November 7, 2005 

At the motel, Jessica is going on about how she is a killer. Noah shows up and finds Simone and Paloma with Jessica leaving the motel. He wonders who hit her. He says if it was Spike then hell kill him. Jessica says no, there has been too much killing as is. Noah asks what has happened? Simone asks Noah how he knew they were here. Noah didnt, he was driving around and saw her car outside this dump. Noah suggests they get Jess home. Jessica keeps blabbing about the dead john, and Simone wishes shed keep her mouth shut. Jessica refuses to go anywhere with Noah. Spike then shows up and asks how the two skanks got free, and what Noah thinks hes doing with Jessica. Noah says hes taking his sister home and he should kill Spike. Spike says Jessica wants him big guy. Noah says Jessica is coming home with him. Spike says Jessica is his property. Noah says shes nobodys property. Noah then attacks Spike and knocks him down. The girls tell him he was amazing. Spike then gets up and pulls out a knife and says Noah doesnt get it, Jessica stays with him. He also is sick of the interfering girls and wonders which one gets it first. 

At the Seascape, Fox and Kay finish their dance, and then Fox asks Kay to get her stuff as he has more in store for her. He tells his mom goodnight. They leave, and the waiter tells Ivy how he loves waiting on new love as they always tip big. He thinks they will be together forever, but Ivy says not if she has anything to say. Ivy gives the waiter a note to give to Sam, who is on the phone still. She asks him to say she was called off and will meet her at the Blue Note later. Ivy then calls Valerie. She is coming to Crane to meet her and talk about Kay.

Ivy meets with Valerie at her office. Valerie says if people see them together they will get suspicious. Ivy says this is important. Ivy tells Valerie she has warned her about Kay and she has done nothing. Ivy says Kay helped Fox win over Chad. Valerie says CHad's project was good, but she can't second guess Alistair. Valerie asks what Ivy wants from her, she knows Ivy doesnt want Chad to win the top spot here. Valerie tells Ivy to tell her what she really wants. Ivy says she wants Kay Bennett out of her sons life for good. Valerie says that is her motive? Valerie says they are in love and that will only hurt Fox. She asks what Kay could do to Fox? Ivy says Kay is like Theresa and she wont lose another son to a scheming bitch. Ivy wants Valerie to sabotage Fox so that Kay will fired. Valerie says Ivy has ice water in her veins, and she reminds Ivy that she wants Chad to win this competition. Ivy asks if she really wants that, or does she just want to get to the top. Valerie asks what is in this for her? Ivy suggests they have a chat. Ivy says everyone knows she is throwing herself at Chad and that it is a waste of time. Ivy says  hes in love with his sister who is at a convent. Valerie says hell forget about Whitney, but Ivy says no. She says Whitney has become unattainable, and that fascinates men. She tells Valerie if shes going to catch a Crane then go for Fox. Valerie asks why Ivy would want her for her son, Ivy hardly knows her. Ivy says because shes not Kay. Ivy cant promise her Fox, he has his own mind and will decide if he likes Valerie or not. However, she wouldnt interfere as long as Valerie treats Fox like a prince. Ivy says if she mistreated Fox then shed have to bury her. Valerie says they are clear, so Ivy suggests they ruin Foxs work. She thinks Fox will be able to recover if they just sabotage a few projects. Valerie says they only have to ruin one project, but Foxs PC is passworded. They try and crack the password, and the password is the name of Foxs first pony Alberton Star.

Fox takes Kay home and surprises her with a romantic set-up in the bedroom. She is so touched and doesnt know what to say. He tells her not to cry, this is supposed to be a celebration of them. He did this to thank her. She asks for what. He says for a lot of things, for the thrill he gets when he sees her face, for the feeling he gets when he thinks about her. The way he feels making love to her and holding her in his arms. He also says he loves her patience, love and understanding. He says he owes everything to her, and they kiss. He then breaks out the champagne and toasts to Kay. He says everything he has and is today is because of her. She says that isnt true, but he says it is. He says after Whitney and the baby, she came along and taught him what was important. He says work, a family and the love of a woman. He says that is what he wants, so thank you. He says he doesnt know what she did to him, maybe its magic. Kay says its not magic. He says whatever it is, thank you as his life is so close to perfect. He says he just has to work on his relationship with his mom. He thinks the three of them should go out to dinner ands smooth things over. She says sure, charm the pants off her. Fox says that gives him an idea, and he whispers something in her ear. Later they talk about Fox being cut off by his grandfather. He doesnt know why that evil old mans approval means to much to him, but it does. They soon lay by the fire and enjoy champagne and strawberries. Kay has a question shes wanted to ask Fox for a long time. She asks if hes tickling and then tickles him. Fox says this is a perfect memory and he never wants to forget it. He says hes never felt this way before. Kay tells him to just kiss her, which he does. Kay tells Fox that she loves him, and they make love.

At the hospital, Gwen remains with Ethan. A nurse checks on Ethan, and Gwen tells her mom that she can tell the nurse is afraid for Ethan. Gwen damns Theresa to hell for what shes done to Ethan.

At the mansion, Theresa checks on Jane. The nanny asks Theresa if shes okay. Theresa says shes fine, but the nanny doesnt think so. Theresa says it is best if she not talk about it. Theresa sends the nanny away so she can spend time with Jane. She says they have to have her looking her best for her daddy when he wakes up, if he wakes up. Theresa cries that this wasnt supposed to happen. She then calls the hospital to check on Ethan. The call is put through to Ethans room, and Gwen answers it. Gwen is furious with Theresa for even calling. She tells Theresa to stay away from her husband! Theresa says she is sorry, but Gwen says she doesnt want her apology. Gwen says all Theresa does is hurt Ethan, and she never wants to see her in the hospital again unless shes dead in the morgue. Gwen then hangs up on Theresa. Theresa calls back and asks a nurse for information on Ethan. The nurse wont give out any info to Theresa, even though she tries to use her married name. Theresa realizes shes going to have to go to the hospital to find out about Ethan. 

Back at the hospital, Gwen stays with Ethan and says Ethan moved his eyes. Rebecca says if she says so. Rebecca thinks she knows how to help Ethan, she should spike his IV with booze. Gwen tells her mom not to do that, but she says a drink perks her right up. Gwen is worried that Theresa will try and sneak in to see Ethan. Rebecca says she can be sure about that. Gwen says if she sees Theresa in here again shell kill her. Rebecca thinks Gwen is stressed so they should take a break. Gwen doesnt want to leave Ethan's side. Rebecca says she needs to eat and keep her strength up. They leave to head to the cafeteria. 

Theresa arrives at the hospital and a nurse says visiting hours are over and she has to leave. Theresa sees a janitor walk by with the cart, and gets an idea. She disguises herself as a cleaning lady! As Rebecca and Gwen are leaving, Rebecca tells Gwen they have to come right back as Theresa will try and sneak in. Rebecca then asks the cleaning lady to move her stuff. Theresa, in an accent, says she is so sorry and they dont want any old people falling and breaking their hips. Rebecca thinks the help is so rude. Theresa sneaks in to see Ethan, and Gwen suddenly gets suspicious about the cleaning lady. She heads back to Ethans room where Theresa is.

Sheridan is speeding to the station. She gets through to Chris via the phone and says he needs to run and hide, the mob is on to him. At the train station, the hit man fires his gun, and Sheridan hears the gunshots over the phone. Back on the train, Chris and James are now laying down on the seat, and Chris phone is on the ground. The train porter shows up and sees everyone keeled over. He picks up Chris phone and tells her that he thinks this Chris person she wants is dead. He says there are three bodies here. Sheridan says not James too! She asks him to check them out as they could be injured. The man says hes not touching them. They are alive, they are all pretending to be dead. The FBI agent asks the porter to put on a show and act like they are dead and make a call for help. The porter does as hes told, and the agent makes a call for backup. Meanwhile Chris tells Sheridan to stay away. Outside the porter unfortunately runs into the shooter, who pretends to be a cop. The porter then tells him everything, that the people on the train are only pretending to be dead. The shooter for the mob says hell take care of everything from here, and he tells the porter not to call the police as he'll handle it. He then heads onto the train. Meanwhile, Sheridan pushes forward and decides to go check on them anyways. James begins to cry as the shooter makes his way onto the train and follows the sound of James crying. The hit man arrives and aims his gun at Chris and the agent. Meanwhile, Sheridan has arrived and wonders why the police arent here yet. On the train, James begs the hit man to leave James out of this. The hit man says perhaps hell take the boy home to the family and train him to be a killer. He tells Chris to say his prayers. Suddenly Sheridan bursts in and hits the hit man over the head with something. The hit man runs, and the agent is ordered to get Chris and James off the train and to a safe room and wait for further instructions. Chris wont leave without a gun to defend himself as it is too dangerous out there. The agent gives him one, and they head off the train while remaining alert. The hit man is back outside waiting for Chris to get of the train. Sheridan caries James as they leave. They make it to a safe room and wait for an all clear. The hit man has unfortunately led them into a trap! He has a radio tuned into the FBI's frequency and taunts them. There are no windows in the room and only one door. Sheridan says they are trapped. Suddenly the hit man storms in and grabs Sheridan. He holds a gun on Sheridan and says Sheridan will die along with Chris and James now.


November 8, 2005

At the mansion, Fancy asks Alistair if he believes in premonitions? He says well hes lived in Harmony his hole life and strange things happen here. He says he guesses he does. She says she thinks she's having one. He tells her if she has a feeling to listen to it. She says she feels Noah is in danger. Fancy says she knows it sounds silly. Alistair says he thought she had moved on from Noah. Fancy says she is finished with Noah, but she cant ignore this feeling. She knows he has informants and has the whole town wired. She remembers how when she was a little girl he used to show her all his monitors. She asks if he can check on Noah for her. He says yes he can do that. Alistair then makes a call about Noah. Alistair then tells Fancy that his people say Noah is just fine. Fancy wonders why she has this feeling then. He tells her that it is guilt, and she needs to get over this guilt she is feeling over dumping Noah. He says Noah is beneath her, he is like a servant. He says people of their class have their fun with the servants, give them a tip and send them on their way. He says he thinks Noah would like a leather jacket. Fancy says Noah isnt like that, but Alistair says everyone becomes a whore for enough money. Fancy doesnt want to live in a world like that. He says he doesnt want her to throw her life away like her mother, he wants better for her, he has hopes for her. He says the one thing he wants is happiness for her. She says even if she goes back to Noah? Alistair says yes, but if she goes back down to his level to be careful. Later they play a game of gin and Alistairs emergency phone rings. Alex looks at his computer and sees the virus on his PC. He tells the person on the phone to shut down the system and then run a worldwide virus scan. He is furious and tells the person to just do it! Fancy asks what happened. He says a virus has infected the Crane system and has traced back to Fox. He says if Fox doesnt fix this then he is fired.

Out on the streets, Spike has a knife and is threatening Noah and the girls. Jessica tells Spike to put the knife away, there has been enough stabbing tonight. Spike taunts Noah and the girls, and Noah attacks him as the girls scream. As they fight, Jessica tells them to stop and she says this is all her fault, she killed all those men. Simone suggests to Jessica that they play a game, how quiet can they be. Spike gets the upper hand on Noah and holds a knife to his throat. He says say goodbye to Noah. Just then Sam shows up and grabs Spike from behind. Sam throws Spike to the ground, and Spike says the whole gang is here now. Sam tells Spike to get out of here before he does something he regrets. Spike says fine and he runs off. Sam then goes to Jessica and asks her what happened? He sees her face is bruised. Simone and Paloma says it was Spike, he hit her. Suddenly Spike returns and smashes Sam over the head with a board. Noah then tackles Spike. Sam and Noah beat him and send Spike fleeing. Noah has broken his arm. Jessica keeps saying it was all her doing and not Spikes. Sam wonders what she is going on about. Simone and Paloma say it is the drugs and she doesnt know what shes talking about. Noah says Jessica was babbling about it when he got here too. They decide to get Jessica home, and Sam says he was supposed to meet Ivy and the Blue Note. The girls say they can get her home. Simone just hopes Jessica stops babbling about the whole murder thing or they could all end up in prison.  The girls take Jessica home and put her into bed. They then discuss who killed the johns. Simone knows Jessica couldnt have done it. Paloma says if not Jessica then who?

Spike runs off, hes in pain as Noah broke his arm. He gets back to his place and calls Alistair for help, have a doctor sent over for him he asks Alistair. Alistair is not pleased with Spike, he is supposed to be making hell for the Bennetts. He tells Spike to kill Noah or hell wish he was never born. Spike says he's been trying. Alistair warns Spike to kill or be killed, and he hangs up. Spike then punches the wall and apparently hurts his other hand. 

Fancy goes to the Blue Note with some guy. He says he's glad she called him. SHe says she really needed to get out and dance. She sees Noah working bar, and she ends up dancing with the guy she came with. Sam is at the Blue Note waiting for Ivy to show up. He sits at the bar and talks to Noah. They discuss Jessica and hope that this is the last time they will have to rescue Jessica. Sam suggests Noah call Fancy to come down, but Noah says they are over. Noah is then asked to take a drink over to a table. Noah says he is a bartender, but the waitress says she cant deal to have her butt pinched again by the jerk again. Noah smiles and asks what is in this for him if he does it. As they talk, Fancy sees Noah talking with the girl waitress. She thinks hes a liar as just this morning he wanted to get back together with her. She says he's also a jerk for talking to that little tramp. Meanwhile, Noah sees Fancy with her guy and drops a glass. The waitress says he never drops a glass, he isnt sick is he? Fancy looks at Noah and tells her date they should go elsewhere.

Kay and Fox have made love and are in bed together talking. Fox tells Kay how much she means to him and how he doesnt want to ever lose her. Fox says and he wont. Kay then thinks about what Ivy said to her earlier and is worried. Later, Fox gets a call from Alistair. Fox thinks hes calling to congratulate him. Alistair asks what hes done to his company and he should fire him right now! Fox has no idea what is going on. Alistair informs him about the virus that is infecting Crane computers and originated from his PC. He tells Fox to get to work fixing it or hell never be ablt to get a job cleaning windows! Fox tells Kay they have to go, get her stuff as there is a problem.

At Crane, Ivy and Valerie have broken into Foxs computer and pulled up the Singapore project. Valerie ends up starting a virus that infects every computer around the world working on the Singapore project, and it will all point back to Kay. Ivy asks if Fox will get into trouble? Valerie says Alistair will be furious, and since Kay works for Fox, Fox will be called out. Ivy says if Alistair fires Fox then this will be a disaster! Later, Fox and Kay arrive and Ivy and Valerie are forced to hide in a closet. Fox is furious, he asks Kay if she ran a virus scan before she uploaded the file. She says she must have, she uses firewall. Kay says this isn't her fault. Fox says if she didnt blow it then who did? Fox says computers around the world are going off line. Kay swears to Fox that she didnt do it. Fox says there goes Japan, and she must have done something. Ivy is pleased as she hears Fox blaming Kay. She says if he doesnt fire her, then hell never trust her again and that will kill this relationship. Kay says she doesnt know what has happened, but it is fixable. Kay tells him how to fix it, but he says that will delete peoples work if they didnt back it up. He orders her to fix it. Kay says they are scanning the system and this time they can upload the project again. He says dont forget to run a virus scan this time. She says she heard him the first time. Kay fixes everything, but Fox says what is he supposed to do now. He says he cost the company millions of dollars, and hell probably get fired for this. She says she doesnt know how this happened. Fox says it is over, and he needs a drink so they are going to the blue note. Kay wonders how this has happened. Ivy thinks this is the end of Fox's affair with Kay. Ivy then knocks something over, and Kay hears it. Ivy fears being caught by Kay.

At the hospital, Gwen has a bad feeling about the cleaning lady. Rebecca says if she wants to complain then find her superior and get her fired. Theresa the cleaning lady is in with Ethan. Rebecca asks Gwen why she wants to find this cleaning lady? Gwen just doesnt want her going into the room and disturbing Ethan and knock his tubes out or something. Rebecca says it will send an alarm off at the nurses station, and that Gwen needs to relax. She then takes Gwen to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Meanwhile, Theresa cries over Ethan and tells him how sorry she is for what she did and hopes he can forgive her. She says she loves him so much. Elsewhere, Gwen and Rebecca continue to talk about Theresa and Gwen threatens to kill Theresa if she sees her near Ethan. As they talk, the women with the red nails listens in. Back in Ethans room, Theresa tells Ethan he has to wake up, and she says they four of them will be a family. She says shell even give him more children, whatever he wants. She begs Ethan to wake up as she cant do this without her. Meanwhile, the lady with the red nails is spying on Theresa with Ethan. A nurse catches her and says visiting hours are over. The woman says she didnt realize. The nurse asks if she knows someone here? She says she knows a lot of people. Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca are on their way back to Ethan's room, and Theresa panics when she hears them coming.

At the train station, the hit man holds a gun on Sheridan. He tells the FBI agent to drop his gun, which he does. Chris begs the hit man to let Sheridan go. The hit man suggests he cover his kids eyes as Sheridan is about to die. Chris tells the man to take him back to the family as theyll get a bigger kick out of killing him themselves. The hit man says the family doesnt work that way. Suddenly, Chris yells at Sheridan to get down, and he fires his gun. The hit man ends up dead, and the agent tells Chris hes won. He says the family will respect that Chris beat their hired hit man. He says hes won, he doesnt need to hide out anymore. Sheridan doesnt understand. The agent says dont knock it, the family lives by a very strict code. The agent leaves, and Sheridan hugs Chris. Shes so happy that she ends up pulling him into a kiss! She thinks he and James can stay in Harmony now. Chris asks if that is what she wants? She says she just assumed that is what would happen. Chris says they need to talk about what he said, when he said he loved her it was a mistake. She says so he lied to her, he doesnt love her?


November 9, 2005

At Crane, Kay thinks she heard someone in the closet. Ivy and Valerie are hiding in there, and fear what will happen if they are found. Kay hopes there is no axe murderer in the closet. She goes to open the closet, and Ivy locks the door. Kay can't get it open. Fox returns and tells Kay he wants to go, they need to have a drink at the blue note. Kay says okay and ignores the closet. Fox then gets a call from Tokyo, and he begins apologizing for what happened. He says he takes full responsibility for what happened. Hes hung up on. Fox tells Kay when she screws up she really screws up. Ivy and Valerie high five one another. Kay once again apologizes and says she doesn't know how this happened. Fox says well the damage is done, and if people have to redo their work they have to redo it. Fox says lets just hope hes not fired. Kay says he cant get fired, if anyone should go it should be her. He says forget it and suggests they get to the Blue Note. Kay is still positive she ran that virus scan. They leave, and Kay and Valerie come out of the closet. Valerie says she still wants to get to the top, and she thought she would be with Chad. Ivy says Alistair will never let Chad run the company, put her leg in with a real star like Fox. Valerie tells Kay to just remember their deal, she won't interfere when she makes her move on Fox. 

At the Blue Note, Fox is drinking and Kay is still wondering what went wrong. She knows she ran a virus scan. Fox says what is done is done, and there is nothing they can do to fix this. Fox says he doesnt want to think about the office and the last thing he needs is to run into Chad. He says Chad would just gloat. Kay says he won the competition and he is brilliant. Fox says yeah, the guys in Tokyo think hes brilliant. He asks Kay to get them a table so he can sit at the bar alone for awhile and cool off. Kay heads off and runs into her dad. He asks why shes so upset. She says its nothing. She asks why hes here. He says hes waiting for Ivy but shes late. Ivy soon shows up, and Sam goes to get her a drink. Kay wonders where Ivy was. Kay then asks Ivy if she had anything to do with what happened to the Singapore project? Ivy asks why shed mess up Foxs project? Kay says to make her look bad of course. Ivy says she doesnt even know how to turn on a computer, just ask Fox. Sam returns. He asks if everything is okay here? Ivy says everything is fine, shes just worried about Ethan. Sam asks why Fox looks so upset? Kay says there is a problem at work, a computer glitch. She says she might be responsible, but she doesnt think so. Ivy goes to talk to Fox, and Kay tells her dad that she screwed up and is afraid she ruined things with Fox. Kay explains what happened, and Sam says Fox is just upset. Sam assures Kay that Fox loves her and wont let this ruin their relationship. Kay says she hopes so as it would kill her to lose Fox.

Meanwhile, Valerie shows up and talks with Ivy. Ivy says Kay cant see her here, but Valerie says she comes here all the time so relax. They talk about what is going on, and Valerie says as soon as she gets Kay out of the picture shell have her chance with Fox. Valerie walks off, and Ivy says a chance with Fox over her dead body! Ivy then goes to sit with Fox. Ivy says she knows what happened, and whatever Kay did was an honest mistake. Ivy says Kay barely graduated high school and isnt that experienced with jobs except with gutting fish. Fox says Kay is smart, don't be too hard on her. Ivy says yes, but Kay doesnt have a college education. Ivy says a good college education prepares you for the real world, she's always said that. Fox says well he didnt finish college and look at him. Ivy says shes just saying it couldnt be easy for Kay to be thrown into that pressure cooker at Crane, and maybe hes expecting too much of her too soon. Ivy says she feels sorry for Kay, and while shes doing her best, Fox has given her this huge opportunity. Fox says he made such a big deal about giving her the job, he cant go back on his word now. Ivy says maybe he could just reduce some of her responsibilities. Fox says she may be on to something. Ivy suggests he tell Kay to take more classes so she can handle the load better, and when she can hell up her job responsibilities. Fox thinks it is a good idea and heads over to talk to Kay.

Sam excuses himself so Foxx can talk with Kay. He apologizes to Kay for coming down on her, but she says its okay and she doesnt know how this happened. He says hes been thinking, and until this fiasco blows over, hell handle things personally himself. Kay asks so he doesnt want her to do research for him? He says no and it is for the best. She asks what shell be doing? He says there is plenty to be done, like color coordination on his projects to make them look great. Fox says she's great at that. Kay says sure, whatever he needs. He says she is the best and gives her a kiss. Fox says hell get another drink. Sam returns and asks Kay how it went. Kay says Fox is changing her job, she really screwed up. Sam says maybe hes just trying to protect her. Kay sees Fox with Ivy and thinks something else is going on here. Kay begins to think someone close to Fox is setting out to make her look bad.  Fox goes back to the bar, and Valerie asks Ivy how it is going. She says good, Fox is taking away most of Kays responsibilities at work.

At the station, Sheridan asks Chris if he lied to her, he doesnt love her after all? She thinks now that hes a free man he doesn't want to stay with her. Chris says he does love her, but he shouldnt have told her when she was still grieving for Luis. Chris says it was wrong of him to burden her with that information. She says as long as hes being honest then it isnt wrong. Chris says he does love her, but he thinks he should take James and go. Sheridan says but they love it here, and she can handle them being here more than she can handle them leaving. She begs Chris to stay, so he says okay. He says but only if they can be friends. Sheridan says of course. She then begins to feel guilty. She says here she is all happy when shell never see Luis and Marty again. She wonders what kind of monster she is. She wonders how she can be happy when she never should be again. He says that isnt true. He says she deserves to be happy, and Luis wouldnt want her to go through the rest of her life in pain and grief. She says hes right, and Luis would like that she has James. She suggests they go back to the B&B as James looks pretty tired. Chris goes to get the car and Sheridan stays with James 

They return to the B&B, and Chris takes James to give him a bath. We watch Sheridan helping Chris with James, and they spend funny moments together as a song plays. Later they say goodnight to one another and head to bed. 

At the hospital, Theresa hears Gwen and Rebecca coming into Ethan's room so she rushes to hide. Gwen and Rebecca walk in, and Theresa is no where to be found. Gwen says she knew Theresa was evil, but to do this to Ethan. She says she hates Theresa so much she wants to see her dead. Theresa is hiding under Ethans bed and says Gwen doesnt hate her as much as she hates herself. Theresa listens in as Gwen tells Ethan how much he has to live for, and how she hopes Theresa rots in hell for what shes done. Gwen begins ranting about Theresa and what shes done to come between them since day one. Gwen wonders how she could have not seen this coming. Rebecca says there is no figuring Theresa out, shes so duplicitous. Gwen says she should have known Theresa would marry Alistair to take Jane from her. Theresa says to herself that Jane is her daughter! Rebecca says and then to poison Alistair only to have Ethan eat the dip? Gwen says she wishes Theresa was lying here, she wish Theresa was dead. Theresa becomes upset and ends up banging her head on the bed. Gwen wonders what that sound was, and she thinks it came from under the bed. Gwen says it was like someone jarred the bed. Rebecca didnt hear or feel anything. A nurse shows up and suggests Gwen go home, she wont help Ethan by becoming over tired. She says Gwen needs to stay strong. Rebecca says the nurse is right, and think about Jane. Gwen agrees to go home and asks for a moment alone with Ethan to say goodbye. Rebecca says okay and leaves. Gwen tells Ethan how much she loves him as Theresa listens in. Gwen tells Ethan that she doesnt want to leave him, but she knows if he could talk hed say go home, take bath and splash water on her face. Gwen says she knows he hates to see her unhappy. She says she cant be happy without him. She tells him how hes always been the gentles and most passionate man in the world. Gwen remembers their first time together, and how they skinny dipped in the pool and made love at the gazebo. She said she was so self conscious about her body, but he put her at ease. She remembers how he read her that poem, and shell never forget that night as long as she lives. She says shes trying to stay positive, and she'll will him to get better. She says when he gets better they will take Jane and move far away from Harmony and Theresa. Theresa tells herself that no one will ever take Ethan from her. Gwen finally leaves, so Theresa comes out of hiding. Theresa tells Ethan that he will get better, and she is so sorry. Theresa then climbs into bed and lays next to Ethan.


November 10, 2005
Fancy has a dream about Noah sneaking into bed with her. She wakes up from her dream and gets a call from an old friend  Esme. Esme says she just got in from Paris last night. Esme says she sent her a text message about it, didn't she get it?  Fancy says all she knows how to do is make calls on her cell phone. Esme tells her to get up and show her around this boring little town. Esme doesnt know how Fancy can stay in this town. She then says Fancy sounds funny, does she have a man in bed with her? She thinks Fancy has a new boyfriend and she wants to meet him. Fancy says there is no man in her bed, so Esme asks if she is ill? Is it serious? Esme says that can be the only reason why she missed the runway shows. Fancy says shes not ill, shes just taking a break from the social world and spending time with her family. Esme doesnt believe her, she is a party girl and would be bored here. Esme says Fancy isnt telling her something. Fancy admits she met someone, but they couldnt be more different. Esme tells Fancy to get over here and tell her everything. Esme says she only has a few hours before she has to go to New York. She asks Fancy to go with her as Armand is opening a new restaurant. Fancy says she cant, her grandfather wants her here. Esme wonders what has happened to her, better yet who happened to her. Later, Fancy meets up with Esme at her hotel. Esme thinks Fancy has really changed. She hopes it isnt because of this guy. Fancy assures Esme she is over that guy, really over him. 

At the Bennetts, Sam and Noah talk about how they cant believe last night happened. Noah offers to take Jessica to her therapy appointment so Sam can try and do some work on his security/surveillance business he's working on. Sam decides to take Jessica to her therapy today. Noah says he can do it, but Sam says someone here has to make a living. Noah wants to help his dad out, and hes looking for a better job. He says besides, its his fault Alistair fired him. Sam says Alistair fired him because hes been wanting to for years. Sam tells Noah it will be okay, things will turn around. He says taking care of them is not Noah's job. Noah says he lives here too. Noah says  hes going to help his dad till things get better. He says he didnt go to college for nothing. Noah reconsiders Fancys offer working at Crane, it would help out around here. Sam says there is no way hell let Noah work for Alistair. Sam says now if he wanted to work there to be near Fancy, well then hell get behind him. Noah says he wont take the job to get back with Fancy. Noah then gets a call back about the resumes he sent out. There is an opening, and Noah asks who hed be working for.  Noah says but he went to college. The man says "You and everyone else, take it or leave it." Noah says hell take it. 

Noah arrives at Esmes hotel to pick her up and chauffer her around town. Fancy quickly gets in without Noah or her seeing the other. Esme seems to like her limo driver and feels him up. Esme and Fancy get into the limo, and Esme tells Fancy how the limo driver is hers, she saw him first. Esme tells Fancy she may have to drop her off later so she can spend time with the driver. Fancy says she hasnt changed, this is just like that gondola driver. Esme says if she can do it in a gondola just think what she can do in this limo. They arrive at the stores and the driver goes to open the door and let them out. Fancy is shocked to see it is Noah. Noah says "you!" Fancy says "you have to be kidding me."

At Tabithas, Tabitha watches what is going on with Valerie and Fox through her bowl. She says muggle men can be so dense, especially Fox. Tabitha says Kay is doomed with a capital D. Endora conjures up her stroller and some coats. Tabitha says it seems Endora wants to go out. Tabitha says shell get Maria and theyll go for a stroll, but she is wasting her time if she thinks shes going to salvage this love affair between Kay and Fox. Tabitha says Kay will lose her man. 

At Crane Industries, Kay talks with the secretary about how she did not screw up the Singapore project and someone is out to get her. Meanwhile  Valerie looks in on  Fox. She says hes not Chad, but hell do. Valerie says by the end of the day Ivy will have Kay out of Foxs life and shell be in. Valerie heads in to see Fox and smooth talks him, telling him how his latest project is brilliant. She actually asks if he read the latest report as it is brilliant, and Fox says he wrote it and he thanks her. She gives him some ideas how to make it better, like waiting till the end of the year to pitch it before the board. Fox thanks Valerie and says Chad is lucky to have her. Valerie says Chad isnt her boyfriend. Fox says he just meant hes lucky to have her as an assistant. Valerie says hes lucky too, Kay is smart, just a little grey. Fox says yeah, but he had to reduce her workload for now. He says she'll be great though once she gets back to work with full responsibilities. Valerie says so he is working on this all on himself? Fox says yeah. Valerie says with Chad working at home, she has a lot of free time on her hands to help him. Kay listens in as Valerie makes her play for Fox. Fox asks Valerie why he would take her into his confidence when shes on Chads side. She says that silly competition is between him and Chad, it has nothing to do with her. She says truth be told they are more alike. Fox agrees and offers to let her look over his stuff. She gives him pointers, and he says he likes the way she thinks. Kay storms in, gives Fox a kiss and says she finished the color coding job he gave her. Valerie says nice job on that, and Kay says thanks that means a lot coming from her. Kay says she didnt know Valerie was helping Fox out with work. Valerie hopes shes not stepping on toes. Fox says of course not, and this competition isnt between Kay and Valerie. Fox then sends Kay to get them coffee. In the hall Tabitha shows up with Endora, and Kay asks why shes here. Tabitha says she thought it was bring your daughter to work day. Kay says where Maria is? The girls in the front office have her and are fawning over her. Tabitha admits to Kay why shes really here, she needs help. Kay tells Tabitha that she's not supposed to be spying on her. Tabitha says says Valerie isnt just after a job. They look in and see Valerie standing over Fox and flirting. Tabitha says Endora has a soft spot for her and Fox, so she wanted to come help. Kay tells Endora she loves her too. Tabitha takes Endora in to see Fox, and hes happy to see her. Fox calls her a special little girl. Meanwhile, Endora zaps Valerie as she is pouring the coffee. She spills it on her suit, and Valerie asks Kay what is wrong the coffeepot she brought is broken. Fox says he thinks her hand slipped and she spilled it on herself. Valerie leaves to go change, and Endora then causes her to trip and knock all the coffee all over her. Fox thinks shes just having one of those days. Valerie says Dammit! Tabitha says watch her ears, a child is here. Valerie says something made her trip. Tabitha says yeah her feet. Valerie leaves to clean up. Tabitha tells Endora that shes made her point. Kay thanks Endora for doing that. Fox then gets back to work, and Kay joins him. Tabitha says while that was fun, Kay will need a lot more than that to hold onto Fox. 

At the hospital, Gwen is on the phone with her mom. She talks about how she has told everyone that Theresa is not allowed near Ethan, and if she catches her near Ethan shell kill her. In Ethans room, Theresa is sleeping next to Ethan! Eve shows up and talks with Gwen outside Ethans room. Eve is waiting on some new test results on Ethan. Gwen asks Eve if Ethan could be a vegetable for the rest of his life? Eve says they dont know yet. Gwen says she doesnt know what is worse, that or death. Meanwhile, Theresa wakes up and tells Ethan that he will get better. She then hears Eve and Gwen outside Ethans room talking. Theresa says if Gwen finds her here then shell kill her. Theresa tells Ethan she loves her and will be back. She then sneaks out. 

Whitney is at the hospital with a nun, they are doing charity work. Theresa runs into Whitney, and they have a quick talk. Whitney gets out of going with the nun by claiming she needs a bathroom break. Whitney talks with Theresa. Whitney looks at her and says Halloween is over isnt it? Theresa the cleaning lady says she is glad she is here, she needs her helpe. Whitney doesnt think shes going to like this. Whitney asks why shes dressed up like shes a part of the cleaning crew. Theresa tells her the whole story about Ethan and the poison, and how she snuck in to see Ethan. Whitney cant believe this and tells Theresa shell pray for Ethans recovery and shell pray for her soul. Theresa then explains how she isnt allowed near Ethan, so she disguised herself to stay with him over night. Whitney cant believe this. She tells Theresa that she might as well have taken a gun and shot Ethan. Theresa says Whitney knows shed never hurt Ethan intentionally. Theresa says Eve is Ethans doctor, can she talk to Eve and convince her to update her on Ethans condition? Eve soon shows up and runs into Whitney. They hug, and then Eve sees Theresa dressed like the cleaning staff. Eve says she doesnt want to know. Theresa asks about Ethan, but Eve says she cant discuss that with her. Whitney tells her mom that she meant to call her, she has a date for her final vows. Eve says already? Whitney asks her mom not to talk her out of this. Eve says she has nothing against the church but she thinks that Whitney is running away from her problems. Whitney says she wont have this conversation. A nurse shows up and gives Eve Ethans results. She asks the nurse to send Gwen to her office where she will talk to her. Theresa begs Eve to tell her the test results. Eve says she cant share these with her, she has to follow the rules and Gwen says only family can know. Theresa says Ethan is her family, but Eve says only blood relatives or spouses are considered to be family and Gwen has made her wishes clear. Theresa says Eve knows her and she knows this was a mistake, she didn't mean to poison Ethan. Eve says she understands, and she feels guilty as well as she gave Theresa the pills. Whitney is shocked and says that makes her just as guilty. Eve says it is no excuse, but she gave those pills to her to stop Alistair from raping her. Whitney says it doesnt matter, and they wonder why she wants to join a convent. Whitney cant wait to put them all behind her, and she runs off. Theresa asks for the test results again, but Eve says no and that is her final answer. 

A nurse tells Gwen that Ethans results are in and the doctor will meet with her. Gwen tells Ethan that she knows shell be okay. Meanwhile, Theresa sneaks into Eves office and looks for the results. When Gwen and Eve show up, Theresa is forced to hide in the closet. Gwen tells Eve she knows she gave Theresa the pills, but she also knows she didnt mean for what to happened to happen. Gwen doesnt want anyone, especially Theresa know what is going on with Ethan's condition. Eve says it wont stay confidential for long, but Gwen says she just wants a little time to digest it on her own. Eve looks at the reports and Gwen asks if Ethan will be okay.


November 11, 2005

Outside the shops, Fancy thinks Noah is stalking her, but he thinks she found out he was driving a limo now and ordered him. She swears she didnt know it was him that was the driver. Esme tells Noah she and her friend are going to go do serious damage to their platinum cards, but she might need his help trying things on later. Esme walks off, but Fancy claims she left something in the limo and shell meet Esme in the store. Esme says fine, but keep her hands off Noah as she saw him first. Fancy thinks Noah had to know Esme hired this limo. He says what kind of name is Esme, then again, he's asking this of someone whose name is Fancy. She says dont insult her name. They argue about Noahs taking this job. Noah says he's just trying to make an honest buck. Noah tells Fancy to just go join Erme or whatever her name is. Esme yells out to Fancy as she found this great alligator bag that she has to see. Esme says they can pretend they are in Paris spending tons of money. Noah cant believe this. Fancy tells Noah he knows nothing about her. He says he knows they are very different. She says that's an understatement He then asks if shed need anything else, mam. She says dont call her mam. He says its in the manual, and he doesnt need complaints on the first day as hes trying to help his father with the bills. Fancy then storms off. She joins Esme in the store. Esme thinks Fancys not in the shopping spirit. Fancy says shes just not in the mood. She thinks Fancy is coming down with something. Esme sees Fancy looking outside at Noah. Esme says she saw him first, but if Fancy likes him then she wont tire him out, she just gets first dibs. Fancy says she is sick. Esme says sick in love. Esme gets an idea and asks Noah to come inside. She makes Noah try on pajamas so she can decide if she wants to buy them for a man. He tries them on, and Esme says she likes them very very much. She says they fit like she likes them too. She asks if Noah likes them. He says she has excellent taste in pajamas. She says call her Esme, and she has excellent taste in lots of things. Later Noah carries all the packages to the car. Esme talks on the phone with someone. She says Fancy is being such a bore, but their driver is very hot. She says Fancy is so cranky, it must be from a lack of partying. Esme forgot her cards and runs back inside. Fancy thinks that Noah thinks that she is just like Esme, that she just likes to shop and use men. He says he doesnt need to say anything. She says go suck an egg. He says shes very mature. He says hes just trying to help out his father, not that she understands working. She says she thinks it is nice hes trying to help out his father. Noah says the sooner he gets them back to the hotel, the sooner he can get on with his work. Esme returns and continues to flirt with Noah. Noah drives them back to the hotel, and Esme calls him Adam. Fancy says Adam? She says she means Noah, and its not his name shes interested in. She decides to spend her last few hours here in Harmony with Noah. She tells him to park the car at the hotel and come up to her suite. He asks if it will be just her or the two of them. Esme says at first it would be just them, but if Fancy is interested she can share. Noah says he charges by the hour. She says keep the meter running then. 

At Tabithas, Kay puts Maria down for a nap. Kay talks about how Endora is an angel. Tabitha says hush! Kay says Enodora did her a huge favor helping her out with Valerie, and she doesn't think Valerie will make any more plays for Fox. Tabitha tells Kay that she still has to contend with the spell and Foxs mother. Tabitha tells her to accept that she and Fox are finito and move on. Fox shows up to see Kay. He says he needs to talk to Kay now. Kay thinks this is about the job, and she once again talks about how she didnt ruin the project, she knows she ran a virus scan and that she thinks someone is out to sabotage her. He says interesting, but he only wanted to apologize to her for being so hard on her lately. He says hes taken things out on her, and hes sorry. She says she doesnt understand, earlier all he wanted her to do was to get coffee as he listened to Valerie. He says that was insensitive, and asks her to forgive him. She says there is nothing to forgive, she loves him and understands the pressure shes been under. They hug, and Tabitha cant believe this. Fox then says hes taking the day off so they can spend the day with the girls. Kay says Maria is napping and she was going to read to Endora. Fox says he can read to her. Tabitha says she loves Fairytales, and points the books out to Fox. Fox thinks some of these are dark, and then he finds one about a princess being rescued by the knight. Fox thinks they live happily ever after. Tabitha says not all fairytales end that way. Kay says their parents sure didnt. Fox says they will break that mold. Endora then zaps Kay and Fox into her book! Fox and Kay find themselves in the fairytale. Tabitha says Endora has really done it this time. Tabitha is impressed by Endoras powers, but she says Endora picked the wrong story and she didnt think this through at all. Tabitha says they need to get in their pronto, though there may not be anything they can do to alter the story. Endora and Tabitha are zapped into the book as well. 

In the fairytale, King Sam of Bennett and Queen Ivy of Crane are at the wedding of their children Prince Fox and Princess Kay. Father Lonigan is the good friar who is marrying them. Tabitha wonders how she ever gave birth to such a romantic little soul. Tabitha suggests next time that Endora  pick a story without a fire breathing dragon. Endora looks puzzled, but Tabitha says just wait. Queen Ivy excuses herself to get a gift for Princess Kay. Ivy sneaks off and suddenly the clouds turn dark. King Sam wonders what has happened to Wueen Ivy. Suddenly a dragon shows up and spits fire at Kay and Fox. Prince Fox says he must protect his Kay from the dragon. The dragon surrounds Kay with fire. Fox tells Kay not to go into the forest, but she does as the dragon comes straight for her. Sam asks Fox to save his daughter. Fox races into the forest after Kay. Tabitha realizes Fox needs help. Endora conjures up a horse for Fox to ride and catch up to Kay and the dragon. In the forest, Kay trips on a rock, and the evil dragon hovers over her. The dragon has Ivys face! Kay says she looks like Queen Ivy of Crane, wait it is Queen Ivy. Ivy the dragon says she warned her to stay away from her son, and now she will pay the price for not listening. Fox continues to search for Kay. Tabitha and Endora spy from the bushes. Tabitha says their witchly powers are useless when it comes to dragon slaying. Endora zaps the dragon but nothing happens. Tabitha says shes afraid Kay is toast. Dragon Ivy grabs Kay and carries her off.

At the Bennetts, Ivy is looking at old photos of Ethan. Sam asks if she is sure she wants to look at them? Ivy says shes just remembering how he was over the years. Sam asks if there is any news? She says nothing yet. Sam joins Ivy in looking at the photos. Ivy says she knows neglected her other children, but right now she doesnt regret one moment she fussed over Ethan. She says Ethan was special, and she knew he was Sams son and always saw Sam in him. She says hes so much like Sam. Sam says Ivy raised him, she gets the recognition for that. Ivy begins ranting about Theresa, but Sam says what happened was an accident. Ivy says no, this was bound to happy because of Theresas sick obsession with Ethan. Sam says they cant look back, they have to look forward. Sam says he believes Ethan will pull through, and she has to believe that too. He says otherwise Ethan is lost and so are they. Sam says he looks in Ethans face and sees so much of himself. Ivy says so does she, and she knew at first glance that Ethan was his son. She says shes so sorry about lying to him and Ethan for all those years. Sam says dont, the important thing is they have the rest of their lives to make up for lost years. Ivy hopes so, but what if theyve already lost him. They both say they couldnt bear it. Sam tells Ivy he had some plans before everything that happened, and maybe they should wait. Then he says maybe now is the perfect time. Ivy says she doesnt understand. Sam says life has been teaching him a lot of things lately. Sam says he realizes now it is a mistake to put things off, they have to seize the moment. Sam says there is something he has to ask Ivy. He says he knows Jessica doesnt like her still, and she and Kay dont see eye to eye. Sam says but he loves her and hasnt been fare to himself or her. He says they lost each other for the wrong reasons years ago, and he wont let that happen again. He says there will always be obstacles, but at some point they have to ignore them. Sam asks Ivy to marry him. Ivy says he has no idea how long shes wanted and dreamed about this. She says of course she will marry him. They then kiss.

In Eve's office, Gwen asks Eve if Ethan will ever be the way he was again. She tells her not to sugar coat it. Theresa hides in the closet and listens in. Gwen says she needs to know the truth, will Ethan recover. Eve says the results arent conclusive, and she thinks they need additional tests. Gwen says these tests were supposed to determine the likelihood of his recovery. She knows Eve is holding out on her. Eve says she just wants to be certain before she makes a diagnosis. Eve says shell set up Ethan with a neurologist. Gwen says he saw a neurologist the night he came in. She asks what the test says, she deserves to know. Eve says there is something they need to speak about again, does Ethan have a living will? Gwen says so that is it, Ethan wont get any better. Eve doesnt want to scare her or give her false hope. Eve says these are just statistics, and she cant rush to judgment. Gwen thought these results would be somewhat conclusive. Eve says they are to a point. Gwen says so Ethan needs more test, but what do those say. Eve says they wont mean much to her, but Gwen says try her. She says shes done research on brain damage since this happened. Gwen takes the tests from her and reads them. She says oh my God, no wonder she didnt want her to see them. Gwen says it will take a miracle for Ethan to recover. Gwen says it is here in black and white, Ethan is brain dead. Eve says shes not giving up and neither should she. Gwen says she gave up on miracles, she doesnt think God is interested in her anymore. Eve says these results are from tests done last night, and things could have changed. Gwen thinks Eve is just trying to make her feel better. Gwen thinks Eve asked her about the will because she knows Ethan wont get better. Theresa jumps out of the closet and says no! Gwen asks Theresa what in the hell she is doing? Theresa says she had to know how Ethan was. Gwen lashes out at Theresa. She says not only did she steal his last breath, she stole his mind. She tells Theresa to get out and never come near her husband again. Theresa says shes not leaving and she has just as much a right to be here as Gwen does. Eve tells them not to fight and prepare themselves for every eventuality. Eve tells Gwen they will do more tests and there is a possibility that the first test missed something. However she still needs Ethans living will on File. Gwen says she wouldnt ask that if she didnt fear the worst, she doesnt think Ethan will recover does she.

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