March 21, 2005
Passions did not air today due to golf


March 22, 2005

At the cottage, Sheridan is reading a story to Marty as Luis listens. Sheridan then remembers her mom used to read this same story to her as a little girl. The book is about a child who ran away, and the mother claimed she would always come and find her. Sheridan says her mom always said if she ran then shed come and look for her. Sheridan says this time her mom has run away, and she has no way to find her. Sheridan says she misses her so much. Luis says they have Marty now so they should focus on the future and not the past. Sheridan says he is right, but her father is just such a monster for driving her mom away. They talk about Sheridans kidnapping and how Alistair told them about Charlie and how their baby died. Sheridan asks Luis if he is saying now he thinks there is a chance their child could be alive? He says if he could get a hold of Alistairs files then they could possibly find out what really happened.

At the compound, Gwen is planning to run with the baby. Katherine wishes Gwen would rethink this and take the baby back home to Theresa. Gwen says the only way Theresa will get Ashley is over her dead body. Katherine says okay, and shell miss them both. Gwen asks Katherine to come with them, but Katherine says she cant. She says Alistair would hunt her down and she is her prisoner now. Katherine says her fate has been sealed.

Outside a shirtless Fox is making his way through the jungle and up the walls of the compound. We see split screens of him being very mission impossible like. Fox spies on the compound and sees Katherine, Gwen and Theresas baby in the courtyard trying to leave.

In the courtyard, Gwen and Katherine are saying their goodbyes. Gwen goes to leave with the baby, but two guards show up and say they cant leave. Gwen says they arent prisoners here. One of the guards say actually they are, they have orders that no one is to ever leave this place. Katherine says Gwen and the baby are of no interest to her husband, so as Mrs. Alistair Crane she orders them to let her go. They say Mr. Crane is who they take orders from. Gwen says then pretend like they didnt see her go. She tries to sneak out, but they say no can do mam! They pull their guns out and say they will use them if they have to. Fox watches this all from his hiding place outside of the compound. He looks at the large wall in front of him, and wonders how he gets in and get them all out. Fox begin to scale the walls as Gwen begs the guards to let her go. They say Mr. Crane says no one leaves, they have their orders. Gwen cant believe this, are they are supposed to just stay here as long as Alistair want them to? Katherine says unless a miracle happens. Fox then says Fox to the rescue and scales the compound walls. The dogs begin barking, and he says this cant be good. The guards see Fox and order him to get down or theyll shoot! 

At the Wallace house, Beth and Alistair continue to drink. Beth tells her mom that Alistair meant what he said, if she tells anyone they are planning to kill Sheridan then hell snap her neck like a chicken. Mrs. Wallace begins to have flashbacks of a younger Alistair smiling at her at a disco. She wonders if she really crossed paths with Alistair. She wonders what else she has forgotten. Alistair asks Beth to make him another drink, this time he asks for a Martini up. Mrs. Wallace then remembers being at a disco called Destiny where Alistair ordered the same drink. Mrs Wallace was wearing a red dress and had long curly blond hair. She introduces herself to Alistair as Eve. Alistair is wearing a white leisure suit and said she could call him Adam. Back in real time, Beth and Alistair discuss Sheridan and their reasons for wanting her dead. Alistair says she is a disgrace as a daughter, and Beth cant believe Sheridan wants custody of the baby she stole from her. Meanwhile Mrs. Wallace continues to relive her disco years (complete with awesome disco tunes). Mrs. Wallace and Alistair hit the dance floor to the tune of BeeGees Night Fever. Edna tries to remember what happened next, and she remembers bringing Alistair back to her disco love pad. Alistair said So this is how the other half lives. Edna realized hed never been to this part of town. Edna said he would love to love her baby, and they got down to business on Ednas shag carpet. Back in real time Ednas eyes bug out (via cartoon CGI affects). Meanwhile, Beth has walked Alistair to the door. Alistair tells Beth how her bloodlust for killing Sheridan is stimulating, if she gets his drift. He leans in and Edna screams Stop! Alistair asks what is wrong with him giving Beth a little kiss in the cheek? Edna says she needs Beth to change her diaper now! Beth says its hard to imagine men found her attractive once. Alistair leaves, and Beth thinks shes finally getting what she deserves thanks to Alistair. Outside, Alistair says Beth is a fool, hell use her to get rid of Sheridan and then rid himself of Beth. Meanwhile, Edna remembers that Beth came about nine months after her night with Alistair, and its very possible . . . . Edna says no wonder Beth is such a mean and cruel woman, shes just like Alistair.

At the Bennetts, Jessica is trying to get to sleep. She says her life sucks, she came up here to be alone and Ivy came up and tried to score points with her dad. Jessica says she hates Ivy, her dad and her mom. Jessica decides to go out and have some fun since she cant sleep.

Downstairs, Sam rushes to answer the phone when Grace calls. Tabitha tells Endora that Ivys future with Sam is now on the line. Tabitha says Ivy spent all night badmouthing Grace for not calling, and now she has called. It turns out that Sam was too late in answering the phone, Grace hung up. Sam says he needs to call her back, and Ivy tries to convince him not to call her back. She reminds Sam that Grace left him and the girls. Sam says Grace wouldnt have called back if she didnt care, and why didnt Grace leave a message last time? Tabitha says yes why is that Ivy? Ivy says maybe Jessica heard it and erased it. Sam says there is one way to find out. Ivy says dont get into this with her now, shell only deny it and then theyll be more estranged. Sam says she is right, and hell call Grace back as hes sure Grace will want to come home and straighten out Jessica. Jessica shows up, grabs the phone and says dont you dare call her back. Jessica says mom needs to focus on straightening herself out first. Jessica tells her dad she is not going to put up with any of moms Oh Jessica how could you speeches. She says if her dad calls her mom home, then shell run away some place theyll never find her. Jessica runs off, and Sam finds himself conflicted over what to do. Ivy says shed never tell him what to do, but if he calls Grace then hell alienate Jessica even more. Ivy says Jessica could run away and end up on a milk carton. Tabitha tells Endora that Ivy is good and might get just what she wants, red hot Sam between the sheets.

Jessica goes back upstairs and continues to rant about how she hates them all. She grabs a pen and begins to push it into her hand and cut herself while she lists all the people she hates: Mom, dad, Ivy and Kay. 

At the hospital, Julian tries to convince Chad to leave Whitney alone and let her focus on her baby now. Chad says he wants to help her, so Julian says leave her alone. Julian says hes being selfish, that baby needs Whitneys full attention. Chad thinks he can help both her and the baby. Ethan tells them not to argue here. Ethan also tells Chad that Julian has a point, its not his place to be here for Whitney when Fox is the father. Chad says but Fox isnt here. Julian asks where Fox is, so Ethan tells him the truth about where Fox is. Julian is stunned and says if Alistair learns about this then he could kill Fox. As they talk about what Fox is doing, Julian says if Fox is successful then Ethan will have a choice to make. Ethan says he knows, and it wont be easy. Ethan says this choice will be hell, pure hell. Ethan says hes put this decision off long enough, and it wont be easy, but they all have to play the hand they are dealt. Julian says that is good advice, and he tells Chad to play the hand hes been dealt. Julian tells Chad cant be with his sister the way he wants to be. Chad says he loves Whitney and she loves him, and right now she needs him. Julian says the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and if he stays on this path there will be dire consequences. Julian says nobody doubts his love for Whitney. Chad says and Whitney loves him. Julian says that is why they cant live together as they would eventually succumb their desire for one another and possibly make a child out of incest, a child cursed from the moment of its conception. Julian asks Chad how he would feel about fathering a baby with his own sister. Chad looks into the nursery and looks at Whitneys baby struggling in an incubator.

Eve begs Whitney to tell the doctor that the baby is a product of incest otherwise the baby will die. Whitney says leave her alone and let God do what he will. Eve tells Whitney she never taught her to be so cavalier about life and death. Eve says Whitneys mind might be made up, but shes going to unmake it. Eve tells Whitney perhaps she should take her to watch her baby die. Whitney says that is a horrible thing to do! Eve says its a horrible thing to let happen. Eve gets Whitney back into a room and in a bed. She tells Whitney that while ultimately her babys life is in Gods hands; if they dont do everything they can to help the baby then they are guilty of infanticide. Eve says she took a vow to protect Whitney no matter what the cost, and that is what shes going to do. Eve goes to leave, but Whitney tells her to wait. She says her mom cant tell Dr. Carlyle the truth without her permission. She thinks her mom is trying to ease her own guilty conscious because this is all her fault for lying about her past with Julian. Eve says she cant do anything about the past, but she can stop another tragedy from happening. Theresa asks to speak with Whitney alone, but Whitney tells her not to waste her breath. Eve leaves them, and Theresa tells Whitney that she knows she wont be able to live with herself if she lets her baby die. Whitney says maybe that is what is meant to happen. Theresa says perhaps, but she wont have a clear conscience if she lets him die without trying to save him. Theresa says if her son doesnt make it then it was Gods will, but if he lives and she doesnt want to deal with him then she can still put him up for adoption. Whitney says okay, shell let her mom tell the doctor the truth on one condition. Later Eve returns and Whitney says her mom can tell Dr. Carlyle the truth, but she wants to tell Chad the truth first. Whitney says Chad deserves that much. Eve says she is proud of her and she is doing the right thing. Eve then thanks Theresa for what shes done. Whitney says she just hopes God gives her the strength to be honest with Chad, and that Chad can accept the truth.


March 30,  2005
At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan are spending more time with Marty. Luis leaves Sheridan with Marty, and he thinks that should have been their child. He says hell find out who robbed them of their baby, and if it was Alistair then hell nail him. He also says hell bring down anyone who may have helped him. Sheridan eventually puts Marty down, and Luis and Sheridan cuddle on the couch. Luis says he loves watching her with Marty and shell be a wonderful mother. Sheridan says she is so happy. Luis says he knows, she is like another woman now. Sheridan says its because she finally has her child back, her son is finally with her. Luis is upset to hear her say this, and she realizes her mistake. Luis says he thought she was over this. Sheridan says she is trying to convince herself that Marty isn't her son, but her feelings are just so strong. She says when she looks at Marty she sees her own babys eyes Luis says that is because she bonded with Marty when she nursed him. Sheridan says she remembers her babys face before he was taken from her, but Luis says babies change. Sheridan says it will take time for her to get over the idea that Marty isnt her child. Luis says he knows, and she can still love him. Luis asks if shes ready for bed yet? She says soon, she just wants to stay with him a little while longer. Luis leaves, and Sheridan tells Marty she knows he is her baby and she just has to pretend that shes accepted that he isnt her son. She says they might take him away from her, and she cant bear that. Sheridan says she knows Marty is her child. When Sheridan goes in to the bedroom she finds Luis has set a romantic scene for them. He says it is to celebrate that they are finally together, and he says they will soon have the future they always dreamed of. Luis and Sheridan tell one another how much they love the other. They make love, and later Marty cries. Sheridan goes out to check on him. Sheridan comforts Marty and tells him not to be afraid because she is here and shes never going away. Sheridan takes Marty in to see Luis. She decides Marty should stay with them tonight in case he has another bad dream. Luis thinks it would be okay. Sheridan tells Marty that mommy is here and always will be. 

At the Wallace house, Beth is overjoyed that Alistair is going to help her kill Sheridan. Meanwhile, Edna is in shock over what she remembered and is saying nothing to Beth. Edna tells herself that she slept with Alistair and 9 months later Beth was born. She says no wonder Beth is so evil, she is her fathers daughter. Beth asks Edna what she was saying about her father? Edna says she was just thinking that Beth must take after her father as she sure doesnt take after her. Beth thanks her mom and says that is the nicest thing shes ever said. Edna says make jokes but she doesnt go around plotting murders. Beth says shes not joking, and her mom slept with half of harmony and has no clue who her father is. Edna says no she doesnt. Edna says she is just saying she wouldnt want to know him, even if she knew who he was. Beth says maybe one day shell try and find her father. Edna says she cant do that. Beth says why not, what isnt she telling her? Edna says nothing and she just meant it would be a waste of time to track down her father as hes probably long gone. Beth says he probably couldnt wait to get away from her. Edna asks Beth why she says such mean things to her? Beth tells her mom that she says horrible things to her all the time. Edna says that is because she does horrible things all the time. Beth says maybe if she had a normal childhood and a father. Beth says whoever her father is he must be better than her mom. She says she has good qualities and they had to come from him. Edna says she probably did get all her fathers personality traits, and theyre all evil. Edna tells Beth that she is cut from the same cloth as her father. Beth asks how her mom would know that? Edna says like Beth says, shes nothing like her and must take after her father. BEth says shes going to bed as she has a long day tomorrow, she has a murder to commit. Edna begs her not to do this as every other time she has failed. Beth says she has Alistair helping her and there is no way she can fail. Edna says Beth truly is the Devils spawn, Alistair is her father.

At the hospital, Whitney goes to tell Chad the truth. She and Theresa are walking to the nursery where Chad is. Theresa says Whitney is doing the right thing, Chad needs to know the truth. Theresa says shes giving her baby a chance at life. Whitney says Chad needs to be told first, before the doctors. Whitney sees Chad at the nursery window and she doesnt know if she can do this. Theresa says she can. Whitney wonders what this will do to Chad. Theresa says neither one of them can feel guilty for what happened as they didnt know the truth when they were together. Whitney says she didnt want Chad to know the truth and carry this burden. Meanwhile, Chad is asking Ethan why the baby is so sick. He wonders if it was because of all the stress Whitney was under. Whitney hears them talking and she tells Theresa that the baby is sick because she and Chad are related. Theresa says they dont know that, but Whitney does. Whitney wonders how she tells Chad this. Theresa says Whitney just has to tell him. Chad sees them and asks if  Whitney is okay? Whitney says she is. Chad thinks she is here to see the baby. Theresa says right now its too painful for Whitney to see the baby. Whitney tells Chad they need to talk, so Ethan and Theresa leave them. Whitney tells Chad that they really need to talk about a lot of things. Whitney talks about how the birth of a baby is supposed to be a joyous event, but the birth of her son felt more like a tragedy. Chad asks why shed say something like that? She says she is afraid the birth of her child will bring her and the babys father nothing but heartache. She says people will look down on them. Chad asks why she is saying this, is this because Fox is white? Whitney says no, and she says she never wanted to burden him. She says she is sorry, she made a mess of things. Chad tells her to say no more, he understands and knows what has her so upset. Chad says he knows the truth. Whitney is relieved that he understands. Chad says he knows if Fox was here then shed have turned to him, but hes glad she was able to come to him for support. Whitney is confused and soon realizes Chad doesnt get it. Chad tells Whitney that he knows now that living together was a crazy idea, and he tries to convince her that it isnt her fault that her baby his sick. Whitney says he doesnt understand what shes saying. He says he does. He says she wanted everything to be perfect, but its not. He says its only natural she is scared. He says Fox will be home soon, and he is here for her for the time being. He says he knows hes not the babys father but he cares about him and he cares about her so much. Chad also tells Whitney that he knows where Fox really is. Chad says he knows he cant take Foxs place, but that baby is his nephew and he loves him. Chad says hes always wanted a son and to be the father he never had growing up. Whitney says that is what she wants to talk about. He says when he first saw that baby he fantasized that he was their baby, that nothing had changed and they were still together. Whitney tries to tell Chad, but he keeps talking about his fantasy about their child and raising him. Chad says then he realized he had to let that dream go because hes not the father. Chad says they are lucky that she didnt get pregnant when they were together, God was looking out for them. Chad says that baby could have been theirs, and that would have been a tragedy. He says he hates to think about what that baby would have had to go through. Whitney cries, and he asks what is wrong. Did he upset her? She says she just cant keep this inside of her any longer. Whitney says there is something he needs to know.

Ethan and Theresa talk, and Theresa doesnt understand why Fox left. Ethan says Fox wouldnt have gone unless it was extremely urgent. Theresa says Ethan is right, Fox is a wonderful man and has been there for her many times. Ethan asks Theresa if she still has feelings for Fox? Theresa says he is special to her and always will be. Ethan says he just wondered if she regretted not staying with Fox. Theresa says no, she and Fox never loved each other that way. Theresa says Fox always loved Whitney, and she has always loved the same person in her heart. Theresa says no matter what she does or how hard she tries shell always love him. Ethan says they have talked about this. Theresa says she loves him and she knows he loves her. Ethan says he took vows, but Theresa says he doesnt have to be held to them if Gwen doesnt come back. Ethan says she will, but Theresa says they dont know that for sure. Theresa says Gwen took their little girl and they may never see her again. Ethan tells her not to say that, they will see her again. Theresa says she thinks about it and it could be years before they see Jane again. She then says it could be years before Gwen comes back, so will he deny himself love until Gwen comes home when she (Theresa) also loves him and is right here? Ethan says they shouldnt talk about this. Theresa days she doesnt want to push him, but it could be years before Gwen came back. Ethan says when she comes back shell still be his wife. Theresa says Gwen left him, that is something she could never do under any circumstances. Theresa asks Ethan if he loves Gwen. He says he does. She asks if he loves her, and Ethan says nothing. Theresa asks how he feels about her, is there hope, do they have a future? Ethan turns away, and Theresa says she knows he has feelings for her. Theresa asks what hes going to do? They come close to kissing, and Ethan says he needs time to think and figure things out. He asks if she can give him that. Theresa says she can. Ethan says she was always the one who believed in fate, so lets see what fate has in store for them. Theresa thinks fate will bring them together.

At the compound one of the guards escorts Gwen and Katherine back inside. Gwen is furious that shes being kept a prisoner. She says this makes no sense. Katherine says nothing Alistair does make sense to people with hearts. Gwen asks what Alistair would want with her? Katherine says soon they will find out. Gwen says she cant stay here forever, what does Alistair have planned for them? Katherine says she doesnt know, but she knows that Alistair will make sure that she and Jane . . . Gwen flips out and says her name is Ashley! Katherine says okay, shes sorry. She says what she was saying was that Alistair will make sure that she and Ashley will have everything they want. Gwen says but their lives will be empty and alone, so she cant raise her daughter here. Katherine says until Alistair dies then they may never be free again. Gwen and Katherine go outside to talk and Gwen is angry. Gwen thinks someone else must be looking for them, someone who can help them.

Meanwhile, the guards spot Fox climbing the wall of the compound and shoot at him. The guards bring out the dogs to look for Fox. Hes made it into the compound and then heads to find the others. 

Fox walks up to the compound and finds Gwen and Katherine talking about someone coming to find them. Gwen sees Fox and says Thank God! Unfortunately Fox is handcuffed and the guards are behind him. Gwen tells them to let Fox go, this is Alistairs grandson. The guards say like that matters? They say family or not they are all going to be held here until they get further instructions from Mr. Crane. Gwen thinks theyll never get out of here. Fox says dont say that, he came here to rescue them and thats what hes going to do. 

Fox, Katherine and Gwen go back into the compound. Katherine tells Fox he is brave to come here, and she knows he came to take Jane back. Gwen asks how hes going to help them when hes stuck here too. He says hes not giving up. Katherine thanks Fox for coming, and she wants him to help Gwen and the baby but shes staying here. He asks why, and she explains why she is staying. Katherine insists shell be fine. Fox says hes going to get them all out of here. Fox begins looking for a secret passage or way out. Katherine feels responsible for Fox being pulled into this. Fox says this is no ones fault but Alistair's. Fox then finds a hollow panel and says it could be a hidden passage or a hidden room. Fox says they should try and get it open. He pulls a candle and the door opens. Fox goes inside and is shot by lasers and collapses. Gwen and Katherine look in and Gwen says he's dead! 


March 31, 2005
At the compound it is a new day. Gwen and Katherine are being held in the courtyard, and a guard says if they try to escape then theyll receive the same treatment as the young man. The guard also says their breakfast will be served to them shortly Gwen asks where her baby is? The guard says shell see her again when they are no longer considered a flight risk. The guard leaves them, and they talk about Fox and whether or not he is dead. Katherine and Gwen then see Fox lying on a stone table with flowers all over him. Hes dressed in a cotton white shirt and pants. Katherine thinks he is dead. Katherine cant believe this has happened and how Alistair could do this to his own grandson. Gwen wonders if it is Alistairs way of sending them a sick message. Katherine says it is Alistairs way of telling them that they will be next if they dont behave. Gwen says if Alistair would do this to his own grandson then who knows what hell do to a little baby. She says Whitney should be giving birth any day now, and Katherine says the baby will never know its father. Katherine feels this is all her fault, but Gwen says its not her fault. Gwen tells Alistair if he is listening then she thinks he is a monster! As she rants to Alistair, he is indeed watching and laughing at her. Fox wakes up and asks why they are yelling? They say they thought he was dead. He says nope. He says he took a walk this morning, laid down and fell asleep. They ask what about all the flower petals? He says the wind must have blown them onto him. Katherine is relieved, but she tells Fox to be careful what he says or does as Alistair has cameras everywhere. He says so he sees. Gwen says they need to get out of here, but Fox says this place is paradise. Fox says they should just settle in and count their blessings that this place is so posh and luxurious. He says swimming anyone? There are shocked by his attitude. He says what are they complaining about; they both got what they wanted. He says grandma got away from Harmony and Gwen got away from Theresa and has her baby. He says if no one is going to join him then hes going to go play in the pool. Gwen cant believe this and says they will be stuck here for the rest of their lives.

At the hospital, Ethan and Theresa ask Eve how the baby is doing. Eve says he made it through the night but isnt out of the woods yet. Ethan looks in on him and says he looks like a fighter. Eve says he is. Ethan tells Eve that hell be fine. Theresa asks Ethan if he can check on news for her X-ray schedule, they are here for her to have an X-ray. He leaves and Eve and Theresa discuss whether Whitney told Chad the truth or not. Neither one know yet. Theresa worries that Chad finding out the truth may have sent him over the edge. Ethan returns with the schedule, and Theresa says she and Dr. Russell are going to go visit Whitney. Ethan says he has some calls to make so hell see her later. Ethan worries that he hasnt heard from Fox yet.

Whitney is in her hospital room and Chad comes in to see her. Whitney says she had more to say to him yesterday but he just took off. She asks why hes looking at her the way he is. Chad tells Whitney she is a liar, that baby is his isnt it. He tells her Damn you to hell! Whitney says she was trying to protect the baby and his future. Chad thinks she was playing God. He says he has a right to be a part of that babys life too. Whitney says she tried to tell him, and she says she was trying to protect her baby from the whole world. She says she also didnt want to burned him with this as its been such a burden to her. Chad tells Whitney that shes a hypocrite, she crucifies her own mother for lying about her son but at least her mom thought he was honestly dead. Chad tells Whitney that what she has done is far worse. He says she is an unfit mother, a hypocrite and a liar. Chad says that he wants full custody of their child, and as soon as the baby is well enough he is coming home with him. Whitney says Chad I want my baby! Whitney is of course only dreaming, and she wakes up crying I want my baby Chad. Eve and Theresa walk in, and they ask if she is okay. They ask if she told Chad the truth? She says she didnt. We see a flashback to yesterday when Whitney tried to tell Chad the truth. It turns out she couldnt bring herself to do it. She just told him that she was worried and felt guilty that Fox couldnt be there for the birth of the baby. Eve tells Whitney that Chad will still have to be told. Eve has to leave to deal with a patient, and Theresa asks Whitney if shes changed her mind about placing the baby up for adoption? Whitney says no. Whitney says shes called the adoption people and they will be here later today. She says this has to be done before Fox returns. Theresa says think about Fox, hell die when he comes home and finds out she gave away a baby he thinks is his. Whitney says shell deal with that later, and she also refuses to see the baby. Theresa says that is because she loves him and she knows if she sees him and holds him then she wont be able to let him go. Theresa says that baby will always be a part of her no matter who raises her. Whitney tells Theresa to stop, but she says shes trying to stop her from making a terrible choice. Whitney says it is her only choice. Eve returns and Whitney tells them both that Chad told her how lucky they were that this child wasnt theirs, and she says the bottom line is that her child comes from an unspeakable act and nothing Chad can say or do will fix it. Eve tells Whitney that there is nothing so shameful about someones past that cant be made worse by lying, trust her as she knows. Eve says this will only end in tears for her and everyone else. Whitney still refuse to let Fox or Chad ever know the truth, and she wants her mom to promise her that Julian wont tell them. Eve says they can talk about this later, first she needs to see her baby. Whitney says she doesnt want to be around it. Theresa says its not an it, its her son. She says her son needs her mother. Whitney says the last thing her son needs is the person who ruined his life. Eve says the baby doesnt know what is going on, all he wants is his mommy. Theresa asks what about Fox, how will he feel when she learns she never held his baby? Eve says it sounds like Whitney has some scheme, what is she planning? Whitney says she knows what shes doing. A nurse comes in and informs Eve the X-ray room is ready and they should take advantage of it being opened. Theresa would rather wait, but Eve says they should do this now. They leave, and the adoption agency officials show up with papers for Whitney to sign. She says she thought it took longer than this, but they say not when a mother knows this is what she wants. Whitney asks if the baby will have good parents, and they say yes. They hand her the papers and ask her to sign them.

Meanwhile, Eve decides to head to the NICU after the X-rays to see her grandson. Theresa thinks to herself that Eve should take a good hard look at the baby as it may be the last time she sees him.

Ethan finds Chad looking in on the baby. Ethan asks Chad how hes doing. He says hes been better. He says he has a lot on his mind. Ethan says about Whitney? Chad says yeah, and the baby too. Chad says there is something about that baby, he cant stop thinking about it, hes pulled towards it. They soon end up talking about what Fox is doing, and Chad asks Ethan which woman hell stand by when they come back. Ethan says he doesnt know, and he cant think about that right now. He says he has to think about Fox and what Alistair might do to Fox if he catches him.

At the cottage Sheridan is holding Marty and finds Luis hacking into Crane Industries via his laptop. Luis says hes trying to find out if Alistair had anything to do with their babys death. He says Alistair will pay if he is responsible. They dont know that Alistair is spying on them as they speak, and he laughs that Sheridan will lose her son all over again today. Back at the cottage Luis is feeling guilty about having the CDs in hand that would have had all the answers. Sheridan says he had to give them back to save Pilar. She also wonders what if Alistair does something to stop them again? Luis says he can try but he wont. Sheridan tells Marty that after they have breakfast shes going to show him Julians old playhouse. A spying Alistair tells her to enjoy her stroll with her son, its the last one shell have. Sheridan makes them all breakfast (pancakes), and Luis jokes about not letting her make Marty eggs. Sheridan asks Luis if he wants to go with them for their walk, but he says no he wants to concentrate on this. Sheridan wishes he would do this later, but Luis says he wants to deal with this now. Sheridan says they have already had so much pain and loss, why concentrate on more negative? He says so they can move on. He is convinced Alistair killed their baby and he wants to put him behind bars. Sheridan heads out with Marty. She realizes it is a bit cold, so she says shell run in and get him a sweater. She leaves him on the porch and Alistair shows up. He tells Marty to come with him and go for a drive with his dear old granddaddy. Sheridan shares some kisses with Luis when she goes back inside. Meanwhile, Alistair takes Marty out of his stroller and says when will parents learn they cant take their eyes off a child for an instant, even in your own front yard. He tells Marty to wave bye-bye to mommy and daddy, and hen he takes off. When Sheridan goes back outside she finds Marty is gone. She begins shouting for him, and Luis comes out and asks what is wrong? Sheridan says Marty is gone. Alistair is walking along with the baby saying not to worry about mommy they are just playing a game of hide and seek, one they will win. Alistair says Luis will rue the day he decided to come after him. Back outside the cottage, Luis tries to calm down Sheridan. He says there is no evidence he was kidnapped, and they should just look around. Luis ends up finding a cigar butt on the ground near Martys stroller and says it was Alistair. Sheridan screams No! 

Alistair drives off in his limo with Marty, and they watch Luis and Sheridan worrying on the TV. Alistair tells Marty that is his real mommy there (pointing to Sheridan), and his daddy has made a big mistake. Alistair says Luis should have thought about what he did to Eve and Julian, he took their child away for years. Alistair says now he has taken him. Alistair tells Marty to wave buh-bye to mommy and daddy. Meanwhile, Luis calls the cops and tells Sheridan that Alistair wont get far.


April 1, 2005
Sam arrives at the cottage and tells Luis and Sheridan that the airports are shut down and there are blockades up on the interstate. Sam says Alistair wont get far with Marty. Luis says thats only if Alistair is planning on leaving with him. Luis says he may be planning to kill Marty and dump his body someplace local where theyll find him. Sheridan says dont say such a thing. Luis says it is possible, look at what hes done to his brother and to them. Sheridan begs Sam to find Marty. She wants to help them look, but Luis says no way. He tells her to stay here where she is safe. Sam says Luis is right, Alistair wouldnt think twice about hurting her again. She says shell stay, but she wants them to call as soon as they get news. They say they will, and Sam and Luis leave to join the search. They leave and Sheridan refuses to sit by and do nothing, she says shes going to look for her son.

Alistair is in the limo and watches Sam, Sheridan and Luis. He says they are right, he is capable of doing anything. Alistair says he was hoping by giving Marty to Beth that Luis would leave Sheridan, but that didnt happen. Alistair says Luis still plans on marrying Sheridan, and he cant let that happen, even if that means killing his own family. 

Alistair goes to a park with Marty and waits for Sheridan to show up. She shows up and demands Alistair give him Marty. He says not until they have a little talk. She says God Damint give me Marty! He says using profanity in front of a child! He says he should call the child protective services and tell them that she cant take care of this child. She says that is a lie. He says he found the child wandering in the park. Sheridan says that is a lie too. Sheridan says they know he took Marty, they found his cigar butt outside the cottage. Alistair says so shes calling him a kidnapper and a litterbug, these accusations cut him to the core. Alistair tells Sheridan that hes trying to teach her a lesson. He says she left Luis son all alone, and something could have happened to him. Alistair says he also doesnt want anyone going through the Crane archive files. Sheridan realizes her father has been spying on them again. Alistair warns Sheridan not to let Luis start up his crusade against him again other wise there will be a price to pay, and they both know what the price could be. He gives the baby back to Sheridan and then walks off. 

Back at the cottage Luis and Sam return and find Sheridan with the baby. Sam says hell call off the search and they thank him for his help. Sam is just glad Marty is okay. Luis asks about Jessica, and Sam just says its not good. Sam leaves, and Luis says he cant believe Sheridan went out and put herself in harms way to look fro Marty. Sheridan says she couldnt sit by and do nothing, and she found him at the park with her father. Luis says he knew it, and hell stop at nothing to bring Alistair down. Sheridan says no, leave my father alone. Luis says theyve never given into his threats before. Sheridan says this isnt about them it is about Marty. Sheridan says all she cares about is Martys safety, so if that means Luis giving up on his vendetta then so be it. Luis says no way, giving in will solve nothing. He says their parents gave in and look what happened to them. Sheridan says she doesnt care and she wants Luis to stop this. Luis says he doesnt want to argue with her even though he thinks she is wrong. Luis says Marty is safe for now. Luis says hes going to take a walk, and he asks if she wants to come with him. Sheridan says no, shed rather just stay here with Marty. Luis leaves and damns his father. He says its all his fathers fault that Alistair is making these threats. Meanwhile, Sheridan swears she wont lose Marty again no matter what she has to do. 

At the hospital, Chad continues to watch Whitneys baby in the nursery. Ethan thinks the reason Chad feels close to the baby is because it is a reminder of what he and Whitney will never had. Chad says it is more than that, he feels a connection to the baby. Meanwhile, Eve and Theresa talk about how horrible it will be if Chad found out the truth on his own and Fox came home to find out this wasnt his child. Chad and Ethan walk over and talk to Eve. Chad asks about Whitney and if shes nursing yet. Eve says shes been busy with patients and she doesnt know. Chad asks if he can see Whitney? Eve says not yet, and Ethan says there is no rush as Whitney and the baby arent going anywhere. Later Ethan and Chad talk about Fox. Ethan says he hasnt heard from Fox yet and hes worried about what Alistair will do to him. Theresa shows back up and asks Ethan if hes ready to go home? Eve is with her and says Theresa needs rest. They leave, and Chad feels bad for Theresa not knowing where her child is. He says at least Whitney knows where her baby is and who is going to raise it.

In her room, Whitney is given the adoption papers to sign. She hesitates, and they tell her that her baby will be with a good family and she can ever meet the parents. She says no, she doesnt want them or her baby to know who she is. She still hesitates, and they ask if there is anything else. Whitney says no and signs the papers. She tells herself Im sorry baby but this has to be goodbye. Whitney says it is official, but they say not yet. They say they need the fathers signature. Whitney says she can do that and shows them the power of attorney she has. Whitney asks if there is a problem? They say that this is just highly irregular. Whitney says it is still legal though. She wants to sign for Fox, but the man says what is the rush? She says they are the ones who zoomed over here, so let her sign. They say they wont stop her from signing, but they need to ask her some questions. They say she needs to answer some questions for them. They ask her why she wants to put her baby up for adoption? Whitney says her reasons are private. They tell her that there are some unsettling aspects of her case as theyve never seen anyone in her position give up a baby. The man says her decision isnt based on financial hardship, her mother is a doctor and the babys father is a Crane. HE also says from what he can tell Nicholas (Fox) is completely devoted to her. They say that they need to know shes not going to change her mind and allow the Cranes use their power to take the baby back. They say this would be a disaster and harmful to everyone involved. Whitney says that wont happen, and the reason they are putting the baby up for adoption is because Alistair is a racist and will only terrorize their child. Eve walks in, learns what Whitney is doing, and cant believe it. Whitney tells her mom to stay out of this, she has already signed the papers. Eve learns about Whitney having Foxs power of attorney, and she thinks Whitney tricked Fox. She says she didnt and she can ask Ethan and Theresa. The adoption officials say they will have to speak to them, they cant be a party to trickery involving power of attorney. Whitney says there was no trickery, and if her mom hadnt barged in this would be finalized. Eve says she is trying to keep her from a mistake. Whitney signs for Fox and tells the officials to put her baby up for adoption. Eve says Chad is in the NICU, please talk to him first. Whitney says she doesnt want to talk to Chad. The adoption officials ask who Chad is and what does he have to do with the baby? Whitney says Chad is her half brother, but he has nothing to do with her baby. The adoption officials say something doesnt feel right. Whitney says that is just the tension between her and her mother. She says whatever family they put her baby with will be less dysfunctional than hers. Whitney says they have to have heard about her mother, her shady past, and the three murders shell soon be on trial for attempting to commit. They say her baby will be placed in a fine home. They say one last thing, they need the parents medical records on file just in case. She says fine. They say this wont be finalized for 72 hours, so she has time to change her mind. Whitney says she wont, trust her. They leave, and Eve asks Whitney what has she done? Whitney asks what else she could she do? She says this is the only thing she can do, and she has to hope Fox doesnt return home before the 72 hours are up. Whitney says this is what is best for her baby, hell have a normal life with loving parents now. 

Back at the NICU , Chad continues to watch the baby. HE thinks Ethan is right, when he looks at the baby he sees everything he and Whitney cant have. Chad says Whitney may be his sister, but he still loves her and he loves that baby like it was his own son.

Martin is eating breakfast in the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen. Hes in a white tee-shirt. Paloma shows up and Martin thanks her for coming over. Paloma asks why he wanted to see her here? Pilar walks in with Martins ironed shirt. Paloma looks at her father and thinks mama seduced him and that is why he has given up on Tia Katherine. Martin says nobody seduced anyone. Pilar says they slept in separate rooms. Martin says her mother and him have decided to try and work things out and heal the wounds he caused by leaving. Pilar says they want everyone to get along and let go of their anger. Paloma asks what about Katherine, how could he let her go? Martin says Katherine let him go so that he could be with his wife, and so they could all be together. Martin asks Paloma to forgive her mother and give her a chance. Paloma refuses to forgive her mother and says Katherine was the only mother she had. Martin tells Paloma that her mother loves her and sending her away was the hardest thing she had to do. Martin says he is the one who is to blame for her being sent away. Martin tells Paloma that he wants her to have a relationship with her mother. He believes if they try then they can mend their differences and be a family again. Pilar tells Paloma that she loves her very much. Pilar asks Paloma to give her a chance to prove that she loves her. Pilar says she wants her Paloma back. Martin asks her if she can be open to the possibility that they might have a chance at being a family. Paloma says Katherine wanted her to give mama another chance, so shell try. Martin thanks her, as does Pilar. Martin also asks Pilar to move in here with them. Pilar says she can have her own room and decorate it any way she wants. He says it will help them get used to one another, it will put them on the road to being a family. Theresa and Ethan walk in, and Theresa ask what is going on. Her family is surprised to see her walking again. Theresa explains how she regained the use of her legs while helping to deliver Whitneys baby, and that Eve has her on a new drug that is helping the swelling in her spine go down. She says she should be her old self before long. Theresa then asks what is going on here? Pilar explains that Martin is living here. She asks if they are? Martin says no, hes in a separate room and they are trying to work things out. Pilar says Paloma is moving back in to. Theresa cant believe this is happening. Pilar asks Theresa not to speak out to her father, he is trying to make amends. Pilar says they need to practice their faith and learn to forgive him. Theresa says maybe her mom can forgive her father, but she cant. Ethan asks Theresa what is wrong with her? How many times has she asked him for another chance? She says that is not the same. He says isnt it? He says if she expects people to forgive her then she needs to give other people second chances. Ethans phone rings and he says he has to go, but hell call her to check in on her. Martin asks Theresa if she can give him a second chance? Theresa thinks about Ethans words to her, and she says shell try and forgive him. Luis walk in and hears them planning to have Paloma come move in. Luis asks what is going on here, why is Martin here. Pilar says he is living here and they are trying to heal as a family. Luis says Martin is the reason they hurt in the first place. Pilar fills Luis in on what everyone has agreed to work on, and she wants Luis to try and be a family with them. Luis says he will not let Martin screw their family again. He tells Martin to get out of their house and their lives.

Outside, Ethan sees his phone ringing and he thinks it is Fox, but the number is different. He says perhaps hes trying to hide from Alistair. Ethan answers the phone thinking it is Fox, but it is Alistair. Alistair is laughing at Ethan. Ethan asks what he has done with Fox. Alistair says nothing, he doesnt even know where Fox is. Alistair says he just wanted Ethan to know that Fox will be incommunicado from now on, so will Gwen and Jane. Ethan asks what hes done with them. Alistair says just know hell never see them again. Alistair thought hed be grateful for the favor, hell never have to see Gwen again so now he can be with Theresa. Ethan tells Alistair that hes not a Crane anymore, so Alistair cant control his life and his choices. Alistair tells Ethan there is no choice anymore, that his future is with Theresa as hell never see Gwen again. Alistair then hangs up on Ethan. Ethan realizes he may never get Gwen and Jane back now.

At the compound, Fox is enjoying the pool and breakfast. Gwen asks Fox what is with him, how is he all of the sudden okay as living as Alistairs prisoner. Katherine would like some explanation too. He says hed rather be Alistairs prisoner than dead, and what better place to be a prisoner. Gwen asks what about Whitney? Fox says Whitney will be fine, she has his power of attorney. Gwen ask what about his baby, hell never see him or her. Fox says he doesnt know what to tell them. Fox claims that Whitney became a stress ball the longer along Whitney got, and she would probably be a control freak of a mom. He says he is not sad at all to be here. Gwen cant believe what a jerk Fox is being, and Katherine doesnt get him either. Gwen says she used to think Theresa was the most selfish person shed ever met, but Fox is ten times worse right now. Fox gets out of the pool, and Gwen wonders if getting zapped by the laser fried his brain. She doesnt understand why he is just giving up. He says what is he giving up? He says hes been disinherited, Whitney didnt want to marry him, and Chad wants to live with Whitney and raise his child with her. Gwen says so what, hes going to eat, swim and be celibate for the rest of his life. Fox says two out of three isnt bad, and when the time comes hes sure that his grandfather can deliver some female companionship. Katherine says she thought he was above that. Fox says above below, its up to her really. Gwen says so that is it, to hell with Whitney and the baby? Fox says pretty much. She tells him fine, stand here like a jerk, shes going to find a way out of here on her own. Fox says there are cameras everywhere, they see everything. He says they are prisoners so they have to learn to live with it. Gwen lashes out at Fox and says how Ethan always said he was a playboy, but when he came back to Harmony he was so different. She says now hes a playboy again. Fox says they are stuck here, what does she want him to do. She says Alistair has nothing on him. She says he is selfish just like Alistair. Alistair walks in and says his ears are burning. HE then tells them that they will all be his guests for a long, long time.

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