tabitha thinks Kay likes him, but she says she just doesnt want Fox coming back to bother her again. Kay leaves and latterly runs into Fox outside, She says she has his cell, and he says he was just coming back for it. Later the quake hits and sends Kay into Foxs arms.

Chad is still at the recording studio with Miles, but hes worried about where Whitney is. Meanwhile, Whitney is passed out in a pile or rubble out on the street. Whitney comes too, and some man comes up and helps her. Whitney says she has to get to her son. The man goes to look for a doctor, but Whitney says she cant wait for one to come check her out. She pushes herself to get to the studio where Chad and Miles are. Whitney stumbles up the step, collapses in Chads arms and asks if Miles is okay. Chad helps her to the couch and tells TC, who hes on the phone with, that Whitney is here but is hurt. TC says he and Eve will be right over. Chad realizes he misjudged her, she does love their son.

At the Blue Note, Julian tells Eve that watching her help everyone here makes him love her more. He says when they are married their lives will be perfect. They share a kiss. TC looks at them and doesnt seem happy, and Liz sees this. Later, Eve and TC talk, and TC says it is ironic that they were afraid to send Simone out to California with all the quakes when this happens here at home. Eve says at least they know one of their daughters is safe. Later, Liz congratulates Liz on the rock she has on her finger. Eve asks what she cares, she has TC, Liz got what she wanted. Liz says that is right, TC will marry her and dont forget that. Liz says TC is hers. Later, Eve asks Julian if he can help TC give out water to the injured. Julian says okay, and Liz assures TC that shell be fine with Eve. Eve laughs, and Liz asks what is so damn funny. Eve says she is, she got TC months ago and now she is worried about TC running back to her (Eve). Liz says dont be ridiculous, she is just amused that Eve still has feelings for TC . Eve says she has Julian, but Liz says not to get too happy as shell still go to jail after her trial. She then gloats that Whitney seems to following the same path Eve took so many years ago. Liz says first booze and pretty soon drugs, like mother like daughter. Eve tells Liz to go to hell, she got what she wanted. Eve says better yet, shut the hell up! Eve then storms off. Later, TC calls Chad to see if he has heard from Whitney. Chad hasnt seen Whitney either. TC decides to go find Whitney and Eve wants to go with him. Fortunately Whitney shows up as they are talking on the phone with Chad. Chad says Whitney is here but shes hurt, so TC says he and Eve will be right over. TC and Eve leave and Julian stays behind with Liz to take care of people at the club. Liz begs TC not to leave her, but TC says Whitney needs a doctor so he has to get Eve there. TC thanks Julian for taking care of Liz. TC and Eve leave, and Liz says it seems they have time to kill and they should go back to her private office so they can be alone. He asks if she is trying to seduce him? She says isnt she good enough for him? He says no, shes despicable. Suddenly another quake hits sending Liz into Julians arms.

Theresa calls home to check on Little Ethan and her mom. Theresa says she is going to be home soon. Pilar tells Theresa to be careful as all the bridges have been damaged. Theresa says Ethan will take care of her. Gwen wants to call and check on her daughter, but Theresa says Jane is her daughter. Ethan tells them to stop fighting. He says he has transportation now to get them out of here. Theresa asks Ethan to take her to see Little Ethan, but Gwen wants him to take her to see Jane. He tells them to both relax, he has SUVs here for both of them. Theresa kisses Ethan and thanks him for not forgetting about her. He says she is the mother of his child, he wouldnt forget about her. Rebecca sees Julian is with Eve, and she says right now she has to help her daughter, but she wont sit by and watch him marry Eve. She says this will cost Julian big time. 

Eve and TC are making their way to the studio, and Eve thanks TC for helping her. She says she knows Liz has poisoned his mind against her, but she loves their daughters. She says shes sorry, she knows there is no use talking about the past as theyve both moved on. He says dont marry Julian, come back to him. Suddenly a quake hits.

At Pilars house, Pilar is still unhappy that Katherine is still obsessed with her husband. She says Katherine needs to back off just like Theresa needs to forget her obsession with Ethan. Later, Martin looks out the window and says Oh my God! False alarm though, he has not seen Alistair and Katherine outside as they are gone by time he looks out. He sees Theresa pull up in a Crane Industry SUV. Theresa comes in, and Pilar asks what happened to her (speaking of her gunshot wound). Theresa says it is nothing. Theresa finds out Little Ethan is okay, so shes going to go to the mansion to check on Jane. Pilar asks how she will get there as the Crane SUV just left? She says shell walk. Pilar begs Theresa not to go out there, it is dangerous out there now. Theresa says she has to go see Jane for herself. Pilar asks if Alistair will help her, but Theresa says no he left her and she doesnt know where he is. Martin says it figures that coward run and protect himself. Theresa insists she will be fine and shell be back as soon as she can. Theresa then leaves.

Outside, Alistair is attacking Katherine. He tells her that she is his wife and belongs to him. Alistair wants to do it right now on the ground. He tells her to call Martin, maybe he wants to watch. Katherine says no as hell come out here and stop Alistair. Alistair has a gun and says hell make sure Maartin never bothers them again. Katherine tells Alistair that they should go back to the mansion and shell do anything he wants. They get into Alistairs limo and drive off. She is grateful Martin didnt see her and she wants to protect Martin just like she wants to protect Sheridan.

At the Crane mansion, Ethan and Gwen check on Jane, and Rebecca checks her jewels and clothes. Gwen apologizes to Ethan for being so hard on him and she should have known hed take her side. Gwen thinks they should go relax and have some coffee, but Ethan says he cant do that. He says he has to go. Rebecca thinks Ethan is going to go see Theresa. Ethan says he wants to go out there and help people out there who might need help. Gwen tells him to be careful. Ethan leaves, and Gwen says he is so brave. Rebecca says Ethan is a liar, he is on his way to see Theresa.

Meanwhile, Alistair and Katherine arrive home, and Alistair whispers to Katherine what he wants from her. She says No not that! He reminds her if she doesnt then shell hurt Martin and Sheridan. Katherine asks if he has done something else to Sheridan, shes safe isnt she? He says she is safe, for the moment. He says if he wants her to stay that way then give her the pleasure he deserves. Alistair then gets a call from the weather center about the Tsunami headed for Harmony. Alistair checks his PC which is linked to theirs and sees the Tsunami. The scientist say they need to warn the public, but Alistair says hell do nothing of the sorts. He tells the man to post a warning on the website to cover his butt, but Alistair will delete it from here. Katherine sees the computer on Alistairs desk and thinks they need to warn everyone about the Tsunami, but Alistair says theyll do no such thing., She says he cant let everyone die, but he says watch him.

Theresa and Ethan are both on the streets when the next quake hits. Ethan sees Theresa is about to be hurt by falling debris and he runs to save her. 

Outside of town, Fancy screams after the thug pushes Noah down into the crevice. Noah is alive and hanging on though, and grabs the thugs foot. The thug falls over and says Noah is a dead man. He points his gun at Noah, and Noah says nice knowing you Fancy pants. Fancy screams No! and the thug fires. The thug laughs and tells Fancy that her boyfriend is finally dead. He then decides to force Fancy to show him a good time before he kills her. Fortunately Noah isnt dead, and he comes to Fancys rescue. Noah and the guy fight, and the thug ends up falling into the lava filled fissure. Fancy hugs Noah and thanks for saving his life again. When another quake hits, they run for it.

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