May 30, 2005
Typed after I saw the show, a bit shorter than normal.

Tabitha continues to watch the going-ons around town via her bowl. She says Sheridan and Luis will be finished because Luis doesn't believe in Sheridan's love. She also says the fighting between Gwen and Theresa will never end, and all hell will break lose when the truth about Gwen and Rebecca sending the file to the tabloids comes out.

Luis and Sheridan continue to fight at the cottage. Sheridan says she has to go away for awhile to rethink. She says while they have a great passion, without faith and truth passion isn't enough. She says she's beginning to think passion may be all they have. Luis believes they can work this out. The phone rings and it is Ethan asking Luis to come over and help them with Theresa. Luis says he can't right now, but SHeridan insists they put this on hold to help their friends and family. Luis tells Ethan they'll be right over.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Ethan hates having to call the police on Theresa. Gwen says she has left them no alternative. Ethan says Gwen is right, and he begins dialing. Martin sees this. Meanwhile, Pilar is begging Theresa to open up and give the baby to Ethan. Theresa says no, she is not losing her daughter. Pilar says she is Ethan's daughter too and he has a right to be with her. Theresa says he can be with her when he comes back to her. Theresa says Ethan loves her too much to call the cops. Martin shows up and says she is wrong, Ethan is calling the police right now. He begs Theresa to give the baby up, but she refuses and says a battalion of Marines couldn't take her daughter from her. Martin realizes what a handful Theresa has been for Pilar. He says she did a great job given he left her, but things are different now. Pilar asks are they? She asks if he is really her for her and their family or will he go back to Katherine? Martin promises Pilar he is committed to her, their marriage and repairing their family. Pilar thanks him and they hug. 

Luis and Sheridan show up after Ethan decided to call Luis first. He hopes Luis can talk some sense into Theresa. Luis heads to see Theresa, and Sheridan talks with Gwen. Gwen goes on a rant about Theresa the bitch and how much pain Theresa has not only brought to her, but to Ethan. She says Theresa has forced Ethan to do things he never would have. Gwen says she just hopes Ethan finally sees taking Jane from Theresa is the right thing to do. Sheridan goes to talk to Ethan about how he is hurting. She knows he is hurting because he still loves Theresa. He asks who told her that, but Sheridan says nobody, she can just see it. She talks about how his and Theresa's love was so strong and pure and she knows he can't be over it even though he's with Gwen now. Ethan admits he's not and taking Jane from Theresa is killing him.

Luis tries to talk to Theresa, and he's unaware that Sheridan is listening in. Theresa thinks Luis is here to help her, and she's furious to learn he's hearing as a cop to give the baby to Ethan. She refuses to give her child up. Luis says if she doesn't then she will go to jail. He says if she gives the baby to Ethan and is a good girl then she'll probably get the baby back. Theresa says she won't, Gwen and Rebecca will see to it that the permanent custody becomes temporary. She says they did it with Little Ethan, but he says she got Little Ethan back. Theresa says she never should have lost him in the first place. She tells Luis he is so good at dishing out advice, but did she takes hers about believing Sheridan? He says no, he can't ignore the proof that Beth is Marty's mother. Theresa says Sheridan's word should be good enough. Theresa says if he loves her then he should believe her. He says  it's not that simple. She tells him that he is so black and white and his problem is he doesn't have faith in love. HE tells her that her problem is she puts too much faith in romance and love. Theresa says she is fated to be with Ethan, and in the end Ethan will chose her. Luis tells Theresa that she needs some serious help as her belief in faith has made her life the train wreck it is. 

MEanwhile, Sheridan returns to the other room and makes the comment that she feels bad for Theresa. This sends Gwen into a rage, and she says she doesn't feel sorry for Theresa one bit. Gwen says Theresa may be in pain over losing Jane, but it is nothing compared to the pain Theresa has dished out to her. Gwen says it is nothing like losing Sarah and her other child because Theresa drugged and tricked her husband into sleeping with her. She says she feels nothing for Theresa as she brought this pain on herself. Sheridan says she was just trying to say this is a very difficult situation. Later, Gwen asks Sheridan why she seems upset? Sheridan reveals things between her and Luis have gotten so bad, and she has to leave. She says she's decided to leave Luis and Harmony for good.

In Vegas, Fancy and Ned run from the guards, and Fancy thinks this is fun. She says she never played cops and robbers as a kid. Ned says this is no game, she is rich and her family will buy her way out of this. Ned says if he's caught he's going to jail, and he's just too pretty to go to jail. They end up running down a stairwell, and Fancy has to take off her shoes as she can't run in them. She is grossed out about running around a public place in her bare feet. Later they end up in a casino store, and NEd has an idea. He pulls some mannequins off the bed and he and Fancy hop in and pretend to be mannequins. The guards show up and look at them and wonder if they are . . . Ned kisses Fancy, and the guards think they are filming an episode of Vegas here. They get back to searching for the hoodlums, and Ned apologizes for kissing Fancy. He says it was the only way he could hide their faces. She says it was an amazing kiss. Fancy suggests they leave, but Ned says they can't as there are cameras at every entrance. The guards show up again, and they run into the day spa. Fancy tells Ned to get naked and on the table, and she poses as a masseuse. One of the  guards shows up and thinks they aren't who he's looking for, but then he sees Fancy's shoes and says he'd recognize her shoes anywhere and they are who he's looking for.


May 31, 2005

In Vegas, the guard bursts into the massage room and says he didnt realize this was the spa. He is about to leave when he sees Fancys shoes. He says hed recognize them anywhere, they are the people ripping off room service. He says first stop for them will be hotel security, the second stop will be Vegas PD. He tells fancy feet to put her hands up. She puts her hands up and turns around. He then tells Ned to sit up slowly, hes keeping his eyes on both of them. Ned tells Fancy her and her damn shoes. The security guard radios his partner to tell him that he has them. Ned says if his butt is going to be hauled off the jail then hed rather it not be his naked butt, which is under this towel. Ned has on his skivvies, and Fancy knows this. She almost blows it, but Ned stops her. Ned says he knows what happens to good looking guys in jail, and lets face it hes hot. The guard then says hed pay to see Ned butt naked in a cell full of hardened criminals! Ned says if that is the case then they can talk in private. The guard says hes not . . . . not that there is anything wrong with it. He says hes just jerking his . . . . The guard becomes frustrated and asks where his pants are, and Ned says in the closet. The guard says hell get them, and Ned quickly locks him in the closet. Ned and Fancy then flee. Fancy tells Ned he is really good, and shes sorry she almost gave his plan away. They continue running through the hotel, and Fancy still thinks this is fun. She says if they are caught then her family might let her do jail time as they think she is spoiled. They hide in another room, which happens to be open, and Fancy says they have hit the jackpot. On the bed is a briefcase full of money. Fancy says there must be hundreds of thousands of dollars here, and she wonders what they should spend it on. Ned says they cant keep this, they found it in someone elses hotel room .Fancy says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Ned says taking this amount of loot is just wrong, it doesn't compare to stealing from room service. Fancy says they can at least enjoy it. She dumps it on the bed and starts throwing it all over. Ned tells her to put it back so they can get out of here before the owner comes back. He wonders whod keep that much money around with their hotel door ajar. Fancy says maybe they won it. Ned asks if they won this too, and he holds up a gun. Ned says they have to get out of here now. Fancy thinks this is awesome and she led such a dull life before meeting him. She wonders whose room this is. Ned says they wont stick around to find out. Fancy is thinking it is a woman on the run from her husband or a gangster. Suddenly Fancy sees something on the floor by the bed and gasps. On the floor is a dead guy shot in the back, and Fancy hopes theyve been punkd. Ned says nope, and they are in big trouble now. 

Katherine is wandering the grounds of the Crane Mansion. She thinks about the argument she had with Luis, and she says she has to find out if Sheridan is right about Marty. Katherine says the only person who can tell her the truth is Alistair. In the mansion, Alistair watches Katherine on one of his TVs and says he does have the answers, and if Katherine keeps digging then shell learn secrets that will destroy Sheridan. Katherine looks all over and finally gives up. She calls out to Alistair knowing he is watching her. She tells him to come out and face her unless he is afraid of her. He laughs and thinks Katherine should be afraid of him. He says Katherine isnt allowed to pick and choose what she knows about Sheridan, Martys paternity is minor compared to the real dirt. Alistair says for example the woman Sheridan remembers stabbing who she is convinced was her mother. HE says Martin knows what happened that night, but he isnt forthcoming. Alistair says what happened that night and Martins part was the real reason he left Harmony. He thinks Katherine should go to wherever she call home, she should live with unanswered questions rather than find out the truth. Katherine doesnt leave, and Alistair says shell never learn. Back outside, Katherine ends up where the gazebo was and she wonders what was here that Alistair felt he had to hide. She remembers asking Martin about the gazebo, but he wouldnt tell her. She says whatever it is, Alistair has gone to great lengths to hide it. Alistair is still spying on her and says hell do anything to keep that secret safe. He cocks a gun and says that includes murder. Meanwhile, Katherine remembers Sheridan attacking her and thinking she should be dead. She wonders why Sheridan thinks she killed her, did she stab someone or is it a nightmare? Katherine wonders if it is all connected to the gazebo, and she says she has to find out the truth. Alistair eventually shows up, and Alistair tells her that she is the one responsible for all of Sheridans pain. He says their daughter is a sick puppy, and she is an emotional wreck who is confusing her nightmares with reality. HE says now she thinks another child is her son, and even Luis is thinking hes in love with a raving lunatic. Katherine says he is the only lunatic in this family and she wont put up with his control over her and their loved ones. Katherine demands Alistair tell her the truth about everything, including the secret of the gazebo and Sheridans nightmares. Katherine demands Alistair give her the answers. Alistair tells her to ask her lover what was buried beneath the gazebo. He says he guesses Martin hasnt told her, and he says Martin is even keeping secrets from her. He wonders how well she knows Martin, he hasnt told her the real reason he left Harmony. She says Martin is protecting her and Sheridan. Alistair says but when he doesnt tell her then he is evil right. She says he is evil and she wants the truth.. He says he wont answer her questions, besides she wouldnt believe him anyone. She tells him that he is hateful and evil. Alistair goes to walk away. He stops to light a cigar, and Katherine picks up a rock and prepares to bash him over the head. She actually knocks him out, and then she gets on top of him and starts bashing! She yells Rest in Peaces! Of course she imagines all this, but she does have a stone in her hand. Alistair cant believe she is still here as leaving is her specialty. HE says she has a knack for destroying the people she loves. She says she doesnt love him, but shed love to destroy him. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa continues to lecture Luis about how she is fighting to keep her child while hes not fighting to keep Sheridan. Theresa tells him to believe in Sheridan and have faith. Luis says he is a cop and has to believe in facts. He tells Theresa that her romantic notions about Ethan and Sheridans notions about Marty are destroying both of their lives. Theresa says his insistence on proof is destroying him and Sheridan. Luis says hes not here to talk about Sheridan, he is here to convince her to follow the court order.

Ethan tells the others in the living room that hell go see if Luis has had any luck. Pilar says she hopes he has, but she is not happy about Theresa having to give up the baby. She says she just doesnt want Theresa to get into trouble for defying the judge. Ethan says the custody order is only temporary and hed never take Jane from Theresa permanently. Ethan says its just the sooner Theresa starts acting like a rational adult then the sooner they can give Jane back. Pilar says she knows Theresa drove him to do this, but she was driven by her love for him.

Ethan goes and eavesdrops on Luis and Theresas conversation. Theresa insists Ethan still loves her and fate means them to be together. Luis says give him Jane or she will lose Jane permanently. Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca will make sure she loses Jane permanently, she wont lose another child to them. Luis says by doing what shes doing she is helping Gwen and Rebecca build a case against her. Theresa says she is not handing over her daughter. Luis says if she doesnt then she will be sorry. Luis walks away and into Ethan. Luis talks with Ethan and says hopefully Theresa will calm down and get a clue. Ethan says he would never take Jane from Theresa forever. Luis says but what about Gwen and Rebecca. He says he doesnt advocate Theresa breaking the law, but he understands why she is doing this. He asks Ethan if he was Theresa then wouldnt he do the same thing. Meanwhile, Theresa daydreams about Ethan dumping Gwen and returning to her to be a family with her and Jane. 

Pilar talks to Martin about how wonderful it is to have him here and committed to her and their family. She is so happy to have her husband back, and she hugs him. 

Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Gwen she has to leave Harmony. Gwen says she cant leave her home and friends, and she just cant give up on Luis. Sheridan says it is too late. She says if Luis loves her then he should believe her. She also says if Luis cant go by what her heart says then what chance does their relationship have? Sheridan says that is why she has to leave Harmony, she and Luis are finished. Gwen says she and Luis gave her so much hope, so if the two of them cant make it then what does that say about Ethan and her? Sheridan tells Gwen not to worry, she has not done anything to make Ethan turn from her and she never will. Gwen thinks about the tabloid scandal. 

Later, Gwen lashes out about Theresa. She says Theresa wont consider what she has done to force them to do this, and Theresa has convinced herself that she is the victim. Sheridan tells Gwen that she understands what Gwen is going through and Theresa has put her through hell. Luis shows up and says what did you say? Luis says now shes taking Gwens side over Theresas. Sheridan says shes not taking sides and let her explain. He says not to bother, first she takes Katherines side over his, and now she is slamming Theresa the minute he turns her back. He asks her what about loyalty, arent they supposed to be a couple? He says maybe this is payback for not believing her about Marty. He asks if she is loyal at all to him anymore? She says maybe she should ask the same question of him. She says he wouldnt believe her when she told him that Marty was her son, but she did turn her back on her mom because Luis asked her to. She tells Luis to attack her mother and call her every ugly name he thinks of, but she will never turn her back on her mother again because she believes her and supports her. Martin asks Sheridan if she has seen Katherine and how Katherine is, he has left message for her but she wont return his calls. This is not what Pilar wants to hear at all. Luis asks Martin what his wrong with him? Luis says he claims he wants to fix his marriage but all along hes calling his whore? Luis asks what kind of game he is playing? He says he wasnt two-timing Pilar, but he spent 20 years with Katherine and couldnt just abandon her. Luis says he abandoned them and never bothered to call them. Martin says he couldnt because of Alistair, and they know that. Martin asks if Katherine is okay, and Sheridan says she thinks shes going to do something rash after their talk. He realizes she is going to confront Alistair about Marty, and he has to go find Katherine. Pilar cant believe he is going to walk out on her and their family again. She tells Martin to run to his mistress, just get out. Luis tells Martin to leave them alone, leave them all alone. Martin says hes sorry, and she damns him and Katherine. Pilar runs off to her room, and Luis says he cant believe Sheridan defends the woman who has done this to his family. Luis goes after his mom, and Sheridan tells Gwen that it is over for her and Luis.

Meanwhile, Ethan talks to Gwen about this war with Theresa and how he wants it to end. Gwen says she is not to blame, but Ethan says they are all to blame. He says he just wants them all to live in peace one day if possible.

Out on the patio, Pilar cant believe Martin left her again. Luis says he hates them for what theyve done. She tells him to just concentrate on Sheridan. She leaves to check on Theresa, and Sheridan shows up. Luis apologizes for snapping at her earlier. She says she is sorry he thought her disloyal. She says there is a gap between them that is getting deeper and wider. She says he hates her mother, he is angry for her supporting Gwen, amd he wont accept that she believes Marty is her son. She doesnt think they are going to pull themselves back together, so she is leaving Harmony tonight. She says she is going back to Paris. He asks for how long? Sheridan says shes not sure, and she might never come back.

On the Next Passions
Chad says once all his files are uploaded to the office network then his future at Crane will be set. Meanwhile, Fox looks at a photo and says Chad is finished here at Crane.
Luis tells his mom he wishes he could trust Sheridan the way Theresa trusts Ethan.
Sheridan cries to Gwen that she cant believe shell never see Luis again, 


June 1, 2005

At the recording studio, Valerie and Chad are working while Chad feeds the baby. Valerie is reading a business report on the merger Chad is working on, which will result in a 22% rise in Crane stock value. Valerie then tells Chad what a great dad he is. Chad says he wants to be the best father he can be, and he wishes Whitney would realize she needs to be in Miles life. Valerie says Whitney gave the baby up so she doesnt think Whitney wants to be in his life. Chad says shell come around, shell want to be in the babys life and in his too. They get back to work, and Valerie tells Chad that the work hes done on this project is amazing, She says Alistair and Julian will promote him after they see this. She decides to upload these files to the office network. Chad thanks her and says he wants to give Miles the best of everything, and he needs a good job to do that. Valerie is just worried about Fox, who has apparently declared war on Chad at work. Chad says Fox cant hurt him, but Valerie says maybe he already has. She thinks Fox took Chads missing files. Chad says the important stuff is on the PC anyways, and he thinks the secretary just misfiled them. Valerie says she just wants Chad to watch his back. Chad says he understands why Fox is upset, Fox made a mistake which allowed him to adopt Foxs son. Chad says he wont give him back though. Valerie says Chad honestly thinks as long as he has Miles then hell get Whitney back. He says yes, and he will have Whitney back. Valerie cant believe him, he shouldnt want to be with his sister. Chad swears its not like that. He says he just wants to be in her life and help her raise her son. Valerie says she thinks that is a bad idea. Valerie says Whitney doesnt want to be in her babys life, and considering how Chad feels about Whitney he shouldnt be in her life either Chad says hes heard this before, and he wont give into temptation. Chad says he cares about Whitney too much for that to happen. Chad says he just thinks Miles needs his mother and his father. There is a knock at the door and it is Mrs. Wellesley from the adoption agency. She says she is here for Miles as she can see there is a problem. Chad asks what they can do for her? Mrs. Wellesley says it is standard policy to pay a home visit once a baby is adopted. Chad says he knows, but what is this about a problem. She says shell get to that soon. Mrs. Wellesley says she can see hes provided a wonderful environment for the baby. Chad is nervous and thinks she is here to take the baby from him. She says no, the problem is he is still working and probably isnt taking time for himself. She says he is his only parent and has to take care of himself. Mrs. Wellesley offers to baby-sit Miles while he goes out for the evening. Chad doesnt want to impose, but Valerie thinks it is a great idea. Valerie says nothing can go wrong with Miles or his job, he worries too much. The camera pans over to PC where a warning light flashes up that files are being destroyed. Chad eventually agrees to go out with Valerie, and he tells Miles that hell be back in a little bit. However, Chad goes to grab his jacket before they leave, and he stands right in front of his PC with the blinking message.

Fox is at Crane Industries with some woman. She says its been so long since theyve seen one another. She says he brought her here when they were home from spring break and they had a good time in the conference room. She realizes Fox isnt listening to her and asks what hes thinking about. He says his biggest rival and how he can destroy them. She says my my, master of the universe arent we. She tells him that is such a turn on. She says the power is an aphrodisiac, and she pulls him into a kiss. The computer beeps, and Fox goes to see what is happening. He sees Chads files being uploaded to the office network. They just happen to be in Chads office. The woman sees a photo of Chad and Miles and says Chad is very good looking, and she asks who the little boy is as he looks just like Chad. Fox says that is his son! Fox says he doesnt look anything like Chad. The girl tells Fox to calm down. She asks how this can be his son when hes African American. Fox says because his mom. Fox tells her the whole story, and she says she read about Whitney and Chad in the tabloids. Fox then realizes how he can get rid of Chad and get his son back. Fox decides to destroy these files, which will destroy the merger and cause Chad to lose his job, and thereby lose his son since he cant provide for him. Carla, the woman, says that is a bit unethical. Fox says no more than taking his son is. Carla says it was the babys mother who did that. Fox doesnt know why Whitney did this to him, but he will start by making things right by destroying these files. Carla asks if this isnt illegal? He says yes, but if the files dont exist then there is nothing to prove he did anything. Carla says this just doesnt seem right. Fox says what doesnt seem right is that he took his son, so Chad is finished here.

Whitney arrives at the Blue Note to meet up with Liz. Liz thanks Whitney for coming and saving her life. Lizs regular singer is gone and Whitney has agreed to fill in. Whitney asks if they can not tell daddy about this. Liz says but he is proud of her. Whitney says her father would rather she save her singing for the church. Liz says he will find out, but shell handle him and make him understand. Liz says shell make sure that TC sees all she is doing is singing and not drinking or following in Eves footsteps. Suddenly a waitress shows Liz some pictures of her little nephew, and this causes Whitney to think about her baby. Liz asks Whitney what is wrong? She asks if those baby pictures upset her and reminded her of her own baby? Whitney says she is okay, but Liz knows shes not. Liz says shes so sorry and she knows that shes going through a terrible time right now. Liz also says she knows she, her father, Eve and Julian didnt make things worse by trying to adopt the baby. Liz says then Chad adopted him and made things worse for her. Liz knows what its like to have something eat you up inside, and she tells Whitney not to let this lead her down the wrong road. Liz says her mom made bad decisions and not to follow in her footsteps. Liz is afraid Whitney might get carried away with drugs and drinking like her mother did.

Whitney takes to the stage and sings, but we dont see her performance. Liz thanks Whitney for her wonderful performance and tells the audience that she will be back on stage soon. Liz tells Whitney to find a place to take a break and shell check in on her soon. Whitney heads off to the bar, and Liz talks to her waitress Carol. Carol apologizes about upsetting her niece, but Liz says it isnt her fault. Meanwhile, the bartender gives Whitney a drink, which he says was bought for her by her fans. Liz sees Whitney with the drink and says Noooo. Whitney gives the drink back asks the bartender in the future is someone wants to by her a drink then get her something non-alcoholic. The bartender says no problem. Later Whitney hears the waitresses talk about the baby again, and Whitney ends up seeing the baby photos. She is reminded of her son again. Liz comes over to Whitney and once again tries to talk to her about alcohol. She doesnt want to be a nag, and Whitney assures her that shell be all right. Liz has to go take care of a drunk customer, and Whitney is told another customer has offered to buy her a drink. He says should he make it a soda, but she says no she wants a vodka tonic. 

On the Crane grounds, Katherine confronts Alistair with a rock and says she will kill him. He says she doesnt have the guts to kill him, shes tried before. Katherine goes to kill him, but Martin shows up and stops her. He says Katherine might not be able to kill him, but he can. Alistair says Martin cant kill him anymore than Katherine can. He says they are both weak with their catholic guilt, they wouldnt kill him and risk going to hell. Martin says hed give up his place in heaven to kill Alistair. Martin and Katherine tell him that he brings pain to everything he touches. Alistair says what about his pain, Katherine left him for this yo-yo. Katherine says he never loved her. Alistair says she was still his, and he did everything to Martin for taking Katherine from him. Martin says Katherine isnt a thing to possesses, but Alistair says she is. He also says as far as Luis and Sheridan are concerned he has shown them mercy as he could be cruel beyond anyones wildest dream. Martin says hell never be cruel to anyone again as hell kill him. Martin begins fighting with Alistair, but Katherine stops him and says Alistair isnt worth him going to jail. Katherine tells him not to do something he cant take back. Alistair says Katherine is right, dont do something he cant take back yet again. She asks what that means again. Alistair reminds Martin this is where the gazebo was. Katherine demands to know what happened here, and Alistair says hell tell her everything she wants to know about the gazebo. Martin tells Alistair to shut up, buy Alistair says why? He says he thought lovers shared everything, and Martin has been a bad boy for keeping secrets. Martin tells him to shut his mouth, but Katherine wants to hear what Alistair has to say. Alistair says his wife asked him a question so he will answer it now. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Gwen is upset that Luis is talking to Sheridan when he should be talking to Theresa. Pilar says this is difficult for Theresa. Gwen says they dont want to cause her (Pilar) any more pain, but Theresa is making this all the more worse. Ethan says he doesnt want to drag this out any longer. Ethan says Theresa has to give them Jane and she doesnt have a choice. Pilar says they are right, they cant stay here all night waiting on Theresa. Pilar says shell go get Luis and hope he can talk Theresa into doing the right thing. Gwen says she tells Pilar that she is sorry how painful this is for her. To himself, Ethan feels just as horrible as Pilar. 

Luis is outside talking to Sheridan, he tells her not to leave, not to go to Paris. He says he can get time off work and go with her, but she says no. She says she has to go alone. He asks why shes giving up on them. She says she cant be with a man who wont support her. She says she has to get away from Harmony as soon as possible and she may never come back. Luis says he loves her with all his heart, and hes sorry about getting angry about her mother. Sheridan says she understands his anger, and it is minor compared to the fact that she cant trust him. She says he wont believe her about Marty. She says he says he loves her, but where is the proof. Sheridan says he needs proof that Marty is her son, so where is the proof that he loves her. Luis says she knows how much he loves her. Sheridan says she doesnt, and that is why shes saying goodbye. eE says she cant mean this, but she does mean it. Sheridan says she has to say goodbye to him. Pilar apologizes for interrupting, but asks Luis to please talk to Theresa. Luis says okay, and he asks Sheridan to wait in the kitchen so they can talk again. She says there is nothing more to say, but he says they can work this out. Gwen and Ethan come out to bug Luis, and she says he will go talk to Theresa. Luis leaves, and Gwen asks Sheridan if they resolved anything. Sheridan says no, and she is leaving Harmony for good. Gwen says running away isnt a solution, but Sheridan says she cant be with a man who thinks she is crazy or disturbed. Gwen says Luis is a detective and needs evidence. Sheridan doesnt care and says if Luis loved her then he should believe her. She says she knows Marty is her son and she knows those DNA tests must be wrong. Sheridan says Beth has him now and she wont give him up, so its too painful for her to stay here. 

In her room, Theresa continues to tell Jane that she will never give her up. Luis shows up at her door to talk to her. He tells Theresa that she was right and he should have trusted Sheridan. He says it may be too late for him now, but it isnt for her. He tells Theresa to trust in Ethans love, trust him that he says this custody thing is only temporary. Theresa says nothing, and Luis hears movement inside the room. Theresa opens the door and comes out with Jane. Theresa says she trusts Ethan. Luis says he is so proud of here and she is doing the right thing. Luis says he will follow her lead and trust Sheridan no matter what. Luis says hes going to go get Ethan and Gwen and tell them the news. Theresa just hopes shes doing the right thing.

Luis goes into the living room and says Theresa is going to give the baby up. Pilar asks what he said to convince her? Luis tells Ethan to go get Gwen, and Luis says he told Theresa to trust in Ethans love. Luis just wishes he had done the same with Sheridan. Pilar thinks they will work out there problems.

Outside, Gwen and Sheridan say there goodbyes and Sheridan heads off. Ethan comes out and tells Gwen that Theresa is going to give them Jane. They head inside to get their little girl. Theresa brings the baby out to Ethan and Gwen and hands her over to Ethan. Gwen takes the baby from Ethan and starts calling Jane her beautiful girl. Theresa is in tears, and Ethan says shes doing the right thing. Theresa says am I really? Pilar comforts her crying daughter. Outside Sheridan watches and hopes Gwen finds the haipines she never did. She also says shell miss Luis so much and she wishes it didnt have to end like this.


June 2, 2005

On the Crane grounds, Alistair tells Martin that Katherine obviously wants to know their secret. Alistair says hes going to tell her. Martin begs Katherine not to do this, but she says she wants to know. Martin tells her that she doesnt want to know, but Katherine says she does want to know what happened here. Alistair tells Martin if he doesnt want him to tell her, then maybe Martin should tell Katherine himself. Katherine asks Martin to tell her his big secret, but he says it is too terrible to tell her, and he doesnt want her to carry the horrible burden. She says she can help him, but Martin says no one can help him or change what happen. He begs her to just walk away. Alistair says Katherine is good at walking away from unpleasant situations. Martin argues with Alistair about the secret, and Alistair thinks Martin is afraid if Katherine finds out the truth that shell turn against him. Katherine says that isnt true, and she assures Martin that she wouldnt turn against him. Alistair thinks Martin is just protecting himself. Martin says that is not true, he just wants to spare Katherine the pain. Katherine says not knowing is worse than knowing. Katherine says she needs to know what happened. Martin once again begs her to let it go, but she refuses. Martin tells Katherine that she is the bravest woman he has ever known. Katherine then tells Alistair to tell her the secret. Alistair says hell show her, hell show her everything. He then tells her to come with him, and they head off. Martin follows them. 

At Crane Industries, Fox continues to delete Chads files. Carla tells Fox if he gets caught then hell get in trouble, but Fox says he wont get caught. Carla says wont Chad suspect him of ruining his project? Fox says yes, but he cant prove anything. Carla thinks this is drastic, but Fox says he will do whatever it takes to destroy Chads career so he can get his son back. Fox manages to delete all the files, at least he thinks so.

At the recording studio, Chad sees his files are being deleted and he tells Valerie that something is wrong. She looks at the PC and says all their work will be lost. She says someone is deleting the files as soon as they are being uploaded, and she knows only one person who would do such a thing. Chad knows it is Fox, and Valerie asks why hed do this. Chad says take your pick of reasons. Valerie says they have to stop him, but he says it is too late. However, Chad backed the whole thing up on CD, so its all safe. Valerie hugs him, but its just a friendly hug on Chads part. Valerie thinks hell never get over Whitney. Shes upset because she wants to be with Chad. Chad says well he is with her right now. Chad grabs his CD and wants to go confront Fox at the office, but Valerie suggests they just go out and celebrate. Chad says okay, but he is dropping the CD off at the office later on.

At the Blue Note, Whitney begins to drink up. Liz asks her what shes doing, is that her second or third drink? Whitney says her voice is a little tight and she wanted to loosen it up. Liz says she bets Eve used to say the same thing. Whitney says she is not like her mother and for her aunt not to lecture her. Liz says she is worried about her. Liz says she needs to talk to someone, and it doesnt have to be her. Liz tells Whitney to find a way to deal with the pain that doesnt involve alcohol. She says shed hate to see Whitney wind up in rehab in a few years. Whitney says she isnt her mother and she will handle it and her problems. She tells Liz not to try and counsel her as she doesnt know what shes been through. Liz says she knows what happened, and she recaps the whole baby story. Whitney tells her aunt that she doesnt know the half of it, she has no idea what shes been through. Liz suggests if Whitney tells her then she can help, but Whitney says no one can help. Whitney says she just has to move on with her life, and she is grateful to have this job and to be able to sing. Whitney says when she sings she feels alive again. Liz asks her just not to turn to drugs and alcohol to feel better as that road is a dead end. Liz has to go deal with the manager of the club about some checks, but says theyll talk later. Whitney then asks the bartender to hit her again please. Whitney is told she has to go on soon, and as she walks to the stage she stumbles. Shes asked how many drinks shes had, and she asks what is with everyone counting her drinks.

Carla and Fox show up at the Blue Note, as do Chad and Valerie. Carla warns Fox that Chad just came in. Chad then sees Fox at the bar, and he goes to confront him. Chad tells Fox that hell pay for trying to destroy his work. Fox tells Chad he is crazy, but Chad says he knows he tried to destroy his files. Fox says what does he mean tried? Chad says it didnt work, the files are safe. Fox asks what Chad is doing here, where is his son? Chad says his son is at home, someone is watching him. Fox wonders if hes sick of playing father already? Liz shows up and tells them both to leave. They say they just got here, but she saw a brawl is bad for business and they should leave. Suddenly, Whitney takes the stage. Chad and Fox watch her sing, and she falls apart on stage when she sees the boys. She begins thinking about everything shes done to the both of them. Both men try to run to her side to help her. She tells them to leave her alone and she runs off.

At the lab, Dottie is redoing the DNA tests and is trying to get in touch with Sheridan to let her know that shes redoing the tests. Dottie says she feels like an idiot for not testing Sheridans DNA against Marty. Dottie gets a call from the lab with the results, and shes stunned. Dottie tells Bernard that she has to find Sheridan, Sheridan has to know the results right away. Dottie tries to find where Sheridan is, and begins calling around to find her.

At the Wallace house, Edna is watching TV and Beth gives Marty some peanut butter cookies to help him get back to sleep. Edna says if she didnt know better shed think she was Martys real mommy. Beth tells her mom not to say things like that in front of Marty, hes not deaf or stupid. Edna says Beth is stupid though, stupid to think she has won. Beth says she has won, but Edna says one of these days Sheridan will learn the truth and will come to get her little angle back. There is a knock at the door and it is Sheridan. Sheridan tells Beth that shes here about Marty. Beth says it is late and she isnt getting into this again. Sheridan says she came here to say that Beth has won. Sheridan says Marty is hers, she cant prove that she is her son, so Beth has won. Beth says she is speechless. Sheridan says she doesnt have to say anything. Sheridan says shes giving up, shes leaving Harmony. Beth asks for how long? Sheridan says forever, or until she can prove Marty is her child. Beth says that wont happen. Sheridan says they both know the truth. Beth says she saw the DNA proof, but Sheridan says she doesnt believe it. Sheridan also believes Beth is involved in her kidnapping and stealing her son. She says the proof doesnt matter as the one person who should believe her doesnt. Sheridan says Luis wont help her and hes the only one who could. Beth asks if that is all she has to say? Sheridan says no, she wants Beth to take care of her baby. Edna ends up inviting Sheridan in to spend time with Marty before she leaves. Sheridan would like to say goodbye, and Edna insists Sheridan be allowed to see Marty. Sheridan goes in and holds Marty. As Sheridan says goodbye, Edna tells Beth that she is an evil girl. Beth says shes an evil girl with a son and a chance to have Luis as a husband. Edna tells Beth that there is a special place in hell for her. Beth says as long as she has Marty and Luis. Beth answers the phone when it rings and it is Dottie asking for Sheridan. Dottie says it is very important that she speak to Sheridan, is she there?. It turns out that it is not Dottie on the phone at all. We learn Dottie is calling the Crane Mansion, it is Luis who called Beth and asked if Sheridan was there. Beth lies to Luis and says Sheridan isnt here. Edna asks Beth who that was, and Beth says wrong number. Edna thinks she spent a long time on the phone for a wrong number. Sheridan eventually says she has to get going, and she tells Marty that shell miss him so much. Edna ends up giving Sheridan a photo of Luis and Marty to take with her. Sheridan thanks Edna and heads off in tears. Beth thinks it is over and she has won. Edna is heartbroken over this and calls Beth evil. Beth tells her mother that she could have told Luis and Sheridan the truth but she never did as she was concerned about saving her own hide, so look who is calling her evil. Edna says she didnt day anything only because Beth threatened her! Edna says she doesnt have Luis yet, so she shouldnt be screaming that shes won. Beth says she has won and she throws a vase across the room and tells her mother to just shut up. Beth says she did what she had to do to be happy, doesnt her mother want her to be happy? Edna says not when it brings so much unhappiness to others. Edna tells Beth that she ruined Sheridans life, she stole her baby. Edna says now shes going to try and take her man. Beth says she wont listen to this, she will be happy as she has won. Beth says she has Marty and the DNA to prove he is hers, and its only a matter of time before she gets Luis in her bed.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa begs Ethan to promise her to take care of their little girl. Ethan says shell have everything she needs. Theresa says except for her mom. Luis tells Theresa that shes doing the right thing. He says she could have caused herself and everyone else more pain. Theresa says she doesnt think she can cause herself more pain, her heart is being ripped out. Ethan doesnt look happy, and Gwen tells him that they did the right thing. Theresa tells her family that she just hopes Ethan wont betray her and keep Jane forever. Pilar says he wont, and Luis says he just wishes he could have trusted in Sheridans love. Ethan tells Gwen they should get going .Theresa asks Ethan to promise her that shell get her back one day. Gwen says Ethan cant promise her anything as it is up to the courts. Ethan tells Theresa that she can see Jane whenever she wants. Theresa tries to run to her baby as they are leaving, but Pilar and Luis hold her back. Theresa cries that shell do anything to have her child. Pilar and Luis tell her to stop and that she has to let go. Ethan and Gwen leave with the baby, and Theresa cries she lost her. Luis says hell go talk to Ethan and make sure he keeps his promise. Luis runs after Ethan and asks him if Theresa will be able to see Jane. Gwen says he has their word. Luis remembers when they had Little Ethan that they didnt let her see him at all. Luis says he wants Ethans word, and Ethan gives it to him. Luis just hopes this feud is over and there will be no more surprises. Ethan says Theresa brought this on herself. Luis thinks Jane is an innocent baby and should have to suffer. Gwen says she wont suffer and she loves this little girl. Luis says he needs to go talk to Sheridan, but Gwen says Sheridan is gone. Luis says what do you mean shes gone? Gwen says Sheridan didnt want to talk to him and is leaving Harmony.

Meanwhile, Pilar tells Theresa that she did the right thing, the only thing she could do. Theresa tells her mother that it wouldnt have been her only choice if her mother hadnt sold her out. Theresa tells her mom that she stood by Gwen because she is Ethans wife. Theresa says Ethan loves her and the only reason she backed Gwen is because of papa. Theresa says if her mother sided with her then shed be a hypocrite, that is why she sided with Gwen. Theresa tells her mother that she is using her marriage license to keep papa away from Katherine, the woman he loves and wants to be with. She tells Pilar that she uses her marriage to justify everything she does. Theresa tells her mom that she backed Gwen knowing it would kill her. Theresa thinks her mom doesnt care about hurting her own child as long as she gets papa back. Theresa runs off, and Pilar is stunned. Pilar goes after her and says she cant mean what she is saying. Theresa says she does mean it. Theresa says she sold her out because of papa. Pilar says that is not true, and giving them the baby was the right thing to do. Theresa says it wasnt and she hates her! 

Luis returns to the cottage to look for Sheridan, but shes not there. He says she cant be gone already. Luis calls the airport for info, but he gets nothing. Later, Dottie calls and asks if Sheridan is there. Luis says hes looking for her now and he doesnt have time to talk. Luis says hell tell Sheridan that she called, if he finds her. Dottie tells Luis this concerns him too, and it is very important. Unfortunately Luis hangs up on Dottie! 

Sheridan is in the park with the photo of Luis and Marty. She says she has to leave Harmony forever, there is nothing else she can do. Sheridan says she has lost everything, her child and the love of her life. She says she has to leave and not look back.

Gwen and Ethan bring the baby home, and they take her to her nursery. Gwen tells Ethan how this baby has brought her more joy then he ever could have imagined. Ethan tells himself he never thought shed cause Theresa so much pain either.


June 3, 2005
June 3rd's show was pre-empted by the French Open.

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