June 20, 2005

At the Blue Note, Whitney is singing once again, but cant seem to forget about Fox catching her with Chad earlier. She remembers the confrontation. Fox and Chad watch Whitney sing, and they both discuss what Whitney said earlier about Miles being a part of their incest. Chad says they need to find out what she meant. Meanwhile, a man named Jordan King gives Whitney a glass of champagne and says she can sing for him anytime. Elsewhere, Chad gets a call from Mrs. Wellesley, it turns out that Miles is sick. Chad decides he has to go check on the baby, and he allows Fox to go along. Whitney overhears what is wrong with Miles, and she stirs. She tries to convince herself that Miles isnt her problem anymore.

Eve and Julian are out in the park, and Julian is comforting an upset Eve. Eve says Whitney seems so intent on throwing her life away. Eve thinks she has completely failed Whitney. Julian says that is not true, she was a wonderful mother. Eve says it is obvious that she wasnt. Eve gets a call from Chad about Miles, so they head to the studio to check on the baby. 

At the Bennett house, Noah reunites with Jessica. Jessica tells Noah how without him she and Kay have had a lot of problems. Noah says Kay brought him up to speed. Kay returns, and Kay and Jessica snipe at one another. Noah admits that he has made mistakes too, but Jessica says he hasnt been punished and sent to his room for them. She says she is not a little girl anymore, and she begs Noah not to hate her like Kay and dad do. Noah says he could never hate her, and he has made mistakes too. He says he dropped out of graduate school to travel with friends and hang out place where mom and dad would not want him to. He says he is the good son turned out not so good. He asks what her story is? Jessica says Kay and dad dont want her to go out and have fun. Kay says Jessica has been hanging out at clubs with drug dealers and places where guys rape girls. Jessica says that isnt true, Spike isnt a drug dealer. Kay says it is and Jessica knows it more than anyone, especially about what goes on in the back rooms there. Jessica goes to attack Kay, but Noah stops her. Jessica tells Noah that he is just like Kay and dad and she hates him for coming home. Noah tells Jessica that he loves her. Noah says hes on her side and just wants to help. He says she knows that drugs arent cool. Jessica says she wants to believe that Noah is on her side, but she doesnt know if she can trust him. She says once dad gets home he will trash her to him. Noah says dad loves her, and from what Kay has been telling him it seems she needs a tune-up. Jessica says Kay and dad have ruined her life and she hates them! Jessica then runs up to her room. Kay tells Noah how everything has been going downhill since mom left, and she tells him everything that has happened to Jessica. Kay says she is afraid if Jessica continues living like this then she will kill herself. Kay informs Noah about the problems dad is having with Spike, and how Spike has the upper-hand because dad caught Jessica at the club having sex with Spike and doing drugs. She says dad backed off to protect Jessica, and its killing dad. Noah says he needs to go out, but hell be back shortly.

Martin walks Katherine back to the mansion, and he hopes she knows what she is doing. Katherine says Julian is here, and so is Ethan, so she will be all right. Katherine says it will be okay because she is keeping Sheridan safe by doing this. Katherine tells Martin that Pilar is waiting for him, so he needs to go back to his wife and family and renew his commitment to them. Martin says he will, but it is hard leaving her. She says she knows, and she will miss him. She says she will take comfort in the fact that he is with Pilar and his family as he should be. They say their I love yous and then Katherine goes inside.

At the mansion, Ivy is worried about Fancy. She tells Ethan that she is thrilled that she is here, but she suspects there is more to it then they know. Ivy says Fancy only comes home when she wants something or when she is hiding. Fancy returns in a bathing suit and suggests they have a pool party. Ivy says at this hour? Fancy tells her mom better late than never. Ethan says hes not up for swimming tonight. Fancy asks Ethan about his baby, and he gives her the quick story about how it is his baby with Theresa and he and Gwen have temporary custody. Ethan says hell introduce them later. Fancy says shell be happy to say hello, but she wont baby sit as she doesnt do diapers. Ivy says they wouldnt think of leaving the baby with her, trust them. Katherine walks in, and Ethan says hello to grandmother. He says he hopes she doesnt mind him calling her that, and she says no as she thinks of him as his grandson. Fancy asks why shes calling that woman grandmother as grandmother Katherine and Helen are both dead. Ethan says it turns out that Katherine, Alistairs wife, wasnt dead. Ivy asks if she doesnt read? Fancy says of course she reads, but Marie Claire doesnt cover this stuff. Katherine gives Fancy a hug and says she is so beautiful. Fancy says her grandmother is beautiful is too, and shes glad shes not dead. Katherine explains that she is moving back into the mansion, and its a long story. Ethan says they are glad to have her back, and Gwen pulls Katherine aside and wants to know why Katherine is really moving back? Katherine says she cant say. Gwen suspects Alistair is threatening her, and she is doing this to protect Martin or Sheridan. Katherine says suffice it to say shes not here for Alistairs company. Katherine tells everyone that shes happy to be here with her family, and Ethan suggests he celebrate as this is a family reunion. Rebecca shows up and asks what is with the ruckus, and what is with all the houseguests? Gwen gives her the lowdown, and Rebecca says my how Fancy has grown. Fancy says Rebecca looks the same, her compliments to whoever does her work. Rebecca says she is Mrs. Julian Crane, but Ivy says not for long. Fancy says her mother says her dad is living here with Eve? Rebecca rather not talk about that, and Fancy says good idea as her head is swimming with all these family updates. She decides to head downtown and seek out some action. Gwen says Harmony is still a small town, but Fancy says if there is action to be found then she will find it. Rebecca says she likes Fancy. 

Beth and Alistair, along with Marty, are speeding in a limo while Sam, Sheridan and Luis search for them in their car. In the limo Beth cries about how close she is losing Marty. Alistair says he will hide her and Marty and nobody will ever find them. Beth demands to know where hes taking her, and he says if she takes that tone with him then hell dump her and Marty on the side of the road for Luis and Sheridan to find them. Sam, Luis and Sheridan see the limo, and they chase them. Alistairs limo is forced to pull over to avoid spinning off the road. Beth thinks she is done for, and Sheridan thinks she will soon have Marty back. Luis and Sam hold guns on the limo and demand they get out of the car. It turns out they were chasing the wrong limo, Eve and Julian are in this one. Julian and Eve are given the update on how Sheridan is Martys mother after all, and how they suspect Alistair is helping Beth escape with Marty. Julian learns that Beth is Alistairs daughter, their half sister. Julian and Eve cant believe Alistair and Mrs. Wallace. Sam says she was a dish back in her day, but Julian says shes past her expiration date. Sheridan also suspects that Alistair helped Beth kidnap her and orchestrate the whole thing. Meanwhile, another officer pulls over Alistair, its an officer on Alistairs payroll. He informs him that Sam has an APB out on all of them. Alistair thanks him and decides it is time for plan B, they are returning to the Crane estate. Beth asks what about her and Marty?

At the recording studio, Whitney ends up showing up to find out what is wrong with Miles, and Eve and Julian show up after she does. Eve examines him and says the baby is dehydrated because he cant keep anything down. Whitney tells her mom this is happening because of the incest. Eve says it is possible , but she wont know without tests. Fox overhears them discussing tests. Eve says she needs to run tests, but it would be best if Miles was stronger before they moved him. Eve then asks Whitney to nurse Miles. Whitney refuses, shocking everyone. Whitney says what if this prolongs the inevitable, what if something is really wrong with him. Eve begs Whitney to nurse him, but she says no and to let him die. 

Martin returns home, and Pilar says well he is finally home. He says they need to talk, and she says about Katherine. Pilar asks if he found Katherine okay, is she going to be moving in with them? He knows she is upset with him for leaving when he did. He says he did find Katherine with Alistair. She says a wife with her husband, that is an alien concept to him. Martin knows Pilar is upset with him for leaving during Theresa and Gwens standoff. He says Katherine has gone back to the mansion to be with Alistair. Pilar asks for how long this time as it is hard planning meals when she doesnt know if hell be off with his whore. He says Katherine has gone back for good and hell never see her again. Pilar asks why Katherine would go back to Alistair, she hates him. He says because Alistair made her an offer she couldnt refuse. Pilar says and he cant tell her because of his secret. Martin says the secret came out, Katherine knows the truth and it is time she knew the truth as well. Martin says the gazebo he built was to hide something buried underneath, a body. He tells Pilar that Sheridans memories of murdering her mother were not correct, but close. Martin says Sheridan killed Katherines sister Rachel. Pilar says she knows. 

Back at the mansion, Sheridan, Sam and Luis show up asking if anyone has seen Alistair, Beth or her son? Ethan says wait a minute, why is Marty all of the sudden her son? Sheridan gives them the full scoop as Alistair, Marty and Beth sneak into the mansion. Beth thinks they will be caught, but Alistair says nobody will know they are here. Alistair hides Beth in a safe room. Alistair says it is a place where the occupants can ward off of any attack, and he has monitors to be able to watch everything going on in the mansion. Beth asks who knows about this, but Alistair says nobody knows about it but the Swiss company who installed it. Alistair says once things have settled down then hell spirit them away from here. Alistair suggests they watch Sheridan and bask in her pain. 

Fancy arrives at Spikes club to party, but the club is empty. She thinks shell come back tomorrow, but then Spike walks in and asks where shes been all his life. She says great pick-up line, no wonder the place is empty. Spike says he had to close up early. She says too bad, she wanted to party. He says they can party just the two of them, and Spike breaks out some champagne for Fancy. Meanwhile, Noah shows up and says if dad cant shut down Spikes club then he can. He finds the backroom with the beds and starts dumping gasoline all over the bed.. Noah then torches the bed and says hes doing this for his little sister.


June 21, 2005

At the recording studio, Whitney tells everyone that Miles is no longer her son, so if he is sick then it is Chads problem now. Chad, Fox, Julian and Eve all beg Whitney to nurse the baby, but she wont. She says this was a mistake coming here and shes going back to the Blue Note. The baby keeps crying and she cant seem to leave him. Eve says Miles is crying because he is starving to death. She says giving her child up is one thing, but letting him die is another. Eve tells Whitney to get over there and nurse her son. Whitney says Miles has been sick since he was born, so maybe God wants him to die. Fox and Chad are stunned by her cold feelings, but Whitney says sometimes children arent meant to be. Whitney says Miles is one of those children. Chad and Fox tell her that she is not one to tell them what God thinks or wants. Eve tells Whitney that she and her father didnt raise her to be this callous and uncaring, so go nurse that baby. Whitney says no, and Eve slaps her. Whitney tells her mom that she has some nerve slapping her when this is all her fault, Miles is sick because hes a baby of incest because of her moms secret. Eve tells Whitney that her blame game is really getting old. Eve tells Whitney to go nurse her child, if Miles dies then it will be her fault. Fox ends up dragging Whitney over to look at her baby, and Chad begs Whitney to help her son. Whitney says she doesnt want Miles to suffer anymore, but if she nurses him then that is what will happen. She says the doctors and nurses will try to save him only to have Miles will die in the end. They say she doesnt know that is how it will play out. Chad says he knows her and she wont be able to live with herself if she lets her son die. Meanwhile, Eve confides in Julian what if this is their fault, what if God takes Miles to punish their secrets. Julian says if Whitney wont nurse the baby and something happens to him then it is Whitneys doing and not theirs. Meanwhile, Chad and Fox continue to push Whitney to nurse her son. Fox and Chad say they dont know her anymore. Mrs. Wellesley says she wont let this go on anymore. She says Miles must be taken to the hospital now and she will report Whitneys actions to child services. She says if Miles dies then Whitney will face charges. Fox has an idea and asks to hold the baby. Fox takes the baby and tells Whitney to look at him, she is starving. Fox says look at him, he doesnt want their son to die with his mom standing over him. Fox says he doesnt want to hear any more crap from her about how Miles isnt her son. He says she can do this on her own or he can rip her clothes off, pin her down and force her to nurse him. Fox says it is her choice, they can do this the easy way or the hard way. 

At Spikes club, Noah sets fire to the bed in the backroom of the club. He says hes doing this for Jessica. Elsewhere in the club, Spike and Fancy drink champagne together. Spike likes her, and she says she likes him and his place. She says shes glad to see Harmony is finally joining the rest of the world. They drink more champagne, unaware a fire is raging elsewhere. Noah hopes Spike burns in hell, but he says his club is a start. Meanwhile, Fancy and Spike introduce themselves to one another. Spike offers her some of his sticker lickers, but she says shell stick to the champagne. She asks where the ladies room is, and he points her in the direction. Later Spike smells something is burning, and Noah realizes that there are people in the club and he has to put out the fire. Its too late as the fire is spreading. Spike sees Noah and then sees the fire. Noah asks if there is anyone in the club? Spike runs for it without trying to save Fancy. He does say a woman is in the bathroom as hes fleeing. Fancy ends up coming out of the bathroom, and she and Noah run into one another. Fancy cant believe he is here, and she smells gas on Ned/Noah. She then sees the gas can and asks if he started this fire, is he trying to kill her? Noah says of course hes not, but she thinks he sold her out to the Vegas thugs. She runs into the other backroom and locks herself in. Noah says shell die if she stays in there. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar tells Martin that she knows the truth about that night. He asks how? She gives him the paper that Alistair gave her to try and use to keep him. Martin realizes Pilar could have used this to drive Katherine away from Harmony had she chosen to. Pilar says she couldnt do that, she couldnt threaten to reveal Sheridans secret as she has loved Sheridan as if she is her daughter her whole life. Martin tells Pilar that she is the finest woman he has ever known. Pilar says the note doesnt give specifics, and she asks Martin to tell her exactly what happened. Martin explains the whole story that Alistair told Katherine last week (Alistair faking Rachels death, Alistair hiding Rachel, Sheridan stabbing Rachel and thinking it was her mother). Pilar says no wonder Sheridans life has been such an emotional mess. Pilar asks what Martin has to do with Rachels death? Martin says he helped cover it all up. Pilar cant believe he did this, but he says Alistair threatened to kill her and the children if he didnt help. He says he built the gazebo to help hide the body. Martin says but when he returned to Harmony, the gazebo was removed and Rachels body was hidden at a secret crypt in the Crane Mausoleum. Pilar says when she first read the note from Alistair she thought it was horrible, but so horrible that it had to be true. Martin says that is why he had to leave Harmony, and he also knew he had to live to fight Alistair another day because if he died then Alistairs part in Rachels death would never be revealed. Pilar asks so why has Katherine has moved back in with Alistair? Martin says Katherine is doing it to keep Alistair from telling everyone the truth. Pilar says the truth would crush Sheridan. Martin says that is why Katherine gave into Alistairs demands. Martin says this way Sheridan and Luis might be able to be happy. Pilar admires Katherine for putting her happiness aside for their children. Martin says Katherine has always done what she did for Sheridan. Pilar says but she didnt have to drag Martin into this. Martin says unfortunately they are now both involved, Alistair says the two of them must renew their vows to keep the truth in the dark. Pilar says that is outrageous. Martin knows it is asking way too much of her, and she is too good of a person to give into Alistairs demands. He also says he cant pretend he never loved Katherine or cares about her, so he knows it isnt fare to ask her to do this. Pilar says she never stopped loving him and never felt that they were no longer married, in spite of his infidelities. Pilar says she will do what Alistair asks because she wouldnt be able to live with herself knowing she was to blame for Alistair revealing the truth and ruining Sheridans life. Pilar says they can renew their vows if he wants to. He says he will do it, and she says she has a condition. She says if he stands before God and renews his commitment to her, then he can have nothing more to do with Katherine. Pilar says if he cant promise her that then they have no future together? Martin says he promises, his future is with her. They then hug. 

At the mansion, Sam makes a call and has all roads out of Harmony shut down. Katherine comforts Sheridan and says she is so sorry it took so long to prove Marty was her son. Ethan and Gwen discuss how Beth could have faked her pregnancy? Sheridan doesnt know, but she wont rest until she has her son back. Once again Sheridan explains the whole story as to how they found out that Marty was her son, and that Beth is her half-sister. Everyone asks but how? Sheridan says she feels foolish asking her mother this, but she didnt have any other kids with Alistair did she? Katherine says she had no other children, so Sheridan says Alistair must have had an affair with Mrs. Wallace. Rebecca is disgusted at the thought and says people think she is depraved. Sheridan says Gwen was always suspicious of Beth, but Luis didnt believe anything about Beth as hed known her for most of their lives. Sheridan says if only Luis had believed her about Beth earlier. Elsewhere, Rebecca asks Ivy how her house became central headquarters for the search for this missing boy. Ivy asks Rebecca how she can be so cold? Rebecca says easy, shes not related to the boy. Meanwhile, Sheridan asks her mother why she is here at the mansion? Katherine says she has moved back. Sheridan asks why shed do such a thing? Katherine recalls Alistairs threats and promises not to tell anyone about Rachel if she returned to the mansion. Katherine claims she has no where else to go, but Sheridan says she is a wealthy woman. Katherine says but she wants to be near her children. She also says Martin has gone back to Pilar and if she lives alone then Pilar will worry that Martin might come to her. Gwen tells Sheridan that it is confusing, but its Katherines choice so they need to respect it. Katherine says Ethan and Julian will protect her from her father, and when they find Marty then theyll be one big happy family. Sam and Luis, who were off somewhere, return. Sheridan asks Sam and Luis if they have found them, and they say no. Luis says hey will find Marty, Alistair and Beth. Sheridan doesnt care about Beth or even her father. Sheridan says that Beth, Edna and Alistair can be the family from hell as far as she cares, she just wants Marty. Luis and Sam discuss how the limo is still here, so that means Alistair is still here. As they talk Sheridan slips off. Sheridan begins running around the mansion screaming out Martys name. She ends up heading into the study and grabs a drink to calm her nerves. While in the study she hears Marty crying. She calls out to her son.

From the safe room, Alistair, Beth and Marty watch what is going on in the mansion. Alistair laughs at Sheridan searching for Marty. He says Marty is dead to Sheridan, and very soon Luis will be dead to her as well. Beth says but she wants Luis, but Alistair says too bad. He says she should count her blessings that she will get Marty and not go to jail. Beth scowls. When Alistair listens as Sheridan suggests he be a family with Edna and Beth, he says Edna is skin and bones, shes almost dust. He does say Rebecca was a wild romp though, he likes her. Meanwhile, Beth comforts Marty and says not to worry, they will be okay and will get out of this. Beth begins to panic as they watch Sheridan search for Marty. She thinks Sheridan will hear Marty or sense him as they have a weird connection. Alistair assures her that they are completely safe here. When Marty cries, Sheridan hears him. Alistair says this is a soundproof room, she cant hear Marty. Beth tries to keep Marty quiet as Sheridan calls out to him. 


June 22, 2005

At the recording studio, Whitney continues to refuse to nurse her child. Theresa shows up and asks what is going on as she heard shouting. Fox says Whitney is trying to kill their child. Theresa learns what is going on, and Fox tells Whitney he wont let her stand there and watch her son die. Theresa tries to calm Fox down and says shell talk to Whitney, but Fox says they have all talked to her until they were blue in the face. He says his son is dying and Whitney wont do a thing. Theresa asks to let her try. Fox says fine, but if Theresa fails then he will take matters in his own hands. They all leave Theresa to talk to Whitney alone. Theresa begs Whitney not to let Miles die. Whitney says Miles would be better off dead. Theresa tells Whitney that she doesnt know that, shes not a doctor. Whitney says the nurses said his blood was abnormal. Theresa says she can make excuses all she wants, but she knows Whitney loves that little boy. Whitney says she does love him and that is why she is doing this. Whitney says she cant bear to see him suffer like this. Whitney says Miles life will be cursed and she cant let him suffer anymore. Theresa says right now Miles is sick, but they dont know what will happen in the future. She says that is the gamble they take when they give birth to a child. Theresa says she understands the world can be a cruel place, but dont take away Miles chance to find that out on his own. She begs Whitney not to throw away Miles chance for a happy and healthy life. Theresa says if Miles dies now because she wont nurse him, then Whitney wont be able to live with herself. Theresa says the guilt, anger and hurt will tear away at her every day for the rest of her life. Theresa tells Whitney that she didnt end the pregnancy when she found out about she was pregnant with her half-brothers baby, and most women would have. She says Whitney has done so much to protect her child, so she shouldnt stop now. Theresa tells Whitney to be the mother that she knows she can be. Theresa convinces Whitney to nurse Miles. Whitney tells Miles that shes sorry and everything will be fine now. Chad thinks to himself that its obvious Whitney loves that child no matter what she says.

Theresa and Fox go into the hall, and Fox thanks Theresa for getting through to Whitney. Fox thinks if Theresa didnt show up then Whitney would have let Miles die. He doesnt understand and asks Theresa what is going on. Fox says he knows Theresa knows all of Whitneys secrets, and he knows something is going on. Fox says Whitneys reasons for giving up Miles dont make sense. He asks if she has any idea what its like to have your child ripped away . . . he says hes sorry as she knows what he is going through. She says she does, and she knows what Whitney is going through. Fox asks why she gave him away? Theresa says she cant say, but if they pray then perhaps fate will make everything okay. Fox says she puts a lot of stock in fate. Theresa says she turns to fate when she doesnt understand things going on in her life, and she has to believe that fate will make everything all right. She honestly believes fate will make everything all right in her life. Fox says Ethan will never leave Gwen, but Theresa says he will. Theresa says she knows Gwen and Rebecca sold Ethan out to the tabloids, and Ethan wont forgive them for doing that. Fox says that doesnt make sense as Rebecca was desperate to have Gwen marry the Crane heir. Fox says even if they did do it, if there is proof out there, why wouldnt Gwen and Rebecca destroy it? He says he doesnt know about Gwen doing this, but he wouldnt put it past Rebecca. Still, it got Ethan thrown out of the Crane family and empire, which he doesnt understand. Fox also insists that if they did do this then they must have destroyed proof long ago. Theresa isnt so sure and she says she has to find that proof. Theresa says shes going to the mansion right now to get Jane back and the man she loves. She asks Fox to say goodbye to Whitney for her and tell her she had to leave.

At the mansion, Luis says Alistair is still here somewhere as the limo is here, so they have to search the estate. Gwen asks if Alistair would really help Beth kidnap Sheridans son? Katherine says of course he would, he helped her take Jane from Theresa. Gwen says but Sheridan is his own daughter. Luis says the point is Sheridan appears to have been right all along about Beth and Alistair, so they have to find them. Sheridan is in the study and can hear Marty crying. In the safe room, Alistair tells Beth to shut the brat up. Beth tries to quiet Marty and says they cant let the crazy lady find them. Meanwhile, everyone else hears Sheridan crying out to Marty, so they run towards her voice. Sheridan tells them all that shes heard Marty somewhere in the walls. Rebecca thinks it is impossible as this place is built solid, but Sheridan knows she has heard him in the walls and he is close. In the safe room, Alistair thinks they are safe as everyone will think Sheridan is imagining hearing Martys voice out of desperation. He says they can search this place top to bottom and never find it. He says hell make arrangements to get Beth and Marty out of here. Beth and Alistair continue to watch, and Beth says they are so close to them. Alistair says to have faith in her father, he wont let Sheridan get her hands on the brat. Beth asks Alistair why he has gone to so much trouble to keep Marty from Sheridan? Alistair says because Sheridan wont forgive Luis for losing Marty, and hell use Marty as a wedge to split them up. He says if they are happy then Luis will dig into his secrets, and he wont let Luis bring down the house of Crane. Meanwhile, nobody finds a trace of Marty, and Rebecca suggests she imagined hearing Marty. Gwen agrees and says she always wakes up thinking she hears Sarah crying. Sheridan says she wasnt dreaming or imagining it, she heard Marty close by and through the walls. Nobody hears a thing, and Sheridan is positive that she heard him. Luis tells them all that he made the mistake of not believing Sheridan before, so he wont make that mistake again. He says he believes Sheridan heard Marty, so they wont stop searching. A spying Alistair laughs and says very soon Marty and Beth will be out of the country forever. Alistair goes to light up a cigar, but Beth demands he not smoke around the baby. He says so she has inherited some of his strengths, most people wouldnt speak to him that way. Alistair assures Beth that she and her nephew will be just fine here. He says hell go out and smoke his cigar, and hell make arrangements for her to leave the country. Beth is afraid Luis will find him, but he says hes Alistair Crane and hes afraid of no one. Meanwhile, Luis makes a game plan for them to split up into three teams and search for Alistair. Rebecca says shell be on Sams team. Alistair shows up and says so Rebecca is entertaining the working classes he sees. Luis grabs Alistair and demands Alistair tell them where Beth and Marty are. Alistair tells them to get off his property. Luis says fine, hell beat it out of him if he wont fess up. Sam and Ethan break the fight up, and Rebecca hopes they tear one anothers shirts off. Beth watches from the safe room and thinks if Luis kills Alistair then shell never get out of here, and Luis and Sheridan will come after her next. Beth fantasizes about Sheridan finding her and beating the living daylights out of her and then strangling her to death. Meanwhile, Sam and Ethan hold Luis back, and Sheridan begs her father to tell them where Beth and her son are. Katherine tells Alistair to tell her. Alistair says he hasnt hid anyone, and he orders Sam to get this scum out of here and off his property. He wants Luis arrested as hes going to press charges. Sam tells Alistair that they arent going anywhere, he believes Alistair is hiding Beth and Marty somewhere on the grounds. He says they have DNA proof that Sheridan is Martys mother, and if Alistair stops them from searching then hell arrest him. Alistair threatens to have Sams job and badge for this. Sheridan begs her father to tell her where her child is. Alistair says he should smack her for talking to him like that, and he could care less about a child she had out of wedlock with a man who tried to murder him. Sheridan tells him that he is an absolute monster. Sheridan runs off to see how the search is going elsewhere. Katherine pleads with Alistair to tell her where Marty is. Alistair threatens Katherine to keep quiet and butt out of this or else. She reminds him that if she wants him to stay here then hell keep quiet as well.

Gwen and Rebecca search the rooms they have been assigned. Gwen tells her mother that shes glad all the tabloid proof is gone so Luis or Sam wont find it. Rebecca remembers she didnt destroy the disk, and she put it into an envelope and hid it in her desk drawer. Rebecca begins to worry, and Gwen thinks her mom is acting odd. She thinks her mother is planning something. Rebecca says all shes planning is a trip to the ladies room. Gwen says fine, and shell meet her in the old wing. Rebecca sneaks into her room to take care of the disk she hid. Unfortunately Ivy walks in and asks what she has there? Ivy asks what the computer disk is? Rebecca says its just a disk. Ivy asks what is on it? Rebecca says none of her business, and it is simply a computer disk. Ivy thinks it is a secret Rebecca has collected. Ivy tells Rebecca that she collects secrets like other people collect stamps. Rebecca says that is special coming from the queen of secrets. Ivy says dont tell her, but shell find out eventually as her secrets always have a way of coming out. Rebecca says like she broke up Sam and Grace? Ivy says she cant prove that. Rebecca says perhaps she can. Ivy suggests she forget about that, so Rebecca says she will as long as Ivy forgets about her disk. They pour drinks and toast to one another. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen meet up, neither one has found anything. He says hell go tell Sam and Luis neither of them had luck. Ethan leaves, and Gwen just hopes Ethan never finds out what she did.

Later, Beth watches as Luis comforts Sheridan as they have not found Beth or Marty. Beth thinks it is a miracle and she has won, she will actually get away with it.


June 23, 2005

At Spike's club, Fancy continues to lock herself in a backroom as she's convinced Ned/Noah is trying to kill her. He manages to get to her and carries her out of the club. He asks her for a thank you for saving her life, but she's still convinced Ned is trying to kill her. She says he wreaks of gas, and she runs. He chases her down and insists he's not trying to kill her. However he admits to setting the fire, but not for the reason she thinks. He explains what Spike did to his sister, and Fancy feels bad. Still, she's not convinced Ned is a good guy otherwise why did he follow her to Harmony. He thinks she is the one who followed him, but they both reveal they live her. Sirens are heard in the background, and Fancy decides to go find the cops and get help as she is STILL suspicious of Ned. Ned/Noah grabs her, and she says she'll scream. He tells her to go for it, and then kisses her.

At the Lo-Fitz house, Pilar tells Martin she will marry him as long as he agrees that Katherine is out of his life for good. Martin agrees, so Pilar makes some calls. Later she says Father Lonigan will be happy to marry them again. They discuss the plans for the ceremony, and Pilar wants all her children there. She then realizes Antonio can't be there, and Miguel won't be there either. Martin says the other children will all be angry at him and may not support this. Pilar thinks they are angry because he abandoned them, but once they see he is dedicated to their family and Katherine is out of his life then they will come around. Suddenly Katherine calls, and Pilar answers. Pilar is furious when Katherine asks to speak with Martin. Pilar gives her an earful, and Katherine eventually says this is about Sheridan and Luis. She fills Pilar in on the fact that Marty is Sheridan's child, and everyone is at the mansion searching for Beth and Marty, who they believe Alistair has hidden.

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace packs a bag and prepares to flee after seeing a report on the TV that an APB is out for Beth and Marty. Over At Tabitha's, Fluffy is on a rampage as he's hungry, so Tabitha and Endora conjure up a gigantic bag of Friskies (product placement!). Later Tabitha watches what is going on in Harmony, and she sees Edna is on her way to her house. She covers up her bowl, and Edna barges in and informs Tabitha that she's going to be hiding out here for awhile. Tabitha says she's sorry but with Kay and Maria here that there is no room at the inn. Edna says if Tabitha won't help her then she'll have to pray. As she does, the friends in the basement rumble, and flames shoot out from Tabitha's bowl. Tabitha tells her to stop, but Edna realizes what is going on. She keeps praying to make the house almost explode. She finally accuses Tabitha of being a witch. Tabitha says that is absurd, but Edna tricks her when she asks where her broomstick is. Tabitha says she hasn't ridden one since they invented the automobile. Edna wonders if Tabitha is a witch then what Endora is. Tabitha warns her to leave her little girl out of this. Edna says she's calling the shots now, so she demands to stay here. Tabitha says she could just cast a spell on her, but Edna threatens to pray to her angels until they destroy this whole house.

At the mansion, Sheridan insists Marty is here somewhere, and Luis believes her. Sam says they've searched everywhere, so Luis says they should bring in more men to search. Alistair says no, he's had it with them. He says he has allowed them to search his grounds, which has been an inconvenience, and they found nothing. He wants them to leave now. Luis refuses, and Sheridan demands Alistair tell her where Marty is. Alistair says fine, he will tell Sheridan the truth. Beth, still watching from the secret room, thinks her father is going to sell her out. Alistair simply tells SHeridan that the truth is she is pathetic and a freak. Katherine tells him that he is a monster. Luis wants to tear this place apart to find Marty and Beth. Pilar and Martin soon show up, and Pilar reveals to everyone that this mansion contains secret rooms. She says Alistair sent everyone away on a family vacation and had a Swiss company come in and build the rooms.  She says as head housekeeper she fed the men, and she overhears them talking. Pilar said she never said anything because it wasn't her place, but now it is. Luis wants to start ripping down walls, but Sam has a better idea. He calls in some men to search the place with gadgets. However it's Sheridan who finds the secret room by simply knocking on walls. She finds one that is hollow, so Luis begins tearing the wall down with an axe. BEth, on the other side, panics. Meanwhile, Pilar informs Katherine about her and Martins's plans to renew their vows, and she says they aren't just doing it because of Alistair's threats. Pilar says Martin is dedicated to their family and marriage. Katherine claims she is happy for them.


June 24, 2005
Outside Spikes club, Noah kisses Fancy to shut her up. She asks who he is? A cop shows up and says hed like to know the same thing. He arrests them as they are suspected of starting the fire given they smell of gas. Fancy says she had nothing to do with this fire, and she is about to tell the cop that Noah started it. However, Noah stops her and claims they were walking by when the fire broke out, and their car ran out of gas and he was getting gas and that is why he smells of gas. The cop realizes who Noah is and releases him. He says hes seen his photo on Sams desk several times. Fancy cant believe he is the chief of polices son. Fancy is stunned. The cop questions them if they saw anything, and then he lets them go. After the cop leaves, Fancy cant believe who Ned is. She says she thought he was a hit man and was here to kill her. He says he tried to explain but she wouldnt listen. Noah says as much as he hopes Vegas is behind them, it might not be over for them just yet. Fancy still cant believe he is the chiefs son, and she asks why he didnt tell her? He says he didnt know she was from Harmony. She says his dad arrested her for speeding and joyriding once. She says she did steal her fathers Ferrari, and she was only 14. He asks who she is? She says shell give him a hint, who in this town has a daughter his age that can go joyriding and get away with it. Noah realizes she is a Crane. Noah says and he was worried about protecting her in Vegas, her family can buy her out of any amount of trouble.

In Vegas, a thug talks to a security man at the hotel who is searching through hotel security tapes for Noah and Fancy, but they cant get any ones of their faces. The security guy says its like this guy knew where every camera was and how to avoid them. The Vegas mobster says if the feds get to those two before he does then hell go down for a long time. He also warns the security guy that his time is running up, so find the photos of those two or else.

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca is sneaking around trying to find someplace to hide her disk. She says she doesnt want anyone to see it, and Ethan would never forgive Gwen if he found the truth. Rebecca thinks the best hiding place is in the open, and she puts the disk a box of other diskettes next to Ethans laptop. 

Theresa shows up at the mansion, and Ethan asks why shes here. She says shes here for the one she loves. Ethan says theyve been through this , he wont leave Gwen. Theresa says and she has told him he will eventually leave Gwen to be a family with her, Little Ethan and Jane. Theresa says thats not why shes here though. She says she wants to see Jane, and she brought Janes favorite stuffed animal for her as she forgot to pack it. Ethan says Jane is asleep, and things are crazy around here. He gives her the low down on Beth and Marty and the search for them. He says its chaotic here so its not a good time to see Jane. Theresa says he promised that she could see Jane anytime she wanted, and she wants to see her now. Ethan says okay, hell go ring the nanny to let her know shes here. He leaves, and Theresa vows to find the proof she needs and she wont leave without it. Ethan returns later and wants to try and keep Theresa from seeing Gwen. He says he doesnt want them to end up fighting, but Theresa says that is inevitable. She also calls Ethan a hypocrite for being happy Sheridan is going to get her son back, yet he took Jane from her. 

Beth is still hiding in the secret room with Marty. She tells Marty that Alistair will protect them and soon they are going on a long trip out of the country. She says that nasty Sheridan will never find them. She then hears knocking on the wall and thinks theyve been found.

On the other side of the wall, they discover that the secret room is behind this wall. Luis asks Alistair how to get into the room. Alistair plays innocent and says hes never heard such dribble. When Alistair wont speak, Luis breaks out fire axes. Alistair orders Sam to stop Luis, but he wont. Luis chops at the wall. Everyone else shows up when they hear the commotion, and Sheridan tells her father he is a horrible man for doing this to her. She also accuses her father of helping Beth kidnap her child and trying to kill her. Alistair says she has a vivid imagination, but Katherine believes Sheridan is correct about Alistair and his crimes. Sheridan tells her father that shell hate him forever for this. Gwen tells Sheridan not to let Alistair get to her. The men end up hitting a metal wall, and they have no idea how to get through it. Alistair laughs to himself as Sheridan begs them not to give up. Sam calls for some equipment, but his men cant get it to the mansion in time. Luis demands Alistair let them in, but Alistair tells Luis he is to blame for this. He tries to turn it around and says Luis wouldnt believe Sheridan, so this is all his fault. Luis ends up decking Alistair, and Sam pulls Luis away before he can kill Alistair. Sam says Alistair wont help them, so Luis is wasting his time. Sam says they will get in there eventually, but Sheridan doesnt like the sound of that. 

Rebecca finally shows up, and Gwen asks where shes been? Rebecca says shes been taking care of some charitable work. Gwen asks what charity work? Rebecca says proper ladies dont talk about such things. Gwen worries, and once again talks to her mother about her fear that Theresa might find evidence linking them to the tabloid. Rebecca says she wont find any information, they destroyed everything. 

Meanwhile, the men get through the wall. Sheridan looks through a small hole at Beth and Marty. Sheridan demands Beth hand over her baby. Katherine says Alistair has been hiding them just as Sheridan said. Sheridan tells Beth that its over and she wants her child back. Beth says she is his mommy, she raised him since birth. Sheridan says because you stole him from me! Sheridan calls Beth a psycho. Sheridan demands Luis tear the wall down, which he does. 

As Luis is working on the wall, Gwen continues to worry that Theresa will find out their secret. She tells her mother that she doesnt trust her, she is always scheming and all it will take is one slip up on her part. Rebecca tells Gwen to stop worrying, nobody will find the evidence. It turns out that Rebecca has the disk with her still in her bra, and she needs to find a better hiding place than the living room. 

Meanwhile, Pilar continues to gloat to Katherine that Martin has come back to her, and Katherine says she knows. Pilar decides she needs to have a serious talk soon as she doesnt believe that Katherine has accepted that shes back with Martin. 

Luis finally breaks through, and Sheridan says shes finally going to get her child back. Alistair slips away while nobody is looking, and he opens a second secret door in the safe room and pulls Beth and Marty out while everyone is wondering where Alistair went. When Luis goes to enter the room, Beth is gone as is Marty! Sheridan screams No!

Alistair leads Beth and Marty through some underground tunnels and away from the mansion. He warns Beth to follow him if she values her freedom. Luis, Sam and the others continue to search for them. Alistair has a helicopter come pick them up. The others hear the chopper and run towards the sound. Alistair laughs and thinks they wont get to Beth and the chopper in time.

Meanwhile, Jane and Ethan are arguing in the living room, only feet from the PC and the disks! They are arguing about Ethan taking Jane from her, and Theresa refusing to drop the charges. Ethan says it is her own behavior that caused her to lose Jane. Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca are no role models for her daughter, they are evil vipers. Ethan tells her to stop, and Theresa asks to see Jane. Ethan leaves to check on the Nanny, and Theresa begins to snoop on Rebeccas computer. She grabs a disk from the box to look at it. Ethan returns and asks Theresa what shes doing? Theresa tells Ethan that he has to look at what shes found. Theresa cant believe this was here, and Ethan looks at what shes found. Ethan says he had no idea that this was here. It is a photo of her, Jane and Ethan. Ethan says the hospital must have sent this email while they went to the island to get her back. Theresa once again becomes upset about Ethan taking Jane from her. Ethan says he just wanted the fighting to stop. He says Gwen isnt upstairs so they can go see Jane. Theresa says he was wrong to take her daughter and he knows it. They then head upstairs to the nursery. Later Ethan tells Theresa that she shouldnt stay too long , if Gwen and Rebecca find out they will get upset. Unfortunately Rebecca walks in on them, is furious, and tells Theresa to get the hell out of the house. 

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