October 3, 2005 

At the hotel, Jessica calls Simone and tells her the john is dead, she killed him. She wonders what she will do. Simone asks where she is, what motel. Jessica doesnt know, but finds a matchbook and gives her the address of the hotel and the room number. She asks Simone to hurry. Simone arrives at the motel, and she sees the dead body. Simone asks Jessica what shes done. Simone checks him and says he is dead all right. Simone tries to come up with a cover story. Simone suggests Jessica say she remembers nothing until she woke up with this creep on top of her already dead. Simone asks what drugs Jessica is on, but Jessica doesnt know. Simone asks what she does remember. Jessica says she remembers him being on top of her, and that she wanted him to stop. She says next thing she knows she woke up and he was dead on the floor. Simone says he was stabbed, did she stab him. Jessica doesnt remember stabbing him. Jessica knows Spike gave her a knife to protect herself with. Jessica sees it on the ground, and Simone picks it up with a Kleenex. Jessica IDs the knife as the one Spike gave her, it has blood on it. Jessica thinks she is a murderer, she killed the guy. Simone says not necessarily, it doesnt mean she used it. Simone says what if someone else came in after she passed out. Simone says she knows Jessica, even high on drugs she couldnt kill someone. Jessica tells her not to be so sure about that. Simone says its not like shes killed anyone else, she knows her. Jessica asks what they will do? Simone says theyll be calm and think things through. Simone thinks Alistair is behind this, look what hes done to her father and brother. Jessica asks why would Alistair do this to her? Simone says he doesnt need a reason to hate people, hes hated her father for eons and would do anything to teach Fancy a lesson for falling in love with Noah. Jessica says if Alistair wants to frame her then she is done for. Simone says not if they play this right. Simone says first they have to get out of this place. Jessica says she cant leave without another hit, she needs something to take the edge off. Simone slaps her and asks how is that? She tells Jessica to clean up, go take a shower. Simone says while she does that shell clean up the room and take the sheets and blankets. She also tells Jessica not to leave anything of hers behind. As she heads into the bathroom, Jessica drops an earring. Meanwhile, a woman calls the cops and says there was a disturbance next door, it sounded like someone was dying in there and it was horrible. Back in the room, Simone gives Jessica her coat as her shirt is covered in blood. Simone has all the towels and linens. Simone then hears people outside the door. Jessica realizes it is the cops. The police knock on the door and tell them to open up. He says if they dont open up then hell break the door down.

Paloma and Roberto arrive at the airport. Roberto is telling Paloma to be calm, but shes a nervous wreck. She keeps looking in her suitcase to check on something. A guard shows up and asks her if she is Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald. Paoloma says she is, and the guard says she needs to come with him. She asks why? Shes been picked as a red flag, certain names show up on lists and they have to check them out anytime they fly. She says but she is an American citizen. He says she has lived most of her life in Mexico, and her traveling companion is a Mexican citizen. She says all his documents are in order. The guard says there is nothing to worry about unless she is smuggling contraband. He asks her why shes not moving, what is the hold up? Paloma says there isnt a problem and he wont find anything in her bag. He hopes not, and they head off to a room where he examines her bag. Later Paloma asks if she can go, but the guard says no. He says they found what was in her bag, did she think shed get away with this. Roberto says it was his bag so dont hassle her. The guard says the bag was registered under her name, and she can save them a lot of trouble and lighten her sentence by confessing.

At the Seascape, Eve wonders if Alistair has drugged Theresa into doing this. Rebecca says as if he had to, this is what the tramp has always wanted, to be a Crane. Sam just cant believe what is going on. Alistair tells everyone that it wont be much longer. Others talk about the wedding, and Sheridan asks Chris to bring Luis home. She says she thinks she wants him to come home, shes not sure. She wonders if shes making a mistake. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells Endora this is truly a marriage made in hell. Alistair asks his family members to be wedding attendants, but Julian and Fox both refuse. Alistair considers asking Chad, but stops. Chad is glad Alistair doesnt consider him part of his crazy family. Alistair asks Theresas friends and family, Pilar, Whitney, Katherine? Again nobody will be a part of it. Alistair says it doesnt matter, this wedding will happen whether they like it or not. 

Sheridan runs out of the wedding, and Chris follows. He asks what is wrong, is she okay? Sheridan doesnt know what she wants anymore, at first she wanted Luis to come home but now she doesnt know. Chris says he can call the search off, but Sheridan says no. She is just worried, if Luis comes home and finds Theresa married Alistair then hell kill Alistair for sure. Chris says if she wants to change her mind then she has to do it right away before FBI time and manpower is wasted. Sheridan isnt sure, she misses Luis and wants to see him, but if he comes home with Marty she thinks it will be over for them. She says she and Luis could never be happy again knowing Marty is out there somewhere. Sheridan continues to ponder over whether to bring Luis home, if shell be able to forgive him. Chris says he needs an answer, does she want the FBI to stop looking for Luis? Sheridan says she just doesnt know. Sheridan finally says shes made up her mind about Luis. Chris asks if he wants her to call the search off or not?

Back in the Seascape, Alistair tells her family that they have all failed to talk Theresa out of this marriage, so they should respect her wishes. The judge tells Alistair they need legal witnesses, ones willing to sign the marriage certificate. Alistair grabs some waiters to be the witnesses. Whitney finally comes forward and says she doesnt care who Alistair is, she wont let this happen. Tabitha says this is the one person who could talk Theresa out of this, rats. Alistair tells her to sit down and be quiet, but Whitney refuses. Eve tells Whitney not to go up against Alistair, but Whitney says there is nothing left for him to do to her. Whitney wont let Theresa marry Alistair. She tells Theresa she knows what is going through her mind. Theresa tells her to sit down, but Whitney wont. Whitney wants Theresa to tell her that this is the wedding she wants, the wedding of her dreams. Whitney pulls Theresa aside and tells her she knows what her dream wedding is and who she is marrying in it, and it isnt Alistair. Whitney asks her how she can do this. Theresa says it is the only way. Whitney says the only way to ruin her life and the live of everyone who loves her. Whitney says Alistair would never let her go, and he doesnt help people. Theresa says she wants to do this, this is her last shot. Whitney says its going to backfire, and it still isnt too late for her to leave. Whitney says Alistair cant do anything in front of all these people. Theresa says but then shell be stuck without Ethan and her daughter. Theresa thinks she deserves to have the family shes dreamed about. Whitney says you dont always get what you deserve, and fate is not a fact it is a fairy tale. Theresa says she is sorry but she is doing this. Whitney says she always thought shed be Theresas maid of honor. Theresa says she still can be, but Whitney refuses. Theresa asks her to please be her maid of honor, it would be the one thing in her dream that was true. Whitney says fine, but she hates that she is doing this. Whitney says she wont let her do it alone though. The wedding continues, and the judge speaks about love and ever lasting happiness for these two. Theresa ends up having a flashback to when Tabitha, dressed as a fortune teller, told her she would be Mrs. Crane one day. Theresa always thought the gypsy meant Ethan, but could she have meant Alistair? Meanwhile Tabitha laughs and says she loves when old predictions come true. The judge asks if anyone has reason this couple shouldnt be united then speak now. Everyone stands up and says they object. Alistair says there are no objections so move one. Alistair says rushes the judge and says I do for them both, and Alistair pulls Theresa into a kiss. The lightening strikes outside, and Tabitha thinks this is a huge victory for the dark side. Everyone is stunned, and Pilar asks God to protect her daughter for she knows not what she has done. The judge then presents Mr and Mrs Alistair Crane. 

The wedding party commences. Eve tells Whitney she tried to talk Theresa out of it, but Whitney says she failed. Meanwhile Valerie calls this a freak show and badmouths Theresa. Fox and Chad both defend Theresa, they say she is great but confused. Alistair tells everyone that the reception will begin soon and it will be an evening they wont want to miss. Sam and TC both say they dont want his food or his damn cake. Alistair suggest they hang around as he has a special gift for them all, some will enjoy it and others wont. Gwen says Theresa has finally become a Crane and now shes going to take Ethan from her. Ethan says she wont take him from her. Ivy says shed like to wish her well, but she cant. Ivy says if she was still married to Julian then Theresa would be her wicked step-mother-in-law. Fancy realizes Theresa is her step-grandmother. Sam tells Theresa that he will pray for her and what shes done. Martin tells Theresa that he and her mother will be there for her when she comes to her senses. Alistair says Theresa will want for nothing, unlike Martin hell stand by his wifes side till death do they part. Alistair then prepares everyone for his announcement that will affect each and every one of them. Alistair thanks each and every one of them for coming, they stand basked in their warn feelings and best wishes. Sam says he speaks for everyone here that he hopes he goes to hell for what hes done to Theresa. Alistair says that is so kind, and thank you. Alistair says this wedding isnt the height of the entertainment this evening. He says even his own bride has no idea what he has in store. He yells Bring in the boy! Little Ethan is brought in wearing a suit. Theresa asks why her son is here. Alistair says correction, their son. He says hes adopting Little Ethan, he will be his one and only heir. Alistair picks Little Ethan up and tells everyone how pleased he is about this. He says of course for Sheridan, Julian and his grandchildren, this means they get nothing. He calls them all traitors. Alistair says hail the new king. 


October 4, 2005

At the airport, a second guard tells Paloma there has been a mistake and she is free to go, nothing was found in her bag. Paloma and Roberto leave, and the man tells the first guard to stop this, he is treading all over peoples civil rights in hopes of getting a promotion. The first guard thinks the second guard blew it, that little seniorita was about to confess. Meanwhile, Paloma asks Roberto where the package is. He says the great Roberto managed to sneak it out of her suitcase while it was still on the carousel, and he has hidden it in his coat. Paloma thinks he should have told her, but he says he couldnt with the guard around. Roberto thanks Paloma for all her help and has to go deliver it now. He heads off, and Paloma hopes he will be safe. Meanwhile, the first guard decides to have the Harmony PD stop Paloma on her way home because he knows something was in her bag. He says he wants to check it again.

At the hotel, the cop is yelling at Jessica and Simone to open up, he knows they are in there and they wont get away. As the cop shoots the door open, Jessica and Simone climb out the bathroom window. He finds the dead john and calls in for backup. Jessica and Simone run for it, and Jessica wishes she had another hit. Simone says if she catches her doing more drugs ever again so help her . . . Simone says they need to destroy the evidence and the murder weapon. Jessica says last time they through it in the bay, she means that is what she overheard some others saying. Simone says that is insane, it would wash back up ashore. Simone says they need transportation, who can they call. Jessica says Spike? Simone says no way, and Jessica can never see him again. Simone says she knows who to call. Simone calls Paloma, who shows up to help them. Paloma asks what the big emergency is? She says fine, dont tell her. Paloma says so nobody is going to welcome her home or ask her how her trip? Paloma says the both seem nervous, what happened, did they kill someone. Jessica drops the towel and knife, and Paloma says you did kill someone! Jessica says she knows, isnt it a drag. Simone tells Jessica to shut up, and she tells Paloma the story. Simone says they dont know for sure if Jessica killed the man, Alistair has declared war on her whole family. Simone recaps that story as well. Paloma cant believe everything that has happened since she has been gone. Simone is positive Alistair had the guy killed to frame Jessica. Jessica says she can go to jail, she is a serial murder, shell be given the chair. Simone says not to listen to Jessica, she is stoned. Paloma thinks that old man almost killed her in Mexico, so shell be happy to help them escape from him. The cops show up, and Jessica thinks shes going to be caught.

At the Seascape, Eve realizes Julian is keeping something from her, something about Rebecca. She says he is acting strange ever since talking to her earlier. Julian says the only reason he is acting strangely is because Alistair married Theresa, is adopting his son, and is ruining him financially.

Fancy is in shock, she cant believe shes been cut off. Noah tells her that she still has her trust fund, but she says she needs a drink. Noah realizes how much money matters to Fancy.

Chris asks Sheridan if she is okay being cut off? Sheridan says she still has her trust fund, and the one she is worried about is Little Ethan. She says to have Alistair for a father will be pure torture for him. Chris decides to go check on the search for Luis, is she sure she doesnt want him to call it off? Sheridan says no.

Gwen tells Ethan that this is obscene, Theresa now has so much power. She says Theresa can do anything now, and the first thing shes going to take Jane from her.

Theresa asks Alistair why he is adopting her son? Meanwhile Fox is furious, yet again another bastard son is taking what should be his. Chad says he is just as much a Crane as Fox. Chad and Fox begin to argue, and Chad says he will climb to the top of Crane Industries and fire Fox. The two end up in a huge fist fight. Julian breaks them up and tells them to stop this, this is just what Alistair wants, them fighting.

Tabitha and Endora head outside and Tabitha assures Endora that she will make sure she gets a piece of the Crane pie. Endoras talkie bubble says As if I needed your help.

Meanwhile, Theresa asks Alistair again, why she wants her son. Alistair says he is his heir, and he will hopefully genetically inherit what his others didnt and maybe some of Theresas tenacity. Theresa asks the nanny to take Ethan home and put him to bed, but Alistair says no, he stays. He says Little Ethan must learn sometimes Cranes dont get to sleep, and he tells Theresa that she is the one who will be sleep deprived tonight. He says tonight is their wedding night and he has plans for her. Theresa tells Alistair to do anything he wants to her but leave her son alone. Alistair says he needs an heir. Theresa says he has plenty, and they are good people. Alistair says he doesnt need nor want good people for his heirs. Alistair says Little Ethan is a little piece of clay he can mold into a true Crane. Alistair gets a call from his lawyer and excuses her. Theresa realizes what she has done to her son.

Elsewhere, Rebecca is flirting with a bartender. He says her husband is right over across the bar. Rebecca says dont worry, she can do anything she wants now. She says though she is on a budget now, so her love condo will have to be a few less rooms than planned. Meanwhile, Eve asks Julian what is going on with Rebecca, is there something he has to tell her.

Outside, Ivy tells Valerie that this is just an awful night, poor Fox and Chad. Valerie says Chad will be just fine. Ivy doesnt know, Fox is so angry right now and who knows what Kay will be able to talk him into. Ivy tells herself poor Kay has an enemy and she doesnt even know it.

Kay tries to comfort Fox over his loss. Fox says as long as he has her by his side then hell be able to make things right. They share a kiss, and Fox thinks to himself hell take his birthright back by force if need be. Fox thinks Kay will be with him by his side when he does so.

Tabitha and Endora watch everything going on, and Tabitha thinks Ivy is a card carrying member of the dark side. Endoras talkie bubble says Kay is out friend! Tabitha pops it and says in time, Kay isnt the only Bennett in trouble tonight. Tabitha uses her champagne glass to spy on Jessica.

Sam gets a call from Officer Ben Cratchet, and he tells Sam there was a murder tonight and he should know about it. Sam asks why he should know, hes not the chief of police. The officer says the room was rented to a john and a hooker, the john is dead and it sounds like the hooker could be Jessica. The officer says it could be another set up by Alistair. Sam says hell be right over. Sam interrupts Eve, who was talking with Julian. He asks her to come with him as he needs her help. Julian says it is okay, theyll talk about Rebecca later. Eve and Sam go, and Julian tries to think of a way to get out of this contract. 

Alistair tells everyone that he hopes they are enjoying his hospitality, and he knows his news sparked some lively conversation. He tells everyone to have fun, this is a party. He says he has to thank each and every one of them for their sincere best wishes on his wedding. Alistair turns the microphone over to Tom the Emcee, who introduces Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Crane for their first dance. Alistair says not to forget his little son Little Ethan. Alistair makes Little Ethan dance with him and Theresa. Everyone watches as they share a dance. Tabitha continues downing the champagne to celebrate this evil night. Nobody else looks happy, and Fancy says this is gross as Theresa isnt much older than she is. Noah says and everyone will think shes the most successful gold digger ever. Fancy says and it is her gold. Noah asks if the money means that much to her. Fancy says her trust fund is nothing compared to what she could have had. Meanwhile, Sheridan thinks when Luis comes home there will be big trouble. Chris tells Sheridan there is news, and Chris doesnt look pleased. Sheridan asks what is wrong. Chris says calm down, he hasnt heard anything about Luis, but the FBI says theyll bring Luis home as soon as they find him.

Katherine asks Whitney to pray for Theresa tonight as she has no idea how much danger she is in. Alistair and company continue to dance, and Rebecca hopes they do the chicken dance. Gwen tells her mom to be serious, but Rebecca is as it is her favorite dance. People continue to watch them dance. Theresa says she cant do this, everyone here hates her. Alistair says most of them hated her before she married him. Little Ethan tells Alistair not to say mean things to his mommy. Alistair tells Little Ethan never to talk back to him. Little Ethan runs off, and Alistair continues dancing with Theresa. Gwen tells Ethan they need to grab Jane and run, but Ethan wont run. He says Theresa cant take him from her. Gwen says then talk to Theresa, shell listen to him. Ethan says all he can do is try. Ethan goes over to talk to Theresa, calling her Mrs Crane. Theresa tells him not to be cruel. He tells her that her time is running out, she needs to stop this now. 


October 5, 2005

At the motel, Sam and Eve show up to examine the crime scene. The officer keeps calling him chief, but Sam says hes not the chief anymore. The officer says only because Alistair had him fired. The officer explains that the hooker who checked in matches Jessicas description, but he also knows Alistair is out to get him and his family. He thought maybe Alistair might be out to get them now or maybe would use this against his family. He says he thought Eve could examine the body in case Jessica is involved, at least shell get a fair shake with Eve here. Sam cant believe his daughter was involved in this. The officer reads the description of the hooker to Sam, which sounds like Jessica. The officer says he heard two female voices in here, and by time he got in they were gone. Sam looks around the place to see if there are any clues. Eve says the victim was stabbed repeatedly, and from the angle of the stab wounds the attacker was smaller, possible a woman of 55 56. Again the clues point to Jessica. Eve says it could have been a small male, and its impossible to tell if it was a male or female. Sam says they should look around for more clues. The officer tells him to make it fast, the detectives should be here soon. The officer says whoever was in here did a good job cleaning up, the detectives will be hard pressed to find evidence. They look around and Sam finds an earring. He remembers it is an earring he gave to Jessica for her 16th birthday. Meanwhile, Eve begins to worry that Simone could have been in here with Jessica and may have helped her clean up the place. Over to Sam, who cant believe this, he says Jessica cant be involved. The officer asks Sam if he found anything to implicate Jessica? Sam lies and says he didnt find anything thing. 

At the airport, the one guard calls the police about Paloma and is positive she is hiding something. The police say theyll get on it. The other guard thinks the first one is wrong about this one. The guard wont give up on Paloma, he knows she was hiding something and wont quit till he find out what it was. 

Jessica, Simone and Paloma hear sirens. Jessica thinks they are coming for her, and Paloma thinks they are coming for her. They jump in Palomas car and take off. Paloma continues to worry that perhaps Roberto has been caught and maybe he gave her up. They park the car and hide, and the cops go right by them. Simone tells Jessica it is okay, but she says no it will never be okay again. They get back in the car and Paloma asks where they are going. Jessica says Spikes. Simone asks how high she is? Simone says they are going to Jessicas place. They arrive at the Bennett house, and they tell Jessica to go shower and go to bed while they burn and bury the evidence. Jessica thanks them for this, and she doesnt know what she would have done if it wasnt for them. Jessica heads off, and Simone tells Paloma that she still thinks Alistair is behind this. Simone says he is so evil. Paloma says he is like Harmonys personal Satan. Later Jessica shows up, and they begin worrying about if they left any evidence in that room. Simone says she cleaned that room up, there is no evidence. Paloma says she watches Law and Order and they can get DNA and fingerprints from the body, but Simone says she washed the body. Paloma says eeew! Simone promises Jessica that they will protect her. Jessica says if Alistair is behind this then he will get her eventually. Simone says they wont let that happen, and she once again tells her to go to bed. Jessica gives them both hugs and heads off. Simone and Paloma then set the evidence on fire. Simone hopes she didnt miss anything at the hotel. Paloma says but she said she got everything. Simone admits she lied for Jessicas sake, but shes not sure. She says they were in a hurry and she hopes they didnt leave anything to implicate Jessica. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to sleep, but the events of the night are still in her head. She looks outside and sees Simone and Paloma burning the evidence. She hears more sirens and thinks the cops are coming for her. Back in the backyard, Paloma worries the cops are coming for her. The cops pass by again. Simone sees how worried Paloma is. Paloma says shes just worried about Jessica. To herself she hopes everything is okay with Roberto and the drugs they brought into the country.

At the Seascape, Tabitha continues to love what is going on here. Tabitha talks to Ivy and says she must be devastated that her children, as well as all the other Cranes have been disinherited except for their trust funds. Tabitha says she hears Fox has already spent his. Tabitha says well at least Theresa is happy, her son will inherit all the Crane power and money. She thinks that must hurt Ivy. Ivy says shes never been a big fan of hers. Tabitha says yes, that money and power would have been Ethans one day if Theresa hadnt revealed the truth about his paternity. Ivy says she needs another drink and runs off. Alistair announces to Little Ethan that he is now the king of the Crane Empire, and one day hell teach him how to use all this power. 

Fancy is still worrying about being disinherited. Noah says he knows how he can help her. He says shes going to have to get a job. Fancy says the only thing she knows is shopping. He says fine, she should get a job at a personal shopper. Fancy refuses and says she has to be rich, it is all she knows. Noah says then sweet talk Alistair into putting her back in the will, all she has to do is say shell never see him again. He says if the money is more important than him then do it. Fancy doesnt know what to think or do, but she knows she wants him in her future. They share a kiss.

Julian talks to Rebecca and says they need to talk about that ridiculous agreement. They recap why Julian signed it, and Julian says she can not hold him to this agreement. Rebecca says she can, and hell have to find a way to tell Eve that he can never marry her. Julian says he will find a way to divorce her and marry Eve no matter what he has to do. Rebecca says there are no loop holes in the agreement. Rebecca says shes keeping her part of this bargain, so if he reneges then so will she too and Eve will go to prison. Rebecca says face it, she is his wife for now and forever. 

Ivy goes out to talk to Fox, who is with Kay. Ivy cant believe Alistair did this. Fox says at least he still has his job, for now. Kay says and one day hell work his way to the top. Fox says with her at his side. He tells his mom hell be okay, and Fox and Kay walk off together. Ivy says Fox will be fine as soon as she gets rid of Kay. Ivy once again finds Valerie to poison her mind a bit more against Kay. 

Chris talks with Sheridan, still no news from the FBI about Luis. Sheridan is still having reservations about Luis coming back.

Chad confronts Alistair and says he cant fire him, he is a Crane and that company is his birthright. Alistair says he wont have to fire him, his kind loses their jobs on their own. Chad calls him a racist pig. Valerie tells Chad not to do anything to get arrested, and that they should just go.

Gwen asks Ethan if he could convince Theresa to get out of this marriage? Ethan says he tried. Gwen says shes going to lose Jane if Theresa stays Mrs. Crane, so try harder. Ethan goes to talk to Theresa again.

Martin and Pilar are talking with Theresa. She says she had no idea Alistair was going to do this. Ethan shows up and says he has to talk to Theresa. Her parents hope Ethan can talk some sense into her. Ethan tells Theresa that she cant let Alistair adopt Little Ethan. Theresa says she didnt know he was going to do this. Ethan says that is the problem with Alistair, nobody knows what hes going to do next. He asks her if she really wants Alistair to be Little Ethans father? Ethan tells Theresa to do what is best for Little Ethan, get out of this marriage and get out now. Theresa admits she doesnt want Alistair to be her sons father, but she cant stop any of this. She says however the two of them can, if he will leave Gwen to be with her. Ethan asks her how many times does he have to say no to her. Theresa says if he commits to her then shell end the marriage. Ethan says this is blackmail. Theresa knows he loves her and Little Ethan, he can marry her and adopt Little Ethan. Ethan says Julian is Little Ethans father, and it is time for her to grow up and become a responsible mother to her son. Theresa says the best thing for her son is him, and the best thing for her is him. Theresa in his heart he knows the best thing for him is to be with her. Once again Ethan tells her no. He tells Theresa to tell him that he understands, and she says she does. Theresa says if she cant be with him then shell devote herself to being Alistairs wife and protecting Little Ethan. Ethan says well then God help us.

Gwen asks Sheridan how she is doing. Sheridan doesnt care about the money, she just wants to be married and have a family. Gwen understands, she just wants to be married to Ethan and be a mom. She says Theresa has the power to end all that. Sheridan tells Gwen that Luis may be coming home soon to help with Theresa. Gwen thinks that is wonderful, but Sheridan isnt sure she can forgive him if he comes home without Marty. Meanwhile, Chris gets news that he doesnt think Sheridan will like. Chris tells Sheridan an agent is on his way to the B&B, and they have news for her. Sheridan thinks Luis is coming home.

Kay confronts Tabitha about her smile, Kay thinks Tabitha knew what was going on all along. Tabitha says she had her suspicions. Kay thinks Tabitha had a hand in it, cast a spell or something. Kay says shes just as evil as Alistair. Tabitha says dont insult her, shes more evil than Alistair. Kay storms off, and Tabitha thinks Kay is aiming her anger at the wrong person. Later, Tabitha plans to make sure Endora and Little Ethan are married some day by casting a love spell on them later. Ivy overhears her plans and thinks Tabitha is weirder than she thought, Julian is both of their fathers, yuck! 

Alistair and Martin argue over Ethan. Alistair says Little Ethan is his son now and Martin has no say in his life. Alistair talks to Little Ethan about how important he is and will be some day. Alistair soon goes to collect Theresa from Ethan. The Emcee presents Alistair, his wife and their son to all. Everyone stands around looking at them. Tabitha says chalk one up for the dark side. 


October 6, 2005
At the Bennetts, Paloma and Simone are burning the rest of the evidence out back, and Simone says she buried the knife. They also cover up any trace there was a fire out back. In the kitchen, Jessica thinks she should call Spike, but then decides hell just be angry with her for killing another customer. She wonders how she got to this point. Simone and Paloma ask why she is awake. Jessica says she keeps dreaming of the dead guy. Jessica says no one can know she was with that john or shell be charged with murder. Back outside, Sam comes home and finds evidence of the fire and wonders what went on here. He begins looking through the ashes and finds a piece of blood stained clothing. Back in the kitchen, Paloma makes Jessica some tea, and Jessica thanks them both for helping her. Paloma says they are friends. Ivy and Noah walk in, and Noah gives Jessica a hug and is glad she is back. Ivy says her dad will be happy, and she thinks Simone must be happy her mother got off on those murder charges. Simone says yes, but now Liz could be in trouble. Paloma suggests they talk about something happy. Paloma is introduced to Noah, and then Ivy and Noah fill Simone, Paloma and Jessica in on who Theresa married tonight. Paloma cant believe it, but says Jane and Ethan mean the world to her and shed do anything to keep them. As they all talk, Jessica is spaced out.They ask Jessica why she came home? Simone claims she and Paloma ran into them in a night club and convinced her to come home. Simone and Paloma decide it is getting late so they will just stay here for the night. Sam walks in, and Jessica hugs her dad. He says welcome home. She hopes he doesnt mind. Sam says she is always welcome here. Ivy sees something is wrong asks Sam if the officer who called him upset him? Sam says the officer didnt, but the case did. Sam tells Jessica that a man was murdered tonight. The girls act surprised and asked if there are any leads. Sam says a tip or two. Noah asks who was killed, anyone they know. Sam says no, it was a john who may have been murdered by a prostitute. Sam asks Jessica if she knows anything about this. Simone says of course she doesnt. Sam says he asked Jessica. Jessica says she doesnt know anything. Sam asks why she came home tonight? Jessica says if he doesnt want her here then shell leave. Noah says no, and Sam says she shouldnt have ever left. The girls claim they are tired and are going to head upstairs to go to bed. They leave, and Noah asks Sam why hes treating Jessica like a criminal. Sam tells Noah and Ivy that he thinks Jessica killed a man tonight. They are shocked and stunned. Sam explains what happened tonight at the motel and how Jessica may be involved. He tells them about the earring and a girl matching Jessica at the crime scene, and he shows them the bloody clothes he just found out back. Noah and Ivy cant believe it. Noah says lets assume for a second she did it, then it must have been in self defense. Ivy agrees, Jessica may have problems but she isnt a murderer. Sam agrees, unless drugs were involved. He says then there is no telling what she could have done. Noah says this is Jessica, she is only being a hooker to impress Spike, its not like shes embraced the lifestyle. Sam says these things happen when sex and money are involved, and he thinks this is one of those cases. They ask what hes going to do. Sam says the only thing he can do, hes turning his daughter in. Ivy and Noah tell him that he cant turn her in, but Sam says he has to for her own good. He says Jessica has been on a downward spiral for a long time now and she has to stop before things gets worse. Ivy asks how they can get worse. Sam thinks if Jessica turns herself in then they may be lenient on her, otherwise if the DA finds out she did this and tried to hide it then theyll throw the book at her.

Upstairs, the girls discuss their cover story about the club. Jessica thinks her dad doesnt believe them, so Simone says theyll figure something out to confuse him. Simone is positive they wont link the murder to Jessica.

At the B&B, Sheridan and Chris wait for the FBI agent. Sheridan thinks Luis is going to be coming home, and hell be able to sort this thing with Theresa out. She also says she misses him and cant wait to see him. Suddenly a very angry man shows up, shoves Chris and damns Chris and his big mouth. Sheridan tells him to stop this, and she is calling the cops. Chris says no because this man is FBI. Sheridan asks why he attacked him? The agent says because Chris blew his cover. Chris says he had to in order to get his son back. The agent says he didnt have to, and James was better off without him. The agent also says Chris risked exposure by making a call over an un-secure line about finding some missing man. The agent says he should hall his butt to jail right now. Sheridan begs him not to and says Chris made the call for her. Sheridan asks the agent to calm down as he may wake one of the guests, and how would she explain all of this. Chris explains that he owed Sheridan a favor for saving James and helping them, but Sheridan feels guilty for putting his safety at jeopardy. Chris says she is such a good person, and she always puts others before herself. He says he wanted to help her, and she and Luis should be together. Sheridan thanks him for risking the wrath of Mr. Hall the FBI agent. Sheridan doesnt know how she can thank him. Agent Hall says she wont be able to, Chris and James have to relocate now. Chris says it will be okay, Luis will be home soon and shell be so focused on him that she wont miss him and James. Sheridan feels guilty that Chris has to leave, she doesnt know what shell do without him and James around. She asks the agent if they can stay until Luis stays home so Luis can meet them. Agent Hall has news about Luis, something Sheridan needs to know. The agent says Luis snuck out of his room late one night and went to Morocco. Sheridan says Luis is in Morocco? The agent says not anymore. Sheridan asks where he is then. The FBI agent tells Sheridan that Luis is dead 

Alistair and Theresa, with Little Ethan, return home, and the staff greats her and bows. She says there is no reason to bow, but Alistair says they are her inferiors. The whole staff tells her what theyve done to prepare for her, and she thanks them. The nanny puts Ethan to bed, and she asks if there is anything she can do for Jane as well. Gwen and Ethan are there, and Gwen says she and Ethan are Janes parents. Alistair says Ethan and Gwen are living here at his invitation, and Theresa can see her daughter anytime she wants. Alistair says if they dislike that then there is the door. Later, Gwen is worried once again because Theresa is undermining them already. Ethan says the nanny is just trying to score points with Theresa. Gwen wants to move out with Jane, but Theresa says no way. Alistair tells Ethan if he wants to keep his job and practice law anywhere then have his wife show more respect to Theresa. He also says Jane goes no where without Theresas permission. Gwen says Jane is their responsibility, but Alistair says they only have temporary custody. Gwen says she cant lose another child and storms off. Ethan follows her. Alistair then tells Theresa to get ready to make love to him. Theresa says shes tired, but Alistair doesnt care. Alistair plans on getting what is his several times a month, and he says tonight should count for two or three of those days. Alistair heads upstairs to get ready for his wedding night.

In their room, Gwen is arguing with Ethan. She says Theresa is unstoppable now and this is his fault. Ethan asks how this is fault? Gwen says because he kept saying Theresa wouldnt marry him and shed go back to live with her family. Gwen says Jane is now slipping away from their grasp, never mind the courts declared Theresa an unfit and never mind she tried to push her into an incinerator. Gwen says her worst nightmare is coming true, Theresa is taking everyone and everything from her. Ethan says no matter what happens they will still have each other. Gwen says no they wont, Theresa wont stop until she takes him too. Ethan says Theresa will never steal him away. Gwen says Theresa is like a deadly virus that always mutates and attacks and attacks until his resistance is down. Ethan says it wont happen, and hes going to go get her some warm milk. He goes to get her the milk.

Ethan runs into Theresa in the kitchen. He knows Theresa already regrets marrying Alistair. Theresa admits she made a mistake. Theresa says shes told what to think and do, and when he touches her she cringes. She says Alistair is rough, he forces her and hurts her. She begs Ethan to help her, to take her away. Ethan comforts her as she cries. Theresa says this all makes her sick. They sit down, and Ethan says he isnt the one forcing her to stay here. Theresa says he is, he took Jane and is shutting her out of her life. She says he and Gwen are the reason she is in this mess. He says no, shes in this mess because she didnt listen. Ethan says everyone told her not to marry Alistair, but she didnt listen. Theresa once again says it is fates way of leading them back together. Ethan says no, its her making one bad decision after another. Theresa asks what she does then, tell her what to do. Ethan says he will help her. Theresa thanks him and gives him a hug. However, Ethan says he is only helping her and Little Ethan leave town, he wont leave with her. He says if she is serious and wants to leave Alistair and protect Little Ethan then pack her stuff and hell help her. Theresa asks what about Jane. Ethan says Jane stays with him and Gwen. Theresa says she is my daughter. Ethan says she is their daughter. Ethan says he wont let Gwen lose another child, now either she and Little Ethan leave or they stay. Ethan says it is up to her. Ethan asks her if she is going to put up with years or decades of physical and mental abuse? He says one day she may not be able to take it anymore and will kill the bastard. Ethan says either she and Little Ethan leave and have a good life or they stay here and she becomes Alistairs play thing until he dies or she kills him. 

Ethan returns to Gwen with the milk. She asks what took so long. He says he ran into Theresa. Gwen says big surprise, she should probably bolt the door so she doesnt jump in the shower with him. Gwen asks if Theresa tried to manipulate him into sleeping with her so sex with Alistair would be more bearable? Ethan says he should have put brandy in that milk as shes more worked up than ever. Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa realizes she made a mistake, so hes helping her and Little Ethan leave tonight. 

In her room, Theresa is packing when Alistair shows up in his robe. She asks if he ever knocks. He says his house, his wife, why should he knock? She says it is rude to barge in. He tells her to get ready for his pleasure. She says she needs a few minutes. He says times up, and so is he. He flashes her and says the fun begins.

Meanwhile, we see a woman with red fingernails and a rose ripping up a newspaper article on Alistair and Theresas marriage. 


October 7, 2005

Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa is leaving Harmony tonight. He says shes packing right now as is taking Little Ethan. Gwen asks what about Jane. Ethan says Jane will stay with them. Gwen says she hates losing Little Ethan, but if it means he wont be raised by Alistair then it is a good thing. She says Theresa being gone is also fabulous news. When Gwen learns Ethan is going to help Theresa escape, shes not happy. She is afraid of Alistairs anger. Ethan says hes not afraid of Alistair, and they should deal with one crisis at a time. He says Theresa has to leave her family and friends and he feels sorry for her. Gwen doesnt and cant believe Ethan does. Ethan says hes just trying to do what is right, and that is getting Theresa and Little Ethan away from Alistair. Gwen says this is the last straw, this is too damn much. She says it is not his job to play travel agent for Theresa, and helping her will mean Alistair will come crashing down on them. She says Theresa will be living the high life somewhere while they are kicked to the curb. Ethan says Alistair will never find out, and he feels sorry for Theresa because she will be without Jane and will never be able to come home. Gwen says she could care less about Theresa, what happens to her is her own doing. Ethan says he doesnt think so, and hes doing what is best for them. Gwen says no, hes doing what is best for Theresa. He says getting Theresa gone is what is best for all of them, and once Theresa is settled he will sneak Jane off to see her every now and then. Gwen forbids it, but Ethan says Jane is their daughter and just because Theresa is leaving doesnt mean she should never see Jane again. Gwen says the way he is talking she thinks perhaps he should leave with Theresa. Ethan says he loves her and he wont leave her for Theresa. Gwen just cant believe he feels sorry for her after everything she has done to them. Gwen says the fact that he doesnt feel anything but hate for her speaks volumes about how he feels about her and their relationship. Ethan says his view of Theresa is different than hers, he sees her as someone who winds up trapped by her own doings. He says he has to help her. Gwen wonders if they are on Ripleys Believe it Or Not. She says he will not help Theresa escape or take Jane to see her. She wishes her moms donkey was here to give him a swift kick as he needs it. She says to think he can do this and not have Alistair find out is crazy. Gwen thinks Ethan wants to leave with Theresa. Ethan says he wants to be with her, but they wont be happy at the cost of someone elses misery. Gwen says she thought Theresa was the biggest threat to their happiness, but it is really him. Ethan says he cant keep Jane from Theresa, but Gwen thinks it will just confuse Jane. Who will she call mommy? Ethan says God willing Gwen will raise Jane, but Theresa should be able to be a part of her life. Gwen cant help but worry about Theresas alliance with Alistair. Ethan tells Gwen that he knows shes worried about Alistair, but not to worry. He says he was raised to be the Crane heir and he can be just as cunning as Alistair. He says once Theresa is gone, they can focus on each other and Jane. Gwen says she wont feel safe until Theresa is gone. He says she will be gone, and they will have the family they always dreamed of.

In Theresas room, Alistair flashes Theresa and says amazing isnt it, hes got a lot of lovin to give his wife tonight. Alistair forces her onto the bed. Theresa begs for a few more minutes to get ready. Alistair says he will have her now, and begins ripping her clothes off. Theresa begs for a moment, and he says fine. He then finds her suitcase and asks what is going on. Theresa says she wont lie, this marriage was a mistake so shes leaving him. Theresa says she doesnt love him and she cant give him what he wants. She says she will go to her mothers house. Alistair says good. Theresa says hes okay with her leaving. He says she is free to go, hes not her keeper. Theresa cant believe how well hes taking this. Theresa says the next time someone calls him a heartless monster shell tell them how kind she was about this. He says that is very nice of her. She says well shes going to go get her son. Alistair says out of the question, Little Ethan is his son and heir now, he stays. Alistair says Little Ethan is his blood through Julian, and he will adopt him. Theresa says he cant adopt him if she leaves him. Alistair says he can, and he shows her their prenuptial agreement. He says it was agreed upon that he would adopt Little Ethan, and she signed it. Theresa thinks it isnt valid, and he cant adopt her son if they arent together. Alistair says whether they are together or not, he can still legally adopt Little Ethan. He says she signed a legal document and Little Ethan stays here. Theresa says shell fight him with everything she has. He says without him she has nothing. Theresa says he is a monster, and she was a fool to think otherwise. He says she is a fool, so she should leave while hes still willing to let her go. He says just dont take his son with her. Theresa wont leave without Little Ethan. Alistair says he is his son now, and she will never see him again if she leaves.

In Jessicas room, Simone and Paloma inform Jessica everything they have done to cover up the murder. Paloma and Simone tells her to go back to sleep, but Jessica cant sleep. She says shell just end up dreaming about that John again lying next to her dead. Simone says she knows she is freaked out, but she has to remain calm so her dad doesnt suspect anything. Jessica says even if her dad doesnt find out, Spike will be so angry with her. Simone says she cant believe shes worried about Spike. Jessica says Spike is counting on her to make him fast money. Simone says Spike is a jerk, forget about him and get a grip. They also try and convince her that her dad wont do or say anything to risk losing her again, even if it means brushing his suspicions under the rug. They try and convince her to go to sleep, but she is afraid. Paloma says she knows what it is like to be scared, she was kidnapped and almost raped down in Mexico. She says she fought back and she was okay. She says Jessica will be okay too. Jessica gets in bed and tries to sleep.

In the kitchen, Ivy and Noah plead with Sam not to turn Jessica in for murder. Sam says he cant stand by and let her get away with murder. Noah says he cant be sure she killed that guy, but Sam asks who else then? He reminds them of all the evidence against Jessica. Sam says if Jessica didnt kill this man then what is she trying to hide. Sam says he cant pretend this didnt happen, she has to be involved in this murder. Ivy suggests self defense, and Noah suggest Alistair may have set her up. Sam says if Alistair did set this up, why did the girls not see Alistairs men burning clothes in the backyard? Sam says the ashes were still hot when he got home. Noah says say she was involved in the murder, if he turns her in shell end up dead in jail. Sam says she may end up dead if he doesnt turn her in. He says he doesnt want to think his daughter is capable of murder, but he didnt think she would be capable of everything else shes done. He says he loves Jessica but he has to do what is right, he has to turn her in. Ivy tells Sam this is his baby, think about this. Sam says it is all hes been thinking about . He says turning her in will kill him, but he has no choice. Ivy says at least ask Ethan for his legal opinion first, but Sam says Ethan has too much going on with Theresa as is. Sam says part of him just wants to pretend this never happened. Noah goes to fix him a drink, and Sam tells Ivy he doesnt know how he can live with himself if he turns her in, but he also doesnt know how hell live with himself if he doesnt. He says if Jessica was in jail then shed get help and be away from Spike, that is reason enough. Sam calls the police and says he has information on the man murdered at the hotel tonight. Noah returns and tells his dad no! He refuses to let Sam call the cops and turn Jessica into some corrupt judicial system ruled by Alistair. Sam says he has to protect Jessica, he has tried being patient and loving and that got him nowhere with her. He says if he covers this up what, more drugs, prostitution, more murders? Noah says he doesnt know if she killed that guy, she could have been set up. Ivy thinks Noah makes a good point, so Sam says hell find out what shes been up to. He yells up to Jessica to get down here right now. 

Back upstairs, Jessica panics as Sam calls for her to come down. Simone and Paloma say theyll go with her and there is nothing to be afraid of. Jessica and the girls go down to see Sam. Sam says he has a hard time believing she doesnt know more about the murder. Paloma and Simone swear they were with Jessica all night, and Jessica swears she doesnt know anything about the murder. Sam shows them the bloody clothes and asks about it. Jessica says she didnt burn anything, maybe Ivy did. Ivy says she didnt. Simone and Paloma suggest maybe Alistair is setting Jessica up. Sam says Jessica is so lucky to have guys like her as her friends, friends that would defend, protect and lie for her. He demands Jessica to tell him that she was there. Jessica screams out she did it!

At the B&B, Sheridan is told that Luis is dead. She says no, it cant be. The Agent tells Chris to get packing, he and James are out of here. Chris says he cant leave Sheridan like this, but Agent Hall says if he doesnt then hell end up dead like Luis. Sheridan screams that Luis isnt dead, he cant be. She says Luis is her soulmate, they shared many lives together and he isnt dead, shed feel it. She says Luis promised to bring Marty home and he always keeps his word. The agent says Luis was looking for a woman named Beth Wallace, and a knife fight broke out in a bar he was at and Luis was stabbed to death. Sheridan screams No! She thinks Agent Hall is a liar and works for her father. Agent Hall doesnt, and Chris confirms that. When Sheridan learns they IDd Luis from his passport, she thinks it could be a ploy of her fathers. She wants proof, hard proof. Sheridan says his parents live close by, they can give a sample of their DNA to run a test. She suggests they all go over there.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar and Martin discuss what Theresa has done. Martin hopes Theresa comes to her senses and leaves him, but Pilar says now that Alistair has her he will never let her go. Later, Sheridan, Chris, James and Agent Hall all show up. Pilar and Martin ask if something is wrong? Sheridan introduces Agent Hall, and explains why he is here. She says she had Chris call a friend at the FBI to bring back Luis. Sheridan gives them the news that Luis may be dead. Pilar says no, not Luis! Sheridan doesnt believe it either, she feels connected to Luis still. She thinks this is all her fathers doing, and Martin says it is possible that Alistair faked Luis death. Chris says they need to do a DNA test to be sure, so Martin and Pilar are swabbed for their DNA. Sheridan blames herself for sending Luis off to find Marty, but Pilar says he would have gone on his own as that is the kind of man he is. Pilar and Martin try and encourage Sheridan to have faith that Luis is alive, she was right about Marty so maybe she is right about Luis. Sheridan says they just cant lose Luis. Meanwhile, Chris tells the agent he wont leave Sheridan until he knows Luis is okay. He says Sheridan needs him and James needs her. Agent Hall says all he needs is to disappear otherwise he could end up dead. 

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