June 27, 2005

On the wharf, Fancy and Noah discuss the fact that the mobsters in Vegas could still come after them. Fancy says she's afraid even her family, with all their money, can't buy her out of this trouble. Noah begins blaming her, saying if she hadn't taken the money in the first place then they wouldn't be in this mess. She is insulted and says that dead guy wasn't going to spend the money anyways. Noah says it was his quick thinking that got them out of trouble, and Fancy tells him that he has a white knight complex. She says he truly is Sam Bennett's son, and she would have been just fine without his help. He says sure she would have. Noah says she really is a Crane, they are nothing but trouble and cause trouble for everyone else. She accuses him of hating her because she is rich and he isn't. She says it's not her fault his ancestors were losers. Noah says his ancestors weren't losers, and he informs her how her crooked grandfather cheated his grandfather out of everything. Fancy says she is sorry, but they can't seem to stop bickering. Fancy becomes fed up and tries to storm off, and she trips and twists her ankle. Noah offers to help her get home, but she tells him to take his white knight complex elsewhere.

In Vegas, the Vegas mobsters are reviewing the hotel security tapes. One of the security guards finally is able to get a clear shot of Noah's face, but not Fancy. The leader is pleased and says where they find this guy they are bound to find the girl as well.

On the Crane grounds, Martin, Luis, Sheridan, Katherine, Pilar and Gwen are all chasing after Beth. Beth is in a brown hooded sweatshirt and carrying Marty. Alistair watches from the bushes and says Beth must follow his plan. Beth thinks the plan will fail, but keeps running. Sheridan screams that they must stop Beth before she gets to the helicopter. During the chase everyone pauses to talk to themselves and as God to help them stop Beth from leaving with Marty. Sheridan trips and sprains her ankle, so she can't keep running. Luis eventually tackles Beth, and he says it's over and for her to give him his son now. It turns out it wasn't Beth they were following, it was Alistair's assistant. She  is carrying a toy doll, which she claims is a prototype for Crane's toy division. Ethan, who has now joined them, says Crane doesn't have a toy division. She says perhaps he just hasn't got the memo. Sheridan can't believe this, and then she realizes where Beth must be hiding, the mansion.

At the mansion, Rebecca finds Ethan and Theresa with Jane, and she is furious. Ethan says he and Gwen agreed that Theresa could see Jane. She thinks Theresa is here to get her hands on Ethan. Ethan has to go rejoin the search for Beth and Marty, and he tells them not to fight. They of course do fight with one another, and Theresa ends up informing Rebecca that she will get Jane back and will have Ethan to. Theresa says she knows Rebecca and Gwen sent the email on Ethan's paternity to the tabloids and she will prove it. Rebecca tells Theresa that everyone knows the information was on her laptop and the email came from her computer. Theresa tells Rebecca that she will get what's coming to her. Theresa makes the mistake of threatening Rebecca loud enough for the others outside to hear. Rebecca thanks Theresa, and then she begins screaming "Theresa  no, please don't!" Rebecca throws herself down the steps, and Pilar, Katherine and Martin come running. They find Rebecca at the bottom of the steps and Theresa at the top. Pilar asks Theresa what she has done now?

Meanwhile, Beth meets up with Alistair in the mansion, and he promises her that she will get away. He says Sheridan will not have Marty, and her losing Marty will tear Luis and Sheridan apart. He tells Beth everything will work out if she does exactly what he tells her to. Meanwhile, Sheridan heads for the mansion, and Beth fears Sheridan is going to catch her and she's done for now.


June 28, 2005

Spike sees his club has been torched. The place is a blackened and charred mess. Spike says Alistair will be furious when he learns about this. Spike says Alistair will come after him hard, and someone has to pay for this. Spike says nobody screws him over like this. He pulls out a gun and says when he finds who did this, they are dead.

Noah is carrying Fancy because her foot got hurt when she tried to run from him. He says hes going to carry her all the way home to make sure she doesnt kill herself on the way. Fancy says she will be fine on her own, and this wouldnt have happened if he didnt set fire to that club. He explains why he did that, and she says yeah yeah she knows. She says shes still not convinced he wasnt trying to kill her. He says if he wanted to kill her then he wouldnt have risked his life to save hers. He says hes taking her home. Fancy keeps complaining and wants to be put down, but Noah refuses. He says if he left her here then shed probably get killed by a bear. Noah and Fancy continue to argue about Vegas and one anothers identities. Fancy ends up yelling at him to put her down. Noah says hush, there is a guy over there and if he thinks shes in trouble hell call the cops. Fancy screams for help, and it turns out the guy is Spike. Fancy thanks Spike for coming along and says this creep is manhandling her. He tells her to call a cop, but she says he is the Chief of Polices son. Spike smells gas on him, and he realizes Noah was in his club and set the fire to it. Noah realizes this guy is Spike. Noah is furious at Spike for what he did to his sister. Spike taunts Noah and says Jessica is wild and up for anything. They end up in a huge fist fight as Fancy watches. Spike pulls a gun on Noah and orders Fancy to stand with him. He thinks she was in on it with him, and he asks which one wants to die first: Paris Hilton or the Police Chiefs son?

At the mansion, Pilar, Katherine and Martin find Rebecca at the foot of the steps. Ivy soon shows up, and asks what has happened. She calls Theresa a murderer. Theresa swears she did nothing. We see a flashback of Rebecca setting Theresa up and throwing herself down the steps. Theresa says Rebecca set her up. Martin says Rebecca isnt moving and he cant find a pulse. Ivy calls Theresa a murderer, but Theresa says she didnt touch her. Rebecca comes to and she screams and says Theresa pushed her and tried to kill her. Ethan soon shows up and learns what has happened. Theresa swears she didnt touch Rebecca. Ethan tells Theresa that he told her to go home, yet she stayed and attacked Rebecca? Theresa says Rebecca is lying. Ethan asks what happened, and Martin explains that they were outside and they heard the two of them fighting and Rebecca then fell down the steps. Theresa says leave it to his father to testify against his own child. She says she hates him. Pilar says he is just telling the truth. Theresa cant believe her mom is siding with Papa and Katherine. She swears she didnt touch Rebecca, but nobody seems to believe her. (Um, cant we check Alistairs tapes?) Ivy says this is a murder attempt and thinks they should call the police and a doctor for Rebecca. Theresa begs them not to, and Rebecca says no dont call the police. Rebecca then says there has been so much pain and sadness on both sides, and she doesnt want anymore trouble. Theresa says since when? Martin says this is very big of her, and Katherine says she thought Rebecca would want Theresa in jail. Ivy makes a face, and Pilar says something isnt right here. Rebecca puts on the nice and innocent act and says she only wants what is best for Jane, and she doesnt want Jane to grow up with the stigma of a mother in jail. Rebecca says for Janes sake they need peace. Theresa tells Ethan that he cant be buying this. Ethan says even her parents heard her fighting with Rebecca. He says hes not stupid when it comes to Rebecca, but Theresa has attacked people before. She says they were accidents, and Rebecca says like the time she pushed Gwen and made her lose Sarah, or the time she stabbed Gwen? Ivy adds like the time Theresa pushed her down the steps when she was in a wheel chair. Martin asks if all of this is true, and Pilar says their daughter tends to lose control easily. Ivy says there is no end to Theresas crimes, and Ethan tells Theresa that she is her own worst enemy. He says she should have gone home, yet she snuck back in. Theresa says she did nothing wrong, but Ethan says that is the problem, she never thinks she has done anything wrong. Ethan asks Pilar to take Theresa home and this time make sure he gets home. Pilar thanks Rebecca for forgetting what happened. Rebecca says oh that isnt what she said. Rebecca says she can forgive, but she cant forget. Theresa says she wont get away with this! Rebecca says she doesnt want Theresa to ever step foot in this house again and she shouldnt go anywhere near Jane again. Rebecca says Theresa is a horrible influence on Jane, and Theresa is prone to violent outbursts. Ethan tells Rebecca that she is going too far. Rebecca says then the visits should be supervised, and she wants someone from Child Services there to protect Jane. Theresa says no way. Rebecca says Theresa agrees never to come here again and have supervised visits with Jane, or shell call the cops. Pilar and Martin beg Theresa to just agree for once. Theresa says no, she says Rebecca put on this show when she realized they had an audience and she threw herself down the steps. Theresa says Rebecca framed her. Ethan says while Rebecca might go to great lengths to get rid of Theresa, she could have killed herself, and no one in her right mind would have done that. Theresa asks why he never believes her. They argue, and Ivy tells Rebecca (in private) that Theresa is right isnt she? Ivy says you set her up didnt you. Rebecca says of course she did, wouldnt she? Ivy remembers when she did the same thing to Theresa. Ivy tells Rebecca You go girl! Rebecca says her plan has already worked. Ethan and Theresa continue to argue, and Ethan says he agrees with Rebecca that Theresa shouldnt be alone with Jane. 

Elsewhere, Gwen finds a baby blanket at the cottage and is reminded of Sarahs death. Luis shows up and finds Gwen unhappy and teary. They both had hopes Sheridan might be here, but shes not. Gwen says this whole thing is just bringing up emotions for her. Gwen says she knows what its like to lose a child, and she would kill to have her kids back. Gwen says Sheridan will do anything to get Marty back. Luis knows, and that scares him. He says if Beth feels threatened then she might try and kill Sheridan again. Luis just hopes Sheridan doesnt put herself in danger. Gwen, Luis and Sam keep searching, but find nothing. 

In the garage, Beth loads Marty into the carseat in her car and prepares to flee. Sheridan shows up and demands Beth give her back her son. Beth locks her car doors, and Sheridan says shes not going anywhere till she gives her her son. Sheridan says shes been caught and shes not going anywhere. Sheridan tells Beth that she knows what she has done to her and calls her a sick son of a . . . .Sheridan realizes Beth was never pregnant and that is why she had to breast feed him. She asks why she did this? Sheridan says this whole time Beth has been trying to convince everyone she was deranged, Beth was the sick psychopath. Sheridan says she could kill Beth right now, and maybe she should. Sheridan tells Beth that she put her through hell, why? Sheridan asks why she had to take her child. Sheridan shakes Beth and demands the truth. Beth remembers having conversations with her mother about how she was doing this to hold onto Luis. Beth tells Sheridan that she deserved what she did to her, and she deserves much more. Sheridan asks what she did to Beth to warrant this? Beth says Sheridan stole Luis from her, and theyd be together if it werent for Sheridan. Sheridan says she and Luis broke up years ago. Beth says Luis would have come back to her if Sheridan hadnt come along. Beth says she took Luis from her, so she did what it took to get him back. Sheridan tells Beth that this is crazy. Beth says shes not the crazy one. Sheridan says Beth always pretended to be her friend. Beth says it was all an act and she was stupid enough to fall for it. Beth says it took great self control on her part not to bash her blond head in. Beth says just looking at her makes her sick, she hates her. Sheridan asks what kind of person does a thing. She says like father like daughter, she is more Alistairs daughter than Sheridan will ever be. Sheridan says it makes her sick to think they are half-sisters. Beth says ditto, and Sheridan is more like her weak and pathetic mother. Beth says she is Alistairs daughter, she is a winner. Sheridan says she is a monster and will go to jail. Beth says this monster destroyed her and Luis, dont forget that. Beth says she still hasnt lost, she has Marty and that will bring Luis back to her. Sheridan says Beth is a lunatic, and she wants her child back. They fight over the car keys. Beth says if Luis had listened to Sheridan then she would have had Marty back months ago. Beth says Luis trusted her over Sheridan, so what does that tell her. Beth tells Sheridan that Luis pities Sheridan and loves her. Beth says that is why he always stood up for her. Beth tells Sheridan she is kidding herself, and nobody forgets their first love. Beth says that is why Luis always trusted her. Beth says every time she looks at Luis, shell remember that Luis never believed her. Beth says shes taking Marty now, they are leaving town, and Sheridan will never see him again. Beth says Luis only loves her. Sheridan says no! Beth says it is true, Luis loves her and never trusted Sheridan because shes a stupid blonde. Sheridan offers to help Beth escape if she just gives her Marty. Beth says she doesnt need her money, daddy gave her everything she needed. Beth says Alistair was always helping her, even before he knew she was his daughter. Beth ends up letting some net holding a bunch of stuff lose, and it drops down on Sheridan and knocks her out. Beth says See you later loser. She gets in the car and tells Marty that theyll never see that bad lady again. As Beth goes to drive off, Sheridan is standing in front of her car! Sheridan says Youre not going anywhere bitch! Sheridan tells Beth to get out of the car. Beth starts the car. Sheridan says shell take her baby over her dead body. Beth says so be it, and floors the car. Sheridan screams.


June 29, 2005

On the grounds of the mansion, Luis, Gwen and Sam are still searching for Sheridan. This time around Gwen trips and twists her ankle. They help her to a bench and she insists they go one without her. Luis says they can't leave her as Beth is a psycho and might hurt her. Sam goes off to check a shed, and Gwen says Beth is worse than Theresa. Gwen apologizes, but Luis says it's okay. He says he doesn't like what Theresa has done, but he loves her and your supposed to support those you love. He then feels guilty for not supporting Sheridan. Gwen says he has, but he says he hasn't. Sam returns not having found Beth, and Gwen insists they continue as she is fine. Suddenly Luis hears a sound and runs off to check it out.

At the garage, Sheridan stands in front of Beth's car and tells Beth she'll let her take her son over her dead body. Beth says so be it, and she hits the pedal. Fortunately for Sheridan, Luis shows up and saves her. Beth is furious that Luis saved Sheridan. Luis demands Beth surrender, but she screams that she'll never give up her child. She tells Luis that she's sorry it turned out this way and she still loves him. Beth speeds off, and Sheridan demands Luis shoot Beth or the tires out. Luis says he can't, he says he could hurt Marty. Sam shows up and he assures them that BEth won't make it off the grounds, he has men everywhere. Sheridan says they mustn't shoot otherwise Marty could be hurt. Sam radios his men not to shoot. The men get his orders just as they were about to fire at Beth, who is speeding towards them. Beth plows through the gates and escapes!

At the mansion, we see a replay of the argument with Theresa and the others. As Ethan is telling Theresa that he agrees with Rebecca that she should have supervised visits with Jane, Rebecca is admitting to Ivy that she set the whole thing up. Theresa swears she didn't do this, but nobody believes her. Ivy tells Theresa that she is a liar, she attacks everyone and nobody believes her, including her own parents. Theresa lashes out at her father blaming him for all of this. She says if he hadn't left Harmony then maybe she would have had some support against the Cranes and wouldn't feel the need to fight for everything she has or wants. She tells her father he is horrible and should just get out of their lives and out of Harmony. Katherine puts her hand on Martin's shoulder, and Pilar fumes. Pilar tells Katherine to get her hands off her husband. Katherine says it was just a reflex and she's sorry. Pilar reminds Martin that he recommitted himself to her, and he says he knows and he meant it. Theresa tells her mother she is a fool if she believes him. Ethan eventually has had it and says enough. Ethan says Theresa blames everyone for her problems when she needs to blame herself. He says he was willing to share custody of Jane with her, but that wasn't enough. He says she couldn't let her need for revenge go and she had to attack Rebecca. He also says he told her tonight wasn't a good time to see Jane but she kept pushing. He says this is her fault, all of it. Gwen returns and learns what has happened. She tells Theresa that she can't believe her selfishness, everyone is out there looking for Marty, her nephew, and she's in here picking fights? As Ethan continues to blast Theresa, Gwen pulls her mother aside. Gwen asks if Theresa really pushed her, and Rebecca admits she didn't. Gwen says her mother could have killed herself. Rebecca tells her "Oh Please!" Rebecca says she once dated a stunt man named Armand who showed her all sorts of things. Rebecca says in the excitement she forgot to tuck her head, so she hit it when she landed. She says the blood added to the believability. Gwen and Rebecca then listen in as Ethan gives Theresa hell. He tells her it's time for her to go and basically throws her out. He opens the door and tells her to get the hell out. Pilar has to force Theresa to go. Gwen tells Ethan how proud she is of him, and Ethan says he should have done that a long time ago but he just wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. He says he's given Theresa all the chances he can, and he's through. Outside, Pilar begs Theresa to go home and just call Ethan tomorrow to work out a visitation schedule. Theresa says like hell, she is changing tactics. Theresa says if those two bitches want to play dirty then she'll play dirty. She says it's the only way to take them down, and she won't be a doormat anymore.  

Later, Sam, Luis and Sheridan return to the mansion. Sheridan is upset because Beth got off the grounds with Marty, but Sam says his men are following her. Later Sam learns she gave his men the slip, so he puts out an APB for her. Luis says he's going after Beth himself, and Sheridan wants to come. Luis says no, and he tells her to wait here. He says stay positive as they will get Marty back. Sheridan has flashbacks of the times Luis wouldn't believe her about the DNA tests, and about Beth telling Sheridan that Luis always gave her the benefit of the doubt because he loved her. Sheridan doesn't think Luis cares, but Luis says of course he does. He says getting Marty back is the most important thing to him, and then they will be together. Sheridan yells "You liar!" and slaps Luis.

On the docks, Spike holds a gun on Noah and Fancy and plans to kill them both. Noah begs for Fancy to be let go as the whole thing was his doing. Spike doesn't believe Noah and thinks they were in this together as a team. When sirens are heard in the background, Noah decks Spike, and he and Fancy run for it. As they are hiding Fancy tries to run from Noah as well, and gets herself and Noah caught by Spike. Spike is more angry than ever and plans to kill Fancy first so Noah has to watch his girl die first. Noah says she's not his girlfriend, and for the last time she had nothing to do with this. Noah tries to reason with Spike, saying up until now Spike has gotten away with a lot of crimes. He says this one is different though, Spike will be nailed for murder. Spike says the gun isn't his, so no one can trace this to him. Noah ends up knocking the gun from Spike's hand, and they fight. Fancy ends up falling into a nearby fishing boat, which is being loaded with fish. As Spike and Noah face off, Spike warns Noah if he wastes time trying to get him, his girlfriend will either suffocate from the fish or will end up at the cannery. Noah ultimately has to let Spike go so he can save Fancy.

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June 30, 2005
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Jul1 , 2005
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