March 14, 2005

Fox, Ethan and Chad return to the Bennett house. Fox and Chad continue to quarrel over Whitney, and Ethan asks them what is going on between them. Fox fills Ethan in on the whole story about Chad stopping his proposal to Whitney and making his own proposal to Whitney. Ethan cant believe this and thinks it must be a misunderstanding. Fox tells Chad to tell Ethan, tell him what a sick pup he is. Ethan tells Chad this cant be the truth, but Chad says it is. He says he loves Whitney and wants to be there for her and the baby. Ethan says but they cant do that. Chad says they can live together without having sex. Fox says yeah, and so can Ethan and Theresa. Chad says Ethan and Theresa arent brother and sister. Fox says but he and Whitney are! They end up in a fist fight after Chad tells Fox perhaps the reason Whitney wont marry him is because she doesnt love Fox, and that deep down she knows she still loves him! Ethan stops them from fighting, but Fox says that is his baby Whitney is carrying, and she will raise the baby with him, not her freak of a brother. Chad then attacks Fox! Ethan stops them again and says right now Theresa is talking to Whitney and hopefully shell help her make a decision. He says When Whitney makes up her mind then theyll have to determine how they can both help her out.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa tries to convince Whitney not to move in with Chad. She says they may not be able to resist temptation; they may end up making love and having another baby. Theresa says then there will be no way to lie about that second babys paternity. Whitney says she cant risk that, and she realizes she can never be with Chad again. Theresa says she knows it wont be easy, but she has to start by never seeing or talking to Chad again. Whitney says Theresa is right, and she has to steer clear of Chad no matter what. Whitney ends up having to run off to be sick. She returns and says she can hardly keep anything down nowadays. She also wonders how she did this to herself, why didnt she use protection every time she was with Chad. Whitney says she thought about having an abortion, but now it is too late. Whitney says that is why it is best that the baby isnt born at all, it is best that her child not make it. Theresa says she cant mean that, but Whitney says it is best for this baby and everyone that this baby is not born. Theresa says this baby has a soul, and it isnt the babys fault that she and Chad are its parents. Whitney says no its her mothers fault! Theresa says they will get through this, and Theresa offers to help Whitney raise the baby. Whitney thanks Theresa, but she says Theresa is in a wheelchair now and her baby could have so many problems. Theresa says the baby could also be fine. Whitney says when she gets Jane back shell have her hands full, but Theresa says shell find the time. Whitney says no, she cant ask her to do this. Whitney finds herself back at square one, but then realizes shell give the baby up for adoption and then leave Harmony. She says she cant stay in Harmony and watch the baby be raised by another family. Whitney says this is the only way. Theresa warns Whitney that once she lays eyes on her baby, whether it is healthy or not, she wont want to give it up. Theresa says shell want to hold her baby, nurse her baby and love it no matter what. Whitney tells Theresa she never gave birth to her own brothers child the way shes going to. Theresa says she knows it isnt the same, but Whitney says it isnt even close. Whitney says she wont have a problem giving away this child, shes never been more sure of anything in her life.

At Tabithas place, Julian asks for custody and says he can get it too, she knows it. Tabitha says shell never let him take her daughter. Endora flexes her powers, and the house begins to tremble. Julian wonders what is going on. Tabitha laughs and says that the forces from below have been unleashed, welcome to hell on earth! Julian says they have to get out before the house collapses. Tabitha tells Endora to calm things down and let her handle Julian. Endora stops the tremors, and Julian asks if they are okay. Tabitha says they are okay. Julian thinks they just had an earthquake and should call the police and see if they need help. He says he can send Crane Industry machinery to help dig people out if need be. Tabitha says nobody else would have felt that quake, she says her house is built on a very small fault line and nobody else can feel these tremors. He doesnt believe her until he looks outside and sees nobody else in a panic. Tabitha says she told him, and she has a hard time getting this place insured. Julian says they could be hurt, but Tabitha says the Lennox women are of a hearty stock. Julian says he had no idea there was such seismic activity in Harmony. Tabitha jokes it doesnt compare to the night they conceived Endora. Julian says he often wonders about that night as he doesnt really remember too much. Tabitha says he often misses a lot of what goes on in Harmony. Julian says he does have a lot on his mind. Tabitha says yes and she names everyone in his life hes so concerned with. Julian adds Ivy to the list and says she is the reason he stopped by. Tabitha says she did get a strange vibe form Ivy earlier and doubts she had changed. Julian says people can change, he is trying to change. Tabitha wonders why mortals try to better themselves. Julian says he wants to help Tabitha take care of Endora. Tabitha asks how he can help take care of Endora when Endora doesnt know who he is. Julian says that will change if he spends time with her, and he says there is an intrinsic bond as he is her father. Julian says hell show her, hell hold Endora. Tabitha laughs and says go ahead. When Julian bends down to touch her, she ends up growling at him! Tabitha thinks this is an example as to why he wont make a good father. Julian says hell learn, Eve can teach him. He says he will marry Eve as soon as he divorces Rebecca. Tabitha says Eve will be going to jail, and shed rather be impaled on a stake before letting him and Eve raise her daughter! The place begins to rock again. Later when the tremors stop, Julian thinks this place is dangerous and offers to buy them a new place. Tabitha tells Julian no, and she says now it is time for him to go. Julian says he still wants to spend time with her, but Tabitha says she doesnt trust him. She says she doesnt know if this is just a whim of his, that he will just swoop in for awhile and then lose interest and abandon her. Julian says he has changed and it was Timmy who started this change in him. Tabitha thinks about her Timmy, but then thinks Julian is using Timmys memory to let her allow him to see Endora. She tells him to get out and go back to his wife and mistress. He says hell leave, but he wont give up on being a part of her life. Tabitha sits with Endora and talks about her Timmy and how a little piece of Timmy is inside of her, so thats another reason she wont share her with anyone. She tells Endora not to worry, she wont let anyone take her away from her, Julian can right the wrongs of his past with his other children. Tabitha says if Julian tries to make trouble then theyll be hell to pay. Endora makes the house shake once more.

At the hospital, Luis continues to talk to Eve about Sheridans state of mind. Eve is afraid if Sheridan doesnt have a baby of her own then she may lose her mind. Luis says they have been trying to have a baby, things just havent worked out yet. Beth is spying on them and planning to use this situation to her advantage somehow. Eve talks with Luis about how funny it is that everyone thinks Sheridans life is above everything else, but they know the true story, how painful her life has been. Eve says all the pain shes suffered has taken its toll on her. She says she needs a child now, not waiting to get pregnant or waiting to adopt. Eve says everything has taken its toll on her and it is killing her. Luis says hell get Sheridan a baby as he cant lose her. Luis tells a sleeping Sheridan theyll have a baby soon. Eve says dont make promises you cant keep, but Luis says hes not, Sheridan will get a baby soon. Meanwhile, Precious and Edna wonder what Beth is up to, what is she planning now. Beth says theyll find out soon enough. Luis comes out and asks Beth how Marty is doing? She says he is fine and no harm was done by the gas leak. Beth tells her mom that she needs to be changed, so Edna and Precious head off to attend to business. Edna says perhaps they can steal some diapers and other good supplies as well. Beth then asks Luis about what happened to Sheridan. Luis says Eve says Sheridan is fine, but he doesnt understand how Sheridan could have knocked the gas line out of the heater. Beth says she doesnt think it was an accident. She says one has to unscrew the line from the heater, it cant be kicked out. Beth reminds Luis what Father Lonigan said about being concerned about Sheridans state of mind. Beth says she thinks Sheridan may have tried to kill herself. Luis refuses to believe that and says perhaps the line was never properly installed and just came loose. Beth says if he says so. Luis says Sheridan knows he loves her and knows they will start a family and be happy. Beth says Sheridan didnt know that tonight, she was heartbroken; she was so desolate over their fight, enough to end it all. Luis says no she wasnt, Sheridan wound not end it all. Luis comes up with an idea to help Sheridan, and he asks Beth for shared custody of Marty. He says that way Sheridan can spend time with Marty and it will help cure her. In her head, Beth screams Noooooo! Luis says this is the perfect plan, it gives Sheridan a baby to comfort until they have their own, and Beth will have more time to take care of her mother and run the Book Cafe. Beth doesnt think this is a good idea, but Luis thinks it is. He says Marty needs a father, and hell also be gaining a step mother. Luis says theyll be one happy family. Beth tells herself theyll all be one big happy family over her dead body, or better yet Sheridans! Luis says its perfect and all thanks to her. Meanwhile, Edna sneaks into Sheridans room with Marty so Sheridan can see him. Sheridan wakes up and holds Marty. Luis goes into see Sheridan, and Beth spies on them.


March 15, 2005
At the hospital, Sam sits next to Jessica and says he let her down. Ivy says its not his fault. Sam says Jessica is not her daughter, so she isnt her concern. He tells Ivy to just go home. Later Sam apologizes to Ivy for lashing out at her. He says he just cant stop beating himself up over this. He says when Grace left he had to be both a mother and a father, but hes been so tied up with his job and . . . Ivy says and me. Ivy says if someone is to blame it is her, she saw the signs but ignored them and hoped she was wrong. Sam says no, he is to blame for thinking Ivy could step in for Grace. He says Jessica isnt her concern, Ivy isnt her mother. Ivy says she still could have done a better job, she just didnt want to bond with Jessica as she was afraid of stepping in on Graces territory. She says she has failed them all. Sam says he has decided to call Grace and ask her to come home for Jessica. Ivy says no, you cant do that! Sam asks why not? Ivy says Grace left for Europe and hasnt looked back, but Sam says that isnt true. He says she calls and writes, but Ivy says you can count her postcards on one hand! Sam says she checks in several times a week. Sam says Graces children mean everything to her. Ivy says that is why she walked out on her children? Ivy says everyone thinks Grace was such a great mom, but if she was then how did Kay get pregnant by her own cousins boyfriend? How did Kay end up dropping out of school and working at the cannery? Ivy says it is a mothers job to prepare their kid for a future. Sam says Kay has made mistakes, but if your going to blame Grace for Kays mistakes then she has to blame him too. Ivy says no, Grace was the primary care giver. Sam says that is why Grace needs to be here, Jessica needs her mom and hes going to call her. Sam walks off to call her, and Eve talks to Ivy about what a selfish witch she is for only thinking about her love life. Eve says Jessica needs her mother, all girls do, but that doesnt mean anything to her. Ivy asks Eve where she gets off teaching her about being a mother, what is she going to teach her? How to turn a blind eye so her daughter can have an affair with her brother? Ivy tells Eve not to throw stones when she lives in a big and public glass house. Eve says she should tell Sam everything Ivy has done. Ivy reminds Eve if she exposes her to Sam, then she will expose the fact shes known the truth all along and kept it from them. Ivy says she will lose the love and trust of Sam and Grace, but Eve says it will be worth it to watch her go down. Eve says she would find great joy in her getting her comeuppance! Eve says shed love for the whole world to know Ivy lied about Graces first marriage and her son with him. Ivy doesnt think she would, as much as Eve has lost, she couldnt bear to lose the love and respect of her last friends. Eve says dont bet on it, there isnt much shed do these days if it means righting a terrible wrong. Eve tells Ivy not to doubt that she will do it. Sam returns and says hes going to call Grace, he has to in order to inform her about Jessica. Eve tells Sam that hes right its time for Grace to come home. Sam dials Graces number, and Eve waves bye bye to Ivy! 

Luis, Sheridan and Marty spend time in Sheridans cubicle. Sheridan says Marty is so amazing and tells him how much she loves him. Beth and Edna spy on them, and Edna says that is a real mother-son moment. Beth tells her to go peel a banana for Precious! Edna says she went home as to not miss "The Apprentice." Edna says the truth will come out soon about Marty, but Beth says Sheridan cant have Marty, she wont let that happen! Later, Sheridan and Luis come out and Luis suggests to a nurse that she take Marty to the play room and show him the Shrek video. Luis then wants to talk to Beth about what they were talking about earlier. Beth says if they want to see Marty they are always welcomed to come over. Luis wants Marty to come spend time with him and Sheridan in their home. Beth says they dont need to formalize anything, but Luis thinks they doe. He says its not that he doesnt trust her, but he thinks having it on paper will make it easier. Luis says he needs to be a part of his life, and he wants joint legal custody of Marty. Beth thinks it will be confusing for him with all this traveling back and forth, but Luis doesnt think so. Luis says it will be great for Marty, and Marty already has bonded with Sheridan. Luis asks Beth what she says? Beth doesnt know, she thinks it will still be hard for him. Luis says that is why they should share custody when hes younger and can grow accustom to it. Edna says a boy does need his daddy! Luis says especially during the formative years. He says this is what is best for them all, especially Marty. Sheridan says Martys happiness will be her number one priority. The nurse brings Marty back and hands him to Sheridan. Luis tells Beth its not just important for him to spend time with Marty, its important for Sheridan too. He thinks it would be the best medicine for her. Under her breath Beth says Sheridan should get her own baby. Edna says he is her baby, and this plan of hers wont work forever! Edna says the child belongs with his real mommy and daddy, and she is looking at the beginning of the end! Meanwhile, Sheridan doesnt think Beth likes the idea of sharing custody but Luis says Beth is reasonable and will come around. Sheridan cant help but think she might not be asking if it wasnt for her. Luis says he has always been planning on doing it once they were married, but he doesnt see why they should wait. Meanwhile, Edna begs Beth to do the right thing. Beth approaches them with tears in her eyes, and Edna thinks Beth is actually going to do it. Beth turns around and  tells her mother like hell she will, Sheridan will not take Marty, shell stop Sheridan if its the last thing she does! 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa tries to convince Whitney not to place her baby up for adoption. Whitney says this is the right thing to do, and hopefully two loving parents who dont know the truth will raise him or her. Theresa says she wont be able to give her baby up once she holds him or her in her arms. Whitney says no, that is not going to happen. Fox shows up to check on Whitney. He says hes sorry to bother Theresa at a time like this. Little Ethan cries out, and Theresa thinks hes having a bad dream. Whitney runs off to check on him, and Fox talks to Theresa about what is bothering Whitney. He begs Theresa to help him out, did she tell her what is really bothering her? Theresa says it is probably just hormones, but Fox says he has read up on pregnancy and hormones, but not once did it say anything about a mother wishing her baby would die. Theresa says she has been through a lot these past months. Fox says he knows, and that is why he wishes Whitney would tell him what is really going on. Theresa says she wishes she could help him. Fox realizes she wouldnt betray Whitney even if she did know what was going on. Fox asks if there is anything he can do? Theresa says love her and be there for her. Fox says he just wishes there is something else he could do. Whitney returns and says Little Ethan went back to sleep. Fox says that just goes to show what a wonderful . . . he stops and says he just meant it is good he went back to sleep. Ethan then shows up and tells Theresa they still havent found Gwen and Jane, but they will find them. Theresa says he says that, but he has no clue how to find them. Ethan comforts her and says they will get through this together. Ethan mentions something about the hard time theyve had tonight, and Whitney asks what happened. Fox and Ethan explained what happened to Jessica. Whitney asks if her sister is okay? Ethan says yes, she was with Kay all night. Ethan says he, Fox and Chad renovated the club and its not there anymore. Theresa feels bad for Jessica, and Whitney cant believe Jessica got involved with someone like that. Theresa asks the men to excuse them, and she and Whitney head into the kitchen to make coffee. Fox talks to Ethan about moving in with her. Ethan says with Pilar gone a lot hes helping Theresa out, as it is hard for her to take care of herself and Little Ethan. Fox says no reason to explain, his wife kidnapped Theresas baby and Theresa needs a shoulder to cry on. Ethan says she does need support, and Fox says and no one can fill that position quite like him. Fox says he knows Jane is his daughter, but he thinks the reason he is here has more to do with his feelings for Theresa. Fox says he saw the way he was looking at Theresa, and he wonders if Gwen didnt have a good reason to leave. He says if Gwen saw what he saw, that he still loved Theresa, then he cant blame her for splitting. Ethan thanks Fox for his support. Fox says hes just pointing out the obvious. Fox tells Ethan one day Gwen will either be found or return and when that day comes hell have to leave Theresa. He asks what he will do, go back to Gwen and be her husband or continue playing house with Theresa? Fox says when that day comes hes going to have to make the decision of a lifetime. Fox says he doesnt envy him, but he will have to face up to his feelings for a woman who is not his wife. He tells Ethan hell have to take a stand.

In the kitchen, Whitney doesnt want to hear anymore of Theresas advice until she is pregnant by her half-brother. Theresa says tough. She says her situation could be worse, she could be alone. Theresa says she has her mother, her father and her. She also says she has Fox, he worships the ground she walks on. Whitney says that is his problem. Theresa says she knows Whit has feelings for Fox, and Fox loves her and wants to marry her. Theresa says he wants to have a future with her, so what is unacceptable about that. Whitney says this baby isnt Foxs, so she cant marry him. She says she cant marry a decent and honest man while keeping this secret. She says her mother did that and she wont do it. Whitney does admit she has feeling s for Fox, which is another reason she cant do this to him. She says her life has been destroyed by this baby. Theresa says dont blame this innocent baby for what has happened to her life, but Whitney says her life would be far less complicated without it. Whitney says her only choice is to put the baby up for adoption and leave Harmony.

Later the phone rings and Theresa answers hoping it is news, but it is just a telemarketer. Ethan tells her not to give up, they will find them. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Fox if he wants to help then there is something he can do. She asks Fox to do whatever he can to find Jane, find that little baby. Ethan overhears Whitney ask Fox for this favor.


March 16,  2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whitney once again asks Fox to find Theresa's baby and bring her home. Fox says he will. Meanwhile, Theresa cries to Ethan that they still have no clue where Jane is, and if Alistair is behind hiding Gwen and Jane, then they may never know. This gives Fox an idea, and he claims he has something to do and will be back soon. Ethan ends up claiming he too has an errand and will be back. Once the guys are gone, Theresa continues to try and convince Whitney not to give up her baby. She says Fox loves her and will be a good father, and once she sees her baby she won't want to give him or her up. Whitney says the problem is it isn't Fox's baby, it's Chad's. Whitney changes the subject to Theresa and questions her about how caring Ethan has been. She says that is just because of Jane, Ethan doesn't want her to fall apart. Whitney says she noticed in Little Ethan's room there were three pillows on the bed. Theresa explains that Ethan stayed because Little Ethan wanted him to. Theresa ask Whitney if she thinks something more is going on. Whitney says she doesn't know, that's why she's asking Theresa. 

In Paloma's bedroom, Martin and Pilar have brought Paloma home. Paloma asks where Mrs. Wheeler, she means Mrs. Crane is. Paloma asks if she knows what happened to her tonight? Martin says no, and he didn't want to tell her tonight. Paloma realizes her father is keeping something from her and tells him to tell her. Martin says Katherine left town and they don't know where she is. Paloma asks why? Martin says they don't really know, she just said it was what was for the best. Paloma tells her mother that this is all her fault, she drove her away! Paloma says her mother has taken everything from her, even the only mother she's know. Martin tells Paloma not to say that. He says Katherine left because she wanted them to try and work this out, and that her mother loves her. Paloma says that woman is not her mother, her real mother is and always will be Katherine. Martin tells Paloma if she won't give Pilar a chance for him then do it for Katherine. Later Paloma is asleep, and Martin says he used to give her lemon soda and sherbet to make her go to sleep. Pilar says all their children liked that, and Martin realizes it was Pilar's trick, and the kids called it their special medicine. They reminisce about staying up with Antonio and Luis. Martin decides to go get some of the special medicine for Paloma, and Pilar stays with her. Pilar sits on the bed as she sleeps and hopes Paloma will one day let her back into her heart.

At the Crane mansion, Alistair calls the pilot and says the money is waiting for him in a Swiss bank account along with papers for his new identity. He tells the pilot to disappear and forget where he took Katherine as well as that woman with the baby. Alistair then leaves to take care of business, and Fox sneaks in. Fox places a bug on Alistair's phone and is caught by Ethan. Ethan can't believe what Fox is doing. Fox says it's none of his business, but Ethan begs to differ. Whitney asked him to find Theresa's baby, so Ethan says that makes it his business. Fox explains that he realized if Alistair was behind all this then he'll contact Katherine sooner or later, so he's bugging the phone. Fox asks Ethan for his help, but Ethan says no way. He says this is illegal and he could get disbarred if they are caught. Fox wonders if that is what Ethan is worried about. Fox speculates Ethan is afraid if he finds Gwen and brings her home, he'll have to make that choice they discussed earlier. Will he be a good husband to Gwen or keep playing house with Theresa?

On the pier, Martin runs into Alistair. Alistair taunts Martin about how easy he goes from one wife to another, make that his wife to Martin's real wife. Martin knows Alistair knows where Katherine is and demands Alistair tell him. AListair says Katherine will be well taken care of. He reminds Martin that Pilar is his wife, whereas Katherine belongs to him. Alistair says as his wife, he has certain rights to Katherine he intends to take advantage of. MArtin attacks Alistair, but Alistair's body guard stops him. Alistair tells Martin to go home to his wife, and the body guard lets him go. 

Back in Paloma's bedroom, Martin returns and Pilar asks where the soda and sherbet are. He says the store was closed. Pilar then begs Martin for the sake of their children to make this family work, help her put this family and their marriage back together. He looks at Paloma and says she is right, their children do need them. 

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Ethan and Fox talk outside, and Ethan finally agrees to help Fox with his little plan. He warns Fox that if Alistair finds out, he could kill him. Fox says it's a chance he'll take. They go back inside, and Whitney, who was attempting to eat, runs off to be sick. Theresa cries on Ethan's shoulder some more. When Whitney returns Fox asks if she is okay, and she says yes. He then tells her not to worry as he will bring Jane home.

At the hospital, Ivy watches as Sam attempts to get in touch with Grace and fails. She realizes what she has to do to stop Grace from coming home. She goes in to see Jessica and asks how she's doing. Jessica is groggy but coming around. SHe tells Ivy everything she remembers, and Ivy says they know, they all know. Ivy says her dad is calling her mom right now, and she knows it will be hard to have her mom around, but whatever happens just know her mom loves her. Ivy says her mom will probably ground her forever, maybe homeschool her, and she'll never leave her side, but it's because she loves her. Jessica says her mom will be so angry with her, her mom always lectured her on drugs and not to go out with strangers. Sam comes in and talks with Jessica. He says he has caught the man who did this and he'll never hurt her or another girl again. He says he was trying to call her mom, but she stops him and says don't. She says her mom left them and she doesn't want her to come home, and neither should he after what she did to him. Sam tells her to rest, and outside Sam asks Ivy how Jessica seemed to know he was calling her mother home. Ivy said she let it slip, she was telling her how much better she'd feel when her mom was home. Sam says she is lying and he knows she deliberately scared Jessica into not wanting her mom home. Sam tells Ivy to NEVER come between him and his daughter again, and he storms off leaving Ivy stunned.

At the Crane compound, Katherine is alone and thinking about her beloved Martin. Later the maid shows up and gives Katherine a present. The phone rings, and it is Alistair. He asks if she has opened his gift, but she says she doesn't want it. He tells her to OPEN IT! She does and it's a negligee. He says she must be lonely and cold there, but soon he'll be there to keep her company and he wants her wearing his gift!


March 17, 2005

Eve and Luis bring Sheridan back to the cottage, and Sheridan tells Luis that shes glad he asked Beth for joint custody. She also says she realizes she has to get over this notion that Marty is not her son. She tells Luis that he doesnt have to treat her like a fragile piece of Crane porcelain, she will get through this and she will accept that Marty is Beths son with him. She ends up running off to her room, and Luis tells Eve that he thinks Sheridan is just hiding her pain from him. Eve tells Luis that she thinks Sheridan is dealing with this as well as can be, she is a strong woman and can tell fantasy from reality. She also says there are other ways of dealing with her problems, such as Sheridan spending time with Marty. Luis just hopes it wont make things worse. Meanwhile, Sheridan goes into her bathroom and tries to convince herself that Marty is not her son. She then has a fantasy about having a baby with Luis and bringing him home. She says that is the way it was supposed to be, she and Luis were supposed to have their baby and be happy. Sheridan knows that Marty is her son and she says she cant let go of that fact. In the living room, Eve asks Luis if hes sure Beth wont have problems with joint custody. Luis says he doesnt think so, but Eve says there is a lot of emotional history between Beth, him (Luis) and Sheridan. Luis thinks it wont be a problem, and Marty will help Sheridan heal until they have their own child. Luis says Sheridan lights up when Marty is around, and Marty adores Sheridan as well. Luis says he always planned on asking for more time with Marty once he and Sheridan were married, but now he doesnt see any reason to wait. Eve says he did raise a good question earlier, Sheridan spending time with Marty could make it more difficult for her to accept he isnt her son. However she also agrees the benefits are worth the risk, the more time she spends with Marty the quicker shell get over the son she lost. They discuss Sheridan and how much Luis loves her. Sheridan comes out of the bathroom and tells Luis that there is something important she needs to tell him, something about their future.

At the Wallace house, Beth is fuming over the joint custody thing. She thinks Sheridan should go get her own damn kid. Edna says she already has one, his name is Marty and hes asleep upstairs! She begs Beth to just give Sheridan back her baby boy. Beth says no way, it wont happen. Edna tells Beth to do it before her soul is completely lost and she burns in hells fire forever! Edna continues to push her to give Marty back, but Beth says no. Edna says then Marty will be snatched from her arms as she cant deny Luis request for visitation. Beth says shell put him off for awhile until she figures out what to do, but Sheridan wont spend time with Marty. Beth says she went through a lot of hard work to get Marry, and hell be her son forever. Beth then realizes if Sheridan needs to be around Marty to get sane, if she keeps Marty from her then shell be driven into bonkersville! Beth says the lord works in mysterious ways! Edna says that the lord has nothing to do with this!

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whitney asks Fox how he will find Jane? Fox says he has a plan in motion and will do everything to find Jane because he cares that much about her (Whitney). Whitney wants to tell Theresa, but Fox says its better that they not get her hopes up. Fox asks if this means they still have a chance? She says theyll talk about their future later after they deal with Theresas problems. Fox says he loves her and he loves their baby with all his heart. Later the girls go into the kitchen and Fox sees Alistair is on the phone via the phone bug remote. Ethan asks how the thing works, and Fox says they just have to download the info onto a laptop and trace it. Ethan says there is a laptop around here somewhere. Fox thinks they girls are using it, and he says he has one in his car. Fox says they are a step closer to bringing Gwen and the baby home, but then Ethan faces a big decision. Fox gets his laptop and begins tracking Alistairs call. Fox says Alistair just has to stay on the phone long enough to trace the call to the source, then Gwen and the baby can be brought home safely, or not. Ethan says he resents that. Fox says hes just playing on that nerve again. Unfortunately Alistair hangs up and Fox sees the call has ended. He says they still may be able to trace it though. As they wait to see if the call can be traced, Fox continues to ask Ethan who he will chose to spend his life with once Gwen returns? Ethan says nothing, and Fox says he cant believe he used to want to be Ethan. As they discuss what Ethan will do, the computer beeps. Fox says that is it! Ethan asks if he was able to trace it?

Meanwhile, Whitney and Theresa are in the kitchen. Theresa is making soup for Whitney, and Whitney is on the net searching for information about adoption. Theresa continues to try and talk her out of this, but Whitney wont hear it. Whitney says she will put the baby up for adoption and then shell move away and start her life over. Theresa continues to tell her this will be the biggest mistake of her life, she cant want to do this. Whitney says what she wants has no place in her life anymore. Whitney says she has to do this otherwise think about what her childs life will be like on the playground with all the kids taunting him or her. Theresa says her life could be wonderful with Fox. Whitney says she cant use one of the nicest men she has met, and she cant let Fox believe he is the father of this baby. She says adoption is her only solution. Theresa wonders what happened to the real Whitney. Theresa reminds Whitney how they used to plan on raising their kids together. She tells Whitney that whether she wants to admit it or not, she has bonded with her baby and that bond will grow stronger when she sees her baby. Theresa says that you cant just turn your feelings on and off for your child because it is inconvenient or causes problems. She remembers how when they were kids the way she used to talk. We see a flashback of them as kids and Whitney had a doll and told Theresa this was her baby and she was the mommy, which Theresa thought was unfair as she was always the mommy. Whitney said it was her dream to have lots and lots of kids. Theresa tries to convince Whitney that she wont be thinking about who the father of her child is when she holds him or her. Whitney asks how she knows, and Theresa says because she didnt think about Julian, a man she hated more than life itself, when she held Little Ethan. Whitney says it wont work like that for her, but Theresa says it will. She tells Whitney if she doesnt believe her then just ask any woman on the street how they felt the minute they looked into their childs eyes.. Theresa says this isnt about her relationship with Chad, this is about a part of her. Theresa says that will never go away, never. Whitney looks at her computer screen again, so Theresa says Sheridan would trade places with her in a heartbeat. Whitney says that is a different situation, but Theresa says its not. She says Sheridan had an emotional breakdown when she lost her baby, as did her mom when she thought she lost her son. Still, Whitney says its different because its her choice to give the baby up. Theresa thinks Whitney is underestimating the feelings shell have for this baby. Theresa says shell love that child with all of her being and that never will go away. Theresa says she will be breaking her own heart, but Whitney says its already broken. Whitney says she has to do this, she has to give her baby a chance at a normal life. Theresa says she cant let her do this and she will find a way to stop her. Whitney asks Theresa if she is planning on telling Fox and Chad. Theresa says he should know. Whitney says she is her best friend and kept her secrets, so dont betray her. Theresa gives Whit her word that she wont tell them, but she still thinks something will stop her from giving the baby up. Theresa shows her something on the computer and says she cant get around that! 

Alistair calls Katherine and talks about how much he misses her and how they will be together soon. He says he cant wait to see her in his present. Katherine tells him that she doesnt want to see him, she thought the deal was shed never see him or Martin again. Alistair says that wasnt the deal, and he doesnt care what she wants. Alistair says she came to him for help, and he sent her to a luxurious place to hide where no one but him would find her. Alistair says she is his, she asked him for a favor and there were certain stipulations attached. Katherine says she made it very clear to him that . . . . Alistair says yes she has said it all. He tells her that she is in his debt, and knew that when she accepted his generosity. He says she granted her the wish, so dont pretend she thought it was coming from the goodness of his heart. He says she is in his debt, deeply in his debt and he will collect for as long as they both shall live. He says she is his property, she is his slave. She says if this is part of the deal then the deal is off, she wants to go back to Harmony. Alistair says no, and hell be arriving soon so she better make herself beautiful. He hangs up and says Katherine is all his. Back at the compound, Katherine remembers Alistair raping her and says she wont let him touch her. She wonders what she has done. Back at the mansion, Alistair is told his jet is ready to head out to his secret destination when hes ready, and nobody will ever trace him. Alistair tells his associate that hell be making this trip frequently and he can never be found. 


March 18, 2005

At the cottage, Sheridan tells Luis that they need to talk about the fight they had at the airport. Luis says hes no, and hes sorry. She says no, it was all her, and there is something she needs to say about their future. Eve excuses herself to make tea. Luis says she is his life, and he might have lost her tonight. Sheridan says she would have died if it wasnt for him. Luis says when she first came out of it she said she loves him, and that meant so much for him. He says he just wanted her to know in case she doesnt remember. Sheridan says she does love him, and Luis is relieved. He thought she was going to tell him that she didnt love him anymore. Sheridan says God no. Luis says he knows he hasnt been supportive with her mom, but hell try and get over it. Sheridan says there is something more she needs to tell him. She says while she claimed she accepted Marty wasnt their son, she lied. Sheridan says she believes he is her son and doesnt think shell ever get over it. Sheridan says in her heart she believes Marty is their son. Luis thought she understood, but if this is what she needs to believe then fine. Sheridan thinks he is humoring her. He says he is, and if spending time with Marty will help her get over her loss then so be it. Sheridan thanks him and heads to take a bath. Sheridan tells herself that she just wishes she could make Luis believe that Marty is their son. Eve returns and Luis says Sheridan went to take a bath. Luis tells Eve what Sheridan said to him about Marty. Eve says not to be hard on her. Eve doesnt know enough about psychiatry, but she is convinced Sheridan has hidden strengths and will be able to face reality. Luis hopes so. He says hell go over and pick up Marty so they can spend time with one another. Eve says he is a good man. Luis tells Eve not to tell Sheridan where hes gone, he wants this to be a surprise. He also asks Eve not to leave her alone right now. Later Sheridan comes out refreshed and tells Eve shell be okay on her own. Eve says shell just be right outside. Sheridan then looks at a photo of Luis with Marty and says Youre my son and I know it, mommy loves you and will find a way to get you back.

At the Wallace house, Beth is eating cookies and celebrating her latest plan. Edna calls her a cookie monster! Beth says if she keeps Marty away from Sheridan, shell be driven over the edge and locked back up. She says then she, Marty and Luis will be a family. Edna tells her daughter that she is evil, evil evil! Beth says eventually Sheridans little blond brain will fizzle out, and the men in straight jackets will cart her away. She says Luis will then be hers and everything will be fine for everyone. Mrs. Wallace says things will only be fine for her. Beth says that is all that matters. Edna tells Beth she is selfish! Beth says she learned it from her mother. Beth says all she ever wanted from a man was a good time and bottle of gin. Beth says she has learned from her mothers mistakes. Beth says when Luis is hers maybe they can give Marty a brother or sister. She tells her mom wouldnt she like another grandchild. Edna says she doesnt have one now. Edna tells Beth her plans always have a way of blowing up in her face. Beth says not this time, and whether they lock Sheridan in the nuthouse or a coffin, she is a winner. Edna says she wont stand here and watch Beth try and kill Sheridan again, enough is enough! Edna asks how much she will put this girl through. Beth says she doesnt know, but Sheridan is like a cockroach. Beth says shes either going to drive her crazy or kill her, either way she is gone. Edna says she may kill Sheridan, but she can never get Sheridan out of Luis heart. She says they are soul mates and that will never change. Edna begins singing Luis and Sheridan sitting in a tree . . . . Edna says Luis will never love Beth no matter what she does, hell take a dead Sheridan over a live Bethy any day. Beth begins throwing things at her mom and screams I will have Luis She tells her mom why do you make me lose my temper? Beth says she has to go to the Book Caf to take care of things and she may be awhile. Beth leaves out the back, and Luis shows up at the front door to pick up Marty. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Fox and Ethan are trying to trace Alistairs phone call over Foxs laptop. Ethan cant believe Fox did this, if Alistair finds out he will kill Fox. Fox says he probably will kill him as granddaddy is one mean puppy. Fox says they both have a lot riding on him finding Gwen and Jane. He says it means a future for him and Whitney, and Ethan will have to make a choice between door number one and two. Fox jokes that behind door number one is Theresa, the woman Ethan truly loves. Behind door number two is his scalpel wielding wife. Ethan tells Fox enough. Foxs PC beeps, and Fox tells Ethan he may want to sit down. Ethan says he doesnt want to sit down, just spit it out. Fox says he found them, he knows where they are hiding. Fox says all he has to do is go there and bring them home. He says he just has to go get his baby and (chuckles) the woman he loves. Ethan tries to convince Fox to call the cops and let them handle this. Fox says he cant do that, Alistair has people everywhere. He says Alistair will be tipped off and have them moved elsewhere. Fox says him going to find them on his own is the only choice they have. Ethan begs him to just call Sam, but Fox says no because a cop on Harmony PD will tip Alistair off. Fox thinks maybe Ethan wants that to happen, maybe he doesnt want Gwen to come home. Ethan tells Fox to stop this. He tells Fox maybe he is just concerned for his half-brothers safety. Fox says thanks, but hes going to do this. Ethan reminds Fox that Gwen and Katherine left on their own, so how does he plan to make them come home? Fox says he doesnt know yet, but he has to do this. 

In the kitchen, Theresa tells Whitney that (pointing to the screen) will stop her from giving her baby up, her plan just went out the window. Whitney says she cant let this stop her, adoption is her only chance. Theresa says she needs the fathers signature to give the baby up, and that will reveal her secret and her plan. Whitney doesnt know what shell do, this was her last option. Theresa says she can keep the baby, but Whitney says no. Whitney says incest is an ugly word, and no matter how much love she has to give the baby, the world will be out to destroy it. Whitney says adoption was the only chance her baby had for a regular life. Whitney says shes failed her baby yet again; this is the second time she has failed her baby before her baby is even born. Theresa tries to convince Whitney that it will be okay, things will work out. Fox and Ethan come in and Fox asks a crying Whitney what is wrong? Theresa says nothing, she was trying to comfort her about Jane. Whitney says and like a sap she ended up in tears. Fox tells Whitney that he has to go leave town right now, and he knows this is bad timing. Theresa asks what is so important that he has to leave Whitney when shes about to have a baby? Everyone just stares at Fox. Fox says it is a big deal for Crane Industries, and if he doesnt close this deal then the client will go with someone else. Ethan says yes, and Alistair would be very upset. Fox says yes, he could even have him fired. Fox says where would that leave them at a time like this. Fox swears hell be back before the baby is born, and he tells the baby that hell be home soon. Ethan suggests they leave Fox and Whitney to say goodbye, and he wheels Theresa out to the living room. Fox then informs Whitney that he found the baby and thats what hes leaving for. He says he doesnt want to tell Theresa yet to get her hopes up. Whitney thanks him and gives him a big hug. He says he told her that hed do anything for her, and hell be back before the baby is born. Fox says if the baby puts up a fuss to tell her or him to hold off till he gets there. Fox says besides hell have to be there to sign the birth certificate and make any important decision for the baby. Whitney says hes right, he will have to make some important decisions. Whitney gets an idea, and she tells Fox what if something does happen while hes away and she needs his permission for something. Fox says he could leave her with a lot of money, but that might not do any good. Fox says hell have something drafted and give her his power of attorney. He says he trusts her so if she had his power then she could make any decisions. She says that would help a lot and thanks him. In her head she says this will help more than hell ever know.

In the living room, Theresa is unhappy with Fox leaving at a time like this. Ethan says he cant help it, abut he knows Fox wants to be a father. Whitney thanks Ethan for being here for her and not turning his back on her. She says she is grateful he is here for her. Ethan says he care for . . . he cares about her and what happens to her.

At the Crane compound, Gwen finds Katherine crying and asks what is wrong? Katherine says she is Alistairs captive, his prisoner. She says she never should have trusted him. She says she shouldnt have let her guard down. Katherine says for once she thought Alistair would do the human thing and help her, but she forgot that Alistair isnt human. She says whatever happened to him years ago hardened his heart and turned it into a ledger book. She says everything is profit and loss to Alistair, and he feels she owes him her time and effort as he expended his time and effort helping her. Gwen sees the negligee on the bed and realizes what is going on. Katherine says this is nothing but Alistairs spider web. Gwen tells Katherine that she and Ashley cant stay her and neither can Katherine, so they all have to just go. Gwen says they have to go someplace Alistair wont find them. Gwen tells Katherine not to say no, they can all just disappear together where no one will find them. Katherine says no, she accepted Alistairs help and this is the price she must pay. Later, someone knocks on Katherines door. Flowers are brought in, and she wants them taken away. The maid says she cant do that, Mr. Cranes orders. Katherine says fine, and she looks at the flowers. There is a card to her in the flowers. She reads the card, which reads . . . My dearest Katherine, I trust your enjoying my hospitality. Im so looking forward to our many nights together. The nights we shared together so long ago make me shiver with anticipation. Alistair goes on and says While Im not there yet, I know Im in your thoughts and dreams and there is no escaping me.

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