March 21, 2005

At Tabithas place, Simone and Kay discuss what happened with Jessica. Kay feels terrible and says the first time your with someone it should be with a man who loves you, like it was with her and Miguel. Simone says but Miguel didnt love her, she only got him into bed because he thought she was Charity. Kay says her point is that Jessica needs a man like Miguel, someone who will love her. Jessica walks in and says she had that kind of man, she had Reese but Kay ruined it! Jessica is furious that they are gossiping about her, but Kay says they arent gossiping. Kay says she cares about her, and she says it was Charity who took Reese from her. Jessica says yes but Kay made a pass at Reese at the movie theater that one night long before Charity was interested in Reese. Tabitha remembers that was her fault yet Kay is taking the blame. Jessica tells her sister that she couldnt stand that she was happy or that Reese liked her. Jessica says no wonder Miguel left Harmony so fast he left skid marks. Jessica says Miguel could get away from Kay fast enough. Jessica then runs out of the house.

Ivy and Sam return home, and in the backyard Ivy apologizes for butting into his life with his daughters. She says he had every right to tell her what he did, and shell just go pack so he doesnt have to see her anymore. He tells her that he doesnt want her to go, and he was just upset about Jessica. Ivy says she wants to do better by him and the girls, and he says he knows. She says maybe she can have her own girls come home and they could all be a family. Sam asks if she thinks they would come home? She doesnt know, and she doesnt know much about being a mom. She says she does want to try and fix her mistakes. Sam says he loves her for wanting to try, but it is his fault for what happened to Jessica. He also knows Ivy is worried about Grace coming home, but this isnt about them it is about Jessica. Sam says Jessica needs her mother. Ivy just worries to herself if Grace comes him then shell lose everything. Jessica runs into her dad in the backyard, and he asks why she isnt resting? Kay, Simone and Tabitha are right behind Jessica. Jessica tells them all to just leave her alone! She tells her dad that he cant help, and neither can Kay. Kay says they were just talking and they feel bad for what shes been through. Jessica tells them all they dont care about her, they dont care whether she lives or dies. She says mom left the first chance she got, Reese left her for Charity, and Kay ignored her until Reese paid attention to her and it made her jealous. Sam says they all love her, but Jessica says who could love her when even her own mother couldnt. She says her mother left her to be with David, she left them all. Sam says that her mother does love her, but Jessica asks why she isnt here then. Jessica says she hates them all and runs inside. Kay says Jessica didnt mean it, but Sam thinks she did. Sam wishes Grace would call back. Tabitha talks to Endora and says Ivy is terrified that Grace will come back and everything she did will be exposed.

Jessica goes inside and the phone rings. She runs upstairs, and Grace leaves a message and asks if anyone is there? Jessica runs up to the bathroom and begins to scream and knock things over. Jessica sees a razor blade on the floor and grabs it. We see her roll up her sleeves and apparently take the blade to her wrists. Suddenly blood drops onto the floor. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Fox asks Ethan for a favor and they go into the living room. Theresa wonders what is going on, and she sees what is on her computer. Theresa accuses Whitney of getting Foxs power of attorney in order to give her baby up. Whitney admits that is what shes planning to do. Theresa asks her to just tell them all the truth and try and work things out. Whitney says there is no working things out. Theresa begs Whitney not to give her baby up, shell regret it for the rest of her life. Whitney says the only way to protect her child and herself is to give it up for adoption, and nothing anyone can say or do will stop her. Theresa asks what will Fox think when he comes home and finds out she gave away the baby. Whitney says shell lie, shell think of something. Theresa says her lies are just getting biter and bigger.

In the living room, Ethan talks with Fox and realizes Fox is still going to go out on his own to find Gwen and the baby. Ethan wishes hed reconsider and tell his father about what he knows. Fox wont, and he thinks Ethan is just concerned that hes finally going to have to make a choice between Theresa and Gwen. Ethan assures fox he wants his wife to come home, but he wants Fox to do the right thing. Fox agrees to talk to Sam after they finish printing off the power of attorney papers. To himself, Fox says hes sorry but hes leaving on his own tonight.

Fox and Ethan walk aback into the kitchen just as Whitney tells Theresa to leave her alone as she knows what shes doing. Fox asks what shes talking about? Whitney says they were just arguing about what she might be able to keep down. Whitney says she thought she could keep a milkshake down. She says Theresa reminded her that when she was little she was allergic to dairy, but shes not anymore. Fox says great and makes the milkshake. Theresa becomes upset and says shes going to go check on her son. Theresa wheels herself out of the kitchen. Ethan tells Whitney and Fox they both need to sign the papers and hell report them. Ethan asks what kind of power does she want, limited or unlimited? She asks what the difference is, and he explains. Fox says unlimited. Ethan says he needs to warn Fox that this can be dangerous, but Fox says he trusts Whitney. They go to sign the papers, and Whitney stops him. She says this is such a big step. He says he trusts her, and its not like hes going to come home and find out she gave away his life. She says to herself he has no idea what shes giving away. Ethan leaves them to say goodbye and he goes to see Theresa. She asks about the power of attorney they signed, and Ethan says it is legal. Theresa hopes Whitney will be able to live with herself. Meanwhile, Fox tells Whitney he will bring Theresas baby home, and hell miss her. He also tells the baby to hold on until he gets back. He says goodbye and gives her a kiss. Fox leaves, and Whitney says shes so sorry. Fox takes off, and Ethan realizes Fox left to him. Ethan wonders what he should do, should he tell Theresa what hes up to? Fox drives off in his car and hopes Whitney will be okay by the time he gets back. Meanwhile, Whitney says she is sorry as she looks at a photo of Fox and her, and she says she has to stick to her plan. Suddenly Whitney cries out and realizes she is in labor.

At Beths house, Luis tells Mrs. Wallace that hes here for Marty. Mrs. Wallace remembers that Beth warned her not to let Marty go spend time with Luis and Sheridan, and if she did she would carve her up. Luis asks if Marty is awake? Can he take Marty? Mrs. Wallace says shes not sure. Luis asks what is wrong? Luis says she looks a little pale. Edna says she just needs to sit down for a minute. Luis helps her to her chair, and she says she just got up too fast and got a little lightheaded. Luis says hell get her some water. Edna tells Precious she doesnt know what to do about Luis. Luis returns with some water for her, and she thanks him. Edna asks how Sheridan is doing? Luis says physically she is okay, but emotionally shes not doing well. He says she never got over the loss of their baby, and Eve fears she isnt getting better. Luis says Eve thinks if Sheridan doesnt have a child of her own then she could lose her mind. Luis was hoping if she could spend time of Marty it would help. Edna says she understands why he wants to help Sheridan. He says he does, and he wants to spend more time with Marty. He asks if Beth is around so he can ask if its okay to take Marty. Edna says she went to the Book Caf to close up. Luis says hell just come back later. Edna is conflicted over what to do. Edna stops Luis from leaving and claims that before Beth left she told her it would be okay if he came by to pick up Marty. She says she is sorry, she is old and just forgot. Luis is happy and goes up to get Marty. Luis leaves with Marty, and Beth returns home. Edna screams when she sees Beth, and Beth asks what she has done now, where is Marty? Edna says she has to go to the bathroom now otherwise she might have an accident on the floor. Beth tells her to go ahead, shell go up and see Marty. Beth goes upstairs, and Precious suggests they drive away. Edna says that wont work, Beth will hunt them down. Edna says she has an idea and tells Precious to come with her. They hide in Ednas room, and Beth bangs on the door and demands to know where Marty is. Edna says Luis came over and he took Marty. Beth asks where Luis took her son? Edna says he took her to see Sheridan. Beth tells her mom she told her not to let that happen! Edna says he took her to see Sheridan for a few days. Beth ends up screaming and shatters all the vases in the house!

On the Crane estate, Sheridan is taking a walk. She begins having hallucinations that Marty is with her. She tells herself that she has to stop doing this to herself. Sheridan keeps walking and finds the old playhouse she and Julian played in as children. She always wanted her own kids to play hear, and she fantasizes about being here with Marty. Sheridan wonders if she is going crazy. She says she needs to face the fact that she might be facing a future without children. Sheridan returns to the cottage where Luis is. Sheridan tells him that she still cant stop thinking that Marty is their son, and she is confused. Luis says he has a surprise for her, something that should make her feel a whole lot better. Luis brings Marty out to Sheridan, and Sheridan holds him. She thanks Luis for doing this for her. She says this is exactly what she needed.


March 22, 2005

Tabitha and Endora sit in their yard and have a tea party as they listen to the drama going on in the Bennett's backyard. Sam blames himself for Jessica's situation as he wasn't around enough. Ivy blames herself for not being stricter in fear of overstepping her boundaries. Kay blames herself and says perhaps she did cause problems for Jessica and Reese. Eve soon shows up and tries to talk to Sam about the way Jessica is acting. She says it is natural, Jessica is just feeling dirty right now given what happened and she is taking her anger out. She says they just need to give her some space. Tabitha tells Endora that Jessica wants space so she can hurt herself! Eve asks Sam if Grace has called back, but Sam says not yet. He says it's morning in Europe now, so she should return his calls soon. Ivy says she can try and fill in for Grace, but Eve says Jessica needs a mother, her real mother right now. Simone tells her mom that Mrs. Bennett doesn't know anything about drugs and casual sex, so perhaps she should talk to Jessica. Simone says her life would scare anyone straight. Sam tells Simone not to speak to her mom like that, she was a great mother to her and Whitney. Simone says yea, Whitney was sleeping with her half-brother and is now knocked up. Eve tells Simone not to make light of Whitney's situation, it isn't her fault. Simone says no, it's her mom's. Later, Ivy pulls Eve aside and the two fight over Eve butting in where she shouldn't. Ivy reminds Eve she tried this earlier but backed down when Ivy pointed out if her scheme is exposed then Eve's part in it is exposed. Eve no longer cares, but Ivy says she should. Ivy says she is coming up on a trial, and while Julian may be able to get a fancy lawyer to help her, nobody can help her if her reputation is smeared. Ivy says how will it look to a jury to know she was so cold and cruel that she allowed her best friend's marriage to be ruined to save her own hide? What friends will she have left to give character testimonials. eve realizes Ivy is right, and she says nothing more. Later Eve gets paged and has to go as there is an emergency. The phone rings and Ivy says she'll go get it. It's a salesman calling, but then she sees they have another message on the machine. She listens to Grace's message and then deletes it. Sam comes in and asks if it was Grace calling, but Ivy says no, just a salesman.

In the Bennett's bathroom, Jessica cuts her wrists up and then tells herself she is a waste, she should die. She writes "Dead" on the mirror in blood, and then smashes the mirror. Later Jessica gets in the tub and we see her submerge herself under the water.

Fox is on his way to the airport and says he's going to bring back Jane and Gwen, and then Ethan will have to make a very hard choice.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Ethan finally admits to himself he is worried about Gwen and Jane coming home as he'll have to decide between the two women he loves. Meanwhile, Theresa tells Ethan that she's very worried about Whitney right now. She says Whitney is under a lot of pressure, so is there anyway to take away Fox's power of attorney as she thinks it may be too much for her right now. Ethan says no, it's done.  Suddenly they hear Whitney cry out from the kitchen. They head in to check on her and she says she's in labor. Theresa asks if she is sure, it could be Braxton-Hicks. Whitney says maybe that's it, but when she is hit with another pain she says no, she's in labor. Theresa tells Ethan to call Fox back now. Whitney says no, but Ethan decides to call Fox. Fox is on the jet by now, and Whitney grabs the phone from Ethan before he can tell Fox the truth. Fox asks Whitney what is wrong, Ethan made it sound like something is wrong. She says nothing's wrong, she just had stomach cramps and they jumped to conclusions. Ethan is shocked and asks Theresa why Whitney is lying to Fox? Theresa makes up excuses, but Ethan won't buy them. Theresa suggests Ethan ask Whitney why she's lying to Fox. Ethan intends to, but when she gets off the phone she ends up in more pain. Ethan calls the hospital, and Eve soon arrives on the scene and learns Whitney is in labor. On the table by Whitney is the power of attorney papers, and Whitney hopes her mom does not notice them and figure out what she's planning.  

At the Wallace house, Beth bangs on her mom's door and tells her and Precious that she's going to kill them! Edna puts all her furniture in front of the door to keep Beth out, but Beth gets a hedge trimmer to try and break in. Edna tells Beth to get used to Marty spending a few days with Luis and Sheridan. Beth tells her mother that she's leaving to go get Marty, but Edna thinks it is just a trick. Edna hears the door slam, and thinks BEth is gone. Edna heads out into the hall, and Beth grabs her from behind and holds a knife to her throat. Beth tells her mom now she dies! Beth mocks her mom and scream "Oh angels in heaven!" Then she says get ready cause she's sending her mom up! Precious jumps on Beth's back, and they tumble down the steps. After a lot of running around and throwing of household objects, Beth slips on a banana and apparently knocks herself out. 

At the cottage, SHeridan is overjoyed to learn MArty is staying for a few days. She goes into mommy mode and orders up everything she can think of. She order a bed, a tricycle, a swing set, a stroller, a crib, toys, food, and even a pinball machine! After everything is delivered the cottage looks like FAO Schwartz. Luis decides to take Marty for a walk and puts him in his stroller. Sheridan remains at home and begins setting things up for Marty.

On the pier, Luis is walking Marty when Beth shows up. Beth says she's so glad she found him and Marty. Luis hopes it is okay he took Marty, and Beth says it is but her mom forgot to tell her, so she was just worried. Luis tells her not to be. He says Sheridan will take good care of him, and she is at home right now setting up everything she just bought for him. Beth then gets an idea and says Sheridan will be dead soon.


Mrs. Wallace and Precious are on the couch drinking when a man arrives with a special delivery letter for Precious, no last name given. Mrs. Wallace hopes nothing is wrong. The delivery man says it must be signed for, so Precious comes to sign for the letter. He says that is Precious. Mrs. Wallace says Precious is a she, not a that. Precious signs for the letter and the delivery man says this is a first for him. He says hes never delivered a letter to a monkey. Precious goes nuts, and Mrs. Wallace says shes an orangutan not a monkey. He says he needs to see some ID, so she shows him his drivers license. Ke cant believe they gave this ape a drivers license. Mrs. Wallace says they gave him one didnt they. Precious then gives the man a banana as a tip. Mrs. Wallace opens the letter and says No! It turns out that Precious aunt is sick, and Mrs. Wallace says she didnt know she had an aunt. Precious shows Mrs. Wallace a photo of her aunt that is in her wallet. Mrs. Wallace says the letter doesnt say what shes dying of, does Precious know? Precious says Gin! Mrs. Wallace cant believe that. She then realizes Precious is going to have to leave her, and she cant bear to be without her. Mrs. Wallace says shes not only a swell nurse, but she hes best bud! Mrs. Wallace cries What will I do, Im going to miss you. Precious gives Edna a big hug. Precious packs her bag, including a photo of Luis. Edna knows she still loves Luis and she wont see him again. Precious begins to have flashbacks about Luis. Mrs. Wallace tells Previous that she knows, and sometimes they have to love their men from afar. Mrs. Wallace says Precious and Luis, the love that dare not speak its name. Edna says it wouldnt have worked out, she must admit that. Precious continues to have flashbacks of all her fantasies about Luis. 

At the Crane mansion, Alistair is watching his TVs as his latest female friend gets dressed. He says hell have a special check issued for her eager work tonight. Alistair flips between channels and watches all his bastard children and grandchildren around Harmony. He stops when he gets to Whitney going into labor in the kitchen and watches it. He gets enjoyment out of it, but the woman says Whitney is going to give birth to yet another bastard Crane. Alistair says yes, but it will bring so much pain.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Eve arrives and helps Whitney, whose going into labor. Ethan calls for an ambulance, and then goes to get some clean towels and sheets after Eve asks him to. Eve asks Whitney to lay down on the kitchen table. Eve says things will be okay, but Whitney says shes giving birth to her half-brothers child, things wont be okay. Eve looks over at Theresa and then back at Whitney. Eve asks if Theresa knows, and Whitney says yes. Whitney says she trusts Theresa, she knows Theresa wouldnt run to tell her lover like she did. Theresa says so Julian knows? Whitney says yes, and she might as well put an ad in the paper telling everyone that shes having her half-brothers kid. Eve tells her to hush as Ethan will hear. Eve says Fox should be here, he does think this is his baby after all. Theresa says hes out of town. Whitney says Chad is the one who should be here anyways. Whitney has another contraction, and Eve says the baby is coming now. Whitney says what if the baby is sick and something is wrong. Eve says not to think about that and concentrate on having the baby. Whitney thinks God is punishing her. Eve needs to get her bag, but Whitney doesnt want her mom to leave her side. Eve asks Theresa to get her bag. Theresa attempts to get the bag but its blocked by a knocked over chair. Miraculously Theresa gets out of her wheelchair to get the bag without thinking about it. Ethan walks in and says Your walking! Eve looks up, and Theresa realizes she is. Eve says the swelling must have gone down around her spinal cord. Whitney screams again, and Eve says the baby is coming. The paramedics finally arrive, but by then Whitney is crowning. Eve tells her to push, and the baby comes out. The baby cries after awhile, and Ethan and Theresa says she has a little baby. Eve looks at the baby and then looks at Whitney. Theresa asks if everything is okay? Whitney cries she knew it, the baby is a monster! 

At Crane Industries, Valerie and Chad are working on some reports, but Chad wont stop looking at a photo of Whitney, himself and Fox. She cant believe he is still dreaming about his half-sister. He says he wont deny it, he is thinking about her. She says he cant love her, but he says he can. He says his evil grandfather knew the truth and pushed them together. He wishes the poisoned would have killed Alistair. Valerie says he cant talk like that, Alistair has this whole town bugged. Chad doesnt care, and he begins screaming out to his grandfather. Alistair is watching and gets a kick out of this. Chad tells Valerie while he knows he cant be with Whitney romantically, they can share their lives. She makes a face, and he says she is like all the others, she thinks hes sick. She says no she doesnt think hes sick, and she cant blame him as Alistair has done this to him. He says for as long as hes remembers all he wanted was a real family. He says when he found his family, he found out he was in love with his half-sister. Valerie says her mom always says be careful what you wish for or you might get it. Chad tells Valerie that he wishes things could be different between them, but hes still in love with Whitney. Chad says every man deserves to be with the woman he loves. He says he has the woman he loves, except for one little detail, hes her brother. Valerie says she hopes one day hell come to his senses and realize he cant have Whitney. Valerie says shell be around that day and hell realize what hes been missing. She says she is patient, and its not like Whitney is the competition, she is her sister. Valerie says its not like they can be together ever again. Alistair walks in and says he disagrees. Chad asks if Alistair if saying that he cant resist temptation? That hell give in and make love to Whitney? Alistair asks Valerie for a moment alone with Chad, so she leaves. Alistair goes to light up, but Chad says no smoking in his office. Alistair says they wont discuss the fact that this building, and every office in it is his.. Alistair says so my black bastard of a grandson . . . Chad says so my white racist grandfather. Alistair laughs and says at least they are down with one another as he and his friends say. Alistair then tells Chad if he wants to be with Whitney, take her and make her his and not to worry what others think. Alistair says he is a Crane now, and Crane takes what he wants and doesnt care what others think. He does what he wants and needs to give no explanations. Alistair says the Cranes arent bound by the drab puritanical boundaries of society, so if he wants Whitney to take her! 

On the pier, Beth has a knife, which she toys with, and says she has a surprise for Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis plays with Marty and thanks Beth for allowing him and Sheridan to spend time with Marty. Beth says so Sheridan is home right now? He says yea, she is setting up the place. He says there was so much stuff he had to leave. Beth says so Sheridan is home alone . . . . Luis asks what she said? She says of she was just saying how Marty looks like the kid from Home Alone. Luis says maybe. Beth refuses to allow Sheridan to steal her life, so she decides to pay her a visit and put and end to her dreams and her life. She then suggests Luis take Marty to play on the swings. He says its late, but Beth says they always play on the swings all the time when Marty cant sleep. She says it will help, especially tonight as he might be agitated sleeping in a new place. Luis says he doesnt know much about being Martys parent, so okay. Beth thinks the park is close enough to the Crane Estate that she can escape for a few minutes. They head to the park and Beth insists they swing. Beth claims she is going to go get them some coffee but will be right back. As Luis takes the baby of, the baby tells bye bye! Luis says theyll see her soon, and she runs off to kill Sheridan. Luis later wonders where Beth is, he thought she went to get some coffee but she has been gone awhile. 

Julian shows up at the cottage and asks what is going on, has Sheridan started a daycare center? She says no, this is for Marty. She says Luis and Beth are sharing custody, so hes going to be spending a lot of time here. She says she is so happy and nothing can take this away from her. Sheridan brings Julian some coffee, and she talks about how she Luis and Marty will be a family. He says that will be a first for this estate. She says not really, Pilar and her family lived here for awhile, and Pilar was a wonderful mother. They soon talk about their own mother, and Sheridan knows their mother regretted giving them up. Julian says he thinks it would have been easier if she never came back, but Sheridan says shes glad she came back. Julian says she only brought up more pain by leaving again. Sheridan says she blames Father for their mother leaving. Julian says she left to help Martin as well as her and Luis. Sheridan says their father did help mother escape, and he is responsible for her leaving the first time. She says anything that happens to them is because of their darling daddy. Julian vows to make sure Alistair tells them where their mother is. Sheridan says not tonight. They talk about their expanding family, which now includes Marty and Chad. Julian says he hopes Chad comes to accept him as a father some day. Julian says Chad has a lot of his mind, including the fact that he still wants to be with Whitney his half-sister. Meanwhile, Beth looks in on them from outside and is upset Sheridan isnt alone. She says she just has to be patient. Back inside, Julian prepares to head back to the mansion. Sheridan tells Luis shes glad they got this time together to be like a real brother and sister. He says he has always loved her, and he wants this night to bring her nothing but happiness. Beth hears this and says not likely, a few more minutes and Sheridan will be worm food. After Julian finally leaves, Beth says after all this time her dreams are coming true. Beth says Sheridan Crane is about to die! Beth then knocks on the door, and Sheridan answers. Sheridan says she didnt expect her, is Marty and Luis with her? Beth says shell never see them again, stabs Sheridan and yells Die you blond bimbo!


March 24, 2005
This is very short. I had a terrible migraine and honestly didn't pay too much attention while the show was on.

At Crane Industries, Chad tells Alistair that hes disgusting for encouraging him to commit incest. Alistair tells Chad that hes disappointed in him, he thought he was a Crane now and would take what he wanted in spite of what society thinks. Julian catches Alistair encouraging Chad to sleep with Whitney, throws him against the wall and calls him a sick bastard. Alistair laughs at them both and then informs them they should be elsewhere as right now Whitney is giving birth to her baby at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Eve holds Whitneys son, and Ethan and Theresa say hes beautiful. Whitney refuses to look at the baby and calls him a monster. One of the paramedics says hes seen this before, it is just postpartum depression. Eve suggests they all get over to the hospital.

At the hospital, the baby is taken to the nursery and Dr. Carlyle examines him. Chad and Julian arrive and Chad is shocked to hear Whitney refusing to see her baby and calling him a monster. Chad says its a beautiful baby boy. Chad and Ethan, who are puzzled about Whitneys behavior, talk with Julian. Meanwhile, Theresa tries to get Eve to force Whitney to go look at her child, but Eve says she cant do that. Eve says Whitney is a big girl and if she doesnt want to see her son then she cant force her to. Whitney tells her mom to call her a cab as she wants to go home. Theresa says no, but Eve says it is Whitneys choice. Suddenly we hear monitors beep, something is wrong with the baby.

At the cottage, Beth stabs Sheridan and kills her. She is thrilled that she has finally done away with her enemy. Luis returns with Marty, sees Sheridan on the floor, and asks Beth if she did this? Of course this was all in Beths head. Beth is actually at a convenience store getting coffee as she said she was. It seems the clerk was taking longer to get the coffee and change then Beth expected. Luis once again thanks Beth for agreeing to share custody and letting Marty spend a few days with him and Sheridan.

Back at the cottage, Luis returns with Marty. Sheridan has the place all set up, and she reads Marty Curious George as a bedtime story.

At the Wallace house, Edna and Precious continue to reminisce via flashbacks. Precious then heads off and says goodbye to Harmony. Later Beth shows up and shes furious that she was unable to kill Sheridan. She vows she will find a way to kill Sheridan somehow. Alistair shows up and he makes a joke about Charlie being here, and together they will find a way to get rid of Sheridan permanently.


March 25, 2005

At the cottage, Luis watches as Sheridan plays with Marty. Sheridan says she has the two men she loves most in the world, she couldnt be happier. Luis says it feels so right, like nothing could ever hurt them again. Sheridan makes a comment about Marty being her son. Luis tells Sheridan that Marty isnt her son, and if she keeps saying that then Beth may get upset and not let them have Marty over anymore. Sheridan says she got carried away and she says she wont say it again. Sheridan says she knows that Marty is Beths son. Luis does wish they knew what his son looked like. Sheridan says he was so beautiful, and she just wishes she knew who was behind the kidnapping .Luis says he wouldnt be surprised if it was Alistair. Sheridan says her father is evil, but she doesnt think hes that evil. Luis asks why not? Sheridan says her father didnt kill Chad, and she wonders what if her father did the same with their child as he did with Chad. Sheridan says for all they know Alistair could have put their baby in some foster home somewhere. Luis says he doubts that, Alistair is a lot meaner now. Sheridan asks what would Alistair have against a baby? Luis says hes a Crane heir with Lopez-Fitzgerald blood. Luis also says if he married her then hed have access to all the Crane files and secrets. Sheridan says the anger her father feels towards him and everyone else is so sad. She says her father could lead a happy life, instead it is devoid of all happiness. Luis says she wont be able to change him. Sheridan says she knows. Sheridan says at least he cant take away this happiness she feels.

At the Wallace house, Edna is stunned when Alistair says hell help Beth find a way to kill Sheridan. Edna says not again! Beth tells her mom not to be rude to their guest. Beth suggests they celebrate them becoming a team again and goes to pour them some drinks. Alistair asks Edna why she is scowling; does she need a diaper change? He asks where Precious is? She says Precious had to go back to the jungle to care for a sick aunt. Alistair says hell miss her. Alistair then wants to talk about killing Sheridan. Edna says he is sick sick sick! Alistair thinks Edna has always wanted to do away with Beth. Edna says she wanted to send her away, not do away with her. Edna says Beth is sick just like he is. Alistair says Sheridan is needy and weak like her mother, and he can never have Luis marrying Sheridan and gaining access to his secrets. He also says their love child will never lay claim to his empire. He says Sheridan must be stopped before she breeds with Luis again. Beth and Alistair then toast to getting rid of Sheridan. They try and come up with a plan to get away with Sheridan. Beth suggests they have Sheridan die in some horrible bear-trap accident. Edna refuses to listen to this and says shes calling the cops. Alistair tells her not to even think about telling anyone otherwise theyll use her for a practice killing. Beth cheers the idea on. As Alistair grabs and threatens Edna, Edna then has a strange flashback of a very young Alistair smiling at her.

At the Bennetts, Ivy tells Sam how its been a stressful night so shell make him a drink. Tabitha shows up with Endora and asks for one of what Sam is having. Sam says its late, shouldnt she go home and get some rest? Tabitha says Kay is having some late night get together with her friends and asked her to make herself scarce. Tabitha says Kay has been living with her so long that Kay thinks of her house as her own house! Sam tells Tabitha she can stay as long as she likes as he appreciates what shes done for Kay. Ivy gives Sam and Tabitha their drinks. Tabitha says shes changed her mind, could she have a double kaluha? Under her breath Ivy says anything for the guest from hell. Tabitha says to herself oh shes just getting started. Ivy brings Tabitha her drink, and Tabitha says shes just starved for some adult conversation as shes been around babies and teenagers for so long. Sam brings up the windstorm that happened in Aimsville. Ivy switches the conversation to Endora. Ivy talks about Endora and how she doesnt look like Tabitha at all, but she does remind her of someone else. Tabitha says if Ivy knows Julian is Endoras father then this could be a problem for Ivy. Sam tries to talk about the windstorm, but Tabitha changes the subject to Grace. Tabitha thinks its odd Grace hasnt returned his call, and she asks Ivy if she doesnt agree? Tabitha makes some joke about how Grace always thought Ivy as being a desperate housewife throwing herself at Sam like he was the hot gardner. Ivy decides to go check on Jessica, and Tabitha tells herself that will teach Ivy to dis them

Upstairs, Jessica cleans up the broken mirror bits in the bathroom. We see flashbacks of her losing it in the bathroom earlier in the week. Jessica says shes made such a mess, and she just wishes the hurt would stop. Jessica then goes into her room to get some sleep. Ivy shows up to check on her and lets her sleep. Ivy picks up some of Jessicas clothes on the floor and sees blood all over a towel. Ivy wakes Jessica up and asks where the blood on the towel came from. Jessica claims she forgot it was her time of the month and had an accident. Ivy asks if she is sure that is it? Ivy wants to call Eve, but Jessica tells her no. She swears it was just her period. Ivy says okay if she is sure. Ivy says she wont push, but if it is more to let her know. Jessica says sure whatever. Ivy says she is sorry she woke her up, she thought something had happened. Jessica tells Ivy that she doesnt care about her, that all she cares about is keeping her place in her fathers bed! Jessica thinks Ivy just swooped in and took over the house and took her place in her moms bed. Ivy says that is not what happened, she and Sam didnt get together until after Grace left to be with David. Jessica says she hates her mom for doing that and she hates Ivy too. Jessica tells Ivy to just leave her alone, she doesnt want her help. Ivy suggests she give Jessica some advice, but Jessica doesnt want it. Ivy says Jessica is making a mistake, she could help her. Jessica says they arent going to bond, they arent going to have girl talk over tea or watch lifetime movies together. Ivy says shed like to be close to her, Kay and even Noah if he would come home. Jessica tells Ivy she knows shes just doing this to score points with her father, and she wont let her do that. Jessica tells Ivy to get out. Ivy finally leaves. Jessica rants about how she hates Grace, Ivy and her father. 

Downstairs, Sam thanks Tabitha for housing Kay and Maria. Tabitha says its no trouble, and she keeps saying its so odd that Grace still hasnt called back. Tabitha then says as long as he is happy that is what counts. Sam says he is. She toasts to loving the one your with, and if they are the one you love then even better. Sam makes Tabitha another drink, and he wonders when the last time they hung out together was. Tabitha says they hardly did, she always hung out with Grace and her lovely tomato soup cake. Sam says Ivy baked it for him once, and it was interesting. Tabitha says Grace had a knack for heart and home. Tabitha says shes sure Ivy has her attributes as well. Ivy returns and says Jessica hates her too. She says Jessica said horrible things and threw her out. Sam thinks he should go talk to Jessica, but Ivy says no. Ivy says Jessica will just hate her even more if he says something to her. She says she is so afraid that Jessica will do something to come between them, which she couldnt bear. Tabitha tells Endora that Ivy is quite the little actress! Sam assures Ivy that he wont let anyone come between them. Suddenly the phone rings and its Grace! She leaves a message and says she left a message earlier, he must not have gotten it. Sam hears her voice and runs to answer the phone as Ivy watches in horror.

At the hospital, the baby is rushed into NICU. Whitney asks what is wrong with the baby? Eve says its lungs are so small and the baby is having respiratory problems. Whitney then says God forgive her, but dont let her baby make it. She says just take him back to heaven! Meanwhile, Dr. Carlyle tells Eve the baby is in respiratory failure and its touch and go until they can get him stabilized, if they can even get him stabilized. A nurse shows up with test results and says the doctor needs to look at this. Dr. Carlyle is worried about the blood tests and says they need to do more work.

Meanwhile, Julian, Chad and Ethan look in on the baby. Chad says it is so small. Ethan hopes the baby makes it. He says losing a baby is so hard. Julian thinks everyone will be in pain when the truth finally comes out. Chad finds it odd that the baby is so dark when Fox is white and Whitney is so light. Julian says genes can be tricky, Chad looks nothing like him and hes his son.. Eve comes out and says the baby isnt doing well, and she has to find and talk to Whitney in private. They tell Eve that shes at the nursery. Eve goes to find Whitney, and Chad thinks he should go talk to Whitney as her baby needs her. Julian says no, this isnt his place, leave his sister alone. Ethan and Julian say they cant be together, it goes against God and nature. Julian tells Chad to forget about Whitney before he does something that will destroy the rest of his life. 

Whitney looks in the nursery at the other babies and says they are lucky to be okay. She once again asks God to just take her baby up to heaven. Theresa, now walking with a cane, goes to Whitney and asks her to come with her. Whitney says these babies are so cute, and her baby is a freak. Theresa says actually he is a beautiful little boy. Whitney says if that helps him get adopted then great, otherwise she could care less. Theresa thinks Whitney does care about her child. Theresa says her son is fighting to stay alive and needs his mother. Theresa thinks Whitney has to love that baby. She says now is no time to argue, shes taking her to see her son. Whitney refuses to go and tells Theresa to back off. Whitney refuses to love her baby as it is a living reminder of her sin. Theresa says the baby shouldnt be punished for a mistake Whitney and Chad didnt even know they were making at the time. Later, Eve shows up and says the baby isnt doing well and his bloodwork is problematic. Eve says they have to tell the doctor the truth. Whitney says no way. Eve says if the doctor knows the truth then it will give her a better shot at saving the babys life. Whitney says thats just it, she doesnt want her baby to make it. Eve is stunned at Whitneys statement. Whitney says her baby shouldnt have been born, and even if her baby lives then hes doomed to a miserable life. Whitney tells her mom to stop the doctors and let her baby go back up to God. Eve says Whitney isnt thinking rationally. Theresa says Whitney has to feel something for her son. Whitney says of course she does, but shes doing this for him. Whitney says she cant imagine looking at her baby and seeing him in such pain. She also doesnt want everyone to see her son as a freak or a mistake. Eve says while the truth will come a as a shock at first, people will get over it and want to save the baby. Whitney says saving him will condemn him to a life of mental and physical anguish. She tells her mom to tell the doctors to stop saving the baby. She says this is what is best for her son. 

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