November 21, 2005 

Sheridan and Chris return home to the B&B. Paloma asks how their evening was. Sheridan says fine until a phone call from Beth ruined it. Paloma and Roberto apologize for what happened with Beth, it was there fault. Roberto says he didnt know who Beth was and he told Beth where she was. Sheridan says it is not their fault, and they thank them for taking good care of James. Sheridan tucks James in, and Roberto tells Paloma they should go deliver the drugs. Paloma says before they go she needs to talk to Sheridan, she has a message for Sheridan from Luis. He tells her to make it quick. Paloma later talks to Sheridan. She says she knows how much it hurt her to lose Luis, which is why she must let him know what Luis wished for her. Paloma says she and Luis had a conversation late one night when they were having troubles. She says Luis was afraid theyd never patch things up, and he was worried that she would be alone without him. Paloma says Luis hoped if they didnt end up together, or if he died, that she would move on and be happy. Sheridan says Luis said that to her tonight. Sheridan says she had either a vision or a dream of Luis on the beach tonight. She just doesnt know if she can move on this time. Paloma thinks Chris is hoping she can. Sheridan asks if shed be okay with that. Paoloma says yes, and Luis would be too. Chris returns and smiles at Sheridan. Paloma urges Sheridan to move on and be happy. Sheridan says shell try. Paloma says she already loves James, maybe shell come to love Chris too. Roberto and Paloma then leave to make their last delivery. Chris and Sheridan talk, and Chris says he wants to take care of her the way a man takes care of the woman he loves. She hugs him for saying that. She says shed love for him to take care of her.

Paloma and Roberto head to the club, and they wait for the man they are to deliver the drugs too. Paloma is afraid they will get busted. Meanwhile, two undercover cops show up and prepare to bust anyone inside dealing drugs, even asprin. Paloma is a nervous wreck, but Roberto tells her to relax as nobody knows what they are doing. Back outside, the cops plan to bust the club and find out if anyone is dealing drugs. 

Fancy and Noah continue to share their bath. Fancy thinks this is heaven. Noah says thanks to her tricking Esme into thinking Lord Sarni wants to m-m-m-marry her. Noah still thinks they need to clear things up. Fancy asks if they couldnt do that tomorrow. He says yes, but then tonight could be the last night they spend together. Noah says he needs her to understand he could never work for her grandfather. Fancy says she gets that now, and shes okay with it. She says hes a man who lives his beliefs, and that is sexy. She says it makes her want to live her life better too. She says she realizes money isnt everything, and what is important is what they have right here and now. She says she never wants to lose it or him again. They kiss some more. He asks if she is okay dating a limo driver. She says its not as if he will be doing it for the rest of his life. He asks what if he does? She says she doesnt care if he drives a limo, garbage truck or a tractor as long as he comes home to her. He says its a deal, as long as she doesnt start keeping tabs on him like her grandfather does with people. Fancy says she trusts him, she doesnt trust women like Esme. Fancy thinks Esme is going to be so angry to find out Sarnis mom is as alive as ever. Later we see them enjoying themselves in bed.

At the airport, Esme calls Sarni up and gets his very alive mother. The duchess calls Esme a slut and wonders why she is calling her son at this hour. Esme asks what she is doing answering the phone when she is dead. Esme says Sarni said she was dead. The duchess says yes, she's says dead set against her marrying into the family. Esme asks if this means the wedding is off. The duchess says Camilla has a better chance at being the spokeswoman for the British dental society then she has of marrying her son. Esme said Lord Sarni called her and proposed to her, but the duchess says hes on an eco-tour in Belize so he couldnt have called her. Esme then realizes Fancy tricked her. Esme tells the duchess shes sorry to bother her and to go back to sleep. Esme says Fancy will pay for this as she storms out of the airport.

At the hospital, Eve tells Julian the tests on Ethan arent back yet. She thinks this is her fault for helping Theresa, but Julian says she didnt know this would happen. She says it is just difficult to know someone's life could be damaged because of her. Julian thinks about what Liz told him about him being responsible for him not being able to have children. Julian says he has to go, he has some unfinished business to take care of. He tells Eve that he loves her with all his heart and thanks God that he allowed them to find one another again. She says she feels the same way. Julian then heads off to deal with Liz and what she said

In Ethans room, Gwen talks with Ethan about how it has come to this. She says if she knew now what she knew when Theresa came into their lives six years ago, she would have killed her then. Gwen tells Ethan that she knows what he wants her to do, but she doesnt think she can do it. Gwen talks about all the obstacles they overcame to be together and finally have a family, but now because of Theresa again they are losing him again. Eve comes in, she doesnt have the results yet. Eve knows how hard this is for Gwen, she doesnt know what shed do if she lost Julian again. Eve wants Gwen to leave the room for a few minutes to talk. She says a guard is at the door and Theresa wont get in. Gwen says okay, but only for a few minutes. 

At her place, Liz damns both Julian and Eve for ruining her life. Liz looks at a photo of Eve and Julian in the paper, and she imagines Eve talking about what a wonderful life she has thanks to Julian. Liz says its just not fair. Later, Julian shows up to talk to Liz about her accusations. Julian needs to know what he did to her and if that is what caused her hatred for Eve. Liz says so he wants a play by play? He says yes, he knows he was a bastard back then. He says he doesnt remember what happened though. She says maybe he was too drunk to remember, or maybe he blacked it out. She says she remembers though. She says he took her someplace promising to see Eve, but she wasnt there. She says then he began to force himself on her. He ripped her new dress off and threw it over his shoulder. It got caught on the ceiling fan, and he though it was funny how it was spinning around and round over her head. As Liz explains everything, we see flashbacks. She says he had his way with her, it was rough, ugly and hurt like hell. She says when it was over she remembered looking up and seeing her dress swirling around on the ceiling fan. She says it made her sick. Liz says the thought of being with him made her sick, the idea that children came from such an act made her sick. She says sex became repugnant to her. Julian suddenly has a foggy flash of the dress on the fan and Liz laying on the bed. He says he did force himself on her and no wonder she hates him so much. Liz says he was her first, asides from her father. She says it was so rough and ugly, and the thought of having sex with a man much less having his children was something she couldnt get passed. She says she saw psychiatrists, doctors and hypnotists. She says no one could help her. Julian offers to try and help her, but Liz says what the point is, who will she have a baby with as no one wants her. Julian says there must be something he can do, tell her what she wants.  Liz says she wants him and pulls him into a kiss! 

On the pier, the woman with the red nails looks at the photo of Alistair she stabbed. She says she has learned from her mistakes and she will teach Alistair a lesson starting tonight. 

At the mansion, Theresa continues to beg Alistair to help her save Ethan. Alistair says no, Ethan is dead to him and he wants Ethan out of both of their lives. Theresa says she loves him. Alistair says all the more reason he should be dead. Alistair suggests she get her best black suit out and some pearls for Ethans funeral. Theresa says they dont know that will happen, Ethan could live. Alistair doubts it, and he offers to sneak Theresa in to see Ethan to say goodbye to him. Theresa realizes that Alistair knows the test results and that Ethan is going to die either way. As they talk, the woman with the red nails spies on them from the window. Alistair asks Theresa if she wants him to get her in to see Ethan. Theresa thinks Alistair knows the test results, but he wont answer. Alistair asks if she wants her help or not. She says she wants him dead. Alistair says then be more careful the next time she tries to kill him. Alistair asks how it feels to know shes to blame for the demise of her soul mate. She tells him to shut up. He says this is a very funny turn of events. He says she always talks about how it was her fate to be with Ethan, but maybe her fate was to kill Ethan. She goes to slap him, but he stops her. He suggests she save that for their bed, he likes a little discipline now and then. He asks once again if she wants to see Ethan while hes still alive or when hes sporting a toe tag. Theresa asks if Gwen knows yet. Alistair says no, but she will soon. Theresa cant believe this. Alistair makes a call and asks Theresa be taken to the hospital to see Ethan on the sly. Alistair says his man will be waiting outside for her. He gives her a handkerchief and suggests shell need it. Theresa leaves, and the woman stands outside Alistair's window with a knife. He looks outside and is stunned by what he sees. Alistair calls security, who comes to check as there is an intruder. Security arrives, but the man says he doesnt see anyone out there. Alistair tells him to check the grounds. Alistair becomes a blubbering mess and says this cant be. Security returns and says he cant find any evidence of an intruder. Alistair says he must have over reacted to the fog, that is all, and he tells security  to get back to his post. Alistair remains visibly troubled by what he saw, and the woman returns to taunt him from the window.

Back at the hospital, Theresa is snuck into Ethans room to see him. Theresa sits with Ethan and tells him how sorry she is. She says there has always been so much hope for them, but now thats gone. She says very soon he will be too. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan return from their walk. Gwen thanks Eve for making her realize she needs to spend her time loving Ethan and not railing against Theresa. Eve says go be with Ethan and shell go get the test results. Gwen heads back to Ethans room and finds Theresa with him. She is furious. She asks how she got in her. Theresa says please, but Gwen says this time she will kill her. Gwen throws Theresa across the room and says the only way she's leaving here is in a body bag. Meanwhile, Eve gets the test results and they arent good at all.


November 22, 2005

Esme grabs a cab and demands to be taken to Harmony. She is furious and says shell make Fancy pay. She knows Fancy did this because she was jealous she was with that hot guy, whatever his name is. Esme calls her spiritual mentor to help her relax. They soon arrive at Harmony, and Esme decides to get back in touch with her anger. She says shell pull out Fancys blonde hair by its black roots. 

At the hotel, Fancy and Noah continue to laugh about Esme and how Fancy tricked her into leaving. Noah asks if she will be mad. Fancy says shes just glad there is an ocean between them right now. Noah says that bad huh. Later, Fancy and Noah make love again. As Noah is falling asleep, there is a knock at the door. Fancy thinks it is the maid as she forgot to put the do not disturb sign out. She answers the door and sees Esme standing there. Fancy says she thought she was in London. Esme says and she thought Fancy was going home, LIAR! Fancy goes into the hall to talk to her. Esme says she knows what Fancy did. Fancy says she is sorry and it seemed like something fun at the time. Esme hopes Fancy still thinks it is fun when shes through with her. Fancy tells her how sorry she is but there is a reason she did what she did. Esme says and there is a reason shes going to do what shes about to do. She locks Fancy in a supply closet and bars it with a cleaning cart. Fancy demands to be let out. Esme says shell let her out after she has her way with the limo driver. Fancy pounds on the door and realizes Noah wont hear her as hes asleep. She then realizes Esme is after Noah. Back in the hotel room, Esme finds Noah asleep. She slips out of her clothes and then into bed with Noah to take advantage of him. He is halfway asleep as Esme begins to molest him. He moans and says she came back. Esme says she did. Fancy continues to pound on the door and scream for help. She says Esme is dead meat and she better not touch Noah.

At Tabithas place, Kay is feeling bad about what is going on with Ethan. She also feels bad for Ivy especially now that shes making an effort for them to get along. Tabitha tells herself how wrong Kay is about Ivy, she isnt her friend and never will be. Fox shows up, he just put the girls down. Fox cant stop thinking about Ethan either. Fox says tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Kay hadnt even thought about it. Fox thinks their parents havent either with what is going on with Ethan, so maybe they should have dinner here. Tabitha doesnt like this idea at all. Neither does Kay, and they both tell Fox no way. He wonders why not. Kay and Tabitha remember the chaos Endora caused at last years Thanksgiving with the giant turkey, the pilgrims and Luis and Martin fighting. Kay explains what happened last year, and Fox agrees it was a disaster. However he says that wont happen this year, and hell have everything catered so she doesnt even have to cook. Tabitha tells herself no no no! Fox keeps saying how they can consider it an engagement dinner, plus it will give Jessica chance to warm up to the idea of their parents getting married. Tabitha drags Kay away to talk to her, and she tells Kay to convince Fox not to do this. Kay returns to Fox, and he asks what is wrong. Kay says nothing, Tabitha didnt know if she could give Maria a snack before bed or not. He says oh, and then asks again about the Thanksgiving thing. She realizes how much it means to him. He says it does, he didnt do holidays with his family at all growing up. She finally agrees to do it. Fox says she wont regret it, and Kay hopes not. Later Tabitha learns the dinner is going forward, and Fox assures Tabitha she wont have to lift a finger and they will even clean up afterwards. He goes to call the caterer. Tabitha asks Kay if shes lost her mind, has she forgotten what happened last year? She says Endoras powers are even stronger this year. Kay says this means a lot to Fox. Tabitha reminds her that her spell on Fox is still in effect, and if the spell doesnt break them up then this dinner most certainly will. Tabitha says this dinner will be catastrophic! 

At the club, Paloma remains worried about delivering the drugs. She thinks they are sitting ducks here. Roberto says just relax, nothing will go wrong. Paloma doesnt want to go to jail. He says they wont and just relax. She gets a bad idea about this and suggests they leave. He eventually agrees. Meanwhile, the cops prepare themselves to raid the club. They burst in and tell everyone to freeze as this is a drug raid. They show up right as Paloma and Roberto were about to leave. They say they are going to interview them all, and if theyve done nothing wrong it will be fine. Paoloma tells Roberto that she cant be arrested. He says theyll dump the drugs in the trash before they are question and then they will go. Roberto tells her to try and look innocent. They move over to try and dump the drugs, but the cops find the bottle and say they know this is theirs and they arrest both Roberto and Paloma! 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin sees Pilar getting the good china out. He asks what shes doing. She says shes getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. She doesnt want to be at Tabithas again with what happened last year. Martin remembers, that giant turkey and all the fighting. Pilar talks about how all the years he was gone she would dream about having holiday dinners with their whole family. She says look at them now, Luis and Antonio are dead, Miguel is away, Theresa is married to Alistair and Ethan is in the hospital. She says she considered not doing Thanksgiving this year, but then she realized she had to for Palomas sake. They discuss Martin returning with Katherine, and Pilar asks Martin if he is really over Katherine as she doesnt think she can stand to lose him again. He swears to her that Katherine is his past and hes committed to her now. Pilar is glad. She thinks Paloma is also forgiving her too, slowely of course. She says she misses the boys so much, and shes so worried about Theresa. Martin says at least they dont have to worry about Paloma. Martin helps her set up, they are using their wedding china. Martin feels bad that he wasnt here for her before, but she says he is now and that is what counts. He says now theyll start making their own happy memories from this year forward. The phone rings and Martin answers. It is Paloma calling from jail. She says shes been arrested for drugs. Martin is stunned. She begs him to come. He says hes on his way. Pilar asks what is wrong. He tells Pilar what happened, and Pilar thinks this has to be a mistake. They head down to the station.

At the station, the cop tells Paloma shes going to need more than her parents, shell need a lawyer and a good one. Martin and Paloma show up, and they think there must be a mistake. The cop tells them that first, he knew Luis and he's sorry for their loss. Paloma and Roberto come out, and Pilar says tell them that they arent involved in this, it must be a mistake. The cops say she confessed to everything. Paloma cries how sorry she is to her parents. 

At the hospital, Gwen tells Theresa to get away from Ethan. She asks what hes doing here, is she insane? Theresa says she has a right to be here. Gwen says no she doesnt, and shes going to kill her. Meanwhile, Eve gets the latest results and reads over them. Shes not pleased. Whitney shows up, shes here doing educational forums on Africa with her supposedly cloistered convent that gets out a lot. Whitney asks if those are Ethans results. Eve says yes, and this will destroy Gwen. Whitney says then she can imagine what it will do to Theresa. They then hear a commotion from Ethan's room. Eve and Whitney go into the room and end up breaking up Gwen and Theresa. Gwen sees Eve has the results, and Theresa wants to know the results. Gwen tells her no way. Whitney tries to get Theresa to leave, but Theresa wont. Gwen calls security, and Theresa tells Whitney that Gwen is going to kill Ethan. Theresa says those results are Ethans only hope, she has to hear what they say. Whitney takes Theresa out of the room, and she tells her that shes being very selfish and ungrateful. She says Theresa has two healthy children, whereas in Africa babies are dying of AIDS and starvation. She tells Theresa that her world doesnt exist outside her sick obsession with Ethan. Theresa says what is going on in Africa is horrible, but there is nothing she can do. Whitney says there is, she can start by caring. Theresa says she does care, and later shes write politicians and send money. She says for now she has to stop Gwen. Theresa informs Whitney about Gwen pulling the plug on Ethan. Whitney says well if he had a living will . . . .Theresa says this isnt what Ethan would have wanted, she knows this. Theresa looks in and sees Gwen is crying. She thinks this is very bad, the results must not be good at all. Theresa bursts in and demands to know the test results. Eve refuses to tell Theresa, but Gwen wants Theresa to know exactly what shes done to her husband. Ethan says he has a coma and it looks to be irreversible. Theresa doesnt understand. Gwen says what part of irreversible doesnt she understand, Ethan isn't going to get better.. Theresa says but its only a coma and not brain damage. Gwen says only a coma? Theresa says yes and therefore Gwen has to keep him on life support. Eve says there is little chance he will come out of this. Theresa says but there is a chance, and his living will said nothing about a coma. Gwen says there is no hope Theresa says there always is and Gwen cant kill him. Gwen says Ethan is where he is because of her, Theresa is to blame for this and she doesn't care if Theresa was trying to hurt Alistair. Theresa begs Eve to say he cant be taken off life support. Eve says his living will only said if he had brain damage, but he didnt say anything about other situations. She says Gwen will have to decide in this case. Gwen says she knows what she needs to do, but Theresa says she wont let Gwen kill him.


November 23, 2005

At Tabithas, Tabitha tells Kay to put a stop to Foxs plan. Kay asks how bad could it be? Tabitha says if Endora wants to cause mischief then anything can happen. She asks if she forgot what happened last year? Kay says she couldnt say no to Fox, he is looking forward to this. Tabitha says she already has the success spell working against her and Fox, add the madness of a family holiday dinner then she is really done. Kay says no, she and Fox won't be split up. Kay also says they can keep that it is Thanksgiving from Endora. She says Endora will just think it is a big family dinner. Fox comes out and asks where Endora and Maria is, he wants to tell them about Thanksgiving. Kay and Tabitha both say No! Fox wonders what the problem is. Tabitha says shes raising a non-denominational child. He says Thanksgiving isnt a religious holiday. She says well who does he think everyone is thanking? She also says she feels bad for the poor turkey who is killed for families to eat. She says it is turkeyside, and turkeys have nothing to be thankful for. Fox asks Kay how she feels. Kay agrees and says she has to stand up against the slaughter of the turkey, she has to set a good example for Maria. Fox says they cant be serious. Tabitha says she is, so if he has this dinner here then he cant mention it is Thanksgiving. Tabitha says Endora is sensitive to the plight of the turkey. Fox thinks hes being Punkd. Kay says this is no joke and he cant mention it is Thanksgiving. He says yeah sure, fine. Fox brings the babies down, and then two kids show up at the door. They are dressed as pilgrims and are collecting money for the homeless for Thanksgiving. When Endora hears this she zaps them away! Later, Fox makes calls and cant get everything delivered, so theyll have to make the turkey here. Kay says oh no. Fox says he didnt know she was so defensive of turkeys. Kay says there is a lot he doesnt know, and hell have to sneak that turkey in the backdoor so Endora doesnt see it. Tabitha and Kay continue arguing about this dinner, and Fox thanks them both for agreeing to let them have dinner here. Tabitha forbids a turkey to be let into her house, so Kay tells Fox that they cant have the T-U-R-K-E-Y, so Fox says well theyll have the side dishes and perhaps theyll start a new tradition that will continue every year. Tabitha hopes not. As Kay and Fox plan the dinner and seating arrangements, Tabitha begins making a very large batch of MarTimmys for herself. The grownups all leave, and Endora and Maria talk via their talkie bubbles. Maria is hungry and wants some cereal. Endora turns on the TV and sees a commercial for the Macys parade. Maria says she loves Thanksgiving. Endora wonders what fun things she can do this year.

At the mental hospital, a nurse tells the doctor about their latest patient, who was picked up in the Tsunami awhile ago and tried to seduce one of the coast guards. She has been ranting about witches, magical tsunamis and rats turning into hunks. Edna is brought in, and she tells the doctor that everything she has told him was the truth. Edna meets with the doctor, and she tells him that he has the wrong gal. She suggests he lock up the witches back in Harmony. He says witches, real witches? Edna says yes and they started the Tsunami. He asks why, to destroy the world? She says no, she got on their nerves. The doctor says so they destroyed Harmony because she got on their nerves. She says yes, she was just having fun. She says she was young and sexy, but the spell they cast on her is fading. She says her hair is going grey and soon shell need her diaper back. The doctor says he'll make a note. She says she should have known blackmailing witches was like playing with fire, but she was mad with power at the time. She says she should have known something was wrong with them when last summer she found Santa with an axe trying to kill them all. The doctor says Santa was trying to kill them? Edna says witches are bad enough, but that Santa was nothing but a loony. Later, Edna learns she is being committed, and she thinks Beth is doing this to her. The doctor asks if Beth is one of the witches. She says no her daughter, and she is worse. Edna says shes going to fix Beth. He asks where Beth is. Edna has no idea, after she stole the baby she left. Edna says she and Precious really wanted to help poor Sheridan, but they couldnt. The doctor asks who Precious is. She says her nurse, her pal, her drinking buddy, she was an orangutan. Edna thinks Beth and her father and behind this. The doctor says her husband? He says no, she just had a wild night of passion with Alistair Crane. She says she just figured out that Alistair was Beths father, and if she had realized it sooner she would have lived the high life. The doctor says she has lost it, Alistair only dates beautiful women. The doctor thinks next shell claim a donkey is her boyfriend. Edna says she heard that, and hes thinking of Rebecca. Edna thinks shes talked the doctor out of committing her, and she suggests they go out for dancing and dinner. He says he cant socialize with patients, and he locks her up. She says she is not crazy! She does her times tables to prove it, but he doesnt care. He tells her to have fun with her roommate. Edna looks at the large woman who is painting, and it turns out to be Norma. Edna calls her Insanity Clause. Norma says she knows her, shes Tabbys friend. We see that Norma is painting a picture of chopping off Tabithas head.

At the hotel, Fancy bangs on the closet door and demands Esme let her out and keep her hands off of Noah. Eventually the housekeeper comes along and lets Fancy out. In bed, Esmea keeps Noah from seeing her. She puts her hand over his eyes as she seduces him. Noah calls her Fancy, and she calls him Moses. He says Moses? Fancy walks in and turns on the light, and calls Esme a viper. Noah says if Fancy is there then who . . . .Esme says remember her? Noah thought she was Fancy. Esme asks if Fancy has what she has? She flashes Noah. Fancy says nobody wants to see her nips and tucks! Esme says this body is by God. Fancy says yeah, God bless the surgeons of Beverly Hills. Fancy explains why she did what she did to Esme, she was dating Noah, but then they split up, and now they are back together. Esme says well Fancy ends up with the hot guy and she gets the shaft. Fancy says sorry? Esme says Fancy is going to be sorry, and shes glad she left her luggage hear. Esme digs through her luggage and pulls out a hunting rifle. She says she was supposed to go moose hunting with daddy, but now she wants another head on her wall. Noah asks whatever happened to a nice cat fight? Fancy says dont worry, shes a lousy shot. Esme shoots and hits a vase. Fancy says shes getting better. Fancy tells Noah this happened every time she got angry at school, she always got kicked out for it. He asks how many schools she went to? Fancy says eleven. Noah says shes a lunatic! They run and hide as she shoots at them. Fancy assures him once she cool down theyll all have a big laugh about this. Fancy and Noah end up outside of the hotel walking on the ledges way up high. Fancy wonders what is going on down below. He says they are readying the floats for the parade, but he suggests she not look down. Noah says there is a drainpipe over there and they can shimmy down it. She says shes naked under this robe, she can't shimmy. He points out he is in a towel. Esme continues shooting at them from the terrace. They climb down to the street and run for it. Esme stands up at the hotel and says Fancy and Solomon are down there somewhere, and she shoots at them. Fancy thinks Esme is bound to head back to the psych ward if she doesn't cool it. Noah says the psych ward? Fancy says yes, a very exclusive one though, not like one with straight jackets. They end up kissing and hugging to keep warm since they are underdressed. Fancy says she shouldn't kiss him, he just kissed Esme! He says he'll die of cold if she doesn't, and she says she can't have that. Esme continues shooting at them, and she ends up hitting the turkey balloon. Noah says this will be the first time in history there is no turkey in the parade.

At the hospital, Theresa tells Gwen that she wont let Gwen kill Ethan. She says Ethans living will stated if he was brain damaged then she could take him off life support. Gwen says Ethan is in an irreversible coma. Theresa says people come out of them. Gwen says the coma is irreversible, which Eve concurs. Gwen says she knows what she has to do. Theresa says this is immoral, Ethans life is on the line. Gwen says because of Theresa and her schemes. Gwen says Theresa would be in jail if Alistair hadnt come to her rescue. Gwen says it doesn't matter than Theresa didn't mean to do this to Ethan, it's still attempted murder. Gwen tells Theresa to get out of here because she doesnt have to explain herself and her husband to her. Theresa says a husband who loves her. Gwen says it isnt always about her. Gwen says Ethan is married to her, and Ethan wanted her to respect his wishes. She says that is what Ethan would want. Theresa asks who she is to play God? Gwen says Theresa is the one playing God here! Gwen says Ethan wouldnt want to remain alive like this. Theresa tells Gwen she is one cold hearted bitch, and if there was justice in this world then Gwen's wedding ring would be on her finger. Theresa says if she was Ethans wife then shed make sure he was kept alive. Theresa says Gwen doesnt deserve to be his wife, and how can she be so heartless. Gwen tells Theresa she wouldnt be here if it weren't for Theresa. She calls Theresa an ignorant bitch, she killed her two children and now she has killed Ethan. She tells Theresa to look at Ethan, he isnt even a man anymore, he is a shell. She says what is worse, to let him live like this or to let him go. She tells Theresa this is not about her, it is about Ethan and putting Ethan first. She says she wants Ethan to live more than anyone, but she has to honor his wishes. She tells Theresa that shell live with this for the rest of her life and it is because of Theresa, she put them here. Gwen says once again this isnt about her or what she wants, it is about what Ethan wants. Theresa thinks this is Gwens way of keeping Ethan from her, the woman he really loves. Whitney tells Theresa not to say that. Gwen says she never thought she could hate Theresa more than she does now and to get out of here. Eve and Whitney drag Theresa out of the room. Theresa begs Eve not to let them kill Ethan. Eve says she needs to stop using the kill word. Theresa asks sister-to-be Whitney talk to her mom about how this is wrong, how only God can give and take life. Whitney says this isnt her place, and they should go pray for Ethan. Theresa suggests they pray for Gwen and her twisted soul. They leave, and Gwen tells Eve shes going to go see Jane. Gwen says talking about this when they were alive and okay is one thing, but this is so hard. She doesnt know how she can do this or live with herself. Eve says take her time, she doesnt have to come to a decision now. 

At the mansion, Gwen spends time with Jane and wonders what she should do. She says her daddy is gone now, and she wish she knew how wonderful he was. Gwen says she doesnt know what to do, and she needs Gods strength to do this. She says she knows Ethan wouldnt want to stay alive like this, and she needs Gods strength to be able to let him go.

Back at the hospital, Theresa wants to sneak in to see Ethan. Whitney says she cant stop her, but reconsider doing this. She says Gwen will freak out, but Theresa says it will be worth it to be near Ethan. She asks Whitney to keep him in her prayers. Whitney says she will, and the whole convent will pray for him. Theresa goes in to see Ethan. Theresa talks to him and says she knows he can hear her. She says she makes this promise with God as her witness, if Gwen tries to take him of life support and kill him then shell kill Gwen first. 


November 24, 2005
No Show


November 25, 2005

At the police station, Paloma and Roberto are released and told to stay out of trouble until their court date. Paloma thanks her parents for paying the bail money. Martin is furious with Roberto for getting his daughter into this, but she says it is both of their faults and she knew what she was doing. Martin thinks this scum forced her into it, but Paloma says she went into it with her eyes wide open. Pilar asks why, was it for the money? Paloma says no of course not. Martin asks what has happened to her. She tells them not to judge her until they show her something. Pilar says but it is Thanksgiving. Roberto says it is the perfect time for them to see this. They all follow Paloma and Roberto.

Paloma and Roberto bring Martin and Pilar to a retirement home, where an elderly woman calls them her angels and say they have saved her life. Soon others rally around Paloma and Roberto. The woman who runs the place is glad to see their guardian angles, and she says she heard they were in jail but her lawyers will get them off these charges. Martin asks what is going on here. The woman explains how Paloma and Roberto has been smuggling prescription drugs in so the residents can have them. She says these drugs have changed the residents lives, is some cases changed them. She says so many old people have to choose between prescription drugs and food these days. She says Paloma is a godsend. 

At the Crane mansion, the woman in red snoops around Alistairs office. She sees a photo of Alistair in the paper and says this is one holiday hell never forget. Elsewhere, Alistair shows Little Ethan photos of all his ancestors, and begins giving him a history lesson. He says this man is his great grandfather, and he stole all the land here in Harmony, land from the Bennetts and the Russells. Little Ethan says mommy says stealing is bad. He says well she doesnt know better, hes a Crane and they take what they want. Theresa walks in and says how dare your teach my son that filth, hell never be Alistairs clone. Theresa whisks her son away, and Alistair says one day Little Ethan will be in this book and will make him proud. The woman with red nails continues to spy on Alistair. He feels someone is near and asks if someone is there. He demands whoever is there to answer her. One of Alistairs women shows up, and he thinks she was who he heard. They kiss, and she asks what is wrong. He says nothing is wrong. He cant help but feel like they are being watched, but he tries to brush it off and kisses the woman.

Later, after they make love, the woman he just had fun with finds something on the dresser, a piece of jewelry. She asks whose it is. It disturbs Alistair greatly. He then smells perfume and becomes a mess. He throws the women out and says shes fired. Alistair begins breaking vases and screaming it cant be and its impossible. The woman with red nails spies on him as he loses it.

At the hospital, Rebecca has a Thanksgiving dinner catered by the seascape for her and Gwen. Gwen sits by Ethans side and tells her how much she loves him. Rebecca says she cant believe they forgot the vegetables . . . . Gwen cant believe this is going to be their last Thanksgiving together. 

Theresa shows up at the hospital in a horrible disguise and with Little Ethan. She wants to wish Ethan a happy Thanksgiving, and thinks they'll be able to get in. Rebecca and Gwen catch them, and Gwen wont let Theresa near Ethan. Rebecca leaves Gwen to clear up the mess. Rebecca wants to take little Ethan away so he doesnt have to see security drag Theresa off. Little Ethan goes with her, and Theresa yells at Gwen that shell find a way to stop her from killing Ethan! Security drags her away. Later, Gwen sits by Ethan and says she hopes Theresa does find a way to stop her. Later a nurse brings Gwen the release papers she needs to sign. She tells her to take her time, its not easy. Gwen wonders if Ethan realizes by signing these papers she is signing his death warrant. Gwen tells Ethan she loves him so much, and how she is supposed to do this. She says this is a day of thanks, what does she have to be thankful for. She quickly signs the papers and runs out of the room.

At the psych ward, Edna is back on her walker and her hair is up in a bun. Old crusty Edna is back. She cant believe the people shes locked up with, especially Norma. She accidentally bumps into Norma and begs Norma not to hurt her, but Norma says she would never hurt her. Edna says she tried to strangle her last night. Norma says only because she was snoring so loudly. She says they are best friends and they have a common enemy, Tabitha. Norma shows Edna a painting she made of Tabitha being burned at the stake for Thanksgiving. Edna is glad that Norma isnt mad at her as she really scared her last Christmas. Norma says not to spoil the surprise, but this year Tabitha is going to give her her head for Christmas. Edna says she doesnt know what shes going to do with that when she gets it, but good luck. Edna says its too bad she cant kill Tabitha locked up in here. Norma says stick with her, shell get her out of here soon. Edna says it will be like Thelma and Louis. Norma says Tabitha will pay for everything shes done to them.

At the Lennox house, Fox, Kay and Tabitha set up, and Tabitha and Kay remind Fox he cant say the T-word (Thanksgiving). Fox just thinks this is weird, how will they keep their guests from saying it? The doorbell rings, and Fox answers. It is Sam and Ivy, Sheridan, Katherine and Chris. As Ivy goes to say happy . . . Fox stops her. He explains that they cant say Happy Thanksgiving, and hell explain everything later. Meanwhile, Endora and Maria are very excited and cant wait for dinner. Endora says this is her favorite holiday.  Elsewhere, Tabitha welcomes them all and says they have already heard about her condition. She says her child is very sensitive to the turkey genocide that occurs on this day. She welcomes James and Chris to her house, and tells James her only rule is no going to the basement as it is very dangerous and many a little boy have never come out of it. The doorbell rings again, this time it is Chad, Valerie and Miles. Ivy and Valerie exchange looks. Tabitha keeps them from saying Thanksgiving and turkey, and Kay tells them Fox will explain everything. Chad takes Miles in to see the other babies. They ask him how his diaper is hanging. Miles says his moms a nun and his family is a freak show. Endora says welcome to the club. Whitney has once again left her secluded convent to have dinner with them. Tabitha takes her coat and her hat. Whitney says shes supposed to wear that at all times, but Tabitha says they wont know. She tells Whitney to go talk to Fox about the rules of the house. Kay thinks Tabitha was rude, but Tabitha says she cant let the boys in the basement know a nun is here. Too late, they know and rock the house. Sheridan thinks it is another earthquake, but Tabitha says its just an aftershock. Tabitha asks the boys to calm down or theyll blow her cover. They eventually stop shaking the house. Valerie asks Tabitha if she is okay. Tabitha says yes, she was just trying to help her old furnace through another winter. Meanwhile, Ivy tells Sheridan this must be a hard day for her. Sheridan says it is, she is missing Luis and Marty. She says she doesnt know how shed get through it without Chris and James. Elsewhere, Chad talks to Whitney, who is with Miles. He thinks she looks better without the veil, and he likes seeing her with her son. Chad says she needs to come back to them and ditch the convent. She says not today Chad. He says fine. Meanwhile, Miles asks God for a trade in on his parents. Later, Valerie sees Ivy and Kay looking chummy, so she asks Ivy if their deal is still on. Ivy says yes, she wont let another woman destroy the life of another one of her sons. She says she made that mistake once with Theresa, she won't let Fox suffer because of Kay.

Dinner begins, and Endora wonders where the turkey is. She conjures up a turkey piata to hang over the table, and Tabitha and Kay realize she knows. Everyone wonders where that came from? Kay says Endora must have put it up there. Nobody bothers to ask how a baby did that. Fox suggests Whitney say grace, and when she does, the house rocks again. Kay says Tabithas house is on a fault line and it will pass. Sam says he never feels these tremors at his house. Kay asks Tabitha how they can stop this, but Tabitha doesnt think they can. She wonders if this could be worse. The phone rings, and it is Norma calling to wish her happy Thanksgiving. Edna then tells Tabitha to enjoy her turkey, turkey. Norma tells Tabitha to get ready for company as she wont live to see another holiday. Norma says the four musketeers are coming for her. Tabitha says four, there is only two of them. Norma says herself, Edna, her daddy and her trust axe. Later Endora conjures up a turkey for them, and Fox wonders where it came from. Tabitha says it was her surprise, she ordered one months ago and decided to bring it out. Sheridan and Chris make a wish over the wishbone, but Chris says his wish already came true. Meanwhile, Miles thinks this is fun, and Maria says wait till Endora makes him fly. Miles wishes he was magical, so Endora gives him some temporary powers. He makes the turkey piata gobble, but Endora one ups him and brings it to life. Everyone hears the gobbling and wonders where it is coming from.

Theresa calls Fox, shes out back with her son. Theresa says she isn't in the mood to come in. She asks if he can send Whitney out, but Fox says shes busy. He says hell come out to see her. Theresa tells Fox what Gwen is planning to do in regards to Ethan. She says Gwen isn't given him a chance to recover. Fox thinks what Theresa is upset about is that Ethan wont be recovering and coming back to her. He says Gwen is his wife and has final say. Theresa says it should be her, Ethan loves her and she loves him. Fox says Gwen might say different. Theresa says what if she does it, what if she lets him die. Theresa asks what she does then. 

Meanwhile, Katherine tells Sheridan how happy she is she has a new friend in Chris. Sheridan thanks her but says not to read too much into it. She says she wants Sheridan to be happy, and so would Luis. Sheridan says Paloma said that, and so did Luis. Katherine says Luis? Sheridan says shell explain later, and shell try to be happy.

Tabitha downs another Martimmy and then notices the bird piata has been brought to life. Suddenly the bird begins flying all over the place. People run for cover as Endora laughs and enjoys what shes done. Chris thinks this is inanity. Sheridan says no its Harmony. Kay scolds Endora, and Chad and Whitney grab Miles and run. Kay tells Endora she has ruined Thanksgiving! 

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