June 13, 2005

On the wharf, Theresa looks at the piece of paper she is holding and says Ethan wont believe what Rebecca did. Gwen and Rebecca watch from afar and think Theresa knows what they did. Gwen asks her mother how she could be so stupid, she is going to lose Ethan and it is all her fault. Rebecca says she wont lose anything and to follow her. Rebecca and Gwen approach them, and Rebecca demands Theresa give back what is hers. Ethan asks what they are doing here, and why Gwen isnt at home with Jane? Gwen says she was supposed to be, but well here we are. Rebecca demands Theresa give it back, but Theresa says no. Theresa says she has been waiting to find something to use against her and this is the motherload. Rebecca tells Theresa that isnt hers. Theresa says it is now. Ethan wants to know what is going on. Rebecca says that paper and all the others are hers. Ethan says so this is her garbage? Theresa says actually it is grounds for her to get her daughter back. Ethan looks at the paper and is stunned. He asks Gwen if she knew about this? Theresa says of course she did, she was helping Rebecca destroy it. Gwen begs to be allowed to explain, but Ethan says there is nothing she can do to explain this. Gwen says she is so sorry and she is so ashamed. Rebecca tells Gwen to stop talking. Gwen says what is the point now as they know. Theresa says she will use this to get Jane back. Rebecca says this wont get her squat. Rebecca grabs the papers from Theresa and shows it to Gwen. Gwen asks her mother what is wrong with her, donkeys? Gwen asks who is this guy with her? Rebecca says his name is Ramon and she met him in Costa Rica. Gwen says it could be worse, but Theresa says it is pretty bad and no judge will ever let a baby live in the same house with a woman who posed for those pictures. Rebecca says Jane is with Ethan and Gwen and will stay with them permanently. Gwen drags her mom off to ask what in the world are all these papers doing in the box of evidence? Rebecca says she wanted to get rid of them too. She swears the evidence, the papers and the disk are all destroyed. Gwen is glad because if Ethan got a hold of the disk then shed lose Ethan forever. Rebecca still has the disk and is hiding it in her bra. Rebecca suggests Ethan escort them back to the mansion, and Theresa should sleep well knowing that Jane is safe with Gwen and Ethan. Theresa says she will get her back. Gwen tells Theresa that she really is her own worst enemy with all these threats. Ethan tells them all to stop before things get out of control. Theresa tells Gwen that she disgusts her, she steals her daughter and then leaves her with the nanny to help her mother dispose of her porn. Rebecca says there is nothing disgusting about being kind to animals. Ethan suggests they all just go home. Theresa walks off, and Rebecca tells Gwen and Ethan to go ahead while she picks up the rest of the papers. Gwen tells her mother to get rid of everything. Ethan and Gwen leave, and Rebecca picks up the trash. She throws them into the river, but keeps the disk. Theresa returns, and she grabs the disk when Rebecca drops it. Theresa wonders if the disk has anything to do why she and Gwen were out here. Theresa knows Gwen wouldnt have left her daughter alone if she didnt have a good reason. Theresa thinks the disk has to do with why they were really here. Rebecca calls her paranoid and selfish. Theresa asks what is on the disk? Rebecca takes it back and says nothing that has to do with Gwen. Rebecca walks off and says she just cant destroy this disk, it is the only memento of their first big mother-daughter finagle. She says it could come in handy one day, and she has to find a place to hide it where nobody will find it.

At the crypt, Katherine refuses to believe Sheridan killed Rachel. She thinks Alistair lied to Martin and he believed him. Alistair says Katherine wanted the truth and she got it. He asks how it feels to know Sheridan killed her sister? Katherine says she doesnt know what is real anymore. Alistair says this is real, this is Rachel. She says but the boating accident, he was devastated and in shock. Martin says he was in shock all right, shock that Rachel rejected him. Katherine says what? Martin says the great Alistair Crane was rejected by a woman, and he couldnt believe it or accept it. Alistair tells him to shut up, but Martin wont. Martin says Alistair decided if he couldnt have Rachel then no one else could. He says Alistair kidnapped Rachel and faked her death. He says years later he used what he learn to fake her death when they left Harmony. Katherine says Rachel was alive when you married me? Martin says if you could call her life living. Katherine says no, if Rachel was alive then she would have contacted her or the family. Martin says Rachel tried to warn her, but Alistair held her at the Crane Lake cabin for years. Katherine asks how Martin knows all of this? Martin says he found canceled checks, invoices for deliveries to the cabin. Katherine says and he did nothing? Martin says he tried to help, but Alistair threatened to kill his entire family. Martin says he had to make a choice. Alistair claims that Rachel wanted for nothing, and she loved him and only needed time to realize it. Katherine tells her dead sister that she is so sorry, but Alistair did this to her and not Sheridan. Katherine says all these years they thought Rachels death turned him into a monster, but hes always been a monster. Katherine slaps Alistair and says she will kill him! Alistair tells Katherine to stop it, Sheridan killed Rachel and not him. Katherine says it is a lie, but he says it is the truth she insisted on knowing. He says she is so much like her sister, always saying she wants one thing when she really wants another. He says Rachel always wanted more from him: Alistair why cant you be more romantic, Alistair why cant I spend more time with my family, Alistair why cant you do more to help people. Alistair says the bitch was insufferable, she had everything. He says all she had to do was marry him. He says but Rachel never left well enough alone, and now she is dead because Sheridan killed her. Katherine asks how Sheridan could kill Rachel if he was holding her at the cabin? Alistair says Rachel was able to escape, but instead of running away she came to the mansion to try and teach him a lesson. Alistair laughs and says no one teaches him a lesson. He says Rachel attacked him and threatened to kill him. He says they were fighting when Sheridan came to his defense. Alistair says Sheridan even remembered it, and she thought she had stabbed her mother. Alistair says she picked up a letter opener and stabbed Rachel over and over until she was dead. Alistair says Sheridan is a murderer! Katherine tells Martin this cant be true. He tells her to stay strong. Alistair says staying strong wont change anything. He says Sheridan killed Rachel and did it to protect her father. He says she also knew she had committed murder, and she thought she had killed her mother. Alistair says it is no wonder Sheridan was always so fragile. Martin tells Alistair to shut up, but he tells Martin to keep out of this. Alistair says if Katherine was strong enough to be his wife and their childrens mother then Sheridan wouldnt have had to go through what she did. Alistair tells Katherine that it is all her fault. Katherine realizes it all makes sense, Sheridans nightmares about stabbing her were really about her killing Rachel. Martin says he wanted to spare her never knowing this. Alistair says Pandoras box has been opened and now everyone will know that Sheridan is a murderer. Katherine asks why must anyone know what Sheridan did? He says he cant keep it a secret anymore. Martin says if Alistair wants this truth to stay a secret then he will make it stay that way. Alistair says he could keep this secret, but he doesnt want to. He says he wants Sheridan to know that Katherine made her life worse by trying to help her. He says thanks to Katherines meddling, Sheridans dream of a life with Luis and Marty will never happen. Alistair says Sheridan will go to prison for murder (um she was 4?). 

At the Wallace house, Edna prays to the angels to help her write the wrongs of her demon seed daughter. She begs for help bringing the truth about Marty out. Meanwhile, Tabitha is trying to get to Beths to warn her about Luis and Sheridan, but she is attacked by angels. Tabitha calls out to Timmy and tells his friend to leave her alone, but Timmy isnt listening. Tabitha realizes the light of love and hope is starting to destroy her and soon she will fade away faster than Coupling did on NBC. Tabitha, who is fast turning invisible, calls out to Endora to find out who is praying to heavens A-team and stop them. 

At Tabithas, Ednora wakes up and hears her mothers pleas for help. A little bubble appears over Endoras head with the words Im on it mother! Endora casts a spell causing a mirror to appear on which she watches her mother vanishing. Endora talks through little cartoon/comic bubbles. She sees Enda is the one praying. She casts a spell to wake Beth up to put a stop to her mother. 

Back at the Wallace house, Beth wakes up and is in a trance. She says must stop mother from praying. Beth picks up the phone and knocks her mother out with it, canceling her prayer spell and saving Tabitha. Beth calls her mom a sneaky old crone. She then remembers Luis is on his way to see Marty, so she has to get rid of her mom before she comes to and tells Luis everything. Beth ties her mom up with duct tape and then hides her in the closet.

Tabitha, having been saved, tells Endora to stop Sheridan and Luis from getting to Beths. Tabitha repeats her request, and Endora says I heard you the first time. Through her bubbles. Endora gets the idea to bring some toy bats to life, and she send them after Sheridan and Luis. 

Luis and Sheridan are in a car speeding to Beths. Sheridan has a horrible feeling if they dont get there in time then she wont get her son back. They come upon a road block and are forced to take a detour. Sheridan says its like a conspiracy, but Luis says it is evil like he told her. Suddenly bats fly into their car causing the car to crash. The bats fly away and Luis and Sheridan are left unconscious. Luis finally comes to and he checks on Sheridan, who also wakes up. Sheridan says they have to get to Marty, and they are forced to walk the rest of the way. 

Luis, Sheridan and Tabitha are racing to Beths house. Tabitha gets there first and claims Endora had a play date with Marty. Beth says at this time of night? Tabitha says it is a sleep over and she and Edna arranged it before. Beth says so where is Endora? Tabitha says she must have left her at home, and its a good thing Kay is there. Beth says shell have her mom call to reschedule. She says she is expecting Luis so Tabitha needs to go. Tabitha says of course, but first they must talk. Beth says she doesnt have time. Tabitha says she doesnt have much time being a single mother, but she thinks Beth must be starved for adult conversation. Tabitha says she has some juicy gossip from a nurse at the hospital who works at the DNA lab. Tabitha says Sheridan had the DNA tests run again and was told that Sheridan was Martys mother. Tabitha says it is crazy, but Sheridan and Luis believe it though and they are on their way here right now. Tabitha claims it is all absurd as everyone knows Marty is Beths child. Beth begins to panic. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan are almost to Beths. 


June 14, 2005

At the mansion, Ethan returns and asks Gwen if she is coming to bed. Gwen says her mom hasnt gotten home yet and she wants to make sure she is okay. Rebecca returns, and Gwen whispers to her mother that she did get rid of the disk didnt she. Rebecca says of course, and Gwen thinks it is over and she has won Ethan forever. Ethan then says because they are all up hed like to talk about his relationship with Theresa. Gwen says his relationship with Theresa is over, but Ethan says it will never be over. Ethan says they cant ignore these things, he has to discuss his future with Theresa with her. Ethan says they have a daughter to raise together. Gwen breaths a sigh of relief as she was worried. Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her and she is his wife, that wont change. Gwen says it is just hard for her to realize that this thing is finally over. She says so she doesnt have to worry about why he was with Theresa tonight. Ethan says no, he just ran into her and they got to talking. Gwen asks about what? Ethan remembers telling Theresa that he should be with her. Ethan says its a long story but the end result is that he told her that he values his marriage to her (Gwen). Ethan says still he wants Theresa to be able to see her daughter whenever she wants. Rebecca says wait, she will buy a welcome mat. Ethan says he will not have Jane and Theresa penalized because of them, and he wont stand for the two of them coming between Theresa and Jane. Ethan says there is nothing more sacred than the relationship between a mother and a daughter. He says he doesnt want another war starting up when they are close to a real truce, and he says they agreed Theresa would not be kept from Jane. Gwen looks annoyed and says yes they did agree. Rebecca says the only way to win a war is for one side to annihilate the other side. She says Theresa has caused far too much heartache for her daughter, and now Ethan wants her to welcome Theresa into this house so she can turn that sweet little girl into a liar and a slut. Rebecca says no, she will do whatever it takes to keep Theresa away from Jane. Ethan asks Rebecca how she can keep saying these things. Gwen tells Ethan that shell handle it. She asks her mother why she is pushing Ethan? She tells her mom the more she attacks Theresa the more Ethan will defend her. Gwen says she is not helping and please back off. Gwen says Theresa will hang herself, and eventually shell do something so stupid that Ethan will keep her out of Janes life forever. Rebecca eventually promises not to get in the way of Theresa seeing Jane. Ethan thanks her, and she says now its time for a nightcap. She sees there is no bourbon, so she heads to the other room to check the bar. Ethan asks Gwen if she thinks Rebecca will be civil to Theresa? Gwen says civil is a stretch, but shell keep them from killing one another. Gwen thinks her mother is up to something though, and she heads to see what Rebecca is up to. In the study Rebecca holds the disk and thinks she should destroy it, but she cherishes it as a souvenir. Gwen walks in and sees her mom holding the disk. She is furious with her mom for lying to her about destroying the disk. Gwen says if anyone sees that disk then she will lose everything. She asks her mom if shes trying to ruin her? Ethan walks in and asks what is on the disk? 

At the crypt, Alistair taunts Katherine about how Sheridan will be all over the news for Rachels murder. He says Rachel will become the most popular mummy since King Tut, and Sheridan wont be able to live a normal life ever again. Katherine tells Alistair that Sheridan was only trying to protect him. Martin tells Alistair to stop torturing her. Katherine says no one else needs to know about this. Alistair says unfortunately they will know as he is going to tell everyone. Katherine begs Alistair not to destroy her daughters life. Alistair says he has protected Sheridan for years, and he says Katherine left both him and Sheridan. Alistair says Sheridans mother was gone and all she could recall was killing her mother. Alistair says no wonder the kid cracked up, and it was Katherine who destroyed Sheridan. Katherine tells Alistair that they can still help her, he cant tell the truth. Alistair says he loved Rachel and thinks she deserves justice. Katherine says he tortured her and imprisoned her, and Rachel wouldnt want a childs life ruined. Alistair says Sheridan is a grown woman now. Katherine says but she is his daughter and has a chance for happiness. Alistair says Sheridan ruined his chance of happiness when she killed Rachel. However, he says the secret could be kept. Katherine says shell do anything. Alistair says that covers quite a few possibilities. She asks what he wants? He says not much, just for her to honor one request. Martin tells Katherine not to trust him, but Katherine says its a chance she has to take. Katherine says she owes it to Sheridan to protect her. Katherine asks what she has to do for Alistair to keep the secret? What does he want? He says what hes always wanted, her. He wants her to move back into the mansion and live with him for the rest of her life. Katherine says she cant, so he says then hell go to the police and tell them everything. He says Sheridans psyche will be totally broken and spend the rest of her life in misery because Katherine couldn't honor her wifely duties.

At Beths, Tabitha tells Beth how there must have been a DNA mix-up as the tests now say Sheridan is Martys mother. Tabitha says Luis and Sheridan will be here soon, and its so absurd because everyone knows Marty is Beths child. Tabitha says all you have to do is look at the little boy to see that. Tabitha then says Marty does resemble Sheridan, and if she is Sheridans son then her theory about Beth kidnapping her must be true. Beth wonders what she is going to do. Tabitha tells herself that she needs to grab the little nipper and get out of dodge. Tabitha tells Beth that Sheridan is probably going to be upset when she gets here, and these Cranes can be difficult. Tabitha suggests Beth take Marty for a walk, or for a trip out of town. She says maybe she should take him to Boston for the night, long enough for Luis to calm Sheridan down. Beth says thats what shell do, its her only hope. Beth decides to take Marty to New York and start over. Tabitha whispers to Endora to get her out of here, and Tabitha vanishes. Beth thinks it odd that she suddenly left, but she focuses on packing and fleeing with Marty. 

Sheridan and Luis are still running to Beths. Sheridan keeps tripping on the way, but wont stop and keeps going. Sheridan is stunned when she thinks she sees a witch flying through the air upside down (it's Tabitha!). They finally arrive at Beths, and Luis decides to confront Beth alone at first. He also apologizes to Sheridan. She says as soon as she has Marty back, all will be forgiven. Inside Beths, Beth is packing up and is about to leave with Marty. She hears Edna pounding on the closet door, so she decides to let her mom know she is leaving. Beth thinks the shock may kill Edna on the spot. Beth opens the door and takes the tape off of Ednas mouth. Beth says Luis and Sheridan know the truth, and Edna praises the lord. She thinks now Beth will get hers. Beth says no she wont, shes taking Marty and leaving. Edna says God wont let her get away with her evil anymore. Beth tells her mother that this is all her fault, and if her mom hadnt distracted her then she could have seen this coming. Beth says now she has no chance to be with Luis. Edna says she never did. Beth says at least she wont lose her son, but Edna thinks she will. Beth tapes her moms mouth back up and says she wont lose her son. Meanwhile, Sheridan stands at the back door while Luis heads to the front door. Back inside, Beth locks her mom back up and says to pray to her angels for someone to come rescue her. Beth then prepares to leave out the back door, but she sees Sheridan out there. She heads to the front door, but Luis is there. Beth realizes she is trapped. 

Theresa mopes on the pier and looks at a photo of Ethan. She remembers Ethan once again telling her that nothing would make him disloyal to Gwen again. Theresa thinks it is over and Ethan has turned his back on her for good. Theresa wonders what shes going to do now. Suddenly Tabitha crash lands in some garbage near by. Theresa wonders what that was. Tabitha picks herself up and thinks she needs to give Endora a lesson in navigation. Tabitha sees Theresa and thinks she should check in on her. She spies on Theresa and then realizes Endora flew her to the right place after all. Tabitha goes to Theresa and asks what is wrong? Theresa asks Tabitha why she is up so late? Tabitha says she was going for her evening walk and saw her looking so sad. Tabitha thinks this has to do with young Ethan. Theresa says she lost Ethan to Gwen yet again. Tabitha says she hasnt lost her Ethan. Tabitha says she sees the way Ethan looks at her, and shell never lose him. Theresa says he is married to Gwen, but Tabitha says it is Theresa who has his heart. Tabitha tells Theresa never to give up on her love for Ethan as their love will never end. Tabitha tells her it is fate. Theresa smiles and thanks Tabitha. They hug, and Tabitha thinks shes spread more suffering and devastation. Theresa says Ethan still claims he will never leave Gwen though. Tabitha thinks eventually things will blow up as there are so many rumors and stories about Rebecca and her family. Theresa says she knows the stories about Rebecca and the donkeys are true. Tabitha says she doesnt like to gossip, but Rebecca is just one in a line of many depraved women. Tabitha begins telling Theresa the history of Rebecca and Gwens ancestors. We see shots of Rebecca in the past seducing a pilgrim, and also seducing General Custer. As shes seducing General Custer she makes a signal to a Native American who is watching. She obviously betrayed Custer at Little Big Horn. We also see shots of Rebecca seducing Abe Lincoln! Rebecca is dressed up like a soldier, and Abe says people keep seeing him kissing a soldier and now people think hes gay. Rebecca wants Abe to move her into the White House, but he says it would create a scandal and the country needs him. She says they wouldnt impeach a president for a little hanky-panky. She says she has a surprise for him, two tickets to the show at Fords theater. He says he cant be seen in public with her, so she slaps him and dumps him. He says hes sorry, but thanks for the tickets. Abe storms out, and Rebecca says no man will make a fool out of her. She then writes a letter to John Wilkes Booth. Tabitha tells Theresa that they are such a dreadful family. Theresa says and they say she comes from trash. Tabitha says Gwen and Rebecca are really nasty people. She also says she has always felt Gwen and Rebecca were behind outing Ethan to the tabloids. Theresa says she thinks that too, but she cant find the proof. Theresa thinks if she could find that proof then Ethan would come back to her, but there is no proof. Tabitha tells her not to be so negative. Tabitha says every action has a reaction, and whoever sent that file must have left traces somewhere. Tabitha says damaging information like that is something that the culprits would keep close. Theresa says she doesnt know where to look. Tabitha says well if Gwen and Rebecca sent the file, where would the proof be. Theresa says the Crane mansion!


June 15, 2005

On the pier, Tabitha and Theresa continue their discussion about Gwen and Rebecca sending the email to the tabloid, and how there must still be evidence at the Crane Mansion. Still, Theresa thinks that Rebecca and Gwen arent dumb enough to leave evidence behind. Tabitha says everyone is careless, and Theresa says if so then maybe Ethan will find the proof himself. Tabitha pushes Theresa to search for the evidence on her own, but Theresa thinks finding the evidence is too much to hope for. Tabitha tells her not to give up hope, search for the proof. Theresa says she will search for the proof, and she thanks Tabitha for her help. Theresa runs off, and Tabitha says once Theresa finds the proof shell bring about more pain.

Ned and Fancy are flying home on the plane, hes in coach and shes in first class. Ned dreams about being in bed with and making love to Fancy. When Ned wakes up the guy next to him says he was having a really good dream, the smile on his face says it all. The guy asks Ned for the details. Ned says he was dreaming about a girl, but she is bad news, a spoiled rich brat. However, he says they can never see one another again as it is too dangerous. Later the flight attendant flirts with Ned and decides to upgrade him to first class.

Meanwhile, Fancy is also dreaming and wakes up. The woman next to her says she was about to wake her up because she was making obscene noises in her sleep. Fancy says her dream is none of her business so butt out. The woman is outraged and demands to move her seat, so the woman moves to the back. Another woman sits next to Fancy and recognizes her from the magazines. Fancy talks to the girl about her dream, and she cant believe she was dreaming about his guy as hes such a bad boy. The girl says they always seem to be attracted to bad boys. They then discuss perfumes, and Nancy gives the girl some of hers as she has tons of it and she gets it for free. As they talk, Ned shows up in first class and sits in the back of first class. The flight attendant asks where hes headed? He says home. She says to the wife or girlfriend? He says no, hes single. The woman says she is glad to hear that. Ned ends up sitting next to the grouchy old lady, who likes Ned. She says he is much better than that rude girl she was sitting by. He smells Fancys perfume, and then ends up seeing Fancy is on the flight and they are both headed to Harmony. Ned goes to confront her, but he ends up confronting the girl who was sitting next to Fancy. She has blond hair, and he mistakes her for Fancy. He apologizes and says he thought she was someone else. Ned returns to his seat, and he thinks Fancy really got to him and he has to get over her. Meanwhile Fancy returns from the ladies room, and the other woman says the most adorable guy was just here and was looking for someone else. Fancy says she thinks shes going to swear off men for awhile. The flight attendant then prepares the cabin for landing. 

At the Crane mansion, Ethan walks in on Gwen and Rebecca with a disk, and he asks what is on the disk that could ruin Gwens life? Rebecca says Ethan misunderstood, but Ethan says no he didnt. He demands to see the disk. He grabs it from them and says neither if them will tell him what is on the disk then hell see for himself. Ethan turns on his PC and says Oh my God! Gwen says she can explain. Rebecca stop Gwen from speaking and says Ethan is looking at the one an only copy of their wedding vows and photos. Ethan says yes, and he doesnt understand how this disk could ruin her life. Rebecca says like she said, he misunderstood. Rebecca says Gwens PC crashed and that backup is the only copy, and Gwen was afraid that she was going to erase the disk and ruin everything. Ethan says if it will make her feel better then hell make a copy of this disk so she doesnt have to go through this again. He also says hes sorry he misunderstood, and he just thought they were acting odd. Gwen says it is all fine now, and she says she could use a cup of tea. He says hell send a maid up with one as he has to make an overseas call. Ethan leaves, and Gwen tells her mom that shes killing her. She asks where the real disk is. Rebecca produces it, and she says this is their fail safe. She says they can plant it on Theresa if need be. Gwen says the disk is a ticking time bomb and she puts it through a paper shredder. Gwen destroys it and just cant believe her mother made copies of what they did. Rebecca says they are gone now and she doesnt have to worry. Gwen leaves, and Rebecca reveals she still has the disk. She says Gwen destroyed the wrong one. Rebecca says Theresa will never know that it this one exists.

Meanwhile, Ethan makes his call, and the maids try to tell him something but he says hes waiting on an important call. The maids discuss how shocked Ethan and the others will be when a certain someone walks in the front door. Later, Gwen talks with Ethan after he makes his call. Ethan hopes Rebecca wont get into any more trouble, and he says the house is quiet for the first time in six years. Gwen says it is eerie, and Ethan says yeah the calm before the storm. Suddenly Fancy walks in and says she is back. Ethan and Gwen are shocked to see Fancy home. Fancy says alert the media, Fancy Crane has come home.

Sam is sitting on the couch reading Noahs school letters and transcripts. He doesnt understand where Noah is. He talks to Kay about this mess. Sam says if Noah hasnt been in school since 2003 then where has he been? Sam says hes been giving Noah a monthly allowance, and looking closer the checks were all cashed at different banks. Sam says he should have seen this before. He says at least he knows Noah is alive, but this isnt like him. He just hopes Noah isnt in any trouble. Sam says he doesnt know his own son or daughters anymore. Sam says he has failed all his children and he just prays that Noah is okay. Kay says Noah has always been independent, so maybe he took advantage of some great opportunity. She says mom always wanted him to be a priest, maybe he got the calling. Sam says Noah would have told them, and hes always been a ladies man. Kay says no the ladies have always been drawn to Noah. Sam says Noah deliberately lied to him. He wonders where the hell his son is. Kay thinks Noah will come home soon and hell explain everything. Sam hopes so, and he heads off. Kay looks at a photo of Noah and wishes hed come home. Noah is of course Ned. Noah then walks through the door and asks Kay what is happening.

At the Crane crypt, Katherine asks Alistair if she agrees to move back in with him, will he keep the secret? Alistair says he will. Martin tells Katherine not to believe him. Alistair asks Katherine how much she loves her daughter, what will she do to protect Sheridan from the truth. Katherine says Sheridan was only a child, so they wont hold her accountable for the murder. Alistair says what about Martin, he was covered up the murder. Martin says he was trying to protect an innocent child. Alistair tells Katherine if she wants to protect her daughter then come live with him in the mansion. Martin tells Katherine they can go to the police and tell them that Alistair killed Rachel. Alistair reminds them that he owns the courts, and he could tell the police that Martin killed Rachel and that is why he left Harmony. Katherine says no, and she agrees to move back to the mansion with Alistair. Martin warns Alistair that hell kill him if he touches Katherine. Alistair says he has no intention of having sex with Katherine. Alistair says shes lost that appeal to him. He says he just wants to know where she is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. He says so she will move back in, and she says yes. He says then they have a deal, Sheridan is safe and Katherine will be his slave. Martin begs Katherine not to do this. Katherine tells Martin not to do anything as Alistair will make them pay for it. Martin knows Katherine is right. Katherine wonders what happened to Alistair to make his so cruel and cold. Alistair says he was born that way, he is a bad seed. She thinks he enjoys being evil. He says no, he relishes it. Martin vows to stop Alistair, but Katherine says there is no way out, they are trapped. 

At Beths house, Sheridan waits out back of Beths, and Luis is at the front door. Beth realizes she is trapped. Luis knocks on the door and tells Beth to open up. Beth tries to think what she should do. Beth begins writing a letter and thinks this just might work. Sheridan is tired of waiting and slips into the back to find Marty. Beth hears Sheridan coming, and she says Luis is probably going to break down the front door. Beth says she is caught! Sheridan rounds the corner as Luis is breaking down the door. Sheridan says Beth! False alarm though, Beth is in the closet with her mother, and Luis and Sheridan begin searching for her. Sheridan finds a note that Beth left claiming she took Marty to the ER, but then she sees her car is still here. Luis thinks they should head to the hospital.  Sheridan becomes suspicious and is drawn to the closet where they are hiding. Luis asks what is wrong. She says she has a strange feeling about the note. She asks Luis to call the ER and make sure they are actually there. Luis calls, and Sheridan feels something is not right. 


June 16, 2005
Summary by Jewels

At Casa Lopez-Fitzgerald Paloma is entertaining several friends whove come from Mexico to see her. Teresa apologizes to her mother for saying such mean things to her earlier and tells her she loves her very much. Pilar asks where she went after the argument and Teresa tells her she ran into Ethan, Rebecca and Gwen. Teresa, sitting at the computer, tells Mama that after her long talk with Tabitha she thinks she can get the proof to get rid of Gwen and Rebecca and get Ethan back. She explains if she can find the proof that Gwen and Rebecca leaked the story about Ethan to the tabloid she can get him back. Paloma reminds her that Ethans never going to leave Gwen. Paloma tells Pilar she and her friends are going out. Pilar asks her not to stay out late, and Teresa asks her to show some respect to her mother. Paloma rips into Teresa, Show respect? Like you do? How many times has Mama asked you to stop chasing Ethan? Teresa responds, Im a grown woman with two children. Paloma snaps, Yes, a grown woman whos children where born out of wedlock, who still lives at home with her mother, doesnt have a job and doesnt have a husband. Youre some great role model for your little sister. (OUCH! But touche) Teresa says she doesnt have any right to judge her. Pilar brings the conversation back to Palomas curfew and says she needs to be home by midnight or she cant go out. Pilar storms off cursing in Spanish. Later, Pilar starts to worry to herself about her children and their respective problems. She worries about Paloma and the late hour.

At the Crane Mansion Fancy has just arrived to find Ethan and Gwen in the living room. Just as they are hugging and getting reacquainted, Ivy walks in. Fancy says Hi Mumy, Im home and goes to hug Ivy. Ivy stops her and asks what shes doing there and what has she done now? Fancy says shes just come home for a visit. Ivy says Ive been calling you for months. You didnt come home when your father and I got divorced, and you didnt bother to come home when Gwen and Ethan got married. In fact you havent set foot in Harmony for over five years so you must be in trouble! Fancy says she was just busy traveling, trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Ivy says Fancy has never completed anything. After Gwen changes the subject, Ivy asks where Fancys boyfriend is because shes never seen her without a man. Fancy has a flashback to a nice time with Ned/Noah. Fancy and Ivy argue about their mother-daughter relationship. Fancy apologizes for being a neglectful daughter. She asks whats going on with Ivy and Julian. Ivy runs down Julians list of wives after her, and tells her hes now with Eve. Ivy asks the whereabouts of Fancys sister. Fancy said they parted ways in Italy. Ivy has been worried about both of them. Fancy says shes not in trouble, but Ivy asks about the blood on her shoe. Fancy flashes back to the dead body in the Vegas hotel room, but says she just stubbed her toe. She goes to take a shower. Ivy says she senses trouble. 

At the Bennets house Noah and Kay hug hello. Kay asks where hes been and says theyve been worried sick just as Sam walks in. Noah says Im home. Its so good to see you, Dad and they hug. Noah says the place looks different. Sam says we wrote to tell you the first place was destroyed and when your mother left but you didnt come home. Noah lies and says he was really busy with school work. Sam asks exactly what he is studying. Noah blabs on. Sam yells at him to stop lying and says he knows Noah hasnt been in school for two years. Sam yells at Noah for lying, spending the money, sending letters lying about his school work, faking letters from the Dean. Noah says hes sorry, but he didnt want to bother them with his problems since they had their own. Sam says he feels like he doesnt even know him. Noah says he will explain everything, if hes still welcome here. Sam says he is always welcome. Noah asks Kay about "little Jessica. Kay thinks shes upstairs. Noah says Shes probably in bed, shes just a sweet kid in pigtails. (Hah!) Sam and Kay hint that things have changed and they may not recognize her.

At Spikes sleazy, darkly-lit underground bar Jessica comes down the stairs looking like shes ready to party and asks for Spike. Spike thought shed forgotten about him. Jessica explains that shes been locked up at home by her dad, but she missed him. Spike asks her to show him and they kiss. Later, Spike whispers to his buddy that Jessica is his insurance policy incase he gets in trouble with Sam. Paloma and her friends from Mexico show up. Paloma sees Jessica with Spike and asks her girl friend to help get Spike away from Jessica. As soon as the girl leads Spike away Paloma asks Jessica what she thinks she is doing after what happened. Paloma realizes Jessica is on drugs and tries to get her out of the club.

At the Crane Mausoleum Alistair dismisses his bodyguard, says he doesnt think Martin will give him any more trouble. Katherine tells Martin she has no choice but to go back and live with Alistair so he will keep the secret from Sheridan. Martin tries to explain that she doesnt need to protect Sheridan as she was only 4 years old when she killed Rachel. Katherine says it would destroy Sheridan if she knew. Katherine thinks shell be safe at the Crane Mansion. Alistair says he has one more requirement and its of Martin. He wants him to renew his vows with Pilar! Martin is reluctant to comply. Alistair refuses to keep the secret unless Martin does his bidding. Alistair says its up to you if you want to keep the secret, and Katherine asks him to do it. Alistair tells Martin to leave and go back to his wife and leave his alone for good. 

At Beths place Luis is on hold with the hospital, waiting to talk to someone in the Emergency Room, where they think Beth has taken Marty. Luis wants to just go down there, but Sheridan has a really bad feeling about this and doesnt think Beth is really at the hospital. They hear a noise in the closet where Mrs. Wallace is tied up. Luis opens the door and finds Mrs. Wallace! They keep asking her where Beth and Marty are, but she just keeps crying and begging for a drink. Luis gives her water, which she spits out. Sheridan refuses to give her a real drink until she tells them where Beth and Marty are. Sheridan continues to interrogate Mrs. Wallace. Edna plays dumb about Marty, but says Beth is crazy and should be locked up. Sheridan says Mrs. Wallace MUST have known what was going on and yells at her to stop pretending she is crazy. Luis gently threatens to arrest her for aiding and abetting if she doesnt tell what happened. Mrs. Wallace says Beth is more evil than you think and I tried to warn you! You wouldn't listen. I feared for my life! They continue to ask her, and she says she honestly doesnt know where Beth has taken Marty. Edna pours herself a stiff one. Luis finds Beths passport and says she cant be far.

Meanwhile, Beth and Marty are in a parking lot and Beth finds an unlocked car. She puts him in and tells him they are saved and no one can catch them now! Beth and Marty speed away in the stolen car as Beth tells Marty they have a good head start and Sheridan will never catch them. Beth says she just has to get over the dream of being with Luis, and yells goodbye to the "losers in Harmony". Beth tells Marty they are almost to the state line and Sheridan will never catch them.


June 17, 2005
At the Bennet's house. Sam is questioning Noah about where he's been for the last two years, how has he been able to support himself. Noah tells him to lighten up, but finally admits he's been doing a "little" gambling. Sam gets angry, tells him he's disappointed in him. Kay comes downstairs without Jessica and Sam says "Don't tell me she's not in her room!" Kay lies and says she had trouble waking her up. Just then the phone rings and it's Luis. He explains how it is that Marty is Sheridan's baby and Beth has kidnapped them, that Sheridan has been right all along. They realize she probably faked her pregnancy and was the one who kidnapped Sheridan! He asks for Sam authorization to setup roadblocks and police at all the public transportation stations. As Sam leaves for the station, he tells Noah they aren't done talking.

At Spike's sleazy, darkly-lit underground bar. Paloma is trying to get Jessica out of the club and Jessica keeps refusing, saying she is fine and knows what she's doing. Paloma says she's high. Jessica says so what. Paloma has flashbacks to when she was attacked. Jessica says "So you had one bad experience". Jessica walks off and starts making out with Spike. Paloma tells her friends she has to stop her. Paloma grabs Jessica away from Spike, and says someone has to look out for her since she can't do it herself! Jessica wants to go in the back room with Spike. Paloma says no way. Spike asks her to join them in the back room, says he likes her hot Latin temper! He gives Jessica more sticker drugs right in front of Paloma, and she licks it. Jessica flashes back to when she and Spike first "did it", how she wanted to cuddle and he didn't, said he's busy, told her to get dressed. Spike tells Paloma she doesn't have to share him - as soon as Jessica passes out she can have him all to herself. She slaps him! 

At Beth's place. Edna says she doesn't know where her devious daughter is. Sheridan keeps asking where they could have gone and Luis promises to find them. He questions Edna again. Sheridan worries that Beth would hurt Marty, but Edna assures them she never would. Luis calls in an Amber Alert to Sam! Luis and Sheridan leave meet Sam at Harmony PD. Edna runs after them.

Meanwhile, as Beth and Marty are making their getaway, she reminisces and wishes things could have been different. Beth tells Marty that she is his mother in every way that matters. They just have to get over the state line. She's worried, but tells herself she's been lucky so far. She realizes the car is nearly out of gas and the nearest station is back in Harmony - and she has to go back for gas! She tells Marty not to worry, she will keep him away from Sheridan not matter what.

At Harmony PD. Sam is coordinating the checkpoints, and the APB on Beth and Marty. Edna tells them Beth doesn't have any cash with her, but she does have an ATM card. They decide to use that to find her whereabouts.

Now back in Harmony, Beth realizes Edna took her last $20, and she has to use the ATM machine. When she uses the card Luis and Sheridan, at the PD computer, instantly see her on the ATM camera and get her location! Sam, Luis and Sheridan rush out to the location where Beth is. 

Back at the Bennet's, Kay brings some food for Noah. He asks again about Jessica, he knows Kay was lying and he asks what's going on with Jessica. He still thinks she's a kid in pigtails and braces. Kay explains that the pigtails and braces have been exchanged for piercing and tattoos, drug and sex. Noah wants to know where Spike's club is so he can teach the guy a lesson. He tries to leave for the club, says he's going to kill him. Kay tries to stop him, says he'll make things worse. Just then Jessica and Paloma come back and they are still arguing. Jessica starts yelling at Kay, and then realizes Noah is standing there and they hug.

Spike gets a call (sounds like he's talking to a boss), and says it's private and kicks everyone out of the area. He tells Alistair everything is under control. Alistair threatens him and tells him if he gets careless he'll regret it. Spike promises not to let anyone find out that Alistair's the one backing the new club. Alistair says he's going to need his services in the near future and will contact him later with the details.

Paloma and her friends manage to drag Jessica out of the club. Jessica says she's just going to go out again when Paloma drops her off. Paloma says she won't leave her alone until the drugs wear off. Jessica thinks no one cares about her, but Paloma says they do - more than she knows. 

Beth can't get money out of the ATM, she starts yelling at it and pounding on it. Luis and Sheridan are just around the corner. When they get there, Beth and Marty are gone, but Sheridan finds one of Marty's toys. Luis says they must have just missed them. Sheridan flashes back to when she was in the basement pit, holding Marty and talking to him, telling him she loves him so much. Sheridan is upset and thinks she will never see Marty again. Luis tells her not to worry, and Sam puts out and APB.

Beth and Marty are sneaking around a dark alley. She couldn't get cash out of the ATM. She flashes back to a threat made about killing the person responsible for taking Sheridan's child from her. She hears police sirens, panics, and ducks into an unlocked door. The room is empty, but she hears loud music on the other side of the interior door. She says she can't do this alone and calls Alistair! She tells him they are on the run and that Luis and Sheridan know about Marty because they re-ran the DNA test, and they know she kidnapped Sheridan. She says she has no idea where she is, but then she finds a matchbook with the word "Spike" on the cover. She tells this to Alistair and he says he'll meet her in the alley in 10 minutes. Beth talks to Marty, tells him it will be ok, that Grandpa is coming to help. Just then Alistair shows up in the alley outside and Beth and Marty get in the car. Alistair tells the driver to wait a second. 

At the ATM location, everyone is searching the area for Beth and Marty. Sheridan flashes back to a time when she wanted to go get Marty, but Luis insisted on having proof. She realizes Alistair is probably helping Beth. Sam puts out an APB on Alistair's car, and posts police at the gates to the Crane Estate to follow him. Sam gets a call that Alistair's car has been spotted near Spike's club! They all start running to the new location. 

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