June 6, 2005

At the Blue Note, Whitney tells Fox and Chad not to talk to her and she runs off. Liz gets on stage and apologizes for the interruption in entertainment. She asks for a few moments for Whitney to compose herself and shell be right back to perform for them. She then tells Fox and Chad to both get out of her club. Fox refuses to leave, but Chad says he has no right to be here as he is down on Whitney. Fox tells Chad that he is sick because he still wants to be with his sister. She tells them both to stop acting like high school rivals. She says they have upset her star performer, and to just leave her alone. They want to check on her, but Liz says shell check on her and they should leave. Liz walks off, and Chad and Fox refuse to leave. They end up arguing over Whitney. Fox tells Chad that Whitney has told him that she wants nothing to do with him. Chad says Whitney doesnt like liars, and Fox is a liar and a cheat for trying to ruin his work. Chad says hes also lousy at corporate sabotage and he destroyed nothing in the end. Valerie and Carla eventually have to interfere and drag them their separate ways.

Liz checks on Whitney, who cries that she doesnt think shell ever be okay again. Whitney apologizes for ruining the set. Liz says she covered and told everyone that she just needed a few moments to compose herself. Liz asks if there is anything she can do to help? Whitney says no, there is nothing anyone can do to fix this mess. Liz begs Whitney to not let her problems pull her down, find a way to keep her head above water and not follow her mothers path. Whitney says singing does help, it helps her unwind. Liz asks Whitney to let her know when shes ready to go back out. Whitney says she is ready right now actually. 

Whitney returns to the stage and thanks everyone for waiting. Whitney begins singing once again. Meanwhile. Liz calls Eve and tells her that Whitney needs her. After she gets off the phone, Liz says now the heartache begins. Whitney continues to sing, and Liz waits for Eve to show up. As Whitney sings a love song she sees Fox and Chad are still in the audience. Liz realizes how Whitney sounds just like Eve. Liz then calls TC up and asks him to get to the Blue Note as his daughter needs him. Whitney finishes her set and heads straight to the bar to drink. Whitney asks him to make it a double. The bartender asks if she is sure, and she is and not to lecture her too. Liz asks Whitney not to do this to herself, she is making the same mistakes her mom did. Whitney says she is a big girl and she can make her own decisions. Liz says she is sorry she is hurting, but dulling the pain with liquor wont make it go away. Meanwhile, Chad is worried about Whitney and wants to know what is going on. Valerie suggests he respect Whitneys wishes and leave her alone. Fox also wants to check on Whitney, which upsets Carla as the whole night has been about Whitney. Carla says they are supposed to be celebrating, but Fox says they dont have much to celebrate. He says he didnt ruin Chad and Whitney is getting plastered. Carla says maybe it is payback for Whitney giving his son up, and Carla suggests she help keep his mind on her.

At the DNA lab, Dottie is desperate to give Sheridan the new test results. Meanwhile, Luis is driving around looking for Sheridan. He says the Crane jet hasnt been fueled for takeoff, so she still must be in Harmony somewhere.

Sheridan arrives at the cottage to pack her bags and leave. As she is packing she remembers the good times with Luis. She wishes Luis had only trusted her enough to know that Marty was their son. She says that is why she has to go. Sheridan then takes off. Right after she leaves Dottie calls to leave her a message. 

Luis arrives at the cottage after Sheridan leaves, and he sees she was here and she has packed and taken her passport. He realizes she has headed to the airport and goes after her.

At the airport, Sheridan waits for her flight to begin boarding. She says she hates to leave Harmony, but she has to. 

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace cleans up the mess Beth made when she had her tantrum. Beth tells her mom this is her fault, she causes her to do bad things. She asks her mom to just let her have her moment of victory. Edna says she hasnt won yet, and that Beth is a horrible person. Beth says now that she knows that Alistair is her father, she will get Alistair to give her money to buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood far away form her mother. Edna tells Beth that she cant leave her, and she talks about how she used to dress her up cute and take her out on the town. Beth says she remembers her mom trying to sell her to that couple from Canada. Edna says she wanted her to have a better life. Beth asks her mom exactly what she has done for her aside from trying to sell her and let gross men bounce her on their knees? Edna says she kept a roof over her head. Beth says she had her working since she was twelve. Edna says well gin doesnt grow on trees. Beth says her mother left her home night after night while she went out with different men. Beth says that is why shes going to hit up her rich daddy for money to get some totally tapped out digs. Edna tells Beth that she is cruel to leave her here all alone. She also asks Beth how she will get all this money without tipping people off. Edna says Alistair wasnt thrilled with her for spending that cash he gave her. She says they will get suspicious. Beth realizes her mother is right, and she has to figure out another way to get the money from Alistair. As Beth tries to come up with a new scheme, Edna tells Marty to go to sleep as he doesnt need to know about his F-A-K-E mommys schemes. Beth decides to have Alistair to fix the lottery to make her win millions. She says she and Marty will be on easy street for the rest of their lives. Edna feels sorry for Marty that hes going to be stuck with Beth when his real mommy loves him so much. Beth thinks her new scheme is a winner and says Touchdown!

Alistair leads Katherine to the Crane mausoleum. Martin begs Katherine not to do this, she could lose her mind when she realizes the truth. She refuses, and Alistair first brings Katherine to a headstone for herself. She asks what this is about? HE says he put this here so the children could come talk to her as they found the mausoleum to be creepy. However, what awaits her at the mausoleum is far more horrible than this. Katherine knows Sheridan is somehow involved, and she wants to bring closure to it all. She says she has to face her demons. They head into the mausoleum, and Alistair tells Katherine that he almost feels sorry for her. They head into the mausoleum, which Alistair says is the final resting place of his ancestors. Alistair is carrying around a torch as it is dark inside. Katherine is freezing, and Alistair says she can leave and save herself the pain. She refuses and demands to know the truth. Alistair says why should tell her when he can show her. Alistair pulls some switch on the wall and a door opens. They head into another room where a stone coffin sits. They end up closed in the room with Alistair, and Alistair instructs them to come to the coffin. Katherine says so somebody was buried under the gazebo. Alistair asks Martin to help him open it, but Martin refuses. Katherine insists she see what is inside the coffin. Katherine says she deserves to know. Martin says it is worse than she could possibly imagine. Katherine says the pain in his eyes must bring up so many memories. She says forgive her but she must know. She says the secrets, lies and pain must end for everyones sake. Martin asks God to forgive him for what hes about to do. Alistair and Martin open the coffin, and Katherine lets out a scream when she sees what is inside. 

In Vegas, Ned and Fancy are stuck in the hotel room with the dead body, and Ned checks him and assures Fancy the guy is dead. The guy begins to sit up and moan, so Fancy asks why hes moving? She jumps into Neds arms. Ned says hes not alive, it is rigamortis setting in. He begins throwing out all sorts of facts about what happens to a body as it dies, and she asks how he knows all this? He says he was pre-med in college. She starts talking about how he could be a plastic surgeon one day and they make so much money. She talks about how her mom and her friends go all the time, and plastic surgeons have a way of bypassing insurance companies so they really make a lot of money. Ned then notices the dead guy is the guy Fancy was with earlier. Ned says if they are caught in here then Fancy could be the number one suspect in his murder. Fancy points out that Ned is also a suspect because he fought with the guy in the casino earlier tonight. She says they should get out of here, but Ned says not before they wipe this place clean of prints. Fancy grabs some towels and they begin wiping. Fancy asks Ned how you hold a gun to clean it? Ned, seeing she has the gun, and he tells her to be careful. She drops it and the gun accidentally goes off. It has a silencer, on it, and the bullet flies across the room. Ned appears to be hit and goes down. Fancy runs to him and thinks he is dead. She touches him and has blood on her hand. She says he cant be dead, he cant leave her as she needs him to help her get out of this mess. Ned wakes up and kisses Fancy. Fancy cant believe he let her think he was dead. He says what about her? He says all she cared about was him helping her get out of this mess. She says that isnt true. It turns out Ned hit his head on the cabinet, he wasnt hit by the bullet at all. They get back to cleaning up the place, and as they do, someone tries to get into the room.


June 7, 2005

Luis calls the airport as hes driving there. He asks if Sheridan Crane is booked on any flights out of Harmony, but hes told the computer is down. Meanwhile, Dottie keeps trying to contact Sheridan, and she leaves messages all over town for her about the latest DNA test results. At the airport, Sheridan waits for her flight to board and she looks at a photo of Marty. She says she loves him so much and hell never know how much shell miss him. She says if she could have proven than he was her son it would change everything. She says but she has no hard evidence, and if only Dottie had re-run the DNA test. Sheridan leaves to buy some magazines to read on the plane, and Luis then shows up and just misses her. He says checks at the desk to see if Sheridan has checked in. The desk clerk doesnt know as she just arrived, and she cant check the computer for him as it is against policy. He tries to use his badge, but since Sheridan isnt a criminal she still cant give him the information. She says there was a beautiful young woman in their waiting area, but then she sees that Sheridan is gone. Sheridan returns, and Luis catches her. He grabs her and pulls her into a hug. He says he loves her and he cant lose her. Sheridan says she has to go because he wont believe her. She says she has to go. Her plane is called, and Sheridan says she has to go. As Sheridan is walking off to board the plane, Luis says he just remembered Dottie called. She asks why, and Luis says he doesnt know as he was in a hurry to find her. Sheridan thinks Dottie must have re-run the DNA tests, Dottie might have the proof that Marty is her son.

At the Wallace house, Beth tells Marty how she is his mommy and Luis is his daddy. Edna says she got one out of two right. Beth says that they will live happily ever after soon. She says theyll drape a diaper on grandmas grave marker once a year to remember her by. Beth continues to talk about her brilliant plan to live happily ever after with Alistairs money. Beth doesnt think Alistair will be able to resist her since he still has the hots for her. Edna wonders when the town motto became incest is for lovers. Beth says she wont have sex with daddy! Beth talks about how she wont let her mom starve after she leaves, it wouldnt be good to have Harmonys richest woman be known as a parent abuser. Beth says shell keep her mom stocked with food, but Edna rather have gin. Beth also says maybe shell hire her some human help for a change. Beth begins daydreaming about her new lifestyle of luxury and elegance. Beth is now living in the mansion with Luis. She says it was so nice for Alistair to sell her his mansion fully furnished, and it has always been her dream to live atop Raven Hill and look down on the little people. Edna shows up banging on the patio doors. Beth tells her mom to move as shes blocking her view. Edna says the nurse Beth hired ran off with all her food. Beth says so eat dog feed, better yet be dog food. Beth ends up sicking the watch dogs on her mother. Luis shows up after arriving from their private helicopter and he tells Beth how he loves her more than life itself. Beth says she is so glad everything worked out for them. Beth talks about how she was so afraid that Luis would never get over Sheridan after she left. Luis says he thought he wouldnt, but she wouldnt give up on him and well then she won the lottery and got all this great stuff. He says as for Sheridan, hell never give that tramp a second thought. Belle comes back to reality and says yes, she and Luis and Marty will live happily ever after. She tells her mom that shell be taken care of, but she cant live with them as they will need privacy together. Beth says she thinks soon Luis will want to give Marty a brother or sister. Enda says God save them all from Beths evil spawn. Beth begins fantasizing about ripping Luis clothes off and making love to him. Back in the real world, Beth looks through the house listings but cant find the listings for the ten bedroom mansions. Edna tells her that shes getting a little ahead of herself as she doesnt even have the money yet. Beth is positive that Alistair will give her the money and Luis will marry her.

At the Blue Note, Whitney is drinking it up at the bar, upsetting both Fox and Chad. Valerie and Carla both try and keep their mens mind of off Whitneys troubles. Eve and Julian show up and find Whitney boozing it up at the bar. Eve is afraid Whitney is going to repeat all of her mistakes. Eve blames Liz for this for inviting her to sing on this dump. Liz says her club isnt a dump, and Whitney needed a job so she gave her one. Liz says she tried to convince Whitney not to drink and become a boozed up and drugged out skank like her. Liz says she only called Eve to see if she could talk some sense into Whitney, but maybe she doesnt care about her daughter. Eve slaps Liz and says never say that. TC shows up and asks what is wrong with her, why is she slapping Liz? TC sees Whitney drinking and thinks Eve has passed on her drunken whore genes to their daughter. Julian defends Eve and suggests TC stick to teaching gym and not biology. They all end up arguing with one another, and Liz tells TC to watch what he says to Eve as she may try and kill him next time. Ivy also shows up and finds Whitney at the bar. Whitney says shes here to sing, and Ivy says she is here to get away from her problems. Ivy tells Whitney she might want to take it easy with the drinks. Whitney tells Ivy to do her a favor and butt out. Fox decides to use his mother as an excuse to interfere and see what is going on. Chad uses Fox and his mom ganging up on Whitney as his excuse to check on Whitney. Fox asks why Ivy is bothering Whitney, but she says shes not. Chad asks about how much Whitney is drinking, but she says she has no time for this and runs off to prepare for her next set. Fox asks Ivy if she said anything to upset her. Ivy says to just be mindful of how much she was drinking. Ivy also says maybe it is best Whitney put the baby up for adoption as it is better than having a drunk raising his son. Eve hears this and says Whitney isnt a drunk. Ivy asks Chad when she can see her grandson, but Chad says she cant. He says Whitney gave her child up, so he doesnt want any strangers coming in and out of his life. Ivy says this is her grandson. Chad says not anymore he isnt. Julian suggests Ivy drop it, but she wont. Chad suggests she have her lawyers call his. Fox and Chad walk off, and Ivy asks Eve that she cant let Chad keep them from seeing their grandchild. Eve says whether they like it or not, Chad is the babys legal father now and they have to abide by his rules. Ivy says she does not. Whitney begins singing, and Ivy continues to argue with Eve over the baby. Eve ends up saying Miles isnt Ivys grandson so she should just drop it. Fox says that doesnt make sense, unless there is something Eve isnt telling him. 

At the Crane crypt we see a repeat of Katherine screaming after Alistair and Martin open up the stone coffin. Inside we see a shot of a dead and rotting corpse. Alistair says she insisted on knowing the truth, does her childish screams mean she cant handle it? Martin says anyone would have trouble seeing what she just saw. Alistair says not him. Martin says well hes not human. Alistair says this is the reason that Martin left Harmony, and the reason Sheridan thinks killed her mother. Alistair says this woman was a blond like Katherine before her extreme makeover. Alistair says Martin was the one who buried her under the gazebo. Katherine asks why? How did this happen, and who is she. Alistair says you mean you dont recognize her? Martin tells him to stop, but Alistair says she wants to know the truth. Alistair asks Katherine if she isnt dying to know the rest of the story? Katherine asks who she is. Martin tries to convince Katherine to leave, but Katherine insists on knowing who she is. Alistair cant believe he didnt recognize her. Katherine asks if she knew her. Alistair says yes, quite well. Alistair says she looks the same to him. Katherine demands to know who she is. Alistair says take a closer look. He says her features area bit shrunken, but they are the same. He says the soil in this part of the country must help preserve human remains. She still doesnt know, and Alistair tells her to think. Katherine asks Martin to tell her who it is, but he says he cant bear the pain it would cause her. He asks her to forget this, but she says she cant forget this. Katherine says he cant ignore this poor poor womans tragic fate. She says one of them tell her who this is. Martin still refuses to tell her and he begs her to leave with him. Katherine wont leave until she finds out who she is. Martin says then Alistair will have to tell her. Alistair says hell tell her who this once beautiful woman was. He says this woman was very near and dear to her. She asks who she is. Alistair says just think. 

In Vegas, Fancy and Ned are busy cleaning up the hotel room when someone opens the door. Fancy panics. The man walks in, and Ned and Fancy are hiding under the bed. The man looks around and doesnt remember leaving all these towels everywhere, but he also cant remember his last meal. He burps and says oh yeah, Mexican. HE then jumps on the bed. He ends up seeing the dead guy is now on his back, which wasnt the way he was when he shot him. The guy says he was face down. The maid shows up and refuses to leave as the guy is a slob and is going through towels like a madman. She grabs all the towels and somehow fails to see the dead body on the floor as she walks by the bed and into the bathroom. The guy follows her around to try and keep her from finding anything The maid leaves, and the guy thinks something fishy is going on here. He realizes the body has been moved again, its now closer to the bed and hidden under the bed spread, which is why the maid didnt see it. He also sees his money is gone. He pulls out his gun and fires under the bed saying whoever is under there is dead now. Out in the hall we see that Ned and Fancy managed to escape in the maids laundry cart, and Fancy ended up taking the guys money. Ned cant believe it, but Fancy says she needs the money to buy a necklace her dad wont let her charge it. Fancy is convinced nothing will happen. The man shows up and sees Fancy with the briefcase and demands he give them his money. They end up running for it. 


June 8, 2005

At the Blue Note, Whitney continues to sing and everyone watches her. Theresa arrives at the club and wonders how Whitney can sing like that after putting her son up for adoption. She thinks of losing her own child. She says she came here to forget about Ethan and Gwen taking Jane from her. She sits at the bar and orders a martini. The bartender says whatever is bothering her, drinking wont make things better. Theresa says she lost everything tonight, even the man she loves. They talk about Theresas problems, and the bartender says Harmony is a small town and she could run into the guy. Theresa says the last thing she wants tonight is to run into this man. Theresa says she is angry and doesnt know what shed do to him if she saw him.

After Whitney ends her song, Chad is convinced Whitney was singing about her son, which upsets Valerie. Valerie says he has to let go of his feelings for Whitney, he is playing with fire. Chad says he doesnt care what people think, they can live together and raise Miles together. Valerie says she gives up, obviously what he had with Whitney is so strong that nothing else can compare. Ethan shows up after getting Chad's message. Chad tells Ethan about Foxs attempt to sabotage his work and how he needs help protecting himself. Chad says he cant get involved in some crazy office war with Fox, he needs to cut him off at the pass before it starts. Ethan wishes he had thought of that. Chad realizes he is thinking about Theresa. He tells Ethan to forget about Fox for tonight and theyll talk in the morning. Ethan thanks him and heads off.

Ivy argues with Eve over how she has every right to see her grandson, and she wants Julian to put Eve in her place. Eve says the boy isnt Ivys grandson so get over it. Ivy says of course he is, and Fox says this doesnt make sense unless Eve knows something she isnt telling them. Julian says Eve just misspoke, but Fox thinks shes been making a habit of that lately. Ivy wants to know what Eve really meant. Fox sees Whitney at the bar and drags her over to hear what her mother has to say. Fox tells Whitney that her mom keeps insisting Ivy isnt his sons grandmother. He says that is very interesting, doesnt she find it interesting. Ivy tells Eve or Julian to say something as something is going on here. Eve says she cant keep this to herself any longer and she will tell them what she meant. Eve tries to reveal the truth, but Whitney says Mom! Fox wants the truth, and Ivy wants to hear it too. Eve says she will tell them as it is way past time the truth come out. Eve sees Whitney looking at her, and Eve chickens out. Eve tells Ivy that the truth is Ivy is a very bad mother, she has no interest in her own childrens lives so she cant be a real grandmother to Miles. Ivy says Eve is no example either, shes a drug addicted drunk living in sin with Julian. Fox tells them all that his mother is trying to make up for her past now, and at least one of his parents is behind him now. Fox vows to Julian and Whitney that he will get his son back, and he and Ivy leave to talk. Eve apologizes to Whitney for almost divulging her secret. Whitney tells her mother to stop slipping up and almost revealing the truth or her life and Miles life will be over. Eve tells Whitney she heard her singing and is proud of her, but she also heard how much pain she is in. Whitney says she isnt in pain, she did what she had to do and is moving on. Eve knows her heart is breaking as she knows what the pain of losing a child feels like. Eve talks about how her pain came out in her singing as well, and she begs Whitney not to let this pain destroy her. She tells Whitney it isnt too late for her, she can tell the truth and get her baby back. Whitney says if she tells the truth then Chad will give her baby back. Whitney says excuse her she has to get ready to her next set. She heads to the bar where a patron buys her another drink.

Julian talks to Fox at the bar and says he sees the pain he is in. Fox tells Julian that he and Dr. Eve have supported Chad taking his son from him. Julian says hes tried not to take sides, but Fox says he has. Fox doesnt care what the adoption papers say, he is that boys biological father. Julian says hes trying to help, but Fox says since when? He says at least Ivy was there for him sometimes when he was growing up. He tells Julian he was never there for him and he still isnt, he is a worthless parent. Fox then walks away.

Whitney sings again, and Eve blames herself for Whitney turning to alcohol. She fears if something doesnt change with Whitney then she could turn to drugs. Julian understands Eves pain as he cant stop Foxs downward spiral over a child that isnt his. 

Meanwhile, Ivy and Fox talk, and Fox vows to see Chad pay for stealing his son and his birthright at Crane Industries. Ivy tells him bravo and she will help him any way she can. Ivy says she may not have been the most attentive mother in the past, but she is here now. She says she wont see him lose his birthright like Ethan did.

Ethan sees Theresa drinking at the bar and watches her. Ivy shows up and asks Ethan why he is here? He says he came to see Chad about some legal troubles. Ivy is glad his and Gwens legal troubles are over, and she wishes she could have been there to see him take Jane from Theresa. Ethan says she knows how he feels about Theresa, and he took no joy in hurting her. Ivy tells Ethan that he himself said Theresa brought this all on herself. Ivy says not to feel sorry for Theresa and not to blame himself. Ivy says if he is tempted to go back to Theresa then remember how she destroyed the both of them by revealing the truth to the tabloids. Ivy says Theresa took all of her dreams and plans for them away. Ivy asks Ethan if a woman who truly loved him would destroy him that way? Ivy says if Theresa is capable of that then he doesnt know what else she is capable of. 

Meanwhile, Theresa returns her drink to the bar as she realizes she cant drink away her problems. She decides to head off, but Ethan confronts her. Theresa then slaps Ethan! Ethan tells her to slap him again if it helps her. He says he deserves it and he hates seeing her like this. Theresa says he took her baby and she knows how much she loves her baby. She tells Ethan that she hates him and she breaks down. Ethan says he is sorry and he holds her. Theresa says Gwen has her child, their child because he helped her. She says that really hurts. Ethan says he is so sorry about this. She asks why he is sorry, he won and got everything he ever wanted. She says his life should be just perfect now. He says that isnt true. She tells him not to start now, she heard him, it is him and Gwen till death do they part. She says she has lost everything and he has it all. He says he doesnt have her, he doesnt have the woman he truly loves. He says he should be with her, Jane and Little Ethan. Theresa is speechless. 

In the crypt, Katherine begs Alistair to tell her who the dead woman is. He torments her about being blind. He tells Katherine not to look at her face, look at her hand. Alistair says take a good look at her hand as she might recognize something. Martin continues to beg Katherine not to do this, but Katherine insists. Alistair lifts up the dead womans hand for Katherine to look at. Katherine cries out Oh my god! when she sees a ring on her finger. She says no it cant be, and Martin grabs Katherine to hold her as she loses it. She tells Martin that all these years he knew and said nothing? Katherine says this must be another one of his evil games, his tricks. Alistair says this is no trick,  it is true. He tells Katherine to look at her face if she wants proof. Katherine says she cant, but Alistair forces her to. He says take a good look at her face, this is the woman Sheridan called mother. Alistair tells her to look at her sister Rachel! Katherine then passes out. 

At the airport, Luis tells Sheridan that Dottie called her. Sheridan thinks Dottie re-ran the tests and found a mistake. She sees the look on Luis face and thinks he has doubts. Luis says Dottie would have said something to him, but she didnt. Sheridan says he is right and she should go. She says shell call Dottie from the plane. Sheridan tells Luis goodbye and walks away. Luis watches the plane from the airport and wonders how she can leave him. He wonders if he should have lied to her and said he believed her, but a love based on lies isnt any good either. The plane takes off, and Luis says Goodbye Sheridan. Luis turns to leave and finds Sheridan standing there. Sheridan reveals she couldnt leave without finding out why Dottie called. Sheridan says if it is the reason she thinks then she needs to be here to get her son back. Sheridan places a call to Dottie. Dottie tells Sheridan that she re-ran the DNA tests and she has the results. Dottie gets technical, and Sheridan says she just wants to know if Marty is her son. 

At Tabithas place, Tabitha and Endora have the drinks and party hats out to celebrate the end of Luis and Sheridan. Tabithas phone rings, and it pops out of her magic bowl. She realizes it is a warning about a phone call, so they eavesdrop and see what is going on. Tabitha learns Dottie has been calling Sheridan with the new DNA results. Tabitha says Sheridan cant find out the truth until she leaves town and Luis. Tabitha begins watching Sheridan and Luis via her bowl. Tabitha watches Sheridan leave on a plane and thinks she has won, but later she learns Sheridan didnt leave after all. The magical phone rings again and Tabitha listens in as Sheridan talks to Dottie.


June 9, 2005

At the hotel in Vegas, Fancy and Ned made it back to Fancys room. Ned tells Fancy that she has put them in huge danger by taking that money. He says that guy has mobster friends and they will come looking for them. Fancy says its not that much money so he wont miss it. Ned says he killed a guy for it, and the mobster saw them fleeing the room and knows they have the money. Ned says hes going to come after them and kill them. Fancy asks what do they do? Ned says they need to leave Vegas as soon as possible or they are dead. Meanwhile, the mobster continues searching the hotel for them. Ned ends up telling Fancy that she needs to get off her fashionable butt and start packing. He says hell see her to the airport, but after that they can never see one another again. Later Ned returns after going to his room and packing a small bag. He comes back to find Fancy packs EVERYTHING. He says she cant bring all of this as she only needs one outfit if she is dead. Fancy says fine, but she cant leave until she buys her necklace. He says she cant buy the necklace with that money, it is marked and the casino will know it is stolen money. She cant believe this. He tells her to meet him three blocks down the street and hell get them some cabs. She says eww a cab, no way she is calling a limo. Ned says the idea is to blend in. He says they have to go their separate ways, they can never know where the other is going. He says hell meet her downstairs and to be careful.

Later, down on the Vegas strip Fancy shows up dressed like a pink cowgirl, and she has a gazillion pieces of pink luggage with her. She also has her little dog Preston with her. Ned asks what part of low-key and inconspicuous didnt she understand? She says she travels in style, and asks her little dog Preston if that isnt right. He asks where the money is, and she says in her bag. He knows what they are going to do with it, they are going to give it to a few nuns accepting donations for orphans. There are some nuns ringing a bell with a kettle ala the Salvation Army. Ned gives the nuns all the money, and the nun sees Fancy is hiding some of her money under her dog, which Ned hands over. The nun says there is a special place in heaven just for them. Meanwhile, the mobster and his associates are out on the street searching for Ned and Fancy. Fancy wants the money back, but the nuns whisk it away. One of them says shes taking all the donations to headquarters right away. The other nun is shocked as it is so early. Ned ask her why Fancy cares about that money, her family is rich. Fancy says but that money was hers, she earned it. Ned decides to get them their separate taxis. He says if they see one another at the airport not to talk to him. He says they have to stay as far away from one another as possible. She says well its been fun. He says fun? She says exciting? He tells her not to do anything stupid and with luck those guys will never find them. Fancy and Ned both board their plane home to Harmony, neither one realizing the other is on the same plane! 

At the Blue Note, Whitney continues to sing as everyone watches. Carla comes to the bar and tells Fox that it has been a while since he left to get her a drink. He says hes sorry and he got a bit side-tracked. Fox starts ranting about Chad and how he has to completely destroy him. Fox watches Whitney sing, and Carla tells him that he still loves her doesnt he. Fox doesnt know how he could love someone who gave their son away, but he does. Meanwhile, Valerie is annoyed that Chad is memorized by Whitney. Valerie says it is the blues she is singing, so she is over him. Chad says no, she still loves him. 

Theresa is stunned by Ethans confession to her. Ethan says he should be with her and Jane and Little Ethan. Theresa says it isnt too late, they can have it all and be a family. They then hug, and Theresa starts talking about the life they can have. Ethan says no, he cant. He says hes made vows to Gwen and he cant break his word to her. He says Gwen doesnt deserve that. She asks what about her and their daughter? She says hes choosing Gwen over them. Ethan says hes not and not to go there. Ethan tells Theresa that they need to work together to make Janes upbringing as peaceful at it can be. He says he wants Jane to know her mommy and daddy care about one another even though they dont live together, and that Jane was made out of love. Theresa says he didnt even know it was her that night they made love. Ethan says how stupid do you think I am, of course I knew it was you. Theresa says he didnt, but Ethan says he knew it was her. He says he can tell the difference between her and Gwen: her face, her hands, the way she feels and the way she makes him feel. Ethan says they only made love that one time before on the beach, but that night he felt the same way as he did on that beach. Ethan says she didnt fool him. He also says he would have given anything to steal one more night with her. Theresa tells Ethan that this is too much. He tells her that he loves her and how deeply they are connected, yet he still stays with Gwen. Ethan says it just cant be and hes sorry. Whitney shows up and asks Theresa what was wrong? Theresa says she thought the night couldnt get worse but she was wrong. Theresa leaves, and Whitney stops Ethan from going after her. She says he has hurt her enough all ready. Ethan says he didnt want to hurt her. Whitney says he took her child away from her and now she has nothing. Whitney says she knows Theresa is not innocent, but she is hurting. When Whitney learns Ethan told Theresa that he still loved her, Whitney says that is just great. She thinks that was really helpful. Ethan thought he thought it would be better to be honest. Whitney says shes sick of people talking about how it is better to be honest. Whitney asks how it is better to know the person you love cant be with you, she thinks that is pure hell. Whitney says she knows that kind of hell. She says she loves Chad and he loves her, but they cant be together. She says it just makes it all that much harder to live without him. She turns around and sees Chad there. Ethan leaves them so they can talk. Chad says he heard what she said, and their love comes along once in a life time. He says he knows they are brother and sister, but knowing she still loves him is enough for him. The two come very close to looking they are about to kiss. Fox and the other two girls show up and Fox yells What the hell, you two are brother and sister for Gods sake! He tells to take their little incest party elsewhere, but give him back his son as he wants him not to be a part of this. Whitney says he already is. Fox asks Whitney what she is saying, what is she hiding from him?

Theresa heads to the wharf to sulk and be alone, only to run into Ethan yet again. Theresa thinks fate is pushing them together, but he says hes staying with Gwen. Theresa tries to change his mind with a kiss.

At the Wallace house, Beth calls a nursing home to book a room for her mom, which upsets Edna. Edna says she wont let her do this to her. Beth continues with her delusion that Alistair is going to give her a ton of money, and she will live happily ever after with Luis and Marty and without her mother. Beth tells her mom she deserves a nice life and doesnt need some nasty hag messing things up for her. She tells her mom that shes going to a nursing home and that is final. She tells her mom if she makes a stink about it then she wont go to the nice nursing home she just found, shell send her mom to a disgusting nursing home with the mice, coach roaches and rats. Edna refuses to be sent away and blackmails her daughter with what she knows about her schemes. Edna says if Beth crosses her then she will lose. Edna then asks Beth to go get her some grapes and peel them while shes at it. Beth realizes she has no choice but to kill her mother. Edna screams as Beth chases her around the house with a pillow to smother her. Beth catches her mother and says consider it a mercy killing. Beth begins to get to work killing her mom. 

Tabitha continues to watch what is going on with Sheridan and Luis at the airport. Tabitha realizes too much information is coming out, and she uses magic to cut Luis and Dotties call short before he learns about Beth and Sheridans connection. She then realizes she has to stop Sheridan from getting the baby from Beth or this story might have a happy ending. Tabitha comes up with a great idea that will cause Sheridan to never forgive Luis.

At the airport, Sheridan tells Dottie over the phone that she cant deal with her scientific mumbo jumbo. She asks Dottie if Marty is her son? Sheridan is stunned by her news. Luis thinks Sheridan got her hopes up again for no reason. Sheridan tells Luis to talk to Dottie, and he does. He thinks once again the tests proved Beth is the mother. Dottie explains that isnt the case, and Marty is Sheridans son. Dottie says there is no doubt about it. Sheridan says it is true, she was right all along. Sheridan says he finally has the proof he needs. Luis asks Dottie if she is sure, and Dottie says completely. He asks why the first test didnt show that? She explains her mistake of only running the first test against Beth, who was a match. Luis asks how they can both be a match? Unfortunately they are cut of due to static, which is created by Tabitha. Sheridan thinks this proves everything she has said, Beth kidnapped her and held her hostage. Luis says but Beth was pregnant, and what about Charlie? Sheridan says she cant think about that now, Beth is crazy and they have to get Marty from her right away. Luis apologizes to Sheridan for being so wrong about everything. Sheridan says Beth stole her child and she wants him back now. 


June 10, 2005
At the Crane crypt, Katherine comes too after fainting. She asks Alistair if this is her sister Rachel. He says yes, and if she doesnt believe him to ask Martin. Alistair says Martin buried her and then built the gazebo on top of her. Katherine says her sister died in a boating accident, she drowned. Alistair says since Martin wont answer her questions then hell explain everything. He tells her not to be so surprised when the truth destroys someone she loves with her whole heart. Martin refuses to let Alistair do this, and he attacks Alistair. A henchman of Alistair comes out of the shadows with a gun and Katherine tells Martin to stop or Alistair will kill him. Martin says hearing the truth will kill Katherine, but Alistair doesnt think so. Alistair tells Katherine they can drop this anytime she wants, but Katherine wants the truth. Alistair says he knows his wife much better than Martin ever did. He says Katherine is like a cat, her curiosity always gets the best of her. Katherine wants answers. She says her sister drowned, she died, there was a funeral so why bury her under the gazebo. Alistair says Rachel didnt drown, she was murdered. Katherine tries to attack Alistair and accuses him of killing Rachel. Alistair says he didnt kill her sister, but he can tell her who did. Katherine says she wants whoever killed her sister to pay. Alistair says dont say that. Katherine remembers Alistair said it was someone she loves who killed Rachel, and she asks Martin if it was him, but he says no. She says but Alistair said it was someone she loved. Alistair says the monster who murdered her sister was none other than Sheridan. Katherine cries No! Alistair says Rachel didnt drown as he led everyone to believe, but Katherine thinks it is a lie because Rachel wasnt alive when Sheridan was born. She asks Martin to tell her this isnt true. Martin says hes sorry but it is true. Alistair says it is true, and now the whole world will know Sheridan is a murderess! 

On the wharf, Theresa and Ethan kiss. Ethan says they cant, but she says she knows he wants it. They kiss some more, and Ethan once again pulls away and says this is wrong. Theresa says it is the rightist thing theyve done in a long time. She says she can tell by his kiss that he loves her, even if he doesnt say so with his words. She tells Ethan to face the fact that he made a terrible mistake when he married Gwen. Ethan says no she needs to face that he is married to Gwen and will stay with her, and the two of them are finished. Theresa refuses to believe that and she refuses to give up. He tells her that she needs to accept that they wont be together. He says he is a married man who doesnt believe in breaking his vows, and nothing will make him disloyal to Gwen again. She says this isnt fair, but he says it isnt fair to break his marriage vows and he doesnt think he can live with himself if he did. She wonders how he can live with himself if he doesnt. He tells her to let go of this fantasy, they wont be together. He tries to walk away, but she stops him and says they are fated to be. Ethan says fate is a dream, the reality is he is Gwens husband forever, till death do them part and in good times and bad. Ethan says the truth is that there is also something much bigger that stands in their way of being together, how can he trust her when she mailed the tabloid with the information that he was Sams son. She says she didnt do that, but he says how can he believe her?

Rebecca and Gwen celebrate Theresas downfall. Gwen says she was afraid Ethan would actually do it, but he did it, he stood up to Theresa. Gwen says now she has the baby she so desperately wanted and Ethan despises Theresa. Later Gwen once again begins worrying about the tabloid, but Rebecca says nobody will ever find out it was them. Gwen says maybe she is right, and her mom did destroy all the evidence didnt she? Rebecca hasnt destroyed anything, and ends up downing her glass of champagne. Gwen cant believe this and she hopes there are no hard copies out there. Rebecca says she saved evidence because it was a memento of her most masterful work, and it meant so much for them to work together as a team. Rebecca says Gwen was young and was learning from her, she was so proud of her. Gwen asks what will they do if Ethan and Theresa find the info? Rebecca says they wont, she hid it in a safe that Alistair and Julian no longer use. Gwen says the info is in a safe here in the same house where Ethan lives? Gwen asks if her mother has lost her mind? Gwen demands to be taken to it so she can destroy the evidence now. Rebecca takes her up to the safe, and Rebecca has the combination to the safe in her bra with the rest of her valuables. Rebecca begins pulling tons of things out from between her boobs, including a magicians scarf. She opens the safe and then says Oh no! Gwen thinks it is gone and they are dead meat. She tells her to relax, it is here. She says she just forgot what else she put in here for safe keeping. Rebecca has a collection of sex pictures. Gwen says that is gross, but Rebecca thinks of it as fine art. Rebecca says the evidence is here. Gwen says they need to destroy it now. They head down to the wharf to dump things into the water, but Rebecca slips up and the papers blow everywhere! Gwen begins picking up papers, and then she sees Theresa with Ethan and that the papers are blowing right at them. Suddenly, Theresa picks up one of the pieces of paper as she thinks someone is littering, and Gwen freaks out. Theresa picks up several pieces of papers and is stunned by them. Gwen says Theresa knows!

Tabitha and Endora continue to use the magic bowl to watch the pain going on is Harmony. Tabitha is planning to once again undo Sheridan and Luis love. Tabitha says the only problem with her plan is that she needs time to set her marvelous plan into motion. She says how to stop them from getting to Beths? Endora giggles and waves her hands, and Tabitha says that is a wonderful idea. Tabitha begins preparing a potion. She says they will stop these two dead in their tracks. Tabitha then casts the spell to stop Luis and Sheridan from arriving at Beths, and Endora helps her mommy by sending a fog to stop Sheridan and Luis. After the fog takes them over, Tabitha plans on paying a visit to Beth to warn her about Luis and Sheridan and what they know. 

Sheridan and Luis are speeding to Beths house in Luis police car. Sheridan cant wait to hold her little boy in her arms once again, and this time he will be hers. As they speed there, Luis and Sheridan discuss the tests and that Beth and Sheridan must be half sisters. Luis says he is sorry he didnt believe her, it all seemed ridiculous and he thought the idea was born out of her desperation to be near Marty. He asks if she hates him? She just asks how much longer until they get to Beths house? Luis decides to call Beth and claim he wants to stop by and spend some quality time with Marty before he goes to bed as she never says no to that. Luis makes his call, and suddenly they are besieged by a fog. Luis says he has to slow down as he cant see anything. Sheridan says no, but Luis says hell kill them both. Luis eventually says hell have to pull over. Sheridan is furious and demands Luis make things up to her by taking her to her son right now. Luis says he cant see anything in this fog. Suddenly the fog lifts, and they begin heading back off to Beths house. Sheridan begs Luis to hurry as she fears they may be too late. She says something awful could happen if they dont get there in time.

At the Wallace house, Beth tries to suffocate her mother with a pillow. She tells her mother once she is gone then shell be with Luis and Marty and nobody will find out the truth. Beth tells her mom Goodbye mommy dearest! Edna eventually lays lifeless, and Beth sings Ding dong the wicked mothers gone! Beth tells her dead mother that this is her fault and she made her do this. Beth gets Luis call and says hed like to stop by and tuck in Marty. Beth looks at her dead mother and says tonight? He says unless there is a problem. She says it is just late, but eventually says hes always welcomed here. She asks for a minute to pull herself together. She realizes she now has to hide her moms body, and what if the body starts to smell. She then says her mom doesnt have to be dead to smell. She decides to just put her mom in the basement for now and later shell dump the body in the mountains. Beth cant move her mom and says she weighs as much as an elephant. She goes to get a blanket to roll her onto and drag her off on. Once Beth leaves the room we see Edna isnt dead and was faking it. Beth returns with a blanket. Edna shocks Beth by revealing she is alive, then hits her over the head with a bottle and knocks her out. Edna says she cant wait for Luis to get here and tell him everything. Edna ends up praying to the angels to help her, to help end the suffering brought on by her daughter. Suddenly all these little angels show up and begin flying out of her house. Meanwhile, Tabitha is heading to Beths house when she is attacked by Ednas angels. 

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