October 17, 2005 

At the Bennett's, the girls are all upstairs, and Jessica is worried that her father will figure out that they lied to him. Paloma and Simone think he believed them, but Jessica says it might be an act to get them to let their guard down. Paloma asks Simone if they've done the right thing. Simone says yes, she's positive Alistair set Jessica up just like he set Noah and Sam up. Meanwhile, Ivy asks Sam if he honestly believes the girls story? Sam does, he has to believe Jessica couldn't kill someone. He says he could have this bloody cloth tested to see if it is Jessica's blood, but he won't. He says he will believe his daughter. Later, Martin calls looking for Paloma. He gives Sam the bad news about Luis. Sam is shocked, as is Ivy. Sam offers to tell Paloma and then send her home. Sam calls to the girls to come down, and they do. Jessica is worried they've been caught. Sam then gives Paloma the news. She can't believe Luis is dead and says she must go home. She runs off. Simone wonders how much worse can it get? Jessica ends up apologizing to her father and promises to do right by him and strive to be better. Sam is pleased, but he wants her to return to counseling. She agrees and they hug. Sam thanks her for making him believe in something again.

At the Blue Note, Fancy and Noah discuss how angry Liz is. They understand why she's angry with Eve, but not Julian. Meanwile, Liz vows not to let Eve get away with this, she will make her pay. Elsewhere, Eve thinks Liz will never rest until she's destroyed her. Fancy comes over to talk to her dad, and while she does, Eve talks with Noah. Noah updates Eve on Jessica's story and how Simone and Paloma provided alibis for her. Eve is glad that Jessica wasn't involved in the murder. Eve ends up seeing that Noah is in love with Fancy. They have a talk about love, and Noah talks about her marriage to TC and how he's always looked up to them. Eve says it hasn't been perfect, and she still has a very important decision to make that will effect a lot of people. He asks if she's going to marry Julian? Eve says he's currently married, but she does have to decide between TC and Julian still. Meanwhile, Fancy asks her dad how he is dealing with being disinherited so well. Julian says Alistair has disinherited him three times a year since he was fourteen, he's used to it. Fancy says she doesn't think she can deal with being poor, she always thought she'd have the Crane fortune to fall back on. SHe says she has no skills, no way of making it. Julian thinks she'll survive somehow. Fancy questions her father about Liz and why she's so angry with him. Julian doesn't know. She asks about why Rebecca cleared Eve? Julian admits to Fancy he struck a deal with Rebecca, and the cost is that he has to stay married to her forever. Fancy asks but what about Eve, he loves her. Julian doesn't know what will happen. 

At the airport, Sheridan is devastated to see the man in the coffin is Luis, and she's even more crushed when she's legally not allowed to make any decision about Luis' body or his funeral because they were never legally married, She suggests they call his parents, and they do. Pilar decides to have Luis' body brought home rather than a funeral parlor, she wants to say goodbye to him at home. 

At Pilar's, Martin and Pilar wait for Luis' coffin to arrive. MEanwhile, Gwen and Ethan are there and discuss how horrible this is for them, and how they'll need a lot of love and support to get through this. Gwen wonders where Theresa is, Alistair or no Alistair she should be here. Later the coffin arrives and Sheridan is with it. Pilar wants the coffin opened, but Sheridan says no. SHeridan says she already looked, it is Luis. Martin suggests they remember there son as he was. Pilar realizes she has to get in touch with the other children, and Martin makes a call to Sam about Paloma. Sheridan tells Ethan and Gwen how she's not even allowed a say in the funeral as she's not Luis wife. Ethan says in her heart they were married. Sheridan says but it's the legalities on paper that count. She tells Gwen and Ethan never to take one another for granted. Later, Paloma returns home and can't believe this has happened. She cries in her father's arms as Pilar watches. Later, Pilar leads everyone in a prayer, and Sheridan breaks down. Gwen continues to wonder where Theresa is, maybe Luis' death isn't her first priority. Ethan tells Gwen not to start on her tonight, not tonight.  

At the convent, Theresa arrives to see Whitney, but she's told Whitney missed her curfew so she can't have visitors. Theresa says this is a matter of life and death. She is allowed to see Whitney, and Theresa tells her that Luis is dead. Theresa is furious and tells her about Alistair's insatiable appetite for sex, how he is rough and hurts her. Whitney tells her to leave him, but Theresa explains why she can't. Theresa says she's going to kill AListair and she needs Whitney's help. SHe needs a way to kill Alistair that won't be tracked back to her, she can't use a gun or a knife. Whitney refuses to help Theresa and warns her that if she does this it will be a sin against God. Whitney says she'll be forced to turn Theresa in. Theresa promises to Whitney that she will see Alistair dead.

At Tabitha's, Kay is furious that the price of her spell is love. She asks so will Fox wake up not in love with her? Tabitha says no, it will happen gradually. Tabitha warned her the price was high, and she says Kay wouldn't listen to her and insisted she do the spell. Kay says success won't mean anything to Fox without her by his side, he wouldn't want it without her. Tabitha thinks she presumes a lot, but Kay knows this. Kay says she'll go talk with the boys in the basement, but Tabitha warns her that is a bad idea. Kay isn't afraid, what can they do to her she hasn't gone through already. Tabitha says she doesn't want to know. Kay demands Tabitha reverse the spell or she'll tell everyone she and Endora are witches. Fox wakes up, so Kay goes to him. He tells her about his odd dream of being spun around. He wonders how long he's been asleep, and she says not long. He thinks he should get back to work, but Kay says no. She says he needs his rest if he's going to be a success. Fox begins to wonder what is up with Kay. Meanwhile, Tabitha heads to the basement and the boys throw a pail at her. She apologizes and says she didn't expect Kay to change her mind. She also says they have to reverse the spell or Kay will tell everyone their secrets. Tabitha gets to work trying to reverse the spell on Fox.


October 18, 2005

At the Blue Note, Noah tells Fancy hes been looking in the classifieds for an apartment for the two of them. She looks through the adds and says the prices are so low, six hundred dollars a night is cheaper than most hotels she has stayed at. Noah says they arent hotels, you rent them by the month. She says get out of town, well as long as the room service is good. Noah says she has a lot to learn. Noah suggests they go look at some of the places, and he suggests she not ask the landlord about limo parking. She asks why not? He says nobody in these places has their own limos or chauffeurs. She asks how they get around. Noah says the bus. 

Later, Fancy is fleeing an apartment they just looked at as there were cockroaches everywhere. Noah says the first apartment they saw had mice droppings everywhere. Noah says theyll keep looking. Fancy says she doesnt know if shes ready for this, she cant live in these dumps. Noah says theyll find a nice place, he swears. Fancy says shes just not good at being poor. Noah says they wont be poor, it will all be fine. He says hell get another job and theyll make more money. He tells her to hang in there. Noah says hell go back to school and finish his masters, so that will be the ticket to a good career. He says theyll just have to make some sacrifices. She says that is what the Aztecs said before cutting out someones heart. He says theyll make it, and he has to get back to the Blue Note. Fancy says shell be back soon, she has something to do first. Fancy comes up with a way to make some money. Fancy goes into a seedy shop to make some fast money. The man asks if he can help her. She says she thought she could make some money here. He says she came to the right place, she can make some money here. 

At Tabitha's, Kay and Fox are in bed, and Kay says she cant lose him. Fox asks what shes talking about, is something on her mind. Kay says no and everything is fine. Later they discuss how hard being disinherited will be on Fox. He says hell just have to adjust, and the horrible thing is hes still left with this name. He says in spite of what people say, his family built something strong that will last. He wanted to pass that on to his kids and grandkids one day. He says without it he is nothing, it is all he cares about. Kay asks if it is that important to him, and he says he guesses it is. He says it is late now, but building on the Crane legacy is his whole life. He says growing up he never thought about it much because he was the second son. He says then Ethan got knocked out, and then he was the heir. However he says now Little Ethan is in and hes out. Fox says having that position made him want it. He says he has to find a way to get it back. Kay says she loves him and shell do whatever she can to help him get that power. Kay says shes going to check on Maria and that shell be right back. Kay leaves and says she was so selfish, she has to stop Tabitha even if she loses his love. 

Down in the basement, Tabitha is trying to cast a spell to reverse the earlier spell, but shes so tired that she keeps forgetting the words. The boys throw a knife at her, and she ducks. She says she is on their team, and she has no choice but to reverse this spell. Tabitha just doesnt have the energy to reverse the spell, but if she doesnt hurry then the spell will kick in. She begins doing some odd magical cheer, which works and the spell reverses with a clap of thunder. Kay shows up and has changed her mind, she cant reverse the spell on Fox. Kay says she was selfish, she didnt think she could give up his love. She says hes the only man who ever loved her like this. Tabitha says hes the only man who has loved her period. Kay says she now knows that love means giving, so she has to sacrifice her love to make Foxs dream come true. Tabitha calls her a bloody idiot, and Kay realizes shes too late and Tabitha has already reversed the spell. Kay says she never realized how much success meant to Fox, so she has to help him. She says it is better he lose her if it means he'll be a success. Tabitha says this is what she gets for having mortals in her house. Tabitha says she cant do it, shes exhausted right now. Kay says she has to help Fox and she wont change her mind again. Kay says this is important, she has to help Fox. Kay helps Tabitha up off the floor, where she was resting. Tabitha says magic cant be turned off and on, she has to stick with a spell or nasty things will happen as the consequences. Kay begs her to tell her the original spell will still work, that Tabitha didnt reverse it. 

Meanwhile, Fox checks on Maria and ENdora, and he talks to them about how much he loves Kay, and how he cant imagine his life without her. He says hed give up the Crane name, the power and prestige that goes with it if he had to. HE says it could never get him a love like he has with Kay. He says hell work his socks off and become just as successful as if he was one of Alistairs heirs, and hell still have Kay in his life. Endora casts a great big smile to Fox. 

Eve and Julian arrive at Pilars house to give their condolences and support Sheridan. Pilar tells Sheridan theyll get through this. Sheridan says her mind tells her that Luis is dead, but her heart says otherwise. Sheridan says the DNA matched, it is Luis. Sheridan says she knows, she saw the body, but she just cant believe it. 

Gwen worries about Sheridan and if she can handle this. Ethan says they cant prove it, but the blame for this leads to Alistair. Theresa shows up outside, looks in and sees Ethan holding Gwen. She sees the coffin and realizes Luis is in it. She says another brother dead at the hands of her husband, and he will pay for this and everything else hes done. Ethan asks Paloma if Theresa has called, but she says no. She says Theresa needs to be here. Ethan says shell be here, but Gwen isnt so sure. Paloma doesnt understand how Theresa could marry Alistair after what he did to their family. Gwen says that is a good question.

Theresa finally heads into the house, and she overhears people talking about her. She vows to them all that she will deal with Alistair, she swears it. Martin says not to say things like that, her mother's in enough pain already. Paloma gives Theresa a hug, and Paloma says its not fair as she had so little time with him. Theresa asks about Miguel, but they havent heard from him yet. Pilar is glad she is here, she was afraid she wouldnt make it. Theresa says nothing could stop her. Theresa goes to her brothers coffin. She says she wont let Alistair get away with this. She says Alistair is to blame for his death, he killed Antonio, and now hes going to turn Ethan into a monster. She says it falls to her to protect them now, and Alistair will never hurt their family again. She says she wont rest until she can spit on his grave. 

Meanwhile, Eve tells Julian that this is just unbearable, how could Alistair put them through such hell. Julian says he enjoys it, look what he did to them and their child. Eve doesnt know how Julian survived his childhood. Julian says his father tried to mold him into his image, but he failed. Julian says it was her love that changed him. Eve says hell never be the old Julian again, and once they are married nobody will be able to separate them. He asks what this means. She says she chooses him, Luis death has made her see she must grab her happiness while she can. She wont have a lifetime of regret as Sheridan is now faced with.

Gwen and Ethan try and comfort Sheridan, who is devastated. She says shes lost the love of her life and her father is responsible. Meanwhile, Eve comforts Theresa. Theresa says shes lost two brothers because of her husband. Eve tells her to leave Alistair as her marriage is wrong. Eve says shes known her since a little girl dreaming about her one true love, yet know shes chained to this evil old man. Theresa tells Eve why she cant leave, and she says it is all her fault. She says shell have her freedom when Alistair is cold and dead. Eve says shes never heard her speak this way before. Theresa says because shes never been in such a position. She tells Eve how degrading it is to be in Alistairs bed, and she cant live like this anymore. She says she knows it is her fault, but its a nightmare. She says that Alistair has the right to have sex with her anytime he wants it, and he only likes it when hes hurting her. Eve begs Theresa not to go back to the house. Theresa says he has her son, she cant lose her son. Theresa asks Eve to help her, give her something to stop Alistair. Eve asks what shes asking her to do. Theresa wants something to stop Alistair from forcing himself on her. Is there a drug she can use to knock him out. Eve says she cant medicate someone without their knowledge. Theresa says this is to help stop a crime. Theresa begs for help. Eve doesnt want Theresa making a scene in front of Pilar, so she leads Theresa off elsewhere. They go into the kitchen, and Theresa begs Eve for help. Eve says it is illegal, she could lose her liscense. Theresa says he is a monster, he wont stop until he gets what he wants. Theresa says when he makes love to her all she can to is try to pretend that she is making love with Ethan. Gwen walks in and hears this. She is spitting mad and yells at Theresa over her disgusting fantasies about her husband.

Meanwhile, Sheridan begs Pilar not to hate her, two of her sons are dead because of her. Pilar says she could never hate her, and both of her sons loved her and she loved them. She says she is grateful that they had that joy, their lives were richer because of it. Pilar says love is precious, its a blessing from God. She tells Sheridan to take comfort that her love for Luis lives on in Marty wherever he may be. Sheridan says shes lost him too, but Pilar says she hasnt. Pilar knows Marty will be returned some day. Pilar prays for it every night. Pilar then goes to get a candle to put in the window for Marty. She says it worked to guide Martin and Antonio home, so she hopes it will work for Marty. She asks Sheridan to help her light the candle. Pilar tells Sheridan this isnt her fault, if anyone is to blame it is Alistair. She says Alistair took her husband and her two sons. Martin says he is back though, he is here to stay. Pilar hopes that is true, shes trying to be strong, but if she loses one more member of this family then shell break.

Sheridan stands by the coffin and still cant believe Luis is in here. She says she doesnt think she can accept this. Sheridan says its like how everyone told Pilar that Martin and Antonio were dead. She says what if she lights a candle every night. Pilar says that situation was different, she didnt have bodies. Pilar says she knows this is hard, but Luis is in this coffin and hes not coming back to them no matter how much they want it.


October 19, 2005

Kay asks Tabitha if she reversed the spell. Tabitha says you cant cast a spell and reverse it without problems. Kay says but Tabitha is a first class witch. Tabitha and Kay argue over the spell and why Kay wanted it in the first place. Kay says asking Tabitha to reverse the spell was wrong, she was being selfish and she sees that now. She asks Tabitha is she was able to reverse the spell or not. Tabitha says shes in luck, she thought she reversed the spell, but she didnt have enough juice in her. She says the original spell is in place. Kay thanks God, which makes the basement boys roar. Tabitha tells her to be careful what she says here. Kay thanks Tabitha and says this will make Fox so happy. Tabitha warns her that she cant change her mind about this, and Kay says she wont. Tabitha says Fox will become a huge success, but her love for Fox will be caput. Kay is sad, and Tabitha hopes shes not changing her mind again. Kay says shes not, but she has a right to be sad. She says Fox taught her what love was, and shes going to go spend as much time with Fox as she can. Kay leaves, and Tabitha says she must be getting soft as she almost feels sorry for the girl. The boys roar, and Tabitha says she said almost.

Fox tucks Maria in to bed, and he talks to her about how he always wanted to be a success like his grandfather. He says he thought Alistair was someone to be admired, that money and power were all that mattered. He says then he met Kay, and her love changed him. He also says if he had to choose, hed choose having Maria and Kay in his life over the money and success. He says if he doesnt have them then nothing else matters. Later, Kay shows up and overhears Fox telling Maria how hes not going anywhere and they will be a family. Endora sees Kay spying on him, and she teleports herself downstairs to the kitchen where Tabitha is having a Martimmy. Tabitha is impressed by Endoras powers and says shes very proud of her, not many witches her age can pull that off. Endora doesnt look happy, and Tabitha asks what is wrong. Endora conjures up a magic TV to show Tabitha images of Kay and Fox. Tabitha knows shes upset as Fox and Kay are breaking up, and she cant believe shes given birth to a witch who likes happiness. Endora throws a magical fit and begins breaking glasses. Tabitha says she didnt do this on her own, Kay chose this spell. Tabitha tells Endora this behavior is unacceptable, they are witches and thrive on the unhappiness of others. Endorea doesnt like it. Tabitha says she knows, but the spell has been cast and there is nothing she can do about it. Tabitha says that Fox and Kay are doomed. Endora shakes her head.

Fox  returns to Kays room and finds her there. He says he just had a little talk with Maria, and shes a great kid. He tells Kay about his talk and how she and Maria are the most important things to him, without them then success and money dont matter. She cries, and he asks what is wrong. She asks if he believes their love is strong. He says yes. She says stronger than anything, even magic. He says he doesnt really believe in magic, other than the spell she casts when she looks in his eyes. He tells her to relax, nothing bad will happen to them. Kay hopes he is right.

Fancy talks with the store owner about making a lot of money. He asks what she has to sell? She offers to pawn her watch. He asks if they are real diamonds. She asks if hes kidding? He says hes not kidding, he has to be sure in his business. He checks them out and sees they are real diamonds. He makes her an offer, and Fancy laughs. She says the band alone is worth more than this, and the watch if four times as much. He says its the best he can do, and he pays cash. She says shell take it then. 

At the Blue Note, Liz tells Noah business has been booming since he began working here. Noah has noticed a drop off in customers recently and worries this is Alistairs doing because hes dating Fancy. They talk about how horrible Alistair is, and Liz warns Noah that all Cranes are alike and he probably doesnt know Fancy as well as he thinks. Later, Fancy shows up and tells Noah her brilliant plan to make money, she pawned her watch and bought a ton of lottery tickets. She says they will win 25 million, and while he goes back to school shell supervise the mansion. Noah cant believe this, and Liz says just because she entered doesnt guarantee her a win. Fancy thinks there is no way she can lose with all these tickets. Fancy wins a whole three dollars, and she says its not fair. Noah says life isnt fair. Liz asks Fancy if she won, and Fancy says no. Fancy doesn't know what she's going to do now. Liz tells her that most people work for their money, but Fancy says that takes too long. She wishes there was a way to start off at the top, and then she gets an idea. She tells Liz to tell Noah that shell be back shortly, this plan will work. Later, Noah cant believe Fancy thought she would win. Liz says she is a Crane, she thinks shes entitled to win. She cant believe Fancy didnt have her grandfather bribe the lottery board. Noah says he wont do that because Fancy is defying his wishes by seeing him. Liz says that probably excites her. Liz says that Fancy is a Crane like the rest. Liz says they like the idea of excitement and conquest, and once theyve won they grow bored. Noah asks how she knows so much about the Cranes, and Liz says she just does. Liz warns Noah about Fancy, she has been Alistairs favorite all her life. He says he knows Fancy isnt perfect and naive when it comes to money, but she wont go back to Alistair. 

At Pilars, Sheridan says she knows Luis is dead, but her heart says hes still with her. Pilar says that is because he is with her still. Sheridan says so she thinks this is a mistake too? Pilar says no, she just meant Luis was still alive in her heart. She says Sheridan and Luis are soul mates, his love for her will never die. Sheridan says she just cant accept it, she cant believe he is gone. Pilar says she knows. Pilar says they must accept that Luis is dead. Sheridan says she needs him with her, and Pilar says so does she.

In the kitchen, Gwen blows up after hearing Theresa say she fantasizes about being with Ethan while in bed with Alistair. Gwen is ready to rumble, but Ethan stops her from attacking Theresa. Ethan tells her not to do this, not here and not now. Gwen says they came here to pay respect to Pilar, but this tramp can only think about getting Ethan into bed. Eve and Theresa says she misunderstood, she didnt hear the whole conversation. Ethan tells Gwen to think about Sheridan and Pilar right now, and Gwen agrees to. Paloma comes in and tells Ethan that Sheridan is looking for him, and Eve leaves to check on Pilar. Gwen and Theresa are left alone, and Gwen says she is not done with Theresa by a long shot. They soon begin to argue again, and Gwen thinks the only reason she married Alistair was to get Jane and Ethan back. Gwen says Ethan will never leave her, so she can fantasize and daydream about Ethan all she wants. However she says while Theresa has her fantasies, she has Ethan in her bed every night. Gwen talks about his beautiful body next to hers, making love to her every night and every morning. Gwen tells Theresa while she is fantasizing about Ethan while she's with that bag of bones, just know that Ethan isnt fantasizing about her! Theresa grabs Gwen as she tries to walk off and tells Gwen now it is time for her to listen to her. Theresa says she misunderstood her conversation, and she said Alistair was the one who told her to fantasize about Ethan. Gwen doesnt care, she says she is tired of Theresa's obsession with stalking Ethan. She says grow up and move on, can she not see that Ethan doesnt want her? Theresa says Gwen may be the women in his bed, but she is the woman in his heart. She also says everyone knows Ethan only married her because she was pregnant. She also tells Gwen next time they make love, listen to see if Ethan calls out her name. Theresa says she doubts it because Ethan is thinking of her when the two of them make love. Theresa also says one day Ethan will learn the truth about the tabloid scandal and Ethan will walk away from her so fast her head will spin. Gwen says Ethan will never walk away, she offered him a divorce and he said no. She says the crazier Theresa acts, the further out of Ethans heart she is driven. Theresa says so Gwen admits she is in Ethan's heart. Gwen says but she is the one who will stay there. She also says marring Alistair not only hurt her family, it hurt Ethan. Gwen says Ethan is finished with her, it is over, the end. 

Ethan returns to the living room to try and comfort Sheridan. Sheridan is blaming herself for Luis death, and Ethan says its not her fault. Sheridan says Luis is gone and that is all that matters. Meanwhile, Pilar, Martin and Paloma beg Theresa not to go back to the mansion tonight. She says she doesnt have a choice. Pilar asks how she can go back to the monster who did this to her brother. She says to protect her son, but she knows she made a deal with the devil.

Julian asks Eve if she is okay? Eve says shes worried about Theresa, and she tells him about the hell Theresa is putting up with. Julian says it isnt a surprise, and everyone tried to talk her out of this. Eve says Theresa didnt understand what she was getting herself into. Julian says there is nothing they can do about it now, but Eve says maybe there is something she can do.

At the mansion, Alistair has bought some new negligees for Theresa to wear as soon as she returns to his bed. Later, Fancy shows up and tries to smooth talk Alistair, but hes not in the mood for her. She wants to play a game of Gin, but he says no. She says he never turns down a game with her. He tells Fancy shes not the person she once was, she let him down like the rest of this family. Fancy says she is the same Fancy and always will be. He asks if shes given up on the bum, but he says no. She says she loves Noah. Alistair asks then what she is doing here? She says because she misses him. He thought she was here to admit her mistake. Fancy says no, and she is here because she loves him. Alistair says prove it and dump Noah. Fancy says she loves him too. Alistair says he is a blue collar worker and not worthy of her. She asks what about him, hes married Theresa and making her son his heir. Alistair says Little Ethan is his grandson, he can't help who Julian chooses to sleep with. Fancy says well if he can marry Theresa then why cant she marry Noah. He says because he says so. She is frustrated, and he says she acted the same way when she wanted that Arabian nightmare of a horse. He wouldnt give it to her because he loved her too much to lose her on that untamable beast. Fancy says she is still his little girl, and she knows he still loves her. When she starts baby talking him, Alistair admits he loves her still. Fancy says then allow her to be happy, and she begs Alistair to give Noah a job at Crane Industries. She says Noah is a good worker and will impress him. Alistair says hell give him one chance. Fancy hugs Alistair and thanks him. Alistair says have Noah come down to the Crane building tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe he will prove himself. 

Fancy returns to the Blue Note and gives Noah her good news, her grandfather is giving him a job. He says this is insane, what was she thinking? A spying Liz says she tried to warn him. 

Meanwhile, At Pilar's, as Theresa is vowing to everyone that she will make Alistair pay for what hes done, Alistair shows up infuriating Martin.


October 20, 2005
Simone and Jessica are out enjoying some ice cream, something they havent done in a long time. They think about how things were easier when they were younger, their families were happy. They say little by little over time everything fell apart. They begin to recap all the problems their families have gone through over the years. Jessica wonders why they should listen to their parents advice when it never worked for them, why shouldnt they be allowed to have fun. Simone says eating ice cream is fun, but her cutting herself and doing drugs and working for Spike, thats not fun. Jessica admits it isnt fun and its not better than the life she had with her parents. Simone tells Jessica that in acting out and trying to hurt her mom and family, she was the one who ended up paying the most. Jessica realizes that now, and she asks Simone how shes held it together so well. Jessica says her family fell apart too, Whitney got the guy she loved and he turned out to be her half brother. Simone says they all have their own ways of dealing with things. Jessica asks how she dealt with it. Simone says she realized she had to be herself, and she had to realize she wasnt the product of her messed up family but was the way she was because that is who she's always been. Jessica hopes shes wrong, she would hate to think shes really a cold blooded killer. Simone says shes no killer, they dont know for sure she killed that man. Simone once again says Alistair could have framed her for this. Jessica says but what if it really was her who did this. Simone says well she doesnt deserve to go to jail for it. Jessica asks how she lives with herself. Simone says the worst is behind her, and many girls in her situation dont get a second chance. Simone tells Jessica it will get better, and if she has guilt then go tell Father Lonigan. However if she tells anyone else then she could end up in prison. Simone says she just couldnt lose her. Simone walks Jessica home, and Jessica thanks Simone for being such a good friend to her, both her and Paloma. Simone tells Jessica this is her second chance, dont let anything from her time with Spike come back and hurt her. Simone walks her up stairs to her room and offers to stay until her dad comes home, hes off somewhere. Jessica says shell be okay. Simone takes off, and Jessica heads into her room. She gets ready for bed and is stunned to find Spike waiting in bed for her.

At the Blue Note, Noah is furious with Fancy for going to Alistair for help getting him a job. Fancy says Grampy is coming around, hes offering him a job to see hes worthy of her. Noah doesnt care about Alistairs approval and he sure doesnt want money from him. They sit down at a table to have a talk. Fancy wants to know why he has such an attitude. Noah says he doesnt want anything from Alistair, he is manipulative, treacherous and evil. He also doesnt like that she went behind his back and did this. She says he claimed he needed a better job for them to get more money, so she found him one. Noah says she didnt do this to help him, she did it to help herself. Noah says she didnt want to live in any of the apartments they saw, she felt they were beneath her. He says this has nothing to do with helping him and its all about her not wanting to be poor. Fancy says who would choose to be poor instead of rich, except for monks. Noah says he would if it meant taking money from the Cranes. Noah says the Crane money is evil and blood money. He says she knows the type of misery Alistair inflicts on people, and he says look at what hes done to Theresa and her family, and to Sheridan. He says Luis and Antonio are dead become of Alistair. He then says look at her own father and Katherine, how Alistair has made their lives miserable. Noah says this is the man she wants him to work for, is she freaking crazy or what? She thinks he is crazy for not jumping at this chance. Fancy says if he proves himself then Alistair will leave him alone like he does with Ethan. Noah says it is a totally different situation, and Alistair needs Ethan more than Ethan needs Alistair. Noah says he loves her, but he cant get her to see that Alistair and the Cranes are problems for him, problems she doesnt understand. She says but she is a Crane. He says he knows. He says he as to accept that just like she has to accept that he hates her grandfather with a passions for who he is and what he does. Noah says he wishes he could get passed that, but he cant. He also says he cant forget or ignore that she is his granddaughter. Noah says hes sorry. She says shes sorry too, and she doesnt like where this is going. Fancy realizes she is being dumped. Fancy thinks they can make this work. Noah says its not enough, and she knows it too. He says they are from two different worlds, and there is nothing they can do to make this work. Fancy says he cant mean that. Noah says he doesnt think they have what it takes to make it as a couple. He says hes sorry and he kisses her hand. He walks off, and Fancy is left in tears. 

We see a mysterious person in a car driving and it appears there is a baby or child in the backseat. The radio report indicates that Detective Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald from Harmony has been killed in an accident in Morocco. The person driving grips the steering wheel when they hear this. The GPS system in the car indicates they are approaching Harmony. 

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar and Martin are stunned that Alistair has come to pay his respects. Martin tells him to get out of their house. Alistair says he came here to pay respects and he even bought flowers. Martin says he stole them from a garden obviously. Alistair says isnt it the thought that counts to you people? Paloma curses him in Spanish, and everyone tells him to get out as he's not welcomed. He drops the flowers on the floor and says hell go after he gets what he came for. Pilar asks what else could he possibly want, he's already taken two of her sons. He says his wife Theresa. Martin says shes going no where with him. Alistair says she is and Martin has no say in this, he is just a poor father that abandoned his family to live with his (Alistair's) first wife. He thinks that perhaps that is why Theresa is with him, she craves a father figure and now has her own big daddy. Julian says that is sick, but Alistair says no more sick than him and Rebecca having sex all over the mansion. Alistair asks if the donkey ever did more than just watch? Gwen says gross. Alistair then makes a comment about how Gwen knows how he feels about Rebecca, she caught them in bed earlier. He then tells Theresa that she should talk to Rebecca as she knows how he likes it and can give her pointers. Alistair says he is horny as hell and he needs Theresa to perform her wifely duties. Eve remembers the conversation she had with Theresa earlier about Alistair forcing himself on her. Meanwhile, Gwen smiles and thinks Theresa is getting what she deserves, and often too. Gwen says suffer you bitch. Alistair tells Theresa that he wants sex now, and if she doesnt leave with him then hell take her right here on her brothers coffin. Martin calls Alistair a son of a bitch and goes to attack Alistair, but is held back. Alistair says hes a lover not a fighter, and Theresa has a prenup to honor. Theresa tells her family its okay, she does have to go back to the mansion. She asks Alistair for just a moment alone with her brother and family. He says make it quick. Eve tells Julian this is awful, she heard about the hell from Theresa but to see it up close and in person is a whole other thing. Julian says there is nothing they can do, but Eve thinks she can help Theresa. Meanwhile, Sheridan lashes out at her father for killing Luis. She says this is all his fault and he will never forgive him for it. Elsewhere, Theresa once again promises Luis that she will have revenge on Alistair. Alistair tells Theresa it is time to go, Luis is dead but he isnt. Alistair says he needs her body in his bed. Theresa says shes coming. Eve goes to Theresa and gives her a hug. She says theyll keep her in her thoughts. She then slip Theresa some pills and says just one pill will stop Alistair from forcing himself on her for at least one night. Theresa thanks Eve for her help. To herself, Theresa says these pills will end her hell forever. 

Later, Paloma and her parents discus losing Luis. Paloma still doesnt seem to like being comforted by Pilar, and Pilar realizes this. She says things will get easier for them, and Martin says they will always be here for her. Meanwhile, Julian talks with Sheridan. He says she didnt need to put up with father tonight. Sheridan says she was such a fool to think she could ever get Fathers love and approval, but she was so desperate for it and he knew that. She says when she had Luis love she no longer needed fathers approval, and he helped her see the evil person her father really was. She talks about Alistair taking Marty from her and killing Luis, and how Luis will never return home with Marty now. As Sheridan talks about Luis and how she still pictures him alive and returning home with Marty, Gwen goes to her and says she knows this is hard for her but Luis is gone and he wont be coming back with Marty. Sheridan says but she needs him to, she needs him and Marty. Pilar says she needs Luis too, but they cant live life hoping for something that will never be. Sheridan says she knows, she knows Luis is really gone. However she says in her heart she feels like Luis is alive, that this has all been a mistake like Marty's first DNA test. Ethan says the tests on Luis were very comprehensive. Sheridan says she knows, and its like theyve all said, it just takes time for her to accept this. Julian says his sister has always been fragile, he hopes this catastrophe wont shatter her. Gwen says shes a strong person and eventually she will accept this. Suddenly, Luis voice calls out and says I love you Sheridan. Sheridan yells out Luis is alive and hes here, she just heard him. Pilar says Luis is gone, she must accept that. Sheridan says she heard him. Eve says she was just talking about her hopes and dreams about Luis coming home, so she just imagined it. Suddenly Luis voice calls out Sheridan I Love You. The others hear it too this time, and Sheridan opens the door hoping it is Luis. She grabs a man standing there and hugs him.

At the mansion, Alistair is in his robe and throws the negligee he bought at Theresa. He tells her to put it on and quickly. Alistair gets a phone call he has to take in private. He tells her to be ready when he gets back. Theresa goes to work, she drugs a glass of brandy with one of the pills Eve gave her. Alistair returns and finds Theresa waiting for him in her negligee with brandy. He thinks she is getting drunk to have sex with him, but it doesnt bother him as long as she has sex with him. They drink up before getting down to business.


October 21, 2005

Sam shows up at the Blue Note to check on Noah. He thought hed offer him a ride home unless he has plans with Fancy. Noah says no plans tonight or ever again. Sam asks if they had a fifht? Noah explains how Fancy got him a job at Crane Industries. Noah says he was upset and tried to explain why it angered him, but Fancy does understand why he wouldnt choose to be rich when given the chance. Sam says this shouldnt be news to him, and he tells Noah maybe it is best Noah found this out now instead of later. Sam says maybe they were wrong for each other. Noah says Fancy isnt all that bad, and really shes very innocent. They begin having a talk about Noah and his feelings for Fancy. Noah says sometimes he wants it to work so bad, but other times he gets so frustrated with her.

Noah and Sam return home where they continue talking about Fancy. Noah tells Sam about Fancys lottery scam, which was ridiculous but cute at the same time. Sam says it sounds like shes trying to help him. Sam asks Noah if he will be willing to compromise his beliefs to be with Fancy, and is she willing to compromise hers to be with him. Sam says that is the ultimate question here.

Jessica is stunned to find Spike in her bedroom. He says he misses her so much, she is his girl and he wants her back. Jessica says no, he has to leave. She says she wont be a hooker anymore, it is disgusting. She wants a fresh start, she wants to go back to school. She says she wants to be with people who care about her. Spike says nobody cares about her more than he does. Jessica says no, her friends and family love her, they want what is best for her. Jessica says her dad cares about her, he wants to help her find herself again. Spike says so she is just going to leave him? Jessica says she cant go back to turning tricks. Spike says so shes made up her mind and he cant change it. She says no. He says fine, hell just leave. She asks him to sneak out the window, her dad or brother might see him. Spike says thanks for her concern. He then begins talking about the john that has turned up dead, and how he thought he saw her go off with him. He says two johns are dead now because of her, and perhaps he should inform her dad what shes been up to. She says he cant tell her dad. He asks why not, wont her dad be loving and kind and understanding? She begs him not to tell her father. Sam knocks on the door to say goodnight to Jessica. Spike hides behind the door as Jessica opens it up and tells her dad she is fine. Sam says hes so proud of her, and he will do everything he can to help her get her life back on track. Sam leaves, and Jessica makes a deal with Spike. If he keeps quiet then shell go back with him. Spike says say goodbye to daddys prison. 

Fancy runs into Ivy on the pier. Fancy asks what she is doing here. Ivy says she was at Pilars paying her respects to Luis and the family. She asks if Fancy is on her way to see Noah. Fancy says no, and she explains what happened between her and Noah. Ivy cant believe Fancy did what she did and calls her an unthinking self-absorbed problem child that she helped create. Fancy thanks her mom for thinking so highly of her. Ivy says she loves her, but she is a spoiled princess who hasnt a clue how the rest of the world lives. Ivy says most people dont get half of what they want out of life, but she gets everything she wants. Ivy says she has no idea how to work towards a goal. Ivy says Noah is a proud man like his father and wont take a job from Alistair. Ivy says because she cant understand that it is a problem. Fancy says Noah acts like shes asking him to sell his soul to the devil when all she did was get him a job. Ivy says to Noah she is asking him to sell his soul to the devil. Ivy tells Fancy that money doesnt mean the same thing to Noah that it does to her, and because she doesnt understand that  it makes Ivy realize she doesnt have respect for Noah. Ivy talks about how she grew up thinking being rich was all that mattered, and then she met Sam and he taught her that there was more to life. She tells Fancy that Alistair and her father made sure she married Julian, and Alistair is playing with her future by agreeing to give Noah this job. Fancy says it is just a job though, not a handout. Ivy says Noah wont take a job from the man who has hurt him and his family the way Alistair has. Ivy says after the things Alistair has done, there are many decent people who wouldnt work for Alistair and Sam and Noah are at the top of that list. She also tells Fancy her timing in all of this is awful. She asks why? Ivy says the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are mourning their second son killed by Alistair. Fancy says she knows Grampy has done horrible things, but there is no proof he killed Luis. Ivy begs Fancy to open her eyes and see Alistair for the monster he is. Fancy thought she and Noah had something together. Ivy says if she wants to be with Noah then she has to decide what is most important to her, love or money. Fancy says they are both important, and she doesnt adjust for men, men adjust for her. She says shes never had to compromise for some guy. Ivy says she thought Noah wasnt just some guy. Fancy says he isnt. Ivy says well then Fancy will have to learn to be flexible and learn to live without Noah.

Ivy goes to Sams, and Sam tells her about how he thinks Jessica is here to stay and wants to turn her life around. Ivy is happy for him. They then talk about how things are going with Fancy and Noah. They admit they both had talks with their children and neither one knows if they made headway. Ivy says shed like to think love conquers all, but she doesnt know if Fancy and Noah will ever find common ground. Sam says if they are meant to be together then he hopes it doesnt take them as long as it took the two of them to realize that they are meant to be together. Ivy is stunned by what Sam has told her and she and hugs Sam.

In back of the Bennett house, Fancy is bouncing a basketball when a shirtless Noah shows up. She tosses him the ball.

At Pilars home, Sheridan hugs a man in the doorway who she thinks is Luis. She hears Luis saying how much he loves Sheridan. Sheridan eventually sees that the man isnt Luis, and she asks who he is and where is Luis? He explains he is with the FBI and Agent Hall sent him. He has a video camera and a tape from Luis, he accidentally hit the play button and so they heard Luis' voice. He also has more of Luis personal effects. He apologizes for the confusion he has caused. He says he's sorry for their loss and leaves them. Sheridan insists on seeing the tape Luis made for her, even though others fear she can't handle it. He has been making a video diary of his search for Marty, and wanted her to feel like shes a part of the search too. Luis talks about being in France and how it is hard to be here without her. Pilar begins to realize that perhaps Luis intended for Sheridan to watch this in private, but Sheridan wants Pilar and the others here to see this. Pilar says it is just too painful to see her son like this. Sheridan says shell make a copy for Pilar to watch when shes ready. Eve suggests they leave the family to grieve, and Ethan offers to take Sheridan back to the B&B.

Ethan and Gwen bring Sheridan back to the B&B. Ethan asks if she wants them to stay. Gwen wants to put the tape away for now, but Sheridan wants to hear the rest of what Luis has to say. Sheridan continues to watch Luis video. He talks about how hes tried to find the words to tell her how much he loves her, but words have failed him just like he failed her. He apologizes to her for doubting her, and the only way he can fix this is to find Marty. He says he doesnt care if he dies trying, hell find Marty and bring him home. 

At the mansion, Theresa watches as Alistair downs the drugged brandy. When Theresa says shes getting a bit tired, he throws his brandy away and tells her to get up and stretch herself by walking around. Theresa begins to wonder why the drug in Alistairs drink isnt working. Theresa asks if hed like more brandy, but he doesnt want more to drink, he wants her. He begins attacking her. Theresa begins praying that the pill will work soon. They move to the bed and Alistair wants Theresa to tell him how it is useless for her to resist him, and then beg him to make love to her. Theresa fantasizes she is with Ethan to get through it. Alistair finishes up, and she says that was incredible and she loves him. As she looks around for Ethan, she sees Alistair past out. Theresa realizes she made love to Alistair. Theresa realizes she has to get out of here, and she leaves the room. She runs into Eve out in the hall. Eve asks what is wrong? Theresa says the pill didnt stop him, he didnt pass out until after he had his way with her. Eve says she's so sorry and shell have to drug him ahead of time in the future, but Theresa says shell never know when he wants to have sex. Theresa says shell have to give him more than one, but Eve says that could be fatal. Theresa says good to know, she wants Alistair dead and out of her life. Eve warns Theresa if she does this then she wont get away with killing Alistair Crane, it will be traced. Theresa says shell keep that in mind. Theresa returns to her room and looks at a passed out Alistair. She takes a pillow and considers suffocating him. She actually begins to do it and says it will look like Alistair died in his sleep.

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