February 28, 2005
First ten minutes of the show were cut off in my area for snow updates. We had to learn how much snow was coming, then how the common folk felt about it, exactly how hard it was snowing in ten locations across the Philadelphia region, and finally how putting salt on the road helps. Important stuff!

In the Bennetts backyard, everyone tries to convince Chad and Whitney not to do this. Chad says they can still live together, raise the baby as friends. Tabitha watches them from the bushes and loves what is going on. Father Lonigan says if they do this they may be giving into evil. He says even now he can sense evil is close. Tabitha damns Father Lonigan and his radar like senses. He tells Chad and Whitney he cant tell them what to do, but he hopes they pray to God to see they are making a mistake. He tells Chad this could destroy him, Whitney and those who love them. Father Longian leaves, and Eve and Julian discuss what their children will do. Eve says she can see that Whitney is giving Chads proposal serious thought. Julian says Fox wont take this lying down, he is committed to marring her. Eve still worries Whitney will choose Chad. Meanwhile, Ivy and Fox discuss what is going on. Fox says he wont let this happen, but Ivy says he cant tell Whitney what to do. She thinks if he comes on too strong things will get worse. Fox asks how things could get worse? Ivy says he knows the answer, he saw how Whitney hesitated when Chad asked how she felt, and she still hasnt said no. Fox says Whitney is just in shock. Ivy thinks Fox needs to prepare himself for the worst possibility that Whitney will say yes to Chad. Behind the bushes, Tabitha thinks this would be so wonderful if Whitney and Chad chose to be in a relationship knowing they were brother and sister. Chad asks Whitney what she is thinking about? Please tell him. Tabitha eventually makes herself known, claiming she took her baby for a walk as she didnt want a crying Endora to wake Maria. She says she is glad to see her neighbors are all out, and she offers to make them some tea. Ivy decides to take Tabitha up on her offer as she thinks she and Fox need a break. Meanwhile, Chad tells Whitney he didnt mean to cause her pain, but he cant deny her feelings. He says he cant walk away from what they had, they were and are soul mates. He says he cant be without her and he needs to know if she feels the same way? He asks if she wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with her. Eve says Oh my God, and Julian holds her back and says Easy! Chad asks Whitney if there is still room in her heart for him? Whitney begins to speak, but Eve interrupts and says she cant do this, she wont allow it. Eve asks Whitney if she wants to take the risk of having a second baby with her own brother? Meanwhile, inside Fox asks his mom if she thinks Whitney will say yes to Chad. She says she doesnt think anything can bring them back together, so he need not worry.

At the airport, Sheridan asks Sam if there is anything else he can do? Sam says there is no way to trace the plane, though they are still trying to find it. Luis says the good news is there is no trace of an explosion, and hes sorry to bring Antonios plane up. Pilar says she understands, and the same thing occurred to her. Sam says there has been no report of an explosion, and the jet is one of Alistairs. Sam suggests Alistair has it equipped to avoid being seen by the radar. Sheridan cries, and Luis tells her that hes sorry. Sheridan tells him not to pretend he cares, he is happy she is gone and he got what he wanted. She says Luis hated her mother, and shes gone, he got his wish. Sheridan storms off, and Luis tries to follow. Sam stops Luis and tells Luis to give Sheridan some time. Meanwhile, Rebecca slinks around and is glad Gwen is gone and hopes she lives a good life with the baby.

Pilar goes to Martin and says she can see he is in pain over losing Katherine. She wonders if it is anything like the pain she felt when he left her, the pain their children felt at his abandoning them? She ask Martin is he hurting the way he caused them all to hurt? He tells Pilar please. She says what, please dont enjoy your pain? She says she is enjoying it, she is enjoying his fake wife being gone. She says she didnt want to say it in front of Theresa, but that plane wont be found. Martin says not to say that, Theresas baby is on that plane. She says God will determine if Theresa gets her baby again, but Katherine has money and Alistairs help, hell never see her again if she doesnt want to be found. Martin says he knows She asks how it feels? She says at least Katherine left him a note to explain why she left, but he never gave her that much. She says Katherine is gone and gave him permission to move on, something he didnt give her. Martin says he knows. Pilar pulls out the divorce papers he gave her too many years to late. She tears them up and tells Martin that he is her husband, God joined them and no lawyer will tear them apart! He asks what she is doing? She says he needs to make up for what he has done, he has to make his children want him back in their lives. She says Katherine left him so he could reconcile with his family, so he needs to try and get his old life back. Martin asks if she is included in that life? Is that what she is saying? Pilar says she has realizes her hatred for him is destroying her and making her forget Gods laws. She says she realizes now that she has to try and forgive him, and he must find a way to get his childrens forgiveness. 

Ethan takes Theresa back home. He makes her some tea and says it will make her feel better, but she says nothing will help as long as Jane is missing. He says he knows, and he feels the same way too. She worries about how Jane is and if theyll see her again. Ethan says they have to have faith. Theresa says she doesnt know if she can, she just wants her back. Ethan says they have to have hope. Theresa looks at a photo and says that is all they have. Ethan says no, they have each other. He then holds Theresa as she cries. They hear something outside, and Ethan goes to investigate. He finds Rebecca snooping around outside and spying on them. She tells Ethan how she is glad Gwen is gone and she hopes she and the baby are never found. She tells Ethan he is unworthy of her daughter and he is as much to blame for what has happened to Gwen as Theresa has! She tells him shame on him! Theresa cries out for Ethan, and Rebecca tells him to run to his tramp as she needs him. Ethan walks of and heads back in to Theresa. 

Sheridan goes to the church to pray for help. She says she feels she has spent her whole life in morning. She says first for her mother, and then for her baby, and now for her mother again. Father Lonigan shows up and asks who is here? Sheridan says it is her. Father Lonigan senses she is worried and asks if she wants to talk. She says no, its too hard and painful. He says he wont push, but talking may help. She doesnt think it will. Father Lonigan knows about her mother leaving on the plane. Sheridan says she is losing her family all over again. She says first she lost Ethan as her nephew, now Gwen and now her mother again. Sheridan says her mom left because she didnt want to come between her and Luis, and she took it out on Luis and said hurtful things. Sheridan talks about how Luis doesnt listen about her mom or her baby. She says he doesnt believe her. Father Lonigan asks what about her baby? Sheridan says she knows her baby is alive and Luis doesnt believe her. Father Lonigan says her baby died, but Sheridan says no. She says her baby didnt die, he is alive! She says she had a son, she remembers. Father Longian says in grief we sometimes imagine things to be true. He says out of desperation she is clinging to the belief her son is still alive. He says he should call Luis, but Sheridan says no. She says Luis wont believe her or listen. She says she is losing everyone she loves and cant go on. Sheridan says she has to leave and runs off. Father Lonigan calls Luis, and he comes to see him. Father Lonigan says Sheridan is in a terrible state and hes worried as to what she might do. Luis says hell go look for her and thanks him. Luis then runs off to look for Sheridan.

Luis and Sam take a walk on the wharf. Sam tells Luis to just give Sheridan time, she didnt mean what she said to him. Sam says when a person is in that pain t hey say and do things they normally wouldnt. Elsewhere, Sheridan is on the wharf, she says she cant take this anymore. She says she cant go home, she cant talk to Luis. She says she needs to find someone to talk to. Meanwhile, Luis is worried about Sheridan and what she might do.

At the Wallace house, Beth finds her mom sitting on the couch with Marty. Beth says he was asleep, why is he up? Mrs. Wallace says she woke him up with all that moaning in the shower she was making. Beth thinks he woke up to see his mommy. Mrs. Wallace asks if Sheridan is here? Beth says not to talk like that in front of Marty as he can understand them now. Edna says hell never understand this mess. Beth takes Marty to bed, and Edna takes a swig of booze. Beth returns and tells her mom not to talk like that in front of Marty. Edna says what difference does it make as the truth will come out any day now. Edna says Sheridan knows Marty is her son and wont rest until she proves it. Beth says it wont happen as she has come up with a new way to kill Sheridan and make it look like a suicide. Edna says that boy doesnt deserve what shes doing to his mother. Beth says she loves that boy, and soon Luis will come to realize he loves her and theyll be a family. Edna thinks the sleeping pills caused some major brain damage as Luis loves Sheridan. Beth says she already planted the idea in Luis head that Sheridan is suicidal, and she wont let her mom sabotage her plan this time. Edna asks if this is the same plan that worked so brilliantly the last time? Beth says it is the same plan, but this time Sheridan will kill herself here and leave no note. Edna asks if she thinks the police will believe that? Beth says yes she thinks they will. Edna says she wont pull this off, and the only way this will work is if she gets Sheridan to spend time here, and Sheridan wont do that! Beth thinks it will be easy as she always wants to spend time with Marty. Edna says because she thinks Marty is her son! She says Sheridan will never come over here. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and its Sheridan! Beth lets her in and asks if she is okay, she looks upset. Sheridan says she is sorry for stopping in but had no where to go. Sheridan asks if she can stay here tonight, and Beth says of course she can! Beth says she can stay as long as she wants and hugs her!

March 1, 2005
In the Bennetts kitchen, Ivy and Fox talk about what is going on. Ivy says this has Larry Winger written all over it. Fox says there is no way Whitney will live with Chad, hes going to go out there and finish his proposal. Ivy is making tea for everyone, and Fox talks about how odd it is seeing her play happy homemaker. She says shes not playing, she really likes the new her. Ivy then sees everyone outside looks upset, and she says something else must have happened.

In the backyard, Whitney says she wont allow this, she wont let Whitney risk having a second baby with her brother. Tabitha thinks to herself that Eves slip is showing. Julian says Eve . . . and Chad asks what she is saying, is she saying he is the father of Whitneys baby? Ivy and Fox come out and learn about Eves slip up. Chad says he may be the father of Whitneys baby after all. Ivy says Oh my God! and drops the tea cups she brought out for Tabitha and everyone else. Tabitha says she really wanted that, so Endora conjures her up one. Fox asks Whitney if this is true, is Chad the father of her baby? Julian says Eve was upset and misspoke, and Eve says yes that is it. She says she just meant Whitney shouldnt put herself in a position where she might have a second chance at having a baby with Chad, that would be terrible. She says Fox is the father just like she said at the hospital. Fox blames Chad for all of this as his crazy talk has upset everyone. He asks Chad if he still wants to be with his sister? Chad says Whitney wants to be with him too, just ask her. Fox says he will. Whitney asks for a moment to herself to think and gather her thoughts as tonight has been stressful. Fox tells his mom the minute Whitney pulls herself together, hell ask her to marry him again. Tabitha tells Endora that even if Whitney says yes, there troubles wont be over. Tabitha says they will just simmer for a bit before reigniting. Julian tries to make Chad see he cant be with Whitney as things wont remain platonic. Meanwhile, Whitney asks her mom for advice as Fox is going to propose again. Eve says well she cant be with Chad! Fox finally asks Whitney if they can talk again. She says yes, and he says this isnt what he had in mind with everyone watching. Tabitha says dont mind them! Fox tells Whitney that he has loved him always, ever since he saw her singing at the Blue Note. He tells Whitney that to him she is perfect, so hes going to get down on his knees and ask one more time. HE asks if she will marry him? She says no she wont marry him. 

On the pier, Pilar talks with Luis about Sheridans anger. Luis says Sheridan has never been this angry with him before, and Father Longian worries she might hurt herself. Pilar asks if she is suicidal? Luis says Father Lonigan didnt say it outright, but Beth said she thought it was possible. Pilar says Sheridan would not hurt herself, she loves him way too much to do anything foolish. They talk about Sheridans anger, and Pilar thinks that perhaps losing his father affected him more deeply then they thought, and perhaps he smothered Sheridan in trying to protect her from Katherine. She says he was not willing to forgive or give Katherine another chance, even when Sheridan was. She reminds him what Father Lonigan told Precious when he was going to marry Sheridan. We see a flashback, and Father Lonigan told Precious that sometimes love means letting someone go. Pilar says that goes for all of them, including her and his father. Luis asks if she is still thinking about forgiving him? She says yes, they must try hard to forgive those who hurt them, that is the core of their faith. She says Martin is still her husband and she has to learn to forgive him just as Luis needs to learn to forgive Katherine. Pilar says if he wants Sheridans forgiveness, then he has to forgive Katherine. Luis thinks some mistakes are unforgivable. Pilar says Martin is sorry for what he did and is trying to make up for it and become part of their lives again. Luis says he doesnt care as he doesnt want his father back in his life. Pilar says sometimes love means offering understanding and forgiveness when it is hard to do so. Luis asks who she is talking about now, him and Sheridan or her and papa? She says all of them. Pilar says Martin admitted if it wasnt for Katherine hed still be with them. Luis asks what she is saying, now that Katherine is gone shes willing to forgive papa? Pilar says shes willing to try, but Luis says he isnt. Luis says nothing justifies a man running out on his family. Pilar says they dont know why he left, and she thinks his father was trying to protect them. Luis doesnt think so, especially since he ran off with Katherine. Pilar says she doesnt know the whole story, but she can see in his eyes the pain that leaving them caused him, and she knows he left to protect them. Still, Luis doesnt understand how their leaving protected any of them or Sheridan. He says nothing good from their father leaving and that is why he hates him. Pilar asks if something good did come from his father leaving, would he forgive him then? Luis says nothing good came from it, they had to scrape by. Luis says if papa hadnt left shed be the mother of 3 college grads and two working towards degrees. Pilar agrees, but also says if his father had stayed hed be married to Beth and would never have met Sheridan. Luis says his mom is right, the worst thing that happened in his life has lead to the best thing. Pilar says so would he rather have had the life he would have had if his father stayed, a life of stability or security; or would he rather have had the rock road they lived and Sheridan?

At Beths house, Sheridan thanks Beth for letting her stay here. Beth says what are friends are for? Beth asks why she wants to stay here? Sheridan says she and Luis had a fight and she doesnt want to see him tonight. Beth says she is sorry, and Edna says she too feels sorry for her. Beth tells Sheridan to sit down and shell get her an afghan. Sheridan tells her not to go to trouble on her account, but Beth says it is no problem. Beth then gloats to her mom that her plan will work, and when they all wake up in the morning, Sheridan wont because shell be dead! Beth plans to try and spike her tea again, and offers Sheridan some tea. Sheridan says no thanks, and perhaps coming here wasnt a good idea. Beth says no she wants her to stay. Beth sends Precious and her mom out of the room while she talks to Sheridan. Precious and Edna go into the kitchen to check Ednas diaper, and Beth asks Sheridan about the fight she had with Luis. Sheridan gives her the details about the jet leaving Harmony, and how this is all Luis fault for blaming her mom for causing Martin to walk out on his family. Sheridan says shes tired of Luis making her choose, and that is why her mom left. Beth says she hates that Sheridan and Luis are having problems. Sheridan thanks her for understanding. Edna returns and says you know what they say, Beth will kill her with kindness. Sheridan thanks Beth for being such a good friend. Edna says fiend is more like it. Sheridan then asks Beth for her advice. Sheridan asks if she should give up on having a relationship with her mother, or should she tell Luis to get over it or get lost? Beth asks what she said to Luis? Sheridan says it was horrible, and it was the worst fight they ever had. She says Luis was so dismissive and ordered her to stay away from her mom. Sheridan asks if it is wrong for her want to have her mother in her life? Beth doesnt know and thinks she should keep her opinions to herself. Sheridan asks Beth to please tell her what she thinks. Sheridan asks if should she forgive Luis or stand her ground? Beth asks if she loves Luis, and Sheridan says with all her heart and soul. Sheridan talks about the way he holds her and makes love to her. Beth says okay, obviously annoyed at listening to Sheridan talk about Luis making love to her. She says you love your mother too right? Sheridan says yes, even though she did make mistakes. Sheridan says she wants to make up for lost time. Beth says the bond between mother and daughter is special. She says Luis and Pilar are very close, so its not fair for him to tell Sheridan not to see Katherine. Beth tells Sheridan she has every right to tell Luis not to see Pilar ever again. Sheridan says she cant ask that, Pilar never has hurt Luis, she has always been good to Luis. Sheridan says the two relationships are very different. Beth says it sounds to her like shes decided not to see her mother again and will agree to what Luis wants. Sheridan says that isnt want she is saying. Sheridan still doesnt know what to do, so Beth says shell give her advice. Beth says the bond between a mother and child is super strong, just like the mother between her and Katherine, Luis and Pilar, and herself and Edna. Mrs. Wallace thinks Beth needs to be attached to a lie detector test. She has a fantasy of Sheridan giving Beth a lie detector test. Beth admits to hiding the gin, and being a good fake mommy to Marty. When she is asked if shes a scheming psycho who lives to hurt Sheridan, she says knows and is given a massive shock. Back in the real world, Beth tells Sheridan that if someone tried to stop her from being with her mom, she would assume they didnt love her enough to want her happy. Sheridan says Luis isnt like that, but Beth says he is for making her choose. Beth says the only thing for Sheridan to do is never to see Luis again. Sheridan says she cannot ever see Luis again. Beth says she knows this is extreme, but she needs her own life, her own friends, people who love her whether Luis approves of them or not. Sheridan says she agrees, and she has to be honest with Beth about someone she needs in her life too. Sheridan says she still cant stop thinking of Marty as her son. Beth tells herself So much for letting Sheridan live! Beth says she knows Sheridan has had a hard time and has lost Antonio, her baby and her mom. Sheridan says yes, and she knows how Luis tells her that Marty isnt hers. She also asks for Beths forgiveness for accusing her of stealing her baby. Sheridan says she just cant get over feeling he is her son. Sheridan decides to call Luis and try and get things back on track, but Beth says she cant call Luis. Sheridan asks why not? Beth says it is just late, and she tries to convince Sheridan to stay here for the night, refresh herself, and talk to Luis in the morning. Sheridan agrees to stay. Sheridan heads upstairs, and Beth says Sheridan is going to have to die. She says shell put the empty bottle of pills and a note next to Sheridan. She says theyll walk in in the morning and be completely shocked. Beth then tells her mom to practice acting shocked with her, and she tells Precious to act shocked too. Beth says Sheridan will die and shell never be considered the murderer! She says then Luis will marry her and shell be Martys mother forever. 


March 2,  2005
Not Proofed!
Kay and Simone are searching around for Jessica at the club, but nobody has seen her. Kay is afraid what could happen to Jessica given what happened to Paloma. Simone says Jessica would never put herself in harms way after seeing what happened to Paloma. Kay says shed like to believe that, but her sister has gone from Little Miss Priss to being the next Paris Hilton. Kay fears Jessica is looking at Paloma as a role model. Kay shows Jessicas photo to a drugged out girl, and the girl says that Jessica looks familiar, but the girl she saw had on a way cooler outfit. Kay asks when and where she saw her. The girl says it was at the Basement over on Magnolia. The girl says you can score some good stuff over there. The girl shows them her sticker, and Simone says its a drug. Kay says her sister wouldnt have had any, but the girl says its hard to avoid at the Basement. The girl hopes they arent narcs. Kay says no, but shell find one and turn her in so fast if she doesnt tell her how to get to the club. 

At the warehouse club, Paloma and Jessica are messed up on the drugs. They are in a great mood and run off to party. Randy talks with his friend and they talk about how when one is on it, anything goes, and when the affects where off nobody really remembers how far it went. Jessica and Palma dance with the guys as they continue to lick their drug laced stickers. The girls end up wasted, and Randy leads Jessica off into a backroom somewhere. He pays off some bouncer to let him into a back office where he can take advantage of Jessica. They end up in a room with a bed, and Jessica ends up falling onto the bed and wondering whats wrong with her. Randy says he can fix it and begins taking off his clothes. Jessica doesnt know where she is, and Randy says she is half way to paradise and hes going to take her the rest of the way. She says she wants to go home, she feels so strange. Randy says thats because of the sticker lickers. He gives her more of them and tries to get her to take another taste. She then asks Randy to make the room stop spinning. Randy says hell make it stop, and begins to take advantage of her as she lays in a drug stooper.

Palomas guy tries to take advantage of her, as Kay and Simone show up. Kay and Simone cant believe the place. She shows the bouncer a photo of her sister, but he says all the kids look the same. She says her sister is too young to be here and they need to look around. He tells them they cant get in without paying the cover charge. They pay him and head into the club. The bouncer then goes to warn Randy that the girls sister is here and it could be trouble The bouncer looks in and sees Randy has her shirt off. Randy says he cant let her be found otherwise shell call the cops. Kay then spots Paloma, and they rush to her defense. Kay asks the guy how many drug stickers shes had, and he said he stop counting around five. Kay asks if he has seen her sister, and he says no. Kay says if he is lying shell have him thrown in jail. The guy says hes really scared. Simone says he should be, Kays father, who is Jessicas father, is the chief of police! Simone says if anything happens to Jessica then hell be coming to see him. The guy tells them to get lost and runs off. Kay says they have to get Paloma home and it doesnt seem like Jessica is here. Kay tries to lecture Paloma, but she is too far strung out to hear them. The bouncer goes back and tells Randy that its all clear, big sis is gone. Randy says thanks, I owe you. He then returns to taking advantage of Jessica. 

Kay and Simone take Paloma home, and Kay just hopes wherever Jessica is that she is safe. We then see a shot of Randy continuing to take off Jessicas clothes. 

On the pier, Paloma tries to make Luis realize if Martin hadnt left that she would have married Beth. Luis says he wont thank Martin for his relationship with Sheridan. Luis says he wont forgive Katherine either. Pilar says she is not one to defend Katherine, but she did leave so that Luis could be happy with Sheridan. Luis says well her plan backfired. Luis says now he doesnt know where she is, and hes worried as to what she might do in this state. Pilar says shes probably just taking a walk and clearing her mind. Luis says he doesnt know how it came to this, wait he does, it is because papa and Katherine treated them like garbage. Pilar says she is disappointed in him, she has always taught him everything happens for a reason. She says look at this as a test of their faith, and they have to stick to the knowledge that God knows what is best for them. She says the true path to happiness is forgiveness. Luis says he cant, so Pilar tells him to work at it. She says even he cant deny that if his father had stayed then he would never have fallen in love with Sheridan. Pilar says instead of being angry at his father, he owes him a debt of gratitude. Eventually Pilar heads off to check on Theresa, and Luis tries to figure out where Sheridan is.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa surfs the web to try and find the airplane and where it might have gone to. Ethan tells her they have to be realistic, the odds of them finding the baby by tracking the plane are slim. Theresa says she cant give up, she wont let Gwen get away with this. Ethan comforts Theresa, and Little Ethan comes out to see what is going on. Theresa says nothing, they were just talking .Little Ethan tells his mom that he loves her, and Theresa says she loves him too. Pilar returns home, and she asks if there is news on the plane. Theresa says no, and Ethan says all hes been able to convince Theresa of is that Gwen will take care of the baby. Little Ethan asks where baby Jane is? Pilar says shes on an exciting adventure and will soon be home. Pilar thinks Little Ethan should be in bed, and Ethan goes to tuck him in. Before he leaves Ethan says hes only staying as long as it takes Little Ethan to fall asleep. Theresa cries that all shes ever wanted was a husband, and family and a home. Pilar says no, shes only ever wanted one husband, and that has been her problem. Later Theresa goes to check on Little Ethan, who wants to sleep with Theresa. He also asks Ethan to stay, but Ethan says he has to go to his own house. Little says please, but he says no. Theresa suggests just for a few minutes, and asks Ethan just until he falls asleep. Ethan says okay, just for a few minutes. Ethan carries Theresa to bed and she gets in with Ethan. Big Ethan then sleeps on the other side of Little Ethan. Somehow they all fall asleep. Pilar looks at them and asks God if there is someway to help Theresa find the happiness she has searched for, please help her and all her children find peace. 

At Beths house, Beth begins making more laced tea for Sheridan. She thinks that maybe she should use something else, but says tea will have to do. She says there is something about a cup of Earl Grey that screams innocent. Beth says Sheridan will be treated to her own homemade Mickey Finn, and she wont wake up with a hangover as she wont wake up at all. Mrs. Wallace thinks this is a stupid plan. Beth says the plan work without muss or fuss as soon as Sheridan drinks the tea. Sheridan returns and asks what this is about a muss and fuss over her tea? Beth say she was just talking about this particular tea that she loves so much because its so easy to make, no muss no fuss. She offers it to Sheridan, but Sheridan says no thanks as tea keeps her up. Beth says but she made it just for her. Sheridan says really, shell just get a glass of water. Edna tells her that her genius plan isnt working out so well. Beth tells her mom to shut up as shell find away to get rid of her. Edna tries to warn Sheridan to go home now, and she says even Precious could drive her. Sheridan sees Precious drinking Gin and says she doesnt think so. Beth returns and convinces Sheridan not to go home, she needs to stay here. Sheridan says she just hates sleeping without Luis, and Beth mumbles not as much as I do. Beth tells her that there are sweats upstairs for her, and not to forget her tea. Sheridan says no thanks, and if they dont see her in the morning its because she went back to the cottage to talk to Luis. Later, Beth comes up with a new plan to try and convince Luis that Sheridan hates him and doesnt want to see him ever again. Beth calls up Luis, who happens to be at the Book Caf looking for Sheridan. Beth talks to Luis about how she knows about his problems with Sheridan, they had a long talk. Luis realizes Sheridan is there and hes coming over. Beth says that isnt a good idea, she doesnt want to see him and has made it very clear. Luis is stunned and says he thought she was feeling better about him by now. Beth offers to meet him where he is to talk, and he says hes at the Book Caf. She says shell be there in a few minutes. Edna says this will never work! Beth tells her mom and Precious to stay out of it, one word to Sheridan and they will end up in the harbor with concrete shoes! 

Sheridan heads up to her room and looks at a photo of Luis. She says she loves him so much and that she hates they are fighting. She says Beth is right, they both need a good nights sleep before they talk. Precious brings Sheridan a pillow, and Edna brings Marty in to spend time with his Aunty Sheridan. Sheridan asks if Beth wont mind? Edna says Beth is out. Edna feels sorry for Sheridan and tells Precious once Beth is through with Luis, she wont even have him. Meanwhile, Sheridan says she may have lost her mother, and she doesnt have Luis, but at least she has her son. Back in the hall, Edna tells Precious that she regrets the day she gave birth to that evil spawn daughter of hers. 

Beth meets up with Luis at the Book Caf and they discuss Sheridan and her issues with her mom. Luis asks how much Sheridan told her? Beth says everything, and Sheridan made it clear she didnt want to be around him. Luis says this is all that damn Katherines fault, how could Sheridan forgive her for this? Beth says she understands, but Sheridan is for some reason blaming him for everything. Luis says hes going over there, but Beth says she wont talk to him and hell just make things worse. Luis says she is right, and he asks Beth what he should do. He asks if Sheridan is right to want Katherine in her life? Beth says if Katherine was her mother then shed be glad to have that home wrecker out of her life. Luis says they agree, and he doesnt understand why Sheridan doesnt see things there way. Luis says he doesnt know what to do. Beth says that if Sheridan is willing to have a relationship with her mother in spite of his feelings, well Sheridan is telling him where they stand. Beth says Sheridan chose her mother over him, so how can he consider spending the rest of his life with her?


March 3, 2005
At the police station, Martin is with Sam and they are trying to find where the jet may have gone. They have no luck, and Martin is furious. He wonders how Katherine could do this to him? They spent so much of their life together, and when the person you love up and vanishes it is unbearable. Pilar walks in and says now he knows how she felt. She says it is a sickening feeling, but at least he knows Katherine is alive. Pilar says well at least she was alive when the plane took off. Pilar says he still hasnt told her why he left. He says not now, and she says fine she doesnt want to fight. She says she couldnt sleep so she took a walk. He says she never used to do that. Pilar says there is a lot about her that he doesnt know. As Pilar asks Sam to keep looking as Theresa is sick with worry, a cop tells Martin hes sorry but he hopes he finds his wife. Pilar says funny, she thought she was his wife. Sam makes more calls and cant find anything out. Sam says Alistair obviously doesnt want them to be found. Martin talks about how Alistair is such a sadist, no one knows better than he does. Pilar says there he goes again hinting at his secret. Sam says if he knows something that could help find them then he should speak up. Pilar says nothing he could say would shock her, but Martin says this would. Martin says this would shock the hell out of all of them. Pilar says he owes her the truth, and secrets always have a way of coming out. Pilar storms off, and Sam says he does owe her the truth. Sam talks with Martin about how he knows what its like to lose the love of your life. Martin says Ivy, and he remembers when Ivy married Julian. He says it was in all the papers and Katherine cried that she had to miss her sons wedding. Sam talks about losing Ivy first, and then Grace. Martin says things came full circle, he is back with his first love and hes lucky. Sam asks if he wants to get back with his first love Pilar? Martin says its odd how things come out of the blue. Sam says he knows what he means, he never thought Grace would leave him for a husband and child she didnt know. He says her faith in the church was so strong she left to honor her first marriage. Martin says well he has moved on and his relationship with Ivy is solid. Sam says yes but his kids are having a lot of issue, its always hard when parents split up no matter how old one is. Martin says he thinks Pilar was an amazing mother in raising the kids on her own, and he sees that the longer he stays here and is around them. He wishes he had got to know Miguel, and Sam says Miguel is a good kid in spite of whatever happened between him and Kay. Pilar spies on them as they talk, and Sam says everyone knows what a great job Pilar did with those kids and no one knows how she managed. Sam says his kids almost drive him to drink. Sam says Kay still wont move back home, Noah is a stranger since Grace left, and Jessica has become a wild child. Sam says the only reason Jessica is home now and not partying is because she is grounded for sneaking out to that nightclub. Sam says hes worried and if he cant get through to her soon, something terrible will happen. Martin says shell turn out fine. Sam says if anything happened to her it would kill him. Martin mentions something about Sam leaving Grace, but Sam yells hed never have left Grace or his family! He apologizes to Martin, and he says whatever happened between him and Katherine, if he ever wants to clear the air let him know. He also says Katherine left so he could be with his family, and so Luis and Sheridan could be together. Martin says she is very special, and this is killing him. He says it must be just as hard on her to be away from him. He asks if Martin thinks shell ever come back? Martin says no, Katherine is gone for good. He says Katherine is giving him what she believes is his best chance for happiness. Martin says he has to deal with it and move on. Sam asks what he means? Martin says he doesnt know. Sam asks Martin again, does he want to get back with Pilar? Pilar, still spying, listens and waits for an answer.

Kay and Simone bring Paloma back to the Bennetts, and they hear Eve and Whitney and the others fighting out back. They put Paloma upstairs in Jessicas room, and Kay wonders where Jessica is. She thinks her mom may have been right to try and protect them so much because when a girl walks on the wild side it gets dangerous. Kay and Simone sit with Paloma, who is out of it. Kay wonders what they could have been thinking to go out to that place, but Simone says they all went out to that first dive together. Meanwhile, Simone thinks her dad should know what is going on with Whitney. Kay thinks shes crazy to tell him with his temper, but its her funeral. She calls her dad and advises him to get over here now. Simone fills TC in on Foxs marriage proposal, and how Chad stopped the proposal and asked Whitney to come back and live with him. TC says hell kill him! She begs him to calm down and he will make things worse if he comes over angry. Over at the Russells, TC tells Liz they have to go, he has to straighten Chad out once and for all. Simone worries about what her dad might do when he gets here and sees Chad. She thinks she should go down there, but Kay says no. Kay says there is no one who can stop her dad and his temper. She says they need to be here for Paloma. Simone suggests they have her mom come up here and look at her, but Kay says no way as Pilar will lock her in a convent if she finds out what happened. Kay continues worrying about Jessica and says she has a bad feeling. Meanwhile, Simone talks about her mom and how she misses her and the good times. She says Liz is nice, but she tries too hard, and she wont shut up about how such a whore her mother is. Kay says Ivy is smarter then that, she never mentions her mom. Kay says it is weird that Ivy Winthrop Crane is living at her house and trying to become Betty Crocker. Kay remembers how when they were little and theyd watch her limo drive by. Kay says she used to pray for excitement in this town, becareful what you wish for! She is glad they grew up before all this happened to them, talk about broken homes for little kids. Later Simone thinks they needs a grandmas, both of them never really had one. She says it would be great to have someone who was there for them, a place for them to go without judgement and agendas. Simone says Kay has that with Tabitha. Kay says that is a little different. Simone says she wants a grandmother of her own right now , and she begins thinking about what she wants her grandma to be like. She pictures her grandma in her head, and then asks Kay to close her eys and picture hers. Kayt plays along and ends up getting a vision of something else. Simone tells her to try again, and Kay does. She gets flashes of herself on the street and finding Jessica passed out. Kay says she sees Jessica and shes dead! Jessica is dead!

In the backyard, Chad continues to tell Whitney and everyone that the reason Whitney turned down Fox is to be with him, knowing that he is her brother, she still chose him. Julian and Eve tell him not to be absurd, they wont be able to resist temptation if they live together. Chad says they will. A spying Tabitha thinks that Julian knows a lot about temptation, he has had a baby with every woman here but Whitney! Fox and Chad begin fighting, and Whitney tells them to stop. Tabitha thinks Whitney is a spoil sport. Eve tells Whitney she is the only one who can stop this. She asks Whitney if she refused Fox to accept Chads proposal? Suddenly, TC shows up and tells Chad he is a disgusting bastard and he wont let him hurt Whitney anymore. TC says this stops now! TC asks Eve why he didnt call him? She says she was going to, but then figured hed react this way. She says his temper never helped anything or anyone. Liz says TC has a right to be here to give Whitney some moral guidance. Chad says they doent need any of them here, Whitney and him will start their lives on their own. TC says like hell and decks Chad. Chad punches him back, and a huge fight starts! Tabitha likes the excitement and wishes they could see some blod. Endora ends up using her magic to help the fight along. Fox stops the fight, and TC calls him a bastard like all the other Cranes. Fox says he tried to do the right thing by proposing to her, but she said no. TC says she wised up, everyone knows what happens when someone get involves with a Crane. He says everyone knows how Julian treated Ivy like dirt, and Eves life is a trainwreck because of what Alistair and Julian did to her. He starts recapping all the stories involving Eve, Julian, Chad and Whitney, and he says he is sick of everyone here. TC tells Whitney that shes coming home with him, but she says no. She says she is staying here. Fox says yes, shes staying with him. Whutney says shes not staying for him. Chad says that is because she wants him! Eve says for Gods sake say she hasnt chosen her half brother! Chad asks why not? Fox says so Whitney doesnt give birth to a half-wit fool! Fox asks Whitney why she wont marry him? TC says because she realized he was another damn Crane! Ivy says enough, and she says Fox deserves an explination. Whitney says he does and shell explain why. Everyone waits, and Whitney says she never wants to get married ever. Everyone is shocked. Eve says she cant mean that, she cant want to spend her life as a single woman and mother. Chad says she wont, and she doesnt want to get marry because she wants to be with him, but they arent allowed to marry.

At the club, the bouncer makes Randy pay more money to have more time in the room with Jessica, who is still in a drug stooper. She looks like she is naked and under the covers, and Randy pays for round two. She tells Randy no more, she doesnt feel good. He gives her more drugs, and says hes going to have a good time because of her. He says it is just too bad she wont remember it. Later Randy is once again told by the bouncer time is up, he has a line. Randy says hes all done, and Jessica is ready for anyone who wants a shot. The bouncer says get her out of here. Randy carries her out and puts her down in a chair. When hes not looking, Jessica stumbles outside and into the street. She runs into some girls, who push her around and call her a skank. Jessica tries to find her way home, and she ends up smashing her head on a lamp post and passing out. Jessica eventually comes to, and continues trying to get home. However she stumbles and falls again, and now she is bleeding. Suddenly a car is racing towards her, and the driver isnt watching the road as hes making out with a woman! Jessica sees the car coming, and the woman in the car sees Jessica and screams. The man hits his breaks


March 4, 2005

At the Book Caf, Beth continues to talk to Luis about Sheridan and his problems. Beth thinks it must be hard to give up on his relationship. Luis says he isnt giving up. He says he knows Sheridan still loves him. He says hes going to take a walk, and then hell go see her tomorrow. Beth asks if that is a good idea, but he says he has to see her. He thanks Beth for being so understanding and supportive by giving Sheridan a safe place. Luis leaves, and Beth says Sheridan wont get out of her place alive. 


Luis goes to the pier and begins thinking about how much he misses Sheridan. Luis begins daydreaming about marrying Sheridan and having their wedding photos taken on the pier. The photographer tells them how much in love they seem, hes never seen a couple more in love. Sheridan says it is a dream finally come true. Back in reality, Luis says they must find a way to work it out. Luis hopes she realizes they are meant to be together as he cant live without her. 

At Beths place, Sheridan continues spending time with Marty thanks to Edna and Precious. Edna and Precious end up getting drunk, and Beth comes home and finds them. She tells them to join AA or go to a meeting as they need help. Edna says she doesnt want to be sober, and jokes about how Beth should join Attempted Murderers Anonymous group. Beth says its not going to be an attempt, shell make sure Sheridan dies tonight! Edna tells Beth that she cant do this, this will put her into hell for eternity if she goes through with it! Beth says she will kill Sheridan, shes going to poison her with carbon monoxide. She says Sheridan will die and nothing anyone can do with stop it. Little does Beth know that Marty is in bed asleep with Sheridan!

At the station, Sam asks Martin if he would think about getting back with Pilar? Martin says it doesn't matter as he doesnt think Pilar would ever forgive him, but Sam says not to underestimate Pilars power of forgiveness. Martin talks about how Pilar was perfect and leaving her was the hardest thing he had to do. Sam asks why he left? Martin says he cant explain, but the pain he is going through now because of Katherine leaving reminds him of the pain he felt when he left Pilar. Martin insists he didn't leave town to be with Katherine, and he only fell in love with Katherine later down the road. Martin does insist that if he stayed in Harmony that Pilar, the most wonderful woman he knows, would have been destroyed. He talks about how the love he had with Pilar never went away, and Katherine understood that and that Pilar was always his first love. Sam says it sounds like Katherine was an amazing woman. Martin says she is, and she left because she wanted everyone to be happy, including Sheridan and Luis. Martin admits that he never stopped loving Pilar, and that when he sees her its like he never left. He says Pilar meant so much to him, and Sam says it sounds like she still does. Sam urges Martin to tell Pilar the truth about why she left as he could get his family back. Martin says the truth will only cause more harm. Sam says there is an old saying "the truth will set him free,"  but Martin says there is another saying "the cure can be worse than the disease". Pilar confronts Martin and tells her to tell her the truth and let her decide if it is worse than the disease. She begs Martin to tell her why he left. He asks how long she was listening. Pilar says she heard everything he said. Martin says he left to protect her and he is still protecting her, he will not tell her his secret. Sam says Pilar deserves an explanation, but Martin says he wont cause her more pain. Pilar asks how much more pain can she feel? She asks what pain can compare to him leaving without a word and then returning with a mistress. Martin says he cant say, but this pain will be far greater. Pilar begs Martin to help her understand, tell her why he left. Martin struggles with what to do. 

In the Bennetts backyard, everyone argues over why Whitney turned down Foxs proposal. Chad thinks it is because she wants to be with him. Everyone asks Whitney to clarify what she meant when she said she never wanted to get married. She says she isnt going to choose Chad, and what she means is that she doesnt want to get married ever. She says marriage is an archaic institution and means nothing anymore. She says her family will be her and her baby. Eve says she can't mean this, and Julian says Whitney has seen far too many marriages fall apart. Whitney says that is exactly right. Tabitha says to be so young and so cynical. TC says her baby needs a father, but Whitney says not if the father wont be around. Fox says he will be there for her, he loves her and the baby. She says he cant predict the future, and she doesnt want to get married. Eve says getting married is a wonderful experience. Whitney says sure, pain and heartache is a wonderful experience. She tells them all to look around, they are all poster children for not getting married. Whitney talks about her own parents marriage, which was completely based on lies. However, she says the blame for that failure isn't all on her mother's shoulders. She also blames her father for the failure of their marriage, and he always claimed his love was so strong that nothing could tear them apart, but the first time it was tested he failed. Liz says her father is only human. Whitney says the wedding vows say for better or worse, and when things got worse her father folded. She also talks about Sam and Graces perfect marriage falling apart. Liz tells Whitney not to let these examples keep her from the happiness of a good marriage. Whitney says there is no such thing as a good marriage, and she talks about Julians horrible marriage to Theresa. She then says look at where they all are now. She says Look at where her parents are, and where Pilar is because of her perfect marriage. Liz says that these things might not happen to her. Whitney tells Liz fine, find her one happy marriage in this town and she might change her mind. She says that goes for all of them, find her one happy couple and maybe shell change her mind. Ivy says there must be many happy couples in Harmony. Whitney says just no one they know. She tells Fox that she is sorry but shes not changing her mind. Whitney walks off, and Fox is positive something more is going on that is making Whitney behave this way. Eve feels guilty and thinks she has ruined her daughters life. Julian says theyve all made mistakes, but Whitney needs to fight instead of giving up on life. Eve wonders when her mistakes will stop hurting her family. Meanwhile, Tabitha is disappointed Whitney turned Fox down as they know the marriage would explode eventually due to her secret. Liz overhears Tabitha talking to Endora and asks what secret Whitney is keeping? Tabitha says she was just talking about what Whitney was saying about marriages in general being torn apart by secrets. She says she wasnt saying Whitney had a secret, and if she did how would she know? Tabitha says Endora needs to be hanged, so she excuses herself. Liz leaves, and Tabitha thinks Liz should be worried about her own secret rather than Whitney's. Tabitha then asks Chad how he is surviving this. He says hes fine, and hes glad she is talking to him when no one else is and look at him like he's a two headed monster. She says maybe that Whitney will have a change of heart. Chad asks Tabitha if doesnt think it is sick? Tabitha says she sees no harm as long as they dont have kids. Chad walks off, and Tabitha laughs about how Chad will feel when he finds out the kid is his. Meanwhile, Fox tries to talk to Whitney, but she says not now. TC feels guilty for what Whitney is going through, and maybe she is right that he is also to blame. Liz says shell talk to Whitney, but Eve tells Liz to leave Whitney alone unless she wants some of her own secrets aired. Liz says she doesnt know what she is talking about. Eve says she knows Liz thinks she is better then her, but she bets Liz has some dirty secrets of her own and they will come out and ruin her chance with TC. Eve walks away, and TC asks Liz if she is keeping something from him? Liz says no, and Eve is just rambling. Whitney returns and Ivy begs her not to let what happened to them change her mind about marriage. Everyone begins accusing one another for Whitneys feelings. TC accuses Eve, and Fox accuses Chad. Whitney tells everyone she has been thinking about this for awhile and she doesnt want to get married to anyone. She says she doesnt want her life more messed up then it already is. Fox asks what she means, how is her life messed up? He says she is giving birth to a baby and is surrounded by people who love her. Tabitha says once again Whitney's secret hangs in the balance.

Up in Kays room, Kay tells Simone that she had a vision of Jessica, and she was dead. Simone thinks she is just so worried that she is imagining things. Kay remembers Tabitha told her all the women in her family had powers. Kay says it cant be true, it just cant be. Later she has another flash of Jessica, and she cant stop worrying. Kay says Jessica has to be okay.

On the street, the car speeds towards Jessica, and the car hits its breaks when the woman inside sees Jessica on the road. They wonder if they hit the girl, and they go out and are stunned by what they find. They find nothing, Jessica is gone! The couple doesnt understand where she is. There is a tire in the street and they realize that is what they hit. The couple wonders where the girl went. Jessica has stumbled to a park bench somewhere, and Randy and his friends show up and see her. Randys friends ask if he messed her up, and he says no. He says he doesnt know how she ended up like this, but she is hot when shes cleaned up. Randy suggests they get a hotel room, clean her up and then they can see how hot she can be. Randy says they can take turns and she wont know. The others say she is bleeding and wont be a part of that. They say they should take her to a doctor, but Randy says no way as theyll be accused of beating her up. They leave Jessica where she is. Jessica later gets up and once again tries to make her way home. Jessica finally makes it home, but trips and hits her head on a rock! She falls to the ground and calls out for her father to help her.

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