October 24, 2005 

At Tabitha's,  Kay tries to get frisky with Fox, but Fox suddenly jumps out of bed as he has a great new idea for his project at Crane. Kay heads downstairs to complain to Tabitha about how her spell seems to already be working. Tabitha says it is what she wanted and she warned her of the price.. Kay says she doesn't care, her and Fox's love is strong enough to overcome this. Later Fox shows up, and Kay says he must be getting hungry. She suggests they take a walk, grab a slice of pizza, look at the moon. He says yeah great, they'll take a walk, eat a whole pizza and waste hours looking at the moon. He says he's busy, he has work to do. She says he's already been working for hours. He says he came down here to get a glass of water, not to be nagged. He says he thought she understood how important this was to him. He blows her off, and Tabitha says she didn't expect the spell to take effect this quickly. Tabitha once again tells Kay she only did as she asked her to, and this is what Kay wanted.

At the mansion, Theresa continues to smother Alistair and says it's been three minutes, he should be dead. Fancy barges into the room, sees Theresa and pushes her away from her grandfather. She shakes him to see if he's okay. She finds a pulse, but loses it quickly. Fancy thinks Theresa has killed him. Theresa says he deserves to die for what he's done. Theresa says Alistair killed her brothers and he was forcing her to have sex again. Fancy says she is his wife, but Theresa says rape is rape. Fancy decides to call the cops, but Alistair comes to and says he is okay. He tells Fancy they were just playing a little game. She says this can't be about sex. Alistair refuses to discuss that with her. He asks her to leave him with his wife for a few. She goes to make tea, and Alistair realizes Theresa slipped him a mickey. He then threatens her with a letter opener to get her attention. He laughs and says he never knew she had this in her, and he'll have to be more careful. However he warns her that if she tried to murder him again, she will be the one to end up dead and he promises to make her children's lives filled with pain. Fancy returns with the tea, and Theresa leaves. Fancy talks with her grandpa, and he asks about Noah and the job. She says she and Noah are over. She explains Noah won't take the job. Alistair says that is a shame. Fancy says but he hates Noah. He says yes, but he loves her more. He says if Noah can't say the same then perhaps he isn't the man for her. Fancy says he's right, Noah isn't the man she thought he was and he isn't for her. Alistair smiles and says he's sure she'll meet the right man.

On the streets, Spike has Jessica hooking again. She thinks there must be another way to make money, but he says she doesn't exactly have any other marketable skills. He wants her to take some more drugs, but she says she's trying to stay clean. He asks where the fun in that is. He reminds her if she leaves then he'll tell her father about the two dead johns. She takes the drugs and promises not to leave. Spike then begins pimping her off to two guys. Simone shows up and begs Jessica not to do this. Spike tells her to beat it. Simone gets the two prospective johns to leave by saying Jessica has a disease. They don't want to take chances and leave. Spike is furious and begins arguing with Simone. He asks what is her problem, is Jessica her special friend. Simone says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Spike says let's not fight, lezby friends. Simone tells him to shut it. She ends up grabbing a pipe and smacking him over the head. When Spike is down she tries to get Jessica to come with her, but Jessica won't leave Spike. Spike comes to and sends Jessica off to a party. He then kicks Simone in the gut and warns her that neither she, Jessica's dad or her brothers will take Jessica from him. He leaves her in the street.

A man continues to drive towards Harmony. He has a photo of Sheridan in his car. He arrives at the B&B, gets out and carries a child inside.

At the B&B, Ethan and Gwen try to stop Sheridan from watching the tape, but she insists. Ethan has to go, and makes a comment about Sheridan. Ethan leaves, and Gwen sits with Sheridan as she watches the rest of Luis' tape. He chronicles his journey from city to city, almost finding Beth and Marty but losing them. In one city he got very close and ever found the Curious George book that Sheridan gave to Marty. He promises to bring Marty home, and then they can all watch these tapes together. He was originally going to send them to her as he made them but decided against it. He says he knows she is angry with him, and he'll make it up to her. Sheridan cries and says she's not angry with him anymore, and the minute he left the cottage she knew she was wrong to make him go. Luis ends up in Tanzania, and Sheridan realizes this is where he was killed. He talks about how he gets a bad feeling about this place, but he's shaking it off. Sheridan wishes he had trusted his instinct. He says he has to go meet a man in a bar about Beth and MArty. Sheridan realizes this is where he died. Luis says he'll find Marty or die trying. The tape then ends. Sheridan breaks down, and Gwen says there is still a chance someone will return Marty. She says no, it is pointless to fantasize about things that won't happen. Gwen ends up leaving Sheridan, who cries herself to sleep. Suddenly, a man comes in and sets a child next to her on the bed. She calls out "Marty."

Outside the Bennett's, Noah is playing basketball when Ethan shows up. They have a talk about love and Fancy. Noah explains what Fancy did, and Ethan said he had hoped Fancy would come around and see Alistair for who he was. He says still, if he thinks Fancy is the one, not to let go of that hope. Noah says he has rotten luck with love. He says before Fancy there was another girl, and it ended badly. Ethan tells him not to let Fancy go if there is a slimmer of hope. Noah says and what, end up like mom and dad, like Luis and Sheridan. He says no thanks. Ethan says love is a risk, it's a gamble. He talks about the feeling of finding that one special woman, and says that is how he knew Theresa was the woman for him. Noah says doesn't he mean Gwen? Noah realizes Ethan is in love with THeresa, and he says if he loves Theresa then be with her. Ethan says no. He says he loves Gwen too, he made vows in a church and he won't break them. Noah says but . . . but Ethan says no buts, end of discussion. 


October 25, 2005

At the Bennett house, Noah returns home and Sam says Jessica is gone. Sam worries about where she is and what she is up to. Simone shows up and says she knows where Jessica is and it is as bad as hes thinking. Simone says she is with Spike. She says she tried to get her away from Spike, but he threatened her. Simone says she thinks Jessica was also on drugs too. Sam asks what Spike could have threatened her with? Simone remembers the murdered John. Simone says nothing, and Sam and Noah discuss how Alistair could be behind this as he  holds a grudge against their family. Sam wouldnt be surprised if Alistair is using Spike to destroy Jessica. Noah says he cant believe Fancy got him a job with Alistair. Simone says why would he offer Noah a job, he would have to have known Noah would say no. Noah realizes she is right, and Alistair manipulated both him and Fancy into breaking up over this job. The more Sam thinks about it, the more he believes Alistair is behind this. Noah says the guy is dirt and he wants to kill him. Sam asks if he is talking about Alistair or Spike? 

At Crane Industries, Kay brings Fox some coffee. She says she didnt hear him leave this morning. He says he got here around five, he couldnt sleep. She asks how his project is going, and Fox says really good. He also thanks Kay for being so supportive and understanding with all the time hes been spending on this project. He kisses her and says he has to go get a book to do research with. Fox leaves, and Kay continues to hold out hope that she and Fox will beat this spell. Meanwhile, Chad talks with Julian. He says Whitney is taking her final vows soon, so he and Miles may never see her again. Julian asks how hes dealing with being a single father. Chad says he is dealing. They then talk about what Alistair did to all of them. Chad says he never had much money, so it doesnt really affect him much. Julian says without the fortune they will all be scrambling. Fox shows up and says he wont, hes going to take over this company and wont let anyone get in his way. Chad doesnt like hearing this, and they begin fighting. Julian says if they work together they can make this company stronger, and they can all be a success. He wants this for both of them. Kay shows up, and Valerie tells her that Chad and Fox seem to be fighting. Chad and Fox both agree to work together, and Julian says his father will try to divide and conquer, so dont let him do that or they will all lose. The boys try and play nicely, and Valerie asks Kay if everything is okay between her and Fox. Kay says yes, and Valeire says she just noticed he seemed distracted. Kay thanks her for her concern. To herself, Valerie says things will be a whole lot worse for Kay when shes done with her.

Alistair walks into the kitchen, says hello to Mrs. Crane and pinches her butt. She says thats not in the prenup. He asks how she would know, she didnt read it. Fancy comes in and is worried about her grampy, what if Theresa tries to smother him again. Alistair assures her that she wont, he had a talk with his new wife. Ethan and Gwen then show up, and Gwen doesnt know how much longer she can deal with Theresa. Gwen also talks about Sheridan and how she is coping with Luis death. Meanwhile, Alistair wants Theresa to wear the new teddy he bought her tonight and pretend shes a virgin. Elsewhere in the kitchen, Fancy tells Ethan that Theresa tried to kill Alistair last night. He thinks she must have misunderstood what she saw, but Fancy didnt. She says she saw Theresa smothering him. He says why didnt Alistair call the police. Fancy says Alistair claimed it was a sex game, but she doesnt believe it. She is worried Theresa may try it again. Later, Alistair asks Fancy what she has planned for the day. She says she was going shopping, she has one last credit card unless he canceled it. He says no, but he had something more interesting in mind. He wants her to join Crane and learn to support herself. She doesnt know what she could do for him. Alistair wants her to be in charge of the new style division at Crane, she'd be in charge of their new fashion line. Fancy says she knows how to choose clothes, but to come up with her own designs is another story. Alistair says hes seen her drawings, shes designed clothes since she could hold a pencil. She says but that was for fun. Alistair says and this job will be fun too. He tells her to go put on a more appropriate wardrobe for the office, and he thinks now that shes gotten rid of Noah she will be in a position to meet men who are more worthy of her. 

Back in the kitchen, Theresa watches as Gwen mothers Jane. Gwen leaves with Jane, and Ethan asks Theresa if she tried to kill Alistair last night. Theresa says she did, and shes going to keep trying until she succeeds. Ethan cant believe what she is saying, and how did she overpower him. She says she gave him a pill to knock him out, she got it from Eve. Ethan cant believe this. Theresa says Eve gave her drugs to stop him from raping her and hurting her. She says she drugged him, and when he was unconscious she decided to end it all. She says Fancy ruined it, so better luck next time. Ethan says this is murder, but Theresa says it is self defense. She says she cant take it anymore. Ethan says then leave him, but she says she cant do that and he knows why. She says Alistair has custody of Little Ethan. Ethan says there are other ways to protect him from Alistair than murder. Theresa says it is the only way. Ethan says he wont hurt Little Ethan, he wants him to succeed and be his heir. Theresa says yes, but in the process hell take her sons soul. Theresa says she wont let it happen, shell get rid of him once and for all. Ethan says he should report this to the authorities. Theresa says she has no life being married to Alistair. Ethan tells her to think about the life her children will have if shes behind bars. He wants her to consider if what she is planning is really worth it. She says even if she never sees her children again, she will sleep peacefully knowing Alistair will never destroy her childrens lives. Theresa say Alistair has to pay for what hes done to her family. She says now she has to go get ready for her brothers funeral, the second one Alistair has murdered. Theresa leaves, and Gwen shows up and asks if something is wrong. He says no, everything is fine. Ethan looks up at Theresa and says her eyes are so cold, she really is going to try and kill Alistair.

Back at Crane, Alistair shows up with Fancy. Julian asks what shes doing here. Fancy says shes working here, which shocks Julian. Alistair says she is the new division chief of Crane's style division, and he wants them all to give her as much assistance as she needs. Julian and the boys head off, and Alistair shows her to her office. Alistair asks if she likes it, and she says she loves it and it is beautiful. He says he wants the room to give her inspiration, and he wants her to come up with amazing designs and make Crane Industries millions of dollars. Alistair tells her to have a good time and be good. Alistair thanks Alistair, and he says shes welcome. 

Alistair then gloats to Julian and Chad about Fancy working here, and Chad thinks this is one more person he has to compete with. Julian says she is his half-sister, but Chad doesn't see it that way. Alistair then goes to meet with Fox about his Singapore project. Fox thinks Alistair will be impressed. Alistair says he better be for his sake. Alistair reads the report and tells him this is excellent, but he wants someone else's take on it first. Julian and Chad show up, and Alistair says he had Chad develop a proposal on the same project. He says he will look over them both, and the winner will get the promotion and the loser will have the distinction of everyone knowing his work is inferior. Alistair leaves as he has work to do. Julian says he warned them this would happen. He wants them both to work on this project together, but Chad says Alistair is the one with the power. Fox and Chad both vow to be the one who comes out on top. Kay is positive Fox will win, thanks to Tabithas spell. Valerie and Kay both think that Chad and Fox have to work on their individual projects if either one wants to get ahead. Julian says it seems there is no other way other wise they could lose their jobs. He asks them to be civil and shake on it. The boys then get to work on their projects. Meanwhile, Valerie tells Chad he thinks there is a problem between Fox and Kay and they can use that to their advantage. 

Later, Alistair checks on Fancy, who was doodling a sketch of Noah. He asks if she has any new ideas, and she says he has some ideas. Alistair is impressed with her ideas, and asks if shes having any regrets about Noah. Fancy says none. He asks if she is sure, and she says the only thing on her mind is trying to make him proud of her. He says speaking of jobs, could he go get a file from his office for him, he left it there. She says sure and takes off. Alistair snoops in her desk and finds her sketch on Noah. Hes not pleased. 

At the B&B, Sheridan wakes up and sees a child in her bed and a man standing next to it. She thinks it is Marty and Luis. Sheridan says she is so sorry for what she said to him, can he forgive her. The man turns on the light, it is Chris and James. Sheridan realizes its not Luis and Marty, and she must have been dreaming. Chris says hes sorry, and Sheridan cries when she realizes it was all a dream. Sheridan asks why hes here. Chris says James missed her. She thinks its dangerous for him here, and what about Agent Hall. Chris says Agent Hall doesnt know they are here, and he had to come and see if she was all right. Sheridan says shes not all right. She tells Chris about the videotape she got from Luis. Chris wishes there was something he could do to help her. She says bringing James is a help. James brings a Curious George book to Sheridan. Sheridan says this is one of Martys books, and she decides to read it to James. Later, Sheridan decides to make James and Chris breakfast. She smiles as she looks at them sitting at the table. 


October 26, 2005

At Crane Industry, Kay tells Fox they need to go to the funeral. Fox says he needs five minutes, but she says he said that five minutes ago. Fox says he has a lot of work to do. He tells Kay to go and hell catch up with her at the funeral. Meanwhile, Chad realizes Fox is working through the funeral and maybe he should too. Valerie says no, it would be bad if he didnt show his face there. Kay continues to bug Fox about being late. Fox says it will look bad if he goes to the funeral, runs into Alistair and Chad is here at work. Kay says Chad is Sheridans nephew, as is he. Kay says he needs to be there, and he doubts Alistair will show. Fox says he thinks his mean spirited grandfather will probably show up to the funeral of the man he killed. Kay asks Fox not to snap at her. Fox says hes sorry, but he has to be a success here to build a future for him, for her and Maria. He says she does want them to be happy doesnt she. Kay remembers Tabitha warning her of the price of the spell. He says she does want him to be a success doesn't she? Kay says of course she wants him to win. Fox tells Kay then he has to work, and he tells her to go to the funeral and if he can show up he will. Kay storms out, and Fox keeps on working. 

Tabitha spies on the going-ons through her bowl and talks to Endora about the funeral. Endoras talkie bubble says shes never been in a church. Tabitha says and she wont go in one, if they try who knows what kind of saint or seraphim will be sent after them. Tabitha says as long as they stay outside the church they will be fine. Tabitha and Endora get ready to head off, and they see Kay waiting for Fox to finish up. Tabitha and Endora show up at the church but refuse to get too close. However she has some magical grief seeking glasses and suffering satellite receiver that will allow them to see what is going on inside. Suddenly a church statue comes to life to stop Tabitha. Tabitha tells him to chill out, she has no intention of going inside. As the statue begins zapping Tabitha when Kay shows up and asks what is going on here. Tabitha explains, and Kay says the statue is just doing his job. The statue nods, and Tabitha scolds Kay for taking the statues side. Tabitha sees Kay is without Fox, and she says that spell is obviously working. Kay says hell be here, and the spell wont destroy their love. Back at Crane, Fox decides there is no use of going to the funeral now as its probably almost over. He says hes doing what is right for him, Kay and Maria. Back at the church, Kay tells Tabitha that she and Fox love one another and will be together. Tabitha says the spell she cats is far too powerful and she doesnt think Fox and Kay will make it. Kay says she is wrong, and she has a funeral to attend. As Kay is about to go in, Fox shows up and kisses Kay. Endora smiles, as does the statue. Fox and Kay head in, and Tabitha is sure that the spell will break them up eventually. The statue zaps Tabitha again, which upsets Tabitha. Tabitha asks Endora for a power boost, so Endora gives her one. Tabitha and the statue then begin a war of zapping each other and wrestling as Eye of the Tiger plays in the background. 

At the church, people begin arriving for the funeral. Julian wishes he had acted differently when Luis and Sheridan first fell in love, but he was still his fathers flunkie. Eve says Luis knew he was a changed man. Julian says he was in awe of the depth of Luis love for his sister. Gwen, Ethan and Rebecca show up. Rebecca is morning the loss of the hunk Luis as a loss for women everywhere. Ethan talks with Eve about giving pills to Theresa to drug Alistair with. He tells her that he's afraid Theresa will use them to kill Alistair. Meanwhile, Sam, Noah and Ivy show up for the funeral, followed by Martin, Pilar and Paloma. Pilar doesnt know if she can do this, theyve lost so much already. She wishes God had taken her instead. Sheridan, Chris, James and Katherine show up. Everyone thought Chris and James left. Gwen is just glad Sheridan has so many people to lean on. Sheridan thought she was prepared for this. Katherine says for her sake she must say goodbye to Luis. Sheridan knows that, but she isnt sure she can. Sheridan gives Pilar a hug, and Katherine and Martin exchange looks. Theresa and Little Ethan then show up for the funeral. Theresa wishes it was Alistair in the coffin and not Luis. As the funeral begins, Alistair walks in with Fancy. Everyone is shocked that Alistair had the nerve to come here. Fancy says people dont seem to be happy to see them. Alistair says just him, but he doesnt give a damn as these people are just minions waiting to do his bidding. Sheridan lashes out as her father for coming here to the funeral of the man she killed. Sheridan begins recanting all of the horrible things Alistair has done, and she tells him to get out as she doesnt want him here. Alistair says this is a house of God and all his children are welcomed here. She says not him, hes the spawn of evil. Father Lonigan says as much as he hates to disagree, all people are welcomed in Gods house. Alistair thanks Father Lonigan. Father Lonigan tells him to just sit down. Julian suggests Fancy come sit with him, but Alistair says Fancy stays with him. They sit in the back, and Fancy asks her grandfather to just be discreet. The funeral continues, and Father Lonigan says Ethan has a video of Luis to play. Ethan says he edited a video of Luis video diaries down to a few special moments he felt they should all see. He begins playing the video. Luis soon begins talking about how evil Alistair is, and all the things Alistair has done to their families. Luis says it seems the only person to come unscathed from Alistair's wrath is Theresa and he hopes it stays that way. Theresa begins to cry when she hears this. Theresa says she will kill Alistair, she swears to God she will. Luis video continues, and he says he feels his life is in danger and if something happens to him then it will be Alistairs fault. Everyone begins accusing Luis of murder, including Sheridan. Alistair suggests she sit down as shes in a house of God. Sheridan says she will kill him, and tries to attack him. Chris stops her, and Alistair says they all have heard her threaten him, but everyone claims they heard nothing. Sheridan says listen to that old man, nobody would help him even if his life was in danger. Fancy runs out, and Alistair says now theyve upset Fancy. Sheridan says perhaps she has seen him for who he really is. Alistair begins laying into Luis' character, saying Sheridan should be unhappy with Luis because he never loved her. He says he always believed Beth over her, and he was just using her to get revenge for what he felt were crimes committed against his family. Martin defends Luis and says he did love Sheridan and he was a good man. Theresa then says it is Alistair who should be rotting in a coffin, not her brother. Alistair tells Theresa not to attack him in public, he could divorce her and she will be left without a cent and he will keep Little Ethan. Later, Eve questions Theresa about the pills. As Theresa holds the pills behind her back, she lies to Eve and says she threw the pills away because they did her no good. Eve is glad to hear this and says murder is wrong, and if she hangs in there then things will get better. Theresa says she has to go pray now, and she leaves. Ethan asks Eve if she talked to Theresa about the pills. Eve says she did, and Theresa says she threw them away and she believes her. Ethan isnt so sure, and he says marrying Alistair has changed her. Gwen overhears as Ethan tells Eve that Theresa did try and kill him once and hes afraid shell try it again. Meanwhile, Sheridan continues to attack her father and vows to make him pay for what hes done to Luis and to her. Alistair ends up slapping Sheridan, shocking all.

Noah leaves to talk to Fancy and try her see what kind of man Alistair is. Fancy says she sees everyone hates him, but there is no proof Alistair killed Luis. Noah asks if she listened to her aunt, Sheridan just said Alistair tried to kill her and Luis numerous times. Fancy says she knows her grandfather isnt a saint, but she doesnt think he could have anyone killed. Fancy tells Noah to stop dissing her grandfather. Noah says or what? Noah continues to try and make Fancy see her grandfather for who he is. Noah says she cant think that everyone in there have just made up everything they say about him? He says does she thinks Katherine made up her stories about abuse and rape? Did Julian and Eve pretend they didnt have a son and let him commit incest with his sister? Noah says her grandfather is a murderer and one day he will get what is coming to him. Fancy says he has a one track mind when it comes to her grandfather. She says her grandfather has always loved her and she loves him. Noah says it breaks his heart to hear her say that. Fancy says it is the truth. Noah says well if she stops defending that murdering SOB then hell lose what little respect he has for her. 


October 27, 2005
Spike drags Jessica off to meet her latest customer. He also tells her not to kill this one. They show up at a hotel and Jessica meets the latest sleaze. Spike demands the money upfront, but he wont pay until hes done. Spike doesnt take no for an answer, so the guy pays Spike and ads extra in case he gets creative. Jessica begs Spike not to make her sleep with this guy, hes gross. Spike says to think of him, and unless she wants her father to know about the other dead guys to get busy. Spike leaves, and the man drags Jessica to bed. Jessica ends up popping some pills, and as her vision blurs, she sees a knife by the bed. Later, Jessica wakes up and finds the john is dead from a stab wound. Jessica screams when she sees this. Jessica thinks shes done it again. She grabs her phone and calls Simone.

Outside the church, Endora watches as Tabitha fights with the statue. Tabitha asks Endora to help her, and she says In a minute. Endora ends up getting rid of the statue just as the service ends and the church bells ring. 

Inside the church, Noah continues to ask Fancy how she can stick up for her grandfather. She says someone has to, the whole town is against him. She says even his own wife is trying to kill him. Noah says good, hell put the bullets in the gun for Theresa. Fancy storms off back into the church, where Chris has just decked Alistair after he hit Sheridan. Alistair warns Chris that he just made a grave mistake. Father Lonigan says this is a house a God, it is no place for violence. Pilar says this is Luis funeral, this is not a day for violence but to honor Luis. Pilar invites everyone but Alistair back to her house for lunch and where they can share some happy memories of Luis. Alistair says it should be a short lunch. Martin goes to attack Alistair, but Sam stops him. Everyone heads out, and Gwen tells her mom that she heard Theresa is planning to kill Alistair. She says they have to warn him, but Rebecca says no. Gwen says if Theresa murders Alistair then shell be his widow and run everything. Rebecca says from what she hears, Julian will run the company until Little Ethan comes of age, and she can deal with Julian. Gwen says what about Theresa? Rebecca says theyll prove she was a cold blooded killer. Meanwhile, Alistair refuses to let Theresa go to her mothers house, she is to return home with him. Theresa tells herself shell go home with him, shell even sleep with him, but it will be the last time. 

People begin leaving the church and find Tabitha on the ground outside. They ask what happened. She says she tripped, but Fox says it looks like she got attacked. Tabitha says she is so sorry she missed the service. Pilar says her coming is what matters, and she invites Tabitha back to her house for lunch. Pilar asks Theresa if she is coming, but Alistair says she has conjugal duties to perform. Pilar tells Alistair that hes despicable. As they leave, the woman with red nails is shown spying on them from the graveyard.

Fancy heads to the Java Caf and runs into her old friend Kaitlin. They catch up on old times. Kaitlin doesnt think Fancy looks very good. She says she was at a funeral. Kaitlin asks anyone she knows? Fancy says a local. Kaitlin thinks it is an old servant. Kaitlin asks Fancy so who the man in her life is. She says there is none. Kaitlin says she hasnt been alone since she was thirteen, certainly she must have some hunk on a string. Fancy says she thought there was a man, but there isnt anymore. On cue Noah walks in. Kaitlin says Fancy has fallen in love, and she wants to hear about the guy. Fancy says hes gorgeous, warm, funny, smart and brave. Kaitlin asks why they arent together. She says they are too different, and he hates her family. Kaitlin says she is a Crane, who wouldnt want to marry into that family. Fancy says Noah. Meanwhile, Noah gets a call from an old friend. As Noah talks to his old friend, Fancy continues talking to Kaitlin about Noah. When Kaitlin learns the guy is poor and not interested in money, Kaitlin tells her not to waste time. She says if the guy doesnt have money to keep her in style then move on. Fancy says that brings up another problem, her Grandfather has cut her off. Kaitlin says that settles it, she has to sink her hooks into a guy with money otherwise how will she survive. Fancy says shes working at Crane Industries now. Kaitlin says she has to work, how humiliating. She says they were raised to be decorative, to marry and raise an heir. She says that is what they were born for. Meanwhile, Noah continues talking to his friend. Fancy excuses herself and goes to talk to Noah when she sees him. She says she is not as shallow as Kaitlin and can be a woman Noah could be proud of. As she approaches him, Noah tells someone that there is no one here hes interested in and all the women are big fat zeros. Fancy is stunned to hear this.

Everyone else heads to Pilars for memories of Luis and lunch. Tabitha of course begins loading up on the free food. Simone arrives, apologizing for not attending the funeral. Eve sees Simone is bruised and worries about her. She gets some time alone with Simone to find out what happened. Simone claims she ran into a doorknob. Eve thinks this has something to do with Jessica and the man who was murdered at the motel. Eve knows she provided an alibi for Jessica. Eve says she was always Kays friend, and they used to torture Jessica. She wonders what is going on. Simone thinks her mother thinks she is hitting on Jessica, but Eve says not at all. Julian returns and asks if everything is okay as it looks like they are having a fight? Eve says of course everything is okay. Simone then gets a call from Jessica, who says shes killed again. Simone makes excuses and runs off. Eve realizes Simone is lying about something, and something is very wrong. Eve says whoever called her frightened her, and she hopes Simone knows what shes doing.

Pilar has a table of photos of Luis set up, and all of his trophies on display. Sam and Ivy offer to help her in any way they can, but she says nobody can give her what they need. Ivy asks where Sheridan is? Pilar says shes not coming, she wanted to be alone right now.

Meanwhile, Gwen asks Rebecca why they are here? Rebecca says Theresa cant try and kill Alistair with witnesses around. Besides, she says shes never been to a Mexican funeral. She wonders if theyll have a mariachi band. Gwen wonders if keeping this plan of Theresas a secret is a good idea. Rebecca says they just need to give her enough rope to hang herself with. Gwen says but they are talking about a human being here, but Rebecca says they are talking about Alistair. She insists Gwen that it will all go as planned, Theresa will be convicted and it will be like giving Theresa a lethal injection herself. She says it is perfectly simple. Ethan asks what is perfectly simple? Rebecca says oh nothing, and makes up an excuse.

Fox ends up ditching the lunch and Kay to go work on his project, and Tabitha says she hates to say she told her so. She says no matter how close she will get to Fox, work will always come first.

Ivy tries to get Sam to eat something, but he says he doesnt have an appetite. Sam is worried sick that Jessica has gone back to the streets with Spike. Ivy thinks it wont be long before Jessica is back in her room, but Sam says how long before she leaves again. Ivy says Jessica will wake up and realizes she needs his help. Sam says what if she never wakes up. Later, Sam gets a call, there has been another murder.

Sheridan, Chris and James return to the B&B. Sheridan is fuming that her father showed up at the funeral. Chris says hes sorry he punched her father. Sheridan is worried about that, and she tells Chris that he has to take James and get out of town as soon as he can. He doesnt want to leave her, but she doesnt want anything to happen to him because of her. She begs him to go, so he says he will if it means that much to her. Sheridan says goodbye to Chris. Chris says if it was just him then hed never leave her side, but he has to think about James. They then realizes James is nowhere to be found. They run outside looking for James, and they hear a car screech and a thud. We then see James laying unconscious in the street.

Alistair and Theresa return home, and Theresa avoids Alistair like the plague. Alistair tells Theresa he likes her spirit, he likes the passions she has against him. He says he wants to see it in their bed tonight. She says you mean act up a storm and pretend I like it. He says it is what she gets paid for, and he says go put that teddy on. Theresa says fine, but shes starving as she didn't get breakfast and he made her miss her mother's lunch. He says fine, call the chef and have him whip up something. He says in honor of her brother make it something spicy and Mexican. Theresa makes a call to the chef and orders some chicken burritos, chips and salsa and some spicy guacamole just the way Alistair likes it. The lunch is brought up, and while Alistair is out of the room Theresa begins to dump the drugs into the guacamole. Rebecca, who has returned, watches as she does this. Alistair returns, and she offers him a beer and tells him that they should enjoy. As Alistair digs in, Rebecca practices her testimony for the court.  Meanwhile, Ethan asks Gwen what her mom was going on earlier about. Gwen says nothing, she just wants to redecorate the mansion.

At the hotel, Simone shows up and asks Jessica what shes done. Jessica doesnt know, its just like the last time. She says she doesnt remember anything, what is wrong with her? 

Sam returns home and finds Jessica back in bed once again. He is glad to see she is back, and wonders why she changed her mind. She thinks he doesnt want her here. He says he does, and asks what time she got here. She says hours ago. Simone is hiding in the closet with Jessicas bloody dress. 


October 28, 2005

At the Bennetts, Sam questions Jessica about how she left to be with Spike and yet now shes back here. She says what the big deal is, she came back and everything is fine. Sam says everything isnt fine, there has been another murder with the same MO as the last one. Simone is hiding behind a dressing screen and is hoping Sam doesnt find her otherwise he'll figure out the truth. Sam asks Jessica if she knows anything about this murder, but she says of course not. She cant believe hed ask her. He says all the evidence from the last crime pointed to her. She says she thought he believed in her, that she was innocent.

At the mansion, Alistair is enjoying the guacamole. Theresa watches and waits for him to keel over. Alistairs phone rings and he goes to answer it. Its an old friend from Hawaii. As he talks business, Theresa wishes hed eat up and die as she doesnt have all day. Meanwhile, Rebecca watches and waits outside the library. She says once Alistair is gone she will have oodles of money and can honestly say she saw Theresa kill Alistair. Rebecca says she is sorry for what she said about Mexican food to Pilar in the past, she loves it now, its fantastico. Back in the library, Theresa waits for Alistair to die and says once hes buried shell visit his grave once a week to spit on it. Alistair suggests to Theresa she go upstairs and put on the teddy. He also says he has a surprise up there for her. She says she has an even bigger surprise for him.

Gwen and Ethan discuss what an awful day this has been. Gwen feels so bad for Sheridan, and she doesnt know how God can bring such tragedy to a wonderful person. Ethan says she has a lot of people to support her, especially with Chris and James back. Ethan leaves to make some calls, and Rebecca swoops in and informs Gwen that as they speak Theresa is murdering Alistair with poisoned guacamole. Rebecca says its like clue, Mexican Theresa with the guacamole in the library. Gwen thinks she should tell Alistair and call and ambulance, but Rebecca says this is what they have waited for. She says Julian will run Crane Industries till Little Ethan is old enough, shell be rich and Theresa will be gone. 

At the B&B, a drunk driver has run into a tree, and Sheridan is looking for James. Sheridan finds little James on the ground behind the car unconscious. Chris calls the police, and the drunk asks why hes calling the police as he only hit the tree. Sheridan calls him an idiot, he may have killed a child. She says hes going to jail. The drunk says not him, hes getting out of here. Sheridan says hes going nowhere and decks the drunk, who passes out.

At the hospital, Eve is worried about Simone and where she rushed off to. She thinks Simones emotions must be all over the place, and she tries to find some gay and lesbian websites and support groups to help her find her way. Eve finds thousands of them and wonders where she starts. She finds a website for parents of gay and lesbian children, and she goes into the chatroom to talk. TC shows up, and Eve minimizes her screen. TC says Eve that they need to talk.

The following is a quick recap of the end of the rest of the show.

Alistair leaves the office to do more business, and Ethan shows up. He has another one of his talks with Theresa, telling her that if she hadn't done all the things she had, they'd be happy and together today. Theresa says they still can be, but Ethan says no. However, he does think she can still have a future if she leaves Alistair, and he'll help her. As they hug, Alistair returns and becomes upset. He says Theresa is his wife, and molests her in front of Ethan. He then takes Theresa up to his room to have his way with her. Ethan is left behind and begins making calls to abused women's shelters and support groups. As he makes the calls, he eats the guacamole. Theresa remembers the poisoned dip and returns for it just as Ethan is poisoned and hits the ground.

At the Bennet's, Sam begs Jessica to be truthful with him and he can help her. Simone motions to Jessica not to say a word, and Jessica keeps quiet. Sam leaves Jessica, knowing she is lying. Simone then has a talk with Jessica. Jessica thinks she has to go back to Spike otherwise he'll tell her dad about the dead johns. She confesses to Simone that she accidentally stabbed a guy during the tsunami and Spike helped her hide the body. Simone tells her not to tell anyone, and they'll find a way to deal with Spike.

At the hospital, Eve is called to the ER to check on someone, and TC is left alone in Eve's office. He ends up seeing the gay and lesbian website on her PC and thinks it is about Whitney. Eve returns and says it isn't about Whitney, it is Simone. Eve informs TC that Simone told her during the Tsunami. TC is furious and refuses to accept this. He blames Eve, saying she abandoned Simone and now she's looking for mother love in other places. Eve says that is not true, but TC won't accept his daughter is a lesbian. Eve is called back to the ER when James is brought in. As Eve struggles to save Jame's life, TC takes off looking for Simone and ends up at Sam's place. Sam says Simone isn't here, but Jessica is.

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