October 31, 2005 

At the Bennett's, Simone and Jessica hug and tell one another that they love the other. TC bursts in and tells Simone to get her hands off Jessica. He says he knows what Simone is and he hopes Jessica hasnt turned that way either. Jessica says what he is talking about. TC says he is ashamed of Simone, and how dare she take advantage of Jessica like this. Jessica tells TC whatever he is thinking, he has it all wrong. Jessica says Simone was just trying to comfort her. TC says comfort her his foot, she was trying to get Jessica into bed. TC says Simone is a lesbian. Jessica says Simone isnt a lesbian. TC says she is,  her mother told him. Simone says she told her mom in confidence, and she was afraid to tell him. TC says no wonder, she should be ashamed of herself. He says they need to call Father Lonigan and go to the church and pray for this to go away. Simone says that it doesnt work that way and she was just trying to comfort Jessica. TC says that is what all the predators say. Simone says she isnt a predator. Jessica ends up turning on Simone for not telling her. She says maybe her dad is right, maybe this is why shes been acting like she was her friend. Jessica says friends tell one another the truth. Simone says she wanted to. Jessica asks if she is trying to make a play for her? Simone says of course not, but TC says he thinks Jessica was Simones next victim. Simone tells her dad that he couldnt be more wrong, she was here with Jessica because she was upset. Jessica says now she is more upset, thanks for nothing. Simone asks how she can say that after everything shes done for her. They whisper about the murders, and TC wonders what they are whispering about. He thinks something is going on. He says this is all a damn shame, is Simone so screwed up shes making passes at girls who dont know what is going on. Simone says he has this all wrong, and she tells Jessica she kept this a secret because of this, because of the way her father and her are reacting. She says just because her love life is  not the norm, it doesnt make her a criminal. Jessica says she doesnt care that she likes girls more then guys, she cares that she kept it from her and it makes her wonder why. Jessica tells Simone to leave. Simone tells Jessica and TC that they have this wrong, she is not interested in Jessica that way. TC says he knows what he saw and hes never been so disappointed in his entire life. Simone cries that theyll both see, and she runs off. TC apologizes to Jessica, but Jessica says she doesnt care about her being gay, she is upset that she didnt tell her. TC says Simone may have a thing for her and she cant really know. TC once again says hes sorry. TC then leaves. Jessica wonders why everyone who she trusts betrays her.

Ivy and Sam are getting ready for trick-or-treaters, they both forgot it was Halloween with what has been going on. Sam talks about how Jessica used to love Halloween so much. They talk about their kids, and end up talking about Noah and Fancy. Sam thought Noah was crazy when he first told him about Fancy. Ivy says she even told Noah to stay away from her own daughter. Sam says good thing they didnt listen to them. They hope they can work through this. Sam and Ivy decide to try and help their kids work through their latest problems. They see them outside and walk away from one another. They decide to talk to their kids.

Outside, Fancy tells Noah that she isnt here to see him, shes here to return earrings to her mother. Noah asks what is with her. Fancy recalls hearing Noah on the phone telling someone that the girls here were all big fat zeros. Fancy and Noah walk away from one another, Noah heads in through one door and Fancy the other.

Fancy walks into the kitchen where Sam and Ivy are. She wonders what is going on. Sam and Ivy say nothing, and Sam leaves them. Fancy says she brought back her earrings. Ivy suggests she keep them for the next time they go out. Fancy says she wont be doing much dating anytime soon. She says she and Noah were a mistake, and shes so over Noah that its not even funny. Ivy tries to talk with her about Noah, but Fancy says she wasnt supportive of them in the beginning. Ivy says because she thought they werent right for one another. Fancy says they arent, they are too different. Ivy says she has seen the sparkle in her eyes when she looks at Noah. She says she knows what happens when you try and fight off your happiness. She tells Fancy if she has any feelings for Noah then try and work this out. Fancy says its no use, he has no use for her. Ivy asks if she is sure about that? Fancy says it is too late, she has to move on and find the right kind of man. Ivy asks if she honestly thinks shell meet someone who makes her feel like Noah does? Ivy tells her to just give it one more chance. Ivy says she wants to, but Noah doesnt feel the same way about her threat she does about him. Fancy says she has to go, and she heads off.

Sam talks with Noah about Fancy. Noah says he doesnt want to talk about it, he doesnt want to be in a relationship with a spoiled brat posing as a grownup. Sam thinks Noah knows there is more to Fancy, and that he loves her. Noah says Fancy drives him nuts, one minute he thinks there is more to her than being Fancy Crane, then another minute he sees she really is Alistairs granddaughter. Noah says even if he wanted to get back together with Fancy, she has made it clear she is over him. Sam says that maybe her pride talking. Sam urges Noah to talk to her, calmly talk to her and be patient. He says Noah needs to explain his feelings for her are separate than his feelings for Alistair. Sam says tell Fancy how much she means to him. Sam tells Noah to talk to her right now about giving it another chance. Noah says no offense, but he and Fancy are just too different in too many ways. However, he agrees to try and talk to her one last time. He heads outside to meet up with her.

Later, Sam and Ivy compare notes, they dont know if they got through to their kids or not. They see them outside, Sam says Noah is waiting for Fancy to try and give it another shot. Outside, Noah wants to talk to Fancy. She says she doesnt have all day, what does he want. He says to talk about their future.

In the ER, Eve works to save James life as Sheridan and Chris watch. Eve saves James, but she says hes not out of the woods yet. She says they have to run tests to see how bad the injuries are. Sheridan thinks this is her fault, she didnt keep an eye on him. Chris says that is not her job. Suddenly the FBI show up and tell Chris hes coming with him. They think he is the mob at first, but he says hes FBI and he and Agent Hall changed shifts. He has to take Chris with him to keep the mob from finding out where he is. The FBI tells Chris to say goodbye to Sheridan right now. Chris wont leave with his son like this. The agent says this isnt just about him, hes putting James and Sheridan at risk, well as FBI members. The police show up to question Chris and Sheridan about the accident. The agent wont have any of this, Chris has to come with him. The agent sends the cops and Sheridan off so he can have a talk with Chris. The agent knows why he came back to Harmony, it was because of Sheridan Crane. Chris still wont leave without James. Eve shows up and gives Chris good news, James is okay and hes a lucky little boy. The agent asks if James will be able to leave soon. Chris says this is his friend. Eve says she cant say, there is no time table with James and it is up to him. Eve leaves when shes paged, and the FBI agent continues to tell Chris if he cares about Sheridan then get out of her life fast. Sheridan is eavesdropping and overhears this. The FBI agent says as soon as James is okay, they are both being moved to a safe house. He also refuses to tell Chris for his own good. Chris says hes not leaving Sheridan. Sheridan comes out and says he doesnt have to, shell go with him into hiding. 

In the Crane living room, Gwen and Rebecca are talking about Theresas plan. Rebecca says all they have to do is sit back and let Theresa knock off Alistair. She says Alistair will be gone, Theresa will be in jail and Gwen can rest easy. Gwen says fine, they wont tell Ethan what Theresa is up to, and Theresa will play right into their hands. They toast and Rebecca says they have finally gotten rid of the tortilla queen. Gwen says she is glad she didnt tell Ethan, he would have stopped Theresa from killing Alistair if he knew what she was up to.

In the library, Theresa has found Ethan on the floor poisoned. Alistair finds them and realizes Theresa tried to kill him again, but this time it was Ethan who got it. He says this is really rich. He says he can hardly wait for this to go to trial, and hes sure Theresa will get the chair. She begs Alistair to call 911, but he asks why he should help save Ethan when she was trying to kill him. Gwen and Rebecca walk in thinking Alistair is dead. Alistair walks up behind them and says he is fine, and that is Ethan dying before their very eyes. Gwen runs to Ethan and asks what happened. Alistair says shell love this. The paramedics show up, and Alistair says they have a good idea what happen. Alistair says it was accidental, but he thinks the culprit was the poisoned guacamole. Rebecca and Gwen realize Theresa drugged Ethan instead of Alistair. Theresa gives them the name of the drug she used, and Gwen says if Ethan dies then she will kill Theresa. Ethan is put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Gwen and Rebecca go, and Gwen refuses to allow Theresa to follow. They leave, and Alistair suggests Theresa get out of the teddy and put on a more appropriate suit as shes going to be questioned when this becomes a police matter. He says he cant wait to hear how she explains this one. Theresa changes, and Alistair wishes her luck at the hospital as shell need it. Theresa then runs off. 

At the hospital, Gwen begs Eve to help her, Ethan is dying. Eve asks what happened. Eve learns Ethan has ODd on the pills that she gave to Theresa. Eve goes to work, and Rebecca makes a call to the police. Rebecca has figured out that Eve gave Theresa the pills to off Alistair. Gwen doesnt care right now, all she cares about is Ethan. Rebecca says well she wont let Theresa and Eve get away with this. 

Later, Simone shows up and slaps her mom for telling the whole world that she is gay. Meanwhile, Ethan lays unconscious and a nurse tells Gwen she has to wait outside his room as they are running tests. Theresa shows up, and Rebecca and Gwen want Theresa arrested.


November 1, 2005

Paloma is on the pier wondering where Roberto is. She worries he may have been caught. Roberto shows up and asks Paloma if she has the pills. She tells him to keep it down, if someone finds out what they are doing then theyll both end up in jail. As she goes to hand him the bottle, a cop shows up and says he wants to talk to them. She drops the bottle, and the cop picks it up. Paloma panics. The officer asks if these are hers. She says yes. He also recognized her as Paloma, and he wanted to tell her how sorry he was about her brother. He hopes she feels better, gives her the bottle and walks off. Paloma gives Roberto the pills, and she says she hopes her father never finds out that shes become a drug smuggler. Roberto says he doesnt like this either, but she knows they have to keep this up. Roberto walks off, and Paloma wonders how she got herself into this. 

At the hospital, Simone yells at her mother for telling her father that she was gay. She says he hates her and now, and daddy told  Jessica who also hates her. She then slaps her mom. Eve is stunned, but asks Simone if she should turn the other cheek so she can slap her again. Simone ends up apologizing, but Eve says she is the one who is sorry. She says she didnt mean to tell her father, and she explains how TC found out. Simone says TC hates her, her mom should have heard him. She explains how she was comforting an upset Jessica, and then he accused her of trying to take advantage of Jessica like a predator. Simone says Jessica is just her friend, and now she turned on her too. Eve says she is so sorry, and she will try and talk some sense into her father. Simone says daddy is convinced she is an evil lesbian vampire after all the young girls in Harmony. Simone asks how daddy could say such horrible things. Eve says some people lash out when they dont understand. Simone says and Jessica, they may never be friends again. Eve says this is her fault, her father never would have known if she hadnt told him. Simone says he had to find out sometime. Simone asks if they can take a walk and talk, but then Eve is paged about Ethan and James. Eve cant talk to Simone right now, she says theyll talk soon though. Simone says shes heard that before.

Sheridan tells Chris that she will go into the witness protection program with him. Chris says that means the world to him, but he cant let her do this. He says she hasnt thought this through. She says she has, and she asks the agent if there is a reason she cant go into hiding with him. The agent says no. Chris wont let Sheridan do this, shed have to change her appearance as her face is famous, and she would never be able to see those she loves again. Chris wont let her do this. He says there is nothing he wants more than to have her with them, but he has to think of what is best for her. He says he is trying to protect her because he loves her. Sheridan is shocked, but Chris says it is true. He says he loves her.

Gwen and Rebecca demand Theresa be arrested for poisoning Ethan. Julian shows up and asks what is going on? Rebecca says Theresa poisoned Ethan, but Theresa says it was an accident. Gwen says if Ethan dies then she wont rest until Theresa goes to jail for the rest of her life or worse. A nurse tells Gwen to calm down, this is intensive care and there are sick people here. The cop cant arrest Theresa as no crime has been reported and the medical examiner hasnt made the ruling of a crime. He says he has other cases to deal with, and he walks off. Gwen says fine, shell make a citizens arrest. Julian suggests they both just steer clear of one another for now and sends them to their respective corners. Gwen and Rebecca walk off, and Julian tells Theresa he knows what happened and she is in enough trouble as is. He says Alistair thinks this is all hilarious, but he doubts Ethan does.  Theresa says Ethan wasnt supposed to eat the dish. Julian suggests she be quiet, there is no telling how much Gwen and Rebecca know right now and so far their is no evidence. He also says Gwen is Ethans wife and she belongs by his side right now. He says keep away from Ethan otherwise she will only make things worse in the long run. Theresa thanks him and walks off. Theresa worries that she may have killed the man she loves. Rebecca then swoops in to talk to Julian. Rebecca says she has gossip for him, Theresa didnt poison Ethan on her own. Rebecca says she had help from Eve Russell. Julian says that is impossible. Rebecca says this time she will make Eve pay and pay and pay. Julian asks what she is talking about? Rebecca says Theresa used a controlled substance to poison Ethan, and Dr. Love almost had a heart attack when she learned the drug that was used on Ethan. She thinks Eve obviously gave Theresa the pills. Julian tells her to back off. Rebecca tells Julian to pray that nothing happens to Ethan, otherwise Eve will be an accessory to murder and shell make sure they both go away for a long long time. 

In Ethans room, Ethan begins to code, and then he starts having convulsions. Eve shows up, and Gwen and Theresa begin to fight. Gwen doesn't want Theresa in here or near Ethan.  Eve tells them to leave as they arent helping. Theresa prays, and Gwen tells her to shut up as she doesnt want to hear her voice. Meanwhile Rebecca tells Julian that if Ethan dies then Eve will go to prison. The machines stop beeping, and Gwen asks a nurse who comes out what is going on. She wont say anything. Eve then comes out to talk to them. Theresa thinks Ethan is dead. Eve says he isnt dead, but he is in serious condition. She says the drug affects the nervous system, the heart and the brain. She has a drug to use on Ethan to improve his condition. Rebecca then asks Eve if she got this drug from the same cabinet that she got those drugs that she gave to Theresa. Eve says she has no idea what shes talking about. Rebecca says she knows she gave those drugs to Theresa. Julian tells Eve to ignore her, and then he warns Rebecca to leave Eve alone and get it through her head that hell never be with her. Rebecca says then shell just have to take his money, his name, and have the satisfaction that she tore him and Ethan apart forever. In Ethans room, Eve talks with another doctor. Ethan could have irreversible brain damage. Eve doesnt want them to know that until the tests come in. She says it is possible that Ethan will never be the same man again. Meanwhile, Julian tells Rebecca to leave Eve alone, but Rebecca says no one steals him from her and gets away with it. Gwen is worried about Ethan, but Rebecca tells her not to worry as they will both get the men they want. Meanwhile, Theresa is praying to God for help. She begs God to save Ethan. Theresa hears two nurses discussing Ethan, and how if he doesnt die then it will be Terri Schiavo all over again. They hope Ethan has a living will.

At the Bennetts, Jessica thinks Simone lied to her, she just wanted her body like Spike and all those johns. Meanwhile, Sam and Ivy watch Fancy and Noah talk outside. Sam thinks theyve done all they can for them, and hes going to go check on Jessica. Back in her room, Jessica thinks all she is good for is sex, and she begins cutting herself again. As she is cutting herself, Sam walks in and catches her. Sam grabs her and tells her no, not to do this. Jessica tells Sam about Simone. He doesnt think Simone would hit on her, and he thinks Simone has a lot of difficult times ahead if what she says is true. Jessica wishes mom was here. Sam says he does too, and he wishes they were still a family. Jessica wonders how it all went so wrong. Sam says her mom had a very difficult decision to make. Jessica says she misses mom, and Sam says so does he.

Outside, Noah wants to talk to Fancy about their future. She says they dont have one. He knows she loves him, and he loves her. He says she cant turn her back on love. Noah says he knows things arent always easy between them. He says when they are good though there is nothing like it. Noah says their love is a gift, it means something. He begs Fancy to sit down and talk out their differences. He says hes not ready to give up on her yet. He asks Fancy to help him save their love before its too late. Noah asks her to say something to him. She thinks about hearing Noah on the phone with his friend saying how all the girls here were zeros. Fancy tells Noah that they arent getting back together ever. She says they are dead in the water. He says fine and walks off. Fancy returns to the Bennett kitchen to get her cell phone and leave. Ivy asks what happened, what did she say to Noah? Fancy says she said adios, they are a lousy couple. Fancy realizes Ivy and Sam put Noah up to this. Ivy says they dont want her to make the same mistake they made. Fancy says her mom has never been interested in her before, now she is her own doctor Ruth? Fancy says she doesnt need advice from her mother, and if she ever did need advice she wouldnt go to a woman who is in love with a man who is in love with another woman. Fancy tells her mom that Sam will never get over Grace. Fancy storms off and damns Noah for making her feel this way.

Ivy heads upstairs and overhears Jessica and Sam discussing how much they miss Grace. Ivy realizes Fancy was right, Sam will never stop loving Grace. Ivy walks off. Jessica tells her dad how sorry she is. He says that is the beautiful thing about life, every day you can make things better. Sam wants to get her the help she needs, he wants to get her professional help. She agrees to do it for him. Sam then tucks Jessica into bed. Sam leaves, and Jessica gets out of bed. She says she wishes they could all be one big happy family again, but that wont happen. She says mom is gone and isnt coming back, and if her dad is smart hell forget about her mom. Jessica says she loves her dad, but she has to go. She then sneaks out the window. Later, Sam returns to Ivy, and she says she thinks Fancy and Noah are officially over. 

Simone runs into Paloma on the wharf, and Paloma asks Simone what is wrong. Simone says she cant talk about it, her friends turn on her when they find out. Simone says Jessica hates her right now. Paloma says how can she hate her after what they did? They helped her cover up a murder. Simone tells her to be quiet. Paloma says its obvious she is upset, so just tell her what is wrong. Simone says shes gay, a lesbian, a girl who likes girls. Paloma says wow. Simone asks if Paloma hates her. Paloma says no she doesnt care. Paloma asks Simone if she is attracted to her, and Simone says of course not. Paloma says why not, what is wrong with her, she is very likable and has a pretty face. Simone is shocked, and Paloma laughs at her. She says she needs to develop a thicker skin to deal with the world about this. Paloma says she doesn't care if she's gay or straight, as long as she respects her preferences. Paloma asks what is wrong with this country, people are far too concerned with what is going on in the bedrooms of everyone else. Simone wishes Jessica would realize that. Paloma jokes that Jessica isnt thinking straight, she is on drugs and very confused right now. Paloma talks about how both she and Jessica have been through a lot of family drama. Paloma asks Simone if she is sure she is gay and not confused. Simone says she is sure. Paloma says well as long as she is sure. Paloma then asks about the girl in her life, is she a babe. Simone laughs and says enough about her. Simone says there is something she needs to tell her about Jessica. Simone confides in Paloma that there was another murder, and Jessica woke up next to another dead john. Paloma can't believe this, and she wonders what is wrong with Jessica. As they talk about Jessica, Jessica shows up. Simone says they were just talking about her. Simone goes to touch Jessica's arm. Jessica tells Simone to get her hands off her, she is worse than all those johns. She tells Simone that she hates her and to never come near her again.


November 2, 2005

At Crane Industries, Alistair meets with Fox, Chad, Kay and Valerie. Alistairs assistant hands them some reports, and he talks about their challenge. Neither Fox nor Chad have finished their reports for Alistair. Alistair says they put Luis funeral above work? They say they were there for Sheridan. He says his daughter is an idiot, and to relax he didnt think they would be finished. Alistair says this meeting is to give them several new challenges to complete before their final presentations. Alistair says tonight hell decide who the winner of the first challenge is. Alistair says in the end the person who wins will secure their place here, and the loser is out. 

Fox gets to work, and Kay offers to help him out, but everything she offers to do he has already done. Kay says well since he doesnt need her then shell go home, shes in the way. He doesnt want her to think shes in the way, and he does appreciate her. As they talk, Valerie listens in. Fox says he just feels he needs to handle this on his own. Kay says she understands and heads off. Valerie is pleased by what she hears.

Valerie goes to Chad and thinks his chances of wining just got better. Valerie says Fox sent Kay home, he wants to do the work all on his own. Chad thinks Fox is a fool, he's not that good. Valerie says when he fails, hell probably blame Kay. Valerie says if she finds a way to use Kays insecurities against her, then this is the way to take Fox down. 

Back in the board room, Chad and Fox begin to set up their presentations for Alistair. Fox and Valerie are both to see Kay is not here. Fox says he has her doing something for him right now. Alistair shows up and asks them to begin. Alistair asks where Kay is, and Fox says shes taking care of something for him. Alistair says fine, lets make this quick. Fox goes first with his presentation. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha is spying on Kay through her bowl. She says Kay knew this would happen, but she still begged her to cast this spell. Tabitha says she cant worry about Kay now, and love is for losers. Kay returns home, and Tabitha asks what is she doing home? Kay says dont act surprise, she knows shes been spying on her. Tabitha says she is curious to see the effects of her spell. Kay says her spell stinks. Tabitha says she was the one who insisted she cast the spell. Kay says she didnt know the price, and she thought their love was stronger than magic. Tabitha says now shes finding out she was wrong. Kay tells Tabitha not to rub it in. Tabitha says she is sorry Fox dismissed her. Kay says no Tabithas not, and shes going to call Fox and wish him luck. Tabitha thinks this is a bad idea. Kay calls but isnt able to get through to Fox, hes not taking any calls. Kay tries his cell, but gets his voice mail. Tabitha says its like she told her, as Fox becomes busier hell have less time for her. Tabitha jokes that Kay cant outfox her spell. Later, Fox shows up. He says he won, he blew Chad out the water and out of the company! He says Alistair was so impressed hes treating them to a night at the Seascape. Fox says all he wants to do is celebrate with the woman he loves. Endora smiles. Kay tells Fox what did it was all the research she did for him on security systems, Chad didnt even mention it in his presentation. He says he couldnt have done it without her. Kay goes to change, and Fox plays with Endora. Tabitha wonders what is going on here, is Endora countering her spell somehow? Tabitha thinks it is impossible and Kay will lose Fox as planned. 

Back at Crane, Chad cant believe he lost. Valerie tells him not to be down on himself. Chad says Alistair had nothing good to say about his presentation. Valerie says he had nothing bad to say either. Valerie says they arent out yet, and they can stop Fox from wining. Chad wont fight dirty, but Valerie says this is business and Fox will fight dirty. Alistair eavesdrops as Valerie tells Chad the way to beat Fox is to use Kay. Chad agrees to do whatever it takes to beat Fox. Later, Alistair tells Valerie he overheard her advice to Chad, and hes impressed. He says he likes people who are willing to do anything. He hits on her, and she hits back when she says she is willing to do anything. Alistair says in that case she will go very far here.

At the hospital, Sheridan thinks Chris means he loves her as a friend, but he says no. He says he loves her and not just as a friend. She doesnt know what to say. He says he didnt mean to fall in love with her, but the more time he spent with her, the more he fell in love with her. He says hes fallen madly and deeply in love with her. He says hes known for awhile, but he couldnt tell her because she still loved Luis. He says the reason he and James both came back was to see her again, and now she knows why. Chris says while he would want nothing more than for her to be with them forever, he cant let her sacrifice her life to go into the witness protection program. He says she still has her mother, brother and friends. Sheridan says none of her relatives and friends can protect her from Alistair, and they would want her to be happy. Sheridan says he stood up to her father, and Luis was the only other man who did that. She says however in the end it may have cost Luis his life. Chris tells Sheridan not to blame herself for Luis' death, but she does. She says if Luis had never met her, then her father wouldnt have gone after him. Sheridan says that is why she wants Chris to leave, and she wants to go with him. He wont let her put herself in this danger, but she is ready for it and willing to risk it. She wants to go with him and James. She says she has lost Luis and her child, she has to leave before her father does something else to the people she loves. Chris says he just cant put her in this kind of danger. Sheridan isnt worried or afraid, he will protect her. Chris isnt so sure he can, and he cant bear if anything happened to her. Sheridan says nothing will happen to her as long as shes with him. Chris begins to wonder if Sheridan has fallen in love with him. He quickly says that was wrong of him to ask, she is still grieving. He says he just wanted her to know how he feels and why she cant come with him. Sheridan is glad to know how he feels. Chris says after losing Maureen he realized there is no reason to keep ones feelings to themselves. He says that is why she cant come with him, he cant bear to lose someone else he loves. 

Ethan is awake in his hospital bed and blinking. He isnt responding though. Outside his room, Theresa overhears the two nurses discussing how Ethan could die, and if he doesnt it will be Terry Schiavo all over again. They just hope Ethan has a living will. Theresa tells them not to say that. Gwen asks what has happened. The nurses said his condition hasnt changed. Theresa repeats what she overheard, but the nurses says they were just discussing possibilities that is all. Gwen is furious with Theresa and tells her to go home. Theresa wont leave until she sees Ethan. Rebecca asks why, so she can finish the job? Eve comes out and asks what is going on. Theresa says she overheard the nurses talking about Ethan. Gwen asks Eve to tell her this isnt true, tell her Ethan wont die or be brain damaged. The nurses apologize to Eve. Ivy soon shows up and asks what has happened? Pilar shows up as well. Rebecca and Gwen explain that Theresa poisoned Ethan, and now hes on a ventilator. Theresa says it was an accident. Eve tells everyone that Ethan is stable, but hes not breathing on his own and hes unresponsive. She says it is too soon to be making predictions about the future, and all they can do now is wait and see. Eve says he could come out of this, or he could live for a long time without regaining the ability to see, hear or speak. Ivy asks Theresa why she would poison Ethan? Rebecca says because she was insane. Theresa says its not the way they are saying, but Gwen says she poisoned Ethan and now he could die. Theresa says she would never hurt Ethan, but Ivy says all she has ever done is hurt Ethan since the day she came into their home and pretended to be their friends. Ivy says she has caused him nothing but pain and tried time and time again to take him from Gwen. Ivy says she lost her granddaughter because Theresa fought with Gwen. Theresa says that was an accident. Gwen says no more than this was an accident. Gwen thinks maybe Theresa poisoned Ethan because she realized she couldnt have him. Theresa says no! Ivy says if Ethan dies because of her then she will make Theresa pay. Ivy says this is the most despicable thing she has done by far. They begin rehashing all the old plots once again. Pilar tries to defend Theresa, but Ivy says Pilar has closed her eyes to Theresas evil behavior long enough. Ivy says it is always about what Theresa wants and needs. Ivy says she wants her to be the one in there. Pilar says Theresa did not do this, but the other women say she did as she is a vicious murdering bitch. Theresa asks to see Ethan, but Gwen tells Theresa not to go near Ethan again. Ivy says if Theresa tries then she will kill her. Eve says this isnt helping. Ivy wants Theresa to be put away, why hasnt she been arrested? Pilar tells Theresa to tell them that she didnt do this. Theresa says its not like anyone will believe her. Ivy says they wont. Ivy and Gwen walk off, and Rebecca begins telling Eve she knows she gave Theresa the drugs. Rebecca says eventually Eve will be implicated, but she thinks for now Theresa needs to go to jail. Eve is paged and has to go. Pilar wants Theresa to leave, but she says no. Theresa says she has to explain everything to Ethan. Pilar says she doubts shell get to see Ethan, but they can wait. Theresa then explains what really happened to Ethan. Pilar is horrified that her daughter was trying to kill Alistair. Pilar says it is Gods place to punish Alistair, not hers. Theresa says everyone told her not to get involved with Alistair, but she was too stupid to listen. Theresa says this was the only way out. Pilar says every time she thinks Theresa can't do anything more horrible, she does something worse. Pilar says murder is a sin. Theresa says what Alistair does to her is a sin too, and the only way out is for Alistair to die. Pilar wonders where she went wrong with Theresa, how did she raise a child who could do this. Theresa says she would give her soul to save Ethan. Pilar knows she didnt mean to hurt Ethan, but she is afraid of what will happen now. The cops then show up, and Rebecca demands Theresa be arrested. 

Ivy and Gwen sit with Ethan in the hospital. They talk to him, tell him how much they love him, and how they want him to come back to them. Ivy begs God not to take Ethan from her. Gwen begs God to bring Ethan back and let him be okay. She says he has so many people who need him. She says Theresa has taken so much from them as is, dont let her take his future. Gwen and Ivy leave Ethans room and find Rebecca demanding Theresa be arrested. Ivy and Gwen also want Theresa arrested. The officer says simmer down, he has to ask questions first. He questions Eve about what happened to Ethan. Eve says Ethan is critical, he may not live, and if he does he could be severely brain damaged. Eve admits it was due to an accidental drug overdose. Rebecca says she wants Pilars slut of daughter arrested. The officer says hell have to take Theresa in for questioning. Theresa wont leave Ethan, but Gwen doesnt want Theresa here. The officer says if she doesnt come then he will have to arrest her. Pilar asks if she cant be questioned here, but the officer says no. Theresa wont leave, so the officer arrests her for resisting arrest. Rebecca smiles as Theresa is arrested and cuffed.


November 3, 2005
On the pier, Simone and Paloma are discussing Jessicas situation and how mad Jessica was at Simone earlier. They are afraid she may go back to Spike. Paloma doesnt understand how Jessica could go back to Spike, but Simone says Jessica flip-flops so many times when it comes to Spike. Simone says Jessica thinks she can count on Spike, that he'll protect her. They discuss how Spike is using Jessica, and Simone says they have to make sure Jessica doesnt end up in another motel room with a john. Simone says if Jessica is a murderer then they have to stop her from killing again. Paloma asks how? Simone tells Paloma to follow her.

Meanwhile, Jessica thinks Simone only wants to have sex with her, so shes going to go back to Spike if hell take her back. Spike of course takes her back. He knows shes upset about her latest john turning up dead. He tells her to relax about it, he paid up front and he died happy. Jessica says what if she killed him? Spike tells her not to worry, he is here to protect her. Jessica says she knows that now, he is the one person who cares about her and that she can trust. Jessica says her dad is suspicious of her. Spike says her dad is just worried about having a murderer under his roof. She says not to say that. She says the first john was an accident, he fell on her scissors during the earthquake. Jessica says she doesnt remember the second two. Spike suggests she forget it, but Jessica cant. Jessica says Simone helped her clean up the second two crimes, but she only wants sex as payback. Spike says that is why Simone hates him, he has Jessica and she doesnt. Spike promises to take care of Jessica, and he hands her a bottle of pills and says welcome home. Jessica says she is tired tonight, she doesnt want to work she wants to be with him. He tells her to pop five or six pills and she wont be tired. He demands she take the pills as he knows what is best for her. Jessica says what if she hooks up and the guy ends up dead. Spike says there is no proof she stabbed the other two, and if it continues then theyll look into it. Spike says as soon as they make enough money he can rebuild his club. He says she helps him, and he helps her, that is what it means to be in love. Spike says he knows he comes down hard on her sometimes, but he cares about her. He guilts her into taking the drugs for him, and he says she can count on him to take care of her.

Simone and Paloma spy on Spike and Jessica. Simones plan is to secretly spy on Jessica and look out for her. Simone says if Jessica goes with another john then theyll stop her from killing again. Paloma asks what if shes not doing it? Simone says then theyll find out who is. They watch Spike ply Jessica with more drugs. Simone says SPike gets her so loaded she doesn't know what she's doing with these guys. Paloma asks if shes so high on drugs then how can she go psycho on the guys. Simone says she doesnt know, but if Jessica is killing the guys then they have to stop her. Later Spike shows up with his friend Freddy, who just got out of prison. Spike tells Simone to give the guy a good time. A drugged out Jessica says she will as they are a team. Freddy pays Spike, and then Freddy takes Jessica off. Spike tells him being with Jessica is going to be something he never forgets. Paloma and Simone then follow Freddy and Jessica to wherever they are going to do it.

At the hospital, Chris refuses to let Sheridan come into the witness protection program with him and James. He says what if Marty returns one day, her son would have to grow up with either of his parents. Sheridan realizes Chris is right. She just doesnt want to lose him after losing Luis. Chris wishes it was different. Sheridan says he and James must leave, and theyll have to make the most of this time they have left until James is well enough to travel. The FBI agent then says there has been a change in plans, James is okay to travel so they have to catch a train now. The FBI agent says the doctors say he can travel with a doctor. He says the director of the FBI has approved of this new plan. He says if Chris and James do not come with him tonight, they are on their own. Sheridan and Chris go to see James, and James is awake and okay. James and Chris have to say goodbye to Sheridan once again. Sheridan tells James shell be thinking about him every day and she loves him so much. They all share a hug, and Chris tells Sheridan shell always be in his heart. He wishes they could stay in touch, but she knows the rules. Sheridan cant believe shell never see him or James again. They hug, and Chris and James take off. 

Ethan is still in his bed not responsive. Meanwhile, Theresa is being arrested for resisting arrest. Rebecca wishes she had a camera to take a photo of this for her Christmas card. Sam shows up and asks Ivy how Ethan is. Ivy informs him that its not good, and Theresa tried to kill him. Sam says that cant be. Theresa says shed never hurt Ethan. Gwen asks if she is denying poisoning the guacamole. Theresa says he wasnt supposed to eat it. Rebecca says that sounds like a confession. Rebecca thinks they should take Theresa out to the parking lot and shoot her, why waste time on a trial. Sam asks Eve for news. Eve says Ethan is critical, and even if he makes it, the Ethan they know and love may already be dead to them. Sam lashes out at Theresa for what shes done, his son could die because of her. As Theresa is being led off, Alistair shows up and demands Theresa be let go. Alistair refuses to allow Theresa taken to jail. Alistair says if and when Ethan dies, then theyll revisit this arrest. Alistair also says to the cop not to look to Sam Bennett, he is no longer chief or anything. He also says the mayor is his friend, so release his wife. Sam says his son could die because of Theresa. Sam tells Alistair to leave as they don't want him here. Alistair says Ethan was drugged on his property, so he has the right to check on him. Alistair asks Eve if Ethan is dead yet? Sam is furious and goes to attack Alistair, but Ivy tells him not to. Meanwhile, Rebecca thinks Sam has spoiled all her fun. Theresa is released, and Alistair jokes to Theresa hell use his own hand cuffs on Theresa later tonight. 

Later, Sheridan learns about Ethans condition. Eve talks with Sheridan about how shes doing. She knows James and Chris left, and that must have been hard on her given how close theyve become. Sheridan thinks about James and Chris and their times together. Sheridan says she wants to help Gwen now, and she wants to see Ethan. 

Sam looks in on Ethan from the window of his room. Sam tries to call Jessica, but shes not answering her phone. Ivy says maybe she turned it off before going to sleep. Meanwhile, Gwen is feeling guilty. Rebecca says Theresa is the one who drugged him so why is she feeling bad. Gwen says they knew what Theresa was going to do, and they didnt say anything. Gwen says if they had warned Ethan or Alistair then this wouldn't have happened. Rebecca tells her not to feel guilty about every little thing. She says if they told everyone everything they knew, theyd have to tell everyone that they exposed Ethans true paternity and theyd have to tell everyone how Gwens father loved wearing her clothes. Rebecca says what can she say, men look fabulous in Dior. Rebecca assures Gwen that Ethan will be okay. Later, Sheridan shows up to comfort Gwen. Sheridan asks Gwen what she can do. Gwen asks Sheridan to pray for Ethan. Meanwhile, Ivy and Sam sit with Ethan, who is hooked up to machines. Ivy says this is all Theresas fault and she wants to kill Theresa. Sam thinks there must be something they can do for Ethan. Ivy says they just have to wait and pray, and even if he recovers he may live like this. Sam says Ethan wouldnt want to live like this. Ivy says she doesnt know if Ethan has a living will, and theyll have to talk to Gwen. Sam says they wont go there yet, first theyll pray.

Alistair wants Theresa to thank him for keeping her out of jail. She says thank you. He thinks she can do better than that, later tonight in bed for example. She says not to hold his breath, on second thought do. Alistair says she has a lot of fire to try and kill him a second time, he wishes his children were more like her. He says he admires her for what shes done, she failed, but she applauds him for trying. Alistair says she not only failed to get rid of him, but she may succeed in killing the man she loves. Alistair doesnt know how she can ever top that one. Later, Theresa asks Eve if she can see Ethan, but Eve says Gwen has forbidden it. Theresa says she has to apologize and explain to him. Pilar tells Theresa this is not about her. Eve tells Pilar she is partly to blame, she never should have given those pills to Theresa. Eve says Theresa told her she disposed of the pills, but she should have known Theresa was lying. Eve says if she had been more forceful then Ethan wouldnt be lying in there. Theresa says no this is Alistair fault. Gwen hears this and tells Theresa not to blame Alistair for this, this is her fault. She says if Ethan dies shell make Theresa pay, shell make Theresa wish she was never born. Rebecca says Theresa will have to answer to Ivy and Sam as well. Rebecca thinks they should string Theresa up like a piata and beat her until she has brain damage. Sheridan suggests they all take a deep breath and try and think positive right now. Theresa gets a call on her phone from Alistair, who is now home and wondering why shes not here with him. Theresa says shes still at the hospital waiting to see Ethan. Gwen says over her dead body. Alistair demands Theresa come home now so he can plunder her like a pirate. Theresa tells him to force himself on the maid, shes not leaving till she sees Ethan. Gwen says if she tries to see Ethan shell leave in a body bag. Alistair says they have a prenup, honor it or suffer the consequences. Theresa refuses to leave the hospital and hangs up on Alistair. 

Later, everyone but Theresa stands around Ethan. Sheridan says this is horrible, and Ivy says this is Theresas fault. Gwen says she could still lose her husband. Sam suggests to Ivy that they go pray for their son. Ivy is going to pray that God takes Theresa out soon as well. Gwen stays with Ethan and talks to him. She tells him he has to be okay. She says shes lost a lot already and she cant lose him. Sheridan hopes Gwen doesnt lose Ethan as it will be like losing a part of her soul, she knows first hand. Sheridan goes to say a prayer for Ethan too. Eve leaves the room as well, so only Gwen and Rebecca remain with Ethan. Rebecca says something Sheridan said made her think, if Ethan dies then shell lose Jane. Gwen says no, but Rebecca says Jane is Ethans daughter, so Theresa will get Jane back. Gwen says no, Jane would be the only thing of Ethan she has left. Rebecca says this wont do at all, if Ethan dies then theyll have to make sure Theresa is charged with his murder. 

Outside Ethan's room, Theresa is plotting to disguise herself as a nurse to see Ethan. Pilar says she has to know by now her scheming leads to tragedy. Alistair keeps calling Theresa on her cell phone. Theresa says she isnt leaving here. Alistair thinks this will change her mind. He puts Little Ethan on the phone and Little Ethan asks his mom to come home for Grandpa Alistair. Alistair tells Theresa to come home or he wont be able to keep his frustrations in check. Theresa panics and runs back to the mansion fearful of what Alistair might do to her son.

Chris and James leave with the FBI agent. They wait at the train station for the train to come. Chris talks with the agent about how much he loves Sheridan. The agent thinks Chris is a class act for walking away from Sheridan and protecting her. Chris says he just wants Sheridan to be happy and safe. 


November 4, 2005

Simone and Paloma follow Jessica and her latest john. They arrive at some sleazy motel, and Simone and Paloma watch them go inside. Jessica is really strung out, and her john says she better be worth it and she better not be so out of it that she cant give him what he wants. Paloma and Simone spy through the motel window as the john gets rough with Jessica. Simone says if Jessica wasnt high then shed never let herself be treated like that. Simone wonders if that is what is happening, if the drugs wear off and she thinks shes being raped so she kills the johns in self defense. Simone says if that is what is happening then Spike should be the one to pay then. Spike shows up and says he doesnt think so. He knows what they are up to and hes sick of them messing with Jess. He pulls a gun on them and says hes putting a stop to them messing with his business once and for all. He tells them to move it. He leads them to a storage shed and locks them inside. Spike says this is what they get for messing with him. Spike leaves, and Simone and Paloma decide to call for help. Unfortunately their phones dont work, so they look for another way out. They end up breaking down the doors and rush to the motel room and to Jessica. 

Back at the motel, the john gets rough with Jessica. He calls her a slut and smacks her. He says give him some loving or hell really get rough with her. Jessicas face contorts with anger. Later we see Jessica washing her hands, which are covered with blood. Simone and Paloma show up, there is blood all over the door. They ask Jessica where the guy is and what happened. Jessica is sitting on the bed and is still in a daze. Her face is bruised. They ask if the guy hit her. Jessica has flashes of him hitting her. Jessica cries that he hurt her and wouldnt stop. She says she couldnt take anymore. They ask what happened, where is he now. Jessica says she doesnt know, she doesnt remember. The door closes shut because of the wind and they see the blood all over it. Jessica says he hurt her and shes glad hes gone. Simone asks what Jessica did when the guy hit her? Jessica says he wouldnt stop and he kept saying she wasnt earning the money, that she deserved to be hit. Jessica says he is just like all the rest, he hurt her and she hated him so much that she wanted to kill him. Simone says you didnt, tell them she didnt. Jessica says he deserved to die and she she wanted to kill him. Paloma says she didnt do it though right? Jessica remembers washing her bloody hands and says it is her, she is the killer. 

Fox and Kay show up at the Seascape. The host says theyve been expecting them and Mr. Alistair has called ahead and made sure they get only the finest tonight. Fox thinks Alistair has gone all out for them, and Fox cant stop talking about how he rocked today. He quickly says enough shop talk, tonight is about the two of them. Fox and Kay kiss. They are shown to their table where they bask in their love and talk about how much they enjoy being with one another. Later, Fox looks in his jacket and finds a box. He is puzzled and says this must be for her, and he presents her with a little black box. Fox tells her to open it, he cant wait to see what he got her. He says he means to see if she likes what he got her. Meanwhile, Sam and Ivy show up. They left the hospital to get some food. They then see Fox and Kay at their table and Kay holding the black box. Kay opens the box, which is a charm bracelet with Marias name on it. Ivy and Sam approach, and Fox explains they are celebrating his victory over Chad at Crane Industries. Ivy congratulates him, and she says Crane is his birth right and he deserves to run it more than anyone else. Fox says yeah especially now that Ethan isnt a Crane. Ivy says she was just trying to pay him a compliment. Fox says Ethan would have been able to run the company if he was a Crane no questions asked, but he has to take the Alistair challenge. Ivy then gives Fox the news about Ethans situation, and she says it just goes to show what getting involved with the wrong woman can do to a man. Fox says hes so sorry, and he does love Ethan. He says its just hard for him not to resent him after how they grew up. Ivy says they have been through this and she is sorry about that. Kay suggests to Fox that they dance, so they leave. Sam tells Ivy not to worry about Fox, hes just edgy. Ivy says she thought Fox had forgiven her. Sam says forgiving is one thing, forgetting is another. Sam says all she can do is be the best parent she can be. Sam excuses himself to call Jessica, and Ivy seethes as she sees Fox with Kay. Fox apologizes to Kay for letting his mom push his buttons like that. Kay says that is okay, and no one understands mother trouble more than her. She tells Fox not to let his mom get to him as it could lead to worse trouble, she knows. Fox just feels like he was insensitive about Ethan. Kay says they could say they are going to the hospital to see Ethan, but Fox says visiting hours are over. Kay says they can go to the church and pray for Ethan then. Fox says tonight is about them, and they dont need to go to church to pray for Ethan. Fox says tonight is supposed to be about them and maybe he has another surprise for her. She asks what, but he says shell see. Meanwhile, Sam is worried that Jessica isnt answering the phone. Ivy says shes probably just asleep. Sam then talks about how happy Fox and Kay seem, and how Fox is really good for Kay. Sam says even though Noah and Fancy didnt work out, Fox and Kay just might. Ivy, to herself, says not if she has anything to do with it. Later Ivy tells Kay they need to talk about Fox. Kay tells Ivy to save the threats, she and Fox are staying together and that is that. Ivy tells Kay that she knows her better than that. Kay says she does, and its funny that Ivy thinks shes not good enough for Fox when Ivy isnt good enough for her dad. Ivy says she has one son in the hospital because of a conniving bitch, she wont let the same happen to Fox. Kay tells Ivy that she and Fox are together and are staying together, she should get used to it. Ivy says she means it, stay away from Fox. Meanwhile, Sam still cant get through to Jessica, and Fox checks on Ethans condition. Fox returns and tells his mom that he and Kay will check on Ethan in the morning, and he is sorry for what he said earlier. He says he does care about Ethan, and the past is behind them. Ivy says she is sorry too, and she is trying to make up for not being the best mother. Fox says he knows and he loves her. Ivy says she loves him too, she only wants the best for him and is determined to see that he gets it. Ivy casts a glare at Kay.

Tabitha watches Fox and Kay through the bowl and thinks the dark side must be running on reduced power after Halloween. She wonders why the spell hasnt torn them apart. She begins to suspect that Endora has something to do with this. Tabitha tells Endora even she cant make them end up happily ever after. Tabitha says her spell may take longer than anticipated, but those two are bound for splitsville. Endora's talkie bubble says not if she can help it. Tabitha continues to spy on them, and she thinks they should enjoy their love why it lasts. Endora decides to help Kay and Fox, and she casts a spell and sends a present to Fox. Tabitha watches as Fox produces a little black box, and Tabitha says Endora has made things worse. Tabitha says if they get engaged and then break up it will make everything all that more painful. Endora says she didnt think about that. Tabitah thinks maybe Endora is coming over to the darkside after all. Endoras eyes then bug out. Tabitha thinks Endoras plan is evil genius, if they get engaged theyll be even more unhappy. Tabitha says she is mommys little witch after all. Endora says wrong as usual. Tabitha sees what Kays gift is, and she thinks Endora made a last minute substitution. Tabitha says she wont be able to stop Kay and Foxs love from being doomed. Later Tabitha receives a phone call, a collect call from Edna. Tabitha says this is the third time shes tried to reach her in three days. Tabitha learns she is in jail, and she tells them to keep her in jail and she wont accept the charges. She tells them to tell Edna to leave her alone and stop bothering her. Tabitha hangs up and then spies on Ivy and Kay some more. 

Chris, James and the FBI agent are driving out of town. The FBI agent says the mob is closing in on him and he and James are being relocated in the nick of time. They  talk about Sheridan, and Chris admits he never thought hed fall in love again after he botched things with Maureen. Chris says he never meant to fall in love with Sheridan, but it happened. He wishes things could have been different, James could have had the best mother ever and he could have had a second chance at happiness. The agent says maybe one day he can be with Sheridan, but Chris doubts that. Meanwhile, the mob is following their car and says Chris is as good as dead! 

Meanwhile, Sheridan is missing James and Chris. She is in the hospital chapel, and Eve comes to join her. They talk about Ethan and the pain of losing those you love. As Sheridan thinks about Chris and James, Eve asks Sheridan if shes lost someone else near and dear to her? Sheridan says shes just worried about who she might lose next. Eve talks to Sheridan about how every love is different, and Sheridan will find another love one day. She says it might not compare to Luis, but it doesnt have to. Eve says she will be loved and love in a whole new way. Sheridan says some people dont find love once, so why should she be lucky enough to find it twice. Eve says she is far too special not to find love again. She asks what about James father? Sheridan says she cant be with Chris, he and James left Harmony to start a new life. Later, a nurse comes to see Eve. She says there is an urgent caller for James' father. Eve says James and Chris left town. Sheridan offers to talk with the caller, who is a woman. Shes an agent, which Sheridan figures out since the woman won't say much. Sheridan says Chris left with James and the other agent a little while ago. She asks if they are in trouble? The woman agent cant tell her, but Sheridan says she knows the real deal about Chris. The agent says the mob is on the way to kill Chris and James tonight, but she cant reach Agent Burns. She asks Sheridan if she has Chris cell phone number? Sheridan drops the phone and runs out, saying she has to get to Chris and James before it is too late. 

Chris, James and the FBI agent arrive at the train station. Chris asks where they are headed, but the FBI agent cant say. Meanwhile the mob hit man has shown up as well. He has a gun and plans to kill Chris. Chris realizes his cell phone is off, but the agent says its better as the cell phone can be traced. He says besides Chris said goodbye to Sheridan already. Chris agrees not to turn it on and make this harder than it has to be by calling Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan is speeding to the station and trying to call Chris, but his phone is off. Sheridan finally gets Chris to answer his phone. She says the mob is after him, but at this point they are on the train and the connection is poor. Meanwhile, outside the train the mob hit man aims his gun. Sheridan then hears gunshots over the phone.

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