November 14, 2005 

At the hotel, Fancy, Noah and Esme return to Esme's room. Esme has to excuse herself when one of her friends calls again. Once alone, Noah talks to Fancy about what shes feeling. Noah thinks it is killing Fancy that he might sleep with Esme. She says yes . . .  no . . . she doesnt care as long as hes not sleeping with her! She says all that huffing and puffing about not selling himself out to Crane Industries, and here he is selling himself out to Esme. He says hey all hes doing is helping his dad out, and at least he and Esme aren't hurting anyone. He asks why she cares anyways. She wouldnt still be in love with him would she? She says of course not, so Noah wonders why this bothers her. Esme returns and asks if they are still fighting? Noah says no, and Esme suggests they all go out to dinner. Fancy agrees to go after Noah insults her and says she could use some meat on her bones. Fancy tells Esme not to get any thoughts about Noah, hes no gigolo. Esme says who said he was a gigolo, he can be their escort, their full service escort. Fancy says really Esme, getting intimate with the limo driver? Esme says its not like Noah goes to bed with everyone, isnt that right? Noah says it is. Esme says its not like shes dragging him into bed right now, first he can show them around the town. Fancy says nobody has to show her around town. Noah says he can show her things she doesnt know about. He says he charges extra for tour guide. Esme offers to double his pay, and says his first task is to fight off all the men who will hit on her and Fancy at dinner, and there will be plenty of them. Esme says he wouldn't believe the weirdoes they have to deal with. Noah says he can imagine.  Esme excuses herself to change, and Fancy tells him what he is is a gigolo, not an escort or a tour guide. Noah says technically a gigolo is with a woman for her money. She says exactly, he wouldnt be with Esme if she wasnt paying her. Noah says he likes being with Esme, she is someone who wants to spend time with him for him. Esme comes out and then tells Noah he can go change, she has a suit for him. Noah leaves, and she says not to be too long. Esme then tells Fancy that she and Noah keep glaring at one another, what is up with her. She thinks this horrid town has got to Fancy. Fancy says its not the town. Esme thinks it must be this boy she fell for. Esme tells her to forget about him and concentrate on the jewel they have here. Fancy says Noah doesnt interest her. Esme thinks Fancy must be blind, and she needs to call her friend in New York and say she will be very very late getting there. Noah shows up in a tux, and Esme says she loves how he looks. She says she is going to show him the night of his life tonight.

At the B&B, Chris surprises Sheridan. Hes hired Paloma and Roberto to baby-sit James so they can go for dinner and dancing. She says she cant go out with him, whats wrong with him. Chris thought shed like the idea, but she says she doesnt. Sheridan says she doesnt want to go out. Paloma and Roberto say they can leave, but Chris says not yet. He wants to speak with Sheridan in private for a moment or two. They head off to talk. Sheridan talks to Chris about how Luis is dead and Marty is still missing, how can she go on a date pretending everything is normal? Chris says nobody is asking her to, and its just a dinner date. Sheridan says still, shes afraid of leaving James with anyone but them. She says shes afraid someone might kidnap him like Marty. Chris says the situations are completely different and that crazy Beth woman is nowhere near here. Sheridan knows her fears arent rational, but they are how she feels. She says if he cant deal with it then too bad. Chris says how he was looking forward to a night out and not having to hide. He says hell go let Paloma know they dont need her. Sheridan says no, they should go out. She says she has to stop dwelling on the past and Beth. She thinks this will be good for her. She says give her a minute to freshen up, so he leaves. She looks at a photo of Marty and Luis and damns her father and Beth for taking them from her. Later, Sheridan shows up in a turquoise dress. He says she is more beautiful than she just was five minutes ago, how is it possible. He says she looks like a princess. Sheridan says princesses live happily ever after. He says she will be happy again. She hopes so, and she thanks him for this. Meanwhile, Roberto and Paloma are sitting on the couch. Roberto gets a call, says he has no idea what the person is talking about and quickly hangs up. Paloma asks who that was. Roberto says someone who wanted to talk about the drugs. Paloma becomes upset and says they must stop this. She says if anyone finds out what they are doing then they could go to jail.

At the Bennetts, Ivy is overjoyed at finally being MRs. Sam Bennett, and she says she loves him so much. Ivy asks how soon can they get married? He says whenever she wants. She says tomorrow, wait no as that doesnt give her the time to call the country club. She sees Sam's face and then says scratch that, they can do it here in the backyard. He asks if shes sure? She says yes, and they can keep the costs of the wedding down. Sam says she sure has changed, there was a time shed be planning the honeymoon at that rich hotel in Paris. Ivy says shes learned a lot these past few years, such as money means nothing without love. She says these past few years here with him, backing and clipping coupons have been her happiest. She says as long as she has him, she doesnt need anything else. She wonders if Fancy will be her maid of honor? Sam says he wonders how Noah, Kay and Jessica will react to the news. Ivy says she wishes Ethan could be there and walk her down the isle. Sam says they have to believe he will be there and that hell recover in time. Sam worries about how Jessica will take the news. Ivy says she knows Jessica hates her, but shell work to make their relationship better. Ivy promises it will get better. Sam thanks her, and says he wants them to be all one big happy family. Ivy then thinks about her little deal with Valerie to get rid of Kay. Sam says theyve all been hurt so much, so they all need to vow not to hurt one another in any way. Ivy looks over at a photo of Kay and Fox. She says all for one and one for all, she wouldnt have it any other way.

In Endoras fairytale, Dragon Ivy is speeding off with the Princess Kay as Prince Fox chases on horseback. Tabitha and Endora watch what is going on from the bushes in the dark forest. Prince Fox tells her not to give up! Princess Kay asks Dragon Ivy why shes doing this, where is she taking her. Dragon Ivy says shell seen soon enough. Prince Fox yells no dragon will bring harm to his fair and virginal maiden (ha!). Dragon Ivy takes Princess Kay to the valley of eternal hellsfire. Princess Kay begs her not to do this, but Dragon Ivy says she must. Dragon Ivy says she warned her to stay away from Prince Foxworthy. She says King Samuel will morn her, but shell just morph back into herself comfort Sam, who will love her more than ever. Prince Fox finally shows up and tells the dragon to unhand Princess Kay. Princess Kay screams to Prince Fox that he doesnt understand, he knows this dragon and it's a she. Prince Fox asks who might it be? Ivy reveals herself to Prince Fox and says in order to spend his life with Princess Kay then hell have to kill her, can he do that? A shocked Prince Fox asks how can this be and why? Dragon Ivy says Princess Kay is unworthy of him. Prince Fox says he loves her, she should want what makes her happy. Dragon Ivy asks who told him that, doctor Phil? Princess Fox says he will smite her, but Dragon Ivy doubts it. She says hell hate her at first, but will get over it. After all, he wont be able to kill his own mother. Dragon Ivy tells him to say goodbye to Princess Kay. Tabitha wonders if Fox will be the hero that Kay thinks he is, will he be man enough to kill his mother to save Kay? Prince Fox begs his mother not to do this. Dragon Ivy says Princess Kay is not the girl for him. Prince Fox says she is, and if Dragon Ivy kills Princess Kay then hell never forgive her. Prince Fox draws his sword and Dragon  Ivy says put that away, shell let Kay live. She says she was just testing his love for her. Prince Fox thanks God and asks her to give Kay back. Dragon Ivy says of course dear, and she drops Kay claiming "butterfingers!" Princess Kay then falls into the valley of eternal hellsfire. 

Theresa and Gwen return to the mansion. Gwen is looking for Ethans living Will. Theresa asks why she is doing this? She says no matter what the living will says, promise she wont take Ethan off of life support. Gwen tells Theresa to stay out of this, Ethan wouldnt be where he is if it wasn't for her. Theresa says she needs to know. Gwen says its all what about what she needs. She says Theresas needs is what caused all this pain. Theresa says if it were her that she would never give Eve that living Will. Gwen says Ethan signed one and doesnt want machines keeping him alive, and she has to honor Ethans wishes. Theresa says what she did was an accident, but Gwen is talking about murder. Theresa says Gwen is willing to kill the man she loves. Gwen tells her to shut up, she has no say in any of this. Gwen says after everything that has happened, after all Theresas schemes, she never thought theyd be talking about Ethan dying. Theresa says she loves Ethan more than Gwen. Gwen says never say that to her again, she is Ethans wife and Theresa wouldnt know love if she tripped over it. Theresa begs Gwen not to kill Ethan. Gwen says all Theresa has with Ethan is an unrequited crush. Gwen says shes married to him, which means they have more than Theresas unrealistic dreams, they have real conversations together. Gwen says she knows what her husband wants. Theresa says Ethan wouldnt want to die, but Gwen knows what Ethan wants. She says she and Ethan talked after the Terry Schiavo situation, and Ethan told her that he did not want to be kept alive by machines as it would compound the tragedy for her and Jane. Theresa wont believe Gwen, but Gwen says it is the truth. Gwen says Ethan was very specific and she doesnt need Theresa making this harder than it already is. Gwen says nothing has been decided yet, but if the new test results show Ethan has no brain function, then she will honor Ethans living will. Gwen searches for the will, and Theresa continues to tell her not to do this. Gwen says a marriage, a true marriage is not about one persons needs, but being selfless and respecting the other. She says she will do what Ethan asks, even if it means ending what is left of the rest of his life. Gwen looks through Ethans things as Theresa continues to try and talk her out of this. Theresa says what if in a few months there is a cure for Ethan? Gwen says she is grasping at straws. How would she like to be laying there while people stare at her and talk about her quality of life. Gwen finds Ethans living will. Gwen says it is all here in black and white, he would not want to be kept alive by machines. Gwen doesnt know how she can handle this, how is she supposed to actually do this. Theresa says there is still hope, the next test results could show improvement. Gwen says if they dont then shell have no choice. Theresa asks Gwen to listen to her, she has a choice. Theresa says as Ethans wife she is the one person who can speak for him. She says tear up the will and then the hospital cant take him off life support. Gwen says these are his wishes. Theresa says he wasnt thinking clearly. She knows Gwen doesnt want to do this. She asks what Gwen will tell Jane when she asks how her father died? What will she say when Jane asks wasnt there something she could do to keep him alive a little bit longer? Theresa asks how she will answer if Jane asks why she didnt have enough faith that her daddy could recover? Theresa begs her to destroy the will and give Ethan a chance.


November 15, 2005

At the hotel, Noah dances with Esme and talks about how they will be the envy of all at the Seascape. Everyone will want them. He asks Fancy if she thinks so? Fancy says yes she does, she wants him right now. She pushes Esme aside and kisses Noah. Esme tells Fancy shes kissing on her tab so take her lips elsewhere. Fancy doesn't stop, so Esme asks if she hears her? Of course Fancy was fantasizing. She says snap out of it, lets go. Noah says their chariot awaits, and they head off. 

In Endoras fairytale, Dragon Ivy drops Kay into the valley of eternal hellsfire. Prince Fox says she has killed his lady Kay! Prince Fox asks why he dropped her? Dragon Ivy says to protect him, the fair Princess Kay is evil! Princess Kay continues for what seems to be forever. As she hits the fire at the bottom she is suddenly zapped out of the book along with everyone else. Kay sits on the sofa, Tabitha stands behind her, and Fox and Endora are in a chair with the book. Fox asks Kay if shes okay? She says yeah. Fox says even after what Ivy did to her. Fox starts talking about Ivy being a big dragon and throwing her into a pit of fire. Fox says Tabitha was there too, and this is just weird. Tabitha asks what he is going on about? Tabitha says he was dreaming, he was reading a fairytale to Endora, fell asleep and fell into the story. Tabitha and Kay both claim he was dreaming. She tells him no more reading for him tonight. Fox then sees flowers on Kays head and says that she was wearing them in his dream. She has a circlet of flowers like from the fairytale. Tabitha says Endora and Kay were playing dress up. He says he probably saw the flowers before when Endora played dress up for him and so he dreamed them into the story. Fox then gets a call form his mom and says she needs to see him right away. He asks if something is wrong. She says no, and she is next door and has wonderful news. She says shell tell him the news when he gets here and to bring Kay too. Fox relays the message to Kay. She says go ahead, shell meet him over there. Fox leaves, and Tabitha talks with Kay about what the dream meant. Kay says she knows, Ivy sabotaged her. Tabitha also says Fox couldnt kill his mother,  and so Kay will never be able to defeat her. Kay wont accept that, Ivy will accept her and Fox or shell destroy Ivy. Kay walks out, and Tabitha tells Endora that Kay does have the power to destroy Ivy, but it will cost her Fox. Tabitha says Kay has no idea what is in store for her, but shes going to get a big lesson. 

At the Bennetts, Ivy and Sam celebrate and discuss how they will be there for Jessica, Kay and Noah and that Ethan will get better. Later, Fox arrives and learns about Ivy and Sams engagement. Ivy hopes hes happy for her. He says it is a surprise as he didn't know they were still together, but he is happy. Kay then shows up and asks what is going on. Sam tells Kay that he and Ivy are engaged. Kay is shocked and doesnt seem happy. Sam hopes shes happy for him. Kay says yeah shes happy. Sam says her support means the world to him. Sam goes to look for some champagne or beer, and Fox heads out with him. Kay tells Ivy she cant marry her dad, hes still married to his mom. Ivy says only they know that. Kay says it wont be legal. Ivy says legal enough for her. Ivy says its a new beginning for her and Sam, and shed like for it to be a new beginning for them. Kay says she knows Ivy hates her so dont pretend. Kay says if she thinks about ruining her relationship with Fox then she can ruin hers with her dad with what she knows. Ivy says Grace could have stayed with Sam but she didnt, she chose David. Ivy says she loves Sam and would never leave him. She admits she didnt like Kay at first, but she sees how much Fox loves her. Ivy says she wants to make peace with Kay, shell prove it by convincing Fox to go easy on her at work and convince him that the virus wasn't her fault. Kay doesnt know what to say. Ivy says just try to like her and have a good relationship for the sake of the men they love. Kay says she can try, and they hug. Sam and Fox return and see this. Ivy, as promised, talks to Fox and tells her not to be so hard on Kay. What happened wasnt her fault. She says she just wants him to be as happy as she and Sam are, and maybe someday soon theyll celebrate his engagement to Kay. Kay cant believe this, she thinks her feud with Ivy is actually over. Tabitha and Endora spy on them and Tabitha says is Ivy and Kays feud over, will Kay and Fox find happiness, cue the organ music and tune in tomorrow to find out. Tabitha says unfortunately for Kay there is another twist that even Kay isnt expecting. Meanwhile, Ivy tells Sam how wonderful her ring is. Sam says he's not good with jewelry. She says it is even more beautiful than the Hope diamond. Suddenly Theresa bursts in and says she needs their help, its Ethan. Sam asks if something happened? Theresa says Gwen is going to take him off life support.

At the B&B, Chris asks Sheridan if she is sure about going out with him. Sheridan says yes, and this will be good for them. She says Beth wont come back and kidnap James,  and she feels they have to go celebrate his good fortune. Meanwhile, Paloma argues with Roberto about the call and how they could call back because it could have been traced. She can't believe he talked to them on his cell phone. He tells her to relax. Sheridan and Chris show up, they thank them for baby sitting and give them instructions. Sheridan is paranoid, and gives them all sorts of instructions in case every scenario happens. Paloma assures her that theyll take good care of James. Sheridan says right, and if they need anything to call. They leave, and Paloma continues to fret over the phone call. Roberto tells her to stop worrying about the call and enjoy themselves. He rented her favorite movie Devil Bikers from Hell. She says whenever she watches that she gets scared and ends up in his lap. Roberto smiles. They watch the movie and then the phone rings. She asks Roberto to answer and shell check on James. Roberto answers, the call is for Sheridan. Roberto says Sheridan isnt here right now. He takes a message, Beth, Martys Mother Called. Roberto writes the message down.

At the Seascape, Esme, Noah and Fancy arrive. Esme tells Fancy to get them a table while she dances with Noah as she loves the song they are playing. Fancy says Noah is being paid to wait on Esme, not her! As they dance, Fancy frowns at them. Later Sheridan and Chris show up, and Sheridan asks Fancy if shes here with Noah? Fancy says no, her friend Esme. Chris heads off to get them a table as Fancy and Sheridan talk. She says Esme invited Noah out with them tonight. Sheridan asks if Esme is the one who caused a scene at Cans Film Festival? Fancy says yes, thats the one, she landed her helicopter in the middle of everything and jumped out naked. Sheridan asks why Esme is here with the guy she was dating? Fancy says hes working as a limo driver and tour guide. She says he claims he needs the money, but he wouldnt take a job with grandfather that she got him. Sheridan says she can understand him not wanting to sell his soul to Alistair. Fancy says but isnt becoming a gigolo just as bad. Sheridan says Noah and his family do need the money, but Fancy says she got him a job. Sheridan says Noah and most people in town hate her father and wouldn't want to work for him. Sheridan wonders if this is really about Fancy wishing she was the girl dancing with Noah instead of Esme. Fancy denies it, but Sheridan thinks shes right. She tells Fancy to search her feelings and figure out if Noah is the man she wants to be with. Sheridan says if she doesnt then she could regret it for the rest of her life. Sheridan then returns to Chris and says she was having a talk with her niece about love. Sheridan says now she wants to clear her mind and have fun. She says she needs to get rid of this feeling of doom and gloom. She says she is terrified someone will take James, though she knows she doesnt have to be, that it's irrational. Sheridan says she just has to let it go. Chris suggests they dance, which they do.

Meanwhile, Noah talks to Esme about her friend Fancy. He asks why she doesnt have a boyfriend? Esme says shes had scags of men, and she could tell him stories about Fancy that would curl his hair, though he already has curly hair. She then feels him up and asks if he works out. Noah says he has good genes. He asks what kind of boys does Fancy like. Esme asks why all the questions about Fancy, is he interested in her? He says no, just curious. Esme says Noah is the kind of hunk she would go for, which is why she wonders why shes so cold to him. Esme says maybe Fancy doesnt want him to know shes interested in him. Noah says hes only interested in people interested in him. 

At the mansion, Theresa continues to beg Gwen not to let Ethan die. She says Ethan is still there inside and he could still come back. She says if Gwen takes him of life support then hell be gone forever. Gwen says she knows that. Theresa says then get rid of the will. Gwen says and forget about what he wanted? Theresa says yes and give him a chance. Gwen says maybe the results will come back and be positive. Theresa is hoping that will happen, but if not then what. She says in a year or two they could find a cure, but it will be too late for Ethan. Gwen says she cant betray Ethan, he trusted her to do what he wanted. Gwen says Ethans wishes are clear and she has to honor them. Gwen says these are Ethans wishes. Theresa says no one needs to know them. Gwen says she knows them, and she tells Theresa that everything is not always about her. Theresa says Ethan never thought this would happen when he wrote that will. Gwen says of course not, he couldnt imagine hed be like this because of her. Gwen says she has to honor his wishes. Gwen tells Theresa that she is selfish and that is why Ethan didnt marry her. Gwen says she saw that Ethan was a selfish empty headed tramp. She says shes not selfish, there is nothing selfish about wanting the man she loves to live. Gwen says as much as it kills her to do this, she has to honor Ethans wishes and no one will talk her out of it. Gwen says shes had it with Theresa and throws her out of her room. Gwen tries to figure out how shell deal with this. She says she doesnt want to take Ethan off life support, and she hopes those test results come back more favorably. Gwen says this is all Theresa fault and shell make her pay. She then smashes a bunch of things on her dresser.


November 16, 2005

At the Bennett house, Fox and Kay are outside talking about their parents engagement, and how maybe one day they'll be engaged too. They tell one another how much they love the other. Meanwhile, Theresa shows up and begs Sam and Ivy for help. She says Gwen has Ethan's living will and is going to kill him, she's going to take him off life support. They decide to get to the hospital. Sam text messages Kay and tells her they've gone to the hospital. Fox thinks Ethan must have taken a turn for the worse, so they too decide to get to the hospital. 

At the hospital, Julian and Eve are with Ethan. Julian can't help but feel guilty for the way he treated Ethan in recent years. Eve talks with Julian about Ethan's prognosis. She's running more tests, but she's afraid it doesn't look good for him. Gwen soon arrives with Ethan's living will. She talks about how beautiful Ethan is, he's like a Greek statue. Julian gives her a hug, and then Sam, Ivy and Theresa show up. Theresa wants Sam and Ivy to stop Gwen. Gwen can't believe Theresa is here. They argue, and Eve tells them to stop. She says there is a chance Ethan will be okay and can hear them all. Sam and Ivy ask Gwen if what Theresa says is true. Gwen says it is, but it's not her choice. She says Ethan made his intentions very clear. Fox and Kay soon show up. Gwen just hopes Ivy won't hate her, and this isn't what she wants to do. Ivy says of course she doesn't hate her, and they hug. Gwen warns Ivy to protect Fox, makes sure he doesn't get involved with the wrong kind of woman as it could be lethal. Ivy glares at Kay. Gwen then sees Theresa bent over Ethan and kissing him. Gwen has had it and yells at Theresa to get away from him. Theresa refuses, so Gwen calls security who come and drags a kicking and screaming Theresa out of the room.

At the Blue Note, TC shows up for a drink. Liz moves in on him. He is upset as he wanted to speak with Eve, but she was with Julian. Liz uses this to badmouth Eve and says TC needs a woman who thinks about him. She tries to get him to give her another chance, but TC says no and blows her off. Later Julian shows up. He needs a drink, and Liz asks why he's not with Eve sucking face. He says he just left the hospital where Ethan is. She says she's sorry about that. Julian makes a comment about Liz never having had children. She becomes cold, and he asks what is wrong. She says she can't have children. He asks if this is because of her father? She says her father hurt her and she had to have an operation. However the reason she can't have children is because of Julian. She says he raped her, he hurt her and she had to have another operation. She says now she can never have children and it is because of him.

At the B&B, Roberto takes Beth's call. He asks for her number, but Beth says she'll just call back. She asks where Sheridan is. He says at the Seascape with her boyfriend. Beth says boyfriend? He says yes, he's a nice man and has a child that Sheridan is fond of. Later, Paloma learns Beth called and is shocked. They then end up playing spin the bottle and make confessions. Roberto wants a wife and kids some day. Paloma says she wants to have a career and be rich and successful, and then maybe she'll have kids. Roberto says he wants a traditional wife. Paloma says oh, a mamacita who stays at home and cooks rice all day? He tells her that she's too liberated for him. She takes that as an insult and says how dare he say she's not good enough for him. She storms off, and Roberto says that isn't what he meant. Later she returns and apologizes to Roberto. They kiss and make up.

At the Seascape, Fancy continues to fume as she watches Esme dance with Noah. Esme later has a talk with Fancy about Noah, and she can never remember his name. She tells Fancy to dance with him, but she says no. Esme wonders if Fancy knows Noah, has she already had him? Fancy lies and says no. When she questions Noah, he too claims he doesn't know Fancy. Fancy and Noah eventually dance and they enjoy themselves. However Noah soon turns cold and asks if the dance was to her liking, he has to keep his costumers satisfied after all. She stops off after that. 

Meanwhile, Sheridan suddenly gets a horrible feeling about James, and she says they need to call and check on him right away. Chris says very well. Suddenly the waiter tells Sheridan she has an urgent call. Sheridan takes the call, it's Beth! As Sheridan talks to Beth, Chris has the FBI try and trace it. He tells her to keep BEth talking. Beth is furious with Sheridan. She knows she's on a date with another man who has a son. She says Luis hasn't been dead that long and she's already moved on and replaced him and Marty. Sheridan says that isn't true, but Beth says it is. Beth tells Sheridan it is her fault that Luis is dead and she will never see Marty again. Beth hangs up right before the FBI is able to trace the call.


November 17, 2005

At the hotel, Esme sees she has four messages from Lord Sardly. Noah asks who that is, and Fancy says Esme's former boyfriend. Esme says he's very rich but there are two problems, he has a huge stutter and he has a mother who feels nobody is good enough for her boy. Esme decides she wants to take a bath and have a massage. She asks Noah to go run her bath. He says okay and leaves to do that. Fancy tells Esme she is disgusting, Noah is a gigolo. Esme tells Fancy fine, if Noah decides on his own to take off his clothes and jump into the bath, then she'll take him off the clock. Noah returns and says her bath is ready. Esme leaves, and Fancy can't believe Noah is doing this. She refuses to stay and leaves.  As Noah massages Esme, who sits in the bath, Esme won't stop talking about Lord Sardly. Suddenly the phone rings and it is him. He is calling to say his mother died, and to propose. Esme says she'll be to London immediately, but she's not saying yes just yet. Esme tells Noah she has to go, and she's so sorry to leave him. She tells him the room is paid for so stay and enjoy it. Later we see Noah enjoying the bath and counting his money. Fancy then walks in and Noah is surprised to see her. She asks where Esme is, and he says Lord Sardly proposed so she ran off. Fancy admits that she called and pretended to be Lord Sardly to get Esme gone. Noah calls her a devil and pulls her into the tub with him.

At the mansion, Theresa returns to find Alistair about to have some fun with the maid. Theresa says she needs Alistair. He says he knew she'd come around. He dismisses the maid, who is crushed to be rejected. Alistair then pulls Theresa into a kiss, but she pushes him away. She says she needs his help with Ethan. AListair doesn't think there is much he can do for Ethan. Theresa says Gwen is going to pull the plug on him because of Ethan's living will. She wants Ethan to live and she wants Alistair to make it happen. AListair says a living will is a very serious document, but Theresa doesn't care. She knows he has the power to help her. He says he does, and he will. He makes a call to the hospital. Theresa thanks him and says he does have a heart after all. Alistair tells the hospital to make sure Ethan's living will is carried out and let no one interfere if his wife wants to pull the plug on him. Theresa screams no! She grabs a knife and threatens Alistair. HE just laughs. She says he promised to help her. Alistair says he has. He says if Gwen terminates Ethan's life then it will be better for Theresa, as Theresa did put him in the hospital with her poison. He also says Gwen will come after Theresa, and he's the only one who can protect her. Alistair tells her to let Ethan die. She calls him a monster and says she'd rather see him dead. He says she and no one else is strong enough to do it. Cue the woman with red nails stabbing at a photo of Alistair with a knife.

On the beach, Sheridan is crying over what Beth said to her. She thinks Beth is right and she blames herself for Luis' death. Luis walks out of the fog and tells her that this isn't her fault. She can't believe it is him. She thinks he's alive, but he's not. He says he's come to tell her that Beth was wrong and she must move on with her life. She says she can't, and she needs him to stay. He says he can't stay and he has to go, but he wants her to go forward with her life with light dancing on her face. Luis disappears into the fog, and Sheridan cries that everyone she loves leaves her. A man shows up, she looks at him and says he came back. She hugs him, and it's obvious it's Chris.


November 18, 2005

At the hotel, Noah pulls Fancy into the bath with him. She calls him a big stupid jerk. He says he thought she would be more of a bath girl. She says not when shes dressed. He says they can take care of that. She says he has some nerve. He says and she doesnt pretending to be Esmes boyfriend to get time alone with him. She says of all the misguided and egocentric . . . Noah kisses her and then says you were saying? Fancy thinks this is ridiculous, what is she doing in this tub with him. He says she was jealous of him and Esme, and what she did was extreme. Fancy says well Esme bought it, but Noah says shes not bright. Fancy says she could have told him that. Noah says hes happy with the way things turned out, so he suggests she get out of her wet things and get more comfortable. Fancy tells Noah he thinks way too highly of himself, and she dunks him playfully. They continue to play with one another, and Noah thinks if Fancy couldnt have him then she wouldnt let anyone have him. Fancy cant believe his ego. She tries to get out, but she slips. He tells her not to blame that on him, that is the soap. She thinks hed like to see her fall and crack her head open. Noah says not really, he hates the site of blood. He suggests they make a truce and try and get along. Fancy doesn't know. Noah wants the truth from her, why did she call Esme away. Fancy says shell tell him as long as he doesnt get a swelled head. Fancy says she likes him. Noah says so why is she acting like a brat. She says he hurt her feelings. She confesses about hearing him at the Book Caf and what she overheard him say to his friend on the phone. She says he told his friend there was nobody interesting in Harmony and all the people here were big fat zeros. Noah says he would never have purposely hurt her. He says he doesnt even remember the conversation and he was probably just mouthing off to an old friend. He says she is very special to him. He also admits he felt rejected by her with all that stuff with her grandfather. She says she never rejected him. He thinks they are both at fault here, and if she can accept that then maybe they have a shot together. Fancy tells Noah that she never meant to hurt him. Noah says but she did. She says she thought she was doing a good thing by going to her grandfather, it felt like a way to help out. She says when he rejected her, she said things she wished she hadnt. Noah says so did he, but he hopes she sees how evil that old man is. She says stop it, dont start in on him. Noah says theyll never get anywhere if they cant clear the air about him. She says just not now. She suggests they just not let Alistair mess up their relationship. Noah says then where do they go from here. Fancy doesnt know, but all she knows is right here and right now. Noah says he likes her very much, and they kiss.

At the hospital, Sam and Ivy sit with Ethan. Ivy is glad they finally got rid of Theresa. Sam begins to wonder if Ethan would really want Theresa to be taken away. She says this is all Theresas fault. Sam just feels sorry for all of them who love Ethan. Ivy rants and raves about Theresa, but Sam suggests they not talk about her now. Ivy says its not just Theresa she blames, it is her for hiring and believing Theresa years ago. She says she handed Ethan to her on a silver platter. Ivy wonders what will happen to him, what if this is his quality of life for the rest of his life. Sam says dont think like that, and that Ethan could still hear then. Sam says he hears hearing is the last thing to go. He says they should talk to him and encourage him to come back. Kay says her dad is right. Fox and Kay both talk to Ethan and tell him they love him and to pull through with this. Sam is so happy to see Kay and Ivy have put their differences aside, at least something good came out of this. To herself, Ivy says Kay will never be with Fox. Sam and Fox both excuse themselves to deal with some phone calls. Kay then tells Ivy how glad she is they arent at one anothers throats, and it means a lot to her that Ivy has accepted her as Fox's girlfriend. Kay knows she thought Fox would be with a girl with money. Ivy says she is glad she is with her son. Kay suggests they forget about the past, all of it. Kay talks about the whole Singapore project, and Kay believes shes been set up by someone at Crane. Kay says at first she thought it was Ivy, but she knows she was wrong. Kay says she wont let whoever is out to get her get away with it. Ivy asks Kay if she really thinks someone is trying to make her look bad. Kay says yes, and like she said she thought it was Ivy at first. Ivy says she cant believe Kay would think shed go so low. Kay says she has before. Ivy thought they werent talking about the past, but since they are, that was the old her. She says Sams love has changed her. Kay says that is good to know. As Kay talks about what she knows about who sabotaged her, Ivy thinks she needs to warn Valerie to be more careful in the future. Sam and Fox return, and Fox decides to take a walk to clear his head. Kay decides to go with him. Sam tells Fox how glad he is that Fox is taking care of his little girl, hes glad to know one of his children is safe and sound. Fox and Kay leave, and Sam and Ivy stay by Ethans side. Sam says they have to hope and believe Ethan will come back to them. Sam and Ivy continue to bond as they sit with Ethan. Sam says as they wait for news on Ethan, they do have Kay and Fox to be happy about. He says Kay has finally met a man who loves her, and Fox is a great man. He says they might even get married, wont that be something.  Ivy says oh yeah, something else. 

Fox and Kay take a walk down by the pier. Fox cant believe what has happened, and he feels bad for what happened between him and Ethan. He says if Ethan recovers then he will do everything he can to make things up to Ethan. Fox wants a good relationship with his brother. Kay says she thinks that is a wonderful idea. Later Fox goes to get Kay some coffee at is it cold out. Kay cant believe this is happening to Ethan, and poor Theresa. Kay says Theresa must feel so bad knowing she put the man she loves in this condition. The woman with red nails, dressed in a white fur coat, tells Kay that they always hurt the one they love. The woman startles Kay, and she apologizes. The woman says she had forgotten how beautiful the view is from here. The woman thinks she is Jessica Bennett. Kay says no that is her sister. The woman admits shes been away for a long time, too long. She thinks her father is the Chief of Police Sam Bennett. Kay says no Alistair had him fired, and Alistair hates her dad and her whole family. The woman says bastard. Kay says what was that? She says never mind, forgive her. Fox returns with the coffee and the woman knows him by name. Fox asks if he knows her? She says no, but she remembers his family. Fox sees that she is cold so she hands him his coffee. She says she couldnt take it, but he says hell get another one. Fox leaves, and the woman tells Kay that hes a real gentlemen. She talks to Kay about him and asks if Kay loves him. Kay says she does. The woman asks why she doesnt look happier about it then? Kay says her half-brother is in a coma right now. The woman says she is so sorry. Kay says there are other complications in her life as well. She says her and Foxs families are from two different worlds. Kay says she doesnt know why shes telling her this, she doesnt know her. The woman says sometimes it is easier to confide in strangers. She gives her some advice, if she loves Fox then dont give up on love no matter what. The woman says she was young and foolish once and gave up on love when she had it. She says it not only ruined her life but it almost killed everyone she loves.

At Tabithas, Tabitha is watching what is going on around town in her bowel. Tabitha says she would think Kay would get a clue to Ivys games. However she says Kay is Sams daughter, and hes a chump for proposing to Ivy. Tabitha says she cant be bothered with Sam now, but she feels bad for Kay and little Maria. Tabitha says Kay is different from other mortals, she has powers but wont use them. Tabitha says she believes love conquers all, and that is what her Timmy thought too. She also says Sheridan and Luis believed it too. She wonders why Kay doesnt learn from other peoples mistakes. Tabitha thinks Kay is going to be in for a lot more pain. Tabitha says maybe shes getting soft in her old age, but even she is appalled at the lengths Ivy is going to to ruin Foxs love for Kay. She says imagine a mother ruining her child's one chance at happiness. Tabitha says Ivy will certainly go to hell when she dies. She continues to watch going on with what is happening with Sam and Ivy, as well as Fox and Kay. She says if her spell doesnt tear Fox and Kay apart, her spell will. When her bowel begins to go into boil mode, Tabitha then says she thought she had seen it all, look who is back in town! Tabitha says wait until everyone hears about this.

On the beach, Sheridan wants Luis to come back to her. Chris shows up, and Sheridan thinks he is Luis at first. She pulls Chris into a kiss and thanks Luis for coming back to her. Sheridan soon sees it is Chris. He is puzzled. Sheridan swears that Luis was just here. She wonders if she is losing her mind. He says he wishes he could be Luis for her. He says dont let Beth get to her. He says Luis may be gone, but Marty is still alive. He says he could be found. Sheridan says her father is pulling the strings here and he gets what he wants, and what he wants is to keep Marty from her. Chris offers to search for him where Luis left off, but Sheridan says no. She says she cant lose him too. She says besides James needs him. Sheridan says Luis appeared to her and said to move on and forgive herself. She just doesnt know if she can do that. She says shes just so tired, so damn tired. She doesnt think she can take this anymore. She says she wants to curl up into a ball and die. Chris tells Sheridan that she cant give up on life or hoping for miracles, he never thought hed see James or Maureen again. He says while he wont see Maureen ever again, he does have James back. Sheridan says even if she gets Marty back, how can she explain that she is responsible for killing his father. Chris tells Sheridan she has to get over this, she has to forgive herself. He tells her that life goes on, stick with him and shell see that. Sheridan says he almost makes her believe that. Chris says he doesnt want to push her into something too quickly and too soon. He says someday he hopes to make her happy. She says he already has, and they kiss.

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