October 10, 2005 

At the Bennett house, Sam and Noah are stunned by Jessicas confession, while Simone tells her to take it back. Sam says he tried to convince himself it wasnt true. Jessica says she killed the man in the hotel. Noah says it will be okay, and Ivy thinks there must have been extenuating circumstances. Noah thinks it was self defense. Sam tells Noah to make his sister something to eat, so he does. Sam talks with Ivy about how this doesnt look good, and he thinks there was an accomplice with Jessica. He says the room was cleaned up, and Jessica was drugged. He says this accomplice knew what they were doing, they were thinking clearly. Sam asks Jessica if Spike helped her. Jessica says no. Sam asks then who was it. Sam says he was trying to help her, if she killed that man in self defense then why did she run and try and cover her tracks. Simone tells Sam that hes jumping to conclusions, he misunderstood, Jessica was with her all night. Sam wonders if Simone was in the room helping her cover, if so she will go to jail too for aiding and abetting. Simone says Jessica is stoned, she barely knows what she was saying so they cant believe her. Ivy asks what Jessica was confessing to? Simone says Jessica was only admitting to the bloody clothes, but the blood didnt come to some dead guy. Simone tells Jessica to tell her dad that she is innocent. Meanwhile, Paloma calls Roberto and learns the drugs were delivered safely, which lets Paloma rest easy. Sam continues to question Simone as to what is going on. Simone says Jessica has been cutting herself again, and she was sworn to secrecy on this. Paloma, to herself, thinks no one will believe this. Simone says she was cutting earlier and got blood on her clothes, and she couldnt handle it. She says Jessica just wanted to come home without being judged or sent off to a treatment center. Sam asks Jessica if this is true? Is the blood hers. Jessica says it is. Sam hopes she is telling the truth. Sam wants to see her arms, and he sees there are no cuts. Sam asks why she doesnt have fresh cuts, and he thinks Jessica and Simone are lying to him and that Jessica is guilty of murder. Sam asks where are the cuts if she has been cutting herself again. Simone shows him Jessicas stomach, which is torn up. Jessica cries that she is sorry, and Simone says Sam should have believed them. Ivy and Noah think she is innocent. Simone says see she didnt kill anyone, and she asks if he believes them now. Paloma wonders if they will believe it, and how Simone became such a good liar. Simone suggests to Jessica they get her upstairs. Sam tells them not to go anywhere, there is still something else. She shows them the earring he found at the crime scene, Jessicas earring that he gave her for her 16th birthday. He asks how she explains this? 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar catches Martin making a phone call, and she knows hes calling Katherine. He says this is for Sheridan to help her. Pilar says because he thinks Luis is dead, just say it. Martin says they dont know for sure yet, and no matter what happens theyll get through this together. He says Sheridan is alone though, shes lost Marty and now maybe Luis. Martin says Sheridan needs her mother, and he asks Pilar to put her anger aside for a bit. Martin thinks it is selfish to ask, but Pilar tells him to call Katherine. Pilar says she doesnt like the woman, but she has a good heart and Sheridan needs her. Pilar says the fact that he is still here with her, that gives her hope. She thinks maybe they could rebuild their family, and she just hopes Luis is alive to be part of it. Pilar tells him to call Katherine. Martin calls Katherine and fills her in on what is going on with Luis. He asks her to come over to be here for Sheridan. Katherine says shes on her way. To himself, Martin asks God to forgive him as he still cant stop thinking about Katherine. Later, Pilar talks with Martin and is so glad that Paloma is okay. They cant wait to see her, but Pilar doesnt know how she can tell her about Luis. Pilar says she is the only one of their children who is happy.

Agent Hall wants Chris to take James, leave town and never come back. Sheridan overhears this and says no. Sheridan says shes lost Marty, possibly Luis, she cant lose him and James too. Sheridan begs him not to go, she says if they leave then she wont be able to take it. Chris says he isnt going anywhere while Sheridan needs him. Sheridan thanks him. Agent Hall argues with Chris over this. Chris wont leave until he knows Sheridan is okay. Chris tends to Sheridan and suggests she eat something, but she cant. She cant help but think about how confused and selfish she was earlier as to whether or not bring Luis home. She says shed give anything to know if Luis was alive. Chris says theyll know soon enough.

At the mansion, Ethan is assuring Gwen that Theresa will be leaving tonight. Gwen hopes he is right, and she takes a swig from a flask. He asks where she got that? Gwen says her mother, it is to help dull the pain. Ethan says that is the last thing she needs. She says her life is a living hell right now because of Theresa. Ethan assures her that everything will be okay and Theresa will leave soon enough. Gwen says he has been saying that for weeks, and she cant let her guard down until she knows Theresa is out of their lives for good. Gwen tells Ethan how Theresa wont give up until she makes her fantasy of living on some tropical island with him and the kids come true. Gwen says meanwhile shell be booted off the island. Ethan once again assures her that he wont leave her, and Gwen says good. Gwen says she cant wait till they are both gone. Ethan says he thought she loved Little Ethan. Gwen says he is a great kid, but as long as he is here so will Theresa be, and Theresa has tried to get Ethan to bond with Little Ethan since the day he was born even though he isnt his son. Gwen says Theresa uses him as proof that she can give him a family, something that Theresas violence made it impossible for her to do. She says their daughter isnt even biologically hers, she is Theresas daughter with him. Gwen says yet another reason Theresa is a monster and not a human being. Ethan assures her that Theresa will be gone tonight.

In Theresas room, Alistair and Theresa continue to argue over Little Ethan. Alistair says Little Ethan is now his son, people really should read contracts before they sign them. Alistair says the contract she signed was very generous, she is now one of the most important woman in the world and her son is his soul heir. Alistair tells Theresa she is free to leave, but if she does shell never see her son again. Theresa says he cant keep her from her son. Alistair says he can do what ever he wants, he is a god among men and has given her everything she ever wanted. He says she has a nice house, bazillions of dollars at her disposal, she is close to her precious Jane and Ethan. Theresa says she has nothing, she doesnt have Ethan, she doesnt have the proof that Gwen destroyed and she doesnt have custody of her child. She also doesnt want her son to be a monster like him. Alistair says watch her mouth! He says her son will start school soon and hell be come a titan on this planet and will be able to do anything he wants. Alistair says he will die soon, and after he is gone shell be his widow and queen mother to her son. He says otherwise she can walk out the door and never see her son again. Theresa says this isnt a choice, she either abandons her son to evil or is forced to watch him be raised by the devil. Alistair slaps her and says he told her to watch her mouth. Theresa cant believe he hit her. He says she needs to learn to obey if she wants to be his wife, otherwise she is free to go. Theresa says she cant leave, shed be abandoning everything that matters to her. She says she has no choice but to stay. Alistair says look what she has to gain, a few more nights in his bed and shell forget Ethan for good. Alistair wants to get him some, and as they argue, Katherine rushes in to help. Alistair says she lost her right to be in here so get out. Alistair says this is none of her business. Katherine says shes making it her business, and she asks Theresa to let her help her. Alistair pushes Katherine out of the room, and Katherine decides to let Ethan know what is going on. Back in her room, Alistair suggests Theresa pay more attention to his needs from now on. She says dont touch her, but he says he wants his moneys worth, what is rightfully his. He says a wife has duties to fulfill. She tells him that he is sick. Alistair says nothing will happen to Little Ethan if she holds up her end of the bargain, and he kisses her.

Back in Ethans room, Gwen is now asleep, and Ethan is saying they will have their lives back soon and Theresa will be gone, forever. Katherine then shows up to get Ethans help. Katherine tells Ethan that Alistair is about to have sex with Theresa. He says no, shes leaving. Katherine says as they speak Alistair is forcing himself on her. 

Back in Theresas bed, Alistair wants Theresa to say something, do something, tell him something like she means it. As Alistair is having his way with her she tells him Oh your magnificent, the best I ever had. He doesnt believe her, and he leads her on and tells her what to say. She says hes so great, give it to her, shell never leave him. As Ethan listens in, he thinks it sounds like Theresa is giving herself to Alistair and Theresa lied to him. Back in her room, Alistair thanks her for the night and will be back to collect more. Theresa says she feels like a whore. He says well she is selling her body for profit, and shes doing much better than little Jessica. He asks her to practice enjoying his company a little more, and he suggests she starts fantasize. He says Katherine used to fantasize about killing him, it turned her on. He suggests she fantasize about making love to Ethan. Alistair says she is tarnished goods now, so shell never be close to him in a bed. Alistair says goodnight and leaves her room. Theresa hopes Ethan will be able to forgive her one day.

Later, Theresa runs into Ethan in the kitchen. Hes furious, he heard her making love to Alistair. Theresa says she can explain, but he says no. He says Gwen was right, she played him for a fool and hell never believe a damn word she ever says to him again.

Katherine arrives at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. She thanks Pilar and then comforts Sheridan. Sheridan says they are still waiting for news. She asks what happened, and Sheridan explains the story to her mother. Meanwhile, Agent Hall continues to try and pressure Chris to leave. Chris wont leave. Hall says his cover has been blown, the longer he stays the more danger he and his child are in. He also says these people could get hurt if his mob friends shows up here. He could bring death straight to Sheridans door. Later, the agent gets a call from the FBI about the DNA tests. Sheridan asks what the news is, it isnt Luis body is it.


October 11, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald House, Agent Hall informs everyone that the body was Luis', he is dead. Everyone is stunned. As Pilar cries to Martin, Martin blames this all on Alistair and vows to make him pay. Pilar says Alistair has stolen two of their son's as well as their daughter and grandson. Martin swears he won't get away with this. Katherine tells Pilar and Martin both how sorry she is about Luis, he is is . . . was a good man. 

Meanwhile, Sheridan realizes she will never hold Luis again, never have him light a fire for them to cuddle by, the last time they made love really was the last time. She says it wasn't supposed to end like this, she lost Luis and her son. Elsewhere, Agent Hall tells Chris that he has to go now. Agent Hall says Sheridan has her mother here now, so he and his son must go. Chris realizes the agent is right, he needs to go. Sheridan overhears this and says Chris can't leave, he can't leave her now. Katharine tries to calm Sheridan down. Later Chris and Sheridan have a talk and basically tell one another how much they have meant to each other. Chris tells Sheridan while James doesn't understand he's never going to see Sheridan again, he does and that cuts him right to his soul. 

Later, the FBI agent informs them that Luis' body is being brought home by military transport and they can help with the funeral if need be. Sheridan says no, they will make the arrangements for Luis themselves, all of them together. Chris, James and Agent hall leave as Sheridan watches.

At the Bennett House, Sam wants answers about the earring, how did it get into the motel room with the dead John. Paloma says she can answer that. She says see there was this other hooker who was jealous of Jessica, because Jessica was stealing all her customers, so she attacked Jessica and stole her earrings. Paloma says Jessica told them this tonight at the club, and Simone says that is true. Sam asks why the hooker with the john fit Jessica's description. Simone says because this other hooker looked very similar to Jessica. Ivy and Noah think it makes sense, but Sam doesn't know. Sam wants this hookers name so she can be brought in, but Paloma says Jessica doesn't know her name, hookers don't get friendly with one another, it's a business rule or something. Sam finds it odd that the girls are answering for Jessica, and he says he should split them up and question them to make sure their stories match up. Paloma says Jessica is still high on the drugs, she doesn't know what she is saying or hearing right now. Ivy and Noah press Sam to forget it and accept the story. Jessica asks her dad if he believes her? He gives her a hug and says she is his little girl and he knows she could never kill anyone.

At the mansion, Ethan finds Theresa in the kitchen and he's furious. He thinks she lied to him about wanting to leave Alistair, that she played him for a fool. She says she didn't lie, but he says he doesn't believe her. He says he heard her making love to Alistair, telling him how good he was and how she'd never leave him. He says Gwen was right, she is just a gold digger who manipulates everyone, even him. Theresa slaps him and damns him for doubting her. She explains what he heard was what Alistair wanted her to say. She says she was going to leave Alistair, but then he came for sex and saw her suitcase. She says she admitted she was going to leave him, and he told her she was free to go. However she says because of the prenup she signed, he has custody of her son whether she is with him or not. She says he threatened to take her son, and to make her son pay if she didn't give him sex. Theresa says she had no choice. Ethan still thinks she should run and he'll bring Little Ethan to her later. Theresa says she can't risk Alistair hurting her son. She then lashes out at Ethan and thinks he just wants her to go so he doesn't have to tell Gwen that she is still here threatening to take everything from her. Ethan admits he doesn't want to tell Gwen she is still here, but he'd never put her safety below a fight with Gwen. He also says perhaps her staying is for the best. Theresa says she is a prisoner here until Alistair dies, but hopefully she can be a positive influence in Little Ethan's life. She can't believe she married Alistair and that she signed a pre-nup without reading it. Ethan asks why she didn't come to him? She says she wanted to, but she felt she couldn't. She says he took Jane and was keeping her, she felt Alistair was the only one who could help her get what she wanted. She says she was a fool. She says she is worse, she is a monster for doing this to her son. As she cries, Ethan takes her hand.


October 12, 2005

Tabitha and Endora are back at home watching the going-ons in Harmony via the magic bowl. She loves that everyone is in pain: Sheridan, Theresa, Gwen, and Pilar. She then sees Kay and Fox in the bowl, and Tabitha says poor Kay. She says Kays life could be free of pain if shed stick to the darkside, instead shes about to make a decision that will ruin her life forever.

Fox has been working on a project all night, and Kay knocks something over on it (a drink I think) and ruins it. Fox becomes upset. Kay says she is sorry, but Fox says he is. He says he can reprint this, its not a big deal. Kay thinks Fox doesnt need her around as she is just messing things up. Fox says he does need her, and none of this is her fault. Fox says this is Alistairs fault, and he needs to keep working hard so hes not fired. Fox says for the first time in his life hes realized hes on his own. Kay says he is smart and talented and one day hell be running Crane Industries. Fox says well that means he has to get right back to work. Later Fox takes a break, and Kay asks him about his dreams. Fox says well some day hed like a wife. Kay says thats not impossible, even for him. Fox says of course maybe a kid one day too. Kay says a daughter perhaps. Fox says he spent his life assuming too much, assuming hed have a job and an inheritance. Fox says to make that happen hes going to have to work, and he feels sorry he brought her to work with him. She says why? She says she was glad to be out of that cannery. He doesnt want her to think shes stuck in a dead end job. Kay tells him to just focus on his job and making his way up the ladder. Fox thanks her for her confidence in him. Fox then gets back to work, and Kat thinks she knows how Fox can succeed no matter what. 

Back in the kitchen, Tabitha decides it is time for Endora to go to bed. She puts her in her crib and then magically sends her upstairs. Kay walks in and scolds Tabitha for not being more careful, Fox could have been with her. Tabitha realizes Kay is right. Kay then asks Tabitha for a favor, a spell to guarantee Fox is a huge success. Tabitha asks what her motivation is, greed, to ensure Fox can buy her whatever she wants? Kay says this is for Fox, he doesnt know how to be poor and he isnt sure he can do this on his own. She knows he can, but Fox is unsure. Tabitha says yes, what Alistair did really shook a lot of people up. Kay thinks Theresa has a hand in what Alistair has done to Fox and the others, she doesnt trust Theresa. Tabitha says she has a lot in common with Gwen. Kay says if Fox fails just once then he could be fired. She begs Tabitha for this favor. Tabitha says this spell can be very exhausting for her the witch and for Kay, the one who requested it. Kay doesnt mind being tired, but Tabitha says it is more than just being tired, this is a horrible spell that comes at a horrible price, is she willing to pay that price. Kay is, and she says if Tabitha wont do this for her then shell tell everyone that she is a witch. Tabitha cant believe Kay would do that to her, but agrees to do the spell. Tabitha tells Kay not to come crying to her about it afterwards. Kay asks what she has to do. Tabitha says first she has to get Fox into bed and once hes asleep theyll do the spell. She says great, and rushes off to get Fox to go to bed. Tabitha thinks Kay should have been more worried about the spells price. Kay goes out and seduces Fox up into bed. Meanwhile, Tabitha continues to watch whats going on in her bowl. She watches fox with Kay, and says that wont make Fox sleepy! Tabitha says Fox must be asleep for the spell to work, and Kay has no idea the pain she will experience. Tabitha then watches Theresa to see what is happening with her. Theresa is saying shell sacrifice anything to make Ethan hers. Tabitha says Theresa makes her work so easy, and she has no idea what is headed for her. She then spies on Ethan and Gwen arguing. Gwen says the only thing that will stop Theresa is death, and Tabitha says now Gwen is on the right track. Lightening and thunder claps, and everyone in Harmony hears it and wonders what it is. Tabitha says it is her friends in the basement heralding the harbinger of doom for Harmony. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin is still on his Alistair Crane killed Luis rant. Pilar says two of her sons are dead because of that man, and now her daughter is married to him. She wonders why her family has been so cursed. Pilar realizes they have to find Miguel to tell him, and they have to tell Paloma too. Pilar leaves to try and call her children. Martin tells Katherine that Pilar doesnt deserve this. Katherine says no one does, and Pilar is a good woman. Katherine thinks she should go, but Martin asks her not to go. Katherine says shes not comfortable being alone with him here, she really thinks she should go. Martin wants her to stay for him, and he says Pilar will be okay with it. Martin says he blames himself for Luis death, if he had killed Alistair all those years ago then both of his sons would be alive. Katherine says he couldnt kill Alistair and he wouldnt let her kill him either. She says there are so many regrets, and she just hopes Sheridan never finds out that she killed Rachel. She says if Sheridan found out then it would destroy her. They soon begin talking about the two of them leaving Harmony, and what Martin sacrificed. Martin tells Katherine hed do it all over again if he had to, and they hug. Pilar returns and sees this. Katherine tells Martin that he must move on with his life with Pilar, he must renounce her to Father Lonigan so he and Pilar can renew their vows. Martin says he cant do that, he cant betray their love. Katherine says this isnt fair to Pilar. Martin says hell stay with Pilar, but he wont renounce what they had. Pilar walks in, and Katherine feels terrible that Pilar heard them. Katherine says shes so sorry. Pilar says their family is breaking apart little by little. Martin says no, they are still a family, the two of them are still a family. Martin holds her, and Pilar casts a doubtful look at Katherine. 

In the Crane kitchen, Theresa tells Ethan that shes been such a fool, she should have listened to everyone who warned her not to marry Alistair. She doesnt know why Alistair is doing this to her. Ethan says because hes evil that is why. Ethan tells Theresa that theyll find a way to stop Alistair from hurting her or Little Ethan. Theresa thanks him and they hug. Of course this is when Gwen walks in. Gwen asks Theresa when she will stop trying to steal her husband. Ethan tells Gwen to calm down, but Gwen wants to know why she is still here. Ethan explains why she didnt leave. Gwen thinks Ethan needs to open up his eyes and see the only thing Theresa wants is him. Theresa says and Ethan wants her, and that is why Gwen is really angry, because she knows it is true. Gwen calls Theresa a bitch and attacks her. Ethan breaks up the fight and tells them both to go to their rooms and calm down. Theresa says shell go, but first she thanks him for comforting her and making it all feel all right. Gwen cant believe this, and Theresa wants Ethan to tell Gwen that he knows in his heart they'll be together one day. Gwen threatens to pack her things and leave if Ethan plans on leaving her. Ethan says he is not going to leave her, and he tells Theresa he is staying with Gwen FOREVER. Ethan says he will still do what he can to help Theresa and Little Ethan, but he wont leave Gwen. Theresa leaves, and Gwen thanks Ethan for finally defending him. Ethan then tells Gwen how disappointed he is with her. They argue about what Theresa has done and the price she has paid. Gwen says the only thing Theresa thinks about is Ethan, and she wont stop her schemes until she gets him. Ethan says hes told her a million times it wont happen. Gwen says what Ethan wants doesnt matter, Theresa wants him and the only thing that will stop her is death. 

At the B&B, Chris is packing his things and Agent Hall is telling him to forget the stuff, they have to go now. Chris says he knows, he just wishes he could have stayed a little longer for Sheridan. Agent Hall asks if he is thinking there could have been something between him and Sheridan. Chris says no, shes in love with Luis. Agent Hall says Luis is dead, and he gets the impression Sheridan thinks there could be something between them. Suddenly Sheridan rushes in and tells Chris that she cant let him leave. Chris asks what she is doing here, they said their goodbyes. She says she knows, she just needed to see him and James again. She says she washed and ironed his clothes and she knew he wouldnt be able to find them. She says shell get them and help them pack. Agent Hall says they are running out of time, so Sheridan says shell hurry. Chris once again tells Sheridan how sorry he is about Luis. Sheridan leaves to get the clothes, and Agent Hall thought perhaps Sheridan would want to go with them. Agent Hall says good thing she didnt, Chris needs to disappear and never see Sheridan again. Chris says Sheridan needs him, but Agent Hall says hes a dead man if he stays here. Sheridan returns and hears this. She says she cant stand if someone else dies because of her, he has to go now. She says she cant let him die like Luis. Chris says what happened to Luis isnt her fault, he would have gone looking for Marty whether she wanted him to or not. Sheridan says Luis isnt the first to die for her, Antonio did too and it is a long story. Agent Hall says they dont have time for long stories, the people after him could be here by now. Sheridan tells Chris that he and James must go right now. Sheridan goes to say goodbye to James, and Agent Hall says lets go. Agent Hall then gets a call about Luis body, and he says oh my god. Sheridan asks what has happened? What is this about Luis' body?


October 13, 2005
At Tabithas, Fox and Kay have finished making love, and Fox is once again thinking of getting back to work. Kay says work can wait, and she seduces him again. Tabitha, potion in hand, looks in on them doing the deed. Tabitha paints a hex on the door and begins reciting some odd mumbo jumbo. The spell makes Fox fall asleep, and Kay is upset as she and Fox were just about to get it on. Tabitha says they dont have time for her and Fox to have push push if she wants this spell done. Kay does and tells her to cast the spell. Later Tabitha prepares the spell, which includes three hairs of Wayne Newton. Kay says isnt that the old guy who sings in Vegas? Tabitha continues with the spell as Fox snoozes away behind them. Tabitha continues to get the last ingredients she needs for the spell, which includes one of Kays hairs and a toenail from Fox. Tabitha tells Kay her life will never be the same, she hopes Kay has no second thoughts as the die has been cast. Suddenly a fog appears in the room, and Fox begins to levitate and spin around. Kay watches in shock as little red shadows cause Fox to spin at a high speed. Kay and Tabitha both become tired, and Tabitha warned her it would drain her energy. The spell finishes, Fox returns to his bed, and Kay and Tabitha get up off the floor and Kay goes to Fox and says hes as cold as ice.

At the Blue Note, Fancy shows up and Noah buys her a drink. Fancy says Liz will kill him, but Noah says hes buying out of his own pocket. They flirt with one another and think about making love earlier when they heard the odd clap of thunder that everyone else in Harmony did. Fancy says all the girls here are drooling over him, so why did he pick her? He says because shes not drooling. She wonders if that is why he likes her, because shes a challenge. Noah wonders how someone so beautiful and rich can have such low self esteem. They share a kiss, but he tells her careful as he has to think about tips. Later, Noah takes Fancy to a private room in the Blue Note where he has a romantic evening set up for them. She loves it and says no one has ever done anything like this for her. He says they only have twelve minutes to enjoy it, so Fancy says it will be the best twelve minutes of her life.

Meanwhile, Julian and Eve are called to the Blue Note and ask the DA what is wrong. Eve says she thought the charges against her were dropped. The DA says they were, but they are going after her sister now. Liz shows up and slaps Eve and says this is all her fault. Liz says this is a set-up, Rebecca lied that day in the courtroom and someone planted the poison on her. She also thinks Julian or Eve bribed Rebecca into doing this to her. Eve and Julian both had no idea what Rebecca was going to say that day in court. Liz wonders how Eve always comes out smelling like a rose when she wallows in the gutter. She says one day people will realize Eve stinks, and she is convinced one of them bought Rebecca off. The DA suggests Liz call a lawyer and stop speaking. Liz says this is ridiculous, she never did anything to her sister. Eve says she almost cost her her family, her freedom and more. Liz says its what she deserved. The DA once again says she best stop talking. Liz realizes they plan to arrest her, which they say they are here to do. Liz is furious and tells Julian and Eve shell get them for this. Julian suggests she stop speaking as she's damaging her case. The DA wants to get on with this, and he wants Eve to agree to press charges against Eve. Liz thinks Eve must be loving this, and the DA is only doing this because hes up for re-election. Liz threatens to sue the DA for this and she wants everyone in her club as her witness. The DA asks Eve to sign it so they can take her in. Eve looks at the paper and then at Liz. Liz tells her to go ahead and sign it and get it over with. Eve says no she wont sign it, she wont press charges against Liz. 

At the mansion, Gwen goes into her moms room and tells her mom that Theresa wont leave and is claiming Alistair is holding Little Ethan hostage. As she rants about Theresa, Alistair comes up from under the covers and asks so what is the problem? Gwen is in shock. Gwen cant believe her mother let Alistair touch her, and she asks Alistair to just let Theresa leave with her son so she can live with Ethan in peace in this mansion. Alistair says he cant do that, and he tells Gwen she is paranoid. Alistair decides to leave them to do some mother daughter bonding stuff as he has other things to attend to. Gwen calls him a selfish bastard. Gwen says if he helps Theresa destroy her future then shell fight him. Alistair says she has spirit, good for her. However, he tells her not to threaten him ever, he doesnt like it. Alistair tells Gwen he isnt interested in her or her future, all he wanted was a new heir and he got one. He tells Gwen not to get on his bad side, people who do live to regret it. He says think of Antonio and Luis. She says Luis is fine, but Alistair says think what she likes. Alistair leaves, and Gwen tells her mom how Ethan is still being snowed by Theresa and she hates that bitch so much. Rebecca thinks perhaps Alistair is right, she needs to be worried more about her life than Theresas right now. Rebecca then pushes Gwen to go find Ethan and make sure Theresa isnt with him. Gwen says if Theresa is with Ethan then shell kill her, and Gwen storms off.

Theresa is in her room when Ethan shows up. She thought he was coming for her, but he was bringing Martin and Pilar to see her. Theresa asks what is wrong, something bad has happened hasnt it. Pilar says it is Luis, he is dead. Theresa cries on Ethans shoulder when she hears the news. Ethan tells her to let it out, it is okay. She says no not Luis, this must be a mistake. Pilar says it was Luis, they identified him through DNA. Theresa wants to see the body, but Martin says she cant yet. Martin says Luis is in Morocco when he died. Theresa says this isnt fair, first Antonio now Luis. Martin tells Theresa that Luis' death is on Alistair's head just as much as Antonios is. Theresa says he is right. Martin says he will make Alistair pay or he will die trying. Theresa wishes she could kill Alistair, but Pilar says no as then shed go to jail, and she and Paloma are all she has right now. Theresa asks about Miguel, but Pilar hasnt found him yet to give him the news. Pilar pleads with Theresa to focus on learning from her past mistakes, that is what Luis would want. Theresa knows that. Ethan also tells Theresa she is a smart girl, there is hope for her as long as she doesnt act rashly. As Ethan hugs Theresa, Martin sneaks off. Martin confronts Alistair and says he killed two of his sons, and now hes going to kill him. Alistair simply laughs. Meanwhile, Theresa and Pilar realize Martin is gone, and they all worry he may have gone off to kill Alistair. Gwen and Rebecca show up, and Gwen says the only person who is going to die tonight is Theresa!

At the B&B, Sheridan thinks Agent Halls call was that there was a mistake with the DNA and Luis isnt dead after all. Agent Hall says hes sorry, but Luis is dead and they were just calling to say his body was going to be arriving soon. Sheridan cant believe this, he really is dead. Sheridan continues to blame herself, but Chris says it isnt her fault. She says nothing he can say will change her mind. Agent Hall once again tells Chris that he and James need to go now. He says if Chris doesnt leave then everyone will be morning him and Little James. Sheridan wants him to go, but she wants to write down where hell be so they can keep in touch. Agent Hall says they will be going undercover and Sheridan cant contact him or James ever again, otherwise they could all wind up dead. Sheridan realizes Agent Hall is right, and this has to be goodbye. As they are saying their goodbyes, two men with guns arrive. Sheridan thinks it is the mob and theyve come for Chris.


October14, 2005

Fancy and Noah are dining in their private room/booth at the Blue Note. She says this is the best meal she ever had, which Noah doubts but thanks her for saying it. He thanks her for coming down here tonight to spend time with him while he works. Fancy says there are plenty of women oogling him here, but Noah says he doesnt notice them as he is with the most beautiful woman in the world. They soon realize their twelve minutes is almost up. Noah says they still have time for a dance. Later the other bartender interrupts and says Liz is being arrested so they should come quick.

The DA is furious with Eve for not signing the charges against Liz. Julian doesnt know why Eve wont sign them, they all know what Liz would do in her position. Liz says she didnt try and kill anyone, Rebecca set her up. The DA asks what it will be, will she press charges or not? The DA says Eve cant let Liz walk out of here scott free. Eve says she is not signing the papers so leave Liz alone. Eve says she wont press charges, Liz has gone through enough already. Liz thinks Eve has something worse in store for her. Eve says no. The DA thinks this is nuts, and he can arrest Liz without Eves help. He says the state has enough evidence to bring charges against Liz anyways. He then has Liz arrested. Liz blames Julian for this, but Eve says Julian hasnt done anything to her. Liz says that shows how much she knows. Eve is told shell be called to testify, but she wont do it. Eve says if anything she'll testify for Liz. Eve says they dont have enough evidence against Liz, and if all they have is Rebeccas word then they dont have much of a case. Eve says Rebecca has already changed her story a million times, she will make them look like fools. The DA releases Liz and says he hopes Eve knows what she is doing, Liz tried to kill her once. The DA and the cops leave, and Liz lashes out at Eve. She says she doesnt need any favors from here, and they arent okay now. Liz says she still hates her and will never stop trying to make her pay. Julian tells her to shut up. Liz says Julian cant protect Eve from her this time. Julian says they can call the DA back here, but Eve says no. Fancy and Noah show up, and they witness the scene. Julian is pleading with Eve to press charges against her sister. Eve wont, and he says she is such a good person. Liz says the only reason Eve did this is to look good in front of everyone and because she has so much guilt about what shes done to her. Julian and Eve leave, and Liz says Eve wont get away with this. Meanwhile Noah comments that Liz hates Eve so much he thinks she'd kill her.

At Tabithas, Kay thinks Fox is dead and she says if Tabitha has murdered him then shell tell the world about her and Endora. Tabitha assures Kay he isnt dead, hes just a bit comatose. Kay says there is no pulse. Tabitha says he is in a deep sleep, and she is sure he isnt dead. Tabitha says however he will come out of this changed, and she will pay a high price for his success. Kay isnt worried about that, but Tabitha says she should be. They leave the room as to let Fox wake up on his own, and Kay asks what the price is, what does she owe her. Tabitha says shell see. Kay thinks shes going to have to give up her soul again, but Tabitha says no. Tabitha says what will be taken is more than her puny soul, it will be something shell miss for the rest of her life. Tabitha says this spell took a lot of energy, and the dark forces are owed something to replenish their energy. Kay doesnt care if shes tired every now and then, but Tabitha says that is just a residual effect, not the price of spell. Tabitha says the payment due is her love for Fox and his for her. Tabitha says Fox will be successful, but he will be without his love for her. Kay wonders what she has done. 

At the mansion, Martin confronts Alistair and says hes going to send him to hell. Alistair just laughs. Alistair tells Martin that he was lucky that he gave Martin a job, and he was so lousy he couldnt even hang onto it. Martin says they say the memory is the first thing to go, he didnt fire him. Alistair says yes, he knows, he ran off and played hero with Katherine. Martin says he was wrong to not deal with Alistair years ago, hes going to deal with him now. Alistair laughs and asks what hes going to do, work out an arrangement to trade off days with Pilar and Katherine. Martin says hes going to kill him. Alistair gives him a gun and says go ahead and shoot him in the heart, the one Martin doesnt think he has. Alistair tells Martin to do it. Martin says he underestimates him and he fires the gun!

Meanwhile, Gwen once again tries to attack Theresa, but Pilar says Gwen doesnt understand. Gwen doesnt know how Pilar, a woman of high moral caliber, can defend this slut. Gwen tries to attack Theresa again, but is held back. Gwen cant believe Ethan is defending her, she is making a play for him in the open in front of all these people. Gwen asks Theresa how she justifies her actions, she knows the pain Katherine caused her family. How does she live with herself? Theresa says she could ask Gwen the same thing, how can she stand hanging onto a man who she knows in his heart wants to be with another woman. Ethan says not now, not tonight. Theresa says yes now especially tonight. She tells Ethan to tell Gwen how he feels for real. Gwen damns Theresa for putting words in her husbands mouth, and she damns Ethan for constantly running to Theresa. Gwen says it is Theresas lucky night as she wants a divorce. Theresa says it is about time, no woman in her right mind doesnt want to be married to a man who doesnt love her. Ethan tells Gwen she doesnt want a divorce and she doesnt understand what happened tonight. Gwen doesnt want another pathetic excuse. Pilar says there is an excuse, but Gwen doesnt want to hear it, its all Theresa manipulating him. Ethan says they all came here to tell Theresa that Luis was dead. Gwen apologizes to Pilar for flying off the handle, but Theresa says she didnt give anyone a chance to explain. Rebecca says Theresa isnt above using her brothers death to get Ethan, and this infuriates Pilar. Ethan tells Pilar that Rebecca isnt worth it. Rebecca cant believe he is talking to her like that. Ethan says she is a mean spirited and selfish woman. Gwen doesnt want Ethan talking to her mother like that, and she thinks Theresa is using Luis' death to get to Ethan. Gwen says she thought Alistair was the monster in this house, but ever since he married this bitch there are two. Pilar goes nuts at this, and Theresa has to hold her mother back this time. Suddenly they all hear a gun shot and run off to find what happened. 

Back in the office, everyone finds Alistair slumped over in his chair. They think Martin has killed him, and Pilar asks what he has done. Gwen says she doesnt believe this. Rebecca says Theresa is now Alistair widow and will control everything. Theresa says she never thought of that, and thanks Rebecca for pointing that out. Theresa says as of tonight everyone answers to her! Alistair says not so fast sweet cakes. Alistair is alive and reveals the gun had a blank in it, but the second bullet would have killed him. Alistair says people always say fire twice, first to the heart and the second to the head. He says it is interesting how death brings out the true colors in everyone. He says Martin can really kill someone in cold blood, Pilar does really love Martin in spite of his feelings for Katherine and Theresa really will take advantage of any situation. Theresa says marrying him was the biggest mistake of her life. He tells her to come off it, she had a million chances to back out. He asks why they are all here, didnt they get Sheridans message that Luis body was arrive at the airport tonight. He suggests they all go morn for someone who is really dead. However he wont let Theresa leave, she belongs by his side. Theresa tells her mom to go, shell catch up. Pilar says they will be in touch about the arrangements. Martin tells Alistair to watch his back from now on. Ethan tells Martin to calm down. Alistair says he could have Martin arrested for attempted murder, but he wont as hes in a good mood. He thinks Rebecca and Gwen are also in a good mood now that Theresa is no longer a widow. Gwen leaves, and Rebecca tells Alistair she is thrilled he is still alive. Alistair says he bets she is. Theresa tells Alistair to make this quick so she can be with her family. Alistair cant believe shed want a quickie, he is a man of a huge appetite and he doesnt want his medication to go to waste. She tells him hes sick, and he laughs. He says he doesnt have time for a roll in the hay, but he will later. He wants her to wear the stockings and red shoes. He walks off, and Theresa picks up a letter opener and realizes there is only one way out of this marriage. She also says thanks for pointing out the benefits of her being his widow. Everyone is heading out of the mansion, but Martin wants to stay behind. Pilar says no, she doesnt trust him. Ethan also doesnt think it is wise for him to stay. Pilar says theyll get Alistair one day, and they head home to wait for Sheridans call.

At the B&B, Sheridan and Chris think the men who have shown up are from the mob. Chris agrees to go with them if the others are spared, but Sheridan says no way. She says if they want to kill Chris then they have to kill her too. Agent Hall shows up and apologizes, these are his men and came to escort Chris out. He apologizes for scaring them. They plan on heading to the airport, and Sheridan insists on going with him. She says she still has to pick up Luis body at the airport, so she might as well go see him and James off.

They all arrive at the airport, and Sheridan and Chris say their goodbyes. Chris says there is something he wants her to know, hell never forget her. He says she is the first person in a long time who has trusted him, she made his life worth living. Sheridan says it is, he is a great man and has a wonderful boy. They say theyll miss one another, and Sheridan says goodbye to James. As James and Chris leave, James runs back to give Sheridan a finally hug. Chris takes James and they head off. Sheridan cries and says she cant stand this. Two other men come in and have Luis' body for her. They point her to the coffin, and she weeps over it. She then asks the men to open the coffin so she can see Luis with her own two eyes. The two men go to open the casket, and Sheridan hopes it isnt him. They open it, and she looks in and gasps.  


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