September 5, 2005 

Theresa is in the kitchen having ice cream and trying to figure out how to get Alistair to change their deal. She then remembers the rape. A hand touches her, and she yells Please dont touch me. Its only Ethan, and she says shes sorry. He says he came down to get milk and cookies for little Ethan. He knows that she though he was Alistair. Theresa says no she thought it was the cook to yell at her for stealing ice cream. Ethan tells her to stop, and asks why she didnt press charges against Alistair? He says the man is evil and will hurt someone else if she doesnt stop him. He asks why she didnt press charges? She says Gwen and Rebecca think she made it all up. Ethan says he thought that too, but now he doesnt. He says Alistair must be held responsible for what he did. She says even if she wanted to she couldnt. He asks why not? Is it because of the bracelet? She says of course not and she doesnt even want the thing. Ethan asks why she didnt press charges? Theresa says if she sends Alistair to prison then shell end up a prisoner too. He says she didnt do anything wrong. Theresa says she has, she thought it was the only way and she still does. He asks what she is saying, that she teased him and led him on? That she feels she somehow deserves this? She says no, he needs to stop thinking like a lawyer for a second. He says well she is hard to follow, she doesnt think like everyone else. She says if she sends Alistair to prison then shell end up a prisoner of her love for him. She says if she has Alistair arrested then he wont help her win him away from Gwen. Theresa says she needs his help to make them a family. Ethan cant believe this and says Gwen and Rebecca were right about her motives. He says this is suicidal. He says all this time shes been teaming up with Alistair to get him away from Gwen, and all this time hes defended her to Rebecca and Gwen. He cant believe shed be so stupid to team up with Alistair. Theresa says shes not stupid, Alistair is the only one who can get her what she needs to be happy. Ethan says Alistair helps no one, his favors have a price and she will be in debt for her whole life. She says she doesnt care as long as she ends up with him, Jane and Little Ethan. He says he doesnt know what to say, and hes so sorry shes under this monsters spell. He tells her to pack her bags and leave, and to find someone she can make a life with. Theresa wont leave, she wont go until they walk out of here together as a family. Ethan once again tells Theresa she is wasting her time, he will never leave Gwen. He asks if she understands that. Theresa says never say never. Ethan asks if she has some deflector shield that keeps the truth from getting to her. Theresa says she hears everything he is saying, and the truth is that Alistair will help them get together. Ethan says it wont happen, and what she is doing, the thought of her being with Alistair is actually making him sick to his stomach. Theresa says Alistair will help her. Ethan says hell use her and throw her away when hes done with her. Theresa says they have a deal, but Ethan says Alistair cant make him not love Gwen or divorce Gwen. Ethan says end of story, but Theresa says no. Ethan says he knows they have been on an emotional roller coaster these past few years. Ethan does a quick recap of what theyve gone through. He says Jane is the only thing that bonds them, but he wont leave Gwen. Theresa says he will because they love each other. She says they can go back and this time they will do it right. Theresa says it is never too late for love, and the love they have is true and lasting. She thinks there is still hope for them. Ethan says they cant be together, but she says she can and she can prove it. She then pulls him into a kiss.

At the cottage, Alistair demands Fancy come out. Fancy and Noah are in bed, and she is demanding that Noah hide. Noah doesnt want to hide, he is not afraid of Alistair and wants to face him. Alistair continues to tell Fancy to come out and face him like a Crane. Fancy puts on a robe and towel on her head. She claims she was soaking in the tub and shell be right out. Noah still refuses to hide from Alistair. She tells Noah to think of her, and to think of his family. She says if Alistair finds him here then it will be open season on his family. Alistair says hes coming into that bedroom now. Fancy quickly leaves, and Alistair says it is about time she come out. He asks what she is doing here? She says she was having a nice night to herself. He thinks she is with someone. He says Crane security saw her by the pool earlier with a man, and he wants her to explain herself. Fancy says the security guard needs to explain himself. She says she is being set-up. Alistair says that is ridiculous. Fancy says the staff thinks she is rude to them, so this is payback. Alistair says the guard also heard her say she was bringing this man back here. She says it is a lie and she wants this man fired. Alistair asks why she is here? She says Sheridan let her stay here, and she likes it here, it is private. He says she has a huge suite at the mansion, but she says her mother is always bothering her. She says this cottage has charm and character, she likes it. Alistair hates it, he thinks it looks like French Peasants squatted here. He says the stench of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan is in every stone and board of the place. She says well dont let her keep him, he can go back up to the mansion. He thinks shes trying to get rid of him. She says dont be silly. Noah, still in the bedroom, spies on them, and he hopes Alistair comes in and finds him. He thinks it is time Alistair knows the truth. Alistair continues to talk to Fancy about how she suspects she is lying, and he wants to know who the man in the bedroom is. Fancy says the truth is she did bring her date back here, but hes gone now. Alistair asks who is he? Noah hopes she tells him, but she doesnt. Fancy says she doesnt want Alistair to scare him off before she gets to know him. Alistair says he wouldnt do that. She says Albert told her hed have married her if it wasnt for Alistair. Alistair says she could have done better than him. Alistair wants to know who the man is. She says she told him, hes spent a lot of time at the country club. Noah says yeah as a caddy. Alistair says he knows members of his family like to lie to him, and he hopes she wont disappoint him. She says no. Alistair says he hates this place, he wants to demolish it. She says no, but he says it brings nothing but trash into this family. He says first Martin then Luis. He doesnt want Fancy to follow in Sheridans footsteps, he doesnt want her to marry a loser. Fancy says not to worry, she wouldnt fall in love with a man who wasnt her equal. Fancy insists she wants a life he wants her to have, she couldnt be happy slumming it like her mother does with Sam. Meanwhile, Noah thinks Fancy lied to him, she hated their night and only said she liked it to get him in the sack. He says she really is a Crane. Fancy asks Alistair to leave her as she is tired, and that theyll meet in the morning and go riding. Alistair says okay, but as hes about to leave Noah knocks over a vase. Alistair says Fancy lied to him, her beau is still in there. Noah doesnt know why he cares, but says he doesnt want to get Fancy in trouble. Meanwhile, Alistair is furious and says he cant stand men who use women for their own pleasure, it makes him sick.

In the park, Fox is trying to find where Kay is, and he thinks maybe she went to Tabithas. Fox is still kicking himself for bringing up Tatiana. Fox says hell let her cool down and call her tomorrow. He then hears Kay yell for help. In another part of the park, Kay is being attacked by some guy, and she knees him in the groin. As she tries to run another guy grabs her. Kay screams for Fox to help her. The second man is preparing to rape Kay, but Fox shows up and he gets into a fight with one of the guys. The other guy is still recovering from being kneed in the groin by Kay. Fox takes the guys out while arguing with Kay to stay out of this. The other guy gets up and grabs Fox, and the second thug pummels Fox. Kay watches and screams. Kay distracts them by saying Hey guys, come and get it! When she distracts them, Fox finishes them off. Fox and Kay both apologize and blame themselves for what happened. Fox says they should split the difference and put this behind them. Kay says no way, shell never forget this. She says he is her hero and kisses him. Kay says they have to stop, and they both admit they want one another. Kay says people can see them here, and she knows where they can go.

At Tabithas place, Tabitha is eating a huge drumstick. She says it is a deep fried dodo bird, and she thinks is as good as the Colonels chicken. Endora casts a spell on Tabitha and turns her into Colonel Sanders. Tabitha heads over to her bowl which is bubbling. She says she has an alert from the darkside. She sees her reflection and tells Endora she is a naughty girl and to change her back before Kay returns with Fox. Endora changes her back, and Tabitha looks into her bowl. She sees what is going on with Fox and Kay in the park. Tabitha tells Endora next time she wants to play dress up to do so on her dolls. Endora makes a halo over her head, and Tabtha tells her not to be facetious. Tabitha continues to watch what is going on with Fox and Kay, but the reception is bad and she cant see what is going on. She can only hear Kay screaming for help. Tabitha eventually realizes what is going on, Kay and Fox are in danger. She worries about them and the boys in the basement arent happy. Tabitha says this is Endoras fault, her half-human side is running amuck. She says this all began with Timmy, he touched something inside of her. Tabitha says now that she has Endora she is starting to feel compassion for these mortals, and she has to stop these warm and fuzzy feelings. Enforas talkie bubble says Sure you will. Tabitha says shell stop these feelings as soon as they know Fox and Kay are okay. Tabitha continues to watch the showdown and is concerned about Fox. She says she has to get a grip, they should be routing for Fox to be reduced to a pulp. Later, after Fox rescues Kay, she wonders where Kay will take Fox to be alone. She realizes Kay is going to bring Fox back here. Tabitha calls Kay cheeky and says she wont have it, not under her roof!

At the B&B, Chris thinks everyone is asleep and he makes a call on his cell phone. He says hes still at the B&B, everything is fine and he thinks Sheridan has bought his story. He says she is as naive and as trusting as he said shed be. Sheridan is standing in the doorway listening to Chris. Sheridan realizes her instincts were right, Chris isnt on the up-n-up. Chris continues his conversation, he says Sheridan is gullible but not stupid, and if they rush things now then Sheridan will get suspicious and that is the last thing they need. Chris finishes his call, and then Sheridan comes out and calls him a lying bastard. He says he can explain, but Sheridan knows hes working for his father. She slaps him and tells him to admit it. Sheridan says she shouldnt have believed it, he is a liar and worked for his father. He says he doesnt know her father, but she says he is a liar. She says he is a reporter and has to know her father. He says he does know who her father is, but he doesnt work for him. Sheridan says hes a liar. She says her father thinks she is weak and pathetic, but shes not. She says all the pain and loss shes gone through has made her strong, too smart and too strong to be taken advantage of again. Chris says she has it all wrong, but she says she has it all right. She says shes been an idiot. She says he has been evasive with every question she asked him. She thinks he probably isnt even James father, how dare he use that sweet little boy to get to her. She says he knows how much she loves James and so does her father. She slaps him again and says he is just as evil as her father. She tells him to stay the hell away from her, and she storms off. She locks herself in her room. Chris begs her to let him in. He says she misunderstood and can explain, but she wont listen to him. She is convinced he works for her father, whoever he is. Chris admits everything hes said has been a lie, and if shell hear him out hell confess all. 


September 6, 2005

At the cottage, Alistair thinks Fancy is lying to her and is hiding some low life in her bedroom. He wants to know who it is she is hiding. He says hes going in there, and storms into the bedroom. He yells For Gods sakes! Fancy walks in, and Noah is gone. Alistair asks where he is hiding? Alistair begins searching the closets and bathroom for the man. Fancy says she told him that the guy was long gone. Alistair doesnt believe her and asks where he is. She says he left, so Alistair asks what that sound was? She says maybe it was from outside? He says dont insult him. Fancy says look the French doors are open, and she says the wind must have blown them open. Alistair thinks shes covering for someone and whoever it is he will ruin their life. Fancy tells him to relax, this boy is extremely reputable. She promises shell introduce him if they ever see one another again. Alistair says okay, and she better not let it happen again. Fancy promises. Alistair sees her bracelet is gone and asks where it is? She says she packed it. He asks if she is going somewhere? She says yes, shes leaving tomorrow night for Paris. Alistair forbids it. She asks why, she loves it there. She says she gets bored staying in one place for too long. Alistair says then shell have to learn to like it. He insists she stay here, and if she tries to leave then hell cut her off. Fancy says hes being mean, shes going to cry. Alistair says he knows all her tricks and it wont work. Alistair wants her to stay if for no other reason then to keep him company. He says shes the only member of this family he enjoys being with. She says then why doesnt he come with her? Alistair says he cant go abroad right now, and he may never go again. She asks if he is sick? He says no, something else is keeping him here, or should he say someone else. Fancy brings him a drink, and Alistair insists she stay here. He says it wont be forever, just for awhile. Fancy agrees to stay for him. Alistair eventually leaves and says hell see her tomorrow. Fancy thinks she wont be here forever, and besides Noah is here. She wonders where he went, and thinks she should go find him and tell him shes sticking around. 

Noah is now back home, and Ivy is there. She knows Noah went out with Fancy, and asks if something happened. Noah says hed rather talk to his dad. Ivy says she did warn him about Fancy. Noah says hes a big boy, and Fancy is the most spoiled brat hes ever met. He says not to worry, Fancy is not his type. Ivy is glad he found that out before they got involved. He says yes, before she ended up playing him for a fool. Ivy says she is so sorry about what happened, but Noah says he is fine. He says he just has a bruised ego, and he thought he was a better judge of character. He says he thought there was a more real and down to earth Fancy underneath the surface. Ivy says it isnt all Fancys fault, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and spoiled by her grandfather since birth. She also says she is to blame too, she was so consumed with Ethan that she neglected her other children. Ivy says she had to learn some hard lessons on her own, and maybe Fancy will too. Ivy says she was born into a wealthy family too, and maybe that is why she didnt stand up to Julian for so many years. She says she was so used to having everything she ever wanted. Noah asks if this is a lecture on how money cant by love? Ivy says its not a lecture, its just her experience talking. Ivy then talks about how when she moved in here with Sam that she loved it, and she thinks Sam did too. Ivy talks about how one evening Sam took her for a lobster picnic and dancing under the stars, and she had never had a more beautiful or romantic evening. Noah says it sounds nice, but he thinks Fancy cant appreciate the simpler things in life like Ivy can. Noah says Fancy would never be happy with what he could afford to give her. Noah insists hell be okay, and he heads off to get some iced tea. Ivy rolls her eyes and says she could strangle Fancy for treating Noah the way she did. Later Fancy shows up to see Noah, and Ivy lashes out at her for what she did to Noah. Noah walks out, and Fancy asks why her mom thinks they had a fight? Noah says it is okay, he will talk to her alone. Ivy leaves, and Fancy wonders why he left? She asks what happened? He says he left. She knows that, but why? She says she tried to convince her grandfather her beau was long gone, but he didnt really believe her. She asks why he took off? He says fine, hell tell her, but she wont like it.

At the mansion, Theresa tells Ethan it is never too late for true love, and that is the kind of love they have. Ethan tells her there is no chance for them, but Theresa says there is and she can prove it. She pulls Ethan into a kiss. Ethan tells her to stop and pulls away. He tells her that she should have left the mansion, but she didnt. He tells her to go, be with someone she loves, be with her mother. Theresa says she wont tell her mother what happened, it would kill her. She says she wants to be with Ethan tonight. Ethan says he cant be with her, he has a wife. Theresa says he feels a responsibility to Gwen, but he doesnt love Gwen like he loves her. Theresa says every time he looks at her and kisses her, the truth is obvious. She says she knows he loves her and wants to make love to her. She knows her touch is killing him, and she knows he has the urge to kiss her and to hold her. She thinks he wants to carry her upstairs and make passionate love to her. Ethan begs Theresa not to do this to him. She kisses him again, and hes not fighting very hard. They somehow end up in a bedroom together and Theresa takes off her top. She says she knows he wants to. Ethan begs her not to do this to him. Theresa sits in his lap and kisses him. She says she knows he likes being with her. Ethan then kisses her back, and they fall onto the bed. Ethan eventually stops her and says this isnt right, and he tells her to cover herself. She says no, she wants him to make love to her. He says he will only make love to his wife. Theresa says she is the one he wants, he cant deny it. He says he can, but shes not buying it. Ethan admits to her that he wants her, he wants her more than anything hes ever wanted. He says he wants her with his heart, body and soul. Theresa says then why dont they leave, why dont they just go. Ethan says while he wants her so much this has to stop. He says he cant be around her anymore, they cant be in the same room alone with one another. He says he is married. He goes to leave, and she tries to stop him. He wont listen to her and leaves. After Ethan leaves, Alistair shows up. He tells Theresa to pull herself together, he wants to see her later in his bedroom. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha decides to put Endora to bed in case Kay brings Fox back here. She says her home is a haven for heartbreak, not romance and love. She tells Endora to remember that, no love and romance here while you know who lives in their basement. The boys in the basement smoke, and Tabitha says she is on top of it. Meanwhile, Kay does bring Fox back to Tabithas, and he says not the attic this time. Kay says not a problem, theyll find a spare room somewhere. Fox and Kay walk in sucking one anothers faces as Tabitha is about to put Endora to bed. Kay thought Tabitha would be asleep. Tabitha says she was just about to take Endora to bed, Maria is asleep. Fox tells them both good night, and Fox and Kay run upstairs. Tabitha refuses to have this going on in her house. Red smoke comes out of Tabithas ears. Tabitha calms down, and she says her home should be full of wickedness and evil, but Fox and Kay are using it as their love shack. Tabitha says shell have to show them that they picked the wrong shack. Tabitha heads over to her sink and turns it on. She sends water up to them to put a damper on things. Meanwhile, Fox and Kay finally find a vacant room. Maria is sleeping in Endoras room tonight so Kays room is free. Kay and Fox begin going at it, and they rip each others clothes off. Suddenly water starts dropping on Fox. Kay says it is water. Kay thinks they should ignore it, but they cant. Fox says its like making love during Chinese water torture. The water dripping soon stops, thanks to Endora. Tabitha calls Endora a naughty girl and tells her to stop helping them. Tabitha wont have these two carrying on under her roof, and Endora must learn this isnt a place for love and romance. Back upstairs, the house rumbles, and Kay thinks it is another earthquake. Both Fox and Kay are thrown off the bed. Tabitha watches via her bowl and thinks she still has the magic touch. Tabitha says there will be no love and romance in this house. Back upstairs, Fox and Kay get up off the floor, and Fox wonders what is up with this place. Fox begins to get dressed, and then when he looks at Kay she is old and wrinkly.

At the B&B, Sheridan locks herself in her room. Chris asks her to open the door so they can talk. She tells him to get away or shell call for help. He says he may be a liar, but he wont hurt her. Chris ends up picking the lock, which Sheridan sees. Sheridan threatens to call the cops. Sheridan runs to the phone as he breaks in. He says shes not calling anyone, and shes not in any danger as the B&B is full of guests. He says he just wants to explain, and she can call the police when hes done. He asks her for a chance. Chris says if his intention of coming to town was to harm her then he would have done so by now. Sheridan says oh she feels so much better now. She asks Chris, Greg or whatever his name is what the real story is. He says first she has to promise him something. She says no promises. Chris says if she wont promise then he wont tell her anything. She says if she doesnt keep her promise? He says then he is a dead man, and she might end up dead too. He admits hes not a journalist, he was a financial consultant. He says he learned that some of his clients were involved in illegal dealings. He says he was forced to hide their money in off shore accounts, he was afraid to say no and they needed the money. He says Maureen threatened to leave him, and even though he loved her, he loved money more back then. He says Maureen made good and left with James. She asks what his real name is? He says it is Greg Walters, but she needs to forget the name. She doesnt understand why he would choose his clients over his family. He says the FBI got involved and told him if he didnt rat them out then hed go to jail. Chris says he told them all, and he was put in the witness protection program. Sheridan asks why he came to Harmony? He says he was lonely on the run, and he tracked Maureen and James down to Harmony. He says he only got here too late. He says Maureen never knew how much he really loved her. Chris says he was talking to the FBI on the phone to let them know where he was. Sheridan says so hes an innocent man being hunted down by these big time bad guys. Chris begs Sheridan not to breath a word of this to anyone, hes running for his life here. She thinks it is noble of him to tell her this, and she says she understands she cant tell. However, she then thinks it is all a lie. She arms herself with a bat says there is no way she can confirm a word of his story and tells him to get out! She tells Sheridan whoever hes really working for that shes not falling for this. She tells Chris to tell Alistair that she wont be his victim again. 


September 7, 2005

At the Bennett house, Noah tells Fancy that he left because of her. Fancy says she is confused, when she asked him to leave he refused and wanted to stand his ground, yet later he did leave. Noah says he was ready to fight for them, until he heard her tell his gramps that she wanted a life of luxury and wouldnt slum with someone beneath her like her mother did. She says she can explain, but he says no need. He says she is a self centered snob and a liar, and that is why he left. She says she only told grandfather what he wanted to hear. Noah says well duh. He says she is not the girl he thought she was, and she was only slumming it with him until a rich guy came along. He says tonight was about doing something wonderful for her, and she says it was wonderful. Fancy says she only lied to grandfather to protect him. Still, Noah doesnt believe her, he thinks shes trying to protect herself. She says she is, and him too. She says her grandfather would have come after him if he knew the truth. Noah says he can take care of himself, but Fancy says he wouldnt stand a chance against her grandfather. She swears that she just wanted to keep her grandfather from finding out that they hit it off. Noah says she didnt have to bother. He says they hit it off because opposites attract, and in the end it doesnt work out. They discuss Sam and Ivy, and Luis and Sheridan. Noah says none of them worked out, and he says if Sheridan and Luis were meant to be together then Alistair couldnt have stopped them. Fancy says there is another reason she lied, her grandfather loves her and has been there for her more than her own parents. She says she loves him for that and would hate to disappoint him. Noah says that includes being involved with a bum like him. He says it doesnt matter, shes leaving town tomorrow. She says shes not, grandfather wants her to stay. He asks if that is the only reason. She just says her grandfather wont travel much anymore and wants her to stay and spend time with him. He says she doesnt have to stay, but she says she does. She says she has no money of her own and her grandfather supports her. He says so if she doesnt do what he wants then hed cut her off. She says what would she do then. He says get a job? She says work for money? He says most people do. He asks what about her line of jewelry? She says the manufacturers wanted her name more than anything, they arent interested in her designs. He thinks she could open her own business on the internet, and he would help her. She appreciates his offer, but she cant turn her back on her grandfather. She asks besides what would he teach her, how to be a professional gambler? She says that is too dangerous, and she is not strong or brave like he is. She says maybe in her next life. Noah says that is too bad, and they did make a good team in Vegas. He says it is a shame they couldnt stay paired up out here, and he guesses this is goodbye. He extends his hand to her. She asks what he is saying, shes not leaving town. Noah says he thinks it is best they just stay on their respective sides of the tracks. Noah opens the door and basically tells Fancy to get.

As Fancy and Noah talk, Ivy eavesdrops from the kitchen. She says she knew this would happen. Sam walks in and asks what happened? She explains what is going on with Fancy and Noah, and how they are having a tiff. Sam talks about his childrens problems and says at least Kay is together now and seems to be moving on with Fox. As Sam talks about Fox and Kay heading into Tabithas house, Ivy doesnt seem thrilled. Ivy says she just doesnt want them to move on too fast and too soon, but with Tabitha as a chaperone they cant get into too much trouble. Sam just wants all his children to be happy, and he wonders if Noah and Fancy will hook-up. Ivy says over her dead body. He asks what she said? Ivy says Fancy is not the girl for Noah, she has no idea how to share or make sacrifices. She says Fancy doesnt know the first thing about doing housework or sticking to a budget. Ivy thinks Fancy will only let Noah down. Sam says people said the same thing about her. Ivy says yes, and she failed at trying to make things work with him and she doesnt want Noah to go through the same heartache. She says any chance for a relationship between Fancy and Noah as long as Alistair is involved is impossible. Suddenly Jessica rushes into the house and into her dads arms. He asks what happened, and she says Spike. Sam asks if he hurt her? She says no, and she just wanted to stay here. Sam says of course she can, it is her home. She says she knows she has given him a hard time lately. He says all that matters is that shes here now. Ivy asks if she wants something to eat or drink? Jessica asks why Ivy is still here? Sam says she is helping him get things back to normal. Jessica says if Ivy stays then she doesnt. Ivy says she should go, but Sam says no. He says Ivy is a guest, and if Jessica wants to live here then she has to live by his rules. Jessica says no she doesnt, she only lives by her own rules. Jessica says if he picks Ivy then shell leave and never come back. He says hes not picking Ivy over her, but Jessica says she is. Jessica says he doesnt love her, he wants to control her. She says shes going to crash elsewhere, and she runs off. Ivy tells Sam to go after her, but Sam says no. He says he has to use tough love and Jessica has to come around on her one. 

At Tabithas, Tabitha thinks her spell that she cast on Kay will put an end to the love fest. She thinks Fox wont want to kiss her again let alone make whoppee. Endoras talkie bubble asks Whats whoppee? Tabitha tells her never mind, and she talks about how mortals love to say its not ones outer beauty that counts but their inner beauty. She laughs at the statement as she watches, via her bowl, Fox back away from Kay. Endora threatens to have a tantrum if her mom doesnt turn Kay back, but Tabitha says she will not. Endora ends up conjuring up an Ipod which plays one of the most horrid songs ever, Forever Young. 

Upstairs, when Fox looks at Kay she is old and gray. He wonders what happened to her, and to stay away from him. Kay wonders why hes backing away from her, two seconds ago he couldnt wait to make love to her. Fox says that was before. She says before what? She wants him to kiss her and make love to her. Fox says no and turns his back on her. Kay wonders why hes acting like this? The music Endora conjured up heads upstairs, and Kay thinks they should dance. Kay begins dirty dancing on the bed for Fox, but all he sees is the old and gray Kay. She ends up pulling Fox into a kiss, and he looks like hes going to be ill. However when he looks at her he sees Kay as she is, and hes confused. Kay asks why he was acting all scared of her? Fox says she just didnt seem like herself for a bit. He thinks maybe he got hit in the head by those guys in the park harder than he though, but hes okay. Kay thinks to herself Tabitha is behind this. Fox and Kay pick up where they left off and begins kissing and going at it.

Back downstairs, Tabitha realizes what Endora has done and calls her a sneaky little sorceress. Tabitha says shes helped the good side make a love connection. She tells Endora she better stop it or shell get in trouble with the boys downstairs. Tabitha watches them in the bowl and says they are poised for push-push again! Tabitha begins shaking her bowl to try and stop them. Endoras talking bubble says Stop in the name of love! She then zaps her mother back away from the bowl and conjures a snake to keep Tabitha away from the bowl. Tabitha insists she make the snake vanish. Endora turns it into a rope and ties Tabitha up. Tabitha demands to be let go, but Endora says No can do! Tabitha tells Endora shes in deep guano. Endoras bubble says What I did I did for love. Tabitha continues to tell Endora to set her free or shell scream. She says whoever or whatever rescues her will put her in therapy for eons. Endora ends up putting tape on her mothers mouth and then stamps Censored on it.

Back upstairs, Fox and Kay finish making Push-Push. He says that was great. She says better than those other girls, even Tatiana. Fox says they arent doing that again. Fox tells Kat that he honestly thinks she is amazing. Kay says but at the end of the day shes still a smelly mess. He says maybe until now, and he has an idea. However he says it is a surprise so he wont tell her.

At the B&B, Sheridan tells Chris or Greg or whatever his name is to get out. She also says to tell her father that she wont be exploited for his amusement, and that she has developed a backbone. She says she wont let him make a victim out of her again. Chris swears he told her the truth, and he can prove it to her. He swears he was in the Witness Protection Program, and he came to Harmony to try and fix things with Maureen. He says he was too late, and James is all he has left. Sheridan still doesnt buy it, and she says she is onto her father and his latest games. Sheridan says her father can save his money and ship him back to South Africa or wherever he is from. Chris says she cant go to her father about this, he has risked his life and his sons life by telling her the truth. He says if she tells anyone he could end up dead and so can she. Sheridan wants him out of here, but Chris says he has no where to go, dont do this to him and James. Sheridan says she doesnt think James is his son. He says if he leaves then he takes James with him, he cant leave him behind and let them find out James is his son, it is too dangerous. She says shell give him five minutes to prove his story is true. He uses the internet and pulls up a story on the LA Times to prove it to her. He then pulls one up on the Detroit Press, which also has a photo of him. Sheridan says all this proves is that hes good with computers, and he could have planted the stories. Chris says shes good with conspiracy theories, but she says she has to be when her father is Alistair. Chris says fine, name cities and hell pull stories up from there. She says Dallas, Tampa, Tacoma. Chris finds stories in every paper in those cities about him. Sheridan says the odds are in his favor, but when your dealing with Alistair . . . Chris says Alistair has power but he isnt God. Sheridan says no, hes the opposite. Chris swears what he told her was the truth. Sheridan asks if he really loved Maureen, and Chris says yes. She asks then why he left her? He says because he put money before his family. He says he failed Maureen, but he wont fail James. He begs Sheridan not to tell anyone what he told her. He asks her to keep his secret so he can keep his son. Sheridan agrees to keep her secret and says shes going to bed. He says there is another reason he told her the truth. He says if anything happens to him he wants her to take care of James. She says she is touched, but wouldnt someone else want him? He says Maureens parents, but he doesnt know where they are. He also says they arent nice people, and he doesnt want them to have James. Sheridan says Maureens parents sound like people in her family, and she would love to take James. She says shed fight for him if she had to. Sheridan tells Chris about her family and what theyve done to her. She even tells him about her amnesia and electroshock treatments, and how her father let Beth escape with her son so she would blame Luis. Chris asks if she does blame Luis? She says shed have her son if he had believed her earlier. Sheridan says if Maureens parents want James then theyll have to get through her first. Sheridan says she will help keep him and James happy and safe. Chris says hes relieved. Sheridan says both he and James have her, and they hug. Chris says he doesnt know what hed have done if she didnt believe him.


September 8, 2005
Pilar and Martin are at church talking with Father Lonigan. They are discussing renewing their vows. Father Lonigan asks Martin if this is what he wants? Martin says he only wants Pilar to be happy. Pilar says is happy, and Father Lonigan says this is a joyous occasion. Father Lonigan says he has all the information he needs, and he asks Martin one last thing . . . is there any reason he should not enter into this commitment with Pilar? Is there any problem that could arise? Martin doesnt understand. Father Lonigan asks about Katherine, did he make a commitment to Katherine that could be interpreted as binding? Suddenly Katherine walks in. Father Lonigan doesnt know shes there, and he repeats the question. Martin says nothing, and Pilar asks why he isnt answering? Can he not do it in front of her? Father Lonigan asks if someone else is here? Katherine says she is sorry for interrupting, she came to light a candle for Eve Russell. Katherine says she is sorry for the timing, and shes going to light her candle and go. Katherine lights her candle and says a prayer. As she is leaving she tells Pilar that she would like to speak to her, there is something she needs to know. Pilar and Katherine go off, and Father Lonigan asks Martin if he can answer his question? Martin doesnt think he can give Father Lonigan the answer he wants to hear. Father Lonigan asks if he ever made a commitment to Katherine, either inside or outside a church. Martin does remember giving Katherine a ring as a token of his love for her. Martin tells Father Lonigan he doesnt know how he can do this. Father Lonigan suggests they go into the confessional. 

Meanwhile, Pilar hopes Katherine isnt going to tell her that she wants Martin back. Katherine says no, and she couldnt get Martin back if she wanted him as Martin wants his marriage to work. Pilar thanks her for respecting that. Katherine tells Pilar it is about Theresa and Alistair. She tells Pilar that Alistair forced himself on Theresa. Pilar is understandable upset. Katherine begs Pilar not to tell Martin as hell kill Alistair and go to jail for it. Pilar says Katherine is right about that and she wont tell him, but she is going to go convince Theresa to leave that mansion today. Katherine warns her to be careful as Alistair is an evil man. Pilar asks Katherine to tell her husband that shell see him later, that she had to go. Katherine looks for Martin and heads to the confessional to listen in. She overhears Martin admitting that he had a commitment ceremony with Katherine. He says he wants to renew his vows with Pilar, and Katherine wants him to as well, but the truth is that Katherine is in his heart still, he still has deep feelings for her. Martin says he wants to make sure he goes into this with as much commitment as he did when he and Pilar were first married. He says it is just that he cant promise to never think about Katherine, he spent more years with Katherine than Pilar. Father Lonigan says he cannot absolve Martin of his sin unless he renounces Katherine completely. Martin says he cant do that, they may have lived in sin but their love was good and pure. Father Lonigan says unless he repents then he cant offer absolution, and he cannot marry Pilar. Martin knows and says hell spend eternity in hell if he has to. Father Lonigan says he is not judging, only God can. He says if he is serious about renewing his vows with Pilar then find a way to renounce his feelings for Katherine. Martin says he wont, so Father Lonigan says hell pray for his soul. Martin leaves the confessional and finds Katherine trying to sneak off.

At the B&B, there is a knock on Eves door. Its that skanky ho Liz coming to help Eve. Liz tells Eve if she does as she says then shell make sure she walks away from the trial a free woman. Eve says she hates her, she claims she tried to kill her, which is a lie. Liz says what if she decides not to lie, what if she can guarantee that Eve will beat this wrap? Eve asks Liz what is in it for her? Liz says she has her reasons for helping Eve. Eve asks what reasons? Liz says she wants Eve to leave Harmony and never see TC or her girls again. Eve cant believe this and says for Gods sake she is her sister. Liz says half-sister, and they have no connections anymore as Eve abandoned her as a child. Eve says not this again. Liz says she will get Eve her freedom if she gives up her family forever. Eve tells Liz she is pure evil. Liz asks what it will be? Eve says this is not a choice, and how can Liz live with herself? Liz asks Eve how she can live with herself. Liz says she left her to be abused by her father. Eve says theyve been over this, she didnt know. Liz says that is why shes being so gracious, shes giving Eve a chance to go free. Eve says what is freedom without her family. Liz tells Eve to think about someone other than herself for once. She says think of TC, Whitney and Simone and how humiliated they will be knowing that she is in prison for the rest of her life. She says which is better, that or knowing she is innocent and has just disappeared. Eve cant believe Liz is doing this to her. Liz thinks shes giving Eve a golden opportunity. Liz says she has a first class one way ticket to anywhere Eve wants to go. Liz tells Eve to think about it and shell see her in court. 

At the mansion, Ethan and Julian are in the study. Ethan asks Julian if he has talked to Eve? Julian says she is upset, but she will be fine. Alistair walks in and says shell be fine all right, with them on the case how could she lose? Alistair says oh there is a hitch, shes guilty. Julian says Eve is innocent and Ethan will prove it. Alistair asks if he isnt concerned that Eve tried to kill him? Julian says she didnt try to kill anyone. Alistair says the DA thinks otherwise. Ethan says that is why they have trials, to prove guilt or innocence. Alistair says he thought it was just an excuse for ambulance chasing lawyers to get their pictures in the paper. Ethan says they will win, but Alistair thinks Julian doesnt share Ethans confidence. Julian begins to wonder if Alistair has fixed the trial. He warns Alistair if he has fixed the trial . . . Julian throws Alistair up against the wall and Alistair just laughs. Ethan tells Julian to let him go. Julian thinks Alistair is trying to take Eve away from him forever. Alistair says he doesnt have the time to mess with Eves trial, but he has heard it is an open and shut case against Eve. Julian says if he finds out he rigged Eves trial then hell kill him. Ethan tells Julian enough, hes just trying to take their focus off the trial. Julian says Ethan is right. They leave to get some breakfast and think positive.

In the kitchen, Gwen is talking to her mother about how she hates having Theresa here. Gwen says she hates Alistair for moving her in here, and thank God there is no evidence for Theresa to find about them sending the evidence to the tabloid about Ethans paternity. Theresa walks in at this moment and thanks Gwen so much. She says she was working on this hunch before, but now she knows the evidence exists as they just admitted it. She says she knew they sent the information from her computer and she knew the evidence still existed in this mansion. Rebecca cant believe Theresa is pretending like she didnt send the email. Theresa says because she didnt, and it is only a matter of time before she finds the proof. Gwen tells Theresa that she sounds crazy. Theresa says she wont sound crazy when Ethan kicks Gwen out and becomes a family with her, and it is over for the two of them. As Theresa is telling them to save her the trouble and just admit what they did, Ethan and Little Ethan walk in. Ethan asks what proof she is speaking about. Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca admitted to sending the information to the tabloid. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa is totally wrong as usual. Gwen says all she said was that there was no evidence for Theresa to find as they didnt send the email. Ethan suggests they not fight while the kids have breakfast. Theresa vows to find the proof. Ethan suggests Theresa get the kids something to eat, and he sits down to look over paperwork. Julian walks in, and Theresa asks Ethan if he is nervous? Ethan says he is always nervous before a case, but he doesnt think the prosecution has a case. Rebecca asks how he can say that, Eve and Liz were the only ones in that basement when Liz was poisoned. Ethan says there is no proof Eve poisoned the punch. Julian says Eve is innocent no matter how much Rebecca wants her to go to jail. Rebecca says she doesnt give a damn what happens to Eve as long as Julian remembers hes married to her. Julian says not for long. Alistair then walks in and says isnt this a Walton family moment. Rebecca says werent they hillbillies or pilgrims or something? Alistair wonders who at the table is related to him. He goes around saying Not you, no, no, Rebecca through marriage, and one of these brats is Julians bastard. Alistair says they arent a Walton Family, and then he realizes Eve is missing. Alistair remembers she left because she couldnt make up her mind between her sugar daddy and her husband. Alistair continues to goad Julian, and then he tells Theresa he has something for her. He says one of the maids found her bracelet in the kitchen, she was so involved with her late night conversation with Ethan that she must have forgotten it. Gwen is not happy to hear Ethan lied to her about being with Theresa last night. She says he was supposed to be working on the case. He says he didnt lie, he came to get a snack and Theresa was here. He says he told her that she had to leave the house and that her alliance with Alistair was crazy. Alistair asks if he was persuasive? Ethan remembers kissing Theresa last night. Gwen thinks Theresa is just waiting to seduce him. Ethan wishes Gwen would believe him, he loves her and wont leave her. Rebecca says Theresa is the one he needs to convince of that. Alistair asks them all to excuse him as he needs to speak with Theresa. Ethan says no, so Alistair says leave them or leave the house. Theresa says she needs to finish up with her children first, so Alistair calls the nanny in to deal with them. The nanny takes the kids, and Alistair whisks Theresa away. Gwen says having her here makes everything so tense. Rebecca decides to go take a long hot bath, but Ethan has some questions to ask her about the case. Rebecca says okay. Gwen once again asks her mom if she got rid of the evidence, and Rebecca claims she did. To herself she wishes she remembered where she put the disk when she got rid of it. Rebecca asks Ethan and Julian what they want to ask her. Julian reminds her to tell the truth, as sending Eve to jail wont stop him from divorcing her one way or the other. She tells him not to intimidate the witness, it wont work. Julian and Ethan know she is lying about something, and Ethan hopes Rebecca doesnt lie in court otherwise she could go to jail. Julian and Ethan leave, and Rebecca thinks perjuring herself is the least of her worries. She says she has to find that disk before Theresa does.

In another room, Theresa asks Alistair why he put Ethan on the spot like that. Alistair asks what shes worried about, that Gwen might find out that she and Ethan kissed? Theresa calls him a bastard for spying on her, and she thinks shes paid a high enough price. Theresa says she deserves the proof, she wants him to give it to her. He tells her to look for herself, and eventually shell find what shes looking for. Theresa says it could take her months to search this place. Alistair says it could, and hell see her later in private for the next payment. He wants her to wear the red teddy as he is in the mood for trash. He kisses her, but she pushes him away. He tells her to save that fire for later.

Later Pilar shows up to see Theresa. Pilar says she knows what Alistair did to her. She asks why she is still here? Theresa says she has to stay. Pilar says she doesnt have to stay and this was a mistake. Theresa says she doesnt understand. Pilar says no she understands that Alistair said would help her and that she believes him. Theresa says he is helping her, she is allowed to search the house for the proof. Pilar asks if she is saying she is okay with this, with Alistair using her because of this crazy fantasy of hers? Theresa says no. Pilar says that man raped her, but Theresa claims Katherine lied. Pilar is glad to hear this and hugs Theresa. Theresa says ow, and Pilar sees bruises all over Theresa. Pilar asks what he did to her. She thinks Alistair did rape her, and she asks why Theresa is lying to protect him? Theresa says she was taught if she wanted something to be willing to pay the price. Pilar says she never taught her to be a doormat or to sell her body. Pilar says that is what she is doing. She says Ethan has told her that he will never leave Gwen, so what makes her think Ethan will? Theresa says he will once she has the proof. Pilar says she is so wrong. Pilar says there is a price to pay for everything, and she will kill Alistair for doing this.

At the courthouse Gwen asks Ethan if he is nervous. He says a bit, he hasnt done this in awhile. She says hell do great, and Julian and Eve both have faith in him. Ethan goes over his opening statement, and Eve thanks Julian for everything he has done .Liz walks in and flashes the ticket to Eve. The bailiff says the jury is about to enter and the judge will be here shortly. Eve considers Liz offer.


September 9, 2005

At Crane Industries, Foxs assistant Megan tells him about all the wonderful work Chad has gotten done, which is a miracle since Chad hasnt been in the office. She says between the two of them Valerie is doing it for him. Fox thanks her for her advice. Later Kay shows up, fresh from the cannery, and asks why he called her here? Fox says he has something important to tell her. Kay thinks he is breaking up with her. 

In Chads office, Chad tells Valerie the work shes done is amazing and hes going to make sure she gets all the credit. He knows hes been slumping off at work. She says it is understandable given what happened with Fox, Miles and Whitney. Chad says Fox did love Miles, you have to credit him for that. However he says he thinks hes always known he was Miles father as hes loved this little boy since he was born. He feels sorry for Whitney as living with this secret must have torn her apart. Valerie doesnt feel sorry for Whitney at all, and she asks if Whitney really joined a convent? He says she did. Valerie thinks it is for the best, but Chad says he still loves her and he and Miles need her, and she needs them too. Later Valerie brings Miles to see Chad, and she implores with him to forget about Whitney and move on. She says the three of them together could be amazing. She says shes not just talking about them being an amazing couple, but an amazing team here at Crane Industries. Chad says right now he has to focus on his job, which hes been neglecting. He says if Fox finds out that shes covered for him then he could use that to push him out of Crane Industries. Valerie tells him not to worry about Fox, shell take care of him if he causes a problem.

Later, Ivy shows up at Crane Industries and talks to Foxs assistant about how she is tired of the pennies shes being given and shes going to fight Julian for a larger settlement. Megan wishes her good luck as shes had to fight for every raise shes ever gotten here. Ivy asks if Fox is in, and Margaret says hes in his office. Ivy thanks her and heads off.

Back in Foxs office, Kay is going off about how Fox is so obviously breaking up with her, and she wonders why he called her here to do it. He kisses her and says hes not breaking up with her. He says he called her here to do something nice for her. He asks her to go into the washroom, take a shower and open up the surprise he has in there for her. She wonders what he is up to. He says shell love it and sends her in. Fox then asks his assistant Megan to burn Kays old clothes. Later Kay comes out dressed in a nice suit. She says it is gorgeous, what is it for? She asks if she is his date for a business conference. He says kinda, and he was hoping shed wear it to work. Kay says yeah the up and coming fish cannery execs wears this to work. He says she doesnt work there anymore. Kay says she got fired? What will she do to support her and Maria? Fox wants her to work here as his executive assistant. Ivy listens in and thinks she has to put a stop to this. Fox says he thinks they make an amazing team both professionally and personally. Fox asks her if shell do it? Ivy tells herself not in her lifetime! 

At the convent, Whitney asks God to look after her half-brother and Miles. She says he can do whatever he wants to her, but not to punish them for her sins. Mother Superior brings a message to Whitney. Whitney reads the letter and says she cant do this, they cant make her do this. Mother Superior says she has no choice but to do what they say.

At the mansion, Pilar wants Alistair to burn in hell for raping Theresa. She says shes going to kill him. Theresa asks her not to make this worse. Pilar asks how can it get any worse? Theresa says she made a deal with Alistair and this is the price she has to pay. Pilar says and the price Alistair will pay is death. Theresa says no, she wont win if she goes up against him and Alistair will only grow angrier and take it out on the family. Pilar says she cant just do nothing. Theresa asks for her mothers help in bringing Gwen and Rebecca down. Pilar asks what that has to do with getting revenge against Alistair? Theresa tells her to forget about Alistair for a moment. She recaps how Gwen and Rebecca sent the email to the tabloid and the evidence is somewhere in this house. Theresa says they have to find that proof. Pilar asks how that will protect her from Alistair? She says once she has Ethan she can leave this house, and she will not need Alistairs help anymore. Pilar says she is foolish, Alistair wont let her go. Theresa says he will, they have a business deal and he respects that being a business man. She says Alistair plays by his own rules and nobody breaks them, not even her. Pilar says Alistair wont give her up, and there is more going on here. Pilar says Alistair can have any woman in the world and he chose her? She says Alistair wants something from her, he is using her. Theresa says once she gets Ethan and Jane back it wont matter. Pilar says she cant shrug off rape. Theresa says whatever sacrifices she has to make she will. She says once she proves Rebecca and Gwen sent that information to the tabloids then she is home free. She begs her mom to help her to look for the proof, but Pilar says no. Pilar wants Theresa to leave, but Theresa wont leave until she finds the proof she needs. Pilar eventually helps Theresa look, but they find nothing. Pilar says Gwen and Rebecca arent stupid, if they didnt destroy the evidence then they wouldnt have hidden it here. Theresa thinks they did hide it here and she will find it even if she has to tear this place down brick by brick.

At the courthouse judge takes to the bench, but the prosecutor is late. Eve thinks about Lizs offer to get her off the hook. She looks back at Liz, who is waving the plane ticket around. Julian tells Eve to ignore Lizs taunts. Eve thinks to herself that Liz may be her only hope. Simone and TC show up, and TC doesnt like seeing Julian sitting with Eve. Ethan tells Julian he shouldnt be sitting here as he will be called to testify, but Julian insists he sit by Eves side to show them he supports her. The judge is about to cancel court since the prosecutor hasnt arrived. Suddenly she arrives, and she talks about how an old court case was tying her up. She had to make sure some woman, who was crying about her nine children, was given the death sentence and didnt get out of it. She says tonight at midnight they will flip the switch on her. The judge says how nice for her. Gwen recognizes the prosecutor as Grace Nancier, the woman with that legal show Death Watch. on the court channel. Eve thinks she is doomed with Grace Nancier as the prosecutor, and Julian says Grace would give her grandmother the death sentence for jay walking. Ethan says this isnt a death penalty case, but Julian says it will be when she gets done with it. Eve looks back at Liz, who waves the ticket at her. She says Eve needs her now more than ever or she is done for. Eve is worried, but Ethan tells her not to be worried. Ethan says they have no evidence against her aside from Lizs testimony and the fingerprints on the punch bowl, otherwise the case is completely circumstantial. He says she has an excellent reputation in this town, as long as the jury believes that then shell be fine. Grace Nancier begins with her opening statement. She tells the jury that their duty is very serious in light of this case. She says she will prove that Eve is not an upstanding citizen, she will prove that this woman has dark secrets that destroyed her and her family, secrets she would kill to protect. Grace says Eve is not only capable of committing the crimes she is accused of, but that she tried to murder three innocent human beings in cold blood. Grace says the defendant had means motive and opportunity in all three cases. Grace says when she is done they will agree that Eve should be put away for the rest of her days. Eve thinks Grace made her sound like Lizzy Borden and Jeffrey Dahmer rolled into one. Ethan says she didnt offer any proof though, only fluff. Grace then has her first witnesses called to the stand, Whitney! Whitney, dressed in nuns garb, is called to the stand. Grace says Whitney is here not of her own will and that means she is a hostile witness and should be treated as one. Ethan tells Eve this isnt good, Grace Nancier is going to pull out her knives. Grace begins cross examining Sister Whitney. Grace starts off questioning her about her home life, and Whitney says she and her mom were close and she had a perfect childhood. Whitney tries to paint her mother as a saint. Unfortunately Grace says they arent close anymore and she wants to know why. Whitney lies and says they are close. Grace reminds Whitney that she is under oath, one she took to God. Whitney admits the truth, she isnt as close to her mother as they were. She tries to skirt around the reasons, but Grace Nancier exposes the reason she and her mother arent close is because Eve failed to tell her family about a bastard son she had and that Whitney entered a relationship with him unknowingly. Grace demands Whitney answer if it is true that she had sex with her own brother? Whitney says it is true, and the jury gasps. Eve cant stand to watch Whitney being torn apart like this. Grace says she knows this must be hard for Whitney, but they are here on a quest for the truth. Grace then asks if it is true that this relationship produced a bastard child? Ethan asks what this has to do with this trial? Grace says it all goes towards motive. Grace wants Whitney to answer the question, and Whitney says yes. Grace says this is like a Greek tragedy, and she feels sorry for the little boy. Grace says Eve is so immoral that she lied for years to her friends and family, especially to her family who were in the most in danger from her sin. The judge tells Miss Nancier to keep her adjectives to herself. Grace says of course. Grace then points out that Eves actions have caused so much pain that Whitney has joined a convent and thus abandoned her own child, her friends, her very life. Grace wonders what kind of woman would do that to her own child. Grace says she feels her pain and this is a tragedy, but just one more thing. She points to Chad and Miles, who are in the back of the courtroom, and she asks if that is her half brother and her sickly child? Whitney says she cant take this anymore and runs off. The judge wants her brought back, but Grace says she got everything she needs

Meanwhile, Gwen makes a call to the mansion to check up on the kids. The nanny says the kids are fine, but Pilar and her daughter are in her bedroom looking for something, and Alistair has given Theresa access to every room in the mansion. Gwen tells her mom what is going on. Rebecca says Oh Dios Mio! Gwen says Theresa is looking for the evidence, and thank God there is nothing for her to find. Rebecca takes a swig of booze, and Gwen asks if she did get rid of the disk? Gwen begs her to tell her that she got rid of the proof. Rebecca downs some more booze and says this wouldnt be happening if they had won the Alamo. Rebecca tells her daughter that she didnt destroy the disk, she thought it might come in handy. She says she did hide it in the house somewhere. Gwen says they are done for. 

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