May 9, 2005
At the hospital, Eve and Julian are with Fox. Eve is tending to Foxs hand. Eve says they know hes frustrated by smashing his fist into a wall wont solve anything. Fox says well he cant hit Whitney as he loves her. Fox says he just doesnt understand what Whitney did, and he doesnt believe any of her stories as to why she did it. He says something weird is going on and he just wishes Whitney would tell him the truth. When Eve and Julian stay silent, Fox asks them if they know what Whitney is hiding? Julian says Whitney had her reasons for doing what she did, and Chad adopted the baby so he must move on. Fox wonders if they are going to take Chads every chance they get. Eve says the adoption was legal, but Fox doesnt think so. He says one way or another he will get his son back.

Whitney listens and watches (through the window) from below the recording studio as Chad tries to get the baby to stop crying. She wonders why Chad cant get him to stop crying, what is wrong with him. At the recording studio Chad doesnt know why the baby wont stop crying. He calls up the hospital to speak to a doctor about his baby. Chad gets off the phone and tells the baby that the doctor says he just needs to take some medicine, and since its not a prescription it should be easy to get. As Chad is about to leave with the baby, Whitney shows up. Chad says he knew shed come, he knew she couldnt stay away from her baby. He tries to hand the baby to her to hold, but she says that isnt why she is here. She says she only wants to know why he cant take care of the baby, she can hear it crying half way down the street. Chad says he can take care of the baby, the doctor thinks he has colic and he was going to get him medicine. Chad puts the baby in his basinet and asks Whitney to watch him while hes gone. Chad leaves, and Whitney keeps her distance from the child. She says she is sorry but she cant help him. The baby wont stop crying, and Whitney tries to not look at him and tries to give him some toys, which she shakes above the crib. She does her best to ignore his cries. Eventually she gives up and goes to hold him. Once she picks him up he stops crying. When he stops she puts him down, but he starts again. She picks him back up and tells him to quiet down. Whitney finally looks at her baby and says he is so perfect and beautiful. Whitney wonders what she has done.

On the pier, Fox finds Chad alone and demands to know where his son is. Chad says HIS son is at home, and someone is watching him. Chad says he needs to go to the store and get medicine for him. Fox says hes had his son for a couple of hours and hes already sick? Chad says it wasnt his fault, he has colic and that is not unusual for babies his age. Fox says he should be with his son and hes going to go see him right now. Chad says no hes not, and he decks Fox. An all out fight breaks out between the two.

At the Blue Note, Ivy continues to accuse Theresa of sending the email to the tabloids about Ethans paternity. Ivy says she ruined his life and thinks he still loves her, is she insane. Theresa says he does love her, and she didnt send the file to the tabloids. Ivy says if not her then who? Theresa says she doesnt know. Ethan says it doesnt matter now, but Ivy says it does matter as that email ruined his life. Ivy says Theresa knew the truth but didnt tell anyone until it was leaked to the tabloids. Ivy asks why she kept it a secret? Theresa says she never wanted it to come out, she tried to protect Ethan and her. Theresa suggests if Ivy wants to punish someone for ruining Ethans life then find the person who did this to Ethan. They continue arguing, and Gwen says no matter what happens Ethan wont divorce her even if she told him to, so Theresa needs to drop this idea of being with Ethan. Theresa says well then Gwen can spend the rest of her life in jail as she isnt dropping the charges. Ethan warns Theresa again that he will take Jane from her, but Theresa says he loves her and wont do that. Ethan says he doesnt want Jane to be raised by someone so cruel, but Theresa reminds Ethan what Gwen did to her. Theresa refuses to drop the charges and says she has faith in their love, he wont hurt her. Theresa then walks out.

On the pier, Luis wonders how Sheridan can be right about Marty when the DNA test proved Beth is the mother. Pilar shows up, she is taking a walk with Little Ethan and Jane. Luis asks why they are up? Pilar says Jane woke up, and then Little Ethan woke up, so she decided they should all go for a walk. Luis remembers when they were kids they would all do the same things when the babies woke up. Luis talks with his mom about how Sheridan is obsessed with the idea that Beth stole her baby. Luis says she is so obsessed with Marty that she cant even consider having another baby. Pilar tells Luis to go to Sheridan and tell her that he loves her and support her, they will work this out, they always do. Luis says maybe she is right. 

At the mansion, Alistair tells Beth that Sheridan can never find out the truth. Beth says she knows, and Alistair says if Sheridan found out then she would have another DNA test done. Beth says she cant lose Marty or Luis. Alistair says that is why they have to keep quite, the only three people who know this secret is them. Beth is just glad her mother remembered the truth before she and Alistair did it. Beth says they should go, but Edna says she could keep Alistair company and help him work out his tension. He says you cant be serious? She says she is serious as a rash and they could experience their love all over again. Beth tells her mom that they need to go, but Edna says no way. She says if they want her to keep quiet then Alistair better start writing some back child support checks. Alistair says nobody blackmails him. She says she is just trying to urge him to do his duty to his daughter, and she deserves compensation for raising his hell cat of a daughter. Alistair says fine, hell see she gets compensation. She wants it now and threatens to call Daily Private Lives if she doesnt get her money. Alistair says hell write her a check, and he does. Beth says goodnight, and Alistair says Goodnight daughter, and what might have been. Edna makes a disgusted face at him. Alistair says they could have had a good time. Edna says she is his daughter, and calls Alistair a sick creep. Alistair says she is, and remember if Sheridan finds out the truth then shell lose Marty and Luis.

At the cottage, Sheridan realizes that Beth must be her sister and that is why the DNA tests turned out the way they did. Sheridan says her father had so many affairs that Beth must be a product of one of them. Luis knocks on the door and then asks if he can come in. She says yes and she has something important to tell him. Luis says he wants to go first. He says he loves her, she is the most important thing in the world and he wants to support her. Sheridan says she loves him too and she now knows why the DNA tests turned out the way they did. Luis says its because Beth is Martys mother. Sheridan says no it only seems that way, Beth is her sister. Luis cant believe this, but Sheridan says if the lab technician only looked at Beths DNA next to Martys then theyd think she was his mother as theyd have common DNA. Sheridan says that is why the test was misinterpreted. Luis tells Sheridan that she is making it harder and harder to be supportive of her. Luis says either Katherine had Beth, or Edna had an affair with Alistair, but he doesnt Edna is his type. Sheridan cries, and Luis says he wants to believe her but he just cant. Sheridan says she must be crazy to think Beth is her sister, she must be losing her mind. Luis says she is not crazy, okay she may be a little crazy to think Alistair would sleep with Mrs. Wallace, but she isnt crazy. Luis says if Beth was Alistairs daughter then Edna would have sued for child support as Edna and Beth have struggled for as long as he can remember. Sheridan says he is right, and she begs Luis to never leave her. Luis tells her not to worry as hed never leave her. Sheridan says she is just afraid she will drive him away with her crazy ideas. Luis says that will never happen, she is the most important person in the world to him. Sheridan says and he to her, and she doesnt know what shed do if she lost him. Luis says she wont ever lose him.

Pilar returns home as does Theresa. Theresa asks her mom if everything is okay, and Pilar says yes, the children woke up and she took them for a walk. Pilar asks Theresa if she is okay as she looks down. Theresa explains how Ethan says if she doesnt drop the charges against Gwen then hell sue for custody as he doesnt want Jane raised by someone as cruel as her. Pilar cant believe Ethan would say that, and she asks what Theresa will do? Theresa says nothing as she doesnt believe Ethan will take her to court. Theresa says Ethan loves her and will never take Jane away. Pilar cant believe Theresa is going through with her crazy plan, and that she thinks Ethan will be with her if Gwen goes to jail. Pilar says if she sends Gwen to prison then he will hate her, but Theresa doesnt think so. Theresa says tonight Ivy and Ethan brought up the file that exposed Ethan as Sams son. Pilar says yes she remembers that. Theresa says Ethan still blames her, why she doesnt know, but this changes everything. Theresa says that file is the key to getting Ethan back, it is the key to her happiness. Pilar asks how? Theresa says all her troubles started the night of the email, so if she can find the person who did it then Ethan will realize they belong together. Theresa says she wont stop until she finds out who sent the email. 

Gwen, Rebecca, Ivy and Ethan return to the mansion. Gwen and Rebecca head inside while Ivy and Ethan talk outside. Ethan admits to his mother that he loves Gwen, he loves Theresa, and he loves Jane. He says Theresa is right, he doesnt know how he will take Jane from her. Ivy says he just has to. Ivy says she knows he says he loves Theresa, but can he love someone who would make him ignore his conscious and leave his wife? Ethan says he has told Gwen he wont leave her, but that isnt good enough for Rebecca. Ivy says Rebecca does hate Theresa and she does want revenge, but she (Ivy) just wants Ethan to be happy. Ivy says she knows Ethan is only happy when he does the right thing, and Theresa did not do the right thing tonight. She asks if he wants to be with a vindictive woman like Theresa, is Theresa the role model he wants for Jane? Ivy urges him to take Jane from Theresa as it is the right thing for all parties involved. Ethan says she is right, he must take Jane from Theresa to protect his marriage. Ethan says hell go after Theresa with everything he has.

Meanwhile Rebecca tries to convince Gwen to relax, but Gwen says she cant when she doesnt know what will happen. Rebecca says Ivy will convince Ethan to take Jane from Theresa, but Gwen says if Ethan finds out the truth about the tabloid then hell hate her. Rebecca says Theresa will be too busy to play detective, she has to find a lawyer to work for free to try and help her keep Jane. Rebecca says besides, there is no way she can find out they sent the email.

Julian and Eve return to the mansion, and Eve finds Julian has set up a romantic dinner for them. He says he wants them to remember the one thing that is good in their lives, their love. 


May 10, 2005

On the pier, Chad and Fox get into an all out fight over the baby, and Chad tackles Fox, breaks the railing and sends them into the water. Fox escapes and tells Chad that he deserves to die, good riddens! Chad's body is floating in the water face down, but he eventually slips under the water. Fox realizes he can't let Chad die as he is his brother. Fox jumps in the water and saves Chad. He calls out for help, and of course a cop shows up. The cop helps Chad out of the water and gets him breathing again. The cops wants to know what happened here. He asks Chad if they were fighting and if Fox hurt him. Chad says no, and he says it was an accident and he tripped and fell in. The cop says okay and lets them go. Fox and Chad discuss Whitney and how odd she has been acting. They both agree she is not telling them something, and they both agree that they should work together to get to the bottom of it. They head off back to the studio, as Chad says Whitney is there with the baby. 

At the recording studio, Whitney finally holds her baby and looks at him. She says he is so beautiful, so perfect. She wonders what she has done and if it is too late to undo it. She says but how does she hurt Fox and Chad? She tries to figure out who the baby looks like, and she realizes very soon people will realize he doesn't look like Fox at all, and they'll also realize he looks a lot like Chad. Whitney wonders what she'll do then. The baby starts crying again, and she thinks he is hungry. She looks for some formula to give him but realizes she doesn't know how much to give him. Later, Chad and Fox show up outside and find the paramedics there and a man and woman saying how they kept hearing the baby cry and the poor mother didn't seem to know how to take care of the baby. Chad and Fox worry and rush into the building. When they get into the recording studio they are shocked by what they see.

In Alistair's room, Alistair wants Beth and Edna to leave before someone sees them, but Edna wants some good luvin. She says how about a ride on old air edna for old times sake, same girl just more luggage space. He says gross. He tells them to go, but Edna refuses. She says this little check he wrote her isn't good enough, she wants more. She points to things around the room she wants, his robe, his silverware and some other things. He says no way, and she begins yelling. 

In Eve and Julian's room, Eve and Julian have made love when they hear a woman screaming. Julian thinks it is one of his father's women, and he goes to see what is happening.

Back in Alistair's room, Alistair tells her to stifle it as someone will hear her. He tells her that if she leaves then that check will be the first of many. Edna agrees to keep quiet, calling him Al. He says don't call him that. Beth keeps calling Alistair daddy, and he tells her don't call him that. Julian bangs on the wall and asks what is going on in there. Alistair says nothing, but Julian doesn't believe him and says he'll open the secret door if he has to. Alistair has Beth and Edna hide in his closet, and they end up going through his suit pockets for spare change. MEanwhile, Julian finds no one in his father's room and thinks the woman is hiding. Alistair tells Julian to leave him be as he never questioned Julian and Rebecca's use for that donkey. Julian offers to help them if they come out. Alistair tells Julian to go play white knight for his black mistress. Julian leaves and Beth and Edna come out. Alistair then says they have to sneak them out of the mansion. Edna won't leave without the trinkets she wants, so he gets her a bag and puts everything she wants in it. 

Meanwhile, Julian returns to Eve and says he thinks it was a woman of his father's, but he couldn't find her. Eve decides to go to the kitchen and get them some water. On the way out she thinks she sees Mrs. Wallace, and later she is sure she smells Mrs. Wallace. She ends up seeing Alistair escorting Edna and Beth out of the mansion and wonders what they were doing here.

At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan continue discussing how Beth couldn't possibly be Sheridan's sister as they are about the same age, so either Katherine had them both and they are twins, or Alistair had sex with Edna, both possibilities are pretty impossible. Sheridan is so afraid she is going crazy and Luis will leave her. He says he will never leave her and he'll honor the vows he made to her in Mexico. He says they just have to work on her accepting the fact that MArty isn't their son. Sheridan tells Luis unfortunately she still believes he is her son, she can't change that. He suggests hey work on having their own family. As they go to make love, Sheridan stops and says she can't. Luis says Marty? Sheridan says yes, and she's sorry. Sheridan says she can't stop believing Marty is her son.


May 11,  2005

At the mansion, we see a replay of Alistair shoeing Edna and Beth out. Beth hugs Alistair and says goodnight daddy! He suggests she stop calling him that. Eve watches this from the staircase and wonders what Beth and Edna were doing with Alistair. As Alistair heads back up the steps, Eve says she is surprised to see him up so late. Alistair says it is his house, he can do whatever he wants. He asks why she is up? Eve says she was getting a drink and offers to get ones for his friends. Alistair says he is alone, he was checking the market and trying to shoe an alley cat out. He says unlike his son he doesnt have a fondness for black alley cats. She calls him a racist, and he apparently propositions her to come back to his room. She refuses and demands to know who those people were. He says the champagne shes been drinking is just playing tricks on her, he wasnt with anyone. She says perhaps the champagne has gone to her head. Alistair leaves for his room, and says she knows where to find him if she changes her mind. Eve wonders what Alistair is hiding. Later, Eve goes back to Julian and tells him about Alistair sneaking Beth and her mother out, and she doesnt know why. She says Alistair of course denied he was with anyone and she was imagining things. Julian wonders what interest her father could have in Beth and that old crone. Julian thinks one of them must have been who screamed out, and the possibilities of what was going on are just bizarre and grotesque. Eve gets the overwhelming feeling to tell Sheridan as it might mean something to her.

At the cottage, Luis goes to put Martys photo away, but Sheridan asks him not to as he is their son. She says she has accepted the situation the way it is, and she tells Luis to help her forget they cant be with him and give her another baby. She tells Luis to make love to her. The two get down to the business of making a baby. Later they discuss that perhaps they did make a baby tonight. Sheridan hopes they did, and she stares at the photo of Luis and Marty. Later, Julian and Eve drop by to talk to them. Eve says this might mean something to them, she just saw Alistair take Beth and Edna out of his bedroom, down the stairs and out of the mansion. Eve says when she questioned Alistair he denied being with anyone and that she imagined it all. Luis wonders what this means, and Sheridan says she has been right all along. Sheridan tells Eve that she has given her the answer to all her prayers. Sheridan says this proves they are all in cahoots together and this has to do with Marty. Sheridan tells Luis that Marty is their son.

Tabitha is still at Mrs. Wallaces house beating off the miniature flying angels with a tambourine of all things. Beth and Edna return home and the angels vanish. Beth asks what is going here, why is the furniture all over the place, is she jazzercising? Tabitha says she was just watching Marty for Edna. Edna thanks her and says shell return the favor one day. Beth tells Tabitha that she can go, but she is stuck to the floor thanks to the angels. Beth asks why she isnt going, and Tabitha says her legs fell asleep and arent awake yet. Beth asks her mom to shut her little alter (we see flashbacks of Mrs. Wallace opening her angle cabinet), and when Beth does Tabitha can once again move. Beth shows up with the baby and Beth says he woke up and wanted to see his mommy. Edna says better take him to Sheridan, and Tabitha asks what she said? Edna says nothing, and Beth suggests Tabitha leave as she has to change Edna and it wont be a pretty sight. Tabitha leaves, and Beth talks about how she has Sheridans son, she has Alistair, and soon shell have Luis. Later Beth tells her mom to watch Marty while she goes and showers Alistair off of her. She also tells her mom to clean up and get the furniture back into place. Tabitha spies on them from outside and wonders what the dark side will want her to do about Beth being Alistairs daughter. Beth thinks tomorrow they can go spend the check Alistair have them, but Edna refuses to share her money with Beth. Beth says fine, keep her money and her loot as she has Marty, and Marty will help her win the most valuable prize of all, Luis. Tabitha laughs and says Beth is already dead in the water, even though she doesnt know it.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa is researching who could have sent the email to the tabloids. Pilar says if Theresa could use her imagination to make a living then shed be rich. Pilar says Ethan will never leave Gwen, and he will sue her for custody if she doesnt drop these charges. Theresa says he wont, Ethan loves her too much. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and Theresa is served custody papers. Theresa is of course devastated. Pilar says she was afraid of this. Theresa says this has Rebecca and Gwens claw marks all over this and she wont let them get away with this. She asks her mom to watch the children while she goes to stop Ethan. Pilar asks her not to do this, but she runs out the door. 

Back at the mansion, Rebecca assures Gwen that nobody will ever find out the truth that they sent the email to the tabloid. Ivy and Ethan show up, and Rebecca says she hopes Ethan will do right by Gwen and sue Theresa for custody of Jane. Ivy says he has already filed the papers. Gwen is thrilled and thanks Ethan. Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her. Rebecca and Ivy tell Ethan how proud they are of him, and how they will finally ground that guttersnipe. Ethan says hes not doing this to make them happy, hes doing it because of how vindictive Theresa is being. Ethan says she is not the kind of woman he wants raising his child. Ethan thinks Theresa is being selfish, and Ivy says when is she not selfish? Gwen says Ethan has seen Theresa for the monster she is. Ethan says Theresa isnt a monster and regrets calling her that. Ethan tells his mother and Rebecca that they are in this war for revenge. He says Theresa just cant raise his little girl the way he wants her to, and that is why he is doing this. Ivy wonders why Theresa even still has custody of Little Ethan. Ivy says Theresa is a horrible mother, but Ethan says she isnt. Gwen says Theresa dumped Little Ethan on Pilar to follow them to LA. Ethan says she didnt know they were there, and he doesnt think Theresa is evil incarnate as they do. He thinks she is a lost soul who doesnt realize her actions have consequences. Suddenly Theresa pounds on the door and demands Ethan open up. Ethan says he should open up, but Rebecca, Ivy and Gwen tell him not to. Ethan says he just doesnt hate her the way they do, he just hates what she is doing. He says he can handle Theresa himself, and maybe now that she knows he means business shell drop the charges. Ivy thinks there is no reasoning with Theresa, and she goes with Ethan to talk to her. Ethan finally opens the door and tells Theresa to calm down. She tells Ethan that he served her with court papers and expects her to calm down? Theresa then slaps Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa to get out of here, how dell she attack her husband! Theresa says Ethan attacked her and threatened to take Jan. Gwen says and he will win, and her name is ASHLEY. Theresa says Ethan isnt this cruel, and she thinks Ivy and Rebecca are behind this. They say they didnt force Ethan to do anything, and Theresa says they are lying. Ethan says he didnt want to do this but he told her that hed do this if she didnt drop the charges. Theresa says Gwen stabbed her, she kidnapped her child, she deserves to be in jail. Ethan says Theresa stabbed Gwen, but Theresa says she had a medical condition and was out of her mind. Rebecca says and Gwen was out of her mind with grief. Everyone argues, and Gwen says Theresa is to blame for all of this. Ethan says Theresa is not a monster, but Ivy says she is a monster and he needs to open his eyes to that. Ivy tells Ethan not to dare make excuses for Theresa. Ivy says Theresa has been nothing but trouble since that day she spilled paint on him at the carnival. Ivy once again accuses Theresa of sending the file of the tabloids, and of destroying his personal life and his future with Gwen by making it so Gwen couldnt have any children. Ivy says it is now Ethans turn to ruin her life and take Jen. Theresa suddenly starts chocking, and Ethan rushes off to get her some water. Ivy tells the guard to take the trash out. They escort Theresa out while Ethan is out of the room. When he returns and asks where Theresa is they tell Ethan that Theresa just left for reasons of her own. 

At the recording studio, Chad and Fox ask Whitney what happened, where is the baby. Whitney says nothing is wrong, and the baby has finally quieted down so they should hush and not wake him. Whitney is nursing the baby, and she says it was the only thing she could do to quiet him down. Whitney asks if Chad got the medicine, and Chad says he did. She suggests they wait and give him the medicine as nursing seems to have done the trick. Whitney says her mom always says let sleeping babies lie. Chad thanks her for watching him. Chad and Fox discuss how seeing Whitney with the baby makes them wonder why she gave him away even more of a mystery. Chad thinks Whitney wont be able to turn her back on the baby now. Whitney hears them talking and says they have it all wrong. She tells Chad to take the baby as she doesnt want to see him again. Chad asks how she can do this, she just nursed the baby. Whitney says he isnt her baby anymore, Chad adopted him. Chad says the baby needs his mother, and she knew just what to do for him when he didnt. Whitney says she went crazy trying to figure out how to help him, but Fox says she looks very calm and happy with the baby. Whitney tells Chad to take the baby as she doesnt want him. Chad refuses to take the baby, and both Chad and Fox demand her to tell them what this big secret she is hiding is. They promise not to judge her and offer to help. Whitney says she knows they mean well, but she cant tell them what they want to hear. Fox says she can and to tell them what the problem is. Whitney says fate is cruel, and Chad adopted him so hes his baby now. Whitney says in fact take the baby and just leave town and start fresh. Whitney says she doesnt want to see him again and walks out. Fox and Chad dont understand why the baby upsets Whitney, and Chad says they have to find out and soon.



May 12, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Theresa has a nightmare that Ivy, Rebecca and Gwen, dressed as witches, boil her alive in their cauldron. SHe wakes up screaming, and Pilar comes running to check on her. Whitney soon shows up, and both Whitney and Pilar try to talk Theresa into dropping the charges against Gwen. Theresa refuses and starts going on about fate being on her side, that fate has set all this in motion. Theresa gets a phone call, and Whitney asks if it is fate calling? After Theresa hangs up she says it was fate on the phone. She says that was the DA telling her that Gwen's trial has been moved up to today, Ethan won't have time to prepare a case against her, she will go to jail and Ethan will be with her and the children as fate meant him to be.

At the Mansion, Ethan is working on Gwen's case as he has learned that some new DA has moved the case up to try and score an easy win against one of Harmony's elite. Ethan says the guy hopes to use the case to make a name for himself. Ethan says it isn't looking good, and he asks Gwen to recount everything that happened that night. We see flashback and hear Gwen narrate through the attacks on Theresa. Rebecca calls Ethan's loyalty into question and suggests perhaps he does want Gwen to go to jail so he can be with Theresa. Ethan says that is absurd and he is doing everything he can to save Gwen. Eve calls Ethan up and says she is at the hospital and can speak to him about what he wanted to talk about. Ethan says he'll be right there. Ethan tells Gwen that he has to follow a lead, and he'll meet her at the courthouse. Later a police officer comes to escort Gwen to the courthouse, and Gwen is worried as Ethan still isn't back. Ivy assures her that Ethan will be at the courthouse for her.

At the hospital, Ethan talks with Eve about trying to find anything in Gwen's medical records that could help him get Gwen off the hook. As he talks about what is going on, he uses the word obligated in saying he's obligated to do this for Gwen. Eve wonders why he chose that word, and perhaps he doesn't want Gwen to go free. Ethan once again says that is nonsense, Gwen is his wife and he loves her. Eve says yes but you love Theresa too. Ethan admits he does. Ethan then finds something in a file that may be the key to helping Gwen.

At the cottage, Luis finds Sheridan on the phone, and he asks if she's been up all night? Sheridan says she has, she's been doing research on how to prove Marty is their son and that Beth and Edna were up to something. Luis isn't happy about this, and Sheridan explodes and tells Luis once again he is not on her side. She tells him "To hell with you Luis!" Luis calms her down and they talk. He admits that if Alistair was involved with Beth and Edna then it probably isn't something good. Sheridan and Luis call the maid from the mansion to the cottage and they question her about why Edna and Beth were at the mansion. The woman fears for her job and refuses to say anything, but Sheridan refuses to let her leave until she talks.

At the Wallace place, Edna prepares to go spend her money, but BEth warns her not to go drawing attention to herself as Alistair warned them what would happen if Sheridan catches on to the fact that they are half-sister. Edna heads out, and later Alistair shows up. Beth continues to call him daddy, and he continues to tell her not to. Alistair tells Beth they have a problem, their secret may be out and they may be exposed as Marty's kidnappers.

At a fancy clothing store, Edna shows up with her brand new solid gold walker, and now she wants to buy some fancy new clothes. The woman thinks they can do nothing for her as they carry only the finest clothes, Gwen, Sheridan and Rebecca shop here. The woman thinks Edna doesn't have the money to afford their fine clothes. Edna shows her the bag full of loot she's prepared to spend, and the woman has her sales girls help Edna. Edna tries on all sorts of fancy clothes and asks to have them sent to her place of residence tout de suite. Later Edna takes off to see Eve about getting a new hip and her bladder fixed. She says goodbye diapers, hello thong!


May 13, 2005
Ivy shows up at the Bennett house to get some of her things. Sam answers, and she says if this is a bad time then she can come back. He says no, Jessica is a sleep. She says shell just go put her things in a box and get out of here. Sam says he already did it for her, inside the door Ivys things are packed. She says she guesses he wants to keep this short. He says he was only trying to help, and he told her that she could have stayed the night. Jessica shows up and says if Ivy stayed then she wouldnt have. Jessica asks Ivy what she is doing back here? Sam tells Jessica to hush, Ivy was just trying to be helpful. Sam also tells Jessica that she needs help and he will get it for her. She asks why, because she got a boyfriend and a tattoo? Sam says she almost lost her life to drugs, and she lost her innocence to a creep who didnt respect her. He says worst of all, she started taking up with Spike. Jessica calls Sam a hypocrite because if she was Noah hed slap her on the back and hand her some condoms. Sam says he would not, but Jessica says its been so long since Noah came home that Sam probably wouldnt know him anyways. Jessica tells her father not to preach about family values as long as his whore is in the house. Sam tells Jessica to apologize, but Ivy says it is okay. Ivy tells Jessica before she goes she wants to get one thing straight. Ivy says she loves her father and always has. Jessica asks if that is why she married Julian? Ivy tells Jessica that she doesnt know what shes talking about, but one day shell look back and regret coming between her and her father. Jessica says dont hold your breath. Sam tells Ivy that they shouldnt pretend Jessica is the only reason things didnt work out. Ivy tells Jessica one day she will experience love. Jessica says she knows all about love. Ivy says sex is not love. Jessica also says she is not going to listen to a lecture from Ivy, as her daughters dont even come home. Jessica asks Ivy if she even remembers her daughters names? Sam tells Jessica how ashamed he is of her, Ivy feels bad enough and there is no need to make her feel worse. Jessica cant believe her dad is still on Ivys side. Sam takes Jessica into the kitchen, and Ivy feels guilty about not having a relationship with her daughter. She decides to call her daughter.

In Vegas, Fancy is waking around a resort area and gets a call from some guy named Jacob. She tells Jacob that shell get him a check. She then meets up with a girl and they cruise for guys. Fancy is bored with all the preppies and wants something different. Fancy says she wants a bad boy, someone who turns her on. She spies a guy at a poker game and says she just found her bad boy. She stares at the guy and says she likes him. Fancys friend Veronica asks how she knows hell be interested in her? Fancy says because, and she says since they are in Vegas they should make a bet. Fancy wagers her bracelet, which is worth at least twenty grand. Fancy says its a present from dear old dad. They spy on the game and learn the guys name is Ned, which Veronica says eww over. Fancy says that isnt his real name, hes too hot to be a Ned and besides it doesnt go with Fancy. Fancy heads over to the table and is asked if she wants to play. She says no thanks, shell sit this one out. Some guy asks if shes not feeling lucky? Fancy says shes feeling very lucky. She tries to talk to Ned, but he thinks shes a whore. Ned gives her a chip and tells Fancy to leave him alone so he can play cards. Fancy talks to Veronica about what a rude and uncouth bore Ned is, she has never been so insulted in her life. Veronica says she told her that he wasnt interested in her. Fancy says she wouldnt touch anything form him with a ten foot pole. However, she isnt giving up her bracelet or the fight. She says shes going to teach Ned a lesson hell never forget. The poker game continues, and it ends up down to just two guys, one being Ned. Ned tries to bluff, and needs some extra money. The casino doesnt front money, so another guy offers to front Ned the cash. Veronica tells Fancy hell lose his shirt. Fancy says and his pants and shoes, no one gets away with implying hes a prostitute. Ned loses because his hand sucked and he failed to bluff, and now he owes a loan shark a bunch of money. Ned doesnt have the money to pay the guy back, and the guy tells Ned hes not going anywhere till his debt is paid off. Fancy ends up paying some guy (the loan sharks associate I think), and Ned realizes Fancy did this to him. She says who me? Ned says he doesnt know who she is but he doesnt care right now. Ned says hell have to go to his hotel to get the money, and the guy says hell have his friend accompany him. The loan shark says this is business and he needs to get paid. Meanwhile, Fancy gets a call but ignores it. She says she doesnt want to ever talk to someone in Harmony again. The loan shark continues to threaten Ned over the money he owes him.

At the hospital, Eve asks Ethan why he isnt on his way to court with what hes found? Eve feels that Ethan is conflicted about representing Gwen. Ethan says that is absurd, he wants his wife cleared of all charges. Eve says he is here doing research while Gwens trial is about to start. Eve asks if he is sure she wants to keep Gwen out of jail as if she was locked up then nothing would stop him from being with Theresa. Ethan says he has to check on one last thing as it may help him clear Gwen of all charges and then hes going to get going. Eve says if that is what he wants to do. Later, Edna comes in to see Eve, and Eve is stunned by Ednas attire. Edna wants to talk to Eve about some surgeries. She dumps money on Eves desk, and Eve is stunned. She asks where she got this money? Edna says lets just say she came into a little fortune. Eve remembers seeing Alistair escort her out, and Eve says it must have been recently as she wasnt dressed like this last night. Edna realizes Eve saw her at the mansion and she is busted. Edna says she has to go and high tales it out of Eves office.

Theresa, Pilar and Whitney arrive at the courthouse. Pilar is still trying to convince Theresa to change her mind and end this, but she says forget it. The DA shows up and meets with Theresa. He is glad she didnt change her mind. Theresa says she wants to see Gwen put away for the rest of her life. Rebecca and Gwen show up, and Gwen says she doesnt see Ethan anywhere. Gwen fears without Ethan shell go back to jail. Theresa tells her to count on it, she doesnt stand a chance. Theresa torments Gwen and tells her that she thinks Ethan is going to stand her up so she will go to prison, and then Ethan will spend the rest of his life with her. The hearing begins, and Ethan is still a no show. Gwen panics. The judge asks if all parties are present? The DA says his witness is here, but he doesnt see the opposing attorney. Gwen is asked where her lawyer is. She says he will be and asks if they can wait. The judge says they cant. Theresa is confident that Ethan has abandoned Gwen. Gwen tells her mother that if Ethan doesnt walk in here within the next two minutes then she is going to jail for sure. The DA presets their case and asks for the maximum sentence. The judge tells Gwen that her lawyer isnt here then shes going to have to end this hearing and make her ruling. The DA also asks for Gwens bail to be revoked and she be remanded to jail until her trial. The judge agrees, revokes Gwens bail and asks for her to be taken into custody. Gwen cant believe Ethan has betrayed her like this. Suddenly Ethan shows up, and Gwen tells him it is too late to help her now.

At the Wallace house, Beth gets a call from her mom and Alistair takes the phone from her. He tells Edna that she is in trouble, very big trouble. Edna is at the hospital, and she says she hasnt told a soul anything. Alistair says but shes been going around Harmony with a wad of cash and buying clothes more appropriate for Paris Hilton rather than a bag like herself. He tells her that she is making him angry, and she is to keep a low profile from now on and stay in her house. Alistair hangs up on Edna, and Edna says she has the clothes and the style, and now it is time to party! Meanwhile, Beth is positive that Sheridan wont find out the truth, but Alistair says never say never. Alistair cant believe the one offspring most like him he cant publicly claim. He says he will make sure Sheridan doesnt find out the truth as if she does then hell lose his empire and shell lose Marty. Later, Beth asks her daddy if hed like to hold his grandson? He says they are acquainted, and it is a pity he has Luis blood in him. Beth says she loves Luis and he is going to help her get Luis isnt he? Alistair says he hates Luis, but she is his daughter and if she wants him then hell see what he can do. He says he needs something from her though, she needs to keep her mother quiet. Beth says her mom wont say a word. Alistair just hopes she doesnt. Alistair leaves, and Edna returns. Edna comes in the back way and she tells Beth they have to get out of town right now. Beth asks what she is talking about? Edna says Luis and Sheridan know they were at the mansion. Edna says get Marty and pack a bag because they are leaving.

At the cottage, Sheridan continues to grill the maid about why Edna and Beth were with Alistair. The woman admits she knows why they were there, and that she can tell them everything. However, the woman says while she can tell her, she wont. She says she signed a confidentiality clause, plus she has to think about her own children. She says Sheridan is a Crane and doesnt know how it is to scrimp and save. Sheridan offers the woman her earrings to tide her over between jobs if her father should fire her. The maid eventually agrees to talk. She says Beth and Alistair appeared to be on a date, and they came back to the house to you know . . . The maid says she doesnt know if they actually did the deed, but she doesnt think they had time because shortly after they arrived the mother showed up. The maid says the mother was desperate to get to them in time and even knocked her out. The maid says that is really all she knows, as the next thing she knew that pretensions butler was waking her up. Sheridan says her father is a dirty old man, nothing new there. Luis asks after she came too if she happened to eavesdrop on Alistair? The maid says yes, and they were discussing some huge secret that Alistair didnt want anyone to know. She says Alistair was afraid the mother would blab. Sheridan is convinced they are in cahoots. She thanks the maid and tells her to enjoy the earrings. The maid leaves, and Sheridan is convinced that this is the proof they needed. She says this proves Beth is a monster and Luis has to admit to it. Luis just doesnt get it. Sheridan thinks it all makes sense and she wont rest until she has Marty back. Luis says if Sheridan is right then it makes sense they could be in cahoots. Sheridan says she wants to go get Beth to admit everything and get Marty back.

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