March 7, 2005
At the station, Pilar begs Martin to tell her why he left as anything is better than the hell shes lived with not knowing the truth. Sam tells Martin to do it, nothing is more important than family. He says with the slate wiped clean he can recapture all his happiness with Pilar just like he has with Ivy. Sam gives them some privacy, and Pilar continues to ask Martin to tell him the truth. He says he cant, and she wonders what Alistair is holding over his head? He says it isnt as much him as others hes worried about hurting, the girls, Sheridan and Julian. He says his not telling her is for the best. Pilar says fine and she wont badger him anymore. She says she has to have faith and trust he is keeping quiet to protect their children and Katherines. He thanks her for understanding. Pilar still believes he acted nobly to a point. She says now that hes back he needs to decide what hes going to do. She asks if he will work himself back into their family, or is he going to leave in hopes of reuniting with Katherine. Martin says so much has happened these past few days that he hasnt had time to think. Pilar says she has, and she heard how he told Sam he never stopped loving her. Martin says that is true, he never stopped loving her or the children. Pilar says she knows that now, and this changes everything. She says they can rebuild their life again. Martin says a lot of things have happened, they are grandparents now, and there is still Katherine to consider. Martin says he did build a life with her. Pilar says time didnt stand still for her either; she raised their children and made new friends. Pilar says Katherine is gone and hes not bound to her anymore. Martin says he still loves Katherine. Pilar says Katherine made it clear that she wasnt coming back, and she heard him tell Sam he had to move on with his life. She tells him to do it. Martin says he needs time to think, but Pilar thinks it is so clear. She says he never stopped loving her or her children, and in spite of all that happened, she never stopped loving him. She says they have a second chance like Sam and Ivy, if they can do it so can the two of them. Pilar says they can finally be happy if hes willing to try. Martin says its too soon to deal with this, Ethan and Theresa have their own problems right now. Pilar says its not too soon for her to deal with it, and she asks if he will come back to her or not? Martin says he cant give up on Katherine.

Jessica collapses in the bushes of the Bennett front yard and moans for her dad. Sam returns home later, and Jessica keeps moaning. Sam asks if anyone is there, but Jessica says nothing. He thought he heard something, but goes inside. Once inside Jessica says Daddy Please Help Me! 

At the Bennetts, Kay is still upset over her vision of Jessica. Simone says the women in her family do have the gift. Kay wonders why she cant pick winning lottery numbers instead of seeing Jessica stumbling around town? Kay says it has to be her imagination, Jessica has to be okay. Simone says they are in enough trouble after going out clubbing the last time. Kay and Simone dont understand why Paloma didnt get a clue considering what happened to her the last time. Simone also says for a street savvy Latino chick, she should be more knowledgeable than to take strange drugs. Simone wonders if shell be okay? Kay says she thinks she will be when she wakes up, theyll just have to keep checking on her. She says she just hopes her dad doesnt find out Jessica went out again as hell kill her. Kay wonders what is wrong with them not learning their lesson. Simone says Paloma has some negative attention getting issues, and Jess has gone from girl next-door to tramp in training! Kay is glad Ivy is tied up outside and Sam is at work, if either of them knew she was missing then there would be an APB out on her. Later, when Sam returns, Kay tells Simone they have to keep Sam from coming up here and finding out that Jessica is gone.

In the backyard, Fox asks Whitney why her life is so horrible? She is having a child with the man she loves, and she has friends and family who love her. Fox asks what the problem is? Chad tells Fox that hes badgering her, that is the problem. Fox tells Chad all hes been doing is trying to convince her to live in sicko sibling-ville. Whitney tells them both that shes not getting married and for them all to leave her alone. Whitney runs off, and TC wants to talk to her. Liz says Whitney wants to be alone, so respect her wishes. Tabitha, whos still in the bushes talking to Endora, wonders whether Liz or Whitneys secret will come out first. Tabitha thinks it will be Whitney as the baby will be born before long. Fox still thinks he should go be with Whitney, but Eve says give her time. Fox and Chad end up fighting over Whitney and blame one another for what Whitney is going through right now. Ivy steps in between Fox and Chad to keep them from swinging. Ivy says Whitney is pregnant, so maybe shes just having a mood swing right now. Ivy says when your pregnant hormones can go all wacky. Fox thinks this may be true. Ivy says Whitneys life also hasnt turned out the way she wanted, instead of playing in Wimbledon or releasing her first CD, she is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. TC cant believe hes agreeing with Ivy, but she is right. He says Whitney is upset and its no wonder she ran off with what the two of them are throwing at her. TC damns the Cranes for ruining all their lives, and he recaps everyones sad saga and how the Cranes are somehow responsible.

Theresa wakes up and finds Ethan and Little Ethan in bed with her. She wonders where Gwen has taken her baby. Ethan wakes up, and Theresa tells Ethan about the nightmare she had about the baby. Theresa says the baby is still missing and nobody knows where Gwen took her. Ethan tells her to calm down as shell wake Little Ethan. She does wake him, and he asks what is wrong. Theresa tells him that his sister is missing, but she and Ethan will take care of everything. Ethan says they are doing everything they can to bring her home. Little Ethan asks if they promise, and Ethan says he promises. Ethan says he and his mom are going into the living room to talk, and he should go back to sleep. Theresa asks if he really thinks theyll find her? Ethan says they cant break their promise to Little Ethan, and Jane will be back before they know it. Theresa says she feels like she doesnt know her own daughter. She says after she was born she was in NICU, then Gwen stabbed her, then Jane got sick, and now Gwen kidnapped Jane. Ethan says he knows how she feels, he hasnt known her long yet he loves her with all his heart. They both say they miss their daughter, and Ethan tells Theresa that they are in this together. They hug, and Whitney shows up. Whitney says she should have knocked, and shes sorry. Ethan fills Whitney in on what they know about Gwen and Jane escaping on the Crane Jet. They fill her in on Katherine being on the jet as well. Ethan says nobody knows where they went, a flight plan wasnt filed, and they could be anywhere. Whitney says she is so sorry and she didnt know this was going on. Theresa says this wouldnt have happened if it werent for Rebecca and her sick daughter. Ethan says Gwen cant help it, and Whitney says Rebecca would do anything to protect Gwen. Theresa says she cant do anything for her own child right now because another woman has her. Whitney asks Ethan if there is nothing he can do? Ethan says Sam has the FBI and Interpol looking, but there is no word. Theresa says Gwen could be anywhere by now.

Gwen, the baby and Katherine arrive at someplace called The Crane Compound. Gwen thinks Theresa will never find them here. Katherine says no one from Harmony will ever find them here. Gwen says this island is so far from the mainland nobody will find them period. Katherine says the compound is built into the cliff, so the only way in or out is via a boat or helicopter. Gwen says she feels safer all ready, and she and her baby will be happy here. Katherine tells Gwen she cant keep a baby from its mother, she has to take Ashley back to Harmony and give the baby back to Theresa. Gwen says she likes Katherine, but she wont take crap from her about the baby belonging to Theresa. Gwen says this is her baby and if Katherine tries to make her take the baby back then shell have to go far away, somewhere Theresa and the police will never find them! Katherine says Ashley is not her baby. Gwen says why, because she didnt give birth to her? Gwen says she doesnt know what spin Martin has put on Theresas shenanigans, but Theresa is not Ashleys mother, and she wont abandon Ashley like Katherine abandoned her children. Katherine says she had good reason to leave. Gwen says maybe she did, but Sheridan was devastated and she wont give up Ashley the way Katherine gave up Sheridan and Julian. Katherine said she had to leave them behind, if she took them then Alistair would have tracked her down and killed her and possibly the children too. Gwen says shes trying not to judge, all shes saying is shes not going to abandon her child and she is trying to protect her. Gwen asks Katherine why she ran away this time, Sheridan must have been thrilled to have her back. Katherine says her involvement with Martin was causing problems for Sheridan and Luis, so she left so she didnt tear them apart. She also says with her out of his life, Martin is free to go back to Pilar. Gwen says she doesnt know anything about Pilar and Martin, but she doubts Katherine being around will keep Luis and Sheridan apart.

On the pier, Luis says this is all Katherines fault, and he doesnt know what hes going to do. He says he cant live without Sheridan. Luis talks about how after everything theyve been through, they have always managed to work things out. He says they have to work things out this time as he cant live without her. Luis has various flashbacks of Sheridan and their love. Luis decides to head home and he runs into Father Lonigan. Luis fills him in on where Sheridan is, and how she is very upset with him. Luis says he doesnt know what to do.

Sheridan and Marty are asleep in bed, and Beth is working to release gas into Sheridans room to kill her. Shes banging at the gas pipe with a hammer and has muted it by putting a towel over the pipe. Edna cant believe her daughter! Beth says Murder is a gas! Unfortunately shes unable to get the valve fully open. Edna tells her to forget this, and Beth says shell lock her in here with Sheridan if she doesnt hush! Beth orders her mom to get Marty out of here, and Edna says she cant do this! Edna says Sheridan is sleeping with her son. Beth says Marty is her son, but Edna says in loony land! Edna finally goes to take Marty out of the room, and Beth uses a hammer to try and break the gas valve. Edna puts Marty in his stroller and says Say goodbye to mommy Sheridan as this is the last time youll see her thanks to your fake mommy Beth Beth tells her to get Marty out of here. Edna says she wanted him to have one last look at his mother, and she tells Marty that Beth is the real wacko. Edna takes Marty out, and Beth ends up smashing the hose and leaking the gas out. Beth says Sheridan will die in no time. Beth inhales too much gas though, chokes, and passes out! Beth manages to come to and realizes shell die in here with Sheridan if she doesnt get out. She is weak and woozy, but manages to drag herself out of the room. Meanwhile, Edna keeps drinking her gin and she talks about how Sheridan is going to die and Marty will be doomed to be raised by Beth. Edna tells Marty she and Precious will make sure Beth does right now her. Beth comes into the kitchen and asks why shes panting, is she thinking about having the luscious Luis after killing Sheridan? Beth says she was almost overcome by gas. Mrs. Wallace says it wasnt her! Beth says the gas from the heater, its deadly and shell have Sheridan to prove it!

March 8, 2005
Outside of the station, Pilar is angry with Martin for not wanting to rebuild a relationship with her and his children. Martin says he just cant turn his feelings for Katherine off. Pilar says she sees how deeply he cares for Katherine, but she is his wife. Pilar says they were married before God and their families and friends, she deserves respect. Martin says he knows and that is why hes trying to be honest. He says he doesnt know if he can come back to her when he still loves Katherine. Pilar says he still loves her too though, admit it. She says she knows he still loves her and shes willing to forgive him for everything to recapture what they had. Martin says hes grateful for that, but she says she doesnt want his gratitude, she wants her husband back! She says he owes her that. Martin says he owes her more than he can say. She asks then why is he holding out hope for a woman who left him, a woman who isnt coming back. He says this isnt what he wanted to have happen, and when he came back all his feelings for her and his family came back as wekk. Pilar says she has lost so much as is, and their children are all devastated. She recaps all their kids pain, and Pilar says Martin can help her make it up to them and to Paloma by coming back to her. She says they can stay together for the sake of their children. She asks Martin to help her help their children with their problems. Martin thinks about his talk with Sam, and Pilar asks what he has decided? She says it would take time to sort out their problems, but it would be worth it. She says she believes with all her heart that they can be the family they once were. She says they can recapture the love they once had as it is still there. Martin doesnt know, hes made so many mistakes. Pilar says coming back to them wouldnt be a mistake. She asks Martin if he is coming back or not?

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Ethan goes to make Whitney and Theresa some tea and get them some pound cake Pilar made. Theresa asks Whitney why she looks sad? Whitney says Fox proposed. Theresa says that is wonderful, she is so happy. Whitney says she didnt say yes. Theresa asks why? Whitney says she just cant do it. Theresa says Whitney has to get over her feelings for Chad and marry Fox. Whitney says she just cant. She thinks its ironic that Theresa lost the baby she loves with all her heart, and no matter how hard she tries she cant get rid of the baby she hates with her whole heart.

In the Bennett backyard, Julian and Eve ask Fox and Chad to calm down. Eve and Liz argue over who should go talk to Whitney. Eve tells Liz it isnt her place, Whitney needs her mother and her doctor now. TC is glad Eve is finally showing an interest in their daughters, but Eve says shes always been interested in them and he knows it.

Inside, Sam wants to go up and check on Jessica, but Kay and Simone stall him and say she is asleep. He thinks something is going on here. Ivy shows up and fills Sam in on whats going on in the backyard. Sam says hell take care of it, but when he gets back hes going to check on Jessica. Ivy asks what is wrong, and Sam says he doesnt know but they are keeping him away from her. Ivy says shell go check on Jessica and heads upstairs. Kay and Simone realize this is going to bring more trouble. 

Sam goes back outside to check on the fights, and he informs Fox and Julian that Katherine has fled with Alistairs help. Julian says Sam makes it sound like shes not coming back. Sam says the plane has just vanished, nobody knows where it is. Sam says he has Interpol and the FBI working on it. Sam says there is more, Gwen also stowed away on the plane and has Theresas baby. Eve says Theresa must be crushed. Julian says father must know where they are, but Sam says Alistair says only Katherine and the pilot know where the plane went. Julian refuses to believe that. A spying Tabitha thinks Julian actually cares about his mom and has a soft side after all. Meanwhile, Fox talks with his dad and says hes not going to give up on Whitney marrying him, his child should be raised by his real parents, not Whitney and Chad. Julian tells him to give Whitney time to make her own choice. Eve hears this and hopes it is the right one.

Back inside, Ivy heads upstairs to check on Jessica. She sees Paloma in the bed, but doesnt see it is Jessica. Kay and Simone stop her from getting too close and tell her not to wake Jessica. Ivy says she wont, and she heads off. Simone and Kay continue to worry about where Jessica could be and if she is okay. They dont realize shes in the front yard! Later Sam returns and Ivy says she checked on Jessica and she is sound asleep. Suddenly there is a sound at the front door. Ivy opens it and Jessica is standing there on the front porch. She collapses, and Sam catches her. 

On the pier, Luis talks with Father Lonigan about Sheridan. Father Lonigan is sure that in time Sheridan will forgive him. Luis explains the story to Father Lonigan. Father Lonigan says Sheridan does love him, and he thinks it is possible she will still forgive him. He tells Luis to remember that he loves Sheridan and not to let anything get in the way. Luis says Father Lonigan is right, and hes going to go see her right now.

At Beths house, Beth is breathing deep breaths at the door to clear her lungs. She tells her mom to open up some windows just so Marty doesnt breath any of the gas. She says her plan is working and Sheridan is as good as dead! Precious tries to close the door as she is cold, but Beth tells her no. She says go upstairs and get Sheridans coat as she wont need it anymore. Edna isnt sure how this plan is going to work. Beth says shell tell everyone that she found Sheridan in the morning, and she was obviously so depressed she killed herself during the night. Edna thinks the plan is screwy enough to work. Beth says then Luis will come to her and theyll be together with their son. Edna says its not her son with Luis though! Precious returns in Beths parka, and with some more gin. Edna says Precious is looking tres chic, and she has the right idea using gin to keep warm. As Edna, who is now dressed in winter gear, downs some gin with Precious, Beth wonders if they ever stop drinking and how they can drink it. Edna says it is for medicinal purposes, Beth is so cheap she wouldnt get her a flu shot and now her immune system is weakened. Beth says it would take more than the flu to get rid of her with all that liqueur in her system Beth says shes tired of waiting, Sheridan should be dead or half way there by now. We see a shot of Sheridan stirring in her bed as gas continues to leak out, shes holding her little bear. Back downstairs, Edna argues with Beth about what shes doing to Sheridan. Beth says it is in Gods hands now. Edna says not to talk about God when she is doing the devils work. Beth tells her mom to shut up, shes finally getting rid of a huge pain in her behind and Luis will be hers. Back upstairs, Sheridan spasm and drops the bear!

At the Crane Compound, Katherine tells Gwen that its a sweet baby, and it has been so long since shes been around a baby. She talks about her own kids and how much she loved being around them. She says shed give anything to have that time in her life back, especially with Sheridan. Gwen says she cant get it back but she can make up for it. Gwen tells Katherine to go back to Harmony and be with her daughter. She says she cant, Luis hates her and its not fair for her to come between them. Gwen says it wasnt fair for her to come back and give Sheridan hope of a relationship with her. Katherine says she knows but its for the best. Gwen also says what about Martin, why is she giving up on him? She says she should go back and get with the people she loves. Gwen urges her to return to Harmony and be with the people she loves, to be with her family. Katherine says if she did go back, the problems would still be there. Gwen says she is making a mistake, Luis and Sheridans love is strong enough to withstand her being in their lives. Gwen tells her to go back to her children and Martin.


March 9,  2005
At the Bennetts, Kay talks with Simone and wonders what if Jessica was also drugged and thats what her visions were about? Kay fears Simone could be right. Meanwhile, Sam carries Jessica in to the couch and asks Ivy to go get Eve. He then yells up to Kay and Simone to get down here right now. Sam is a wreck and begs Jessica to be okay. Eve comes in and looks at Jessica. Sam begs Eve to take care of her, he cant lose her baby girl. Ivy says she doesnt understand, she just saw Jessica in bed and Kay and Simone were afraid shed wake her. Ivy realizes it wasnt Jessica in bed, and she goes up to get Kay and Simone. The others from outside come inside, and Eve announces she knows what is wrong. Eve tells Sam that Jessica is on drugs! Sam says no, Jessica would never do drugs, it cant be. Eve says it is the only explanation, and they have to find out what she was using. Eve ends up finding the stickers on Jessica, and Eve says they are laced with drugs. Eve says shes sorry but Jessica has been using drugs tonight. Kay and Simone come downstairs, and Ivy says Paloma is upstairs passed out. Sam asks how this happened? Kay says they dont know. They explain the whole story to Sam. TC asks If Simone have ever taken any of these sticker drugs, and she says no way. Kay says they have learned their lessons about these clubs. Ivy cant believe Paloma and Jessica didnt learn their lessons. Eve says shell go examine Paloma in a bit, but she wants to examine Jessica in private. Everyone leaves, and Julian asks if Jessica will be okay? Eve says the drugs should wear off soon, but she says Jessica may have been violated. In the kitchen, Sam talks to Ivy about Jessica and he wonders how he failed her, what did he do wrong. Ivy says it isnt his fault. Tabitha is outside spying on them and is caught by Julian. He says hes been meaning to call and check on her and Endora. He asks how things are. Tabitha says good, thanks for asking. Julian tells Endora is not only cute but remarkably alert for a child of her age. Tabitha says she is gifted, no doubt about that. Julian says up until now hes respected her wish to stay on the sidelines, but hes come to realize he wants to be more active in Endoras life as her father. Ivy happens to walk out and hear this and is stunned. She cant believe Julian and Tabitha has push push. Back inside, Eve asks Sam to come into the living room as then need to talk. Eve talks with Sam and tells him that Jessica has had intercourse tonight. Sam cant believe this, and he asks if she was raped. Eve says she doesnt find evidence of that. Sam says he cant believe this, and he wonders what happened, how did it get to this? Sam says he knew she was having a hard time accepting Grace leaving them, but she stayed in school and had a great job. Eve says maybe she had post-traumatic shock, and it just took time to sink in. Sam calls everyone in and explains what happened, and he asks Kay what she knows about Jessica having sex. Kay doesnt know anything. Sam says none of them will know until Jessica comes to if she was raped or not. Sam and TC tell the girls to once again tell them everything they know that happened tonight. Meanwhile, Julian wonders why Ivy is looking at him the way she is. Ivy says one bombshell has been dropped tonight and the fallout has just begun. Ivy tells herself now that she knows Julians secret, how does she make the most of it. Tabitha looks at Ivy as if she knows Ivy is up to something. Meanwhile, Sam tells Kay to give him answers. She says she has told them everything they know. Kay says they heard Jessica was at the club, but they didnt see her there, only Paloma. Kay says she was hoping Jessica didnt make it there, but she must have, and they didnt see her. Simone tells Kay to tell her father about her visions. Sam like mom and Charity had? Kay says she thinks so. Kay explains her visions to her dad, and Tabitha is eager to hear them. Kay says she saw Jessica running from some guys chasing her, and she didnt know what it meant. Sam is furious and decides to go to the club and find the scum who did this to Jessica, and then hes going to kill him! 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa tells Whitney that shes just not thinking straight. Whitney says she is, Theresa has lost the baby she loves with her whole life, and no matter how hard she tries she cant get rid of the baby she hates. Theresa says she cant mean that, but Whitney says she does. Whitney says she hopes she loses the baby before it is born. Theresa cant believe this, she cant believe she hates her baby. Whitney says she does hate it, she hates it with all her heart. Theresa says she doesn't understand this, Whitney is not sounding like herself. Theresa asks what happened to make her talk this way, its not normal to hate your baby. Whitney says nothing has happened, it is just how she feels. Theresa says something is wrong, she has hardly gained weight and she is hating her baby. Theresa says right now is a very important part in her baby's formative period. She asks if she wants something horrible to happen to her baby?  Theresa says the damage is done, there is already something wrong with the baby. Theresa says she has just figured it out. Theresa thinks her baby has a birth defect, and she can't hate baby for being born with a birth defect. Theresa says when her baby is born she will love it no matter what. Whitney says she doesnt understand, this is really bad. Theresa says maybe the test was wrong, but Whitney says she doesnt need a test to know something is wrong with the damn baby. Theresa asks her how she can know something is wrong if she hasn't been tested, what is going on? She says Whitney has been given Gods greatest gift, she and Fox have been given a beautiful life. Whitney says it is a misfit. Theresa asks if she is afraid she wont be a good mother? Whitney tells Theresa that she doesnt know what shes talking about. Whitney tells Theresa that Fox isnt the father of her baby Chad is! Theresa comforts Whitney.

Luis is on the pier and decides Father Lonigan is right, hes not going to wait until morning to go see Beth. Luis says he wont let anyone, especially Katherine Crane, keep him from spending his life with her. 

At Beths, Edna continues to tells Beth how horrible she is. Everyone is freezing, and Beth thinks Sheridan will be dead before long. Edna complains about the cold, and Beth says Marty and Precious arent complaining. Edna says they cant talk! Beth tells her mom if she doesnt stop it then shell lock her mom in the room with Sheridan. Beth decides to go upstairs and check on Sheridan. Upstairs, Sheridan dreams of reuniting with Luis and their son Marty. Beth goes in and look in on Sheridan to see if she is dead yet. When Sheridan moves, Beth cant believe shes not dead yet. Beth leaves her again and says when she comes back she better be dead! Beth heads downstairs, opens the front door and runs into Luis. Luis says he his here to see Sheridan, and he talks about Father Lonigan and his talk. Beth, to herself, wishes the priest would mind his own business. Luis says he wants to see Sheridan and work things out before it is too late. Beth tells herself with any luck it already is too late. Beth tries to convince Luis not to go see Sheridan tonight as it is late and she's asleep. Edna walks in and asks if the horrible deed done? Luis asks what deed? Beth claims Precious had an accident and that she had to clean it up. Luis asks why they are bundled up? Beth says she had to open the doors to air out the place due to the accident. Luis thinks they all look so cold, and he holds little Marty. Edna tells Beth that the gas is leaking out of Sheridans room, she can smell it. Luis closes the front door, and Luis decides to light a fire to make everyone nice and warm. Edna tells Beth to stop him otherwise hell blow them up! Luis fails to get the matches to light, and he decides to just sleep here and see Sheridan in the morning. Beth says this couch is so lumpy so he should just go home and come back in the morning. Luis says okay, and as he is on his way out he says he smells gas. Beth says not Precious again, but he says no gas gas. Edna says now that he mentions it, it does smell like gas in here. Luis says he should find out where it is coming from. Upstairs, Sheridans dream of reuniting with Luis turns into a nightmare. He and Marty vanish in a cloud of smoke, and she begins floating upwards! Luis begins to head up the steps, and Beth insists hes not smelling gas it is just the smell from Precious accident. She says the heat isnt even on. Luis thinks maybe shes right and hell go home. Upstairs Ednas pet bird drops dead, which Luis sees from the steps. Luis is positive this is a gas leak now and he runs upstairs. He finds Sheridan passed out in her bed, and he smashes open her window when he cant open it. Beth and Edna show up, and Luis tells Beth not to just stand there. Luis tells Beth to turn off the heater, and Edna yells Hurry Beth! Beth turns off the heater, but thinks Luis is too late to save Sheridan.


March 10, 2005
Pilar asks Martin what he wants, does he want his family back? Does he want to rebuild their life together? He says there is a lot to consider here. Pilar says it seems pretty cut-n-dry to her. She says if the answer is yes then theyll work things out with the children. She says his eyes say yes, but what is stopping him. Is he hoping Katherine will come back to him? He says it is Pilar who is stopping him from coming back. He doesnt understand why she wants to take him back after everything hes done. Pilar says what he has done to her has been horrible, and she rehashes everything. She says that no matter what has happened, they are still husband and wife, and that is a bond that cant be broken. She says he is still the father of their children and they need him. She says Katherine is gone, and he can either spend the rest of his life waiting for her to return, or he can come back to his family and make them whole again. Pilar asks what it will be? Before Martin answers Pilar gets a call from Luis about Paloma. Luis doesnt explain, but says shes in the hospital and they should get down here. Pilar tells Martin that they have to go, Paloma is back in the hospital.

At the Lopez- Fitzgerald house, Whitney begs Theresa not to reveal her secret to Ethan as Fox and Chad can never know the truth! Ethan walks in and asks what they cant know? Theresa says Whitney is just stressed out and she doesnt want Fox and Chad to worry about her and the baby. Ethan says hes sorry if he sounded accusatory, and he says with all the secrets coming out lately hes just supersensitive. Ethan says he doesnt want to see anyone in this town hurt the way he is. He also says Fox and Chad just want what is best for her, especially Fox as she is carrying his child. Later Ethan gets a call from Fox and has to take off. Whitney also thinks she should be going to, but Theresa tells no way. Theresa says they need to talk things through. Theresa tells Whitney not to hate her baby because whatever happens is not her babies fault. Whitney says she is right, but even if there are no birth defects that she has to keep the secret as the truth would stigmatize her baby for life. Whitney says she feels horrible for lying to Fox. She says he is so wonderful and she is treating him like dirt. Whitney wonders how she became such an awful person, such a liar. Whitney then talks about her fears as to what could be wrong with the baby. Theresa asks if she has talked to her mom about it? Whitney says yes, and that her mom wont shut up about it either. Whitney says this is all her moms fault, but Theresa says she cant blame her mother for everything,. Theresa says her mom has made mistakes, but she is not to blame. Theresa says if her mom did tell her the truth, that she had a brother out there, would she have gone through life demanding DNA tests from everyone she dates? Theresa says she just thanks God they found out the truth before she had a whole bunch of children with Chad. Whitney makes a face, and Theresa tells Whit that she does know she has to stay away from Chad. Whitney explains Chads proposition to her, and Theresa says this is wrong. Theresa says she cant actually consider going back to Chad. Whitney says she is thinking about going back to him.

At the Bennett house, Eve tells Sam that Jessica is in worse shape than Paloma is. Jessica is put onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital, as is Paloma. Eve says theyll take care of them. Sam asks the girls to go to the hospital and hell be there soon. Kay asks where hes going? He says just do it. They leave, and Sam loses his temper and smashes various knick-knacks. Ivy tells Sam that shell be okay, and Julian understands Sams pain and rage. Ivy tells one thing she likes about this new Julian is how much he cares about his children, ALL of them. Ivy then goes to Sam and says he cant go to the club and kill the guy who did this. Sam says he will kill this guy, but Ivy says he cant, hes the chief of the police. Sam takes off his badge and says not tonight, tonight hes a father out for revenge! Julian tells Sam not to take the law into his own hands, he is sounding like his father. Sam says okay, and hell start an investigation and make this person pay. Tabitha says she hopes so because Judge Reilly will let anyone walk if he pays them enough. Tabitha says she and Endora should go. Julian follows her out and says he will continue to respect her wishes and not let anyone know that he is Endora's father, but he wants to be a part of Endoras life. He gives Endora a kiss goodbye, and Tabitha leaves. Julian decides to head out, but Ivy asks him to stay for a cup of coffee. Sam then asks a favor of Fox and Chad. He says what he is going to ask them isnt legal. Fox asks if he is asking them to kill the guy who raped Jessica? He says no, hell take care of that guy. He wants them to call Ethan and let him know what is going on. He also tells them not to get any crazy ideas about closing the club down on their own, which is a hint as to what he wants them to do. Sam walks off, and Chad and Fox agree to put aside their differences for tonight.

Tabitha takes Endora home and says she knows the Dark Side wont like her saying this, but she loves her so much. She also says if anything were to happen to her like what happened to Jessica. Endora summons a cannon, and Tabitha says she knows she can look after herself, and to put that away. Tabitha says she is her mother and she still worries. Tabitha says she may have powers, but Tabitha will protect her with her motherly love. Tabitha says shell protect her with her whole heart, shed protect her with her soul if she had one. Tabitha then sees Ivy looking at her from the Bennetts and wonders what she is up to.

In the Bennett kitchen, Ivy talks to Julian about what hes doing getting involved with Eve and her family. Ivy says Eve is out on bail for a triple murder, and Whitneys still in love with her half brother. Ivy says Eve is a worse mother than she is. Julian tells Ivy that shes not the best mother, and she only knows where their daughters are by tracking their credit card statements. Julian says Ivy got Sam and what she wanted, so stay out of his life and his childrens lives. Ivy asks if that includes his daughter with Tabitha too? Julian thinks shes inhaled too much cooking oil, but Ivy says she heard him say he was her father. Julian says if shes planning to blackmail him, Sam wont approve. Ivy doesnt know what shes going to do, but she cant get the thought of him being with Tabitha out of her mind. She says Tabitha was old when they were still young. Julian says he wont let her hurt his child or her mother. Ivy asks which child and which mother? 

At the Wallace house, Luis brings Sheridan downstairs and thinks shes not breathing. He says someone call 911, and Precious does. Beth gloats to her mom that Sheridan is definitely dead! Sheridan begins to cough, and shes okay. She says she loves him so much! Beth cant believe this and says Sheridan is like a coach roach! The paramedics arrive, and Luis thinks Sheridan tripped over the valve in her room. Sheridan asks how Marty is, and Edna says hes find. Sheridan asks to see Marty, and she talks about how she had a dream that she, Luis and Marty were together and a family. Edna says that is so beautiful, Sheridan thought Marty was her son. Sheridan says it was, it was heaven. Beth mumbles that shell show her heaven. Luis asks Beth to bring Marty to the hospital as well to get checked out. Beth says okay, will he drive them? Luis says no hes going with Sheridan in the ambulance, they should meet them there. Luis and the paramedics leave with Sheridan, and Beth is furious. Edna says Luis and Sheridan have a love that will last forever. Beth tells her mom to shut up. Precious grabs the car keys, and Beth tells her no speeding as she has had enough tickets as is.

At the hospital, Kay and Simone wait for news and fear how Martin and Pilar will react when they learn what has happened. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan arrive, and Sheridan keeps asking for their baby. Luis says their baby died. In a nearby cubicle is a woman giving birth. Eve shows up to check on Sheridan. The lady next to them gives birth, and Sheridan hears the baby crying and thinks it is hers. She asks Luis to bring her her baby! She says the baby is hungry and she can feed him. Sheridan passes out, and Luis says shes not making any sense. Eve says hopefully its just the affects of the gas. Sheridan is then moved to her own cubicle, she was just in the hallway. Eve then informs Luis about Paloma. Luis cant believe this and heads to see Paloma while Eve examines Sheridan. Before he gets there, Beth shows up with Marty. He says find a doctor and have him checked out, hell be back. He then goes to find Paloma. Beth cant believe this is happening, but she says the first chance she gets she will kill Sheridan again. Later, Luis goes to talk to Eve, and he asks if Sheridan is okay. Eve says Sheridan is not okay, and she may never be okay again. Sheridan mumbles to give her her baby.

Fox Ethan and Chad meet at the club, and Chad and Fox explain what happened to Jessica. Ethan is furious and wants to kill the guy, but Fox says Sam is on it. Chad says this place needs to be closed, but Sam cant do anything officially. Fox hands out some axes and crowbars, and Ethan realize he could lose his license if they are caught, but hes with them. They burst into the club which is fill of party goets. They then begin to smash things up, and Ethan says the party is over and this place is closed! Everyone flees, and they begin tearing up the place. Spike and his minions show up and ask what is going on here? Ethan tells Spike if this is his place then he's out of business. Spike says the hell he is! They continues to tear up the club and get into a fight with Spikes guys.

Randy is at his place and hangs up a Polaroid of Jessica on a wall with pictures of a whole lot of other girls. He says Jessica is his favorite, and he thanks her for letting him be her first. Suddenly Sam bursts in, and Randy asks who he is? Sam says the chief of police and Jessicas father! Sam says hes going to jail. Randy says the hell he is, smashes a bear bottle and confronts Sam. Sam says hes glad he did that, resisting arrest? Sam then tackles him! Randy appears to get the best of Sam at first, but Sam eventually takes the slime down. Randy claims he didnt touch his daughter, but Sam knows hes lying. Randy says none of his girls ever say no because he makes them feel hood. Sam is furious, pulls his gun out and aims it ant Randy! Randy begs Sam not to kill him.

At the Crane Compound, Katherine finds Gwen looking at maps. She asks what she is doing and where is Jane. Gwen says the babys name is Ashley, and she is with the maid and being bathed. Katherine says that baby is Jane, she belongs to Ethan and Theresa, and Gwen is a kidnapper! Gwen says she doesnt care what Theresa and her lawyer says, Theresa legally signed the babies over to her regardless who the biological mother is. Gwen says she is going to take Ashley to Europe and disappear forever. Katherine asks what makes her think this will work? Gwen says she has oodles of money in trust funds, and she speaks 6 different languages. She says if it comes to it shell get plastic surgery like she did. Katherine says she was with Martin, whereas Gwen will be alone. She asks if she wont miss Ethan? Gwen says she knows one day Ethan will come to her and theyll be a family. Katherine says she seems calmer, and Gwen says she did lose it for awhile given what Theresa did to her, but now she is pulling it together. Katherine says if Theresa signed legal papers, why doesnt she go back to Harmony and battle it out legally. Gwen says nice try, but no matter how hard she fights she can never win against Theresa. Gwen says she must protect her child, the child always comes first. Katherine says yes, she knows.



March 11, 2005

Julian shows up to see Tabitha and Endora. Tabitha says there is no reason for him to be in her life, but he says he is her father. Tabitha says she and Endora are fine and they dont need him. Julian says he needs them, at least he needs Endora in his life. She asks why? She says he has all his other children. Julian says it is hard to explain, but after seeing what happened to Jessica, he wanted to help protect Endora and fall into the same trap that Jessica and Paloma fell into. Tabitha says her daughter can take care of herself. Julian says she is a little baby, but Tabitha says hed be surprised how well she can take care of herself. Julian says he knows they arent a love match, and he still doesnt remember that night the conceived Endora all too well, but he wants to be a part of Endoras life. Tabitha says fine, he can come by once a week and watch her sleep. Julian says no, he wants to be with her. Julian asks what he is trying to say? Julian says he wants custody. Tabitha says hell never let him take her daughter, and Endora causes the house to shake! 

At the crane compound, Katherine tries to convince Gwen not to do this, not to run to Europe as she will be raising Theresas child. Gwen says she told her that the baby is legally hers, and for Katherine to stop calling her baby Jane or talk about that disgusting tramp Theresa. Katherine says that she doesnt think it is right to take a baby from its rightful mother. Gwen tells Katherine not to criticize her for doing what she did to Pilar with Paloma! Katherine says she didnt take Paloma away, but she did raise her and that is why she knows what pain she will bring to Theresa and Jane. Gwen says for the last time her name is Ashley! Gwen continues planning her escape, and then realizes when she leaves Katherine will be all alone. Katherine says yes she will be, but she wont always be alone. Gwen says you mean Alistair? Katherine says Alistair will come here because he still insists he is her husband. Gwen cant believe she is willing to stay here and subject herself to visits from Alistair just to protect Sheridan. Katherine cries that shed do anything to protect Sheridans happiness. Gwen hopes Sheridan knows what she is doing for her. Katherine says she doesnt want her to know, she wants her to forget and just be happy with Luis. Gwen says this isnt fair, but Katherine says life isnt always fair. Katherine says everything comes with a price. Gwen realizes that now, and realizes she could lose Ethan forever. Katherine says and has lost Martin, and hopes he forgives her.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa is stunned when Whitney tells her that shes considering living with Chad. Whitney says she knows he is her brother, but she just wants to be with him, not intimately of course. Theresa as this is crazy, and she cant, it is just wrong! Theresa asks how she can think about doing this? Whitney says because she still loves him. She says she knows they cant be together, but they can still share their lives and dreams together. Theresa says this kind of relationship is impossible. Whitney asks why. She says Theresa always said the most important thing is to be with the man you love, and she just wants to be with Chad. Theresa says she did day that, but how long does she think she can resist making love to Chad while living in the same house? Whitney cant believe Theresa is preaching considering her life isnt perfect. Theresa says shes not in love with her own brother though, and Theresa says she is going to talk Whitney out of this. Whitney asks Theresa if she could talk her of being with Ethan? Theresa of course not, but this is not the same thing. Whitney says if she found out Ethan was her brother would her feelings change? Theresa says of course, but Whitney says shed still want to be with him. Theresa says no she wouldnt. Theresa wants to return to talking about the baby, and she asks how shed explain to her that his or her parents are brother and sister? Whitney says her baby will never know the truth. Theresa reminds Whitney how she always lectured her about keeping secrets. Whitney knows, but she thinks the more she talks about it the more she thinks it is possible that they could live together and have a wonderful life. Whitney thinks it is possible. Theresa says she might think it is possible, but she is deliberately inviting temptation, and she cant live with Chad and risk committing a sin against God. Theresa tells Whit to stay away from Chad forever. 

At the hospital before Eve can tell Luis what is wrong with Sheridan, Pilar and Martin show up. They ask what is wrong with Paloma, and Eve and Luis explain what happened. Martin cant believe this, and asks if she was . . . Eve says she wasnt raped, and her primary concern is when she comes to she may have a craving for more of this drug she took. Pilar and Martin go to see Paloma. Kay and Jessica then show up and ask why they cant see Jessica? Eve says they are conducting a rape kit exam on her. Kay cant believe this and wishes theyd close the club down. Eve tells Kay she has to stay calm for Jessicas sake. Eve suggest they go to the cafeteria, so they leave. Luis then asks Eve what is wrong with Sheridan. Eve says if they dont cure Sheridan then he will lose her forever. She says that Sheridan needs a baby, she needs to be a mother, and if she doesnt get a baby then she may lose her mind. Eve says it is possible that Sheridan could snap, go over the edge, and never come back. Eve says shes not a psychiatrist, but she thinks Sheridan is walking a thin line between sanity and insanity.

Pilar and Martin stay by Palomas bedside. Pilar doesnt know how this could happen, and she wonders if Paloma was acting this way in Puerto Arena. Martin says she was a good girl, but Pilar says Luis and Sheridan found her dancing at a club down there. She says this is all his and Katherines fault! She says if he hadnt run off then this never would have happened. Martin tries to calm her down, and Pilar says this is a parents worst nightmare. Pilar says they have to work together and be here for her, and Martin says they will. Paloma comes too, and she begins to spasm. Martin realizes shes having a seizure and runs for a doctor. Eve comes in and begins working on Paloma. They put a bit in her mouth so she doesnt bit her tongue, and they role her to her side so she doesnt choke herself. Paloma calms down, and she eventually sees her mom and dad are with her. They ask how she is feeling, and she says not good. She says she needs the stickers, where are they. She says she knows she had some and asks where they are? She becomes agitated, and they try and calm her down. Martin says she doesnt need the stickers and shell feel better soon. Paloma looks around and asks where she is, what happened. They say she was drugged, but everything will be okay. She says she is glad they are both here and together, and she hugs then.

Later Eve returns to talk to Luis about Sheridan. Eve remembers how she felt when she thought her son died, but she was able to marry and have more child. Eve feels that if Sheridan doesnt have her own child then hell lose her forever.

Kay and Simone are finally allowed to go and see Jessica. They cant believe this happened, and Kay says he hopes her dad doesnt do something he regrets when he finds the guy that did this to her. Jessica begins to come to, and she mumbles something. Kay hopes Jessica doesnt suffer like Paloma did when she comes out of this. Simone says she remembers a lot of drug cases when she worked here as a candy striper, and what Paloma went through was mild 

At Randys place, Sam holds a gun on Randy and says he raped his daughter. Randy says it wasnt him, but Sam sees her picture among others on the wall. He tells Randy he raped her and now he will pay. Randy begs him not to shoot him. Sam says raping her wasnt enough for him was it, he had to beat her too. Randy says he never hit her, and he begs Sam once again not to shoot him. Sam puts his gun away and cuffs Randy as he says hed rather see him rot in jail rather then be dead. He tells Randy hell never hurt Jessica or anyone else again as hes going away for life. Sam then gets a call about a fight at the club. Sam says hell take care of it, and then tells Randy it seems like the club where he raped his daughter has been shut down.

At the club, the guys continue destroying the drugs, and Fox finds the back room. Ethan confronts Spike and says his sister was raped here because of the drugs hes running, and hell make sure it never happens to another person. Spike yells to his associates call the cops, but Chad smashes the phone. Spike ends up grabbing a shot gun and fires it into the air. He tells them enough is enough! Spike tells them to get out. Suddenly the lights get shut off, there is a struggle, and a gun shot. When someone turns the lights back on we see Ethan on the floor! Fox attacks Spike, and Sam shows up and sees Ethan. Spike says it was their fault, they came here and tore up his club, it was self-defense! Ethan is okay and it was only a bump on the head. Spike wonders why Sam is so concerned about the thugs, he wants them arrested and he is going to press charges. Sam says Spike is right, and tells them to get out in the alley. Ethan cant believe Sam is arresting them, but Spike thinks Sam is just doing his job. Sam says he knows what goes on here, and he cant help but see these happy sticker face drugs all over. Sam suggests Spike relocate his place outside of Harmony, or not re-open at all. Sam tells him if he keeps this place open to expect more of the same. The guys leave and they see Randy outside. Sam tells the three of them all to go home, he has to take care of this piece of trash. Randy cant believe Sam is letting them go but not him. Sam says that is right, and Randy will keep his mouth shut! Spike comes out and asks where the bums who tore up his place are. Sam says they escaped, but Randy says he let them go. Spike says the chief is in big trouble and hes going to press charges. Sam throws Spike up against the wall and tells him that he will be sorry if he doesnt get the hell out of this town, and then he tells Randy he will pay for what he did to his daughter.

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