May 2, 2005
At the recording studio, Fox and Chad continue to fight over the baby. Fox says he didnt know Whitney was going to give the baby up. Chad says Whitney didnt want the baby, which means she obviously didnt want Fox to have him either. Fox says he is still the father. Julian tells Fox there is nothing he can do, and Eve says the adoption was legal. Fox says it wasnt, Whitney tricked him. Julian says it is too late to do anything. Fox says theyll see about that, and he wont let this happen. He asks if anyone cares that he is actually the father here? Chad says he legally adopted the baby, but Fox says Whitney committed fraud and the adoption agency aided and abetted in that fraud. Fox says he will take them all to court. Chad says he doesnt have a case. Fox says that is his son and he has a right to be with him. Chad says not anymore. Julian tells them all that they should discuss this when they arent so emotional. Fox says he took his son so he could be with his sister. Fox says he is leaving and taking his son. Chad says if he doesnt leave right now then hes calling the cops. Fox tells Chad to go to hell. Chad tells Fox that if he pushes him then hell be the one going to hell. Fox tells him to call the cops, he wants them to know Chad is holding his son hostage. Julian says the law says . . . Fox says he doesnt care, and he cant believe Julian is standing here and letting this happen. Eve says Fox has every right to be upset, but there is no easy way to solve this. Fox says the way to solve this is to take his child and leave. Chad tells him not to think about it. Julian hes making this worse. Fox asks how things could get worse. Fox tells Chad that he knows what happened to him was wrong and to do the right thing and let him have his boy. Chad says he warned Fox, so now hes calling the cops and getting a restraining order against him. Julian tells Chad not to do this, but Chad says he warned him. Fox tells Chad to put the phone down, hell leave. Fox says this isnt over though, he will get his son back if it is the last thing he does. Julian tries to speak up, but Fox tells him to save it. Fox tells Julian that hes made his choice, for most of his life it was Ethan he chose and now it is his new favorite son Chad. Fox tells all of them go to hell, and he storms out. Julian tells Chad how sorry he is for all of this. Chad says he is too, but the baby seems okay. Chad says its time for his bath and his bottle. Eve and Julian watch Chad with the baby. Chad then realizes he has no clue where to start. Eve helps Chad change the baby and get him ready for his bath. Eve says he has to give him only sponge baths until his cord falls off, and Chad says and you swab it each time you change him. As Eve takes off his diaper the baby lets loose with a fountain, and everyone giggles. 

On the pier, Theresa is searching for Whitney before she does something terrible. Whitney is elsewhere on the pier wondering how she made such a mess of her life. Whitney remembers confessing to Theresa that the baby was Chads, she remembers giving birth and refusing to look at the baby, she remembers signing the adoption papers, she remembers Fox blasting her for giving the baby up, and she remembers finding out that Chad adopted the baby. Whitney leans on the pier and begins pounding on the railing. Whitney says she cant take this anymore and she just wants to die. She keeps leaning on the railing, which is cracking. Theresa continues to search for Whitney, who ends up falling off of the pier as the railing gives way. Fortunately Theresa grabs Whitneys arms as she is falling. Whitney tells Theresa that she should have let her fall, her life is a disaster and is over. Theresa says she knows her life is a disaster right now, but things will get better. She promises Whitney that things will get better. Whitney says things wont get better, she put her half-brothers child up for adoption to protect him only to have Chad adopt the baby. Theresa says maybe fate meant this to be. Theresa says things can get better, but Whitney says no. She says this is a dark cloud that will follow her for the rest of her life. Whitney says Fox is furious with her, TC and Liz wont give up on adopting the baby, and she doesnt know what Eve and Julian are up to. She just wants it all to go away, but it wont. Whitney says her life is over and shell go to her grave regretting the decisions she has made. Theresa says she could fix this by telling the truth. Whitney says no way. Theresa thinks this is fates way of telling her to be honest. Whitney says yeah, fate is telling her to come clean just like it is saying Theresa will get back with Ethan. Theresa says it will happen, but Whitney says Ethan will never leave Gwen. Whitney says this is all insane, and she has to get out of here. Theresa says she isnt going anywhere without her. Whitney says fine, but no more about fate. Theresa asks where they are going? Whitney says someplace where she doesnt have to think. 

Tabitha watches Whitney through her bowl and says if she keeps pounding on the railing they shell spiral below to the icy depths. Tabitha decides to make a batch of MarTimmies to celebrate. She says shell get Endora some juice first, but Endora conjures up cookies and juice on her own. Tabitha thanks her and makes her MarTimmies and watches what else is going on in Harmony tonight. Tabitha is disappointed Whitney didnt meet her maker, so she conjures up what else is going on. They then watch Fox and Chad fighting, and the goings on at the Blue Note. Later, Tabitha eats popcorn as she watches Bowl-O-Vision.

Luis and Sheridan arrive at the Blue Note and argue outside. Luis wants to just go home, but Sheridan says she cant sleep. Luis says she is angry and wont talk to him. She says what is there left to say, she knows Marty is her son and he doesnt believe her. Luis recaps everything that Sheridan thinks Beth did to her. Luis asks how Beth was able to do all that on her own? Sheridan says she must have had some sort of help, and if she could just find some proof that Beth is not who Luis thinks she is.

Gwen and Rebecca arrive at the Blue Note. Rebecca is positive the servants are spying for Pilar and they cant talk there. Ethan soon arrives, and Gwen is glad he made it. Rebecca asks if he has the contracts, and Ethan says yes. However he doesnt think hes going to find anything in these contracts to take Jane from her. Rebecca says given all the laws she broke there must be something he can use against Theresa. She asks Theresa to tell him that hes going to fight for custody of Jane. Gwen says hes not changing his mind is he? Ethan says right now they just need to relax, Gwen has had a long day and neither one of them needs more stress. Ethan sees his dad and decides to go talk to him. 

Ethan asks Sam what hes doing here all alone. Sam says hes meeting someone, police business. Sam says he should be home. Ethan asks if something is wrong? Sam says he should ask what isnt wrong. Sam says hes arrested a lot of troubled teens, and he always blamed the parents for not being there. He says its all coming back to slap him in the face. Sam says he thought Kay was the troubled one, but she has straightened out. Sam says Jessica has always been the good one, but shes becoming the troubled one. Sam says Jessica lied to him and Ivy lied to him. Sam says he thought he could trust Ivy. Ivy shows up and says he can trust her. She apologizes and says she loves his so much. She asks if they can talk about this? Fox tells Ethan to excuse him as hes going to find a table and have some privacy. Sam leaves, and Ethan asks his mother what is going on. Ivy says nothing, just her life wasting away. Ivy orders a dry martini. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Gwen discuss whether Ethan will take Theresa to court. Gwen isnt sure, but Rebecca thinks Ethan is over the tramp and he is staying with her (Gwen). Gwen says she really thought Ethan would chose to stay with Theresa. Rebecca says thank goodness he didnt, and she thinks Ethan has seen Theresa for the vicious liar she is. Rebecca is positive that Ethan will realize what a strong case they have against Theresa and will squash her. Ethan returns to Gwen and Rebecca, and now he is depressed because his parents are. Ethan says he thought they were happy together. Rebecca says shell go talk to Ivy. Ethan says no, so Rebecca says she could go comfort his father then. Ethan says he has enough problems. Ethan says everyone here seems to have problems. Rebecca says and they have the perfect way to solve them, sue Theresa for custody of Jane. Gwen asks Ethan to think about it. She says if Theresa would have just carried their embryo then theyd have a baby. Gwen says Theresa has her Little Ethan back, but they dont have their baby. Gwen says they just want Theresa to honor the agreement. Ethan says the contracts insist Theresa hand over their baby, which Jane is not. Rebecca thinks there must be a loophole. Ethan asks her to give him a break, he wants to have a drink and relax. Rebecca tells Ethan not to take too much time as Theresa is trying to put Gwen in jail. Rebecca says she is going to go talk to Ivy. Gwen tells Ethan that Jane belongs with them, they cant let her grow up being raised by that monster. 

Sam hears a song that reminds him of Ivy, so he asks for the music to be changed. 

Elsewhere, Alistair tells Beth it is time to take their party home to bed. Beth doesnt know and says something about this feels really strange. Alistair says he would think she would do anything to keep him happy, otherwise hell tell the whole world what she did. Beth says he cant do that. He says then lets go to my boudoir and make love all night long. 

Luis and Sheridan walk in and Sheridan sees something she doesnt believe. She says everyone they know is here, she wanted to go someplace they wouldnt be bothered. Luis says they can go elsewhere, but Sheridan says they are already here. Meanwhile Alistair and Beth see Luis and Sheridan, and Beth freaks. She says they cant see them together, she has to get out of here. Alistair tells her to just relax. Beth says Sheridan is remembering things like the kidnapping, and so far Luis doesnt believe her, but if he sees them together then Luis may figure it all out. Alistair says no one will see them together, and she should sit tight. Alistair looks around and sees how many people are here, and he says this could turn into an interesting evening. Beth says he can stay and watch, but please let her go. Alistair says shell go when hes ready to let her go. Beth says she thought he wanted to take her home. Alistair says he thought she didnt want to go to bed with him. She says she changed her mind, and he says so has he for the time being. Alistair thinks this baby business will break up Sheridan and Luis for good.

Luis tries to convince Sheridan to find a way to accept Marty isnt her son and move on. Sheridan asks what if she cant, what if she never stops believing that Marty is her son and Beth is responsible for her kidnapping? Sheridan asks what if she cant let this go? Luis says then hell be very worried about her. He tells her that nothing has proven her beliefs, and that she cant keep doing this to herself. Sheridan says if he loves her then help her prove Marty is his child. Luis says he has done everything he can, and he reminds her that she said shed believe the DNA results no matter what. Sheridan says they were wrong, and if he wont help her prove that she is Martys mother then shell do it on her own. Luis tells Sheridan he has tried to be supportive of her, but they have proof that Marty is Beths child. He says if she doesnt stop saying that the boy is hers then Beth wont let her see him. Sheridan says Beth cant keep Marty from him, unless hes saying she shouldnt see Marty. Luis says maybe she should be apart from him for awhile. Sheridan says no! Sheridan says Marty is her child, and she thought he would believe her. She says she knew she would have to fight Beth for Marty, but didnt think shed have to fight him over Marty. Sheridan storms off and sees her father. She says what are you doing here? 

Theresa and Whitney arrive at the Blue Note, and Theresa asks what there are doing here. Whitney says if sleazy nightclubs are good enough for her mother then they are good enough for her. Whitney says shes having a drink, a lot of them in fact. She says at least here she wont run into anyone connected to her baby. Whitney orders a Long Island and tells the guy to keep them coming. Meanwhile, Fox arrives at the Blue Note and also plans to get drunk at the bar. 


May 3, 2005

On the pier, TC and Liz are taking a walk. TC is still upset over Chad adopting the baby, and he says he won't let this travesty of justice happen. Liz has to stop by the club and meet the new manager, so they head off.

At the recording studio, Chad continues spending time with his son as Eve and Julian help him. Eve wishes she had been able to raise Chad and share in these moments with him. Chad says one good thing came out of him growing up how he did, he learned to depend on himself and not others. Chad says he knows how everyone in town will look at him for adopting this baby, and he doesn't care. He says the only opinion that matters is the baby's. He says they are on their own. Eve and Julian say he isn't on his own. He asks if this means they are on his side? They say nothing, and he says he thought so. He tells them to just go, but Julian says they are concerned about his motives. Eve asks if the only reason he adopted this boy is to be close to Whitney? Chad says he loves Whitney still, and not just as a half sister. However he also says he feels for this baby, they share a bond. He says he knows what it's like not to be wanted. He says he knows Eve didn't mean for what happened to him to happen, but it did. Chad says he was one of those kids who fell through the cracks of the foster system. He says he feels it's better to have one parent who loves a child with his or her whole heart than two who only half love the child. Julian tells Chad that he understands a little better now. Chad goes off to find the baby's pacifier, and Eve continues to wonder what if. Julian tells her to stop as that will do no good. Eve promises to protect her grandson from the evils of the world. She says she just hopes she can do so without revealing Whitney's secret. She feels bad and thinks Chad should know the truth about his son, as should Fox. Julian agrees and says Fox thinks he doesn't love him, but that is not the case. Eve says she just wishes Whitney would learn from her mistakes and realize secrets always have a way of coming out.

At Tabitha's, Endora and Tabitha watch the goings on at the Blue Note via Tabitha's magic bowl. Later, Edna calls Tabitha up and asks Tabitha if she can come over as it is an emergency. Tabitha agrees to come see Mrs. Wallace.

At the Blue Note, Sheridan and Luis continue to fight about Marty. When Luis says he thinks maybe it's best if Sheridan didn't see Marty for a little while, Sheridan storms off. She ends up running into her father, who is now alone. She asks what he is doing here? He says he's just enjoying a night out on his own. Luis shows up and asks if he is alone then why are their two glasses of champagne on the table? Beth is hiding under the table. Alistair says he was trying to be discrete, he's meeting a lovely young lady who is in the powder room. He says if they don't mind they'd like to be alone. Luis says don't worry, they have no desire to join them. Luis and Sheridan leave, and Beth comes out from under the table. Beth says she is leaving now, but Alistair forbids it. He kisses her and says she's staying put, other wise he'll be happy to call Luis and Sheridan back and tell them everything. She says he wouldn't, but Alistair says he would. Alistair tells Beth he's never met a woman who thinks like him, which is why he knows they would be good together. He says they will enjoy the rest of the show here and then go back to his place for a very long night.

Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan continue to fight over Marty and Beth. Luis just can't see how Beth could do all these things Sheridan is accusing her of. Sheridan says then he is saying he believes Beth over her. Sheridan says she will prove to him that Beth is not who she claims to be. She says she will do this on her own because she doesn't need help from him if he's only doing it out of pity. Sheridan then storms off.

Gwen and Ethan are at the club, and Gwen is pressing Ethan to take Jane from Theresa. She says she would be a better mother than Theresa could be, and to do this for her. She tells Ethan give her an incentive to want to stay out of jail. Ethan says he can't talk about this right now, and he leaves to get a drink. Later Sheridan shows up to talk to Gwen about her problems with Luis. Gwen says she has never trusted Beth, but what makes Sheridan so sure Beth did this when the DNA results said otherwise? Sheridan tells her about the feeling she got in Beth's house, and how she believes the DNA tests are somehow wrong. Sheridan says Gwen of all people should understand how much it hurts to know her child is with that monster. Sheridan says worst of all, Luis believes Beth over her. Sheridan doesn't know how she can be with a man who doesn't believe her. Gwen suggest she tell that to Luis. Sheridan turns around and Luis is standing there. Sheridan tries to tell Luis that she knows Marty is her son and Beth took him, but Luis says he wants to believe her but he just can't believe he's been so wrong about Beth.

Sam continues to sulk and give Ivy dirty looks. TC and Liz eventually show up, and they try and comfort Sam. Sam tells them about catching Jessica with Spike, and how he's let his daughter down. TC says he's not in this alone, he has Ivy and she does love him. Sam says he was wrong about Ivy, so wrong. He says Ivy lied to him, and worst of all she hurt Jessica. He says he was so lonely after Grace left that he turned to the first woman who came along. TC says she was his first girlfriend, don't be to hard on himself. Sam says he let Jessica down, and he will never be able to forgive Ivy for what she did.

Theresa and Whitney are at the bar, and Theresa whisks Whitney off when she sees Fox come in. Theresa doesn't tell Whitney why they left the bar, only that they should go sit down at a table. Theresa tries to convince Whitney they should go, but Whitney says no way as she's found a new hobby. She says getting wasted in clubs runs in her genes, and she jokes about maybe finding a guy to take home as that is what her mother would do. Theresa sees Ethan and Gwen and wants to talk to them, but Whitney stops her and asks if she is crazy? Theresa says she wants to let Ethan know she isn't mad at him. Whitney laughs and says he's the one mad at her! Whitney says the same is true for Fox and herself. Whitney then asks the waiter for another drink. 

Fox comes into the club and spots Whitney. Before he can talk to her he's distracted by the waitress, and when he looks back Whitney is gone. He then sees Ivy at the bar and goes to talk to his mom. HE asks why she is here alone, and she tells him the whole story about what has happened between her and Sam. Fox says he's sorry, and he related the story to his mother about losing Whitney and his son to Chad. Fox says it is sickening. Ivy says while she understands he hates Chad, Chad wanting to raise the baby isn't sick. Fox says it is because he only adopted the baby because he wants to be with Whitney. Ivy says still? Fox says he will get his son back somehow. Whitney shows up at the bar to get another drink, and Fox decides to confront her and get some answers.


May 4,  2005

At Tabitha's, Tabitha agrees to go over and help Mrs. Wallace, but realizes she can't leave Endora alone. She tells Endora to conjure up her English nanny doll. Endora brings her nanny doll to life, and the Nanny sits for Endora while Tabitha takes care of business.

At the Wallace house, Tabitha arrives and asks Edna what is wrong. Edna says she has to stop Beth from making a terrible mistake, and she asks Tabitha to look after Marty for her. As Edna is about to leave she stops to pray at her angel altar for help destroying evil in their lives. Suddenly three small angels arrive floating in the air. Edna says this has never happened before, and Tabitha tells herself that is because she's never had a witch in her home.  The angels descend upon Tabitha and prepare to destroy her until Mrs. Wallace takes back her call for help as "God helps those who help themselves." Tabitha asks Edna before she leaves if she can cover up her little angel altar, but Edna says no as she wants Tabitha to pray for her while she's gone. A huge gust of wind almost takes Tabitha out, but she manages to survive. Edna then heads off to stop Beth. 

At the Blue Note, Fox confronts Whitney and once again demands to know how she could just give their child up. She refuses to answer him, but he says he won't let her leave without answering. Whitney manages to elude Fox and makes her way to the stage where she begins to sing. Fox wonders how Whitney can sing with such feeling after giving up her child. 

Sheridan and Luis continue to argue about Luis believing Beth over Sheridan. Gwen and Ethan join in the argument after Ethan is brought up on what Sheridan believes. Ethan says Gwen had similar suspicions about Beth, and Gwen says she did and she voiced them right before her hit-and-run accident. Ethan asks Beth if Sheridan believed her father kidnapped her and stole her baby then would he believe her? Luis says of course. However, he says he just can't believe Beth is capable of such things. Sheridan tells Luis she'll prove to him that Beth is, and Sheridan storms off.

Alistair still refuses to allow Beth to leave the club. He talks about how so many people here are miserable. He kisses her again and tells her to think about that until he returns. Alistair leaves and Sheridan shows up and finds Beth where her father was earlier. Sheridan asks Bethy if she is with her father, and Beth says of course not. Sheridan asks why she isn't home with Marty? Beth says Sheridan's accusations have unnerved her, so she came out to unwind. She says her mother is watching Marty. Sheridan informs Beth that she was at her house earlier and visited her basement. Sheridan says it all came back to her, she knows she kidnapped her and that Marty is her son. Sheridan says she will prove it to, it is over. Beth says she's had it with her, and Beth decks Sheridan. Sheridan hits Beth back, and an all out catfight occurs. Beth grabs a table cloth and begins strangling Sheridan, but Sheridan throws Beth off of her and into another room. In the room Alistair is sitting in a chair. He hands a knife to Beth and tells Beth to finish Sheridan once and for all. Beth takes the knife and returns to face Sheridan with the knife.

Ivy talks to Rebecca about how she has lost Sam. Rebecca says she is sorry, but she has some news that will cheer her up. Rebecca tells Ivy that she and Gwen have finally found a way to get Theresa out of Ethan's life for good.

Later, Ivy talks to Ethan about Theresa refilling the charges against Gwen, and Gwen and Rebecca's plan to take Jane from Theresa. Ethan says he's not sure about taking Jane yet, but Ivy urges him to do it. She reminds Ethan what a snake Theresa is. She says Theresa found out about his true paternity and instead of telling him she sent that info to the tabloids. Ethan says Theresa claims she didn't do that, but Ivy says just another lie. She asks Ethan if he really wants his daughter raised by Theresa? Ethan says he needs a drink.

Gwen talks with Rebecca about how she still doesn't know if Ethan will take Jane from Theresa. Rebecca says of course he will. She says Ethan realizes what a low life Theresa is, she is so low that she sent the information about his paternity to the tabloids. Gwen says hello, that was us! Rebecca says not so loud, nobody else needs to know that. Rebecca says nobody will ever find out that they did it and not Theresa.

Theresa finally confronts Ethan, who is now drunk. He tells her that she better drop the charges against Gwen or else. She says she's not going to drop them and she had every right to file them. She says she had to strike before Rebecca struck. Ethan says well now she has something to worry about as Rebecca and Gwen want him to sue her for custody of Jane. Theresa says he can't do that, she is her daughter. Ethan says she is also his daughter. He tells Theresa he can and will do this if she forces him. She says he won't. Ethan asks why not? Theresa says because of this, and she kisses him. 

TC and Liz continue to comfort Sam, but TC is puzzled as to how Jessica, a mere girl, was able to blackmail Ivy. Liz tells herself that Eve knew something about Ivy, and she thinks it is time she find out what Eve knows. Later TC hears Whitney singing and Liz makes the comment "like mother like daughter." TC says no way and he will put a stop to this, but Liz convinces him to let Whitney go on singing her heart out.



May 5, 2005
Sam is on the pier thinking to himself. He says he wanted things to work out with Ivy, but she should have known that his children mean everything to him. Sam goes to head off and runs into Ivy. Ivy apologizes to Sam for not telling him the truth all along. He says so is he, but they cant turn back the clock. Ivy says she wont beg to stay, and she will move out as soon as possible and wont bother him again. However she wants Sam to know that she loves him with all of her heart and her soul. Ivy goes to walk off, and Sam calls out to her. He says she is not the only one to blame, so is he. He says he blames himself more than he blames her. He says he should have been there for Jessica, he should have got her counseling after the rape. He says if they hadnt moved on so fast, if he hasn't been so busy with her then maybe things could have worked out. Ivy says they still can if he lets them. Sam says no, he mislead her once and wont do it again. He says they need to take time, they should have taken time before. She says fine, she will wait for him. He says he cant ask her to put her own life on hold while he tries to figure out what he wants with his. She says what if she doesnt mind. He says she is still young and beautiful and deserves someone who will make her his first priority. Ivy doesnt know if she can live without him. He says she needs to try, they both need to make clean breaks. Ivy goes to walk away again, and he asks where she is going? She says she doesnt know. He says she can stay one more night, but she says no. She says she cant stay in that house with him. She says shell find a place to stay, shell be fine. 

At the Blue Note, Whitney continues to sing her heart out. Fox watches Whitney sing and remembers how he first fell in love with Whitney while watching her sing. He wonders what happened to the woman with all that heart and soul, what happened to make her give their little boy away. Whitney finishes her song, and Fox once again tells her they have to talk. He says she owes him some answers. Whitney gives him the sam lame excuse about not wanting to raise a child by herself. Fox says he proposed to her, and he wants to know when she stopped loving him. He says no matter how she feels about him, he still loves her. He tells her to tell him the truth and let her help him. Whitney refuses to tell him any more, and Fox punches something and hurts his hand.

Elsewhere, Gwen and Rebecca find Ethan kissing Theresa. Ethan says it isnt what it looks like. Theresa tells Gwen and Rebecca that its obvious that Ethan cant stay away from her, but Rebecca calls her a liar. Rebecca thinks Theresa is once again chasing after Ethan. Gwen asks was the kisser, but Rebecca says dont ask that. Rebecca says it is obvious Theresa accosted Gwen. Rebecca calls Theresa bug that needs to be exterminated. Theresa suggests Rebecca and Gwen not make any more threats against her. Gwen tells Theresa to shut up and listen, this un-ending feud has gone on and there is no reason they cant bury the hatchet and go on with their lives, but it is up to her. Theresa says so she saw them kissing and now she wants to be friends? Gwen says she said nothing about friends, she just wants a truce. Gwen says all she has to do is drop the charges against her. Theresa says she wont do it. Ethan warns her if she doesnt do this then hell seek custody of Jane. Theresa says he wont, it isnt in him to be so cruel. Ethan says it is so funny how all this time they could underestimate each other. He says he didnt know how cruel she could be until recently, so if she can do it so can he. He says he only saw the good qualities in her, and after seeing this side he doesnt think he wants his daughter raised by her. Theresa says shes been backed in a corner, but he says she backed herself into that corner. Ethan continues to lash out at Theresa for being vindictive and self serving. He says the DA doesnt have a case against Gwen without Theresa, so she can choose to fight Gwen her whole life or she can be a mother to her children. Theresa says shell drop the charges against Gwen if Gwen divorces Ethan so she can be with her! Rebecca says Theresa is pathologically selfish, and she is at a loss for words. Gwen says shed love to hear what Ethan has to say. Theresa asks Ethan what he has to say? He says Theresa is living in a fantasy world, and he wouldnt let Gwen divorce him. Gwen says the answer is no to Theresa's bargain. Theresa suggests Gwen give it more thought, as being married to him wont mean a lot if she spends her life in jail. Rebecca tells Ethan that he heard her, Theresa wants Gwen to spend the rest of her life in jail. Ethan says he never thought Theresa could be this vengeful. Rebecca says Theresa is hoping if she puts Gwen in jail that shell get Ethan back. Ethan asks Theresa if that is true, is this her plan? Theresa says it isnt as simple as that. Ethan tells Theresa to forget about it, he isnt leaving Gwen for anyone. He says he loves her. Theresa asks why he kissed her? Ethan says she kissed him, he was too surprised to pull away. Theresa tells Gwen if she believes that then she is dumber than she thought. She says Ethan has always dreamed of fathering a child and raising a family, so why would she stay with her? Ethan tells Theresa not to speak to his wife that way. Theresa says Ethan is just being noble, but she is the woman he loves. Ethan warns Theresa not to back him into a corner, drop the charges or else. Theresa refuses and says theyll just see how warm his bed keeps him when Gwen does 20-30 years in jail.

Beth and Sheridan fight in the other room off of the stage, and we see a replay of Alistair handing Beth a knife to kill Sheridan. Beth takes the knife from Alistair and goes back to the other room. Beth olds the knife behind her back and tells Sheridan that shes not finished with her but she will be soon. Beth says time is up and she has been the bane of her existence for far too long. Beth holds up the knife and says party is over! Sheridan screams No! Sheridan manages to get the knife away from Beth, and Luis happens to find them. He asks what is going on, what is with the knife. Sheridan says Beth tried to kill her, but Beth says Sheridan is lying and she tried to stab her. A spying Alistair says good girl Beth! Beth turns everything around and blames Sheridan. She says Sheridan tried to kill her so she could take her son. Sheridan says Beth was the one who was going to stab her if she hadnt knocked the knife out of her hand. Sheridan says Beth is lying because she knows she has figured out what Beth did to her. Beth says she only came here to relax, but she ran into this psycho who tried to kill her. Beth tells she has tried to help Luis and Sheridan over and over, but she will no longer roll over for this psycho. Sheridan swears Beth pulled the knife on her, but Beth says she is crazy. Beth says Sheridan is certifiable, she not only spent time in a psych ward but tried to kill herself that night in her house. Sheridan says that isnt true, and she bets Beth caused that gas leak to try and kill her. Beth says your so right and tells Luis to arrest her. Luis says hes not going to do that, and Sheridan realizes Luis believes Beth over her. Alistair says Beth is as smart as she is sexy, and hes liking her more and more. Sheridan just cant believe this is happening, the man she trusts more with her life is taking the word of another woman. Luis says he wants to believe her but the DNA tests. Sheridan says Beth fudged the DNA tests somehow. Beth says she doesnt have the money to do that, she is not a Crane. Sheridan says that is it, her father is helping her and she was here celebrating with her father earlier. She says they are plotting together. Beth says now she has really lost it. Beth tells Luis that she doesnt have Sheridans baby and she never dressed up like a clown, but she does feel like a fool for dealing with this looney tunes. Beth says she is done with them. Luis tells Sheridan that they should go, and he tells Beth that hell make sure Sheridan gets help. Luis takes Sheridan with him.

Edna is walking on the pier looking for Beth. She tries calling Beth, but her phone is still off. Edna ends up at some old dive bar and recognizes the bartender. He calls her Easy Edna and buys her a drink on the house for old times. Edna asks if any young girls have come in here tonight, and he says no. She asks if he knows any places with live music and the guy her daughter is with likes live music. He suggests she try the Blue Note. Edna finally shows up at the Blue Note and learns Alistair just left with Beth. Edna asks if they were drinking, and the bartender says they went through two bottles of their best champagne. Edna says naughty naughty, Beth is going to sleep with her own father.

Alistair takes Beth back to his place to get it on, and says hes never been so turned on as he has tonight,. He says hes never met a woman that reminds him so much of himself. Beth keeps saying something doesnt feel right to her, but Alistair wont give up. He tears her shirt off and carries her to bed. Meanwhile, Edna arrives at the mansion to try and find Beth and Alistair. 

Luis and Sheridan return to the cottage, and Sheridan is furious with Luis. She says they have a big problem because he doesnt know what to believe anymore. Sheridan says she cant sleep and walks out on Luis.

At the recording studio, Chad tells the baby that hell have everything he never had, even his mother. He says he sees no reason they cant be together, they can look just like the Cosbys. Eve says "Oh God, Chad still thinks he can be with Whitney." Chad sees Eve and Julian standing there and says he thought they were in the other room. Julian says they heard what he said, and there is no future for him and Whitney together. Chad says look dad, what he wants for his future is no ones business. Julian says she is his sister, he must give up on these romantic notions for him and Whitney. Chad says hes sick of these lectures, he wants what is best for his son. He says he doesnt see why they cant be a non-traditional family and raise their son together. Chad explodes and yells at his parents to just leave if they are going to treat him like a child.

Later, Julian and Eve walk along the pier, and Julian says Chad is right, they are treating him like a child. Eve says hes acting like one if he thinks he can be with Whitney .Julian says it isnt that easy, they love one another. Eve says she knows. Fox soon shows up, his hand is hart after he lashed out and hit something in anger. They ask about his hand, but he tells them to stop pretending they care and go visit Chad. Eve says Julian does care, so Fox tells them to tell him why Whitney did what she did. Meanwhile, Whitney goes for a walk and ends up outside of the recording studio. She sees Chad up in the window with the baby.



May 6, 2005
On the pier, Sam begs Ivy to come back to the house for tonight. She says that would be cruel, if she goes back to that house then part of her will think she has a chance to stay. She says they both know that wont happen, he wants her out of his life. She says dont give her hope as that would be too cruel. He begs her to stay at the B&B, but she says stay in another one of Graces perfect bedrooms, I think not. Ivy insists she will find her own place. She says she went from her fathers house to Julians house to his house, shes never been on her own. Sam asks her to let him help her, but she says just leave her alone. He says hell respect her wishes, and she says shell respect his. 

At the Blue Note, Theresa tells Ethan that she is doing this to save him from himself, he knows he belongs with her and their daughter. Theresa says they should be a family. Gwen says she and Ethan will have a family after they take Jane from her. Theresa says Ethan wont do that, but Ethan says he will if she backs him into a corner. He says for Theresa to please tell him that she will end this feud by dropping the charges. She refuses to drop the charges and tells Gwen the choice is hers, divorce Ethan or spend the rest of her life in jail. Rebecca tells Theresa that Ethan will take Jane from her, but Theresa says he wont as she knows him too well. Ethan says he will do this, he will take her. Theresa doesnt believe him and says they would have been happy and married if Gwen hadnt gotten pregnant. Gwen says if it wasnt for Theresa, should would have a baby right now. Ethan tells Theresa that their love wasnt always pure, and she wasnt the only one hurt. He reminds her about the file she put together and sent to the tabloids. Theresa swears once again she didnt send that file, someone else did. Ethan says nice try, if she didnt then who did. Theresa says she swears on her childrens lives that it wasnt her. She says she loves him and always has and would never hurt him. Ivy shows up and calls her a liar. She says ever since Theresa bulldozed her way into their lives she has done nothing but hurt Ethan, and she wont let her hurt him again. Ivy says how Theresa has the gaul to stand in the same room as Ethan is beyond her. Theresa marches off, and Ethan says that was a little over the top. Ivy says that woman belongs in jail or the grave. Rebecca yells bravo! Ethan asks Gwen to muzzle his mother. Gwen suggests they go home and get to work on taking Jane away from Theresa, but Ethan says he wont take Jane unless Theresa actually goes through with her sick plan. He honestly doesnt think she will though. Ethan walks off to talk to Theresa again, and Gwen realizes Ethan is still tied to Theresa otherwise he wouldnt be giving her the benefit of the doubt. Ethan talks to Theresa alone, and Ethan says his mother is right, she has wrecked his life and his mothers life by sending that file to the tabloids. Ethan says if she doesnt listen then he will ruin hers. She says she didnt do it, but good things did come out of it. She says he found out Sam was his father. He says yes, but his mothers life was wrecked. He also says as a Crane then he could have undone a little of Alistairs evil, but those dreams are dead now. Theresa says they can make new dreams together, they can build a family. Ethan tells her to forget those fantasies and think about being a parent. He says if she doesnt drop the charges then hell sue her for custody of Jane and take her so far away that shell never be a part of Janes life again. Meanwhile, Ivy continues to wonder why he talks to that girl knowing she sent that file to the tabloids. Rebecca says it is amazing the problems that one little email can cause. Rebecca offers Ivy a place to stay in the mansion. Ivy says that is kind of her, and she says what are friends for. Rebecca says Julians mistress is already there, so what is the difference having an ex-wife there. Ivy thanks her. Gwen asks her mom why shes being so generous. Rebecca says who better to get Ethan moving than his own mother. Ivy remembers how she was queen of the Crane clan and Ethan would have been king, he would have had anything until that snake appeared. Ivy confronts Theresa and tells her that she wont let her hurt her son again. Ivy says everything wrong in Ethans life is because of her. Theresa says Jane is not wrong, but Ivy says Ethan would have had children with Gwen, hed still be a crane if she hadnt sent that information to the tabloids. Theresa says she never did that, so Ivy asks then who did?

At the cottage, Sheridan slams the bedroom door in Luis face, which upsets him. He says they need to talk, but she says they dont need to as he doesnt listen to her. She says he is just like everyone else, he thinks she is crazy. She says she is not saying the world is flat or that witches live amongst them, well except for Beth. Sheridan says Beth is not Martys mother, and if he loved her then hed believe her. Luis says he does love her, but she says love is more than flowers, romance and the bedroom. She says love is about trust and equal partnership. She says he doesnt trust her, and she is tired of hearing the condescending tone in his voice when he calls her sweetheart and darling. She says she knows she is Martys mother and somehow the DNA test was wrong. Sheridan tells Luis that he never backs her up, he never gives her the benefit of the doubt. He says he does, but she says he believed she would attack Beth with a knife but not that Beth would attack her. Luis says she is just over reacting, and she needs to look at the evidence. He says her friend did the DNA test, and in a court of law that is enough. Sheridan tells him to stop acting like a cop. She says whether there is evidence or not, he should love and support her no matter what. Sheridan talks about how true love includes communication and trust, and he doesnt believe or trust her. She asks him to just be on her side. He says he is, but she says hes not and never has been. She says she might as well be a suspect hes arrested. Sheridan tells Luis if he cant be on her side then get out of her house. Luis says dear God, your breaking up with me now? She says get out, and he says is she kicking him out for good? She says of course not, but she needs time to think. She tells him to just go and give her some space. Luis says fine, hell go for a walk. Sheridan ends up getting on the net and tries to find out why the tests turned out so wrong. Sheridan says this doesnt make sense, if the tests are right then Beth should be Martys mother, unless . . . Sheridan says no, that is impossible, she is grasping at straws. She says but could it be, according to the websites the only way the DNA tests could turn out like they did is because Beth is her sister. 

Luis takes a walk and runs into Sam. They commiserate together. Sam says he kicked Ivy out, and Luis says Sheridan kicked him out. When Luis explains the story, Sam says Sheridan has a point. Sam tells Luis to forget what the facts say is because that what got him kicked out. Luis says without facts all you have are feelings and emotions. Sam says maybe Sheridans feelings tell her that Marty is her son, and maybe a woman can sense when a child is theirs even when the evidence is against it.

Outside of the mansion, Edna asks the angels to help her to stop this great tragedy from happening as Alistair and Beth cannot do this dirty deed! She goes to head inside and runs into a very large maid. Edna says my she is healthy, she must work out. Edna asks if she has a sister named Norma? The maid asks what she wants, and Edna says she needs to see Alistair now. The maid says Alistair is entertaining. Edna wont take no for an answer and pushes her way inside. The maid, fearing she will be fired, attacks Edna. It turns into a womens wrestling match as the two fight with one another. Edna eventually knocks the maid out and heads upstairs.

Upstairs, Alistair tells Beth that hes going to make love to her like a real man should make love to a woman, and it will be something she never forgets. Alistair says come to papa! Beth says shes changed her mind and doesnt want to do this. Beth gets out of bed and runs across the room. Alistair says they all say that at first, but they come around. Beth says no, and he cant sleep with a woman who says no. Alistair says no one says no to him, and hes wanted her for awhile, ever since he kissed her as Charlie. Alistair says hes not Charlie anymore, he is Alistair and he takes what he wants. Meanwhile, Edna is in the hall looking for Alistairs secret lair. She calls on the angels to help her find the evil in this house. She uses her walker as a diving rod to find Alistairs secret room. She pulls a switch and says she didnt watch McGuyver all those years for nothing. Edna walks in and screams No! Beth asks what she is doing here, and Edna says stopping a horrendous mistake. Alistair tells her to get out and calls her an old bat. Edna says that is no way to talk to the mother of his child. Beth asks if she is insane, but Edna says Alistair is her daddy. Alistair says this is impossible, but Edna says it is possible. She says they were like bunnies in spring time. Beth asks Alistair if he slept with her whore of a mother? He says there is not enough Brandy in the universe. Beth thinks she knows what is going on, her mother is jealous. Beth says her mom doesnt want her to spend a night with a man, even an old old man. Edna says that man, as good looking as he is, is her father and she can prove it. Beth says the proof isnt gross isnt. Edna says no, she can just tell the story of that night. Alistair says Edna is nuts, he has never slept with her, and why would he? Edna says back in the day Al she was considered hot stuff, and he thought so too. Edna talks about how back in the day they had real passion, not what the kids have today, they had disco! We see flashbacks to Edna and Alistairs discoliscious night together. Edna says what they had was the BeeGees version of Tristan and Isolde. Beth asks if this is true? Edna says of course it is, why does she think the DNA tests turned out the way they did. She says Dottie only looked at Beths results and saw Crane blood in her. Beth looks at Alistair and says Daddy? Beth says all these years shes been so ashamed because she didnt know who her father was, but now she knows. Edna says she knows this is an emotional moment for her. Beth realizes that her father is a zallionare and that she has schlepped her whole life for not. She asks her mother how she could have been so stupid not to realize who her father was before. Edna says she didnt remember till dinner. Beth says her mother almost let her sleep with her father. Edna says she tried to tell her but she kept hanging up on her. Beth realizes she is a Crane, and this is what the magazines call a life altering moment. Beth says her life will be so different, it will be designer gowns. She says once the world knows she is a Crane then her life will be perfect. Alistair says that can never happen. Beth says Daddy? Alistair says dont call him that, the world can never find out that she is a Crane. Beth says he cant stop her and she wont be swept under the carpet like dirt. Alistair says this has nothing to do with her lack of class, it has to do with Sheridan. He says if Sheridan learns they are half sisters then shell figure out why the DNA tests turned out how they did. Beth says then shell lose Marty and Luis.

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