September 12, 2005 

At the mansion, Theresa wants Pilar to help her search Rebecca's room for the evidence. Pilar wants her to just leave the mansion and stop subjecting herself to Alistair's night visits. Theresa says once she has the proof she can leave, she'll leave with Ethan and Jane. They begin searching Rebecca's room and uncover sex toys, handcuffs and a donkey costume. Pilar says she has never seen so many perverse sex aids in her life. They find nothing, and Pilar thinks they should give up. Theresa refuses until she has searched every last room in this house. She finally realizes something is wrong with one of Rebecca's drawers, and she finds it has a false bottom. She opens it up and says this is it, this is what she's been searching for.

Outside the courtroom, Rebecca admits to Gwen she kept the disk as a memento, and in case they needed it for some reason. Gwen is furious and demands her mother tell her where she hid it. Rebecca says that is the problem, she doesn't know. Gwen says if Theresa finds the disk then her entire future with Ethan is over. Rebecca says her future isn't the only one on the line here, she could go to jail if the truth comes out that she poisoned Liz while attempting to poison Eve. Rebecca says she could go to jail. Gwen tells her not to worry, if Theresa finds the disk then she'll kill her mother. Gwen asks her to remember where she hid the disk. Rebecca says it was safe with "the girls" for awhile, and then she moved it somewhere. She lists all the places she's recently "been" and knows it isn't there. Gwen doesn't have time for this. She decides to go to the mansion and look for herself. She tells her mom to call her if she remembers where the disk is. 

In the courtroom, we see a repeat of Grace Nancier grilling Whitney on the stand, and Whitney running off after Grace points out her half-brother and her sickly child of incest. The judge wants Whitney brought back in, but Grace says she's done with her. Meanwhile, Eve tells Ethan he has to stop this. She looks back at Liz, who is waving the ticket at her. Eve realizes taking Liz' offer may be her only way out, but can she leave TC and her girls? 

Elsewhere in the courthouse, TC runs after Whitney. He tries to convince her not to go back to the convent as she can't run from her problems. Whitney says she can't stay here and she has to go. She walks off, but soon realizes she left her car keys in the courtroom. Chad brings them out to her knowing she wouldn't want to go back in there. Chad, who has Miles with him, tries to convince Whitney she can't run away and she needs to stay for him and Miles. Whitney refuses. She says she is leaving for Miles, he saw what happened in there. She says that won't be a one time occurrence. Whitney knows if she stays they will end up together, which is wrong. She says God will punish them and Miles will hate them when he grows up. She says that is why she has to leave and never return. Whitney then runs off.

Back in the courtroom, Grace calls Simone to the stand and gets permission to treat her as a hostile witness. Eve panics and wonders if Grace knows Simone's secret. We see a flashback of Simone talking to her mother about where she was when she wasn't in California. She admits she was with a friend, a friend she was intimate with. Eve asked if she loved this boy. Simone says it wasn't a boy, it was a woman. Eve said but that means . . . Simone said yes, I'm a lesbian. Simone is put on the stand, and Grace asks her about her child hood and how she felt neglected by her mother, treated as a second class daughter. Simone admits she felt that way, and she was angry with her mother when she learned about her mom's hidden past. Grace asks if that is why she sought out love that was void in her heart? Another kind of love? Eve goes nuts at this point and calls Grace a ruthless whore and to stop this. She says if Grace doesn't stop then she'll . . . Grace says kill me? Ethan demands this be stopped as Eve's daughters have no bearing on this case. Grace claims she needs to show Eve is not the upstanding person everyone thinks and that she is capable of murder. The judge of course lets it continue. Grace asks Simone if it is true she now lives and alternate life style? Julian is puzzled by this, and Eve realizes she can't let this go on. She looks back at Liz, who waves the ticket. Eve shakes her head. Liz is furious and vows to bury Eve for turning her down. Liz gets up and interrupts Simone's testimony. She calls Eve a whore, a whore who left her to be raped by her monster of a father. She says Eve could have saved her but she didn't, she chose drugs, booze and her white lover instead. The jury gasps, and Grace smiles. Ethan realizes this is really bad.

At Crane Industries, Ivy listens in as Fox asks Kay to come work for him. She's unsure, she doesn't think she's qualified. He says she can use a computer can't she? Kay says of course. He also says given how she goes to school, does housework and takes care of Maria she can multitask. She says true. Fox tells her that if she works here not only will she have medical coverage, but her classes will be paid for and Maria will have daycare. Kay eventually agrees and thanks Fox for doing this for her. Ivy is not pleased and realizes she has to put an end to this. She runs into Valerie and gets an idea. We learn Ivy is responsible for Valerie working here, she saw some spark in Valerie when she was still in secretarial school and gave her an internship here. Valerie has never forgotten what Ivy did for her. Ivy says she feels she needs to warn her, Fox has hired a new executive assistant who is a snake. She tells her that this assistant will be sweet to her face but won't hesitate to stab her in the back, especially if it means getting to Chad. Valerie thanks Ivy for the warning. To herself Ivy says "No Valerie, thank you!"


September 13, 2005

At the mansion, Alistair finds Fancy glum and wants to cheer her up. He says they can go through the Tiffany catalogue and she can pick out her hearts desire. She thinks about Noah and says the one thing she wants money cant buy. Later Alistair makes a call to someone about making a deal, and he says hell have his car pick them up in five minutes. Fancy asks her grandfather who he was talking to? Alistair says it is a surprise, and shell know soon enough. Later her surprise shows up, and Fancy cant believe it when she sees it. Alistair introduces Edmund Sinclair, grandson of the mogul of Sinclair Industries. He thinks Edmund would be the perfect person to cheer her up. Edmund says it has been a long time since they saw one another, and if shed rather not go out . . . . Fancy excuses her and her grandfather for a moment, and she tells her grandfather she isnt dating this man, she barely knows him. Alistair thinks Fancy was expecting someone else tonight, and who might that low life be? Could it be someone from the wrong side of the tracks? Fancy plays innocent and claims she has no idea what he means. Alistair says she seems disappointed in his choice of a date for her, and he thinks she had someone else in mind. Fancy says shes tired and she wasnt expecting to go out tonight. Alistair says she can rest up tomorrow. Alistair says he needs her to go out with Edmund. Alistair says hes working on a merger of his and Edmunds grandfathers company. Alistair wants Fancy to get Edmund to open up to her, to get information out of him so he can negotiate with his father and grandfather. Fancy realizes Alistair wants her to spy on Edmund and his family. Alistair says yes. He says Edmunds grandfather thinks this merger is going to be an equal merger, which is not what is going to happen. Alistair plans on selling off the company assets and running it into the ground. Fancy says she thought he and Edmunds grandfather were friends? He says yes, but business and friendships dont mix. He says once Sinclair Industries is gone, Crane Industries will have no competitors. He says this will make Crane stronger than ever. Fancy eventually agrees to go out with Edmund. She tells Edmund she needs to throw something on so they can go out. He asks if she is sure about this? She says she is. Edmund tells Alistair he wont keep her out too late. Alistair hopes this will not only help the company but get Noah out of her mind and heart. 

Noah returns home and finds his dad adding up figures. Hes doing the monthly bills, and its not good. Noah suggests selling the B&B, but Sam says no way. Noah says Mom isnt coming back, and mom made her choice, she chose David. Noah says even if she were to come back then it would only be for a visit. He realizes his dad still loves her. Sam says she was his wife, at least he thought she was. Noah says then call her and let her know how he feels. Sam says why, like he said she made her choice. Sam warns Noah to be very careful who he falls in love with so he doesnt have to deal with this kind of pain. Noah wishes he could help his dad somehow. Noah then gets a call, a job offer has come in from an old friend. Noah gives his dad the good news, and old friend found a job for him. Noah says hes going to be bartending. Sam doesnt like the idea as Noah has a BA. Noah says its not doing him any good at the moment and they need the cash. Sam says he thinks Noah has his sites set on a good career, settling down with the right woman and having kids. Sam begs Noah to tell him he isnt thinking that Fancy Crane is the right woman. Noah assures his dad that he and that spoiled brat are history, ancient history. 

Edmund and Fancy head to a restaurant and sit at the bar. Fancy tells the bartender they are waiting. The bartender happens to be Noah!

In court, the bailiff grabs Liz, who is throwing her tantrum and says shes not finished. The judge calls order, but Liz says everyone needs to know the truth. Liz says Eve is not the upstanding doctor everyone thinks she is, she is a ex-drug addicted whore. Eve asks Ethan if this is bad, and he says it is. Nancy finishes with Simone and calls her next witness, TC Russell. Nancy begins to question TC, and Ethan objects to her line of questioning. Nancy doesnt like Ethan always objecting, and the judge says they are both getting on his nerves. Nancy continues to question TC about the end of his marriage and the animosity between Eve and Liz. TC tries to defend Eve, he says both he and Eve were responsible for the breakup of their marriage, and Liz threatened Eve on numerous occasions. Nancy asks TC if he heard on the night of the poisoning that Eve said she wanted her sister dead? TC says she didnt mean it, and Eve could never hurt anyone. Ethan finally gets a chance to question TC. Ethan asks why Liz came to Harmony in the first place. TC says Liz pretended to be a stranger at first, and all along she was blackmailing Eve and trying to expose her past and destroy her. Nancy keeps objecting, and the judge sides with Nancy. Nancy gets a chance to question TC again, and she asks where Eve moved to after she left him? TC says the Crane mansion. Nancy says so she shacked up with the man she consorted with years before. Nancy says it seems that Eve really hasnt changed much. TCs time on the stand ends, and TC lets Eve know no matter what happens he is behind her. Nancy calls Julian to the stand next. Ethan objects as hes not on her witness list, he is their witness. The judge allows Nancy to call Julian anyways. Julian takes the stand, and Grace exposes his and Eves lewd past, including the photos he took of her. Julian once again tries to defend Eve, saying he forced her to take the photos. Nancy doesnt care. Nancy talks about how Eve had access to lethal poisons at the hospital. He says she is a doctor. The judge becomes fed up and tells Grace to stick to legal facts. Grace asks Julian if Eve tried to kill him. Ethan objects and says they dont know who tried to kill Julian. Nancy asks Julian at the time of the attempt on his life, who despised him the most, who hated him enough to see him dead? Julian says that would be a rather long list. She tells him to answer the question. Ethan objects as Nancy is badgering the witness. The judge overrules, and orders Julian to answer the question. Julian refuses to answer, so the judge says he can be held in contempt. Julian says he cant say who would have tried to kill him, so the judge puts Julian under arrest. Eve tells Julian to admit the truth that she did hate him back them, she wont let him go to jail for her. Nancy says shes done with Julian as Eve already answered the question for the witness. Ethan says his client admitted nothing. Ethan is given a chance to cross examine Julian. Ethan questions Julian about his past with Eve, both recently and in the distant past. Julian says he treated Eve poorly in the past, and only recently did he realize how much le loved her. Ethan asks if Eve is the same woman he met years ago as the prosecution makes it out to be. Julian says in some ways she is, but the only person she has ever hurt has been herself, she could never hurt another human being. Nancy gets another shot at Julian, and she asks what he thinks about the theory that Eve got close to him only to protect herself. Julian says it is idiotic. Julian speaks to the court and talks about how Eve would not harm another human being, she is like Mother Theresa. He says the only reason Eve lied to TC about her past was because she was terrified of losing her family. Julian also says he made her life a living hell back then, but he did love her and always loved her. Julian speaks about how he loves her so much because she is a selfless and compassionate person, and this is what makes it impossible for Eve to take another persons life no matter how horrible they treated her. Julian talks about how evil he was when he came into Eves life, but his love for her changed him into someone who could care again. Julian says Eve isnt living with him anymore, and if she decides not to come back to him then his heart will be broken. However he says if she is put behind bars then the jury will be making a big mistake. Nancy says oh please, and she says maybe they should let TC finish this sob story as they both seem to be in love with this attempted murderer. Julians questioning is finished, and then Liz is called to the stand. Eve realizes Liz will finally get her wish, she is going to destroy her. Liz gets on the stand and smiles like a Cheshire cat. Rebecca also smiles as she watches.

Gwen is on her way home and talking to her mom on her cell phone. Rebecca gets another call and learns Theresa and Pilar are in her room. She tells Gwen to get up to her room. Gwen arrives at the mansion as Theresa finds what she needs in Rebeccas drawer. She finds the computer disk. Pilar thinks they need to get out of here, but Theresa wants to make sure this is it. Gwen arrives and spies on them, she learns that Theresa has the disk and shes looking at it on the PC. Gwen tells her mother, who is still on the phone, that it is over! However the disk is Rebecca porn, and Theresa says get another disk quick. Gwen tells her mom false alarm for now, but Rebecca remembers that she did indeed put the disk in the drawer. Gwen says this is great, it is only a matter of time before she finds the evidence. The next disk Theresa puts in is more gross sex games. Theresa says she doesnt want to even touch this disk. Rebecca tells Gwen to go stop Theresa before she finds the right disk. Gwen asks how? Rebecca gives her an idea, and Gwen says fine shell do it. Gwen bursts into the room and throws stuff everywhere, screams like a madwoman, grabs the disks from Theresa and flees the room. Gwen heads to the basement to burn the disks in the incinerator, and Theresa follows. Theresa confronts Gwen about the disks, and Gwen admits everything to Theresa. Gwen admits she and her mother set Theresa up to take the fall for exposing Ethans paternity. She says the information is about to disappear , so Theresa will have no proof. Gwen says nobody will believe a word she says, and Ethan was hers first. Gwen says it was Theresa who stole Ethan from her, and she almost succeeded. Theresa asks why she wants to keep Ethan when he doesnt love her. Theresa tells Gwen her marriage to Ethan is over no matter what. The two women then have a cat fight over the disks. Gwen eventually throws the disk into the incinerator, and Theresa tries to get to the disk. Pilar shows up and stops Theresa from basically throwing herself into the fire to get the disks.


September 14, 2005

Noah is now bartending at the restaurant where Fancy and her date are. Fancy tells the bartender shes waiting, and she smiles at him. Noah realizes Fancy still wants him, and he says to himself he still wants her. Edmund wonders why Fancy is staring at the bartender. Some drunk girl tells Edmund that the bartender is hot, that is why shes staring at him. Edmund asks Fancy if she knows the bartender everyone is drooling over? The drunk lady says if Fancy doesnt then she probably wants to, they all do. Edmund says everyone looks good when youre drunk. She says shes not drunk, shes just getting an early start on happy hour. The women in the restaurant begin fighting to get a spot at the bar to look at Noah. Edmund tells Fancy he didnt know Harmony had so many desperate women. She says you know women, we always want what we cant have. Edmund and Fancy begin to argue, and he says by the way Fancy talks about the bar keep he would think he was an ex of hers. Fancy thinks about her date with Noah, but says the bartender means nothing to her. Fancy says she just liked watching him throw around the bottles, it was like a juggler at the circus. Edmund talks about how he isnt jealous as he knows she wouldnt be interested in a blue collar bar keep just like he wouldnt be interested in these average girls. Edmund goes to get a table, and Noah asks Fancy if she wants a drink? The drunk lady says you know this gorgeous man? Noah gets her a drink and wonders who the rich guy is. He thinks Alistair must approve of her date. Fancy says she told him she loves her grandfather and cant disappoint him. Noah says yeah, and dating him would be a disappointment. Edmund returns and offers to take care of the bartender if he is bothering her. Noah laughs and says him and what army? Edmund and Noah begin to argue over Fancy. Noah suggests Edmund take his lady to the country club or someplace a little more upscale. Edmund things they should step outside. The drunk lady says take off your shirts and Ill hold them! Noah says they could go outside, or they could deal with this right here. Noah jumps over the bar, and Fancy says No! Fancy tells Noah and Edmund to stop. Noah and Edmund realize who the other is, and it turns out they are old friends. The two went to grammar school and junior high together before Noah was sent off to boarding school. Fancy didnt know Edmund went to public school. Noah says Edmund went to public school first so he could learn to relate to the great unwashed as Alistair calls them. It was to prepare him for taking over Sinclair Industries. Edmund tells Noah that he hasnt changed, he still has all the girls hanging around him. Fancy cant believe they know one another. Noah says they are Harmonys own Prince and the Pauper. Edmund says he may have money, but Noah is the rich one. He says everyman who knows Noah wants to be his friend, and every woman his lover.

At the B&B, Sheridan is giving James a snack to tide him over till dinner. Chris soon shows up from work to check up on James. Sheridan says James is fine, but she is a wreck. Chris says she doesnt look like it. Sheridan says she has a ton of work to catch up on, so Chris offers to take care of James for now. Sheridan thanks him and runs off. Chris phone rings and says whatever he wants it can wait. Later Sheridan returns, and Chris shows James what he got for him, a coloring book. Sheridan says that will be fun, and she tells Chris what an eventful day she and James have had. He tells her that she is so wonderful. She then apologizes to Chris for being so suspicious of him at first. She says his story does sound like something that would appear in Vanity Fair, but she cant imagine the life of hell he must have lived. Suddenly shots ring out, and they all hit the floor. Sheridan thinks it is the mob coming for Chris. The shots stop, and it turns out it was the washing machine, Sheridan put too much soap in it and it basically went insane and blew up. Sheridan looks at the soap suds coming out from under the door of the laundry room. Sheridan says shes rich, she can buy more towels. HE tells her she has to deal with this. She opens the door, and the suds are everywhere. She says there are even towels stuck on the ceiling. He asks if she has ever done laundry before. She says no, and she only put a cup in. Chris says it is concentrated detergent. Sheridan wonders what she will do, she cant let Sam see this mess. Chris says he wont see this, hell help her clear this up. James run into the soap, and they end up cleaning up. Sheridan returns later with a cleaned up James. She find Shirtless James cleaning up the mess, and she seems to like what she sees. Later Sheridan overhears Chris admit that hes not a father to James. Sheridan asks what she means hes not James father?

At the courthouse, Ethan tries to claim Lizs outburst should discount her as a witness. Of course the judge allows Liz to testify. Liz is sworn in, and Eve says this is the moment Liz has been waiting for since coming to Harmony. Rebecca just hopes with Liz testifying she may not be called. Liz begins recounting her past with Eve, how once they were very close. She says Eve always promised to be there for her, but she broke the promise when she left home and left her to be a play thing to her evil father. Ethan objects and says this has nothing to do with Eves crimes, it is just character assassination. The judge finally agrees with Ethan. Nancy asks Liz why she thinks Eve tried to murder her? Ethan objects, but the judge overrules. Liz says her sister blames her for ruining her life. Liz says according to Eve, she came to Harmony only to get revenge on Eve. Liz swears she didnt, and Eve is the liar, cheater, drug abusing liquor loving whore. Julian and TC both yell out that is a lie, and Eve isnt a whore. Liz says she is Julians mistress, a black love slave to the white master. Liz cries about how if it wasnt for Eve then she would have married Antonio, she could have been happy. TC tells Liz to shut up, Eve didnt know she was being molested as a child. The judge calls for order, but nobody is listening, the court has become a huge shouting match. The bailiff whistles to get order back. The judge threatens to throw anyone else who makes an outburst into jail. Liz continues her sob story, and Eve thinks she is done for. Grace asks if Eve ever threatened her life, and Liz says numerous times and there were witnesses. Liz recounts the events of the day of the poisoning. She says she and Eve were arguing, and Eve was the only one down in the basement with her that could have poisoned her. When Ethan is allowed to cross examine, Ethan says he has no questions. Julian, Eve and TC ask him if he has lost his mind? Ethan says the jury loves Liz, if he cross examines then that will turn the jury against Eve even more. Ethan says hell just have to rip apart the next witness, which turns out to be Rebecca. Ethan doesnt like this, but he has to discredit her or else. Rebecca takes the stand. To herself, Liz knows she will never be Mrs. TC Russell now, but at least Eve will go to jail soon. Meanwhile TC says he cant believe he almost married that bitch. Nancy questions Rebecca about the poisoning and what she saw that night. Rebecca states that she saw Eve standing over Liz and nobody else was in the basement. Nancy says she has no more question. Ethan gets his chance at Rebecca (my cable cut out due to a storm, arg!). Eventually court goes into recess, and Ethan is told to present his case tomorrow. Eve asks Ethan what they do now? Ethan says the only thing they can do is work out a plea bargain with Nancy. TC doesnt like this idea, but Ethan says nobody will believe Eve after Lizs breakdown in court. Ethan says hell try and negotiate a deal for minimal amount of prison time in a minimum security prison. Ethan says it is bad for them, the evidence is overwhelming against Eve. Ethan says their only chance to keep her out of prison is to work out a plea bargain. Eve asks Julian if he agrees, and Julian says hes afraid so. Eve cries, and TC and Simone try and comfort her. She says it will be okay, and she tells Ethan to try and work something out. Eve tells TC and Simone to go home and rest as tomorrow will be another long day.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Liz thank Nancy for what shes done, and they offer to throw a party for her at the Blue Note after Eve is convicted. Ethan approaches to talk to Nancy. Nancy says she knows he wants to bargain. Nancys terms are that Eve serves 15 years for each charge, consecutively. Eve says 45 years? Grace says that is the deal, take it or leave it. Liz and Rebecca smile as they hear this. Nancy once again says take her deal or leave it.

At the mansion we see a replay of Gwen throwing the disks in the fire, and Theresa running to try and get them. Pilar shows up and pulls Theresa arm out of the fire, she has burned her arms. Gwen laughs and tells Theresa she is too late. Gwen tells Theresa she can never prove it now, she loses. Gwen tells Theresa if she plays with fire then she will get burned. Gwen says Ethan is hers and always will be, and soon they will get permanent custody of Jane. Gwen says she has no proof to back up her accusations. Theresa says she just confessed everything and shell tell Ethan that. Gwen says go ahead, Ethan wont believe her. Theresa thinks he will. She says hell believe her because of what she did with those disks. Gwen says shell claim she was protecting her mothers privacy. Theresa says Ethan wont believe her. Gwen says he will believe her because she is his wife, and Pilar wasnt here to hear her confess to everything (Pilar had left to get something for Theresas burns). Gwen cant believe that it is finally over, Theresa has lost Ethan for good. She suggests Theresa leave, but Ethan wont. Pilar returns with medication for Gwens arm. Theresa ends up losing it and tries to throw Gwen into the incinerator.



September 15, 2005
At the B&B, Sheridan overhears Chris telling James hes not his father. Sheridan cant believe this and says shes calling CPS and the police. He tells her to relax and she is over reacting. Sheridan says just wait until CPS gets here, hell never see James again. Chris tells her to calm down and she misunderstood. He says he is James biological father, but he hasnt been a father to him. He says what he meant was that he knows nothing about being a father. He says he is scared, what if he screws up. Sheridan once again apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She says she is just so on edge after what shes gone through with her father helping Beth to steal her son. Chris tells Sheridan he cant live with such negativity and doubts anymore, not after he put everything out there on a plate for her. She asks if he is going to take James away? He says there she goes again, jumping to conclusions. He says hes not leaving, he just meant if they cant get over this then . . . She tells him they will, and she tells him to stop doubting himself as he is a wonderful father. The stove timer goes off, and Sheridan goes to get what she baked. She says it was a recipe of Graces, some crme filled puff pastries. They of course are burnt, but Chris says lets see what they taste like. Chris says not bad, but when she tries it she says they are terrible! She doesnt know what she is going to do, she is supposed to have breakfast prepared for everyone. Chris offers to help, he can whip something up in a jiffy. He gives her a list of things and says hell teach her how to make his mothers world famous breakfast casserole. Later, as Sheridan watches Chris with James, she cries. He asks if she is okay? She says she just misses her son so much and she doesnt know if shell see him again. Chris says things will work out. The oven goes off, and Chris pulls out his mini casseroles. They have a taste, and Sheridan loves them. Chris says in the morning all she has to do is warn them up. Sheridan hugs him and gives him a little kiss for saving her. He says she saved him by watching James. Chris says it is time for bed, so he takes James up to tuck him in. Sheridan wonders if there is anything that man cant do. She checks in on them and finds them asleep, and she says he is a great father.

At the restaurant, Edmund and Noah are reliving good times as Fancy listens in and seems annoyed. Edmund tells Fancy how Noah is the greatest guy in the world. Edmund says Noah always had it all, and Fancy suggests Edmund date Noah! Edmund says Noah still has it though, Fancy was staring at him like he was a prize steak. Fancy says as if, she did no such thing. Noah says Fancy is top shelf, she wouldnt be interested in him and he wouldnt waste his time with someone like her. They begin talking about Noahs old flames. They talk about how Noah made the football team in highschool, but it was the freshman team and not varsity. He lied about this to some cheerleader from another school, and when she found out she dumped him. However then she cooled off and came back to him. Edmund also says one time he was dating three girls at one time. Edmund asks Noah what hes been doing since high school? Noah says he went to college and then spent time in Vegas. Edmund says if anything memorable happened in Sin City. Noah says nothing happened in Vegas that meant anything to him. Edmund asks how he supported himself? Noah says gambling. Edmund asks if he was good at it? Fancy says obviously not other wise he would not be working here. Fancy decides to hit on Edmund to make Noah jealous. Her plan doesnt seem to be working though. Noah and Edmund continue to compliment one another, and Edmund sings Noahs praises about everything. Everything Fancy asks Edmund about, he owes to Noah. Noah helped him get on the football and baseball team, Noah tutored him in math and helped him get into college, Noah encouraged him to take an active role in politics . . . Fancy eventually tells them to get a room! She says shes going to the bathroom and by time she gets back have a table for the two of them. Edmund wonders what he said. Noah offers to help, he knows Fancys favorite wine which will calm her down. Edmund thanks him, but then wonders how he knows her favorite wine? Do they have something going on? Noah assures him they dont. Edmund says he likes Fancy, and this could lead to something good for his family. However Edmund says if Noahs interested he doesnt have a shot and might as well back out now. Noah tells Edmund not to sell himself short. Edmund ends up joining Fancy at their table. Noah brings over the wine and pours it. Fancy tastes it like a wine connoisseur, and she says it is fabulous. She asks Edmund how he knew this was her favorite wine? She thinks he asked someone, and she thinks it is nice to be out with a man who knows how to treat a lady. Edmund says he asked Noah actually. Fancy calls him a clueless twit for having to ask a bartender for dating advice! Fancy has had it and says shes leaving. She wishes Edmund good luck with his soul mate. Edmund wonders what he did? Noah says he did nothing, Fancy is a wild stallion and cant be tamed.

At the courthouse, Eve says this plea bargain is no plea bargain at all, the DA offered ten before the trial started. Grace Nancier says she should have struck while the iron was hot. Liz tells Eve this is punishment for all the lives she has destroyed. Ethan tries to bargain with Grace, but shes not in a bargaining mood. She tells them that she knows they arent happy with this generous offer, but it is this or life without parole. Grace also says the judge has a lot at stake in this case, he needs to have his name in the papers linked with a stiff sentence. Grace says they should take her deal. Ethan says she has to do better than this offer if they want to them to accept. Grace says she has already won this case so she doesnt have to bargain at all. Grace says the deal is now off the table, and she cant wait until she sees Eves face when shes sentenced to the max! Grace walks off, and Liz and Rebecca gloat to Eve how she is going to be fried. Eve tells Julian they are right, it is all over for her. Rebecca continues to gloat, and Julian warns her to zip it. He says he doesnt believe her testimony, and if he finds out she lied about why she was in the basement the night of the poisoning then hell make her life miserable. Rebecca says talk to the hand! Julian and Eve walk off, and Liz asks Rebecca what was she doing in the basement? She gives a phony excuse about wanting to go see what was happening with Eve. Rebecca tells Liz to just look on the bright side, they may never know what really happened but they both got exactly what they wanted. Liz suggests they go out for a long lunch and talk as she thinks they both has secrets to share. 

Meanwhile, Ethan tells Eve the plea bargain is off the table. Ethan says hes heading home, he as a lot of work to do to prepare for tomorrow. Ethan leaves, and Eve worries about her future. Julian knows one way to make sure she doesnt go to jail. Julian tells her to run away with him tonight, theyll leave Harmony and never come back. Eve says he must be mad, she cant run. She says everyone will think she is guilty, and what kind of example would she be setting for her children? Julian says they have to run away, she cant go to prison as it will suck the life out of her. Eve says her children need, and she wont let Julian give up his life for her. Julian says nothing has meaning to him without her by his side. He begs her to leave with him, to let him save her from a life in prison. He says by this time tomorrow they could be starting a new life. He tells her to just say yes, let him give her her freedom.

In the basement, Theresa and Gwen fight as Pilar yells at them to stop it. Theresa tries to push Gwen in the incinerator and says shell get rid of her just like she got rid of the evidence. As Pilar tries to stop them, she ends up tumbling towards the furnace! Fortunately Pilar doesnt fall in. Gwen tells Theresa to get out of this house, Ethan will never leave her and shell never get Jane back after this. Gwen storms off, and Theresa cries to Pilar that she was so close and now shes lost everything. Pilar tries to convince Theresa to leave this house, she doesnt belong here. She says nothing is worth being raped by Alistair. Theresa says Gwen has her daughter and Ethan. Pilar says yes she does, Ethan is her husband and it is a sin to break up that marriage. Pilar also says if she had dropped the charges against Gwen then shed have Jane. She begs Theresa to admit defeat and come home with her and get a job and build a life for herself. Pilar says in time the courts will give her joint custody. Theresa says no way, she wont work at the cannery and see her child once a month. Theresa says fate wants them to be together. Pilar says then why isnt she with Ethan now? She tells Theresa to give it up, the evidence is gone. Theresa refuses to give up, she says it isnt over until she gets her family back. Pilar tells her no, but Theresa says yes. Theresa says shell tell Ethan everything that happened, and if Ethan doesnt believe her then shell go to Alistair. Pilar says the devil who raped her, who destroyed their family. Theresa says Alistair can help her get what she wants, but Pilar asks at what price? Is she will to sell her body and soul? Theresa says shell pay any price to get Jane and Ethan back. Meanwhile, Gwen goes to see Jane and tells her nothing will ever take her away from her, she made sure of that, and Theresa will have to accept defeat as shell never win.

Ethan returns home and spends time with Gwen and Jane. Pilar is trying to drag Theresa away, but shes not going to leave. She says Ethan will leave Gwen someday, but Pilar tells her not to count on it. She point Ethan out, and says they look like a real family. Theresa says no, his family is with her and that will happen no matter what she has to do. She says if Ethan doesnt believe what Gwen did then she will turn to Alistair and he will help her get Ethan and Jane back. 


September 16, 2005

Fancy returns home and fumes over how Noah got to her tonight. Alistair comes in and asks why she is home so early, and where is Edmund? She says he probably went home and they didnt have a good time. She says Edmund is a big bore, he ran into an old friend of his and was more interested in talking to his old friend than spending time with her. Alistair says he cant believe that, Edmund is so well bread. Fancy says it wasnt Edmunds fault totally, his friend seemed to be trying to sabotage their date. Alistair asks who this friend is? Fancy says it doesnt matter, but she doesnt think shell be seeing Edmund again. Alistair says hes afraid she has to, it is for the good of the company. He says these types of relationships end up making good marriages. Fancy says she doesnt want to marry him. Alistair says she can marry Edmund and have as many lovers as she wants. Fancy says she cant do that. Alistair says this is business, and to think about it. Alistair leaves, and Fancy thinks he cant be serious. Ivy shows up and says Alistair is serious. Ivy says that sounded all too familiar, that was how her marriage to Julian was arranged. Fancy asks if that is why she never loved them? Ivy says she tried to love Julian, and she does love Fancy. She says she made mistakes, and she doesnt want Fancy to make the same mistakes she did. Ivy tells Fancy if she marries this man then she will regret it. Fancy asks since when she gives a damn about her life? Ivy says she knows she hasnt been the best mother, but shes trying to help her now. She says Fancy needs to be with someone she loves, someone she cares about. Ivy realizes Fancy is in love with Noah, and she asks why Noah? She asks couldnt she have fallen for someone else? Fancy says shes not saying hes the one, but what if he was. Ivy says shes not right for Noah. She says Fancy has money, and Noah wont be happy living in her world and being Mr Fancy Crane. Ivy says she watched Ethan destroy his life with Theresa and she doesnt want to see her make the same mistake. She says Noah wont leave his world for hers, and she wont give up her life to go into his world. 

Eve and Liz show up at the Blue Note, and they celebrate Eves down fall. Liz thinks Rebecca is hiding something. Rebecca thinks Liz is hiding something too, and she suggests they not share. Liz says the important thing is that they put Eve away for good. Rebecca then sees the hunk behind the bar and asks who that is. Liz says Noah, Sams son. Rebecca says she hopes Sam still has his handcuffs because his son can arrest her for disorderly conduct anytime. Rebecca goes to order a drink and asks what is good? Noah says all his drinks are good. She asks how is his sex on the beach. He says all his drinks are good. Rebecca says she wasnt talking about the drink. Noah figured as much, and he makes her a hurricane. Liz says she has not had this much bar activity since she opened the place, and she says the ladies like Noah. She asks if he has a girlfriend? He says no, which pleases Liz as that will keep the ladies coming in if they think they have a shot with him. Rebecca sucks her drink down, and Noah asks if she wants another? She says no, but shell buy him a drink. She wants to buy him a lava flow as it is perfect for him, he might erupt at any moment. He says he cant drink on duty. She says they should go somewhere else, but he thinks she is too dangerous for him. He says Harmony just had an earthquake and a tsunami, should they cause another? Liz soon turns up with the champagne and suggests they celebrate their victory over Eve. They toast to Eve rotting in prison for the rest of her days. 

Fancy returns to the Blue Note because she left her wrap. A drunk Rebecca talks to her about the hunky Noah and how hes such a ladies man. Fancy says she knows the type. Meanwhile Liz sends Noah to the storeroom to take care of a rat someone spotted. He heads in and captures the rat, but Nancy turns up. Noah and Fancy ask one another what they are doing here?

Eve is with Julian, and he is telling her that they need to leave town or she will go to prison forever. Eve says she just cant leave Harmony forever. Julian presses her to flee Harmony with him forever, he says he cant take the chance of losing her. Eve says hed be giving up everything, and hed never be able to divorce Rebecca. Julian says nothing else matters to him, just say the word and hell make it happen. Julian tells her that without a witness to help her case, everything points to her guilt. He once again offers to take her away. Eve cant believe how much her own sister hates her. Julian says dont let her win, come away with him. Eve agrees to run away with him. 

At the convent, Mother Superior asks Whitney about her mothers trial. Whitney says she is afraid she has ruined everything. She says everything about her past with Chad came out, and now the whole world will know the truth about her son. Mother Superior says the world might judge her child, but there is nothing she can do about that. Whitney knows that, and she says living here is the only thing she can do to protect Chad and her child now. Later Mother Superior says someone is here to see her. Whitney doesnt want to see anyone, but Mother Superior insists. Eve comes in to see Whitney. Whitney asks why she is here? Eve says she came to say goodbye. Whitney says the trial cant be over yet. Eve says it isnt, but shes not sticking around to hear the verdict. Eve says Lizs testimony was so damning that shell probably lose, so shes leaving with Julian. Eve says otherwise shell go to jail for a long time. Whitney tells her mom that shes so sorry, and she cant believe this is happening. Whitney says sometimes running away is the only choice, and now she understands why she came here. Eve says she understands now. Whitney tells her mom how sorry she is for blaming her for what happened, and how shes not angry anymore and knows it wasnt her moms fault. Eve says they will keep in touch, they can write. Eve then realizes she cant do that, the police will be watching. Whitney says once she takes her vows she has to cut of contact with everyone. Eve says this will be the last time they are together. They say their goodbyes, and Eve has to go. 

Later Eve cries to Julian how hard it was to say goodbye to Whitney. He says he knows how painful this is but they have no choice. She says she knows but she is losing her entire life. Julian says theyll build a new life together. Eve says she just has to adjust to leaving, but Julian says they have no time. He says the plane is waiting now. She says she hasnt said goodbye to Chad or Simone. Julian says waiting is just too risky, they must go now.

At the mansion the nanny takes Jane up to bed. Theresa wants to give Jane a kiss before shes taken away, but Gwen says she doesnt think so. Theresa how dares Gwen. Gwen says she wont let her near Jane after what she did tonight. Ethan asks what happened, and what did Theresa do to her arm? Theresa tells Ethan everything, that Gwen destroyed disks with the proof that Gwen and Rebecca sent the email to the tabloid proving his paternity, and Gwen even admitted to her that she did it. Gwen calls the accusations idiotic and walks off into the other room. Theresa swears it is the truth, and she details what happened. Gwen says everyone knows the email came from Theresas computer. Ethan asks why Gwen would expose the truth about him? Gwen says she had no reason, and she would have died trying to protect him if she knew the truth. Theresa says they did it to stop the two of them from getting married, which is what happened. Ethan asks Gwen if this is true? Gwen says it is true. Gwen says it is true that she burnt the disks, but she only burnt them to protect her mother. She says if Theresa saw what was on the disks shed use it to destroy her and her mother. However, Gwen says what was on the disks was private information about her mother. Ethan asks what she is talking about? Gwen says they know how her mother expresses herself, and those disks were souvenirs of her mothers friendships. Theresa says Gwen is lying, but Gwen says she just thought that Theresa would use those disks to expose her mother in the tabloids. Ethan says Theresa must have believed something important was on those disks to reach into a fire. Gwen says Theresa is insane and tried to incinerate her. Theresa admits she did because she lost it, Gwen confessed everything and then burned the evidence. Theresa swears that Gwen framed her. Gwen claims she only tried to protect her mothers reputation. Gwen says Ethan will believe her, his wife over the girl who has lied to him over and over again. Ethan finds it hard to believe that Theresa would throw herself into the fire over porn. Gwen says Theresa is crazy, she convinced herself there was something on the disks. Ethan asks if Pilar heard this confession, and Theresa says no. Ivy listens in on the whole conversation. Gwen and Theresa continue to argue over which one is lying. Theresa swears she is not lying about this, Gwen confessed everything. Ivy walks in and says Theresa is lying, she was there and overheard everything. Theresa says Ivy wasnt there, but Ivy says she was, she was just hiding. Ivy says Gwen didnt confess anything, and Theresa was too busy having a temper tantrum. Theresa says it is a lie and she begs Ethan to believe her. Ivy says this is ridiculous, but Theresa tells Ivy to shut up as she wasnt there. She begs Ethan to believe her. Ivy asks her if she doesnt get tired of singing the same old song? Ethan tells Theresa he has told her over and over that he loves his wife. She says not the way he loves her. Ivy asks Theresa if she is deaf or just stupid? Ethan knows how upset Theresa gets when she hears something she doesnt want to, and he thinks that is what happened. Ethan says his mother and wife wouldnt lie to him. Theresa says they are, and some day hell know the truth. Theresa says shell make sure he knows what theyve done. 

Later Ivy talks to Gwen, and Gwen thanks Ivy for covering. Ivy says she wont let Theresa destroy her life, and the idea of Gwen exposing Ethans true paternity is absurd. Ivy and Gwen tell Ethan that Theresa is insane and Theresa should be kept away from Jane. Ethan says Theresa loves her child, and he cant take Jane from her. 

Theresa goes to see Alistair, and he was expecting to see her tonight. He gives her a brandy, and she says she is here and she is all his. He asks what that means? Theresa says it means shes coming to his side completely. He asks if she is sure? She says she is sure, she needs his help. She says in return, she will do anything he wants. HE says anything? She says anything.


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