May 23, 2005
Sam is on the pier and is talking to God about the problems hes having with Jessica, and how she needs his help. He says she throwing away everything she was taught, and what she is doing is dangerous. He thinks if Grace had been here then she could have handled this. Sam says he just doesnt know what to do, and if anything ever happened to her then he doesnt know what hed do. He then thinks about how hes let Noah down as well, and he wonders where he went wrong. Later Luis shows up (after he leaves Beths), and they have a chat about what is going on. Sam tells Luis about his problems with Jessica. He goes into all the details about what Jessicas been up to. Luis opens up to Sam about his problems with Sheridan, and how she wont believe the DNA test. Sam says wont Sheridan get over this in time, but Luis says it has been a year and half. Sam says Sheridan has had a lot happen to her over that time though. Luis says he misses their baby too, but he wont spend the rest of his life grieving over the loss. He says now Sheridan is convinced Beth kidnapped her and stole their baby. Luis says he and Beth thought the DNA test would put Sheridans beliefs to rest, but shes more convinced than ever that Marty is her son. He thinks Sheridan wont give up until she gets Marty. Sam begins to think something is wrong with their town, maybe it is the fog and the way it rolls in or maybe there is some strange magnetic force underground. Sam says there is something strange in the air. Luis says the town does seem to generate an evil force. Sam says maybe it is the history of the town, maybe it has to due with the witch trials or maybe it is just cursed. Luis hopes not as hes having a hard enough time convincing Sheridan Marty isnt her son, he doesnt need her thinking it is related to an evil curse. He says he cant lose Sheridan, and Sam says he cant lose his children.

At the Bennett house, Kay continues to brandish a skillet as a weapon and threatens Jessica. She tells Jessica to wake up, if she keeps up this behavior then she will eventually die. Kay says she is gambling with her life and will end up dead. Jessica says she wont wind up dead, she just wants to have a good time. Kay says she could get AIDS or OD given what shes doing. Jessica says she is just doing recreational drugs. Kay says it is illegal, and does she not care about their dads reputation as Chief of Police. Jessica says she doesnt, and she is just following in their parents footsteps. She says she wont wait until she is middle age to start partying like them, shell enjoy herself now and there is nothing Kaye can do to stop her. Kay tells Jessica that it doesnt look like she wants to have fun, it looks like she wants to destroy herself and dad. Kay asks if she wants mom to come home to help dad baby-sit her? She says no, she wants mom and Ivy to both leave dad alone. Kay thinks Jessica wants her all to herself. Jessica says she just wants everyone to leave her alone. Kay says fine, shell leave her alone as long as she joins them for dinner. Jessica says shes not eating that slop, but Kay says oh yes she is. Kay tells her to sit down and eat. Jessica says she wont eat that garbage, and Kay isnt mom. Kay says shes not mom, mom would probably make her something else. Kay says she eats this or she goes hungry. Jessica says fine then, shell starve. Kay says have the drugs made her lose her appetite? She says if she doesnt eat then shell get sick. She tries to force Jessica to eat, but Jessica throws the plate across the room. Kay tells Jessica to clean it up, but Jessica says she didnt make that mess Kay did. Kay tells Jessica since she is acting like a two year old, shell treat her like one. She tells Jessica to go to her room. Jessica says she cant make her. Kay says she is still bigger and can hurt her. Jessica finally says shell go to her room. Kay wishes her dad would come home. Kay cleans up the place and doesnt know how shes going to help dad take care of Jessica when she has her own daughter and job. Kay has to get home, but she doesnt want to leave Jessica alone until dad returns Upstairs, Jessica listens to the new Garbage CD and vents about Jessica. She says Kay wont stop her from doing what she wants to do. 

At the casino, Ned is playing craps and wining. He says Sandra is his good luck charm and for her not to leave his side. Meanwhile, the doorman wont let Fancy in because she doesnt have an invitation. Fancy says she is what the casinos call a high roller and the owner would want her here. The doorman says only people with invitations are allowed. She sees Ned and wonders how that bum got in? The man says he had an invitation, but Fancy says he is a bum and not someone who would be allowed here. Fancy says she had an invitation, and she asks to speak to Omar. The doorman says Omar is in Monte Carlo. Mary Connell shows up and asks what is going on. She says shes known Omar and Jake the doorman for ever, so can she help her? Fancy says this fool wont let her in, do they know who she is? Mary says she has seen her face in the tabloid. Mary says she has known Omar forever, and even she had to show her invite. She says no invite, no party. She is sure Fancy wouldnt want people without invitations to show up to her own party. Fancy vows to see them both fired. A strange man (Hey its the teacher from Boy Meets World) shows up and offers to take Fancy in as his guest, and she thanks him. Fancy still vows to have these people fired, but the man suggests they just try to have fun. The doorman Jake tells the other guy it must have cost him a bundle to get an invite. The man says hell get his moneys worth, one way or another. Back at the table, Ned wins again and leans over to kiss Sandra for being his good luck charm. However, Fancy is sitting by him and he kisses her instead. Ned sees hes kissing Fancy, and he asks what she is doing. She says he kissed her, but he says he thought she was Sandra. Fancy says he cant keep his hands off her, but he says shes not his type. She says she is everyones type. She then accuses him of stealing her invite when he knocked over her purse, but he says he has his own friends who got him and invitation. When he flashes his invite, she asks why her shade of lipstick is on his invitation? He says how can she prove it is her lipstick? She says its a special collar called hottie toddie that she has made in New York for her. As they argue, Ned ends up forgetting to remove his chips and loses. She laughs, and he tells her that she is nothing but bad luck so stay away from him. Sandra returns and asks what happened to all of his chips? He says Typhoid Mary showed up and ruined it all. She says he was too busy kissing her to notice the chips were still riding. Ned says he thought she was Sandra, he didnt know Sandra left. Ned tells Fancy that she is annoying and arrogant so get lost. Fancy says hes going to have him thrown out, but Ned says I dont think so! Ned brushes her off, and the man who helped her says that young man was so rude to her. He offers to buy her a drink, but she suggests a whole bottle as shes ready to party.

At Tabithas, Endora uses magic to switch places with Marty. Sheridan continues to talk to Tabitha about how she believes Marty is her son. Tabitha says if that is the case then she must get her child back. Sheridan asks how to do that though? Endora continues to switch places with Marty, and Tabitha finally sees what is going on. She tries to hide Marty from Sheridan. She spills ice tea on Sheridan and then spirits Marty away and tells Endora to come back immediately. Suddenly, Sheridan sees Marty and asks what he is doing here? She says she doesnt care and goes to get Marty. Endora returns, and Tabitha says this is Endora not Marty. Sheridan says she knows she saw Marty, but then she thinks she just must be so upset she is seeing things. Tabitha says it is understandable, she is distraught over Luis not believing her. Sheridan says she still doesnt know how the DNA test came out the way it did, unless Beth is her sister or half-sister. Tabitha says that makes sense, and she should have the tests done again. Sheridan says Luis would not allow that. Tabitha asks if she talked to the technician who did the test. Sheridan says her friend Dottie ran it and is very loyal. Tabitha suggests she call Dottie and tell her to rerun the test. She says if Dottie finds an error then she could call Luis and have the tests done again. Sheridan thinks Tabitha might be right, and she decides to call Dottie right now. 

At the Wallace house, Edna cant believe when she sees Endora sitting where Marty should be. Luis and Beth ask what she is babbling about? She says Marty is a girl? Endora changes back to Marty, and they say he is fine. Edna says she thought he changed into a really cute little girl. She says she must just be tired and is seeing things. Beth tells Luis that she told him that her mother was losing it, and shes beginning to worry about her mother staying home alone with Marty. Meanwhile, Edna does her times tables to make sure she isnt losing it. Luis asks Beth if she talks to herself a lot, and Beth says yes. Edna hands a chocolate chip cookie to Marty, and he turns into Endora again. Edna gasps, and Luis asks what it is now? She says nothing and she is not crazy. Edna says she doesnt see a little girl, and she starts doing her times tables again. Luis says very good Mrs. Wallace. Luis says hes going to go find Sheridan. Beth tells him not to go, but Edna thinks he should go as Sheridan could catch her death of cold out there. Luis then leaves, and Edna tells Beth to look at Marty as hes a she again. Beth says this is ridiculous, but Edna says look at him. She goes over to look at Marty and is shocked to see such a mess in the crib. Marty is back, and Beth thinks the baby she saw was Endora. Beth suggests her mother lay off the booze as she is as nuts as everything thinks Sheridan is for thinking she is Martys mother. Edna says but she is, but Beth says she has the DNA tests to prove otherwise. 


May 24, 2005

At the mansion, Gwen has put together a nursery for Jane, and she talks about how having a child back in their lives will make her so happy. She says she knows Jane is Theresas daughter, but she will love her like her own. She is still upset they lost Little Ethan back to Theresa, she says its not fair. Ethan says lets not get into this. Gwen worries Ethan is changing his mind and thinks he wants Theresa to keep Jane. He says no, but he wants Theresa to be included in Janes life. Gwen understands, and Ethan thinks if they include her then shell be more accepting of the situation. Gwen says the less drama the better. Ethan also thinks they should just leave Jane with Theresa for the night. The case worker then calls Ethan about meeting with him in the morning to discuss the temporary custody. Ethan says he and his wife havent yet picked up Jane and they were going to do that tomorrow. The case worker says he was granted immediate temporary custody, so word to the wise, go get Jane tonight. Ethan passes on the message to Gwen, and Gwen agrees they should go get Jane. Ethan just doesnt like doing this, but Gwen says not to start that again. She reminds him that Theresa tried to run to Mexico with Little Ethan twice, so Ethan needs to stop her before she tries to deny him custody of Jane. He doesnt think she will leave the country. Gwen cant believe he is defending her after she said shed do anything to keep Jane from them. Ethan says he just hopes she has learned her lesson. Gwen says they shouldnt wait around to find out, they need to get Jane now. Ethan says she is right, even though he hates taking a baby from its mother, they need to do this. Gwen is thrilled, but Ethan isnt. To himself he asks why Theresa forced him to do this. Later, Ethan and Gwen drive over to Theresas, and Gwen says she knows this is hard for him, but once he tucks his little girl into bed he will realize he did the right thing.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa holds Jane and says no matter what the judge says, Ethan wont take her from him. She says he loves them too much to hurt them, and he will come live with them before he ever gives her to Gwen. Meanwhile, Luis comes home and talks to his mom about how he and Sheridan are fighting over Marty again. Luis says Sheridan still thinks Marty is her son and the tests were wrong. Pilar suggests the samples could have been tampered with, Alistair did it with Chads DNA. Luis says he knows, and he explains Alistair has been up to no good with Beth. He tells Pilar the story Beth fed him, and that Sheridan doesnt believe it and thinks they are working together. Luis just doesnt know what to do. Theresa shows up and says she does. She tells Luis to believe Sheridan and backtrack 1000 percent, otherwise he will lose Sheridan. Theresa tells Luis not to focus on the facts or proof, all that matters is their love and what is in their hearts. She tells him if he loves Sheridan then ignores all the police stuff. Theresa says if he doesnt hold onto his love for Sheridan against all odds and doubts then their relationship will be extinct. She says love is built on more than facts, instead it is built on faith and feelings. Luis says so why isnt she with Ethan then? She says she will be again, but he says she ignored the facts. He said Ethan told her he would take Jane from her, but she ignored him and it not only cost her the man she loves but her baby. Luis says he is a detective and he cant revolve his life around feelings. He says Sheridan has to accept that, especially when it comes to Marty. Theresa just wishes he would listen to his heart and feelings. Luis says he isnt like her, he cant ignore reality. He says if she listened to what everyone told her then shed still have custody of Jane. Theresa says she still believes that in the end Ethan will choose to be a family with her and Jane. She says he should believe in his love for Sheridan. Luis says he does, but their love is one where they dont ignore reality and they talk and work out problems. Luis thinks maybe if he tries a little harder then they can work things out. Luis leaves, and Pilar talks to Theresa about she is setting herself up for a disappointment if she thinks shell be with Ethan. Theresa says she will be with Ethan, Ethan will choose to be with her because he loves her. She says Ethan wont come take Jane from her, the Ethan she knows couldnt do that. Outside, Ethan and Gwen pull up. Ethan continues to tell Gwen that he hates this, but she is smiling and saying he has every right to Jane. Gwen wants to go get Jane, but Ethan says they cant do this. She says what does he mean? She thinks he has changed his mind. He says he means he should go alone as if Theresa sees her then shell make a scene. Gwen says fine, go get Jane so they can take their daughter home. Back inside, Theresa sees Ethan walking up to the house and she thinks Ethan has come back to her. Theresa opens the door, hugs Ethan, and says she knew hed realize they belonged together and she loves him so much. She says now they can be a family with Jane.

At Tabithas, Sheridan calls Dottie to have he re-run the tests. Tabitha asks Endora to put Sheridan into a trance so she focuses only on finding out the DNA tests were wrong. Endora zaps her, and Sheridan turns into a zombie. Sheridan calls up Dottie, and Dottie happens to be in Harmony doing research. Sheridan says shed like to come over and talk about Martys DNA tests. Dottie says there is nothing to talk about, if she ran the tests again theyd say the same thing. Sheridan insists they talk. Dottie says okay, shes at the DNA lab at the hospital. Sheridan says shell be over right away. Sheridan then tells Tabitha shes going to go see Dottie at the hospital, and she walks out the door. Tabitha cheers her on and thinks shes finally going to get her place in the witchs hall of infamy. Tabitha watches Sheridan through her bowl, and she becomes upset when she sees Sheridan walking through the park where Katherine is. Tabitha says the trance could be broken by Katherine, and she has to stay focused on getting Dottie to re-run the test.

At the park, Katherine asks Sheridan why she is out here so late? Sheridan says she has to find the truth that Marty is her son. Katherine thinks Sheridan is sleepwalking again. The trance ends up broken, but Sheridan remembers she is supposed to be on the way to see Dottie about the DNA test on Marty. Katherine thought that was all settled, but Sheridan says Beth lied and Luis believed her. Sheridan says she cant believe he would believe Beth over her, and she has never been so angry and hurt. Katherine thinks Sheridan should go to Luis and talk to him as they cant let anything come between them. A watching Tabitha wishes Katherine would mind her own business. Sheridan tells her mom what Beth confessed to, but she doesnt believe it. Katherine asks if Luis knows she feels this way? Tabitha, still watching through her bowl, cant believe Katherine is playing twenty questions. Sheridan thinks Luis should believe her, but Katherine says Luis is trained as a cop, he only knows facts. Sheridan says he also has to trust his instincts, but he doesnt trust her instincts. Katherine tells Luis not to let this issue with Marty get in the way of their love, go talk to him. Sheridan says there is no point as he wont listen to her. Fed up, Tabitha asks Endora for a power boost to get thinks going again. Tabitha tells Sheridan through her bowl not to talk to Luis, talk to Dottie, find the truth in the DNA. Sheridan hears Tabithas voice and goes back into her trance. Katherine asks Sheridan to please promise shell talk to Luis before she does anything. Tabitha wishes the meddling mother would leave Sheridan alone. Tabitha then sees Luis show up, and she thinks hell break the trance too. Luis finds Katherine with Sheridan and is not happy. He thinks Katherine has been filling Sheridans head with lies and making him out to be the bad guy. Sheridan tells Luis to leave her mother out of this, he is the problem not her. She says he is the reason their relationship is dying because he wont believe Marty is her son. Luis says he came to find her to talk about Marty. Katherine says she was trying to convince Sheridan to do the same. Luis tells her to stay out of this, but Sheridan tells him not to talk to her mother that way as she understands. Tabitha gets another jolt of powers, and she sends a purple fog to upset Sheridan. Sheridan attacks Luis verbally for not believing her and being on her side. She says at their commitment ceremony they made a promise to forsake all others, and that means he believes her over anyone else, especially his high school sweetheart. Luis asks her to calm down, but she says she cant take this anymore. Sheridan says she cant be with a man who doesnt believe in her. Luis asks if she is saying they are finished and she is leaving him?

At the casino, Ned tells Fancy that she needs to know something. She insults him, and he says hes not here to fight. Ned says that guy shes with is bad news, she needs to get away from him before he hurts her. Fancy says the prince of pigs is warning her to stay away from another guy? He says hes just not another guy, and Ned says he knew an old girlfriend of this guys and he would rough her up for fun. She calls him a lousy liar and says no wonder he loses at poker. She thinks Ned wants her to dump this guy for him. Ned says she is full of herself and wrong. Fancy says shes going to have a good time tonight. She goes over to the other guy, whispers in his ear, and then looks at Ned. Later, the guy asks Fancy why she was talking with Ned? She says she wasnt, he was talking to her. He wonders why she put up with him after he disrespected her. She says she felt sorry for him as she did cause him to lose all his money. They see he is on a winning streak, and Fancy wishes someone would teach him a lesson. The guy says he can do that, and she says in exchange maybe shell teach him a thing or two later tonight. The guy says deal. He goes off to speak to a friend of his, and Nancy says Ned was right about her friend being trouble, but only from him. The guy asks some other guy for some of his special cards. He says hes found an easy mark, not only will he clean him out but hell get some mattress time for his trouble. They guy has the marked cards to be sent over to the dealer at the game, and then he joins in the game. Fancy stands by his side, and Ned tells her that she never listens does she? They game begins, and Fancy watches as Ned is taken for a ride.


May 25,  2005
Out in Vegas, Fancy watches as her mystery man takes Ned for a ride. He is playing with marked cards, and Ned doesnt know. The guy ups the ante to winner takes all. When they take a break in the game, Ned warns Fancy to get away from that guy as he likes to hit women. She says give her a break and mind his own business. The guy goes to the bar and talks to another conman. The guy says the cards are marked clearly, he knows what Ned is holding. The other conman says save some of the girl for him when hes done with her. They get back to the game, and Fancys guy takes everything. Fancy begins to feel a bit guilty that Ned has lost everything. Ned once again tells Fancy not to be alone with this guy as hes bad news. Ned and they guy start fighting, and Ned is escorted out of the party. Fancy and the other guy head up to his suite. 

Up in his suite, Fancy asks the guy what his name is as she doesnt know it. He refuses to tell her, and Fancy begins to get a bad feeling about this guy. He reminds her that she agreed to show him some new tricks if he taught Ned a lesson. He ends up becoming violent, throws his wine glass against the wall and demands Fancy give what shes been promising him all night. He says if she doesnt give it then hell take it by force. He then attacks her. She screams for help, and he says her screams are turning him on. She ends up smashing a wine bottle over his head and runs out of his room .He runs after her and calls her a scank and to come back here. The guy chases Fancy through the hallways of the hotel, and Fancy ends up in a section that is under construction. She locks herself in a room she finds open. The guy keeps looking for her and calls her a slut. Fancy says she hates Ned for being right about that guy, but she hates herself even more. She says if she gets out of this mess then shell thank Ned. The guy gets a phone call and says since his plans fell through so hell meet him downstairs. He yells out f he ever gets his hands on that slut then hell rearrange that pretty face of hers. Fancy decides not to go anywhere for awhile until that guy leaves. Fancy backs up, falls into a bed and Ned is there! He says it must be his lucky night after all.

Gwen waits in the car while Theresa continues to believe Ethan has come back to her. Pilar suggest Theresa be quiet and let Ethan say something. Theresa drags Ethan inside and says shes just so excited Ethan chose her. Pilar says shes only assuming Ethan is here because he chose her. Theresa thinks Ethan is here to move in with her, and she tells Ethan to tell her mother that is why hes here. Ethan says hes not here to move in with her, hes here to take Jane back to the mansion. Theresa thinks Ethan is fooling her, but he says hes not. She says he doesnt have to take Jane to have custody, he can live here with her. She says he cant take her, he knows what happens to s child denied her mother. She says look at Sheridan, Julian and Paolmoa. She begs Ethan to live her with her and Jane. He says he doesnt deny Jane needs a mother and father, it just has to be him and Gwen. He says he is married to Gwen and he wont break his vows to her just because she cant have children. Theresa says that doesnt give them the right to steal her little girl. Ethan says she is his little girl too. Theresa begs Ethan not to take Jane from her, and she says she knows in his heart that he loves her. He refuses to argue anymore and says he is here to take Jane home. Theresa finally realizes Ethan actually came to take her. Ethan says he did, and he asks if she will help him get her things together or should he do it on his own. Theresa says no way, she wont let him have her. Gwen hears them fighting and says she knew Theresa would make this difficult. Gwen walks into the house, Theresa sees Gwen and says this is her fault. Theresa calls Gwen a bitch and goes to attack her. Ethan grabs Gwen and Pilar grabs Theresa. Gwen says this is the thanks she gets, and she says this is the example she sets as a mother? Theresa says Jane is Gwens child, and Ethan says he is hers to thanks to her scheme. He says she can visit Jane when she wants. Theresa says Ethan is only doing this because he feels obligated to Gwen. He tells Gwen that she is the woman Ethan really loves, and there is only a piece of paper keeping Ethan with Gwen. She tells Gwen to just let Ethan go. Gwen tells Theresa to shut her hateful mouth, and she is sick of hearing from her. Theresa says Gwen blames her for killing Sarah, but Ethan blames himself because he only married her out of guilt and obligation. She says if Ethan followed his heart then Gwen would have had her baby and wouldnt be barren. Pilar tells Theresa she has crossed a line, she should be ashamed of herself. Theresa continues to lash out and says Ethan realizes now that if he had just followed his heart then none of this would have happened, shed have Gwen and Ethan would be with her, little Ethan and Jane. She also says when Ethan makes love to her he is really thinking about her (Theresa). Pilar tells Theresa she is being cruel, but Theresa says shes being honest. Gwen asks Ethan if this is true?

Tabitha continues to watch through her bowl as Luis, Sheridan and Katherine all fight in the park. Luis cant believe Sheridan is ending things between them over his believing Beth about Marty. Sheridan says no, that is not what she is saying. However, she says she needs him to trust her and believe that Marty is her son and that Beth is lying. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her and he wants to believe her more than anything. He says hes going to try and be more open to how she feels. However, he says they still dont have proof that Marty is her son. She says he has her word. He says that isnt good enough for a court of law, and the only evidence they have proves Marty is Beths son. Sheridan says the test is wrong, and he should know Alistair messed with the test like he messed with Chads DNA tests. Katherine suggests Alistair could have switched the samples. Luis tells Katherine to stay out of this. Sheridan says at least her mother believes her, which is more than she can say for him. Meanwhile, the boys in Tabithas basement arent happy with her failure, and she tells Endora they must join powers. She says the mist of meanness is wearing off, so they most lay waste to Sheridan and Luis red hot love. Tabitha tells Endora to fire when ready, and she shoots flames at the bowl. Back in the park, Luis says they cant go on like this as it is tearing them apart. Both Luis and Sheridan wont deny what is in their heart. Luis says he still loves her, but Sheridan doesnt think that makes sense. Luis says what doesnt make sense is that they are letting this one little thing tear them apart. Sheridan says this one little thing is huge. Luis doesnt like where they are and wants to go back to the way things were. She doesnt like where they are either, but she doesnt know how to get past it. Luis says it is as if there is an evil force in Harmony that wont let them be happy. A watching Tabitha says Luis doesnt know how right he is. The friends in the basement roar, and Tabitha tells them to be patient. She says when Sheridan finds out she was right about the DNA then she wont forgive Luis. She says she needs to zap Sheridan back into her trance. She asks Endora for help, but shes asleep and snorting. Back at the park,. Luis and Sheridan continue to argue, and Sheridan says Luis is the problem here as he wont believe in her. She tells him to stop blaming the point they have reached on anything but his inability to believe in her and love her. She says if he cant do that then . . . Luis tells her not to go there. Meanwhile, Tabitha gives it the college try and casts a spell on Sheridan. Sheridan ends up hearing Tabitha telling her to go see Dottie as the truth is in the DNA. Sheridan suddenly says she has to go see Dottie as the truth is in the DNA. Sheridan gets up and walks off. Katherine tells Luis that Sheridan was acting like this earlier and she is so worried about her. Luis says if she is so worried then leave her alone. Katherine says she left Harmony because she wants them together, so he asks why she is back? She says she had a chance to escape Alistairs prison and took it. He asks why shes still hanging out here then? She says she is just trying to figure out where to go now. Luis thinks she is a liar and is only supporting Sheridans belief because she wants a relationship with her so badly. He says she is hurting Sheridan and it has to stop. He says she is letting Sheridan think she is staying here when she could leave at any time. He tells Katherine to leave Sheridan alone and stop giving her false hope. He says stop[ coming between the woman he loves. Luis walks off, and Katherine wonders how she can heal this rift between them. She realizes Alistair would be the one who knows the truth about Marty.

Sheridan arrives at the hospital lab to see Dottie. She says the DNA test is wrong, find the truth in the DNA. Dottie tells Sheridan that she has the truth, but Sheridan insists she is Martys mother. Dottie yells at Sheridan that shes not. Sheridan snaps out of her trance and says shes so sorry. Dottie tells Sheridan to let it go, the DNA tests were accurate. Sheridan says she is sorry and to forget she came by. Dottie says she is worried about her. Sheridan says she thinks shes losing her mind again. Dottie says what happened wasnt her fault, and shes not crazy and shes just hurting. Sheridan says hes come up with some crazy theories, she even thought Beth was her half sister. Sheridan says she is sorry and leaves. Dottie realizes that is odd. Tabitha watches this play out and casts a spell on Dottie to recheck the DNA. Dottie says if Beth and Sheridan are related then she should recheck the tests. Sheridan ends up in tears in the hallway and says shes lost everything, her baby and Luis.



May 26, 2005

At Tabitha's, Tabitha watches Dottie through her bowl and tries to convince her to redo the DNA tests. Dottie thinks she may have made a mistake and should recheck them, but then she says she never makes mistakes. Tabitha asks Endora for help, so Endora conjures up a megaphone for Tabitha to shout at Dottie with. Dottie finally decides to redo the DNA tests and calls Bernard in to help her. He thinks this is a waste of time as they got conclusive results. Dottie says in her hurry she never bothered to check Marty's DNA against Sheridan's, and if Beth and Sheridan are related then a mistake could have been made. Dottie says they must redo the tests. Tabitha does a happy dance.

At the cottage, Sheridan and Luis both return home, and Sheridan tells Luis she can't do this anymore. He says he thought she said she didn't want to break up. Sheridan says she doesn't want to break up. However, she says she can't be with him if he doesn't believe her. Luis says he's trying. She says she loves him, she loves everything about him. She asks him to think with his heart and his gut and not his head. SHe says her heart and gut tells her that Marty is their son. Luis says their son is dead. Sheridan becomes upset and says no. SHe says part of her is empty without their son, and he won't believe her. She says perhaps Martin leaving and forcing him to grow up caused him to lose touch with his heart. He says he hasn't lost touch with his heart, and he blames Katherine for taking his father away. Sheridan tells him not to go there, at least her mother believes her about Marty. Sheridan says this has to end, and Luis agrees but says he doesn't know how to solve their dilemma. Sheridan says she does, and she has to leave him.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa pushes Ethan to admit that he loves her, that when he makes love to Gwen he is thinking about her. Gwen asks Ethan if this is true? He tells Theresa to stop this, and Gwen says save it as she can see it all over his face. Gwen tells Ethan that if he wants to be with Theresa then just stay here with her and Jane. Gwen says she has pride, and he has to stop doing this to her. She tells him to just let her go and move on with her life. Gwen goes to leave, but Ethan stops her. He tells Gwen he will never lie to her. He says yes he does have feelings for Theresa. Theresa cheers that she knew he loved her. Ethan says yes, it's out in the open. he tells Theresa that he was drawn to her beauty and her charm, her zest for life and her faith in fate. However he says she has another side which she's shown them tonight. Gwen says a mean and horrible side. Ethan tells Theresa that she doesn't know when to give up and always has to push. He says this is why he can't be with her, and why he wants to raise Jane with Gwen. He tells Gwen he loves her and wants to have a family with her. Theresa says but you only married her because she was pregnant. Pilar tells her to stop this, but Theresa says she only wants the truth out. Ethan says it is true, he was going to marry Theresa when he found out about Gwen. He says that changed everything, and he wants a family with Gwen, he still does. He tells Gwen they can adopt and have lots of children. Theresa tells Ethan what kind of marriage he will have with Gwen? She tells Gwen that Ethan loves her. Gwen says Ethan loves her too, but Theresa says that love can't compare to what Ethan feels for her. She says Gwen will always be a pathetic second. She tells Ethan marriage is more than words and a paper, it is nothing without love. Pilar tells Theresa that marriage is sacred, it is a contract you make with God. Theresa tells her mother she understands now why her mom is upset by her actions. Theresa says she is Ethan's true love but not his wife, just like Katherine is papa's true love. She thinks when her mother looks at her she sees Katherine, and she can't stand that she is not papa's true love. Pilar slaps Theresa hard. Theresa says mama may be able to turn the other cheek, but she can't. Pilar runs off in tears, and Ethan asks Theresa how could she talk to her mother like that? Ethan demands they be given Jane so they can leave. Theresa says she will go get Jane, but she locks herself in the bedroom with Jane. Gwen and Ethan bang on the door and tell her to open up, but Theresa says they will never take Jane from her.  

In Vegas, Fancy winds up in Ned's room, and he says this must be his lucky night. He asks what she is doing here, and why is she shaking? He thinks something happened with that creep, and he wants to go teach him a lesson. Fancy asks him not to, and she admits to him that he was right. She says she was just so angry with him and wanted to teach him a lesson. Ned asks what he did to her, and Fancy says he tried to rape her. Ned wants to get the police, but she says no. She says he is gone now. She then looks around and asks why Ned is in a part of the hotel that isn't finished? Ned says she caught him. He admits this is his room, and he is a squatter. He says he moves from hotel to hotel mooching off them. She says so he's penniless? He tells her to run along as he knows there is no room in her life for anyone but millionaires. She says that isn't true, and she knew he was no millionaire from the start. Still, she says he always plays at the high stakes tables and is so well dressed. She asks how he does it? He says he can show her. He uses his computer to hack into the hotel phone lines and orders room service, but has it sent to another room. He then meets the guy outside the door and claims he was just coming up from the spa. They take the food back to Ned's room, and Fancy calls him a 21st century outlaw. She asks how he does it, and he shows her. He says he can hack into the hotel records and delete all the things he orders on other guests accounts so they never know. She wishes she could do that with her credit cards as her dad hates the bills she runs up. Ned suggests they enjoy their dinner and get to know one another. They eat their dinner and as they go to have desert it looks as if they are about to kiss one another.


May 27, 2005
At the Lopez house, Ethan and Gwen bang on the bedroom door and demand Theresa open up. Theresa says never, they will never get her baby. Pilar shows up and asks what Theresa has done now, and they tell her. Pilar says the key is somewhere and shell look for it. Theresa keeps tells Ethan that he and his wife will never have her baby, theyll have to kill her first. Gwen says she has lost her mind. Ethan says this just proves their taking Jane is right. Theresa says she heard that and to just give up and leave. Pilar cant find the key, and Gwen grabs a bat and suggests they break the door down. Ethan says they cant do that. Gwen says they cant stand here and do nothing. Theresa ends up bracing the door with furniture, and Ethan and Gwen ask what she is doing?

Meanwhile, Pilar heads to the kitchen and searches through drawers when Martin shows up. Pilar says she thought maybe he decided to stay with Katherine. He says he made a promise to her and the children and will keep it. She says sure, like his other promises. He asks what she is looking for. She says something to pick a lock. She explains the whole story to Martin about Theresa losing custody of Jane and locking herself in the room with the baby. Martin says if the authorities find out then shell never get custody again. He asks what he can do to help, and she asks him to help find a screwdriver. 

Martin takes a screwdriver to the door, but the lock is too small so its not working. Theresa says shes barricaded herself in. Gwen suggests they are on the first floor so they should go get the baby through the window. Ethan says people will freak, as will Theresa. Gwen says they should call the police and break the door down with the axe. Ethan says no, that would scare Little Ethan. Ethan talks to Theresa about the story of King Solomon, but Theresa the solution was to cut the baby in half. Ethan says no, the solution was to let the real mother make the right choice. He says he is giving her that choice, give the baby to them or to the police. Theresa says never! Martin offers to try and talk to Theresa, but she refuses to talk to him as he cant help her now. Martin says he can. He says these courts love complete families, and if she proves to the courts that she has a whole network of people to help her then she will get custody. Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca will just pay off the judges, they cant be stopped. She tells her father to just go away. Ethan says if Theresa doesnt give them the baby then hell have to call the police. Theresa tells Gwen to give up, Ethan loves her too much to take Jane from her. Pilar says if she doesnt come out Ethan will call the police, but Theresa doesnt believe it. Ethan tries to call the cops but cant do it. He asks Gwen how he can do this to her? Gwen says Theresa had no problem calling them on her, and they have no choice. He says she is right, and he dials.

Out in Vegas, in the hotel the security room two guards get a call from accounting about some strange irregularities. It seems there are many discrepancies between the bills the kitchen is submitting and hotel guests room accounts. The one guard says someone one the 12th floor maybe hacking into the system, so they need to keep their eyes peeled. They watch security monitors, and see a shot outside of the room Ned is in. 

Ned and Fancy are about to kiss when Fancy stops them and suggests they slow down a bit given she started this evening fighting with that icky guy. He says of course, and he says hell go see about desert. Fancy comments that Neds parents did raise a true gentlemen. Ned orders some strawberries dipped in chocolate, whipped cream and champagne. He has it sent to another room as usual. Fancy loves the way his mind works. She goes to wash her hands, but he says the plumbing hasnt been hooked up yet. She asks how he takes a shower then? We see Ned taking a shower in another guests bathroom and being caught by a woman. Ned claims he came into the wrong room. He asks the woman if he can make it up to her, and he seduces her! Ned tells Fancy that he manages. Fancy tells Ned hes sorta like an MTV version of Robin Hood, though he has appointed himself the disserving poor. Ned says these casinos rip off their patrons, so hes just evening the odds a little. He says his system is fool proof and they will never catch him. Later Fancy puts on her makeup and Ned gets dressed. Fancy watches him in the mirror in her compact. They head out to collect their desert, not realizing they are caught by the security guards on camera. Suddenly the security guards show up and demand to talk to Ned. Ned and Fancy run for it.

Sam returns home with Jessicas favorite ice cream. He decides to go see her, but Kay says dont. Sam asks what happened here? Kay says it isnt worth talking about, but Sam presses her. Kay explains about Jessica eavesdropping on their conversation, and their fight after Jessica insisted she go out to one of those sleazy clubs. Sam cant believe this, and he asks what is with the food on the wall. Kay says Jessica threw her food at her. Sam wonders where he went wrong with the kids. He wants to go talk to her, but Kay suggests they let her stir in her own juices for awhile. Kay asks Sam to sit down as she worked hard on this dinner. Sam thinks he has been a horrible dad and let them all down, but she says he was a great dad. She says he came to all her recitals and what not. Sam says but he was working late a lot too, and mom was the one who was always there. Kay says he had to work to pay the bills, and they understood. She says he was a wonderful dad, and she should be the one to apologize to everything she put him through. She says he stuck by her when she dropped out of school and had Maria, and she is grateful for that. Kay says it took her awhile but she got her feet back on the ground. Kay says she is doing good now, and Noah is doing great to. Sam says yes, he graduated at the top of his class and is working on his Masters now. He says Noah may be the first one to get his PhD. Kay thanks God they have no problems with Noah. Later Sam decides to call Noah about Jessica. He doesnt want to interrupt his studies and bring him home, so maybe theyll come see him. He cant get Noah to answer his cell phone, so he calls the collage to leave a message for Noah. The dean answers the phone and doesnt recognize the name. The dean checks the records and says there is no student here by the name Noah Bennett. Sam says there must be a mistake, he gets letters from him, grades and notices from the college. The dean says hes sorry but Noah hasnt been enrolled since the fall of 2003. Sam cant believe this and wonders what happened to his son.

We see a shot of Jessicas room, shes not in it and the window is open.

Tabitha continues to watch Luis and Sheridan fight, while Endora snores away. Tabitha says once Dottie finds the truth, Sheridan will never forgive Luis for not believing her. Tabitha sings 100 bottles of beer on the wall, but instead sings 81 of Sheridans lives on the wall, take one down, stomp it on the ground, 80 of Sheridans lives on the wall. Suddenly the house rumbles, and beam of light shines down, and Timmy makes it known hes angry with Tabitha. Tabitha says shes just having a little fun. Tabitha tells Timmy that he cant blame this on her, Beth and Alistair are the ones to blame for this mess. She says she is just enjoying the fallout. Tabitha tells Timmy that things are heating up all over town, and she watches what is going on at Theresas place. Timmy knocks over a vase, and Tabitha says she always hated it anyways. Timmy keeps shaking the house, and Tabitha tells him to go back up there and not to come back till he is behaving himself. Timmys spirit leaves, but not before creating a storms of feathers around Tabitha. Tabitha says she still misses him and to come back soon. 

At the cottage, Sheridan tells Luis she has to leave him as she cant stay here. She says everywhere she goes in this town she is reminded what she lost. She says she has to get away. Luis says hell try and get some time off, but Sheridan says she doesnt want him with her. She says the part of him that deals only in evidence she just can be near right now. She says she has to get away and be alone to figure things out. She asks him to try and understand, but Luis doesnt. Sheridan tells Luis that this time there is no outside force trying to separate them, the force is him. Sheridan tells Luis that she knows the first DNA test was wrong and she asked Dottie to re run it. Luis asks why? She says it was wrong, and if he cant believe her then they have nothing! Luis says she cant mean that, she is his life. He says they are soul mates, they have been together for centuries and they always will. Sheridan says maybe this isnt the lifetime they were meant to find happiness. Luis says they had a commitment ceremony, they took vows. He says she cant say those memories mean nothing. Sheridan says it was a fantasy, they are not legally married, they married themselves. Luis says they said vows in front of friends, family and God, in his heart they are married. She says in her heart she knows she is Martys mother. Suddenly, Sheridan hears a baby crying, and she says he is crying and is in pain. Luis hears nothing, and Sheridan cant believe he doesnt hear it. Sheridan asks him if he is death, their son is crying out for him. Luis says Sheridan . . . Sheridan says she is not crazy, she hears him and sees him all the time. Sheridan says she has to leave Harmony.

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