May 16, 2005
At the courthouse, Ethan arrives and talks with the bailiff. Gwen thinks Ethan is too late, it is too late to help her. Meanwhile, Theresa is confident that Ethan was late because he still loves her and didnt want to defend Gwen. Ivy shows up soon, and she apologizes for being late as well. Ethan explains why he is late to the judge. Rebecca tells Ivy that Ethan was too late, he left Gwen hanging. Rebecca says she doesnt know whose side Ethan is on. Ivy is positive that Ethan wont abandon Gwen, and Ethan must be explaining to the judge why he was late. Meanwhile Theresa continues to believe that Ethan has chosen her and he is explaining this to the judge. The judge says that there is new evidence so she will revoke her ruling until all the evidence can be heard. Theresa cant believe this, and she thinks Ethan wouldnt do this to her. Gwen thanks Ethan for being here and for not deserting her after all. Ethan presents his evidence to the court. Ethan says Gwen is a woman of exemplary character, she has never committed a crime and has no history of violent behavior. He says however Gwen did stab Theresa twice and kidnapped her baby. Ethan says hes known Gwen for the majority of her life and shes never shown such violent behavior before. He says he has a study on the side affects of several drugs, which he submits as evidence. Ethan says the study shows that the mixing of the drugs can have serious side effects. Ethan says the night Gwen attacked Theresa she was given an injection to tranquilize her that mixed with two of her prescriptions, prescriptions included in the study he submitted as evidence, and he says the effects that could have resulted include mood swings, impaired judgment and a loss of reality. Ethan says when Gwen was given that injection it interacted with her previous medication, therefore her behavior was a result of the drug she was given. Theresa objects, and the judge calls order in the court. Theresa thinks that is all a lie and Gwen knew what she was doing. Meanwhile Gwen thanks Ethan and says she hates Theresa but even she cant believe shed kill her. Ethan says that is because she wasnt in her right mind, she was coming off the drugs while at the compound with Katherine and returned to thinking rationally. The DA says this evidence isnt conclusive and one can find a medical study to attest to anything nowadays. He asks that this evidence be thrown out. He says they just need more evidence then this, and the judge says the DA has a valid point. Ethan says he has more evidence, he has two hundred and fifty case histories to support his study and a witness. He calls Eve in to testify that Gwen attacked Theresa under the effects of the drugs. Eve is sworn in, and Theresa cant believe Eve is doing this. Ethan questions Eve about the prescriptions Gwen was on, and she admits she prescribed the other drugs to Gwen. However, she says she did not give Gwen the injection that night, the on-call doctor did. She says she would never have mixed the drugs because of the side effects. Ethan presents a statement from the on-call doctor who swears he didnt know Gwen was on the medication and would not have given her the shot if he had known. Eve testifies that Gwens actions were possibly a result of the interaction of the drugs in her system. When the DA tells Theresa they cant do anything at this point, Theresa goes off and begins yelling out that this is a farce and she calls Eve the expert witness a former drug addict, a tart and suspected serial killer. Whitney tells Theresa to stop this, but Theresa says this is about her child and family, which she is fighting for. Rebecca and Ivy cant believe Theresa is now attacking her best friends mother. Eve ends up leaving the court, and Whitney tells Theresa that she went too far this time. Whitney follows her mom out. Pilar asks Theresa how she could be so cruel ? Theresa says she cant lose this case. Outside the courtroom Whitney checks on her mom and she apologizes for what Theresa said. Eve says she knows Theresa is desperate, and Theresa only told the truth. Whitney says she is sorry. Eve says she doesnt want Whitney to regret her decisions the way she has regretted her own. Whitney says they have been through this. Eve says but she hasnt even seen her child. Whitney tells her mom that she has seen her baby, held him and even nursed him. Eve thinks Whitney has changed her mind and must be happy, but Whitney says no. She says nothing has changed, she never wants to see her baby again. Back in court, Ethan asks the judge in lieu of the new evidence he asks for the charges against Gwen be dismissed. He says furthermore, he also asks that full custody be given to him and his wife. 

In Vegas, the loan shark tells Ned that he wants his money. He tells him that the clock is ticking, and he pays one way or the other. Meanwhile, Fancy keeps getting calls from Harmony and refuses to answer them. Valerie says it may be her mother. Fancy says even more reason not to answer. Valerie says maybe it is an emergency. Fancy says her mother has never called her before because of an emergency, that is what her brother is for. She says her mother is probably relieved she isnt answering the phone. Fancy and Valerie then see Ned dealing with the loan shark. The loan shark and his associate begin leading Ned off, and Fancy and Valerie follow. Fancy tells the loan shark to stop, and he says that better be a request as he doesnt take orders from a Paris Hilton wannabe. She says actually Paris wants to be her. Fancy says she is a natural blond, shes much richer than Paris, and Paris last two boyfriends dumper Paris for her. Fancy says call off his goons or shell make sure the loan shark is the one dumped in the desert. She asks if hell call the Neanderthal off. The loan shark says she is cute but hes not threatened by her spoiled rich girl routine. She says she cant believe he is saying no to her, shes not used hearing no. The loan shark says there is a first time for everything. The loan shark tells his goon to take Ned away. Fancy says hold it, and she says she is also smarter than Paris Hilton. She offers her watch in exchange for Ned, and the man takes it. Fancys friend Valerie takes off, and the loan shark takes the watch, and he warns Ned it will take more than a diamond watch to save Ned if he sees him again. Fancy tells Ned they should get out of here before he changes his mind, and she says Ned can buy her a drink to repay her. Ned tells Fancy that he only let her settle his debt because he knew she tipped off the other player that he didnt have a winning hand. She says well he ticked her off so she got even. He asks how he ticked her off, but then remembers he called her a hooker. They get drinks and Ned apologizes for his remark and says he was just concentrating on the game. Fancy says she will forgive him and they should pretend they just met and start all over. Ned says okay, but he will pay her back. They begin making observations about one another, and Ned tells her what she did was a very generous gesture. She says it was a gift from her father and his secretary bought it for her as usual. She talks about how his father has no idea of any of his kids birthdays, and her whole family are like strangers to her. Ned says that sounds familiar. He says still he doesnt want her paying his debts, so he will still repay her. She says he can repay her right now, and they kiss. They are interrupted by another phone call, and Ned notices the number calling Fancy. He says isnt that the area code for Harmony? She says yes, does he know someone there. He says he does, and Fancy says small world. 

At the Wallace house, Edna is packing up the booze and tells Beth that they have to move it. Edna says Luis and Sheridan know they were at the mansion so they have to get out. Beth asks how they know? Edna says Eve Russell saw them leaving the mansion, and she says it will take Luis all of five seconds to realize everything Sheridan has said is right. Beth says just because Eve saw them leaving doesnt mean she told anyone. Edna thinks she will tell though and they need to get out of Harmony before they are done for. Beth tries to call Alistair for help, but hes not answering. Edna thinks Alistair wont help them, and Beth says if he wont then shell take him down with them. Edna says hush, he could have this place bugged. Edna ends up telling Beth that Alistair warned her what would happen if anyone figured out she was Alistairs daughter. Edna says her connection to Alistair has been discovered so there is nothing left to do but hit the road. Beth says there is something she can do. Edna says not murder again. Beth says shes not going to kill anyone, she has a better idea. Beth calls Luis up.

At the cottage, Sheridan tells Luis that she wants to go over and confront Beth. Luis says Beth may be hiding something and they should try and find out, but they have no proof. Sheridan says Eve and the maid both told them that Beth and Mrs. Wallace were at the mansion, so obviously Alistair helped Beth steal her baby. Luis says they still have no proof. Sheridan says maybe not now, but once they get to Beths she will make Beth admit that she kidnapped and stole her baby. Luis tells Sheridan that they need to take this one step at a time. He tells Sheridan to stay here and let him talk to Beth. Sheridan says no, but Luis says Beth is already upset with her. Luis says if she goes accusing Beth again then shell go on the defense and they wont get any answers. Luis says if Beth did kidnap their baby then she will be punished. Sheridan agrees to let Luis go, but she tells him not to let Beth talk her way out of this. As Luis is about to leave he gets a call from Beth. Beth tells him that she has something to tell him and it is important. She asks him to come over as she has a confession to make. Beth says she has done something horrible to him and Sheridan. Luis says hell be right over. Sheridan thinks she was right all along and now she wants to confess because she knows they are onto them. Luis says maybe she is right. Luis heads off and Sheridan looks at a photo of Marty. She says she knew she was right all along about Beth, and soon Luis will return with their son. 

Back at Beths, Edna cant believe Beth is going to confess and she thinks the angels have finally answered her prayers. Edna tells Beth to make sure she lets Luis know that she (Edna) is innocent and this was all hers (Beths) and Alistairs doing. Beth says dont worry, shell take the blame for all of it. Luis eventually shows up to see Beth. Beth tells him to sit as what she has to say will shock him. Luis sits and asks Beth what is it? Beth says she doesnt know where to start, and she doesnt know how everything got so out of control. Beth says she has done something horrible to him and Sheridan.


May 17, 2005

Valerie and Chad are at Crane Industries, and Chad has the baby with him. Valerie says he keeps calling him pal or little guy, isnt it time to name him. Chad says that is important, something that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Chad says before he names him he wants to get Whitneys input. Valerie says she gave him up, but he says Whitney loves him and one day shell want to be a part of the babys life. Chad excuses himself for a moment, and Valerie wonders if he wants Whitney in the babys life or his.

At the courthouse, Fox runs into Whitney in the hall. She is listening to a baby cry, and he thinks that baby crying is reminding her of their son and it is tearing her apart. Fox asks her to level with him and tell him why she gave their baby away. Whitney says she has already told him why, but Fox doesnt believe her. He says he was just meeting with a judge about getting his son back. She says he cant do that, but he asks if she expects him not to try. He asks her to tell him why she gave their son away. She says all she can says is she is sorry, and she walks off.

In court, Ethan once again asks for the charges against Gwen to be dropped and for custody to be given to him and Gwen as Theresas history with their child is not pretty. Theresa tells Ethan that he cant do this, and she tells her mom that this is crazy. Ivy asks Rebecca if the judge will rule for Gwen? Rebecca doesnt know as the judge isnt on the Crane payroll. The judge says normally she doesnt hear child custody cases mixed with other cases, but she says since the cases are so closely connected shell make a decision on both today. The judge tells everyone that she will return with her ruling shortly. Gwen thanks Ethan for helping her and that she is embarrassed for doubting him. Meanwhile, Theresa is furious when the DA says that Ethan presented good evidence and that Dr. Russell is well respected. Theresa says Dr. Russell is a drug addict and three time suspected killer. Pilar says Eve is a good friend, but Theresa says not today she isnt. Theresa says Gwen knew what she was doing when she attacked her and the judge has not heard the truth, but she will. Theresa says shes going to go tell her the truth. The DA says if she interrupts the judge now then she will turn her against her. Theresa tells the gals they wont get away with this, this is just another example of the rich using the system to their advantage. Rebecca says duh, what good is being rich if you dont use it? Theresa also asks Ethan how he could stand up there and lie, and she says they are lucky Gwen didnt kill their child. Gwen says shell leave the killing of babies to her. Ethan says enough. He decides to talk to Theresa alone and try and end this war between them. Gwen says good luck, but Ethan says he must end this once and for all. Ethan tells Theresa that they need to talk about their future, and they head out to the hall.

Theresa asks Ethan how he can stab her in the back like this, this is a nightmare. Ethan says she could have prevented this but she wouldnt let it go, she had to get revenge. Theresa says this isnt about revenge it is about being a family like they should be. Theresa says she loves him and she knows he loves her. She then pulls Ethan into a kiss. He pushes her away and asks if she is insane? She says he loves her, but he says no. He says he is married to Gwen and he is committed to her. He says he wont leave Gwen no matter what, there is no chance for them now or ever. Theresa says the judge wont take Jane from her, but Ethan says whatever happens he wants to be clear about this mess between the three of them. Theresa says they are clear. She then asks Ethan if a burglar steals something from someone and keeps it, does it eventually belong to the burglar? He says of course not. She says that is her point, morally, emotionally and legally he belongs to her; Gwen stole him from her. He asks what it is going to take to get through to her. He says if they are going to find any happiness then she must let him go. He says that judge will change their lives at any minute. Gwen comes out and says the judge is ready now.

Court reconvenes, and the judge makes her ruling. She ends up dropping the charges against Gwen. Theresa of course cant believe this. Theresa says Ethan beat her, he did this to her. Ivy and Rebecca hi-five one another as Gwen and Ethan hug. The judge then scolds Theresa for what she did to this couple and how their child came into the world. She tells Theresa that her behavior unnerves her, and even in her courtroom she acted foolishly. She says she will revisit this case in the future, but for the moment she gives temporary custody of Jane to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa cant believe this and cries on her mothers shoulder. Gwen hugs Ethan and is thrilled with the ruling.

Sheridan is in the park buying a bunch of balloons for Marty. She says her son is coming home to her today and she has decorated the whole house for his homecoming. She runs into her mother, who has been ignoring all her phone calls. She says she knows Luis hates her and she doesnt want to come between them. Sheridan says she cant come between them, and so much has happened. She tells her mom that Luis is over at Beths where she is confessing to everything. She says Marty is her son and as soon as Beth goes to jail then Luis will bring him home to her. She says she and Luis have their son back, things will be perfect and nothing will ever come between them again. Katherine is happy for Sheridan. Sheridan asks how she is, has she reconciled with Martin? Katherine says shes trying to avoid him as he needs to rebuild his life with Pilar and his children. She says maybe one day Luis will love him as much as she does. Katherine says now is the time for Martin to rejoin the life he gave up for her. Sheridan wishes Luis could see her the way Martin does. Katherine says Luis will always hate her, and she will keep her distance from both her and Martin. Sheridan says but shes cutting herself off from two people who love her. Katherine says all she needs to hear is that Sheridan loves her and that she is happy with the man she loves. Katherine tells Sheridan to be happy, and Sheridan says shell be happy forever. Suddenly her balloons blow away. Katherine says shell have to go get more, but Sheridan says she doesnt have time. She asks her mom to come with her, but Katherine says no as this is a private moment for her, Luis and Marty. Sheridan tells her mom that shell call her soon.

Whitney heads to the park and runs into Chad, the baby and Valerie. She tries to sneak off before she is seen, but Chad sees her and calls her over. He says they have to name the baby and he wants her to help him. Whitney says no, but Chad hands the baby to Whitney and tells her to look at him. He says study that face and think of a name. Whitney says hes not her son anymore, but Chad says that doesnt matter right now. Whitney says he already knows what he wants to name his son as they talked about this. Chad says yes he always knew what he wanted to name his son if and when he had one. He names the boy Miles Davis Harris. Fox shows up and sees everyone together and wonders what is going on here. When Fox learns they named the baby he is furious. Whitney tells them not to fight as it isnt good for the baby. Fox asks what she cares about a baby she gave away? Fox says hes had it with the both of them and storms off. Whitney says she should go as well, gives the baby back to Chad and walks off. Valerie cant believe it when Chad tells miles that his mommy does love her and will be with them both soon. Later, Valerie talks to Chad about some business deal hes been working on and how nobody at Crane has been able to do this before, he will get a huge promotion. They head back to Crane to finish the deal.

Fox arrives at Crane Industries and sneaks into Chads office. He finds a bunch of papers on Chads desk and realizes it is the project Chad has been working on. Fox says this will make grandfather way to happy. Fox says Chad may have stolen his son, but he wont steal his job. He takes the files and leaves.

At Beths house, Beth tells Luis that she has done something truly terrible to him and Sheridan. Luis says so Sheridan was right? Beth says she cant bear to keep this secret anymore. Beth says Sheridan was right, shes not the person he thinks she is. She says she has to come forward because her conscience wont let her live with this guilt anymore. She says she has to tell him everything, every last horrific details. Beth says she has no idea where to begin, so he suggests the beginning. Beth says this is just so hard. She says Sheridan was right when they saw her at the Blue Note, she was with Alistair. Beth says she made a deal with Alistair. She says he wanted to get her into bed, and she couldnt say no as he owns the Book Caf. She says she thought she could handle him. Luis says so he blackmailed her. She says she got in way over her head, Alistair not only wanted her in his bed, but he wanted her to help him break up him and Sheridan. She says Alistair offered her thousands of dollars and she took it. She says she made a deal with the devil to destroy him and Sheridan. Beth cries how she is a single mother also caring for an elderly parent. She says she took the check and now is appalled at herself. Edna cant believe this and asks Beth if she hasnt left something out? Luis asks if she helped Alistair hurt him and Sheridan, was she working for Alistair? He says no more lies, he wants the truth. Beth says she doesnt lie. Luis says he needs to truth, does she have anything ore to confess. Beth says no and shes never helped Alistair do anything. Edna says like father like daughter, she is lying through her teeth. Beth says she took the check but she could never hurt him or Sheridan. Beth says Alistair just scares her, and she is afraid of what Alistair will do to her. Beth says Alistair Crane is the father of darkness and she asks Luis to save her. Luis says he knows she and her mom were at the mansion last night, and she didnt have to tell him, but she did and that says a lot about her. Later, after Luis has gone, Beth sings Im a little genius, yes I am. Edna tells her daughter that lies flow from her lips just like butter. Edna says she should have known she wouldnt tell Luis the truth. Beth says of course not, she used what she knew and made herself look like the victim. She says Luis will side with her against Alistair, driving another wedge between him and Sheridan. 

At the cottage, Sheridan asks Luis why hasnt he brought Marty home. Luis tells Sheridan what Beth told her, and he believes her. Sheridan cant believe Luis is believing Beths lies. Luis says Beth says she has done nothing to them, she is afraid of her father, and she has no intention of helping him. Sheridan cant believe Luis is believing Beth over her yet again.


May 18,  2005
Sam stands outside Jessicas door and tries to talk to her. He says hes worried about her and he loves her. He says he knows she is hurting and he wants to help her. Jessica says nothing. She sits on her bed and looks at photos. He begs Jessica to open up, but she wont. Kay shows up and tries to talk to Jessica. She asks Jessica to open up and let them know she is okay. She finally opens up and asks for some privacy. Sam says he just wants to know she is okay. She says shes not okay, and she feels like a prisoner. Sam says she is on restriction, and hes trying to help and protect her. She says she doesnt want his protection and to leave her alone. Kay tells her dad to ignore Jessica, she doesnt mean it. Sam says she does, Jessica is hell bent on destroying herself because it is killing him. Back in her room, Jessica punches out the face of Ivy in a photo of Ivy and her dad. Meanwhile, Kay and Sam talk to one another. Sam thinks he is to blame for everything, and maybe he should see a shrink. Kay tells him not to blame himself, mom left and that is why Jessica is angry. In her head, Kay tells herself she is to blame and not her father. Kay tries to tell her dad that he is not to blame. She says mom left and he turned to Ivy for comfort, nobody can hold that against him. Sam says Jessica does. Jessica eavesdrops on them, and Sam says he was selfish to think about himself before thinking about the two of them. He says no wonder Jessica is angry at him. Kay says dont kid himself, Jessica is mad at mom for deserting them and picking David over all of them. Kay says Jessica is just hurt and scared. Kay says you start to wonder how much youre worth when your own mother didnt love you enough to stay. Kay tells herself or how much youre worth when you didnt love your mother enough to make her stay. Sam asks Kay if that is how she feels, that she isnt worthy enough? Kay says her mom hates her, but Sam says she doesnt. Kay says she at least feels rejected by her mom, and she hopes Maria never feels that way about her. Sam feels like Jessica thinks he rejected her to. Sam asks how he can help Jessica if she wont let him? Sam says more than anything he wants Jessica to know that he loves her very much. Jessica begins to cry as she listens in. Sam tells Kay that he shouldnt be laying this on her as she is the child. Kay says she is a parent now too, and there is one way she can help Jessica. Kay says make mom come home. He says hes tried, but she and David are in the artic on a photo shoot and hes having trouble contacting them. Kay says he not only has to convince her to come home, but that David cant come with her. She says he has to convince her to come home and work things out because she belongs here. Jessica seems to like this idea as she musters a smile. Kay says who knows, with mom back maybe Noah will come home. Jessica hopes her dad will say yes. Sam says he knows he has to call their mom and tell her about Jessica. Sam says she may come back and visit, but there is little chance that he and her mom can ever get back together.

At Tabithas, Tabitha has a rubber duck floating in her magic bowl to entertain Endora. She tells endora a story about a man hunting the duck, but the duck had big sharp teeth and ate the hunter. She then looks into her bowl and sees Sheridan and Luis arguing. Tabitha says there is trouble afoot for those two, she can feel it in her bones. She says she just loves when a couple in love are unhappy. Tabitha continues to watch Sheridan and Luis and relishes in their pain. She also likes enjoying this with Endora, and how she supports her unconditionally. She says while she loved her Timmy, he was always a wet noodle when it came to dealing out evil and pain. Endora summons up a bowl of popcorn and a banner that says Team Evil. Later, Tabitha casts a spell on Sheridan to make her remember her past lives with Luis. Tabitha then tells Endora while she has been a great which, she never made it into the hall of fame because she was never able to break up Sheridan and Luis. Tabitha says this time she doesnt have to work to destroy their love any more as their love will be destroyed for eternity.

At the cottage, Sheridan begins throwing away all her decorations for Martys homecoming party. Sheridan says no use of having a party when there is no Marty. She asks Luis how he can believe every thing Beth tells her no matter what. She says he believes Beth over her every time. Sheridan says her word is never good enough for him, so what does that say about their relationship? She says there is such distrust between them. Luis says it isnt that he distrusts her. Sheridan says no, its that he doesnt believe her. She says he cant have it both ways, he always takes Beths word over hers. She says she knows without a shadow of a doubt that Marty is her son, but he fights her at every turn instead of supporting her. Luis says he does support her, he even arranged for the DNA test. He says she has not one scrap of proof to back up what she says, and no court will believe her. Sheridan says she isnt talking about a court or a judge. She says what she doesnt understand is that he is asking for proof without giving her the benefit of the doubt. She says he should believe her out of trust, faith and love. Sheridan continues to believe that Beth has been working with Alistair. Luis says then why did Beth confess, she didnt have to because she didnt know they suspected she was working with Alistair. Sheridan says bull, she knew and she confessed to cover her tracks. Luis says the only solid proof they have is the DNA tests, and those tests say Marty is not their son. Sheridan says her heart tells her that Marty is her son, and she knows Marty is the one she carried and gave birth to. She says it was his face she memorized, a mother knows so she doesnt need proof. Sheridan takes the garbage out, and she is hit by Tabithas spell to remember her past lives with Luis. She remembers when she was Cleopatra, and when Luis was a pirate and she was the governors daughter. She also remembers being on the Titanic with Luis. She remembers how every life ended in disaster. Luis brings her some tea, and she says thanks. Luis tries to talk to Sheridan, but she turns his back on him. He says he guesses hell go back inside. She stops him and says shes been thinking about them. He says me too. She says shes been remembering their past lives together. Luis says this life is the one he cares about. Sheridan says they were always torn apart by something. She says they were always torn apart by an external force out of control, but this time things are different. She says they are being torn apart by themselves.

At courthouse, the judge gives temporary custody of Jane to Gwen and Ethan. Gwen hugs Ethan, and Theresa cries. Theresa says she wont let them take her baby, and she rushes and attacks Gwen. Ethan pulls Theresa off of Gwen, and Rebecca says Theresa deserves to be locked up. The judge calls in the guards as Theresa screams that she wont let them have her child. The Judge finds Theresa in contempt and charges her with assault. The judge tells Theresa that she has no one to blame for her predicament but herself, and she tells the guards to take Theresa away. Theresa cries that she cant go to jail as her daughter needs her. Rebecca tells Gwen that she has won the war. Gwen remembers Ethan talking about how this war had to stop. Gwen tells the judge to stop and to just let Theresa go. Rebecca is stunned. The judge says she cannot excuse her behavior. Gwen says she is not asking it to be excused, but she knows the pain of losing a child. She says she thinks Theresa has suffered enough, so for all of them and for her please just let it go. Gwen says they have to move on with their lives, and she wont press charges against her. The judge says this is a wonderful gesture on her part given Theresa wanted the judge to throw the book at her. Gwen says everything worked out, so please can they let it go. Ethan goes to Gwen and is proud of her. The judge agrees to let Theresa go, and she tells Theresa that she is lucky that Mrs Winthrop has such a big heart. The judge says her violent outburst confirms her decision to give custody to Gwen and Ethan. She says it will take a great deal of effort on Theresas part not to make this temporary custody permanent. She asks Theresa if that is clear, and Theresa says yes. The judge says court dismissed. Later Theresa tells Gwen that Jane will never be her daughter. Ethan tells Pilar to restrain her daughter, but Theresa says she doesnt have a scalpel so Gwen will be okay. Theresa asks Ethan how he could do this to her. She says she had every right to press charges against Gwen. Ethan says he is not doing this to punish her, he is doing this for the best interest of his daughter. Pillar tells Ethan he should be ashamed of himself. Theresa says she is Janes mother and no one is better for Jane than her. She tells Gwen that shell never get her daughter, never. Gwen says she wont be kept from Jane, she can have visitation. Theresa says she doesnt need visitation. Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen just kept her out of jail, but Theresa says she doesnt want favors from Gwen. Gwen tells Theresa that she has no one to blame for losing Jane but herself, and Ethan just wants someone rational to raise his daughter. She says like someone who tried to kill her? The DA suggests Theresa stop this or the judge wont give her custody. Rebecca chimes in and says she thinks shell talk to Julian about getting custody of Little Ethan because she worries about that boy living in that shack. Pilar tells her to shut up or shell deal with her. Rebecca tells the bailiff if he heard that? Rebecca gloats to Theresa and says Gwen is free, and she is free to raise her daughter. She tells Theresa not to worry, theyll show Jane her mug shot from time to time so she knows how lucky she is not to grow up with the tacky queen of mean as her mamacita. Theresa then launches into an attack on Rebecca! Pilar pulls Theresa away and says Rebecca isnt worth it, she could have her arrested and Theresa should not give her the satisfaction. Rebecca says not to worry, she is perfectly satisfied with the events of today. Pilar tells Theresa they should just leave. Gwen tells Theresa to get Janes things together and theyll be over to get her. Theresa asks Ethan who he is? How could he do this when he saw how upset she was when she lost Little Ethan and when Gwen kidnapped Jane. Theresa says this is far from over and the only way theyll get custody of Jane is over her dead body. Theresa storms out, and Gwen tells Ethan to remember what is best for Jane, and they are what is best for her.



May 19, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Theresa can't bear the thought of giving Jane up, and she says she will kill Gwen if she tries to take her daughter. Pilar tells her not to say such horrible things. Theresa says it is true, she cannot bear to lose her children as they are her life. She says she might as well just die or have gone to jail for attacking Gwen in court. Pilar tells her that she is being selfish as Little Ethan still needs her. Pilar says the custody isn't permanent and she must use this time to focus on making herself look worthy of having her child. Theresa asks why Gwen doesn't have to prove herself worthy? Pilar tells Theresa that she hates to tell Theresa this, but she brought this on herself. She says how many times did Ethan ask her to drop this feud, and how many times did he say he would fight her for Jane. Pilar says Theresa backed him into a corner. Theresa says it doesn't matter what she does now, she can't get a fair trial in this town. She says if Rebecca and Gwen want to take Jane they will buy off the judge. Theresa continues to say they won't get her children, she won't let them have them.

At the Mansion, everyone comes home, and Rebecca and Ivy go right for the champagne to celebrate Theresa's downfall. Gwen asks Ethan if he wants to celebrate, but he says he can't. She knows he is feeling guilty about taking Jane from Theresa. Ethan says he is glad the charges against her were dropped, and he is proud of her gesture towards Theresa, but he still can't help but feel for Theresa. He says she is a good mother, but Gwen says she is a liar and a manipulator and Jane is better off with them. Gwen wonders why he always feels for Theresa. Later, Ivy comes out to talk to Ethan, and he admits to his mother that he still loves Theresa. She asks if he is going to leave Gwen, but Ethan says of course not. He says he loves Gwen and he is her husband and will remain faithful. They go out to the patio to talk. Ivy doesn't understand how Ethan can still have feelings for her, but he says he does. He says he knows if the situations were reversed today that Theresa would not have spared Gwen and let her go free. Still, he says he loves Theresa and the fact is she didn't manipulate him into loving her, he fell head first in love with her on his own. Ivy suggests he just get away from her, if he is away with Gwen then in time his feelings for Theresa will go away. Ethan doesn't think so, and he uses Ivy and Sam as an example. He says Ivy's true love will always be Sam and God help him, but Theresa will always be his true love.

At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan continue to argue about the same thing, Sheridan is upset that Luis won't trust and believe in her. She begins to feel they are doomed in this life just like in their others. She says she must go, and she runs off in tears.

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora continue to watch Sheridan and Luis fight. Tabitha realizes she must get Sheridan to come here, but how. Endora suggests a spell, but Tabitha hasn't tried that spell in a while. Tabitha cuts a photo of Sheridan out of a magazine, lights it on fire and then drops it in her bowl. Sheridan, who is off crying, stops and says she knows where she must go. Tabitha cheers that it worked and tells Endora to get ready for some company.

At Sam's, Jessica continues to eavesdrop on Kay and her dad's conversation. They discuss Grace leaving them for David. Kay slips up and says mom only left because she thought David was her first husband. Sam says he was her first husband, and she put her vows before them. Sam says that is something he wouldn't have been able to do, he would have chosen his family. He says Grace is gone and she won't be coming back. Kay asks what about Ivy, would he give her another chance? Sam says first he must concentrate on Jessica and fixing his own house. Kay says what about down the line? Sam says who knows, down the line if Ivy is still free then maybe they might have a chance. JEssica hears this and says over her tattooed and pierced body! Kay talks about how she used to be the troubled one and now Jessica is the good girl. Sam says he's so proud of the way she's turned her life around, and as for Jessica, she is how she is because of his actions and Grace. Kay tells him not to blame himself, and Jessica says Ivy is the one to blame. Sam says this is his fault, he should have been a more attentive father. He says Jessica is right, Noah's been gone so long he wouldn't recognize him if he walked in the door. Kay thinks Noah should come home, and Sam thinks he'll email him about Jessica and that should bring him home. Kay is preparing a family dinner, so Sam decides to head out and get ice cream. Kay then learns Jessica was eavesdropping, and she scolds her.  Jessica won't put up with Kay, and she won't tolerate Ivy coming back into this house ever. She also tells Kay she's not taking part in her family dinner, she's going out. Kay says the hell she is, and Kay tackles Jessica!

In Vegas, Fancy and Veronica are at the pool, and Fancy refuses to give up on Ned. Ned is with another girl name Sandra, and he doesn't give Fancy a second look. In fact he calls her a spoiled little rich girl. Sandra goes for a swim, and Ned decides to join her. Fancy throws her drink on him and says since he wanted to get wet, she thought she'd help him. Fancy goes back to Veronica, and she is sure Ned will come to her now. Ned, who is in the pool, does come over to her. She thinks he wants to play, and he says he does. He pushes her in the pool, and she cries about her sandals and her hair getting wet. He tells her if she wants to play by the pool side to dress the part. Later, a fed-up Nancy pulls Ned into the pool and laughs at him.


May 20, 2005
We see a replay of Kay discovering an eavesdropping Jessica, and Jessica claiming shes going out. Kay refuses to let Jessica go out and tackles her. Kay says she wont let her go out and hurt herself some more, she wont let her break dads heart. Kay says shell be damned if she lets her go out and hurt herself again. Jessica calls Kay nuts, but Kay says she isnt the one with the appointment at the shrink. Kay says dad went out to get her favorite ice cream for the dinner she is making, and if she has to tie her to a chair to make her sit down for dinner then shell do it. Jessica says Kay isnt her mother. Kay grabs a frying pan, holds it up and says if she has to hurt Jessica to stop her then shell do it. Jessica says go ahead, if she hits her then shell have Kay sent to prison for years. Kay asks Jessica what is wrong with her? Kay says sometimes shes worried about Jessica, but sometimes she thinks she is just a brat. Jessica says takes one to know one, Kay hasnt cared about anyone but herself for as long as she can remember. Kay says dont make this about her, shes not the one hurting herself, taking drugs and running around like a sex happy slut. Jessica says she doesnt have to, she tricked Miguel into sleeping her and had his bastard baby. Kay says Maria is the best thing that happened to her, but Jessica wonders if Kay is the best thing that happened to Maria. Jessica says she is a single mom who spends all her time working and hardly sees her daughter. Kay says working pays the bills. Jessica says now she sounds like dad. Jessica tells Kay that she has no right to lecture her, but Kay says the hell she doesnt. Kay says shes learned from her mistakes but Jessica hasnt. Kay says they care about her and she loves her. Jessica calls her sister a liar and thinks shed just say anything to get her to stick around. Kay cant believe Jessica, but thinks she shouldnt be shocked as Jessica always acted like a goody goody in front of mom and dad, but she would scream her head off behind their backs when she wouldnt get her way. Jessica says and Kay acted like Queen Kay who was always right, and she says its no wonder Reese dumped Kay for her. Kay says shes onto her, shes always had an evil streak and even Noah defended her. Jessica says because she is his baby sister. Kay says well she knows how to take care of her now, and she waves the skillet. Jessica tells Kay to drop the skillet, but Kay thinks she can beat the truth out of Jessica. Kay wants to know why Jessica is bent on destroying her life. Jessica asks why she cares. Kay says because she loves her, and she always has loved her. She says some of her earliest memories are of helping mom take care of her. She says when Jessica got older she turned on her, so she wants to know what is going on with her. Jessica says she is sick and tired of her nagging , she is fine and can take care of herself. Kay says sure shes fine, booze, cigarettes, drugs razor blades and burns, date rape, threatening and stealing from Ivy. Kay says she also almost got hit by a car, and she got that loosers name tattooed on her. Jessica says she likes Spike, and that he treats her like an adult. Kay says he got her so stoned she didnt know he was having sex with her. Kay says Jessica is on her way to rehab or the grave. Kay tries to convince Jessica if she keeps this behavior up then she will end up getting killed as she is gambling with her life. 

In Vegas, we see a replay of Nancy pulling Ned into the pool as payback for him pushing her in. She says he looks like a drowned rat, so Ned turns around and dunks Fancy. Fancy is even more furious with Ned, and they argue and bicker. Ned says he doesnt need anyone like her in his life, but she says how dare he make assumptions about her. He says he went to boarding school with a ton of girls just her, and he doesnt need her in his life. Fancy says he is no gentlemen, but Ned says he is and says his family raised him right. She tells him well he is acting like a blue collar bore. Ned tells her if she wants people to think she is a lady then she shouldnt throw drinks on people. Ned then gets back to his date. Sandra dries Ned off, and Fancy watches and cant believe it. As they are walking off together, Ned throws Fancy, still in the pool, her towel. He knocks her bag over and she says pick that bag up as it probably costs more then his car. He picks her bag up and swipes an invitation out of it. The invitation is for a private and exclusive gambling party. Fancy gets out of the pool and takes her bag from Ned. Fancy tells Ned to drop dead as she hopes she never sees him again. Fancy then walks off. 

Later on we see Ned and Sandra going to the private party. He flashes his invite and heads into the party. Mary (Nikki Cox) calls Danny and says she is at the Capistrano and the guy he was watching the other night is here. She decides to give him a friendly warning. Mary goes over to the table and watches over Ned. Ned soon realizes she works at the Casino, and he asks if there is a problem. She says everyone in the Casino trade look out for one another here. Ned gets the point and says he gambles but he doesnt cheat. Mary says shell believe him for now, but know the house is always watching. Mary calls back Danny and says she thinks the guy is okay. Ned plays some roulette and says he feels lucky. Meanwhile, Fancy shows up to the party but wont be let in without her invite. She says he knows her, but the doorman says he has to do it by the book. She looks in her purse but cant find her invite anywhere. 

At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace has bought more stuff, and Beth says she cant keep spending money like this. She says they should put money in the bank for the future, and did she even think about her grandson? Edna says he isnt her grandson, but she did get him something. Edna bought him a train. Beth tells Marty how soon Luis will come be with them and they will be a real family. Edna says just as long as Luis doesnt figure out she is Sheridans sister because then the truth will come out. Beth says they have nothing to worry about, Luis and Sheridan have no idea that Alistair is her father or that she is Sheridans half sister. Luis shows up and asks what is going on here? Luis asks where they got all this stuff as it must have costs thousands of dollars. Beth says she told him about Alistairs bribe, and she says her mother cashed the check. She says her mom is crazy, and Edna says youre calling me crazy! Edna says that is the pot calling the kettle black. Beth says anyone who would cash Alistairs check is crazy. Luis says enough, and he doesnt like the way Beth is talking to her mom. Beth says she loves her mother but they fight like cats and dogs. She says she is just a single working mother scraping to get by, but shell make sure her mom returns the money to Alistair. Edna says but she earned that money. Beth eventually gets her mom to leave. Beth tells Luis that her mom is just getting worse. Beth says she knows hes under a lot of pressure. Beth says they are two of a kind, and she thinks her mom does belong in a home. Luis says it might not be a pad idea since Precious isnt here to look after her anymore. However, Beth says she couldnt bear to put her mom away in a home. Beth says her mom is old, shes had a stroke and a heart attack so she could go at any time now. Luis says she has such a big heart and he wishes Sheridan could see her now. From the door Edna pretends to put her finger down her throat. Luis came here looking for Sheridan, he thought she might have come to see Marty. Beth says she hasnt seen her. Luis talks about how he hates fighting with Sheridan and he doesnt think he can live without her. Beth says she doesnt know about that. Luis tells her that Sheridan still believes the DNA test is wrong. Beth asks how she can ignore the evidence. Luis says talk to Sheridan. He says but if somehow he found out the test was flawed and someone took Marty from Sheridan, he will find that person and kill them. Beth says he knows Marty is their son. Luis says he knows, but Beth has been doing research on DNA and now she thinks the two of them are sisters or half-sisters. Beth says that is crazy. He says he knows, and he knows Katherine couldnt be her mother. He also says he doesnt think Alistair would ever have slept with her mother given all the women he could pick from. Beth says it is nuts, it is nonsense. They discuss how Sheridan is mistaken, and Edna listens in and cant believe the lies Beth is telling. Beth tells Luis to forget about Sheridan for the night and spend some time with Marty as Marty misses him. Luis thinks that is a good idea. Luis holds his son, and Beth says Marty really needs his father. Luis wants to be a bigger part of his life, but it is hard with Sheridan. Beth says they have to hope her problems are solved soon. Luis looks at Marty and thinks he does kinda look like Sheridan. Beth says she thinks he looks hungry and decides to feed him some cereal. Beth then suggests Luis stay the evening as she could fix him a drink. He says he cant, he has to go look for Sheridan,

Tabitha watches Sheridan in her bowl. Sheridan is heading to Tabithas. Tabitha waits for Sheridan to show up at her front door so she can give Sheridan the final push to extinguish her love with Luis. Tabitha plans to convince Sheridan to contact Dottie about rerunning the DNA results. Tabitha says when the truth comes out Sheridan will not be able to forgive Luis for not supporting her. Tabitha covers up her bowl, Sheridan walks in and Tabitha snaps Sheridan out of her trance. Sheridan has no idea how she got here. Tabitha says that must be so confusing for her. Sheridan begins to think maybe she is losing her mind. Tabitha suggests she sit down and shell get her a nice glass of ice tea. Tabitha brings her a drink, and she tells Sheridan to tell her all about it. Sheridan says she doesnt know what happened, she doesnt know how she got here. Tabitha says she didnt hear a car so she must have walked. Sheridan says that is miles, but her feet are sore. Tabitha suggests she talk to her, but Sheridan thinks she should be going. Tabitha wont let her leave and insists she stay. Tabitha asks how Luis is doing, and Sheridan says they are having problems. Tabitha thinks it must be trust issues, and she says without trust the fire of passion will go out. Sheridan doesnt know what to do. Tabitha suggests she tell her all about it and maybe she can be of help. Sheridan doesnt want to burden her, but Tabitha says shes known her since she was little. Sheridan thinks she remembers her from when Julian took her trick or treating as a little girl. We see a flashback of Julian taking Sheridan to Tabithas house for Halloween. Julian told Sheridan how the old woman who lived here was creepy. Tabitha came out dressed as the Wicked Witch, and she gave Snow White (Sheridan) some caramel apples. When Sheridan went to take the apple, the apples rotted and worms fell out. Of course Sheridan only saw this, Julian didnt. Julian ended up taking the apples, but Sheridan dropped hers and ran off. Julian apologized and ran after Sheridan. Tabitha laughed and said that they will know one another a lot better when she gets older. Back in real time, Tabitha tells Sheridan she looks like shes seen a ghost, but Sheridan says no a witch. Tabitha tries to convince Sheridan to open up, but Sheridan says it is private. Tabitha says she cant believe Sheridan and Luis have problems as they are soul mates. Tabitha says she heard they thought they had past lives together. Sheridan says yes but they dont talk about it as some people think it is a bit crazy. Tabitha believes in past lives and suggests they may have met in a past life before. Sheridan does feel a connection to her, so Tabitha tells her to talk to her. Sheridan tells Tabitha everything she thinks. Tabitha tells Sheridan if Luis wont stand by her in a crisis then maybe he doesnt really love her. Sheridan knows Marty is her son and shell do anything to get him back. Tabitha believes her and says she knows Sheridan would give anything to cast her eyes on Marty. Suddenly, Endora casts a spell and switches places with Marty! Ednora goes to the Wallace house and Marty to Tabithas. At the Wallace house Edna cant believe what she sees. 

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